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World Championships - Women

The USA women won five medals at the World Championships in London including two gold, a silver and two bronze. Bridget Sloan and Rebecca Bross went 1-2 in the all-around, plus Bross earned a bronze medal on bars, Kayla Williams won gold on vault and Ivana Hong won bronze on beam.

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14 World Championships - Men The men also had a good showing at the World Championships, with four of the USA gymnasts making finals. Danell Leyva just missed a high bar medal finishing fourth and Tim McNeill finished seventh in the all-around and fifth on pommel horse. Steven Legendre and Jonathan Horton both finished eighth on their event, floor and high bar, respectively.


18 Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup Trampoline and Tumbling athletes earned five medals in World Cup competitions in Belgium, Poland and Germany and made history for several accomplishments including having three men in the top 10 of the world rankings. Logan Dooley, Steven Gluckstein, and Kalon Ludvigson were the medal winners and share their success stories.

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28 2009 Rhythmic World Championships O lympiC and European champion Evgenia Kanaeva of Russia won six gold medals, becoming the most decorated rhythmic gymnast in history. U.S. gymnast Julie Zetl in placed 27th in the all-around and was one of four reserves for the all-around competition, while Ava Gehringer was 34th in the rankings. The USA Group p laced 16th.

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ON THE COVER: Bridget Sloan, Rebecca Bross, Kayla Williams and Ivana Hong photo by John Cheng

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nside USA gymnastics • It's that time of year again, when USA Gymnastics athletes represent our country at World Championships. This past month in London, the artistic Worlds took place and the USA women won five medals, including first and second in th e all -around . Bridget Sloan and Rebecca Bross led the charge, along with teammates Kayla Williams and Ivana Hong . This now represents the third time in five years of World or Olympic competition where the USA women have finished first and second in the allaround competition . In 2005, it was Chellsie Memmel and Nastia Liukin in Melbourne, and last year in Beijing with Nastia and Shawn Johnson . Since 2003, the U.S. women have maintained a position on the podium in the all-around at every Worlds or Olympic Games, including gold in five of those years . Newcomer Kayla Williams literally vaulted to the top of the wo rld's podium by winning the world gold medal in her first international event . Hard to believe that just this past May she was competing in J .O. Nationals . And, Ivana Hong left her mark by claiming a bronze on balance beam . The men started the new quad with four of our si x gymnasts qualifying to finals. It was a coming out party for Tim McNeill, who was ranked third after the all-around preliminaries, and finished seventh in the finals . The team's veteran Jonathan Horton continues to demonstrate that he will be a force internationally and a leader for this team during the next few years . Congrats to all of the men for the determination and potential they displayed.

Trampoline and tumbling athletes ex perienced great success during World Cup competition this fall. Steven Gluckstein and Logan Dooley earned the first U.S. men's synchronized trampoline gold medal at a World Cup, and Dooley went on to win a gold medal in individual trampoline, also a U.S. first . Kalon Ludvigson also won a go ld medal and two silvers at three World Cup competitions. He becomes the first U.S. men's tumbler to win a gold medal at a World Cup in 10 years. We wish the athletes good luck when they compete in the World Championships Nov. 7-15 in St. Petersburg, Russia .

• •

USA Gymnastics clubs are in full swing with kids flying around the gym and in competitions . We look forward to following the progress of many Junior Olympic competitors over the next few months in the Nastia Liukin Cup Series. In the next issue of USA Gymnastics (Jan/Feb 2010), we'll announce the club and individual who raised the most money for the Children's Miracle Network in celebration of National Gymnastics Day. Donations are due by Nov. 9 to be included in the contest. After hearing about all of the outstanding celebrations that took place around the country, it will be exciting to learn which club and individual will be the top fundraisers for this year's contest.

Season's Greetings to all of you. See you in the gym .

At the Rhythmic World Championships in Mie, Japan, the U.S. athletes improved their rankings over previous World Championships. Julie Zetlin was one of four reserves to the all-around finals and the group finished 16th, improving their ranking from the 2007 Worlds .



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1111 USA WOMEN EARN 5 MEDALS AT THE 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Photos by John Cheng record-breaking 73 countries and more than 1,200 gymnasts, coaches and officials participated in the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships, which featured competition in the all-around and individual events, in the 02 arena in London, England, Oct. 13-19. The U.S. women earned five medals including two gold, a silver and t wo bronze. In the women's all-around competition, Bridget Sloan of Sharp'S Gymnastics and Rebecca Bross of WOGA finished one-two in the standings with scores of 57.825 to 57.775, just a small margin of .050 separated the two. "I didn't even look at the scores or notice them," said Sloan, who was a member of the 2008 Olympic Team that won the silver medal. "At the very end of the meet, Marvin (Sharp, her coach) came up and said, 'Look: and I went, 'Oh my gosh, did this just happen?' Looking at how close it (the competition) was, that is about as close as you can get." The USA won the top two world spots on ly one other time, four years ago in Melbourne, Austra lia , when Chellsie Memmel and Nastia Liukin went 1-2 by just 0.001, respectively. The USA's Shawn Johnson also won the world allaround title in 2007, g iving the USA the coveted all-around crown in three of the last four World Champ ionships . "This is a tremendous moment for Bridget, Rebecca, and all of the coaches and athletes connected with women's program," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "Both athletes have worked hard to achieve this result and they are a testament to the continuing legacy of success being developed within our country."



The battle for the title went down to the last event, the floor exercise . Bross had a comfortable lead over Sloan by 1.275 and just needed to hit her floor routine to win the title. However, Bross went last, and fell on her final tumbling pass (two and a half twist punch brani) which gave her a 12.875, and moved Sloan into the top spot. Bross and Sloan started the competition on vau lt. Both gymnasts performed a Yurchenko double full and both had small steps on their landings, earning a 14.525 and a 14.825, respectively. Bross nailed her difficulty-packed bar routine, including a full twisting double back dismount, and posted a 15.075. Sloan earned a 14.800 for her routine, where she stuck her full twisting double layout dismount. On beam, Bross was first up in her group and had a strong routine, including a standing Arabian and a double Arabian dismount. She scored a 15.300, which moved her into first in the standings at 44.900. Sloan had a few wobbles on beam, which resulted in a 14.000 and put her into second place in the all-around w ith 43.625. Sloan did an impressive floor routine that included a one and a half to triple full, a Randi, a pike full -in, and a double pike dismount. She tallied a 14.200, giving her a 57.825. Bross, who was up last on the event, has a strong f loor routine that included a front layout to double front. The routine was going well until she put her hands down while landing her last tumbling pass, wh ich earned her



