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• Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% B. NATIONAL COURSES 1. for current National-rated judges • Timed 50-question mUltiple choice open-book exam • Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% average, with a minimum of 70% on eac h part.

II. MEMBER SERVICES REPORT Kathy Feldmann gave an overview of the Background check procedures and answered questions from the RACCs. Kat hy wi ll be at the State Chairman Workshop, as wi ll representatives of NCSI. There will also be presentations sched uled at the National Congress . As of February 2008, a person who has already gone through a background check through NCSI for another organization may be able to use that background check, provided that the criteria are the same. Kathy also indicated that the Safety course, manual and exam are being updated.

2. for first-time National Course participants • 50-question mUltiple choice CLOSED-book exam (10 questions per event and general information) • Practical exam (1 demo & 5 routines per event) Course passing grade is 80% average, wi th a minimum of 70% on each part.

III. MEMBER CLUB SERVIC ES REPORT Loree Galimore reported that the Tyson Fi tness Challenge's goal is to raise a million dollars. If a region wants to participate, there will be a regional contest and the regions can win a clinician for a day.

III. UNIFORMS The possibility of allo wing a Navy blue warm -u p uniform to be worn at loca l competitions was discussed. NO ACTION was taken at this time.

New safety posters and fliers to the students are now available to member clubs. Also, a new book will be available next week to Member Clubs: Best practices for the Gymnastics Business . Thi s book will be available for purchase to non-member clubs. Lo ree gave the committee members a sample of the new packet distributed to Member Clubs.

IV. CHIE F JUDGE FEES Recommendation that the Chief judge fee be paid onLy at: - USAG State Meets with FOUR-judge paneLs - USAG LeveL 8-10 RegionaL & LeveL 9 East/West and LeveL 10 NationaL competitions, regardLess of the number of judges per paneL Motion: L. MuLvihill Second: C. Christensen Reminder: Chi ef Judge fees are NOT paid at any USAG-sanctioned invitational competitions. Clarification: The Meet Referee will co ntinue to receive an additional $10 per day at all USAG State, Regional, East/West and National Championships. As in the past, no dual compensation is given if the Meet Referee also serves as a Chief Judge. V. NAWGJ REPORT: Carole Ide reported that elections were conducted for Regional Judging Directors in the even-numbered Regions. Region 4 RJD Robin Smith ha s mo ved out of the regio n, and Barb Tebben was elected as the new Region 4 RJD. The NAWGJ National Symposium will possibly be held in the early Fall and will possibly include a collegiate judging track. The RJDs are meeting in Philadelphia on Wed . June 18 and SJDs meet on Mon. June 23. Connie Maloney wi ll be present at the SJD meeting to answer questions regarding Judges' Accreditation and CP E. Carole expressed the concerns of some j ud ges with the background checks and the differences in expiration dates of membership and safety. She was pleased to hear of plans to conduct sessions at Regional Congresses on these issues to assist our membership. Caro le Ide resigned as the Nationa l Collegiate assigner after four years and the initiation of the JAS system. There are currently eight (8) applicants for thi s position . There are twelve Regional assigners in a pool, who are rotated each year, with three (3) being replaced by three new assigners each year. The National Judges' Cup will be held in Orlando, FL on Jan . 2-4, 2009. VI. VIDEO PROJECT The committee reviewed the newly created DVDs to ve rify th e scripts on the evaluation of the elements. The committee members did an excellent job creating new technical material for use at the upcoming Regional! National Congresses. Meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.

MINUTES OF THE NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE JUNE 6-7, 2008 BOSTON, MA National Admin istrative Chairman Kathy Ostberg called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm on Friday, June 6. Region 1 Jennifer Krause (excused absence) Region 2 Meg Doxtator Region 3 Cori Rizzo Region 4 Jim Schlott Region 5 Bobbi Montanari (late due to travel delay) Reg ion 6 Jen Scannell Region 7 Lynn Perrott Region 8 Deb Kornegay JO Program Director Connie Maloney VP of Program Kathy Kelly Member Club Director Loree Galimore VP Member Services Kathy Feldmann (via phone)

IV. RULES & POLICIES The Administrative committee has sent corrections/additions to Connie for revision of th e R & P. The time line is to have the copy ready for print by July 1, 2008. Connie reviewed the unofficial minutes from the JO, TC and JO/ TC meeting s and indica ted that a JO Update will be distributed at the State Chair Workshop. The committee discussed the disparity across the country in regards to coaches and judges visibly displaying their USA Gymnastics Professional Membership cards. There were also co ncerns regarding the safety of wearing a lanyard while spotting an ath lete. Recommendation to change the Women's RuLes & PoLicies, Page 11 Part One, Section III, I. Coaches Duties & Responsibilities, A. Coaches/Judges must be prepared to produce their current USA Gymnastics ProfessionaL memberships card or event-specific credentiaL at sign-in and aLso in the fieLd of pLay, if requested, at aLL USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. Motion: D. Kornegay Second : J. SchLott PASSED V. JO NATIONALS & LEVEL 9 EAST/ WEST CHAMPIONSHIPS Work is in progress on developing a "Delegation Leader Handbook" for the JO National events. Kathy Kelly req uested that the committee review the ame nd ed USA Gymnastics Delegation Handbook as it app lies to the JO National Cha mpionships. Kathy wo uld like th e Regional Administrati ve Committee Chairmen to take a larger leadership role at the JO National Championships and other events within the region. The Committee discussed ways that their input and leadership could be beneficial and enhance th e competition experience. Committee members discussed ideas for better promotion of our events and the USA Gymnastics staff will bring those ideas back to the events and marketing departments. VI. REGIONAL CONGRESSES Kathy Kelly appraised the RACCs of the progress on their Regional Congresses. Region 3, 4 & 8 are completed, and scheduling for Regions1 , 2, 5, and 6 is close to bei ng finali ze d. Infor mation and schedu les are posted on the web site und er Education. Final e-mail alerts will be sent shortly. The office requested assistance in getting information from the presenters for the Congress booklets. Rachel will inform the RACCs of the vendors th at will be attending. Region 3 & 8 RACCs are requested to che ck the clinician count to verify the number of clinicians for meals, due to the fact that t hey are sharing so me clinicians. VII . TOPS REBATE Kathy Ke lly was requested to look into the disbursement of the TOPS Program regional rebates. VIII. APPAREL Clarification: All apparel at JO Nationals must reflect reg ional identification only. Use of the words "National Team " on regional apparel is not allowed. Suggestion for signage on apparel to include : The Regional Logo Level 10 Regional Team IX. STATE CHAIRMAN WORKSHOP Kathy Ostberg reviewed the sched ule for the wo rkshop to be held on Sunday, June 22 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel. 8:00 - 8:30 Continental Breakfast 8:30 - 11:1 5 Meeting for all SACCs JULY 2008 • TECHNIQUE


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Technique Magazine - July 2008  

Technique Magazine - July 2008