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SEPT/OCT 2005 • VOLUME 25 • #9


SCHEDULE 2-4 17-18

Jeff Metzger's I-Day Boot Camp World Championships (TTl International Age-Group Competition (TTl 1J. Maxx TOPs Notional Testing (W) Deci Memorial Camp (M)

Chicago, Il Eindhoven, NED Eindhoven, NED Houston, TX Colorado Springs, CO

Rhythmic World Championships (R) World Team Selection Camp (M) Pan American Championships (M,W) Jeff Metzger's Front Office &Customer Service Compulsory Check Up Clinic Core Symposium Financial Management Seminar with Sean Dever

TBD 6-15 27-30 31

Notional Championships (AG) T&T Notional Chompionships (TTl U.s. Classic (W) 1J. Maxx TOPs State Testing Ends (W)

TBD TBD TBD Various Sites

Viso Championships (M,W,R,AG)

SI. Paul. MN

AUGUST 16-19

OCIOBER 3-9 5-9 6-9 28 28-29 28-30 30




14 15-18 21-23 23-25 25-0cl. 1

J.O_ Championships (R) level 9 Championships (R)

Baku, AlE Colorado Springs, CO Rio de Janeiro, BRA Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN


World Championships (M, W) 1J. Maxx TOPs Notional Testing (W)

Aarhus, DEN Various Sites


Future Stars National Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop (M)


NOVEMBER 10-13 10-13 10-13 10-14 11 -14 14-19 17-21 20 21-27

Future Stars Notional Championships (M) Rhythmic Pan American Championships (M, W) Notional Coaches Workshop (M) Women's World Championships Selection Camp (W) International Judges Course (AG) Freedom Cup (AG) Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp Program Summit (AG) World Championships (M,W)

Colorado Springs, CO Rio de Janeiro, BRA Colorado Springs, CO Houston, TX landover, MD landover, MD Cincinnati, OH landover, MD Melbourne, AUS



1-4 3-7 7 7-11


TBD Houston, TX Phoenix, Al Houston, TX



DECEMBER JumpStart Notional Testing (TTl 1J. Maxx TOPs National Camp (W) Jeff Metzger's I-Day Boot Camp 1J. Maxx TOPs BNational Camp (W)

1J. Maxx TOPs Notional Camp (W)

American Cup


level 9/10 Regionals (W)

Various Sites

JO National Championships (W) level 9 East &West Championships (W) JO National Championships (M)


World Gymnaestrada (GG)

Dornbirn, AUI

Visa Championships (W)

San Jose, CA

MAY 11-13 18-20 TBD


Super Clinic (AG)




Winter Cup

16-18 las Vegas, NV


MARCH American Cup


level 9/ 10 Regional (W) Pacific Alliance Championships (M,W,R) level 9 East &West Championships (W) JO National Championships (W)

Various Sites Honolulu, HI TBD TBD

JO National Championships (M) World Championships (AG)

Bat1le Creek, MI TBD

GG World Gymnaestrada Training Camp GG Nationals 1J. Maxx TOPs State Testing Begins (W)

Indianapolis,IN TBD Various Sites

Future Stars National Championships (M) National Coaches Workshop (M) World Championships (TTl International Age-Group Competition (TTl

TBD TBD Quebec City, CAN Quebec City, CAN

Olympic Games (M,W,R,TR)

Beijing, China


1-2 13-1 5 21-23 28-30






W=Women M=Men AG =Acrobatic Gymnastics

R=Rhythmic GG =Group Gymnastics B=Business

NOTE: Dates alit! evellts sub;ect to challge or callcellatioll. SEPT/OCT 2005 )

TR =Trampoline TU =Tumbling IT =Trampoline/ Tumbling

on official publication of USA Gymnastics PUBLISHER

Steve Penny EDITOR



CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Sieve Penny; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomila; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR ACRO·GYMNASTlCS: Tonya Case; SECRETARY: Gary Ander"'n; TREASURER: Bob Wood; FIG REPS: Bob Colarolli (Execulive CommiHee), Ron Froehlich (Audilar) and Tonya Case (SPOrtl Auo Technitol CommiHee). AT lARGE MEMBERS: Sieve Bulcher, Paul Spadaro; ATHLETE DIREGORS: Larilla Fonlaine, John Roelhlilberger, Von"", Vander ~uym, Kan Heger; USOC ATHLETE DIREaOR: Larissa Fonlaine.

FEATURES The Handstand is the Most Important Skill.


Congress 2005 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,


adidas and USA Gymnastics Continue Partnership Through 2008.


Chevron Extends Support of USA Gymnastics and Team Chevron Through 2008


National Gymnastics Day 2005 . . . . . . .


USA Gymnastics Compulsory Check-Up .


Member Club Invitational Listing. . . . . . .

. .41



CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Sieve Penny; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; SECRETARY: Gary Anderson; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomila; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR ACRO·GYMNASTICS: Tonya Case; PUBLIC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHlETIC UNION: Ron Ferril; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: JerryMilan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Beny Heppner; COUEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Francil Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES·WOMEN: Mark Cook; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Sirowbridge; NATIONAL ASSOClA· TlON OF WOMEN'SGYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHlETIC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Lou Burkel; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Cynlhio Doyle Perkinl; NATIONAL GYMNAS· TICS JUDGES ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Todd Vesely; u.s. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS CLUBS: Paul Spadaro; U.S. EUTE COACHES AS· SOCIATION·MEN: Thom Glielmi; U.s. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION·WOMEN: Dovid Holcomb, Sieve Rybacki; u.s. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSO· ClATlON: Bill FOller; U.s. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Caley Koenig; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-WOMEN: Meg Slephenlon; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIREGORS MEN: Mike Burnl, Abie Grollfeld; RHYTHMIC: lvanka Kirov, Michelle Larlon; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom Farller; TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kemplon, Dr. George Drew; ACRO·GYMNASTICS: Undo Porter, Joy Binder; ATHLETES COUNCIL: Vanessa Vander Pluym, Caroline Hunl, Larilla Fonlaine, Shonnon Miller, Kim Zmeskal-BurdeHe, Jamie Sirandmark, Karl Heger, Joy Thornlon, Sieve McCoin, Arthur Dovil, USOC Alhlele Rep.; Larilla Fonlaine, Exemlive Board Member John Roelhlilberger. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Kolz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kole Faber-Hickie; U.s. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, Howard Schworlz. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 enlure uninlerrupled delivery of TECHNIQUE magazine, nolice of change of oddrell Ihould be mode eighl weekI in advance. For fallesl service, please endose your presenl moiling label. Direcl alilubmiplion moil 10 TECHNIQUE Submiplianl, USA Gymnallics, 201 S. Copilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolil, IN 46225. TECHNIQUE is publilhed manlhly extepl bimonlhly in Sepl/ Od and Nov/ Dec by USA Gymnos1ics, Pan Ameriton Plaza, Suile 300, 201 South Capilol Avenue, Indianapolil, IN 46225 (phone: 317-237-5050) or vilil online @ www.usa-gymnast ics. org Submiplion pricel: U.S.-S25 per year; Canada/ Mexico--S48 per year; all olher foreign tounlriel--S6D per yeor. If available, back issue lingle topies S4 plul poslage!handling. All reolonable tore will be loken, bUI no relponlibilily ton be allumed for unloliciled malerial; endose relurn pOlloge. Copyrighl 2004 by USA Gymna~ics and TECHNIQUE All righll relerved. Prinled by Sport Graphics, Indianapolil, IN. Member Services 1-800-345-4719

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Zi on SVi ll e, In dia na · Octo be r 29-30,2005





USA GYMNASTICS Message This year as the summer months heated up, so did USA Gymnastics! This summer showcased several events that were huge successes for the sport of gymnastics. On July 14, everyone went "head over heels" as USA Gymnastics held a world record handstand event at Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. The event, which promoted the Visa Championships, set a world record with 1,072 gymnasts simultaneously performing handstands. Gymnastics legend Bela Karolyi and Olympians Blaine Wilson and Courtney Kupets were on hand to celebrate the record and spend time with the area gymnasts.

Loree Galimore Club Services Manager & National Gymnastics Day Coordinator

Doing more than setting a record, the event also allowed a few area gymnastics clubs to team up with local inner city youth programs to learn a routine performed at the event. The day was a great showcase of gymnastics talent and how clubs can reach out to the community. On August 6, gymnasts around the country joined National Gymnastics Day co-chairs Bela Karolyi and Mary Lou Retton in celebrating the seventh annual National Gymnastics Day. The goal of National Gymnastics Day is to promote the ideals of physical fitness and community service in America's youth while increasing excitement for the sport of gymnastics. Approximately 230 clubs registered their National Gymnastics Day events with us this year, while many more celebrated on their own. By celebrating the day, each of these clubs played an integral role in supporting gymnastics and our nation's youth. For the past five years, USA Gymnastics has partnered with the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) for National Gymnastics Day. This year, over 130 clubs raised money through activities including hosting open houses, staging demonstrations, and holding cartwheel-a-thons. No matter the activity, our nation's gymnasts were not only able to have fun while showcasing the sport, but to give back to their communities. Last year, $129,000 was raised for CMN, and we are hoping to have exceeded the goal this year. Along with obtaining proclamations from 47 states and the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC), the International Federation of Gymnastics (FIG) proclaimed National Gymnastics Day for the first time in 2005 . In the proclamation, FIG President Bruno Grandi states that National Gymnastics Day is a beautiful example of a celebration of the sport of gymnastics and its benefits to all people. Through all these proclamations, the prestige of National Gymnastics Day has greatly increased.


------CHAMPIONSHIPS Indianap o lis , IN


August 10·13


• August ]().13. 2005

The USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show and Visa Championships were held in Indianapolis on August 10-13 at Conseco Fieldhouse and the Indianapolis Convention Center. With a sold-out Business Conference, and over 130 educational sessions given by top individuals in the gymnastics field, the National Congress and Trade Show was a huge success. Over 1500 people were in attendance. The road to the 2008 Beijing Olympics began at the Visa Championships where our nation's top gymnasts were crowned and answered our question of "Who's Next?" Gymnasts like Nastia Liukin, Todd Thorton, and Olga Karmansky are leading the way for the upcoming World Championships and the 2008 Olympics. But before paving the road to Beijing could begin, the 2004 Men's and Women's Olympic Silver Medal teams were honored in a special presentation. While these Olympians created a bright past for USA Gymnastics, those participating in the Visa Championships showed us that America's gymnastics future is just as bright. On behalf of USA Gymnastics, I would like to thank everyone who participated in, or supported, the handstand event, National Gymnastics Day, and the USA Gymnastics National Congress and Trade Show, and the Visa Championships. Because of you, Visa, our other sponsors, and the Indiana Sports Corporation, all these events could not have been made possible. It is our gymnastics clubs, our members, and our gymnasts that provide us with the drive to make each event a success. With yo ur support, we truly can Begin Here and Go Anywhere.

--1-=4------- -- - - - - - - - «


IE PT /0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



= 1;; is




Important a Skill z By Karen M. Goeller Gym nastics Dri lls. co m

The Handstand is the most important skill in our sport and remaining tight is essential!

The handstand involves so many muscle groups working simultaneously and it is often difficult for the new gymnast to fully master the handstand prior to being expected to perform even more difficult skills.

Gymnasts of all levels perform the handstand several times throughout their workout. While performing many skills in gymnastics, the gymnast must actually pass through the handstand or vertical phase safely and efficiently. Without a good handstand a gymnast may have trouble building skills and therefore progressing through the sports many levels safely and efficiently.

Often times, the enthusiasm level in many gymnastics clubs drives the coaches and athletes to move on to more difficult skills prior to the mastery of those already introduced, such as the handstand. And all too often, the new gymnast has trouble keeping their abdominal section tight or their lower back in the correct position because the focus has changed away from the handstand and onto different skills. Here are some drills that should help your gymnast learn to pull in their lower abdominal section while elongating their lower back for a more straight and tight handstand position.


Belly Button Lift: Have your gymnast lie on their stomach, face down. Have them place their arms up by their ears, keeping their arms straight and hands (palms) on the floor. Instruct your gymnast to keep everything on the floor, including their hands (palms), arms, chin, armpits, chest, hips, thighs, and (pointed) feet. Once your gymnast is completely flat, instruct them to lift their belly button off the floor, leaving everything else on the floor. Remind your gymnast again to keep their hands (palms), armpits, chest, hips, thighs, and feet down while they lift their belly button up. Once your gymnast lifts their belly button you should see their lower back elongate into the correct position for a handstand. Their buttocks should be under once their belly button is lifted off the floor. Your gymnast has just begun to learn the "pelvic tilt!" Have your gymnast relax and then repeat this drill with enough frequency so that they completely understand how to pull in their belly button and elongate their lower back. Make sure your gymnast keeps everything on the floor with the exception of the belly button area once lifted.


" .s"'" ~







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~~-----------------------------------rI=-----------------« 6


SEPT /0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Another drill to help your gymnast understand handstand shape is the Octagon Tuck. Have your gymnast stand in front of an octagon or barrel type mat. Instruct them to stand with their back to the octagon. Next, have your gymnast place their hands on the floor and then one shin at a time on the octagon. Your gymnast should now be in a hand support with their shins on the octagon. Your gymnast's legs, hips, and chest should be off the floor. Next, instruct your gymnast to start with their body, legs, and arms straight. Once your gymnast is completely straight with their shins on the octagon, instruct them to squeeze their buttocks and to pull their belly button in, just as if they were performing the Belly Button Lift. You should see their lower back elongate into the correct position for a handstand. Next, instruct your gymnast to push down on the floor so that the portion of their back between their shoulder blades rises towards the ceiling. Your gymnast will need to learn the shoulder shrug for the handstand as well as for many other skills in the future. Your gymnast has just performed the "pelvic tilt" and will now be expected to hold the pelvic tilt shape while in motion. Once in the correct shape, instruct your gymnast to slowly tuck their knees in toward their chest, keeping that rounded shape, their hands in one place, their arms straight, and their upper body stationary. Next, instruct your gymnast to keep the rounded shape and to open their hips and knees again. Your gymnast must keep the elongated lower back pelvic (tilt) as they are opening their hips and after they have completely opened their hips. Have your gymnast repeat this drill frequently enough so they completely understand how to keep the elongated lower back while tucking and then opening their hips again. You can have your gymnast perform this drill on octagons of different heights and then in the handstand for a more complete understanding on how to elongate their lower back and keep that shape.

Call National Travel systems today to book your next trip, whether it's a gymnastics competition or a vacation I'M. . . .


(888) 603-8747 VB

Remember, the gymnast should first learn how to get tight, form the correct shape, and hold the tight shape lying down or stand up before we can expect them to do so safely upside down or while in motion.


Take it slow and be sure to pay attention to detail; the handstand is the most important skill in the sport of gymnastics!



0 CT 2005

) >---------------=--71

Indianapolis, Indiana· August 10-13, 2005

NATIONAL ~@[N]®m~ AND TRADE SHOW The 2005 National Congress and Trade Show took place at the Indiana Convention Center in conjunction with the Visa Championships. Both events proved to be a great success!

