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EVENTS 2008-09 JULY 1-6 11-13 18-20 18-20 27-31

10. Notional (hampionships (TT) Region 4 (ongress Region 8 (ongress Region 3 (ongress Notional (hampionships (AG)

Kansas (ity, MO (oralville, IA Jacksonville, FL Oklahoma (ity, OK Des Moines, IA


- 2009 FEBRUARY 5-7 Winter (up (M) 21 American (up (M,W)

MAY 6-10 JO Nationals (M)

Beijing, (HN Burlington, MA Santa (lara, (A




4-9 9-13 13 26-27 26-28

Zielona Gora, POL Kladno, m All Over Louie, POR Indianapolis, IN

12-15 Visa (hampionship (M,W,R,TT,AG)

8-24 Olympic Gomes 15-17 Region 6(ongress 22-24 Region 1 (ongress

Winobranie Tournament (TT) Friendship (up (TR) Notional Gymnastics Day World (up Portugal Region 5 (ongress

oaOBER 3-5 10-12 10路12 11-27 16-19 23-26

23-28 International Sport & (ultural Festival (GG)

Huntsville, TX Portland, OR Switzerland Rotorua, NZL Glasgow, GBR Stuttgart, GER

(incinnati, OH

Fort Worth, TX



Rhythmic Gymnastics World (hampionship

Mie, Japan

oaOBER 12-18

Notional TOPs Testing Region 2 (ongress Winterthur (up (AG) Indo-Pacific (hom pions hip (TT) Glasgow Grand Prix (W) DTB Pokal World (up (W)

Los Vegas, NV TBD

World Artistic Gymnastics (hampionship (M, W)

London, ENG


Tramoline Gymnastics World (hampionship

St.Petersburg, RUS

NOVEMBER 6-8 Future Stars (hampionships (M) 6-9 Notional (ooches Workshop (M) 12-16 High Performance (oaching Seminar (W) 21 -25 Junior Olympic &Notional Team Training (amp (AG)

(olorado Springs, (0 (olorado Springs, (0 Huntsville, TX TBD

DECEMBER 3-7 7-11

TOP's National Team Training (amp (W) TOP's National BTeam Training (amp (W)

W= Women AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics

R= Rhythmic B= Business

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or concellation.



Huntsville, TX Huntsville, TX

TR = Trampoline IT = Trompoline/Tumbling

M= Men

GG = Group Gymnastics

TU = Tumbling


2008 • VOLUME 28 • #7


Steve Penny EDITOR

Luan Peszek



Grant Glas

6 GK Building for Tomorrow

USA GYMNASTICS IXICUTIYI COMMlnl1 CHAIR: Ron froehli<h; PRESIDENT: Steve Penny; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoi<hi Tomito; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Slhmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kempton; VICE CHAIR ACRO-GYMNASTlCS: Tonyo C<Be; SECRETARY: Gory Ande""n; TREASURER: Bob Wood; fiG REPS: Bob Colorossi IExe!Utive Comminee), Ron froehli<h (Aud~orl. Tonyo Case (AG Te<hnilol Comminee) ond John Roethlisberger (Athlete RepJ AT lARGE MEMBERS: Steve But<her, Dovid Hol!Omb; ATHLrn DlREGORS: Kim Zmeskol-Burdene, John Roethlkberger, Jessi!O HOWlJrd, Korl Heger; USOC ATHLETE DIREGOR: Lorkso fontoine_

14 Back Pain in Young Athletes


16 Our Gymnastics Center An Academic Treasure Chest of Gold 24 Athlete Focus: David Sender

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Un/e.. iden,ified 'he con'rary, all ar,icles, s'a'emen's and views prin'ed herein are a"ribu,ed solely 'he au,hor and USA Gymnas'ics expresses no opinion and assumes no respansibi/i'y ,hereof.




• • U SA



t was a pleasure to see so many of you at the recent National Congress in Philadelphia. As part of the Business Conference and in various sessions throughout the Congress, the ongoing efforts of the Member Club Task Force were discussed and updated. During the initial meetings in February of this year, the Member Club Task Force identified four key areas for continued growth and partnership between USA Gymnastics and Member Clubs. As a brief recap, the areas of emphasis are:


1. 2. 3. 4.

National Marketing and Advertising Education Emphasis on Grassroots and Rec Programs Gold Medal Member Clubs

National Marketing Campaign USA Gymnastics will be unveiling a national advertising program during the period of the Olympic Games that compliments the increased media attention surrounding our sport. In partnership with the National Gymnastics Foundation a national advertising package will be presented that bri ngs new recognition to the benefits of gymnastics at the grassroots level. The plan and sample materials were presented at National Congress and Business Conference and were well received. Underscoring this campaign is the need to work more closely together on cooperative advertising and marketing. Cost efficiency and economy of sca le can be greatly enhanced through a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy. We hope that this initial effort is just the beginni ng of a successful approach to bring more attention to the efforts of our Member Clubs. We also encourage everyone to begin planning for National Gymnastics Day (September 13) and the Tyson Fitness Challenge if you have not already done so.

Education Through USA Gymnastics University, education continues to be an important initiative for the Task Force and USA Gymnastics. We are progressing with our efforts to provide additional educational opportunities to existing coaches, instructors, judges, and administrators as well as to those individuals who may be new to th e sport. Attendance at the National Congress this year was an all-time high, and this event continues to serve as the single largest educational opportunity for our membership. Currently in progress are revisions to the Safety/ Ri sk Management handboo k, the live and online courses, and development of a Levell Coaching Fundamentals course. USA Gymnastics is also in discussions with third party educational providers to add to our educational programming. Coming this year is the inclusion of two courses from the American Red Cross - First Aid for Coaches and Respect in Sport. USA Gymnastics is also maintaining its focus on safety within the sport of gymnastics. Recently two new safety posters were made available: Guidelines for Foam Pits and Trampoline Safety Tips.

Emphasis on Grassroots and Recreational Programs Focus is being placed on grassroots and recreational programming for clubs. With the help of the Club Task Force, USA Gymnastics will create new programs and expand on the competitive opportunities within the grassroots and recreational levels. Thi s effort will be geared toward growth in the sport through increased participation and retention of athletes. Gold Medal Member Club Ideas are being developed to create a new level of partnership between USA Gymnastics and its Member Clubs that represent a commitment to gold medal sta ndard s. The Task Force will be reassembling this Fall to further develop this concept and identify the requirements and benefits associated with this level of membership . This program will emphasize a commitment to professional standards in education, safety certification and background screening, a safe and clean gymnastics environment and national marketing efforts. Please be looking for more information concerning all of these initiatives. See you in the gym!

Steve Penny Preside nt



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t's a fact of life that all sports depend upon sponsorships from leaders in the industry to help their sport grow and thrive, and gymnastics is no different. One of the most active and committed supporters in the sport of gymnastics today, is Elite Sportswear,"GK." For 27 years Elite Sportswear has manufactured "GK" apparel and the company has been a steady and dependable supporter of the sport at all levels. From the National Team sponsorship which they held from 1989 through 1992, right up to today, "GK" has always been there, ready to pull out all the stops to do whatever was needed to meet the demands of this very unique




- - - - - - --



- - Photos by - Sibi Soroka

For instance, the JO National events did not always have the look they do today. Prior to 1984, athletes qualifying for J.O. Nationals went to Championships wearing their individual club apparel. Even though they were part of a regional team, they were not outfitted alike. The first regional team to go to JO Championships dressed as a team was the Region 5 Women's Team in 1983. In order to instill that all important team spirit in his team, Ron Ganim's entire Region 5 team paraded out in specially made, matching, GK warm-ups and leotards. They made such an impression, that USA Gymnastics approached Elite Sportswear about doing the same thing for ALL of the regional teams! In 1984, the first contract for an official JO National team apparel sponsor was awarded to GK for that year's competition.

111fl CARlfUIl Y AND INfHUSIASflCAII Y PIRflCflD fHI PROCISS RIQUIRID fO OUfflf fHI HUNDRIDS Of AfHllflS AND COACHIS fHAf PARflCIPAflD IN fHI JUNIOR OLYMPICS market. The GK logo has appeared on athletes at Trampoline and Tumbling's World Age Group Games, the Gymnastrada and the Maccabi Games, as well on numerous national teams from Australia, Ukraine, Germany and Belarus. But, perhaps one of their biggest contributions has been not to the stars of the sport, but to the athletes who are the promise of tomorrow.



The dream was for the JO Nationals to have a polished look, with each regional team proudly sporting their individual set of colors at Championships. To achieve that, Elite carefully and enthusiastically perfected the process required to outfit the hundreds of athletes and coaches that participated in the Junior Olympics in the very short time period between regional meets

May 18-18路 Kissimmee, FL


AS J'HE OFFICIAL SUPPLIER FROM 200' J'HROUGH 2008, ELIJ'E SPORTSWEAR FURNISHED IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF 3800 PIECES OF APPAREL PER YEAR, TO THESE PROGRAMS. and the nationals. With the process in full swing, each year every athlete at Nationals receives his/her apparel individually boxed, bearing his/her name and a note of congratulations from the employees of GK. Over the years, the program has grown to include new disciplines and programs, and Elite has never flinched. Today, as official apparel supplier to USA Gymnastics' Junior Olympic and Grassroots Development programs, their brand,"GK," outfits the very important developmental youth teams and programs for all five disciplines of gymnastics. Programs such as Future Stars, TOPS, the Level 9 East & West



Championships, and the Jump Start Development program all receive the benefit of Elite's special touch. As the official supplier from 2001 through 2008, Elite Sportswear furnished in the neighborhood of 3800 pieces of apparel per year, to these programs. This included men's and women's competitive apparel and warm-ups for approximately 2400 athletes and coaches each year, and represents a contribution of approximately $275,000 a year, or over two million dollars worth of product over the course of those eight years!

GK 2008-2009 TEAM APPAREL Choice of Champions COACHES/CLUB OWNERS: Call to receive our new free catalogs for your team apparel or pro shop needs. Ask about our custom design services, the GK Risk Free Program, and how you can receive wholesale prices on all GK apparel. Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Check your local gym, pro shop, or specialty store for a selection of GK Team Workout wear and GK Workout Essentials. To receive a FREE GK WORKOUT ESSENTIALS catalog go to, or request by fax or email. , ...,CANYro.


((If ~4

Place your orders ON LI NE with the GK SPECIAL ORDER DESIGN STUDIO at



SU .... lIER


USA Gymnastics Junior OIyinpic Program ~

the Comp.ny

that ~ Your s.-tl


GK is proud to have been chosen by adldas路 to manufacture the 2008 National Team Competitive apparel for USA Gymnastics.

This commitment has not gone unnoticed by the gymnastic community. In 2000, Elite Sportswear was awarded the Shirley Marshak Memorial Award for recognition of its contributions to the TOPs program. Elite's commitment to detail, fit, and service also earned the company another high honor in 1999, when it was chosen byadidas, to manufacture the U.S. Olympic and National Team competitive apparel. The two companies cooperated in the project, each bringing their own special insights and talents to the table, and the result was both professional and skillful. The partnership continues today, with the 2008 National and Olympic teams to be the most recent beneficiaries of

Every business needs a partner that can help

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over 380 clubs nationwide


open up to 24 hours


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steam room




pro shop


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nutrition programs heated lap pool basketball court sauna


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cardio machines free weights kids' club resistance machines monthly payment memberships available

official fitness center of the USA Gymnastics Team



USA GYMNASTICS B..gjnl-ler... GoA~, ...

