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April 20, 2015

ON THE WEB: Guide Book Looks at Luxury Segment


Superstore Chain Sets New Records

NADA Used Car Guide released a report listing used luxury automobiles that consumers might consider over new mainstream vehicles. The report analyzed three groups of 3-year-old or newer luxury vehicles at $20,000, $25,000 and $30,000 price points.

Payment Assurance Device Foils Crime

IInilex reported its SkyLink vehicle-tracking device was instrumental in the arrest of two suspects in a carjacking, auto theft and spree of armed robberies in St. Louis. Using the SkyLink device, police were able to pinpoint the suspects and surround them.

CPS Closes First Term Securitization of 2015

Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. announced the closing of its first term securitization in 2015. The transaction is CPS’s 16th senior subordinate securitization since the beginning of 2011.

Rush - Dated Material

UP, UP AND AWAY: Used-car superstore chain CarMax Inc. reported higher net sales, operating revenues and comparable store sales in its latest quarter, along with higher retail and wholesale sales.

CarMax Inc. reported record results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended Feb. 28. “We had another great year, achieving several new milestones,” said CarMax CEO Tom Folliard.

Net sales and operating revenues increased 14.2 percent to $3.51 billion in the fourth quarter. For the fiscal year, net sales and operating revenues increased 13.5 percent to $14.27 billion. Used unit sales in com-

parable stores increased 7 percent in the fourth quarter and 4.4 percent in the fiscal year. Total used unit sales rose 12.4 percent in the fourth quarter and 10.5 percent in the fiscal year.

Total wholesale unit sales increased 12.3 percent in the fourth quarter and 9.8 percent in the fiscal year. CarMax Auto Finance income increased 11.8 percent to $90.4 million in the Continued on page 6

ADESA Continues Expansion with Move into Chicago Market KAR Auction Services announced that its ADESA wholesale auction subsidiary is entering the Chicago market. ADESA Chicago will be located in Hoffman Estates, Ill., just off of I-90. It is located between six major interstate systems and near O’Hare International Airport. KAR will initially develop 65 acres for the ADESA auction and has an option to expand the site up to 150 acres. “As we have discussed in our recent earnings calls, we have a responsibility to deploy capital in a manner that provides a return to our shareholders,” said KAR CEO Jim Hallett. “The investment in an ADESA auction facility in Chicago is just one example of how we can deploy our capi-

tal to expand our market share, serve additional customers and enhance our financial performance. “We will not only serve the Chicago market with a new physical auction facility, but I see an opportunity to expand the use of our online offerings in Chicago.” The announcement of this greenfield project comes on the heels of ADESA’s acquisition of Pittsburgh Auto Auction in New Stanton, Pa. “We are clearly focused on growing our market share in the wholesale used-car auction market and expanding our service offerings,” Hallett said. “We continue to look for other opportunities to invest in the growth for all of KAR’s businesses.” Now opening more lanes on the



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States Mull Changes to Blue Laws for Car Dealers By Sheila McGrath

In much of the Midwest and a handful of other states, there are no used-car stores open on Sunday. It’s not just the local custom, it’s the law. But sentiment among politicians in those states is blowing in the other direction. That’s despite the fact that most dealers would like to keep the laws, which guarantee them one day off per week. At least three states – Illinois, Minnesota and Texas – are currently looking at eliminating the “blue laws” that require dealerships to close their doors on Sunday. Minnesota State Rep. Tina Liebling recently introduced House Bill 347, which would repeal the state’s ban on Sunday auto sales. But she said it isn’t sitting

leaves the days of being open to the discretion of the business owner. It shouldn’t be a crime to be open on Sunday.” But Jan Hoppe, general sales manager at the family-owned North Suburban Auto Sales in St. Paul, is hoping the proposed legislation fails. “I would not be interested in it at all,” he said. “I would like it to stay the way it is. I would not open on Sunday either way.” If the legislation passes, experts say dealers like Hoppe might be forced to open on Sundays whether they want to or not. “If the law says you can choose, I can pretty much guarantee everyone is going to be open on Sunday. There really isn’t an in-between,” said Paul Nadjarian, founder and CEO of Mojo Motors

“It’s difficult to retain people when you’re open seven days a week. It’s not like Wal-Mart.” Paul Nadjarian cal environment, Nadjarian said, politicians feel a need to introduce legislation that appears to drive economic activity. “Blue laws are an easy target for legislators to say ‘We’re losing business,’” he said. “It really doesn’t work that way.” The reality, Nadjarian said, is that blue laws are volume neutral: Consumers will still need to buy the same number of cars whether dealers are open on Sundays or not. The only exception might be

“These laws are kind of ridiculous in today’s world.” Jason Vines well with the state’s dealers. In a February Legislative Update to her constituents, Liebling said she had rarely seen a group as organized and ready to bombard a legislator with letters and calls as the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association. “Auto dealers and their employees seem to believe that if any dealer was allowed to open on Sunday it would destroy their business and their way of life,” she wrote. “My bill simply

and a former executive at Ford and eBay Motors. More than a dozen states still ban or restrict auto sales on Sundays, and the question of lifting the bans has arisen often. A previous attempt to repeal the law in Minnesota failed in 2008, and a similar Illinois proposal failed last year, even after the Federal Trade Commission came out in favor of repealing blue laws everywhere. In the current politi-

if there are two major markets right next to each other in neighboring states, and one has a blue law, he said. But it becomes an issue for dealers in terms of recruitment, retention and quality of life for their salespeople, he said. “It’s difficult to retain people when you’re open seven days a week. It’s not like Wal-Mart. They don’t have two or three shifts, and they work 12 hours a day, six days a week. They want to take

the seventh day off.” Nadjarian doesn’t believe there are consumer groups advocating for auto sales on Sundays. “The root cause of the motivation is really the interesting question,” he said. Rhode Island repealed its Sunday sales ban in 2008. Jack Perkins, executive vice president of the Rhode Island Automobile Dealers Association, said they didn’t survey their members after the law changed, so he doesn’t have numbers on how many dealers chose to open on Sundays. But his impression was that many didn’t do so initially, but more and more have been opening on Sundays in the years since. “Some of them just open in the busier months on Sunday,” he said. In Texas, the current law is that car dealerships may not be open for a consecutive Saturday/Sunday period. Texas Sen. Konni Burton, R-Colleyville, recently filed Senate Bill 441 to allow vehicle sales on both Saturdays and Sundays. “We are always excited to have a discussion about freeing up the markets in Texas,” she said in a statement. Rob Drury, who directs the Association of Christian Financial Advisors and worked

for many years in auto finance, said state legislators have historically claimed the law prevents dealership employees from having to work seven days a week. “While there may be some truth to this motivation, it is widely accepted among the industry that it allows dealerships to operate one less day per week without the danger of other dealers (having) the competitive advantage of remaining open the seventh day,” Drury said. “In the end, regardless of dealers’ actual motives, employees are not working virtually every day when otherwise they might.” But Jason Vines, an independent communications and government affairs consultant and former communications professional for Nissan, Ford and Chrysler, said putting artificial limits on commerce hurts the economy. “These laws are kind of ridiculous in today’s world,” Vines said. “It’s a real inconvenience for a consumer not being able to buy a car on Sunday. You have to take time off from work, or shop at night when you want to be doing homework with the kids, or on Saturday, when you might be going to your kids’ sports games.”

Consumers Shop Mobile, But Value Personal Touch Today’s consumers embrace mobile technology and use their smartphones and other devices throughout the auto shopping process. But the dealership experience still plays a crucial role in their final decisions. That’s the findings of two recent studies. A recent study by found that Millennials especially turn to mobile for critical car shopping activities such as reading vehicle reviews (41 percent of Millennials vs. 20 percent of all other adults), locating vehicles for sale (34 percent vs. 20 percent) and researching vehicle pricing (33 percent vs. 21 percent). Edmunds’ re-

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search concluded that 80 percent of Millennials used their mobile devices to help them with at least one car-shopping task, compared to just 46 percent of people age 35 and over. But while Millennials have a propensity toward using mobile devices during the car shopping experience, the study also pointed out that this group still heavily values the indealership experience. The study found that 64 percent of Millennials said that they prefer face-to-face interaction with dealers as opposed to remote communications, and an overwhelming 96 percent said that it is important to test drive the car before they buy it, debunking the

myth that Millennials are making all of their car buying decisions on their phones. Autotrader’s Car Buyer of the Future study shows the same result. Eighty-four percent of consumers in the study indicate that they want to buy a car in person. Further, 43 percent see the dealership as a place to learn. At the dealership, consumers want to validate information they found online and learn about the following: special offers, warranty and service. The study also showed that consumers want to negotiate the price of their vehicles despite numerous claims they don’t. Over half of consumers prefer to

negotiate and two of the most influential groups in car buying - Millennials and females - also prefer negotiating to flat rate pricing. This is a result of the fact that consumers do not yet trust flat rate pricing, and they feel that they have to negotiate to get a fair price. While they want a good price, consumers want a good experience even more. Fifty-four percent say that they would buy from a dealership that offered their preferred experience over lowest price. Additionally, 73 percent report that they are willing to drive farther for a great salesperson, versus 65 percent who are willing to drive to get the lowest price.

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NEWS BRIEFS GWC Partners with Flexpath

GWC Warranty recently announced a strategic alliance with FlexPath Capital, an independent automobile finance company specializing in servicing customers with non-prime credit in the Southeast and Northeast United States. The strategic alliance will offer both automotive dealers and consumers more access to financing and insurance services. Through its established and growing dealer network, FlexPath will now offer GWC vehicle service contracts, providing dealers with additional tools for offering service and loan customers with peace of mind when purchasing pre-owned vehicles.

Finance Company Taps AUL

Pelican Auto Finance LLC has selected AUL to be its national vehicle service contract provider. Currently in the national rollout phase, both AUL and Pelican believe that the vehicle service contract offering they developed together will add business to the portfolios of both companies. As the two companies worked together in development of the program, integration of the technology used by both companies is viewed as a key advantage.

Santander Sells Leases

Santander Consumer USA Holdings Inc. announced the sale of $576 million in consumer vehicle leases to a U.S. subsidiary of a large international bank. Under the terms of the transaction, SCUSA will continue to service these assets.

Porsche Uses Cox Automotive Platform

Porsche Cars North America Inc. has signed an agreement with Cox Automotive to utilize the Actuos Portfolio Management Solution from its RMS Automotive division. With this agreement, PCNA will use two key modules within the Actuos platform to better manage off-lease vehicle pricing, listings, grounding, facilitate multiple sales transactions via the new digital sales platform, as well as enhanced reporting and visibility to their entire vehicle portfolio. RMS Automotive was first established in the U.K. and is being marketed to customers such as PCNA who want more enhanced visibility into their vehicle portfolio for faster decision-making. Under the agreement, PCNA will take advantage of two key modules within the Actuos platform: Actuos

Vehicle Return, which simplifies the lease turn-in process of transferring vehicle possession from lessee to lessor through customer-centric tools including grounding tools, vehicle condition capture and customer or dealer purchase options; and Actuos Vehicle Remarketing, which provides single-tool direction of the wholesale vehicle disposition process in all channels with end-toend workflow. Vehicle Remarketing includes a Listing Control Center to manage VIN-specific wholesale transactions from vehicle assignment to sale and settlement, integration with wholesale auction service providers, integrated vehicle logistics through Ready Auto Transport, pricing tool and an online dealer portal to enable sales to any defined group of users.

