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CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; SECRETARY: Gory Anderson; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tomilo; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: paul Porillo; VICE CHAIR SPORTS·ACRO: Tonyo Case; PUBLIC SECTOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION: Ron Ferris; AMERICAN SOKOL OR· GANIZATlON: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Beny Heppner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Francis Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES·WOMEN: Mark Cook; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRlS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Sirawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIA· TlON OF WOMEN'SGYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHlfTlC ASSOCIATION·MEN: Lou Burkel; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOLASSOCIATIONS: Cynlhio Doyle Perkins; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIOllAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Todd Vesely; US. ASSOCIATION OF IN· DEPENDENT GYMNASTICS ClUBS: Mike Jocki; U.S. EUTE COACHES ASSOCIA· TlON·MEN:Thom Glielmi; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATlON·WOMEN: David Holcomb, Sieve Rybacki; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Tim Klempnouer; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suo zie DITullio; YOUNG MElfS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAL COlLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-WOMEN: Meg Slephen· son; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORSMEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grossfeld; RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, Michelle Lorson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Tom Forsler; TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kemplon, Dr. George Drew; SPORTS·ACRO: Undo Por· ler, Joy Binder; ATHLETES COUNCil Vonesso Vander Pluym, Coraline Hunl, Lorisso Fonloine, Shannon Miller, Kim Zmeskol·Burdelle, Jamie Sirondmork, Karl Heger, Joy Thornlon, USOC Alhlele Rep.; Dominick Minim«i, Execulive Boord Member John Roelhlisberger. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: JEWISH COMMUIliTY CENTERS, Lori Kolz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale Fober·Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, Howard Schwartz. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 ensure uninlerrupled delivery of TECHNIQUE magazine, nolice of change of address should be mode eighl weeks in odvonc •. For service, pl.os•• ndos. your presenl moiling label. Oirec! 011 subscriplion moil 10 TECHNIQUE Subscriplions, USA Gymnoslics, 201 S. Copilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. TECHNIQUE is published monlh~ excepl bimonlhly in Sepl/ Oct and Nov/ Dec by USA Gymnos1ics, Pan Americon ~olO, Suil, 300, 201 Soulh Copilol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 (phone: 317-237-5050) or visil online @ www .usa-g ymnas tics .org Subscriplion prices: U.S.-S25 per year; Conodo/ Mexico-S4B per year; oil olher foreign counlries- S60 per year. II ovoiloble, bock issue single copies S4 plus posloge/hondling. All reasonable core will be loken, bUI no responsibility can be ollumed for unsoliciled moleriol; endose relurn posloge. Copyrighl 2004 by USA Gymnos1ics and TECHNIQUE. All righls reserved. Prinled by Sport Graphics, Indionopolis, IN.

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USA GYMNASTICS Message As Chairman of the Board of USA Gymnastics, I regret to inform you that USA Gymnastics President/ CEO Bob Colarossi will be leaving his post at USA Gymnastics at the end of March to accept a position with Los Angeles-based sports and entertainment presenters AEG. Bob's decision brings to a close one of the most successful presidential tenures in USA Gymnastics history.

Ron Froehlich Chairman of the Board

Bob, who took over the helm of USA Gymnastics in 1998, led USA Gymnastics to what many believe has been the greatest quadrennium in the organization's history. In the past four years, USA Gymnastics earned 56 World, Olympic and Pan American medals - including nine Olympic medals in 2004. Under Cola rossi's leadership, USA Gymnastics also launched several new on-line initiatives, successfully organized two World Championships and the 42-city post-Olympic T.J . Maxx Tour, and saw membership and sponsor involvement reach new heights. The entire USA Gymnastics family is very sad to see Bob go, and we greatly appreciate all of his hard work and long hours in support of the sport he loves. USA Gymnastics accomplished many great things the past six years, and I am sure Bob will continue to enjoy success in his new role. Bob's gymnastics background dates more than 30 years as a competitive gymnast, coach, gym owner and committee member. He was hired by USA Gymnastics in the summer of 1998 after serving as President of the Massachusetts Sports Partnership. He will remain involved in gymnastics through his position as an Executive Committee Member of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and on the Executive Committee of USA Gymnastics. Although Bob's contract with USA Gymnastics was extended on Nov. 20, 2004 at the Board of Directors meeting in Houston , he will fulfill the duties of President/ CEO only through the end of March. A search committee has been formed, which includes representatives from each discipline, plus athletes, public sector directors and other key members of the USA Gymnastics Board. The search committee plans to narrow their applicants to a "short list" by the end of March and begin more in-depth interviews in early spring. If you or someone you know would like to apply for the position, submit a letter of interest and resume via e-mail to: Deadline for submission is February 21, 2005. Although change is sometimes difficult to accept, it also brings opportunities. We are looking forward to continued success within our organization in 2005 and beyond. Sincerely,

Ron Froehlich USA Gymnastics Chair of the Board



) r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

A m e ric a n Athl e tic

We'll be there when you accomplish your dreams.




