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April 21, 2014

ON THE WEB: Honda, Mercedes Top Kelley Brand Awards


Used Car Market Starts Strong in ‘14

Kelley Blue Book named Honda the Best Overall Brand and Mercedes-Benz Best Luxury Brand as part of its 2014 Brand Image Awards. The awards recognize what shoppers who visit perceive to be the most outstanding automakers.

Toyota Recalls Millions Of Vehicles for Airbags

Toyota issued two recalls affecting almost 1.8 million vehicles and close to 6 million units worldwide. In this recall, the driver’s airbag module in the involved vehicles is attached to a spiral cable assembly with electrical connections that could become damaged when the steering wheel is turned. PICKING UP SPEED: Lexus set a new record for certified sales in March, with dealers moving nearly 7,000 CPO units. The first three months of the year have been very good for the used-car market.

Social Media Plays Critical Role in Sales

Social media plays a critical role in driving consumer purchase and service decisions across all generational groups in the automotive marketplace, according to J.D. Power.

Used-car sales set new records in the first quarter on both the wholesale and retail sides of the business. First quarter certified preowned sales were 551,707 to start the year. That’s the highest first quarter ever for certified sales, according to AutoData Corp. Certified pre-owned sales

also reached an all-time high in March, with dealers selling 206,409 certified units. That is 15.3 percent higher than sales in February and 8.6 percent higher than March 2013. There were 26 selling days in March, compared with 24 in February and 27 in March

2013. The daily selling rate of 7,939 in March was also an all-time high. Toyota led all brands with certified sales of 31,687. The company’s Lexus brand set a March record with 6,896 certified units sold. AutoData reports that many brands either reached

new highs in March or came close. Used-car superstore CarMax Inc. also reported strong results to start the year. Net sales and operating revenues increased 9 percent to $3.08 billion in the fourth quarter ended Feb. 28. Continued on page 8

Rush - Dated Material

Dealer Services Spin Off Costs ADP AAA Rating Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Automatic Data Processing Inc.’s Issuer Rating to Aa1 from Aaa due to ADP’s proposed spin off of its dealer services business. As part of the rating action, Moody’s assigned an Aa1 rating to a $5.25 million industrial revenue bond backed by ADP, and affirmed the company’s P-1 Short-term Rating. The rating outlook remains Stable. The downgrade reflects Moody’s view that the company’s plan to effect a tax-free spinoff of its dealer services business segment increases the company’s credit risk due to the diminished scale of the company’s operations and decreased diversification of its product portfolio. The down-

grade also reflects Moody’s view that, in the unlikely event that the spinoff does not occur, the company will pursue alternative shareholder reward strategies that would also be consistent with the Aa1 rating. Supporting the Aa1 rating and stable outlook are ADP’s predictable profit and cash flow that result from its dominant market positions in human resources and payroll processing markets, and ADP’s significant recurring revenue base that is spread over a large and diverse group of customers. Moody’s views the spinoff as a significant weakening to ADP’s cash generating profile considering that ADP’s scale was relatively small.

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Acura Remarketing Audi Financial Services Ford Credit GM Financial Honda Remarketing Hyundai Motor Finance Kia Motors Finance Southeast Toyota Finance Volkswagen Credit K






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April 21, 2014ÛÛÝÛۀ


Cyber Crooks Hold Store’s Website for Ransom “I wasn’t going to pay any one,” Ketcherside said. “I don’t want to Dean Ketcherside was com- encourage that kind of behavior.” Paying the ransom might have ing home from a morning with his family March 30 when he re- done little good any way, said Miceived an urgent voicemail from chael J. Rohdy, area senior vice McCord Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, the president of Arthur J. Gallagher Longview, Wash., dealership where Risk Management Services. The hackers use the payment as he works. The store’s computers could an opportunity to steal credit card not access any programs, going and bank routing information. After discussing the problem with instead to a banner demanding the dealership wire $3,000 to a the makers of McCord’s dealer cash card connected to a Cayman management software, Ketcherside learned the same hacker recently Islands account. Ketcherside, who handles Mc- held an Australian company ransom Cord’s IT, and office manager Tera for $3,200. The hacker, identified Trekas went to work on the problem by the screen layout and language he uses, gets in through the adminas soon as he arrived at the store. They were more frustrated than istrative access of the system by panicked. The company’s files are using an automated program that backed up daily and all sensitive runs through different passwords consumer information is sent en- and random combinations until it unlocks the system. This program crypted and then shredded. Only parts and services and ac- could be run on several businesses counting information are kept on at a time. Ketcherside, whose IT backthe server. Operations continued with this information taken down ground includes stints with the state of California and Berkley by hand. Still, Ketcherside had to restore Aerospace, estimates this could each of the store’s terminals one at have been a yearlong process. The dealership’s technical staff a time and back up the entire network on another server. Intermit- did make a long password that used tent problems lasted throughout a combination of random capital and lowercase letters, numbers and 3:56 PM the week.tpc_2Q-CAC_UCN April.pdf 1 3/28/14 special characters. It beat the alternative, By Gabriel E. Camero

Illustration by Joe Schlaud

However, they didn’t set a limit of password attempts. This allowed the hacker’s program to run until it found the right combination.

“All the security that’s on the server is fine unless you login as an administrator, then you can do whatever you want,” Ketcherside said.









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 ÛÛ�ÛÛÛApril 21, 2014


NEWS BRIEFS CarMax Continues Growth

CarMax Inc. has opened its first store in Dothan, Ala. The store is more than 4,400 square feet, occupies approximately 3.7 acres and stocks approximately 120 used vehicles. The used-car superstore chain is also currently hiring for the company’s new store in Lynchburg, Va. It is CarMax’s first store in Lynchburg and its 10th store in Virginia. The new Lynchburg store, which is more than 8,000 square feet, is scheduled to open in August.

Equifax Offers Lost Sales Analysis

Additionally, lenders will better understand what terms the winning lender offered, and determine if the lost sales would have been a good fit for their portfolio. The analysis also provides detailed information about customer APR, financed amount, type of loan, vehicle, lender and dealer information when available, and performance metrics such as delinquencies and repossessions.

to consumers with poor credit his- 16 percent. tories as a fast way of obtaining cash, Title loan companies do not set up requiring borrowers to pledge their shop in New York State but promote motor vehicles as collateral. Na- their products over the Internet and tional companies take repossession consumers apply online. These comorders centrally, and then pass on panies do not issue loans based on orders to repossess the vehicles to the credit worthiness of consumers local businesses in their networks. or their ability to repay, but rather The 10 companies party to these on the value of the consumer’s moagreements will not repossess tor vehicle. vehicles at the request of title-loan Carfax Promotes Listings companies. New York State has very strict Carfax unveiled a new ad camlaws on interest rates that may be paign to promote its Carfax Used Car-Mart Adds Store charged by unlicensed lenders that Car Listings. America’s Car-Mart Inc. an- are not federally or state-charDeveloped in conjunction with nounced the opening of its 132nd tered. Unlicensed lenders may not Y&R Midwest, the campaign charge an interest rate of more than launched nationwide on April 7. dealership. The dealership is located in Warrensburg, Mo. Warrensburg is the buy-here, pay-here chain’s 18th Published By General Media LLC dealership in Missouri. USED CAR NEWS (ISSN 1555-7413) is published at



April 30

Equifax and HIS Automotive have released its Lost Sales Analysis, the first jointly developed product since the two recently announced their strategic alliance. This solution captures auto loan application data and uses it to pro- AG Cracks Down on Title Loans The New York attorney general’s duce analysis of where lenders lost out on deals to their competitors. office announced agreements with Lenders are also able to assess how 10 businesses that will greatly limit missed opportunities are perform- the marketing of title loans. Title lenders market these loans ing and whether the original offers could have been more competitive. Additionally, the analysis allows C R O S S WO R D by Myles Mellor lenders to better understand the competitive landscape by showing PAGE 14 where dealers in their network are sending their business and which Carolina_UCN auto financers areApr30Sale-1-4.pdf winning their 1 4/11/14 10:24 AM lost loans.

