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the campaign for the University of Southern California

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t r o ja e

“ ... sedis ubi fata quietas ostendunt; illic fas regna resurgere trojae.”–virgil “ here are provided seats of meditative joy, where shall arise again the destined reign of Troy.”–virgil

“A great journey awaits us, and on the other side of the adventure lies our destiny. ” —c. l. max nikias, president

faithful We uphold the traditions of the University of Southern California and are loyal to our fellow Trojans, our university, and the communities we serve. The steadfast support provided by all members of the Trojan Family is emblematic of their trust in USC’s mission and their dedication to helping the university fulfill its promise.

scholarly We are leaders who make meaningful contributions in every discipline and who understand the power of collaboration across disciplines. The generosity of the university’s benefactors assures that USC’s faculty, students, and alumni produce a steady stream of knowledge, art, and innovation that can change the world.

skillful We seek excellence in all of our endeavors and believe in the limitless potential of each member of the Trojan Family. Through their gifts and involvement, our supporters form a community that works together to produce research, scholarship, health care, and creative work of consequence to society.

courageous We are bold when faced with opportunities to contribute to USC’s continuous efforts to build a greater university for generations to come. The supporters of the university follow through on their convictions by investing in the projects they believe will have the greatest impact on USC and on society.

ambitious We believe USC alumni, parents, and friends have a responsibility to work together as one community to make unique and lasting contributions to humanity. The Campaign for USC will profoundly transform the university and the world around us.

USC’s Great Journey

Founded by civic leaders in a dusty town at the edge of a continent, the University of Southern California was a frontier institution from the start. Its aspirations—and embrace—were as expansive as the region it claimed. It was poised to break boundaries and transcend geography. Today, USC is an agile, driven, inventive, and intellectually electric university. Although we remain deeply vested in Southern California, our reach and impact now extend around the world. Our academic strengths, entrepreneurial spirit, and global orientation uniquely position USC to produce the leaders of tomorrow and the ideas that will serve humankind. This is our heritage. This is our future. This is the Campaign for the University of Southern California.

“If USC’s faculty forms the foundation of academic excellence, then our students are the pillars that rise up from that foundation to lead their professions, their communities, and the world. They are our investment in the future.” —c. l. max nikias, president

the CampaIgn

$6 Billion

The Campaign for the University of southern California is a multiyear effort to secure $6 billion or more in private philanthropy for the university. This campaign is the largest and most important in UsC’s history—one that will touch and transform every aspect of the university, including each college, school, and unit. achieving our ambitious goals will require unprecedented support from donors at all levels throughout the entire trojan family. We call upon the thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, community members, parents, and friends who share our vision and are eager to help UsC fulfill its goals and aspirations.

the CampaIgn

College, school, and Unit Initiatives

at the heart of the Campaign are the initiatives of UsC’s schools and units. Led by the university’s deans and academic leaders, each school and unit is developing the big ideas and groundbreaking projects that will dramatically advance its contributions to the world. a hallmark of the Campaign will be the rollout of these initiatives over the coming years, with each school and unit taking its turn in the spotlight to announce fundraising goals and priorities connected to its academic vision. a series of events is planned to celebrate the academic excellence of each school and unit and to inspire philanthropic support from all of its stakeholders.

The Campaign at a glance Below are the Campaign priorities we have identified to date, as well as selected funding opportunities. as the schools and units announce their goals and priorities over the coming years, we expect additional gift opportunities to emerge.

Goals by College, School, Unit USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism


USC Athletics


USC Davis School of Gerontology


USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences


USC Gould School of Law


Keck School of Medicine of USC and Keck Medical Center of USC


USC Libraries


USC Marshall School of Business and USC Leventhal School of Accounting


USC Ostrow School of Dentistry


USC Roski School of Fine Arts USC Rossier School of Education USC School of Architecture

$75,000,000 $100,000,000 $75,000,000

USC School of Cinematic Arts


USC School of Pharmacy


USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development


USC School of Social Work


USC School of Theatre


USC Thornton School of Music


USC Viterbi School of Engineering


University Annual Fund


University Priorities and Other




Selected Funding Opportunities Endowment for Faculty and Research Programs


Named Schools, Departments, Institutes, Centers, and Programs Deanships Chairs and Professorships Center and Institute Directorships Early Career Professorships Visiting Professorships Research, Innovation, and Bridge Funds Named Libraries, Collections, and Laboratories

Endowment for Student Scholarships


Undergraduate Scholarships Discovery Scholars, Global Scholars, Renaissance Scholars Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Fellowships Flagship Professional Degree Programs Preeminent Graduate Fellowships for Pacific Rim Artists Scholarships for Student-Athletes in All Sports

Academic Priorities


Enriching the Undergraduate Experience Strengthening Graduate Programs Transforming Human Health Discovering Solutions through the Social Sciences Fostering the Arts and Humanities Exploring the Intersections of Technology and Communication Engaging with the Local Community Extending Global Connections and Impact Creating the Environment for Excellence.