Limit one per person. First time guests and local residents only. Must use some ctub for entire term. Days must be used consecutively, and between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. only. No other discounts can be used with this offer Must be at least 18 years old ( 19 in NE) or 12 with porent. Incentives may be offered for enrolling in other memberships. Personal Training and Kids' Club available for on additional fee . Focitities and amenities vary. Not all clubs open 24 hours. Participating locations only. Not for re-sa le. No cosh value. Offer may expire without prior notice. See club for details. ©2007 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc.

Elite's expertise. From future stars to today's top athletes, it is quite evident that Elite believes in supporting the sport it services. The success the company has experienced in the past 27 years is a direct result of the quality and caring that "GK" has come to be known for in the industry. In sponsoring programs such as Junior Olympics and TOPS, Elite demonstrates its continued support and a desire to give something back to the sport that has helped the company to grow and prosper. X

Toll Free Order Line 1-800-444-9569


Toll Free Fax Number 1-888-504-5111



AII- New Line of Theme Awards! See the entire collection online

The Official Medal Supplier of USA Gymnastics


~ Sports Pelformance Center

By Vincent Nittoli, MS, LAT, ATC Licensed and Certified Athletic Trainer St. Vincent Sports Medicine

any athletes experience lower back pain at some time during their careers. Most of the time it's not serious and they quickly recover. However, there are times when lower back pain should not be ignored and a proper diagnosis should be made in order to receive the correct treatment. Although back pain in athletes can pain are due to spondylolysis. Most likely this is because the adolescent be from many different reasons, such as muscle strains or ligament sprains, spine is still developing and not as strong as an adult's. It can develop on sometimes it can be from a small fracture or break in the weakest part one or both sides of the spine and it of the vertebrae, called usually bothers the person a spondylolysis. "The fracture most during backward In sports that require bending. does not have Training with back repetitive backward bending, such as a quick onset, pain for too long can gymnastics, there is a be detrimental. If a and pain is spondylolysis is present, greater stress on the not severe at aggravating stresses will weak part the vertebrae. first, so many cause it to get worse. Over time this extra stress may eventually athletes assume "Persistent back pain in cause the vertebrae to it's not serious adolescents should not be fracture. The fracture ignored," says Dr. Joel Kary, and normal a physician with st. Vincent does not have a quick training is onset, and pain is not Sports Medicine and severe at first, so many Team Physician for Butler resumed." athletes assume it's University and Lawrence not serious and normal North High School in Indianapolis. training is resumed. Unfortunately, if the spondylolysis is not detected "Any back pain lasting longer and properly treated, it can progress than 3 weeks should be evaluated. to spondylolisthesis (the forward If symptoms such as fever or night slippage of the vertebrae), nerve pain are present then they should be evaluated sooner." damage, or disc degeneration. Any of these complications may Ideally, a sports medicine specialist require surgery, and a greater loss of (MD or DO) should be seen for the best chance at a correct diagnosis. competitive time. Spondylolysis is a difficult diagnosis Spondylolysis is more common in those younger than 20. In fact, one to make because many cases do not show on a regular X-ray. This study even showed that nearly 50% of adolescent athletes with low back results in many misdiagnoses and

51. VifueJ/t Hospital al1d St. Vil1ceNt Sports Perforlllal1ce if/ If/diaf/apolis, Illd., are official service providers to USA Gymf/astics. Call 3174 15-5747 or visit http:! / sportsperfOmIOflce.s!vif/



improper treatment. More extensive imaging such as an MRI, CT Scan, or a bone scan is often needed. Advanced imaging like this can also catch the precursor to the spondylolysis, called a stress reaction. Discovery of this before there's an actual crack in the bone will result in a quicker recovery for the athlete. "Early recognition of spondylolysis is very important because

back to competitive levels will vary greatly depending on how well healing occurs and the severity of the initial injury. There are a number of things athletes can do to try to prevent spondylolysis and other causes of back pain. Facilities are available that specialize in the performance enhancement of athletes. Usually, they have qualified professionals

control," says Barnes. Here again, special exercises will be prescribed which target core muscles to build strength and help protect the spine during vigorous activities. In addition to flexibility and strengthening, it is also very important to consume the proper amounts of food which promote good bone health. Active

" Early recognition of spondylolysis is very important because the chances of healing are improved the earlier it is diagnosed and treated." - Dr. Kary

the chances of healing are improved the earlier it is diagnosed and treated," adds Dr. Kary. After the diagnosis is made, the exact treatment will vary depending on how far the injury has progressed. If it's in the stage of stress reaction, resting from normal training levels may be enough along with maintaining cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and strength using non-aggravating methods. Beyond the stress reaction phase, a special brace and therapeutic exercises may be needed before returning to normal training. Bracing also may be required while gradually returning to normal training. The total amount of time it will take to get

who have expertise in injury prevention. Proper flexibility and strengthening is extremely important. "I commonly see gymnasts that compensate hip flexor flexibility with lumbar extension," says Darrell Barnes, LAT, ATC, CSCS, Performance Center Coordinator at the St. Vincent Sports Performance Center in Indianapolis. This compensation will put excessive pressure on the lumbar vertebrae and over time may lead to a spondylolysis. To combat this, Barnes will use certain exercises to stretch their hip flexor muscles well before and after training, in hopes of releasing the pressure on the vertebrae."1 also see many gymnasts with decreased glute activation and poor lower abdominal

adolescents should eat at least three servings of low-fat dairy products a day. Some examples of a serving include one cup of milk, a slice of cheese, or one cup of yogurt. If possible, dairy products should always be chosen over supplements since the body absorbs nutrients more efficiently from food sources. Though back pain is relatively common among athletes, paying attention to the sign s of a serious condition will payoff in the long run . Proper prevention strategies and seeking expert medical care when necessary are the keys to staying in the game. 1\

JULY 2008 â&#x20AC;˘ TECHNIQUE






Social a"d Orga"lzatlo"al Skills

he No Child Left Behind legislation prompts parents to seek programs that help children meet the mandated academic standards expected of today's youth. Without your assistance, parents may overlook your gym as a valuable resource. You can help them see the real value of gymnastics programs by linking these programs to academic benefits, which is the focus created by No Child Left Behind and standards-based education. The following chart can act as your treasure map, illustrating the fundamental relationship between gymnast ics and academic goals. The right side of the chart lists activities common to gymnastics. The left side shows the link to academic skills and school success. Becoming familiar with the terms discussed in the next few paragraph will provide clues on how to uncover the treasure chest of riches inherent in all gymnastics programs.



• • partic ipates in class calmly and controls anger • takes risks when learning • new movement pattems • moves from station to ......... station without getting "lost" • [Ones into coach 's instruction s ........ • • remains focused while • watching others pcrfonn • completes activ ities withollt 1+ • constant prodding 1+ • confidently learns new ski lls • • joyfu l chi ld who you hope will ......,. • come back each session!

self-regulates in the class

room " I can do it!" attitude when it comes to academic skill s easily transition s between academic subjects tunes into teacher cooperates and gels along with others in class completes class assignmenlS without prodding confidently meets new goals joyful child teachers love to have in class!

Se"sory Processl"Q . . .~~ .j

• participates in activities re......... quiring deep pressure to the joints as in mat work and bar work ..... • participates in vestibular and heavy work activities: rolling. climbing. jumping. swinging trampoline activities. jumping into the pit, creeping. crawling. moving at floor level on the stomach, hanging from bars, handstand s. hcadstands , and cartwheels • listens to coach 's instmctions ....... . and processes multi-stcp directions includin g sequencing routines and completing complex movement pattern s ,..---......,

joint sensation adequate for correct pencil grip, fonning letters accurately, and appropriate pencil tens ion vestibular system is working properl y so that visual , auditory. and tactile information is integrated leading to reading with ease. sitting upright in the chair, enjoying rich tactile experiences with glue, paint, and other textures listens to teacher 's instructions and follows mu lti-step directions: understands complex math patterns


E MBRACE ~ For a whole new level of smoothness :

5 b lades surrounded by a ribbon of moisture hug each and every curve.




/irr~~:~=~--\ Ii


Postural Co~trol


• balances o n a beam • • pclfonns tucks and ex tension • pattems w ith ease • paJ1icipates in \,:ann-ups • requiring strong abdomina l and back mu scles • participates in warm-ups that strc nglhc nback mu scles • accompli shes allmo vclllcnts ........ • on vario us equipmclII requirin g core postural strength • performs sequentia l rhythm ic ........ • aCli\'il~es usin.g full i ntegrat.iO~ ll ... of audllory, Visual , and tactil e / systems ~ .

'~~~::'::::::-~ appens in Brain-Body Development

~ll-%-;;;:5;~~·t1?ore a child ~umbles, cli~bs, creeps, and crawls,.

'~:I .:~~,;mor~ densely wired the brain becomes for academiC ~···· success. Movement is the architect of a child's brain. The

two hemispheres of the brain are designed to constantly communicate with one another.The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa. Bilateral activities, common to all gymnastic programs, require both sides of the body to work together and separately. Coordinated movement patterns create efficiency in the brain. Efficient pathways create fluent readers who complete reading tasks with ease. For example, during reading, the left hemisphere attends to letters and the sequence of words, while the right side of the brain focuses on comprehending what is read. Reading fluency depends on an intimate conversation between the two hemispheres of the brain- a clear signal. Bouncing on the trampoline, tumbling down a mat, swinging from the bars-all these activities help wire the brain and integrate the vestibular system. Located in the inner ear, the vestibular system is intricately connected with the brain. Its job is to make sense of all perceived sensory information from the environment and tell us where our bodies are in space. Like the hub of a wheel, the vestibular system integrates vision, hearing, balance, and skin sensations. If children have poor sensory processing skills, they may have a difficult time learning gymnastics skills or regulating behavior. Weaknesses observed in gymnastics classes may lead to discovering that the child is struggling in school as well. (Continuedonpg.20)

'Hateral I~tegratio~

balances in a chair writes w ith ease due to good balance and stre ngt h has strength and endurance

fo r seat wo rk ; legs comfort abl y on the floor and not wrapped arollnd chair legs for stability sits without rocking the chai r. knee sitting, or lying bod y across desk learns with ease and call process auditory. visual. and tactile informat ion as needed fo r academics


• • pcrfonns movement requiring cross ing the midli ne of the ... body • performs move men t requ iring • using both sides of the body together and separate ly • e njoys act ivi ti es including rib ~ . . . • bons, hoops, balls, rope • understands directio na l term s • including over. under, nex t to ~ and between .

