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u.s. Olympic Commitee's 2007 Team of the Year

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3-4 3-4 6-11 8-11

Notional Qualifier (R) Notional Qualifier (W) JO Notional Championships (M) Level 9 East &West Championships (W)

16-18 22-24 23-24 23-25 23-26

JO Notional Championships (W) Visa Championships (M,R,T) World Cup Series of the Lemon (AG) U.S. Classic/ Challenge (W) Festival Rhythmic Nationals &Gymfest (GG)

TBD Dallas, TX BOHle creek, MI Dayton, OH & St. Louis, MO Kissimmee, FL Houston, TX Publier -Amphion, FRA Houston, TX Crossville, TN

Visa Championships (W) Junior Olympic Compulsory Championships (R) TeamGym Nationals Notional GymFest (GG) USA Gymnastics Notional Congress US. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics World Cup (TR) Finol Olympic Selection Event (T)

Boston, MA TBD Los Vegas, NV Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Switzerland Kansas City, MO

J.O. Notional Championships (T) Region 4 Congress Region 8 Congress Region 3 Congress Notional Championships (AG) Aero Nationals (AG)

Kansas City, MO Coralville, IA Jacksonville, FL Oklahoma City, OK Des Moines, IA TBD

Olympic Gomes Region 6 Congress Region 1 Congress

Beijing, CHN Burlington, MA Santo Clara, CA

Notional Gymnastics Day Region 5 Congress

All Over Indianapolis, IN

Region 2 Congress


FEBRUARY 2-3 7-9 9-10 14-16 17 21-24

Notional Elite Qualifier (W) Winter Cup Challenge (M) Notional Elite Qualifier (W) Rhythmic Invitational (R) Rhythmic Challenge (R) T&T Winter Classic (T)

Allentown, PA Los Vegas, NV Kansas City, MO Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO Tulsa, OK

MARCH 1-2 6-9 6-9 8-9 13-16 27-30 28-29 28-30 29-30

Tyson American Cup (M/W) Gymnix (W) Pre-Elite and JumpStart National Team Training Camp (T) Maio International Aero Cup (AG) Italy Exchange (W) Grenzland Cup (TT) Flanders International Acro Cup (AG) USA Gymnastics Men's Collegiate Championships (M) Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships (M, W, R, T) Level 9/ 10 State Championships (W)

New York, NY Montreal, CAN Sacramento, CA TBD Italy Aachen, Germany Puurs ,Belgium Springfield, MA Son Jose, CA Various sites

Level 9/1 0State Championships (W) Men's JO Regional Championships (M) Cottbus World Cup (M &W) NCAA Championships (M) U.S. Bite Challenge (T) USA Gymnasfics Collegiate Championships (W) Level 9/10 Regional Championships (W) Junior Olympic Optional Championships (R) Notional Qualifier to Visa Chomps. (M) Randers International Acro Cup (AG) Cup of Randers (Tn NCAA Championships (W)

Various sites Various sites CoHbus, Germany Stanford, CA TBD Shreveport, LA Various sites TBD Colorado Springs Puurs, Belgium Belgium Athens, GA

APRIL 4-6 2-6 or 11-13 12-13 17-19 17-19 17-19 18-20 or 25-27 18-20 21-23 22-23 22-27 24-26

W= Women AG = Acrobatic Gymnastics

R= Rhythmic B= Business

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellotion.



TR = Trampoline IT = Trompoline/Tumbling

JUNE 5-7 7-9 13-15 19-21 19-22 20-21 30

JULY 1-6 11-13 18-20 18-20 25-31 27-31

AUGUST 8-24 15-17 22-24

SEPTEMBER 13 26-28


M= Men

GG = Group Gymnastics

TU =Tumbling







Steve Penny EDITOR


Zemetria Barnes-Perry

FEATURES 6 Kids Sports Industry

USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMITTaE CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Sieve Penny; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomila; VICE CHAIR RHVTHMIC: Andrea 5<hmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kemplon; VICE CHAIR ACRO-GYMNASTICS: Tanya Case; SECRETARY: Gary Anderron; TREASURER: Bob Woad; FIG REPS: Bob Colarossi (Execulive Commi"ee), Ran Froehlich (AudHor), Tanya Cose (AG Technical Commi"ee) and John Raelhlisberger (Aihlele Rep.J- AT LARGE MEMBERS: Sieve BUlcher, David Hol<omb; ATHLETE DIREGORS: Kim Zmeskal-Burde"e, John Roelhlisberger, Jessica Howord, Karl Heger; USOC ATHLETE DIREGOR: Lorissa Fonlaine_

10 Three Great Exercises


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HI..,ifi.; I. Ibe <""IJfy, .II ""idu, s,"....,s ,.,; .iews prinl'; bor.i. or• • "riHtei I. tIr. ""t/w ...J USA .. r••,..,..l/HIity INreof.

G,...,ics ex"....... .,..,. ,.,; ..._s






Show as well as the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics. The rich history of Philadelphia will provide an incredible backdrop for our most prestigious events of the year! There is so much to see and do in Philadelphia. Beyond the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show and the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, you can also experience the culture, history and spirit of Philadelphia, known as the "City of Brotherly Love." Start with the Independence Visitor Center which features information on more than 4,000 attractions, events and venues on touch-screen computer kiosks, brochures, and exhibit panels. Visit the 2,080-pound Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center, some of the most treasured attractions celebrating American freedom. The Convention Center district offers convenient shopping, entertainment and a cultural district that will satisfy both young and old. The National Congress and Trade Show will take place in the Philadelphia Convention Center and is scheduled for June 19-21, with June 18 serving as the pre-Congress event day for the Business Conference, Risk Management/Safety course, Hands on Training Preschool Fundamentals course, NAWGJ national board meeting, and Congress Registration. June 22 will be the day of postCongress event activities, including the Women's State and Regional Chair Workshop, Women's Judge's exams, Risk Management/Safety course, Hands on Training Preschool Fundamentals course, and the Hall of Fame Class of 2008 Induction Ceremony and Luncheon. This yea(s Exhibit Hall will be the best and largest yet. There will be -2008 more than 90 companies displaying their equipment, apparel, novelties and services in 225 booths. The MEGA raffle will once again be offered by the U.S. Gymnastics Suppliers Association. Last yea(s raffle gave away more than $40,000 worth of prizes. Of course the U.S. Olympic Team Trials will be a showcase of America's best talent. The men will compete on Thursday, June 19, at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday, June 21, at 3:00 p.m. The women will compete on Friday, June 20, and Sunday, June 22, at 7:00 p.m. Philadelphia is best known as the birthplace of American democracy, but you'll find it's an ideal destination for discovery of spectacular sights and attractions. The gymnastics community will not want to miss this historical National Congress and U.S. Olympic Team Trials.


Phnade\ph \a

See you there.


Steve Penny President of USA Gymnastics



ustr GYMNASTICS Business Trends Survey Compiled by 3rd Le.vel Consulting Frank Sahlein, President - December, 2007

OBJECTIVES - Our objectives in conducting this survey, and all future surveys, are simple. • To help eliminate some of the "guesswork" in the industry with respect to critical trends.

• To increase the level and depth of professionalism within the industry. • To ultimately increase the value of businesses for owners. GRATITUDE - I'd like to thank the

hundreds of owners who participated in this survey. Without your active participation, no useful information could have been gathered! Pl ease accept our sincere appreciation for your time and thoughts. SUPPORT - I'd like to personally thank Kathy Feldmann and Loree Galimore of USA Gymnastics for their assistance. Additionally, David Holcomb of Buckeye Gymnastics in Ohio needs to take a big bow for initiating the

first significant gymnastics industry survey in the recent past. CONTINUATION - 3rd Level Con-

sulting will compose,compile,analyze and distribute this type of survey on a bi-annual basis from this point forward. In timing a Major Survey (50 questions) every year, with a Minor Survey (25 questions, focusing on a specific topic) at the mid-year mark, we as an industry can use the information to anticipate and plan for our collective future in a much more professional manner. The user can draw significant trend conclusions "by the numbers." During each 6-month interval between surveys, more detailed analysis of the results will be conducted to determine the trends "beyond the numbers." Some of these findings will be shared through newsletters, webinars, conferences, etc.


DISCLAIMER - The data contained

in this, and all future surveys, is compiled solely from the input by the respondents. No auditing or other verification was conducted on the raw data. Users of the data agree to hold 3rd Level, Inc., its Officers, Agents and other representatives free of any liability whatsoever.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY KEY OBSERVATIONS (for Gymnastics) Respondents - The business owners who responded to this segment of the survey by and large consider themselves Gymnastics Schools. A few defined themselves as Children's Activity Centers (CAe's). For our purposes, CAe's are defined as centers that feature, by design, Activity Programs in Sports Instruction, Entertainment and Education.

Location - The Midwest had the highest percentage of responses (32.8%), which perhaps correlates to the fact that 3rd Level Consulting had more "alarmed" calls and inquiries from the Midwest club owners during 2007 than from any other region by far. Further observations were that gas prices, lack of local energy sources, cost of living increases and real estate loan foreclosures in the region combined to form a "perfect storm" of declining conditions. Demographics - Most Clubs seem to be located fairly well. 84.4% felt that their location was growing dramatically (24.5%) or growing moderately (59.9%). This bodes well for the future of Gymnastics, as LOCATION is a prime factor in the financial success of a club. It's great that owners are starting to "look before they leap" in terms of location. This is one key reason that 3rd Level Consulting updates Demographic Reports for all of its clients on an annual basis. Primary Activity - Most still consider themselves GYMNASTICS facilities (95%) as opposed to Children's Activity Centers (5%). This is interesting, because although MOST definitely have a DIVERSITY of Activities, GYMNASTICS remains their "heart." This will be a conceptual statistic to watch in the future. Experience - Most long-term coaches become long-term owners. Over 50% of the respondents coached for 21 + years. The percentages relating to length of time owning a business were widely distributed. However, the trend here is that MORE people are considering our industry as a good opportunity. I believe that the opportunity is still perceived as a combination of desired lifestyle and financial considerations.

AGIVITY PROGRAM DIVERSITY OBSERVATIONS • Sports Instruction - while GYMNASTICS is, of course, a staple of these particular respondents, Cheerleading is either a current part

(70.3%) or being considered (10.6%) as a viable program. It is interesting to note that 68.7% either have, or are considering adding a Dance Program. Surprisingly, 41.7% either have, or are considering adding a Martial Arts Program. Swimming is still on the rise, but the cost of adding a full-service swimming program is still an obstacle. • Education - While Day Camps lead the way (72.2% of respondents), Afterschool programs (which are directly related) trail behind with only 22.5%. In most cases, this is because of a lack of adequate space. Trend - almost all of the new or expansion projects that 3rd Level's clients are working on involve developing a fullservice Educational Center, including Educational Preschool and Child Care. Music and Art programs are gaining interest as well. • Entertainment - It appears that our industry has taken full advantage of parties (94.5%), as well as parent night out, field trips and open gyms (all over 70%). The other opportunities listed are the "next frontier."

