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Strength. Flexibility. Balance. Competitive gymnasts push their bodies to the limit, putting in more hours of practice than almost any other athlete. Competition after competition they strive for that "perfect 10:' These elite athletes deserve a schooling option that lets them do the same. With K12'S flexible, individualized education options for students in grades K-12, competitive gymnasts can now push their minds to the limit-and get that winning score in school and at competitions.

K12 is the nation's leading online curriculum provider for students in grades K-12. Our patented, award-winning system for virtual schooling includes online lessons, built-in assessments, planning tools, and traditional materials like books, art supplies, and scientific equipment. You even get support from a qualified teacher. Here are just a few reasons why the K'2 curriculum sticks the landing for competitive gymnasts: • The K12 online learning program can go with your child-from home to practice to competitions around the country. Full- and part-time programs are available. K12 offers up to four levels of high school courses including honors and APril . • All K12 courses meet or exceed state standards and can include certified teacher support. • Tuition-free options are available in many states!

Keep your academics and athletics in perfect balance with K12.

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Technique Magazine - July 2008  

Technique Magazine - July 2008