: : : : : : : :

With the Congress attendees, presenters, exhibitors, vendors and exhibit hall traffic, more : than 2,000 individuals attended : this year's annual Congress and : Trade Show. Numerous sessions : took place throughout the day : covering all aspects of the : : sports from program to sports science to business to preschool : to cheerleading. In the exhibit : hall area there were more than 75 vendors displaying their : products and services in 190 : booths-definitely something : for everyone! Plus, Rhythmic ~ held its National Championships : and Acrobatic Gymnastics held : its Team Trials at the conven: tion center and was free to all : Congress attendees. There was : much to see and do at this year's: National Congress. :


----------------------- . IIThis is one of the best, if not the best Congress event we have had to date ... "

Kathy Feldmann, Vice President of Member Services and National Congress Director said, "This is one of the best, if not the best Congress event we have had to date. The presenters, the topics, the MEGA raffle in the exhibit hall, the close proximity

of the hotels and event sites, the variety of vendors, classes, certifications, conferences and championships were all part of a most memorable weekend in Indianapolis. Our members gave us a 'thumbs up' all the way around." The Hall of Fame reception took place on Saturday and the Class of 2005 was honored. The class included: Harry Bjerke, Amy Chow, Dominique Dawes, Kelli Hill, Jenifer Lovell Moreno, John Roethlisberger, and Chainey Umphrey. Congratulations to the class of 2005. The National Congress and Trade Show concluded with the Dance Party on Saturday night. What a spectacular weekend of Congress Sessions, a Business Conference, visits to the Exhibit Hall, a Hall of Fame Reception, the Dance Party and great performances at the Visa Championships where the questions WHO'S NEXT was answered .

Plan ahead for next year. The 2006 National Congress and Trade Show will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota in conjunction with the Visa Championships. The dates are August 16 -19, 2006. Watch for information in Technique magazine and online at www.

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5EPT / 0 CT 2005 ) >---

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Men's Program Sports person of the Year Presented to Paul Hamm(R)

Men's Program Athlete of the Year Presented to Blaine Wilson

Men's Program Coach of the Year Presented to Miles Avery(R) Presented by Ron Galimore

Presented by Ron Galimore Photograph


Philtip Morton Photography


Photograph 0 Steve lange


Phillip Morton Photography

Women's Program Sports person of the Year Presented to Alicia Sacramone(L)

Women's Program Coach of the Year Presented to Mihai Brestyan(L)

Women's Program Athlete of the Year Presented to Nastia Liukin(L)

Presented by Kathy Kelly

Presented by Kathy Kelly

Presented by Kathy Kelly


Photograph 0 Steve lange

Photograph 0 Steve lange


Steve Lange

Rhythmic Program Sportsperson of the Year and Athlete of the Year Presented to Olga Karmansky

Trampoline & Tumbling Program Sportsman of the Year Presented to Casey Finley(L) accompanied by Steve Penny( R)

Trampoline & Tumbling Program Sportswoman of the Year and Athlete of the Year Prese nted to Yuliya Hall


Photograph: Coby JamesjInstantSportPhotos

Photograph : Coby James/InstantSportPhotos


Rick Rickman

--1-'-,,0- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - ÂŤ

TEe H NI QUE • SEPT / 0 CT 2005

) > - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

Trampoline & Tumbling Program James A. Rosanas Tumbling Coach of the Year Presented to Brad Davis

Trampoline & Tumbling Program Milton B. Davis Trampoline Coach of the Year Presented to Tatiana Kovaleva

Trampoline & Tumbling Program Bil Copp J.O. Coach of the Year Presented to Peter Dodd

Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Sports person of the Year Presented to Andre Solodar(L)

Acrobatic Gym nastics Program Athletes of the Year Presented to Clare Brunson(L) and Michael Rodrigues(R)

Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Coach of the Year Presented to Youri Vorobyev(R)

Presented by (a ri sa Laughon

Presented by (arisa Laughon

Presented by (arisa Laughon Photograph 0 Brian Oasto




Brian Dasto

Acrobatic Gymnastics Program JO Coach of the Year Presented to Ronda Francis(L)

Service Star Awards - Events Presented to David Jerger(L) and Aaron Wilson(R)

Presented by (arisa Laughon

Presented by Linda Barclay


Brian Dasto

Service Star Awards - Men Presented to Dusty Ritter(R) Presented by Ron Galim ore

Photograph Photograph



Phillip Morton Photography

Brian Dasto

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0 CT 2005


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Service Star Awards - Women Presented to Larissa Fontaine(L) Presented by Kathy Kelly

Service Star Awards Acrobatic Gymnastics Presented to Linda Ocmand(L)

Service Star Awards TrampolinejTumbling Presented to Christine Lafollette

Presented by (arisa Laughon Photograph


Steve lange

Service Star Award - Club Services Presented to Jeff Lulla(L)

Service Star Award - Member Services Presented to Chris Calvert(R)

Service Star Award - Club Services Presented to Jeff Metzger(L)

Presented by Kathy Feldmann

Presented by Loree Galimore

Prese nted by Loree Galimore





Beth Banks

Service Star Award - Business Leader Presented to Frank Sahlein(R) Presented by David Holco mb Photograph


Oean Capelotti


Oean Capetotti


Dean Capelotti

National Safety Instructor of the Year Presented to Steve Hass(L) and Phil Frank(R)

National KAT Instructor of the Year Presented to Dawn Matthews( M) and Judy Weckerly(R)

Presented by Tania Heath

Presented by Tania Heath



--1-,1-=-2-------- - - - -----1(


Beth Banks


Beth Ba nks

conffnued on page 14 TECH HIOU E • SE PT / 0 CT 200 5 ))-------------==::.::...:.~~

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Dealer Inquiries Welcome

GK is proud to have been chosen by adidas' to manufacture the 2005 National Team Competitive apparel for USA Gym nastics.


USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program

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National PDCP Instructor of the Year Presented to Claudia Kretschmer(R) Prese nted by Stephanie Mitford Photograph


Beth Banks

Hall of Fame Inductees Left to Right - Jenifer Lovell Moreno, John Roethlisberger, Amy Chow, Chainey Umphrey, Dominique Dawes, Harold W. Bjerke, Kelly Hill(R) Photograph


Phillip Morton Photography

TOP 6 KAT Instructors 2004 (Left to Right) Tammie Bonsen, Brant Lutska, Dawn Matthews, Kim Stiefel, Linda Thorberg and Judy Weckerly. Photograph


Beth Banks

Top 15 Safety Instructors 2004 (Back row) Kim Boyd, Phil Frank, Helen Fry, Michael Taylor, Bobbi Montanari, Bernie Ray, Robin Weidmaier (Middle row) Jan Eyman , Steve Hass, Edgar Pulido (Front row) Debbie Anderso n Not Pictured: Chris Calvert, Cathy Finkel, Ed Konopa, Jason Orkowski Photograph


Beth Banks

Not Pictured : Rhythmic Program Coach of the Year Presented to Lana Lashoff Group Gymnastics Dave Moskovitz Award Presented to Don Spencer

--1-=-1--=4------ -- - -- - ---«


TEe H N' 0 UE •

5EPT / 0 CT 2005 ))-- - - - - - - - -- - - --



,CIRCLE OF STARS Indiana Convention Center Downtown Indianapolis Over 2,900 Athletes in 2005 Men's and Women's Compulsories and Optionals LEVEL 10 OPEN SESSION

Modified Capital Cup Format AAI Equipment Individual Awards to 50% of Age Group per Session Overall Level Team Cash Prizes and Trophies Methodist Sports Medicine Trainers on site Premier facility; Sky walk to hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment


The 2006 Circle of Stars Invitational is hosted by DeVeau's Gymnastics Booster Club, DeVeau's School of Gymnastics in Fishers, Indiana.

5 Hiring Mantras Part 1 of 5 Hiring is on my mind and it is likely on yours too, being the time of : to take precedence. What often happens is this -- in the real year it is. From about 1998 to 2000, during the traditional Thursday world, when hiring for a highly technical job where skill is clearly evening reception that occurs at every BOOT CAMP, I repeatedly important, decision-makers often become so focused on the technical expressed that my greatest frustration was that I had learned to hire requirements that they forget, ignore or are willing to overlook clear great people but my Department Leaders didn't seem to have the and obvious character flaws that will ultimately be destructive for 'knack; as I occasionally would meet a new employee and think "how the organization. on earth did that person get hired"? So, I decided to follow my own oft-repeated advice-"if you are banging your head against the wall Beware: a decision-maker can seek to 'hire the character' but and it hurts, STOP IT" -and do something different (pretty simple fall down badly if a precise definition of character is lacking. At concept isn't it?). Our Management Team implemented many actions Kids First, character is defined by our 28 Points. In other words, including our Levell, 2, 3 Staff Training Program. However, the most Respectfulness and Trustworthiness are great starting points but important thing we did was also by far the simplest: to make our 5 there are 26 more to go! Hiring Mantras a central focus of our company, one of our 28 points. What a difference this has made! I still do all Level II Trainings and Bottom line is, no matter how much knowledge and skill a prospective I have been uniformly impressed with our new hires and only once employee may have, if that person is lacking in the 28 Points, we in the last five years have I strongly doubted a Department Leader's gracefully allow that person to become hired by another organization. hiring decision (and yes, this person did prove to be a poor fit, so Case in point -- two years ago, while experiencing a grave compulsory my antenna remains well-tuned). coach shortage, we passed up three proven coaches, all of whom were accepted at nearby clubs. In other words, we were willing to suffer Hiring Mantra #1 is "Hire the Character, Train the Skill." This minor pain now to avoid major pain down the road. (If you guessed Mantra is the first because it is fundamental to all that follow. that this statement is foreshadowing of Hiring Mantra #2, you are In fact for years this Mantra was our organization's one and only absolutely correct!) Mantra. Clearly, this Mantra must be taken in context. For instance, this Mantra could perhaps be interpreted literally if one is looking Make it a great month! to fill a preschool gymnastics teacher's position. However, if filling a Level 10 coaching position, hiring a person with zero gymnastics Jeff Metzger experience may not be a first rate idea. What this Mantra is meant USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner to do is to discipline the decision-maker to remember that character President, GymCiub Owners Boot Camp must ALWAYS remain top priority-NEVER can knowledge be allowed President, Kids First Sports Center

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uoo ~ ~ lAJ&rn [L Rodrigues &

~[L&[R{rn Hebert:



Michael Rodrigues, 22, and Clare Brunson, 15, ~ are a Mixed Pair in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Olga Karmansky, 19, Alaina Hebert, 17, _-----.,,...,: ~~ The duo won their won the Rhythmic won the Trampoline ~ : first Senior National Senior National Title. Senior National Title title at the Acrobatic Olga is from Brooklyn, for women in Houston ~: Gymnastics National N.Y., and trains @~ at the Trampoline and ~: Cham pi 0 ns hi ps in at Nova Ath letics »~ Tumbling National ~: Louisville. Subsequently, with her coach Lucy ~: Championships. Alaina ~ ~ Michael and Clare were Kerznerman. Olga has . is from Broussard, : named to the Senior been in the sport Louisiana, and trains ~ National Team in since 1994 and won at Trampoline and : Indianapolis at the her first senior national championships Tumbling Express with her coach Tara ~ National Team Trials. all-around title in Indianapolis at the Visa Guidry. ~ Michael's hometown is Championships. : Livermore, Calif. , and : Clare is from Riverside, Calif. They train at : Empire AcroGymnastics with their coach : Youri Vorobiev. ~




SEPT / 0 CT 2005 )).---------------.-1-;;;7;-)1




continue partnership through


A USA Gymnastics sponsor since 1999, adidas will supply the competitive and team apparel for athletes and coaches representing USA Gymnastics through 2008.

had its best Olympic finish in more than t wo decades in Athens. We have enjoyed our six-year relationship and we loo k forward to working with them for the next four years."

"adidas is a valued member of our corporate partner family, and we are excited to have them on our team as we prepare for Beijing," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "adidas and USA Gymnastics are both known for their pursuit of excellence, and this is a winning partnership."

Adidas joins Visa, T.J. Maxx, GKJ Elite Sportswear and 24 Hour Fitness in USA Gymnastics' corporate partner family.

adidas provides the competitive apparel for gymnasts representing the United States in international competition, as well as USA Gymnastics' coaching staff members. USA Gymnastics is represented in a number of international events in addition to the premier events like 2005-07 World Championships, 2006-08 American Cup and the 2008 Olympic Games. Outfitting includes warm ups, leotards, men's competitive shirts and pants, polo shirts and t-shirts, along with the appropriate footwear. "adidas is proud to include the USA's gymnasts among the world-class athletes we outfit every year," said Martyn Brewer, adidas' sports marketing director. "adidas is proud to have had the USA's gymnasts wearing its logo in the last two Olympiads, especially when the USA

adidas is a global designer, developer and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel and accessories with the mission to be the leading sports brand in the world. adidas America is a subsidiary of adidasSalomon AG, a corporation that also includes the sports brands Salomon, TaylorMade, Bonfire and Mavic. adidas' Olympic tradition goes back to 1928, when adidas founder Adi Dassler created the first products for athletes to compete in Amsterdam. adidas is the official sportswear partner for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, demonstrating its continued dedication to Olympic athletes, products, innovation and leadership. Under the agreement with the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), adidas wi ll supply sportswear for all the Beijing 2008 staff, volunteers and technical officials of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as well as the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games.

GET MORE STUDENTS - KEEP THEM LONGER! Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program

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Licensed to Gym Clubs Nationally Since 1991

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Kelley's Fine Arts, Burnadene Kelley Pyramids Well ness Center, Missy Pupe ll o All Stal's Gymnastics & Cheering Academy, Mary Eldes

Instmctor Training Videos - 30+ skills per level e.~plained step by step. Cun'iculum C3I'ds - Track skills taught as required in USAG SCI/ety manual. Star Posters - Kids take home - Helps them experience success.

For Details~ FREE VIDEO~ Information and Samples~ call (800) .-1-1-,-8--------------~C TECHNIQUE · 5 EPT / 0 CT 2005


) >-----------------

D E E R M ' I N A I l OR

Somewhere along the line, being a gymnast became more than just fun. Now it's her passion, and her accomplishments in the gym help define who she is. She learned to push herself beyond what she thought she could do - to become stronger, better, more determined. Her favorite leotard? Motionwear. Shouldn 't it be in your shop?

-=--~I - ---


NOlfON~EAR GYNNASIICS We make the best so she can be the best.

Indianapolis, IN Order Desk: (888) 576-0609 E-mail : Call fo r a catalog and more information


extends support of ISA Cymnastics and Tcam Chevron through 2118

Chevron Corporation, a USA Gymnastics sponsor since 1998, has extended its sponsorship of USA Gymnastics through 2008. As in the past, Chevron will provide direct financial support to members of the Men's National Team as it prepares for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The program has been expanded to provide event sponsorship rights and support to the Women's National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch in Texas. Additionally, Chevron will supply the program with its TOP TIER gasoline with Techron , the first gasoline approved as meeting performance criteria set by leading automakers. Chevron - a seven-year sponsor of the men's gymnastics program - provides direct assistance to Team Chevron athletes to support their year-round training regimen, allowing them to focus solely on training, as well as provide support for the coaches of these elite male athletes. For the next four years of the sponsorship, Chevron will continue to be a driving force behind the country's top male gymnasts as they prepare for Beijing.

"Team Chevron was a fundamental component in the overall success of our men's team for the past four years, culminating in the best Olympic finish for the men in more than two decades," said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "Chevron's support enables our top male gymnasts to focus on their training, and the expansion of Chevron's involvement demonstrates the company's commitment to our sport and athletes."

"Chevron is very proud to support our country's top gymnasts in their pursuit of excellence and fulfilling their dreams," said Danny Roden , vice president, North America marketing for Chevron. "Watching our 2004 Team Chevron members on the podium in Athens was a special moment for us. We look forward to supporting our world class team through many more enduring performances as they prepare for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing."

All six members of the men's team who won the team silver medal at the Olympic Games in Athens were Team Chevron athletes.