Capital Projects


New Buildings on the University Park Campus Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Building Building for Research in Convergence of Molecular Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Arts Building Marshall School Undergraduate Instructional Building Named Residential Colleges University Village, including Graduate Student Housing New Buildings on the Health Sciences Campus Interdisciplinary Instructional Building Health Consultation Center III Facilities for Basic and Translational Research Hospital Expansion Student Housing Beautification and Amenities



opportunities for Investment as a donor, you may designate your contribution for a specific Campaign goal, or you may make your gift without restrictions. gifts may be in cash, pledges payable over five years (or longer in special circumstances), securities, real estate, and select types of tangible property. you may discover that you can make a substantial gift through planned giving, or that you may increase the value of your gift by requesting matching funds from your employer. you may make a gift in honor of someone or to associate a donor’s name with a major project, facility, or endowment through the opportunities listed below. establishing an endowment in some academic disciplines such as science or medicine may require a higher endowment level. Endowment Naming Gift Opportunities

Recommended Endowment Levels

USC Schools

Call to discuss

Institutes, Centers, and Departments

Call to discuss

Faculty Support Trustee Professor


Dean’s Chair


Presidential Professor


University Professor


Distinguished Professor


Provost Professor


Chair, Director, or Chief

$3,000,000 – $4,000,000


$2,000,000 – $3,000,000

Associate Professor as Fellow of the Endowment

$1,500,000 – $2,000,000

Assistant Professor as an Early Career Chair

$1,000,000 – $1,500,000

Visiting Professor


Faculty Scholar


Student Support Full Undergraduate Scholarship


Ph.D. or Graduate Student Fellowship


Postdoctoral Fellowship


Partial Scholarship or Fellowship Full Athletic Scholarship Academic Programs Other Endowment Funds Capital Projects Unrestricted Gift Opportunities

$100,000 $1,000,000 Call to discuss $100,000 Call to discuss Any Level

Leadership Commitments generous contributions from UsC trustees, alumni, parents, and friends have already begun to make a significant impact by bolstering our endowment, creating more student scholarships, advancing research and health care, and funding academic priorities and building projects. The exemplary generosity of our visionary leaders, as well as the steadfast support from all of the university’s donors, is an inspiration for the entire trojan family. Collectively, we will have an extraordinary impact on the university, our community, and the world.

Wallis Annenberg Building “We need to give talented students and faculty the opportunity to experiment with emerging tools and invent the newsrooms, online media, and broadcast studios of the future. My hope is that this new building will spark a new era of creativity, ideas, and innovation. The future of journalism will be shaped at USC.” —Wallis Annenberg

Mork Family Scholars “Attending USC is the dream of talented high school seniors from all walks of life who have incredible potential to effect positive change as tomorrow’s leaders. We hope our gift will help transform hundreds of young lives and, through them, allow the university to continue strengthening its reputation for excellence for generations to come.” —John and Julie Mork

Ming Hsieh Institute for Research on Engineering-Medicine for Cancer “USC has world-class engineers, scientists, and physicians who know how to work together to make real progress. It’s my hope that their efforts will lead to better survival rates, longer remissions, new treatments, and cures for this horrible disease that leaves an indelible mark on so many.” —Ming Hsieh

Keck Medicine of USC “We believe that this partnership with USC will fund outstanding research to expand the boundaries of medical knowledge and improve quality of life for vast numbers of people. This gift reflects our commitment to bringing cutting-edge science, medicine, and engineering together to find new and better ways forward.” —Robert Day


USC’s academic ascent is fueled by the strength of its endowment. As our endowment grows, so does our capacity to transform bold ideas into life-changing realities, for the university and everyone we serve. That is why dramatically expanding our endowment is the highest priority of the Campaign for the University of Southern California. The Campaign will emphasize fundraising for endowment to ensure the long-term financial stability and growth of the university. Every gift to endowment provides funding in perpetuity for the people and programs of USC. New endowment funds are needed to attract transformative faculty and students and to support scholarship, research, creative work, and health care that will improve the quality of life for people all over the world.