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April 21, 2014ÛÛÝÛۂ


IADAs Offer More Education By Jeffrey Bellant





Six Lanes All Vehicles Available Via Simulcast

651 Precast Lane Moncks Corner, SC 29461 (843) 719-1900





Years ago, many states did not require even pre-licensing education for used-car dealers, but that’s all changed. Today, state independent dealer associations offer everything from continuing education and pre-licensing to courses on title and registration. The Georgia Independent Automobile Dealer Association, for example, offered 15 continuing education classes, training 3,700 dealers throughout Georgia just in the first three months of 2014. By the end of spring, the association will have taught about 4,400 dealers. Executive Director Paul John said these classes are important beyond the education provided. “This is the one time that we are able to get face to face with every single used car dealer in Georgia,” he said. “All the dealers get to see what their association is doing for them and we gain their renewed respect and credibility. “We cover all the state-required topics as well as federal regulations including, but not limited to, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Internal Revenue Service, Fair Business

Practices Act, (along with) deceptive sales practices and advertising, all paperwork topics, truth in lending, buy-here, pay-here, repossessions, bankruptcies, and much more.” Georgia’s not alone. The Florida IADA’s website has a countdown clock, reminding dealers how much time they have to complete their continuing education requirements. The Virginia IADA offers online certification courses that go toward that state’s continuing education requirements. In Texas, like other states, a variety of courses beyond those required by the state offer dealers help in everything from compliance to accounting tips for buy-here, payhere dealers. John said these state classes allow dealers to get a handle on the challenges coming from their state capitals. “This is also the best time to cover all of our legislative activities, both state and federal,” John said. “I open each class with a discussion and update of current issues including regulatory and legislative.” Dealers could also make a bigger commitment by going through the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association’s Certified Master Dealer class.

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S I N C E 1972.

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2:21 PM

Avis Direct Adds Dealers (Greg Thibault is vice president of remarketing, Avis Budget Group.) UCN: How has the launch gone so far? Did it meet your expectations? What was the reaction among dealers? Thibault: The launch went well and met our expectations. Dealer feedback has been very positive and we are registering more dealers each day. UCN: What volumes have you done so far? Thibault: For competitive reasons, we don’t disclose volumes; however, we are seeing positive





growth each month. UCN: How did you develop this initiative? Thibault: Avis Direct was developed as part of our ongoing strategic initiative to drive efficiency throughout the company. It was developed in collaboration with a third-party vendor. For more information, visit UCN: What are the immediate plans for innovation on the site? Thibault: We are working to enhance Avis Direct to include automated bill of sale, among other dealer-friendly features.





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Your source for quality, value, selection: Chase. A broad selection of pre-owned vehicles from an industry leader. May 2014 Chase High Lines, featuring Jaguar Land Rover Financial Group


ADESA Boston May 16 508-626-7000

Manheim Dallas May 7 877-860-1651

Manheim Pennsylvania May 1, 15*, 29 800-777-2053

Manheim New Orleans May 7 985-643-2061

ADESA Golden Gate May 27 209-839-8000

Manheim Milwaukee May 7 262-835-4436

Manheim Riverside May 8*, 22 909-689-6000

Manheim New York Metro Skyline May 27 973-227-0100

Manheim Atlanta May 28 404-762-9211

Manheim Orlando May 12 800-337-8491

ADESA Boston May 9, 16, 23 508-626-7000

Brasher’s Salt Lake AA May 20 801-322-1234

Manheim New Jersey May 7, 21 609-298-3400

ADESA Charlotte May 1, 15, 29 704-587-7653

Columbus Fair AA May 14, 21 614-497-2000

ADESA Cincinnati/Dayton May 13 937-746-4000

Manheim Atlanta May 1, 15, 28, 29 404-762-9211

ADESA Golden Gate May 13, 27 209-839-8000

Manheim Baltimore Washington May 6 410-796-8899

Manheim Orlando May 6, 12, 13, 20, 27 800-337-8491

Manheim Dallas May 7, 21 877-860-1651

Manheim Pennsylvania May 1, 2, 15, 16, 29, 30 800-777-2053

ADESA Houston May 14, 28 281-580-1800 ADESA Indianapolis May 13, 27 800-925-1210 ADESA Kansas City May 13, 27 816-525-1100 ADESA Lexington May 1, 29 859-263-5163 ADESA New Jersey May 1, 15, 29 908-725-2200 ADESA San Diego May 1, 29 619-661-5565 ADESA Tulsa May 9 918-437-9044 America’s AA-Chicago May 14 708-389-4488

Manheim Denver May 7 800-822-1177 Manheim Detroit May 1, 8, 15, 29 734-654-7100 Manheim Fredericksburg May 8, 22 540-368-3400 Manheim Milwaukee May 7, 21 262-835-4436 Manheim Minneapolis May 28 763-425-7653 Manheim Nashville May 14, 21 877-386-5004 Manheim Nevada May 16 702-361-1000

Manheim Phoenix May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 623-907-7000 Manheim Pittsburgh May 7 724-452-5555 Manheim Riverside May 6, 8, 22 909-689-6000 Manheim Seattle May 28 206-762-1600

* Only Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be sold on this date.

Mazda Capital Services ADESA Boston May 9, 23 508-626-7000

Manheim Detroit May 1, 15, 29 734-654-7100

ADESA Golden Gate May 13 209-839-8000

Manheim Fredericksburg Manheim Pennsylvania May 22 May 2. 16. 30 540-368-3400 800-777-2053

ADESA Kansas City May 27 816-525-1100

Manheim Milwaukee May 21 262-835-4436

Columbus Fair AA May 21 614-497-2000

Manheim Nashville May 14 877-386-5004

Manheim Atlanta May 1, 29 404-762-9211

Manheim New Jersey May 7, 21 609-298-3400

Manheim Orlando May 27 800-337-8491

Manheim Pittsburgh May 7 724-452-5555 Manheim Riverside May 6 909-689-6000 Manheim Seattle May 28 206-762-1600

Manheim Southern California May 15 909-822-2261 Southern AA May 7 860-292-7500

Choose Chase on and for quality bank-sourced vehicles. Contact auctions directly for current sale information.

Subaru Motors Finance Manheim Pennsylvania May 16 800-777-2053

ADESA Boston May 9, 23 508-626-7000

Manheim Detroit May 1, 15, 29 734-654-7100

Brasher’s Salt Lake May 20 801-322-1234

Manheim Fredericksburg Manheim Pittsburgh May 7 May 8 724-452-5555 540-368-3400

Columbus Fair AA May 14 614-497-2000

Manheim Milwaukee May 7 262-835-4436

Manheim Dallas May 21 877-860-1651 Manheim Denver May 7 800-822-1177

Manheim New Jersey May 21 609-298-3400 Manheim Orlando May 6 800-337-8491

Manheim Seattle May 28 206-762-1600 Manheim Southern CA May 15 909-822-2261 Southern AA May 7 860-292-7500

*The tradename “Subaru Motors Finance” and the Subaru logo are owned / licensed by Subaru of America, Inc. and are licensed to Chase Bank USA, N.A. (“Chase USA”) and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“Chase”). Retail / Loan accounts are owned by either Chase or Chase USA and lease accounts are owned by Chase. *Jaguar, the Jaguar logo, and Jaguar Financial Group are trademarks of Jaguar and any use by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“Chase”) is under license. Land Rover, the Land Rover logo, and Land Rover Financial Group are trademarks of Land Rover and any use by Chase is under license. Retail / Loan and lease accounts are owned by Chase. *The tradename “Mazda Capital Services” as well as the Mazda and Mazda Capital Services logos are owned by Mazda Motor Corporation or its affiliates and are licensed to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“Chase”). Retail / Loan and lease accounts are owned by Chase. © 2013 JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC. All rights reserved. (12-381) 06/12

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Wholesale, Retail Sales Used-unit sales in comparable stores increased 7 percent in the latest quarter. Total used unit sales rose 12 percent in the latest quarter. Total wholesale unit sales increased 2 percent in the latest quarter. CarMax Auto Finance income increased 6 percent to $80.8 million in the latest quarter. Data from CarMax shows that in its markets, the chain increased its share of the 0- to 10-year-old used car market by approximately 17 percent in fiscal 2014, which ended Feb. 28. All this increased demand means higher prices at auction. Wholesale prices for used cars and light trucks up to eight years in age increased by 3.7 percent in March, well above February’s 2.2 percent increase, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association Used Car Guide in the April edition of Guidelines, a monthly report

on new and used vehicle sales trends and price movement. NADA’s seasonally adjusted used-vehicle price index rose to 127, a new all-time high. The index measures the change in prices on vehicles up to eight years old. Upward price movement was greatest for the segments experiencing the biggest declines in auction volume. The number of auction transactions for compact cars, mid-size cars and midsize vans fell by respective averages of 4.5 percent, 4.9 percent and 9.7 percent; correspondingly, prices for the three segments improved by an average of 4.4 percent. The large pick-up truck segment was one of the few mainstream groups to have a sales increase last month, up 5.8 percent. Luxury utility prices grew by an average of 1.3 percent and luxury cars recorded a 1.2 percent lift, which has been the March norm for the

- Continued from page 1

past five years. Manheim’s Used Vehicle Value Index did not set a new record, but it did rise in March. The Index now stands at

124.4. Used vehicle values for pickups were up 9.8 percent in March and van values were up 5.3 percent compared to the same period last

year. SUV and CUV values rose 3.6 percent in March compared to a year ago and mid-size cars were up 4.5 percent at the end of March on a year-over-year basis.