GPS education. In addition to the Buy Here – Pay Here World Convention, Ituran USA will have a presence at Leedom’s upcoming June Buy Here – Pay Here Training Boot Camp in Philadelphia.

Enterprise Car Sales Raises Funds

Enterprise Car Sales is partnering with the March of Dimes Greater Kansas to improve the health of mothers and babies in the community. In support of the nonprofit’s premier Kansas City March for Babies event on May 3, the local Enterprise Car Sales team has pledged to donate $100 for every vehicle sold in April with a goal of raising $10,000 or more. In addition to financial support, nearly a dozen Enterprise Car Sales employees will join forces with Multiples of Kansas City Leedom Group, Ituran USA Team Up to participate in the Kansas City Leedom Group and Ituran USA March for Babies. have teamed up for the first quarter of 2015. C R O S S WO R D The companies announced Ituby Myles Mellor ran’s position as a platinum sponsor of the 21st Annual Buy Here – Pay PAGE 17 Here World Convention. The convention took place April 12 - 14 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. Ituran USA presented at the event on Published By General Media LLC USED CAR NEWS (ISSN 1555-7413) is published at 24114 Harper, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 Phone: 586-772-5200 or 800-794-0760 Fax: 586-772-9400 Charles M. Thomas - Founder (1947-2002) Lynda R. Thomas, Publisher Colleen Fitzgerald, General Manager Editorial: Ted Craig, Managing Editor Jeffrey Bellant, Staff Writer

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PEOPLE IN THE NEWS NextGear Capital Fills Top Slots

NextGear Capital recently announced multiple senior leadership position appointments. John Wick has been

Chris Lenzo named chief strategy officer. Additionally, he will continue to serve as general counsel for NextGear Capital. Alan Lang has been named senior vice president of corporate operations. Lang has more than 20 years of experience

in the automotive finance industry and was recently the company’s vice president of corporate operations. Prior to joining NextGear Capital, he held various positions with increasing responsibility with Automotive Finance Corp. and Mercury Finance Corp. Randy Dohse has been named senior vice president of field operations. With 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, Dohse has been with the company for 10 years, most recently serving as Western divisional vice president. Prior to joining NextGear Capital, Randy held leadership positions with AFC and AmeriCredit. Chris Lenzo has been named vice president of technology. Lenzo’s new role will comprise of directing all aspects

of the company’s internal software development including engineering, portfolio management, architecture and analytics. He has an extensive background in the Indianapolis technology sector over the past 25 years, including stints with Made2Manage Systems, ChaCha, Ex-

tal’s advancement of new business and maximization of credit utilization. Beginning her 29-year career in the automotive industry with West Indy Jeep Eagle in the 1980s, she most recently served as NextGear Capital’s director of business development.

Skypatrol Taps Chief Sales Officer

Susan Moritz actTarget and Teradata. Susan Moritz has been named vice president of development. Moritz will be tasked with NextGear Capi-

Skypatrol LLC announced that Matt Malfitano has joined the company as chief sales officer. Malfitano is responsible for leading all Skypatrol sales efforts worldwide. This new position at Skypatrol coincides with the company’s expansion into Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as Southeast Asia. Skypatrol already enjoys a strong presence

ment of Chris du Toit to vice president, product management. The appointment is effective immediately. In this newly created role, du Toit has responsibility for leading product strategy and product management for all Black Book product offerings. He will focus on enhancing existing products as well as the development of new innovative offerings for the entire group, which includes National Auto Research, Veretech Holdings Inc. and Canadian Black Book. He reports directly to Black Book President Tim Cross. Du Toit joins Black Book from Jacada Inc., where he was the executive director of product management Black Book Hires VP of and led the company’s Product Management transition from onBlack Book an- premises systems to nounced the appoint- cloud-based products. in North and South America. Malfitano served as director of global sales and operations for Fisker Automotive and most recently worked at Arctic Cat. Prior to Fisker, Malfitano served as vice president of sales operations for Maserati North America, and as senior director of global sales and marketing with the aviation startup company Eclipse Aviation. Earlier in his career, Malfitano worked for Ford Motors’ Volvo Division as vice president of sales for the Western Region. Malfitano graduated from Lynn University with a bachelor of science in business administration.



















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Price Impact Varies for Debuts

NEW AND IMPROVED: Honda makes a big splash at the New York Auto Show with the introduction of the redesigned Civic. How much this will affect used-car prices remains to be seen.

I am a Westlake


A Westlake Success Story... Paul Blanco - Oakland, CA

Why Paul Blanco Chooses Westlake: ` Easy and convenient approval system ` Flexible full spectrum financing ` Quick and easy funding ` DealerCenter’s tools make selling cars easy You Could Be The Next Westlake Dealer!

Westlake Financial Services

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DETROIT (AP) – When auto companies roll out exciting new models like they did at the recent New York auto show, the unveilings can sometimes push down the price of cars already on sale. Usually the immediate impact is small, according to industry analysts, but the deals can get a whole lot better once the new models hit the showrooms and the automakers try to clear the old models from dealer lots. And the extent of the impact depends on whether the latest models are significantly more appealing than the old ones because of new features or styling changes. In New York, Honda unveiled a new Civic compact that looks like a European sports car, and Chevrolet showed off a new Malibu midsize car that looks like a coupe, with more legroom, better gas mileage and other features that one-up the current model. Analysts say it’s too early to tell if prices will drop on the current Civics and Malibus. Car buyers recognize the value when there’s a major redesign if it’s feature-rich, said Alec Gutierrez, senior analyst with Kelley


Blue Book. The unveiling of new cars can cause prices on existing models to move up or down based on whether media coverage of the new model is unexpectedly positive or negative, and by how well automakers manage their inventories during the year, says David Wagner, senior manager for analytics with the NADA Used Car Guide. If publicity is good and customers are excited, then values on outgoing models can fall. But the decline usually is small, around 2 or 3 percent in the first several weeks of media coverage. Higher inventories also can reduce prices. Wagner saw prices fall a small amount after recent redesigns of the Honda Accord, Ford Mustang and Ford F-150 pickup truck, all of which made great improvements or added features to the vehicles. Hyundai’s Elantra compact was dramatically improved in 2011, said Gutierrez. With such a big change, he watched the values to see if the old model would plummet. But the price decline was very small, far less than he expected, he said.

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fourth quarter. For the fiscal year, CAF income rose 9.3 percent to $367.3 million. The used-car superstore chain continues to grow. CarMax Inc. officially opened its first store in Turnersville, N.J. The store is more than 40,000 square feet, occupies more than 16 acres and stocks more than 300 used vehicles. In celebration of the Turnersville store opening, CarMax donated $5,000 to the Boys & Girls Club of Camden County. The nonprofit was selected for its positive impact on children in the local community. In addition, 25 CarMax volunteers

recently helped with the organization’s Bowl for Club Kids fundraiser. The CarMax Foundation also is providing a $10,000 grant to Hopeworks ‘N Camden for a project that will help provide teens and young adults the basic life skills and technical training to prepare them to excel both educationally and professionally. This grant came at the recommendation of local CarMax associates. The company is currently hiring for new stores in Denver and Warwick, R.I. The Warwick store will be CarMax’s first operation in Rhode Island.

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Your source for quality, value, selection: Chase. A broad selection of pre-owned vehicles from an industry leader. May 2015 Chase High Lines, featuring Jaguar Land Rover Financial Group

Chase ADESA Boston May 8, 15, 22 508-626-7000

Manheim Atlanta May 14, 27, 28 404-762-9211

Manheim Ohio May 19 800-477-6446

ADESA Charlotte May 14, 28 704-587-7653

Manheim Baltimore Washington May 5 410-796-8899

Manheim Orlando May 5, 12, 19, 26 800-337-8491

ADESA Cincinnati/Dayton May 12 937-746-4000 ADESA Golden Gate May 12, 26 209-839-8000 ADESA Houston May 13, 27 281-580-1800 ADESA Indianapolis May 12, 26 800-925-1210 ADESA Kansas City May 12, 26 816-525-1100 ADESA Lexington May 28 859-263-5163 ADESA Tulsa May 8 918-437-9044 America’s AA-Chicago May 13 708-389-4488 Brasher’s Salt Lake AA May 19 801-322-1234 Columbus Fair AA May 13, 20 614-497-2000

Manheim Dallas May 6, 20 877-860-1651 Manheim Denver May 6 800-822-1177 Manheim Detroit May 14, 28 734-654-7100 Manheim Fredericksburg May 7, 21 540-368-3400 Manheim Milwaukee May 6, 20 262-835-4436

Manheim Pennsylvania May 1, 14, 15, 28, 29 800-777-2053 Manheim Phoenix May 7, 14, 21, 28 623-907-7000 Manheim Pittsburgh May 6 724-452-5555 Manheim Riverside May 5, 7 909-689-6000 Manheim Seattle May 27 206-762-1600

Manheim Minneapolis May 27 763-425-7653

Manheim Southern California May 14 909-822-2261

Manheim Nashville May 13, 19, 20 877-386-5004

Southern AA May 6 860-292-7500

Manheim Nevada May 15 702-361-1000 Manheim New Jersey May 6, 20, 27 609-298-3400 Manheim New Orleans May 20 985-643-2061

Choose Chase on and for quality bank-sourced vehicles. Contact auctions directly for current sale information.

ADESA Boston May 15 508-626-7000

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Manheim Pennsylvania *May 14, 28 800-777-2053

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*Only Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles will be sold on May 14. All other high lines, excluding Jaguar Land Rover, will be offered on May 28.