C a m pa I g n p r I o r I t y

endowment for faculty and research programs $2 Billion

a top priority for UsC is to increase the number of exceptional faculty and ensure that current stellar faculty thrive in their teaching, research, and creative work. Like the catalyst in a chain reaction, UsC faculty set off a cascade of effects that determine the quality of their departments, their schools or college, their students, and ultimately, their university. The more accomplished they are, the better the ph.d., graduate, and undergraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty they attract to UsC; the more creative their collaborations; the more external funding they receive; and the more consequential their research. a cadre of renowned UsC faculty has built a vibrant intellectual foundation and left lasting marks—on their fields, the university, and society as a whole— through their teaching, creative expression, and discoveries. In the years ahead, UsC must work even harder to recruit and foster the careers of transformative faculty whose reputation for productivity and excellence will place the university at the forefront of every intellectual revolution. This requires that we attract interdisciplinary superstars as well as leaders within disciplines who will raise the stature of our academic community even more, and it requires that we provide them with the resources they need to fulfill their immense potential. Therefore, UsC must establish substantially more endowed chairs and professorships and increase our ability to offer generous recruitment packages. We must provide cutting-edge facilities where these transformative faculty members can carry out their work, as well as libraries and collections to support their scholarship and research. and we must create seed funds to jump-start research projects along with bridge funds to close the critical gap between laboratory discoveries and the direct application of those discoveries to those who most need them. The return on this investment will be measured in our faculty’s scholarly output and recognition, the thousands of future leaders they educate, their positive impact on society, and UsC’s elevation to the highest ranks of the world’s universities.

Research and Innovation: USC has more than 75 research centers and institutes pursuing interdisciplinary and specialized research in biomedical engineering, energy, environmental science, urban education, and communication law and policy, to name a few.

C a m pa I g n p r I o r I t y

endowment for student scholarships $1 Billion

Throughout the past two decades, the caliber of UsC’s undergraduate student body has increased exponentially, fueling our skyrocketing prestige and reputation. one factor helping to propel this remarkable trajectory has been our commitment to meet 100 percent of undergraduate students’ financial need through scholarships and other types of financial aid. UsC administers the largest undergraduate financial aid program in the United states. however, only 2.2 percent of undergraduate scholarship aid is provided through endowment. nearly all of the funds used to make UsC affordable come from the university’s unrestricted operating funds or external sources such as student loans. at present, too many UsC students graduate with student loan debt, a burden that may influence the choices they make after graduation. additional support from scholarships will decrease the amount of loans in our financial aid packages, making a dramatic difference in the lives of middle- and lowerincome students and their families. establishing new endowed undergraduate scholarship funds at UsC is a critical Campaign priority. at the same time, we must increase fellowship support for our ph.d., graduate professional students, and postdoctoral fellows in all fields. Because world-class faculty consider the quality of an institution’s ph.d., graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows when weighing an appointment, the availability of generous fellowships to draw the world’s best students to UsC will significantly enhance the university’s faculty recruitment efforts. In turn, these outstanding faculty will attract top students who want to work side by side with them. In this way, providing fellowships for brilliant ph.d., graduate students, and postdocs will create a positive feedback loop and have a critical multiplier effect on UsC.

Outstanding Students: In 2011, more than 85 percent of incoming freshmen were in the top 10 percent of their high school class. Approximately one out of ten incoming students was a valedictorian, and 12 percent were first-generation college students. The class included 246 National Merit scholars.

Immediate Support

New resources for academic priorities, capital projects, and infrastructure will ensure that the important work of the university’s faculty, students, researchers, and physicians is supported by the most up-to-date facilities, technologies, and equipment. Extending across all of our activities is the need for substantially higher levels of annual support. Unrestricted support, generated primarily through annual giving, gives the university the flexibility to respond quickly wherever opportunities are most promising or the needs greatest. These essential resources allow USC to remain nimble and ready with the funding needed to fulfill our potential.

C a m pa I g n p r I o r I t y

Immediate support for academic priorities $2 Billion

UsC has a rich history of developing leading-edge technologies, nurturing emerging art forms, and overcoming insurmountable odds in its pursuit of academic innovation, whether that means establishing the first cinema school in the United states in 1930, or, more recently, merging engineering and medicine to facilitate cross-disciplinary research and train a new breed of graduate and medical students working on cutting-edge treatments and cures for cancer. That capability is rooted in the university’s entrepreneurial spirit and in its drive to find its own path. These qualities define UsC’s intellectual character and energize our academic enterprise. But ideas and inspiration alone are not enough to manifest new academic programs and lines of inquiry at UsC. It takes generous funding to forge the collaborations, establish the institutes and centers, develop the curricula, outfit the labs, build the library collections, and seed the projects that will generate tomorrow’s investigations and fields of study. In every school and unit, the university has an ongoing need for significantly more annual support for academic priorities and research. government funding for research is unreliable and is nearly always for specific projects. Instead, UsC increasingly must rely on unrestricted annual giving to fund strategic opportunities and support research that addresses society’s most urgent challenges. The Campaign will build on UsC’s innovative programs and scholarship to position the university at the academic vanguard, where our fresh perspectives will translate into new questions, possibilities, knowledge, and solutions for a constantly changing world.

Translational Research: USC is the only institution in Southern California to win a Clinical and Translational Science Award from the National Institutes of Health. Faculty from eight USC schools successfully collaborated on the proposal and have established the Los Angeles Basin Clinical and Translational Science Institute based at USC to support and promote scientific discoveries and their application in real-life settings.