PARTICIPANT NUMBER OBSERVATIONS (PAST 12-24 MONTHS) • Gymnastics - Note that nearly 40% (39.6%) indicated that their preschool gymnastics programs were down from the previous 12 months, and 38.6% indicated that their recreational gymnastics programs were down from the previous 12 months. However, only 22.6% indicated a drop in competition numbers. Competition numbers are usually a bit more insulated from drops. This may also indicate a shift on the part of many clubs to include MORE students in the team programs. An additional observation is that the increase in the number of fullday Kindergarten programs in the public schools has affected day time preschool gymnastics numbers. • Other Sports Programs - Swimming, Cheerleading, Dance, Martial Arts and Mobile Programs seemed to hold steady or are growing.

• Education - These programs either held steady or grew for the vast majority of respondents. Our industry may be responding to the full-day kindergarten programs by opening educational programs of their own! • Entertainment - These programs either held steady or grew for the vast majority of respondents.

PROJEGED PARTICIPANT NUMBER OBSERVATIONS (UPCOMING 12 MONTHS) • All Programs - Note the PRONOUNCED and RADICAL shift in expectations to the right side of the chart. The question is whether this unbridled optimism is due to human nature, wishful thinking, an Olympic Games year, program and/or facility expansion,or a combination of these and other factors. In any case, if the power of positive thinking lends itself to self-fulfilling prophecy, then the entire industry is in for quite a ride. This will be most interesting to monitor and compare at the end of 2008. Current Number of Facilities - It will be interesting to compare this statistic forward. Historically, most owners have only had one facility. The number of people with 2+ facilities (28.9%) is definitely ON THE RISE! Adding Facilities - 20.3% of the respondents are either going to (10.6%) or are considering (9.7%) opening another location.

FacilitySize-81.7%ofthe respondents have facilities at or under 20,000 square feet. 43.8% are in the 10,001 - 20,000 square foot range, with 37.9% under 10,000 square feet. 18.4% have facilities over 20,001 square feet. This will be another extremely interesting statistic to watch. It also appears that if owners have second locations, that they occupy a smaller space than that of their main facility. Financial Software- About 66% of the respondents use Quickbooks as their primary financial tracking tool, while about 34% either let their accountant do it, or they use a different package or a manual method. ~ continue on p.8

~ continued

from p.7

Determining Financial Health - This is somewhat alarming in that ONLY 34% or less of the respondents use Monthly Financial Statements to gauge the health of their individual programs in addition to that of the overall business. This is a vital operations tool for making intelligent individual program decisions that is under-utilized by most small businesses, not just those in our industry. Gross Revenues - 56.2% of our clubs still generate LESS THAN $500K in Annual Revenues (estimated 2007 numbers). Only 5.2% generate $2 million or more in annual revenues. This is another great statistic that will be tracked from year to year. Gross Revenue Trends - Though some respondents recorded declines in revenue, 71.9% either held steady (20.7%) or recorded increases (51.2%). Lack of responses to the basic, yet more detailed Financial Questions indicates a real need for Financial Education among the 40% of clubs that did not respond directly to those questions. In the future, it is anticipated that ONLY those completing the survey will receive the results. Net ProfitTrends - 75.3% indicated that Net Profits either held steady (25.1 %) or increased (50.2%). This would seem to indicate better fiscal and operational controls than in the past. Gross Revenues per Square Foot - 31.2% of the respondents are generating Annual Revenues of LESS THAN $30 per square foot. Only 17.7% are generating $61 or more per square foot. This is a huge gap that will be monitored carefully in future surveys. Vital Percentages in relation to Gross Revenues - Payroll, Rent/Mortgage and Marketing percentages are all over the lot. In reality, there is simply NO standardization for these metrics at the current time, and this is backed up by 3rd Level Consulting's work "in the field." There are TARGET Industry Standard metrics that have been established by experts. If interested, contact 3rd Level Consulting for more information on the specifics.

Marketing Spending Plan for 2008 - Only 34.4% of the respondents plan to spend MORE on marketing in 2008 than they did during 2007. So, apparently 65.6% of the owners are not aware of a prime marketing tenant which states that you usually "add a peak to a peak" - meaning that when students are flowing into your operations in a natural cycle, you instantly advertise more to take maximum advantage of the opportunity! Rating of Perceived Return on Marketing Dollars - Note that some of the significant combined yields for marketing methods that are rated either Outstanding Return or Above Average Return are: Word Of Mouth: 96.6% Web Site: 59.3% Public Relations 54.6% Community Involvement 52.2% Direct Mail: 51 .2% Television: 15.8% Yellow Pages: 16.7% Newspaper Ads 7.4% Actual Marketing Expenditures for 2008 - The perception of marketing effectiveness on the part of the respondents actually lags behind the way they spend money. Note that the actual projected percentages for Yellow Pages, Family Magazines and Newspaper Ads are above the percentages relative to perceived return. Database-related Issues - There are a wide range of software applications being used, with a growing segment (20.5%) going to web-based packages. There are still a significant percentage of owners using custom software (17.2%) or a manual/none "system" (23.4% combined) . There is also a marked increase in companies using their software for staff scheduling and for monitoring student progress. The two most requested future features were more comprehensive reporting options and more options for email and attachments. Insurance-related Issues - It is very interesting to observe the importance ran kings on the various

types of insurance. There is obviously a growing awareness of insurance coverage issues among owners. More and more owners are utilizing this form of asset protection than ever before, in the form of Liability and Accident/ Medical coverage,"Catastrophic Cash," Business Interruption insurance, and more. 62.1% of owners feel that Health Insurance is vital (Absolutely Critical or Very Important) for their own family, only 45.1 % feel that it is just as vital for key staff members. Full Time Staff Members - 44.6% of the responding businesses have 5 or more full time staff, but only 12.1 % have 11 + full time staff. Just 5.4% of the businesses have 16+ full time staff. Part Time Staff Members - Lots of variation here. Future surveys will correlate the RATIO of full time to part time staff. Base Pay for Full Time Staff Members - Finally! 74.1% of respondents are paying their full time people a base of $24,000 or more, with 18.7% of respondents paying $36,000 or more. Bonus Pay for Full Time Staff Members - Also better! 54% of respondents are paying their full time people an annual bonus of $1 ,000 or more, with 32.2% of respondents paying an annual bonus of $3,000 or more, and 9.4% of respondents paying an annual bonus of $6,000 or more. The entire survey was released through USA Gymnastics (through its Member Club newsletter) in December, 2007, as well as through 3rd Level Consulting. If you did not receive the surveys (both the Overall CAC Industry results as well as the Gymnasticsspecific results), you can download them for free at 3rd Level's online store at https:// For information on 3rd Level's professional services, visit Frank Sahlein has been involved with Sports Instruction since 1967 - as Gymnast, Martial Artist, Coach, Business Owner, State Director, Consultant and Business Broker. Frank pioneered the Children's Learning Opportunity Center (CLOC) concept - a unique blend of Sports Instruction, Child Care & Education, Entertainment and Outreach.


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e Great Exercises ~ St. ViI/cent ~ Sports Pcrfol'll1ollce CC/lter By Tyler Deuser., LAT, ATC, CSCS

ALL COACHES ASK WHAT FUNCTIONAL EXERCISES can help their gymnasts perform better during competition. Through extensive training and competition, gymnasts can create weaknesses in their upper back, glutes, and rotational stabilizers. The following exercises can help correct for these deficiencies.

Horizontal Pull Up This is a terrific exercise for upper back and shou lder strength. Unfortunately, it is often done incorrectly which limits its effectiveness. The body should be in a straight line with abdominals tight. This activates the core. Next, pull your body toward the bar while maintaining a straight line throughout. Squeeze the shoulder blades together as you pull yourself up toward the bar. 1 - 3 set s of 1a-second holds or 1 - 3 sets of 6 - 12 reps

Double/Single Leg Bridge This exercise is great for activating the glutes during acceleration and jumping. Start by lying on your back with abs tight, knees bent and heels dug into the floor. Squeeze your butt and push through your heels and hips so that your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line. You should not feel this exercise in your lower back.

1 - 3 sets of 1a-second holds or 1 - 3 sets of 6 - 12 reps

Side Plank with Rotation This exercise is great for rotary stability. Position your elbow at 90 degrees directly under your armpit. Keeping your body in a straight line, lift your hips off the ground. Rotate your hips and reach under your body. Then roll out while maintaining core stability. 1(

1 - 3 set s of 6 - 12 reps SI. VilicCliI H ospilal alld SI. VilicCliISporls Petjorlll(lf/ce ill Ilidial/apolis, Illd., are ofJicial Jemice proIJiden 10 USA GYlllllastics. Call 317415-5747 or IJisil bltp:! / spoI1spetjom/{lf/



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Februa~ 1J. 2008 u,...ouSh

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to Increase Enrollment in iJreschcd ~M.Stics BY Patti Komara ood preschool gymnastics in structors know that gym schools have three customers ; the mother, the father, and the student. Unlike school age progra ms where the students tell other friends about our programs, preschool classes survive on the parents telling other parents. If the parents aren't fully aware of the philosophy of the gym , the objectives of the lessons, the basic purposes behind the curriculum, they can't completely appreciate why they need to make an extra effort to get their child to class. The instructors know all the reasons why the program is so important to a child's growth and development, but do the parents? Parent education doesn't stop with the information in your club brochure; that's just the beginning. In order to effectively educate the parents, you must plan on educating them before, during, and after their child participates in each gymnastics class.

BEFORE CLASS Make sure the parents have a parent handbook before they walk into class. The handbook should contain information helping the parent understand the following information : • Philosophy of the gym • Class objectives • Class descri ption • Parent role • Student role • Basic child development • Class/ Gym rules Parents will feel more involved if you provide them with this valuable information which they can apply to their child's gymnastics experience. Sending letters to parents who enroll their child in your classes is another form of effective parent communication. You'll find explaining the parent's role to be especially helpful in a parent and tot class.



