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JULY 2014

Summer: A Time for New Beginnings “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

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As F. Scott Fitzgerald infers, the summer is a time for new beginnings. Here in the College, we are celebrating the return of our students and faculty who participated in our first study abroad in Munich and Nuremberg. We are hearing from recent graduates about their job offers as a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner, or a faculty member. Our current students are sending us notes about their summer internships and travels across the globe. High school students and their parents are touring the campus, new freshmen are participating in various orientation events, and newly admitted graduate students in the Master’s and Doctoral programs are making life changes in preparation to return to school. Increasingly, students across all programs are taking courses online or on campus during the summer, to be able to start their new career a bit sooner. Faculty are preparing exciting and innovative curriculums for new and revised programs, working on publications, conducting innovative research, traveling, and hopefully enjoying a brief respite with their own families. Our administrators and staff are completing end of the year projects and planning for the new and returning students, as well as new faculty and staff who will join us in August. Despite the whereabouts of our Gamecock Nursing family this summer, I hope that you are in the midst of new beginnings and new memories. Enjoy these long summer days and cool moonlit nights, taking some time for yourself, and focusing on your own renewal. Please review the calendar in the newsletter and make plans now to join us for several special events, including our 50th Anniversary of the Viana McCown Lectureship on October 17, which is also homecoming weekend. Keep sending us your stories and updates and we look forward to seeing you very soon. Jeannette O. Andrews PhD, RN, FAAN Dean & Professor - LIKE US!

Students Corner

Aubrey Mench has written a healthy eating guide

cook book. Proceeds from her guide book (available for purchase and download) will be donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in honor of her brother Matthew, who is paralyzed from the waist down.

Brandon Brown (bottom row, third from left), has

an externship with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital on the endocrinology and GI unit this summer.

Click here to visit her website.

Jamie Abbott is par-

ticipating in an ROTC Project Global Officer program this summer. She is spending 11 weeks in San Diego, CA, learning to speak Persian-Farsi.

Katherine Henke is a

student nurse extern this summer in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Bonnie Barte is serving on the Board of Directors for Hemophilia of South Carolina. Read More Here.

Inaugural Study Abroad For CON Undergraduate Students On May 14th 2014, 13 excited nursing students, along with Dr. Deb McQuilkin, and Dr. Julia Ball left the Charlotte, NC airport on Lufthansa’s non-stop flight to Munich, Germany. From Munich, the group traveled on the public transportation system to a small town on beautiful Lake Starnberg situated between Munich and the Bavarian Alps. Almost immediately, the adventures, myriad cultural experiences, shopping, and the tasting of different foods began. From the initial base in Starnberg, the group went on sight-seeing trips which included Munich; Salzburg, Austria; and the famous “fairy tale” castles of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Additionally, as part of the class/clinical agenda to learn more about healthcare, as well as, general ethics, everyone spent a day at the Nazi Concentration Camp in Dachau, now a memorial site to the hundreds of thousands of people who died there, many in medical experiments. On the fifth day, the class traveled north to the historic city of Nuremberg. This was the second base city where the group engaged in more class/clinical experiences, and had the opportunity for the USC students and faculty to socialize with students and faculty from the host university, The Lutheran University of Applied Sciences (LUAS). Although not part of the formal agenda, USC and LUAS students and faculty alike were so eager to talk and visit with each other that they all arranged to meet socially. The students had a gathering at the “City Beach” while faculty opted for more sedate surroundings. Part of the formal agenda included visits to a 1,000 bed hospital, the Klinikum Nord, a children’s hospital, and a long term care facility run by the Lutheran Deaconesses. (As an aside, Florence Nightingale did her initial nurse training with the same order of deaconesses at Kaiserswerth, also in Germany.) The long term facility was especially memorable because students interacted with residents at length. Although the presence of the students brought smiles of welcome and pleasure from the residents, a few residents remembered their “school-girl English” and were able to converse with students and faculty. While in Nuremberg, a major part of the agenda was the visit to the museum and the actual courtroom where the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi Germany’s war criminals were held. The Nuremberg Trials marked the beginning of the now internationally accepted statements of human rights, principles of healthcare ethics including the principle of informed consent so important for our professional advocacy on behalf of patients and participants in any type of research involving human subjects. From the Nuremberg base, the agenda included excursions to the ancient cities of Bamberg and Regensburg and also two free days for students to practice their skills at journeying on the public transportation system to more distant regions. Everyone received city public transportation passes which enabled them to travel locally in small groups and to branch out on their own. One student group organized a trip to Wurzburg and another group decided on Stuttgart for their destination. Both trips were highly successful and occurred totally without faculty organization or presence. Following the time in Nuremberg, it was time to pack up to go to Munich Airport to stay at an American style hotel, debrief the experience and enjoy a farewell dinner. The following day, May 28th, the group boarded a return flight to Charlotte, NC and waiting parents and friends. What a successful inaugural international study abroad! They all learned so much, made so many wonderful memories, met new friends and forged new friendships, some of which will certainly be enduring.