C a m pa I g n p r I o r I t y

Immediate support for Capital projects $1 Billion

While the main thrust of the Campaign is for people and programs, vital funds are also needed to provide the facilities and infrastructure necessary to support them on both our University park campus and health sciences campus. among the new construction projects planned for UsC’s University park campus are: • an interdisciplinary social sciences building, positioned to foster interactions among scholars from the UsC dornsife College of Letters, arts and sciences; the UsC gould school of Law; the UsC marshall school of Business; the UsC school of policy, planning, and development; and other UsC schools; • a research building to bring together the UsC Viterbi school of engineering and the UsC dornsife College faculty working at the convergence of the molecular sciences and engineering; and, • an interdisciplinary arts building to foster collaboration in theater, fine arts, and music. just north of UsC’s University park campus is University Village, where preliminary plans call for new academic and residential buildings and retail space that will serve both the university and the local community. part of this area will be developed for much-needed housing for our ph.d. students, graduate and professional school students, as well as international graduate students. This is an opportunity few urban universities have and is made even more attractive by the vibrant renewal of downtown Los angeles and the figueroa arts and education Corridor. The UsC Campus planning Committee recently approved a master plan for the health sciences campus, emphasizing the importance of developing additional space for laboratories that support translational work as well as basic research. priority projects include new research buildings and a new outpatient clinical facility, along with a state-of-the-art interdisciplinary instructional building to expand the size of our medical school classes and serve other schools on the campus as well. on both campuses, we plan to add residential housing and amenities— ensuring that UsC always provides a safe and inviting environment for our students, faculty, staff, medical residents, physicians, and patients and their families.

“USC has a twofold task: to strengthen our academic leadership in all realms and to sustain it in a rapidly changing world.” —elizabeth garrett, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs

Investing in Excellence

USC’s development has been guided by a series of successful visionary plans that have set the course for the university’s future. In this tradition, USC is currently implementing its newest strategic vision, adopted at the start of this Campaign and shaped by all university constituencies. By linking the academic vision and Campaign planning process, we have ensured that gifts generated by the Campaign move the university forward with purpose and support the most up-to-date university priorities. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence across the university and strengthening all of our programs and enterprises so they can fulfill their potential. We also recognize the value of making strategic investments where USC is uniquely positioned to make significant advances and contributions to society.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

enriching the Undergraduate experience

UsC has long been renowned for its deep commitment to finding new ways to get students thinking about and interacting with the world. and because the undergraduate years are a time of great personal and intellectual discovery, we have continued to introduce groundbreaking programs that foster creative thinking and expand students’ perceptions. some of these programs include the discovery scholars, for those who produce exceptional new scholarship or artistic works; the global scholars, for those who have determined to become outstanding world citizens by incorporating significant international study into their undergraduate experience; and the academy for polymathic study, a program designed to heighten the interdisciplinary mindset. Through the Campaign, we will seek to endow such signature UsC programs such as Visions and Voices, our arts and humanities initiative featuring theatrical productions, music and dance performances, film screenings, lectures, and workshops conceived and organized by faculty and schools throughout the university. Investments in the undergraduate experience pay dividends for generations to come—for our graduates who go on to lead rich lives and for society as a whole. In addition to generating more scholarships for undergraduate students, the Campaign must fuel programs

that will make the undergraduate experience at UsC second to none— inside and outside of the classroom. UsC undergraduates must have challenging and authentic opportunities to participate in the creation of knowledge through hands-on undergraduate research experiences. They must also have opportunities to strengthen their writing and critical thinking skills as well as their visual analysis and digital literacy skills. The creation and endowment of new residential colleges will assure an environment that fosters the intellectual, emotional, and moral growth of our students. We must also offer our students deep engagement with global perspectives, cultures, and faiths and provide rich opportunities for service learning that will inspire them to become the ethical leaders of tomorrow. Investment in a new center for UsC’s office of religious Life, for example, will continue to foster a vibrant university community of spiritual reflection and free inquiry. These are just a handful of the opportunities we have planned to prepare UsC students for the challenges of the 21st century. But they are central to our long-range vision: to continue to produce the agile and influential leaders our changing world urgently needs.

“I am so excited for the grand adventure ahead of me for the next four years, and hopefully will be able to give back to the community that has already given me so much just by welcoming me to the Trojan Family.” —will riley of chicago (class of 2015) trustee scholarship recipient

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

strengthening graduate programs

By virtue of their achievements and influence, excellent faculty help draw the best graduate students to UsC, particularly those pursuing ph.d. degrees. In turn, top graduate students are imperative for attracting the most distinguished faculty to the university, as well as and retaining them. UsC has made significant inroads by establishing generous ph.d. fellowships—such as the provost’s fellowships, annenberg fellowships, and rose hills fellowships—to recognize and reward exceptional graduate students. our many professional schools provide other support for talented graduate students in their flagship programs. But we must aggressively expand our commitment to achieve our potential. In the years ahead, we must create endowed fellowships for all of our ph.d. and leading professional degree programs and provide endowment support for outstanding postdoctoral fellows in all disciplines, from science and engineering to arts and humanities. We must also invest in programmatic enhancements for faculty and graduate students— such as conferences, research, and travel—to support their continued professional development and provide them with visibility for their work.