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…ÛÛÝApril 21, 2014

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~‡ÛÝÛÛApril 21, 2014



Scott Pike, owner, Hill Top Motors, Caribou, Maine: “We’ve been in business since November of ‘07. This is actually my third dealership in my 25-year career. “So far, so good, although it couldn’t have been at the worst time. I mean the recession hit the next year and all these dealerships were being closed and car companies were going through bankruptcy. “Despite all that we’re still here, although it’s been a tough winter up in northern Maine. “We’re kind of a month behind schedule because March usually kicks in our spring business, and it was just still too cold and snowy. But within the last weekand-a-half we’ve seen an increase in floor traffic and it’s starting to pick up. “I’m a little light in inventory, but we have about 30 vehicles right now, although we like to have 35 to 40. “On average, we sell around 12 in a month. We’ve sold as many as 20 in a month, but we’ve also sold

less than 12. “This past winter we sold about eight a month. “Average retail price would probably be $15,000. “We get our cars from online auctions. “I know a couple of people who run new-car stores, and they wholesale cars that they might not otherwise sell. “I do work the auctions. I don’t really travel much because everything’s available online. “There’s a local trade magazine where people can put vehicles in for sale and I’ve had a little bit of success with that. “We check Craigslist every once in a while. We’ve really had to develop other avenues because they’re still commanding a lot of money at the auctions. “We have conventional and subprime financing. We don’t do a lot of that business, however. I think it’s due to our inventory – we don’t carry much lower-end stuff. “I would say we probably have almost as many trucks as we do cars, although we

Compiled by Gabriel E. Camero like to have more trucks than anything. I’d say we have 40 percent cars, 35 percent trucks and the rest SUVs. “We like imports, they’re just many times harder for us to buy. “There’s probably a 50-50 mix. “Our trucks are mostly domestic. “Our average year is probably 2009 or 2010 with an average mileage between 35,000 to 40,000. “I use two shops primarily for reconditioning, but I’ve got an excellent detailer here, we’re very fussy about cleanliness. “I’d say the average cost could be around $500, but I do handle later model vehicles that don’t require as much servicing to get them ready. “They might still have factory warranties on them as well. “We do a little of everything in marketing. We do a little TV. “We’ve done radio in the past but our budget is such that we’re not doing it right now.

“We do local newspaper somewhat and that little trade publication, “I put a full page in that every week. “Recently, we sold a 2013 Tacoma with 11,000 miles for $25,000 and we sold an ‘09 G3 with 57,000 miles for $8,000.”


Sam Var, general manager, Baja Auto Sales, Las Vegas, Nev.: “We’ve been in business going on 20 years with two locations in Las Vegas. “On average our inventory is about 250 vehicles. Of that we sell an average of around 100 at this location, but between both stores it’s around 160 a month. “We get our cars mostly from the auctions. We buy from Manheim, ADESA and CarMax here and there. “We have 70 percent cars and 30 percent trucks and SUVs, which are probably 70 percent domestic and 30 percent imports. “Our average model year is 2010 and the average mileage is around 60,000. Our average retail price is about $10,000.

“We do all kinds of financing – it depends on the month. Our down payments for buy-here, pay-here depends on the customer, but the average is $500 to $1,000. “The average payments are around $300 with an average term of 24 months. “We always recondition our vehicles. We have our own recon center with 14 bays. We do take outside work, but it’s a small percentage of the business. “I would say the average recon cost is $400 or so, just for a basic recon. “We advertise mainly on TV and do very little in print. Lately we’ve been concentrating on the online side of things. But being in business this long, word of mouth goes a long way. “We were able to get a customer with almost no credit financed in a 2012 Nissan Altima on a first-time buyer program that a credit union was offering. “The Altima had 40,000 miles, sold for $17,000 with $1,500 down. The payments were $336 a month for a 72-month term.”

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April 21, 2014ÛÛÝÛÛ~~



Lisa Franz, manager, Big Valley Auto Auction, Donna, Texas: “We had our five-year anniversary last September. We didn’t pick the best time to start an auction. My father is the general manager, and he said if we could make it through 2008, 2009 and 2010, we could make it through anything. “We have four lanes and we’re running all four lanes. “I was just running some statistics from last year and see that we’re up about 20 percent on volumes. Before tax season (fell off ), we were averaging right at 500 (vehicles). “Sales percentages have been right at 52 percent. I would say that’s a little bit higher than last year, because our sales are up a little. “We are all dealer consignment. “We have a little under 300 (bidders) per sale. I think that’s up 10 to 15 percent. We’re just up across the board (in all categories). “We’re in south Texas, right on the border, between

Mission and Brownsville. So we’re pulling dealers from the Rio Grande Valley. “We do bring some dealers in from Mexico, but Mexico really tightened up about a year after we opened. “I think our dealers are doing well. I know our franchise guys are just exploding. They’re building new franchise dealerships left and right. “Some (vehicles) that always do well this time of year are the soccer-momtype cars, like the minivans, Toyotas and Hondas. “Since we’re in south Texas, trucks are always (strong). “We have online bidding through AWG. We go by how many bidders are logging on and we go by sales. Since we’re kind of new to it, we still get excited when we get online bidders. We had 27 online bidders during a recent sale. Most of our online bidders are wholesalers and exporters. “The funny thing we’re seeing is (a spike in sales) of 2002 Toyota Highlanders – these little four-cylinders. We’ve got buyers that are

Compiled by Jeffrey Bellant exporting them overseas. I wish I could get into business just buying Highlanders. It’s just insane – the interest in these four-cylinders. “The only thing struggling are Chryslers. “We are excited for the rest of the year. We’ve paved another three acres to our south and we need more room already. It’s amazing how fast we add things and we already have to (grow more). “It’s one thing to say, ‘build it and they will come.’ But it feels really good when you build it and they actually do come.”


Tim Netz, general manager, Badger State Auto Auction, North Fond du Lac, Wis.: “This auction has been here more than 30 years, but we’ve been here 20 years, basically, under the name Badger State Auto Auction. “We’re running all five lanes. “Volumes are running anywhere from 700 to 800 cars. That’s about the same

as this time last year. “We’ve had a few upticks (in volume), but finding the metal has been a little bit more difficult than in years past. “Sales percentages are good, however. They’ve been anywhere from 65 to 70 percent, roughly. “Our niche vehicle is the $10,000-and-under (unit). That has not been a problem to get. But, as I said, recently, it’s been a little more difficult. “(We’ll draw) 300 to 400 dealers to the lanes typically in the past. “But it’s actually been a little higher lately. We’ve expanded our sales force and gotten a little more creative in our marketing, so that has certainly helped. “We also have a pretty loyal following. “Buyers are coming from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. We even have some buyers who come in from Texas. I’d say the majority of our buyers come from the Midwest. “Business has been going well for dealers, from what I’m hearing. Of course, tax

season is starting to wane. The market is changing. “We are largely a dealerconsignment sale. We’re not in the fleet-lease business. It’s not our niche and we haven’t really gone after it. “As far as institutional accounts, about 35 to 40 percent of our volume is (repossessions) from banks and repo companies. “I think later in the year we’ll start to see some more repo units coming in. We had a pretty good influx earlier, but it’s tightened up for some reason. “We have a salvage sale, which we call our ‘certified repairable sale.’ We’ll run 80 to 100 every other week. “We also have a late-model sale every other week. We’ll take (vehicles) that are 2008 or newer, with (less than) 100,000 miles, and we’ll create a special lane for those units. So we’ll run 50 to 75 units (in that lane). That sale definitely brings out some different buyers. “We’re reasonably new (with online bidding). It definitely helps the bidding process.”

Riding shotgun with dealers every mile... GWC Warranty is always by your side providing hassle-free support that you need to sell with confidence.

800·482·7357 x767 | MOTOR TREND® is a registered trademark of SOURCE INTERLINK MEDIA, LLC. All Rights Reserved

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4/14/14 12:18 PM

~ÛÝÛÛApril 21, 2014






PICKUP JAN 2014 FEB 2014 MAR 2014 YTD AVG:



JAN 2014 FEB 2014 MAR 2014 YTD AVG:


JAN 2014 FEB 2014 MAR 2014 YTD AVG:



$4,621 $4,600 $4,703 $4,641

108,480 109,110 110,373 109,343

$4,621 $4,600 $4,703 $4,641

108,480 109,110 110,373 109,343

$11,916 $11,516 $12,534 $12,006

95,366 98,451 97,025 96,938

$6,031 $6,199 $6,742 $6,345

108,150 109,355 106,771 108,045

$12,890 $13,003 $13,558 $13,157

110,321 111,076 109,802 110,392

$13,512 $13,627 $15,602 $14,362

80,369 81,643 75,693 78,945

$11,235 $10,978 $11,763 $11,331

104,342 107,266 105,333 105,642

$6,079 $6,325 $6,574 $6,338

117,453 116,725 118,385 117,550

Combining Live and Live-Online Buyers We understand that your business is driven by retentions. That’s why IAA’s unique combination of live and live-online auctions and deep market expertise helps you reach the right buyers in more than 110 countries. At IAA, we see the importance of every type of vehicle.