Faculty and Staff Notes Dr. Robin Matutina passed the National League for

Grants Funded

Dr. Ronit Elk reviewed for an NIH Peer Review Pan-

Kathleen LaSala, “Nurse Faculty Loan Program

el - NIH Health Disparities and Equities Promotion Study Section.

(NFLP) FY2014.” HRSA/BHPr, Loan.

Kate Chappell was elected as Treasurer of the SC

Grants Submitted

Nursing Certified Nurse Educator Exam.

Chapter of Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC)

Nathaniel Bell, “Geographic Disparities in Access to

Dr. Tena Hunt-McKinney is a featured scholar by the Vice President for Research’s office. Read More Here.

Out-Patient Rehabilitation Services After Spinal Cord Injury.” South Carolina Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund Pilot Grants.

Former CON Faculty member, Janie Heath, has been named dean of University of Kentucky College of Nursing. Read More Here.

Stephanie Burgess, “Year 3 Non-Competing

CON Faculty Emeriti, Dr. Marlene Mackey, will be inducted into the Fairport High School Alumni Hall of Fame in August. Dr. Joan Culley has been promoted to Associate Pro-


Continuation Subaward: Increasing the Primary Care Workforce for South Carolina.” MUSC/AHEC/Duke Endowment. Tisha Felder and Sue P. Heiney, “Improving Ad-

herence to Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy Among Disadvantaged Breast Cancer Survivors.” NIH/NCI – K01. Sue P. Heiney and Abbas S. Tavakoli, “Increas-

Faculty Presentations Chappell, K. K. (2014). Recognizing signs and risks for

child abuse and neglect & setting an environment for safe, successful kids. Presented as part of Camp Read-a-Rama Columbia’s Counselor Training. May 2014. Columbia, SC. Chappell, K. K. (2014). Use of simulation scenarios for

individual clinical evaluation and feedback with advanced practice nursing students: A look at logistics, challenges, and outcomes [Poster Presentation]. Drexel University Nursing Education Institute 2014. Myrtle Beach, SC.

ing Engagement and Empowerment of Nurses as they ASCEND (Advancement System for Clinical Excellence and Nursing Development Model).” The Duke Endowment (through a subaward with Palmetto Health). Amelia Joseph and Rita Snyder, “Cues for Nurse

Surveillance: Do Early Warning Systems Predict Failures in Care?” AHRQ – R03. Karen McDonnell, “Dissemination Project to Ad-

vance Lung Cancer Screening in SC.” South Carolina Cancer Alliance.

Dr. DeAnne K. Hilfinger Messias presented Com-

munity-Engaged Research with Latinas in South Carolina: 2002 – 2014 on June 13th as part of the USC Cancer Prevention and Control Program Colloquium Series.

Faculty Publications

Dr. Ronit Elk spoke about her Palliative Care Commu-

Bell N, Sobolev B, Townson A, Evans DC, Anton

Andrews JO, Tingen MS, Mueller M. (July, 2014).

Sprunk, E.A, LaSala, K.B, Wilson, V.L. (2014). Student incivility: Nursing faculty lived experience. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 4(9), 1-12.

nity Study at a Community Workshop Raising Awareness of People Facing Loss Through Death and Other Topics in St. Helena Island, SC on June 14th. The workshop was sponsored by the The Gullah Church Nurses Association. From CBPR to RCT: Lessons learned over 10 years with Interventions in Public Housing. The 25th International Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Research Congress. Hong Kong.