'ody Aware~ess


writes whil e lI sin g complete page with print following a left to right sequence full brain integ ration to decode and compre hend what is read e.njoys ph ysical eduat ion. ga mes, and recess di stingui shes between letters b/d/p/q and writes wit h no re versal s


• sits and wa its fo r a turn without bothering other c hil~ dre n • aware of the body in space and... makes adjustment s as needed • e njoys wa rl11~llp routine s wit h Illu sic and kee ps a steady beat rhythm with ea se • accurately integ rates vision with motor skills and makes adjusl~ ments in limin g as needed to compl ete compl ex skill s • lines up without pushing and ........ Hipping o thers: honors other's persona l space

• patie ntl y wait s tum in class and honors other student s' personal space • flexib le with schedule cha nges and substitutes • understands the rhythm ic nature of reading and speech leading 10 flu ency skill s • good le tter spac ing while writing: "'hi Ie readin g re lates story to se lf and others due to good se lf awareness . lines up without messin g around and makes teacher ex treme ly happy

RollinCJ into ReadinCJ Come spend a day wilh P,lITI Jone,. a preschool teacher \\ ilh a vision 10 create an illlcgrative preschool program that prepare, all children ror the rigorolls ('xpectations of kinciergarlen lIsing mOVCi11ent. not worksheet,;. Pam , with the assista nce of Debra Em Wil son, provides preschool child ren with activiti es that build a solid fou ndation for learnin g. These acti viti es develop strong core posture. esse nti al for sitting in a chair for any lenglh of tim e. Midline and vision sk ill s are enhanced with activ ities the children enjoy and must have in order to read and wri te with case. Mus ic activities provide children with oPPorlunities to de ve lop rh ythm. seq uencing. and timin g which are esse nti al sk ills linked to a red uction ill ADHD in children. Thisengaging DVD takes you throu gh Pam 's presc hool day including mornin g song activities, gross Inotor gy m-

nastics, fine motor instructi on, and Focus Moves acti vity room. In the Focus Moves activity room , chil dren work on foundation skill s essential for ki ndergal1en success. Techniques prese nted during this program are educational and informational in nature. For ad vice appropriate to your spec ific situation , please consult a phys ician. For package deals and seminar dates. visit: \\!\Vw.schoolmoves.colll Integrated Le arner Press ISBN: 0-9706961-5-9



'"• n o o


• • • • • • • • •

pte/chool vet/ion Includes 8 Focus Plans allU Family Home Letters Videog raphy and production by Debra Em Wilson Read in g Specia list and fOllnderof S'cool Moves

~eoOI ~





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III always want the best for

Checklist for Spotting Learning Difficulties The following list indicates signs that can point to possible learning challenges. These categories coincide with the treasure map chart above.

all my gyms. Cients

c ,..~


.4cct Sum


2. Sensory Processing - avoids rotational movement or excessively seeks rotational movement - avoids appropriate touch from coaches and other children - seeks too much touch; clingy, whiny, hard to please - walks on toes or uses fists during mat work instead of balls of feet and open palms - excessively seeks or avoids tactile sensations like chalk on hands or foam pit

...~-~"'-"~ ~ ~...... ",<.

'-.. '-..






3. Postural Control - has extreme difficulty with balance skills or beam work - has difficulty with activities requiring the contraction of stomach and back muscles - has difficulty with activities requiring tucks and extension patterns - shows weak muscle tone and strength when performing bar work and general skills - has difficulty with upper- and lower-body integration

\ I /

That's why I switched ... .---


// ::'to ProSchool / / software."

4. Bilateral Integration - has difficulty with two sides of the body working as a team or separately - has difficulty with sequencing, learning choreographed routines, and timing - has difficulty with skipping and locomotor patterns - appears clumsy for most tasks


I '-











\ /




\ \ \ "\ "- '-.. \

/ / ./

- --- \

Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics ""Training Centers "- '-.. '-.. Pro School, '-..


simply the best gym monagement software-period.


5. Body Awareness - demonstrates unclear personal boundaries and is often in other children's space - loses self in transitions and can't figure out where to go next - is frequently placed at front or back of line for discipline reasons - has difficulty mirroring movements - gets easily frustrated and is quick to become angry





1. Social and Organizational Skills - runs from equipment to equipment without self-control - has difficulty following multi-step directions; must have directions - hits, bites, or is overly aggressive - often disturbs and annoys other children




Foundational Physical Skills for Children If a child at your center has many concerns on this list, talk with the parents and recommend they seek an evaluation from an occupational therapist who specializes in sensory processing challenges. Sensory issues are common underlying factors in ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and developmental delays. When children are involved in movement activities that help organize the sensory system, quite often their symptoms lessen or go away altogether. While most reading readiness programs state goals, such as writing one's name independently or sounding out simple words, essential physical foundation skills need to be in place for preschool children to be able to keep up with intense academic demands of today's kindergarten classrooms.



By kindergarten, all children should: • be able to move eyes separately from head • track and converge eyes • have core postural muscles developed • cross midline and possess bilateral integration • know dominant hand • hear individual sounds in words • maintain a steady beat rhythm • have an internal sense of balance • explore their world confidently and imaginatively

Gymnastics with an Academic Twist Marcia Carter, owner of the Oroville Gymnastics Sports Academy and LEAPS Preschool, began a program specifically designed to help children be more successful in her gymnastics classes and at school. Meeting the needs of the families in her community, she offers specialized classes to build the foundational skills critical for success inside gyms and inside classrooms. A teacher in Marcia Carter's community describes the benefits for children involved in classes offering gymnastics with an academic twist."During these past four years I have been teaching kindergarten. I have noticed that the children from your preschool achieve reading goals sooner and with more ease than ever seen before. The children who come from your preschool are always well prepared for high state standards expected to be learned by kindergartners. I congratulate and thank you for all you do to help kindergarten students achieve these high expectations." Dr. Nancy Bates, owner of Gym Magic Sports Center and


Online Courses: (Group Discounts available)

* "ProFirstAid" Certification Course * "ProCPR" Recertification Courses * "Safety Bas ics" for Gymnastics Instructors * Women's Level l , 2, 3 Recreationa l Course

* Women's Level 4 ,5, 6 Skills & Drills Cou rse * Boys Levell Course (Lev 2 comi ng soon) * Span ish Women's Level l Course * FREE Download "Articles"for professionals by profess ionals! * ProBloodBorne Course - OSHA Compliant Add this book to your personal gymnastics library today!



Preschool in Las Cruces, N.M., offers classes focusing on bUildi1d If! a solid foundation for learning."We emphasize education and7==::---=:c:_::!}'':! learning. The response from our staff, parents, and childrerytis- __ ~/:;~ been incredibly positive." Gym Magic also created a new R'rb'~r ); Magical Moves (for 6 months to 3 years of age), which has l~dTh~--' -<~/ partnerships with many early intervention groups. The response has been so positive that the early intervention groups have had to rotate families in and out of Gym Magic's program because too many families want to participate in the new program. Gymnastics centers experience a dramatic increase in enrollment when offering classes with an academic twist. If your gym is empty during the day, adding classes focusing on academic foundational skills may help increase revenue while offering a great service to the community and parents who homeschool their children . As a parent of a child with special needs, I believe that it takes a team to raise a child with special needs. My child's team includes her gymnastics coach right alongside her special education teacher. My daughter comes alive when she is at a gymnastics center. While usually burdened with expressive language delays, she becomes talkative and animated because her vestibular system gets a jumpstart from tumbling, swinging on bars, and jumping on the trampoline. When she is with her peers, her gymnastics skills are a communication tool for her-a way to connect. Always lagging behind her peers academically, it is magical to see her shine through gymnastics. Ensure that your treasure chest of educational gold is clearly embossed with a giant"X" that marks the spot where academic excellence begins-in your gymnastics center! X

Also Available at the Gymcert Store: Training Manuals, Safety Manuals and Gym & Cheer Safety Posters








The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. *Time and dote subject to change.

July 17 Jacksonville, Fl32202; 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Region 8 Congress, Omni Jacksonville Hotel, 245 Water Street Course code: XX07172008Fl Instructor: Chris Colvert 404-687-9911

16 Woodward, PA; 10:30 o.m. to 3:00 p.m. *Lunch ovoilable Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr Directions: Steve Hass 814·349-5633 Course code: SH08162008PA Instructor: Steve Hass 814-349-5633

19 Woodword, PA; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. *Lunch ovailable Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Or Directions: Steve Hass 814-349-5633 Course code: SH07192008PA Instructor: Steve Hoss 814·349-5633

21 Santa dora, CA 95054; 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Region 1 Congress, Marriott Santa Clara, 2700 MissionCollege Blvd Course code: XX08212008CA Instructor: Michael Taylor 650-330-2255

20 Oklahoma afy, OK 73102; 2:00 R.m. to 7:00 p.m. Region 3 Congress, The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma afy, 1 Park Avenue Course code: XX072020080K Instructor Jan Eyman 254-694-2065

25 Indianapolis, IN 46240; 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Region 5 Congress, Sheraton Indianapolis, 8787 Keystone Crossing Course code: XX092520081N Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430



25 Itasca, IL 60143; 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Itasca Park District, 350 East Irving Park Rd Directions: Chr~ Eismenn 630-355·1779 Course code: EP072520081L Instructor: Edgar Pulido 630-784-1460

14 Brentwood, TN 37027; 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 1647 Mallory Lane Ste 102 Directions: Terry Lampo 615-377 ·3444 Course code: CC11142008TN Instructor: Christine Calvert 404-687-9911

27 tittle River, SC 29566; 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 R.m. Gymnastics ond More, 304 East Hwy 90 Bldg B Directions: Louie tiguouri 843-249-5867 Course code: KB07272008SC Instructor: Kimberly Boyd 803-348-2693

29 Stroudsburg, PA 18360; 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Internotional Gymnostics Comp, 9020 Bortonsville Woods Rd Directions: Bruno Kious 570·629-0244 Course code: PF11292008PA Instructor: Phil Frank 856-786-3977 X

August 3 Tucker, GA 30084; 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tucker Recreation Directions: E1eonor Jobert 770-270·6227 louIse (Uu~: GGOUJlUUOUH

Instructor: Christine Calvert 404-687-9911 14 Burlington, MA 01803; 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Region 6Congress, Morriott 80ston Burlington, One Mall Road (Rt 128 & 3A) Course code: XX08142008MA Instructor: Patricia McDiarmid 413-596-2313

: : : : :


(Minimum age for Safety Certification is

r5 years)

Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Male or Female:. _ _ _ _ __ Professional or Instructor #: _______ Current Safety Exp. Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Birth Date: _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Stale: _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Zip: _ _ _ __

(W) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

E-mail Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ Course Code: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course City/ Slate: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __ Form of Payment:


0 Other _ _ _ __ Payment Amount: _ _ _ __

Nome on Card: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Dote: _ __



Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


COST: Pro-Member with Current Safely Certificatian wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.: ....:................ no chorge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety Certification ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member ........................................................................ $ 115.00 • You must have your USA Gymnastics number or dote applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics two (2) weeks prior to the course date'. Late registrations incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment wi rI not be processed. Late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site anillate registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, includinll t~e course book, are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four (4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six (6) months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply if notification is received aher course deadline. ' USA Gymnostics reserves the right to alter course deodline

Mail registration form and payment to: VISA USA Gymnastics Member Services p"" SpM'O' Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212



David Sender is 22 years old and the 2008 USA National All-Around and Floor Exercise Champion . Sender is from Chicago, III., but currently resides in Stanford, Calif., where he trains at Stanford University with coaches Thom Glielmi and JD Reive. Sender represents Team Chevron-Palo Alto. Sender, was a member of the 2006 World Championships team, but was not selected for the 2007 World Championships team . When asked if missing



the 2007 Worlds gave him extra motivation for 2008 he said, "1wasn't satisfied with how I did at last year's Vi sa Championships. It's definitely in the back of my mind that whatever I did last year was not good enough so I knew I needed to do more this year to make the Olympic Team . I look at what I want and what it's going to take to get me there. I've been working very hard towards the goaL" Sender has made a good start in the Olympic Team selection process by winning the Visa Championships allaround title. He says he won't change much heading into the Olympic Team Trials.