• •

III a 12.875 and a total score of 57.775. "It was a little bit of a shock (when I won)." said Sloan. "Going into floor, I knew that second place was a very good possibility. At same time, I was just hoping for the best for both of us." Bross, who trains at the same gym with 2008 Olympic allaround champion Liukin, competed in her first World Championships, as well as her first senior level international meet. "I'm very happy with what I did," said Bross. "I had a mishap on floor on my last pass, but that happens and there is nothing I can do about it. I wasn't really thinking about medals or scores . I was just trying to work on what I had to do and do it to the best of my abilities ." During event finals, Newcomer Kayla Williams of Huntington, W. Va ., won the vault world gold medal. Although she was competing in both her first World Championships and international event, Williams looked like a veteran when




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Photos by John Cheng the men's side, the U.S. team included veteran Jonathan Horton and five other gymnasts all competing in their fi rst World Championships -- Jake Dalton, Wesley Haagensen, Steven Legendre, Danell Leyva, and Tim McNeill . After preliminaries, the USA's McNeill of Falls Church, Va., scored an 88.775 for third place, behind current leader Kohei Uchimura of Japan, who scored 90.925 . 2008 Olympic silver-medalist Horton of Cypress Gymnastics was in fifth place with a score of 88.000. In addition, four of the six USA gymnasts qualified to finals including Legendre of Flower Mound, Texas, on floor; Leyva of Uni versa l Gymnastics in Miami, on high bar, McNeill in the all-around and on pommel horse and Horton in the all-around and on high bar. "I think it has been more than 20 years since we had four of our six guys make finals at the World Championships," said Ron Brant, the men's national team coordinator. "We have one of the youngest teams here - three who are 23 and one each at 17, 18 and 20. I'm impressed because this shows that our training plans are working, that our athletes have taken it to heart and that we have continued leadership within the team even t hough we have reloaded after the last two Olympics." During finals, McNeill finished seventh in the all-around, hitting all six of his routines and finishing with an 87.150. His top scores of the competition were on vaul t where he scored a 15.300 for his Yurchenko double full and pommel horse where he scored a 15.000 for his routine which included full Kehr. He also scored a 14.500 on floor, a 14.325 on



rings, a 14.200 on parallel bars and a 13.825 on high bar. "I'm pretty excited (about finishing in the top 10)," said McNeill, who trains at the University of California - Berkeley. "Parallel bars gave me a chance (to move up in the rankings), and if I could change one thing, it would be to go back and redo that routine . Overall, I gave it my best, and I put everything out there .. " 2008 Olympic silver-medalist Horton had a disappointing evening, finishing 17th in the all-around. He got off to a rough start on the first two events, floor and pommel horse, which unfortunately dropped him in the standings. His rings routine was solid and earned a 14.900 and hit his handspring double front vault to score a 15.750. He continued to build momentum with a well-done parallel bars routine that received a 15.125. A missed release move on high bar dropped his score to a 13.650 and


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he ended with an all-around total of 84.300. "It's gymnastics," said Horton. "It's a tough sport. Things happen and they happen for a reason, I believe. It's the world championships, and some things you just can't explain. I am going to continue to train my hardest when I get back. My heart is always in this game. I feel I belong on that medal podium, if not at the top, and I am going to train harder than I ever have so I can come back next year." Kohei Uchimura of Japan easily won the all-around with a total score of 91.500. Hometown favorite Daniel Keatings of Great Britain was second at 88.925, with Russia's Yury Ryazanov in third at 88.400. Leyva thrilled the crowd on high bar with his series of release moves and a jam hop to earn a 15.450 and a ticket to the finals with his fourth place ranking . On the parallel bars, he scored a 14.825. Legendre scored a 15.475 for his floor routine, which landed him in seventh place and a spot in the event finals. Also making his World debut, Haagensen of Colorado Springs, Colo./U .S. Olympic Training

Center, competed on both pommel horse and still rings. He earned a 13.875 for his pommel horse routine and a 14.875 on the still rings . Jake Dalton of Sparks, Nev./University of Oklahoma, landed his vault, a Kazamatsu oneand -half, but missed his second vault, a front handspring double full earning a combined average of 15.875. During event finals, McNeill executed a clean routine and finished fifth on pommel horse, scoring a 15.150. Legendre finished eighth on floor with a score of 14.950. "I am happy I got as far as I did," said Legendre. "I am not completely disappointed in myself, but obviously I would have liked to have done a little better in the finals. It definitely was a learning experience for me." Leyva just missed the medal stand on high bar, finishing in fourth place with a 15.600 and a routine that thrilled the crowd with a series of release moves, a jam hop, and a layout double-double dismount. Horton attempted a ramped up version of his Olympic high bar routine, but missed a Kolman and landed short on the layout triple double dismount to

score a 13 .250. "My nerves were really, really high today," said Leyva . "This is my first world championships, and I was really excited . I controlled myself before I competed, and it obviously paid off." "It's kind of a bittersweet, mixed bag of feelings," said Brant, who will join the U.S. Olympic Committee staff in the near future. "If you look at 2005, we had one guy in the finals and didn't medal to start that quad . This time we begin the quad with four guys in the finals, and three of them are at their first Worlds. Obviously we wanted to see a medal come through, but if you are not in the finals, you don't have a chance of making a run at it. The depth of the program has increased, and we need to use this as our motivation, like we did last time." X

.• I



•. 1



Sept. 1 at the Trampoline and Tumbling Ostend, Belgium, the USA's Logan Dooley of Calif., and Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Hig won the USA's first men's World Cup gold they c"-hed the synchronized trampoline went on to win the first men's individual Kalon Ludvigson of Pocatello, Idaho, ing the men's tumbling silver medal. Continued on the Next Page

KALON LU'DVIGSON USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to win the gold medal in tumbling at the World Cup in Germany? Kalan : It was amazing. Going into finals in third, I had the chance to watch the final two competitors compete after I was finished . My coach Justen and I were watching the scores flash on the score board . I had an overall feeling of satisfaction when I saw that I had won.