H, Simons RK. Classifying outcomes of trauma care. Editorially accepted (June 2014) Canadian Journal of Surgery.

50th Anniversary of the Viana McCown Lectureship & Alumni Day

October 17, 2014 Homecoming Weekend

Capstone Conference Center For more information contact the Center for Nursing Leadership at 803-777-3039 or

UPCOMING EVENTS August 6th DNP Orientation

August 9th Summer Commencement August 16th Move In Day August 17th Freshman Tea 1:30 pm August 17th New Student Convocation August 18th CON Back To School Events for Faculty/Staff August 20th PhD Orientation

August 21st Fall Semester Begins September 26th – 28th Parents Weekend September 26th Commitment Ceremony September 27th Cockaboose October 17th - 19th Homecoming Weekend

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October 17th Viana McCown Lectureship October 18th Homecoming Game

VITAL SIGNS....An Update from Alumni and Development Where is the Class of 1964? Come and Connect for our 50th reunion

Can you believe that it was only yesterday when Professor Mary Black was marching us down the long corridors of the old un-air conditioned Columbia Hospital. Yes Alice, we wore heavy duty white hose, white shiny polished (every night) clinical nursing shoes and stiffly starched aprons that wilted by the end of the day, not to mention a nursing cap pinned to our heads by bobby pins. We all stood at attention when a physician or Mrs. Eunice Medhurst or Mrs. Helen DeYoung would enter the nursing station. There were a group of us who were RNs in that Class including Emily Collum, Bonnie Bloom (Shrimpf ), Nettie Dickerson and myself, Ruth Queen (Seigler). Professor Esther Starkey took us to Fort Jackson to their Children’s Preschool to give us experience with normal healthy children before she took us to our hospital pediatric experience where we would see children with polio in an iron lung. Of course Dean Amy Vigilione (Cockcroft) ruled with the authority of a commanding naval officer which she was. The McCutcheon House on the Horseshoe was the location of the School of Nursing. We shared the building with Anthropology and Sociology. It was a cold drafty building during that era. Professors Virginia Phillips and Doris Lister introduced us to the exciting world of Public Health Nursing. We all learned to sing the Carolina Alma Mater, the Fight song, go to Doug Broome’s for a soda, or the Huddle House for Chocolate Pie. Football was the weekend entertainment or maybe a sorority or fraternity party. We refined our shag steps, went to the Carolina Cup in our madras skirts, signed in the dorm under the house mother’s nose and never wore Bermuda shorts in public without a London Fog Raincoat covering us. The decades have passed and here we are 50 years later with the chance to return to Carolina and the College of Nursing to share the past, the present and future. Let us know where you are and what your memories of those days are. Please join me at the 50th Anniversary of the Viana McCown lecture and the Class of 1964s 50th reunion (further details to be announced) and Click here to register for the USC Alumni events.

Ruth Queen Seigler, MN (‘80) BSN (‘64)

CON 2006 Outstanding Alumni, Dr. Marion Broome MN (‘77), named Dean of the Duke University School of Nursing. Read More Here.

Former Partnership Board Member and alumnus, Justin Chavis BSN (‘14), has been accepted to the Vanderbilt Pediatric Residency Program (Pediatric Critical Care Track). He begins the program on July 21st.


The College of Nursing will host the Cockaboose at the September 27th Home Football Game (vs. Missouri Parents Weekend) Dean Andrews, Monica Cromer, Ruth Seigler, and Angi Wildt visited Lander University and Self Medical Center in Greenwood, SC. The visit is a part of the Dean’s vision and strategic plan to develop collaborative partnerships in regional health care hubs. They were graciously hosted by Dr. Robbie South MSN (‘02), Director of Lander’s Nursing Department and Linda Russell, MSN, CON at Self. They also enjoyed visiting the USC Gamecock Topiary a part of the Festival of Flower’s.

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Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Viana McCown Lectureship and Alumni Day Capstone Conference Center FRIDAY October 17, 2014 Homecoming Weekend

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