..U.If~tes deserve f or Cl fREE gymnClstics cCltCllog, cCllI



TIME WASTERS " ~~ ,~ By Arthur A. Hawkins II


So you want to spend more tim~ " / with your passion, gymnastics,'" '" but can't find the time to do it?


The secret is to free your time and the best will follow. Once you identify your own personal time wasters, you can eliminate them and maximize the experience.

The top 10 time wasters are listed below. Use them as a guide to make time pay.

[lQ Procrastination &; EXicuses If you don't start, you can't finish. Reach your goals and objectives by actively working to accomplish them. Stop waiting until the last minute, putting things off and making things more than they are. Cut things down to size. Excuses, no matter how legitimate, are just that, excuses. Act or nothing happens.

~Q Running Errands &; TraveUng Plan ahead. Arrange things on importance and need. Make only one trip or as few as necessary. Avoid making duplicate and unnecessary trips. Combine tasks. Know what you need and who has it. Find a good time to get it or consider having it delivered. Give notice (call, fax, e-maiL register) ahead of time. Stop traveling in heavy traffic times like rush hour, even on the Internet. Make the time you spend traveling pay dividends.

~Q Rushing Oops, you forgot. now you must hurry. And to make matters even worse, something else just came up ... Relax. Stop trying to do everything at once. Realize things may take longer than initially expected. Avoid waiting until the last minute to get started. Do the little things regularly. Don't give things a chance to pile up. Schedule and plan ahead. List what must be done and the time it takes to do it. Make allowances for delays, the unexpected and surprises. Take time to do things right the first time. End the costly mistakes, oversights and stress of rushing.


Computers. Gadgets &; the Internet Technology makes life and business easier, right? Are you using it wisely? Do you know how to use it and why you use it? Does it meet your needs, how? Do you make reentries and overlook existing data? You back up files in case of crashes, erasures and re-usage, right? Do you spend tons of time online? It's addictive. You get what you need and log off, right? How relevant are playing games and chatting? Bottom line: Make technology work for you by using it correctly. End problems before they begin .

~ Telephone. E-Inail &; Mall Be selective. Screen, filter and block incoming messages. Only give your address to those you want to contact you. "Opt-out" and never respond to "junk." Why call or write? Clearly define : your purpose, the person to contact, how to get what you need ... Speed things up by preparing and using brief scripts, outlines and templates. Set a time to call and write. Take and return messages when it is convenient for you. Accomplish your objective and move on . ...-.- = - 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 ( TEe HN10 UE • fEB RUARY 2005 )r--- -- - - - - -- - - - - - -

@o Meetings Why meet? What's covered: purpose, subject, scope? Schedule carefully (write it down): time, date, location, length, type, attendees. Address the issues and key points. Avoid fluff. Prepare everyone. Eliminate unnecessary meetings.


pa,perwork. Reports &; Memos Have a purpose for paperwork. Avoid duplications. Put all paperwork and records in a form easily understood. Store it where it can be quickly found and used. Be clear and concise in its creation. Get to the point. Test the relevance of it as it comes in and act accordingly. Regularly purge excess, but be careful!


pta,nning &; Decision Ma,king No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan. But planning can lead to "paralysis-by-analysis". Get the job done: Prioritize. Gather the facts. Weigh both sides. Combine tasks. Delegate. Embrace failure and learn from it. Plan your way to success. Make the decision to act!

fl)o Enterta,inment. Television &; Ra,d,io Informed viewer or couch potato? Why tune in? Is it really important? If not, tape it or catch the rerun. Alternatives: Be a self-starter, do something productive, exercise, start a business, take up a new hobby, read a book, bond with loved ones, meditate, pray... When you can find no value, tune out.

flCDo Just Sa,y Yes Don't bite off more than you can chew. Think about the consequences of delivering less than expected and missing deadlines. Be honest with people (and yourself) and they will respect you for it. Do NOT accept things that can't fit into your schedule, no matter how tempting! Know what you have to do, what is important to you and your limits (resources, time, ability, money). Prioritize on importance and need. Delegate. Don't be a "yes man." Just Say NO!

