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The CONnection News and Views from the University of South Carolina COLLEGE OF NURSING

JUNE 2014

Embracing our Legacy During my first 18 months as Dean in the College of Nursing, I have had several unforgettable moments. Presiding over my first convocation last May, admitting my first class of upper division and graduate students last August, observing the spirit and camaraderie of our alumni at the Viana McCown event, and opening the letter indicating that USC is in the top 3% in the country in graduate nursing education---have all been special moments for me. However, two weeks ago while visiting one of our distinguished alumna, Edna Swartzbeck, is a day I will treasure for a lifetime. During our afternoon visit, we took a journey in time perusing historical memoirs of Edna’s cherished mentor, Irene Brown. I heard inspiring stories of Edna’s own trailblazing career as an advanced practice nurse in South Carolina, and we shared positive stories about our time as nurse practitioners in the VA health system.

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Edna then proceeded to tell me that she had a gift for the College of Nursing that she wanted to place in my hands. Sitting on a table in her living room was a bust of Florence Nightingale (made in 1861) that was a gift to her from the first Dean of the College of Nursing, Amy Viglione Cockcroft (1957-1969). Resting beneath the bust, was a small handwritten note from 1982 in which Edna wrote the following to Dean Cockcroft: “I appreciate you honoring me with such a beautiful symbol of our professional heritage. I promise you I will see that she continues to bring the same joy to others who are devoted to nursing as she has to us.” The passage of Florence and all she beholds to our profession, as well as the symbolic passage of a gift from the first Dean to her mentee, Edna Swartzbeck, and now to the seventh Dean of the College, is both an honor and a challenge that have been engraved in my inner soul. In A Legacy of Caring: Nursing Education at the University of South Carolina, 1942-2005, the fifth Dean of USC CON, Dr. Mary Ann Parsons, wrote: “in all ways, Deans have been influenced by the faculty, students, and staff who spent time at USC.” Yes, I truly believe this Mary Ann. It is because of the many influential legacies here in the College that paths have been paved for me and many others to follow. I feel such a privilege and honor to serve as Dean of this great College of Nursing. I am inspired and influenced by all of you, and challenged to carry the torch in the months ahead. Together, we will embrace our past and create new legacies we can all be proud of as USC nurses. Jeannette O. Andrews PhD, RN, FNP, FAAN Dean & Professor - LIKE US!

Students Corner College of Nursing doctoral students named Jonas Nurse Leader Scholars

Eboni Harris, a PhD nursing student, and April Pegram, a DNP nursing student at the University

of South Carolina, have been selected for the 2014– 16 Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholar Program of the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare. As two of 300 Jonas Scholars across the country, Harris and Pegram will each receive $20,000 over the two-year period to support their doctoral studies, representing grant funds from the Jonas Foundation and matching funds from the College of Nursing. Read More Here.

View photos from May 2014 CON Convocation HERE

Lauren Massey is represent-

ing Nursing as one of the new 2014 USC Leadership Scholars.

Brooke Obeck has an

externship this summer in the ICU at Bon Secours in Richmond. Once that is completed, she will be working as a care partner on the surgery trauma floor at MCV in Richmond. Sarah Carter has an in-

ternship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia this summer.

Lindsey Bernoskie, is interning at MemorialSloan Kettering in NYC this summer.

May 9th-19th, Lacey Lanier and Jessica Bouknight went on a medical mission trip to Masindi, Uganda with with Palmetto Medical Initiative program in Charleston, SC. Lacey was the group leader of triage. “We set up an all day clinic in very rural villages and treated around 280 patients a day. It was absolutely incredible and taught me a lot about a lot of different things,” she said. Jessica learned how to take vital signs, give medications, and even prick some fingers. She said, “I was able to witness some exciting, yet heartbreaking medical emergencies. The trip overall pushed me to my limits and showed me another part of the world that I was unaware about. Not only was I able to help provide care to the people of Uganda who truly needed it, but I was fortunate enough to have this amazing experience that I will remember forever.”