Prior to starting class, the parents need to understand that each child matures differently and some students in the cla ss are older than their child. Even a few months make a big difference in a child's development. Don't allow parents to compare their child with another child in the class. Also , if one child has been in the program for any length of time they're going to recognize the names of ski lls and directions more easily than a new student. Help the parent realize at this age most children are self-directed and wi ll take instruction from the parents before they listen to an instructor. Explain to the parents that the stations and activities in class are designed to be success-oriented. We do this by positioning handprints and other objects and use them as visual cues. By following the handprints, the children can succeed at the station by following the cues. Let the parents encourage their child to attempt the station at least three times. Your aim should be to teach with comfort. Customers will return to businesses that make them feel comfortable. Often , parents expect too much out of a toddler preschool gymnastics class and will not feel comfortable if their child is running around while other students are participating. If you haven't explained the true benefits of your class, parents will expect you to teach their child actual gymnastics skills. A parent may think if they're coming to a gymnastics school, then why wouldn't their child learn gymnastics? You have to educate them to understand the realistic goals for the program. At my gym, we use the following phrases in our written material to explain our objectives: quality time with your child; promotes reading readiness through perceptual motor skills; teaches children to be a member of a line; en hances motor development, coordination, poise, and agility; increases self-confidence as a mover; makes new friends for parent and child; improves listening skills; improves ability to move to vocal instruction; prepares them for kindergarten testing by teaching motor skills, and it's FUN! These are some of the benefits of the class that parents ~ conti nue on p.14



~ continued from p.12 should know about. Always sell the benefits. In advertising it's called, "selling the sizzle, not the steak." Consumer education is the key to advertising this type of class. Promotion and advertising is an important component in the educational process. Educating the parents is how you'll keep them coming back and telling their friends about your innovative, beneficial program fo r young children. Provide a list of the various preschool classes offered, along with their explanations, to parents so they know exactly what to expect before their first class. The key to customer service is to exceed their expectations. But, if you don't even match what they expect, you'll never make them happy. Use written material to explain the program and then ... deliver.

DURING CLASS It's easy to educate the parents during a parent and tot class because you have the parents as a captive audience. You can talk to the parents over the half wall of your gym during the classes for four and five year olds. Most importantly, you should talk to the parents particularly about their child's progress. Remember, parents LOVE to hear how their child is doing in class. YOU are the only one that provides them with feedback about their child's progress. We also use our "Teddy Tumblebear Says" sheets that we give out at the end of the class explaining what was accomplished and why the particular activities were chosen . When you have the parents in class with you, use that opportunity to explain what you're doing. For example, we start every class with music. We explain to the parents it improves their child's motor coordination and helps them to understand the beat and rhyth m of music and movement. And, it always seems to put a smile on the kids' faces. It's also a signal to everyone, even the late-comers, that class is starting. Secondly, we do the positions. We explain that these static moves: squat, straddle, pike, bridge, butterflies, lunge, V-sit, and "Tada" are some of the basic body positions for all gymnastics moves, and then the parents realize the importance of why we review them weekly. Animal walks are a great way to teach kinesthetic awareness to a child. Tell the parents if a child can understand how it feels to keep a straight leg extended in a camel walk compared to a bent leg in a bear walk, they'll have a much easier time when they're upside down and we tell them to straighten their leg in a cartwheel. Kinesthetic awareness is merely understanding where the body is in space. A young child, once upside down, has no clue where his/ her legs are and where he/ she



should put the hands. A great drill for understanding where the legs are while the child is upside down is called "Straddle Switch." Have the child get in straddle stand with hands on the floor in front of them. With all the weight on the hands, swing the legs right and left. As the child is swinging the legs side to side, call point or flex and see if they understand what to do with their feet while they're upside down. Drills such as these help the children develop knowledge of their own position in space and it also helps the parents understand the reasons we're doing simple moves like animal walks.

AFTER CLASS Parent education doesn't just stop when class is over, it continues to build upon the already cultivated educational growth the parent gained before and during class. You can continue to educate the parents in a variety of ways: • Provide take-home information sheets. • Send parent letters home with the students. • Planned parent/instructor conferences. • Provide skill review sheets. • Conduct a parent group meeting . • Review the child's progress. Parent education is the key to increasing your enrollment. It's certainly worth the effort. Take time to talk to the parents, write them notes, send explanation sheets home with the students, have a welcoming-parent party at the beginning of the session, and personally explain the true reason why they need to continue to bring their kids to you. Don't be afraid of the parents. They are your biggest resources. They are your personal advertisers. It's your responsibility to make them aware of your philosophy, your objectives, your goals, and your hopes for your classes. X Patti Komara owns Patti's All-American Gymnastics in Dyer, Ind., one of the most successful gyms with gymnastics, dance, swimming, and a fitness-based nursery school called Gym-N-Learn. Patti speaks at national seminars for AAHPERD, AAEY[, YMCA, USAIG[, IDEA, and USAG. She began her national seminars in 1986 and began putting her speeches on videotape and DVDs and then founded Patti Komara's Tumblebear Connection. Patti has since produced more than 60 instructional videotapes for instructors and owners. For more info. go to:

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Fax: 1-888-866-9884 Mail: Customer Service, GK - Elite Sportswear L.P., P.O. Box 16400, Reading, PA 19612-6400

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â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ BUSINESS TIPS

Open Book Management THERE ARE A HANDFUL of business concepts that invariably surprise those who are being introduced to them for the first time. A concept known as "Open Book Management''' is one of them. I believe in sharing financial and financially-related information whenever possible and do it in every business in which I am involved. Below are my arguments. I encourage you to keep an open mind. I must admit that years ago when I was first introduced to Open Book Management, my knee-jerk reaction was to run! What information might you share? Any information that would facilitate the benefits listed below. As a reference point in reading this article, assume we are sharing Company P & Ls to key people. (I choose this because it is fairly scary for most people to consider sharing their P & L). Why share information? The following quote sums it up: "reasonable people given the same information are likely to come to the same conclusion." Similarly, experience also shows me that reasonable people not given the same information are highly

likely to come to their own conclusion. (Of course, if you add unreasonable people into the mix all bets are off, but that is another subject!) Specific benefits: Sharing information helps ensure that everyone is singing from the same page. The very process of sharing information offers management an opportunity to train people how to think, i.e. why certain decisions are made and, in general, how to make good decisions. Sharing vital information instills in employees a sense of importance by sending the powerful message that you value and tru st your key people enough to sha re vital information (surveys show that not being 'in the know' is a common source of employee dissatisfaction). A concern many have about opening their books is that employees will find out how much money the owner makes. Counterpoint: those who care are already second guessing this and are probably over-estimating. Another common fear is that competitors will find out information to use against you.

~ -I II f) f)')' ~ Small Business

~ (~i'~~!~

Results when done right: You will develop a stable of good decision-makers which will help perpetuate the business after a planned or unplanned exit of the owner. Those 'in the know' will be working toward dri vi ng profit whe n previously it was just the owner. Elements for success: The employees must trust management, as any existing mistrust will deepen. The act of sharing information must include a provision for imparting of wisdom to the employees lest the employees misinterpret the information. Where to go to learn more about Open Book Management? Trying to remain objective, the Small Business BOOT CAMP is probably the single best location for learning the pros & cons of opening your books. It has worked wonders for our business and just might yours, too. Make it a great mo nth! Jeff Metzger Jeff Metzger USA GymnastiCS Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp PreSident, Kids First Sports Center

.. Jifetime so [utions for !four ousiness... ousiness so[utions for !four [ifetime .

... ~~

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners. Dates: May 15-19, 2008 and Nov 20-24, 2008 For FREE portfolio of information: 513.489.7575 or

Visit us at



When PERFORMANCE is everything ... ... relyon SA SPORT! Like our new 228 Performance Series Single Bar Used and endorsed by Liang Chow - World renowned gymnast, U.s. National Team Coach, and the personal coach of the 2007 Women's World AA Champion

"This bar is great for teaching skills at all levels for boys and girls. It is easier for a coach to spot and the bar provides excellent response to the athlete . .. »

The new 228 offers the flexibility that coaches and athletes demand • Designed to work over pits or over training mats.

- Liang Chow,

u.s. Narional Team Coach

• Quick and easy change out of men's or women's rail, with secure safety pin locking devise. • Easy height adjustments in 20cm increments from 130cm to 230cm (51.25"-90 .5"), and in Scm increments from 2S0cm to 280cm (98 .5"-110 .25"). • New anchoring and cable system keeps upright from bowing when bar is used in lower positions . • Step ladder on both sides and a spotting platform that can be used on either side .

To speak with a representative call

1-800-331-8068 or visit us online at

©2007 . Spieth Anderson International Inc.



U.S. Women's World Championships Team named 2007 USOC Team of the Year

Lto R: Shown Johnson, Ivana Hong, Naslia Liukin, Alicia Sacromone, Samantha Peszek, Shayla Worley, and Bridget Sloan

TH E u.s. WO MEN'S WO RLD CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM that won the team world title was selected as the 2007 U.S. Olympic Committee's Team of the Year for its accomplishments at the 2007 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Stuttgart, Germany. "We appreciate the U.S . Olympic Committee's recognition of our women's outstanding acco mplishments at the World Championships," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "We believe that their incredible performance in 2007 has set the stage for a great Olympic year. " The U.S. women won the team gold medaL just the second ever for the USA and the first team title won at a World Championships

held outside of the United States. The U.S. Women's Team brought home seve n medals total - four gold, two silver and one bronze - from the World Championships for its most successfu l performance ever at a team world championships. The U.S. women qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games with their performance at the World Championships. The members of the U.S. Women's Team were: Iva na Hong of Blue Springs, Mo. ; Shawn Johnson of West Des Moines, Iowa; Nastia Liukin of Parker, Texas; Samantha Peszek of Indianapolis, Ind.; Alicia Sacramone of Winchester, Mass.; Bridget Sloan of Pittsboro, Ind. ; and Shayla Worley of Orlando, Fla . X

Get the edge on your competition with the GymCert's new "Ski lls & Drills Manuals" for Level 's 4, 5 & 6

Rita Brown with Rik feeney

• Contains excellent detailed drills &illustrations. • Lead up skills, conditioning exercises, spotting tips! • Specific dance drills for beam and floor. Ski ll and strength tracking forms are also included for at a glance tracking throughout the season.

Add this book to your personal gymnastics library today!

GYM eERT Cpnll. l ~ , jc,

r.' r /lftC-,lIio"

,! 511/>~'d,.ln HI 18







Check SA~£TY





Background Screening Q&A Q: When I was doing my background check,

I was prompted by the screen to give an 8 digit code number. Wh at is this? A: When the screen asks for the 8 digit self registration number, it is a 'default' screen that comes up when the person has taken too long/timed out. It is one of the security features of the NCSI site. If the member gets the message, they need to return to USA Gymnastics page and log in and do the registration again. Q: Is the site for the background screening secure? I am nervous about giving my social security number and credit card. A: From NCSI - Thank you for passing this along because NCSI is committed to protecting the private information of applicants and clients. I assure you that when applicants enter their information into the NCSI site it is a secure site. This can be confirmed as both the address bar changes to a "https" connection indicating that it is secure and a padlock icon appears next to the address bar. These two indicators can be used to verify that the NCSI site is secure and data is encrypted. In addition, NCSI uses VeriSign to protect the data and a security certificate is visible. Q: When I go in to complete my background screening, it is telling me my password is not correct. What can I do? A: The background screening is set so that each individual must have the correct professional member number as their ID number and the password is their correct date of birth. If you have changed your password or if USA Gymnastics does not have your correct date of birth that matches what you put in for the background check, it will not let you continue. You must have 20


correct information for the background screening. You need to contact member services at 1-800-345-4719 or email at and have a representative correct the date of birth that is in your member record. Q: Ho w long will th e bac kgroun d screening process take and when will I get the results? A: The actual process of entering your information into the system should take not more than 10 to 15 minutes. The completed results or the background check may take up to 3 to 4 weeks. This is the amount of time you MUST allow to receive results. Although USA Gymnastics is receiving green light results on members daily and the time has been less than the normal processing time, no one can be assured that their check may not have some problem or comp lication which will extend the time of receiving results. Q: I renewed my professional membership early. Do I still have to complete the background screening for this year? A: Background screening became mandatory for all professional members beginning with those members whose membership expiration date was 12/31/2007. If a member renewed the membership early in October or November and even if they received a card with the new expiration date on it, that member must have a completed background check. The first of each month a query system is run which places all members in an active or pending status. For those members who did not do a background check, their membership will go into pending status. For example, all December memberships had the expiration date of 12/31/2007. The members professional membership was valid with or without background screening through 12/31/07. However, on January

Don't delay... Get your background check today!