Our analysis. Insight for your industry. Download our Remarketing Quarterly Reports at © 2014 Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. All rights reserved. IAA is a registered trademark of Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.


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4/11/14 4:01 PM

April 21, 2014 �ÛÛ~€


Compiled By Jeffrey Bellant

Brasher’s Hosts Mega-Event

WINNER: Sam Khacho from Three Amigos Auto Center won a 1966 Ford Mustang during Brasher’s Sacramento Auto Auction’s 36th anniversary sale.

Brasher’s Sacramento celebrated 36 years this spring with a twoday mega-event that saw more than 3,000 vehicles cross the block. The auction welcomed more than 1,300 dealers to the 36th Anniversary Sale and gave away more than $50,000 in cash and prizes, including a classic 1966 Ford Mustang, and a trip for two to the Caribbean. The event kicked off with Brasher’s Live! The first day the auction hosted customers for an evening event that included dinner and comedy show, featuring comic Tom Wilson, best known for his role as Biff in “Back to the Future,� who brought a combination of storytelling and hilarious music to the Brashers Live! stage. Following the show, attendees headed to the auction arena for an evening sale, with 500 vehicles from Ford Motor Co., Santander, GE Capital and dealers. Dealers returned to the auction lanes the next morning to bid on more than 2,500 units at the biggest sale of the year, including a Trans Am autographed by Burt Reynolds, of “Smokey and the Bandit� fame. “We always look forward to our anniversary celebration, but this year’s sale was one of the biggest we’ve ever had,� said John Brasher.

Fast Track Your Cash

Sterling Credit Corporation Offering Point-of-Sale and Bulk Purchase Programs

Auction Celebrates Anniversary

Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho, a member of the Founders Auto Auction Network, celebrated 13 years in business in a big way by giving away a 2014 Nissan Versa. The winner of the vehicle was local independent dealer Sandy Beach, who owns Champion Motors in Nampa, Idaho. Dealers Auto Auction of Idaho purchased the vehicle from franchise dealer Dennis Dillon Nissan. The anniversary sale which took place on March 19th featured vehicles from Westlake Financial, ARI, SRG, Emkay, United Auto Credit,

UCN_13.indd 1

Lobel Financial and other commercial and dealer consignors. Franchised stores and independent dealers also participated including Dennis Dillon Nissan, Team Mazda Subaru, Edmark Superstore, Bronco Motors, Lithia Chevrolet and many others. We invite news items and top-quality photos from our readers to be considered for “Around the Block.� Please include the name of a contact person and a telephone number. Send items and photos to: Jeffrey Bellant Mail: Used Car News, 24114 Harper Ave., St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Fax: (586) 772-9400 e-mail:


Sterling Credit Corporation is your key to turning in-house sales contracts into fast cash. Our seasoned understanding of the industry will help you generate a timely return. Our professional team of ďŹ nance experts can create a program designed exclusively for you and your dealership. We’ll get you the cash quickly, treat your customers with respect and free you from the hassles of collections, all with a personal touch. 8FDBOIFMQHFUZPVSDBTInPXCBDLPOUSBDL $BMMUPEBZ

Toll Free 855-222-2120

Š2013 Sterling Credit Corporation

4/14/14 12:15 PM

~ÛÝ April 21, 2013


Disconnected Jottings From Tony Moorby... I sold my motorcycle a little while ago. It was time. I’ve had more surgeries than most people have had hot dinners and just didn’t feel I was fit enough for long rides. After all, if you’re not absolutely in control, you’ve no business riding a bicycle, let alone an 800-pound Harley. Short rides, barhopping when you can’t drink and drive didn’t make sense either. I asked Terry, my wife, if I could park it in the hall at home as an art statement. Her retort was that it would happen “with my next wife.” Now, I can take a hint as well as anyone so it had to go. It found a good new home with a great customer and friend from Birmingham, Darryl from First Class Auto Sales. He’s a cool guy and I know he’ll take care of it. I bought it back in ’92 when, like many others, I felt like reaching back to times when we had bikes as kids – oily, greasy, noisy and underpowered machines that started and stopped on their own whim. Now quality had improved, Harleys especially had made a turn around and were building a caché of cool

and many of my colleagues had bought one. Mine didn’t have many miles. I was busy, had four kids, other hobbies and cars. But those miles were gathered in the company and camaraderie of friends, work buddies and customers on trips all over this wonderful country. I wish I’d kept a diary of each trip, but I can say that recounting the times on these rides would take 10 of these articles. We rode from Oxnard near L.A. to the Napa Valley where we parked the bikes for four days, hired a couple of limos and tasted wine from Napa to Calistoga and back again, spending evenings telling stories like Vikings after a day’s raids. We went leaf peeping from Connecticut, through the New England states and down the coast of Maine with frost on the bikes in the morning and warm bellies from breakfast and stopping for lobster rolls along the coast. We rode around Colorado on three separate rides – it took that many trips to see all the wonders of the state and

the breathtaking scenery. Orlando to Key West and back to Tennessee celebrated Mike Richardson’s retirement from ADT Automotive. Myrtle Beach and back provided an opportunity to see Georgia and the Carolinas. We went from Nashville to Baltimore along the Blue Ridge Parkway hosting a friend of Mike, a local judge who fired his pistol during our progress and drank tall boys from a gimbal on his handlebars – he flew home! A ride from Minneapolis to Sturgis was hot and long, but we saw life on an Indian reservation and locusts the size of 747s – hit one at 70 and you think you’ve been punched by Mohammed Ali. New Orleans was another destination from Nashville – sultry and swelteringly hot, but Sazeracs and gumbo were their own reward. The hottest ride, by far, was San Diego to Laughlin, Nev., for the River Run through Death Valley. At 112 degrees you’d think riding faster would feel good – not so – it’s like someone holding a hairdryer to your face and you can’t breath. It’s claustrophobic and scary. On the other hand,


a tour of Lake Michigan in the rain wearing trash sacks for cover was as uncomfortable as it was funny. I’ve been to all states but two – Alaska and North Dakota. An RV beckons! It’s needless to say we had fun, but we developed relationships with customers

and colleagues alike that cemented a core of togetherness that came through in business. There was never any sense that anyone owed anything to someone else, just sharing new and, sometimes, extreme experiences. I fear such endeavors would be frowned upon today.

To see past columns from Tony Moorby, visit columnists/tony-moorby


By Miles Mellor







9 11


1. Chevy coupe 5. H1 or H2 10. “It was twenty years ___ ....” Beatles 11. A driver has to have one 12. A7 and S4 14. Compass direction 16. Sergeant or corporal, e.g. 17. “_____ or ticket!” (2 words) 19. Kia sedan 20. __ __ rule (usually) 21. Freeway distraction 22. The NY Manning 23. Four-time Indy winner 24. ____ national 26. “Da ___ G Show” 27. Former Swedish automaker

29. Trendy 30. Trademark, for short 31. Fannie ___ 34. Tire pressure measurement, abbr. 35. Way 36. They’re shifted 38. Luxury car from Buick (2 words) 43. Tiny Toyota 44. Upsurge in activity 45. Stumbling expression 46. ‘’Wheel of Fortune’’ buy, perhaps 47. Driveway sight 48. Maker of the xB and tC 49. Nissan hybrid

1. V6 or V8 subject 2. Crown ____ form Ford 3. Luxury Toyota SUV (2 words) 4. Ford van offering 6. MC 12, for example 7. For example 8. Alfa _____ 9. Luxury auto brand from the early 20th century 13. Making a car look perfect 15. ___ walk 18. Exists 25. Engine power measure, abbr. 28. Bentley ____ 31. It might be wing or rearview 32. Bring back a car to the dealer 33. Italian car brand that uses Greek letters for its models 34. Music genre








20 22










26 27











44 47

30 33 36

42 45



43 46 49

Answers to the 4/7/14 puzzle

37. Look for the best deal 39. Attorney org. 40. Boxing blow, for short 41. Hrs. before noon 42. Hero in ‘’The Matrix’’ 43. Compass heading 46. Symbol for a light metal used in car construction

Answers to this puzzle in the 5/5/14 issue. Call 1.800.794.0760 for a FREE subscription.