May 10th-23rd, Diamond Ewell went on a volunteer medical service trip with the organization VIDA Volunteer to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. “It was an amazing experience with a lot of hands on, patient intensive interaction. I was the only USC nursing student (most USC students were pre-med or pre-PA), the experience allowed me to implement the knowledge I’ve gained (particularly from Nurs216) and gave me confidence I’ll carry with me as I head into upper division this fall. The opportunity to participate in intelligent conversation with medical professionals and the realization that I’ve gained the appropriate knowledge to do so truly reassured me that I’ve chosen the right major.” May 10th-18th, Mackensie Grant went on a International Service Learning medical mission trip to Cancun, Mexico. “I had the time of my life serving natives in a free clinic with the skills and knowledge that USC College of Nursing prepared me with. I highly recommend ISL!”

May 14th - May 29th, 13 students traveled abroad for the course “Special Topics in International Nursing in Munich and Nuremberg, Germany.” Pictured above in Salzburg, Austria. Read more on Page 6.

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VITAL SIGNS....An Update from Alumni and Development Exciting announcement for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the CON PhD Program Another great milestone is approaching at the College of Nursing, in 2015 we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our PhD program. Special recognitions are being planned for the program, the devoted faculty members, and great graduates. Many of the PhD graduates over the past few years have explored the creation of a meaningful and lasting contribution for the program. We are excited to announce two of our PhD graduates, Martha S. Tingen, PhD ‘95, APRN, BC, FAAN and Debra C. Wallace, PhD ’90, RN, FAAN have assumed a leadership role to help establish a legacy of support for the program through an endowed scholarship. In their words, Martha and Debra have offered this enthusiastic challenge, “This scholarship would signify our lasting commitment to our alma mater and the students that follow us in achieving the PhD. If we each were able to donate $500 - $1,000 over the next 12 months, the scholarship could be fully funded.” Dr. Tingen and Dr. Wallace have sent a letter to all the PhD graduates sharing the following information. “As one of the first PhD in Nursing Science programs in the Southeast, USC has produced nurse scholars in academic, health service, practice, administration, and policy positions across many states. We want to celebrate the history and foundation of the quality program from which we gained insight, experienced high quality mentoring, participated in rigorous research efforts, and earned our degrees that have provided opportunities for our many varied and seminal contributions to the practice and science of nursing. As PhD alumni, we are excited and committed to supporting our fellow PhD graduate Jeannette O. Andrews (Class of 2004) as Dean of the USC College of Nursing. Dean Andrews has brought energy and enthusiasm to both the College and nursing community. Importantly, she has a renewed commitment to the PhD program and its graduates.” We are inviting all our nursing community and friends to please consider joining us in contributing to this important legacy, as every donation is a building block for the next generation of USC PhD Nurse Scholars. You may make a pledge or give a gift HERE. Please be sure to specify “PhD Fund”. If you have any questions, please contact Monica Cromer at or 803-777-3848. 2013 PhD Student Cohort: Eboni Harris, Ken Jennings, Kate Chappell, Kay Lawrence, Crystal Wilson, and Pearman Hayne.

Colonel (Ret.) Edna Swartzbeck, BSN (‘63), MN (‘74) presents Dean Andrews with a statue of Florence Nightingale. A gift from Dean Amy Vigilone Cockcroft to Edna in 1982, the statue will now have a place of honor in the historical showcase in the first floor lobby at the College of Nursing.


The College of Nursing will host the Cockaboose at the September 27th Home Football Game (vs. Missouri - Parents Weekend)

H. Michael Dreher PhD, RN, FAAN (ADN, ‘84, BSN ‘88, MN ‘91), Professor, Department of Advanced Role Development, College of Nursing and Health Professions at Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA has been appointed Dean of the School of Nursing at The College of New Rochelle, in New Rochelle, New York, effective June 2014. Dr. Dreher was the founding chair of the doctoral nursing department at Drexel 2004-2010 and is a two time 1st place winner of the American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award (2011 & 2012). He is the Associate Editor of Clinical Scholars Review: The Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice.

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ing the USC Alma Mater at the College of Nursing May 2014 Convocation.

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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Viana McCown Lectureship and Alumni Day Capstone Conference Center FRIDAY October 17, 2014 Homecoming Weekend

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Faculty and Staff Notes Dr. Sabra Smith featured in the USC TImes: Nurse practitioner takes holistic approach to care

May 14th - May 29th, Dr. Julia Ball and Dr. Deb McQuilkin took 13 USC CON students abroad for the course “Special Topics in International Nursing in Munich and Nuremberg, Germany.” At the School of Nursing in the Luthern University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg, they participated in a lecture and discussion on ethics followed by a talk on history at the site of the Nuremburg trials held post WW II. They toured a pediatric hospital and a long term care facility during which they interacted with older adult residents who were able to remember their “School-girl English”. Additionally, they spent a lot of their clinical and free time over multiple days with the German nursing students. Both groups of students spent time at the Klinikum Nord (pictured above) and their time at the Klinikum (North Hospital Nuremberg) included multiple lectures on the German healthcare system and the administration of the community owned hospital. They visited many cities on day trips from Munich and Nuremberg, including Dachau, Starnberg, Salzburg in Austria, Oberammergau, Bamberg, Wurtsburg and Stuttgart.