Mazda Capital Services ADESA Boston May 8, 22 508-626-7000

Manheim Detroit May 14, 28 734-654-7100

ADESA Golden Gate May 12 209-839-8000

Manheim Fredericksburg Manheim Pennsylvania May 21 May 1, 15, 29 540-368-3400 800-777-2053

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Manheim Pittsburgh May 6 724-452-5555

Columbus Fair AA May 20 614-497-2000

Manheim Nashville May 20 877-386-5004

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Manheim Atlanta May 28 404-762-9211

Manheim New Jersey May 6, 20 609-298-3400

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Subaru Motors Finance ADESA Boston May 22 508-626-7000

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Brasher’s Salt Lake May 19 801-322-1234

Manheim Fredericksburg Manheim Pittsburgh May 7 May 6 540-368-3400 724-452-5555

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Manheim Milwaukee May 6 262-835-4436

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Manheim New Jersey May 20 609-298-3400

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Manheim Denver May 6 800-822-1177

Manheim Orlando May 5 800-337-8491

Southern AA May 6 860-292-7500

Manheim Pennsylvania May 15 800-777-2053

*The tradename “Subaru Motors Finance” and the Subaru logo are owned / licensed by Subaru of America, Inc. and are licensed to JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (“Chase”). Retail / Loan and lease accounts are owned by Chase. *The Jaguar word mark, the Jaguar logo, and Jaguar Financial Group are trademarks of Jaguar Land Rover Limited and any use by Chase is under license. The Land Rover word mark, the Land Rover and Oval logo, and Land Rover Financial Group are trademarks of Jaguar Land Rover Limited and any use by Chase is under license. Retail / Loan and lease accounts are owned by Chase. *The tradename "Mazda Capital Services" as well as the Mazda and Mazda Capital Services logos are owned by Mazda Motor Corporation or its affiliates and are licensed to Chase. Retail / Loan and lease accounts are owned by Chase. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC ©2015 JPMorgan Chase & Co. (14-723) 10/14

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DEALER LIFE DEALER EMBRACES HIS COMMUNITY, ENGAGES CULTURE THROUGH TELEVISION In 1988, Gavin Marks opened C&G Imports in Arlington, Va., as a typical buyhere, pay-here dealership. “It started in a small way and grew over the years,� Marks said. His dealership, which typically carried 125 vehicles, was up to 175 around tax season. He also has a related finance company, C&G Financial. But it is Marks’ involvement in television and the local Hispanic community that has solidified his place in the market. “He is a true gentleman,� said Lois Keenan, executive director of the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association. “He deals primarily with the (Hispanic) community and is very active in that area. He gives generously to those in need among so many things.� Over the years, Marks had used different types of advertising from print to radio. “As far as advertising on TV, I sponsored a program that I sold through for over 15 years,� he said. “But as

infomercials for the dealership, Marks wanted to provide value to the community. “So I ended up starting my own show – DC Contigo y La Comunidad (With You and the Community) – that I’ve had going on five years. It airs on Univision, the Spanish-language television network, every Saturday at 11 a.m. “The show features two hosts and covers many events around the Washington, D.C., area,� Marks said, “as well as bringing in footage from other countries, such as El Salvador, Bolivia and other places.� The show has evolved over the years because Marks had a specific goal in mind. “I’m very active in the community,� he said. “To me, it’s more than selling cars. It’s about building relationships. Many of my customers now are the same customers I had 25 years ago. Now their children are all grown up. Fortunately, I’ve maintained that customer base.� For example, Marks first began attending and sponsoring community festivals before the television show

time went on, I was doing many things in the community and I wanted to have an opportunity to (provide programming) that had great interest in the Hispanic community and market.� Rather than do just typical

began broadcasting them. So as the community welcomed Marks and patronized his business, he sought to return the favor with his involvement, from sponsoring soccer teams to assisting families in need.

By Jeffrey Bellant

Clockwise from Top: Gavin Marks sells the Gonzalez family a 2013 Nissan, the family’s second vehicle purchase from C&G Imports; Marks, and his staff deliver a $5,000 donation; and Cinthias Lucero, who sufferes from cerebral palsy, enjoys a trip to Disney World from Marks. Marks said the show allows him and his business to become a bigger part of the community – which includes the larger Latino community – by showing programs that his customers like. The programming is broad, ranging from serious issues to straight entertainment. “There are (segments) having to do with things happening in politics and with immigration to festivals and auto shows,� Marks said. “We’ve interviewed the mayor on the show. It’s a lot of different things.� Because of Marks’ familiarity and involvement in the community, he’s been able to select and even develop the best content for the show. “There are certain segments that I’ve created, such as ‘Pide Un Deseo,’ which translates into ‘Ask a wish,’� Marks said. Over the years, Marks has done things such as paying utility bills for people to giving away cars and cash. So that evolved into the “Pide Un Deseo� show where people write to Marks with wishes or needs they have. “I try to make many of them come true,� he said. “One mother wrote in about her daughter who had cerebral palsy. Her wish was to take her daughter to Disney World and we were able to fly her down there for

a weekend.� The show also provided a wheelchair to a disabled child and a wedding for a bride who suffered from cancer. Even though Marks is a Staten Island native who came to the area in his college years, he’s now embedded in the community and has embraced the cultures it represents. “I’ve actually been to Bolivia and El Salvador where they have festivals and carnivals I wanted to attend,� Marks said. “I wanted to learn their culture as well as bring back footage from there.� Marks receives feedback from customers who make suggestions about ideas or potential events to cover,

sponsor or be a part of. But he also is able to tie his dealership’s identity with the programming he provides. “There are many segments throughout the show and I am the main sponsor,� Marks said. “I also have an inventory segment on each program which is maybe five minutes in length. That shows my inventory, pricing and things of that nature. “It is part of the show.� Marks said the dealership advertising works because he understands the market. “In order to build relationships, you have to be a part of the culture that you’re in,� he said. “It’s a wonderful feeling when I’m able to give back. It makes everything worthwhile.�


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Dane Reed, president, Dane’s Auto Sales, Pine Bluff, Ark.: “We’ve been in business at this location since 1998. “We keep approximately 120 cars on the lot. “We sell 50 to 60 a month. But I’m a buy-here, payhere, dealer, so I determine my own (pace). I can sell 80 to 90 a month if I want. “I have two wholesalers that I buy from pretty regularly. If they can’t keep up then I go to the ADESA Little Rock auction. “I buy more from individuals than a lot of other car lots. A lot of dealers won’t fool with buying off the street because the titles may not be good. But I have a lot of good luck. “Our average term lengths are probably 24 months on average, 24 to 30. “Back when I first opened, I had a little bitty sign out that said, ‘Down payments starting at $295.’ For two years, that’s the only sign I had and I would get call af-

ter call after call. “It may not be pretty, but there’s nothing pretty about walking, either. People just needed something to get to work “The way I looked at that (amount) is that it was a paycheck. “So my highest down payment is about $2,500. “My average retail price is probably $8,995. “Expenses just keep going up ever since Cash for Clunkers. That hurt the used-car business drastically, in my opinion. Then around here we had a tornado in Joplin, Mo., and they had one in Alabama that was really bad. Those took a ton of cars off the market. “The average model year is 2008 or 2009. As far as mileage, I’m not scared of mileage. Most of mine are over 100,000 miles. These cars run well. I’ve sold cars with well over 300,000 miles. “I’ve got a Ford Taurus on note right now that, unless something’s happened, is

still running. It had 425,000 miles. That’s the highest I’ve ever had on a note. I mean, how do you sell that car? I told (the buyer) that they might want to write Ford Motor Co. because they may want that car back to (display) it. “I carry more cars than SUVs or trucks. Trucks are just hard to come by. “Per car, my (reconditioning costs) are $200 to $300. “I just pulled my (advertising) about a year ago. I had 19 billboards within 60 miles from my location. I also had done a little TV advertising. “The problem is I’d have people from three hours away coming to buy cars. I kind of learned that when they pass 500 car lots to get to yours, maybe they’re not the kind of customer that you’d want. “Probably half of my business is referral. “I sold a 2009 Hyundai Sonata recently. It had about 121,000 miles. It was $6,995.



Paul Matton, chief operations officer, Park Auto Mall, Pinellas Park, Fla.: “This is our sixth year in business. “Right now, we keep about 250 to 300 cars. We have a few more than this time last year. Things are moving up and the car market is coming back strong. “We’re hitting about 130 per month (sold). We’re coming close to 400 cars for the quarter. “A lot of our cars are offlease and rentals. We’ll get some of them from the auctions, but a lot of them right from the fleet businesses. “We also buy cars off the street. We do a lot of cable so we advertise that we buy cars. “We don’t do buy-here, pay-here. We work with 30 different outlets, from banks to credit unions. We do a little bit of subprime. We know how to structure a deal. “Our cars are from 2009 to 2015. We have cheap cars

all the way up to a Porsche on the showroom floor right now for $82,000. So it’s soup to nuts. “We’re unique in that we have no commissioned sales people, we just have all customer service reps. If you need service, want some help, you come inside. “Average mileage is in the 30,000 to 50,000 range. But we have some 2014s or 2015s with 7,000 to 8,000 miles. It’s 50-50, domestics and imports. It’s the same with cars and trucks. “We use vAuto. I swear by vAuto. “Reconditioning ranges anywhere from $800 to $1,200 a car. It was probably more last year. Now the cars are getting a little bit more plentiful. “Cable is the big advertising that we do. We’ll also do little service ads through a couple of local papers. “We have a full service shop with 15 bays. “We recently sold a 2012 Cadillac CTS for $23,000 with under 30,000 miles.�


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Jim DesRochers, vice president, Dealers Auto Auction of the Southwest, Phoenix: “I’ll tell you that in the Southwest, this has been one of the toughest tax seasons ever. There was not a traditional spike based on the lateness of the taxes, the amount of the tax (returns) and other things. “The other thing (about the Southwest market) is that the Mexican government has slowed down the ability to export cars into Mexico. So it’s been a double hit. “The retail side is on fire. Cars are coming through the lanes faster than ever. The volume is up, but the absorption rate going into Mexico or even into the states is off, because of the bad tax season. So the (sale of ) lower-end cars has been (a challenge). “The conversion rate was in the 70s, almost 80 percent at one point last year, but today they’re down in

the 60s. The volume has gone up, so we’re still selling more cars. “We’re always running about 600-plus cars every week. When we started the year, we were in the mid700s. “The dynamics have changed with the make, model and mileage mix. The issue is the $4,000 or $5,000 car today has 150,000 miles. It used to be under 100,000 miles. “Now, if you want to get under 100,000 miles – based on make, model and all the other stuff – you’re looking at an $8,000 car. So even though we’re selling a good percentage of $5,000-andunder cars, we’re pushing to sell more (higher priced) cars. “The cars from $8,000 to $12,000 that we’ve started to sell are doing extremely well. That market niche has gotten better. “The average price that we’re selling is about the same as last year. It’s a $4,000 car.