Your time is now your own,. No more ex,cuses. Live and breathe gymnastics. Resource Information This information was inspired by Arthu r A. Hawkins II's book, "TH E Self-Employment Resource Guide."

---------------~c TECHNIQUE路 FEB RUARY 2005 ) > - - - - - - -- - - - -- ----=7",.

BIRTHDAY PARTY ALERT: Risk Management Procedures Can Help Avoid Costly Claims Including birthday parties in your gymnastics business might seem like a great way to add income to your business and draw new students into your gymnastics programs. However, there are things to consider when inviting visitors into your facility. Guests, both children and adults, who aren't familiar with gymnastics facilities can easily be injured during parties held on your premises. And accidents can leave visitors with more than just a bad impression of your operation; they often resu lt in costly lawsuits. K&K Insurance Group, Inc. offers insurance coverage for gymnastics and has first-hand experience with resolving gymnastics program claims. In recent years, K&K has incurred over $700,000 of insurance claims due to adult injuries at children's birthday parties. While gym operators normally take great care in supervising children, it is often the adults that are injured at parties. Here are a few examples of actual claims from K&K Insurance: A grandmother attended her granddaughter's birthday party. As she paused to take a photograph, another attendee bumped into her, causing her to trip on the padding of trampoline springs, breaking her ankle. A mother of a child attending a party was near the top of a 20 ft. climbing wall when the harness broke. Her elbow was broken when she hit the floor. A 37-year-old man attended a party for his niece. The man did a seat drop on a jogging trampoline and sustained multiple fractures to his spine. A 43-year-old man attended a party with his child. He was told not to get on any equipment, but proceeded to do a seat drop on the Tumble Trak, injuring his spine. A woman attending a party injured her foot as she walked across the floor exercise mat and slipped through padding and into trampoline springs.

ALWAYS: • Leave manufacturers' warning labels on all equipment. If maximum height or weight requirements are stated in metric measurements, note the conversion. • Post signage next to equipment indicating rules for usage and maxim um height or weig ht limitations, including all manufactures' recommendations. • Keep non-participants and observers in a designated area separate from the activity area. • Train monitors, coaches and assistants to know, understand and enforce all equipment and house rules and regulations.

FOR EVENTS INVOLVING GUESTS ON PREMISES: • Provide information to the person(s) booking the event explaining rules, risks and responsibilities for the host and guests. • Make a verbal presentation once the guests arrive, addressing rules and risks. • Prohibit access to areas and equipment not being used for the event, such as trampolines and climbing wa lls, using physical barriers and additiona l signs. • Provide adequate staffi ng levels to monitor the activities of all guests-including adult observers that may accompany children participating in the event. • Do not allow unsupervised use of trampolines or other equipment. • Closely monitor area around floor-level trampolines to ensure that participants and guests are aware of the possible trip and fall hazard.

A grandmother attending a party for her grandson stepped on the carpet next to a trampoline, lost her footing and fell, spraining her ankle.

Unfortunately, claims like these can cause everyone's insurance rates to rise. Pra ctici ng good risk management ski lls reduces the overall number of insurance claims and allows insurance companies to offer needed coverage for gym clubs at reasonable prices.

Most of these incidents could have been avoided with proper instruction and warning signs. K&K recommends taking the following steps to reduce the risk of a claim at your gym club.

Article Contributor: K&K Insurance Group has been providing specialty insurance ta the gymnastics industry since 1985. You can reach the K&K Gymnastics Insurance Program at 800·648-6406.

~1-8--------------~C TEe HNIOU E • FEB RUARY 2005 ) ) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

ti ed for third on beam and placed thi rd on floor at th e U.S. Championships. She also earned a spot to the U.S. Olympic Tea m Trials, where she fini shed ninth all-around and advanced to the Final Olympic Team Selection Camp. Coach Eaton said, "I t hin k the experience oftrying to make the Olympic Team was a very va luable learning experience fo r Carly. She has a clea rer understanding of what she needs to do to make those pinnacle meets like the upco min g World Championships. She's a more mature athlete both mentally and physica lly from last year. We're looking forward to a great year."

