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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009 • VOl. 29 • #10



EVENTS 2009 NOVEMBER 7-15 12-14 12-15 14-22 27-29

Trampoline & Tumbling World Championships Future Stars Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop World Age-Group Competition (TT) BritishOpenTournament 路 Stoke路on-Trent (AG)

MAY SI.Petersburg, RUS Colorado Springs, Colo. Colorado Springs, Colo. SI. Petersburg, RUS Great Britain

National TOPs Team Camp (W) National TOPs BCamp (W) FIG level 2 Academy, Acrobatic Gymnastics Dev. Camp & Nail. Team Open SIot5elect. (AG)

Houston, TX Houston, TX Portugal Houston,1X

2010 JANUARY 15-18 16 22-24 29-31

Acrobatic Gymnastics Super Clinic AcroBasics Course National Elite Qualifier (W) Sand Dollar Natl. Elite Qualifier (W) Metroplex

4-6 11-14 12-14 19-21

Winter Cup (M) Rhythmic Challenge (R) Natl. Elite Qualifier (W) All Olympia Natl. Elite Qualifier (W) Buckeye

TBD TBD Orlando, Fl Dallas, TX

FEBRUARY las Vegas, NV Colorado Springs, CO los Angeles, CA Columbus, OH

MARCH 5 6 26-27

Nastia liukin Cup (W) Tyson American Cup (M/W) USA Gym. Collegiate Champs (M)

Worcester, MA Worcester, MA Colorado Springs, CO

APRIL 10 15-17 22-24 'l9-Na{2 :m\rf2

Women's NCAA Regionals Men's NCAA Championships Women's NCAA Championships Pacific Rim (M/W/TT) level 9 East/West (W)

various sites Westpoint, NY Gainesville, Fl Melbourne, AUS TBD

W= Women R= Rhythmic AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics B= Business NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation.



Men's JO Nationals Women's JO National Championships National Invitational Tournament Acrobatic Gymnastics World Team Trials


Trampoline and Tumbling JO Nationals Virginia Chicago Cup/ Rhythmic JO Nationals (R)

Knoxville, TN Dallas, TX Dallas, TX Houston, TX


DECEMBER 2-6 6-10 8-17 18-22

4-9 6-9 9 TBD

Beach, VA Chicago, Il

JULY 10-12 14-18 17 23-25 23-25 25-28 TBD

Acrobatic Gymnastics World Age Group Competition Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships Rhythmic National Qualifier National Elite Qualifer (AG) CoverGirl Classic (W) Acro JO National Championships Men's National Qualifier

Wrodaw, Poland Wrodaw, Poland TBD Orlando, Fl TBD Orlando, Fl Colorado Springs, CO

AUGUST 8-19 11 -14 11 12-14

Youth Olympic Games Visa Championships (M,W,R,TT and AG) Annual Business Conference National Congress and Trade Show

Singapore Hartford, CT Hartford, CT Hartford, CT


National Gymnastics Day


World Artistic Championships


OaOBER Rotterdam, NED

USA Gymnastics Holiday Schedule Thanksgiving: Office closes at noon on Wednesday, November 25, remains closed November 26-27. Christmas: Office closed from December 24-January 3. Office re-opens Monday, January 4, 2010.

TR =Trampoline M=Men IT = Trampoline/Tumbling

GG = Group Gymnastics

TU = Tumbling


Steve Penny EDITOR


Grant Glas

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Chair: Peler Vidmar Vice·Chair: Paul Parillo Secrelary: Gary Anderson Treosurer: Morris Jim National Membership · Women: Tom Koll Nationol Membership· Women: Steve Rybacki Nationol Membership · Men: Yoichi Tomita National Membe~hip . Men: Russ FY5trom Notional Membership· Rhythmic Brooke Bushnell·Toohey National Membership · Trampoline &Tumbling: George Drew Notionol Membership · Acrobatic Gymnostics: Dr. Jay Binder Advisory Council: Mike Burns Advisory Council: Ron Ferris Advisory Council: Mike lorenzen Athlete Diredor . Women: Kim Zmeskal Athlete Diredor . Men: John Roethlisberger Athlete Diredor . Rhythmic Jessico Howard Athlete Diredor . Trampoline & Tumbling: Korl Heger Athlete Diredor . Acrobatic Gymonstics: Michael Rodrigues Public Sector: Frank Morshall Public Sector: Bitsy Kelley Public Sector: Jim Morris Public Sedor: Mory lou ReNon

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USA Gymnastics Participant Welfare Policy


H1 N1 and the Flu


Disney's Approach to Inspiring Creativity


Insurance Issues for Gymnastics Businesses: Understanding Surplus Lines of Insurance


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GYM N A 5 TIC 5 M E 5 5 AGE

c" :,:

Continuing with our focus on education, we are happy to report the launch of new educational opportunities. First, after an extensive review process, the Safety/Risk Management Certification course has been revised and is now complete and available to members. The 2009 edition of the Safety/Risk Management course can be conducted online or live. Course participants will find underlying philosophical changes in the courses as well as new and updated information especially in the areas of child abuse prevention, injury epidemiology, waiver and release forms and more. The beginning of 2010 will mark the launch of the Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction course. This is a core course of USA Gymnastics University Levell Certification within the Program and Recreational Colleges. The course is scheduled to be available online. Gymnastics Professionals and Clubs will find the fees for this course to be very reasonable, making it easy to gain certification . As a benefit of membership with USA Gymnastics, Professional, Jr. Professional, and Introductory Coach members will receive access to this new course complimentary. Other members of USA Gymnastics can register for the course for $15. And non-members can take the course for $25. The Fundamentals of Gymnastics Instruction course presents information on coaching philosophy, supervision and instruction, safety, teaching gymnastics skills, along with basic skill demonstration and technique tips. It is a terrific resource for new coaches and instructors and a helpful review for experienced gymnastics professionals. The Northeast will be a hotbed of gymnastics activity in 2010, as we have announced that Worcester, Mass., and Hartford, Conn. will be hosting the Tyson American Cup (March 6) and Visa Championships and National Congress (August 11-14), respectively. The Nastia Liukin Cup will be a new event for emerging elite athletes and held March 5, the n-ight before the Tyson American Cup. This competition will provide a high level opportunity for our up-and-coming gymnasts in the sport. The athletes will be chosen through the Nastia Liukin Cup Series, a group of invitationals around the country that have chosen to participate. For more information on the upcoming USA Gymnastics events, go to With the holidays approaching, be sure to check out all of the latest gear on - the official USA Gymnastics online store. You'll find something for everyone including outerwear, warm ups, and workout gear. For a limited time you can also get a FREE Carly Patterson CD with a total order of $100 or more. Have a great holiday season. See you in the Gym,

Steve Penny President & CEO



Options include: • Part-time or full-time • Tuition-free public schooling in many states • An accredited online private school available nationwide • Over 150 individual courses, including foreign languages, AP and electives available for direct purchase

Learn more at K12.CDM/BYMNASTICS. Or, call us at 866.968.7512.

USA GYMNASTICS PARTICIPANT WELFARE POLICY ADOPTED JUNE, 2009 Among USA Gymnastics paramount concerns are the welfare of gymnastics participants, especially minors, and providing a safe environment for its members . Because this continues to be a top priority for the organization , USA Gymnastics has adopted a Participant Welfare Policy that covers the organization's undertaking to promote a safe gymnastics environment. The Partici pant Welfare Policy was approved by the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors in June 2009 and is currently in effect. The Participant Welfare Policy outlines USA Gymnastics' commitment to providing a safe environment, as well as the requirements and expectations


its members.

The Participant Welfare Policy is printed in its entirety below.

Consistent with the mission of USA Gymnastics, l the welfare of gymnastics participants, especially minors, is of paramount concern. When any member, participant, coach, official, volunteer or staff member is subjected to abuse, whether physical or sexual, it undermines the mission of USA Gymnastics and is inconsistent with the best interests of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes USA Gymnastics serves.