Graduate Online Education: USC has been a pioneer in distance learning since 1972. Today, nearly 50 graduate and professional degree programs can be earned online under the USCNow banner—breaking down the geographic barriers and making a USC education available anywhere, anytime.

UsC’s extraordinary concentration of arts programs and our location in one of the world’s most dynamic arts capitals provide us with a unique opportunity. during the Campaign, we will seek gifts to endow graduate fellowships in the arts to attract distinguished artists and performers from pacific rim countries and India who are interested in immersive educational experiences at UsC and opportunities to collaborate with other artists in southern California and the United states. another important component in attracting the highest caliber graduate students and postdocs is the development of a congenial campus environment that meets the needs of these outstanding scholars. support is needed to build graduate student housing on the University park campus as part of the redevelopment of University Village, as well as on the health sciences campus. These projects are essential to UsC’s continuing evolution as a full-fledged residential university.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

discovering solutions through the social sciences

today’s most urgent problems— such as energy and the environment, affordable health care, national security, world hunger, and social inequity—will not be solved by experts working within a single discipline. rather, these issues require the insights of UsC scholars from fields as divergent as law and public health, engineering and economics, political science and neuroscience, business and computer science working together collaboratively. UsC has a history of distinction in these fields. our faculty members in the social sciences include nobel laureates, national academy members, innovators, thought leaders, and trailblazers—individuals who have fundamentally shaped their disciplines and pioneered entirely new fields. They have helped create fuller, more meaningful, and more useful insights into ourselves and the world in which we live. By investing in our strengths, UsC can continue its tradition of achievement. already the distinctive partnership between the UsC school of pharmacy and UsC school of policy, planning, and development positions UsC to be the preeminent program in the country in health policy and economics.

Interdisciplinary Strengths: With a critical mass of expert faculty in key areas of the social sciences, USC has true potential to emerge as one of the world’s great centers for collaborative, interdisciplinary social science research and education.

We are conceiving translational social science ventures that will assemble experts from diverse disciplines to study societal issues and find solutions that can be quickly moved from the halls of academia to realworld applications. We have recently launched an initiative on immigration and integration and a center on energy and sustainability. another example is network analysis that combines business, economics, law, and computer science to study the structure of social relationships and the ways these relationships transmit information. Weaving these strands together will be a new Interdisciplinary social sciences Building—a one-of-a-kind building on the University park campus, overseen by the university’s provost. This fertile intellectual environment will encourage exchanges that lead to transformative research, academic distinction, and a more enlightened society.

Clinical Excellence: Keck Hospital of USC recently ranked third overall in a survey of the best hospitals in Los Angeles conducted by U.S. News & World Report. Keck Hospital also received accolades for its specialties, ranking #8 in ophthalmology and #16 for urology.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

transforming human health

a commitment to human health and well-being has been embedded in UsC’s character since the founding of our medical school in 1885. The establishment of the ostrow school of dentistry in 1897 and the school of pharmacy in 1905 extended our medical missions, which have continued to expand as the innovations, facilities, and capabilities of the three schools have proliferated over the intervening decades.

University park campus and health sciences campus to conduct research on nanoscale delivery platforms for drugs and therapeutics targeting cancerous cells and tumors. at the UsC davis school of gerontology, scholars are investigating the keys to successful aging as more than 70 million baby boomers reach retirement age in the next 20 years. experts at the UsC school of policy, planning, and development and UsC school of social Work are deeply involved with UsC’s progress was accelerated by the issues of health communication and acquisition of two hospitals in 2009 health policy. and the sociological and by a second transformative gift impacts of diseases afflicting multifrom the W. m. Keck foundation. ethnic, diverse populations are being Keck medicine of UsC integrates the explored within the UsC dornsife activities of the Keck medical Center College, the UsC rossier school of of UsC, the Keck school of medicine education, and the UsC annenberg of UsC, the Keck hospital of UsC, as school of Communication & well as UsC norris Cancer hospital, journalism. to deliver the highest-quality patient care, generate life-altering research soon remote consultations and breakthroughs, and hasten those surgery, regenerative technologies, discoveries into clinical applications. and medicine personalized for our genotype will be the norm. We Issues impacting human health are must recruit stellar new faculty being addressed throughout the focused on the key challenges of university. UsC Viterbi school of our time: cancer, stem cell research, engineering scientists are at the neuroscience, biological sciences, forefront of developing breakthrough preventive medicine, and community medical technologies such as health. and we must provide them assistive robotics, implanted devices, with state-of-the-art laboratories and and medical simulations. other clinics to carry out their work. The Viterbi scientists are helping to result will be extraordinary advances pioneer leading-edge fields such in the ways we understand, treat, and as bioinformatics and nanoscience. cure diseases and improved quality of The UsC ming hsieh Institute for life for individuals and families in our research on engineering-medicine community and in the world beyond. for Cancer links efforts on the

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

fostering the arts and humanities

fundamental to a comprehensive education and foundational to a civil society, the arts and humanities have been an essential part of university life since UsC’s inception. not surprisingly, we have attracted some of the most eminent faculty and produced some of the most influential alumni in the world. as many other universities have cut back their arts and humanities programs, UsC is expanding them because we believe they represent the essential core of a liberal arts education that prepares students to make contributions as leaders of their professions and communities.

