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Winter Classic (TT) American Challenge (W)

Ft. Smith, AR San Antonio, TX

JO Regional Chomps (M) JO Regional Chomps (M) NCAA National Championships (M) NCAA Regional Championships (W) Collegiate National Championships (M,W) National Team Camp (TT) level 9/1 0 Regional Championships (W) NCAA National Championships (W) level 10 Regional Championships (W)

Various Sites Various Sites West Point, NY Various Sites Ithica, NY Kansas City, MO Various Sites Auburn, Al Region 7

J.O. Notional Championships (M) level 9 East Championships (W) level 9 West Championships (W) Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp J.O. National Championships (W) J.O. Championships (R) National Team Training Camp (W) High Performance Coaching Seminar (W) National Elite Qualifier (W)

Houston, TX PalmeMo, Fl St. louis, MO Cincinnati, OH Ontario, CA TBD Houston, TX New Waverly, TX Houston, TX

APRIL 1-3 7-9 7-9 9 14-16 14-17 15-17 21-23 23-24

MAY 4-8 6-8 6-8 12-16 13-15 14-15 18-26 19-22 21-22


17-19 18-19 22-26 24-26 29-July 2

Moster Compulsory Workshop (W) level 9 Championships (R) Master Compulsory Workshop (W) GG Nationals (GG) Pacific RimSports Summit (M, W) U.s. Qualifier (M) Reg. 3 Compulsory Workshop and Technical Symposium Reg. 2 Compulsory Workshop and Technical Symposium XXI American Sokol Slet (M,W,R,IT) U.S. Elite Challenge (IT) J.O. Notional Team Training Camp (W)

louisville, KY Detroit, MI Reno, NV Ft. Worth, TX Tacoma, WA Colorado Springs, CO Plano, TX Portland, OR Chicago, Il Phoenix, AZ Colorado Springs, CO

World University Games (M,W,R) Eastern Championships (R) Future Stars Camp (M) Jeff Metzger's I-Day Boot Camp Jeff Metzger's I-Day Boot Camp World Games (R,TT,AG) Western Championships (R) U.SClassic Challenge (W) Notional Championships (AG) Notional Championships (TT)

Izmir, TUR College Pork, MD Colorado Springs, CO Houston, TX Dallas, TX Duisburg, GER Portland, OR Viginia Beach, VA lOUisville, KY Houston,TX

Notional Gymnastics Day Visa Championships (M,W,R,AG) National Business Conference (B) National Congress

Nationwide Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis, IN

AUGUST 6 10-13 10 11 -13

SEPTEMBER 14 15-18 21 -23 30-0ct 2

Jeff Metzger's I-Day Boot Camp World Championships (TT) World Age-Group Games TOPs Notional Testing (W)

Chicago, Il Eindhoven, NED Eindhoven, NED Houston, TX

TOPs Notional Camp (W) Jeff Metzger's I-Day Boot Camp TOPs BNotional Camp (W)

Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ Houston, TX

American Cup


level 9/1 0 Regional (W) level 9 East & West Championships (W) JO National Championships (W)

Various Sites TBD TBD

JO Notional Championships (M)


GG Nationals GG World Gymnaestrada Training Camp


Visa Championships (M,W,R,AG)



APRIL 1-2 21-23 28-30



AUGUST 16-19

OCTOBER World Championships (M,W)

Aarhus, DEN


Future Stars National Championships (M) Notional Coaches Workshop (M)



American Cup


level 9/ 10 Regionals (W)

Various Sites

JO Notional Championships (W) level 9 East & West Championships (W) JO Notional Championships (M)


World Gymnaestrada (GG)

Dornbirn, AUI

APRIL 21-22

Financial Management Seminar with Sean Dever

11 -13 18-20 TBD


AUGUST 15-18 Visa Championships (M,W,R,AG)



Future Stars National Championships (M) Notional Coaches Workshop (M)


American Cup Olympic Gomes (M,W,R,TR)

TBD Beijing, Chino

AUGUST 1 8-24

W= Women M= Men ACRO = AG


Cincinnati, OH Melbourne, AUS TBD TBD


JULY TBD 9-10 10-17 13 14 14-24 16-17 22-23 22-28 26-Aug 3

Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp World Championships (M,W) Future Stars National Championships (M) Notional Coaches Workshop (M)

DECEMBER 3-7 7 7-11


JUNE 2-5 4-5 9-12 9-12 9-12

17 -21 21-27 TBD TBD

R= Rhythmic GG = Group Gymnastics B= Business

Indianapolis, IN

TR =Trampoline TU = Tumbling IT = Trampoline/ Tumbling

NOTE: Dates and events subject to change or cancellation•


TEe HN10 UE • MAR CH20 0 5

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2005 National Congress and Trade Show ..


Spotlight: First Lady of Gymnastics Retires, Jacquelyn "Jackie" Klein Fie .


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CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colarossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donahue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; SECRETARY: Gory Anderson; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomila; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR SPORTS-ACRO: Tanya Case; PUBLIC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION: Ron Ferris; AMERICAtt SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Beny Heppner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION·MEN: Francis Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES-WOMEN: Mark Cook; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Slrawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'SGYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION·MEN: Lou Burkel; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Cynlhio Doyle Perkins; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION-MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Todd Vesely; US. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS CLUBS: Mike Jacki; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION-MEN: Thom Glielmi; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION-WOMEN: David Holcomb, SIeve Rybacki; U.S. MEN'SGYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Tim Klempnouer; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'SCHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETICASSOCIATION-WOMEN: Meg Slephenson; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIREGORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Gro<sfeld; RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, Michelle Lorson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom Forsler; TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kemplon, Dr. Gearge Drew; SPORTS·ACRO: Undo Parler, Jay Binder, ATHLETES COUNCIL: Vanessa Vander Pluym, Caroline Hunl, lorillo Fonloine, Shannon Miller, Kim Zmeskol·BurdeHe, Jamie Slrondmork, Karl Heger, Joy Tharnlon, USOC Alhlele Rep.; Dominick Minicucci, Execulive Board Member John Roelhlisberger. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lari Katz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale Fober-Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, Howard Schwartz. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 ensure uninlerrupled delivery of TE(HNIQUE magazine, nolice of change of address should be made eighl weeks in advance. For faslesl service, please en dose your presenl mailing label. Direct all subscriplion mail 10 TE(HNIQUE Subscriplions, USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Capilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. TE(HNIQUE is published monlh~ excepl bimonlh~ in Sepl/Oct and Nav/ Dec by USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, Suile 300, 201 Soulh Capilol Avenue, Indionapor~, IN 46225 (phone: 317-237-5050) or visi! online @ w•• • usa-gyonast its. org Subscriplion prices: US.-525 per year; Conada/MexicQ-54B per year; all olher foreign caunlries-56D per year. If available, back illue single copies 54 plus postage/handling. All reasonable care will be loken, bUI no responsibilily can be ollumed for unsoliciled maleriol; endose relurn poslage. Copyrighl 2004 by USA Gymnastics and TE(HNIQUE All rights reserved. Prinled by Sport Graphics, Indianapolis, IN. Member Services l-BOO-345-4719

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USA GYMNASTICS Message The dawn of a new quadrennium has arrived. As the luster from Athens continues to shine on USA Gymnastics, we recall the stellar performances of our athletes at the 2004 Olympics. The team's success provided a bold signature on the progress USA Gymnastics has made over the past four years. The future is bright, hopeful, and exciting. Our Olympic success is not solely a demonstration of talent at the elite level. It is an indication of the unwavering commitment and dedication of our athletes, coaches, professional members and volunteers. USA Gymnastics has developed and refined an incredible infrastructure of Junior Olympic events and athlete identification programs, creating valuable opportunities for our young gymnasts and funneling emerging talent to the elite level. Steve Penny Sr. Vice President

Within gymnastics, this successful system is as strong as any in the world. In fact, USA Gymnastics fields inquiries from other national governing bodies eager to learn more about our program and the development of our athletes. The tireless effort of everyone involved in our athlete development pipeline is being widely recognized. Our progress is assisted by the strong support and commitment of some outstanding corporate sponsors. USA Gymnastics identifies corporate sponsors who share in our core values and who want to contribute to our growth and success. We work closely with these companies to help them create a positive association between USA Gymnastics and their brands. I am happy to report that Visa, IJ. Maxx, GK/Elite Sportswear, AAI, and A-l Awards are continuing their support through 2008. In addition, agreements with more companies are being negotiated. A priority with all of these partnerships is to closely align our joint marketing activities with the gymnastics community so that our members, event promoters, and clubs benefit from these relationships.

USA GYMNASTICS Begin I-le re. Go Anywhere.

Our goal is to work with these sponsors to grow the sport while supporting USA Gymnastics programs. We are always open to fresh ideas on how to best integrate sponsors with opportunities. You are invited to forward me thoughts or suggestions at A team philosophy is essential in creating successful partnerships. Successful partnerships provide value to the sponsors and benefits back to the gymnastics community. Please patronize the companies that support USA Gymnastics and I encourage you to participate in the marketing activities that are made available through their involvement. We all benefit from a strong foundation. For a national governing body, a healthy corporate base is one of the building blocks of a strong foundation. USA Gymnastics is fortunate that many of our building blocks are secure. We can look to a future filled with success, growth and shining moments, like those we shared in Athens. Sincerly,

Steve Penny Sr. Vice President

Coaches/ Club Owners: Call to receive a free cata log for your team apparel o r pro shop needs. Ask about ou r custom design services, the GK Risk Free Program and how you can receive who lesa le prices on all GK apparel. Dealer Inquiries Welcome


USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program Support the Company that Supports Your Sport!


GK is proud to have been chosen by adidas to manufactllre lhe 2004 National and Olympic Team Compelitive apparel lor USA Gymnastics.

Elite Sportswear, L.P. • 2136 N. 13th Street • P.O. Box 16400 • Reading, PA 19612-6400 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-345-4087 • Toll Free Fax: 1-888-866-9884 • E-mail: • Web: www.gk-eli


By Chris KoLba MHS PT CSCS Masters of Health Science Degree in Physical Therapy Certified Strength/ Conditioning Specialist Director of OrthoNeuro sports medicine clinic in Columbus, OH Strength/co nditioning consultant for Buckeye Gymnastics, Columbus, OH National lecturer/ speaker on topics of strength, conditioning and rehab

R facilitate greater muscle, joint and Most would agree that a strong "core" balance receptor activity, ultimately is essential to all sporting activities The internal oblique is th e leading to greater carry-over to the and tasks of daily living. What is the middle muscle of the abdom inal wall and runs at skill or activity. It also facilitates core and howdo we train itto maximize right angles to the oblique performance? Generally speaking, more effective interaction between all the muscles and joints involved the core consists of the lower back, in the skill, not just one or a few lateral trunk and abdominal (rectus as seen in the traditional sit-up or abdominus, obliques, transverse hyperextension exercise. The object abdominus) musculature. For years, being to enhance the body's ability largely based on traditional anatomy to load to explode. lessons and body building routines, we believed that endless sit-ups and hyperextensions were the way to The true function of the abdominal go. As our understanding of human muscles is to decelerate or control The external oblique backward bending and rotation of is the outermost movement and sports performance muscle of the have grown, we began to realize the trunk. You do not need them abdominal wall to forcibly flex the trunk forward that training for performance often (as a sit-up does) because gravity required a different approach - hence will do this for free. The muscles the term "sport specific" training. of the low back help decelerate Simply stated, the more an exercise forward flexion and rotation of the looks and feels like the activity to trunk. The respective muscles of the be performed, the greater the carrytrunk rely on various other muscles over to that activity. When designing exercises to enhance performance, to assist them with the task at hand. One common theme that is one must look at the activity or skill critical for human movement and and ask - how does gravity, ground sport is that all muscles need to be reaction forces and momentum effect eccentrically elongated relatively the body and how do all the muscles quickly (loading) to enhance their and joints interact to complete a skill or movement? In the traditional sit up one lies on their back concentric contraction (exploding). Think of a rubber band, and attempts to bring the shoulders up towards the pelvis, the more you pull it the harder and faster it snaps back. in essence contracting only the abdominals. For performance/ Your muscles utilize the same principle called the stretch function we would ask - when in gymnastics do you lay on your shortening cycle to enhance the muscles ability to move the back and do this? Are the gravitational forces the same? Are body explosively. An easy example of this is in jumping. You the ground reaction forces the same? Is the momentum the always "squat" down or load first to enhance your ability to same? Do all the body parts interact similar to a gymnastics jump or explode higher. Try jumping up high without bending skill? The answer is rarely, if at all. In gymnastics, the body is your knees or ankles first; its impossible. primarily in a vertical position with various components of spin and rotation acting against gravity, utilizing and absorbing Presented here are what we call the Med Ball 6 exercises. They ground reaction forces and momentum. Therefore, training are designed to train the core more appropriately to enhance the core in an upright position would be a better choice to the skills performed in gymnastics. Initially focus on correct




) > - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -

form, control and full range of motion. Work from slow to higher speeds of movement. Start with light and progress to moderate resistance. Initially, begin with 10-15 reps of each. Gradually work up to 2-3 sets of 10-15 using a light to moderate med ball (depending on size/ age of gymnast). Never sacrifice form for speed or resistance. This only leads to poor results, compensations and injury. Remember the idea is to help increase the muscles ability to load in order to more forcefully explode in an environment that closely mimics what the muscles and joints will experience in the actual skill.

