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NOVEMBER 1–13 ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Jodie Gates REPERTORY FACULTY Patrick Corbin Bruce McCormick Thomas McManus Jennifer McQuiston Lott

BFA students perform an excerpt of William Forsy the’s “In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated” | Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

Repertory Faculty: BenjaminCorbin, Peralta (BFA ’22) | Patrick Jennifer McQuiston Lott, Photo by Rose Eichenbaum Bruce McCormick, Thomas McManus

GLORYA KAUFMAN OUR VISIONARY FOUNDER The USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance was established in 2012 through a transformational gift by its visionary founder, Glorya Kaufman. USC Kaufman would like to thank Ms. Kaufman, whose support and love of dance have made this program possible.

A NOTE FROM A/PART TO/GATHER'S ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Welcome to A/Part To/Gather, USC Kaufman’s first-ever online dance festival! This unique and inclusive event stemmed from a desire to keep moving and creating, despite the confinements of quarantine and the challenges of remote instruction. Comprised of several virtual events, this festival celebrates different facets of dance and the many creative voices who make up the USC Kaufman community. Throughout A/Part To/Gather, watch inventive dance films created by USC students and faculty members as part of our online choreographic platform, Video Stage. Cheer on students from a variety of majors as they perform in the Elective Experience, enjoy recent USC Kaufman performances made for the stage, and observe current collaborative projects in our Advanced Composition and Dance & New Media Showcase. Plus, enjoy world premieres choreographed by Artist in Residence Hope Boykin, faculty member E. Moncell Durden, guest artist Francesca Harper and faculty member Saleemah E. Knight during our evenings of New Works. Special guests, including choreographers, directors and agents, will have the opportunity to learn more about our graduating students in our Senior Spotlights. At these invite-only events, dancers from the BFA Class of 2021 will share a glimpse of their interdisciplinary research and concepts for their senior projects to be realized in spring 2021. During their presentations, our guests will also have the opportunity to view the debut of their performance and choreography reels. In addition to the artists you’ll see on the screen, A/Part To/Gather represents the combined efforts of many talented behind-the-scenes individuals including USC Kaufman faculty and staff, videographers and musicians, to name a few. I am grateful for their hard work and appreciate everyone’s tenacity in bringing this online vision to fruition. I would also like to thank USC Visions and Voices for their support of our artistic programming and their commitment to the arts and humanities. As we gather in this virtual space, I hope you’ll find that, although we may be apart, we are all still connected. Thank you for joining us!

JODIE GATES Founding Director, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Professor of Dance


Choreography: Dwight Rhoden World Premiere: 2006 Music by: Johann Sebastian Bach and Antonio Vivaldi Staged by: Clifford Williams Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Original Costume Design: Christine Darch Costume Design recreated by: Kathryn Poppen November 1 Londyn Alexander, Zach Manske, Camryn Pearson, Matthew Perko, Simrin Player, Alexandra Policaro, Sidney Ramsey, Evan Sagadencky, Simon Schuh, Shayna Weintraub November 8 Makayla Bailey, Sidney Chuckas, Teรก Devereaux, Chryssa Hadjis, Win McCain, Juliette Ochoa, Edward Oyarce-Solomon, Zackery Torres, Aurora Vaughan, Mariano Zamora Gonzalez Visiting artists to USC Kaufman are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.


Choreography: d. Sabela grimes in collaboration with the dancers World Premiere: 2016, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Music by: d. Sabela grimes Poetry Written and Performed by: Celine Kiner Recorded Vocals by: Satori Folkes-Stone Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Costume Design: d. Sabela grimes with dancers Stephanie Dai, Trevor Daw, Justin Epstein, Ardyn Flynt, Satori Folkes-Stone, Helen Gratch, Rachel Harris, Jakevis Thomason


Choreography: Bret Easterling in collaboration with the dancers World Premiere: 2019, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Music: Variations on a Theme by St-Dipshit by Kyle Bobby Brown Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Costume Design: Kathryn Poppen Eli Alford, Bella Allen, Dylan Amsterdam, Ciara Billups, Emily Carr, Isabella Caso, Cameron Cofrancesco, Ava Cosentino, Luke Csordas, India Dobbie, Nina Gumbs, Anne Kim, Anijah Lezama, Elise Monson, Benjamin Peralta, Jordan Powell, Max Prosser, Luke Qualls, Maria Rosenberg, Christian Smith, Anthony Tette, Wyeth Walker