“Seventy-five percent of our volume is dealer consignment. We have a lot of (institutional consignors) as well. “One of the things I’m seeing now is that repossessions are starting to slow down. People are starting to pay their bills. The economy is getting stronger. “You see guys in the lanes being pickier. They only need certain things. We have fewer Mexican dealers coming across the border now and they are buying a narrower range of cars because that’s all that’s allowed (by the Mexican government). “We’ve got a mobile app rolling out at the end of this month that dealers should check out. “For the rest of the year, I think you’ll see a steady flow of cars for the first eight or nine months. “Then in the third quarter you’ll see the (rental cars) come out heavy and the off-lease cars start to come out heavy.�



Compiled by Jeffrey Bellant

Bill McCready, vice president of operations, Southeastern Auto Auction of Savannah, Savannah, Ga.: “The auction has been around for about 28 years. We have four lanes and we’re running all four lanes. We have a Wednesday dealer-only sale and a Thursday public sale. “Volume for the dealer sale has been about 600plus. We do about 250-plus for our public sale. So we offer about 900 cars weekly through both sales. “Our (sales percentage) is about 60 percent. “We have an increase in volume from this time last year. We’ve been doing a lot more advertising, a lot more promotions and expanding with new sales reps to get more business. We’ve been investing a lot and it’s been paying off. “We’ll get about 250 to 300 (buyers) for the dealeronly sale. It’s closer to 300 if you count all the bidder

badges. “Dealers have been pretty positive. It’s been kind of an interesting tax season the way the money came out. But overall, they had good attitudes. Dealers are happy and they’ve said it’s been a pretty successful tax season. “About 85 percent of our volume is dealer consignment and 15 percent is institutional. We’ve got some rental units, but the majority is from credit unions and banks. We plan on growing that side of the business. “We post cars online for dealers and even go to their lots to do condition reports. Then we post them on OVE, Openlane, SmartAuction and AuctionPipeline. We also do the same thing with the cars that are here on the ground. “We’re going to continue to unleash new and exciting promotions, ramping up advertising to get new buyers and sellers in here. “The more expensive frontline-ready stuff is doing really well.�

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 Carolina_UCN Apr 20.pdf



12:04 PM

Certified Pre-Owned Retail Sales DOMESTIC

Mar ‘15

‘15 YTD

‘14 YTD

24,787 22,511 2,276 41,485 3,691 31,486 6,288 18 2 0 1,993 15,799 3,038 4,781 5,377 2,603 82 15,881 84,064

24,785 68,654 22,419 62,370 2,366 6,284 31,985 115,933 2,867 10,350 23,846 87,187 5,018 18,343 201 43 53 10 1,747 5,751 12,586 43,018 2,585 8,128 3,925 13,106 4,062 14,513 2,014 7,271 38 191 12,624 43,209 71,103 233,356

63,860 57,948 5,912 92,562 7,685 69,146 14,993 553 185 1 4,833 34,818 6,767 10,817 11,754 5,480 98 34,916 196,074

19,363 4,089 14,457 2,207 31,290 6,967 8,593 5,986 3,630 93 4,791 101,466

22,370 52,214 3,823 10,955 12,303 38,857 1,789 5,693 31,687 86,427 6,903 19,672 8,484 23,089 3,861 15,480 4,336 10,275 53 249 3,823 12,711 99,432 275,622

58,178 9,860 32,301 4,063 85,869 18,062 22,348 10,286 10,216 155 10,443 261,781

3,881 30 9,559 82 540 1,160 9,150 13 941 1,055 8,490 61 1,583 36,545

3,886 30 9,352 38 608 1,065 9,740 17 775 998 8,281 34 1,125 35,949

11,309 90 27,508 191 1,444 3,144 28,412 27 2,577 3,035 23,341 121 4,273 105,472

10,314 90 22,227 98 1,334 2,681 28,018 32 2,095 2,647 21,471 107 2,824 93,938

222,075 206,484 614,450


Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Ford / Mercury Lincoln GM Buick Chevrolet GMC Oldsmobile Pontiac Saturn Hummer Cadillac Saturn through 2009 Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Memo: Fiat Memo: Chrysler w. Fiat Total Domestics











Honda Acura Nissan Infiniti Toyota Lexus Hyundai Kia Mazda Mitsubishi Suzuki Subaru Total Asian EUROPEAN

68 Years Can’t Be Wrong.

Audi Bentley - EST. BMW Fiat Jaguar Land Rover Mercedes-Benz Smart MINI Porsche Volkswagen Maserati Volvo Car Total European Total - EST.

Source: Autodata Corp.

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2013 MODELS DOMESTIC CARS Buick LaCrosse 4D Sedan Cadillac CTS 3.6 4D Sedan Chevrolet Cruze LS 4D Sedan Chevrolet Impala LS 4D Sedan Chrysler 300 base 4D Sedan Chrysler 200 Touring 4D Sedan Ford Focus SE 4D Sedan Ford Mustang base 2D Coupe Ford Taurus SEL 4D Sedan Lincoln MKS 4D Sedan IMPORT CARS Acura TL base 4D Sedan BMW 3-Series 328i 4D Sedan BMW 7-Series 750Li 4D Sedan Honda Accord LX 4D Sedan Hyundai Sonata GLS 4D Sedan 2.4 Lexus ES 350 4D Luxury Sedan Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 4D Luxury Sedan Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4D Sedan Nissan Altima base 4D Sedan Nissan Altima S 4D Sedan 3.5 Nissan Sentra S 4D Sedan Toyota Camry LE 4D Sedan Toyota Corolla LE 4D Sedan Volkswagen Jetta SEL 4D Sedan TRUCKS BMW X3 XDrive28i 4D SAC Cadillac Escalade base 4D Utility AWD Cadillac SRX Luxury 4D Utility AWD Chevrolet Equinox LS 4D Utility FWD Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Ext Cab 4D Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4D Utility 4WD Dodge Grand Caravan SE Wagon Ford Edge SEL 4D Utility Ford Escape SEL 4D Utility 4WD Ford Explorer XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford F150 XLT Supercab Ford Flex SEL 4D Utility Honda CR-V LX 4D Utility AWD Honda Odyssey LX Wagon Honda Pilot EX-L 4D Utility 4WD w/RES Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4D Utility 4WD

Apr ‘14 $21,750 $26,800 $12,300 $12,250 $20,550 $13,200 $12,550 $16,400 $17,650 $24,200 Apr ‘14 $24,000 $29,950 $70,300 $17,000 $14,500 $31,200 $37,600 $11,850 $14,200 $17,500 $12,500 $16,500 $13,400 $16,150 Apr ‘14 $33,400 $46,800 $29,950 $17,600 $20,900 $30,100 $15,150 $21,850 $20,650 $28,425 $21,900 $20,950 $18,950 $20,400 $29,000 $24,900

Oct ‘14 $18,950 $24,400 $10,300 $11,550 $18,000 $11,800 $11,600 $15,200 $16,300 $23,650 Oct ‘14 $22,500 $25,650 $63,300 $16,100 $12,850 $30,800 $32,100 $10,900 $12,300 $15,600 $11,800 $14,300 $12,150 $15,200 Oct ‘14 $30,000 $44,500 $29,800 $15,750 $20,600 $28,200 $14,000 $21,800 $18,200 $27,000 $21,300 $21,700 $18,900 $20,850 $29,300 $23,900

2012 MODELS Apr ‘15 $17,050 $22,000 $10,350 $10,900 $18,100 $11,400 $10,950 $16,100 $15,450 $21,600 Apr ‘15 $20,600 $25,100 $53,300 $15,200 $12,750 $27,200 $31,500 $9,850 $12,100 $15,400 $11,400 $14,100 $12,350 $15,200 Apr ‘15 $28,950 $40,250 $25,950 $14,850 $22,600 $27,200 $13,000 $20,100 $18,600 $27,500 $21,000 $22,500 $17,950 $19,150 $27,500 $22,800

Projected Figures Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $14,625 $12,950 $18,825 $16,050 $8,925 $7,775 $8,975 $7,875 $14,400 $12,375 $9,350 $8,000 $8,750 $7,625 $12,900 $11,450 $12,350 $10,650 $18,300 $16,350 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $17,800 $15,550 $21,150 $17,500 $45,425 $38,575 $12,675 $11,175 $10,375 $8,950 $22,475 $19,175 $25,225 $21,275 $8,175 $7,050 $10,150 $8,950 $12,750 $11,175 $8,975 $7,675 $11,825 $10,525 $9,675 $8,600 $12,600 $11,400 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $23,650 $20,250 $35,475 $31,125 $23,075 $20,450 $11,775 $10,025 $17,925 $16,225 $23,650 $20,875 $10,325 $8,350 $15,875 $13,750 $14,350 $12,100 $21,200 $18,350 $16,850 $14,775 $16,375 $13,825 $15,075 $13,175 $16,275 $14,275 $24,100 $21,700 $18,500 $15,900

2011 MODELS DOMESTIC CARS Buick LaCrosse CX 4D Sedan Cadillac DTS 4D Sedan Chevrolet Cruze LS 4D Sedan Chevrolet Impala LS 4D Sedan Chrysler 300 base 4D Sedan Chrysler 200 Touring 4D Sedan Ford Focus SE 4D Sedan Ford Mustang base 2D Coupe Ford Taurus SEL 4D Sedan Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited 4D Sedan IMPORT CARS Acura TL base 4D Sedan BMW 3-Series 328i 4D Sedan BMW 7-Series 750Li 4D Sedan Honda Accord LX 4D Sedan Hyundai Sonata GLS 4D Sedan 2.4 Lexus ES 350 4D Luxury Sedan Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 4D Luxury Sedan Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4D Sedan Nissan Altima base 4D Sedan Nissan Altima S 4D Sedan Nissan Sentra base 4D Sedan Toyota Camry LE 4D Sedan Toyota Corolla LE 4D Sedan Volkswagen Jetta SEL 4D Sedan TRUCKS BMW X3 XDrive28i 4D SAC Cadillac Escalade base 4D Utility AWD Cadillac SRX Luxury 4D Utility AWD Chevrolet Colorado LT Crew Cab 4WD Z85 Chevrolet Equinox LS 4D Utility FWD Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Ext Cab 4D Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4D Utility 4WD Dodge Grand Caravan Express Wagon Ford Edge SEL 4D Utility Ford Escape XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford Explorer XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford F150 XLT Supercab Ford Flex SEL 4D Utility Honda CR-V LX 4D Utility 4WD Honda Odyssey LX Wagon Honda Pilot EX-L 4D Utility 4WD w/RES

16_UCN.indd 1

Apr ‘14 $13,600 $18,950 $9,900 $9,200 $15,800 $10,400 $9,100 $13,100 $13,850 $22,300 Apr ‘14 $19,300 $19,400 $42,800 $12,650 $11,750 $22,000 $27,600 $9,850 $10,300 $11,600 $9,200 $12,500 $10,900 $13,100 Apr ‘14 $26,700 $38,450 $23,050 $18,150 $12,100 $17,525 $23,300 $11,450 $18,100 $13,450 $24,125 $18,400 $17,100 $15,200 $15,900 $24,000

Oct ‘14 $12,200 $16,900 $8,800 $8,550 $14,100 $9,900 $8,250 $12,100 $13,600 $19,650 Oct ‘14 $18,350 $17,750 $37,800 $11,450 $10,450 $20,350 $23,800 $8,800 $9,550 $10,850 $9,100 $11,250 $9,800 $11,600 Oct ‘14 $24,950 $34,700 $22,650 $18,550 $11,050 $17,900 $24,400 $11,100 $16,600 $12,150 $22,400 $18,000 $17,400 $14,500 $15,850 $23,450

DOMESTIC CARS Buick LaCrosse 4D Sedan Cadillac CTS 3.6 4D Sedan Chevrolet Cruze LS 4D Sedan Chevrolet Impala LS 4D Sedan Chrysler 300 base 4D Sedan Chrysler 200 Touring 4D Sedan Ford Focus SE 4D Sedan Ford Mustang base 2D Coupe Ford Taurus SEL 4D Sedan Lincoln MKS 4D Sedan IMPORT CARS Acura TL base 4D Sedan BMW 3-Series 328i 4D Sedan BMW 7-Series 750Li 4D Sedan Honda Accord LX 4D Sedan Hyundai Sonata GLS 4D Sedan 2.4 Lexus ES 350 4D Luxury Sedan Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 4D Luxury Sedan Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4D Sedan Nissan Altima base 4D Sedan Nissan Altima S 4D Sedan Nissan Sentra base 4D Sedan Toyota Camry LE 4D Sedan Toyota Corolla LE 4D Sedan Volkswagen Jetta SEL 4D Sedan TRUCKS BMW X3 XDrive28i 4D SAC Cadillac Escalade base 4D Utility AWD Cadillac SRX Luxury 4D Utility AWD Chevrolet Colorado LT Crew Cab 4WD Z85 Chevrolet Equinox LS 4D Utility FWD Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Ext Cab 4D Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4D Utility 4WD Dodge Grand Caravan SE Wagon Ford Edge SEL 4D Utility Ford Escape XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford Explorer XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford F150 XLT Supercab Ford Flex SEL 4D Utility Honda CR-V LX 4D Utility AWD Honda Odyssey LX Wagon Honda Pilot EX-L 4D Utility 4WD w/RES

