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LeveLs 8-10 from 80 feet to 82 feet, as per FIG specifications. The min imum of 76 feet remains unchanged. Motion: D. HouLton Second: D. Witenstein PASSED Th e commi ttee also di sc ussed t he height of the vau lt t able, FIG specs, and th e t hicker (3/ 4 in ch) run way but di d not t ake any action .

West ern Champio nsh ips and will be outfi tte d as th e oth er co mp etitors. Th e ti e-brea kin g procedures will be used t o det ermin e whi ch gymn ast's sco res wi ll co unt fo r Reg ional Tea m score and whic h will compet e as an Indi vi du al.

V. R& P UPDATE Recommendation to deLete the statement from the RuLes and PoLicies on page 43, G. regarding the recommendation for coaches to stand in front or behind the vauLt tabLe to " spot" Round-off entry vauLts. Motion : C. Jarrett Second: L. Reid PASSED VI. MINIMUM QUALIFYIN G SCOR E TO EAST/ WEST AN D JO NATION AL CHAMPIONSHI PS The comm ittee discussed rais ing t he min imu m qualifying score for East/ West and J O Nationals. It was decided not t o make any change at this t im e. It will be revisi ted at the end of next season . VII . INDIVIDU AL SPECI ALIST QUALIFICATION SYST EM Th is is a Stat es' rights issue. It is on t he age nda fo r the St ate Chairme n workshop in June to brainstorm ideas. VIII . FORMAT FOR EASTERN / WESTERN CHAMPIONS HI PS The co mmittee disc ussed changing the for mat of the Eastern/ Western Champions hips to elim inate t he in di vidual competi t ors and create a form at that would be compri sed totally of Reg ional Teams. Reco mmen dati on to change the format of t he Level 9 Eastern / Western Champions hips as follo ws: Increase the number of age groups from 8 to 16, with si x (6) athLetes per region per age division quaLifying. Each session will include two age divisions of twenty-four (24) gymnasts. Motion: B. Harris Second: L. Reid PASSED

Reco mmendation th at the Re~ional Te am scores for eac h a~e di-lfi.5.ifH1--a-t---Eamms--aml-Westems are to be determiAecl-by--t-fie top three (3) scores -flEf--eveflt-,Moti on : D. Houlto n Seco nd : L. Golds mith DEFEATED Not e: Th e t op four sco res per even t will co nti nu e to det er mi ne th e Reg ional Team Score. Clari fica ti on for addin g athletes at East ern or Weste rn Champio nship s to region al t eam s th at cannot fie ld six ath let es per age di vision : a. The t op six AA gymnasts in eac h of the 16 age di visions from eac h of t he four regions will compet e as a Reg iona l Tea m member, provid ed t hat t hey ac hi eve a minimum of 34 .00 AA at th e Regi onal Ch ampi onships. • Note: Any gymn ast s who tie fo r 6th place AA will attend the Easte rn or

b. If any region is un able to fi eld a tea m of six gy mn asts pe r age division, the ope n slots wi ll be filled ba sed up on th e Reg iona l Team res ults from th e previo us year. Sin ce th ere are mo re age divisions in 2009, t he winning t ea m of an age divisio n from 2008 will be co nsidere d the first place rep lace ment for two of th e 2009 age divisions (Exa mple, the winn er of the 2008 J un io r A di vis ion will be considere d first to fi ll an e mpty slot in bot h t he J unior 1 and Jun ior 2 divisions in 2009). 1. If one spot needs to be filled, th e 7th place at hlete from th e region whose re gi onal team wo n t hat res pecti ve di vis ion th e previous year will fill t he spot. All athletes from the 1st place region who mi ght be in volved in a tie for 7th place will be used to full t he empty spots before any oth er reg ion's athlet es are ass igned . 2. If mo re th an one spot needs to be fi lled in an age division an d there were no ties in t he 1st place region, the next individ ua l adde d is the 7th place athlet e fro m the region who regional team placed second in the previous year. 3. Only at hletes fro m t he re gions that placed 1st an d 2nd in th e specifi c age division t he pre vio us year may fi ll the incom plete sq uads. IX. JO COAC H OF THE YEAR The com mi ttee disc ussed the J O Coac h of the Year and made t he selection. Th e JO Coach of t he Year will be prese nted at t he Visa Championships and again at th e Women 's Program Appreciation Lu nc heon. The following individuals were nom inated from their regions : Reg ion 1 J ust in Howell - Airborne Reg ion 2 J ohn and Tammy Ca rn ey - Gym nastics East Region 3 Jaso n Baits , J aycee Phelps, Kathy Vigi l - Colorado Aerials Region 4 Mike Hunge r and Sam my Woze ny - Twin City Twisters Reg ion 5 Ruth Miller - Oaklan d Gymnasti cs Region 6 Jamie Winkle r, Serg ie and Ga lin a Pet roun iak - Galaxy Reg ion 7 Tony Gehma n - Northstars-NJ Reg ion 8 J ohnny Mora le - Elit e Gy mnastics X. MUS IC Recommendation that aLL Floor Exercise music be i n the form of CD or MP3 and that Meet Directors of aLL sanctioned meets have t he necessary equipment. Motion: C. Jarrett Second: L. GoLdsmith PASSED XI. EQUIPMEN T AT REGIONALS OR EASTERN/ WESTERN CHAMPIONSHIPS Recommendation that if the equipment provided at RegionaLs or Eastern/Western Championships is unfamiliar to the coaches, the USA Gymnastics representative will determine if the timed warm-up procedures need to be aLtered. Motion: D. Witenstein Second: L. Reid PASSED

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Technique Magazine - July 2008  

Technique Magazine - July 2008