Choreography: Jodie Gates World Premiere: 2017, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Music: Paris and Bows, composed by Ryan Lott, performed by yMusic Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Costume Design: Jodie Gates Coco Alvarez-Mena, Paulo Hernandez-Farella, Joseph Hetzer, Alvaro Montelongo, Juan Posada, Jackie Schiffner, Jake Tribus, Madison Vomastek, Lenai Wilkerson, Megan Yamashita


Choreography: Sonya Tayeh World Premiere: 2018, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Music: Where Is My Power by Antony and the Johnsons Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Costume Design: Kathryn Poppen Alyssa Allen, Stephanie Dai, Brendan Evans, Jessica Muszynski, Camryn Pearson, Evan Sagadencky, Jake Tribus, Rae Srivastava, Madison Vomastek Visiting artists to USC Kaufman are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.


Choreography: Rauf “RubberLegz” Yasit World Premiere: 2019, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Music: Uni Normal, Pionier Ioo, and Broken Line 2 by Alva Noto Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Costume Design: Kathryn Poppen Mariana Carrillo, Sidney Chuckas, Brendan Evans, Olivia Gieringer, Rachel Harris, Whitney Hester, Ausia Jones, Alyssa Myers, Edward Oyarce-Solomon, Justin Pham, Lillie Pincus, Simrin Player, Evan Sagadencky, Simon Schuh, Rae Srivastava, Amaria Stern, Kaylin Sturtevant, Jakevis Thomason, Jake Tribus, Adam Vesperman Visiting artists to USC Kaufman are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.


Choreography: Matthew Neenan World Premiere: 2018, USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance Music: La complainte de l’aveugle and Orawa by Wojciech Kilar Lighting Design: Michael Korsch Costume Design: Kathryn Poppen Rehearsal Assistant: Aurora Vaughan Londyn Alexander, Makayla Bailey, Sidney Chuckas, Teá Devereaux, Chryssa Hadjis, Zach Manske, Win McCain, Jainil Mehta, Juliette Ochoa, Edward Oyarce-Solomon, Camryn Pearson, Matthew Perko, Simrin Player, Alexandra Policaro, Sidney Ramsey, Evan Sagadencky, Simon Schuh, Zackery Torres, Aurora Vaughan, Shayna Weintraub, Mariano Zamora Gonzalez, Sasha Zitofsky Visiting artists to USC Kaufman are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.

VIDEO STAGE NOVEMBER 2 & 10, 2020 Video Stage is a screening of original dance films created by USC Kaufman BFA students and alumni, USC Kaufman faculty, as well as Advanced Composition and Dance & New Media students. Showcases curated by faculty members Dawn Stoppiello and Patrick Corbin. USC Students Timmy Blankenship Valerie Chen Cameron Cofrancesco Stefano Gallelli Sydney Gamble Jona Huang Anne Kim Eileen Kim Anijah Lezama Daniel Mangiaracino Win McCain

Jainil Mehta Jordan Powell Juliette Ochoa William Okajima Edward Oyarce-Solomon Sidney Ramsey Hayden Rivas Anja Tempel Anthony Tette Wyeth Walker Brodie Wolf

USC Kaufman Faculty Bonnie Homsey Bruce McCormick Amy O’Neal Dawn Stoppiello USC Kaufman Alumni Juan Posada Jakevis Thomason

SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS (INVITE-ONLY) NOVEMBER 4 & 11, 2020 Members of the Class of 2021 share exciting plans for their senior project presentations and debut their performance and choreography reels. November 4 Simon Schuh Aurora Vaughan Téa Devereaux Shayna Weintraub Zach Manske Chryssa Hadjis Sidney Chuckas Evan Sagadencky Londyn Alexander Juliette Ochoa

November 11 Mariano Zamora Gonzalez Simrin Player Matthew Perko Alexandra Policaro Sidney Ramsey Camryn Pearson Zackery Torres Makayla Bailey Win McCain Edward Oyarce-Solomon

The Class of 2021 Senior Projects are supported in part by The Collaborative Projects Fund and the generosity of The Cheng Family Foundation.