Apr ‘14 $19,000 $22,000 $10,950 $11,000 $17,750 $11,600 $10,900 $14,700 $15,700 $20,100 Apr ‘14 $21,600 $25,250 $53,800 $14,200 $13,000 $25,800 $31,600 $10,400 $11,550 $12,850 $10,550 $14,600 $12,350 $14,450 Apr ‘14 $29,700 $42,400 $26,300 $19,700 $13,900 $19,375 $27,400 $14,100 $20,525 $16,150 $26,725 $20,625 $20,325 $17,650 $17,900 $27,250

Oct ‘14 $16,900 $20,900 $9,500 $9,750 $15,800 $10,800 $10,150 $13,500 $15,500 $19,700 Oct ‘14 $20,300 $23,700 $46,900 $13,000 $11,650 $23,900 $27,400 $10,000 $10,850 $12,150 $10,100 $12,900 $11,250 $13,250 Oct ‘14 $27,100 $39,500 $25,550 $20,550 $12,900 $19,300 $27,200 $12,500 $19,800 $14,000 $24,800 $20,000 $20,300 $17,250 $18,750 $27,000

Apr ‘15 $15,300 $18,550 $9,050 $9,200 $15,550 $9,900 $9,350 $14,100 $13,900 $18,800 Apr ‘15 $18,400 $22,100 $41,100 $12,050 $11,150 $21,600 $27,100 $8,800 $9,500 $10,800 $9,150 $12,800 $10,350 $12,400 Apr ‘15 $25,850 $35,000 $23,050 $19,300 $11,450 $20,800 $25,200 $11,000 $18,500 $14,200 $24,500 $19,500 $19,500 $16,150 $16,300 $25,400

Projected Figures Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $13,125 $11,425 $15,825 $13,375 $7,550 $6,525 $7,875 $6,875 $12,175 $10,275 $8,100 $6,825 $7,650 $6,525 $11,250 $10,050 $10,900 $9,225 $15,450 $13,450 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $15,925 $13,600 $18,050 $14,825 $35,875 $30,325 $10,575 $9,350 $9,000 $7,550 $18,300 $16,000 $21,400 $17,825 $7,325 $6,175 $8,300 $7,200 $9,350 $8,075 $7,625 $6,525 $10,600 $9,400 $8,800 $7,550 $11,075 $9,400 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $21,100 $17,725 $30,925 $26,325 $20,050 $17,400 $16,675 $14,475 $9,125 $7,600 $16,200 $14,450 $21,700 $18,800 $8,275 $6,600 $14,650 $12,575 $10,900 $9,150 $18,950 $16,200 $15,900 $13,850 $14,750 $12,325 $13,750 $11,950 $14,500 $12,425 $22,100 $19,000

Apr ‘15 $9,850 $12,850 $4,700 $7,200 $9,750 $6,400 $6,500 $11,100 $11,000 $14,550 Apr ‘15 $14,450 $12,900 $27,750 $9,500 $6,700 $15,600 $20,500 $6,750 $7,200 $8,500 $6,250 $9,250 $7,850 $8,900 Apr ‘15 $18,700 $29,250 $16,700 $15,350 $8,175 $17,000 $20,000 $8,000 $12,200 $9,750 $13,000 $14,200 $13,000 $12,000 $9,950 $18,000

Projected Figures Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $8,650 $7,300 $10,025 $8,225 $4,200 $3,625 $5,875 $4,975 $8,050 $6,800 $5,000 $3,925 $5,425 $4,525 $8,600 $7,425 $8,450 $6,975 $11,375 $9,225 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $12,150 $9,950 $10,925 $9,125 $23,975 $20,100 $8,150 $7,025 $5,725 $4,725 $13,325 $11,300 $15,625 $12,475 $5,475 $4,500 $6,150 $5,225 $7,125 $6,025 $5,475 $4,600 $7,950 $6,900 $6,475 $5,550 $7,500 $6,300 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $15,800 $13,050 $24,225 $19,650 $14,100 $11,575 $13,050 $11,250 $6,475 $5,325 $13,700 $11,975 $17,500 $14,375 $5,850 $4,550 $10,550 $9,050 $7,625 $6,275 $10,000 $8,075 $11,500 $9,825 $10,300 $8,725 $10,300 $8,900 $9,050 $7,650 $15,450 $12,900

2010 MODELS Apr ‘15 $11,150 $16,100 $8,050 $8,100 $13,950 $8,800 $7,250 $12,700 $12,300 $18,850 Apr ‘15 $16,400 $17,400 $32,900 $10,700 $9,650 $18,200 $23,300 $7,750 $8,300 $9,600 $7,600 $10,400 $9,450 $10,850 Apr ‘15 $22,950 $31,700 $19,900 $17,100 $10,050 $18,800 $23,200 $10,000 $15,900 $11,550 $22,200 $17,800 $16,500 $13,550 $13,650 $21,450

Projected Figures Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $9,400 $8,125 $12,125 $10,025 $6,800 $5,800 $6,775 $5,825 $10,775 $8,975 $7,225 $6,000 $6,175 $5,250 $10,025 $8,825 $9,475 $7,950 $14,675 $12,000 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $13,875 $11,775 $13,450 $11,250 $28,850 $24,375 $9,300 $8,150 $7,725 $6,375 $15,850 $13,875 $18,050 $14,750 $6,225 $5,175 $7,150 $6,125 $8,175 $6,975 $6,525 $5,525 $9,100 $8,000 $7,875 $6,700 $9,000 $7,550 Apr ‘16 Apr ‘17 $18,675 $15,425 $26,500 $22,250 $16,900 $14,350 $14,625 $12,650 $7,700 $6,300 $14,950 $13,225 $19,325 $16,450 $7,125 $5,650 $12,800 $10,950 $9,175 $7,650 $16,900 $14,200 $13,925 $12,025 $12,825 $10,725 $11,575 $10,100 $11,650 $10,000 $18,600 $15,675

DOMESTIC CARS Buick LaCrosse CX 4D Sedan Cadillac DTS 4D Sedan Chevrolet Cobalt LS 4D Sedan Chevrolet Impala LS 4D Sedan Chrysler 300 Touring 4D Sedan Chrysler Sebring Touring 4D Sedan Ford Focus SE 4D Sedan Ford Mustang base 2D Coupe Ford Taurus SEL 4D Sedan Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited 4D Sedan IMPORT CARS Acura TL base 4D Sedan BMW 3-Series 328i 4D Sedan BMW 7-Series 750Li 4D Sedan Honda Accord LX 4D Sedan Hyundai Sonata GLS 4D Sedan Lexus ES 350 4D Luxury Sedan Mercedes-Benz E Class E350 4D Luxury Sedan Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4D Sedan Nissan Altima base 4D Sedan Nissan Altima S 4D Sedan Nissan Sentra base 4D Sedan Toyota Camry LE 4D Sedan Toyota Corolla LE 4D Sedan Volkswagen Jetta SEL 4D Sedan TRUCKS BMW X3 XDrive30i 4D SAV Cadillac Escalade base 4D Utility AWD Cadillac SRX Luxury 4D Utility AWD Chevrolet Colorado LT Crew Cab 4WD Z85 Chevrolet Equinox LS 4D Utility FWD Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Ext Cab 4D Chevrolet Tahoe LS 4D Utility 4WD Dodge Grand Caravan SE Wagon Ford Edge SEL 4D Utility Ford Escape XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford Explorer XLT 4D Utility 4WD Ford F150 XLT Supercab Ford Flex SEL 4D Utility Honda CR-V LX 4D Utility 4WD Honda Odyssey LX Wagon Honda Pilot EX-L 4D Utility 4WD w/RES

Apr ‘14 $11,700 $15,800 $6,200 $7,750 $11,800 $8,100 $7,900 $11,700 $13,000 $18,150 Apr ‘14 $17,400 $16,200 $35,750 $11,200 $8,050 $18,800 $24,600 $8,600 $9,100 $10,400 $8,650 $10,700 $9,500 $10,800 Apr ‘14 $22,100 $34,450 $20,600 $16,400 $10,875 $16,100 $21,500 $9,750 $14,475 $11,300 $15,000 $15,050 $14,500 $13,400 $12,750 $20,550

Oct ‘14 $11,250 $13,400 $5,800 $7,750 $11,150 $7,100 $7,500 $10,800 $12,350 $15,400 Oct ‘14 $16,400 $14,300 $31,250 $10,000 $7,500 $17,400 $21,200 $7,600 $8,400 $9,700 $7,500 $9,950 $8,500 $9,600 Oct ‘14 $21,400 $32,450 $19,350 $16,650 $9,425 $16,600 $21,300 $9,700 $13,000 $10,200 $14,000 $16,000 $13,600 $12,650 $11,800 $19,300

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DISCONNECTED JOTTINGS FROM My first driving experience was on a motorcycle. I still maintain that it created a greater sense of awareness and anticipation when I grad-


They’ve been doing it for years in Tucson – if you drive at the posted speed limit, you can catch about 10 traffic lights on green – works like a charm.

Tony Moorby

• 40-year veteran of the industry • President from 1997–2000 of ADT Automotive • Served as ADESA’s executive vice president of sales and marketing • Moorby & Associates 2006–present • Awarded the Ring of Honor by NIADA • NAAA Hall of Famer

uated to driving a car and that has remained ever since, even though it was more than 50 years ago. I still love to drive, whether going to the store or on a road trip. Mind you, traffic in the Music City is approaching the congestion of Atlanta and our infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with the influx of people fueling the city’s growth. One would think, with today’s technology, that we could, at least, get synchronized traffic light systems.