"I might make some minor changes, but the main thing we've worked on since the Visa Championships is focusing on the details like the body line, rhythm and all the things that make it look aesthetic." Sender is a senior at Stanford majoring in biology and is looking into veterinary medicine."1 plan to finish school next year and apply for vet school the following year," said Sender, who is finished with his gymnastics eligibility at Stanford. "I'll continue training after the Games," said Sender. I'm not looking to make a 4-year commitment, but I'll at least stay around another year."

When asked about his future as a veterinari an, Sender said,"My dad is an ER physician and my mom used to be a nurse. So I grew up around the medical field. I think for me it will be easier to work with animals than people. I do a lot of volunteer work at animal clinics and shelters and the more I do it the more I like it. I've always enjoyed being outside around animals. I've known I was going to be a vet for as long as I can remember." Sender is one of four siblings born to Ira and Bonnie Sender. He has an older brother and sister, Marc and Erica, and a younger brother, Joshua. 1\








Using Air Cushioned Technology "The Sweet Spot and Jr. Sweet Spot can be used in conjunction with a periodization program to minimize the need for wrist supports and the risk of over use injuries. I have not observed a translation problem for my athletes as they move between the Sweet Spot on the vault and with them off the vault." -Don McPherson, Aerials Gymnastics Want to see the Sweet Spot in action? Go to and watch a video clip from the Tumbl Trak Media Gallery.

.; Tumbl Tralc

r~~::-=:::~:=-;-:-==:---;;:-;:;~~~~----e.l...-.a.L-l.l..--1L-..JC...-~_ _ _ _ Do It Ag ai n (800) 331-4362



USA GYMNASTICS HAS PARTNERED WITH TYSON FOODS for the third straight year to create the Tyson Fitness Challenge, a tailor-made fitness program that provides the fundamentals for a healthy lifestyle. Another great aspect of the Tyson Fitness Challenge is the fundraising component for Children's Miracle Network. Has your club signed up to host the Tyson Fitness Challenge in celebration of National Gymnastics Day? Is your gym raising money for your local Children's Miracle Network children's hospital? The Tyson Fitness Challenge can take place anytime between now and National Gymnastics Day on Sept. 13, 2008. If you're a club owner, go to the link below to sign up for more information about hosting the Tyson Fitness Challenge in your gym club!



Below is a sample proclamation. We're asking club owners in each state to help get a signed proclamation for National Gymnastics Day from their state. The state processes will not allow USA Gymnastics to apply for these proclamations, so please download the template from our Web site and send it to your governor. Once the proclamation has been signed and returned to you, please scan it and send to USA Gymnastics. We'll then post it on our Web site for other clubs in your state to use. Please send to Loree Galimore at or mail to USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

Download the proclamation at

THE TYSON FITNESS CHALLENGE WEB SITE has many more resources only available to clubs that have signed up to receive the password.

Have More Questions? Call Loree Galimore

) .

at 317-829-S6S4. ~

Sign up at and receive the password to log in to the administrator's Web site.

â&#x201A;Źurrent items available only on the administrator's eb site include a sample press release, talking points d sample letters to send to physicians and school administrators about the program. Check back on a ____..;.r,;;,eg, ular basis because additional resources will be added.

Te ll us your plans for your Tyson Fitness Ch allenge and your club will be listed on the Web site. Don't leave your club out!

• • WHAT'S


STEVE BUTCHER TO BE INDUCTED INTO THE IIHALL OF FAMEII OF.. THE NATIONAL ~YMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION BY KEN ACH IRON - NATIONAL TECHNICAL SECRETARY teve Butcher of Knoxville, Tenn ., was inducted into the "Frank J. Cumiskey Hall of Fame" of the National Gymnastics Judges Association on May 23 at the Visa Championships in Houston, Texas. Steve was the sole 2008 inductee and the 35th overall inductee into the "Hall of Fame" since its inception in 1972. Steve will judge the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China and is also the president of the Pan American Gymnastics Union Men's Technical Committee where he oversees all major competitions between the countries of North, Central and South America . X


+ BEST PRACTICES FOR THE GYMNASTICS BUSINESS This book is jam packed with information for starting a gymnastics business or improving an existing one. USA Gymnastics developed this book to 1) help determine if starting a

Best Practices for the Gymnastics Business

gymnastics club is the right decision for you, and 2) improve your chances of success with your new business or make your current gymnastics program more successful. The book addresses a myriad of issues faced by all club owners and directors and attempts to give several possible solutions for consideration . The book also includes several resources and the appendices on CD. This book is provided complimentary to USA Gymnastics Member Clubs. They will receive th e book in July.



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A Macro Economic and Parallel Enrollment Shift


n the 1950's and 60's a family could raise three kids and send them to

college on a mid range income from the primary bread winner. In the 70's an economic shift began until in the 80s it took two middle range incomes to raise the same family. Today, it takes two incomes, a second mortgage and a handful of credit cards. I know why this trend is in place but the question of the moment is not why it is happening but is the trend still in place? The answer is 'yes' and a recent Kids First analysis corroborates it: I have long advocated keeping good and accurate enrollment data. Kids First as long done so but Steve, my partner, and I were blind-sided by what we learned when we spread this data in a different manner. Specifically, we looked at our 1999 through 2008 Tumble Bee enrollment comparing daytime versus evening enrollment. 路 In reporting the shocking results I will speak only of 1999 and 2008, as the interim years basically confirmed a smooth trend in a singular direction. Sit down: In 1999 our total enrollment of 1513 was divided as such: daytime, 90.7%


versus evenings, 9.3%. In 2008 our total enrollment of 1691 was divided as such: daytime, 77.6% versus evenings, 22.4%. That reflects a daytime change in enrollment of -4.4% and an evening change of 168.8%! As dramatic as that change is, it actually understates the magnitude of the shift because today we have more demand than supply for our evening classes. Allow me to divulge the reason we did this analysis. We had to make a go/ no-go decision whether to engage in a 20,000 square foot addition for soccer or basketball. The dilemma for us was this: giving up either soccer or basketball meant we would be sacrificing 50k of current gross profit. However, in exchange for this sacrifice we would gain an additional 6,000 square foot for gymnastics. To establish the wisdom of this move meant we had to project whether we could grow evening gymnastics enrollment by 160 or more students. Can you see how the evening versus daytime enrollment analysis was critical in making our go/no-go decision? Here is yet another example of how good records are essential in making good decisions. (You probably

~ -, Ilf)f)'I' ~ Small Business

, (~l'~~!~

want to know if this project was a go or no-go? Well, this article was written a day or two early; the contract is sitting on my desk and I am waiting until Steve gets back into town for a final blessing. I am betting we will be off to the races on this exciting project within a week. I'll keep you posted. Better yet, join us at the November BOOT CAMP where we just may have a christening party... not that we need a christening to have a party.) Make it a great month! Jeff PS Anyone wanting to know more about how we analyzed the enrollment on this project please request via email "20,000 sf addition analysis" and I will be happy to send you our two simple spreadsheets (sorry, this offer is not available if request is more than 2 months after the publication date of this magazine). 1( Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

.. ,{ifetime so[utions for your business ... 6usiness so[utions for your [ifetime .

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Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners. Dates: Nov 20-24, 2008 & May 14-18 2009 For FREE portfolio of information: 513.489.7575 or

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EDUCATION • • • Preschool Fundamentals: HOT Course Schedule July 20 .................................................. Jacksonville, Fl July 20 ......... Oklahoma City, OK August 17 Burlington, MA August 23 ............. Easley, SC August 24 ..... ............. ........... .... Santa Clara, CA September 5. . ..... Austin, TX September 14.................................. Windsor, CT September 28 ...... Indianapolis, IN

USA GYMNASTICS UNIVERSITYEXCELLENCE THROUGH EDUCATION USA Gymnastics University offers a variety of educational opportunities for all gymnastics professionals - coaches, instructors, club and program administrators, judges and others. Here are just some of the courses now available. Live Courses: Safety/Risk Management • Preschool Fundamentals: Hands on Training • Trampoline &Tumbling Coaches Course· National Congress • Regional Congresses • CORE Workshop • Business Conference • Various Program clinics/camps (such as Men's JO Program Workshop, Women's level 10 Training Camp, high performance seminars, spotting clinics, and more) Online and Self-Study Courses: Safety/Risk Management • First Aid Basics • Preschool Fundamentals: Theory • Professional Development Program (PDP) Levell

Elective Courses: Various courses offered through approved educational providers such as the (coming soon) First Aid for Coaches and Respect in Sport online courses provided by the American Red Cross, as well as others to come. Take the time to explore our offerings and get started today. Earn USA Gymnastics University credits towards certification with all courses. Detailed course information and registration are available on our website at (click 'education'). Highlight: Regional Congresses Regional Congresses are three-day educational workshops held in each of the eight gymnastics regions (in 2008 National Congress takes the place of the Regional Congress in Region 7). Over the three days, more than 75 sessions are presented on various gymnastics subjects including: popular topics covering

women's and men's developmental through elite level training; preschool and recreational gymnastics topics, activities, safety, and more; compulsory, optional, and elite judging criteria and technique; fitness; sports science; business and leadership and more. The Regional Congresses also include an exhibit hall featuring suppliers to the gymnastics industry. Other activities may include socials, banquets, live auctions, committee meetings, as well as add-on educational courses. This a great opportunity to refresh and update your skills for the new season, broaden your knowledge base, and network and socialize among peers in a setting that is customized for your region and close to home! Find the regional congress in your area - visit ~

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800-648- 6406





'.J. Region Region Region Region Region Region Region Region

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Women's Program

UPDATE WOMEN'S ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE ORLANDO, FLORIDA MAY 19,2008 I. Roll Call National Administrative Committee Chairman, Ka thy Ostberg ca lled meeting t o order at 10:00 am.

Jennifer Krause (excused abse nce) Meg Doxtator Cori Ri zzo Ji m Sc hlott Bobbi Mon tana ri Jen Scannell Lynn Pe rrott Debby Kornegay

Vice President Program Manager

Kathy Kelly Rachel Brazo

II. Rules and Po lices - Corrections/ Additions Inj~ry Petitions - Co mmittee disc ussed the procedures for Injury PetltlOns an d made the follo wing recommendations : Rec~mmendation to ad d the follo wing statement to the R & P, procedures sectlOn on Page 50: The RACC must receive notification by fax or email of the intent to petition to Regionals by the Monday following the State Meet. Motion: C. Rizzo Second: M. Doxtator PASSED

Recommendation to add to the R&P a section on Member Misconduct and include the following statement:

Any falsification of official documentation (scores, athlete DOB, athlete #, etc) will result in removal of the athlete from competition and may result in disciplinary action against the responsible professional member. Motion: L. Perrott Second: M. Doxtator PASSED CLARIFICATION: Request the J .O. Prog ram Committee to add the following stateme nt to the JO Calendar "for those levels that have a Regional competition, the respective State Meet MUST be sched uled a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the Regional Meet". Coaches Attire: Recommendation that in order to maintain a high level of professionalism and respect, the following dress code will be implemented for all coaches on the floor at USA Gymnastics State and above competitions. State Committees may implement this code for all sanctioned events. Shoes: Closed toe athletic shoes Pants: Athletic warm-ups or "Docker-style" pants. (No jeans) Shorts: Athletic or tailored shorts that are a reasonable length (example - 7" inseam). (No shorts with tears, holes, or short-shorts.) Shirts: Collared shirts, business casual shirts, or T-shirts with gym logo. No spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, or midriff revealing shirts. Hats: No hats or visors Motion: J. Schlott Second: B. Montanari PASSED Recommendation that Gates fees for East/ West and JO National Meets are capped at: Per Session pass: Maximum of $15.00 for Adults; $10.00 for Children/ Seniors

Grips, s Des, supports, ape, videos, books, apparel, pi., and so",." . . .1

1-800-664-5266 32


Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Competitive gymnasts push their bodies to the limit, putting in more hours of practice than almost any other athlete. Competition after competition they strive for that "perfect 10:' These elite athletes deserve a schooling option that lets them do the same. With K12'S flexible, individualized education options for students in grades K-12, competitive gymnasts can now push their minds to the limit-and get that winning score in school and at competitions.