Heading into the synchronized trampoline finals, U.S. duo Dooley and Gluckstein sat in first place and were the last to compete. "It was a little nerve-wracking," said Dooley. "[Heading into the competition] I knew Steven was going to hit his routine, and he knew I would hit mine, which is a pretty comfortable place to be . All we had to do was stay together." Dooley and Gluckstein did not know they were the USA's first World Cup gold medalists until after the medal ceremony. "We were up in the stands when Ann (Sims, the trampoline program director) told us we were the first," said Gluckstein. "We were shocked and so proud." In men's individual trampoline, Dooley went on to win a second gold medal, with Gluckstein fin ishing fifth . "To go to a World Cup where the USA typically is not expected to get to finals and then have two competing in the finals was exciting," said Dooley. "Then to win two was incredible. It was an awesome experience to hear the anthem; it was overwhelming ." Ludvigson's silver in tumbling rounded out the USA's medal count in Belgium . "It was disappointing to have a mistake in my first pass and end up in second," said Ludvigson. "I have a few more chances in Poland and Germany to make up for my mistakes. Our original plan was to



do two passes that I know I can hit, but training was going so well that we decided to add difficulty. For Poland and Germany, I will be more conservative and hope that higher execution scores will help me earn gold ." At the World Cup in Zielona Gora, Poland, Sept. 4-5, Ludvigson earned his second World Cup silver medal in two weeks. In men's synchronized trampoline, the duo of Gluckstein and Dooley, finished just off the awards podium in fourth place . Gluckstein was eighth in men's trampoline. In women's synchronized trampoline, Alaina Williams of Amarillo, TX., and Nani Vercruyssen of Honolulu placed seventh in the finals . At the World Cup in Salzgitter, Germany, Sept. 12, Ludvigson, 21, won the first USA gold medal in men's tumbling in 10 years . Team Revolution's Ludvigson, who sat in third place after the senior men's tumbling prelims, won his first World Cup gold medal, the first U.S. tumbling gold medal since Rayshine Harris won in May 1999 in Aachen, Germany. "It's awesome to know that I'm competitive at the world level, and not only fighting for medals, but GOLD medals. USA Gymnastics caught up with each of the USA World Cup medalists and talked to them about their successful competitions.

USA Gymnastics: You also won the silver medal at the World Cup in Belgium and in Poland. Can you talk about each of these competitions? Kalan: I was happy to win a silver medal in Belgium but I wasn't happy that I lost by 0.1. I had some technical errors on my first of two passes which cost me. My final pass was the highest scoring pass of the entire competition, so without the mistake I could have won . It was bitter sweet in Belgium . My coach and I decided to be more conservative for the event in Poland. After the first pass in finals I was in first place . After my second pass, which was lower in difficulty than normal, I dropped to second . My coach and I weren't thrilled about my placement, but it's still a World Cup silver medal. USA Gymnastics: What were your tumbling passes? Kalon: My two passes I competed in the Germany World Cup were ... . Roundoff, full-in full-out straight, whip, flic flac, full-in straight, whip, flic flac, full-in double full-out straight (also called a Miller). My second pass was: Roundoff, full-i n straight, whip, flic flac, full-in full-out straight, whip, flic flac, full-in full-out tuck.

• •



.',. ~


LOGAN DOOLEY USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to win the USA's first men's World Cup gold medal in synchro at the World Cup in Belgium?

KALON LUDVIGSON continued USA Gymnastics: What was the best part of the trip? Kalon: My favorite part, besides winning of course, was being with all of the athletes. USA Gymnastics: What is your next goal? Kalon: My next goal is to train hard and perform well at World Championships in November and hope to come home with a medal! USA Gymnastics: What is the best part of tumbling? Kalon : The best part of tumbling is that the sport teaches athletes to push themselves and do things that others don't think are possible. USA Gymnastics: What is the toughest skill you've ever learned? Kalon: The biggest skill I've ever done is a triple twisting, triple back. It's called a full-full-full. I've never competed it though . USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite skill to do in tumbling?


Kalon : My favorite skill is either a Miller (full-in double full-out) or a triple pike . USA Gymnastics: Walk me through a normal day for you? Kalon : I wake up at 7:30 a.m . and go for a mile run . I do morning training from 10-12:00 p .m . After morning practice I relax and do homework. My second training begins at 4 p.m . and goes until 6 or 7 p.m . I condition for 30 minutes then run for 2 miles before dinner, and I go to sleep around 11 p.m.

Logan : When Steven and I won the Synchro event, I think we were both as happy as you can get. And we didn't even know right away that we were the first American men to ever achieve that goal. I felt like it represented not on ly the perseverance and determination of those who have lead the way for our sport, but it represented the true American spirit. USA Gymnastics: Tell us about your routine? Logan : We hit a really good routine, with a 15.6 degree of difficulty, and stayed in good synch for the whole routine. USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to win a second gold medal on men's individual trampoline? Logan : Once I realized that I had actually won a World Cup competition, I felt a pretty overwhelming sense of joy. And when I found out that this was also a "first" for the USA, it actually sent a chill through me. USA Gymnastics: Which event do you like the best synchro or individual - and why? Logan: I like both. I tend to put more pressure on myself in individual to comp lete each skill, but with synchro I concentrate on staying in synch with Steven . USA Gymnastics: What was the best part of the trip?

USA Gymnastics: Are you going to school? Kalon : Yes, I'm taking online classes from Idaho State University and I'm a pharmacy major. X

~ 21

漏b!fu! Team


~ Justen Millerbernd ~ Pocatello, Idaho

~ Idaho State University ~ Pharmacy


Logan: There's no question that the most memorable experience of this trip was standing on the awards podium and feeling this incredible sense of pride as our National Anthem was playing . USA Gymnastics: You and Steven finished fourth in synchro at the World Cup in Poland - can you talk about that? Logan: Every competition is a new challenge because you 're always striving to do better than you did the last time. Whether it's at the national level or the international leve l, the pressure is pretty intense. But the World Cup events in Belgium and Poland were even more nerve-wracking beca use the competition at that level is amazing and you're representing yo ur country. Sometimes the difference of just a tenth of a point wil l mean the difference between winning gold or placing fourth. It's all in the eyes of the judges. In the World Cup in Poland, we



were just two tenths of a point shy of a medal - but still a pretty nice position for the in terms of internationa l ranking.