We have sensing devices, GPS and a host of other aids to enable such systems. I believe that such an installation could improve a city’s carbon footprint by keeping things moving more efficiently. Instead, we’re moving toward the introduction of “driverless,” or autonomous, automobiles. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I’m not sold on this idea, by a long way. Although virtually every manufacturer has committed resources to the


development of this technology and there are some that don’t even make cars – take Google, for instance. If they have their system installed in a car, they’ll know more about the owner than his proctologist. Scary. I understand the capabilities of an amalgam of technologies – GPS, radar, light sensing lasers, distance readers and the like. I’m sure that they’ll hide all the antennae so the car doesn’t look like a hedgehog. But driving down even the quietest country road absorbs about all the concentration a human can muster. Now, I understand that to err is human and we do – all too often – and maybe we could use some of these sensors to improve our existing awareness. Some of today’s gizmos are cool – traffic sensors on either side of the car are handy (as people overtake on the inside over here), backup cameras are terrific and have probably saved many a family pet – we’ve still managed to avoid our current dog. Broader questions still have

1. Midsize sedan from Hyundai 4. Regal and Encore 10. Q60 for one 11. Insurance demands 14. Honda sub compact 15. No, old way 17. Put in new parts on an old car 19. Volkswagen model named after a goddess 20. Near, for short 21. Part of a security system 24. V6 or V8 26. Word with wheel or deal

28. BMW purchased it in 1994 29. Hauler’s truck 30. Specialty kind of market 32. Gold symbol 33. And so on.... 35. Blue Book brand 36. German automaker 39. Italian car maker whose first model was the Zonda 42. Unattractive 43. Accepted 44. Stirling Moss title 46. Yaris maker 47. Ford’s luxury brand

Down 1. Maker of the xB and tC 2. Neat 3. F150 competitor 5. Raise 6. Accident on the road

to be answered. Who is responsible for an accident in a driverless car, the main passenger, the owner, the manufacturer of the car or the system that allowed the accident? Can you imagine the first court battle allocating blame and deciding which insurance company stands first in line for liability? My computer goes down every now and again – how vulnerable or reliable are the systems on board? I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel in rush hour to find out, or end up at a cliff’s edge because the system thinks we’re in Kansas. My first Garmin led me to a rail yard in Chattanooga when it was supposed to be directing me to I-24. There’s a question of privacy, too. No doubt the NSA will have constant access to your perambulations, as will anyone else’s equipment that’s

helping you “drive” the car. Will weather affect the systems or sense a falling tree from above? Will it recognize a traffic cop making a gesture to stop, turn or slow down? There’ll be a race for radio frequencies to cover the spectrum of devices – that could add to the costs. Talking of which, J. D. Power and Associates learned that many would be put off buying such a loaded vehicle if it cost another $3,000. Hacking could be a major problem and bring a city to its knees. Imagine driving through Central Park and being held for ransom by some kid in Gorky Park. It makes me ill just thinking about it. By the way, motion sickness is a distinct possibility. Perhaps the system will have a digital (sorry) middle finger when an offended motorist blasts his or her horn at some malfunction.

To see past columns from Tony Moorby, visit


By Miles Mellor



7. Word in many Nissan ads 8. Trial run with a car before purchase (2 words) 9. Makers of the luxury Blackhawk car 12. Outward appearance 13. Swedish automaker that built the CCX 16. Back 18. It leads to very low visibility 21. Spacious 22. Honda compact 23. 50th state 25. Compact crossover from Ford 26. If it’s not ____, don’t fix it.... 27. Radiator cover 31. Color 34. Wonderland drink 37. ____rover 38. Ford’s factory installed communication and entertainment system








9 10



13 15




18 19



23 26








31 32






38 39





44 46

45 47

Answers to the 4/6/15 puzzle 1






39. Make a ___ -stop 40. Gentleman 41. This ____ test (2 words) 42., for example 45. Tampa state






O 19














Y 47












4 10












36 41





S 59









A 37


T B 46

























45 48


3 9











E 29

S 22








T 57






I 15










































O 49









38 42




N 52

G 44














Answers to this puzzle in the 5/4/15 issue. Call 1.800.794.0760 for a FREE subscription.

17_UCN.indd 1

4/10/15 3:50 PM

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CLASSIFIEDS 4/13/15 12:15 PM




Compiled by Jeffrey Bellant


Optima Performers: Kia’s Dave Alfonso (center) presents Kia awards to Scott Hurst (left) of Manheim Riverside and Jennifer Leocardi of KCI Kansas City.

Consignors honored their top auctions with awards during the recent Conference of Automotive Remarketing in Las Vegas. Mike Kreider, of Credit Acceptance Corp., honored two auctions, Dealers Auto Auction of the Rockies and Brasher’s Northwest Auto Auction, as the auc-

tions of the year. Regional winners included ADESA Knoxville, Wolfe’s Auto Auction of Evansville, Manheim Nevada and Tidewater Auto Auction. Mark Nagel, of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, announced an award for top volume and residuals to Manheim Orlando, repre-

‘Heart’ Headlining Anniversary Sale

sented by Butch Herdegen, general manager. Kia’s Dave Alfonso presented Manheim Riverside with the Auction of the Year and KCI Kansas City Auto Auction with Kia’s High Performance Auction award. Avis Budget Group honored several auctions, including Manheim Dallas with its Top Volume award. The Best Overall Retention award went to DAA Northwest. The award for Most Improved went to ADESA Phoenix and the Best New Auction Performance went to Manheim San Francisco. Leaseplan’s Levi McCoy, presented regional awards to: Manheim New England; Manheim Lakeland (Florida), ADESA St. Louis, Manheim Denver, ADESA Golden Gate and Oklahoma Auto Exchange. Leaseplan’s Customer Service award went to Manheim Nashville and Manheim Statesville won for Top Auction.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Ann and Nancy Wilson will perform at DAA Northwest’s 20th Annual Rock & Roll Sale. Heart stormed the charts in the ‘70s with hits like “Barracuda.� The Wilson sisters led the band, wrote the songs and played the instruments. “We know Heart will put on a great show for our customers this July,� said Auction President Bob McConkey. “They’re a terrific band with roots right here in the Pacific Northwest.� The event will begin with a 1,000unit fleet/lease and motorsports sale on July 15. That evening, customers and their guests will return to the auction for a catered party and concert featuring Heart and local band The Cronkites. On July 16 dealers will bid on 3,500 cars and trucks. It will wrap up with $30,000 in post-sale prizes.

We invite news items and top-quality photos from our readers to be considered for “Around the Block.� Please include the name of a contact person and a telephone number. Send items and photos to: Jeffrey Bellant. Mail: Used Car News, 24114 Harper Ave., St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Fax: (586) 772-9400 e-mail:

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Car Financial Services Credit Acceptance Corporation E-Credit Express GO Financial Gordon Howard/PassTime GWC Warranty Corporation iMetrik Global Kenneth Shilson & Associates NextGear Capital Northland Skypatrol Spireon Vehicle Acceptance Corporation


Special Advertising Section

22 21 & 30 24 & 25 23 & 26 25 & 28 22 & 23 26 & 27 23 & 25 28 & 29 20 30 & 31 21 24

Used Car Leasing Trumps BHPH for Profits! For the first time since Used Car Leasing was invented almost 25 years ago, a side by side comparison was performed showing the profit difference compared to BuyHere, Pay-Here. Not surprising, considering the tax implications of Buy-Here, Pay-Here, the results were clearly in favor of Used Car Leasing. The analysis was performed

by Northland Auto Enterprises, Inc., the original founder of Ren’T’OwnŽ and Lease’T’OwnŽ using national averages as published by NABD-NCM Associates. The comparison was conservative figuring 10 deals per month for 12 months and used the time frame of January thru December. The results were undeniably in favor of Lease’T’OwnŽ.

A few things to point out in the comparison: • With Buy-Here, Pay-Here you pay taxes on the entire contract at the end of the first year. With Lease’T’OwnŽ you are paying Federal and State income taxes only on the payments received. The net profit difference is primarily due to Lease’T’OwnŽ’s tax advantages. • At the end of the Year 1, the BuyHere, Pay-Here model only profits $55,920 which isn’t much to buy cars for the next year compared to Lease’T’OwnŽ’s profit of $224,090. • The Net Profit figure is before deducting the cost of Bankruptcies and Repossessions. For Buy-Here,

Pay-Here, the national default rate is slightly over 30%. With Lease’T’OwnŽ there are no repossessions since the dealer remains the titled owner of the vehicle. There are also Federal Statute protections to prevent leased cars from being included in bankruptcies. Therefore, the Net Profit shown for Lease’T’OwnŽ reflects an accurate amount. This was a very interesting and eye-opening comparison. Contact Northland Auto Enterprises, Inc. at 800-879-3433 to review the analysis in detail. They will also customize the analysis using your specific state’s tax rates rather than an average.




Increased Customer Loyalty No Repossessions Bankruptcy Protection Delinquency Leverage

20_UCN.indd 1

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GPS Tracking: Who’s On Your Side? The cars on your lot are the core of your business. According to recent TrueCar data, the average price of a used car is $16,335, which represents a significant amount of money. To protect this type of investment, many dealers choose GPS tracking. The key is finding a provider that ensures the utmost quality before the device is installed and system turned on. You want a leader who thinks your bottom line is just as important as theirs, and one that invests in quality and service. That’s where Spireon’s GoldStar CMS comes in. Your success starts with their proven device, The Talon. With a covert, tamper-resistant design, back-up battery and reliable CDMA connections through Sprint and Verizon, it’s no wonder over 1 million Talon devices have been sold. Spireon’s dedication to quality doesn’t stop with hardware. Every order goes through their quality assurance team. Dean Delbaugh, Spireon’s Provisioning Production Manager, says,

“My team takes the utmost pride in our product, making sure that our customers only receive devices that meet our standards straight out of the box.” Here’s why you can rely on Delbaugh’s team: • They’re capable of shipping over 100,000 devices each month, 3,000+ devices each day. • They’ve adopted Lean Six Sigma process improvements to increase efficiency and keep up with customer demand. • Every device that ships has been checked to ensure it achieves a 100% successful test locate. • As a result of this thorough QA process, The Talon has a virtually non-existent failure rate. When choosing a GPS tracking provider, there are a lot of options out there. If you want a product that just works, plain and simple, The Talon is your device and GoldStar CMS is your solution. Stick with the leader who puts you first, Spireon. For more information, call 866-655-8825 or visit

– Amber

Customer Account Manager Spireon Automotive Telematics


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21_UCN.indd 1

integrates with®, AutoClick®, ProMax® and many other dealer and inventory management systems. The easy, 5-step process guides dealers through submitting an optimally structured approval, prints contracts, and keeps track of inventory, approvals and funding – allowing dealers to control the sale from start to finish. Reporting capabilities help dealers monitor their business, portfolios and customers. The Credit Acceptance Dealer Service Center provides the tools and guidance needed to achieve fast funding and long-term profitability. Currently, 62% of contracts are funded in 1 day or less, with the average deal funded in under four days! In 2014, Credit Acceptance paid dealers over $1,576,642,550 in Advances, over $41,707,140 in accelerated Portfolio Profit Express (Portfolio Profit money), and over $138,854,420 in Portfolio Profit. Visit to find out how you can sell more cars and make more money.

Spireon’s GoldStar CMS is much more than a GPS solution that helps you increase sales and protect assets. Behind our technology are people who are passionate about delivering innovative, high quality products, as well as service you can rely on and trust. And everything we do is measured by your success and satisfaction.