K12 is the nation's leading online curriculum provider for students in grades K-12. Our patented, award-winning system for virtual schooling includes online lessons, built-in assessments, planning tools, and traditional materials like books, art supplies, and scientific equipment. You even get support from a qualified teacher. Here are just a few reasons why the K'2 curriculum sticks the landing for competitive gymnasts: â&#x20AC;˘ The K12 online learning program can go with your child-from home to practice to competitions around the country. Full- and part-time programs are available. K12 offers up to four levels of high school courses including honors and APril . â&#x20AC;˘ All K12 courses meet or exceed state standards and can include certified teacher support. â&#x20AC;˘ Tuition-free options are available in many states!

Keep your academics and athletics in perfect balance with K12.

Visit or call 866.968.7512 to learn more.


Women's Program




Weekend pass: Maximum of $25.00 for Adults; $20.00 for Children/Seniors. Motion: M. Doxtator Second: D. Kornegay PASSED

III. Office Requests The office has requested that member clubs be given special designation on the regional and/ or state web-site. Rachel will send instructions on ho w to update the list of member clubs that is available to the RACC and the SACCo The State Chairmen are requested to submit a National Gymnastics Day proclamation application to the governor of their respective state. The proclamation is available at: Portals/0/ PDFs/ Home/ National%20 Gym nasti cs%20 Day / usag -procla mati 0 n. pdf IV. State Chairman Workshop The State Chairman Workshop Schedule was revised and will be distributed to the State Chairmen. The Committee discussed the agenda for the State Chairman Workshop. This will be finalized at the June Meeting . The Regional Chairmen are asked to submit their nomination for the Silver Mouse to Kathy Ostberg and the Service Award recipients to Rachel Brazo by Monday - June 2, 2008 . The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 6, 2008 in Boston , MA. Meeting Adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

MINUTES OF THE JOINT ADMINISTRATIVE JR. OLYMPIC AND TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING MAY 19, 2008 KISSIMMEE, FL I. Roll Call Administrative, J. 0 and Technical Committee Chairmen Kathy Ostberg, Tom Koll and Cheryl Hamilton , respectively, called the meeting to order at 8:30 am. J. O. Comm. Technical Comm . Administrati ve Comm. Region 1 Dan Witenstein Neela Nelson Jennifer Krause (absent) Region 2 Laurie Reid Linda Mulvihill Meg Doxtator Region 3 Cheryl Jarrett Carole Bunge Cori Rizzo Region 4 Don Houlton Linda Thorberg Jim Schlott

J . O. Comm . Technical Comm. Region 5 John Geddert (absent) Regional Rep-Kittia Carpenter Char Christensen Region 6 Larry Goldsmith Pat Panichas Region 7 Linda Johnson (absent) Regional Rep - John Wojtczuk Myra Elfenbein Region 8 Brad Harris Marian Dykes Asst. Tech. Audrey Schweyer Comm. Chair NCAA liaison Mark Cook JO Program Connie Maloney Director VP of Program Kathy Kelly WP Manager Rachel Brazo NAWGJ Carole Ide

Administrative Comm . Bobbi Montanari Jen Scannell Lynn Perrott Deb Kornegay

II. NACGC-W REPORT Mark Cook reported that their convention went well, with no major changes to the rules for 2008-09 season. An ad hoc collegiate/JO committee met on Friday. The goal of this annual meeting is to try to foster good communication between the collegiate and JO committees, thus developing a more cohesive program for our gymnasts. Some schedule changes were made to the 2010 JO calendar to avoid conflicting with the collegiate conference championships. III. NATIONAL OFFICE REPORT Kathy Kelly updated the committees on the state of the National Team , Olympic preparations, the Pre-Elite levels, and the national office relocation . Connie Maloney reported that the Judges' Accreditation program is working well and the Test Administrators continue to do an excellent job. IV. ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE REPORT Kathy Ostberg reported that she was re-elected as Chairman by acclamation. The results of the State Administrative Committee Chairmen elections resulted in seven elections with 5 new SACCs. The National Administrative Committee will meet again June 6-7 in Boston in conjunction with Women's VISA Championships Next year is an election year for Regional Technical and JO Committee members. Tom requested that any members give him a heads up if they do not plan to run. The State Chair workshop will be conducted at National Congress in Philadelphia on Sunday, June 22 . Regional Congresses kick off in July with Region 4, 3 and 8.

Deary's Gymnastics Supply (DGS 9.9) and Paragon Business Consulting Services can offer a literal "one-stop shop" for all your business financing and consulting needs. Please visit our booth at both National and Regional Congress and talk to Mr. Ken Wood. We would love to see your business grow.

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To learn more about this service, visit our lending and leasing page at or email


V. NAWGJ REPORT Carole Ide, NAWGJ President. reported that she had no requests or information to impart and thanked the office for supporting NAWGJ's request for the revisions in the Judges' Compensation package that she made last year. She reported on their successful National Judges' Cup and shared plans for the National Judges' Symposium in the fall of 2009. VI. USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS REPORT Tom Koll gave an update on the re-structuring of the Board of Directors. VII. BACKGROUND CHECKS Kathy Kelly reported on the progress of the background checks. There is a lot of information, including a FAQ, on the Member Services web site. There will be a sessions at National & Regional Congresses to assist the membership. Any questions should be directed to Kathy Feldmann , VicePresident Membership Services. VIII. MEDIA CHALLENGES The committee members requested that the national office develop a presentation for Regional Congresses to assist the local clubs in the proper handling of media challenges. IX. CODE OF ETHICS The committees requested that the National office check with the attorney about adding to the Code of Ethics a statement regarding the use of tobacco products or carrying of handguns at a USAG-sanctioned event. The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m .

MINUTES OF THE JOINT JR. OLYMPIC AND TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING MAY 19,2008 KISSIMMEE, FL 1. Roll Call J. O. and Technical Committee Chairmen Tom Koll and Cheryl Hamilton, respectively, called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. J. O. Comm. Technica l Comm . Region 1 Dan Witenstein Neela Nelson Region 2 Laurie Reid Linda Mulvihill Region 3 Cheryl Jarrett Carole Bunge

Linda Thorberg Region 4 Don Houlton J . O. Comm. John Geddert (absent) Region 5 rep -Kittia Carpenter Regional Larry Goldsmith Region 6 Linda Johnson (absent) Region 7 rep - John Wojtczuk Regional Brad Harri s Region 8 Audrey Schweyer Asst. Tech . Comm. Chair NCAA liaiso n Mark Cook JO Program Director Connie Maloney VP of Program Kathy Kelly NAWGJ Carole Ide

Technical Co mm . Char Christensen Pat Panichas Myra Elfenbein Marian Dykes

II. JO RULE CHANGES The committees determined that all agenda items that related to changes in optional rules or compulsory elements/ deductions be dealt with at the September meeting. Professional Members are requested to contact your Regional representatives in writing regarding any ideas/ concerns for consideration at the upcoming meeting, with the awareness that all rule changes will be mad e based on what is best for the masses. A new JO Code of Points will be available in early June 2009 for the 2009-2013 quadrennium. No rule changes will be made for the 2008-09 season. Some newly evaluated elements performed at the 2008 JO Nationals and clarifications of the existing rules are reflected later in these minutes. III. FLOOR EXERCISE CONCERNS A. Dance element performed at JO Nationals : From a single leg take -off, Tour Jete with '/4 (90°) turn to side-straddle position with an additional 'Iz (180°) turn : C After much discu ssion , the numbering and naming of this element was tabled until the September2008 Joint JO/ TC meeting . B. Clarifications: JO Code of Points, Page 242, Large faults, #5 "Relaxed or incorrect foo tjleg/ body/ posture" refe rs to posture faults on non-value part connections throughout the exercise. Deduct up to 0.30 C. If the gymnast lands an element and is moving toward the boundary of the floor area (or actually goes out of bounds) and is spotted (touch/ pushed) by the coach to prevent them from either going out of bounds or to prevent them from falling out of bounds, then only one 0.50




Women's Program




deduction will be taken, regardless if it results in a fall. If the gymnast does go out of bounds, a 0.10 neutral deduction will be taken by the Chief Judge. D. Page 5, JO Code of Points: n. Coach on floor exercise mat: Add the wo rds, "inside the border marking"

element (#2 wo rth 0.60) . If the gymnast is unable to cast immediately (or does not cast at all) following the front hip circle, a flat 0.30 ded uction is applied. If the front hip circle itself was not completed, a deduction of "up to 0.60" can be ap plied (*to include t he lack of completion of the front hip circle and no immediate cast) . Do not deduct "up to 0.6" for the incomplete front hip circle, plus an additional 0.30 for lacking the immediate small cast.

E. New Business for Floor Exercise: 1. Matting on floor : Ru les and Po licies - Page 82, F. 2 Clarification: On ly one skill cushion per tumbling pass may be used; however, a sting mat may be placed on top of t he skill cushion .

For Level 5, the front hip circle (worth 0.60) and the cast to horizonta l (worth 0.80) are separate major elements. If the gymnast omits the cast, the deduction for om itting a major element is app lied (double the va lue of t he element = 1.6).

2. JO Code of Points, page 5. p. Exc essive use of magnesia (chalk): Clarification: a single-line arc drawn wi th chalk in the corner of the floor mat is acceptable. No tape or Velcro markings are allowed within the floor exercise area. It is still acceptable to place tape markings on the corner lines to indicate the bou ndary line.

B. NEW ELEME NTS PERFORMED AT JO NATIONALS: 1. From a reverse grip handstand on low bar, 3/4 front giant to release, front salto tucked (similar to tucked Jaeger) with a full twist to catch high bar in regular grip Add to #5.405 D (Graeble) 2. Counterswing on high bar, front sa lto betwee n the bars to catc h low bar in reverse grip Add to #2.406 D (Montell)

3. The committees req uested that the Nationa l office ask AAI to bring matting (panel mats) to be placed around the corners of the floor exercise mat at JO Nationals. This recommendation will also apply to any competitions held in facilities wi th a concrete floor.

3. Dismount: From clear front support on High bar - underswing (toeon or clear) to salto forward stretched Add to #8.401 D (Kennedy)



BEAM CONCERNS A. Compulsory Beam: Clarification for t he Handstand dismount: If t he coac h pus hes t he gy mn ast over to assist t he gymnast in completing the element, the deduction is 0.50 for t he spot, plus the value of the element (0.60 for Leve ls 4 & 5; 0.8 for Level 6). B. New Elements at JO Nationals: Reminder to coaches: At JO Nationals, only new elements performed wh ich are va lued at C or higher wi ll be name for t he gymnast who pe rfo rm ed it. 1. Starting on one foot, ot her leg exte nded to side, 1'14 turn in tuck position to finish in a t uck/k neeling position. Add to #3.306 C (Ferguson) 2. Side aerial starting from a kneeling position on one knee Add to #7.403 D (Clore) C. Clarifications in JO Code of Points:

1. Gainer sa ltos backward: a. Page 219 - All backward salto DISMOUNTS performed off the end of the beam, but starting facing in t owards the length of the beam, may be perfo rmed with a two-foot or one-foot (swing through) take off. b. Page 221 - All gai ner saltos backward performed off t he side of bea m have a one foot take-off (swing t hrough). c. Page 222 - To be co nsidered a gai ner salto at the end of th e beam, the gymn ast must be facing out and perfor ming a salto backwa rd toward the beam (simila r to an inwa rd dive).