USA Gymnastics: What is your next goal? Logan: Th e World Championships. USA Gymnastics: What is the best part of doing trampoline? Logan: I think one of the best things about th is sport is that it's li mitless in its progression. There wi ll never be a maximum degree of d ifficulty, so there will always be a new cha ll enge. USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite skill to do on trampoline? Logan : Barani Bailout 5.1 difficulty.

USA Gymnastics: Tell us about your routine? Steven : Logan and I scored our highest score yet. We stayed almost perfectly in sync. USA Gymnastics: Did you and Logan talk about winning before your routine? Steven: No way! We went into this competition hoping for a medal, we didn't care what color it was. USA Gymnastics: Which event do you like the best - synchro or individual - and why? Steven: I can't say which one I like better, they are both important and fun . Synchro is a little less stressful because the mistakes that are critical in individual aren't so in synchro, plus synchronized scores are worth much more. We perform our regular routine we do everyday on auto-pilot and divert most of our focus to being synchronized. I like them both for different reasons, and I couldn't do one and not the other. USA Gymnastics: What was the best part of the trip? Steven; Hearing the National Anthem from the top of the podium!

USA Gymnastics: Walk me through a normal day for you? Logan: At the gym by 1 p .m. for first training session (1-3 :15 p.m .); coaching from 4-6:30 p.m.; second training session (6:30-8 :30 p.m .). X


©b!:ful World

Elite Gymnastics - Rancho Santa Margarita, California ~ Robert Null ~ Lake Forest, California ~ Saddleback College dkeful Trampoline Coach ~ Trampoline, the beach, Trampoline, spending time with friends, and Trampoline!

USA Gymnastics: What is your next goal? Steven: My next goal is set for World Championships. I hope to place in the top 15 for individual (scoring above 70) and medal for Synchro. USA Gymnastics: What is the best part of doing trampo line? Steven : The best part of trampoline is getting to travel th e world to see new things and experience new cultures. Also meeting friends from across the globe and seeing old friends. USA Gymnastics: What is the toughest skill you've ever learned? Steven : I have worked Quad tuck into a pit, but the toughest skill I've learned thus far would be triffus rudi out pike (triple front pike with one and a half twists) . USA Gymnastics: What is your favorite skill to do on trampoline? Steven: Half in Ado lf out pike USA Gymnastics: Walk me through a normal day for you?

STEVEN GLUCKSTEIN USA Gymnastics: How did it feel to win the first gold medal for the USA in synchro at the World Cup in Belgium? Steven : When Logan and I realized we won the World Cup we were ecstatic, we were on a high. Once Ann (Sims) told us it was the first gold medal for the USA, we were no longer happy for ourselves, but proud of how far we've brought the sport for our country.



Steven: Wake up at 7 a.m. to get ready for an 8 a.m. class. I leave class to go straight to the gym for training. After training I have a 30 minute break before I start work. I'll work for about three hours, sometimes more depending on the day. If a big competition is coming up, like world championships, I'll train again at night after work. I go home, study, sleep, and wake up and do the same thing again. On Sundays I usually sleep in and then go skydiving . X

~ 19

©b!:ful Ultra Twisters ~ Tatiana Kovaleva (1996 Trampoline

World Champion) ~ Atlantic Highlands, NJ ~ Brookdale Community College

dkeful Gymnastics Instructor ~ Skydiving

.- Vcour IYlac ~A h-Ine ~ r-Ine liunlng


~ SportsPcljorl1lallceCellter

_ _ By Stephanie Young CSCS, tiJSAW



ave you ever thought about your body in comparison to a car? For example, if a car's tires are out of alignment it makes for a pretty rough ride at first, but what happens down the road? Different parts of the car start to compensate for this misalignment and supplementary parts have to work harder in order to keep the car moving. The car may run but much less efficiently. In the future this may be detrimental to the internal parts of your car. The same is true for the human body. The human body is a kinetic chain in which appropriate postu re and alignment provides optimal structural and functional efficiency, favorable for peak performance . The kinetic chain has an incredible way of finding ways to compensate. Just like a car, if the body's functional demands are exceeded in a certain area of the body, then tissue failure occurs, leading to overuse injuries. A number of compensations are seen in the sport of gymnastics. Consequently, over time, many overuse injuries are prevalent especially in the lumbar spine. Some injuries seen in sports, like the knee and lumbar spine, are derived from the flexibility and mobility in the hip and hip flexors. One common dysfunction seen is in the psoas musculature. The psoas musculature acts directly on the lumbar spine as a whole inserting to the inner thighs near the hips. As shown in illustration, it acts to flex and rotate the thigh, and flex and laterally bend the spine. This muscle is important in protecting the spine during hip flexion and rotational movements. Without flexibility and mobility through this muscle, the ability to flex the hip past 90 degrees is impossible without compensation. Compensation is especially seen in the split stretch. To complete this exercise many gymnasts lack flexibility and mobility through the psoas and compensate through arching the lumbar spine. What is commonly seen is a significant curve in the lower back otherwise called a lordotic curve . This is one prime example of compensation, while there are many others that Tensor may present itself throughout training for the sport of gymnastics. Therefore the flexibility and mobility of the psoas muscles should be a key part of a gymnasts' training plan . With this knowledge about the psoas musculature, a general warm-up and cool down magnus




_ _ _ _ ------A~

before and after practice is recommended to prevent injury to this muscle but especially to the surrounding anatomical areas. A number of exercises could playa pivotal part in preventing injuries.

Stride with hip flexor (Fig. 1). To complete this exercise the gymnast stands with one hip and knee flexed by placing foot on a table/mat (height is approximately mid-thigh or higher). The opposite extremity remains extended with the foot flat on the floor. The torso and spine should be in a neutral and erect posture. The gymnast fires the glute to extend the hip, enough to feel a stretch in the front of the hip. Pay attention to extension through the hip and not the back. A lordotic curve will present itself if the gymnast is extending through the back. Stride with Side Glide (Fig. 2). Figure 2 shows the gymnast standing with hip flexed and knee flexed with the foot placed on the table. Maximal stride position should be assumed. The opposite leg should be extended at the hip and knee. The torso and spine should be in neutral and erect posture. The gymnast leans towards the table maintaining erect spine, and pushes flexed hips toward the extended leg while reaching with the opposite arm. Keep hips parallel to the table .