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Faculty Presentations Hilfinger Messias, D. K. (2014). Intersectional approach to issues-based arts initiatives with juvenile offenders. Colloquium Presentation. Intersectionality Research, Policy and Practice: Influences, Interrogations and Innovations. International Conference on Intersectionality - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, April 24-26, 2014. Burgess S, Caldwell T, Cox D, Poyner P, McKinney T, Andrews JO. (2014). Children and Family Healthcare Center: An NP Practice Model for Healthcare Access and Savings, Mentorship, and Health Policy Changes for the Affordable Care Act. Proceedings from the 2014 National Nursing Centers Consortium Conference. Alexandria, Va. Jenkins C, Newman SD, Melvin C, Pierce H, Burshell DR, Davis R, Andrews JO. (2014). Community Engaged Scholars: Training Academic and Community Partners for Research. Translational Science 2014 Annual Meeting, April 9-11, 2014, Washington, D.C. Newman SD, Andrews JO, Toatley, SL, Rodgers MD, Epperly D, Gillenwater. (2014). A Pilot Study of a Community-based Peer Navigation Intervention for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury. Proceedings from the Annual Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals. St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Stephanie Burgess has received the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 2014 State Award for Excellence. READ MORE HERE. Dr. Burgess was also featured in a Q&A with MedPage. She has some great things to say about why people should be given more avenues for care and how APRNs, CNMs and more can help provide that care. READ IT HERE. Dr. Burgess will participate in the course “Integrating Palliative Oncology Care Into Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Education and Clinical Practice” June 25-27 2014 in Dulles, Virginia.

Grants Funded Nathaniel Bell and Swann Adams, “When Cancer is Identified After Injury: What are the Outcomes?” Pilot Grant submitted to Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC).

Grants Submitted Tisha Felder, “South Carolina Cancer Health Equality Consortium (SC CHEC).” NCI/NIH R25E Subaward submitted by USC School of Medicine. Kathleen LaSala, “Accentuating the “I’s” and eliminating the “D’s”: Inducements and discouragements for students transitioning from Associate Degree to Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Programs - A national review.” Small Research Grant from Sigma Theta Tau. Rita Snyder, “Reducing Serious Safety Events in Medication Administration Process.” Letter of Intent from American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM).

Faculty Publications Nathaniel Bell. A spatial analysis of functional outcomes and quality of life outcomes after pediatric injury. Journal of Injury Epidemiology, In Press 2014. Abara, W, Sacoby, W, Vena, J, Sanders, L, Bevington, R, Annag, L, Dalemarra, L, Culley, JM, & Svendsen, E. (2014). Engaging a chemical disaster community: Lessons from Graniteville. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2014.

Faculty Spotlight: Kathleen B. LaSala, PhD, RN, PNP, CNE Dr. Kathleen LaSala, Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, joined the College of Nursing in January 2014. She has 35 years in experience in nursing education and practice. She has worked in acute care, rehabilitation and primary care as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. As a native of Virginia, she received her academic degrees from Radford University (BSN), University of Virginia (MSN, PNP) and George Mason University (PhD in Nursing). She has worked in academia at several universities, including James Madison University, Eastern Michigan University, University of Colorado and Northern Colorado University, where she served in the ranks of faculty and in academic administrative roles. Dr. LaSala’s research has included both educational/ administrative research and clinical research. As Director for Center for Health and Human Services Outreach at James Madison University, she explored nursing and health care workforce issues, with a focus on disparities in rural and underserved areas. She later expanded this research to explore multiple educational issues, including barriers/strategies for recruitment, retention, job satisfaction, success, transition, mentorship, civility and administrative issues. In investigating administrative issues, Dr. LaSala has been involved in workplace environment research, including social support, team building and civility issues in nursing. Clinically, her research has focused on aspects of social support and tobacco cessation and policy issues. She was part of a large study examining tobacco use behaviors in the U.S. Army and the impact of various policies.