In addition to its support of Team Chevron and the men's program, Chevron's sponsorship includes support for the Women's National Training Center, and sponsorship of the 2006 and 2008 Pacific Alliance Championships and the next four Winter Cup Challenges. The extended program also incorporates signage and recognition at USA Gymnastics events, advertising in event programs and association pUblications, and visibility on "Without Chevron , continuing my gymnastics career at the elite level would have been much more difficult, " said Team Chevron member Brett McClure, a member of the team that claimed the team silver medal in Athens. "Chevron has been a loyal supporter of gymnastics for many years, and it is truly an honor to wear the Chevron colo rs on the podium." The nine members of Team Chevron for 2005, listed alphabetically, are: • Guillermo Alvarez of Denver, Colo. , completing his first year on the national team , placed second in the all-around, pommel horse and vault at the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge. • Alexander Artemev of Morrison, Colo., a member of the men's national team for two years, won the pommel horse at the 2005 American Cup and the parallel bars at the 2004 Visa Championships . .-.-=-2-=-O-- - - - - - - ----------1(


Raj Bhavsar of Houston , a four-year member of the senior national team, won the still rings at the 2004 Visa Championships and was the alternate on the 2004 U.S. Olympic Team. In 2003 , he was on the team took the silver medal at the World Championships, as well as earned the national vault title. He competes for Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. David Durante of Garwood, N.J. , a three-year member of the national team who trains at the U.S. Olympic Training Center (USOTC) , competed on the gold medal team that won the 2004 Stella Zakharova Cup in Kiev, Ukraine. He also earned the all-around title at the Winter Cup Challenge in Las Vegas. Jason Gatson of Mesa, Ariz. , a five -year national team member who also trains at the USOTC, earned a team silver medal at both the 2004 Olympic Games and 2003 World Championships, as well as winning the 2004 Visa American Cup title. Eric LaMorte of Ronkonkoma, N.Y., who joined the national team earlier this year, attends State University of New York at Farmingdale, majoring in criminal justice. He took first in the still rings at the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge, 2004 USA Gymnastics Championships and 2002 Junior Olympic National Championships, as well as earned a bronze medal at the 2005 American Cup. Brett McClure of Mill Creek, Wash., a six-year national team member who trains at the USOTC, earned team silver medals at the 2004 Olympic Games and the 2001 and 2003 World Championships. He also placed second in the pommel horse and all-around competitions at the 2004 Visa Championships. Todd Thornton of Houston, Texas, a four-year member ofthe Men's National Team , won the high bar and placed second in the team competition at the 2004 Jurassic Classic in Calgary. Sean Townsend of Dallas, Texas, who has been on the men's national team for seven years, earned national titles in the parallel bars in 2001-02 and the all-around in 2001 , as well as winning the parallel bars crown and the team silver medal at the 2001 World Championships. Blaine Wilson of Columbus, Ohio, a 12-year national team member and three-time Olympian, was a member of the team that earned silver medals at the 2004 Olympic Games and 2003 World Championships, in addition to being a national champion from 1996-2000.

In addition, Paul Hamm of Waukesha, Wis., who is taki ng some time off to focu s on his collegiate studies, is serving as a spokesperson for Chevron to promote its involvement via promotional appearances and other activities. Should he return to competitive gymnastics leading up to 2008, he will return as a member of Team Chevron. Hamm made gymnastics history by becoming the first U.S. gymnast to win the coveted Olympic and world all-around titles. His world allaround title was one ofthree medals at the 2003 World Championships in Anaheim , Calif. The men's team won the silver medal, and Hamm also captured the gold medal in the floor exercise. One year later, he captured America's hearts by winning not only the Olympic allaround title, but also the silver medal in both the high bar and team competitions at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Chevron joins Visa, T.J. Maxx, adidas, GK/ Elite Sportswear and 24 Hour Fitness in USA Gymnastics' corporate partner family.

SEPT / 0 CT 2005 )>-- - - - - -- - -- - - -- -

USA Gymnastics makes two staffing changes Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics, announced two key staff changes for the U.s . national governing body for gymnastics: Dennis McIntyre of Florissant, Colo., has been promoted to men's program director, and Kelly Feilke joins the association as its senior director of marketing. Both are relocating to Indianapolis to work from USA Gymnastics headquarters. "USA Gymnastics has an experienced and versatile professional staff, and these two changes only make our team stronger," said Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. "Dennis has been involved with USA Gymnastics and the men's program since 1986 and on our staff since 1994. He has a thorough understanding of the men's program, its goals and objectives, as well as a wellestablished working relationship with the athletes, coaches and clubs within the community. Kelly's experience is a mixture of corporate sports marketing and Olympic involvement. His expertise in the selling and servicing ends of the business make him the perfect person to work with our existing corporate partner family and to build that base over the next four years."

About McIntyre McIntyre, who has served as national junior men's team coordinator since 2001, replaces Ron Galimore, who was named vice president of events, Olympic relations and men's programs earlier this year. As director of the men's program, McIntyre's responsibilities include overall management and supervision of the association's men's program; developing and monitoring the annual program budget; and coordinating the volunteer structure for the program. A native of Abilene, Texas, McIntyre has been an employee of USA Gymnastics since 1994 when he started as the men's program manager. In 2000, he was named junior national team coordinator, and in 2003, he took on additional responsibilities as the assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic Training Center Resident Program. A competitive gymnast at the junior and collegiate levels, McIntyre also coached at Ohio State University while working on his degree and established the Columbus Gymnastics Academy in May 1980. During his tenure at the Columbus Gymnastics Academy, he worked with many gymnasts who went on to become state, regional and national champions, as well as junior and senior national team members. He coached



2004 Olympic team silver-medalist Blaine Wilson from the age of six until 18. McIntyre has been a member of the junior national coaching staff since 1986. He also has served on USA Gymnastics' Age Group Competition Committee from 1988-96 and 2000-04. He was the team leader for the 1999 and 2003 Pan American Games. His accolades include the Jerry Thorne Memorial Service Award in 1992; the Frank J. Cumisky Service Award in 1994; and the Texas Heritage Award. He earned his BS in education at Ohio State University.

About Feilke As senior director of marketing, Feilke is responsible for association's marketing efforts, including sponsorship sales, fulfillment and activation; developing additional sponsorship opportunities and programs for current and potential sponsors; coordinating with local organIzmg committees regarding sponsorships and promotions for the federation's major events; merchandising; brand development and creating campaigns and other vehicles to increase awareness of USA Gymnastics, its events, athletes and member clubs. Feilke has extensive experience in sports sponsorship, marketing and promotions in corporate, non-profit and agency roles. He has developed and managed projects for well-known brands, such as Coca-Cola and PowerBar, as well as worked to promote and increase sponsorships for major events and grassroots initiatives. His background also includes strategic marketing and planning, brand marketing, sponsorship packaging and implementation. Through clients and accounts, Feilke has been involved with the 1996, 2000 and 2002 Olympic Games, as well as with high-profile athletes like Lance Armstrong. Since entering into the sports business with the Dallas International Sports Commission, the Texas native has worked for PowerBar, Inc., a division of Nestle USA, and Lang & Associates, an Atlanta-based sports marketing agency. He most recently served as a marketing consultant to private corporations on sports-related marketing initiatives and projects. Feilke graduated from the University of Texas with aBBA in marketing.

SEPT /0 CT 2005

) r - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -

Coral Springs, Florida February 17-19, 2006

*** J:-' *I** "\

Girls Levels 2-10 (USAG & AAU) 100% AA Trophies Awarded

Comp .. titiolls

** •

$100 Reserves Your Space


3100 NW Boca Raton Blvd. #308, Boca Raton, Fl33431


Girls Levels 2-10 (USAG & AAU) Boys Levels 4-10 (USAG) 100% AA Trophies Awarded er $5,000 in Prize Money Reserves Your Space


Lauderdale Convention Center


****. .

** . i '

** •.


- - - --



.. **

(1 ___

(j? Gc? &-~r


January 13-15, 2006




~ 3100 NW Boca Raton Blvd. #308, Boca Raton, Fl33431

- - - - - - - - {(

TEe H N10 UE •

SEPT / 0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - - -------=-2-=--31

member• serVlces

Update Attention Club Owners! Would you give your ATM password or your online banking password to your staff or athlete's parents? Would you release you r club's user id and password to athlete's parents? The answer to both of these questions should be an absolute .. . NO! If you release either, you are leaving your business vulnerable to potentially harmful situations. Your club user id and password should be released only to responsible staff members that you trust. If you catch your self thinking, "no big deal" or "what is the harm" it is so much easier when I or my staff do not have to spend time registering athletes ... read on. If you already understand the importance, give yourself a pat on the back. There are important reasons why you should not release your club user id and password without consideration and thought as to who has the information. • Athlete Readiness to Compete - Does every parent in your club know the level that their son or daughter is truly prepared to compete? Do you have parents within your gym that feel their

child is ready for the next level when his/ her skill demonstration is not quite there? As the gymnastics professional, you must be the one to "sign off' on an athlete's "readiness to compete." It is important in the competition realm and even more important in the world of insurance. When you register athletes you are registering them with a level. All of this is tied into our risk management program. • When you Register Your Athletes, You Can Be Assured That They Are Registered in Time for the Meet Season - It is the first meet of the new season. You have organized travel, trained, and prepared your athletes. It is the day before the meet. You receive a call from the host club stating that "Susie Athlete" is not current and can not compete. You call Susie Athlete's Mom, and she states that she forgot to register her. Now, you are in panic, you can not locate her completed fo nTI , and are now paying a rush fee. • When you Release Your Club's User Id and Password, Anyone with the Password Can Change Your Club's Contact Information (intentionally or unintentionally) - A parent has your password, logs into the wrong online service, finds the Update Your Club Information link, and accidentally changes your club's contact information. Now, your listing on the club search has Susie Athlete's home address and e-mail and they are receiving the calls from any potential clients. Keep your business safe from vulnerability. Assign a responsible club staff person or set aside some time to register your athletes and save some frustration maybe even clients later. The staff at USA Gymnastics values your business and the privacy of our member's information. We are certain that you share the same value.

Hodges Badge Company expanded its line of medals - perfect for gymnastics levels and event awards . All are ava ilabl e in antiq ued go ld, antiqued si lver or bronze finishes. • • • •

2" Patriot medals feature a raised desi gn over a Red, White & Blue enameled flag. 2 3/8" medals are scu lpted with 3 dimensional athletic themes. 2 1/4" ClassiCo lor®meda ls have a solid metal backing and a colorful 3-D design. 15 Exclusive sports-themed neck ribbons.

The medals lend themselves to a wonderfu l presentation on our new medal display hanger. Standing 4-1 /2", the plastic stand ca n be engraved with 3 lines of text, 20 characters (includin g spaces). A minimum of 10 pieces are required for engrav in g.

Hodges Badge Company, Inc. 1170 East Main Road, Portsmouth, RI 02871 I rL lIX >I :S ti.\ I)I ;I ,

(.·t)M I ~· \ ~· fT.';l:.

T: 800-556-2440 F: 800-292-7377

'--12~4------------------jC TECHHIOUE • 5 EPT / 0 CT 2005 ) r - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

fundraising opportunity

athletic booster program - helps teams and organizations raise much needed funds -100 % of proceeds go directly to teams

our commitment to youth sports and fitness -for more information log onto


X' USA GYMNASTICS B.,,,t-.I.,•. Go~,.

proud sponsor of usa gymnastics


Miracle _ Network" hosp i to l s

ore than 80,000 gymnasts and supporters from around the country were expected to celebrate National Gymnastics Day on Aug . 6, 2005. Held annually for the past seven years, National Gymnastics Day not only raises money for the Children's Miracle Network (CMN), but also promotes physical fitness and gymnastics in communities throughout the country.


Activities for National Gymnastics Day ranged from gymnastics celebrations to open houses to USA Gymnastics cartwheel-a-thons. National Gymnastics Day is recognized in all 50 states through a governor proclamation, as well as by both the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). During the past five years, USA Gymnastics Member Clubs have raised more than $379,000 for CMN.

helpin g

k i ds

magazine. Last year's individual winner Meghan Sweeney, a 14-yearold gymnast from Chardon, Ohio, raised nearly $3,100. Her club, Gymnastics World of Broadview Heights, Ohio, raised the most among clubs with a donation of $16,100. Organized by USA Gymnastics and its Member Clubs, National Gymnastics Day is co-chaired by legendary gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi and 1984 Olympic gold medalist Mary Lou Retton. In addition to coaching Retton to five medals at the 1984 Olympic Games, Karolyi has also coached such well-known gymnasts as Nadia Comaneci, Kim Zmeskal and Kerri Strug. The Children's Miracle Network is an international non-profit organization that provides $2.5 billion each year in charity to 170 children's hospitals. This alliance of hospitals treats more than 17 million children each year with state-of-the-art care, life-saving equipment and breakthrough research. For more information on the Children's Miracle Network visit If you and your club celebrated National Gymnastics Day send us an email of how you celebrated and a few photos to so that we can include your event in our publications and online.

Some of the special activities that took place this year were: Balcony Gymnastics and Youth Sports in Ocala, Fla., organized its annual Rock and Roll Exhibition; Universal Gymnasts, Inc. in Hilliard, Ohio, put on an outdoors cartwheel-a-thon with a special appearance by the WCMH Channel 4 helicopter; and the Horizon Gymnastics Center in Valparaiso, Ind., held a "Buy a Trick, Keep Children Healthy" fundraiser where the audience requests tumbling tricks from the gymnasts in return for donations. In a cartwheel-a-thon, participating gymnasts raise money through pledges for the number of cartwheels they can perform. The club and individual who raise the most money for CMN will be featured on the 2006 National Gymnastics Day poster and in USA Gymnastics =2-=6---------------芦



If you participated in the Cartwheel-A-Thon to benefit the Children's Miracle Network send your donations along with t he Club Total Contribution Remittance Form to : Children's Miracle Network, 4525 E. 2300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84117. All payments must be received by October 1, 2005 to qualify for prizes. Questions? Call Loree Galimore at 317-829-5654.

SEPT / 0 CT 2005 )>--- - - - -- - -- - - - --

• It's the only chalk in th e world that is 100% pure with no fillers. So pure in fact that it w ill not cause irritation or infection into open cuts. O nly Irali an chalk provides unparalleled moisture abso rptio n, superb adh esion and a non-slip surface. Unlike cheaper chalk , its perfect moisture balance means more chalk on your hands and less in the air. • Italian chalk has no oily or greasy texture. And, its solid cube form is neater, easily sto red and ensures less waste. • Each case contains 7.5 pounds, co nveniently packaged in 2 oun ce cubes.

Spieth Anderson -

Always responsive to the needs of the sport and the No. 1 leader in new product innovation

d. FIG Code of Points- USA Gymnastics is trying to let the FIG know that we are concerned about safety of the athletes and the "10.0" scoring system. The final vote on the new Code of Points will take place at the end of May. Ron reported that whatever happens with the FIG rules, we will do what is best for our junior gymnastics in the USA! e. Due to the time frame and competitive calendar, the 2007 & 2008 USA Championships for men will possibly be separate from the women .