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4/14/14 3:05 PM

April 21, 2014ÛÛ�ÛÛ~‚


Certified Pre-Owned Retail Sales DOMESTIC Mar ‘14 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury 24,785 Ford / Mercury 22,419 Lincoln 2,366 GM 31,985 Buick 2,867 Chevrolet 23,846 GMC 5,018 Oldsmobile Pontiac 201 Saturn 53 Hummer 0 Cadillac 1,747 Saturn through 2009 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep 12,586 Chrysler 2,585 Dodge 5,939 Jeep 4,062 Memo: Fiat 38 Memo: Chrysler w. Fiat 12,624 Total Domestics 71,103

Mar’13 19,307 17,465 1,842 31,289 2,564 23,584 4,377 489 275 1 1,758 10,884 2,399 5,101 3,384 33 10,917 63,239

‘14 YTD 63,860 57,948 5,912 92,562 7,685 69,146 14,993 553 185 1 4,833 34,818 6,767 16,297 11,754 98 34,916 196,074

‘13 YTD 50,279 45,415 4,864 81,915 6,458 61,400 11,900 1,409 748 5 4,610 29,147 6,230 13,754 9,163 54 29,201 165,956

Honda Acura Nissan Infiniti Toyota Lexus Hyundai Kia Mazda Mitsubishi - EST. Suzuki Subaru Total Asian

22,370 3,823 12,303 1,789 31,687 6,896 8,484 3,861 4,336 50 3,764 99,363

22,331 3,707 10,684 1,045 34,537 6,641 6,715 2,800 3,390 59 2,861 94,770

58,178 9,860 32,301 4,065 85,869 18,055 22,348 10,286 10,216 156 10,384 261,718

58,066 9,723 27,434 2,730 89,080 17,291 17,735 7,081 8,588 158 7,669 245,555

Audi Bentley - EST. BMW Fiat Jaguar Land Rover Mercedes-Benz Smart MINI Porsche Volkswagen Maserati Volvo Car Total European

3,886 30 9,352 38 608 1,065 9,740 17 775 998 8,281 34 1,119 35,943

3,425 30 7,501 33 324 637 8,665 5 523 746 9,126 43 1,027 32,085

10,314 90 22,227 98 1,334 2,681 28,018 32 2,095 2,647 21,471 107 2,801 93,915

9,054 90 19,546 54 887 1,678 24,353 17 1,363 2,371 23,751 100 2,825 86,089

Total - EST.

For Cars, Trucks and Vans

SmokeLess Motor Oil


North Americas #1 Seller Because it WORKS! ENTEK Smokeless Motor Oil is used by more automotive professionals than any other similar product.

ENTEK dramatically reduces Hydrocarbon & Carbon Monoxide emission!

 $    $ !" "    $  $         $      !$  $ "   #   ""         

With the purchase of ENTEK SmokeLess Oil, you have purchased more than good oil, you have purchased guaranteed GREAT RESULTS! ee

oll Fr Call T

Entek Smokeless Oil has been specially designed to retard oil burn off in older engines and provide maximum protection against engine wear.


ENTEK Corporation

      Ordering 1 888-670-4300  1 888-251-5585      """%   

Recent reports show that


Of used vehicles sold are purchased by

SUBPRIME consumers.

To make sure you are getting your share of this profitable segment you need an expert.

855 488 9925 855-488-9925

206,409 190,094 551,707 497,600

Source: Autodata Corp.

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4/11/14 5:08 PM

~ƒÛÝÛÛApril 21, 2014


Advertisers are solely responsible for content of classified advertisements. To place an ad, or for more information, call the Classified Department: 800-794-0760 ext.107 DW_MeetSara_UCN.pdf





11:38 AM


Over 12,000 Dealerships & Counting... C





Shop Hertz Dealer Direct. Join Today!


• Over 22,000 Vehicles Available Online • Over 33 Makes & 250 Models to Choose From • Simple Online Bid Now/Buy Now Process • Direct - Real Time Rep Access




Buy Online. Buy Direct. Call 877-216-4748 In Canada


Manheim Tampa 4/9/10 SALVAGE AUCTIONS




AUCTION BUYER. Flat fee pur-

Fastest Growing Salvage Sale in FLORIDA

chasing. All cars checked for accident/damage. 18 years, Florida based but will travel. Licensed and bonded dealer. Global Auto Group






Located on CONE Rd. Sale Every MONDAY 9:30 am Over 180+ units weekly Indoor VIDEO SALE located at Cone Rd. Proudly featuring: Ford Credit, Progressive, All State, Geico, State Farm, and various Fleet Lease

FREE Breakfast 8:30 am (813) 247-1666 5109 Cone Road Tampa, FL 33619

BUYER desires add work/new situation, inline or online, volume capable. PA, NJ, CT, FL, CT, NC, GA - done them all, have trained & supervised others. MA based, travel ok. Rep/Remarket skills also. Please email: Box 121 at

LOMEN AUTO TRANSPORT 10 car haulers 800-697-0757



ana, 30 min. to Chicago.


TRA Thursday April 24th @ 1:30pm 400+Units From Your Favorite Sellers Enterprise Holdings, Hertz, Titlemax, Avis, Assorted Lease And Dealer Consignment *Complimentary Lunch *All In-Lane Buyers Are Eligible For $500 Amex Gift Card Drawing *All Simulcast Buyers Are Eligible For $ 250 Amex Gift Card Drawing

Join Us At Our New Location On Our Special Sale Day !

Est. 16 years. Ready to go. $188k. Call 219-942-3222


$1,995 /

month. Call: 609-473-0070 OR 215-550-9550

NEW YORK - Used Car Lot. Holds 150+ cars. 5/5 lease.

Every Thursday 1:30pm

Major road. Dutchess County.

For More Information Please Call Manheim Georgia Auto Aucton 404 349-5555

Asking 250K or best offer.

UCN_16.indd 1

Clear-up ugly plastic headlites

Gap Sales Agents

to a like new appearance. Call

Printed & shipped to you or

Starting at $30/mth

1-866-998-4999 or visit

your customer within 24 hrs.

No Set Up Fee / 877-266-8913

GAP Administrator seeking Master Agents / Sales Agents to market its new sub-prime specialty GAP products to Small Independents, BHPH dealers, and Finance Company’s in all Waiver states throughout U.S.

Please contact E. Simpson 404-405-0916

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES Serving the upper Midwest 37 yrs,



Location only. Contact Joe, 914-474-2421

YOU CAN PLACE YOUR AD IN THIS SECTION FOR AS LITTLE AS $56! Place a 4 line ad today and it will appear in 4 issues for a total cost of $56.00 – $14 for each additional line, plus the ad will appear on our website at no extra charge!

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Call 800-479-2226.

Garage Liability Specialists!


Affordable Dealer Insurance

Exclusive markets! Williams $

We want to help you.

& Bonds WA, OR, ID, MT.

Stazzone Ins., 800-868-1235

Since 1999. 888-236-1434

Exclusive markets. Shepard &

Shepard. 855-396-0488

2014 UPCOMING PUBLICATIONS May 1 - Data Source Book Deadline Tues., April 1

May 5 - Specialty Sales Focus Deadline Tues., April 24

May 19 - NABD Issue Deadline Tues., May 8

June 2 - How to Get a Life Off the Lot Deadline Tues., May 22

June 16 - NIADA Issue Deadline Tues., June 5

July 7 - NIADA Quality Dealer Deadline Tues., June 26

July 21 - Auction Technology Focus Deadline Tues., July 10

August 4 - Finance & Warranty Advertorial Deadline Thurs., July 24

August 18 - Best of Auctions Deadline Thurs., August 7

TO ADVERTISE PLEASE CALL 1.800.794.0760 EXT. 107

4/14/14 1:02 PM

Special Advertising Section


April 21, 2014ÛÛ�ÛÛ~„

New Product Spotlight AASC/AutoIMS .................................... 19 AutoUse ....................................... 19 & 26 Go Financial ................................ 20 & 27 Gordon Howard/Passtime .........17 & 27 iMetrik Solutions ....................... 26 & 27 National Alliance of BHPA Dealers . 18 NextGear Capital ........................ 23 & 24

Northland .................................... 22 & 24 AutoRaptor ........................................... 25 Small Dealers Assistance ....... 22 & 25 Spireon ........................................ 20 & 21 Store Supply Warehouse, LLC . 22 & 24 Vehicle Acceptance Corporation 18 & 26




Improve Customer Payment Performance and Reduce Repossession Risks. If It Runs on PassTime, It Doesn’t Run Away.

CAL -800-828-64

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4/14/14 12:36 PM

~…ÛÝÛÛAPRIL 21, 2014

Special Advertising Section HPV UCN AD DUE 2014.02.21 outlined &

1 2/21/2014 3:25:50 PM


The Most Important BHPH Week of 2014! The National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD) announced they will host a Compliance Academy May 18-20, and The 16th National Conference on May 20-22 at the Wynn Las Vegas. “The two events comprise a week of important training for BHPH operators,” said Ken Shilson, NABD President and Founder. Regulatory agencies such as the CFPB and the FTC are now focusing on the BHPH industry. “This year will bring new compliance challenges, and operators must find ways to implement compliance management systems, which regulators will inspect. “Operators who believe they have additional time to get compliant are mistaken,” Shilson said. “The industry must be proactive in order to avoid significant fines and penalties. “Getting compliant is easier said than done because operators will need assistance in implementing policies and procedures.” “Our Compliance Academy will not be a boring lecture format but features interactive sessions with more than 40 of the nation’s best operators and experts. Attendees will leave with an understanding of what they must do to get compliant in their operation,” Shilson stated. The National Conference includes former regulators Rick Hackett (CFPB), Joel Winston (FTC), and Terry O’Loughlin (Florida Attorney General’s office), who will provide answers to compliance questions and insights into the future.