Any physical contact with a participant that intentionally causes or is likely to cause the participant to sustain bodily harm or personal injury, including without limitation, striking, hitting, kicking, biting, shaking, shoving, forcing an athlete to train or compete when seriously injured or mandating excessive exercise as a form of punishment; (ii) Any physical contact with a participant that intentionally creates or is likely to create a threat of bodily harm or personal injury; (iii) Giving alcohol or inappropriate drugs to a participant; or (iv) Any violation of applicable law involving physical contact, or that is specifically designed to protect minors. (i)

USA Gymnastics is committed to promoting a safe environment for its members, participants, coaches, officials, volunteers and staff in all gymnastics disciplines. While there are limits to what USA Gymnastics can do, e.g., at the local level because USA Gymnastics does not own , operate or otherwise control gyms or gymnastics clubs, USA Gymnastics has adopted this policy to set forth the efforts it will undertake to promote a safe gymnastics environment, both solely and in partnership with other necessary parties, including member clubs, parents, athletes and the gymnastics community. (1) Definition of Abuse . Abuse, including child abuse, is defined in various sources, such as state statutes, case law, sports organization and professional association codes of conduct and training manuals, corporate and business workplace documents and human rights commission materials. USA Gymnastics has not adopted any specific definition of abuse; rather, it has chosen to defer to such general sources and definitions for reference and application, depending upon the circumstances. Nonetheless, in general, the following conduct may be considered abusive:

Physical Abuse .

Physical contact that is reasonably intended to coach, teach or demonstrate a gymnastics skill or to prevent or lessen injury (e .g., spotting, catching) does not constitute physical abuse. Infrequent, non-intentional physical contact, particularly contact which arises out of an error or a misjudgment on the part of the gymnast, participant or coach, does not constitute physical abuse. (b)

Sexual Abuse. (i) (ii)

Rape, incest, fondling, exhibitionism or sexual exploitation; Any form of sexual contact or inappropriate

l The mission of USA Gymnostics is to encourage participation and the pursu it of excellence in all aspects of gymnastics.



(iii) (iv)




touching, unwanted physical contact, unwelcome advances or requests for sexual favors; Any form of wanton or obscene gesturing, lewd remarks or indecent exposure; Sexual abuse of a minor includes, without limitation : • Touching a minor participant for the purpose of causing the sexual arousal or gratification of either person; or • A minor participant touching any person, if the touching occurs at the request of or with the consent of such other person, for the sexual arousal or gratification of either person; Neither consent of the participant to the sexual abuse or contact, mistake as to the participant's age, nor the fact that the sexual abuse or contact did not take place at or in conjunction with a gymnastics function is a defense to a complaint of sexual abuse; Sexual abuse also includes sexual misconduct described in the Code of Ethics, including, but not limited to: • Soliciting or engaging in sexual relations with a minor; • Engaging in any behavior that utilizes the influence of a member's position as coach, judge, official or administrator to encourage sexual relations with an athlete or participant; or • Engaging in sexual harassment by making unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, where such conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment; or Any violation of applicable law involving sexual misconduct or child abuse, or that is specifically designed to protect minors.

(2) Legal Reporting Requirements . USA Gymnastics will follow applicable law in reporting abusive situations to the proper authorities. If, in USA Gymnastics' reasonable and good faith judgment, reporting to the proper authorities is necessary to protect a person from the possibility of further abuse, it may make such report even if not compelled by law to do so. (3) Reporting Suspected Abuse. Any person who reasonably and in good faith believes a member of USA Gymnastics has abused another person, whether physical or sexual, such person may notify the USA Gymnastics National Office pursuant to Article 10 of the USA Gymnastics Bylaws.

At least two USA Gymnastics staff members, one of each gender, shall be trained to receive telephone inquiries regarding abuse. The staff members shall: (i) Inform the caller that a written and signed complaint must be received for USA Gymnastics to initiate its grievance procedures against a member of USA Gymnastics pursuant to Article 10 of the USA Gymnastics Bylaws and offer to provide a copy of the grievance procedures to the caller; (ii) Advise the caller that USA Gymnastics may be legally obligated to report the allegations to the proper authorities even if no complaint is filed pursuant to Article 10; (iii) Encourage that the victim(s) seek professional help, if appropriate; (iv) Complete a Telephone Inquiry Form and submit it to the Executive Office; • The Executive Office will determine, with the assistance of legal counsel if necessary, whether USA Gymnastics has a legal reporting requirement based upon the inquiry and act accordingly; • Telephone Inquiry Forms will be filed and indexed by the alleged perpetrator and will become a part of any applicable misconduct / grievance file . (4) Implementation of the Misconduct/Grievance Procedures. At least two USA Gymnastics staff members, one of each gender, shall be trained in the proper implementation of the member misconduct and grievance procedures contained in the USA Gymnastics Bylaws. (a) One of the trained staff members will be designated to implement the procedures for each complaint; (b) The designated staff member will determine whether the accused is a member of USA Gymnastics; (i) If the accused is a member of USA Gymnastics, the matter should proceed in accordance with the existing applicable policy; (ii) If the accused is not a member of USA Gymnastics, the staff member should notify the complaining party of the inability of USA Gymnastics to pursue the matter internally, as a courtesy to the complaining party; (c) If not already completed, the Executive Office will determine, with the assistance of legal coun sel if necessary, whether USA Gymnastics has a legal reporting requirement based upon the complaint and act accordingly; (d) The designated staff member will "shepherd" th e complaint through the process set forth in the USA Gymnastics Bylaws.

(a) Te lephone Inquiries.



(5) Confidentiality. Because of legal reporting requirements, USA Gymnastics cannot guarantee confidentiality in misconduct/grievance matters. However, USA Gymnastics will treat such matters with as much confidentiality as is possible under the circumstances and with the sensitivity they deserve .


(6) Criminal Background Checks of Individual Members . As a condition to being granted the privilege of membership in USA Gymnastics, individuals applying for professional membership must submit to a criminal background check which is consistent with USA Gymnastics' "Background Screening Policy." Individuals given a "Green Light" consistent with that policy will not be denied the privilege of membership in USA Gymnastics, provided all other criteria for that category of membership are met. Individuals given a "Red Light" consistent with that policy may be denied the privilege of membership in USA Gymnastics.


USA Gymnastics will continually monitor and review the individuals that are subject to criminal background searches, with the primary goal being to safeguard athletes and other participants with proactive measures while conforming to legal norms and industry best practices. (7) Athlete Member Advisement. Upon obtaining membership in USA Gymnastics, an enclosure will be mailed with the Athlete Membership Card advising athlete members of his/her role in maintaining the athlete's own safety and USA Gymnastics' limited role in local gymnastics clubs, gyms, events and activities. (8) Member Clubs. As a condition to being granted the privilege of membership in USA Gymnastics, a club's representative must certify during the membership application process that no persons permanently ineligible for USA Gymnastics membership are or will be associated with the member club or its activities in any way during the club's membership period. (a)


Recommendations to Member Clubs. USA Gymnastics does not operate gymnastics clubs, but rather gymnastics clubs are operated independently at the local level. USA Gymnastics respects the autonomy of its member clubs to operate their businesses as they deem appropriate. Even though USA Gymnastics does not and cannot control the activities or operations of the member clubs, it invites its member clubs to join with USA Gymnastics in taking affirmative steps to promote a safe environment for all gymnastics participants, such as by:





Adopting policies which promote the welfare of all persons participating in the club's programs, and in particular minors. The policies should include such things as proper reporting, investigative and disciplinary procedures, and be communicated to the club's participants and their parents; Adopting "standards of behavior" for staff and volunteers working directly with minors to foster a safe gymnastics environment and to prevent abusive situations, and by training staff and volunteers to implement such standards; Implementing a thorough hiring process including, for example, reference and criminal background checks; Encouraging parents to become as active as reasonably possible in his/her child's gymnastics activities; and Otherwise implementing policies and procedures to lessen the likelihood that an abusive situation could develop.

(9) Event Sanctions. As a condition to being granted a USA Gymnastics sanction for an event, the applicant must certify that no persons permanently ineligible for USA Gymnastics membership will be associated with the event in any capacity, including, but not limited to, volunteers and meet support personnel. (10) Advertising . As a condition to being permitted by USA Gymnastics to advertise in its publications, on its web site or through other USA Gymnastics media, advertisers must certify that no persons permanently ineligible for USA Gymnastics membership are or will be associated with the advertiser's gymnastics related activities or the position, activity, or event it intends to publicize . (11) Hiring/Training of USA Gymnastics StaffNolunteers. (a) USA Gymnastics staff members must submit to a criminal background check consistent with USA Gymnastics' "Background Screening Policy." Individuals not given a "Green Light" consistent with that policy prior to their employment may not be hired. Individuals not given a "Green Light" on any subsequent criminal background check may be subject to dismissal. USA Gymnastics shall also check at least two (2) references for each applicant who, if hired, would regularly work directly with minors. (b) All USA Gymnastics staff members will be informed about the Child Welfare Policy, which is included as an appendix in the Employee Policies & Procedures Handbook, and made aware of its importance to our members and our organization.