ELECTIVE EXPERIENCE NOVEMBER 9, 2020 The Elective Experience, directed by lecturer Achinta S. McDaniel, is a celebration of the dance electives offered at USC Kaufman. USC students from a wide range of majors will show what they’ve learned in their fall dance elective courses!


Choreography, Concept, and Visual Treatment by: Saleemah E. Knight Music: Watermark by DJ Rum Production and Direction by: Saleemah E. Knight Rehearsal Manager: Jennifer Mc Quiston Lott Student Rehearsal Assistant: Isabella Caso Edited by: Adam Agostino Costume Design: Saleemah E. Knight and Spencer Saccoman Eli Alford, Ciara Billups, Emily Carr, Isabella Caso, Luke Csordas, India Dobbie, Anijah Lezama, Benjamin Peralta, Anthony Tette

About Deep Sleep

"Deep Sleep" is a new Contemporary Jazz work originally created for live performance and readapted for the screen upon the Covid-19 pandemic. Knight's choreographies comment on the use of Africanist aesthetics such as polycentrism, youthful attack and polyrhythmic interpretation, juxtaposed the postures of European-based forms that traditionally prioritize "line," verticality, and linearity in movement. The choreography asks the dancers to explore contemporary ideas in Jazz Dance in direct conversation with the multi-intelligence of Black Dance practices that are abundant within Contemporary Dance, yet often viewed as separate from the Contemporary Dance idiom. The work's narrative explores the stages of sleep from non-Rem to Rem, and dream state to "awake state", by drawing on notions of relaxation, anxiety, insomnia, paralysis, and lethargy. The piece uses the element of water to comment on the body's ability to potentially experience all phases amidst a lucid dreamwhere the body is submerged in water. Parallel to the stages of sleep, the water is also assumed to move through various phases throughout the piece, from calm to turbulent, causing the body to react in a multitude of ways resulting in the performed composition.


Direction, Choreography, and Editing by: Hope Boykin Original Text by: Hope Boykin in collaboration with the Dancers Narrated by: Hope Boykin, Aimee Brotten, Valerie Chen, Isaiah Franklin, Ryan Phuong, Jada Vaughan Ashton Benn, Aimee Brotten, Marcel Cavaliere, Valerie Chen, Jasmine Cruz, Jonathan Cubides, Nicole Denney, Atticus Dobbie, Isaiah Franklin, Jau'mair Garland, Paige Litle, Diego Lopez, Jonacy Montero, William Okajima, Hope Patterson, Amanda Peet, Chase Peterson, Ryan Phuong, Hayden Rivas, Ava Sine, Anja Tempel, Jada Vaughan, Kaylin Williams, Louie Williams

About ... and here WE are.

... and here WE are. is a deep dive into the true feelings of the newest members of USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. This class is brave, fearless, and hungry for knowledge. Without knowing what tomorrow will bring, they tackle their emotions, mixed confusion, and doubt in full transparency. During the most difficult of circumstances, we learn how they are doing, what they are feeling, and how they expect to overcome. USC Kaufman Artists in Residence are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.


Choreography: E. Moncell Durden in collaboration with the Dancers Music: Taratnella by Carmelo Pansero; Finale from The Blue Pearl, Op. 160 by Erkki Melartin; Celloppa by The Piano Guys; Flamenco Guitar by Spanish Guitar ; Allons Danser Colinda by Lee Benoit; Big Spender by Cy Coleman and Dorothy Fields; Nuh Ready Nuh Ready by Calvin Harris (featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR); Salsoul Hustle by The SalSoul Orchestra Edited by: Justin Epstein Lauren Brophy, Stefano Gallelli, Colin Heino, AJ Joehl, Ava Noble, Syera Plitt, Emma Sutherland, Jada Walker, Jessalyn Ward, Brodie Wolf


Filmed by: Hope Boykin and the Dancers Directed by: Hope Boykin Music: The Pines (Live at Ronnie Scott’s) by Bill Laurance Trio Edited by: Terri Ayanna Wright Eli Alford, Bella Allen, Dylan Amsterdam, Ciara Billups, Emily Carr, Isabella Caso, Cameron Cofrancesco, Ava Cosentino, Luke Csordas, India Dobbie, Davon Farmer, Nina Gumbs, Jona Huang, Anne Kim, Anijah Lezama, Elise Monson, Casey Murray, Benjamin Peralta, Jordan Powell, Christian Smith, Anthony Tette, Wyeth Walker

About Our Voices, Currently Renewed.