UCN_18.indd 1

However, NABD 2014 will not be focused on compliance. “Our National Conference is designed to help attendees make 2014 a better year! Our agenda includes sessions on capital, technology, inventory acquisition and reconditioning, the internet, and best practices, with more than 60 speakers. Both events feature exhibit halls with the latest products and services to make operators more successful. Receptions, breakfast, and luncheons will be held in the exhibit hall to facilitate networking between attendees and experts. The Wynn is the only Forbes Five Star property in Las Vegas. NABD has arranged $189 per night room rates with no resort fees, while supplies last. NABD also offers early registration discounts and single-day passes. Attendees of the Compliance Academy can attend the opening sessions of NABD 2014 and a gala welcome reception at no additional charge. Operators who want to make 2014 a better year are encouraged to attend BHPH Week. For more information or to register online, visit or call (832) 767-4759.

4/14/14 12:02 PM

Special Advertising Section


April 21, 2014ÛÛÝÛÛ~†

Auto Use Draws Rave Reviews AutoIMS Makes Life Easier As we carry on our initiative for 2014, Auto Use is enjoying high praise for continued efforts in customer service. This year, we are making a conscious effort to improve the visibility of our core principals. In doing so, the feedback we received at the first major conference of the year was outstanding. We cherish every opportunity we have to engage with our customer, knowing this personal touch is what sets us apart from any competition. Auto Use proudly has been intune with the necessities of the auto dealer for some time. From our start in the auto finance industry over

new and easy ways for our dealers to grow their business. The logical extension of that is providing the absolute best customer service to parlay our innovations in technology and simplicity of doing business. Offering floorplan financing in 48 states and being accepted at 500 auctions nationally, Auto Use boasts a network of partners that contribute to those results. A new state-of-the-art online floorplan platform, partnerships with AuctionAccess, Smart Auction, Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Hertz Dollar Thrifty, Avis Budget and membership with the NAAA and NIADA allow our customers confident, easy and direct funding through

50 years ago, we have always taken to the perspective of the car dealer in every business decision we make. It boils down to nothing more than paying attention to our dealers; when they speak, we listen. It’s as simple as that. Our spirit of customer service stems from the goal of providing

an array of outlets. Couple those relationships with our retail financing in 19 states and our ‘one-stop shopping’ approach has benefited a lot of dealers. We always try to be ahead of the curve and know what our dealers needs will be months, if not years in advance.

Wholesale remarketing – in-lane or online – keeps getting easier. The advantages of electronic condition report data and photos are becoming part of the seller’s process, along with new tools that allow the broadcast of each vehicle to multiple platforms. Sellers get the greatest value for every vehicle with increased inventory exposure and more buyer ‘eyeballs’ – resulting in reduced inventory days. Having a foundation of carefully selected, physical auction partners is the cornerstone of a successful remarketing program. The lines between online and in-lane are blurring. This environment demands sellers to have integrated tools to manage vehicle storage, transportation, repair authorizations, vehicle valuation, repossession law compliance, sale settlement and reporting. Unfortunately, spreadsheet and manual processes continue to rule the day for many. Errors are frequent, and often go uncaught thanks to lackluster reporting tools and inconsistent processes. Do you have one place to manage remarketing processes? The end of the spreadsheet era may be in sight. These are just a few of the questions savvy remarketers are asking

and find answers to: Do I have an interactive dashboard for my entire wholesale inventory across all sales venues in one place? Can I easily drill down to see all pertinent vehicle details and history throughout the vehicle sales lifecycle? Do I have detailed reporting and analysis to effectively measure and manage remarketing performance? Sellers can take a step in the right direction by integrating into their selling practices. With the help of remarketers, AutoIMS has evolved over the past 15 years, and now includes over 500 member auctions and 1,200+ sellers using the system to connect, communicate, and manage through the remarketing process. AutoIMS brings proven technology and process expertise to sellers of all sizes and shapes. Consulting and custom solutions are the norm at AutoIMS as we bring the remarketing industry together. Ready for life to get easier? Call 888683-2272 or email customer.service@ to get started.

We bring the



Contact us to learn more about the software and services that connect the remarketing industry. 888-683-2272

UCN_19.indd 1

4/11/14 5:06 PM

~ÛÝÛÛMarch 2014 ‡ÛÛÝÛÛAPRIL3,21, 2014

Special Advertising Section


Spireon’s Talon GPS Device Grabs Hold of an Industry The automotive industry is experiencing renewed growth in subprime vehicle sales. Dealerships and lenders are experiencing the natural by-product of that growth – a larger segment of its buyers saddled with lower-thanaverage credit scores. Having the ability to offer more subprime loans to credit-challenged customers can lead to increased profitability for both dealers and lenders. However, with more creditchallenged customers, dealerships and lenders run the risk of seeing their delinquency and repossession rates rise. It’s imperative that dealers and lenders take every precaution to protect their investment. More dealers and lenders are discovering how effective GPS tracking technology can: ƀɟ Reduce delinquency rates ƀɟ Lower the costs of recovery and repossession ƀɟ Make those recoveries significantly faster Dealers and lenders can opt for even more advanced features like payment reminders, disable a car’s ignition, or trigger alerts when vehicles

UCN_20.indd 1

cross pre-determined geographic boundaries. Managing Profit with Talon by Spireon A recent National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD) survey shows 46% of buy-here, pay-here dealers use a disabler product with a product reminder. 36% use GPS tracking systems equipped with payment reminder devices. The results? A 10% reduction in delinquency rates was achieved in 74% of GPS users. Those savings can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes millions of dollars in collected revenue. Automotive financiers like numbers like that. And when they’re using the industry-leading Talon GPS vehicle tracking solution, the numbers get even better. Why Talon? The heart of any GPS-based collateral management system is the tracking device installed directly into the vehicle. As long as that device is ticking a huge amount of vehicle data is captured,

collected, and transmitted. Keeping a GPS device operating inside the engine compartment of a vehicle consistently takes a special kind of device. That’s why the industry chooses the Talon. Is it a GPS device or an OEM engine part? With Talon, you can’t tell. Its sleek profile and small footprint is built to resemble an original equipment part. Which means no one will identify it as a GPS device and remove or tamper with it. It’s the one thing on the planet not affected by climate change. The Talon is the only device on the market that is ultrasonically welded together and sealed. This provides a high degree of durability and resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme heat and cold temperatures, moisture, humidity, and dust. Talon is multi-talented. The Talon easily and quickly absorbs added features and functionality as our automotive finance customers’ needs expand. This saves costs because

there’s no need to re-engineer devices and allows us to easily adapt the device to support emerging and next-generation technologies. For example, the nextgeneration wireless CDMA Talon paves the way to the next-generation wireless network that promises faster speeds and larger bandwidth with even better access to vehicle data. The Talon is certified safe, secure, and reliable. Built with patented GPS technology, it has received all of the required licenses and certifications, including stringent FCC certification. Easy installation. The Talon offers fast and simple installation, with minimal wiring to worry about and options for both an external or internal antenna that allows for more covert installation of the device. It took ten years to roadtest it into perfection. The Talon has been on the road, in the engine, crunching data, and serving dealerships for a decade. Spireon has continuously improved its performance

to where it stands alone as the best-selling, highest performing GPS tracking device by automotive dealers and lenders. Meeting all of the rigorous government and industry standards for GPS devices is only important when it meets the single most critical standard – our customer’s needs. The Talon exceeds that standard every day as the industry’s most in-demand GPS tracking device. Combined with our devoted customer support team, you have the perfect and affordable solution to make sure you don’t have to turn away any business. Talon takes the risk out and puts the competitive advantage on your side. Spireon, the largest provider of automotive aftermarket embedded telematics, provides a wide range of automotive business intelligence solutions. To learn more, visit, or call 866-655-8825.