Figure 38

Figure 3A

Figure lA and lB. MB Chop

Hold MB with both hands. Reach high overhead and back and then "chop" down between legs. Bend knees on downward movement. Alternate up and down chop in controlled rhythmic motion for desired reps.

Figure 3A and B. MB DiagonaL Chop

Reach high over one shoulder and then "chop" down and across to the opposite hip. Pivot feet with rotation movement to protect low back. Knees should bend with downward movement. Diagonal chop up and down in controlled rhythmic motion for desired reps. Do both left and right diagonal chops Figure 4. MB Long Arm Rotation

Same as above except hold MB out in front of body at chest level.

Figure lA

Figure 18

Figure 2

Figure 2. MB Tight Rotation

Hold MB close to body. Rotate side to side for desired reps. Make sure to pivot feet when rotating to protect low back.

- - -- - -- - -- - --



MB Overhead

Stand with feet shoulder width or less. Hold MB overhead. Tilt body side to side in controlled rhythmic movement. Let hips move with body. Stay fully upright with movement, don't let body sway forward or back. This can lead to increased stress on low back. Can hold ball on head to decrease lever arm if back bothers them or not use MB. Note: Squeezing glutes seems to help minimize stress in low back . â&#x20AC;˘ MA R(H 2005

) >--- - -- - -- - - -- - ----=7,....



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said, "It's a great step for this year but I have a lot of things to improve upon and I know I need to get my start values up. The results show that I'm prepared and the USOTC has been a good change." David's long term goal is to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. He added, "But, along the way, I want to make the 2005 World Championships team and compete in as many competitions for the U.S. as I can and bring back as many medals as possible."

Durante Driven to Succeed

In 2004, after Olympic Trials, Durante moved from California to Colorado to train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. We asked about his move and he said, "I was ready for a change. I needed to get away from college life. I'm surrounded by other great gymnasts at the OTC like Jason (Gatson) and Brett (McClure) and Yewki (Tomita) and Steve McCain comes in on occasion, too. It really pushes

So what does Durante like to do when he's not in the gym? "I like to draw. I'm into art. I do portraits, some gymnastics pictures, landscapes and a variety of things. It's relaxing for me. I also like to watch other sports. My favorite sport besides gymnastics is soccer. I played soccer in high school and a lot of my family plays soccer, too." We asked Durante to tell us one thing that most people don't know about him . He said, ''I'm an Italian citizen . My dad was born in Italy and my mom's family is from Italy. I received dual citizenship when I was younger. I just had to apply for it before I was 18 years old. I can speak Italian just okay but I can understand it pretty well. My dad speaks fluent Italian. I've been to Italy 8 or 9 times and I love it. I'd like to eventually live there for a little while." Good luck to David as he drives to succeed in his sport!

By Luan Peszek David Durante is 24 years old and a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in biology. He's also a full-time gymnast at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., and recently became the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge All-Around Champion. We asked David how it felt to win the Winter Cup Challenge and he said, "It was a great feeli ng to win--It was amazing. It's the start of what I want to accomplish in the next few years." Durante is defi nitely driven to succeed. In fact, his goal coming into Winter Cup was to win. He

As far as the next big event, Durante is not quite sure. He says he knows there are some international events coming up and he hopes he gets an assignment in the next few months. As far as the future, Durante would like to go into physical therapy but, at the present, there are no schools in Colorado Springs for this pursuit, so Durante will be taking some business and art classes at a local college. "I prefer to be busy and concentrate on more things than just gymnastics," said Durante. "Once I leave gym I want to get it out of my mind and be passionate about other things. Focusing on the gym 24 hours a day makes me crazy."

Success starts with planning. GYMCERT Coaching Certification Manuals help you do just that. Each chapter is packed with easy to read instructions, complete illustrations, and several coaching and spotting tips. The key to keeping students is fun and exciting lesson plans. Can you afford not to invest in your staff's education? Cut the cost of training new staff and high turnover in your classes with these GYMCERT manuals. Order online or send $34.95 for each Level 1,2, or 3 ($90 for aIl3!) to:

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(L~V~LS 7-10)

tilfJ}t((~ th~ G~N~RAL IN~ORtv1ATION





~___J'~j-f _


June 3-5, 2005, Louisville, KY, Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel Ballroom June 10-12, 2005, Reno, NV, Reno Hilton Hotel- Silver State Pavilion PURPOS~


To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the 2005-2013 USA Gymnastics Women's Junior Olympic Program: concepts, compulsory exercises, the interpretation of the text, technical execution of the skills, as well as the optional rules and requirements. To enhance the knowledge of the teachers, coaches, and judges, enabling them to effectively and professionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts engaged in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program. To provide an opportunity for gymnastics professionals to become Safety-certified. MAST~R


The Women's Jr. Olympic Program Committee members will be presenting the new Compulsory exercises. The Women's Technical Committee members will be the clinicians for the Optional Technical Symposium.

WORKSI-IOP/SYMPOSIUM COST Online registration and registration forms will be available on the web site in early January of 2005. Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY. D~ADLlN~



By March 11th for registrations by FAX or mail By March 18th for Online registrations

Registration per site is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 6th; no refunds after May 6, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.)

Pro, Jr. Pro & Instructor Member Price

Choose one of four options:

Non-Member Price


EarLv Req.


EarLv Req.

1. CompuLsory Workshop onLy - LeveLs 1-6 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) 2. CompuLsory Workshop LeveLs 1-4 onLy (Sun.)









3. TechnicaL Symposium - LeveLs 7-10 (Sat. night/Sun.)





4. CompuLsory Workshop (Lev. 5 & 6 onLy-Fri./Sat.)





PLUS TechnicaL Symposium (Lev. 7-10 - Sat. night/Sun.) MAT~RIALS INCLUD~D



Compulsory Workshop: USAG Jr. Olympic Compl/lson} Program book. Technical Symposium: Jr. Olympic Code of Points (a combination of the present JO Technical Handbook and the listing/ illustrations of all elements and their values as in the FIG Code of Points). Every person registered will be able to order one additional copy of the Jr. Olympic Compulsory Program book ($45) and / or JO Code of Points ($55).

• • • •

The following additional materials will also be available for purchase at the workshop: Floor Exercise music Compact Disc: ...................... ........................... ........ .... ".,"', .. ,..................................... .... ................................................................. $15.00 Level 1-6 DVD (videos will be available also) ................... ... ........ ....... .,............. ..... ................................... .... .. .. ..... .... .. .. ... .. .. ............................................ $30.00 Wall charts for compulsory levels (Level 1-4, LevelS, Level 6) .. .. ...... .... ...... ... ... .... .. ................ ....... .. ... ... ...... .. ... ..... ..... ....... ... .. ............. ................... $4.00 each Awards Program materials (Lev. 1-4 Wall chart, skill report cards, patches, pins & chevrons) .. ... .... ...... .................. ... .. .... .... .................................... $50.00




)>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



I. LEVEL 10 JUDGES' RE-CERTlFICATION COURSE Invitations/registration form will be sent directly to $50.00 those judges who are eligible: Registration by mail • Must be a Level 10 judge who has passed the or FAX only Level 10 test two times-once in the current 2001-2005 cycle and once in the previous cycle) • Must also be registered for the Technical Symposium

Active Participation:

Lecture Demonstration:

Louisville: June 2 & 4, 2005 #1 (Thurs. 6-10 PM) Code BM06022005KY


Expired Safely

Instructor Member

#2 (Sat. 1-5 PM) Code BM06042005KY

Non·Member or Associate Member

Reno: June 9 & 11, 2005 #1 (Thurs. 6-10 PM) Code MT06092005NV


"Walk through" parts of the routines for 3, 4, 5, and 6 Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. In general, the group participation on the floor will be limited in time in order to cover all the materiaL Therefore, please do not expect to complete the memorization of the routines on site. There will be additional practice time available each evening. For all levels of Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Flexibility and Conditioning and Beam and Floor Exercise for Levell & 2.


WORKSI-IOP SCI-IEDULE Thurs., June 2 or 9 .... 12:00 noon- 9:00 PM ...................................................................... Registration-Compulsory Workshop 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM ............................................................................................... Safety Course # 1 Fri., June 3 or 10 ...... 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM .................. .. .......... .................... ........ ........ Late registration-Compulsory Workshop 8:30 AM - 5:15 PM ................................................................. Compulsory Level 5 & 6 - various events 7:15 PM - 9:30 PM ............................................................................................................. Practice Sat., June 4 or 11.. ... 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM ..................................................................... Compulsory Lev. 5 & 6 various events 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM ..................................... .... .. .............................. Registration-Technical Symposium 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM ............................ .. ...... .. .................................................... .... ... Safety Course #2 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM .. ............ ............................................ . Technical Symposium-General Info & 1 event 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM ........................................................................ Practice - compulsory levels 5 & 6 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM ........................................................................... Lev. 10 Re-certification self-test Sun ., June 5 or 12 .... 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM ................................................................... Late registration-Technical Symposium 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM .. ......................... .. .................................. Lev. 10 Re-certification - Practice judging 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM ........................................................... Compulsory Levels 1-4 & conditioning/ flexibility 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ........................................................................................... Technical Symposium 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM ........................................................... Lev. 10 Re-certification-self-test/ practicejudging (6:15-7:45 dinner break) 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM .................................. .... ................ .... ...... ...... .. ........ Compulsory Q & A & practice

I-IOUSING 1) LOUISVILLE: Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel 280 W. Jefferson, Louisville, KY A very large block of rooms has been reserved. Call (800) 228-9290 by Wed. May 4, 2005 for reservations. Louisville Marriott Workshop Guest Room Rates: Single/Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy $95.00 plus State & Local tax (currently 13.95%) Use Code "USAG Workshop" to receive workshop rates The Maniot is 8 miles from Louisville Airport. Shuttle to hotel available for $9.00. Parking at the hotel is $9.00 per day. 2) RENO: Reno Hilton 2500 E. Second St., Reno, NV 89595 A very large block of rooms has been reserved. Call (800) 648-5080 by midnight Wed. May 9, 2005 for reservations.

Reno Hilton Workshop Guest Room Rates: Single/Double/Occupancy $89.00 plus State & Local tax (currently 12%) Use the Code "USA Gymnastics" or "TUSA" to receive workshop rates The Hilton is located only 5 miles from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Complimentary airport shuttle from airport to the hotel available every 15 minutes before and after the hour, with the last airport pick-up at 11:45 PM. ComplimentanJ and valet parking is available at the Hilton. Note: For either location, any reservations after the cut-off d ate will be based strictly on availability. All reserva tions must be accompanied by a first night room deposit, or guaranteed with a major credi t card. Any reservation can celled within 48 hours of the arrival d ate will be charged for one (1) night's room and tax.

AIR TRAVEL For those attendees h'aveling by air, USA Gymnastics has arranged a special discount with American Airlines. To receive your discounted airfare, please contact American Airlines Group and Meeting Desk directly at 1-800-433-1790. You must use the specific authorization code to receive your 5-10% discount. Louisville Workshop code: A 1 5 5 5 A M Reno Workshop code: A 3 1 6 5 A N

- -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - «


MA R(H 2005


V/ \ iM

Omce Use Only Date Rcvd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Amt. Pd. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Check # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Postmark _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Women's J.D.

GYM~~~TICS National Workshops



MarrioU I-Iotel Downtown, Louisville, KY· June 3-5

If preferred site is not avai la6le. please check one:


Register me for another site.



Reno, I-lilton, Reno, NY • June 10-12

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PARTICIPANT IN~ORMATION: i=irst Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Last Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ USAG Pro/Instructor # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [;xp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Daytime Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ [;mail _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

WORKSHOP/SYMPOSIUM COST Online registration and registration forms will be available on the web site in early January of 2005. Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212l. On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY.


I=OR ~ARLY R~GISTRATION By March 11th for registrations by FAX or mail By March 18th for Online registrations Registration per site is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 6th; no refunds after May 6, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.) Pro, Jr. Pro & Instructor Member Price

Check only one of the four options:


1. Compulsory Workshop only - Levels 1-6 (Fri./Sat./Sun.)


2. Compulsory Workshop Levels 1-4 only (Sun.) 3. Technical Symposium - Levels 7-10 (Sat. night/Sun.) 4. Compulsory Workshop (Lev. 5 & 6 only-Fri./Sat.)

0 0

Reaist. 0$325.00 0$125.00 0$200.00 0$445.00

Earlv Rea. 0$300.00 $100.00 n $175.00 0$420.00


Non-Member Price

Reaist. 0$375.00 $175.00 0$250.00 0 $495.00


Earlv Req. 0 $350.00 0$150.00 0 $225.00 0$470.00

PLUS Technical Symposium (Lev. 7-10 - Sat. night/Sun.) PAYM~NT IN~ORMATION: (make checks payable to USA Gymnastics)

Credit Card

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Mail Registration

[;xp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ~orm

to: USA Gymnastics, WJO Workshops, 201 S. Capitol Ave. Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 ~AX: 317.692.5212

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A SPORT DEFINED BY THE 1 0.0 By Russell W. Fystrom • University of Minnesota • E-mail fystr001@umn .edu

hat do you think of when you hear the number 10.0? We in gymnastics have been able to take a mere number 10.0 and have the entire world associate that number with perfection . r don't know of a ruling body that has developed a concept of such magnitude. People understand that a 10.0 is a symbol of perfection. People use the 10.0 all the time in humor and judgment of non-gymnastics related concepts to denote striving or achieving perfection. Each association relates to the concept that gymnastics has developed, and we benefit by people associating the 10.0 with gymnastics and perfection. First and foremost the 10.0 defines our sport. Are we willing to give all that up because we feel the need to fix the rules but are not creative enough to fix them within the parameters of a 10.0? This abandonment of the 10.0 will not serve gymnastics well.