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AND THE FLU Written by Louis M. Profeta , MD, FACE P

Dr. Pr0rst)

.:.. Of"

Erne-rge! cy Phy~:c!or . . noionopol-s cr-j

Every fall I remind countless number of young athletes how important it is to get vaccinated against the flu . There is something profoundly sad about watching a competitor work so hard to get to a pinnacle moment in his/ her life, be it the World Championships, the National Championships or even just a regional meet only to watch it be derailed by a viral infection. There are countless reasons that people give as to why they don't get vaccinated . The only one with any real validity is an actual allergy to the vaccine . In the Emergency Room we always joke . "The only people who don't get vaccinated are those who have an allergy to the vaccine or those who have never had the flu ." Because once you have the real flu ... you will be first in line to get vaccinated the next year. The confusion this year revolves around H1 N1 or w hat 'i"e commonly call th e swine flu . This is simply another highly contagious strain of influenza that is making its rounds. What concerns health care providers is the number of people that will become potentially infected. Remember H1 N1 is on top of all the other flu cases we will see this year. Currently there does not seem to be any significant increase in death from H1N1 when compared to traditional influenza, but there certainly is a real reason for concern . Pandemics throughout history have the capability of killing millions of people . All it takes is a subtle mutation in the H1 N1 virus or other flu viruses to significantly increase their capacity to be fatal. Will this occur, we just don't know. There really is no good treatment for H1 N1 . Certain anti-virals such as Tamiflu have been used in the past as an adjunct therapy, but their use will be greatly restricted this year to the elderly, the very young and the very sick. This means you probably will not be getting a prescription for Tamiflu unless you fall critically ill. In most cases prevention will be your only alternative. The Centers for Disease Control has numerous recommendations when it comes to preparedness for this pandemic. How you as a club will respond will be a fluid response to the change in virulence of the virus and illness patterns in your own community. It will also reflect the state of panic (real, but most likely imagined) that your community will display. Some communities



(I, fr;



1! Ie


:coJy ocC!oi'1"!ed book

may come to a grinding halt. Some schools may face closures due to illness in faculty and children, some athletic competitions will be cancelled while others will be fine . What you can be certain of is this : You will have cases come through your doors, just like you have cases of Influenza A every year. The CDC recommended response for schools can easily be used to apply to the club gymnastics setting

What is "The Flu?" "The flu," or influenza virus, is a disease that affects the lungs, throat and nose of infected individuals. The influenza virus is an organism that is found in the environment and transmitted from person to person usually through coughing and sneezing . People of all ages can become infected and some become more ill than others . Since it is a virus, antibiotics are use less, however new antiviral drugs may be prescribed for early cases .

What iU'e the signs and syznptOIl'lS of the flu? Common symptoms of the flu include fever, headache, fatigue, dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion and severe body aches. Not everyone who gets the flu has every symptom, but those that do can be quite ill.

When is "flu season?" Typically, December through March is the most common time period for flu outbreaks . Most people are contagious 1 day prior to symptom onset and 5 days after.

Do I have the flu? There are many infections that can cause flu -like symptoms . However, if you have most of the flu symptoms during flu season, it is likely that you are suffering from an influenza infection. In addition, if you have had close contact with someone with the flu, your chances of becoming sick increase.

Who is at ..isk of getting the flu? In the United States, millions of people are infected with the virus and become ill every year. People of

all ages and races are susceptible to getting the flu. However, certain groups are at higher risk of complications from the virus.

What al'e the coanplications of the fiu? Pneumonia , bronchitis, sinus and ear infections, worsening of congestive heart failure and asthma are some complications the can arise because of the flu.

What can. do to avoid getting the fiu? General precautions, such as frequent hand washing and avoiding close contact with influenza carriers, can help decrease your chance of becoming ill. Vitamin C, Zinc, and a whole host of touted homeopathic remedies are useless. The flu shot and FluMist nasal spray are two ways you can increase your protection against the virus. Remember though that the typical flu vaccine that covers Influenza A Is NOT prototective against Hl Nl. Vaccination against H 1 N 1 requires a series of 2 vaccines that will be available around mid October. Although they are not 100% effective in preventing you from getting ill, they do decrease the chances that you will become very sick from influenza. The flu vaccine should be given in October or November, however you can still receive good protection if received in December and even the first part of January.

Who should get the fiu shot? Anyone who wants to avoid getting the flu should be vaccinated. The flu shot is a combination of killed virus particles. When injected into an individual, that person's immune system is boosted in preparation for future encounters with the influenza virus. When you get a flu shot you are essentially helping your body respond, quickly and effectively, to similar influenza viruses when you encounter them . The FluMist nasal spray is an alternative to the injectable form of the vaccine. It contains live, but weaker (or attenuated) influenza viruses. Although the virus is alive, it has been altered so as not to make you ill.

Can the fiu shot give ane the fiu? Absolutely not, since the flu shot does not contain any live virus, it is impossible for the shot to give you the flu . Some people may have side effects from the vaccine itself, such as pain or redness at the injection site, but it is not possible to contract the flu from the vaccine .

Who should NOT get the fiu shot? Individuals who are allergic to hen's eggs, have had serious reactions to the shot in the past, or have suffered from Guillain-Barre within 6 weeks after a previous flu shot should not get a flu shot.

What can. do if. all'eadv have the fiu? There is no "cure" for the flu, but there are ways to

decrease the effects of flu symptoms. Those who are infected should get plenty of rest and hydration with clear fluids; take Tylenol for aches, pain and fever; and take over-the-counter medications to help with symptoms. Never give aspirin to children or adolescents with the flu since it may cause a deadly condition known as Ryes Syndrome. There are some prescription drugs available that have been shown to decrease the duration and severity of illness if taken quickly after the beginning of symptoms . The Centers for Disease Control offer the following guidelines to help you keep your club, business or office healthy during this flu season . Please visit the CDC website for more detailed information on each of the topics below. • Stay home when sick:Those with flu-like illness should stay home for at least 24 hours after they no longer have a fever, or signs of a fever, without the use of fever-red ucing medicines. They should stay home even if they are using anti-viral drugs. • Separate ill students and staff: Students and staff who appear to have flu-like illness should be sent to a room separate from others until they can be sent home. CDC recommends that they wear a surgical mask, if possible, and that those who care for ill students and staff wear protective gear such as a mask. • Practice hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette: The new recommendations emphasize the importance of the basic foundations of influenza prevention: stay home when sick, wash hands frequently with soap and water when possible, and cover noses and mouths with a tissue when coughing or sneezing (or a shirt sleeve or elbow if no tissue is available). • Clean Routinely: School staff should routinely clean areas that students and staff touch often with the cleaners they typically use. Special cleaning with bleach and other non-detergent-based cleaners is not necessary. • Obtain early treatment of high-risk students and staff: People at high risk for influenza complications who become ill with influenza-like illness should speak with their health care provider as soon as possible. Early treatment with anti-viral medications is very important for people at high risk because it can prevent hospitalizations and deaths. People at high risk include those who are pregnant, have asthma or diabetes, have compromised immune systems, or have neuromuscular diseases. I hope this information will help to protect you and those in your charge and allow you to have a healthy flu season . X






n today's workplace, change is occurring at an ever-


increasing rate. In order to be successful in a climate of constant change and a turbulent economy,

organizations must be able to foster an environment where collaboration, innovation and new ideas are not only safe but also expected and encouraged. Gymnastics organizations are much like any workplace; coaches and leaders need to inspire athletes to constantly achieve goals. Faced with frequent challenges and desires to grow and outperform, innovation is also a cornerstone of growing as an athlete .