By Luan Peszek Carly Janiga, 16, lives in Paradise Valley, Ariz., where she trains at Desert Devi ls with her coaches Geoff Eaton, Kristen Fanning and Randi Acosta. Carly won three World Cup medals in September 2004 while competing at the World Cup event in La Serena, Chile. This powerful and dynamic gymnast earned gold medals on va ult and floor and the silver medal on beam. She said, "It was such an incredible experie nce. It was my first time out of the country competi ng for the USA and to be able to come back with two gold meda ls and a si lver was really rewarding for me." Although Carly has been an elite gym nast si nce 2002, she shined brightly in 2004, when she

Not only is Carly an exceptional gymnast but she's also a straig ht A junior at Saguaro High School. How does she balance the demands of school and gymnastics? She has a reduced sc hedule at school wit h four classes instead of six. Carly said she recei ves great sup port from school and they wo rk with her so that she can do both gymnastics and sc hool. They realize she has an un usual life and the teac hers are very supportive. Carly has a very supportive family including her mom Ellen, her dad Bill, and two brothers-Seth who is a high sc hool senior and Willy who is an 8th grader.

Good luck Carly and we look forward to great results from you in 2005 and beyond!


CarLy Janiga on Beam

--------------------------------~ Renee Behrens

USA Gymnastics Photograph




HALL OF FAME A.B. Frederick, Ph.D.

r--:::::::==:"""". . . . .":':"'- .........I

President GEORGE SZYPULA Photo appeared in The News from the National Assoc. of American Gymnastics Coaches - Spring, 1958.

The Helm's National Gymnastic Hall of Fame was organized as the first recognition of athletes, coaches and contributors in the sport of gymnastics. It began in 1957-1958 with the initial class being inducted in 1959. Selections today are made annually from the disciplines governed by USA Gymnastics. The Hall has evolved through the years and made a formal transition into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in 1995. We examine here the evolution of the Hall of Fame.

Prior to the founding of the Hall, Frank Cumiskey, an American gymnastics legend, wrote in 1948, "If we had a Hall of Fame for gymnasts, this name would surely be included - Frank Haubold." Both Haubold and Cumiskey were original honorees. In 1954, Dr. E. A. Eklund, long affiliated with the American Turners, wrote to Roy E. Moore, then Chairman of the AAU Gymnastic Committee, proposing an annual election to a "Gymnastics Hall of Fame." No action was taken , however. When Mr. Moore died in 1957, a number of people wrote memorials in his honor. He was considered the modern "Father" of gymnastics in the United States serving as our first Olympic coach and first representative to the FIG. He gave a half century of service to the sport. The "Moore" element on the pommel horse is named for him and he was a five times national champion on the side horse (as it was then known), between 1908 and 1913. Gene Wettstone of Penn State fame wrote, "The Spirit of Roy E. Moore will live forever." Because his passing caused others to seek a proper honor for him, Moore might well be considered the first Hall of Fame honoree. As President of the National Association of American Gymnastics Coaches (NAAGC), George Szypula of Michigan State University, was also searching for some way to preserve Moore's legacy. Following Moore's death , Szypula wrote to Bill Schroeder, Director of the Helms Athletic Foundation in Los Angeles, to inquire whether or not Moore could be recognized in some way by the Helms organization. Schroeder, who had a hand in the development of a number of sports Halls of Fame, responded immediately, "We have no Hall of Fame for gymnastics ... would you like to start one?" Paul H. Helms, a

