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Reticular Veins treatment DC and Marietta at affordable cost

What are reticular veins? Reticular veins are found deeper under the skin therefore they are less visible. These are smaller than varicose veins but larger than spider veins. They have 13 millimeters in diameter. They are also called “feeder veins” and may have blue, red or purple color. They are mostly found in thighs, knees and lower leg area. Reticular veins are often the result of hereditary issues or hormonal imbalance. Sclerotherapy for reticular veins treatment DC Sclerotherapy is usually done to treat reticular veins. Sterile solution is directly injected into the veins which irritates and cause them to swell and seal shut. Affected veins are absorbed into the local tissues and gradually disappear completely. Below are three types of sclerotherapy are commonly used for the treatment of varicose veins. • Laser assisted • Foam Sclerotherapy • Ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy When to seek medical assistance? If you are experiencing any of the below symptoms, then immediately seek medical assistance from reputed clinic for vein treatment Marietta, GA. Delay in treatment can cause serious complications to the patients. • Itching • Burning sensation • Discomfort in legs • Dull aches • Skin discoloration • Swelling • Cramps • Redness on legs and ankles • Restless legs

Tips to prevent veins problem • Wear comfortable footwear • Avoid using high heels regularly. Low-heeled shoes offer better blood flow to your legs. • Avoid sitting crossed legs. • When you sit crossed legs for long hours, chances of the weakening of vein valves increase. This sitting posture will slow down blood circulation in the legs, cause vessel damage and may give rise to spider veins and varicose veins. • Say no to tight denims. • Avoid wearing tight denim pants or skirts which tighten your waist, legs or groin area. This is because tight outfits cause backup of blood in the lower edges. • Use sunscreen. • Sunscreen is beneficial in treating skin cancer and premature aging. But did you know it is also helpful in preventing spider veins? Use sunscreen that reduces the risk of spider veins. • Shift to low salt diet and consume more high fiber foods. Fibers eliminate constipation which contributes to varicose veins. Less consumption of salt is beneficial in reducing swelling due to varicose veins. • Regular exercise provides strength to legs, improves blood circulation and also strengthens veins. Exercises like walking and running are good for health. For more information about the best vein treatment Marietta, GA, visit our website at USA Vein Clinics that offer best treatment for reticular and varicose veins in Marietta and around the nation.

Affordable Reticular Veins Treatment DC And Marietta  
Affordable Reticular Veins Treatment DC And Marietta  

USA Vein Clinics offers reticular vein treatments in DC and Marietta at very affordable price. If you are suffering from any reticular vein...