ENGAGE AND ORGANIZE A CREATIVE CULTURE At Disney, engaging and organizing the creative power of our employees, which is not an easy task, gives us a competitive advantage in maximizing our potential. Because of this, Disney follows four guidelines to help managers strengthen the bottom line by encouraging all to start with fresh, undiluted ideas:

1. Collaborative Culture A successful collaborative culture is built upon genuine relationships among people - one that allows everyone to share ideas that can be expressed honestly and without fear. The result: The generation of incredible ideas. This concept was put into practice first by Walt Disney himself. One morning while visiting his first theme park, Disneyland, Walt invited some third-shift maintenance workers



to drop what they were doing and join him for a chat. When their manager found them talking with Walt, he asked Walt if he could have them back to finish their work before the park opened. As they went back to their assignments, the manager felt compelled to ask Walt why he was spending his valuable time talking with third-shift workers. Walt's philosophy was that good ideas come from everyone. His example set the tone for a culture that follows the premise that everyone is creative . A new Disney employee's (Cast Member's) orientation is the perfect opportunity to the traditions of how creativity and innovation have helped Disney grow. Innately, they understand that their ideas can add new insights and improve what has been accepted and that Disney expects and values their input.

2. Organizational Identity Disney is committed to maintaining an organizational identity that lets our Cast Members know who we are, what we create, and the people we are creating "magic" for every day. Disney has never elected to paint the storefronts of Main Street USA purple or made Friday a "dress



casual day" for front-line Cast Members in the Magic Kingdom Park. That's because creativity must be tempered within the context of an organization's cultural norms and expectations. Defining organizational identity helps establish parameters, focus creative energy, conserve resources - and reach goals.

3. Structural Systems

entire team . Not everyone has the word "leader" in his or her title, but everyone should be committed to the organizational identity, accept responsibility for the structural systems that enable innovation to happen and be an inspiration to each other. At Disney it is believed that each employee has a leadersh ip role, and we all have a sphere of influence on the organization.


When the Walt Disney World Resort opened in 1971, what was then Walt Disney Entertainment was a small department centered on one theme park. More than 30 years late r, that same group was dealing with myriad parks, parades, conventions, shows and special events. Its exponential growth resulted in a creative process with delays, high costs, and a disorganized flow of ideas. To prevent this from happening in the future, leaders designed a new system that included decisionmaking checkpoints and a clearly defined direction for each idea. This identified reasonable expectations within each phase of a project and held stakeholders accountable to budgets and timelines .

4. Leader's Role In the end, the responsibility for success rests on the

Creativity is an aspect of business integral to any corporation because it is essential to success . Through Disney Institute, organizations discover ways to tap into the same power source that has fueled more than 80 years of continuous business success. From inspiring the creativity of individuals to capturing the creative power of an entire group, participants study proven methods to explore, and then leverage, the creativity of an entire team. Disney Institute concepts have traveled to more than 45 countries and touched thousands of large and small businesses, including more than half of the Fortune 100 compan ies. To learn more about Disney's Approach to Inspiring Creativity and other key business practices that can help your business excel, visit . X

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Ensuring Athletes' Safety Through Outstanding Product Quality


Coverage is not available in all areas. See coverage map at stores for details. 3G not available in all areas. Š2009 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility. All rights reserved. AT&T. the AT&T logo, and all other marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.



By Patrick J. O'Connor, Executive Vice President, City Securities Corporation Edited by Erin Chaktar, Educational Services Coordinator, USA Gymnastics I

---------------------------------------------------------------------~ ,,


, ,,


t avigating the world of liability insurance can be stressful



and confusing for business owners. Working with a competent and educated sports business insurance agent is key to making sure you stay aware of issues and claims on your policy, changes in industry standards, and potential holes in your coverage as your business grows and changes. USA Gymnastics, along with City Securities Corporation, want to make you aware of trends and issues we see in our industry so that you are better able to ask the necessary questions to your agent and be sure your business is protected. Recently we have seen a number of issues related to a type of insurance situation called "surplus lines." In general, surplus lines of insurance are policies offered by non-regulated or "non-admitted" insurance companies to clients (clubs) who have tr ied to get standard insurance through state-regulated or "admitted " insurance companies but have failed due to policies not being available for the type of activities the clients' business offers in their particular state . There have been some concerns recently that some insurance brokers or agents are offering surplus lines of insurance to clients even when adequate state-regulated insurance policies are available. This is a concern primarily because surplus lines of insurance are only offered through non-regulated insurance companies . This means that those insurance companies do not have guaranty funds in place that protect policy holders should the company go out of business, either by choice, by mismanagement, or by bankruptcy. Surplus lines of insurance could leave your business liable for great sums of money should the insurance company not have the funds available to pay your claims . Surplus lines of insurance policies are not bad or negative in themselves . They are offered legitimately to companies whose activities make their business uninsurable through standard insurance policies . They are a protection or safety net allowable in many states but are meant to be a last resort to businesses who have earnestly sought state-regulated (and therefore state-


, ,, , ,







\ \












t,~ ~.

fund protected) insurance policies but found none that would provide coverage. In general, states that allow surplus lines of insurance allow them only when stateregulated policies are not available at all. If a business selects a surplus line policy simply because it seems more affordable even though a state-regulated policy is available, they have often violated state law as well as made a poor business decision. When there is a stateregulated policy available you should ALWAYS select it over any surplus line policy, even though there may be a significant price difference. If your insurance agent advises you that a surplus lines policy is an option for your needs, you can visit the National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices at http://www. to learn more about how these types of policies work, the type of coverage they afford, and other issues you'll want to know about before making your decision. The National Association of I nsurance Commissioners (NAIC) offers these guidelines to help consumers know

4 . The proof is in the paperwork. It is important to keep detailed, written records of all insurance communications, including rate quotes. After purchasing a policy you should receive a copy of that policy - not a photocopy - within 30 to 60 days of purchase. If you do not receive your copy in a t imely manner, contact the insurance company or agent immediately. Make sure that you read through your new policy completely. Double-check that everything in the policy matches any quotes you received, and all the numbers you p rovided on your application (such as participant and staff numbers) are accurately represented. Write down any terms or sections that you find difficult to understand and discuss them with your agent.

2. Verify that the company and the agent are both licensed to sell insurance in your state. Contact your state insurance department and ask the following questions : • Is the company licensed in your state? • Is the agent licensed in your state and a legitimate representative of the company? • Does the company have a good record of handling complaints? • Have any complaints been filed against the agent?

6. Get more Information. Your state insurance department is your best source for information on company and agent requirements, as well as available products. If you suspect you've been the victim of deceptive sales practices, report it to your state insurance department immediately. You can find links to state insurance department websites, as well as other consumer resources, by visiting . Click on "State Insurance Web Sites," then click on your state . 1(

5. Watch for these "red flags" that could warn you of possible deceptive sales practices: • High-pressure sales pitches from companies or agents who contact you repeatedly, offer "limited-time only" offers, or anyone whose style of business makes you uncomfortable or Many business owners have not been aware of these aggravated. Trust your instincts . types of laws and this article is meant to be a general and • Companies or agents who brush off limited discussion of this insurance issue. It is not meant or ignore your questions or concerns. to be a legal and comprehensive review and as such, we If you bring legitimate questions to encourage you to ask about your state's laws with your the attention of your insurer and receive responses such as "don't worry insurance agent to be sure that your business is protected about it," that is a red flag that the by legal and adequate liability insurance. agent or company is not interested in making sure you clearly understand your policy. what types of questions to ask their insurance agent • Quick-change tactics. Skilled scam artists will try to or broker, and which "red flags " you should watch for prey on your "time fears. " They may try to convince when you are working with a insurance company. It is a you to change coverage quickly without giving you sound business practice to not assume that companies the opportunity to do adequate research . Don 't be that seem popular or are recommended to you are pressured into making uneducated dec isions. reputable . Do your own re search! • Unwilling or unable to prove credibility. A licensed agent will be more than willing to show adequate 1. Be aware of deceptive sales practices . Companies or agencies may sell illegal products or policies through credentials . direct-mail solicitations, newspaper or magazine • If it seems too easy or too good to be true, it advertisements, or over the Internet. probably is!

3. Check the company's credit rating. Legitimate insurers have their "creditworthiness " rated by independent agencies. An "A+++ " or "AAA" rating is a sign of a company's strong financial stability. You can check a company 's rating online or at your local public library.