4/11/14 4:00 PM


GoldStar GPS Nationwide CDMA Coverage

Connect to the Power of CDMA with GoldStar GPS. Stay connected to your vehicles with the next generation of GPS tracking that’s more powerful than any other in the market. Our award-winning collateral management platform for the automotive finance industry now delivers CDMA technology for even greater performance and flexibility to meet your needs today. And in the future. • • • •

Most reliable coverage and connections – even in rural and remote areas Better network access and faster data speeds Long term system performance – supports your service needs well into the future 11th Generation CDMA Talon enables more data and more insights – today and tomorrow

Power Your Business with the Award-Winning Automotive Collateral Management System! Learn more at or call: 1-866-655-8825


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Coverage maps are high-level estimates when using your device outdoors under optimal conditions. There may be gaps in coverage within estimated coverage areas that, along with other factors (such as network problems, software, signal strength, your wireless device, structures, weather, geography, etc.) could impact the quality of services. Coverage is not available everywhere and is not guaranteed. Please call Spireon with any questions or comments about services.

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~Û�ÛÛMarch 2014 ÛÛ�ÛÛAPRIL3,21, 2014

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SSW Dealer Supply Offers a Wide Range of Products

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SSW Dealer Supply carries a wide range of products including (but not limited to) die cut window numbers, message flags, dealer signage and service department supplies. Located in Bridgeton, Missouri, we feature a showroom full of our products. Showroom hours are Monday – Friday 7:00 am-5:30 pm and Saturday 8:00 am-12:00 pm. Our warehouse is located at the same place so your order can be filled and


received within a few minutes. We ship all merchandise ordered by 3:00pm CST the same day. We also offer a vast variety of custom products. SSW Dealer Supply maintains a sharp focus on the always growing, ever changing auto dealership industry. Please give any of our friendly customer service representatives a call at 800-269-9704 or visit us online at

2014: The Year of Leasing In the buy-here, pay-here industry there is a repeat cycle of loss. Loss for the customers, the dealers, and the finance companies. The typical loss process goes like this: Ć€É&#x;/-.)',É&#x; /&.-É&#x; /-.)',É&#x;&)--É&#x;,Ĺş Ć€É&#x;/-.)',É&#x;'É&#x;.É&#x;&,É&#x; É&#x;&,É&#x;&)--É&#x;/-.)',ĹşÉ&#x; Ć€É&#x;&,É&#x;(É&#x;#((É&#x;)'*(3 lose on average $4,000 for each repossession. Ć€É&#x;/-.)',É&#x;-.#&&É&#x;'É&#x;-)É&#x; É&#x; ')/."-É&#x;&,É&#x; É&#x;,É&#x;&,-É&#x;-É&#x;É&#x;1")&É&#x;&)- credibility.

),#(!É&#x;.)É&#x; Ɖ-É&#x;ŲŰŹųÉ&#x;-É&#x;,É&#x; Industry report, the average default rate for buy-here, pay-here has reached (É&#x;&&É&#x;.#'É&#x;"#!"É&#x;) É&#x;ųŹźųŲƞƂÉ&#x; .Ɖ-É&#x;.#'É&#x;.)É&#x;,%É&#x;."#-É&#x;*..,(É&#x;(É&#x;-.)*É&#x; the insanity of losing money on over ųŰƞÉ&#x;) É&#x;."É&#x;&-É&#x;3)/É&#x;'%É&#x;"É&#x;3,ĹşÉ&#x;É&#x; 2014 is the year of USED CAR LEASING! No repossessions – leverage over delinquencies – more profit – tax advantages – turnkey business model. To learn more about used car leasing and the many benefits it can bring to your dealership, please contact ..É&#x; ),É&#x; 0É&#x; .É&#x; ŸŰŰĆ?ŸšŚĆ?ųŴųųźÉ&#x; 111Ĺş(),."&(&,-Ĺş)'





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Why successful dealers finance their inventory with NextGear Capital … REASON #

simplicity Sy Salari is co-owner of the Luxor Automotive Group and Couture Customs in Scottsdale, Arizona. While the auto remarketing business can be complicated, he says working with NextGear Capital makes it a lot simpler. “At the end of the day, it comes to service and the bottom line. NextGear Capital’s technology is straightforward and easy, and our rep helps make transactions simple. That’s why we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”   Hear dealers explain how we make business simple at

855.372.2329 Inventory Finance Solutions. Simplified.



Retail. Wholesale. Salvage. Diversified Products.


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ÛÛÝÛÛAPRIL 21, 2014

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Presenting Your Portfolio To Maximize Floor Planning Dollars By Garrett Jorewicz Regional Director NextGear Capital The automotive industry is unique in that it is one of the few where commercial loans are abundant and relatively easy to qualify for. Whether you are just starting out or looking to shift your business into the next gear, it is extremely likely that you will be able to find the capital you need to stock your dealership. Although there is a good chance that you will be able to acquire a floor plan line of credit, the size will vary depending on your business needs and your overall portfolio snapshot.

pricing structure. The good news is that over time, with good performance coupled with adherence to the terms and conditions of any loan agreement, you can eventually overcome these setbacks. It is also important that you are not over-extended. If your credit cards are all maxed out, that is a potential red flag even if you have not paid late. Handling your available credit responsibly is essential – be sure to maintain a substantial amount.

Getting Started Thinking about opening a dealership? You will want to setup a free consultation with the floor plan company of your Floor Plan 101: The Basics choosing right away. First and foremost, to qualify for a floor plan, you need to have established credit. Specifically, you should have a history of utilizing and repaying debt. Bad credit and ‘hiccups’ on your credit report aren’t always deal breakers, but they will likely reduce the amount you qualify for. Additionally, there is a good chance that credit issues will have a negative impact on your

Even if you are well capitalized out of the gate, having a floor plan line of credit can help you seize opportunities as they arise. If you aren’t well capitalized, you will probably be looking at starting with a smaller initial line of credit to get your business off the ground. As you turn inventory and build your reserves, submit a formal request for a credit line increase.

Growing Your Business If you are looking to grow your business through the addition of a floor plan line of credit, there are several other items that will play into the lending decision above and beyond your personal credit history. Trade references, business

credit, equity, cash and the overall health of your business all come into the picture and become increasingly more important in your effort to acquire more floor planning dollars. The same principles apply if you are looking to increase your existing floor plan credit limit. However, there is another component that could either be in your favor or held against you: performance. You can rest assured that commercial lenders have learned a lot about managing and mitigating risk, especially over the last several years. It is crucial that you closely adhere to your lender’s terms and conditions. NSF’s, late curtailments, slow payoffs and bad audits


will inevitably prevent you from gaining the additional buying power you need to grow your business. Stay on top of managing your accounts and you will improve your chances of increasing your credit limit. Also, those of you with substantial business equity should flaunt it. To a floor plan company, inventory that is owned outright is viewed similarly to cash, and is a good indicator of the viability of your operation. Business equity exhibits an enhanced capacity to repay debt. When applying for a floor plan, take the time to validate your equity position. The more equity you have, the lower the perceived risk.

Dealership Supplies at Low Warehouse Prices Only

$21.50 each


$4.75 per 12


$11.25 per 50


$2.75 per 12

Satisfaction Guaranteed Low Warehouse Prices Same Day Shipping


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APRIL 21, 2014ÛÛÝÛÛ‚

SDA Lets You Raise Capital, Get More Sales From Your CRM Keep Your Customers The credit crunch from several years ago appears to have subsided somewhat as many new companies have surfaced in the subprime auto industry. Compared to six years ago the sources of capital have flip flopped. Upwards of $1 billion of new capital has entered the business in the last three years. In the long term this may not be totally positive – the increased competition has allowed some traditional buy-here, pay-here customers to drive new cars. While this temporarily takes away business from some buy-here, pay-here dealers – the common sentiment is that the customer will return soon. The increased competition has led to lengthening loan terms and rising loan-to-value ratios – a recipe for higher losses. As losses increase many of the new players will shift gears and leave the marketplace. Dealers need to keep this short term phenomenon in mind and associate themselves with some of the trusted long-term providers of capital within the industry. Small Dealers Assistance (SDA) in Atlanta has been one of those consistent capital providers to the buy-here, pay-here industry. For over 24 years SDA has been providing capital to buy-here, pay-here

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dealers nationwide. SDA provides dealers capital from $10,000 to $1,000,000 and always lets the dealer continue to collect their notes. SDA’s Income Stream Program is the ideal method for buy-here, pay-here dealers to raise capital without giving up control of their customer base. In addition to being one of the oldest, most established, suppliers of capital to the buy-here, pay-here industry, SDA pays the highest advance in the industry – up to 90 percent. SDA provides the money that buyhere, pay-here dealers need, without the negative consequences usually associated with selling your accounts. The dealers that have developed true wealth within the buy-here, pay-here industry have been those who have managed to hold on to their accounts. SDA understands that to run a successful buy-here, pay-here operation access to capital is essential. Whether you are upgrading your inventory, expanding a new or existing lot, loading up on inventory prior to tax time or simply helping stabilize your cash flow needs, SDA can help. For more information on how SDA can provide your buy-here, pay-here dealership capital visit or call (800) 467-5172.