2, 2008 when the computer function was conducted, all December memberships without background screening went into pending status. This system will repeat each month. The background check mandate is being rolled out throughout 2008. As of December 1, 2008 all professional members will have gone through the background screening process.

Important Reminders Attention: Meet Directors/State Chairs/Regional Chairs/National Chairs/Members 1. Meet Directors are to accept the printed

copy of the membership form from the internet, if the member does not have a membership card. Athletes and professional members will receive a card in the mail; however, it does take 4 to 6 weeks for the card to be received. Athlete cards and professional member cards may be printed online from the website. You will receive the card information in an email. You must open the email to see and print the card. 2.It takes a minimum of 24 hours for a membership to be posted when online registration takes place. Memberships that are applied for online on a Friday will not be visible in the online search until the following Monday. The meet director is to accept the membership print out from the website. If the meet director has questions or concerns, you are to accept the form and call the member services department on Monday. The phone lines open on Monday at 12:30 pm. 3. The normal in-house processing time for memberships is 3 to 4 weeks. You may request a rush processi ng for an additional fee. You must allow a minimum of 3 days ~ continue on p.22



Designed to exceed your expectations, rely on Motionwear gymnastics apparel for quality, service, fit and comfort. Our collections include fresh fabrics in trend-setting styles for class, practice, competition, and all your apparel needs. Go ahead ... Expect more.




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1315 Sunday Drive Indianapolis, IN 46217 Order Desk: (888) 576-0609 E-mail:


continued from p.20

for a rush membership to be processed and entered into the database system. The card will still take 4-6 weeks via the mail. Proof of membership may be printed from the website. You must request an email verification of the number in advance or call member services for the number. 4. Remember you may renew your safety certification up to one year prior to the expiration date. The online safety course is available 24/ 7/36 5. Live courses will be conducted at all regional congresses and national congresses. Courses may be given in states when there is a high demand . However, you must plan on when to take your course as there may not be a live course in your area.

• •

• •

• •

Domestic Sanction Procedures and Policies:

Make sure to complete the form in its entirety. We must have a fax number, phone number and an email address. • Apply for your domestic sanction a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event. • If a certificate of insurance is needed, you must request this from K & K insurance a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. The certificate is sent from the insurance company, not USA Gymnastics. • The sanction approval forms , blank certificate of insurance and the

• •

• •

accident report form are sent from the USA Gymnastics office through the postal system. The envelope is marked on the outside stating Important - Sanction Enclosed. Multiple sanction approval forms may be included in the same envelope if you requested multiple sanctions at the same time. Please keep this in a safe place prior to the respective event. A $5.00 administrative fee for the refaxing and/or re-mailing of sanction forms may be applicable. When the sanction is a late request, the forms will be faxed. The meet director requesting the sanction approval must be a professional member and a professional member in that specific disci pli ne. Every competition site must attain separate sanction approval. Only one discipline may be listed on a sanction request form. A non-sanctioned event may not be conducted concurrently with a USA Gymnastics event. Training days must be included in the dates of the sanction, if applicable. It is the responsibility of the meet director to check all numbers of the participants. Athletes, coaches and judges must hold current USA Gymnastics member numbers. Coaches and judges must have Professional memberships. A professional member

• •

• •

must be currently safety-certified and have completed the background check and receive a green light prior to their membership expiration date. Junior Professional memberships must be held for any coach or judge who is 16 or 17. Safety certification is a requirement of the Junior Professional. When the individual turns 18 years of age, they must upgrade to a professional membership. Introductory coaches may only be on the floor for Level 1-3 competitions. They must have a current safety certification. Instructor members are not allowed on the floor as a coach or judge. The sanction report form is to be signed by the judges. They print their name and record their professional number. Numbers will be checked in the national office. Coaches are to use the sign-in form and print name and record member number. The signed sanction report form along with the coach's sign-in list or a listing of the coaches with their numbers is sent to the national office within 48 hours of the end of the competition. Policies and time lines are different for Foreign Sanction requests. Please review the Rules & Polices Book for complete details. Additional sanction procedures are listed online in the Rules & Policies for each discipline. The sa nctioning rules and requirements are consistent throughout all programs and disciplines. X



Summer200B Summer Gold Camp

§ Super Grip

at Texas Sports Ranch with Olympic Medalists Shannon Miller and Peter Kormann

Gymnastics Camp For more info, visit

In stock & ready to ship! 800.932.3339 22








Friday, March 28 1:30 p.m. - Men's Team and All -Around Finals - Sub-Oiv. 1 7:00 p.m. - Men's Team and All -Around Finals - Sub-Oiv. 2

Saturday, March 29 1:30 p.m. - Women's Team and All -Around Finals - Sub-Oiv. 1 7:00 p.m. - Women's Team and All -Around Finals - Sub-Oiv. 2

Sunday, March 30 Noon - Junior Men's and Women's Individual Event Finals 6:00 p.m. - Senior Men's and Women's Individual Event Finals


Friday, March 28 3:00 p.m. - Rhythmic Team & All-Around

Saturday, March 29 3:00 p.m. - Rhythmic Team & All-Around and Trampoline Prelims

Sunday, March 30 3:00 p.m. - Rhythmic and Trampoline Individual Event Finals




1\. •







Member Clubs will receive a complete Tyson Fitness Challenge pocket in the moil with a poster, administrators gUide and promotional materials in March. NOlliTlember clubs may register online to view content.


I Philadelphia· 2008


For more information, contact Loree GaIimOre at 317-829-5654 or


"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"


National Gymnastics Day 2008 is scheduled for September 13 and will culminate again with the Tyson Fitness Challenge to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network. The Tyson Fitness Challenge, the eight-session program, will kick off at the Tyson American Cup in March and will go through Sept. 13, Notional Gymnastics Day. The first two years of the Tyson Fitness Challenge were a great success, but we wont to make it even better this year. Based on feedback from our members, we have expanded the Tyson Fitness Challenge to provide some new ideas. • Getting you the online giving web site earlier • New cordio games • New exercise content provided by St Vincent's Sports Performance Center consultants • New web site content added monthly • National Gymnastics Day during the fall when the clubs have more students • Instant password when signing upJor TFC. online More details will be broadcast emailed to the clubs and profeSSional members each month and we will post the Tyson Fitness Challenge web site which is filled with useful content. We encourage you to plan ahead and offer the Tyson Fitness Challenge as a stand alone class or as port of your spring, summer or fall classes or team workouts. By porticipating in the Tyson Fitness Challenge and if you choose to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network, you will be keeping 100%of the money in your locol Children's Miracle Network hospital. By incorporating the Tyson Filness Challenge inta your schedule, you are helping get today's youth off the couch and more physically active.


June 19-21, 2008 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania held in conjunction with the 2008 Olympic Team Trials Gymnastics WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All USA Gymnastics Professional members, Instructor members, coaches, judges and instructors of all levels. Recreational and preschool teachers, business managers, adm ini strators, club owners, high school and college coaches WHAT IS OFFERED? Three days of education with more than 135 sessions offered . Lectures given by recognized individuals in the field. Sessions on coaching, judging, business, preschool, recreational, sports science, and fitness. Presentations given daily from the leading experts in Women, Men, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymnastics and Group Gymnastics Programs. Trade Show ex hibit hall will feature 200 booths of products and services from more than 85 different USA Gymnastics Industry members .

WHERE: Philadelphia Convention Center Congress Sessions begin at 8:30 a.m HOTEL/TRAVEL RESERVATIONS: Philadelphia Marriott Downtown National Tra vel Systems 888-603-8747 Email: Website: CONGRESS DATES: June 19-21, 2008 Philadelphia Convention Center OLYMPIC TRIALS: June 19-22, 2008 - Wachovia Center Men's and Women's Artistic events JUNE 18 PRE-CONGRESS EVENTS: Risk Management/ Safety course, Hands on Train ing preschool fundamentals (H.O.T.) course, Business Conference, NAWGJ National board meeting, National Congress Registration opens at 12:30 p.m .

JUNE 22 POST-CONGRESS EVENTS: Risk Management/Safety course, Hands on Training preschool fundamentals (H.O.T.) course, Women's State and Regional Chair Workshop, Women's Judge's exams JUNE 22: Hall of Fame Class of 2008 Induction Ceremony Luncheon. U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM TRIALS - GYMNASTICS, JUNE 19-22: Special rate for All-Session tickets to U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics for all Congress attendees. To secure early bird discount order by March 15 (see form pg 38). REGISTRATION FORM : In Technique and on Website Specia l discounted group registration for Member Clubs. Special Early Bird Pricing I\'





路onalllllOnaSliGs lamn >-

Q) (J)


Vi It: Q)

Blaine Wilson


3-Time O lympian 2004 O lympic Silver Medalist


Nastia Liukin 3-Time World Champion

c u u


Q) Q) (J)









c. ~


.8 o

Chellsie Memmel


2005 All-Around



World Champion


co Q)

> ro


(Q) (J)


o .<:: 11L-


o> u

David Durante 2007 World Championship & Pan American Games Team Member 2007 USA National All-Around Champion Former IGC Camper

Justin Spring 2005 World Championship Team Member 2007 Pan American Games Gold Medalist Former IGC Camper

mnastics National Congress and Trade Show







June 19-21,2008 - Philadelphia, PA • Held in Coniunclion with the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics Early Bird Ends March 1 S. Com plete one form per person . Photocopy fo r additio nal registrations. You r confirmation wi ll be sent by email. Please provide va lid email address. On-site registration desk opens June 18 . Congress sessions and Exhibit Hall open June 19-21 . To become an Instructor Member to receive the member discount, simply check "please sign me up" and include an add itional $50 ($70, Foreign Instructor Member) in yo ur total amount enclosed .