Stride with Spinal Rotator (Fig. 3). Standing with the hip and knee flexed with the foot placed on the table. The opposite leg should be extended at the hip and knee. The torso and spine should be in neutral and erect posture. Lean toward the table maintaining an erect spine slightly bending the knee, and rotate spine toward flexed hip. Figure 3 the gymnast is shown completing this exercise. All exercises shown should be held for no more than 5 seconds and completed 5-10 times before beginning any other warm-ups for training or competition.



Learning about the role of the psoas musculature in training and competition should motivate you to take 10 minutes of your time with this daily routine to better equip your body to prevent injuries seen at the lumbar level. 1\



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lympic and European champion Evgenia Kanaeva of Russia swept the all-around, all four event titles (rope, hoop, ribbon and ball) and was a member of the winning Russian team at the 2009 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships in Mie, Japan. She became the most decorated rhythmic gymnast in history as the only gymnast to win six gold medals at a Rhythmic World Champ ionships. She won the all-around title with a score of 113.85. Her Russian teammate Daria Kondakova finished second with a 113.250 and the Ukraine's Anna Bessonova was third with a 110.375. The top USA finisher Julie Zetlin of Bethesda, Md., and Rhythmflex Gymnastics, placed 27th in the allaround with a total score of 72.550 and was one of four reserves for the



all-around competition . This was Zetlin's second World Championships. She said, "I was very pleased with my routines at Worlds. I was glad I could hit my routines at the most important

competition in the world, other than the Olympics. The USA's Ava Gehringer of Naperville, III., and Northshore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center, was 34th in the all-around rankings (taking into consideration on ly two per

country can qualify into the all-around finals) with a 70.975. Gehringer was the alternate at the 2007 World team. She said, "Overall I was really pleased with how I performed. I was able to show how hard I've worked for this opportunity and although I made a few minor mistakes I couldn't have asked for much more. During the group all-around finals, Italy earned the all-around title with Belarus coming in second and Russia in third . Competing for the USA was North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center's Stephanie Flaksman of Northbrook, III.; Megan Frohlich of Marysville, Wash. ; Kristin Kaye of Northbrook; Sydney Sachs of Deerfield, III.; Sofya Roytburg of Buffalo Grove, III .; and Marlee Shape of Buffalo Grove. The USA finished in 16th all-around, significantly improving their final ranking of 23rd at the 2007 Rhythmic Worlds. X

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riley Casanova of WOGA and Jo hn Orozco of World Cup Gymnastics won bronze medals in the all-around at the 2009 Junior Japan International Competiti on on Sept. 22 in Yokohama, Japan. Russia's Viktoria Komova won the women's all-around with a 59.800. Natsumi Sasada of Japan finished second with a 56.100. Casa nova, 14, earned a 55 .300 to finish thi rd, just ahead of the USA's Sophina Dejesus of SCEGA at 54 .950 . World Cup Gymnastics' Orozco, 16, scored an 86.700 to earn his allaround bronze , behind Japan's Chihiro Yosh ioka (89.350) and Shou Yokoyama (87.450) . Orozco won his third straight U.S. jun ior all-around crown at the 2009 Visa Championships . The USA's Jake Dalton of University of Oklahoma finished in si xth place (83.250) in the all-around, posting the



highest vault score of the all-around competition with a 16.100. During event fin als, Dejesus, 14, won the floor gold medal with a 14.300, Orozco earned the still rings silver with a 14.600, and Casanova claimed the uneven bars bronze with a 13.90 . Dejesus finished fourth on bars (13 .625) and fifth on vault (13 .800) and beam (13.150) . Casanova finished fourth on beam (13.350) and eighth on vault (13 .025) and floor (12 .375) . Orozco qualified for five event finals, finishing tied for fourth on parallel bars (14.100), sixth on pommels (13.550) and vault (15 .200) , and seventh on floor (14.150) . Dalton, 18, qualified for five event finals, finishing fifth on floor (14.650) and vault (15.450); t ied for fifth on rings (14.200); sixth on high bar (13 .500), and eighth on parallel bars (1 3.400). 1\

Women's all-around 1. Viktoria Komova, Russia, 59.800 2. Natsumi Sasada, Japan, 56.100 3. Briley Casanova, Dallas,Texas/WOGA, 55 .300 4. Sophina Dejesus, Temecula,Calif./SCEGA,54.950



Men's all-around 1. Chihiro Yoshioka, Japan, 89.3 50 2. Shou Yokoyama, Japan, 87.450 3. John Orozco, Bronx, N.Y.!World Cup Gymnastics, 86.700 Other U.S. finish 6. Jake Dalton, Sparks, Nev.!University of Oklahoma, 83.250

Dre?lml ~hl is Froud 10 F,esenllhe most eX'a.I..I isil~ leolAld des~n s ?l\r?lil?l~le

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ent results


u.s. junior men win friendly meet over Germany, Canada ~--------------~~~~

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The junior U.S. men's team convincingly defeated Germany and Canada in a friendly competition at the Olympic Training Center on October 24, 2009, in Colorado Springs, Colo. The U.S team, which was comprised of Dylan Akers of Kingwood, Texas/ Cypress Academy; CJ Maestas of Corrales, N.M./Gold Cup Gymnastics; Sam Mikulak of Newport Coast, Calif.!SCATS; John Orozco of Bronx, N.Y./World Cup Gymnastics; Cameron Rogers of Mint Hill, N.C,/Weyandt's Gymnastics; Jesse Silverstein of Suffern, N.Y./US Gymnastics Development Center II; and Chris Turner of Fremont, Calif./West Coast Olympic Gym. Acad . earned 346.750 total points, finishing first on every apparatus . Germany finished in second place with 324.900, while Canada took third with 324.250. A sweep of the all-around by the USA was led by Maestas, who won with a total of 87.000. Maestas also took first on still rings (15.100) and parallel bars (14.700). Silverstein earned second in the all-around with 85.400. Mikulak took third with an all-around score of 84.900, winning vault (16.050) and tying for first on horizontal bar (14.100) with Robert Watson of Canada. Orozco topped the other two apparatus, finishing first on floor exercise (14.800) and pommel horse (14.600). &i