By Howard Leavitt AutoRaptor CRM Each segment of the automobile retail industry – franchise dealers, independent dealers, and buy-here, pay-here – has unique operating practices and processes. While the systems and culture may vary, the fundamental practice of building customer relationships remains the same. When it comes to most effectively utilizing a dealerships’ most valuable asset – customers – dealers face the same challenges: effectively and efficiently maintaining all the information they have about their customers, and using that information to sell more cars. The answer is data management. Whether you have a single buy-here, pay-here dealership or a dozen new car dealerships, data management is universal. Your customers are your dealership’s most valuable asset, but every one comes to you at a cost: the money you spend on signage, your website, and advertising to drive traffic. Calculate your per-lead cost by adding up those expenses and dividing that by the number of leads that come your way. You may be surprised to see the total amount it costs you for one lead. It’s easy to recognize the importance of getting and holding onto as much customer information as you can. Maintaining this information is crucial

if you want to squeeze every last ounce of business out of your leads and get the most return on your advertising dollars. When you lose a lead’s contact information or don’t follow up, it translates into real money lost. A system that maintains your customer information, making customer followup simple, is a worthwhile investment. You need a system that is tailored to your needs, gives you quick access to your information when you need it, and provides for accountability for your sales staff. You may be losing valuable information. Has your staff been trained to collect the lead’s full name, phone numbers and email address? Make it a priority. A lack of email addresses is a common problem and reduces your ability to compete effectively. Teach it, demand it, and use it to sell more cars. Dealers who use AutoRaptor have seen an increase in sales up to 20%. AutoRaptor is more than just a CRM – it gives dealers the tools to easily build relationships with their customers, convert more leads into sales, get more referrals and sell more cars. Find out more at or 888-421-6533.

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VAC a One-Stop Shop for Dealer Floorplanning Inventory financing credit demand is high right now, fueled by credit availability for consumers. Record level new car production is increasing used vehicle fleets. Vehicle Acceptance continues to expand its floorplan lending product to more independent dealers in the U.S. “Vehicle Acceptance is one of the best lenders I have had the pleasure of working with,” writes a VAC floorplan dealer in New Jersey. That speaks volumes to how VAC runs their business. They help the buy-here, pay-here and independent dealer acquire inventory, sell cars and manage portfolio and cash flow needs.

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Accepted at auctions nationwide, VAC provides same-day funding and local service thru their seven regional offices. There are many advantages to doing business with VAC – they are competitively priced, their staff is experienced and easy to contact. Vehicle Acceptance is truly a onestop shop for dealer’s financing needs. Inventory financing, note servicing and receivable factoring are valuable tools to help any dealer manage their cash flow and get more cars on their lot. Learn more at or call 1-888-573-4248 for more information.

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Mailing to dealers nationwide on May 1st. THE ULTIMATE REFERENCE GUIDE FOR DEALERS 2014 DSB_FC.indd 1

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Call (800) 794-0760 Ext. 109 to Sign Up for Your FREE Subscription Today!


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iMETRIK Provides Value and Peace of Mind iMETRIK Automotive offers a solution unique in the industry: a GPS device with no monthly or annual renewal fees. iMETRIK is more than a device manufacturer – we are an M2M Mobile Network Operator (M2MNO). An M2MNO provides wireless service but does not have the entire infrastructure (frequency allocation, towers, etc.) required to provide voice or video service. The model is designed to overcome the global wireless network requirem e n t necessary to permit industrial users and customers one inventory operating seamlessly anywhere in the world. Having made investments in telecommunication equipment and other assets, iMETRIK can manage the communications required to operate the devices on our own network. This network allows iMETRIK to provide coverage specifically tailored to the buy-here, pay-here and finance markets while proactively managing ongoing communication costs. This is the iMETRIK difference. It is important when selecting a GPS

provider to consider the total cost of ownership. Low initial costs can seem like an attractive opportunity yet every year you will be solicited for renewal fees. Consider the effort involved in looking at the disposition of each individual vehicle and contract in question to determine whether or not renewal is required or desired. Managing the list of activation fees, keeping it updated, and validating its relevance with operations is a counterproductive activity that generates significant hidden cost. Over time these fees and associated workload become very problematic, especially for customers managing large fleets. iMETRIK’s unparalleled approach ensures coverage tailored for the needs of the automotive finance space and minimizes ongoing hassles and costs. The units are fully transferrable and can be easily re-used over and over again without having to pay additional fees. iMETRIK removes the hassles and expenses related to utilizing devices, providing value and peace of mind.

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PassTime Launches Elite 3 PassTime has launched Elite 3, the third version of the successful Elite platform of GPS tracking and Automated Collection Technology specifically designed to help improve collection and repossession efforts for lenders in the subprime automotive space. The Elite 3 features cellular technology on Verizon Wireless – operator of the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE and 3G wireless networks – as well as a redesigned form factor and additional functionality. The Elite 3 builds upon the foundation of the Elite line which PassTime customers have been using to enhance collection processes and reduce delinquencies and repossessions through Automated Collection Technology (ACT). PassTime’s Elite provides dealers and lenders with the ultimate combination of GPS functionality and ACT, providing flexibility in managing their portfolios. Elite comes completely customizable with the ability to perform manual and automatic payment management, asset tracking, and recovery functionality. PassTime’s proprietary ACT system is unmatched in the industry for automatically reminding consumers to pay, and helping collectors lower delinquencies. PassTime’s Elite platform is designed

APRIL 21, 2014ÛÛÝÛÛ„

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to provide customers the perfect blend of ACT to enhance the collection process with GPS tracking for vehicle location and recovery. Specific features enjoyed by Elite customers include: • Automated Collection Technology • Pin Point GPS location service • Wireless Command Delivery • Automated vehicle disable and notification • Patented Technology including - Tow-Detect Notification - Device Tamper Notification - Up to six simultaneous Geofences • 24-Hour Tracking • Install Verification Service (IVS) ensures device is installed properly • Automatic Location Heartbeat • Vehicle low power notification The Elite 3 incorporates Verizon 3G cellular technology which allows it access to a broader nationwide footprint than what is offered on existing 2G GSM networks. This is especially advantageous in rural areas and those with sparse 2G coverage. In addition to the increased coverage area that Verizon Wireless provides, the Elite 3 touts a new low-profile design and additional features and functionality. For more information on PassTime’s new Elite 3 device, please contact PassTime at 877-727-7846 or

Sell More Cars with Go Financial Go Financial has created a unique subprime lending program that gives dealers the best of both worlds: up-front profit at the time the car is sold and a share of the payment stream over the life of the loan. Over a third of today’s car buyers have subprime credit. Dealers can easily pick up incremental sales each month with the right opportunities to offer those customers. By handling every step of the financing process from underwriting to collections, Go Dealer Partners have the ability to build a subprime portfolio without the headaches and heavy capital requirements that often stand in their way. To be able to succeed at subprime finance, you have to be able to understand and predict risk, and know when to balance it with reward. Go Financial created a proprietary grading system based on its experience financing hundreds of thousands of subprime loans. That credit scoring model became the basis of the GO Portal-an online site that delivers approvals to all customers. The portal instantly updates advance rates as the dealer adjusts the APR, term, price and down payment to best meet the customer’s needs and the dealership’s profit goals. After receiving the initial advance,

each dealer’s loans are pooled together to create a unique portfolio, which GO services at their national call centers. Dealers share in the future revenue from the Pool as the payments are collected. What if a dealer doesn’t want to wait for the payments to be collected? The dealer has the option to tap into pool equity early through GO’s exclusive Cash Out Now option, offering flexibility with instant liquidity once their pool is closed. With a financing program that can approve all customers in an easy to use online Portal, GO is creating a pathway to selling more cars. All loans are non-recourse and GO has no sign-up fees. Go Financial is licensed in 44 states and currently enrolling franchise and independent dealers. For a demonstration, call 888-GOFinancial (888-463-4626) or visit www.

Our GPS car tracking system helps ensure your customers pay when they should, without you having to chase them! Once the system is installed, sys you can use the Warn feature to remind the driver that their payment is overdue. The driver will hear a loud beeping for a full 30 seconds every time they start the car You can disable vehicles when their late payment goes past a "grace period", by remotely disabling the starter. Now you have the power to ensure that car won’t start until they pay up! You can re-activate vehicles after payment has been made


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Steve Kapusta Vice President SmartAuction

Tony DiPanni Director of Remarketing Operations SmartAuction

Helping our dealers win, that’s what being All In is all about.

With access to nearly 18,000 vehicles daily – including exclusive Ally off-lease vehicles – and a mobile app that lets you control your inventory from anywhere at anytime, SmartAuction® continues to revolutionize auto remarketing. To learn more about Steve, Tony and our remarketing team’s total commitment to your success, scan this QR code, visit or contact your SmartAuction Area Remarketing Manager. ©2014 Ally Financial. All rights reserved. SmartAuction is a registered service mark of Ally Financial Inc.

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Used Car News 4/21/14