Dedicated to making our 9,000 vehicle finance customers happy! For friendly experts you can trust,

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LET US PUT YOU ON THE ROAD TO SUCCESS Financial experience with dealerships of all sizes has shown time and time again that the trusted professionals at CAR Financial Services (CAR) can help you survive difficult times by customizing a floorplan, purchase, or servicing program that meets your specific needs. You’ll find that superior results are accomplished while providing quality service through a single dealer point of contact located near your dealership. Are you tired of the headaches that come with daily collection activity? John Schwartz of Schwartz Motors reports, “My weekly revenue doubled when CAR Financial started collecting my accounts back in 2000. CAR Financial has played a huge role in the success of my business over the years.” Does your dealership need capital to grow or a floorplan to buy inventory? Jon Herrington, President of Automax of Alexandria says, “CAR Financial has been my financial partner in the buy-here, pay-here industry for almost 10 years now. In uncertain times and economy, CAR Financial is the one to count on. When all others talk the talk, CAR Financial walks the walk. You can take that to the bank and cash it!”

The competitive advantage at CAR Financial is very simple: dealer relationships. At CAR, the relationships developed with dealers are for the long term. They strive to understand your day to day business so that they can structure a program designed to meet your long term goals and objectives. From point of sale options to floor plans, from purchasing a stream of payments to purchasing all of your accounts outright, even if you simply need help servicing your portfolio, the trusted professionals at CAR Financial are interested in working with you to meet your dealership’s needs. CAR services both independent automotive dealers and automotive sub-prime financial organizations. CAR operates in 45 States and is continually evolving its programs to meet the ever changing needs of those they serve. Their strengths lie with their experienced and professional employees, their dedication to technology and a tradition of over 25 years of quality service. Interested in more information on any of CAR’s programs and services? Go to or call 877-570-8857.

The Perks of Loyalty Credit card companies offer points toward vacations. Airlines offer bonus miles. But what about vehicle service contract providers? In 2014, GWC Warranty said “Thanks” to loyal dealers by introducing the Elite Dealer Program. One benefit to note is that it offers Elite Dealers GWC Certified PreOwned contracts as low as $99. At $99, the power to sell more cars with G W C ’ s Certified Pre- Owned Program is undeniable. Consider SRZ Auto in Huntington Beach, California. On a high-traffic strip that intersects the majestic Pacific Coast Highway, SRZ needed to stand out among an ocean of franchised dealerships. General Manager MJ Estrada was doing well in this highly competitive market, but he knew his dealership could do better. He placed GWC Certified materials on every car in his lot and business took off. “We’re doing one to two sales per day, and on pace to double our previous months,” Estrada said in late March. “We put GWC’s Certi-

22_UCN.indd 1

fied Program on every car. We take away customers’ fears right from the get-go.” Estrada now reports upwards of $500 additional profit on each car sold and is even getting better LTVs from lenders and more positive online reviews. And when he sells a vehicle service contract, he’s often upgrading customers to more comprehensive coverage. “I wanted customers to ask about the warranty,” said Estrada, who models SRZ after franchised dealerships. “If they’re asking me about the warranty, they’ve already purchased the vehicle in their heads.” In addition to special certified pricing, GWC Warranty Elite Dealers also benefit from several other exclusive perks including expedited claims service, point of sale marketing materials to differentiate their lots and profit sharing programs with accelerated payout schedules. To learn more about becoming a GWC Elite Dealer, visit

4/10/15 12:15 PM


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NABD Benchmarks Now Include Lease Here, Pay Here The National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD), with the help of SGC Certified Public Accountants (SGC), annually prepares buy here, pay here (BHPH) financial benchmarks from a database of their clients nationwide. These financial benchmarks are a composite of the “best performing” operators and are not an average of their entire client base. Since 2006, the NABD benchmarks have also included operating information on sales, collections and recoveries, and inventory management, developed and supplied by NCM® Associates “Twenty Groups” and based upon a composite of all of their BHPH Group members. The NABD benchmarks also include portfolio performance metrics compiled electronically by Subprime Analytics, which to date has analyzed approximately $15 billion of BHPH installment contracts (nearly 1.7 million individual deals). These performance metrics identify loss rates, patterns, and trends. In the aggregate, these statistics provide a comprehensive look at the financial and operating performance of the BHPH industry for the last three years, as well as some

important trend information. Lease here, pay here is growing in popularity in several states where sales tax deferral and state regulations favor this business model. Therefore, we have included lease here benchmark loss metrics for the first time. These loss metrics will be a reference for those considering the lease model, and for those already using it. At the 17th Annual National Conference for Buy Here, Pay Here in Las Vegas on May 19-21, 2015 Brent Carmichael of NCM and Ken Shilson, President and founder of NABD will discuss these benchmarks and trends to help operators understand the changing subprime auto finance market as well as what’s ahead in 2015 for the BHPH industry. The Conference theme is “The Very Best of Buy Here, Pay Here”, and it will focus on ways BHPH operators can grow market share and operate more profitably. NABD has arranged discounted room rates of $189 per night at the Wynn Las Vegas, with no resort fees, while supplies last. Room reservations and more Conference information are available online at


Sell More Cars with GO Financial GO Financial has a unique subprime lending program that gives dealers the best of both worlds: upfront profit at the point of sale and a share of the finance profits earned over the life of the loan. Considering that over a third of today’s car buyers have subprime credit; GO’s program enables participating dealers to turn more of their subprime customers from leads to sales each and every month. GO Financial has developed a proprietary web-based portal that is easy to use and speeds up the sales process by providing the dealer with immediate approvals. GO’s portal also provides additional flexibility versus typical indirect lending programs, helping dealers maximize profits by optimizing their deal structure and providing choices for dealers to best match the right vehicle for each unique customer’s situation. Simply put, the GO Portal allows a dealer to focus on selling more cars while partnering with GO to build a portfolio of loans to provide long term income over time.

GO Financial is owned by two auto industry powerhouses servicing independent and franchise dealers across the country. This ownership background provides access to products and expertise in all facets of the auto industry, including retail sales and finance, wholesale and auction markets, floorplan lines of credit, advertising and everything in between. These roots with 20+ years of experience allows GO to look at the business from the eyes of a dealer, which is different than any other finance company in the industry. GO Financial is licensed in 46 states and actively enrolling franchise and independent dealers. GO has no sign-up fees, norecourse, monthly system fees and can also be accessed through DealerTrack. To learn more about the advantages of GO’s program or for a quick demonstration of the power of the GO Portal, please contact us at 888-GOFinancial (888-463-4626) or visit


ON CERTIFIED CONTRACTS GWC Warranty offers Elite Dealers an exclusive No Worries, Just Drive experience with access to exciting benefits like Special Certified Pricing. GWC’s Certified Program is built to help you sell more cars. GWC Elite dealers have access to rates as low as $99.

Do you want to Certify your lot for less? Find out how you can become a GWC Elite dealer today! 800·482·7357 x767 |

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4/13/15 10:17 AM



Special Advertising Section

How Many Quick Turn Deals Do You Do?

cir sh c@ us e ipp ed m ing ca ail 80 o r ne 0- r M c x 794 all ws. ay 10 -0 co 7 1 9 6 m 0




unit purchased through Vehicle Acceptance. When combined with the VAC No Curtailment Floor plan Program, dealers have the ability to not only purchase exactly what a specific customer wants but to also maintain proper levels of total inventory to maximize profits. Personal service, local offices, no hidden fees and no curtailments are all really good reasons to contact VAC and let them earn your business today. Visit or call 1-888-571-7092 for more information.



Jonathan Neubauer, President & CEO, Vehicle Acceptance Corporation Do you know how many vehicles you have sold where you owned the vehicle less than 15 days? This quick turn deal can be very lucrative especially when you have the buyer, lender and inventory all ready to go. Vehicle Acceptance Corporation offers a $49 fee on any unit under $15,000 for 15 days. This program is designed to allow the dealer to offer a very competitive “buyer fee� service without the risk of unknown floor plan fees. This rate is available on every

 CFPB compliance tools built-in  OFAC, Red Flag and Anti-Money Laundering Protection  Easy short form credit application  Pre-screens applicant and automatically scores credit  Structures all applications within Lender Guidelines  Incorporates Dealers ancillary products  Complete E-Signature packages with E-Vault  E-Funding Packages  No overnight Dealer fees

E-Credit Express Now With ÂŽ Loan Payment Forgiveness available for all Loans Visit us at NIADA Booth 611

Over 1,300 Lenders Available! Call 855.525.8555 or visit us online at

24_UCN.indd 1

4/10/15 3:30 PM


Special Advertising Section


GPS Compliance: Think Consumer Privacy and Disclosure Increased attention from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and FTC in automotive finance makes it more important than ever to ensure your business is staying compliant with regard to business and lending practices. The use of GPS tracking devices is no exception. PassTime, an industry leading provider of GPS and automated collection technology devices, is a founding member of the Payment Assurance Technology Association (PATA) which seeks to unify, standardize and validate the activities of the industry. Consumer Privacy & Disclosure are two topics of interest for lawmakers. GPS Usage: How Much is Too Much? To put it plainly, excessive locating of a consumer, especially when that consumer is not in default, may be considered a questionable intrusion into privacy. If a device automatically locates every five minutes, is that excessive? It might be a nice function for protecting your asset, but consider how it looks from a consumer privacy perspective. How/when/why are you tracking the consumer’s vehicle? Are you locating the vehicle for the

purpose of repossession or just whenever you feel like it? Without a company policy in place to protect your business, you could be walking a dangerous line. The key here is a balance between locating a vehicle because it’s necessary vs. a device locating a vehicle every five minutes just because the device is capable. Disclosure, Disclosure, Disclosure Disclosing a GPS system to the consumer has been a requirement from some device providers, including PassTime, for years. With RTC laws and consumer acts, not disclosing the use of the device to a consumer could expose you to fines, lawsuits, or government action. Content of the disclosure is also critical. Government agencies are becoming increasingly interested in consumer awareness of the device, but more specifically how the device operates and how it is used by the creditor. Think about your device provider. Are they navigating the political landscape of the industry and working with regulators on your behalf – or are they just selling you a device? Today’s changing climate make choosing the right partner for your GPS devices more important than ever.

E-Credit Express Announces Patented Credit Sale Platform E-Credit Express (ECE) is pleased to announce final approval from the United States Patent Office for their credit sale platform, (No: 8,909,551) which is full-service, compliant and completely automated. This new credit sale platform takes the deal from application to maturity, thereby eliminating the need for additional and often time-consuming steps for dealers to secure financing for their customers. E-Credit Express now connects dealers to 1,300 lenders instantly and delivers easy, 24/7 credit decisions in five minutes or less. This patent establishes ECE as the industry leader in designing and developing a truly innovative credit sale platform. “When dealers utilize the ECE platform, the industry is afforded the opportunity to protect the dealer’s profits and keep them in compliance,� said Paul Pawlusiak, President. E-Credit Express. ECE is the only patented credit sale platform in the auto industry. A proprietary pre-screening process analyzes debt-to-income ratios prior to pulling a credit report, thereby eliminating steps and potentially thousands of dollars in unnecessary credit processing costs. AutoSave.indd 1

25_UCN.indd 1

The patented platform filters, scores, and applies all creditdecision rules electronically for all credit applications. Electronic contracting and electronic signature requires no additional costly equipment to purchase and eliminates the need for overnight mail costs. Industry compliant safeguards and platform controls assure that all workflow is completed in one platform that maintains the latest compliance and security certifications with auto redundancy. “E-Credit Express gives your customers a credit decision while simultaneously contracting the deal. By removing timeconsuming steps from the process, dealers will spend less time tracking down the status of their deals and more time selling cars,� Pawlusiak continued. Headquartered in Detroit, E-Credit Express provides the only patented, full-service, completely automated, turnkey credit sale platform. For more information contact E-Credit Express at 855-5258555.