Alpha Xi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau

June 6-8

The Online Teaching Institute Contact: Cheryl Nelson

June 13

CPCP Colloquium Series Dr. DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias Discovery I, Room 140 10:00 am -11:30 am

June 14

Dr. Ronit Elk will present at The Gullah Church Nurses Association Contact: Gardenia Simmons-White

June 27

The Summer Simulation Institute Contact: Erin McKinney

In early May, Alpha Xi hosted its annual dinner meeting for members and had the wonderful opportunity to induct three community nurse leaders. To qualify as a nurse leader, the individual must hold a baccalaureate degree or the equivalent in any field and must demonstrate achievement in nursing. Community members may apply directly to Sigma Theta Tau International by applying online or may submit an application directly to our chapter. All applicants must be endorsed by a current member of Alpha Xi. The three nurse leaders inducted were: Jenelle Martin is currently the Clinical Nurse Specialist for glycemic control at Palmetto Health and President of the local chapter of the American Association of Diabetic Educators. Billie Thompson is currently the Patient Safety Officer at Dorn VA Medical Center. In this role she oversees opportunities for all levels of staff at the Dorn VA Medical Center to participate in Patient Safety programs. Bonnie Compton is currently the Coordinator of the External Peer Review Program at the Dorn VA Medical Center. She is responsible for monitoring monthly performance measure data in the Dorn Dashboard, which measures providers’ ongoing adherence to nationally established clinical performance measures to ensure positive clinical outcomes. What incredible nurse leaders to welcome to our chapter. We are in the planning stages for our Fall Induction and would welcome any additional nomination of Community Nurse Leaders. If you are interested in nominating or applying for a nurse leader membership, please contact Ellen Synovec at

Dr. Sue Heiney’s book, Cancer in Our Family, Second Edition: Helping Children Cope with a Parent’s Illness, has been named a Finalist in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Book Awards (Cancer Category). The book also won 2nd place in the Benjamin Franklin Awards.

Election results are in. We were fortunate to have many qualified candidates and want to thank all of you that took the time to vote online or by mail. Your officers for 20142015 are: Ellen Synovec, President Amber Williams, Vice President Kim Glenn, Treasurer Amy Joseph, Secretary Gloria Fowler, Counselor Karen McDonnell, Counselor As we begin to plan our activities for the next year, we welcome any member who would like to get involved in our chapter. We have many committees that would welcome your input. Please let us know if you would like to join any of our committees or have any suggestions for improving our service to the Columbia community. We want to increase our presence by increasing educational opportunities, scholarship and research within the community. Join us in making a difference. Please contact any of our officers to share your idea on how to make Alpha Xi more responsive to your needs. We look forward to an exciting year. It will take all of us working together to accomplish all of the exciting things we planned in our strategic plan. Help us make Alpha Xi your organization.

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA COLLEGE OF NURSING No Limits to our Teaching • First and largest BSN and nursing graduate programs in the state of SC • 94%-100% NCLEX and Nurse Practitioner Board Pass Rates, exceeding both state and national averages • New PhD student fellowships and stipends • National and Internationally recognized faculty • Online graduate programs ranked top in the country by US News and World Report No Limits to our Innovation • State-of-the-art Client Simulation Lab providing revolutionizing and quality education to students • Cutting edge research in health care delivery, cancer survivorship, health promotion, and vulnerable populations • 4th DNP program in the country, now provided online • Center for Nursing Leadership is leading state-wide action coalitions responsive to the national Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action No Limits to our Caring • The College of Nursing’s Children and Family Healthcare Center is the only nurse managed medical home in South Carolina • Our dedicated expert clinical faculty provide comprehensive healthcare to all ages of an underserved population • Over 90 scholarships provided each year to our students, with the generosity from our alumni and donors • Well established partnerships with health systems and stakeholders across the state No Limits to our Scholarship • National leaders in nursing research with 70% of our tenure track faculty having received NIH funding • Diverse portfolio of research funding from NCI, NINR, NHLBI, NLM, CDC, HRSA, Duke Foundation, & others • Two Research Centers: Healthcare Process and Redesign Center and Cancer Survivorship Center

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June 2014 enewsletter  

Monthly publication from the University of South Carolina College of Nursing.

June 2014 enewsletter  

Monthly publication from the University of South Carolina College of Nursing.