... 1-::-1-:::0--------------~C

Los Angeles baker, established the Helms Foundation shortly after the 1932 Olympics. His new organization would recognize the many unsung athletes in Olympic sports such as swimming, track and field and wrestling. Gymnastics more than met Helm's criteria since it had been contested from the very first Olympics in Athens but was not well known in the United States at that time. Szypula presented the Hall of Fame idea at the next meeting of the NAAGC and received approval to go ahead with the project. He organized a Selection Committee of prominent gymnastics personalities: George Cameron (Southern California), E. A. Eklund (American Turners), George Gulack (AAU) , Newt Loken (University of Michigan), Charlie Pond (University of Illinois), Hartley Price (Florida State University) and Gene Wettstone (Penn State). The Committee searched for a suitable venue for the induction of the first group of honorees. The Pan Am Games were scheduled for Chicago in 1959 and that event suited their purposes. It was decided that there should be 10 gymnasts and 10 coaches, all men, honored during the Games. Their names are found on the list accompanying this article. Szypula led the selection committee for 35 years. America's first female all-around champion (1931) was Roberta Ranck Bonniwell, the "Babe" Didrikson of Philadelphia. She was the first American woman to coach an Olympic team (1952). She was prominent in a number of other sports winning the first national javelin title for women in track and field . She wrote to Bill Schroeder of the Helms Foundation after noting that in the decade following the first induction of men to the Hall of Fame, no women had been nominated. She made a good point since a number of her "girls" had won prominence in gymnastics, setting records for women that have yet to be broken. For example: 1. Clara Schroth: Bronze Team medal 1948 Olympic Team, 11 consecutive national balance beam titles, 39 national titles during her career. 2. Pearl Perkins: national all-around champion three times 3. Marion Twining: Bronze Team medal 1948 Olympic Team

Schroeder directed Bonniwell to contact Szypula. As a result, a women's sub-committee was formed by none other than Jackie Fie under Szypula's direction and the first class of female honorees was elected in 1974 at the National Collegiate Invitational organized by Herb Vogel at Southern Illinois University (See listing). Erna Wachtel was selected to chair the wo men's sub-committee and she did so until the Committee was reorganized to include both men and women beginning in 1993. It's somewhat ironic that Bonniwell


) > - - - - - - - - - -- -- -- - -

was not elected to the Hall of Fame until 1988. Committee notes reveal that she had not submitted a resume for the initial induction and in the interim was disabled by a long term chronic disease and died. The Committee corrected this obvious error years later. Bruce Frederick succeeded Szypula as Chairman in 1993.

Gymnastics in 1995. The first class of inductees elected under the new program was honored in 1996. The Selection Committee was subsequently reorganized retaining a simple majority of members from the former NACGC Committee. Carolyn Bowers was elected Chair and continues to serve in that capacity at this writing .

Prior to 1979, an additional sponsor of Citizens Savings bank began to help the Hall of Fame. Noting that the annual nomination and election of honorees was not all it cou ld be, Frederick suggested that another sponsor be located. The men's coaches' organization had become the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches. The NACGC had no resources to properly induct its honorees. The Amateur Athletic Association of Los Angeles, which established a museum and library to house the Helms collection, continued to supply scrolls for the Hall of Fame honorees each year but abandoned the issuance of an annual press release and contributed little else. Discussions ensued with USA Gymnastics about responsibility for the National Hall of Fame and the NACGC approved it in 1994.

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is a sub-committee of the Awards and Recognition Committee. It is comprised of seven members who are selected from all interested applicants by the A&R committee. Members serve four-year terms. The committee meets annually to select the new class for induction into the Hall of Fame from new nominations and from the credentials carried over in file. Each new class may consist of a maximum of seven inductees with a coaching team or a competitive team consisting as one. Athletes only are considered in the first round of closed balloting. Any remaining openings in the class of seven may then include consideration of nominated coaches or contributors.

Kathy Scanlan, then President of USA Gymnastics, wrote to the Selection Committee accepting responsibility for the program promising that honorees elected in the future and all of those elected in the past would receive the following benefits: 1. New Hall of Fame honorees would receive full accommodation to Congress (travel and housing) and would be honored in a public ceremony. 2. Former honorees would have Congress fees waved, could apply for complimentary tickets to each of the various events USA Gymnastics organizes and were conferred emeritus status and given membership in USA Gymnastics for life. On August 27 , 1994, the fi rst "Ceremony of Honors" inclusive of a Hall of Fame induction ceremony was conducted at the National Congress in Nashville, Tenn. The specific proposal governing the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Selection Committee, the requirements for nominations by the gymnastics community, and the benefits that all living Hall of Fame members would receive was written by a transition committee chaired by Kathy Scanlon. Thi s proposal was accepted by the USA Gymnastics Board of directors and formally adopted by USA