~~ •

Men's J.O. Program CommiHee Houston, TX Sunday, May 8, 2005 Meeting called to order at 7:00 a.m. COT by Chair, Gil Elsass

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Reg 1 Reg 2 Reg 3 Reg 4 Reg 5 Reg 6 Reg 7 Reg 8 Reg 9 Ath. Rep. NGJA Rep. Jr. Rep. MPC Jr. Rep. MPC Jr. Coaches Rep Men's Program Mgr. Jr. Nat. Coordinator Men's Program Sr. Dir. Chairman

Roger Baldwin David Klein Gilbert Elsass Dan Coon Bob Witmer Tom Fontecchio Rick Tucker Kevin White Dean Schott Jay Thornton Jon Culbertson Bill Foster Steve Butcher Kelly Crumley Bo Morris Dennis McIntyre Ron Galimore Gilbert Elsass

VII. LONG RANGE JR. TEAM PROGRAM·DENNIS MCINTYRE a. Vault proposal- after much research we feel that coaches and gymnasts should spend more time on this event during training periods. This proposal is a way to make vaulting more attractive for athletes and coaches to train a second category of vault in the junior program . This proposal being sent to the Age Group Competition Committee for its review and possible implementation. b. Multi event athlete in Team Selection i. Dennis discussed that we are seeing less emphasis on the All Around. At the Jr. Elite Levels it is alright not to do all around but, we should continue to encourage coaches and athletes to train for the all-around in the JO Program. We must realize that some athletes are not going to do all events at World Events.

VIII. MPC REPORT·STEVE BUTCHER Information about the Visa Championships Qualifier can be read on the USA Gymnastics web site.

IX. NGJA REPORT·JON CULBERTSON The NGJA is now using videos for judging courses. Jon wanted everyone to be aware that the JO National Apparatus Leader's are doing reports and analysis on National Future Stars Championships as well as JO Nationals. There will be new group JONALS selected this summer. Jon thanked the current staff for their excellent work during the past two years.



Motion to Approve: Bob Witmer 2nd Dean Schott Passed

III. 2005 JO NATIONALS REPORT·TIM ERWIN Tim reported that the Revised Format worked out very well and made it more manageable for his staff to handle the large numbers. He also thanked the JOPC for giving him the latitude to make the adjustments to make the competition work well for everyone.

Gil reports that as the season went along he received many positive comments about the new program from coaches and judges alike. There were 3 updates this year. The last one should be completed and posted on the USA Gymnastics website by or before March 1, 2006. The AGCC will be working during the off-season to address concerns from the community for JO Update # 4 in the fall of 2005.



The leaders continue to build the membership. The website address is www.usamgca .org for membership information.

Al Scharns reports that they will be able handle a large number of gymnasts if needed. They have 1000 hotel rooms available in a very close proximity to the venue.


V. USAG REPORT·BO MORRIS a. There was an excess of $ 65,000 raised this year for the National Scholarship Foundation. There is now over $71,000 in the fund for the 2004-05 seasons. b. Bo passed out the statistics on "hit-missed" routines at JO Nationals 2005 from each region. This year's percentages were much improved over last year. c. Bo thanked contributors to the Cumiskey Video: Gil Elsass, A. B. Frederick, Abie Grossfeld and Fred Turoff for providing historical background, photographs and video footage of Mr. Cumiskey.

VI. USAG NATIONAL OFFICE REPORT·RON GALIMORE a. TJ Maxx has signed on as a sponsor and is considering a scholarship program for the Junior Olympic and Future Stars athletes. b. 24 Fitness (mostly on West Coast) but is branching into other areas of the country is giving membership discounts for USA Gymnastics Professional and Athlete Members. c. GK Elite has continued their high level of sponsorship to the JO Program by donating apparel for JO Nationals. Ron Galimore will be sending all State and Regional Chairmen more information about the GK Elite sponsorship.


Peter Wieging presented a bid on behalf of Scott Barclay from Phoenix, Arizona. The perposed host hotel will be the Hyatt which is across the street from the Phoenix Convention Center (host site). Peter reported that the city of Phoenix and the Arizona State University Men's Team would be an excellent host for JO Nationals. No other official bids were presented. ProposaL from Bill Foster: Move to support the bid by Phoenix and have them work with the NationaL Office for finaL approvaL and receiving a contract for the event. 2nd by Dean Schott Passed ProposaL from Dean Schott: Bids for JO NationaLs must take pLace at the August/September meetings (2005) for JO NationaLs Meet (2008) i.e. Jope shouLd make their recommendation to USA Gymnastics at the JO NationaL Meetings (2006) 2nd by Bill Foster Passed continued on page 31

TEe HN10 UE • SEPT / 0 CT 2005

) >----------------

29th Annual Nationls Capital Cup OnE of thE oldEst mEEts in thE country!

March 3, 4 & 5, 200 6 Women's Levels 4 through Elite Session Awards Hosted by MarVaTeens Gymnastics Rockville, Maryland

WUILE YOUIRE UERE ... DISCOVER WASUINGTON, DC Visit our website for more information

- - - - - - - - - - - - { ( TEe HN IOU E •

SEPT / 0 CT 2005 )}------------=2=-=--91

USA GYMNASTICS 1005 KAT AND MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE A KAT works hop consists of seven productive: hours of preschool teacher education . The: workshop covers philosophy, understanding the: preschool-age child, safety considerations, class: : management, and much more!

the individual stude nts and encourage adoption of lifelong physical activity. Attendance at KAT certification course is highly recommended, but not required to attend a MELPD course.

' : If there has never been a KAT or MELPD

A Movement Education and Lesson Plan: Development Workshop (MELPD) consists of five: enlightening hours of preschool teacher education. : This workshop is continuing education of the KAT: Program. The overall emphasis of this workshop: is to provide instructors with the necessary: knowledge to rlevelop pre:;chool gymnastics: lesson plans, emphasize developmentally: appropriate practices, fundamental skill: development, and much more. This workshop is : designed to help instructors meet the needs of :

works hop in your area, 2005 is a great time to host a workshop. Any club can host a worksho p and it's free. The only things you'll need are an empty room and a TV & VCR. If your workshop has 12 paid participants, your

club will receive one free registration . Member Clubs rEceive two free registrations, with 12 paid participants. Complimentary registrations are non-transferable and will only be valid at the workshop you are hosting . The workshop must

maintain the minimum attendance of 12 for complimentary registrations. Courses that do not meet minimum participition levels are subject to rescheduling or cancellation. For more information on the KAT & MELPD courses call 1-800345-4719 or visit www.

Quotes from actuaL KAT and MELPD course attendees

Some days all your routines are flawless. Other days ... you need insurance.

With the perfect balance of specialized coverage options, superior claims handling, and innovative risk management services, Markel can vault you back into the championships in no time.





'-1= 3 = 0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ; (


5EPT / 0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -

continued from page 28



No nominations were made at this time. Nominations are open until Congress in August.

Motion: To Adjourn at 1:10 pm COT


Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

a. Gil Elsass did a survey of how states and regions raise money for their programs. Gil reported that a large number of chairman participated in the survey and provide a lot of good information. This information was given to the National Office for their review. b. Judging fees were studied, but no official action is planned at this time. More time is needed to discuss this issue. c. Discussion of JO National format and issues a. Quality verses Quantity The JOPC will spend more time on the Judging Fee and JO Nationals format at its upcoming meeting in August or September. Motion to Adjourn Motion: Kevin White 2nd- Dean Schott PASSED!

Men's Program CommiHee Conference Call Minutes July 25, 2005 Conference call began at 12:00 p.m. CDT by Chair Yoichi Tomita. Yoichi asked that Bill Foster record the minutes of the meeting.


Adjourned at 10:50 AM Respectfully submitted by Tom Fontecchio, JOPC Secretary

Men's Program Committee Conference Call Minutes July 19, 2005 Conference call began at 12:05 p.m. CDT by Chair Yoichi Tomita.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Kurt Golder Miles Avery Steve Butcher Bill Foster Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger

Respectfully submitted by Ron Gali more, Vice President of Events/ Olympic Liaison/ Men's Program.

MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep. Athlete Rep.

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Motion: To approve the May 16 and June 24 MPC minutes Motion: Bill Foster Second: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously



Ron Brant walked through a document that he created to help explain how the new Bonus Point System could be used, the process for the selection of the Senior National Team at the 2005 Visa Championships and the timelines for petitions onto the National Team and into the World Team Selection Competition. A section on the format for the World Team Selection Camp was deleted and will be discussed on the next conference call. Motion: To accept the proposal to select the National Team at the 2006 Winter Cup Challenge Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Bi II Foster PASSED: Unanimously

IV. NEW BUSINESS a. The recipient of the 2005 Service Star Award was discussed and decided upon. b. There will be an MPC conference call at 12:00 p.m. COT on Monday July 25.

Members Present: Yoichi Tomita Kurt Golder Miles Avery Steve Butcher Bill Foster Jay Thornton John Roethlisberger

MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Sr. Coaches Rep. Sr. Coaches Rep. MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. (absent) Jr. Coaches Rep. Athlete Rep. Athlete Rep.

II. COMPETITION FORMAT FOR THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM SELECTION CAMP There will be 2 competition sessions, with all competitors performing in both sessions. Session 1 will be on Friday October 14 and Session 2 will be on Sunday October 16. Motion: To approve the competition format for the World Championships Team Selection Camp Motion: John Roethlisberger Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED: Unanimously Jay Thornton left the call at 12:40 pm COT.

III. 2006 VISA CHAMPIONSHIPS - QUALIFICATION TO DAY 2 OF THE COMPETITION 1. All Senior Division Competitors 2. From the Junior Session, in order a. Top 5 All Around Gymnasts b. Top 2 five-event finishers from the remainder of the field c. Top 2 four-event finishers from the remainder of the field d. Top 2 three-event finishers from the remainder of the field e. Top two-event finisher from the remainder of the field 3. Any gymnast who finishes in the first through third in the entire field (combined Junior Session and Senior Session results) on any single event. Motion: To approve the competition format for the 2006 Visa Championships Motion: Yoichi Tomita Second: Bill Foster PASSED: Unanimously

VI. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at 1:15 pm COT Motion: John Roethlisberger Second: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously Respectfully submitted by Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Representative

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - i ( TECHNIQUE路 SEPT / 0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = 3 - = '......


USA GYMNAST Compulsory Check-Up! Zionsville, Indiana • October 29-30,2005

USA GYMNASTICS PRESENTS J THE 2005 CORE SYMPOSIUM & COMPULSORY CHECK-UP COMPETITION October 28 - 30, 2005 Indianapolis, Indiana Attention all Teachers, Coaches, Club owners - this workshop weekend addresses the CORE of your gymnastics business: Front Office, Customer Service, Recreational/Preschool gymnastics, Cheer, Risk Management and Compulsorles. Send your entire staff.

Special Member Club group discount for clinics Buy 3 get the 4th one FREE! Earn Continuing Education Credits for USA Gymnastics University Certification Levels

Friday, October 28, 2005 - Sheraton at Keystone Crossing Hotel, Indianapolis • Women's Program PDCP Level 1-4 Course 8:30 AM -10:00 PM • Women's Judges - Compulsory rules review • Women's Judges - Compulsory written exams and certifications • Women's Judges - Optional exams • Clinic and Meet Welcome Reception for coaches, Judges and clinic attendees

Saturday, October 29, 2005 - Sheraton at Keystone Crossing Hotel, Indianapolis • KAT preschooVdevelopmental teacher certification course - 8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. • MELPD Movement Education Lesson Plan Development certification course - 3:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. • Front Office & Customer Service Workshop with Jeff Metzger - 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. • Cheerleading Workshop -10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. • Roundup Reception for Clinic and Competition Attendees: Tom KolI, Connie Maloney, Jeff Metzger, Sean Dever, LInda Thorberg, Kathy Feldmann, Loree Galimore, Sandy Oldham and others to be announced

Saturday & Sunday, October 29-30, 2005 - Interactive Academy Gymnastics, IN • Compulsory Check-up Competition - Levels 4, 5, 6 Limited entries accepted • Check-up comments/education by Tom Koll , Connie Maloney and others TBD • Tank leotard from Elite Sportswear for every competing gymnast • Awards Ceremony - Team & Individual. Participant Award • Individual gymnast critique on every event by clinic judges • Seasonal Fall and Halloween themes, prizes and surprises

Sunday, October 30, 2005 - Sheraton at Keystone Crossing Hotel, Indianapolis • Cookin ' the Books - Financial Seminar with Sean Dever - 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. • PreschooVrecreational Workshop - 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. • Risk Management/Safety Certification Course - 8:30 a.m.-1 :00 p.m.






. J

tii~ " I!"...:.-/ -....../J ,. See http://www, ip/2005/core/ for more information . / '<...../

.-1-=3-=2----- - -- - - - - - - - «


SEPT / 0 CT 2005 ) . . - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - -

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USA GYMNASTICS ~~~~ Compulsory Check-Up!


Zionsville, Indiana· October 29-30,2005

USA Gymnastics National Compulsory Check Up Competition Visit for Forms and Updated Information

Don't Miss it! Individual event critiques will be done for all participating gymnasts. Special weekend clinicians - Tom Koll - National Junior Olympic Chair and Connie MaLoney - USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program Manager

Every competing gymnast wiLL receive these very special items!

• Elite Sportswear will supply every competitor with a special tank leotard • Individual event critique in notebook form on all four events • Participant award certificate especially designed for the event

Date: October 29 & 30, 2005 Site: Interactive Academy Gymnastics, Zionsville, Indiana Directors: USA Gymnastics - Kathy Feldmann, Vice President & Loree Galimore, Club Services Manager Meet Director: Nancy Gibson Site Directors: Lisa Staton & Kendra Brens Time: Sessions will be assigned according to level entries Sessions: Three Sessions on Saturday and two sessions on Sunday Entries: Limited to a maximum of 480 athletes. 96 per session Entry Fee: $ 75.00 per gymnast Team: $ 25.00 Format: Capitol Cup Levels: Women's Level 4 - 6 Compulsory Equipment: AAI Awards: A-1 Awards. Individual, Team , Ribbons Entry Deadline: September 30, 2005 or when meet is filled

Host Hotel: Sheraton - Keystone at the Crossing Indianapolis Hotel & Suites 8787 Keystone Crossing Indianapolis, IN 46240 Rates~ $ 92.00 plus tax ~

Make Hotel Reservations: National Travel Systems Sports Travel Team Toll Free: 1-888-603-8747 Main Line: 806-794-3135 Fax: 806-687-3815 Email:

Coaches: Special Welcome Reception at hotel on Friday and Round-up Clinic Reception on Saturday evening at the hotel with the weekend clinicians

- - - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - «


SEPT / 0 CT 2005 ) ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 3 = 3......

Recommendation that for the 2006 calendar year, international elite athletes may attempt to qualify to the US Classics from the regional/zone competitions by score or by selection. Motion: Strauss Second: Marachenko PASSED

International Elite Committee Virginia Beach, VA July 24, 2005 Roll Call: Steve Rybacki Representatives: Al Fong Kelli Hill Yevgeny Marchenko Donna Strauss Martha Karolyi Kathy Kelly


Recommendation that for the 2006 calendar year, international elite athletes may attempt to qualify to the U.S. Classics or Championships from the training camps by score. (Score TBS) Motion: Fong Second: Hill PASSED BECAUSE OF THE NEW CODE OF POINTS - THERE WILL BE NO NATIONAL QUALIFIERS CONNECTED WITH AN INVITATIONAL MEET IN THE 2006 CALENDAR YEAR.