STICK THE LANDING By Bra ndon Johnson, CSCS, USAW, PES, St. Vincent Sports Performa nce

~ St. Vincent

~ Sports Peljonllnnce Center

e've all heard of the saying, "What goes up, must come down," this is especially true in gymnastics. Gymnasts spend countless hours twisting and turning their bodies, all culminating with some type of landing. With the hours gymnasts spend in training to prepare for competition it is important that they learn to land correctly. Allowing our athletes to land incorrectly over a period oftime puts them at greater risk for lower extremity injuries; such as, ankle sprains and fractures as well as knee tendonitis and ACL tears. In order to remain healthy the athlete must be able to absorb force in the correct fashion. I believe our job is to help reduce the chance of injury while enhancing the performance of these athletes. Reduce the chance of injury and obtain a great score, sounds like a win-win to me. The goal is to teach the gymnast to correctly absorb the force as they land. One issue includes front side load-landing with knees coming out over the toes. This can occur because of the athlete's coordination or lack there-of. Another concern is poor backside hip strength as well as hip mobility and stability, all leading to poor landing mechanics. Meager hip flexor flexibility and/or poor ankle mobility will also affect the landing ability of an athlete. These issues all lead to improper landing mechanics reSUlting in a greater risk of injury. Allowing the posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, and hips) to take the majority of the load can reduce the likelihood of injury and keep your athletes in the gym. Next we will address the exercises that you can incorporate into your program that will allow your athlete to land with correct mechanics. Remember that we have to think about the body from a holistic mind-frame. It is important that we continue to stress



the importance of correct landing, the following exercises will aid in making sure your athletes are landing with correct form. Remember that the hips can handle much more repetitive load than the knees and ankles. 1. Box Jump Downs- To execute this exercise have an athlete step on top of a box no higher than 18 in. to ensure correct technique. The athlete will then step off to jump down, landing with correct form. Back flat, knees over the toes and weight distributed evenly over the feet. Abdominal s are braced and glutes activated so they can hold perfect posture. Make sure that the athletes' knees are not caving in and shoulder blades are pulled back and down. It is paramount that we stress back-side loading so that we take the stress off the front side. When proper form is attained, you can progress to higher boxes. See Figure (1 -4) Exercises 2-7 are exercises that will help your athlete obtain the correct landing mechanics that we are after.

2. Front Plank/Right Side/Left Side-These exercises will help create pillar (shoulder/ core/hips) stability and strength, essential in holding total body posture upon landing. Depending on the strength of the athlete, these positions can be held for 10-30 seconds. See Figure (5,6)

3. Glute Bridge- Great for activating and developing the backside firing patterns of the glutes. It is essential to teach the gymnast how to activate these muscles. The athlete will begin by lying on his/her back, the knees are bent at 90 degrees and the feet are flat on the floor. Next, the athlete will press his/her hips toward the ceiling by firing the glutes.The key is to ensure the athlete is gaining extension via the hips and not the lumbar spine. This exercise should NOT be felt in the lower back or hamstrings. See Figure (7,8)

4. Quadruped Hips (Fire-Hydrants)- To execute this pattern the athlete will have his/ her hands on the ground placed right underneath his/her shoulders and knees directly under his/her hips. While maintaining a flat back and abdominals braced, the athlete will lift his/her leg, keeping the knee bent, out to the side for the prescribed number of reps; 15-20 reps. per side are sufficient. The objective of this exercise is to stabilize the torso and create mobility and strength in the hips. See Figure (9,10)

athlete will take a split stance and extend one leg back with the foot flat on the floor.The front foot will be flat on the ground with the toe against the wall. Next the athlete will push the hips towards the wall and the back heel towards the ground. The athlete should feel the exercise in the hip flexor and calf muscles of the back leg. See Figure (13,14)

7. Forward Lunge/Elbow in-Step- Improves the flexibility of the hips, hamstrings, lower back, and the often tight hip flexors. The athlete will begin in a standing position. The athlete will take a huge lunge step forward with the right leg and the left hand is placed on the floor. Then take right elbow and place it on the in-step of your right foot while keeping the back knee on the ground. Repeat this exercise with the left leg. This is a great exercise for the hip-flexor. See Figure (15,16)

5. Side-Lying Leg Raises- Aids in activation and stabilization of the hip. The athlete lies on his/her side while resting his/her head in hand. While maintaining proper posture the athlete will lift his/her leg towards the sky feeling it in the hips. This will help recruit the hips so the athlete can use the backside to absorb the force upon landing. See Figure (11,12)

6.Ankle Mobility-This exercise will help with the mobility and flexibility of the ankle and surrounding musculature. Additional dorsi-flexion gives the athlete a better chance at a mechanically correct landing. To execute this movement have the athlete find a place on the wall. The

Remember that we should use the posterior chain to absorb the force from landing. It is paramount to the health and well-being of the athletes. Time spent in the training room is time away from training. Not only will you feel better but your body will thank you in the long run. X



Gymnastics sanctioned events until all membership requirements have been completed.

"' ; MEMBER ~~!1i;, . ,. SERVICES IMPORTANT MEMBERSHIP REMINDERS • Beginning August 1,2009, mandatory criminal background check screening went into effect for all new/renewing/lapsed Introductory Coach members who are 18 years of age or older. To begin your background check screening today, please visit the USA Gymnastics website at www,, click on Member Services, and the Criminal Background Check button. • The new Jr. Introductory Coach membership category has been introduced for those who are 16-17 years of age and would like to coach or judge on the floor of Levels 1,2,3 and/or Pre-Opt for Women's, Rhythmic, Trampoline & Tumbling, and Acrobatic Gymnastics, also for coaches of Group Gymnastics Levels A and B, Gymfest, and/or TeamGym. Safety/Risk Management certification is a requirement of this membership. • Effective August 1,2009, pending membership will now expire one year from the date the membership was paid. Expiration dates will no longer be reset to the date the membership requirements were completed. Pending members will begin to receive their magazine subscriptions, as well as the ability to register and attend USA Gymnastics University courses. Pending members will NOT have the ability to participate in USA

• November 2009, marks the two-year anniversary of mandatory criminal background check screening. Therefore, many if not most USA Gymnastics Professional members will be required to renew their background check requirement at the end of 2009 and into 2010. USA Gymnastics recommends that you re-apply for your background check screening 4-6 weeks prior to your background check expiration date. Please visit the USA Gymnastics website at on Member Services, and the Criminal Background Check button for more information . • Reminder that all clubs are required to keep a completed 2009-2010 Athlete/Introductory Athlete form on file in the gym for all that will be participating in USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. The forms must include all signatures, including both the parenti guardian and the athlete. • All USA Gymnastics memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Therefore, please use extra care when registering or renewing athletes online to ensure that the membership payment is being applied to the appropriate athlete. • Membership cards are being mailed to all current USA Gymnastics members. Please ensure to read the USA Gymnastics Advisement that has been included in the membership card mailing. • Please contact USA Gymnastics as soon as possible to update any personal contact information to ensure that you are receiving all membership updates and benefits. X

Membership Updates

Foundation Buslnoss Coursos - a series of six online courses for club owners, program directors and manager, front offICe personnel and others. Find out more today! • 2009 odltlo", SafotyfRJsk Managomont Cortlflcatlon Courso - tho 2009 edition of the Safoty course and handbook are hero. ~ today to renew your certifICation.



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Considering Lower Prices? .. Consider Carefully e ll, it is happ e ning, at leas t a h a ndful o f gym c lubs ar e lowe ring th e ir pri ces due to t h e rece nt eco no mi c "s ituati o n" . My p os iti o n o n th is iss u e is th e sam e tod ay as it has b ee n f or decad es wh e n I have sa id t on gu e in c heek, "I will n ev e r lower pri ces and if I do, it will only b e in a di re e m e rgency." Res tat e d without th e tongue , if you are ever in c lin e d t o lo wer prices, do so only w ith ve ry care ful thought b e caus e I ha ve never (yet) seen a gym c lub win a mar ke ting battle through low e r pric e s. That said, I am well aware th e se e conomic times are NOT normal, and it is possibl e we may see a day when clubs will find higher profit through lower prices . For Kids First, that day is not here, nor do I ex pect it to be - but as always, I will stay v igilant .


let's review the fallacy with the low price argument: Th e low price, high volume argument i s valid when you sell products that have been COMMODITIZED. To a buyer wanting to purchase Energizer AA batteries, what difference is there other than price (and , possibly, convenience)? None . Long ago , WAL-MART bet that by lower ing

Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

pri ces o n it s "co mm o diti es ,' it co uld incre ase profi t o n tw o fr o nt s: 1) increa se d sa les due t o m ore u nit s sold , a nd 2) lo w e r u n it cos t th at c o mes with buy ing pow e r (quantity d iscount) . Th e strate gy w o rk e d b eca u se , as m o re batte r i e s w e nt out th e fr o nt door, WALMART was abl e to d e liv e r more b atteries in throu g h th e back door.

with uniqu eness b ut beco m e 'co mm od it ize d ' ove r t im e d u e t o st anda rdi zati o n, pate nt loss, co mp eti tio n, stal e marke t ing, et c. It is my as sert io n t hat g y mna stics instru ctio n, b eca u se it is a 'p u re re lati o n sh ip b u si n e ss,' is no t likely to e v e r beco m e co mmodi t ize d . Th e process o f re lat ionship-build i n g will alw ay s hav e room f o r VALUEADDING. Th e f o rmula I foll o w is this : th e gymna stics club th at f igures h ow t o add more v alu e wi ll b e ab le t o c ha r g e more for th at valu e and will win the battl e fo r profit .