Our Voices, Currently. was inspired by each of the members of the USC Kaufman Class of 2022. The artists expressed their need to be seen and heard, their desire for community and support, and I believe a confirmation they are absolutely enough; perfectly and wonderfully made just as they are. They came to this process with open hearts and minds, and the movement created speaks to their collective and individual passions and strengths. With a soundtrack of complex, bright and brilliant sounds by Bill Laurance and his trio, this work will live just as each of the artists has given their best life to it. Special thanks to Jackie Kopcsak for her support and advisement. USC Kaufman Artists in Residence are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.


Concept, Direction, Choreography, and Editing by: Francesca Harper Music by: Nona Hendryx Text Credits: “Movement” written by Sidney Ramsey and spoken by Juliette Ochoa, Edward OyarceSolomon, and Sidney Ramsey; “Headlines” edited and spoken by Téa Devereaux and Zach Manske; “You Built My Insanity” written and spoken by Aurora Vaughan; “Unmolded” written and spoken by the Class of 2021, edited by Sidney Ramsey; “Waters Down” written and spoken by Juliette Ochoa and Edward Oyarce-Solomon Film Supervision and Editing: Derrick Belcham Repetiteur: Thomas McManus Assistant Choreographer: Maleek Washington All Choreography, Filming, and Editing Developed in Collaboration With: Makayla Bailey, Téa Devereaux, Chryssa Hadjis, Zach Manske, Juliette Ochoa, Edward Oyarce-Solomon, Camryn Pearson, Matthew Perko, Simrin Player, Sidney Ramsey, Zackery Torres, Aurora Vaughan, Shayna Weintraub, Mariano Zamora Gonzalez

About The Dichotomy in/convenient Figures

The concepts and spoken word segments included in these films result from and are inspired by the experiences of each individual student. They are not representative of the entire group of dancers or USC Kaufman as a school. We ask that you watch the following films with an open mind and willingness to understand the individual perspectives of the dancers. Visiting artists to USC Kaufman are supported in part through generous funding from The Choi Family Artists in Residence Fund.

*Co-presented by USC Visions and Voices.

About Hope Boykin Hope Boykin is a choreographer, educator and former member of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Performing professionally for over two decades, she has traveled the world and learned many lessons, which she never hesitates to use as food and fuel for her performances. As a result, Boykin has garnered many awards and honors, including a much-acclaimed New York Dance and Performance Award (Bessie). Born and raised in Durham, North Carolina, Boykin is a three-time recipient of the American Dance Festival’s Young Tuition Scholarship. She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. before moving to New York City to study at The Ailey School. Boykin worked as assistant to choreographers Milton Myers and the late Talley Beatty and was an original member of Complexions Contemporary Ballet. She danced for many years with Philadanco, The Philadelphia Dance Company. Boykin joined The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in 2000, where she performed her duties as a dancer as well as her work as an educator, mentor, speaker and choreographer until 2020. She has choreographed three works for the Company: Acceptance In Surrender (2005), in collaboration with fellow Ailey company members Abdur-Rahim Jackson and Matthew Rushing; Go in Grace (2008), for the Company’s 50th anniversary season with music by the award-winning singing group Sweet Honey in the Rock; and r-Evolution, Dream. (2016), inspired by the speeches and sermons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with original music by Ali Jackson. Recently, Boykin was selected as a 2019-2020 Urban Bush Women Choreographic Fellow and is also working in theater where she has choreographed for the Atlantic Theater’s Homecoming Queen, Public Theater’s Public Studio The Loophole and New York City Center’s Encores Off-Center Promenade. Boykin strives to bring young, aspiring students to a healthy understanding and efficient methods of technical and artistic movement. As she shares her knowledge and expertise of the Horton Technique, classical and other modern, jazz and contemporary dance styles, she insists on an honest and positively driven atmosphere which allows her classes, coaching and studio time to be effective, exciting and memorable. Boykin combines life’s greatest influences and personal experiences to construct, design, inform and display her ideas, all while continuing to build her vocabulary of movement – defining her voice and style. Many have been a vehicle to help her create and share new works, collaborate with composers, and hone her ‘Movement-Language’ as a dance-maker and choreographer. Working with Philadanco, University of The Arts, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Minnesota Dance Theater, Ballet East, The Ailey School, The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and the company in her name, HopeBoykinDance, continues to bring confirmation that her voice is relevant and remains important within the dance world today. In 2019, Boykin joined the faculty of the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance as an Artist in Residence for the 2019-2020 academic year. Find Boykin on Twitter and Instagram at hbdance and Facebook as HopeBoykinDance. About E. Moncell Durden E. Moncell Durden is a dancer, educator, practitioner, historian, ethnographer, author and documentarian. An Assistant Professor of Practice at the University of Southern California's Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, he specializes in the pedagogical practices of what he calls the Morphology of Afro-Kinetic memory (social dance forms over the last four centuries). Durden’s knowledge and practice of social dances date back to his early childhood learning dances of the early 20th century from his parents and other elders. Durden performed with Rennie Harris Puremovement for 10 years; held a seven year appointment at Drexel University, a five year