Recommendation to add Uneven Bar element # 3. 207: Clear hip circle for ward (Weiler kip) that fin ishes above hori zontal (but not in handstand phase) will receive B value. Mot ion: M, Elfenbein Second : M. Dykes PASSED D. Level 7 Bars Clarifications: 1. Unde r Specia l Requirement of one cast to a min imum of 21 0 - 45 0 , add th e words "from handsta nd (vertica l)." 2. Counting of elements The casts will be considered different if they receive ei th er no Value Part credit (lower than 45 0 fro m vertical), A value part credit (21 0 -45 0 from vertical) or B value part credit (up to 20 0 of vertical). They are each co nsidered different for the counting of value parts. Exa mples: a. Gymnast performs a cast to 45 0 (A), the n a clea r hip circle to 45 0 (B) to a glide kip, t hen immediate ly performs anot her cast to 45 0 cast to clear hip to 45 0 , t he gy mn ast has done the sa me exact seq uence; therefore, the second clear hi p will receive NO va lue part credit . b. Gymnast performs a cast to 45 0 (A), then a clear hip to 45 0 (8) to a glide kip, the n imm ediately performs anot her cast to horizonta l (no value) to a clear hip to 45 0 (B), the connection WI LL be considered different, so the seco nd Clear hi p wi ll receive B credit. E. Di smo unts on Beam or Bars (refe r to JO Code of Po ints, pages 49 and 131):

2. Leve l 7 Beam Clarification: Beginning last August 1 of 2008, #302 Straddle pike jump from a cross or side position was approve d for use at Level 7 with "B" value given . Since there are two elements listed in t he JO Code (page 168) under #2.302, t he Straddle pike j ump with a '14 t urn is also allowed. 3. Level 7 & 8 Acro connections: if t he gymnast attempts a Back Walkover, Back Wa lkover series, and either breaks the connectio n or falls on the first Back Walkover, then performs a Handstand (with no 2-second hold; therefore, no VP) con nected to a Back Walkover, the 2nd performance of the Back Walkover will not receive "A" va lue credit because it is not co nsidered a different co nn ection. Reminder: If no va lue- part credit is give n for an eleme nt, th at element cannot be used to fu lfill a Special Require ment. 4. Sca les forward : In order to receive value part credit for #5.101 and 5.201 (Scale forward), the back leg must be held above horizo ntal for two seco nds. 5. Bea m moun t : #1.409 shou ld also includ e the McCool mo unt, J ump to han dstand with hip angle (p ike) to handspring forward to land on two feet (flyspring) . This element was already added to the Beam symbo l chart from Nove mber 2007. V. UN EVEN BAR CONCERNS A. LEV EL 4 & 5 COMPULSORY BARS Cla ri fication on the cast fo llowing the front hip circle : For Leve l 4, th e Fro nt hi p circle, sma ll cast is conside red one major



If a gymnast: 1- makes no attempt to dismount following a fall while executing an eLement, or 2. attempts to pe rform a salto dismount but never initiat es the saLto action and falls without Landing on the feet Deduct 0.50 Fall 0.50 SpeciaL Requirement for dismount not fulfilled 0.30 No dismount (off St art VaLue) Motion : C. Bunge Second : C. Ch ristensen PASSED VI. VAU LT CO NCERN S Recommendation that for twisting vauLts #1- 105, 1-205, 1-305, 1-206: Delete the following from the parenthesis " both must turn in the same direction and" Motion: P. Panichas Second: M. Dykes PASSED VII. MEET FOR MATS The committees would like to remind meet directors t hat t he only acceptab le formats for sanctioned events are listed in the current Ru les and Policies. If any individual has an idea for a new for mat, it should be subm itted to To m Koll for consideration and/ or approva l and possi ble inclusion in future Rules & Po licies. Ot herwise, all coac hes and judges have t he professional responsibility to report violations of t he Rules & Po licies.


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Recommendation to allow a maximum of 80 gymnasts per session (10 per squad) for competitions that have sessions of ONLY Level 7 competitors, using non -traditional & modified non-traditional formats. All athletes in the squad will warm-up; then all will compete. There will be no splitting the squad for either timed or touch warm-ups.

Junior Olympic Program Director Vice President Program

Connie Maloney Kathy Kelly

II. JR. OLYMPIC NATIONAL INVITATIONAL TOU RNAM ENT (JO-NIT) Connie Maloney presented the concept of a Natio nal In vitational Tournament for Level 10's to be held the day following JO Nation als. She requested the committee's support and suggestions for qualifications.

Motion: L. Reid Second: C. Jarrett PASSED Note: For traditional formats, the maximum number of Level 7 gymnasts per session remains at 56.

Recommendation that a National Invitational Tournament be conducted at JO Nationals, effective 2009. The format and qualification procedures for this individual competition is to be dete rmined after analyzing the 2008 data. Motion: D. Witenstein Second: B. Harris PASSED

VIII. PARENT EDUCATION Discussio n was held regarding better parent educatio n, within the gym or on the we b site. This wi ll be an issue that will be addressed in fut ure meetings.

Note: Don Houlton volunteered to analyze the data and proposed fo rmats for the co mpetition. Formats for the inclusion of the Individual Event specialists will be prese nted as we ll.

IX. EAST/W EST & JO NATIONAL JUDGES The possibility of having an on-site alternate available for Level 9 East/ West and JO Nation al championships was discussed in the event that a last minute substitution has to be made. No action was taken at t hi s time. X. NEXT MEETING The next Joint TC/ JO meeti ng will be held in Indianapolis on September 5-7, 2008 to finalize the rules that will be in effect from August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2013. Meeti ng adjourned at 6:00 pm.

WOMEN'S JUNIOR OLYMPIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE MAY 19 & 20, 2008 KISSIMMEE, FL I. Roll Call Chairma n Tom Koll ca lled the meeting to order at 8:00 PM on May 19th. Region 1 Dan Witenstein Region 2 Lauri e Reid Region 3 Cheryl Jarrett Region 4 Don Houlton Reg ion 5 Kitti a Carpenter (Regional rep for John Geddert) Region 6 Larry Go ldsmith Regio n 7 John Wojtczu k (Regio nal rep for Linda Johnson) Region 8 Brad Harris

III. JR. OLYMPIC NATIONAL TRAINING CAMP Presently the JO National Team (top 4 All-Around athletes per age division at JO Nationa ls) is invited (all expenses paid) to a training camp at the Co lorado Springs Olympic Training Center. In the effort to provide additional opportunities for more high level JO ath letes to experience a training camp, Connie proposed that the committee consider supporting t he office's idea to cond uct another training camp (for additional JO ath letes at their own expense). This camp wou ld be held annually in late October/ea rly November at the National Training Center in Houston . The proposed dates for 2008 are: arrival on Thurs. October 30th an d departure on Monday, November 3. The committee was requested to determine the qualifications for t his training camp . Recommendation that th e following 40 athletes be invited at their ow n expense to atte nd the Fall Jr. Olympic Trai nin g Camp: • Level 10 athletes ranked #5th, 6th, 7th & 8th All-Around at JO Nationals in the Junior A, B,C, D and Senior A & B age divisions. • Level 9 All-Around champions in each of the eight age divisions from both Eastern and Western Championships. • In the case that an athlete declines, the next ranked gymnast in that age division will be invited to attend. Motion: B. Harris Second: D. Houlton PASSED IV. VAULT RUNWAY Recommendation to increase the maximum runway length for

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LeveLs 8-10 from 80 feet to 82 feet, as per FIG specifications. The min imum of 76 feet remains unchanged. Motion: D. HouLton Second: D. Witenstein PASSED Th e commi ttee also di sc ussed t he height of the vau lt t able, FIG specs, and th e t hicker (3/ 4 in ch) run way but di d not t ake any action .

West ern Champio nsh ips and will be outfi tte d as th e oth er co mp etitors. Th e ti e-brea kin g procedures will be used t o det ermin e whi ch gymn ast's sco res wi ll co unt fo r Reg ional Tea m score and whic h will compet e as an Indi vi du al.

V. R& P UPDATE Recommendation to deLete the statement from the RuLes and PoLicies on page 43, G. regarding the recommendation for coaches to stand in front or behind the vauLt tabLe to " spot" Round-off entry vauLts. Motion : C. Jarrett Second: L. Reid PASSED VI. MINIMUM QUALIFYIN G SCOR E TO EAST/ WEST AN D JO NATION AL CHAMPIONSHI PS The comm ittee discussed rais ing t he min imu m qualifying score for East/ West and J O Nationals. It was decided not t o make any change at this t im e. It will be revisi ted at the end of next season . VII . INDIVIDU AL SPECI ALIST QUALIFICATION SYST EM Th is is a Stat es' rights issue. It is on t he age nda fo r the St ate Chairme n workshop in June to brainstorm ideas. VIII . FORMAT FOR EASTERN / WESTERN CHAMPIONS HI PS The co mmittee disc ussed changing the for mat of the Eastern/ Western Champions hips to elim inate t he in di vidual competi t ors and create a form at that would be compri sed totally of Reg ional Teams. Reco mmen dati on to change the format of t he Level 9 Eastern / Western Champions hips as follo ws: Increase the number of age groups from 8 to 16, with si x (6) athLetes per region per age division quaLifying. Each session will include two age divisions of twenty-four (24) gymnasts. Motion: B. Harris Second: L. Reid PASSED