The gymnastics world has determined that artistic gymnastics needs to change their rules. r agree, but r differ on one important point. My difference revolves around the concept of an open-ended code versus a 10.0 code. To rid us of the 10.0 is not the solution to make all of our judging problems magically disappear. The concept of a 10.0 is not the problem; arriving at the score is the problem. If your car has a flat tire, you change the tire, you don't redesign the tire. At the recent Olympic games, the crowd booed and whistled for a better score for Alexander Nemov. r view that as a positive for our sport. How many times does the crowd boo at a diving event when the score comes up? We in gymnastics have an advantage that with a defined score of a 10.0, all spectators know what rl-=-,-::-4---- --

- - -- - - - - - - «

the best score is and can feel they have a reason to relate to the performer and the other audience members. Do we think the audience not knowing or understanding our basic scoring would better serve us? Would it allow the judges to hide their mistakes and ineptness? It is very difficult to complain about a score if you do not understand the system . We in gymnastics engage the audience by giving them the parameters of the scoring system. Do we need to be better? Absolutely! We give the spectators a reason to be engaged in the scoring, that being the knowledge of how to achieve perfection by scoring a 10.0. Gymnasts and their struggles to achieve a 10.0, and thus achieve perfection, have defined the Olympic games of the past. We need to ask those in our sport who have achieved the symbol of perfection how it defined them and their relationship to the audience. Nadia Comaneci, Nellie Kim and others can speak to that issue. r strongly feel it gives us an advantage in the public eye over other judged sports. Are we concerned about improvement in judging or just eliminating the audience's understanding of our scoring system? We should be proud of our development of the 10.0. We can find creative solutions to our problems without the loss of the 10.0. Are we willing to abandon the most important symbol developed by a sports ruling body to achieve an open-ended code that is understood by no one but the people involved in the sport? The concept of the 10.0 is what r believe creates involvement by our audience and thus allows more spectators to understand and view gymnastics as a measure of perfection.


• )>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

T.J. Maxx Partners With

USA Gymnastics Through 2008

To Support Athlete Development Programs

n the heels of one of the most successful post-Olympic Tours in USA Gymnastics history, T.J . Maxx and USA Gymnastics have enhanced their successful partnership through 2008 with support for grassroots developmental programs and the potential for another post-Olympic T.J . Maxx Tour following the Beijing Olympic Games.


The comprehensive four-year agreement includes provisions for the development of youth education initiatives and support for the athlete development programs integral to maintaining USA Gymnastics' recent success. The partnership will also grant T.J. Maxx entitlement of th e U.S. Women's National Team and naming rights to the Women's National Team Training Center, to signify T.J. Mads involvement in all facets of the development of athletes from novice through elite. "T.J. Maxx has been an outstanding partner to USA Gymnastics since 2000, contributing greatly to our success," said USA Gymnastics President Bob Colarossi. "Commitments such as these help put our athletes on the awards stand at the World Championships and Olympic Games. Our association with T.J. Maxx has increased our ability to spread the gymnastics message to all corners of the country, and we believe that together we can sustain that success through our joint grassroots initiatives in the years to come." "We are excited to continue our close association with such a popular and successful women's team and women's sport. Gymnastics fosters so many positive developmental aspects in America's youth , and we look forward to creating new opportunities to reach out at the grassroots levels," said Wendy Lohr, Manager of Event Marketing for T.J . Maxx. "T.J. Maxx has enjoyed unprecedented success in reaching our core consumer through sponsorship of USA Gymnastics' programs and events." At the elite level, T.J. Maxx gains additional recognition through entitlement of the Women's National Team and rights associated with the USA Gymnastics' Women's National Team Training Center, located near Hunstville, Texas. T.J. Maxx becomes the presenting sponsor of the 2005-2008 American Cup, a FIG World Cup competition airing live on NBC Sports on Feb. 26, and gains commercia l inventory and other marketing opportunities within the sport. The agreement also includes commercial inventory in the NBC broadcasts of the 2005-2008 Visa Championships and the 2006 Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships. T.J. Maxx also becomes the title sponsor of TOPs (Talent Opportunity Program) and gains rights to the USA Gymnastics Age Group Development Program across all disciplines. These programs serve to develop gymnastics opportunities and enhance training experiences for aspiring gymnasts. Additional grassroots initiatives will be developed, and may include a series of beginner gymnastics camps


to introduce kids to the principles of gymnastics, and the formation of a scholarship program to aid gymnasts in their pursuit of higher education goals. "T.J. Maxx and USA Gymnastics have closely aligned core values that represent hard work, opportunity, and hope for children's future," added Steve Penny, Sr. Vice President of USA Gymnastics. "This unique partnership allows T.J . Maxx to become involved in our organization at all levels, and to become an integral part of the athlete development process." USA Gymnastics' athletes earned 56 Olympic, World and Pan American medals in 2001-2004, culminating in a nine-medal performance at the 2004 Olympic Games. Of the six medalists among the U.S. Women's Olympic Team, five emerged from the TOPs program. The current U.S. Women's National Team includes more than 20 TOPs graduates, signifying the importance and success of USA Gymnastics core athlete development program. T.J. Maxx's support of the ath lete development process will expand the program's testing and training, bring national attention to the program, and allow more athletes to have access to development programs which maximize the athletes' opportunity to gain the skills necessary to one day vie for the U.S. National Team . T.J. Maxx has been a proud sponsor of USA Gymnastics and USA Gymnastics events since 2000, including the 2000, 2003 and 2004 lJ. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions, and the 2001 T.J. Maxx International Gymnastics Challenge. The 2004 lJ . Maxx Tour visited 42 cities and entertained more than 240,000 spectators from late September through November.

Global Strategies Group of Boston served as a broker of the T.J . Maxx agreement, on behalf of USA Gymnastics. lJ. Maxx, a division ofThe TJX Companies, Inc. ( is the

nation's largest off-price retailer, was founded in 1977 and has since grown to almost 800 stores in 48 states. T.J. Maxx offers brand name merchandise for the entire family and home at prices up to 60 percent below department and specialty store prices, every day.

The Retention Paradox: A Contrary Point of View Longtime foLLowers have heard me forward that good decisionmaking requires the abiLity to embrace paradox-two opposites that seemingLy can't be true at the same time but nonetheLess are. WeLL, this month's topic is a classic case, and those who are unabLe to deaL with its paradoxicaL nature wiLL gain Little, and perhaps be misLed. So, grab a cup of coffee, Lock your door, put your feet up and keep an open mind. For years, I went around the country to Congresses and beat the drum about retention. To me, it was seLf-evide nt that higher retention wouLd transLate into a stronger, more profitabLe business. I now know such a bLack and white view was too simpListic; higher retention does not necessariLy mean a stronger, more profitabLe business. SkepticaL? Read on! ClearLy, there are certain things every business shouLd strive to do that are LikeLy to raise retention; one basic exampLe is to perpetuaLLy seek better EmpLoyee/ Client reLations. On the other hand, I am convinced, there are some things a business couLd do to 'drive' higher retention that may not Lead to a stronger, more profitabLe business, Long term. In fact, over the years, I have found that a high retention number can actually be a contrary indicator of a business's vitaLity. Surprised? I am not making up the ruLes, I am simpLy reporting the news.

happy his clients are and that his historic retention rate was 92+%, month over month, far better than my GymClub. Perhaps this is an isoLated event? No, too many times to ignore, I have heard Gym Club A speak of 90% retention and Gym Club B speak of 80% retention , onLy to Learn that Gym Club A has an eternally mediocre business whiLe GymClub B has demonstrated growth, vitaLity and profitabiLity. I used to think this phenomenon was a function of size-that the Larger GymClubs weren't doing 'as good a job' as smaLLer GymCLubs and therefore had Lower retention. But after studying specific operations, that proved not to be the case. Besides, if that were true, we wouLd see a trend for Larger Gym Clubs to beco me weaker, and smaLLer Gym Clubs to become stronger, and that is definiteLy not happening. There is something eLse at work here and I think it has to do with the business model. I used to beLieve that a smart Gym Club owner designed his/ her business to 'mini mize any and aLL chances of a student ever 'dropping out: I have come fuLL circle; I now subscribe to the beLief that 'I can buiLd a stronger business, Long term, by being easy to do business with and if Mrs. Everyday Client desires to take breaks and enter in and out, I wiLL design a business that makes that easy to do. By catering to Mrs. Everyday Client, I wiLL generate more revenue per student OVER THE LONG RUN AND buiLd greater client LoyaLty AND broader word of mouth , AND THEREFORE, a stronger, more profitabLe business even though retention data may trend Lower.

Allow me to share a story: Just Last week, a teLephone discussion with 'Sam' from Missouri once again brought to Light the Retention Paradox. Metzger, what couLd possibLy be good for retention data but not good Sam Lamented: his enrollment was static, his profit was abysmaL and for Long-term profit? Any of the following efforts to raise retention he 'didn't know how much Longer he was wiLLing to hang on; perhaps rates couLd invoke the Law of unintended consequences. Do you ... he shouLd just seLL: In asking, I Learned that his club's demographic profiLe is very good-in fact, good enough to support a club of : • ... design curricuLum/ skiLL goaLs to make it awkward to or discourage 1,000+ (unfortunateLy, not his club). Sam went on to stress how : 'taking a break'; (co ntinued on p. 43)

... [ifetime so [utions for your business... business so[utions for your [ifetime.

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners.

2005 Dates: For

May 12-16,2005 and Nov.17-21,2005

FREE portfolio of information: 513.489.7575 or

Visit us at .....-=-'--::6-------- - - - - - - - «


)>---- - - - - - - - - - - - -

JFK vs. Kidz Gym. Whats the difference? (Hint - It is a lot more than 路ust colorl) ~--------~--~

ONLY Spieth Anderson

ONLY Spieth Anderson Just for Kids has

Just for Kids gives you swivel connections between the rails and the adjusting tubes. This is really important because it allows the rails to flex and rotate freely with the child on the equipment without strain on the components. It also substantially reduces strain and fatigue on the child. Without these connections, hitting the rail is like hitting a brick wall.

2 independent height adjustment locks for increased safety.

ONLY Spieth Anderson Just for Kids has a higher weight restriction, allowing far more youth participiation.

ONLY Spieth Anderson Just for Kids has zinc plated adjusting tubes which helps them slide easily and resists scratching.

ONLY Spieth Anderson Just for Kids has an extensive range of accessory products to extend the fun and learning functions in your gym. And the accessories line grows every year.

The Bottom Line - It's All about being First! First in Quality! First in Performance! Just for Kids the First & Still the Best!

41 st ANNUAL USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGRESS and TRADE SHOW Held in conjunction with 2005 VISA Championships August 10-13, 2005 • Indianapolis, Indiana Business Manag ement, 11 sessions for Cheerleading, sessions for Rhythmic, Acrobatic and Trampoline programs, Sports Science sessions and more.

USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGR~SS Indianapolis. Indiana · Augusl lO.13. 2005

Plan now on attending. Bring your entire family. Bring your entire staff. Hotels, Congress and Visa Championships venues all within walking distance from one another. There is something for everyone and plenty to do. Education for all levels. 30 sessions for Women's Program, 20 sessions for Men 's program, 15 sessions for Developmental Instructor/ Coaches (pre-school. recreational, class) , 14 sessions for

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All USA Gymnastics Professional and Instructor members. Coaches, judges and instructors of a II levels. Recreational and preschool teachers, business managers, administrators, club owners, high school and college coaches.

WHAT IS OFFERED: Three days of education with over 130 sessions offered. Lectures given by top recognized individuals in the field. Sessions on coaching, judging, business, preschool, recreational. sports science, athlete wellness, fitness, and cheerleading. The leading experts in the areas of Women's, Men's, Rhythmic, Acrobatics, Trampoline and Tumbling, and Group Gymnastics programs.

WHERE: Congress will be held at the Indiana Convention Center and the VISA Championships will be held at Conseco Fieldhouse Aug . 10-13 for men and women, while rhythmic

Exhibit floor with more than 150 companies and 200 booths filling the hall. Shopping, discounts, networking , Club Owners opening breakfast, plus save on shipping, and more. National Championships fo r Women, Men . Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics Programs. Attractions abound in Indianapolis! From world-class museums and exciting attractions to Hoosier history and heritage. Indianapolis can inspire. entertain and educate visitors with a diverse array of attractions and landmarks. For details about attractions. events or hotels, vi sitors can call .. .


Or visit

and acrobatic gymnastics will take place at the Indiana Convention Center, along with Congress.

WHEN - TENTATIVE CONGRESS SCHEDULE: August 10, 2005 Congress Reg. opens 12:30-6:00 p.m. Annual Business Conference, Safety/ Risk Management course, KAT and ME LPD courses, Women's Program State/ Regional Chair workshop. Site TBD

CONGRESS HOTELS: Downtown Marriott and Westin Hotel (All the venues and hotels are within walking distance from one another) . Reservations: National Travel Service 888-603-8747 email usagama@takeavacation .com Room rate: $ 129 plus tax

double/ double

August 11-13,2005

Registration opens 7:30 a.m.Indiana Convention Center Sessions 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Trade Show Exhibit Hall Open August 13, 2005

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony -TBD Congress Dance Party 9:00 p.m . at Marriott Hotel August 14, 2005

Women's Judges exams - site TBD


After July 25, 2005 you must register on-site.