Since 1995, the selection committee has worked with USA Gymnastics to host a separate Hall of Fame awards ceremony at the National Congress. The committee designed a Hall of Fame logo and appropriate certificate as well as a lapel pin to be presented during the induction ceremony. USA Gymnastics added a medallion for the inductees to wear during Congress and accompanying competition for recognition by the gymnastics community. Additionally, the committee reviews all ideas presented to them with review of gymnastics history. The committee strives to elect candidates of exceptional qualification by consideration of each completed nomination , attempts to seek additional information to complete or strengthen the requirements for consideration, and continues to maintain the credential file of all worthy nominations. To date, 237 individuals and two teams, the first Olympic Gold medal teams for men and women , 1984 and 1996 respectively, have been elected to the Hall of Fame since 1959. There are 134 athletes featured along with 96 coaches and 88 contributors. Note that the total is more than 237 since some of the honorees have been honored for their individual accomplishments in different categories or have been a member of an honored team . (continued on p. 39)

R6S~ Speeiattg Ggmnasties &' eneerteaains 'VrOao.ets - 1:'oll-free:-1-;;.877 =536=9432- f"ax:---1-=414=525=1906- Web" www:gymtreaSUreS!COm Apparel Accessories


- Wnole8ale for pro-8nop8 or eon8ignment for meet8.

Jewelry Stuffed Animals Pins Travel Items

-Men'8. women'8 & enildren'8 item8 -Uniqu.e idea8 for goodie bag8 & gift8!

for a FREE full- color product brochure & price list!


- - -- - - - - --

- - -- - - ÂŤ


) > - - - - - - - - - - -- -----=1-=----11


PR~S~NTS ni~



(L~V~LS 7-10)



~ 1.1 f


June 3-5, 2005, Louisville, KY, Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel Ballroom June 10-12, 2005, Reno, NY, Reno Hilton Hotel - Silver State Pavilion PURPOS~ O~ TI-l~


To provide the participants w ith a clear understan d ing of the 2005-2013 USA Gymnastics Wom en's Junior Olympic Program: concepts, compulsory exercises, the interpretation of the text, technical execution of the skills, as well as the optional rules and requirements. To enhance the knowledge of the teachers, coaches, and judges, enabling them to effec tively and professionally serve in the development of the young gymnasts engaged in the USA Gymnastics Jr. Olympic Program. To provide an opportunity for gymnastics professionals to becom e Safety-certified . MAST~R STA~~

The Women's Jr. Olympic Program Committee m embers w ill be presenting the new Compulsory exercises. The Women's Technical Committee m embers w ill be the clinicians for the Optional Technical Symposium.

WORKSI-lOP/SYMPOSIUM COST Online registration and registration forms will be available on the web site in early January of 2005. Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX {1-317-692-5212}. On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY. D~ADLlN~ ~OR ~ARLY R~GISTRATION

By March 11th for registrations by FAX or mail By March 18th for Online registrations

Registration pel' site is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 6th; no refunds after May 6, 2005 (su bstitution of participan ts is allowed.) Pro,Jr. Pro $ Instructor Member Price

Choose one of four options: 1. Compulsory Workshop only - Levels 1-6 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) 2. Compulsory Workshop Levels 1-4 only (Sun.)

3. Technical Symposium - Levels 7-10 (Sat. night/Sun.) 4. Compulsory Workshop (Lev. 5 & 6 only-Fri./Sat.)

Non-Member Price


Early Reg.


Early Reg.

$325.00 $125.00 $200.00 $445.00

$300.00 $100.00 $175.00 $420.00

$375.00 $175.00 $250.00 $495.00

$350.00 $150.00 $225.00 $470.00

PLUS Technical Symposium (Lev. 7-10 - Sat. night/Sun.) MAT~RIALS INCLUD~D



Compulsory Workshop: USAG Jr. Olympic Compulson; Program book. Technical Symposium: Jr. Olympic Code o/Points (a combination of the present JO Technical Handbook and the listing/ illustrations of all elements and their values as in the FIG Code 0/ Points) . Every person registered will be able to order one additional copy of the Jr. Olympic Compl/lson; Program book ($45) and / or JO Code o/Points ($55) .