II. ATHLETE REPRESENTATIVE National Team Coordinator Vice President Program

I. QUALIFICATION SYSTEM & CALENDAR Martha presented a calendar and proposal for the 2006 year. The committee discussed the new season and made the following recommendations: Recommendation that all international elite athletes who are qualified to or compete at the 2005 Championships are directly qualified to the 2006 Classics. Motion: Hill Second: Strauss Passed Recommendation that a group of selected FIG Brevet Judges will be designated by the IEC and will be the group from which the judges of the regional/zone meets are selected. Motion: Fong Second: Marchenko PASSED

Recommendation that Kristin Maloney be designated as the Athlete Rep to serve on the Selection Committee for the 2005 World Championships. Motion: Hill Second: Fong PASSED

III. SPRING BOARD Recommendation that at 2005 USA Championships there will be two boards set with 5 and 6 springs that cannot be moved. This information will be in the Technical Packet. Motion: Hill Second: Marchenko PASSED

IV. EVENT QUALIFICATION SCORE Recommendation for the 2006 year, international elite may qualify to Classic and Championships with a two event or three event qualification score. The score will be determined. Motion: Hill Second: Fong PASSED continued on poge 36

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continued from page 34

CLARIFICATION REGARDING LEOTARD RESTRICTIONS FOR ELITE ATHLETES AT NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS. According to the FIG Code of Points: "She must wear a correct sportive non transparent leotard, which may be of elegant design" • The neckline of the front and back of the leotard must be proper, that is no further than half of the sternum and no further than the lower line of the shoulder blades. • Leotards may be with or without sleeves; shoulder strap width must be minimum of 2cm. • The leg cut of the leotard may not extend beyond the hip bone (maximum).

July - US Classic/ Challenge August - Visa Championships

IV. PRE ELITE PHYSICAL ABILITIES Recommendation to accept the following changes to the 2006 Pre Elite Physical Abilities: Change the Leg Flexibility test to the current TOP flexibility test using the two vaulting boards. Change the rope climb to 12 feet. Motion: Jack Carter Second: Barb Tiess PASSED

Meeting adjourned at 11:30. Approved



Virginia Beach, Virginia July 24, 2005

Recommendation to accept the Compulsory vault deductions as submitted by the Challenge Vault panel: Motion: Michael Harris Second: Brad Loan PASSED

The meeting was called to order 7:30 am by Gary Anderson, National Elite Program Chairman.



Recommendation to accept the following change to the 2006 Compulsory qualifying score:

Chairman Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII VPWP NTC IEC Chairman EPM

Gary Anderson Jack Carter Brad Loan Michael Harris Greg LaFleur-Absent Jim Chudy representing Region IV Mary Lee Tracy Barbara Tiess Jen Bundy-Absent Toni Rand-Absent Kathy Kelly Marta Karolyi Steve Rybacki Gary Warren

The compulsory score for a TOP athlete to qualify to a Challenge to be raised to 32.00. Motion: Barb Tiess Second: Mary Lee Tracy PASSED Motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 am. Motion: Jack Carter Second: Michael Harris PASSED


II. OPENING REMARKS Gary Anderson opened the meeting by welcoming the committee and Jack Carter, newly elected NEPC member from Region I, and Barbara Tiess, new elected NEPC member from Region 6.

August 8, 2005 The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p. m. by Chairman Jan Greenhawk.

Steve Rybacki and Marta Karolyi gave a brief report on the International Elite Program and the National Team training plan. The IEC feels that there needs to be more educational opportunities for TOP, Pre Elite and other selected athletes, along with their coaches and parents to help develop the younger talented athletes. These opportunities should be in the form of additional training camps at the National Team Training Center. The proposed Elite calendar for 2006 was discussed . The NEPC then established their Elite calendar for 2006. Proposed 2006 National Elite Season: January - Regional (Zone) Training Camps and Compulsory Testing May - Training Camp Qualifier with Compulsory Testing June - National Qualifier June - Pre Elite Regional (Zone) Qualifier to Challenge July - National Qualifier

Chairman, Jan Greenhawk, opened the meeting and congratulated the Regional Chairman on a great year, both competitively and administratively. The great majority of the program is functioning very well. The Regional Chairman is the point person in each region and should take a strong leadership role with the regional committee



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Jennifer Shipman Ruth Sandoz Cori Rizzo Jim Schlott Kathy Shufflin Kathy Ostberg Lyn n Perrott Deb Kornegay Gary Warren Kathy Kelly

Region Region Region Region Region Region Region Region EPM SDWP



continued on page 38 SE PT / 0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---'--'-

continued from poge 36

members. The Administrative Committee will discuss initiatives that can help elevate our program, increase our base and grow our sport. The chairman welcomed Jen Shipman as the newly elected Region I Chairman and thanked the retiring Chairman, Robbie Sumpter for her years of service. The committee made the following recommendations to the Women's Program Committee: Recommendation: That the Operating Code be amended to include the following under the Duties and Responsibility of the State Chairman: "Publish a financial report to the membership a minimum of once a year." Motion: R. Sandoz Second: K. Shufflin PASSED

II. STATE CALENDAR & QUALIFYING COMPETITIONS CLARIFICATION: USA Gymnastics State Committee has jurisdiction over the calendar in their state. Recommendation: That when awarding the sites for state/regional meets, State/Regional Committees are encouraged to consider geographic rotation. Motion: J. Schlott Second: D. Kornegay PASSED

III. REGIONAL COMPULSORY WORKSHOP The committee gave input back to the office regarding the Regional Compulsory Workshops. Earlier organization/information is important to better serve the members. The Regional Chairman will provide previous contracts and financial reports to the office. The office has requested that the Regional Chairman not award bids for the 2006 and beyond for their Regional Congresses.

IV. ELECTIONS The Committee requested that the National Office run the elections for State Committees and all other State and Regional Offices. Kelly will check to see if this is possible.

V. APPAREL Recommendation: Any athlete who qualifies for J.O. Nationals and has to scratch for injury will be provided national apparel. The Regions will pay for the apparel. Motion: C. Rizzo Second: J. Schlott PASSED

VI. REPLACEMENT ATHLETES Recommendation: To accept the JO Committee motion "that Meet Directors of all Sanctioned events allow entry to replacement athletes without any additional fee providing the replacement athlete is from the same team and in the same session, age division and level." Motion J. Shipman Second L. Perrott PASSED

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* several alternate drills, * conditioning exercises, * coaching, safety, and spotting tips. * specific dance drills on beam and floor. Rita Brown vith Rik Feeney

Skill and strength tracking forms are also included for at a glance tracking throughout the season .

.-1--".3-..,.8-------------~C TECHNIQUE路 SEPT /0 CT 2005

)'>-- -- - - - - - -- - - - - -

VII. MEETING SITE/DATES Administrative Committee will meet next year at Congress on Friday or Saturday and the State Chairman Workshops will be Sunday following Congress.

I. Reports All the Committee Chairman gave a brief report on the activities of their sub-committees and noted that all committees were on task.

II. ETHICS VIII. NEW BUSINESS The committee discussed next years elite season and requirements for clinics/ meets. The committee will meet with Gary Anderson to decide the national calendar to avoid conflicts.

Committee requested that Kathy ask the USA Gymnastics attorney what procedures are necessary to discipline and/ or remove an elected official and report back to them .

III. OPERATING CODE CLARIFICATION: Financial reports from the State and Regions will be sent directly to the CFO, in addition to the Regional Chairmen, on a quarterly basis on the following schedule April 15, July 15, October 15 and January 15.

With the change in the procedure for financial reporting, the Operating Code will need to be updated. Beginning October 15 all State and Regional Chairmen will send their financial statements directly to John Hewett.


Recommendation to accept the Administrative Committee's motion to amend the Operation Code to include the requirement for each State Chairman to publish a financial report to the membership a minimum of once during the year. Motion: Greenhawk Second: Hamilton PASSED

Committee approved the agenda and voted on the national awards for newsletters. New Mexico won the Silver Mouse and Mississippi won the Silver Quill.

The committee made the following recommendation after discussion.

IX. TOPS Gary Warren addressed the committee concerning the changes to the administration and financial structure. The committee will meet again with Gary Warren and Gary Anderson.

Meeting was adjourned at 6: 15 pm

WOMEN'S PROGRAM COMMlnEE MEETING Indianapolis, Indiana August 1 1, 2005 Chairman Tom Koll lEC Chairman Steve Rybacki EPC Chairman Gary Anderson AC Chairman Jan Greenhawk TC Chairman Cheryl Hamilton Athlete Rep Absent Vice Pres. Program Kathy Kelly Meeting called to order at 9:30 p.m. by Chairman Tom Koll.

IV. CRITERIA Recommendation that the criteria for nomination for the Chairman of the Women's Program Committee be the same as that for the Vice Chairman position from the Women's Program to the Board of Directors. Motion: Greenhawk Second: Anderson PASSED Recommendation to the Chairman of the By-laws Committee of the Board of Directors to change the term of office for the Vice Chairman position to the Board and allow each program to define the term of office. Motion: Greenhawk Second: Rybacki PASSED Adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

(860) 408-0082 email:


TEC HN I 0 UE â&#x20AC;˘

SEPT / 0 CT 200 5 )~-------------3:;O-9~1

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lI"dim. , rn f1I! in! mi[.] i'-!' UV! 1'-• ALABAMA

2005 level 2 and 3 Fall Invitalional 940 Chalkville School Rd Birmingham, Al35215 Start Date· 11 / 11 / 2005 TNT Gym Clips Phone· 205/ 853·5888 levels· W2·3 24th Annual Chalkville Invitational 940 Cholkville School Rd Birmingham, Al35215 Start Date · 10/ 7/ 2005 TNT Gym Clips Phone · 205/ 853·5888 levels· W2·6 The Vulcan Challenge 3670 Bethune Dr. Birminghom, Al35223 Start Date· 10/ 28/ 2005 Mountain Brook Gymnastics Phone · 205/ 802·4999 levels· W2·10, pre·opl. ARIZONA

American Invitalianal 1927 N. Gilbert Rd Ste. 107 Mesa, A185213 Start Date · 10/ B/ 2005 Desert Devils (Mesa) Phone· 4BO/B44·9600 levels· W4·6 Mardi Gras Challenge Chandler H.S. Arizona Ave and Chandler Blvd Chandler, AZ 85705 Start Date · 1/13/ 2006 Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics 1025 N. McQueen Rd. Gilbert, A1 85233 Phone· 480/ 633·8414 levels· W4·10, ELITE PGA Halloween Invitational 1926 W.Monona Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85027 Start Date · 10/ 28/ 2005 Phoenix Gymnastics Academy Phone · 623/ 582·5293 levels · W4·6

PGA Invitalional Chandler H.S. 350 WArizona Ave Chandler, A185225 Start Date · 9/ 30/ 2005 Phoenix Gymnoslics Academy 1926 W. Monona Drive Phoenix, AZ 85027 Phone · 623/ 582·5293 levels - W4·6 Rock·N·Roll Classic Chandler H.S. Arizonz Ave and Chandler Blvd Chandler, AZ Start Date · 10/1 5/ 2005 Arizona Dynamics Gymnastics 1025 N. McQueen Rd. Gilbert, A1 85233 Phone· 480/633·8414 levels· W4·6

Block Diamond Gymnastics Phone · 925/ 516·6619 levels - W4·1 0

8elmont, CA 94002 Phone· 650/ 591·8734 levels - W4·10

BridgeHe Clement Memoriallnv Pen Crest Main Gym 300 Piedmont Ave Ste. 408 San 8runo, CA 94066 Start Date · 2/4/ 2006 Gymtowne Gymnastics 300 Piedmont Avenue, Ste. 604 San Bruno, CA 94066 Phone· 650/ 589·3733 levels - W4·10

Golden 800tlnvitational 224 E. Arrow Hwy. San Dimas, CA 91773 Stort Date · 9/ 17/ 2005 Crescenta Valley GYM Club Phone · 909/ 592-1323 levels - W4·6

Central Valley Classic 915 Black Diamond Way lodi, CA 95240 Start Date· 10/1/2005 Gym Weavers Gymnastics Phone· 209/ 369·2436 levels - W4·6


2006 Novato Classic 950 Seventh St Novato, CA 94945 Start Date· 3/ 4/ 2006 Novato Gymnastics Phone · (415) 209·9595 levels- W4·10

Cupids Cup 1250 45th SI. Ste. E. EmerYVille, CA 94608 Start Date· 2/ 12/ 2006 Head Over Heels Phone · 510/ 655·1265 levels - W4·1 0

Aloha Invitalional 2250 Martin Ave. Santa Ciora, CA 95050 Start Date · 10/ 1/ 2005 Airborne GYM Training Center Phone· 408/ 986·8226 levels - W5·6

Fall Finale Invitational 3777 AVaca Valley Pkwy. Vacaville, CA 95688 Start Date· 10/ 23/ 2005 Aerials Gymnastics Phone · 707/ 447·2327 levels - W4·6

Bay Aerials Invitalional Burnham Pav Stanford Univ Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305 Start Date · 10/ 8/ 2005 Bay Aerials Gymnastics 4883 Davenport Place Fremont, CA 94538 Phone· 510/ 651·5870 levels· W4·6

Glider Two Event Challange 841 North Dodsworth Covino, CA 91724 Start Date· 12/ 18/2005 Charter Oak Gymnastics·Gliders Phone· 626/ 966·8775 levels- W7·10

Bay Area Classic 3901C Walnut Blvd. Brentwood, CA 94513 Start Date · 3/ 4/ 2006

Gold Country Classic Herbst PavFt Mason CIr. landmark Bldg A San Francisco, CA 94123 Start Date· 2/ 17/ 2006 San Mateo Gymnastics 1306 Elmer St

Golden State Classic 11345 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Start Date· 1/28/2006 Technique Gymnastics Phone · 916/ 635·7900 levels - W4·10, ELITE Harvest Moon 1250 45th SI. Ste. E. Emeryville, CA 94608 Start Date · 10/ 23/ 2005 Head Over Heels Phone · 510/ 655·1265 levels - W4·6 High Tech Invitational 11345 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Start Date · 9/ 17/ 2005 Technique Gymnastics Phone · 916/ 635·7900 levels - W4·6 High Tech Invite 11345 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Start Date · 1/ 14/ 2006 Technique Gymnastics Phone · 916/ 635·7900 levels - M4·10, ELITE Intersquad 11345 Folsom Blvd. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Start Date · 12/ 16/ 2005 Technique Gymnastics Phone · 916/ 635·7900 levels- W4·10 Invitational 40511 Albrae SI.