(omplele one form per person-Photocopy for additional registrations, Become on Instructor Member to receive the member discount, Simply check "Please sign me up" and include an extra $49.00 (565.00 Foreign Instructor Member) In your tolol amount enclosed, Your confirmation will be sent by email. Please provid a valid emoll address,


Registration opens August 10 • Congress sessions ond Exhibit Hall August 11-13

0 N G RES S COS T S PROFESSIONAL & INSTRUCTOR MEMBERS 0$235 CongresS-farly Bird registrotion only ($285 on·site registration)


0$395 Congress Registration + Gold Ticket Package


0$345 Congress Registration + Silver Ticket Package




o oU1


Cleo APP.


'c l>


(postmarked by July 25)

NON.MEMBERS 0$335 farly Bird registration only 0$385 Congress registration on-site

(Early Bird Pri.e)

Number of additional packages _ _x$ 160 each additional Gold Ticket Packages (Early Bird Pri .. )

Number of additional package s_ _x$ 110 each additional Silver Ticket Packages

Minimum age for Congress registration is 16.

Early Bird Registration a nd Tilk.t Pa.kages end, July 25

To oowme 0 professionol member (0111-800-345-4719

Name.._.._ _____..___.___.___..__..._____...______ ..____ Social Security No. __..__ . - _ ... ___. -:___.



I '" ~~ 000 00(0 000 5~ I

3 Zc »~

0. 0

S@ -12Coer

~~ 0




m::S ,... 0.. "-1 o.., 1"\~ "~:;t ,0

-I~ OOa o O·

L --.---

Birth Date .___...__ / ____..__


USA Gymnastics Pro/lnst. No. ----.----_____.._____.. __._..

Please sign me up for on Instruclor Membership. I hove included $49 ($65 Foreign Instruclor) in tolal amount due

Email Address _____________________________________________________________________ IEmail oddress must be proVided in order receive conlumahonJ



......--............-...,,-......... - ..... ..--.. --..--..-...- ..............-......... ..........---..- ...........,..........,. -.-..- ........-

o This is a new address Pleose moke Ihe (honge in Ihe USA Gymnosna dotobose.

C i ty_....__...........__.. _.._•. ___..... _ .._ ....._.. ___....._ ...__....._...,. _ . ___ .... State ... _..__._.. __.__.....______....._.._ __

L ___________._._.._.____._..

Day Phone (

Night Phone (

Zi P _...._.....____ ...... ____.__.__.___........_

L_________.__.. _____

.. _____._._..~ _______.________ Club Number

Club Name __._"___ ._,,.


~z o.::l I • "'C'D "-11"\ o C'D


Check all that apply:


o Coach/Teacher

Club Owner

o Judge



..00 :-t'o.. • &It ~3 I

wo -~ n w







Make Check/Money Order Payable 10 USA Gymnaslics


Charge: 0 Vi sa


Card # _. _____ . __....._._._. __.... ____.______ _

3 ~


Total Amount Enclosed


0 Other _____ _ ___ ._ Exp. _.._. ___ _

Signature __.. ,,_______.. __ ...._. ____.__ _

Cardholder Printed Name_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

please return this registration form to: USA Gymnastics Congress, Pan American Plaza, Suite 300, 201 S. Capitol, Indianapolis, IN 46225 FAX: 317-237-5069 ATTENTION: CATHY AlleN THE INDIVIDUAL CONGRESS FEE INCLUDES:


• • • •

All reglslrolion cancellations musl

Credential for entrance to Congress sessions and clinics Aug . 11-13 indianapolis, tN. Admission 10 Rhythmic Championships and Acrobalic Gymnaslics Team Trials. Entrance to the Exhibit Hall featuring the industry's finest products and services. One ticket to the Congress Donee Party on Saturday, August 13 . (odc!i!ionol Congress Donce Potty tickets For spouse/guests ore $35 eoch--ovoilobie ot on·site regisJrorion)

Videotaping: Videotapmg of Congress sesSIons is permllled FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the session presenters announce that

his/ herlthelr session may nol be videotoped.

Language: Th. olhcloi language 01 Congress IS EnglISh USA Gymnashc> WIll make no specml preVISion s lor Ironslohon of sessio ns inlo other longuoges,

Congress attendees with special needs must prior to the July 25. Early

in writing .

Before July 25 - RegIStration fee less $30 servIce fee per person canceling. After July 2S .. 50% of regIstration fee per person concel1ll9

SUBSTITUTION POUCY To nonsfer registration to anolher person, the new Congress

attendeo musl olso havo a PfOfesslonol Or Instructor membership Before July 25 - $30 por substitullon ON·SlTE .. $35 per substitvhon SubmIt reque" in w"nng to USA Gymnastics, AMentian: Cathy Allen

oOllly USA Gymno.llcs III wntlOg In this regard

s"d deod!.ne. We Sliggesr rhol tl",

Congress registrat ion form .


SubmIt request In wrillng to USA Gymnosllcs, AMenllon: Cothy Allen

101011110110 0

be ,"eluded WIth rhe


Wednesday, August 10, 2005 • Indianapolis, Indiana • Marriott • 8:30am-5:00pm

------------------------------------------------------------------RACE TO INDY FOR THE LATEST IN BUSINESS NEWS -------------------------------------------------------------------

Indy is known for racing and the 2005 USA Gymnastics National Business Conference will fill up fast 50 register early!

Early bird by June 10, 2005 Member C lub $ 125.00 Non-Member Club $ 175 .00

Come to the 2005 USA Gymnastics Nati onal Business Conference to "Rev Up" your business. Take a victory lap and join the winners circle with Jeff Metzger. Sean Dever, Patti Komara, Frank Sahlein, Steve Greeley, Tom Forster, Julia Thompson, David Holcomb, Don McPherson, Tom Lenzini, Rita Brown, and race team captain Gary Anderson. All are invited to speak at this year's Conference and will help to fi x your business "FLAT TIRE!" Get it changed and, whi le you're at it, get a shot of "High Octane" at the Indy seminar.

Cost Member Club $150.00-per person Non Member Club $200.-per person No on site registration

You'll be sure to get the checkered flag after attending this year's Conference.

CONTACT INFORMATION Club Name ----------------------------------- Club # Names --------------------------------------- Member # Member # Member #

Address City Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Fax


Zip Emai l

PAYMENT INFORMATION - Make checks payable to : USA Gymnastics or use your credit card


D VISA [ VISA I DMC DAmEx DOther _ __ Check enclosed Name on card (please print clearly) ____________________________________ Card # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp. Date _ _ _ _ ____ Signature _______________________________ _ ___ _______


Return this form with payment to: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza, 201 S. Cap itol Ave. Ste. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to : 317.237.5069 - Attention Loree Galimore


USA GYMNASTICS HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CEREMONY & LUNCHEON Saturday, August 13, 2005 11:40 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Indianapolis, Indiana The honorees of the Class of 2005 will be announced soon

USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGR~SS Indianapolis, Indiana ' August 10,13. 2005

National Congress 2005 Pre and Post Conference Events Registration form will be in the next issue of Technique

OnLine registration availabLe for most courses Women's' Program State & Regional Workshop Tuesday & Wednesday, August 9 & 10, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel Time - TBD Women's Program Summit Dinner Meeting Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel 6:00-8:30 p.m. Risk Management/Safety Certification Course Minimum age is 16 years at time of course Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel 1:00-5:30 p.m . Kinder Accreditation for Teachers - KAT Preschool certification. Minimum age is 16 Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Movement Education Lesson Plan Development Course MELPD Certification for preschool and development teachers

Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel 3:30-8:30 p.m.

National Business Conference Wednesday, August 10, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel 8:30 a.m.-5 :00 p.m. Women's Judges' Certification Tests Sunday, August 14, 2005 Downtown-Marriott Hotel 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

First Lady of Gymnastics Retires Jacquelyn IIJackie" Klein Fie By Bruce Frederick

Jackie Fie retired last year as President of the FIG Women's Artistic Gymnastics Technical Committee following the Olympic Games and World Cup Final. Her 12-year tenure in that office secures her legacy as the most influential person in history to shape judging techniques and the evaluation of artistic gymnastics in general. She has set an admirable standard for the field worldwide. Jackie had her first major judging assignment at the 1957 National AAU Championships held at the University of Chicago. Since then, she ascended to the Presidency of the Women's Technical Committee (WTC) of the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) having served that organization since 1976 as a member and Vice President. She is the first American to be elected to the WTC attesting to her wide acceptance by Eastern Europeans who dominated the post since 1934. In that year, Countess Jadwiga Zamoyska of Poland assumed the leadership for the first competition for women at a World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Fie retired at the end of 2004 following the Olympic Games and World Cup Final. Jackie Fie got her start in gymnastics as a 4 year old at the Lincoln Turners where she competed under her first teacher, Alex Erisoty, and eventually, under Erna Wachtel who would also become her Olympic team coach in 1956. She had instruction in dance and acrobatics from Jim Rozanas at his dancing school in Chicago. She competed in speed skating and track and field for the Chicago Park District. Later, representing the Lincoln Turners, she made the 1956 Olympic team and was a member of the national team in 1955 and 1956. After winning the balance beam title at the National Turner Championships in 1959, she injured her back and was forced to retire from competition.

Fie pioneered judging certification for women in the United States and assisted in designing an outline for training judges for the national governi ng body, assisted by Kitty Kjeldsen and Delene Darst. Kjeldsen later became the first Director of the National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges (NAWGJ). Fie received her international judging "Brevet," a commlSSlon or certification awarded by the FIG upon the completion of requirements, in 1968 and co-authored a book with Carolyn Bowers, Andrea SchmidShapiro and Kjeldsen on judging and coaching women's gymnastics. She contributed technical articles for the Division for Girl's and Women's Sports (DGWS) of the American Association for Health , Physical Education and Recreation (AAH PER). The AAH PER published rules and guidelines for girls and women as early as 1963 and sponsored several National Institutes on Girls Sports to upgrade existing skill levels in track and field and gymnastics. Fie contributed to these Institutes, also the DGWS Gymnastics Guides from 1967 to 1980 and was coauthor for the FIG's Code of Points for the 1980, 1985, 1989 and 1993 editions. She was the author of the 1997 and 2001 Codes. She sing le-handedly designed the foundation for the USGF's Women's Committee including its administrative structure, its function, programs for competition and judges' training. She has been active with the Committee since 1964, among other positions serving on

Fie majored in physical education at Northwestern University and graduated with highest honors and a Bachelor's degree in education in 1959. She took a position at Evanston Township High School and later worked in Evanston's Parks and Recreation Department (1963-68). She taught one and one half years at Niles West High School (1970-71) trying to balance a teaching load and coaching with her ever growing responsibilities with the fledgling United States Gymnastics Federation (USGF) serving as Asst. Executive Director from 1968 to 1970 and VP for Women from 1967-1969. She served as the National Technical Director for USFG Women's' Junior Olympic Age Group Program and Elite International Program 1965-1980. Her professional life after 1971 has been almost exclusively in gymnastics.




) r----------------

the USAG Executive Committee and Board of Directors for the past 40 years. I~


In the 60's Fie's USGF responsibiLities included conducting judging certifi cation sessions and clinics of various kinds. She was invoLved, with Ernestine RusseLL, in composing the first set of USGF compuLsory exercises, judging standards and other technicaL reguLations that were eventuaLLy adopted by other nationaL organizations, principally the NAGWS, AAU, etc. When the USGF was finally recognized by the FIG as the nationaL governing body for the sport in 1970, her duties increased many foLd. In 1973, Jackie was Chief Lecturer for the first North American ContinentaL Judges Course and was a frequent FIG Lecturer at continentaL and intercontinentaL courses thereafter. She was eLected to the FIG's Women's TechnicaL Committee in 1976 in MontreaL, serving as a Chief Lecturer for aLL IntercontinentaL Judges' Course through 1992 and Author/ Director for the 1996 and 2000 Courses.



I; 1

Jackie was inducted into the Citizen's Savings Gymnastics HaLL of Fame, now USA Gymnastic HaLL of Fame, in 1979. She aLso received the Master of Sport award by USA Gymnastics in 1980 and th at same year received the roc Olympic SoLidarity Expert Award fo r Gymnastics. Upon Fie's retirement in 2004, th e FIG bestowed upon her an honorary Vice Presidency and she wiLL be Listed as such in the future. USA Gymnastics "spotLights" Jackie for aLL of her contributions to the sport. The gymnastics community saLutes her dedication, achievements and tenacity. Best wishes, Jackie, in your retirement years. We'LL miss you!

Jackie has been a judge, Apparatus Chair or Chair of the Superior Jury at aLLOlympic Games since 1968, aLL WorLd Champions hips and WorLd Cup competitions since 1976, as weLL as numerous continentaL championships and internationa L invitationaLs abroad and in the United States. At the OLympic Games in 1996, 2000 and 2004 she aLso functioned as the FIG TechnicaL DeLegate - Director. After she was eLected to head the FIG's Women's TechnicaL Committee, her duties escaLated considerabLy. She was regarded as an evenhanded administrator and attempted to minimize the nationaListic fervor in judging which has caused probLems in the past. Jackie is married to Larry Fie, former CEO and President of American AthLetic, Inc. , a major manufacturer of gymnastics equipment and the coupLe resides in Jefferson, Iowa.