(Early Bird postmarked by March 15 - All others by May 26 - NO EXCEPTIONS)

Professional, Jr. Professional, Instructor and Athlete Members (15+ years old) Minimum age for Congress attendees is 15. 1t,1;j§j :lijl']Pricing (Ends March 15)

Additional U.S. Olympic Team Trials Ticket Information

o o o Regular Pricing (March 16 - May 26) o o o

o o

$199 Congress Registration

$449 Congress and Olympic Trials all-session ticket package PI

Add itional all-session tickets at PI _ _ _ x $250.00 Additional all-session tickets at P2 _ __ x $175 .00

$374 Congress and O lymp ic Trials all-session ticket package P2

Non-Members &

o o o

$235 Congress Registration

$485 Congress and Olympic Tria ls all-session ticket package PI $4 10 Congress and Olympic Trials all-session ticket package P2

Onsite Registration - $300

Other Member Types

(Ends March 15) (Ends May 26)

$300 Early Bird Congress Registration $335 Congress Registration $400 On-site Registration

PI - Lower Level Sides (lower to upper rows) • P2 - Lower Level End (lower and upper rows) Special rate for all sessions is for Congress affendees. • VIP seating is a/so available for $500 per all-session ticket. All-session tickets are non·refundable. • Please contact USA Gymnastics at 31 7. 237. 5050 for additional ticket information.

Name _________________________________________________________________________________________ Birth Date (m / d/ y) _ _ __ _ __ _ __ USA Gymnastics Member No. _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ __

o "'T1 0-,


!:i 0

Mailing Address _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ _


Zip _ __ _ _ _ _ __ Ci~ ------------------­ State Day Phone ( Evening Phone ( Club Name _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Club Number _ _ __ _ __ _ ___










en -< en

a. !"


m z r


m 3:






Email Address _________________________________________ (Email address must be provided in order to receive confirmation.)


This is a new address.

(Please make the change in the USA Gymnastics database)




Please sign me up for an Instructor Membership. I have included $50 ($70, Foreign Instructorl in total amount due.

Check all that apply:


Club Owner











Make check or money order payable to USA Gymnastics.


Exp. Date


Card Number Signature _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Print Cardholder Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Telephone # _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ __

please return this registration form to: USA Gymna stics Congress, Pan America n Plaza , 201 S. Capitol Ave. , Ste 300, Indianapoli s, IN 46225 • FAX: 317,692.5212 Attention: Member Services THE INDIVIDUAL CONGRESS FEE INCLUDES: • Credenti al for entrance to Congress sessions, June 19-2 1. •

Entrance to the Exhibit Hall featu ring the industry's finest products and services.

• One tic ket to the Congress Dance Party on Saturday, June 21 . (Must be 18+ years to aHend. Additional Congress Donce Party tickets for spouse/guests are $35 eoch-ovoilable 01 on-site registration. )

Videotaping: Videota ping of Congress sessions is permiHed FOR PERSONALUSE O NLY un less the session presenters announce thot his/her/their session may not be videotaped. Language: The official language of Congress is English. USA Gymnastics wi ll make no special provisions for tran slation of sessions into other languag es. Congress aHendees with special needs must noti fy USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to Ma y 26. We suggest this in forma tion be included wi th the Congress registra tion form .

SUBSTITUTION POUCY To transfer registration 10 another person, the new Congress attendee must olso hove 0 Professional or Instructor membership. After May 26 - $30 per substitution Submit request in writing 10 USA Gymnastics, AHention Cathy Allen

CANCEUATION POUCY All registration cancellations musl be in writing. Submit writlen request to USA Gymnastics, AHention Cathy Allen Before May 26 - Registration fee tess $30 service fee per person cancelling. After May 26 - 50% of registration fee per person cancelling.


Your kids will never turn up their noses at Tyson Chicken Nuggets. You'll love â&#x20AC;˘ them too. They're quick and easy to ~ make, plus they have zero trans fats, ~. no artificial ingredients, no fillers. And they're guaranteed fussy eater-pleasers.



NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIR POSITIONS All nominees must be USA Gym nastics Women's Prog ram National Admini strative Committee Chair

Professional Members in good standi ng for a minimum of two consecutive years immed iately prior to t he nominati on, be at least 21 years old, and meet the prerequisites in Arti cle V of th e Operat ing Code Sections A, Ba nd C fo und posted on t he USA Gymnastics we bsite, Women's Prog ram home page. The positions are fou r (4) year terms 2008-201 2.

. Must have been a member on the National Admi nistrative Committee fo r a mi ni mum of four (4) years.

Nom inati ons are to be sent to t he Vi ce-President of Program at th e USA Gymnastics office by March 1S, 2008.

The National Administrative Committee Chairma n is elected by the National Administrative Committee.

Kathy Ke lly, Vice-President of Program USA Gymnastics, 20 1 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300, India napo lis, IN 4622S

I nominate _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ __

Fax: 3 17-237-5069 Email: kke lly@usa-gymnast

Women's Program Committee Chair

International Elite Committee Chair

· Must have served as a member of the USA Gymnastics Women's Program Committee for four years. · May be a current voting member of the Women's Program Committee. • Must be actively involved in the Women's Program as a coach, judg e or administrator.

. Must have been a designated Head or Assistant· Coach at a World Ch amp ionships or Olympic Games, and also a previous member of the International Elite Committee (Personal coaches at WC or OG are not eligible.)

The Women 's Program Committee Chai rman is elected by the Women's Program Comm ittee)

The International Elite Committee Chairman is elected by the International Elite Committee.

I nominate _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ __

I nom inate _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Miller visits with

u.s. troops in

Afghanistan, Qatar

. -

January 10, 2008 - Shannon Miller, th e USA's most decorated gymnast, is one of five athl etes w ho are visiti ng a num ber of u.s. military bases in Afghanistan and Qatar from Jan. 4- 13.Thu s fa r, t hey have visited troops in Bagra m, Doha, Kan dahar and Salerno. X

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES ... Have you heard about the new educational opportunities at USA Gymnastics? Check out these two new course offerings: First Aid Basics and



Preschool Fundamentals. First Aid Basics covers injury prevention, diagnosis and care with afocus on the sport of gymnastics. Preschool Fundamentals, great for all preschool teachers and instructors, focuses on various concepts of preschool education in the gymnastics setting. Complete course descriptions and registration information is available at

Visa is proud to support U.S. Olympic Team hopeful Nastia Liukin and USA Gymnastics. 36USC220S06 Š 2007 Visa U.s.A. Inc.

SUPPORT TEAM USA! The Road to Beijing begins with 2008 USA Gymnastics events ... If history serves, looking at 2004 as a guide, an Olympic Champion may very well emerge in 2008 at a USA Gymnastics event.

Teri n Humphrey 2004 Olympic silve r meda l

, uneven bars

Paul Hamm 2.004 OlYmpic AII -Arou Silver medal, high bar nd Champio n

2008 USA Gymnastics Events Schedule


2008 Tyson American Cup ............................................................... New York City, NY ...... ....... .. .... ... _. March 1,2008 2008 Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships .......................... San Jose, CA ..... .......... ...... .... March 28-30, 2008 2008 Visa Championships Men 's.. .. ... .. ... .... .. ... ... .. ... ... .. ...... .... ...... ..... ....... .. .... .... .. ...... .... .. .... .. Houston, TX .... ...... .... ..... ........ . May 22-24, 2008 Women's.... ... ....... .. ......... ... ....... ..... ..... ..... ....... .. ... .... .. .. .. ... ... .. .. ... .. Boston, MA .. .... ..... .. ..... ..... ... ... ... .June 2-5, 2008

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics ................................. Philadelphia, PA .. .... .. ....... .... .. . June 19-22, 2008 Schedule subject to change.

Visit for the latest information about these events, including your opportunity to secure your seats to all the exciting 2008 action.

The Road to Beijing goes through Philadelphia ...

o t PHILADELPHIA, PA â&#x20AC;˘ JUNE 19 - 22, 2008

Event Schedule Thursday, June 19 7:00 pm Men's Preliminary All-Around Competition Friday, June 20 7:00 pm Women's Preliminary All-Around Competition Saturday,June 21 3:00 pm Men's All-Around Finals Sunday, June 22 6:00 pm Women's All-Around Finals

Rhythmic Program

UPDATE JOPC MEETING JUNE 7, 2007, EMBASSY SUITES DUBLIN, OH Junior Olympic DeveLopment Program Region 1- Jody HurLburt Region 2- Joyce ChapLin Region 3- Lauren Garvey Region 4- Suzi DiTuLLio, Chair Region 5- Nancy Martin Region 6- Vita Bachman RTC Representative- Tyana MarLowe Coaches Representative- Ivanka Kirov Coaches Representative- Lucy Kerznermann RTC Chair- Nadine Davies (Guest, non-voting)

LEVEL 9: ALLow aLL ath Letes that compete at the RegionaL LeveL to advance to the LeveL9 JO OptionaL Championships. MM-ChapLi n/ SC -Gravey/ Passed

JO APPARATUS ROTATION: ProposaL to accept the new apparatus scheduLe as submitted .. .. MM-Ga rvey/ SC -Bach rna n/ Passed APPARATUS SCHEDULE S ENIOR INDIVIDUAL


2006 2007 2008 2009

[ill ~












The JOPC we Lcomed aLL re-eLected RC's and newLy eLected R(, Lauren Garvey for Region 3 and awarded a USAG Service Star Award to R(, Jody Hu rLb urt from Region 1. Jody has contributed tireLessLy to Region 1's success and shared her administrative wisdom to heLp improve aLL aspects of the sport. The board recognized the newLy hired Program Director, CaroLine Hunt and thanked the retiring Director, Jan Exner, for aLL her hard work. The JOPC discussed of aLLaspects of the Jr. Olympic Competitive Program and aLL submitted proposaLs

LEVEL 4: ProposaL- add a fourth apparatus event to the LeveL4 competitive program to facilitate a more uniform meet format. MM-DiTuLLi 0 / SC -Ch a pLi n/ Fai Led ProposaL - req uire a paneL of two judges and averaging of scores at aLL State and RegionaL ChampionshipsMM-Marti n/ SC-DiT uLLio/ Passed ProposaL - mandate that aLL State and RegionaL Championships have a meet refereeMM-Hu rLbu rt/ SC -Bach rna n/ Passed Proposa L- mandate that a meet referee be co ntracted in addition to the fuLL paneL of judges for aLLRegionaL ChampionshipsMM-HurLbu rt/SC -Lau ren/ Passed



2006 2007 2008 2009

ProposaL- revamp the JO Championships competitive structure, divide the LeveLs into co mpuLsory and optionaL Championships and continue to rotate meet sites an nuaLLy, when viabLe bids are recei ved from the prospective Region . Combine LeveL 4, 5, 6 into a JO Compu Lsory Championships Combine Levels 7, 8, 9 into a JO OptionaL Championships event. MM- DiTullio / SC -HurLbu rt/ Passed

LEVEL 7/8: ProposaL to aLLow additionaL LeveL7/ 8's to quaLify to JO's as ALL Stars, with the eLigibility to compete for individuaL awards. The score to adva nce will be set by the JOPC no Less than 14 days prior to the first RegionaL competition . MM-DiTuLLio / SC -HurLbu rt/ Passed