Our produ c t is as f a r fr o m b e ing a COMMODITIZED p ro du c t as y o u c an get . W e hav e a clas sic VALUEADDED produ c t. Th e differe nce between c artwh ee l A (and th e safe, loving manner in whi c h it is taught) and cartwheel B (and the apathetic, impersonal, harsh manner in which it is taught) can be HUGE in the eye of the consumer, even though a cartwheel is the end result in both cases . Most consumers will be willing to pay more for cartwheel A, the pivotal word being 'most.'

Sugge sted action in th is economy and any e conomy, looking forward : perpetually searc h for ways to ADD VALUE to your cartwheels (in the clients' eyes) and CHARGE for that value . Start by looking for adding value that has no or little cost (more smiles and more caring people come to mind) . When that bears fru it, consider capital ex pend itures such as new equ ipment, ex pansions or new facilities . Perpetually seek to add value daily, wee k ly, yearly until it is a habit and finally a culture . And then, neve r stop doing it.

It is also typica ll y true that it costs more to produce "cartwheel A" (more skillful teachers and less turnover of employees typically costs more), but the revenue generated by the higher price will out pace the higher teaching cost, trans lating into increased profit. Note that many products (such as batter ies) may start out

Make it a great fall! Jeff Metzger


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Call us for a personal consultation: (561) 743-8550

Camp site: Mount Holyoke College, S. Hadley Massachusetts


Camp Sessions: August 1-7, August 8 -14

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Visa Championships Enjoy our camp trip to be with the stars! ( XL Center Hartford Convention Center, August 12)

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National Gymnastics Day 2009 SA Gymnastics and clubs across the United States celebrated National Gymnastics Day on September 12.


Many clubs submitted photos and descriptions of their events, and it has been wonderful to see the variety of activities that took place! If you haven't already sent in your pictures and details, please do so, and we will feature your club on our website and/or in our magazines! Submit to Everyone who has taken part in the fundraising initiative for the Children's Miracle Network has done a great job and the level of creativity has been impressive! Read on to see how a few clubs celebrated National Gymnastics Day.

Phantom Gymnastics, Hampstead, New Hampshire Club Owner: Catherine Lowell "Phantom Gymnastics of Hampstead, N.H., celebrated National Gymnastics Day with a free open house to the public. More than 300 people attended and were introduced to gymnastics with games, activities, bouncing and swinging. Parents were invited into the gym to watch their children experience the fun and watch our team exhibitions throughout the afternoon . The event was a huge success. All participants left with prizes and National Gymnastics Day ribbons! "

City of Tampa Parks and Recreation, Tampa, Florida Club Owner: Patti Gross "This year we held our first in-house competition on National Gymnastics Day and the girls had a great time with our country theme. Instead of medals or ribbons, each athlete was given a special prize from the judges for each of the four events. Keeping with the theme, each competitor received a cow girl hat, a bandana patterned grip bag, bubbles Oust for fun) and a ribbon uniting the two centers as one. We had a rootin' tootin' good time!"

Jewart's School of Gymnastics, Wildwood, Pennsylvania Club Owner: Elaine Jewart "We decided to participate in the National Service Day in honor of National Gymnastics Day. We planted four trees, cleaned t rash in the Hampton Nature Reserve, sent beautiful handcrafted letters to our troops, entertained Somali children, and made the elderly smile with wonderful performances at Fosnight and Vincentian Nursing Homes. Awesome job Northstars!"

World of Gymnastics, Woodstock, Georgia Club Owner: Laura B. Mikszan

American Powerhouse Trampoline &Tumbling, Rocklin, California Club Owner: Susan Jacobson "American Powerhouse T&T headed to the Westfield Galleria at Roseville for National Gymnastics Day to help promote gymnastics and Trampoline and Tumbling. We set up a little fitness challenge course with a beam, springboard, mat, and bar and had more than 275 kids take the Fitness Challenge. Our girls' team performed on Saturday and our Trampoline and Tumbling Team performed high flying feats soaring above the second floor both days. Many times there were crowds of more than 100 people watching."



Ch ampion Tumbling & Cheer, located in Ada, Okla ., hosted the Tyson Fitness Challenge in their community. The Challenge featured a two hour clinic focused on physical fitness and nutrition, with kids participating in several different stations. Each fitness station wa s run by three or four Oklahoma University Women's Gymnastics Team members (Big 12 Champs two years in a row ... going for their third next season) . The kids were challenged to push ups, pull ups, relay races, obstacle courses, and balancing skills. Local businesses donated door prizes. Four Oklahoma University Football Tickets were among the most coveted of the prizes. To promote the importance of nutrition, a local Registered Nutritionist brought flyers, pamphlets, recipes and more to hand out to all the kids. A highlight of the event was Oklahoma University Women's Gymnastics Head Coach K.J. Kindler's speech to the kids on the significance of nutrition. Later, the kids were entertained watching the experienced team do tumbling passes. Forty kids completed the challenge and received their certificate. Champion Tumbling & Cheer raised a total of $465 .00 for the Children's Miracle Network. The club and community look forward to next year and is ready to step up their fundraising efforts to help more local children in need. X

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Ope... Shoulder Trai ... er The Open Shoulder Trainer is a light, padded device that fits around an athlete's shoulders and neck in order to maintain the open shoulders that are so often needed. A must-have piece of equipment. Ost-90 Open Shou lder Trainer Ost-pkg . Package of 10

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Edgewater Gymnastics Team in Panama City, Fla., Earned Money for Local Kids Edgewater Gymnastics Academy in Panama City, Fla ., helped its community by being involved with the "Back to School, End of Summer Fling ," an event held at Pier Park in Panama City Beach to help the Bay County Rescue Mi ss ion provide school supplies and clothing for local children in need . Along with performing for the crowd, th ese gymnasts raised more th an $2 ,000 by gath ering " Flip -A-Thon " pledges from family, friends and businesses. " It is so important for the se young gymnasts to give back to our community .. . especially in these tough economic times ," said Pam Kitchen , Head Coach and Owner of Edgewater Gymnastics Academy. 'X

Upstate Gymnastics Center: Pendleton, South Carolina Raises Money for American Cancer Society Upstate Gymnastics Center 's coach and owner Maureen Williamson teaches more than gymnastics at her club. Each spring, the girls' competitive team raises money for the American Cancer Society. Since 2001, this team of around 50 gymnasts, has taken part in the Relay for Life event and raised more than $40,000 . Congratulations to this club and its hard work to be involved in the community and help out a great cause -- the American Cancer Society. For work on the Relay for Life, one of the 2009 captains Megan Jones received her high schools' community service award for graduating seniors and Wi ll iamson received the Pendleton-Clemson Volunteer of the Year Award from the American Cancer Society for 2009 . 'X



RESERVE YOUR LOWER LEVEL TICKET PACKAGES NOW! COME SEE SOME OF THE WORLD'S BEST GYMNASTS and cheer on the rising stars at the DCU Center in Worcester, Massachusetts! This event's rich history includes past champions such as Mary Lou Retton, Bart Conner, Shannon Miller, Pau l Hamm, Carly Patterson, Jonathan Horton, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin. Not to mention an international list of legends including Nadia Comaneci.