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2009 World silver-medalist Daniel Keatings won the third stage of the Champions Trophy, Oct. 25, 2009, in Hannover, Germany. Keatings edged Romania's Flavius Koczi by 0.05, 89.175 to 89.125. Maxim Devyatovsky of Russia placed third with a 87.675, while American Joey Hagerty finished fourth with a 87.125. Both took a fallon pommel horse. The fourth and final leg of the 2009 Champions Trophy will be held Nov. 15 in Stuttgart, Germany. &i


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•• Pictured above L clockwise: Horizon Gymnastics, American Powerhouse TNT, California Sports Center, Patti 's All-American and St. Mary's Rec. and Parks Gymnastics

National Gymnastics Day 2009 By Mary-Kate Oreovicz


ational Gymnastics Day 2009 was a huge success! Clubs nationwide

celebrated and shared their enthusiasm and excitement for the sport of gymnastics within their communities. Thank you to all the clubs who have submitted photos and details about their event. If you haven't sent your photos in, it's not too late! Submit photos and a short description of your National Gymnastics day event to clubservices@ Here are some of the celebrations! California Sports Center/ San Jose, Calif. "Around 400 people attended and participants completed 8,603 cartwheels . We raised more than $2,000 during the 3-hour event. Plus, I made 15 circles and raised an additional $100+ on the spot for Children's Miracle Network." Dave Peterson , Club Owner Horizon Gymnastics Center/ Valparaiso, Ind. "We participated in the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Festival parade on Sept. 12. We thought it was a great way to celebrate National Gymnastics Day! " Linda Beach, Club Owner



American Powerhouse TNT/Rocklin, Calif. "We headed to the Westfield Galleria at Roseville for National Gymnastics Day to help promote gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling. We set up a little fitness challenge course with a beam, springboard, mat, and bar and had more than 275 kids take the Fitness Challenge." Susan Jacobson, Club Owner St. Mary's Recreation and Parks Gymnastics/ Lexington Park, Md. "We celebrated National Gymnastics Day by performing for a large crowd as the pre-game show for the Southern Maryland Bluecrabs minor league baseball game. There were many "ooohhhs" and "aaahhhs" as they flipped and twisted across the mats. The girls wore pink to show their support for Breast Cancer awareness night at the stadium ." Kelly Imhof, Club Owner Patti's All-American/Dyer, Ind. "We set up a booth and obstacle course at our town festival. We charged a small fee to go through the obstacle course to introduce kids to our wonderful sport. We raised $141 for Children's Miracle Network and had fun doing it. We put on a gymnastics and dance demo in front of the crowd of more than 300 spectators." Patti Komora, Club Owner



Pictured above L to R: (top) Women 's National TeamfTraining Center (bottom) Men's National Team, Universal Gymnasts Inc.

Men's National Team/Olympic Training Center Colorado Springs, Colo. Members of the senior men's national team shown at the World Championships Team Camp on National Gymnastics Day.

Universal Gymnasts Inc! Hilliard, Ohio Bobbi Montanari, Club Owner said, "Not only did our gymnasts work hard raising funds, but Sarah the Dog helped to raise funds for the Children's Miracle Network too! " Photo Credit - Western Executive Photography

Women's National Team/Olympic Training Center Huntsville, Texas Bela Karolyi , Chairperson of National Gymnastics Day with Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic Gold Medal All-Around Winner and Bridget Sloan, 2009 Visa Championships and World Championships All-Around Winner.

Mark your calendar now for National Gymnastics Day 2010 which is September 18. x discounts ~..consignment



Coverage is not available in all areas. See coverage map at stores for details. 36 not available in all areas. Š2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility. All rights reserved. AT&T, the AT&T logo, and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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2008 Olympic all-around champion Nastia Liukin of Parker, Texas, was elected as a member of the International Gymnastics Federation's Athletes' Commission. She was elected by the members of th e women's artistic gymnastics community at a meeting held in London in conjunction with the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships.



"It is an honor to be on the FIG Athletes' Commi ssion and represent the athlete voice," said Liukin, who ha s five Olympic and nine Wo rld medals to her credit. "Athlete reps attend the technical meeting s, where we can speak but not vote. I look forward to continuing the communication between the athletes and the FIG, and I hope I can help the athletes have more of a voice and to have more of an impact." ~

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On Oct. 2, 2009, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2016 Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during its meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark. The other cities in contention for the 2016 Games were Chicago, III., Madrid, Spain, and Tokyo, Japan. ~ 'fA Cut Above The Resr"

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m update


• •

.1 • 2009 World Cup gold-medalists Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif., Steven Gluckstein of Atlantic Highlands, N.J., and Kalon Ludvigson of Pocatello, Idaho, headline the U.S. Team that will compete in the 2009 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships, Nov. 7-15, in St. Petersburg, Russia. The U.S. Team for World Championships was determined by placement in the World Championships Selection Points System. Athletes gained points based on placements at three events: U.S. Elite Chalienge;Visa Championships; and the Final Selection Event, which concluded on Sept. 26. The top two athletes in the selection system rankings automatically qualified for the team and additional athletes were named by the selection committee

MEN Steven Gluckstein and Logan Dooley Michael Devine and Austin White TUMBLING _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - J MEN Kalon Ludvigson, Pocatello, IdaholTeam Revolution WOMEN Susannah Johnson, Roanoke, Va.lCapital Gymnastics Amy McDonald, McKinney, Texas/Eagle's Wings Athletics Leanne Seitzinger, Stafford, Va.lNovaks Kaitlin Tortorich, Haymarket, Va.lCapital Gymnastics

,, •.1, :

DOUBLE MINI-TRAMPOLINE 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM TRAMPOLINE MEN Michael Devine, Winnebago, III./J and J Trampoline Logan Dooley of Lake Forest, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics Steve Gluckstein, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.lUltra Twisters Neil Gulati, Laguna Beach, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics Austin White, Newport Coast, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics, alternate WOMEN Hayley Butcher, St. John, Ind.lMidwest Training Nani Vercruyssen, Honolulu, Hawaii/Hawaii Academy Alaina Williams, Amarillo, Texas/Matrix SYNCHRONIZED TRAMPOLINE WOMEN Nani Vercruyssen and Alaina Williams