appointment at Wesleyan University and a two year appointment at the Yale School of Drama. Durden has taught at the University of Bogota Colombia and Balletakademien in Sweden, just to name a few. His published works appear in Jazz Dance: A History of the Roots and Branches and SAGE Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America. His first book, Beginning Hip-Hop Dance, is published by Human Kinetics. His first documentary, The History and Concept of Hip-Hop Dance, was produced by Dance-Time Publication, His documentary appearances include “Uprooted” a new documentary on jazz dance, “The Choreography of Comedy” a look at the history and influence of eccentric dance, and "Why We Dance," a documentary that explores our nature and desires to dance. Durden’s second documentary will go deeper in the roots of African American dance. He recently developed an online hip-hop course for NDEO (National Dance Educators Organization), and is currently developing a lecture performance, a podcast and writing a new book titled Dancestry: The Dance, the People, and the Culture. Durden just finished writing two new articles, "The Morphology of AFRO Kinetic Memory," for a new book titled 21st Jazz Dance and Connecting Hip-Hop History and Heritage for the first hip-hop dance anthology published by Oxford Press. About Francesca Harper Francesca Harper is an internationally acclaimed multi-faceted artist. After being named Presidential Scholar in the Arts and performing at the White House, Harper attended Columbia University for a summer studying philosophy and computer programming, but could not deny a passion inside that moved her to pursue a professional career as a dancer. Harper joined the Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Junior Company that same summer and joined the main Company the following year. She performed soloist roles with the DTH, such as the Hostess in Bronislova Nijinska’s Les Biches and soloist in Swan Lake. After Dance Theatre of Harlem, she fell in love with the choreography of William Forsythe. She joined his company, Ballet Frankfurt, quickly started performing lead roles, and soon after was promoted to Principal. While a member of Ballet Frankfurt, Harper was chosen to perform with designers Issey Miyake and Gianni Versace, and to perform in a film, Dancing Pleats, a 30-year retrospective of Issey Myake’s design work in Japan. She performed Miyake’s and Versace’s fashion shows in Paris and Milan as well. She was also spotted singing on the Frankfurt stage and subsequently invited to record her first single, Slow Groove. Slow Groove was produced on a compilation album and distributed in the U.K. and throughout Europe. She self-produced her own album, Modo Fusion, currently available on iTunes. While still a member of Ballet Frankfurt, she first tested the waters choreographically by creating her first full evening of work, Dark Violet Light Stone, commissioned by The Holland Dance Festival. The vastness of her artistry and hunger led Harper back to New York City for Broadway productions including Fosse, The Producers, All Shook Up, The Frogs, and the Tony nominated treasure The Color Purple. As a member of The Color Purple she understudied the roles of Shug Avery and Squeak. This led Harper to booking her first Principal Broadway Roles as Helene in Sweet Charity and as Judith in Sophisticated Ladies. She also created her first play that appeared at the Cherry Lane Theater in New York, 50 minutes with Harriet and Phillis, produced by Anna Deavere Smith, in creation with her aunt, Pulitzer Prize Winning writer Margo Jefferson and Paul Miller a.k.a DJ Spooky. Most recently she was invited to develop a new character for the interactive show Sleep No More, where she sings every week at The McKittrick Hotel in New York City as jazz vocalist, Cecilia Robertson, aka Ceci. Harper was also newly appointed Artistic Director of the Movement Invention Project® (MIP®) of NYC, where she continues to encourage young artists to explore beyond their extremities and enhance their creativity. Harper has choreographed works for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Ailey II, Tanz Graz, Hubbard Street II, Dallas Black Dance Theater, and her own company, The Francesca Harper Project, which was founded in 2005. Her TV appearances include Boardwalk Empire, David Letterman, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Harper also served as ballet consultant for the feature