In 2006, UsC launched Visions and Voices to highlight the university’s timeless commitment to the arts and humanities. The program has had a profound effect on the UsC educational experience by giving UsC students opportunities to attend performances, lectures, and artistic and cultural events designed to challenge them to understand and internalize the timeless values at the core of our humanity. In the most recent year, approximately 25,000 members of the UsC community, including 15,000 students, attended 100 Visions and Voices events.

Through the Campaign for the In addition to the excellent University of southern California, humanities programs in the UsC we will seek the resources to endow dornsife College of Letters, arts Visions and Voices and other and sciences, UsC is home to five of programs designed to teach and america’s strongest art schools: the inspire all our students, greatly UsC school of architecture, the UsC enriching our campus community school of Cinematic arts, the UsC and the lives our students go on to roski school of fine arts, the UsC lead after they graduate. We will also Thornton school of music, and the seek funding for postdoctoral fellows UsC school of Theatre. our location in the arts and humanities and the in the heart of Los angeles, the naming and endowment of schools, communication and entertainment departments, and programs to provide capital of the world, positions us for funding to sustain the work of UsC’s limitless achievements and influence. outstanding scholars in arts and We must provide these schools with humanities disciplines. the resources required to continue to build on their potential.

Well-Rounded: The arts and humanities have the power to transform and are therefore a critical aspect of every student’s experience at USC, playing a key role in developing women and men into the responsible and active citizens, leaders, and problem solvers of tomorrow.

Cutting-Edge Technology: As a leader in virtual reality technology and multimedia learning, USC is home to the country’s first fully digital production training center and the No. 1 video game design education program. The applications and avatars being developed at USC have a growing use in film production, as well as in education, training, and rehabilitation.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

exploring the Intersections of technology and Communication

digital technologies are rapidly transforming human expression, creativity, communication, social interaction, research, education, and political and economic structures. With broad expertise in technology and communication, UsC has the potential to revolutionize the way students are educated; spark a new era of creativity, ideas, and innovation; and dramatically impact the ways in which knowledge and information are created and shared with the world. The Campaign will fortify UsC’s national leadership position in both the advancement of communication and digital technology and our understanding of what these changes mean for each of us as individuals and as a society. at the UsC annenberg school for Communication & journalism, experts are seeking to understand the impacts of digital technology on all aspects of society and exploring novel ways of harnessing its power. faculty at the UsC Viterbi school of engineering are advancing the software and hardware framework to create immersive environments in which people can interact, communicate, and collaborate naturally in a shared virtual space. The breadth and depth of the UsC school of Cinematic arts enables students to explore the power and potential of film, television, and new media through both scholarship and creative work. professors at the UsC gould school of Law are investigating Internet law,

intellectual property, and digital rights management. faculty and students at the UsC roski school of fine arts are blazing a trail in the creation of new art platforms, while programs such as UsC hybrid high school— the first charter school of its kind and based at the UsC rossier school of education—have the potential to transform secondary school education through innovative applications of technology by staying open seven days a week, 10 hours a day, and 50 weeks a year to accommodate students with family and job responsibilities. The Campaign will provide vital funding for intensifying UsC’s focus on the intersection of technology and communication. We will build on unique assets such as the UsC Center for high-performance Computing and Communications, the UsC Institute for multimedia Literacy, the UsC digital repository, the UsC shoah foundation Institute, and the UsC Integrated media systems Center, the nation’s first national multimedia research center. UsC’s interdisciplinary initiatives will shape new digital media technologies and environments and the application of these technologies in entertainment, government, law, health care, and more. In the process, we will further distinguish UsC as an international destination for innovative technology and communication education, research, and expression.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

engaging with the Local Community

as the oldest research university in southern California, UsC has been inextricably bound to the community it serves for more than a century. We have educated countless generations of civic, business, and professional leaders, providing a young and growing city with the physicians, attorneys, dentists, pharmacists, architects, teachers, artists, social workers, and entrepreneurs who have shaped it into one of the most dynamic urban centers in the world. today, UsC is the largest private employer in Los angeles and is renowned for innovative partnerships that are blurring the boundaries between campus and community. UsC has worked with its neighbors to develop some 400 community engagement programs, encompassing everything from health promotion, business assistance, and job creation to tutoring, educational enrichment, and neighborhood safety. UsC is home to one of the oldest service learning programs in the country—the joint educational project in the UsC dornsife College of Letters, arts and sciences, which offers students the unique opportunity to combine academic coursework with experiences in the community surrounding the campus.