Reco mmendation th at the Re~ional Te am scores for eac h a~e di-lfi.5.ifH1--a-t---Eamms--aml-Westems are to be determiAecl-by--t-fie top three (3) scores -flEf--eveflt-,Moti on : D. Houlto n Seco nd : L. Golds mith DEFEATED Not e: Th e t op four sco res per even t will co nti nu e to det er mi ne th e Reg ional Team Score. Clari fica ti on for addin g athletes at East ern or Weste rn Champio nship s to region al t eam s th at cannot fie ld six ath let es per age di vision : a. The t op six AA gymnasts in eac h of the 16 age di visions from eac h of t he four regions will compet e as a Reg iona l Tea m member, provid ed t hat t hey ac hi eve a minimum of 34 .00 AA at th e Regi onal Ch ampi onships. • Note: Any gymn ast s who tie fo r 6th place AA will attend the Easte rn or

b. If any region is un able to fi eld a tea m of six gy mn asts pe r age division, the ope n slots wi ll be filled ba sed up on th e Reg iona l Team res ults from th e previo us year. Sin ce th ere are mo re age divisions in 2009, t he winning t ea m of an age divisio n from 2008 will be co nsidere d the first place rep lace ment for two of th e 2009 age divisions (Exa mple, the winn er of the 2008 J un io r A di vis ion will be considere d first to fi ll an e mpty slot in bot h t he J unior 1 and Jun ior 2 divisions in 2009). 1. If one spot needs to be filled, th e 7th place at hlete from th e region whose re gi onal team wo n t hat res pecti ve di vis ion th e previous year will fill t he spot. All athletes from the 1st place region who mi ght be in volved in a tie for 7th place will be used to full t he empty spots before any oth er reg ion's athlet es are ass igned . 2. If mo re th an one spot needs to be fi lled in an age division an d there were no ties in t he 1st place region, the next individ ua l adde d is the 7th place athlet e fro m the region who regional team placed second in the previous year. 3. Only at hletes fro m t he re gions that placed 1st an d 2nd in th e specifi c age division t he pre vio us year may fi ll the incom plete sq uads. IX. JO COAC H OF THE YEAR The com mi ttee disc ussed the J O Coac h of the Year and made t he selection. Th e JO Coach of t he Year will be prese nted at t he Visa Championships and again at th e Women 's Program Appreciation Lu nc heon. The following individuals were nom inated from their regions : Reg ion 1 J ust in Howell - Airborne Reg ion 2 J ohn and Tammy Ca rn ey - Gym nastics East Region 3 Jaso n Baits , J aycee Phelps, Kathy Vigi l - Colorado Aerials Region 4 Mike Hunge r and Sam my Woze ny - Twin City Twisters Reg ion 5 Ruth Miller - Oaklan d Gymnasti cs Region 6 Jamie Winkle r, Serg ie and Ga lin a Pet roun iak - Galaxy Reg ion 7 Tony Gehma n - Northstars-NJ Reg ion 8 J ohnny Mora le - Elit e Gy mnastics X. MUS IC Recommendation that aLL Floor Exercise music be i n the form of CD or MP3 and that Meet Directors of aLL sanctioned meets have t he necessary equipment. Motion: C. Jarrett Second: L. GoLdsmith PASSED XI. EQUIPMEN T AT REGIONALS OR EASTERN/ WESTERN CHAMPIONSHIPS Recommendation that if the equipment provided at RegionaLs or Eastern/Western Championships is unfamiliar to the coaches, the USA Gymnastics representative will determine if the timed warm-up procedures need to be aLtered. Motion: D. Witenstein Second: L. Reid PASSED

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UPDATE XII. SCORES AT JO NATIONAL Recommendation that the Regional Team scores for each age division at J.O. Nationals be determined by adding the top four (4) scores on each event. Motion: L. Goldsmith Second: B. Harris PASSED XII. CODE OF ETHICS JO Committee seeks information on our authority over coach behavior at sanctioned competitions. The office will seek advisement from our attorney to determine if the use of alcohol, tobacco products, carrying guns, etc. at USAG-sanctioned events can be banned. XIII. CALENDAR Sites listed are pending final contracts. 9/10 State Meets 9/10 RegionaLs leveL 10 onLy RegionaLs leveL 9 East/West

30 NationaLs

2009 March 28-29 ApriL 17·19 ApriL 25·26 May 7·10

2010 March 20-21 ApriL 9·11 ApriL 17·18 ApriL 29·May 2

2011 2012 March 26-27 March 24·25 April 9-10 l ....lf o-Iy ApriL 20·22 April 15-17 lout'/ IG April 28-29 May 5·8 May 10·13

hst: Tupelo, MS

Eut: Region 7

Eut: Region 6

We§t: Bartlesville, OK

West: Ou Moi ne$, II.

West: TBD

Wut: T8D

East: TID

May 14·17

May 6·9

May 12·15

May 17·20

Auburn (Seattle) . WI.

Long hach , CA


l an doYe r, MO

Meeting Adjourned at 1:00 pm on May 20th.

TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES MAY 19-20, 2008 I. Roll Call: Chairman Cheryl Hamilton ca lled the meeting to. order at 8:00 p.m. on May 19. Neela Nelson Region 1 Linda Mulvihill Region 2 Carole Bunge Region 3 Linda Thorberg Region 4 Char Christensen Region 5 Pat Panichas Regio n 6 Myra Elfenbein Region 7 Marian Dykes Region 8 Audrey Schweyer Asst. Tech . Comm. Chair Connie Maloney JO Program Director Carole Ide NAWGJ-President II. 2009 JUDGES' COURSES In response to the letters of concern regarding the format/ testing at the various judges courses, the committee decided on the following format/ testing procedures: The format for all courses will be written and practical exams to directly follow the lectures on each event. A. USA GYMNASTICS BREVET Evaluation for current FIG or USAG-Brevet rated officials: • Timed 50·question multiple choice open-book exam • Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% Evaluation for those taking the USAG·Brevet for the first time : • Timed 50-question multiple choice CLOSED-book exam

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• Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% B. NATIONAL COURSES 1. for current National-rated judges • Timed 50-question mUltiple choice open-book exam • Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% average, with a minimum of 70% on eac h part.

II. MEMBER SERVICES REPORT Kathy Feldmann gave an overview of the Background check procedures and answered questions from the RACCs. Kat hy wi ll be at the State Chairman Workshop, as wi ll representatives of NCSI. There will also be presentations sched uled at the National Congress . As of February 2008, a person who has already gone through a background check through NCSI for another organization may be able to use that background check, provided that the criteria are the same. Kathy also indicated that the Safety course, manual and exam are being updated.

2. for first-time National Course participants • 50-question mUltiple choice CLOSED-book exam (10 questions per event and general information) • Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% average, wi th a minimum of 70% on each part.

III. MEMBER CLUB SERVIC ES REPORT Loree Galimore reported that the Tyson Fi tness Challenge's goal is to raise a million dollars. If a region wants to participate, there will be a regional contest and the regions can win a clinician for a day.

III. UNIFORMS The possibility of allo wing a Navy blue warm -u p uniform to be worn at loca l competitions was discussed. NO ACTION was taken at this time.

New safety posters and fliers to the students are now available to member clubs. Also, a new book will be available next week to Member Clubs: Best practices for the Gymnastics Business . Thi s book will be available for purchase to non-member clubs. Lo ree gave the committee members a sample of the new packet distributed to Member Clubs.

IV. CHIE F JUDGE FEES Recommendation that the Chief judge fee be paid onLy at: - USAG State Meets with FOUR-judge paneLs - USAG LeveL 8-10 RegionaL & LeveL 9 East/West and LeveL 10 NationaL competitions, regardLess of the number of judges per paneL Motion: L. MuLvihill Second: C. Christensen Reminder: Chi ef Judge fees are NOT paid at any USAG-sanctioned invitational competitions. Clarification: The Meet Referee will co ntinue to receive an additional $10 per day at all USAG State, Regional, East/West and National Championships. As in the past, no dual compensation is given if the Meet Referee also serves as a Chief Judge. V. NAWGJ REPORT: Carole Ide reported that elections were conducted for Regional Judging Directors in the even-numbered Regions. Region 4 RJD Robin Smith ha s mo ved out of the regio n, and Barb Tebben was elected as the new Region 4 RJD. The NAWGJ National Symposium will possibly be held in the early Fall and will possibly include a collegiate judging track. The RJDs are meeting in Philadelphia on Wed . June 18 and SJDs meet on Mon. June 23. Connie Maloney wi ll be present at the SJD meeting to answer questions regarding Judges' Accreditation and CP E. Carole expressed the concerns of some j ud ges with the background checks and the differences in expiration dates of membership and safety. She was pleased to hear of plans to conduct sessions at Regional Congresses on these issues to assist our membership. Caro le Ide resigned as the Nationa l Collegiate assigner after four years and the initiation of the JAS system. There are currently eight (8) applicants for thi s position . There are twelve Regional assigners in a pool, who are rotated each year, with three (3) being replaced by three new assigners each year. The National Judges' Cup will be held in Orlando, FL on Jan . 2-4, 2009. VI. VIDEO PROJECT The committee reviewed the newly created DVDs to ve rify th e scripts on the evaluation of the elements. The committee members did an excellent job creating new technical material for use at the upcoming Regional! National Congresses. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

MINUTES OF THE NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE JUNE 6-7, 2008 BOSTON, MA National Admin istrative Chairman Kathy Ostberg called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm on Friday, June 6. Region 1 Jennifer Krause (excused absence) Region 2 Meg Doxtator Region 3 Cori Rizzo Region 4 Jim Schlott Region 5 Bobbi Montanari (late due to travel delay) Reg ion 6 Jen Scannell Region 7 Lynn Perrott Region 8 Deb Kornegay JO Program Director Connie Maloney VP of Program Kathy Kelly Member Club Director Loree Galimore VP Member Services Kathy Feldmann (via phone)

IV. RULES & POLICIES The Administrative committee has sent corrections/additions to Connie for revision of th e R & P. The time line is to have the copy ready for print by July 1, 2008. Connie reviewed the unofficial minutes from the JO, TC and JO/ TC meeting s and indica ted that a JO Update will be distributed at the State Chair Workshop. The committee discussed the disparity across the country in regards to coaches and judges visibly displaying their USA Gymnastics Professional Membership cards. There were also co ncerns regarding the safety of wearing a lanyard while spotting an ath lete. Recommendation to change the Women's RuLes & PoLicies, Page 11 Part One, Section III, I. Coaches Duties & Responsibilities, A. Coaches/Judges must be prepared to produce their current USA Gymnastics ProfessionaL memberships card or event-specific credentiaL at sign-in and aLso in the fieLd of pLay, if requested, at aLL USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. Motion: D. Kornegay Second : J. SchLott PASSED V. JO NATIONALS & LEVEL 9 EAST/ WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS Work is in progress on developing a "Delegation Leader Handbook" for the JO National events. Kathy Kelly req uested that the committee review the ame nd ed USA Gymnastics Delegation Handbook as it app lies to the JO National Cha mpionships. Kathy wo uld like th e Regional Administrati ve Committee Chairmen to take a larger leadership role at the JO National Championships and other events within the region. The Committee discussed ways that their input and leadership could be beneficial and enhance th e competition experience. Committee members discussed ideas for better promotion of our events and the USA Gymnastics staff will bring those ideas back to the events and marketing departments. VI. REGIONAL CONGRESSES Kathy Kelly appraised the RACCs of the progress on their Regional Congresses. Region 3, 4 & 8 are completed, and scheduling for Regions1 , 2, 5, and 6 is close to bei ng finali ze d. Infor mation and schedu les are posted on the web site und er Education. Final e-mail alerts will be sent shortly. The office requested assistance in getting information from the presenters for the Congress booklets. Rachel will inform the RACCs of the vendors th at will be attending. Region 3 & 8 RACCs are requested to che ck the clinician count to verify the number of clinicians for meals, due to the fact that t hey are sharing so me clinicians. VII . TOPS REBATE Kathy Ke lly was requested to look into the disbursement of the TOPS Program regional rebates. VIII. APPAREL Clarification: All apparel at JO Nationals must reflect reg ional identification only. Use of the words "National Team " on regional apparel is not allowed. Suggestion for signage on apparel to include : The Regional Logo Level 10 Regional Team IX. STATE CHAIRMAN WORKSHOP Kathy Ostberg reviewed the sched ule for the wo rkshop to be held on Sunday, June 22 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel. 8:00 - 8:30 Continental Breakfast 8:30 - 11:1 5 Meeting for all SACCs JULY 2008 • TECHNIQUE


Women's Program


11:15 - 1:30 Hall of Fame luncheon 1:30 - 4:00 Meeting for all SACCs 4:00 - 5:00 Meeti ng for New State Chairs only

X. REVIEW OF STATE CHAIR HANDBOO K Kathy Ostberg asked the committee to review the State Chair Handbook and submit to Rachel Brazo for revisions. The office will prepare new books for distribution at t he SC workshop. Th e Operating Code will also be updated by the Women's Program Com mittee and posted on the website. XI. VACANCIES OF STATE OR REGIONAL OFFICERS Recommendation to the Women's Program Committee to amend the Operating Code, Article IX, Section B, State and Regional Chairmen, (page 16) to: In the event of resignation or removal of a State Administrative Committee Chairman or any regional officer, an election must be held to fill a vacancy of a state or regional officer if more than one-half of the term remains. If 50% or less of the term remains, an interim appointment will be made, according to the guidelines already listed in the Operating Code. Motion: L. Perrott Second: e. Rizzo PASSED The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 pm.

INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE JUNE 8, 2008 Chairman Coac h Representatives Alternate National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative Vice Preside nt Program

Steve Rybacki Valeri Liu kin Donna Strauss Mary Lee Tracy Liang Chow Martha Karolyi Kim Zmeskal Kathy Kelly

The committee met briefly at the Visa Championships to finalize so me on-g oing wo rk on importa nt issues. The following recommendations were made. Recommendation that the Women's 2009 budget reflect a lin e item to support the national team athlete's training environment with a pool of money available to the top clubs that can be used to update their equipment. Motion Liukin Second Tracy PASSED Recommendation to streamline the elite athlete pipeline by moving the responsibilities for the Hope and Pre-elite program skill content, score requ irement and compulsory requirements under the direction of the lEe. Motion Strauss Second Tracy PASSED

Recommendation to add the phase in bold to the R&P page 87, IX, A. 3. All athletes who are not able to compete in the All Around at a Classic •••••• • "or verified at a national team t raining camp within the month prior to the US Classic meet." Motion Strauss Second Liukin PASSED

I •• Men's Program ·11 UPDATE MEN'S PROGRAM COMMITTEE MINUTES APRIL 21, 2008 I. Chairm an Called Meeting to Order at 12:01 pm EST II. Roll Call: Members Present Yoichi Tomita- Chairman John Roethlisberger- Athlete Rep. Jon Valdez- Senior Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton- Athlete Rep. Russ Fystrom- Senior Coaches Rep . Dennis McIntyre- Men's Program Director (Voice, no Vote) Steve Butcher- Junior Coaches Rep. Not Present: Butch Zunich, Stacy Maloney, Ron Brant. Jeff Robinson III. Discussion regarding athlete petitions to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion: To accept Geoff Corrigan's petition to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion : Jay Thornton Second: John Roethlisberger Passed: 6-0-0 Motion : To accept Jake Lee's petition to the 2008 Visa Championsh ips Motio n: Steve Butcher Second: Jay Thornton Passed: 5-0-1 Motion to Adjo urn Motio n: Jon Valdez Second: Stacy Ma loney Meeting Adjourned 12 :33pm CST Re spectfully sub mitted, Jon Valdez Approved by: Dennis McIntyre, Men's Program Director Approved by: Steve Penny, USAG Preside nt

APRIL 24, 2008 I. Chairman Called Meeting to Order at 11:03 am CST

Recommendation to change the language in the Technical Packet regarding score inquiries on the B Score as follows: Inquires on the B scores may submitted if the range of the four B scores is greater than the table below. Average of the 4 B Scores 9.0 and above 0.3 8.5 - 8.95 0.4 8.0 - 8.45 0.5 Below 8.01.0 Motion Tracy Second Liukin PASSED

Allowable range

Recommendation to amend the eligibility criteria of an IEC member to include all coaches of Olympic/World Individual Medalists. Motion Liukin Second Zmeskal PASSED



II. Roll Call: Members Present Yoichi Tomita - Chairman Steve Butcher- Junior Coaches Rep . Jon Valdez- Senior Coaches Rep. Russ Fystrom- Senior Coaches Rep . Jay Thornton- Athlete Rep . Ron Brant National Team Coordinator (Voice, no Vote) Dennis McIntyre- Men's Program Director (Voice, no Vote) Butch Zunich- President NGJA (Voice, no Vote) Not Present: Stacy Maloney, Jeff Robin son, John Roethlisberger III. Discussion regarding the video submission process for the NCAA athletes attempting to qualify to the Visa Championships directly from the NCAA Championships



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Men's Program

•• UPDATE 8,_

Motion: To accept the top 12 athletes who submitted video petitions from the NCAA Championships ranked by the points system, to the 2008 Visa Championships. Motion : Jon Valdez Second: Russ Fystrom Passed: 5-0-0

within the last five years. 2. Men's Representative to the Board of Directors • Must be a current Professional Member in good standing • Must have actively coached an athlete at the Winter Cup Challenge or National Championships within the last 8 years or been a member of the Men's Program Committee within the last 8 years.

IV. Discussed petitions to the 2008 Visa Championships received since the April 21st conference call. Motion: To accept Morgan Hamm's petition to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Jay Thornton Passed : 5-0-0 Motion: To accept Taqiy Abdullah's petition to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion : Jay Thornton Second: Yoichi Tomita Passed: 5-0-0 Stacy Maloney Joined the Call at 11:20am

Motion: Stacy Maloney Second: Steve Butcher Passed: 5-1-0 Motion to Adjourn: Motion : Jon Valdez Second: Stacy Maloney Meeting Adjourned 11:45am CST Respectfully submitted, Jon Valdez Approved by: Dennis McIntyre, Men's Program Director Approved by: Steve Penny, USAG President

V. Discussed the proposed criteria for the men's program representative

I. Chairman Called Meeting to Order at 11:03 pm EST

positions to the USAG Board of Director's Motion: to accept the following proposal as the criteria for the men's program representatives to the USA Gymnastics Board of Director's. Criteria for Men's Program Representatives to the Board of Directors 1. Men's Repre sen tative to the Board of Directors and Men's Program Committee • Must be a current Professional Member in good standi ng • Must be a current or past member of the Men's Program Committee

MAY 14,2008 II . Roll Call: Members Present Yoichi Tomita- Chairman Jon Valdez- Senior Coaches Representative Russ Fystrom- Senior Coaches Representative Steve Butcher- Junior Coaches Representative Stacy Maloney- Junior Coaches Representative Jay Thornton- Athlete Representati ve. Dennis McIntyre- Men's Program Director (Voice, no Vote)

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Jeff Robinson- Junior Program Director (Voice, no Vote) Not Present: John Roethlisberger- Athlete Representative Ron Brant- Senior National Team Coordinator Butch Zunich- President NGJA III. Discussion regarding petitions to Visa Championships. There were 4 petitions to the 2008 Visa Championships in the Junior Di vision, and 1 Petition to the Senior Division. Note : The petition to the senior division was withdrawn by the coach prior to the conference call, thus no action was taken . Motion: To accept the petition of Josh Wokurka to the 2008 Visa Championships. Motion: Stacy Maloney Second: No Second - Motion Died for lack of second Motion : To accept Yoshi Mori's petition to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Stacy Maloney Passed: 6-0-0 Motion: To accept DJ Repp's petition to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion: Stacy Maloney Second: Jay Thornton Passed: 5-0-1 Note: Russ Fystrom abstained to avoid possible conflict of interest, As DJ Repp will be a freshman at Minnesota this Fall. Motion: To accept Alex Strait's petition to the 2008 Visa Championships Motion: Jon Valdez Second: Jay Thornton Passed: 6-0-0 IV. Discussed the recommendations for the Star Service Award. Motion: To recommend Roberto Pompedo for the Star Service Award Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Stacy Maloney Passed: 6-0-0 Motion to Adjourn: Motion: Jon Valdez Second: Yoichi Tomita Meeting Adjourned 12:35pm EST Respectfully submitted, Jon Valdez Approved by: Dennis McIntyre, Men's Program Director Approved by: Steve Penny, USAG President

MAY 23, 2008 I. Chairman Called Meeting to Order at 10:03 am CST II. Roll Call: Members Present Yoichi Tomita- Chairman Jon Valdez- Senior Coaches Representative Russ Fystrom- Senior Coaches Representative Steve Butcher- Junior Coaches Representative Stacy Maloney- Junior Coaches Representative Jay Thornton- Athlete Represe ntative. John Roethlisberger- Athlete Representative Dennis McIntyre- Men's Prog ram Di rector (Voice, no Vote) Ron Brant- Senior National Team Coordinator Butch Zunich- Preside nt NGJA

III. Di scussio n regarding se lection process to the Senior National Team and Olympic Trials Petitions. No motion made, however, members of the MPC affiliated with athletes competing at the Visa Championships will remove themse lves from the MPC meeting Saturday following the final session of Senior Di vision competition where team selections are to be discussed.

IV. Discussion Future National Team size and Selection considerations - No Action Ta ken V. Discussion Future Funding Athlete and Coaches Prog ra m considerations No Action Taken

VI. Discussion of 2009 schedule and World Championships selection

considerations - No Action Taken VII. Di scussio n of Post-Olympic Activities - No Action Taken VIII. Motion to Adjourn: Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Russ Fystro m Meeting Adjourned 12:11pm CST Respectfully submitted, Jon Valdez Approved by: Dennis McIntyre, Men's Program Director Approved by: Steve Penny, USAG President

MAY 24, 2008 I. Meeting called to Order at 9:54 CDT by Dennis McIntyre acting for Yoichi Tomita II. Roll Call: Members Present

Yoichi Tomita- Chairman Jon Valdez- Senior Coaches Representative II. Roll Call: Members Present Steve Butcher- Junior Coaches Representative Stacy Maloney- Junior Coaches Representative Jay Thornton - Athlete Representative. John Roethlisberger - Athlete Representative Dennis McIntyre- Men's Program Director (Voice, no Vote) Jeff Robinson- Junior Program Director (Voice, no Vote) Not Prese nt: Yoichi Tomita- Chairman - Due to affiliation Jon Valdez- Senior Coaches Representative - Due to affiliation Russ Fystrom- Senior Coaches Representative - Due to affiliation Butch Zunich- President NGJA Guests Present: Steve Penny Ron Galimore I. MPC discussed the results of the Men's Visa Championships for selection of four remaining National Team positions • Motion : To select Justin Spring, Tim McNeiL Yewki Tomita and Guillermo Alvarez for the four remaining National Team positions. Motion: Jay Thornton Second: Steve Butcher Passed : 4 - 0 II. Petitions: • MPC discussed petition submitted by Sean Townsend to be placed on the National Team Motion : To place Sean Townsend on the 2008 National Team. Motion : Steve Butcher Motion died because of a lack of second • MPC discussed petition submitted by Sean Townsend to compete at the 2008 Olympic Trials. Motion to approve Sean Townsend's petition to compete at the 2008 Olympic Trials Motion : Stacy Maloney Second: Jay Thornton Passed : 4 - 0 • MPC discussed petition from Taqi Abdullah to compete at the 2008 Olympic Trials. MPC determined that the petition did not meet the criteria to be considered. *Note - All athletes who compete at the Olympic Trials will wear USOC/FIG compliant apparel supplied by USA Gymnastics during the competition. III. Motion to adjourn. Motion: Stacy Maloney Second: Steve Butcher Passed: 4 - 0 Respectfully submitted Jay Thornton Approved by: Dennis McIntyre, Men's Program Director Approved by: Steve Penny, USAG President



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USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

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Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine - July 2008  

Technique Magazine - July 2008