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2008 2009

USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Prog ram - Revised 6-9-2007

Level 3


2006 Floor Rope Ball

2007 Floor Rope Ball


Floor Rope

Rope 5

R&P correction: rename State & RegionaL meet to read Championships

LEVEL 5/6:





Begimler GrouD In tel'media te Group Advanced G r ouD

Ba ll Floor Rope

Hoop Ball Floor Hoop Ball Ribbon Floor Rope Hoop Ribboll Floor Rope Ball Clubs Floor Ball Floor Rope Floor Hoo)

2009 Floor Rope Ball

2010 Floor


2012 F loor

Rope Ball

Rope Ball

20 U

Rope Ball





Rope Ball Floor Rope

Hoop Ball Floor Hoop Ball Clubs

Rope Ball


2008 Floor Rope Ball Floor Rope Hoop



Rope Hoop Ball

Rope Ball Ribbon

Hoop Ball Floor Hoop Ball Clubs



F loor



Hoop Ball Clubs Floor Rope Hoop Clubs Floor Rope Ball Ribbon Floor Ball Floor HOOD Floor

Hoop Ball Ribbon Floor Rope Hoop Ribbon Floor Rope Ball Clllbs Floor Ball Floor HOOD Floor

Hoop Ball

Rope Ball

Rope Hoop



HoopiB al1








Rope Ball Clubs Floor Rope Ball Ribbon Floor HOOD Floor Ball Floor Ribbon

Rope Hoop Ribbon

Rope Ball Clubs Floor Rope Hoop Ribbon Floor TBA Floor TBA Floor TBA


Hoop Ball Clubs Floor TBA Floor T BA Floor TBA


Floor Rope Ball Ribbon Floor Hoop Ball Ribbon Floor Hoop Ball Ribbon Floor Rope Ball Ribbon Floor TBA Floor TBA Floor TBA

on p.34

.,.1 r~~

l '... R H Y T H MI ( l1ii



~ contin ued fro m p.32


MM-DiTullio /SC -Cha pli n/ Passed

Proposal to reva mp meet fees reminding meet directors these are the maximum allowed: Level 4 State meet $45 Regional $65 Level 5/ 6 State meet $65 Regional $85 Regional $105 Level 7/8/9 State meet $85 MM-Chaplin/SC-Hurlburt/ Passed

Recommendation: move Group Championship date to the weekend before Thanksgiving (November 17, 2007), run an invitational meet in conjunction with this event.


Meet Referee will enforce the meet attire policy. All gymnasts must be dressed for awards ceremonies as outlined in the Meet Information.

When possible use the highest ranked officials on execution panels for FIG meets. Level 8 judges assigned to level 9/10 competitions, will always judge paired with a fully rated national or brevet official.

JUDGES SELECTION: • The JOPC requests that the RTC make a list of judges from which each region can select a contracted meet referee for their Championships. • This is complied of recommendations from the Regional boards and national level coaches. • Once the meet referee is selected the Regional board should collaborate to find the most qualified judges panels for their Regional Championships

COMPETITION STRUCTURE: The Regional board should post the meet format as early in the season as possible. • a two day split event or a single day competition by level.

AWARD POLICY: Proposal - the award policy for competing out of age group, session or day- athletes are only eligible for the events scheduled for that original day or session.MM-Hurlb urt/ SC -Ma rti n/ Passed

TIMED WARM·UPS Proposal to eliminate the use of timed warm-ups for all levelsMM-DiTullio/ Failed Recommendation: Meet directors MUST post the warm-up format in their Pre-Meet information.

TEAM AND INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Clarification: Team Tie breaking The tie will be broken by the highest team individual event total.

JUDGING REPRESENTATION FOR JO CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS: Proposal: to adopt a system for selecting officials for JO Championships. The final selection of officials at JO Championships will come from a pool of officials representing each region. Region board will recommend four judges to be placed in the selection pool. MM-Hu rlbu rt/SC -Ch a pli n/ Passed.

OFFICIATING PANELS FOR CHAMPIONSHIPS: • Level 4 - a two judge panel, averaging the scores • Level 5/ 6 - a four judge paneL throw out the high and lowaverage the two middle scores. MM-Ga rvey/SC -Bach ma n/ Passed Judges Fees: Honorariums are acceptable for all JO Championship events.

AWARDS: • All Championship events will present 12 Places for Individual Eve nt and AA. • Improve the achievement award to a card backed ribbon with rivet. • Level 9 Championships 1-12 AA & participant trophies. 1-12 Individual Eve nt Awards • Presentation of awards should always be given by an adult or promember/j udge or meet director. MM- Hurlbu rt/SC -Ma rti n/ Passed

MUSIC: The Jr. Olympic program will no longer accept tapes to be used at any competition as of June 30, 2007.





CODE OF ETHICS/RESPONSIBILITIES· Recommendation: that each region send a reminder and a copy of section #10 of the R&P to coaches before attending any sanctioned

event. 9:49pm adjourned Reconvene at breakfast meeting: 8:18am


• State Directors: are responsible for the running of their state Championships along with promoting the sport within their state. • Regional Boards: should designate a coach's representative to serve. To avoid a voting tie, regional boards should have an odd number of members. Bid process:

• All bids should be reviewed by the Regional board and a decision should be made based on previous experience, quality of administration, facility and cost effectiveness. • Use Region 6's form for additional information and resources- appendix (#d) Rebates:

• Regions may allocate funds for educational services for judges and coaches .... • Regions may allocate stipends for state directors to cover internet and phone expenses. MM-Hu rlbu rt/SC -Ch a pli n/ Passed

OLD BUSINESS: Future Stars Team:

All JOPC suggestions will be discussed with the Future Stars Coordinator. New Business:

1. Promote and market a "earn a badge" curriculum for the Girl Scouts of America, which will help clubs offering the program as a community service. 2. Meet directors are encouraged to include the Gala event at State and Regional meets. Adjourned at 10:23a m Respectfully submitted: Suzi DiTullio, JOPC Chair


USA GYMNASTICS RHYTHMIC TECHNICAL COMMITTEE AUGUST 1" 2001 ATTENDEES: Nadine Davies, Chair Pauline Bolte - Region 1 Perryne Thompson - Region 3 Elena Savenkova - Region 4 Ellen Nyemcsik - Region 5 Tyana Marlowe - Region 6 Suzie DiTullio - JOPC Chair (non-voting) Absent: Wuling Stephenson - Region 2

1. LEVEL 3/4 PROGRAM Hoop Requirements:


Minimum one (1) body skill from each Body Group (leap, pivot, balance, flexibility) and Maximum two (2) body skills from anyone body group

2. JUDGE'S COURSE MATERIAL Nadine to update the Power Point presentations and email to all RTC members by September 10, 2007 . All tests to be updated and sent to all RTC members by September 10, 2007 . 3. FALL JUDGING COURSE SCHEDULE Region 1 - October (one in North CA, one in South CAl Region 2 - September 15, 2007 - Instructor: Pauline Bolte Region 3 - October 20 or 27 - Instructor: Perryne Thompson Region 4 - October - Instructor: Elena Savenkova Region 5 - November 17 - Instructor: Ellen Nyemcsik Region 6 - Late November or Ea rly December Instructor: Tyana Marlowe


he crovvd.

4. JUDGE'S HONORARIUM USA Gymnastics National Meets (JO Championships, East, West, Championships, Group Championships) - Honorarium of $100/ day for meets that are 2 or more days in length. $150 for 1 day meets. 5. LEVEL 7/8 PROGRAM Change: Level 7 Artistry: Max CAP - 5.00 Difficulty: Max Difficulty: 10 difficulties up to E body difficulties( 5.00max). Level 8 Artistry: Max CAP - 6.00 Difficulty: Max Difficulty: 12 difficulties up to F body difficulties (7 .20max). Addendum: December 5, 2007 Level 7 Floor Max Diff = 5.00 (10 body difficulties max value E level) Max Art = 3.00 (2 .0 basic 1.00 music) Execution = 10.00 Calculation: (A+D)/ 2 + Execution Total = 14.00 Level 8 Floor Max Diff = 7.20 (12 body difficulties max value F level) Max Art = 3.00 (2.0 basic 1.00 music) Execution = 10.00 Calculation: (A+D)/ 2 + Execution Total = 15.10 Email Vote: Level 7 Floor Change - 7 For, 0 Against Carried Level 8 Floor Change - Max Diff 7.20 - 4 For, 3 Against - Carried

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6. JUNIOR OLYMPIC HANDBOOK Post the JO Handbook for coaches and judges on the website so that it is accessible to all coaches and judges. This will enable the most accurate and current information to be available to everyone. Action : After approval - the office will post the Handbook 7. JOPC RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Request that a Meet Referee be present at all Regional Competitions in addition to a full panel of judges. The Meet Referee must be from an approved list of Meet Referees. Requirements of all Meet Referees: 1. Must be Brevet or National Level Active Judge 2. Must have 3 years judging experience 3. Must have been a referee at a minimum 3 State Meets ~ contin ue on p.36 FEBRUARY 200B â&#x20AC;˘ TECHNIQUE


HYTHMIC UPDATE ~ continued

from p.34

2. A List was submitted to the Rhythmic Program Committee. Meeting Adjourned Submitted by Nadi ne Davies


RHYTHMIC PROGRAM COMMITTEE AUGUST 17·18,2007 ROLL CALL: AthLete Representative Judges Representative Vice President-Program Coach Representative JOPC Representative Non-voting Membership Director Membership Director Rhythmic Program Director Vice President

Jessica Howard Nadine Davies Andrea Schmid-Shapiro Lucy Kerznerman Suzie DiTuLLio Ivanka Kirov Michelle Larson CaroLine Hunt (non-voting) Kathy KeLLy (non-voting)

1. PROCEDURAL CHANGES: a) FormaL procedures for approving minutes/ conference caLLs in a timeLy manner 1. Send draft, aLLowing one week for comments 2. Send revised minutes 3. ALLow one week for approvaL b) Posting of aLL eLections resuLts on the rhythmic webpage 1. coaches representative 2. region chairs MM/Schmid-Shapiro Sec/Howard Passed

2. IEC AD HOC COMMITTEE a) b) c) d)

Reinstate for another year-2008 Increase the communication with the RPC FormaLize the committee responsibilities Add the committee to the R&P Flow Chart

MM/Kerznerman Sec/DiTullio Passed



A. Schmid proclaims the congress, the championships both wonderfuL and weLL attended aLong with a strong showing, at the HOF Luncheon, with 30+ attending the presentation. Our recent medaL winning performance at the Pan Am games a proud moment and great accompLishment for the program. The excellent performance of the Group and their continued improvement shows great commitment. Our new program director has tackLed her task with passion and moves the program steadiLy toward its Olympic goal.