MEN Tony Doles, Lubbock, Texas/Upsidedowners Kalon Ludvigson, Pocatello, IdaholTeam Revolution Stephen Raymond, Orlando, Fla.lStick It! Gymnastics Austin White, Newport Coast, Calif./World Elite Gymnastics Corey Whitfield, Detroit, Mich.l AGT Flipcity, alternate WOMEN Aubree Balkan, Carlsbad, Calif./Bounce California Sarah Gandy, Reno, Texas/3TI Sarah Prosen, Apple Valley, Minn.lGypsy Flyers The senior elite champions at the Final Selection Event, held Sept. 25-26 in Las Vegas, were: trampoline - Dooley and Vercruyssen; tumbling - Ludvigson and Seitzinger; double mini -White and Balkan; and synchronized trampoline - the team of Dooley and Gluckstein. ~


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2008 Olympic Team bronze medalist Sasha Artemev and Brianna Springer were married in Maui in September. Brianna is a junior and competes in gymnastics for the University of Denver. The couple resides in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

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The inaugural Nastia Liukin Cup will be held on March 5 featuring top gymnasts from some of the country's top invitationals. For information visit

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1:!.?.............. !ra!T!P.ol!n.e .~ ! 'N.o.rl~ .C.h~.Il!)ljon~.hip.s ....... ...S!:.PeW?b~~g/. ~u.~.................. . .1k14............. f~.t.~r~ .~h9.m.p'i.9~~hipsJ¥.l .... ........................~~I.ora.d.q . Sp.rin,gs, w. ...... ... ...... .



.12.~ 1~ ..............N~\ ~9~ch~~. 'N.O!.k~h9)l..................................C~I.or~.~.o .~p'~in,gs,


.1 ~)2 ... ......... .. W9!1~ .~ge.~~~o.up. .~o.ll!p.e.tit!~n. m)........................~!: .P~ter~.b~rg,. ~U.~ .................. . p.~ ~.9 ..............~ritjsh. ,Q)le.n.T~urn~ll!.en.t .~ ~\ on:!r~n.t {~~J .........G!.e9.t ~rj\a in. .......................... .


~:~ .................N.atj9n.a.I.T.QP.s.Te~rn. ~a.m.p. W'!.) ..............................~.9~S!~~/.Tx. .......................... . ~: 1, T.QP'~. B.~a.m.p. . ('N.J ...................................H.9~~t~~/.TX. .......................... .

.1?) !ea.ll!.Tra,i,nin.g.~a !T!P..........................~.9~st~n/.TX. .......................... .

.~q.1.q ... ........... ....................................... .............. ................. ....................... .......... . .f.. ~.I;i.F.l.'J.A.F.lY............ . . .... . . ... ..... ...... .... ...................... .................... . ..... .... ....... . ~:? ................'N.i~.ter. ~.up' .~halle.ngeJ¥'), .W ........................ .

.MA.F.l.C: .H......... .... .................................................................... .............................. .




.. • ,

~ ..... ...............N~st!a.,i,n .C~P' (W), .f!!~ ........................ . ~ ................... T'y's~n. ~.m.e.ric.a~ .C~P. (¥.!W) ... .......... .. ...................W~r~~ste!, .f!!~ ........................ . ~~~ 2.7. .... .. ... .....U~A. .Gy'Il! ~h.a .m.p.s ,(f!!)....................... ....Co.l ~ra~o. ~p'rjngs, W................. .




...... ... ... ......... ............. ....... ....... ... ... ...... .. ... .................... .. .......... ............ ............... ..........

.10...... ......... ... 'N.~Il!.e~} N.~.A~. .var!~u.s .................... . .15.~ 1? .............~~,n:s ,NCAA. .Cha.m.p'i.9~ship~.......... ....................... .w~~!p.0mt,..~X ........................ . p~ 2~ ..............W~Il!~n.'~. N.~.A.AS.h~ rn)l!~~s.~ip's!e!. f.~ ........................ .

~9.~f!!~Y. ~ ........ P.9.~ i.fic. Rill!.(¥.!WrrlJ .........................................Iv1~I.~~u.rn~,. A~S...................... .

~9.~ f!!~Y. ~ .........~~xe! .9.~astf.W~st. (Wl .........................................T~P'. . . . . .. . .. .... . ... . ..... ..............

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~:9. ................ 'N.~Il!~n.'s.J9 .N.atio.n~ I.~~.a ~p',ijl? .............................. . 9. ....................N~!ion~.I. 1 n.vjtat!!o~rn.9.m.e.nt.......................... .D.a!,,!X .............................. .

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)VN~ ................. ........................................... ................... ................................


p'~J' 2........ ..!ra!T!p.o! in.e.a.nd.!u!T!~Ii~g. J,o.N.a.ti~n.9!s...................Y!rg,i,nja.~e.a~n, yA. ................... .

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--A .. ,......' .. 0';:...





BALAN'E BEAM 15.087 14525 14.450 14337 14.262 14.225 14.200 13.287

1. Deng Linlin 2. Lauren Mitchell 3. Ivana Hong 4. Un Hyang Kim 5. E1isabetta Preziosa 6. Koko Tsurumi 7. Ana Porgras 8.YangYilin


15.000 14.875 14.550 14.450 14.200 14.100 13.425 13.125


16.000 14.875 14.675 14.675 14.650 14.600 14.575 11.950

1. Beth Tweddle 2. Lauren Mitchell 3. Sui lu 4. Anna Myzdrikova 5. Rebecca Bross 5. Ana Porgras 7. Deng Linlin 8.Jessica Gil Ortiz

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14.650 14.550 14.300 14.275 14.125 14.125 13.875 2.975

PARALLEL BARS 1. Wang Guanyin 2. Feng Zhe 3. Kazuhito Tanaka 4. Vasileios Tsolakidis 5. Yoo Won Chul 6. Epke Zonderland 7. Pham Phuoc Hung 8. Adam Kierzkowski


HORIZONTAL BAR 15.975 15.775 15.500 15.350 15.300 15.125 14.475 14.325

STILL RINGS 1. Van Mingyong 2. Jordan Jovtchev 3. O. Vorobiov 4. Zanetti Nabarrete 4. G. R. Stanescu 6. Matteo Morandi 7. Samir Ait Said 8. D. Rodrigues Pinheiro


16.150 15.825 15.625 15.600 15.500 15.175 14.375 13.250


16.575 16.337 16.287 15.850 15.775 15.650 15.650 15.425


15.675 15.575 15.550 15.325 15.325 15.300 15.250 14.750

POMMEL HORSE 1. Zhang Hongtao 2. Krisztian Berki 3. P. Sellathurai 4. Cyril Tommasone 5. Tim McNeill 6. Flavius Koczi 7. Robert Seligman 8. Louis Smith