Fremont, CA 94538 Start Date· 9/ 25/ 2005 Demaray's GymnasticAcademy 40511 Albrae SI. Fremont, CA 94538 Phone· 510/ 661 ·0576 levels- W4·6

Round Up Invitational 100 Howard SI. Salinas, CA 93901 Start Date · 9/ 25/ 2005 Elite Gymnastics Academy Phone· 831/754·1113 levels - W4·6

LA lights Invitalional Veterans Memoriol Auditorium 4117 Overland Ave. Culver City, CA 90230 Start Date · 1/20/2006 los Angeles School of GYM 8450 Higuero SI.LA lights Culver City, CA 90232 Phone · 310/204·1980 levels - R4·10, GROUp, ELITE

San Diego Classic Activity Center; 2145 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 Start Date· 1/23/2006 Poway Gymnastics 12850 Brookprinter Place Poway, CA 92064 Phone· 858/748·1716 levels - W4·10, ELITE

LA lightslnvtational 8450 Higuera SI.LA lights Culver City, CA 90232 Start Date · 12/ 3/ 2005 los Angeles School of GYM Phone· 310/ 204·1980 levels- W4·8 Monterey Bay Invitational 2024 Del Monte Ave., Ste. E. Monterey, CA 93940 Start Date· 10/1/2005 Rising Star GYM Training Cente Phone · 831/375·9335 levels- W4·6 Oplional Pizza Meet 1250 45th SI., Ste. E. Emeryville, CA 94608 Start Date · 12/ 18/ 2005 Head Over Heels Phone · 510/ 655·1265 levels- W7·1 0 Peter Vidmar Men's Gymnastics Invitational Brentwood School 100 S. Barrington Place los Angeles, CA 90049 Start Date · 3/ 2/ 2006 8roadway GYM School, Inc. 5433 Beethoven Street los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone · 310/ 450·0012 levels - M4·1 0, ELITE

San Diego Team Cup Balboa Pork Activity Center 2145 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92101 Start Date · 1/20/2006 Poway Gymnastics 12850 Braakprinter Place Poway, CA 92064 Phone· 858/ 748·1716 levels - M4·1 0 Sock Hop Invitational TIce Valley Community Center 2055 TIce Valley Blvd. Walnut Creek, CA 94595 Start Date· 10/ 15/ 2005 Diablo Gymnastics School 2411·) Old Craw Canyon Road San Ramon, CA 94583 Phone · 925/ 820·6885 levels - W4·6 Spooktacular 320 Professional Center Dr., Suite 150 Rohnert Park, CA 94928·2148 Start Date· 10/30/ 2005 Rohnert Park Gymnastics Phone· 707/ 585·9377 levels - W4·6 Stanford Open 2006 Burnham Pavilion Stanford, CA 94305 Start Date · 1/20/ 2006 San Mateo Gymnastics

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SEPT / 0 CT 20 05 )--------------~4~1-.1

1306 Elmer St Belmont, CA 94002 Phone· 650/ 591·8734 levels - M4·1 0, ELITE

Rohnert Pork, CA 9492B·214B Phone· 707/ 585·9377 levels- W4·10 COLORADO

Teddy Bear Classic 1306 Elmer SI. Belmont, CA 94002 Start Dote· 10/ 22/ 2005 Son Mateo Gymnastics Phone· 650/ 591 ·B734 levels - W5·6 The Meet by the Boy 300 Piedmont Ave., Ste. 604 Son Bruno, CA 94066 Start Dote· 10/ 2/ 2005 Gymtowne Gymnastics Phone · 650/ 589·3733 levels - W4·6 West Volley Spirit of the Flame Challenge Parkside Hall; 1BO Pork Ave. Son Jose, CA 95113 Start Dote· 2/ 24/ 2006 West Volley Gymnastics School 1190 Dell Avenue, Unit #l Campbell, CA 95008 Phone · 408/374·8692 levels - W4·1 0, ELITE Wine Country Classic Callinan Sports Center 5405 Snyder In. Rohnert Pork, CA 9492B Start Dote· 2/18/ 2006 Rohnert Pork Gymnastics 320 Professional Center Dr Suite 150

Pikes Peak Cup Broodmoor Hotel, One lake Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Start Dote· 1/27/ 2006 Colorado Aerials GYM Center, I 3536 Hartsel Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Phone·719/ 260·1893 levels- W7·10, ELITE Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics Invitational 2760 Industrial ln Broomfield, CO 80020 Start Dote · 10/ 15/ 2005 Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics Phone· 303/ 465·6303 levels- W4·6 FLORIDA

Block Jock at Daytona Beach Ocean Center; 100 N. Atlantic Blvd. Daytona Beach, Fl Start Dote· 10/ 1/ 2005 ACE Gymnastics 400 Gold Medal o. longwood, Fl32750 Phone·407/B31·2582 levels- WJ.6 Easter Bunny Invitational 730 St. Johns Bluff Rood N. Jacksonville, FL 32225 Start Dote· 3/25/2006 All American Gymnastics, Inc.

Phone· 904/ 641 ·9966 levels - W4·6 Edgewater Classic Edgewater Beach Resort 11212 Front Beach Rd. Panama City Beach, Fl32407 Start Dote· 2/ 17/ 2006 Edgewater Gymnastics Academy 6446 N. Highway 77 South porte, Fl32409 Phone· 850/ 814·3468 levels - W2·10, PREPOPT Fall Festival 1113 Citrus Tower Blvd. Clermont, Fl34711 Start Dote · 10/ 22/2005 Brandy Johnson's Global GYM Phone· 352/ 241 ·9300 levels - W3·6 Fall Into Edgewater Edgewater Beach Resort 11212 Front Beach Rd. Panama City, Fl32407 Start Dote· 9/ 30/ 2005 Edgewater Gymnastics Academy 6446 NHighway 77 Southporte, Fl32409 Phone·850/ 814·3468 levels - W3·6 Great Pumpkin Invite 730 SI. Johns Bluff Rd. N. Jacksonville, FL 32225 Start Dote· 10/ 29/ 2005 All American Gymnastics, Inc. Phone · 904/ 641·9966 levels - W4·6

Jacksonville Winter Classic 730 SI. Johns Bluff Rd. N. Jacksonville, FL 32225 Start Dote· 1/2B/ 2006 All American Gymnastics, Inc. Phone · 904/ 641·9966 levels - W4·8 Jr Orange Bowl Invitational Carol Springs City Gymnasium 2501 Coral Springs Dr. Coral Springs, Fl33065 Start Dote· 2/ 16/ 2006 Boca Twisters 3100 NW Boca Rotan Blvd. #30B Boca Raton, FL 33431 Phone· 561/750·6001 levels- W2·10, PREPOPT Magical Classic Orange County Convention Center 9800 International Dr. Orlando, Fl32819·B199 Start Dote· 2/ 3/ 2006 Brown's Gymnastics Central 740 Oronge Ave. Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 Phone· 407/ 869·B744 levels - W3·1 0, ELITE New Years Invitational Walt Disney Wide World Sports Victory In. lake Bueno Vista, FL 32B30 Start Dote· 12/ 30/ 2005 Boca Twisters 3100 NW Boca Raton Blvd. #30B Boca Raton, FL 33431 Phone · 561/750·6001 levels- W2·10, PREPOPT

.-1-=4-:::2-------------~C TEe HN10 UE • SEPT / 0 CT 2005

New Years Invitational Wolt Disney Wide World Sports Victory In. lake Bueno Vista, FL 32B30 Start Dote· 12/ 30/ 2005 Boca Twisters 3100 NW Boca Rotan Blvd. #30B Boca Rotan, Fl33431 Phone · 561 / 750·6001 levels - M4·1 0, EliTE Starlight Invitational 3000 Plummer Cove Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32223 Start Dote· 9/ 17/ 2005 Starlight Gymnastics Phone· 904/ 260-4866 levels - W2·6 GEORGIA

14th Annunal Altanata Crowd Invitational 927 Killion Hill Rd. lilburn, GA 30047 Start Dote· 1/13/ 2006 Gwinne" Gymnastics Center Phone· 770/ 921·5630 levels - W4·1 0, ELITE Apple Classic 2005 4500 Due West Rd. Kennesaw, GA 30144 Start Dote· 9/ 17/ 2005 Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta 3126 Cobb Pkwy. Kennesaw, GA 30152 Phone· 770/ 975·8337 levels - W4·6

April in Poris 130 Andrew Dr. Stockbridge, GA 30281 Start Dote· 4/ 8/ 2006 Paris Schl of Performing Arts Phone· 770/ 474·6184 levels- W2·9 Crown Jewel Invitational 1 Beachview Dr Jekyll Island, GA 31527 Start Dote· 11/5/2005 North Florida Gymnastics 12777·10 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville, Fl32225 Phone· 904/221·5544 levels - W3·6 Optionollntersquad 100 londonderry CI. Suite 100 Woodstock, GA 3018B Start Dote· 12/ 17/ 2005 Georgia AII·Stors Gymnastics Phone · 770/ 516·2654 levels- W7·10 Optionallntersquad 100 londonderry o. Suite 100 Woodstock, GA 30188 Start Dote· 12/17/ 2005 Georgia AII·Stars Gymnastics Phone· 770/ 516·2654 levels- W7·10

) >----------------

Spring Breok-Outlnvitotionol 44B5 Hickory Rd. Woodstock, GA 301 BB Stort Dote - 2/ 25/ 2006 GeorgioAII·Stors Gymnostics 100 londonderry Ct, Ste 100 Woodstock, GA 301 BB Phone - 770/ 516-2654 levels-W7-10 Turkey Tumble 100 londonderry Ct, Suite 100 Woodstock, GA 30188 Stort Dote - 11/5/ 2005 Georgio AII-Stors Gymnostics Phone - 770/ 516-2654 levels - W2-6

INDIANA Circle of Stors Indionopolis, IN Stort Dote - 1/ 21/06 DeVeou's School of Gymnostics Phone: 317/B49-7744 levels - W3-Elite, M4-10 IOWA Jump Jivin Invitotionol 2401 SE. Tones Dr. Ste. 7 Ankeny, IA 50021 Stort Dote - 10/22/ 2005 Triod Gymnostics Phone - 515/ 963-0215 levels - W4·6

Winter Blostlnvitotionol 100 londonderry Ct, Suite 100 Woodstock, GA 30188 Stort Dote - 1/ 21/2006 Georgio AII-Stors Gymnostics Phone - 770/ 516-2654 levels - W7-10

KANSAS Diomond Jewels Invite 7270 West 161 st SI. Overlond Pork, KS 66085 Stort Dote - 1/ 20/ 2006 Diomond GYM & Donce Acodemy, I Phone - 913/ 851 -7500 levels - W4-10

HAWAII Aloho Gymfest Koiluo High School 451 Ulumonu Dr. Koiluo, HI 96734 USA Stort Dote - 1/13/2006 Kokokohi Gymnostics Teom 45-558 #01 Komehomeho Hwy. Koneohe, HI 96744 Phone - 808/ 235-6866 levels - W4-10, ElITE, MI -7, ELITE

KENTUCKY Turkey Tumble Highlonds M.S. 2350 Memoriol Pkwy. Ft Thomos, KY 41075 Stort Dote - 11/19/ 2005 Top Flight Gymnostics 721 Centre ViewBlvd. CrestviewHills, KY 41017 Phone - 859/ 344-1010 levels - W3-6

Holloween Clossic 45-558 #C21 Komehomeho Hwy. Koneohe, HI 96744 Stort Dote - 10/ 29/ 2005 Kokokohi Gymnastics Teom Phone - 808/ 235-6866 levels - W4-6

US Cooches Cup Northern KY Convention Center One West Rivercenter Blvd. Covington, KY 4101 I Stort Dote - 1/ 20/ 2006 Cincinnoti Gymnostics 3635 Woodridge Blvd. Foirfield, OH 45014 Phone - 513/ 860-3082 levels - W4-10, ELITE

Invitotionol Event 1151 Mopunopuno SI. Rm. 03 Honolulu, HI 96819 Stort Dote - 1/ 6/ 2006 Hawoiion Islond Twisters, Inc. Phone - 808/ 839-4494 levels - W5-1O, ELITE Ku uipo Clossic Neol SBloisdell Center 777 Word Ave. Honolulu, HI 96BI4 Stort Dote - 2/ 18/ 2006 Roinbow Gymnostics Acodemy 9B-023 Hekoho Street #7 Aieo, HI 96701 Phone - 80B/ 48B-7030 levels - W4- I0 luko Nokoo 45-558 #C21 Komehomeho Hwy. Koneohe, HI 96744 Stort Dote - 3/ 5/ 2006 Kokokohi Gymnostics Teom Phone - BOB/ 235-6866 levels - W4-10 Pegosus Cup 484 Kolonikoo SI. Hilo, HI 96720 Stort Dote - 10/ 15/ 2005 Pontheon School of Gymnostics Phone - 808/ 96 I-2502 levels - W4-6

LOUISIANNA Northside Gymnostics Clossic 1973 Sixth St. Mondeville, LA 70471 Stort Dote - 1/ 20/ 2006 North Shore Gymnostics Phone - 985/ 624-8310 levels - W4- I0, ELITE MARYLAND 2006 Hills HD Clossic Prince Georges Sports Complex 8003 Sheriff Rd. londover, MD 20785 Stort Dote - 1/ 14/ 2006 Hill's Gymnostics 7557 lindbergh Dr. Goithersburg, MD 20879 Phone - 301 / B40-5900 levels - W4-10, ELITE Boltimore Woshington Invitotionol 13950 Old Gunpowder Rd. lourel, MD 20707 Stort Dote - 12/ 10/ 2005 Foirlond Gymnostics 13950 Old Gunpowder Rd. lou rei, MD 20707 Phone - 301/953-0030 levels - M4-I0 Block Eyed Suson Invitotionol Prince Georges Sport Complex 8001 Sheriff Rd. londover, MD 20785

Stort Oote - 11/12/ 2005 Mounders Gymnostic Center 7 AWest Aylesbury Rd. TImonium, MD 21093 Phone - 410/ 252-3374 levels - W4-1 0, ELITE Eost Coost Clossic Prince Georges Sports Cmplx BOOI Sheriff Rd. londover, MD 20785 Stort Dote - 2/ 10/ 2006 Foirlond Gymnostics 13950 Old Gunpowder Rd. lourel, MD 20707 Phone - 301/953-0030 levels - W4-10

III always want the best for

all my gyms.

Evergreen Invitotionol Prince Georges Sports Complex 8001 Sheriff Rd. londover, MD 20785 Stort Dote - 1/7/ 2006 Rebounders Gymnostic Center 7 AWest Aylesbury Rd. TImonium, MD 21093 Phone -410/ 252-3374 levels - W4-6 Foirlond Clossic 2006 13950 Old Gunpowder Rd. lourel, MD 20707 Stort Dote - 3/ 10/ 2006 Club Nome - Foirlond Gymnostics Phone - 301 / 953-0030 levels - TJ -10, ELITE


US Airborne Invitotionol Byron Center H.S. B500 Burlingome SW. Byron Center, MI49315 Stort Dote - 2/ 25/ 2006 ANA Sports U.S. Airborne 1601 Golbroith, Ste. 301 Grond Ropids, MI 49546 Phone - 616/ 975·2992 levels - M4-10

MINNESOTA Horvestlnvitotionol North SI. Poul H.S. 2416 E. I Ith Ave. North 51. Poul, MN 55109 Stort Dote - 10/ 15/ 2005 Rising Stors Gymnostics Acod 520 Hoyword Ave. N. Ookdole, MN 5SJ28 Phone - 651/730-4376 levels - W4-7

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That's why I switched ...

MASSACHUSETTS 2005 Pilgrim Horvest lnvitotion Regionol H.S. 320 Brookfield Rd. Fiskdole, MA 01518 Stort Dote - 11 / 18/ 2005 Giguer. Gymnastics, Inc. 148 Moin St. Cherry Volley, MA 0I6I I Phone - 50B/ 892-3797 levels - W2- I0, ELITE, PREPOPT MICHIGAN US Airborne Invitotionol Byron Center H.S. 8500 Burlingome SW Byron Center, MI 49315 Stort Dote - 2/ 24/ 2006 ANA Sports U.S. Airborne 1601 Golbroith, Suite 301 Grond Ropids, MI49546 Phone - 616/ 975-2992 levels - W3- I0





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SE PT / 0 CT 2005 ) > - - - - ------------=4-=3--.