Good Neighbors: Through the Good Neighbors Campaign, USC supports and promotes more than 400 community initiatives in the local neighborhoods surrounding our campuses. Faculty and staff contribute more than $1 million every year to support these community programs and organizations.

Through the family of schools program, UsC faculty and students are a transformative presence in 15 area schools, working with teachers, principals, and parents to improve K-12 education and serving more than 16,000 families and children annually. some of these children go on to become trojans and volunteers in the very programs that helped them succeed. Through the Campaign, we will seek to endow UsC’s neighborhood academic Initiative (naI), a rigorous, six-year precollege program designed to prepare low-income students for admission to UsC. Those who complete the program and meet UsC’s competitive admission requirements are rewarded with a full 4.5-year financial package. UsC students, faculty, and staff routinely serve as mentors and healers, champions, and cheerleaders. But we are also constantly seeking ways to do more for a city ever in flux. Because we fervently believe that we gain more than those we serve through these activities, we are determined to ensure the resources we need to continue these extraordinary alliances, creating an enduring cycle of inclusiveness and opportunity. no other private university in american history has worked to engage more closely with its neighborhoods.

“We’re an elementary school. People aren’t really thinking about college. But one of my goals this year is to make sure that every student from kindergarten to fifth grade says that they’re going to USC.” —lynn brown, principal, weemes elementary school in los angeles, one of usc’s family of schools

Lifelong and Worldwide: Another powerful force in extending USC’s global reach is the university’s worldwide alumni network. An expanding system of international alumni clubs helps keep these Trojans connected to their alma mater by sponsoring cultural programs and social events as well as assisting with internships for current students.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

extending global Connections and Impact

In 1922, UsC hosted a pan-american Conference on education, the first of its kind at a U.s. institution. While international students had been enrolled at UsC since the 1880s, the conference was an outright declaration of our global ideals and our determination to manifest an international presence. UsC’s international leadership was reaffirmed in 1997 when we cofounded the association of pacific rim Universities, a consortium that fosters collaboration among 42 premier research universities in 15 countries. today, the world’s center of gravity continues to shift toward the pacific rim and India and away from traditional east Coast and european centers, and UsC has emerged as the leading academic institution connecting our nation to this reconfigured world. historically, UsC has had the largest international enrollment of any american university—our students represent 115 nations—and as a consequence we boast the most international alumni. every school and department at UsC benefits from the rich diversity of international scholars, faculty, and staff who choose to become part of the trojan family.

In addition to having offices in sacramento, new york, Washington, d.C., and san francisco, UsC has seven international offices in mexico, China, hong Kong, taiwan, Korea, India, and soon Brazil. These offices help to facilitate student recruitment, expand research partnerships and programs, and support international experiences for our students; reinforce connections to our overseas alumni and friends; and ensure that UsC’s work is of global consequence. But our dynamic, interconnected world demands that we develop new strategies to reach and educate future generations of global leaders. We must relentlessly pursue stellar students from all areas of the world, as well as all 50 states; assist them through scholarships; and equip them with the tools they will need to meet tomorrow’s challenges. and we must create physical and virtual spaces for our international students to help them form a community; achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals; and make the most of their UsC experience. more than any other university, we are positioned to become the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual heart of a world that is increasingly tilted to the pacific. from this endeavor, UsC will emerge as the leading laboratory for “east-West” ideas in scholarship, the arts, media, and culture.

I nVest I ng I n exCeLLenCe

Creating the environment for excellence

UsC’s faculty and students thrive in settings that foster intellectual exchange, discovery, innovation, imagination, and artistic expression. similarly, UsC physicians and caregivers do their best work when supported by facilities and equipment that allow them to dedicate themselves to improving the health of their patients. But these talented individuals at UsC also need a nurturing academic community that provides the infrastructure, programs, and social interactions that enable them to be productive. Therefore, the Campaign seeks funding to vitalize both the physical character and the quality of campus life at UsC. We will construct our new and renovated buildings to take advantage of the latest approaches to teaching and learning, foster creative expression, and deliver the best possible health treatments and care. We will design gathering spaces to encourage our diverse communities to convene and build relationships, and we will develop academic, social, and cultural activities on both our University park campus and our health sciences campus. The new University Club on the University park campus will be configured to enhance interactions among faculty, students, and staff that can spark ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration.

for the university to thrive, the UsC Libraries must be an inspiring and integral partner in the achievements of the entire UsC community. UsC’s libraries are among the oldest in California, yet they are also among the most innovative libraries in the nation, recognized pioneers in building digital collections and resources and in online education. a key priority will be to strengthen the UsC Libraries and continue to invent the library of the future. The environment for excellence will require investment in facilities for basic and translational research and for bolstering the training programs of the Los angeles Basin Clinical and translational science Institute (CtsI), based at the Keck school of medicine. It will also include important initiatives such the technology-enhanced learning group, which integrates educational and information technologies into the academic environment. The goal is to enhance the mobility and flexibility of the learning process and help UsC faculty, students, and staff explore and implement technologies that promote learner-centered education on campus and through distance learning and it will mean strengthening the programs and facilities that ensure UsC’s studentathletes continue to excel at the pinnacle of intercollegiate athletics.