1.Zou Kai 2. Epke Zonderland 3. Igor Cassina 4. Danell Leyva 5. Aljaz Pegan 6. Kohei Uchimura 7. A. Tsarevich 8. Jonathan Horton


1. Marian Dragulescu 2. Flavius Koczi 3. A. Golotsutskov 4. Matthias Fahrig 5. Thomas Bouhail 6. I. Botella Perez 6. Ri Se Gwang 8. Jeffrey Wammes

FLOOR EXERCISE 16.200 16.075 15.400 15.225 15.150 14.975 14.750 14.450

1. Marian Dragulescu ROU 2.Zou Kai CHN 3. Alexander Shatilov ISR 4. Kohei Uchimura JPN 5. Makoto Okiguchi JPN 6. Matthias Fahrig GER 7. Sepulveda GonzalezCHI 8. Steven Legendre USA

15.700 15.675 15.575 15.475 15.425 15.400 15.225 14.950

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aces In the gym


LEGACY GYMNASTICS ACADEMY Pearland, Texas Legacy Gymnastics Academy's Level 6team took the first place large team award at the Stars Houston Meel Lto R: Lauren VandeHei,Taylor Fore, Ashtyn VanVoorren, Abby Decker, Gci Sauer, Maria Carbajal. Hayley Unverzagl The team is coached by Miranda Repsher, Amanda Hammon, Megan Holbrook and Miguel Montesinos.


Albuquerque, New Mexico Madeleine, 12, is aLevel 9from Gold Cup Gymnastics. She won the all-around title at the State Meet and took sixth at Regional Championships. She went on to Level 9Westerns where she placed third on floor and sixth all-around with ascore of37.075.

Lexington, Massachusetts Jessica, 10, is aLevel 4gymnast at Northeast Rhythmics and is coached by Ralitsa KulmukoYa. At Regional's she took second in hoop and third on the regional team. She won gold in hoop at the JO Compulsory Championships and finished second all-around.

EMILYEISMA Medford, Oregon Emma, 12, started competing Level 4last year. She won bars, vault and was second all-around at the Oregon State meelln her first meet as aLevel 5, she scored a37.25 and was second all-around. She trains at America's Best Kids and is coached by Amy Inge and Dyan Vaughn

J Blue Springs, 1'10 This senior women's acrobatic group finished second at the 2009 Visa Championships in Dallas. Mallory is the base, Savanna is the top and Megan is the middle. The group is coached by Rhonda Francis and train at Acro Explosion.

.... ALEX RENKERT .... MIA LORD AND CAROLINE MITSCI-I I=ishe rs, India na Mia and Caroline qualified as l1-year-olds to the TOPS National Testing in Houston, Texas. Mia and Caroline train with agreat team of coaches at DeVeau's School of Gymnastics. Thanks to current coaches: Robin, Don, Beth and Tom!

Indianapolis. Ind iana Alex, 16, is aJr. Elite in Tumbling, Double-Mini, and Trampoline at Interactive Academy and coached by Shawn and Mandy Moore. Alex finished first DMT and third in Tumbling at Winter Classic and first on DMT and second in Tumbling at Visa Championships. He'salso a member ofthe 2010 j[ NationalTeam.

PARKETTE'S TOPS GYMNASTS Allentown, Pennsylvania These 10-11 year old girls from Parkenes traveled to Houston, for the TOPS National Testing. Lto R: Meredith Sylvia, Erica Fuchs, Ashley Szfranski, Ubby Jefferson and Taylor Lawson. They're coached by Julie Emerick and Milo Johnson. T

.... KI-IADIJAI-I I-IUDSON Cincinnati, Ohio Khadijah placed first and fourth all-around at the 2009 Level 9State Illeet and Regionals, respectively. She took second in the all-around at Level 9Easterns. She trains at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy and is coached by Enrique Trabanino and Betsy McNally.


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Binghamton, New York Brendan, 7, is the Level 52009 Region 7Champion on high bar and rings and was second in the all-around and on floor. Brendan is currently eight years old and training Level 6at Chenango Gymnastics. He's coached by Kevin Hallinan.



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she took the floor. Her first vault was a Rud i, which earned a 15.200. Sh e followed w ith a Yurchenko double full, which yielded a 14.975. Her average vault score was 15.087, which was 0.582 ahead of silver-medalist Ariella Kaeslin of Switzerland. "I am ecstatic," said Williams, who trains at Bozhi's Gym Nest. "I did the two best vaults that I could. Th ese have been the craziest past couple of weeks of my life, with training here in London, but there also is a feeling of accomplishment because I achieved my ultimate goal today." In a span of about five months, Williams has won u.s. Junior Olympic all-around, vau lt and flo or exercise titles; moved up to elite status; qualified for the Visa Championships, USA Gymnastics' national championships; won the U.S. vault title; made her first national team; was selected for her first international assignment, the World Championships; and won the world vault title. The West Virginian is the first U.S. woman to win a world title in the same year she won the Junior Olympics. Bross and Sloan competed in the bars final and Bross picked up t he USA's second medal of the day with her bronze on bars . Bross was the last gymnast up and hit her routine that tied Romania's Ana Porgras with a 14.675. Sloan earned a 14.600 for her solid routine. Olymp ic uneven bars champion He Kexin of China won the event with a 16.000 and Japan's Koko Tsurumi won the silver with a 14.875 . Hong earned the fifth medal for the USA, a bronze, with a 14.550 on her beam routine, which includ ed a flip flop, flip flop series into a double pike dismount. China's Deng Linlin won the event with a 15.000 and Australia's Lauren Mitchell was second with a 14.875 . "Going in to today I was getting a little nervous inside but I managed to get it under control and go out medal. "My routine wasn't as perfect as I'd li ke it to be, but this medal wrapped up my Worlds for me, and I am very pleased with my performance today." Bross also competed in floor finals, successfully performing her floor routine and scoring a 14.125, which tied her for fifth with Porgras. Great Britain's Beth Tweddle won the gold with a score of 14.650, Mitchell earned the silver w ith a 14.550, and China's Sui Lu won bronze with a 14.300. 1{


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Profile for USA Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics - November/December 2009  

USA Gymnastics - November/December 2009