Rising Stars Invitational North St Paul H.S. 2416E. llthAve. North St. Paul, MN 55109 Start Date - 2/ 18/ 2006 Rising Stars Gymnastics Acod 520 Hayward Ave. N. Oakdale, MN 55128 Phone - 651/730-4376 levels - W4-1 0 MISSISSSIPPI

Jungle Fever Invitational 1045 Tina ladner/Vic Faye Rd_ Pass Christian, MS 39571 Start Date - 9/ 23/ 2005 The Brook-lin Center for GYM & 1045 Tina ladner/Vic Faye Rd_ Pass Christian, MS 39571 Phone - 228/ 255-0047 levels - W2-7, PREPOPT MISSOURI

Sl.louis Classic Americas Center 701 Convention Plaza Sl.louis, MO 63101 Start Date - 1/ 6/2006 Team Central 2675 Metro Blvd. St. louis, MO 63043 Phone - 314/ 291 -5436 levels - W4-1 0, ELITE NORTH CAROLINA

High Paint Classic 3530 N. Main SI. High Point, NC 27265-1 B52 Start Date - 11/5/2005 High Point Gymnastics Academy Phone - 336/B69-3589 levels - W4-1 0 High Point Harvest Classic 3530 NMain SI. High Point, NC 27265-1852 Start Date · 10/ 8/ 2005 High Point Gymnastics Academy Phone · 336/ 869·3589 levels - W4·6 KPAC Cup 304 Leitz Place Statesville, NC 28677 Start Date · 2/25/2006 KPAC Phone· 704/872-2888 levels - W3·1 0, PREPDPT Salta Saleil Spectacular 2005 13601 Providence Rd. Weddington, NC 28104 Start Date· 9/ 17/ 2005 Southeastern Gymnastics Center Phone · 704/ 847·0785 levels - W4·6 NEWJERSY

2005 Fall Fling 10 Hartford Rd. Mount laurel, NJ 08054 Start Date· 9/ 25/ 2005 WiIl·Moor School of Gymnastics Phone · B56/ 234-5292 levels - W4·7 All Star Classic 1274 Hwy. 77 Bridgeton, NJ OB302 Start Date · 9/25/ 2005 Star Bound Gymnastics Academy Phone · B56/ 453·7996 levels - W4-7


Cherry Bawl 5larwin Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ OB034 Start Date - 12/ 3/ 2005 Cherry Hill Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856/795·4599 levels - W4-1 0 Rock NNovember 1274 Hwy 77 Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Start Dote - 11/13/2005 Star Bound Gymnastics Academy Phone - 856/ 453-7996 levels - W4-7 NEW MEXICO

2006 Gold Cup Classic University New Mexico Albuquerque, NM B7113 Start Date - 1/13/ 2006 Gold Cup Gymnastics 3461 Misty Meadows Dr NE. Albuquerque, NM B7113 Phone - 505/B21-B417 levels - W2-1 0, ELITE, MB-l0 NEVADA

Cactus Cooler Invitational VIII UNlV MCDERMOTT CENTER las Vegas, NV B9154 Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 Desert Gymcats Gymnastics 950 S. Cimarron Road las Vegas, NV 89145 Phone - 702/ 798-3547 levels - W4-1 0, ELITE DESERT FAll CLA5SIC 950 S. Cimarron Rd. las Vegas, NV B9145 Start Date - 11/5/ 2005 Desert Gymcats Gymnostics Phone -702/ 798-3547 levels - W4-6 Fall Fling 1000 Stephanie Place # 1 Henderson, NV 89014 Start Date· 10/ 15/ 2005 Academy of GYM -Salcianu GYM Phone ·702/ 795-3332 levels - W4-6 Go For It Classic 3105 Coleman SI. North las Vegas, NV 89032 Start Date· 1/27/ 2006 Go For It USA Phone · 702/ 658·9003 levels ·W2·10, PREPOPT, ELITE, GA, M4·10. ELITE, OPN Gymcats Invitational 440 S.Parkson Ste. B Henderson, NV 89015 Start Date· 9/24/2005 Gymcats Gymnastics Phone -702/566·1414 levels - W4-6 lady luck Invitational Tarkanion Basketball Academy 2730 Rancho Rd. las Vegas, NV 89102 Start Date· 1/ 20/ 2006 Brawn's Gymnastics·las Vegas 4544 C. W. Russell Rd. las Vegas, NV 8911B Phone · 702/ 257·9009 levels - W4·10, ELITE Perfector Invitational 3105 Coleman SI.

North las Vegas, NV B9032 5tart Date - 10/ 15/ 2005 Go For It USA Phone - 702/ 658-9003 levels - W4-6

2330 International SI. Columbus, OH 4322B Phone - 614/ 529-BB2B levels - W4-7

Ready or Not 440 S. Parkson 5te. B Henderson, NV 89015 Start Date - 12/10/ 2005 Gymcats Gymnastics phone - 702/566-1414 levels-M4-1O, W7-10

Fourth Annual Shooting Stars Invitational 1232 Falke Dr. Dayton, OH 45432 Start Date - 2/ 4/ 2006 Stars GYM And Dance, Inc. phone - 937/ 252-8787 levels - W4-9

Trick or Treat Meet 4544 C. W. Russell Rd. las Vegas, NV 89118 Start Date - 10/ 22/ 2005 Brown's Gymnastics-las Vegas Phone - 702/ 257-9009 levels - W4-6

Gold Rush Invitational 810 Slocum Rd. lancaster, OH 43130 Start Date - 10/ 15/ 2005 Hocking Valley GYM Center Phone - 740/ 653-3547 levels - W4-10

Vegas Cup UNlV, 4505 Maryland Pkwy. las Vegas, NV 89154 Start Date - 2/3/2006 Gymcats Gymnastics 440 S. Parkson Ste_ B Henderson, NV 89015 Phone - 702/ 566-1414 levels - W4-1 0, ELITE

The Kangaroo Classic 810 Slocum Rd. lancaster, OH 43130 Start Date -4/2/2006 Hocking Valley GYM Center Phone - 740/ 653-3547 levels - W4-5

Vegas lights Men's Invitational 950 S. Cimarron Rd. las Vegas, NV 89145 5tart Date - 1/14/ 2006 Desert Gymcats Gymnastics Phone - 702/798-3547 levels - M4-1 0, OPN

Winter Blast Sharonville Conv Or 11355 Chester Rd Sharonville, OH 45246 Start Date - 2/ 3/ 2006 Hyde Park Gymnastics 3434 Duck Creek Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213 Phone - 513/ 527-4343 levels - W4-1 0, M4-1 0

Vegas Vacation Home Courts, Commercial Way Henderson, NV B9014 Start Date - 2/ 10/ 2006 Academy of GYM -Salcianu GYM 1000 Stephanie Place # 1 Henderson, NV 89014 Phone - 702/ 795·3332 levels - W4-1 0, ELITE

Tulsa World Invitational 7020 E. 3Bth SI. Tulsa, OK 74145 Start Date - 1/ 20/ 2006 Tulsa World of Gymnastics Phone · 918/ 664·B6B3 levels - W4·1 0



Autumn Classic 5haker H.5. 445 Watervliet Rd. latham, NY1211 0 Start Date · 11/12/2005 World Class Gymnastics Academy 630 Columbia SI. Extension latham, NY 1211 0 Phone· 518/ 785-3481 levels - W4·1 0

2005 Shoot for the Stars 2233 NE 244th SI. #A·l Woodvillage, OR 97060 Start Date · 10/1/2005 American Elite Gymnastics llC Phone · 503/ 667-8872 levels - W4-6


Christmas Invitational 2040 Cherry Valley Rd. Newark, OH 43055 Start Date - 12/ 17/ 2005 Olympic Academy of Gymnastics Phone - 740/522·69B4 levels - W4-7 Fly into Fall Invitational 1232 Falke Dr. Dayton, OH 45432 Start Date· 10/ 29/ 2005 Stars GYM And Donee, Inc. Phone· 937/ 252-B7B7 levels - W4·6 Follow Your Dreams Inv. Hilliard Darby HS. 4200 Leppert Rd. Hilliard, OH 43026 Start Date - 4/8/2006 Fliptastic Gymnastics Inc.



Challenge at the Nest 1414SE 18Th Ave. #100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Start Date · 2/ 18/ 2006 Gym·Nestltd. Phone · 503/ 640-6378 levels - M4·7 Daisy Cup 1414 SE 18Th Ave. #100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Start Date · 4/ B/ 2006 Gym-Nest ltd. Phone · 503/ 640·637B levels - W4-10 Discovery Cup 1414 SE 18Th Ave. #100 Hillsbaro, OR 97123 Start Date· 10/ 15/ 2005 Gym·Nestltd Phone · 503/ 640·6378 levels - W4·1 0

SEPT / OCT 2005 )

Nov Comp 1414 SE 1BTh Ave. #100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Start Date - 11 / 5/ 2005 Gym·Nestltd. Phone - 503/ 640-6378 levels - W4-10

Judges Cup 2005 9B5B Chartwell Dallas, TX 75243 Start Date - 10/ 21/2005 Metroplex Gymnastics Phone - 972/ 231-5752 levels - W2·6

Shamrock Inv 1414 SE 18Th Ave. #100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Start Dote - 2/ 25/ 2006 Gym-Nestltd. Phone - 503/ 640-6378 levels - W4-10

Judge's Cup 2005 7632 W. Hwy. 71 Austin, TX 78735 Stort Date - 10/ 21 / 2005 National Elite Gymnastics Phone - 512/ 288-9722 levels - W2-6

Winter Inv 1414 SE 18Th Ave_#100 Hillsboro, OR 97123 Start Date - 1/ 21 / 2006 Gym-Nest ltd_ Phone - 503/ 640-637B levels - W4-1 0

Judge's Cup 2005 14451 Bellaire Blvd Houston, TX 770B3 Start Date - 10/ 21 / 2005 Dream Gymnastics Phone - 281 / 564-5757 levels - W2-6

PENNSYLVANIA 650 SGriffin SI. Dallas, TX 75243 Start Date - 1/21/2006 Metroplex Gymnostics 9B5B Chartwell Dallas, TX 75243 Phone - 972/ 231 -5752 levels - W4-1O, ELITE

John Panco« Invitational Founders Pavilion Church Farm 1001 E. lincoln Hwy. Exton, PA 19341 Start Date - 3/ 4/ 2006 John Panco« Gymnastic Center 2B4 lancaster Ave. Berwyn, PA 19355 Phone - 610/ 647-9847 levels - W4-10 John Panco« Invitational Founders Pavillion Church Farm 1001 Hwy. Exton, PA 19341 Start Date - 2/11/2006 John Panco« Gymnastic Center 284 lancaster Ave Berwyn, PA 19355 Phone - 610/ 647-9847 levels - M4-10 lVSA Mens Invitational 1665 E. Race St. Allentown, PA 18109 Start Date· 12/ 9/ 2005 lehigh Valley Sports Academy Phone - 61 0/ 264·220B levels -M4·10 Yurchenko Invitational 1665 East Race SI. Allentown, PA 18109 Start Date - 12/ 2/ 2005 lehigh Valley Sports Academy Phone - 610/ 264·2208 levels - W4-10

Valeri liukin Invitational 2005 1937 W. Parker Rd. Plano, TX 75023 Start Date - 12/ 9/ 2005 World Olympic Gymnastics Acad Phone - 972/9B5-9292 levels - W4-1O, ELITE WOGA Classic 2006 Allen HS. 300 Rivercrest Rd. Allen, TX 75002 Start Dote · 1/ 9/ 2006 World Olympic Gymnastics Acad 1937 W.Parker Rd. Plano, TX 75023 Phone - 972/ 985·9292 levels - W4-1 0, ELITE UTAH

Black ~iamond Winter Classic New Park Field House; New Main St. Park City, UT B4098 Start Date - 2/ 24/ 2006 Black ~iamond GYM & Sports Cen 6400 N. Business Park loop Park City, UT B4098 Phone· 435/ 615·1800 levels - W2·1 0


Beach Party Invitational Marrio" Beach Golf Resort 1 Hotel Circle Hilton Head Island, SC 2992B Start Date· 9/ 30/2005 Rockdale Gymnastics 1774 Old Covington Rd. Canyers, GA 30013 Phone · 770/ 4B3·0229 levels - W4·7 TEXAS

Judges Cup 2005 P.O. Box 50456 Midland, TX 7971 0 Start Date - 10/ 21 / 2005 legacy Elite Athletics Phone · 432/ 694·4665 levels - W2·6


12th Annual Beach Invitational 912 AProfessional Place Chesapeake, VA 23320 Start Date· 1/20/2006 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone·757/ 547·0169 levels - W4·1 0 Harvest Invitational 912 AProfessional Place Chesapeake, VA 23320 Start Date - 11 / 5/ 2005 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone· 757/ 547-0169 levels - W4·10

..................... leprechoun leop 7000 College Or. Prtsmuth City, VA 23707 Stort Dote - 3/ 5/ 2006 All Stor Gymnostics Phone - 757/ 966-5626 levels- W3-6

Sweetheortlnvitotionol 912 AProfessionol Ploce Chesopeoke, VA 23320 Stort Dote - 2/ 11/2006 Oceon Tumblers Gymnostics Phone - 757/ 547-0169 levels - W4-10

New Yeor Opener 10Bl0 Poulbrook Or. Midlothion, VA 23112 Stort Ootc - 1/7/ 2006 Virginio Inl. Gymnostics School Phone - B04/ 276-7039 levels - W4-10 Shomrock Invitotionol 912 AProfessionol Ploce Chesopeoke, VA 23320 Stort Dote - 3/ 1B/ 2006 Oceon Tumblers Gymnostics Phone - 757/ 547-0169 levels - W4-10

Yuletide Inivitotionol 912 AProfessionol Ploce Chesopeoke, VA 23320 Stort Dote - 12/ 3/ 2005 Oceon Tumblers Gymnostics Phone - 757/ 547-0169 levels - W4-10

Snowfloke Invitotionol 7000 College Dr. Prtsmuth City, VA 23707 Stort Dote - 1/14/ 2006 All Stor Gymnostics Phone - 757/ 966-5626 levels - W3-6 Spring fling 912 AProfessionol Ploce Chesopeoke, VA 23320 Stort Dote - 4/ 15/ 2006 Oceon Tumblers Gymnostics Phone - 757/ 547-0169 levels - W4-10


Bunny-Hop Invitotionol 6B22 S. 190th Kent, WA 9B032 Stort Dote -4/ 7/ 2006 Metropoliton Gymnostics, Inc. Phone - 206/ 575-413B levels - W4-7 Cooches Cup Invitotionol 6B22 S. 190th Kent, WA 9B032 Stort Dote - 2/17/ 2006 Metropoliton Gymnostics, Inc. Phone - 206/ 575-413B levels - W4-1 0 Cooches Cup Invitotionol Boys 6B22 s. 190th Kent, WA 9B032 Stort Dote - 2/ 19/ 2006 Metropoliton Gymnostics, Inc. Phone - 206/ 575-413B levels - M4-7

Judges Evoluotion Holidoy Express & level 7 Inviotionol 6B22 S. 190th Kent, WA 9B032 Stort Dote - 12/ 16/ 2005 Metropoliton Gymnostics, Inc. Phone - 206/ 575-413B levels -W4-10, ELITE WISCONSIN

Gymtostics Twilight Tumble 925 S. 12th St. Wotertown, WI 53094 Stort Dote - 11 / 12/ 2005 GymToslics Phone - 920/ 206·9323 levels - W4-6 Scomps 2005 level 4,5,6 Invitotionol 5711 77th SI. Kenosho, WI 53142 Stort Dote - 10/ 1/2005 Scomps Gymnostics Phone - 262/694·0B05 levels - W4-6

This list was compiled as of July 31,



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2005 USA Gym ~astics OHice .- Holiday Schedule ~ Thanksgiving Office will close at 12 :00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 23rd and will reopen for business on Monday, November 28th