Incorporating Special Olympics into Group Gymnastics By Lu an Peszek

indy Bickman owns Chattooga Gymnastics in Marietta, Ga. Bickman has found a way to incorporate special needs children and Special Olympics into her gymnastics programs. Bickman has 50 special needs students in her gym, most with mental disabilities and some with physical disabilities as well. Bickman's special needs children compete in Special Olympics and Gymnastics for All (GFA). In fact, Bickman has her class and team gymnasts join the special needs athletes and compete as unified partners atTeamGym competitions and Gym Fest group performances. "Everyone lives in the same world in my gym," said Bickman ."I've been doing this for 25 years and my gym is a special and fun place. It makes everyone better."


Beginning with the 2009 season, the USA Gymnastics for All Committee revised the TeamGym rules so that Levels 1 and 2 would include opportunities for Athletes with Disabilities and/ or Special Needs (ADSN) to compete along side or as unified partners with all of the other mainstream squads at those levels. Bickman has organized members to participate as official USA Gymnastics delegation members at GFA events in Sweden, Portugal, and Austria. Her group is comprised of class and team students, special needs students, parents, and grandparents. The parents who attend the events also participate in all of the club's exhibitions. Bickman said,"The moms and a grandmother performed in our routine in Austria. When we came home from Austria, the dads asked to be involved!" Bickman also took a group to Ft. Worth, Texas, in June for the International Sport and Cultural Festival. In fact, Bickman's unified squad earned Silver Medal status for Levell TeamGym squads. Chattooga's unified group also performed in the National Gym Fest, the Gymnastics for All program as well as the closing ceremonies with 900 people! Bickman's club does competitive rhythmic gymnastics and aesthetic rhythmic group gymnastics. She tries to pull all of her students together as much as possible. Although this could be a new revenue source for some clubs, Bickman said,"We don't charge our special needs students because we run this program through Special Olympics which is a volunteerbased organization . The program enriches the lives of the special needs students and it enriches the lives of my staff who work with them. I'm glad I'm able to do it."




INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITIEE September 10, 2009 National Team Training Center Chairman Coach Representatives