1956 Melbourne Gymnastics Olympians reunite at the Olympic Indoor Hall in Athens: Larissa Latynina - USSR, Jackie (Klein) Fie - USA, Tamara Manina - USSR, Lydia Ivanova - USSR.

I I',j .

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THANKS TO USA GYMNASTICS INDUSTRY MEMBERS 3rd level Consulting and Business 1B75 Cenfury Way Baise, ID 83709·2802 208/ 869·3656 208/376·3646 Mr. Franklin B. Sahlein A-I Awards, Inc 2500 Narth RiNer Ave Indianapalis, IN 46218 317/ 546·9000 317/ 542·1900 sales@A· Academy Grips PO Box 84 Las Alamitos, CA 90720 800/890-6452 562/431·1893 ActiveWrap 5550 Cerritos Avenue Ste. F Cypress, CA 90630 714/ 527·7129 714/ 995·4924 Shown Hickling VIVA' AD Manufacturing 248·44 Jericho Tpke 8ellerose, NY 11001·4002 516/ 352·6161 516/ 352·8502 AD Mots Corporation 5800 St· Denis Rm 1206 Montreal, pa H2S 3L5 38686 5142703290

geisinge!@ad·· Alpha Foetor 333 E. Seventh Ave PO Box 709 York, PA 17405 717/ 852·6948 717/ 852·6947 American Athletic Inc 200 Americon Ave Jeffersan, IA 50129 800/247·3978 515/ 386·8737 Artistic Coverings, Inc. 16444 Manning Way Cerritos, CA 90703 562/ 404·9343 562/404·9335 Michelle Robinson ASAP Gymnastics Training Program 1193 Narth Lake Dr Lexington, SC 29072 803/ 951·2090 803/ 356·6680 Mr. Steven D. Macklen Bungee Bouncer PO Box 270167 San Diego, CA 92198·2167 B58/ 254-o691 858/ 674·9856 Mr. Gary R. Johnson

California Cartwheel Center 1111 Rancha Caneja Blvd Unit 510 Newbury Park, CA 91320 805/ 499·5228 80S/499·0577 Mr. Steve W. Chase

Donny's Warehouse 9443B Venice Blvd Culver City, CA 90232 310/ 837-7511 310/ 837-8308 Daniel LKessler vA'fI'

Elite Sportswear, lP P.O. Box 16400 2136 North 13th St. Reading, PA 19612'6400 610/ 92],]469 610/921·8166 sweave! 1'fI'IVI.gk·

Corolino Gym Supply Corp 575 Dimmacks Mill Rd Hilisboraugh, NC 27278 877/ 496·7883 919/ 732·1SlO Mr. Beniamin Edkins

Deary's Gymnastics Supply 17 Lucienne Ave, Box 688 Danielson, a 06239 800/ 932·3339 860/ 779-0854 INFO@GYMSUPPLYCOM

Feriagrafix 12762 Rife Way San Diega, CA 92129 858/ 538·2190 Ben Feria http://Iv\'fI'

City Securities, Inc, 3D South Meridion Street, Suite 600 Indianapolis, IN46204 317/80B-7147 317/ 972-7142 Pat O'Connor/ Margie Leap

Cl Active Wear 3400 Cremazie East, Suite 100 Montreal, pa H2A·1A6 38564 514/ 374·6510 Crown Awards 9Skyline Dr Hawthorne, NY 10532 914/ 347·7700 914/ 347-7566 CTE Software 799 Aiax Drive Sunnyvale, CA 94086 40B/ 773-1296 40B/ 773-0304 pchow@ctfr' Peter Chow hNp:!/

Dekan Athletic Equipment Corporation 1820 Wallace Ave, Ste 124 St Charles, IL 60174 800/332-77 40 630/ 231·5419 Docksiders Gymnastics Inc PO Box 814 216 Naiales Rd MillerSVille, MD 211 08 410/ 987·8780 410/ 729-0813 Robert F. OuelieNe Dollamur Sport Surfaces 4709 S. Edgewaod Terrace Fort Worth, TX 76119 817/534·3344 817/534·3055 IWIVI.doliamuf.(om Dreamlight, Inc 1620 Centerville Turnpike #119 Virginia Beach, VA 23464 757/ 479·8700 757/ 479·1986

Floor Express Music P. 0.. Box 2200 Frisco, CO 80443 970/66B·3777 970/ 668-0405 Barry Nease Four Winds of California 3204 29th St Long Beach, CA 90806 562/424·2430 562/424·2418 Chuck Josephs Foxy's Fitness Foshions 5180 Kalamazoo Grand Rapids, MI49508 616/281·8394 616/455·5992 Sue Fax 1'

Garlond Activewear 3037 LoreNa Rd Jacksonville, fL 32223 877/ 427-5263 904/ 683-6382 Cannie G. Garland Gibson Inc. P.O. Box 1444 Englewood, CO 80150 303/937·1012 GMR Gymnastics Sales 6729 Marbut Road lithonia, GA 30058 770/4B4·5902 770/ 484·5861 GTM Sports Wear 520 McCall Road ManhaNan, KS 66502 785/ 537·8822 785/ 537·8857 David Darling Gym Digs PO Box 1862 Marshalltown, IA50158 641 / 752·3422 64 1/ 752·0245 LynneNe Lockwood I'fI' Gym Monkeys PO BOX 1076 LafoyeNe, CA 94549 866/496·8337 866/496·8300 Yvonne Jorgensen (continued on p. 26)

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(continued from p. 24)

734/676·3053 734/676·3053 CorolOehler

Gym Treasures 11227 W.Forest Home Ave fronklin, WI 53132 877/536·9432 414/525,1906 Ms. Wendy Nelson

Hasty Awards 2125 Jockson Rd Ottowo, KS 66067 800/448·7714 785/242·5342

Gymcert 740 Oronge Ave. Altomonte Springs, fL 32714 407/444·5667 407/444,5668 Ms. Rito f. Brown

Hodges Badge Company, Inc. 11 70 Eost Moin RD PO Box 1290 Portsmouth, RI 02871 800/556·2440 800/292-7377 WI'

Gymcoach.Net 32 Algenne Street Berkley, 1M 02779 888/496·8749 888/496·8749 Ms. Koren M. Goeller 1950 Derito Rood Concord, NC 28027 704/795{]080 704/973·9293 Potrick Nonce Gym-Trix, Inc. 1220 NBrolos Whitney, IX 76692 254/694·8792 254/694·8793 Mr. Bortlett K. Wymon PO Box 820295 Houston, IX 77282 281/558,5955 281/558,3564 Happy Dance 29826 Boyvew Drive Grosse lie, M148138·1 959

IGI- Parents Booster Club 145 Ploza Drive Westmont, IL 60559 630/325·3333 630/325·3333 Ms. Kothleen Comforte Incentives For Excellence 144 Industriol Pork Dr. B·2 Woynesville, NC 28786 828/452·7181 828/452·1352 Innovative Inflatables 53 Quorry Rood Simsbury, CT 06070 860/408·0082 860/408{]079 Instant Arch Supports Box 1101 Redondo Beoch, CA 90278 310/784·9988 vI' International Gymnastics School-Camp 9020 Bortonsville Woods Rd ~O.

Stroudsburg, PA 18360 570/629{]244 570/62Q{)616 office@internofionofgym· International Ploy Company 20216 . 98th Avenue Longley, BC VIM 3Gl 38656 604/882·1977 IVW\ International Trampoline Industry Association, Inc 3286 Stoney Ridge Rd Eugene, OR 97405 541/984{]332 541/342·5574 Loni Lokendohle Jammin Apparel 1363 S. Stote College Blvd Anoheim, CA 92806 800/852·6664 714/765,6501 WlVVI· Jeff Metzgers Boot Camp 7900 E. Kemper Rood Cincinnofi, Ohio 45249 513/489-7575

Kand KInsurance Group, Inc 1712 Mognovox Woy PO Box 2338 fortWoyne, IN 46801·2338 800/ 6486406 219/ 459·5940 Cotherine_freY@kondkinsuronce. com Cotherine Frey wvl'

Markel Insurance Company ~O. Box 3870 Glen Allen, VA 23058 804/527-7622 800/431·1270 Marsha's Sportswear 7010 Alder St. Houston, IX 77081 713/661·2727 713/661-7750

K-Bee leotards 2185 SompsonAve 1107 Corono, CA 92879 888/523-3536 928/ 832·1219 Corol Eckles IvvAv.k· Kulin·Sohn Insurance PO Box 1357 Arlington Heights, IL60006·1357 800/64()'6601 847/64()'6710 GMNST33@AOL.COM Mr. Mork Sohn Ivvl' leotord Crazy 1935 Avenido Oel Oro, Suite A Oceonside, CA 92056 800/656/FLIP 760/94 1{]909 http://IVW\

JKLM Designs 1570 Wethersfield Dr. S Allentown, PA 18104 610/391·9227 610/391{]940 Ms. Mory Ann L. Olson

louisiana Stote University ~O. Box 25095 Boton Rouge, lA70803 225/578·5050 225/578·4780 D. D. Breoux vl'll'

Joe Corbi's Pizzo Kit Fundraising Prog. 1430 Desoto Rd Bolfimore, MD21230 888/526·7247 410/525{]531 wvl'Il·

Mancino Manufacturing Co., Inc. 4732 Stenton Ave Philodelphio, PA 19144 800/338·6287 800/949·3595

Maze Inc 1626 Crandoll Dr Spring~lIe, UT 84663 801/489{]631 801/437·2207 Don Gordon vl'II' Metroplex Gymnastics, Inc. 9858 Chortwell Oollos, IX 75243 214/343-8652 817/472{]683 Mr. Bryon A. Streeter Midwest Academy of Gymnastics 1167 Milburn Court Noperville, IL 60540 630/355·1779 630/778·1370 Cyndi L. Zimmermon IVW\ Midwest Gym Supply Inc 77 5 Scott Court Modison, IN 47250 800/876·3197 812/273-6733 Mr. Poul Kemp Motionwear Inc 1315 Sundoy Drive Indionopolis, IN 46217

317/ 78Q{)609 317/ 78()'4188 ThomosWilson My Choice USA 504 Adorns Lone Southornpton, NJ 08088·9106 609/859·3031 609/859·3521 NACGC!W Cori DuBois, Secretory NACGCjVI 449 Vio Royol Wolnut Creek, CA 94597 510/ 643{]282 510/642·8339 Ms. Goil Goodspeed Norberts Athletic Products PO Box 1890 Son Pedro, CA 90733 310/83()'6672 310/83()'6675 Norco Athletic Supply 5800 West 18th Street Greeley, CO 80634 970/33Q{)633 970/33Q{)634 Mr. Theo Digerness or NYC Elite 100Sixth Avenue New York, NY 1001 3 212/334·3628 212/334·1179 MsTinoM.ferriolo vI' Paul Ziert and Associates, Inc. 3214 Bort Conner Dr. Normon, OK 73072 405/364·5344 405/321·7229 Mr. Poul f. Ziert (co nti nued on p. 28)

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mor.1e reps

ess stress

(continued from p. 26)

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Sports and Beyond 5816 Arrowheod Drive #102 Virginio Beoch, VA 23452 757/ 499·8258 757/ 499·8451 Gustovo EMoure Summit America Insurance Services 5001 College Blvd Suite 216 Leowood, KS 66211 800/955·1991 913/327-{)201 enorez@summitomerico· Coroline Florez Sypolt Insurance Sevices, Inc. 11 344 Colomo Rood Suite 635 Gold River, CA 95670 916/663-1362 916/ 663-1363 9166631363 Michael Sypolt To The Core 8161S.59th Fronklin, WI53132·9235 414/421·9797 414/421·8777 Mr. Lon Aristcn Totally Chocolate 1855 Pipeline Rd Bloine, WA 98230 877/746·3863 360/332-1802 Noncy Bloir

Tramp Brasil PM8 224·1750 Powder Springs Rd Morietto, GA 30064·4861 770/984-5393 800/409-7638 Tramp Master, Inc. 1865 W. 12th Ave Denver, CO 80204 303/572-1 402 303/ 572-1409 wilmore Koren Wilmore Trampolines Unlimited, Inc. P.O. Box924 Corpinterio, CA93014 800/287-7071

916/487-3559 916/487-3706 ocs607nd@pocbellnet Ms. Notolie F. Duke

Beaverton, OR 97008 503/4698352 503/5308352

United States Gymnastics Suppliers Association PO80x 1444 Englewood, CO 80150 843/577-9620 843/577-975 1 jhodges©

125 Mountoin Pork Place NW Suite Cond D PO Box20564 Albuquerque, NM 871 54-{)564 505/856-7750 505/856-7751 Michoel Jocobs

Trophy Depot 1110 Jericho Tpke New Hyde Pork, NY 11040 800286-7096 516/ 488-{)700 Tumbl Trak Stocy Finnerty PO Box 289 4676 E. Brumfield Road, Ste A Mt Pleasont, MI48858·9192 800/331-4362 989/772-5 121 UCS, Inc 100 Third Avenue PO Box 1040 Kearny, NJ07032 201/246·8800 201/246·8190

Wynn-Wynn Athletic 2734 Springfount Troil Lowrence~lIe, GA 30043 770/614·9205 770/ 614·9206 Mr. Mitch Wynn http/ Ifyou or someone you know is interested in becoming 0 USA Gymnostics Industry Member please coli 1-800345·4719 for moredetails or log onto I'II'IW. ond dick on MemberServices ond then Member Progroms.