film, Black Swan, by Darren Aronofsky, and starring Natalie Portman. Portman went on to win an Oscar for her performance in the film. Harper was also a featured performer in Zinnias – The Life of Clementine Hunter directed by Robert Wilson, touring internationally with the production. She received a Living History Award in 2013 during Black history month from Long Island University, as well as the Innovation and Technology Award for her choreography for Fashion Week with designer Louis Vuitton. For more information, please visit About Saleemah E. Knight Saleemah E. Knight, BFA, MFA, is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist in the concert and commercial dance realms, TV-personality, choreographer, television host, lifestyle influencer and professional dancer. She is a founding faculty and professor of dance at the highlyacclaimed University of Southern California Glorya Kaufman School of Dance. Knight is a fellowship recipient and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona School of Dance. Her technique training stems from reputable concert dance companies, such as Gus Giordano Chicago, Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and River North Chicago. Saleemah has danced the works of renowned concert dance choreographers such as Donald Byrd as well as Bill T. Jones, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Bebe Miller, Doug Varone and Dwight Rhoden among many others. Knight has been a featured dancer in Disney’s production of The Lion King Broadway Musical and has danced alongside international recording artists and icons, such as Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Jillian Michaels, Jamie Foxx, Ludacris and Tyrese as well as other prominent artists. Knight has also danced on several notable network television programs and shows such as the Billboard Music Awards, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and The Daytime Emmy’s. Her choreographic expertise has grabbed the attention of entertainers worldwide. She has been the selected choreographer for various performers, ranging from MTV Asia, to “The Bay to the A” Tour, featuring well-known recording artists E-40, Rick Ross, Lil’ Jon and Busta Rhymes. Saleemah’s choreography has also been commissioned by award-winning director and film producer Jessy Terrero of Cinema Giants for music videos and live performances for international Latin-X stars such as Daddy Yankee, Wisin (formerly of Wisin y Yandel) and Chiquis Rivera. Saleemah has been a guest master teacher for Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company’s Summer Intensive, Break the Floor’s “Dancerpalooza”, Dance Magazine’s “Dance Teacher Summit” and Tremaine Dance Conventions. She was recently invited internationally as a guest master teacher at the DAR Jazz Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. Saleemah has been highlighted in Dance Magazine as a premiere Jazz Dance master teacher in higher education and is currently featured as a Jazz Dance historian and narrator on UPROOTED: The Journey of Jazz Dance documentary/ feature film alongside dance icons and choreographers such as Debbie Allen, Mandy Moore, Josh Bergasse and Chita Rivera, as well as iconic scholars such as Thomas DeFrantz. She currently teaches Jazz Dance technique to BFA Dance Majors, minors and non-majors ranging from vernacular, to concert, to Broadway, to commercial, to contemporary Jazz Dance styles and has designed and re-developed several theory courses such as “World Perspectives on Dance,” “Dance in Popular Culture,” “Origins of Jazz,” “Choreography for the Screen,” and “Commercial Dance: Professional Dance Preparation” for the Bachelor of Fine Arts dance curriculum as well as the musical theatre curriculum at USC Kaufman. She continues to bring her academic expertise, professional and vibrant attitude to recording artists, dance programs, performing companies and academic universities worldwide.

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Anne Kim (BFA ’22) | Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

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