• ••••

~~~ I~


Steve Rybacki Valeri Liukin Marvin Sharp Andy Memmel Mary Lee Tracy

National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative Vice President Program

Martha Karolyi Kim Zmeskal Kathy Kelly

Zone Administrators. The administrators are as follows: Zone One Justin Howell Zone Two Ashly Baker Zone Three Enrique Trabiano Zone Four Tony Retrosi

Gary will communicate to each of the administrators for direction and support.

(compulsory discussion)

1. Elite Compulsory Program

Mary Lee gave input back to the committee for the final review of the compulsory changes. The committee discussed a few concerns and made the following recommendation. Recommendation to approve the changes made to the Elite Compulsory Program Motion Kim Zmeskal Burdette Second Valeri Liukin PASSED

2. Zone Administrator The committee reviewed the resume submitted for the

Judges for the Zone Clinics must be compromised of 50% from the FIG Brevet group per event and 50% from the USA Brevet group. Motion Marvin Sharp Second Andy Memmel PASSED

3. Qualification Scores There is NO change to the Compulsory Qualification Score. The com mittee will review the International scores and discuss at the next meeting. 4. Calendar The committee reviewed the calendar and made some adjustments. There will be additional national qualifiers in the spring season after JO Nationals. Gary will post the updated version on the web-site and email it to the community. 1\


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INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE October 3, 2009 National Team Training Center Chairman Coach Representatives

follows: Hopes Qualifying Score Hopes Qualifying Score Pre-Elite Score Pre-Elite Score Motion Valeri Liukin Second Marvin Sharp PASSED

Steve Rybacki

Valeri Liukin Marvin Sharp _ __ _ _ _ (excused absence) Mihai Brestyan National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi Athlete Representative Kim Zmeskal Vice President Prog ram Kathy Kelly Women's Program Di r. Gary Warren

47.00 48.00 48.00 49.00




Recommendation that the qualifying scores for the International Leve l are as follows : International Junior to Visa Championships 52 .00

1. US Classics The committee will be flexible with the date for the competition to accommodate the bid city who offers the podium to go one week earlier July 16-18th.

2. Qualification Scores The committee reviewed the scores and age division from last season and made the following recommendations to the Athlete Development Committee.

(10-11) (12) (11-12) (13 -14)

International Junior to US Classics 51.00

International Senior to Vi sa Championships 54 .00

International Senior to US Classics 53.00

International Senior 3 event score Championship 43 .50

International Senior 3 event score Classics Recommendation that the qualifying scores be as

42 .50

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~::~~ ...... '\".



International Senior 2 event score Championship 30.00

International Senior 2 event score Classics

,lo.; '~~,

Second Marvin Sharp PASSED 4. Election Results

29 .00

(If Vault is used for a 2 event score, the gymnast must perform two vaults (FIG Comp IV rules) and the average of the 2 vaults will count as her vault score) Motion VaLeri Liukin Second Kim ZmeskaL Burdette PASSED

Recommendation that the 4 members of the WorLd Team and the two aLternate(s) are directLy quaLified to the 2010 Visa Championships. Motion Marvin Sharp Second VaLeri Liukin PASSED 3. Compulsory Program We will be filming the new routines and the video will be available on the USA Gymnastics web-site.

Recommendation to the AthLete DeveLopment Committee that there be no change to the CompuLsory Score for the 2009-2010 season. Motion Kim ZmeskaL

Kathy announced the results of the election conducted at the US Challenge Meet for the three (3) members of the Athlete Development Committee. Kim Zmeskal Burdette, Enrique Trabiano and Donna Strauss will have confirmed their nomination and intent to serve. 1\


September 24, 2009 1. Call to Order - 10:00 p.m. ET

2. Roll Call: Bob Meier - Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee Chairman Kari Duncan - National Technical Committee Chairman (absent) Ivaylo Katsov - National Elite Committee Chairman Selena Peco - National Junior Olympic Committee Chairman Michael Rodrigues - National Athlete Representative Tonya Case - USA Gymnastics International Technical Consultant Tom Housley - Acro Program Director (absent)

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' - ' :.


The Program Committee recommends allowing US Acro Junior Olympic National Team, Junior National Team, and Senior National Team members, whom are out-ofage for 2010 FIG events and in the same partnerships, attend the British Open Tournament in Great Britain from November 28-29. A one-time exception is being made to allow easier transition as the Acro National Team Plan is being finalized at the Nevada meetings in October.

Join the

crovvd. PRO

,-" -, \ ..,r "





Last year

over 100 gyms In

thirty-three states,


Eligible pair-groups are those pair-groups that do not meet FIG Age Group ages for the 2010 season; however, will participate in the British Open Tournament to gain experience in preparation for 2011 and beyond international competitions. Pair-groups must be within the same partnership to attend this event. Club teams must be approved and gain permission from the National Office before attending this event. Each personal coach is responsible for making arrangements on their own behalf. All deadlines are to be submitted directly to the event organizer, Sandra Sergeant, via email no later than Friday, October 30, 2009. Coaches are to contact the National Office for Sandra's email address. 1\

Motion: Bob Meier Second: Ivaylo Katsov Passed

from their meet scoring program

to ProScore

Meeting Adjourned, 11:15 p.m. ET

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Incorporating Special Olympics into Group Gymnastics continued One of Bickman's parents expressed concern about her special needs child participating outside of the Special Olympics setting. Bickman assured the mother these experiences would be good ones. After an event where there was a unified group performance, the mother said,"Look Cindy, my daughter is out there just like everybody else." Bickman said:We all have our challenges. It's gratifying to watch the special needs kids grow, develop and participate with the mainstream athletes at USA Gymnastics. It just shows each of us that we should be thankful for what we have!" 1\

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USA GYMNASTICS UNIVERSITY LIVE COURSE SCHEDULES Live course schedules are updated weekly on our website wwwousa-gymnasticsoorg please see the website for the most current schedule.




November 1

November 8

November 22

November 28

Gym Jester Gymnastics 2709 Pine St. Saginaw, MI 48604 Course code: HFll 012009MI 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Philadelphia Gym Center - Mannettes 26 Portland Rd. Suite 100 West Conshohocken, PA 19428 Course code: SH 11082009PA 1:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Fun 8. Fit Gymnastics 26620 Volley Center Dr. Santa Clarita, CA 91351 Course code: JLl1222009CA 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.

c.G.'s Gymnastics, Inc. 14550 Florida Blvd. Baton Rouge, lA 70819 Course code: CGl1282009lA 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

November 7

November 15

November 22

Uzelac Gymnastics 976 Mt. Airy Dr. Johnstown, PA 15904 Course code: SHll 072009PA 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Gymstreet USA 1Jewel Dr., Unit 1R(Route 38, Main Street) Wilmington, MA 02466 Course code: PM 111 52009MA 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Heartland Gymnastics 8. Cheer 104 Howell Ct. Elizabethtown, KY 42701 Course code: BM 11222009KY 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

November 8

November 20

November 28

Gymnastics Elite 8340 Burnham Rd. EI Paso, TX 79907 Course code: RHll 082009TX 2:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Thomas Gymnastics Training Center 1807 Cherry Road (Cherry Pork Centre) Rock Hill, SC 29732 Course code: KB 11202009SC 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.

International Gymnastics Camp 9020 Bartonsville Woads Rd Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Course code: PFl1282009PA 1:00 - 5:30 p.m.

·(ourse elates anel times are subied to change and/or cancellanon.

2009 SAFETV/RISK MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION COURSE USA Gymnastics University is proud to announce the launch of the revised course and handbook.



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The Foundation Business Courses are proven, progressive business education courses that will provide current and future Program Managers, Directors, Owners, and other staff the necessary perspectives and tools to grow themselves and t heir business.

LEVEL 3 "LEADERSHIP TOOLKIT" COURSE: First in a series of two levels of leadership training courses. Topics include leadership characteristics, personal organization and effectiveness, thriving in a competitive environment and ways leaders can achieve optimal energy and performance. LEVEL 4 COURSE: This is the "next step" for experienced program directors, general managers or owners interested in expanding their business. Topics include advanced management, marketing and other systems applicable to senior level management. LEVEL 5 COURSE: Designed for very experienced program directors, general managers or business owners who are seeking cutting-edge knowledge. This course is for those who want a "turn-key' operation to build the maximum value into their programs or overall company.

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And the Games go to ••• Rio de Janeiro On Oct. 2, 2009, the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2016 Olympic Games to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , during its meetings in Copenhagen, Denmark. The other cities in contention for the 2016 Games w ere Chicago, 111., Madrid, Sp ain, and Tokyo, Japan . 1\

AHention Club Owners: Promote Your Summer Camp To register and promote your summer camp in the USA Gymnastics Summer Camp Directory, go to and follow the directions! In order to reg ister your camp in the d irectory, USA Gymnast ics requires that you certify that no perso ns permanently ineligible for membership in USA Gymnastics are or will be associated with your organization's gymnastics related activities or the position, activity or event that you intend to publish . A list of persons permanently ineligib le for membership is available for your reference at the following link: www.usagym .org/ineligible 1\

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the goals I set for myself usually consist of what I can control rather than what I cannot. However, in the back of my mind I always thought that if I pushed myself hard enough and wanted it enough I could do it. Honestly, though, the best part of Visa Championships for me was the combination of winning the allaround and being named Sports person of the Year again. That meant more than anything." Gehringer, who started rhythmic gymnastics at age 5, also earned a spot on her second Rhythmic World Championships Team. She traveled to

Mie, Japan, this past September for the competition and finished 34th all-around. When asked if she was pleased with her performance in Japan, Gehringer said, "Overall I was really pleased with how I performed. I was able to show how hard I've worked for this opportunity and although I made a few minor mistakes I couldn't have asked for much more. Following the World Championships, Gehringer moved from Illinois to New York to attend New York University as a full time student. She's studying journalism and Russian and Slavic studies for now. X

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The members of the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors must submit to a criminal background check consistent with the Background Screen ing Policy. Individuals not given a "Green Light" consistent with that policy may be subject to removal.

(12) Standards of Behavior. To promote a safe gymnastics environment for USA Gymnastics' activities and events and to lessen the likelihood that an abusive situation could develop, participants must adhere to the following USA Gymnastics Standards of Behavior: (a)



Avoid Being Alone with a Minor. Gymnastics is a sport that lends itself to one-on-one situations between a coach and a gymnast. Avoid being alone with a child or any group of children in a private setting (e.g ., locker room, bathroom, office, vehicle or residence), and avoid being alone with a child or any group of children in any place that is inappropriate to the coach-athlete relationship. When a one-onone situation is necessary, such as private coaching lessons or conversations, conduct the activity within the view of another adult. Physical Contact. Gymnastics is a sport that creates opportunities for physical contact between a coach and a gymnast. Physical contact is acceptable when it is reasonably intended to coach, teach or demonstrate a gymnastics skill or to prevent or lessen injury (e.g ., spotting, catching). However, care should be taken to ensure that such contact is not invasive of sensitive areas of the body. Parental Monitoring. Parents are encouraged to become as active as reasonably possible in monitoring the activity/event.

(13) Education of the Gymnastics Community. USA Gymnastics will provide or cause to be provided education for members of the gymnastics community geared toward promoting a safe gymnastics environment as follows: (a) (b) (c)



(f) (g) (h)

Through a designated section of its web site with the content being updated as necessary; Through each of its magazine publications with at least one article per year; At each National and Regional Congress through a live presentation available to Congress attendees; On line or electronically through the safety/risk management ce rtificat ion or other USA Gymnastics University courses; Through brochures and/o r posters available to members and member clubs; At least annually in designated athlete meetings; At least annually to designated athletes' parents; In its publications such as the Safety/ Risk Management Handbook and the Rules and Policies.

(14) Communication. USA Gymnastics will consistently communicate: (a)


Its mission and that physical and sexual abuse are inconsistent with its mission and thebbest interest of the sport of gymnastics and its participants; Its commitment to and work toward a safe environment for all gymnastics participants.

(15) Document Retention . USA Gymnastics will permanently retain misconduct / grievance files and materials. (16) Policy Review. This policy shall be reviewed at least annually and updated as necessary. X

HELP ALL STUDENTS EXPERIENCE SUCCESS Tools for teaching a "Personal Best" Philosophy To stay enrolled kids need to have fun, be successful and learn in a safe and progressive manner. Since 1991 we have provided hundreds of clubs and thousands of teachers the tools they need to help every child feel successful. • INSTRUCTOR VIDEOS - show how each skill is taught and create a STANDARD in your gym • CURRICULUM CARDS - track students progress and help structure classes by ability level • CURRICULUM POSTERS - for the kids to TAKE HOME to track their progress • STARS & CERTIFICATES - reward ACHIEVABLE GOALS building self-esteem and confidence

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Our new licensees include: Active Arts - Tiffany Bryson Ozark Gymnastics-Sara Faltys Jeff Lulla is Founder and President of the Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers and was named USAG "Business Leader of the Yea~' in 2006. Since 1990. Jeff has as a National Safety Instructor, USAG University Instructor and co-authored the Kinder Accreditation for Teachers course, the heart of the new USAG online Preschool Course. Jeff speaks intemationally and consults on the Fun and Fit PERSONAL BEST philosophy, business and teaching concepts to club owners and coaches.

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I~b~~~y:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ra~: \00


.. ............ Feb. 10

~:~I.::::::::::::::::::::::: ........ :::::::::::: ~::. \~

~f~~;:: : : : : : : : : : : : : : ~:~

HOTE: If,be 'O,h f.ns on • wHlromi or holHloy, ,be prlClfIiog work Jay is co.sidtrtd 'he deorl....

SUBMIT EmaIl your ad and credif card informafion fa: Ipeszek@uso· Or mail fa: USA Gymnoslics, 132 E. Woshinglon SI., Sle. 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 or fox 10 317·237·5069. *Kyou la.. please indude yOlK credit card 1IUII1ber, expiration dcite and signature. ~easa desig""le il your ad should appear in Technique magmne or USA Gymnosffcs magarin•. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAVMENT WIU HOT BE PUBLISHED. USA Gymnastics reserves Ihe righlla vary formal. Technique is ""ived by lIlD!e tOOn 17,000 USA Gymnastics ~afessioool membe~ ~us thoosonds of viewers win be exposed 10 jOO' ad oon.... Advertise 100' em~oymenl opportunity, plOduct, sal'li<e, or competition he" 10. Q.eaI "suits. Ouestions? (aD loon Peszek01 317·lI19·S646.

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FOR INFORMATION on how fa pubfsh a classified ad in Technique, ~ fa http://www,

Or call Luan Peszek af 3' '-829-5646.

USA Gymnastics 132 E. Washington St., Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204


PAID Indianapolis. IN Permit No. 7867


Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine - November/December 2009  

Technique Magazine - November/December 2009