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a new athlete or Introductory athlete/member now, make certain they are aware that the membership is only valid through July 31, 2005.

ate Membership Cards Reminder: Only Athlete and Introductory printed online At this time, only Athlete and Introductory cards are available for printing from online member services. We have received a number of calls of Instructor and Professional members that have attempted to use this service to print their card. As stated on the online transaction page, only Athlete and Introductory cards are available through this service. ALL Instructor and Professional cards are mailed from the national office. EmaiLed Renewal Notices-New Service In January 2005, USA Gymnastics Member Services initiated testing email renewal reminder notices for our Professional Members with email in place. We have received very positive feedback about this new service. Please be sure to include your email on all membership forms so that we can include you in the additional email renewal reminder notice. Address Changes/Corrections In anticipation of the upcoming 2005-2006 season, it is imperative that we have the most current club address and contact information in our database. 2005-2006 membership forms will be sent later this spring from our mailing house through UPS. Please take the time now to ensure we have your complete and current information on file before the packets are sent. Introductory Memberships: Levels 1-3 Reminder - register your levels 1 - 3 athletes. Sanction meets for this level. Set up interclub fun competitions. Membership is only $ 15. Register online Athlete Memberships: All expire on July 31, 2005 Athlete and Introductory members are not pro-rated. If you are signing up

... 1-;;;3-;;;O:--------------~C

USA Gymnastics Cheer: Update A committee is in the process of establishing and finalizing all rules and regulations for the new USA Gymnastics Cheer program. This program will be available for the 2005-2006 season beginning in August 2005. Watch our website and Technique for more information beginning in April. A competition schedule will be established. Education for coaches and judges will be presented at National Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 11-13, 2005. Cheerleading education and certifications wiLL also be held at the National CORE Symposium in October 2005 in Indianapolis, IN . USA Gymnastics University: Save the Date - October 28-30, 2005 The inaugural USA Gymnastics University CORE Symposium will take place the weekend of October 28-30, 2005 in Indianapolis, IN. This symposium will concentrate on the cornerstone activities of your gymnastics business. Helping you place the building blocks to create a strong foundation for your gymnastics business. Who should attend? Developmental, recreational, preschool teachers, instructors and coaches. Office managers, front desk personnel, program directors and club directors. All-star cheerleading coaches and judges. Certifications: Women's judges exams, Women's Level 1-4 certification, KAT certification, MELPD certification . Plan on sending your entire staff. Member Club discounts wiLL be available. C-Compulsory elements, cheerleading c\asses and teams, c\ass instructors/teachers O-Office management. The business of running your business. R-Recreational gymnastics, developmental, preschool, beginning levels 1-4 E-ExceLLence through Education Separate symposium tracks wiLL be offered through the weekend. More information in next issue. Compulsory Check-up Competition - Women's Program Level 4- 6 October 29-30, 2005 - Indianapolis, IN - Watch for details!

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ADDRESS•••.....•....•.........••...•....••...•....••......•..•......•..........•........................•..•........•..•..........•...•••......•...........•..........•..•..........•.•...•....••.........••............................................•...www.usa..gymnas* CITY ••••••.....................•..........•.........•..••..•..•..................•• ............•.........•........•..•......•...........•.........•....•.....•.....•....•....•...•....•...........•..... STATE .....................• ZiP.................. .•.......•........•

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CARD #................................................................................................................................


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540.01-560 560.01-580 580.01-5100 5100.01-5150

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OVER 5150.01 - - - INTERNATIONAL - - -





USA GYMNASTICS 100S KAT AND MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE A KAT works hop consists of seven productive hours of preschool teacher education. The workshop covers philosophy, understan ding the preschool-age child, safety considerations, class management, and much more!

individual students and encourage adoption of lifelong physical activity. Attendance at KAT certification course is highly recommended, but not required to attend a MELPD course.

A Movement Education and Lesson Plan Development Workshop (MELPD) consists of five enlightening hours of preschool teacher education. This workshop is continuing education of the KAT Proljram. The overall emphasis of t his workshop i s to provide instructors wiU the necessary knowledge to develop preschool gymnastics lesson plans, emphasize developmentally appropriate practices, fundamental skill development, and much more. This workshop is designed to help instructors meet the needs of the

If there has never been a KAT or MELPD workshop in your area, 2005 is a great time



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VHS Video Item #4003 USA Gymnastics Cheer tumbling and jump video "Drills for Skills" USA Gymnastics has now produced its first ever educational cheerleading video to help those of you who are looking to improve or learn new cheerleading drills and skills. Thi s forty-five minute video includes demonstrations and explanations of the most popular tumbling skills and jumps seen in the cheerleading commun ity. "Drills and Skills" can be purchased through USA Gymnastics for the great price of $15.00.




TEe HN IOU E • MARC H20 05


American Athletic

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' ' 'NCAA


tes deserve for d fREE gymnastics cdtdlog, call

1-&00-'24 7 -)97 &

2005 Group Gymnastics Nationals June 10-12, 2005 DallasjFt.Worth area - Texas Including the 2005 USA Gymnastics National Gym Fest and 2005 TeamGym Nationals

• Online Information: Visit the USA Gymnastics website for complete GG Nationals Information: • Host Hotel - Hilton DFW Lakes, Grapevine, Texas • Social Activities - Opportunities fo r social fun will include activities at the Host Hotel, a Participant Welcome Party, and activates at the venue. • Venue - L.D. Bell High School, Hurst, Texas • Program - Includes a variety of Gym Fest displays, TeamGym competition, and the Gala Showcase. For the first time ever, we will have a special display division for cheer groups. • Special Presentations: Includes 2007 World Gymnaestrada information session and workshops, a TeamGym clinic conducted by members of the Stockholm Top Club from Sweden . • Spectators - The Opening Ceremony as well as all

TeamGym and Gym Fest sessions will be ticket ed. Stadium-style seating will be availa ble at L.D. Bell H.S. for the TeamGym competition sessions. A VIP seating section will be designated.

Program: (subject to change) Thursday, June 9 Early arrivals Friday, June 10 • Morning arrivals .... • Check-i n/registration in afternoon • Equipment check in afternoon • Opening Ceremony - early evening - includes some Gym Fest displays • Social activity in the evening Saturday, June 11 • TeamGymn competitions (a ll day) • Gym Fest displays (all day) • Special evening social activity - the cost for this activity is included in the Participant Fee Sunday, June 12 • Gala Showcase (morning rehearsal) - performance in early afternoon . • Swedish TeamGym clinic (also possible on Monday, 6/13).

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always want the best for



The meeting was called to order 1:00 pm by Gary Anderson, Na tional Elite Program Chairman . "-





1. ROLL CALL: '-




Chairman Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII EPM

\ I


That's why I switched ...

-- ~

//:..--to ProSchool //

Gary Anderson Derick Moellenbeck-absent Brad Loan Michael Harris Greg LaFleur Mary Lee Tracy Barbara Tiess Jen Bundy Toni Rand Gary Warren

2. OPENING REMARKS Gary Anderson opened the meeting by welcoming the committee and new committee member, Barbara Tiess.




I '-


I 1


" "\ \



\ I \/




1\ \ \ \

I I \

\ \



/ '-

\ \ \




Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics Training Centers


" "-

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Recommendation to accept the following changes to the 2005 TOP season: Eliminate the Push Up Test Add a 30 second handstand hold test Change the Leg Flexibility test to using 2 vault boards low end to low end Decrease the value of the Shoulder Flexibility Test to 5 points Increase the value of the Leg Flexibility Test to 15 points Add the following additional Press Handstand criteria: • Hands cannot be farther apart than the width of the gymnast's shoulders • Press MUST come to a completely straight handstand with a completely open shoulder angle • Legs MUST come to a horizontal position at the straddle L position at the begiruling and at the end of the press • Athlete CaJU10t bounce off of her arms to initiate the press. • Once an athlete walks while performing her press using the floO!~ the test is over. • Press Handstand ded uctions will be strictly enforced. Increase the State / Regional /N ational TOP Testing fees to $40.00 Additional fees are to go to the National Office (will now = $15.00) Motion: Jen Bundy Second: Toni Rand PASSED

(Continu ed


TEe HN I QUE • MAR (H 2005


p. 40)

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Elite Sportswear, L.P. • 2136 N. 13t h Street • P.O. Box 16400 • Reading, PA 19612-6400 Toll Free Phone: 1-800-345-4087 • Toll Free Fax: 1-888-866-9884 • E-mail: • Web:

(Continued from p. 38)

4. TOP STATE MANAGERS Recommendation to assign TOP State Managers to oversee the TOP program in each state using the following "Duties and Responsibilities." TOP State Managers Must: • Coach or work at a club that participates in the TOP program • Participate in State / Regional clinics where TOP athletes are attending. • Conduct and attend all TOP tests in their state (unless there is more than one State TOP Manager for that state) • Be responsible for assigning and educating respective TOP State Testing Staff • Be responsible for notifying all clubs within their state of dates and locations of all TOP tests and clinics. This should be done in cooperation with the Regional Elite Chairman. Notifications can be done via State / Regional Newsletters, emails or by direct mailings. • Communicate directly with the National TOP Manager state TOP test sites and dates. • Be responsible for collecting all registration forms and fees • Be responsible for reporting TOP testing results to the National Office in a timely manor. • Be responsible for sending the entry fees to the Regional Chairman along with an itemized account of expenses. Motion: Mary Lee Second: Mike Harris PASSED State TOP Managers will be asked to attend the State TOP Manager Education Clinic that is scheduled for April 30 - May 1, 2005 to be held at the National Team Training Center, Houston, Texas. Airfare will be paid for by State/ or /Regional funds. USA Gymnastics will be responsible for room, board and local transportation. A listing of the TOP State Managers can be found on the TOP Website: / women / tops/ tops.html

Meeting adjourned 2:00 pm. Motion: Greg LaFleur Second: Barbara Tiess

(860) 408-0082 email:

Over 70 Themes To Choose From! $1975.



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ay at 4 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


2005 Winter Cup Challenge to obtain the final score & the following tie breaking procedures: 1. Highest start value 2. Lowest B panel score 3. Average of two lowest B panel scores

Conference call began at 8:05 a.m. Pacific by Chair Yoichi Tomita


Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously

Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butche!; MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead, FIG Rep. (absent) Kurt Golde!; Sr. Coaches Rep. Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep. Jo1m Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep.

The 2004 Olympic Team has been invited to the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge to be recognized at the beginning of the Individual Event Finals competition on Saturday.

V. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To adjourn at 8:50am Pacific

Moton: Yoichi Tomita II. 2005 BUDGET Ron Galimore proposed modifications to the 2005 Men's 2nd: Steve Butcher Program budget in order for it to be in balance with what PASSED: Unanimously was approved by the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors. These modifications included an increase in the . Next two MPC Meetings will take place February 4 & 5, in Las Vegas entry fees for athletes and coaches attending the Future Stars : from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. National Championships and Coaches Workshop. Ron also made other recommendations to decrease spending from the Closed meetings will also be conducted after the competition each night original budget that was submitted. All of the changes were to discuss National Team selection. endorsed by the Men's Program Committee.

Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary



Ron Brant reviewed the criteria for the selection of Senior National Team members that has been used in the past.

Conference call began at 7:05 a.m. Pacific by Chair Yoichi Tomita

The MPC will use the following criteria to select members onto the Senior National Team at the conclusion of the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge: Six athletes will be selected by the Men's Program Committee and placed on the Senior National Team at the conclusion of the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge. These positions could be awarded to an all-around gymnast, a multiple event competitor, a specialist, or a petitioned athlete that the MPC believes has a chance to compete and win medals internationally.

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead, FIG Rep. (absent) Kurt Golder, Sr. Coaches Rep. Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep. John Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep.

Motion: To approve both alternates from the 2004 Olympic Team as Sr. National Team Members through the 2005 Visa Championships.

II. 2005 WINTER CUP CHALLENGE PETITIONS Motion: Yoichi Tomita Motion: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously . :


There will be no change to the Individual Event format that ~ was used in 2004 and the judges will be encouraged to use .05 ~ deductions to help avoid ties throughout the competition. Motion: To use the average of three judges scores at the

.--1--=-4--=-2------ - - ---------j(

Ron Galimore described the process of 58 petitions, not including the 4 foreign athletes. Some individuals sent in poor videos. Also, some routines did not match the written analysis submitted. Every single routine submitted had to be completely judged in order to create a level playing field. The routines were judged by the new FIG changes - 1.6 bonus. The goal for this Winter Cup Challenge is 84 gymnasts. Motion: To approve Jeff Johnson'S injury petition for the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge (Rings only).


)>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Motion: Kurt Golder 2nd: Miles Avery Approved: Unanimously

Call ended at 11:00 am EST Call resumed at 12:30 pm EST

Motion: To approve Nyika White's injury petition for the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge (Rings only). Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Kurt Golder Approved: Unanimously Motion: To approve the foreign athlete petitions of Canadian gymnasts Adam Wong and Casey Sandy for the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge. A letter of request was submitted from the Canadian Gymnastics Federation. They will not displace any positions open to U.S. gymnasts.