MM/Davies Sec/DiTuLlio Passed

a) Meet Referee List for JO Programs b) New Championship Structure 1. Jr. Olympic CompuLsory Championships 2. Jr. Olympic OptionaL Championships ~ continue

on p.38

cutltear lie CR·~le

-..-~~~ ~- f:\t

,ne OH1c1at USA GymnastIcs On-line Store!


800.339.0859 • 36 TECHNIQUE. fEBRUARY 200B


•• r~~

l .• • R H Y T H M leu P D ATE

I Jii


~ continued from



MM/Kerzernman Sec/Howard Passed

a) Assign Davies/ DiTullio to revise the L9 qualification to Nationals b) Level 9 Regional Teams for the JO Optional Championships 1. Each region will be eligible to field two teams a) a junior team of four ath letes (top 4 rank order) b) a senior team of four athletes (top 4 rank order) 2. Team Awards a) Top 3 Junior and 3 Senior teams will be awarded MM/DiTullio Sec/Howard Passed




Approved: a. Make testing available following the JO Compulsory Championships TABLED b. Eliminate the team wild card positions Adjourned Friday August 17th 4:20pm Reconvene: Saturday August 18th 3:00pm

7. THE RTC WILL CONTINUE IT REVIEW AND COMPARISON OF THE RESULTS OF THE THREE EVENTS: Challenge, JO, and Visa Championship for evaluation of the judges in 2007

a. Routine evaluation by an official is only restricted to the two weeks prior to the Visa Championships MM/Davies Sec/Kerznerman Passed


Open discussion regarding the autonomy of all committees and the RPC role in overseeing the development of the program . K. Kelly explained the RPC position as the umbrella for all programs lEe. Future Stars and Youth Elite Squad.

6. THE CHALLENGE/VISA CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL KEEP THE TWO DAY EVENT FORMAT IN "08 a. Add alternates to the finals list of athletes are prepared in case of injury

MM/Howard Sec/Davies Passed

11. GROUP PROCEDURES FOR QUALIFYING TO NATIONAL NEED TO BE ADDED TO R&P a. Group Championships will include an Invitational b. South American groups for junior and below will be invited c. A Gala event will be included

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MM/DiTuLlio Sec/Kerznerman Passed

12. OPERATING CODE - K.KELLY ASKS THE COMMITTEE TO REVIEW AND UPDATE THE CURRENT CODE FOR THE NEXT YEAR. 13. ATHLETE/COACH FUNDING FOR THE REMAINDER OF '07 HAS BEEN SPENT ON ATHLETE TRAINING NEW BUSINESS 1. Make the JO Program more accessibLe by pubLishing the Coaches and Judges Handbook on the rhythmic webpage. MM/Davies Sec/DiTullio Passed Adjourned 6:45pm Submitted by S. DiTuLLio


IEC MEETING OCTOBER 10 LAKE PLACID, NY 8:00 p.m. ROLL CALL: Natasha KLimouk OLga Kutuzova Lucy Kerzernman NataLya Kiriyenko

Tatyana Itkina (RPC coaches' rep: non-voting) Jessica Howard-absent CaroLine Hunt: Program Director (non-voting)

1. LEVEL 3/4 PROGRAM • CaroLine weLcomed Tatyana to this committee and expLained that she is the Link between this committee and the RPC. She shares/ clarifies with the RPC the vision of the IEC. • Feedback on WorLd Championships was given by coaches. They beLieve our pLan is working and needs more time. • We identified that in 2009 there will be 2 major events: WorLd Champ-ionships and Jr. Pan American Games, which we beLieve wiLL serve as quaLification to the Youth OLympic Games. ALL agreed that 2008 shouLd be spent preparing for these 2 major events. We attempted to focus the 2008 pLan with this goaL in mind . • Injuries at Championships: The IEC briefly discussed this issue at Championships but revisited it here. The coaches discussed the need, for the country's sake, of protecting our high-LeveL athLetes who may sustain an injury at the Visa Championships. o Recommendation: A gymnast ranked in the top 3 of the existing National Team who becomes injured at Championships will be named as an unranked member of the National Team who can participate in any NT training camps and compete at the Rhythmic Challenge. Any gymnast 4-8 from the NT who sustains an injury will be invited to any National Team camps and Challenge, but will not be named a National Team member. ~ continue on p.40



RHYTHMIC ~ continued


from p.39

o Recommendation: In order to examine the best fieLd of juniors at ChaLLenge, invite any junior #9-12 from Championships who will still be a junior in 08. • Pacific Alliance : Discussion was heLd about our goals for this event: win team gold! The format has changed for 2008. 3 seniors and 3 juniors make up the team, 5 gymnasts are presented for each event, and the best 4 scores per event count for the team. Thus, the group of coaches and PA judges will need to sit down at the PA camp after the Team is named to select the best 5 routines per event at that point in time. The 6th member can compete for individual aLL-around.

o Teach the routine in clubs (include 09 ca ndidates with club members, from any birth year) in order fo r t hose ca ndidates to be practicing the routine regularly. Have the clubs compete/ exhibition to give ca ndidates competitive practice. o Bring all practicing candidates together (WHEN?) and select group . Train together before 09 Jr Pan Am. Create training pLan for '10 Games upon qualification. Procedures for Major Team Events: The IEC recommends that the frequenttraveling internationaL judges give their input/ be invoLved with creating procedures for team composition. The IEC Chairwoman shouLd aLso be part of creating these selection procedures.

• There was lengthy discuss about seLecting the team. Coaches agreed that, with all 4 World individuals continuing, we have experienced seniors contending, depending on their physical condition/readiness at Challenge.

The only remaining item is for the IEC to elect its new Chairwoman and ASC. Due to exhaustion, we decided to complete this Later.

o Recommendation: The top 3 ranked seniors from 08 Challenge will be named to the PA team; gymnast 4 will be named aLternate and aLso will be assigned to the Derugina Cup in Kiev. ALL 4 gymnasts will attend the PA Camp directly preceding the competition and will participate in the ControL Competition there. If a gymnast is deemed out of shape at that time by the AthLete SeLection Committee, the aLternate will be called up.

An email caLL for nominations was folLowed by a vote. The following are the eLection resuLts: November 6, 2007:

• Discussion was held about juniors. o Recommendation: Invite the top 6 ranked juniors from 08 Challenge to the PA Camp. Name the top 3 juniors from the camp's ControL Competition to the Team. (Note: the PA camp is the same week at the Kiev WorLd Cup, which we will attend* This will cause a sLight compLication for the senior PA aLternate) o Recommendation: For the Competitive order for each event, the PA coaches, judges, and athLete rep wiLL meet together at the conclusion of the finaL camp practice to determine collectiveLy the best competitive order of gymnasts for each event. o Judges Recommendations for Pacific ALLiance: IEC wiLL recommend when they review aLL PA event information.

RECOMMENDED 2008 PLAN • Competitions: o Moscow: send 1 senior to GP and possibly 1 to tournament. Last year, this competition was assigned before Challenge based on the Championships ranki ng. o After Pacific Alliance, send seniors ranked 1-4 from Challenge based on recommendations from Athlete Selection Committee to the following: Portimao WC/ Slovenia WC; Bourgas GP/ Corbeil WC; Holon GP; Deventer GP. Gymnasts remaining in Europe for more than a week should try to stay over for shorter camps in Moscow. ASC will also recommend competitions for juniors 1-4; juniors 5-8 may also represent their club at own expense. • Camps: o June: If possible, send 09 worlds/,10 Games candidates to Croatia to train with RUS (approx 6 gymansts) o August: National Team training camp followed by Squad in LP (guest coach) technique and conditioning o October: 09 World candidates (5) and Jr Pan Am candidates (5) intensive training camp--2 weeks-technique, conditioning and routine work/evaluation/ improvement

GROUP: 2010 YOUTH GAMES • Group will be a part of this event. Lengthy discussion was held over creating a realistic plan that would put forth our best gymnasts for the 09 Jr. Pan Ams as a gro up team. The committee revisited Natalya's suggestion from last year: o Recommendations: Create a compulsory national FIG group routine with best candidates.



Meeting adjourned at 11:45pm

IEC Chairwoman: Natasha KLimouk Coach to the Athlete SeLection Committee: Lucy Kerznernman 2008 ASC: Chairwoman (Klimouk); IEC Coach (Kerznerman); AthLete (Howard) Calls on 11/ 20 to IEC coaches indicate they would prefer LeveL 4,5,6 Championship be held after the Visa Championships to accommodate athlete preparation .

•RHYTHMIC • PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING NOVEMBER 17, 2007 Chairman Athlete Rep Judges' Rep Coaches' Rep JO Rep Program Director Vice President

Andrea Schmidt Jessica Howard Nadi ne Davies Tatiana Itkina Suzie DiTullio Caroline Hunt Kathy KeLLy

I. CALENDAR Committee discussed the caLendar and made the foLLowing requests/ decisions: • Rhythmic Compulsory Championships to be hosted with Men's Visa Championships • PLan B date is June 4-6 in Ohio • Optional Championships - Level 7,8,9 - ApriL 18-19, 2008 RegionaL Team and IndividuaLs (2 1/ 2 days) Level 9 MUST compete at Regionals II. GOVERNANCE Committee reviewed ALL the programs (Future Stars, Russian Training Exchange, Judges' National Course, all training camps) that were accomplished this year. In view of the decisions made at the Board of Directors, the committee reviewed the structure of the Rhythmic Program and made the foLlowing the recommendations: Recommendation that the Coaches' Representative on the Rhythmic Program Committee be the InternationaL ELite Committee Chair. Motion: Nadine Davies Second: Jessica Howard PASSED Recommendation that the Rhythmic Program Committee should be structured as foLLowed: AthLete Representative Jessica Howard Judges' Representative Andrea Schmid Natasha Klimouk Coaches' Representative JO Representative Susie DiTullio Rhythmic Program Director CaroLine Hunt (non-voting) Motion: Nadine Davies Second: Susie DiTullio PASSED

Recommendation that Susie will present a proposal to the RPC for a restructuring of the Junior Olympic Program Committee and the Rhythmic Technical Committee for a combination committee. Motion: Nadine Davies Second: Jessica Howard PASSED The RPC will meet with the IEC at the Challenge Meet.

III. PROGRAM ISSUES Any Junior Level 10 who in her first year as a Level 10 Senior does not qualify for Visa Championships will still retain Level 10 status unless the ATHLETE wishes to return to Level 9. Motion: Susie DiTullio Second: Jessica Howard PASSED The committee reviewed the Rhythmic Technical Committee Minutes and made the following list of judges who are eligible to act as Regional Meet Referees. If the Regional Chair has any concerns they should contact Suzie Ditullio. Kristi Kirksey, Nadine Davies, Brooke Toohey, Elena Savenkova, Catherine Yokhimovith, and Lindsey Powell.