2/5/15 10:45 AM

4/10/15 4:55 PM



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A Business Triumph for the Ages

IMETRIK, a leading provider of tracking devices to the subprime automotive lending community, began business in 2005. It has been credited as being one of the first companies – if not the first – to have integrated a starter interrupt into a GPS as a core solution to buy-here, pay-here dealers for asset management. The marketplace has recognized IMETRIK’s products for their innovation, integrity, and near indestructability. In 2014, the high quality GPS tracking manufacturer that started it all was plagued by challenges that would make even the toughest and most nimble of companies grapple for footing. This business story has the classic themes of dealing with sudden and unforeseen adversity, clawing back into contention and emerging victorious. It’s highlighted by optimistic perseverance, steadfast focus, and coming out on top. AnOminousForeshadowing IMETRIK had a contract

with a telecommunications supplier of network airtime named PCM, giving it access to a number of important providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. This ensured IMETRIK complete US coverage for its GPS devices via roaming agreements and other affiliate arrangements. Due to what was understood as a commercial dispute between PCM and AT&T, the latter allegedly began cutting off its connectivity to PCM in early 2014. IMETRIK lost coverage in AT&T’s network, but kept T-Mobile access through PCM. Although the T-Mobile coverage was widespread, some buy-here, pay-here customers in the southeastern US and isolated regions where T-Mobile was not predominant could no longer reliably communicate with their assets. Not good. Proactive Migrations and a Free Exchange Program IMETRIK leveraged a valid but dormant U.S agreement it already had with another key supplier of airtime services, Jersey Telecom (JT),

and began remotely switching all activated devices from the PCM network to the JT network. Jersey Telecom has ironclad contracts with AT&T, T-Mobile and numerous other partner affiliates, restoring and broadening IMETRIK’s U.S connectivity. IMETRIK could only remotely deploy the networksignal migration from PCM to JT if the device was already activated and in use. If not yet installed, it couldn’t be migrated and would never be operational. For those regional areas where T-Mobile did not have full coverage via PCM, IMETRIK raced to advise all potentially affected customers that any “on-hand� inventory was not to be installed. Instead, IMETRIK quickly implemented a free-exchange program to replace affected PCM devices with new ones configured to JT. And Then, the Unthinkable Happened Calamity Struck. On July 7, 2014, connectivity from PCM to IMETRIK was completely severed, suddenly and un-

expectedly ending all communication with the entire T-Mobile network across the US, instantly resulting in all products becoming non-operational. IMETRIK was focussed on switching out the nowdefunct “PCM-products� to replace them with the new JT devices to restore coverage, and racing to do this for all its customers at the same time. Staff were working 18 hour shifts. Even with heroic efforts it was unrealistic to simultaneously replace all devices for all customers, but IMETRIK continued to do everything possible. Meanwhile, false and damaging stories were maliciously being circulated by competitors about IMETRIK’s misfortunes. IMETRIK persevered, remediated the damage, kept the vast majority of customers and earned the respect of a very demanding industry.

Virtually Indestructible Devices IMETRIK GPS tracking devices are so reliable that many dealers asked to exchange products purchased as far back as 2008. The devices had finally met their match; not due to 6 years of wear & tear – but to loss of network connectivity! It took a telecommunications network issue beyond anyone’s control to affect the ability of IMETRIK’s robust and reliable products to maintain communications. High quality, great value, and IMETRIK has never charged airtime renewal fees. With the challenges of the past year behind them, IMETRIK triumphantly looks forward to developing new and innovative functionality, continuing to stand behind their products, and always doing right by their customers.

Can someone, for the love of profitability, tell me how to turn more of my subprime apps into cash?

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(Re)Introducing myNextGear Individuals’ usage and behaviors over the last few years have forced many companies to shift their communication methods with customers. The days of being tethered to one’s desk or taking a laptop to an internet cafĂŠ are a thing of the past. As wireless capabilities have advanced, users have moved away from laptops to mobile devices, providing companies with another avenue to leave a footprint in customers’ minds. NextGear Capital was one of the first in the automotive industry to realize the need for adaptive user interfaces. As a result, the Cox Automotive company stands above the rest in its mobile capabilities through its myNextGear mobile app. “myNextGear is an extension of the vision that the company has held since its inception 10 years ago,â€? said Chris Lenzo, vice president of technology at NextGear Capital. “We are continually adapting the way we put information in front of our customers. Our goal is to provide them with the

technology that allows them greater flexibility in how they do business.� It’s one thing to build an app and make it available to your customers. It’s another to build it, get feedback and make it better, which is what NextGear Capital does on a

extensively to understand what our customers need and why they need it so that we can make them more efficient in their day-to-day and allow them to focus on what matters most to them.� Functionality-wise, myNextGear provides users with

for its customers, NextGear Capital looked at how it could deliver Kelley Blue Book functionality within myNextGear. As a result, in an upcoming release, dealers will be able to log in to myNextGear and receive not only NextGear Capital

regular basis. Throughout the year, NextGear Capital’s software development team spends time reaching out to its customers, asking them one simple question – how can the app be better? “Not only are we investing in building a more robust app, but we are focusing on building an app that our customers want and need,� said Blake Weishaar, product manager at NextGear Capital. “We work

the capability to make payments, view inventory, request titles and more. But where the company goes above and beyond is the way it provides relevant information to its customers when they need it. That includes providing cross-platform functionality with other Cox Automotive companies. An example of this is Kelley Blue Book. Wanting to provide more resources

values, but MMR and Kelley Blue Book values as well. “You can make payments with any app, but what makes our app stand out is how we engage our customers,� said Weishaar. “We want to deliver a product that makes our customers’ lives easier, so we are constantly challenging ourselves to make our product better. This involves continually searching for ways to integrate the breadth of


the Cox Automotive family solutions with myNextGear.� In the future, one capability that NextGear Capital is excited about revolves around geo fencing. This involves a location-aware device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, receiving a notification once it enters a specified geographic area. In NextGear Capital’s case, the company is looking for ways to send notifications to its customers when they enter an auction, such as their line of credit information, special deals or updated information about vehicles selling well in that market. “Having the capability to provide our customers with time and location relevant content is something that we are really looking forward to implementing,� said Lenzo. “Once a customer enters an auction, we want them to know that we are there to assist them in whatever capacity we can. It’s just another way that we can help make business easier for them.�

Some of our competitors will do and say anything to sell you their GPS and Starter Interrupt devices. But only PassTime creates, manufactures, and sells genuine PassTime products.

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Skypatrol’s GPS Solution Yields Remarkable Returns For Lenders Skypatrol combines the most innovative risk mitigation software in the industry with the most dependable and reliable GPS units. The Skypatrol software platform has features that include an automated virtual payment collector that provides timely payment reminders via text and/or email and a patent pending one-click repo mode that saves collection departments hours of time and makes it easy to recover collateral quickly. “Better hardware, better software and better service naturally yields top results,� said Robert Rubin, CEO. “Our customers count on our reliable coverage and many of our unique software features have helped them improve overall portfolio profitability.� Skypatrol’s Defender 2.0 solution was designed based on the unique challenges facing automobile lenders. The Skypatrol development team comes from the subprime auto finance industry, and they possess a deep understanding of the used car business. With strong leadership in place, Skypatrol continues

to make the right decisions with respect to quality and innovation. For example, the newest Skypatrol GPS device possesses the latest GPS and cellular technology, which includes the best antenna of any competing GPS unit. This new unit uses sophisticated CDMA technology to connect using the Verizon network with the nation’s broadest wireless coverage. One of the biggest hurdles

The DVT (Data Verification Tool), for Skypatrol’s Defender 2.0 users, brings the latest technology in advanced data base lookup techniques to quickly gather and sort critical information about a prospective borrower or an existing customer. DVT reports improve lending decisions and can be used in conjunction with credit reports. In fact, these DVT reports provide enough valuable data

data verification tool. This means that any Skypatrol customer will have a way to quickly and inexpensively verify key information and put together a comprehensive risk assessment of prospective or existing borrowers,� said Rubin. Better Payment Habits, Better Cash Flow “Most consumers want to do the right thing,� said SVP of sales at Skypatrol Mark Peters.

Skypatrol faced when bringing this solution to larger lenders in the market was finding dependable well-trained installers. To address this, Skypatrol has recruited and trained the best installers in the business with a secure smart phone app that eliminates manual data entry and allows for an instant install confirmation in the field. DVT Provides Information Fast

to stand on their own. This powerful tool was integrated into Skypatrol’s award winning GPS vehicle finance platform - Defender 2.0 – to give users immediate access. “We worked closely with our customers to design these DVT reports and capabilities. Then, with the help of the best data compilers in the world, our development team built this comprehensive and reliable

“They often just need a little help building habits that keep them in good stead with car dealers and lenders.� The Skypatrol Defender 2.0 Virtual Payment Collector tool allows users to send real payment reminders using email or more importantly via SMS/ text. Everyone has a smart phone, and text messaging turns out to be a natural way to stay in touch with borrowers.

“Our Virtual Payment Collector lets our lenders work on changing the habits of their borrowers. Better outcomes all around.� Time to Resale – Every Minute Costs Money When all else fails, you need to get the car back fast. The quicker you can get the vehicle, the less time and money you have to spend doing repairs and readying it for resale, and the less likely it is that the debtor will be able to disappear entirely with the vehicle. Skypatrol’s Defender 2.0 can make the whole repo process run a lot smoother and that is in everybody’s best interest. The ‘One-click Repo’ mode lets users securely send critical information about a vehicle’s whereabouts to agents in the field along with the ability to use the Defender 2.0 Platform. That ensures that the agents receive an accurate VIN, and the right address. Key Defender 2.0 platform capabilities like real time vehicle locates, geo-fencing, and split screen map views are made available for the time they need it.

The only finance company you can’t afford to live without! §

Longer terms


Compliance checking


Broader funding policies


Contract printing


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“I opened my business in 1998 with about 15 different lenders and selling around 30 cars a month. In 2004 most of the lenders dried up and so did my volume and cash flow. My first Portfolio Profit Express check was $47,000. Credit Acceptance not only saved my dealership, it’s allowed me to increase my sales. The program has been life-changing for me and my customers.�

Joe Kaisk

Magic City Motorcars (OH)

 & &   | 800.873.0512 |

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Mitigate Loss l Boost Portfolio Performance POWERED BY

• Install App - Easily scan important data and verify every GPS installation • DVT (Data Verification Tool) - Verify borrower information accurately and inexpensively • Virtual Payment Collector - Text or email payment reminders to borrowers • Repo Mode – Send field agents key data and platform tools with a click (patent Pending) • Access Defender 2.0 from any mobile device

Best and broadest CDMA coverage. SEND US A SIGNAL AND WE’LL SEND YOU A HERO

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