• • • •

The following additional materials will also be available for purchase at the workshop: Floor Exercise music Compact Disc: ..... .. ...... .... ... .... ............... .. .. ............ .... ..... ..... ... ...... ............. .. .. ... ......... ......... ...... ... .......... ........... ........... ......... ..... .... ... $15.00 Level 1-6 DVD (videos wi ll be available also) ... .. .... .... ....................... ...... ... ... ...................... ........ .......... ........... .. ... ... .................. ............ .. .. ........ .. ... ... .... .. .$30.00 Wall charts for compulsory levels (Level 1-4, Level S, Level 6) ....... ... ......... .............. ... ........ ......... ............ ............. ... .. ..... ........... .. ..... ................ ... .. .$4.00 each Awards Program materials (Lev. 1-4 Wall ch art, skill report cards, patches, pins & chevrons) .. ... ....................................... ... ...... .. .... ... ......... .. ........ .$50.00

--1-,,-1--=2- - - -- - -- - -- ----1(


)>-- - - - - - - -- - - -- --

ADDITIONAL COURSI;:S O!=!=I;:RI;:D IN CONJUNCTION WITI-l TI-lIS I;:VI;:NT 1. LEVEL 10 JUDGES' RE-CERTIFICATION COURSE Invitations/registration form will be sent directly to 550.00 those judges who are eligible: Registration by moil • Must be a Level 10 judge who has passed the or FAX only Level 10 test two times-once in the current 2001-2005 cycle and once in the previous cycle) • Must also be registered for the Technical Symposium

Active Participation:

2. SAFETY COURSES Louisville: June 2 & 4, 2005 #1 (Thurs. 6-10 PM) Code BM06022005KY


Expired Salety

Instructor Member

#2 (Sat. 1-5 PM) Code BM06042005KY

Non·Member or Associate Member

Reno: June 9 & 11, 2005 $115.00

"Walk through" parts of the routines for 3,4,5, and 6 Balance Beam and Floor Exercise. In general, the group participation on the floor will be limited in time in order to cover all the material. Therefore, please do not expect to complete the memorization of the routines on site. There will be additional practice time available each evening. For all levels of Vaulting, Uneven Bars, Flexibility and Conditioning and Beam and Floor Exercise for Levell & 2.

Lecture Demonstration:

WORKSI-lOP SCI-lI;:DULI;: Thurs., June 2 or 9 .... 12:00 noon- 9:00 PM ...................................................................... Registration-Compulsory Workshop 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM ................ ........ .......... ... ...... ........ ........ ...... .... ........... ........ ....... Safety Course # 1 Fri. , June 3 or 10 ...... 7:30 AM - 8 :30 AM .. ... ..... .. ..................................................... Late registration -Compulsory Workshop 8:30 AM - 5:15 PM .. ... .. ......... ..... ............... .... ......... ....... ...... ... . Compulsory Level 5 & 6- various events 7:15 PM - 9:30 PM ................................. ... ....................................................... ............... ... Practice Sat., June 4 or 11 ..... 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM .............. ... ........... .. ........... .... ......... .... ........ ... Compulsory Lev. 5 & 6 various events 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM ..... ....... ............................................................. Registration-Technical Symposium 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM ............. ... .......... .. ...... .... .. .. ....... ...... ...................... ...... ....... ....... Safety Course #2 7:00 PM - 9:30 PM ..... ...... .... ...... ...................................... Technical Symposium-General Info & 1 event 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM ... ... ... .......... ....... .............................................. Practice - compulsory levels 5 & 6 9:30 PM - 10:00 PM .............. ...... ..... .. ... .... .................. ...... ........ ... .... .. Lev. 10 Re-certification self-test Sun ., June 5 or 12 .... 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM .................................. ... ...... ..... ................... Late registration-Technical Symposium 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM ... .... .. .... .................................................. Lev. 10 Re-certification - Practice judging 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM ... ...... ....... ....... ...... .......... ..... ............. .. Compulsory Levels 1-4 & conditioning/flexibility 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ................................. ..... ... .............. ... ........... .................. .... Technical Symposium 5:00 PM - 9:45 PM ... ... ... ........... ..... .. .... ......... ..... ......... ..... Lev. 10 Re-certification-self-testjpractice judging (6:15-7:45 dinner break) 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM ...... .. ....... ......... .... ..... .. .... ... .... ......... ..... ..... ..... .. ........ Compulsory Q & A & practice -