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POSITION AVAILABLE BOYS & GIRLS GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. Greol career opportunity. Port lime posilions available weekdays ond/ or weekends for boys ond girls rec & lumbling dosses. If you love kids, love gymnoslies, ond love 10 leoch in 0 fun, safe, posilive and coring environmenl, give us 0 coli. Excellenlsolory. On~ highly mOlivoled, enlhusioslic leom ployerslhol wonllo moke 0 posilive difference wilh kids need opp~. Call (603)880·8482 or submil resume 10: or fox 603·880·1800. Websile: www. INSTRuaORS/ COACHES. Paragon Gymnoslics of Norwood (Bergen County), NJ is looking for Inslrudors and Cooches, PIT·FIT Weekdoys/weekends/evenings. Requiremenls: Posilive ottilude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Posilions available for pre·school Ihrough inlermediole level inslrudion. Compelilive Team Coach Levels 5·10. Company sponsored cerlificolions (Safety, CPR, Firsl Aid) Full benefils/poid vocolion & sick doys, com pony mOlched reliremenl pion. Wililroin. So lory commensurole wilh experience. NEW facility, slole·of·lhe·ort, opprox. 11,000 sq. h. Locoled in Ihe NY/NJ Melropolilon oreo, eosi~ occessible from 011 major highways. Conlod Dol: 201·767·6921 or fox resume 10 201·767·6693 or e· 49 Wolnul Sireel, Suile 4, Norwood, NJ 0764B. MANAGER/ GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. Greol career opportunilies in our NYC and Weslchesler locolion. Full time and port time positions ovoiloble. Weekdoys and/or weekends. If you love kids, love gymnosties, and love to teach in a fun, sofe, posilive and coring environment, give us a coil. Positions available for boby, loddler, preschool, oher school progrom, ond birthday parties. Excellent solory. On~ highly motivoted, enthusiostic teom players that wont to moke a positive difference with kids need opply. Coli Jodi's Gym ot 914·244·8811 , fox resume to 914·244·8833, or e·moil TEAM COACHES WANTED: 8rond new 12,000 squore foot facility in northeast Pennsylvania is seeking full time ond port time coaches to work wilh Ihe girls ond boys compelilive teams. Must hove experience with all levels. Boys coach wonted to work wilh boys in Ihe doss program and to help coordinate a boy's team program. Looking for dedicoted people who ore interested in a long term position and to be port of program thai will be first doss. Salary 525K·545K commensurate wilh experience plus benefits. please send resume and references to: First Closs Gymnoslics, 317 Greenbriar Dr., Moscow, Po. 18444. Beautiful Pork City, Woh is Ihe place for you! Block Diamond Gymnaslics & Sports Cenler is seeking FT & PT ortislic and Inl coaches (Levels 4·10). Posilions also ovoiloble for preschool ond recreolionol direclor(s). REQUIREMENTS: High energy, slrong leoching ond spotting skills and a leom player. Our new 15,000 squore fool facility opens lole summer 2005 ond is wilhin 5 miles of 3 world·renowned ski resorts! Solory is commensurole wilh experience. Email resume and references 10 or call I·B66·FlIP4FUN for more informolion. INSTRuaOR!COACH: Lorge·well equipped, 21,000 sq. h. facility, seeking 0 knowledgeable Head Coach 10 develop a Irompoline & lumbling progrom, recreolionollhrough compelilive leom. Pay is commensurote 10 experience. Responsibililies indude curriculum developmenl, program monogement, safety monogemenl, leom developmenl, ond coaching. Port lime positions for boys, girls, rhythmic, and preschool coaches, ond a bollelleacher for compelilive leolords 4·10. Melropolilon Gymnaslics is locoled in Seattle Woshinglon area. pleose send resume 10 6822 S. 1901h, Kenl WA 98032, emoil: phonr 425·282·5010. TIGHE INDUSTRIES is seeking on experienced MARKETING LEADER for our ALPHA FAaOR gymnaslics line. A bachelor's degree in Morkeling or relaled field reqUired;

must be a leam player wilh excellenl communicolion skills, have Ihe obilily 10 manage multiple priarilies. Knowledge of gymnaslies and Ihe gymnaslics induslry is required. Pasilian requires frequenl overnighl lrovel. TIghe offers comprehensive benefils package and campelilive salary, along wilh an opportunity 10 expand your creolivity. Please visil our websile 01 Submil resume and salary 10: TIghe Industries, Inc., Attn: Pamela Funk, 331 Easl Sevenlh Avenue, York PA 17404. Fox: (717)852· 6982. DO YOU LOVE KIDS AND THE SPORT OF GYMNASTICS? Twislers Gymnaslics and cheer Acodemy localed in Ocean City, Maryland is looking for an experienced gymnoslics Coach/ Gym Manager for our new~ expanded gym leam (developmenlal - Level 7) and recrealional programs. Requiremenls: Posilive attilude, highly molivoled enlhusioslic leom player, high energy indiVidual, full lime, weekends and weeknighl coaching hours, knowledge of Ihe USGF roulines. Cheer, dance ond bays knowledge a plus, bUI nal reqUired. Pasilion open immediolely. Excellenl salary and benefils package. Lois of room for advancement. Pleose coli for an inlerview: Phone 410· 629·0878 or fax Resume 410·629·0879. CLASS INSTRUaORSITEAM COACHES. Well eslablished, slale of Ihe art facility has coaching opportunilies for experienced inslruclors/coaches for PT/FT weekdays/ weekends/evenings. Posilions are avoiloble for preschool Ihraugh advanced girls' and boys' recreolional dasses and compelilive leams (levels 4·10) and Prep/ Oplionoi). Salary commensurole wilh experience. Fax resume 10 (978) 256·7779, email 10 or moil 10 AII·Slar Gymnoslics, 5 Kidder Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824. 80YS HEAD COACH AND TEACHING POSITION IN MAINE. An immediale coaching posilion is available 10 lake over and run our boy's gymnos1ies team program at

Moine Academy of Gymnoslics. The gym is localed rig hi oulside of Portland, Moine. It is Ihe largesl and mosl cenlrally locoled in Ihe slole. The Acodemy has a very successful girl's leam program 01 all USAG levels. We are looking 10 bring on a coach who is highly molivaled and enlhusiaslic. One who is willing 10 conlribule 10 our Irainings and Ihe overall high quality of our gymnoslics progroms. Maine is a fonloslic, dean and safe place 10 live and raise a family. Westbrook is 15 minules from Ihe ocean and only a little over on hour from Sunday River, Ihe lorgesl ski resort on Ihe Easl coast. Maine Acodemy is looking for a full lime coach or a part lime coach who may be attending one of Ihe nearby colleges 10 further Iheir career. We are offering a full career package which indudes greal wages, medical and reliremenl benefils as well as paid vacolions and eXlended learning opportunilies 10 Ihe righl individual. Please conlod: Moine Academy of Gymnaslics, 207·856·0232 (phone), 207·854-4392 (FAX)

provide concise inslruclion, dear illuslralions, and several coaching, spotting, and safety lips. Will your slaff be ready for your fallsludenls? Order dired by colling loll free: 1· 866·591·8500 or online: .

CLASS CONTROL for Windows. Serving Gymnaslics since 1990 wilh Closs Manogemenl and Accounls Receivable software, induding free Iroining and lechnicol support. Pocked wilh feolures, easy 10 use, and ne!workoble. Flexible selup, easy assignmenls, roslers, attendance, morkeling analysis, oulomoled luition colculalion, multiple discounls, addilionol/reloil charges, invenlory managemenl, sales lox support, lale charges, early poymenl discounls, invoices/slolemenls, receivables reports, financial and emollmenl summaries, inslrudor schedules, wailing and makeup lisls, mailing labels, send messages and invoices by e·moil, support for bonk droh and credil cord paymenls, and much more. Only 5600 (5300/ addilional workslolion). Conlad Vaughn Software Services 01 800·821·8516, v_u@bellsoulh.nel, or WWW. MC/VISA/AMEX/Discover.

Patti Komara Training Tapes and Lesson Plans - Make your life easier by having Patti lroin your slaff wilh lopes such as "Teaching Preschool Tumbling" and "Teaching Ihe Bock Handspring." Lesson plans available for all ages in gymnoslics, preschool dance, nursery school, doycores, and porenl and 101 dasses. Check oul all her lopes@www. or call for a currenl colo log (219)865· 2274. Find oul her secrels 10 success and how she has developed Ihe Tumblebear Gym Progrom, Gym·N·Learn Nursery School, a successfulschool·age program, a dance program, and large swim school. Menlion Ihis dassifiedad and lake 5%off your order.

Score Mosler · NO MORE Inputting Gymnosl Rosier dolo!! Score Mosler, Ihe mosl widely used software, jusl gol even better! Meel Direclors can now download rosier informalion from Ihe USAG websile. Feolures indude: creole rolalions, assign #'s, Ihe mosl comprehensive reporting and resulls can go diredly 10 your websile. Supporls: womens/mens, individuol/leom, orlislic/ rhythmic/ lrampoline, compulsory/ oplionol. www.Score· . FREE demo & user lisling. Conlacl: Mark Mahoney, P08 31421, Charlotte, NC, 28231. GYMNASTICS SCHOOL - CONNEaICUT. Locoled in an attroclive Upper Conneclicul lown, Ihis full service Gymnaslics School has been in business for 5 years and leases 5,000 square feel on 2 floors of a free slonding bUilding. This well managed school has all 4 opporolus (bars, beom, voult & floor), ond offers dosses in Irampoline, tumbling & cheerleoding ond also Team. Birthday parties ore held on weekends. School employs 6 employees plus owner. School offilialed wilh local lawn recrealion departmenls. Priced 10 sell 01 5169,000. Call Jeff, Hartford 8usiness 8rokers 860·674·9755. Visil us 01

EDUCATION Availoble now! The NEW GYMCERT Gymnoslics Iroining manuols (Levels 1, 2, 3, &Ihe NEW Skills &Drills for Ihe Compulsory Cooch Level's 4, 5 & 61 0 musl for Iraining your slaff; cui your lesson planning lime significanlly; use 10 coordinale doss progressions ond skill Iroining melhods; and, besl of all hove a quick reference Ihol is eosy 10 use which indudes Lesson Planning Forms ond Closs Evoluolion Forms by level. The GYMCERT manuols

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Would you like 10 expand your leolord sales? This is a good lime of Ihe year 10 inlroduce a new assortmenl of leolords. Rebecca's Mom popular leolard consignmenl program is Ihe solulion. Our consignmenlseledion fealures our neweslstyles and fabrics, induding Ihe Framed Hologram style. Rebecca's Mom specializes in workoul leolords and leom worm·up leolards fealuring Holograms, Foils, Glitter, Rhineslones and Nail Heads and our rainbow of soh Velvel fabrics. We also indude a sensalionalseledion of nylon Iycro designs fealuring Hawaiian prinls. Our leolords are designed wilh your Team Gymnasls in mind and are available in all sizes, 5/6 Ihrough adult large. We are currenlly occepling new opplicolions from Club Pro Shops, Porenl Boosler Groups, Reloil Siores and Summer Camps. Please coli our loll free lelephone number, 1·888·289·2536 or fax Rebecca's Mom 011·818·980·0119 for credil applicolion, lerms, and prices. We also supply Siale and Regional Meel Pockoges os well os I,olords for special evenls, so pleose call TODAY. CUSTOM ORDERS/WHOLESALE. Lei Saloro Leos help you design your nexl cuslom leolard, crop lop, or shorts! Perfed for: leam workoul attire, recilols, exhibilions, shows and summer camps. Soloro Leos' design slaff will be Ihere 10 assisl you every slep of Ihe way. Call 1·877·475·7676 (loll free) wilh queslions or 10 place your cuslom design order. No·risk consignmenl comp packages and meel packages are also available. Saloro's no·risk consignment program is Ihe perfed way for you 10 selilhe lalesl gymnaslics, cheer and dance ilems wilhoul any inilial inveslment. Check us oul 01 Call and gel slarted loday!



1-100 words = $100 101-200 words =$200 Your ad in Technique will automatically be placed online RATES

GYMNASTICS DRILLS &CONDITIONING for Ihe HANDSTAND ... Written for gymnasls juslleorning Ihe hondslond, bUI should also be useful in helping more advanced gymnasls in need of a friendly reminder on how 10 remain lighl while in molion. These drills and condilioning exercises are a necessity for all gymnosls. Topics indude .. The Squeeze in Molion, Pelvic nil, Shape and Shoulder Work induding Planche Work, Handsland Produdion, Shope in Malian, and More! Dlher books ... Over 100 Drills &Condilioning Exercises / Walkover & 80ck Handspring Drills / Leg & Ankle Condilioning. Order your drills books loday! www. / 888·496·8749. GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Gel wilh Ihe program! It's better Ihan ever, wilh a lerrific assortmenl of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales polenliol. Plus, ii's easier Ihon ever 10 order, sell and relurn your RISK FREE gormenls. We offer cuslomized packages for your pro shop, meels and summer compo You only pay for whal you've sold and may relurn Ihe resl, Ihere is absolulely


NO RISK! If you haven'llried us lalely, it's lime you slorted earning exira prafils wilhour RISK FREE merchandise. Coli 1·800·345·4087 for more informalion on how you con gel slorted laday! Email:

TEe H N10 UE •

for 30 days 01 no oddi~onol charge. The address ~: Your 30 days will begin on the nexl regular posting dole.



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SUBMIT Mail your ad and payment to: USA Gymnasties, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capilal Ave., Sle. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fax 10 317·237·5069.

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Technique is received by more than 16,000 USA Gymnastics professional members jluS thousands of viewers will be expose to your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, product, service, or comp'etilion here for great results. Queslions? Call Luan Peslek at 317-829-5646.

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USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867


1005 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our

website Please see the website for the most CUlTent schedule. 'Trrre tR! date sd1ject to dmge. See for 1fIdates.


Timonium, MD 21093; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Holiday Inn Select (Reg. VII Cong), 2004 Greenspring Dr Directions: John Perna 410-876-0662 Course code: JP1 0062005MD Instructor: John Perna Jr 410-876-0662


Bolon Rouge, LA 70815; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. c.G.'s Gymnastics Inc. Directions: Caesar Garcia 225-275-5597 Course code: CG10152005LA Instructor: Caesar Garcia 225-275-5597

September 23


S10te CoIege, PA 16801; 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm Nittany Gymnastics Directions: Mike Rizzuto 814-238-8995 Course code: MR09232005PA Instructor: Michael Rizzuto 814-238-8995 Edison, NJ 08820; 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Hendersons Gymnastics, 216 Tingley lane ' 9:15 Registration Directions: Cathy Finkel 973-335-1943 ' lunch break given. Course code: CF09252005NJ Instructor: Cathy Finkel 973-335-1943


December 4

North Los Vegas, NV 89032; 2:00 6:00 p.m. Go For It USA Directions: Don Spencer 702-658-9003 Course code: DS12042005NV Instructor: Don Spencer 702-658-9003

Fitchburg, MA 01420; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Best Western Royal Ploza, 150 Royal Plaza Drive Directions: Polrida McDiarmid 413-596-2313 Course code: PM 10012005MA Instrudor: Polrida McDiarmid 413-596-2313



(Minimum age for Safety Certification is '6 years}


Mole or Female:_ _ _ _ __

Professional or Instructor #: _ __ _ __

Current Safety Exp. Dote: _ __ _ __

Soc. Sec. # ____________ Birth Date:_ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State: ______ Zip: Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

(W) _ _ _ _ _ _ __

E-mail Address: Course Code: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course City/State: _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Date: _ _ _ _ _ __ Form of Payment: Name on Card:

0 VISA 0 Other _ _ _ _ _ Payment Amount: _ _ _ __

Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.: ....:................ no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety CertifICation ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associate Member. ....................................... $ 115.00 • You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics two(2) weeks prior to the course date'. late registrations, incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment will not be processed. late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, including the course book, are prOVided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four( 4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six( 6) months with prior written notification. late fee will apply if notification is received alter course deadline. 'Usa Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

Mail registration form and payment to:

Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Dole: ___



Signature: _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212

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Technique Magazine – September/October 2005  

Technique Magazine – September/October 2005