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Welcome to the largest and oldest youth snowboarding and freeski organization in the world!

Welcome to the USASA! January 1, 2014 It’s been a great year celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the largest and oldest snowboard and freeski organization in the world! This spring at Copper Mountain, the celebration continues with the 25th annual presentation of the USASA National Championships. Over 1,000 snowboarders and 500 skiers will descend upon Summit County for ten days of exciting, highend competition from all corners of the nation. We hope that you’ll join us to watch the action! In this Winter Olympic year, it’s great to see so many former and current members of the USASA competing in Sochi, Russia. Virtually every member of the 2014 United States Olympic Snowboard Team began their competitive freestyle career as a member of our organization. We continue our mission of providing fun, fair competitive events at the grassroots level, to build a strong competitive foundation for snowboarders and skiers across the nation. To provide new and exciting opportunities to grow the sport we developed a number of new programs this year, including, but not limited to: • The 9 and Under Free program. At select series across the country, any member of the USASA, nine years of age or younger, may compete in USASA events, free of charge. This provides young athletes and their parents a wonderful, low cost opportunity to compete in events at no cost, other than their annual membership fee. Other youth programs are offered at USASA events in conjunction with Burton Snowboards including presentation of Riglet Parks and Lil’ 2014 | Media Guide Rascals contests focusing on fun! United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association | USASA

• Banked Slalom events for snowboarders. Riders who win their age group classifications at the series level earn an invitation to the 2014 USASA National Championships to compete for the national title in banked slalom. We hope to expand this offering to skiers next year. • The USASA GoPro Video Games Contest provides young athletes who love to film their friends in the park an opportunity to compete for their series video champion title and move on to compete for the overall national title, winning great prizes for themselves and their series in the process. • Complete website upgrade, updated synchronization software improvements and expanded automation to improve the online registration, data search and ranking experience for our members. • Launch of our new “live” app that allows fans, coaches, parents and athletes the option to look up results, during USASA contests, on their smart phone or other mobile device, while the contest is taking place. As we prepare to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our National Championships, we invite you to join us at Copper Mountain, March 29th – April 10th to watch the action. Please review the information you will find in the following document to learn more about the USASA. Thank-you for your interest in our organization.


Pete Davis, USASA Executive Director

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The Road to Gold Begins Here

ABOUT THE USASA: United States of America Snowboard Association is dedicated to supporting recreational and competitive snowboarding and freesking within 30 regional series throughout the United States of America. Since 1988, the USASA has fostered the competitive spirit of snowboard athletes and developed a solid grassroots organization that allows boys and girls of all ages and abilities to participate in over Media Guide | 2014 500 organized snowboard and freeski events that qualify for national and international competition. See USASA | United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association the complete event schedule and more at Š USASA All Rights Reserved - Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

Mission & Vision The mission of the USASA is to facilitate fun and fair events for all ages across the country, to attract snowboarders and freeskiers, promote their development, provide member education, and influence the future of our sports. Our vision is to be the premier snowboard and freeski organization in the United States. 2014 | Media Guide United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association | USASA Š USASA All Rights Reserved -Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

Virtually every member of the U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team started their competitive career in the USASA. “I grew up riding the green mountain series in Southern Vermont, it gave me great experience that led me to where I am today.” ~ Kelly Clark, X Games Champion, Olympic Gold Medal “I went to the first USASA nationals and several after that. It was my first big snowboard trip/ event and a place I got to test my riding against the best in my age group from all over the country.” ~ Ross Powers, Olympic Gold & Bronze Medal, 4x X Games Medalist Media Guide | 2014 USASA | United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association © USASA All Rights Reserved - Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

Our Story 1988 -

Former amateur surf coach Chuck Allen incorporates the United States Amateur Snowboarding Association (USASA) in July with a $500 donation from Transworld SNOWboarding Magazine. USASA is the first governing body exclusively for competitive grassroots snowboarding. The organizers believed that by forming a national association for snowboard competitors, rules of competition could be standardized, an annual national championship event could be established, and the recreation and fun of this rapidly growing sport could be preserved and flourish.