Motion: To approve the petitioned athletes to the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge based on the following set criteria: All-Around & 5-Event Qualifiers= 8.0 average score 4-Event Qualifiers= 8.2 average score 3-Event Qualifiers= 8.4 average score 2-Event Qualifiers= 8.6 average score I-Event Qualifiers = MPC selection There will be no change in the participation policy and athletes who qualify through the 3, 4, & 5 event criteria will be allowed to compete in the All-Around. Motion: Kurt Golder 2nd Jay Thornton Approved: Unanimously

Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Bill Foster Approved- Unanimously

Motion: To approve Brian Lee's injury petition for the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge (Rings only).

Jose David Ramos of Puerto Rico has requested to participate in the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge. The Men's Program Committee must first receive a letter from his federation requesting participation.

Motion: Steve Butcher 2nd: Bill Foster Approved: Unanimously

Nikolai Korepanov, Gym Force Gymnastics Training Center, is also requesting to participate in the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge. He has Russian citizenship, but is a U.S. resident seeking citizenship. He has never represented Russia in international competition. He also did participate in the 2004 U.S. Championships (exhibition only). Ron Galimore will request a petition tape from this athlete to determine if he will meet the participation criteria established by the MPC. At this point in the meeting it was decided to have a one hour recess to provide an opportunity for Ron Galimore to recalculate potential approved petitions according to criteria adjustments made by the MPC.

III. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at IO:OOam Pacific Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary Approved by: Ron Galimore, Senior Director, USAG Men's Program Approved by: Bob Colarossi, USAG President

(continued from p. 16)

• ... have monthly billing cycles rather than terms (statistically, monthly cycles have higher retention than Terms); • ... have pricing/registration/payment syste ms that overtly or covertly punish 'taking a break' (using Client contracts are an overt example of this); • ... use literature/marketing that stresses or implies for everyone, 'gym nastics is a long term commitment' (Kid First does but for team only); • ... design your programming model with only one pyramid and all students aiming toward the peak (team) rather than multiple pyramids with goals and objectives tailored to each pyramid; • ... subscribe to the belief that 'once a child drops out, s/he is gone for good'? I strongly suggest eliminating the word 'droppi ng-out' from your mind, your vocab ulary and your business. Substitute 'taki ng a break; and work and work and work on your business until you are confident that when a Client does take a break that s/he will return . If you believe that a 'drop out' is 'gone forever; you first need to fix your thinking, and then fix the way you do business if long term growth is your goal! Scream it from the rooftops : the 2nd best source of new revenue is former Clients so nurture t hem as if they are gold (by the way, the #1 source of new revenue is current Clients)! Further confirmation of the Retention Paradox is my own business experience. Today, in 2005, co mpared with 1990, my business performs better in every non-financial measure I can think of: Client relations; -----------------«

teacher/child relations; teacher/parent relations; coworker/coworker relations; leader/coworker relations; communications; marketing; skill development; competitive team performance. You name it and we are doing it better and in most cases a LOT better! Yet, today, our retention averages 10 percentage points lower than in 1990. Metzger, that's interesting, how about the financial performance, then to now? No comparison: we have hugely higher revenue, profit margin and profit, plus, we are able to compensate better. The cold, hard facts are: Kids First does better today by every measure except one ... retention! I have thrown a lot at you so allow me to try to distill the Retention Paradox into one sentence. Seeking to encourage behaviors that enhance relationships and traditionally increase retention are worthy goals of any GymClub; however, designing your business model to maximize retention at every turn is probably not the best strategy if long term growth and profitability is your goal. In closing: I think I know a measu rement that wi ll more effective ly measure what we think we are measuring with retention . I intend to experi ment with it and after I give it a fair try I will report back. Of course, it might take a while before its true effectiveness is known: after all, it took me decades to recognize the Retention Paradox! Of course it is those and other challenges that make running a sma ll business so much fun. Jeff Metzger • USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, Gym Club Owners Boot (amp • President, Kids First Sports (enter

TEe H N IOU E • MAR (H 2005

) . - - - - - ------------=-4-=-3-.1

LEARN FROM THE BEST - Scheduled Clinicians: National Coaching Staff- Martha Karolyi (National Team Coordinator). Muriel Grossfeld. Tammy Biggs, Arthu r Akopyan. Antonia Markova, Steve Rybacki (IEC Chairman, World and Olympic Coach). Dr. Larry assaI' and Dr. Wi lli am Sa nd s.

USA Gymnastics

2005 High Performance Coaching Seminar Designed for coaches wanting to reach the "next level" of coaching.

FORMAT - Observation of all aspects of the Women's National Team Training Camp that will be conducted during the seminar. This is your chance to see and hear the best coaches in the US "up close and personal" and a rare oppo rtunity to watch the nation 's best gymnasts in training. Lectures from the National Team oaching Staff on sk ill development. along with sports science lectures. will be conducted.

COST- $400 Registration fees do NOT include Room and Board. Room and Board at the Karolyi Camp - $60 per ni ght per person. LIMIT to the first SO registrations!

2005 High Performance Coaching Seminar Registration Form

Where and When: Nat ional Team Trai ning Center New Waverly. Texas 65 miles north of IAH airport May 19-22, 2005

Tentative Schedule May 19 - Arri va l - 4:00 p.m. lay 19-21 - Train ing Camp & Lectures May 22 - Departure anytime in a. m.

May 19-22. 2005 Women's National Team Traini ng Center-Houston. TX PLEASE PRtXTor 7TPf:.' aXE .\'cLltE PER FORM Name _______.____._ _ _ _ _ SSII _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ USAG Professional/ Instructor # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp. Date _ _ __ Sarety

I~ xp .

Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ______

Mailing Address _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Room and Board: Coaches may be housed at the Training Center. the Karolyi Camp . The cost is $60 per person, per night (includes all mea ls). Please note: The housing wil l be in the cabins. A Iist of area hotels is avai lable upon request.

Transportation: Participants are responsible for all transportation costs. A map to the Karolyi Camp will be provided upon registration.

Additional Information: Contact Gary Warren, Eli te Program Manager, USA Gymnastics: 3 17-829-5627 or Mail or Fax Registration Form To:

USA Gymnastics, 20 I South Capitol, Suite 300. Ind ianapolis. IN 46225 Fax (317)237-5069

Ci t) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ St _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ __ Day Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Eve. Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ __ E-mai l _ _ _ _ _ _._ _ _ _ _ _ _

Fax _ _ _ _ _ _ __

J>A YMENT INFORMATlON: All forms and rees are due by April 18,2005 Coach Registration S400. _ _$.JOO RC4uest lor refund

I11U . (

Coach on site I lousing $60 pcr ni ght _ _ $60 pcr night (indicate number of nights) --;--;----;-$ TOlal 10 he charged be submitted in II riting by May 4. 2005

PAYMENT - Make Check or Money Order to: USA Gymnastics Amoulll Enclosed _ _ _ _ Credit Card in/ormation : .. Credit Card Type ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _._______._ Card N umber _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp. _ __ Signature


FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Received _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Postmark _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Form of Payment






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POSITION AVAILABLE TEAM COACH WANTED: Northeast GymnastiC!, a 15,000 square fool ful~ air-<ondilioned facility, is looking for a full lime compelilive girls leom coach knowledgeable for levels 4 thru Elite. Beam and floor donce/ choreogrophy a plus! Pay is commensurole with experience. Pleose call (570IB29-3636. Ask for Uso. Send resume wilh references 10: Northeast GymnasliC!, 40 Ferry Rood, Hanover Township, Po. 18706. negymnastiC!.com negymn@epix.nel MANAGER/ GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. Greol coreer opportunilies in our NYC and Weslchester locolion. Full Hme and part lime posiHons available. Weekdays and/ or weekends. If you love kids, love gymnastic!, and love 10 leach in a fun, safe, posilive and coring environmenl, give us a call. Posilions available for baby, loddler, preschool, after school program, and birthday parties. Excellenl solory. On~ high~ motivoled, enlhusio~ic leom ploymlhol wanl 10 make a posilive difference wilh kids need apply. Call Jodi's Gym 01 914-244·8811 , fox resume 10 914-2448833, or e-mail INSTRuaORS/ COACHES. Paragon GymnastiC! of Norwood (Bergen County), NJ ~ looking for In~ructo~ and Cooches, PIT-FIT Weekdays/weekends/evenings. Requiremenls: Positive oIIiIude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Posilions available for pre-schoollhrough inlermediole level in~ruction. Compelitive Teom Coach levels 5-10. Company sponsored certificolions (Sofety, CPR, Rm Aid) Full benefi~/ paid vocoHon & sick days, compony malched reliremenl plan. Will Iroin. Salary <ommensurole wilh experience. NEW facility, ~oIe-of-lhe-ort, opprox. 11,000 sq. ft.locoled in Ihe NY/ NJ Melropolilon area, eosi~ accessible from all major highways. Conloct 001: 201-767-6921 or fox resume 10 201-767-6693 or e-moil:do!©porogongym. com. 49 Walnut Sireel, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 0764B. www. Team Cooches. Exxcel GymnastiC!, llC is a well-established gymno~iC!schoollocoled in Newton, MA. We are currenlly inlerviewing for a Girl's Team Head Coach, Girl's Team Cooches (levels 4-8ile) and recreoHonal and preschool in~ructo~. These are long-Ierm posilions wilh growth polenliol for Ihe career minded individual. All opplican~ should be positive, energelic leom playm who wish 10 work in a supportive, receplive almosphere. Fox/email resume or coli Toliana. P: 617-244-3300, F: 617-2445777, GYMNAS1lCS PROGRAM DIREaOR. Richmond, Virginia. Seeking a high~ molivoled, organized, creolive, FUN and enlhusia~ic learn player Ihol wanls 10 make a positive difference wilh kids working in a multi-progrom facility! Responsible for developing progrom curriculum, supervising, directing, in~ructing clOlles, and providing overoilleodmhip for Ihe enlire Gymna~iC! Progrom. Mu~ possess excellenl communicalion and organizolionolskills. Position includes paid vocalion, holiday and sick/pe~onol lime. Health Insurance and olher benefi~ are available. Salary is commensurole wilh experience. COACHES: Tri-Slar GymnosliC! of Dover, NH is looking for a boys' and a girls' coach wilh recreolionollhrough learn experience. Port and full lime oppli<onls will be considered. Employmenl package will be delermined by experience. Appliconl mast be positive, enlhusio~ic, a learn player and must love children. We are localed 1 hour from Baston and lelllhon 30 min. from Ihe ocean. Moil/fox/email resume 10: 66 ThirdSI. Suile 101. Dover NH 03820. Fox: (603)7495678, INSTRuaOR/COACH NEEDED for growing gym neslled in Ihe fool of Ihe Big Horn Mounlains in Buffalo, Wyoming. Will be responsible for developmenlal gymna~iC! from lo~ 10 leens as well as beginning <ompefilive USAG Team wilh bulk of compelilo~ 01 level 4. Salary and benefill negoliable and based on experience. Summil GymnastiC! is

looking for a high~ self-molivoled and posilive individual. Should have experience with USAG compulsory progroms. Unlimiled year-round outdoor octivilies such as skiing, hiking and hunting. Call Dove Harness 01 307-684-2251. May apply in writing or forward a resume 10 P.O. Box 1002, Buffalo, WV 82834. Submi"ed by: Summil GymnosliC!, P.O. Box 1002, Buffalo, WV 82834. Phone: 307-684-9623 or 307-620-9623. OUR AREA ISGROWING! The Kenne" School of GymnosliC!, e~oblished in 1976 and localed 50 miles North of New York Gty, has positions for a well organized, motivoled and experienced Oplional Girls Team Cooch and on enlhusioslic, experienced recreolionol and learn iostructor. Husband and wife learn welcome! Salaries <ommensurole wilh quolificolions and experience. Educalional and ongoing lroining opportunilies available. Health, moving expenses available. Our xhool of Dance, est. in 1952, is also seeking on in~ructor Iroining in Classical Bollel and experienced in leaching olher areas of dance. Conloct lee Kenne" 01845294-9278, or fox resume 10 845-294-1044. E-mail resume 10 kenneHs@eorthlink.nel. Kenne" xhool of Gymna~iC!, 150 W. Main SI., Goshen, N.Y. 10924. IS GYMNAS1lCS YOUR PASSIONm IS GROUP FITNESS YOUR PASSION??? looking 10 shore your expertise wilh individuals who are learn ploye~ in 2 ~ale-of-Ihe-ort focililieslhal you can call home? Well, we are hiring preschool, I<hool-oge, compeHlive gir~ learn cooches, fronl desk, lobo Operolions Manager. We are also hiring pe~onol lroiners, aerobiC!, pilales, kickboxing & yoga inslructors. Seeking energelic, professional individuals who have Ihe drive & ombilion 10 succeed in a professional environmenl. Enhance your coreer wilh our dynamic orgonizolion. Fulllime & port-lime. Salary commensurole wilh experience. Contact: Tommy Ingmoll. E-mail address: lobogym@EVI. nel Phone: 281 -480-2255 Fox: 281-480-3793. Houslon, Texas 77062. FUll OR PART TIME TEACHER. Do you love li"le children? Can you leach children's gymnosliC! and fitness? WANTED PRESCHOOL GYM BUS TEACHER. We've been esloblished for 5 yea~. We're looking for enlhusio~ic and upbeol individuo~ who will love Ihis job! Job descriplion: Drive bus 10 daycores, leach kids and have fun, keep Irock of poymenls, make good money. locolion: Northhills of PiHsburgh, PA. Cleoronces and clean driving record a musl. Send or fox resume 10: Gymogic Bus, 109 Hidden Oak Dr., Mar~, PA 16046. Fox: 724-742-4400. Web: W\vw. CAMP lORANDA, ATOP NEW YORK STATE SlEEPAWAY CAMp, IS BUILDING ABRAND NEW GYMNASTICS PAVILION and we're looking for someane special 10 be our fim Progrom Director. The righl pe~on will be able 10 leach Ihe safe use of all opporolus, coach our Gymna~iC! learn, be ready 10 inslruct beginnm as well as more advanced campe~, be available from June 18 Ihrough Augu~ 15, 2005, and lake on active role in hiring Iheir own ossislonl. lokonda will provide on excellenlsolory, plus free room and boord, and lrovel expenses. To learn more oboullhe many benefils of working allokondo, colilro 01561-742-4950