Recommendation to approve the RTC minutes as amended. Motion: Susie DiTullio Second: Nadine Davies PASSED FIG Group qualification procedure to Visa Championships: The Senior and Junior Group National Champions are invited to attend. Other FIG Groups who wish to be included in Visa Championships must submit a petition for consideration. Other requirements will be necessary before the petition is approve.



There will be a Judges/ Coaches Symposium the day before competition at the Rhythmic Invitational. This is a mandatory clinic for all judges who wish to be considered for assignments to the Visa Championships. There will be another clinic in conjunction with a major meet this year for all those who are unable to attend in February. Recommendation that the IEC Minutes are approved as amended. Motion: Nadine Davies Second: Tatiana Itkina PASSED

• toJ. •


Steve Rybacki Mihai Brestyan Valeri Liukin Mary Lee Tracy

~ co n tinu e

on p.42



1-800-664-5266 FEBRUARY 2008 • TECHHIQUE






~ continued


from p.40

Alternate National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative

Donna Strauss Martha Karolyi Kim Zmeskal

Motion: Valeri Liukin Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED

The new committee convened at the October camp to review these minutes for re-submission to the President for approval. New Committee members are Valeri Liukin , Donna Strauss, and Mary Lee Tracy: Alternate Liang Chow

I. QUALIFICATION RECOMMENDATIONS In regards to qualification in the 07/ 08 season , after analysis of the scores and discussion, the committee made the follo wing recommendations: A. National Team Members will continue to be able to compete at National Team training camps (on competition landing surfaces) to qualify to VISA Championships. B. National Team Members will continue to be able to use international assignment scores to qualify to U.S. Classic & Visa Championships. C. Junior and Senior International Elites may ONLY qualify to National Classic meets from a National Qualifier, OPEN qualifier or the Verification camp competitions (on competition landing surfaces). D. Qualification scores To Championships will be in effect for the 2007(fall)/ 2008 season: Senior International AA 56.00 Senior International (3 event) 45 .00 Junior International AA 54.00

III. OPEN QUALIFER On May 2, 3, 4, an OPEN Qualifier to be held at the National Team training center (Qualification to Classic. Challenge and Championships) 1) Hosted at the National Training Center 2) Assistance from local elubs to be run more like a "Classics" 3) Upgrade competition standards Motion: Mary Lee Tracy Second: Mihai Brestyan PASSED

IV. NEW EQUIPMENT By the January Training Camp, the USA Training Center will be equipped with the 2008 Olympic Equipment. A minimum of the following : -1 full floor / 1 hard board, 3 soft / 2 balance beams/ landing mats VLT / BRS / BM Note: Coaches requested additional equipment for the ranch . Steve will canvas the personal coaches if they wish to buy equipment for their gyms to be i neluded with the second order. Motion: Kim Burdette Second: Mihai Brestyan

V. EQUIPMENT RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendation to request that the office work with our partners AAI to use the Olympic equipment on the floor at the U.S. Classics, Visa Championships and Olympic Trials. Providing duplicate Olympic Equipment will be the best preparation for our athletes. Motion: Mihai Brestyan Second: Mary Lee Tracy

To Classics will be in effect for the 2007(fall)/ 2008 season: Senior International AA 55.00 Junior International AA 53.00 Motion: Mary Lee Tracy Second: Valeri Liukin PASSED



Recommendation that the 2007 Visa Championships Jr. & Sr. competitors that attained the 2007 (fall)/2008 season qualifying scores (53.00 & 55.00 respectively) will be directly qualified to the 2008 Classic competitions.

Recommendation that Amber Trani be funded in the amount of $10,000.00. Motion: Kim Zmeskal Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED

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• .,.

In the situation of an international club meet where a pair/group does not meet qualifying scores, the pair/group may not participate in the next level of competition. Pair/gro ups participating in an official delegation automatically qualify to the next level of competition if the petition is submitted per the one (1) week deadline. Motion: IK Second: SP Passed


• • Aero Program



PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING 11 / 10/ 07 - 11 / 13/07 1. GREAT BRITAIN SELECTION The Program Committee recommends the following pair/groups and officials for selection to Team USA that will compete in Stoke-on-Trent, Great Britain, December 1-2, 2007: (AGC) Women's Pair: Hannah Douglas, Soffie Metzler - WCTC (AGC) Women's Pair: Valerie Bryant, Danielle Hovey - BGC (AGC) Women's Pair: OeShay Eisenmenger, Hayley Lemmons - BGC (AGC) Women's Group: Maren Focke-Rey, Katie Rodgess, Jillian Giblin - WCTC (Junior) Men's Pair: Brandon McCallum, Cameron Carlson - WCTC (Junior) Women's Group: Amanda Plumer, Liselle Kitchens, Amy Slater - SRVDA Head of Delegation - Tom Housley Head Coach - Marie Annonson Judge - Jola Jones Team Manager -Nicole Tilton Personal Coach - Rumen Lachkov Chaperone - Tammy Plumer Motion: SP Second: IK Passed

2. INTERNATIONAL POLICY A pair/group competing in an international competition may petition scores to qualify to the next level of competition if the missed qualifying competition takes place within two (2) weeks of return or less than one (1) week of the departure to the international competition. The petition must be submitted to the National Office 1-week prior to qualifying meet.

Program Development Task Force Chair, Linda Demand, reported to members of Program Committee on the hard work and progress of the Program Development Task Force. The Task Force has made huge strides in the outreach, development and implementation of new Aero clubs across the country. Each PDTF member has made contact with several new potential Aero clubs. The following was included in each of the Regional PDTF report. Please note numbers are estimates: New Clubs: 6 Potential New Clubs: 20+ Introductory Athletes: 50+

4. PROGRAM DEVElOPMENT TASK FORCE LEAD CLINICIANS· ACROBASICS Tom Housley expressed the importance of "follow-up and foLlowthrough" with each new potential Acro club across the country. To ensure new clubs and coaches have the necessary support to start an Aero program, the Program Committee developed a business plan so that financial support is provided to a PDTF Lead Clinician (as determined by PC) to travel to new clubs and host an Aero Basics clinic. The Program Committee has an expectation of return on the investment in that the POTF Lead Clinician, who will serve as an AcroBasics clinician, will depart the new club with new athletes registered in the Acro program. USA Gymnastics will cover the costs of travel expenses and provide the clinician and $150 per day (2-day weekend) for their services. The following individuals have been selected by Program Committee to serve as POTF Lead Clinicians: Selena Peco, Nancy Davis, Sharise Beavers, Ronda Francis Motion: LO Second: SP Passed ~ contin ue on p.44

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• \. A ( R a U P D ATE


m..w!~ ~ co ntin ued fro m p. 42 5. REVISIONS· PROGRAM COMMITTEE MINUTES


Tom Housley discussed changes in recent various committee minutes as posted on the Acro website. Program Committee followed a. National Championships - Multiple Events i. At the request of the Junior Olympic Committee, the Program Committee reviewed the passed motion stating Level 8 and above athletes may not compete in multiple events at Nationals. It has been determined the passed motion is not in the best interest of the program to implement at this time. However, coaches must accept the responsibility to deal with any scheduling issues that arise from athletes participating in multiple events. Motion: SP Second: LO Passed

The 2008 National Championships will serve as the selectio n event for the 2008 Winterthur Cup. USA Gymnastics will send an official delegation to compete in t hi s competition . Junior Olympic National Team Athletes and Junior and Senior National Team athletes are eligible to be selected for this competition . The Winterthur Cup is scheduled for October 10-12, 2008.


Without a formal selection event, the Program Committee trusts the coaches to make the appropriate choices about their athletes keeping in mind the im portance of quality representation for your club and the USA. Although athletes will be competing for their club teams at the Poland competition, they are still a reflection on the USA program . It is expected that all pair/ groups will be able to cleanly execute the exercise requirements for the level they are competing and that the coach understands the international competition requirements and rules.

Junior and Senior level athletes will be required to run three (3) routines and Age-Group level athletes will be required to run two (2) routines for consideration by Program Committee to compete internationally du ring the 08 competitive season. Training will be held on Thursday, January 17 with competition taking place on January 18.

7. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SELECTION PROCEDURES The Program Committee is wo rking with the National Elite Committee to write the Selection Procedures for the 2008 World Championships and International Age Group Competition.

8. SELECT DATE FOR FACE·TO·FACE MEETING Program Committee discussed the weekend of February 8-11 , 2008 to hold a face-to-face meeting to discuss the 4-year plan for the Acrobatic Gymnastics program. Details are being confirmed by the National Office to meet in southern California.

11. CHMIELEWSKI TOURNAMENT, POLAND This competition is designated as a club meet. Aero clubs with athletes on the J . ~. National Team, Junior National Team and/ or Senior National Teams are extended invitations to attend this competition. Coaches may choose to attend the Poland competition and have the option of taking their national team pair/ groups as we ll as national team athletes in new partnerships.

Judges who do not hold FIG judging brevets are normally allowed to judge at friendly international competitions, such as the Poland Competition. It is the club's responsibility to arrange for judges to travel with their team . The judges must have a current USA or international rating. The club must submit the judge's name to the national office for approval before the individual is allowed to judge at the Poland competition . Motion: SP Second: MR Passed

9. 2008 SELECTION PROCEDURES - JUNIOR OLYMPIC NATIONAL TEAM The Junior Olympic National Team Selection Procedures will be added to the Acrobatic Gymnastics Rules and Policies going forward in 2008 .

Meeting Adjourned at 12:38 a.m. ~

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PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867


2008 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDU-LEThe Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. *Trrre IDI date sWject to dmge. See for 1fIdates.

March 15 North Hoven, CT 06473; 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eost Coost Sports Directions: Jerry Nelson 203·392·8874 Course code: JN03152008CT Instructor: Jerry Nelson 203-392·8874 29 HockeHstown, NJ 07840; 4:00 9:00 p.m. Giont Gymnastics, 306 Stiger St Directions: John Skorski 908·850·3746 Course code: CF03292008NJ Instructor: Cathy Finkel 973·335·1943



(Minimum age for Safety Certifi(ation is 15 years)


Male or Female:_ _ _ __

Professional or Instructor #:

Current SafelY Exp. Dale: _ _ _ _ _ __

Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Birlh Dale:_ _ _ _ _ _ __

Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City:

Slate: _ _ _ __

Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


(W) _ _ _ _ _ __

E·moil Address: _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ Course Code: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course City/Stole:

Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __

Form of Payment:

0 VISA 0 Other _ _ _ __ Poymenl Amount: _ _ _ __

Nome on Cord: Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Dote: ___


Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

COST: Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to r~certify. 01 live course .............:.: .... :................ no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safely Certification ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member ........................................................................ $ 115.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or dote applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics two (2) weeks prior to the course date' . Late registrationsl incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment wit! not be processed. Late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, indudinD the course book, are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four (4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six (6) months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply if notification is received aher course deadline. *USA Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

Mail registration form and payment to: VISA USA Gymnastics Member Services P",d SP'"'" Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S. Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212


X '"


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Technique Magazine - February 2008  

Technique Magazine - February 2008