Each year has seen an increase in the number of competitors participating within the USASA. Top riders from each series qualify to compete in the annual national championships. Regional series host a wide variety of events including snowboard slalom and GS, halfpipe, rail jam, boardercrossÂŽ, skiercross, slopestyle and new this year: banked slalom.

1989 -

Craig Kelly and Kerri Hannon accept positions to serve on the USASA Pro Advisory Board, enabling them to have direct input into the affairs of the USASA, especially in the area of formulating rules for the amateurs.

1990 -

The USASA holds their premiere national championships in February, at Snow Valley, California. The worst snowstorm of the decade hits just before the event and closes all roads to Big Bear. Amateur snowboarders from all over the country are left stranded. A rescue caravan of locals led by USASA founder Chuck Allen sneaks the competitors past the police barricades and gets them to the contest on time.

1991 -

USASA Presi-

2014 | Media Guide United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association | USASA Š USASA All Rights Reserved -Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

dent Don Sather hosts Nationals at Mt. Hood Oregon. The event is sponsored by Mountain Dew, Lib Technologies, Black Diamond, and Checkered Pig.

1992 -

Gordon Robbins hosts Nationals at Stratton Mountain, Vermont. Don Sather is reelected President.


- In an effort to work with US Skiing and Snowboard organization (USSA) the Two organizations agreed on a combined National Championships at VAIL, CO. Don Bostick is elected President, Tom Collins is elected Secretary/Treasurer.

1994 -

Don Bostick and Tom Collins are welcome with open arms to new resort Sierra at Tahoe (formerly Sierra Ski Ranch). Nationals is expanded to a four day event with the addition of SlopeStyle. Four weeks prior to the event Don Bostick has a cliff accident and breaks his back. Tom Collins picks up the over-

all supervision of the event. Both Don and Tom are re-elected.

and LXD. Gary Pehrson and Jay Erickson are re-elected.

1995 -

1998 -

tion (ISF) choses Telluride for the Junior World Championships and USASA decides to pool resources and stays at Telluride for an additional year. BoarderCross is added as a fifth event. Jason Toutolmin is brought onboard to tabulate.

Jay Erickson of the Upper Mid-West Series negotiates to have Nationals held in the middle of the country at Giants Ridge, MI and BoarderCross is added as a Trial event. Giants Ridge was the first year for the format that we use today. Four events going everyday with the age groups put into larger groups and rotated around to the venues.

Moving the event back to the center of the country, Telluride, Colorado opened their doors to welcome the USASA. Tom Collins elected President, office moves from Minnesota to Truckee, CA

Don Bostick and Tom Collins are re-elected.

USASA National Championships features over 1,000 athletes for the first time. Schalorship monies were added to the Nationals budget. Nationals check list was developed.

A concerned parent convinces the organization to create an executive board and hire an Executive Director. Over the course of several months, the Board chooses Tom Collins to become the first Executive Director.

For the first time Nationals repeat at a resort. The International Snowboard Federa-

This was the year adaptive athletes were invited and encouraged to compete in USASA

The book, “Extreme Snowboarding” by Pat Ryan is published with editorial content provided by Don Sather, Exec. Dir., USASA.

Shaun White wins the Grommet Age Group G.S. and Halfpipe at Nationals. Danny Kass takes Menehune title in Slopestyle at the same contest. Both riders would later go on to become double medalists in consecutive Winter Olympic Games ( White = 2 x gold, Kass = 2 x silver,)

1999 -

2000 -

USASA National Championships Waterville Valley, NH with 891 athletes in attendance. It rained before Nationals and stopped raining just long enough to complete the events.