' DEMO EQUIPMENT fOR SALE by Tumbl Trok: 6M Air ~oor- 51675.00, 40' Air Trok- 53700.00, 9'xI4' Colmer (purple)- 51695.00, Air Voul~ (various sizes)- 5500.00, Bounce 'n Bop- 51495.00, Porto Table- 5699.00, Hable51356.00, Vault Boord (NEW) - 5199.00, Polriolic Air Pit- 52960.00, Mini Trok & Romp- 5639.00. All equipmenl is sold on a fim-come, fi~l-serve bosis. for updaled demo li~, visit our websile 01 hHp:// order, coli 1-800-331-4362." GK RISK fREE PROGRAM: Gel with Ihe progrom! It's be"er Ihan ever, wilh a lerrific ollortmenl of NEW styles and fabriC! and incomporoble sales polenlial. Plus, iI's easier Ihan ever 10 order, sell and relurn your RISK FREE gormenll_ We offer cuslomized packages for your pro shop, meels and summer camp. You on~ pay for whol you've sold and may relurn Ihe re~, Ihere is absolute~ NO RISK! If you hoven'l Iried us Iolely, iI's lime you ~orted earning exlro profils wilh our RISK fREE merchandise. Call 1-800-345-4087 for more informolion on how youcon gel ~orted loday! Email:

GYMNASTICS SCHOOL - CONNEaICUT. loco led in on oHroctive Upper Connecticul lown, Ih~ full service Gymno~iC! School has been in business for 5 yea~ and leases 5,000 square feel on 2 floo~ of a free slonding building. This well managed school has all 4 apporolus (bo~, beam, voull & floor), and offe~ classes in Irompoline, lumbling & cheerleading. Team is ~arting Ihis semester. Birthday porties are held on weekends. School employs 6 employees plus owner. School offilioled wilh locollown recreaHon departments. Priced 10 sell 01 5199,000. Call Jeff. Hartford Business Brokers 860-674-9755.

CONSIGNMENT CUSTOM ORDERS/WHOlESAlE. leI Soloro leos help you design your next castom leolord, crop lop, or shorts! Perfect for: learn workoul aHire, recita~, exhibilions, shoWl and summer comps. Soloro leos' design ~aff will be Ihere 10

xore Ma~er - NO MORE InpuHing Gymno~ Raster dolo!! Score Mosler, Ihe mast widely used software, ju~ gol even beHer! Meet Director> can now download roster informalion from Ihe USAG websile. Feolures include: creole rololions, assign #\ Ihe mosl comprehensive reporting and resulls con go directly 10 your websile. Supports: womens/ mens, individual/leam, arti~ic/rhythmic/lrampoline,compulsory/

oplional. -FREE demo & user listing. Conloct: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421, Chorlo"e, NC, 2B231. CLASS CONTROL for WindoWl. Ooss Monogemenl and Accounls Receivable software. Pocked wilh feolures, easy

OISist you every slep of Ihe way. Call 1-877-475-7676 (loll free) with questions or 10 place your cuslom design order. No-r~k consignmenl comp pockoges and meel packages are also available. SOlaro's no-risk consignmenl progrom is Ihe perfect way for you 10 selilhe lolesl gymno~iC!, cheer and dance ilenns wilhout any iniliol investmenl. Check us out 01 www.soloroleos.com_ Call and gel ~orted loday! LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Would you like 10 expand your leolord sales? This ~ a good time of Ihe year 10 inlroduce a new ossortmenl of leolords. Rebecco's Mom popular leolord consignmenl progrom is Ihe solution. Our consignmenl selection feolures our newesl slyles and fabriC!, including Ihe fromed Hologram style. Rebecco's Mom specializes in workout leolords and learn worm-up leolords feoluring Hologranns, foils, Gli"er, Rhinestones and Nail Heads and our rainbow of soft Velvel fabriC!. We also include a sensolionol selection of nylon ~cra designs feoluring Hawaiian prinls. Our leolords are designed wilh your Team Gymnasts in mind and are available in all sizes, 5/ 6 Ihrough adult large. We are currenl~ occepling new opplicolions from Club Pro Shops, Parenl Boaster Groups, Reloil Slores and Summer Camps. Please call our loll free lelephone number, 1-888-289-2536 or fox Rebecca's Mom 011-818-980-0119 for credit applicolion, lerms, and prices. We also supply Slole and Regional Meel Packages as well as leolords for special evenll, so please coli TODAY.

EDUCATION Available now! The NEW GYMCERT updoled Gymnastic! training manuals (levels 1, 2, & 3) you con use 10 lroin your ~off; cut your lesson planning Hme significonriy; use 10 coordinole doss progressions and skill Iraining melhods; and, best of all have a quick reference Ihol is easy 10 use which indudes lesson Planning Forms and 0011 Evaluation Fornns by level. The GYMCERT monua~ provide concise in~ruction, dear illastrolions, and severol coaching, spoHing, and safely lips. Will your ~off be ready for Ihe Olympic surge in enrollmenl? Order direct by colling loll free: 1-866-591-8500 or go online 10: www. . AffiNTION GYM OWNERS AND OIREaORS_Give you~elf a big roise in 2005. Add a new division 10 your currenl business. Mobile gymnastic! ~ a wonderful fit 10 add profit 10 your gym. We are one of Ihe lorgesl mobile gymno~ic companies in Ihe counlry_ We service 11510colions wilh over 2000 ~udenls porticipaling. I am a qualified professional business cooch. I con cooch you Ihrough ~orting a mobile gymno~ic business in your area. Call for more informalion and we will fox you deloils. Conloct Sharon frlzgerold 01 219-865-9698.

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD 1-100 words = $100 101 -200 words =$200 Your ad in Technique will outomoHcollv be placed online for 30 days 01 no additional charge_The address ~: Your 30 days will begin on the next regular posting dole. RATES




10 use, ne!Workoble, and free pe~n 10 person suppart. ~exible I<hool selup, easy ossignmenls, rosle~, oHendance, markeling onolysis, outomaled luilion colculolion, mulliple discoun~, oddilionol/relail charges, soles lox support, lole charges, early poymenl discounls, invoices/slalemenls, receivables reports, financial and enrollmenl summaries, inslructor I<hedules, waiting and makeup lists, moiling labels, e-mail, support for bonk draft poymen~, conlext sensitive help, and much more. On~ 5500 (5250/oddilionol work~alion), includes free Iroining and lechnicolsupport. Serving GymnasliC! since 1990. Conloct Vaughn Software Services 01 800-B21 -8516, or v_s_s@belisouth.neIAMEX/MC/VISA/Discover.



January ... _. ____ .. _______ Dec_ 10 February .......... ....... Jan. 10 March ..... ................ Feb. 10 Apri( ....... .. ... .......... . Mar.. 10 May .... _... .. _............ Apr. 10 June ........ _.. ........... May 10 July _............... __._._. June 10 August .. , _............... July 10 Sept/Oct. ....... .. ....... Aug. 10 Nav./Dec . .. ............. Ocf. 10 NOTE: If the , Oth falls on a weekenrl or

holirlay, the precerling work rlay is consirlererl the rlearlline.

TEe HN10 UE • MA R(H 2005


Mail your arl anrl payment to: USA Gymnol1iC!, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capilol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox 10 317-237-5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please designole if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine. ADS SUBMlffiD WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE PU8l1SHED_ USA Gymnaslics reserves the righl 10 vary formal. Technique is received by more than 16,000 USA Gymnastics professional members/Ius thousands of viewers will be expose to your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, product, service, or (omp'etition here for great resutls. Questions? Call Luon Peszek at 317-829-5646.

) >----------------


Top US gymnasts are tumbling into Indianapolis, IN to compete in the Visa Championships on August 10 . 13, 2005 . After unprecedented success allhe O lympic Games in Alhens, you don't want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to watch members of the 2004 Olympic Team and dIe rising stars or the US program as lhey slake their claim as the best gym nast III America.

OROJ;:R OPTIONS: 1) Mail form with payment to:

USA Gymnastics c/o Visa Championships 201 S Capitol Ave .. Suite 300 Indianapolis. IN 46225 2) 1=•• form with paymenllo:

317-237-5069 !=ax

Contad Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Day Phone: ~vening





ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS PACKAGE - Includes all Jr. and Sr. Competitions .. . 7 events featu ring the best men and women artistic gymnasts in the United States (CONSECO FIELDHOUSE)

Gold # of All-Session Tickets Silver # of All-Session Tickets Bronze # of All-Session Tickets 2.

x $160 = $ x$110=$ x $ 75 = $

RHYTHMIC AND ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS PACKAGE -Includes all Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics competitions ... 3 all day events (INDIANA CONVENTION CENTER)

# of All-Session Tickets

x $ 40 = $




o Check o Visa I


I='or more information visit:

~' X

Pto"d Sj)OnSOt



(Make payable


Indiana Sporls Corp.)

VISA ,; Visa. the only card accepted at the 2005 Visa Championships

Card #



Name on Card Cardholder Signature 'All orders will be processed upon receipt. Seal assignments will be mad" on a first-come, fi rsl·served basi s. (tickot availability is nol guaranteed)

If using credit card, Indiana Sports Corporation will appear on your statement.


USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

PAID Indianapolis, IN Permit No. 7867


1005 SAFETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule.

June 2

' Time and date subiec/ to change. See usa· lor updates.

March 18


Bend, OR 97701 ; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Acrovision Sports Center, 63255 Jamison Rd Directions: Rich Gufstason 503-388-5555 Course code: DA031820050R Instructor: Debra Anderson 541-496-3692 Rutland, VT 05701; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Head Over Heels Rutland Directions: Gail McGann 802-273-3627 Course code: GM03252005VT Instructor: Gail McGann B02-273-3627


Carlsbad, CA 92009; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Magdalena Ecke YMCA Gymnastiscs, 6100 Avenida Encines Directions: Quin Shannon 760-804-B170 *walk-ins welcome, see website: for directions. Course code: NG04022005CA Instructor: Nicki Geigert 760-943-6986 Coldwater, KS 67029; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Veternan's Building Directions: Candice Wilkinson 620-5B2-2899 Course code: RW04222005KS Instructor: Robin Weidmaier 816-232-7502



Woodward, PA 16882; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr, Rt 45 Directions: Steve Hoss 814-349-5633 ' lunch available on site Course code: SH07162005PA Instructor: Stephen Hass 814-349-5633


Reno, NV; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Reno Hotel Hilton ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop Course code: MT06092005NV Instructor: Michael Taylor 650-330-2274 11

Hilliard, OH 43026; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts, Inc. Directions: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430 Course code: BM062520050H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777 -9430


louisville, KY; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Marriott louisville Downtown Hotel ' in conjunction with JO Notional Compulsory Workshop Course code: BM06042005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430

April 2


louisville, KY; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Marriott louisville Downtown Hotel ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop. Course code: BM06022005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777 -9430

Reno, NV; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Reno Hotel Hilton ' in conjunction with JO National Compulsory Workshop Course code: MT06112005NV Instructor: Michael Taylor 650-330-2274 Woodward, PA 168B2; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr, Rt 45 Directions: Steve Hass 814·349·5633 ' lunch available on site Course code: SH06182005PA Instructor: Stephen Hass 814-349-5633


;odward, PA 168B2; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr, Rt 45 Directions: Steve Hoss 814-349-5633 ' lunch available on s~e Course code: SH08062005PA Instructor: Stephen Hass 814-349-5633

September Hilliard, OH 43026; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts, Inc. Directions: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430 Course code: BM090420050H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430

SAFETY CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIp· PRE·REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age lor Sale,y Cer,ili,a,ion is r6 years} COST: Nome: ________________ Male or Female: Professional or Instructor #: ____ ___ Current Safety Exp. Dote: Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ Birth Date:_ __ __ _ __ Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ City:_ _ __ __ _ ___ State: _ _ _ __ _ Zip: Telephone: (H) _ __ __ _ _ __ (W) _ _ __

_ _ __

Course Code: _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ Course City/State: _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __ Form of Payment:

o VISA o MasterCard o Discover o American Express

Payment Amount: ___ _ _ _ __ __ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ Nome on Cord: _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __

Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............:.:....:................ no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety Certification ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 115.00 • You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied For on the registration Form in order to qualify For the discount. All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics lwo(2) weeks prior to the course dote' . Late registrations, incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment will not be processed. Late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, indudinD the course book, are provided at the course and are port of the course fee. Certification is valid for four( 4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six(6) months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply if notification is received after course deadline. 'Usa Gymnastics reserves the rightta alter course deadline

Mail regis,ration form and payment to:


USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212


PUlud Spon,or GYMNASllCS

Number: _ __ __ Exp. Date:



Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine – March 2005  

Technique Magazine – March 2005