“We trust and have complete confidence in the university’s visionary leadership, stellar faculty, and outstanding students to not just make a difference, but to effect real and far-reaching change in the world.” —dana and david dornsife

Athletic Traditions: Renowned for highly competitive NCAA Division I play, USC has long dominated the world of intercollegiate athletics. And when it comes to Olympic competition, no other university comes close. USC has sent one or more athletes to every Olympic competition since 1904 and more athletes to the Olympic Games than any other university in history.

University Leadership

senior administration C. L. max nikias, President elizabeth garrett, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs robert abeles, Senior Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer albert r. Checcio, Senior Vice President, University Advancement todd r. dickey, Senior Vice President, Administration Thomas s. sayles, Senior Vice President, University Relations patrick C. haden, Athletic Director Lisa mazzocco, Chief Investment Officer Carol mauch amir, General Counsel and Secretary of the University

academic deans robert a. Cutietta, USC Thornton School of Music elizabeth m. daley, USC School of Cinematic Arts gerald C. davison, USC Davis School of Gerontology james g. ellis, USC Marshall School of Business marilyn L. flynn, USC School of Social Work Karen symms gallagher, USC Rossier School of Education howard gillman, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences William W. holder, USC Leventhal School of Accounting jack h. Knott, USC School of Policy, Planning, and Development Qingyun ma, USC School of Architecture Carmen a. puliafito, Keck School of Medicine of USC madeline puzo, USC School of Theatre Catherine Quinlan, USC Libraries robert K. rasmussen, USC Gould School of Law avishai sadan, Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC rochelle steiner, USC Roski School of Fine Arts r. pete Vanderveen, USC School of Pharmacy ernest j. Wilson III, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism yannis C. yortsos, USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Board of trustees Voting Members Wallis annenberg Wanda m. austin marc Benioff joseph m. Boskovich, sr. gregory p. Brakovich rick j. Caruso alan I. Casden ronnie C. Chan yang ho Cho frank h. Cruz richard deBeikes, jr. david h. dornsife daniel j. epstein Carol Campbell fox stanley p. gold tamara hughes gustavson ming hsieh ray r. Irani suzanne nora johnson Lydia h. Kennard Kenneth r. Klein john Kusmiersky daniel d. Lane david L. Lee m贸nica C. Lozano john C. martin

Kathleen L. mcCarthy jamie mcCourt john mork jerry W. neely C. L. max nikias robert padgett joan a. payden jane hoffman popovich Blake Quinn Lorna y. reed Linda johnson rice edward p. roski, jr. (Chairman) Barbara j. rossier William j. schoen William e. B. siart robert h. smith jeffrey h. smulyan steven spielberg mark a. stevens ronald d. sugar ratan n. tata ronald n. tutor andrew j. Viterbi Willis B. Wood, jr.

Life Trustees malcolm r. Currie gavin s. herbert B. Wayne hughes, sr. john f. King Kenneth Leventhal William Lyon alfred e. mann gordon s. marshall harlyne norris toshiaki ogasawara j. douglas pardee frank price allen e. puckett Bruce m. ramer Carl e. reichardt steven B. sample forrest n. shumway richard j. stegemeier peter V. Ueberroth gin d. Wong Honorary Trustees Verna B. dauterive helene galen merwyn C. gill Carmen h. Warschaw

We Invite You to Join Us.

Once an outpost built on a shared vision and promise, the University of Southern California today is an exceptional and unique global institution poised for further achievement. We are ready to firmly establish our place among the world’s most preeminent research universities. Never has there been a more auspicious time to press forward. But it will take the unwavering dedication of the entire Trojan Family to propel us all the way to the pinnacle of academic achievement. Generous contributions, large and small, and the efforts of a multitude of volunteers will coalesce to fuel our progress, ultimately ensuring the success of the Campaign for the University of Southern California. The result will be a transformation so stunning that a generation from now, people will marvel that we recognized the possibility, seized the opportunity, and claimed our destiny. The commitment we make today will determine what kind of university USC will be throughout this century. We are counting on you to join us in this magnificent enterprise.

Contact Information Office of University Advancement University of Southern California Bovard Administration Building, Suite 160 Los Angeles, CA 90089-4017 Tel: (213) 740-2211 Fax: (213) 740-8457 Email:

USC Campaign Brochure  

USC University of Southern California Campaign Brochure

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