1996 1997

- In an effort to save the Nationals because of schedule and resort commitment issues the event is moved back to the West Coast southern California. ESPN sponsors the event through the efforts of Jim Beau Andrews, Austin Hearst

The 1990 National USASA Team

- The Nationals are moved back to the East Coast, Mt. Snow/Haystack. Gary Pehrson is elected President, and Jay Erickson is named National Event Director

Media Guide | 2014 USASA | United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association © USASA All Rights Reserved - Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

Our Story 2010


- USASA Alumni make headlines at Vancouver Winter Olympics bringing home five medals from the Halfpipe venue.

Capstone Press publishes “Big Air Snowboarding” by Anne T. McKenna with content consultation provided by USASA.



- Mammoth Mountain hosts USASA National Championships. The new Executive Board elects Peter Green as the new President. Large amounts of snow inundate the event with 985 athletes in attendance.

- USASA Mission and Vision statements established. Rail Jam becomes an official competitive discipline at USASA regional events.


- Rail Jam featured at USASA National Championships for the first time.


- For the second time Nationals repeats at a resort. After 9/11/01 and a weak economy the overall sucess of the 2001 event prompts the organization to have Mammoth Mountain host again. There were 1,139 athletes in attendance.


- USASA Nationals hosted by Sunday River, Maine. The opening event also marked the start of the Iraq war. 1,025 athletes made it to Sunday River that year.


- Nationals move to Southwestern USA (Angel Fire, New Mexico.) The event is held with very little snow fall that year in the central rockies. 1,118 competitors in attendance.


- Keeping the Nationals in the center of the country the winning bidder for the event is Copper Colorado. 1,363

Pete Davis hired as USASA Executive Director. athletes in attendance.


- USASA Nationals held at Northstar, Tahoe because of the course building capabilities provided by SnowTech Technologies. 1,447 athletes attended


- In the third repeat of a resort hosting Nationals Northstar at Tahoe again hosts the National championship. Jason Toutolmin is elected as the new Executive Director of the organization. 1,500 athletes in attendance.


- USASA Nationals return to Copper Mountain and remain there for following consecutive six years. The event expands to six days and over 1,600 athletes competed.

2014 | Media Guide United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association | USASA © USASA All Rights Reserved -Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

The USSA honors the USASA with the Russel Wilder Award for oustanding contribution to youth. “Without USASA, the USA would not be able to dominate in the sport of snowboarding as we do today.” ~ USSA Snowboard Sports Committee


- ADK Series Director Mike Kirchner named Comp Director for 2013 USASA National Championships, second year.


- “9 and Under Free” program, Banked Slalom and Nationwide Video Contest introduced.

The USASA National Championships have been held at Snow Valley, CA (1990), Mt. Hood, OR (1991), Stratton, VT (1992), Vail, CO (1993), Sierra at Tahoe, CA (1994), Giants Ridge, MN (1995), Mt. Snow, VT (1996), Bear Mountain & Snow Summit, CA (1997), Telluride Colorado (1998 & 1999), Waterville Valley, NH (2000), Mammoth Mountain, CA (2001 & 2002), Sunday River, Maine (2003), Angelfire, NM (2004), Copper Mountain, CO (2005), Northstar at Tahoe, CA (2006 & 2007), Copper Mountain, CO (2008) and the USASA National Championships will stay at Copper Mountain, CO through 2017.

2014 will be the 25th Annual USASA National Championships!

Media Guide | 2014 USASA | United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association Š USASA All Rights Reserved - Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

USASA Members Cover FIVE Regions Across the Country. Making up 30 Competitive Series. ROCKIES

Aspen Snowmass Big Mountain West/Intermountain Rocky Mountain Southwest Colorado Southwest Freeride


Big Alaska Central Oregon - Enter The Dragon Mt. Hood Idaho Mountain Inland North West North Tahoe South Tahoe Southern California The Unbound

“The USASA Foundation and its support for the young children of America are the biggest reason I had a chance to win an Olympic medal. If not for the USASA, I would never have had a chance to compete at the junior level. It gave me “Those weekend events, turned into national the tools and experiences I would need events, into international events, into a profesfor my entire career as a professional sional snowboarding career. It’s been such a snowboarder. I came from the MASS blast watching my friends progress, and share (Mid Atlantic Snowboard Series) and the dream! We all started in the USASA. I have will forever be thankful to everyone who so many amazing memories with the USASA volunteered and helped keep our young and have made lifelong friends.” snowboarder’s dreams alive.” 2014 | Media Guide Chanelle Sladics, X Games Medalist, Dew Tour United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association | USASA Danny Kass, 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist Champion © USASA All Rights Reserved -Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

Holding Contests in twenty-three states. With 5,500 + Members CENTRAL

Huck Finn Mid-West Best Middle Earth Raging Buffalo Upper Midwest ALT

New England Maine Mountain Massachusetts New Hampshire Northern Vermont Southern Vermont


Adirondack Appalachian Catskilll Mountain Mid-Atlantic Western New York SnowOhio

“USASA was the first contest series I competed in. It allowed me to go to nationals and ride with the best rid“If it were not for the USASA I would have never ers my age from all over the country. broke out of Fresno. USASA has the competiNot only did that push my riding and tion ladder to get you to the top. Their events get my snowboarding career started have pulled so much talent together from many but I also now have a lot of friends to places where kids otherwise would never had a this day I met through USASA.” chance.” Louie Vito, US Olympic Team,Media X Games Andy Finch, US Olympic Team, 2003/2004 Grand Guide | 2014 USASA | United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association Champion Prix Champion © USASA All Rights Reserved - Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

Maggie Rose Carrigan

Taylor Gold


Codey Ellison

Aaron “AJ” Muss

Hagen Kearney

Serena Shaw

Jamie Crane-Mauzy

Hannah Merson

Meghan Graham

Nikolas Baden

Ethan Swadburg

Jacqueline Hernandez

I started snowboarding when I was 8 years old and right away I loved

it. That winter I jumped right into the competitions just for fun and to see a different side of the snowboarding community. At the time I was trying out every discipline within the USASA competitive series (slalom, giant slalom, boarder cross, half pipe, and slope style.) Those weekends were some of the most exciting times I’ve had as a third grader. The years went by, and I have continued to love and compete within the USASA competition series, forming true bonds with not only the other competitors but also the staff and volunteers. Now I have really set my sights on one discipline: half pipe. The USASA series have always been the start for most professional snowboarders’ careers, preparing them for the world cups and grand prixs. It has not only prepared me for larger events, but has put the idea in my head of possibly going to the Olympics in the future. It is hard to put my feelings into words on what going to the Olympics would actually mean to me, but I can say that it would be an experience that I would never forget. It would be such an honor to be able to say that I was part of such an elite group of athletes that made it to the Olympics. To be able to say I competed in the same competition that legends such as Ross Powers, Danny Kass, Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter once medaled in would be incredible. The Olympics have always been something that have been in the back of my mind, but this past season I started to realize that one day it could be more than just a thought. It could become a reality. In the upcoming season I am hoping not only to progress in competitions and in skills, but also just to have fun! Can’t wait to see what the future will bring. 2014 | Media Guide Merson, Youngest member the 2013-14” USASA Snowboard Team ~ Hannah United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Associationof | USASA © USASA All Rights Reserved -Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille


Ryan Stassel

Hailee Mattingley

Julia Marino

Tania Prymak

Chase Josey

Brooke Shaw

Brett Esser

Eric Beauchemin

Brant Crossman

Peter Brichta

Faye Gulini

Lyman Currier

Notable USASA Alumni

Photo: USSA

Shaun White Kelly Clark Hannah Teter Danny Davis Kimmy Fasani Ross Powers Danny Kass Louie Vito Andy Finch Arielle Gold Gretchen Bleiler Keir Dillon …. and many, many more!

Media Guide | 2014 USASA | United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association © USASA All Rights Reserved - Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

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Media Inquiries | +1 (800) 404-9213 | @USASASNOW | 2014 | Media Guide United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association | USASA Š USASA All Rights Reserved -Photography by VAST Action & Jennifer Langille

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The United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association is the largest organization of it's kind currently in existence. Founded in 1...

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