I-lOUSING 1) LOUISVILLE: Marriott Louisville Downtown Hotel 280 W. Jefferson, Louisville, KY A very large block of rooms has been reserved . Call (800) 228-9290 by Wed. May 4, 2005 for reservations. Louisville Marriott Workshop Guest Room Rates: Single/Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy $95.00 plus State & Local tax (currently 13.95%) Use Code "USAG Workshop" to receive workshop rates The Maniot is 8 miles from Louisville Airport. Shuttle to hotel available for $9.00. Parking at the hotel is $9 .00 per day. 2) RENO: Reno Hilton 2500 E. Second St., Reno, NV 89595 A very large block of rooms has been reserved. Call (800) 648-5080 by midnight Wed. May 9, 2005 for reservations. Reno Hilton Workshop Guest Room Rates: Single/Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy $89.00 plus State & Local tax (currently 12%) Use the Code "USA Gymnastics" or "TUSA" to receive workshop rates The Hilton is located only 5 miles from the Reno/Tahoe 1I1temationai Airport. Complimentary airport shuttle from airport to the hotel available every 15 minutes before and after the hoUl~ with the last airport pick-up at 11:45 PM. Complimentary and valet parking is available at the Hilton. Note: For either location, any reservations after the cut-off date w ill be based strictly on availability. All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit, or gu aranteed with a m ajor credit card. Any reservation cancelled within 48 hours of the arrival date will be charged for one (1) night's room and tax.

AIRTRAVI;:L For those attendees traveling by air, USA Gymnastics h as arranged a special discount w ith American Airlines. To receive your discounted airfare, please contact American Airlines Group and Meeting Desk directly at 1-800-433-1790. You must use the specific authorization code to receive your 5-10% discount. Louisville Workshop code: A 1 5 5 5 A M Reno Workshop code: A 3 1 6 5 A N - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - - { ( TECHNIQUE'

FEB RUARY 20050)> - - - - - - - - -- ------=1-:::--.31

T/\ TM

Omce Use Only

Women's J.O.

Date Rcvd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Ami. Pd. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Check # _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __

GYt--1~~~TICS National Workshops

Postmark _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __




MarrioH l-1olel Downlown, Louisville, KY路 June 3-5

IF preFerred site is not available. please check one


Register me For another site.


Reno, l-1illon, Reno, NV路 June 10-12

Send me a refund

PARTICIPANT INJ=ORMATION: r:irst Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Last Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ USAG Pro/Instructor # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ [;xp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Daytime Phone _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ City _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ State _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Zip _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ [;mail _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __



Online registration and registration forms will be available on the web site in early January of 2005. Members and non-members may register by mail or FAX (1-317-692-5212). On-line registration is available to Professional, Jr. Professional, and Instructor Members ONLY.

DI;ADLlNI; I=OR I;ARLY RI;GISTRATION By March 11th for registrations by FAX or mail By March 18th for Online registrations Registration per site is limited; First come, first served basis. There is a $30.00 cancellation fee up until May 6th; no refunds after May 6, 2005 (substitution of participants is allowed.) Pro,Jr. Pro $ Instructor Member Price

Check only one of the four options:


Non-Member Price

EarLy Reg.


0$ 325.00

0$ 300.00

0$ 375.00


1. CompuLsory Workshop onLy - LeveLs 1-6 (Fri./Sat./Sun.) 2. CompuLsory Workshop LeveLs 1-4 onLy (Sun.)

0$ 125.00



0$1 75.00

0$1 50.00


3. TechnicaL Symposium - LeveLs 7-10 (Sat. night/Sun.)

0$ 200.00

0 $ 175.00

0$ 250.00

0$ 225.00


4. CompuLsory Workshop (Lev. 5 & 6 onLy-Fri./Sat.)

0$ 445.00

0$ 420.00

0$ 495.00

0$ 470.00


EarLy Reg. 0$350.00

PLUS TechnicaL Symposium (Lev. 7-10 - Sat. night/Sun.)

PAYMI;:NT INJ=ORMATION: (make checks payable to USA Gymnastics) Credit Card

0 ~ 0

Other- - - - - - - -

Amount - - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - - -

Print Name on Card _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Signature _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Card #

[;xp. Date _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Mail Regislralion J=orm lo: USA Gymnaslics, WJO Workshops, 201 S. Capilol Ave. Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225 J=AX: 317.692.5212



E [ [ E N C E

Skill, passion and persistence lead to the achievement of one purpose.


-~ NOilONnEAR GYNNASilCS We make the best so you can be the best.









l 11 fl

Carry Mationweor in your pro shop! Coli )-800-869-0609 for 0 cotolog ond more information .

A INo-Brainer' Marketing Campaign Those who know my mind are aware of my : strong conviction that in the GymClub industry, : developing a killer marketing strategy (your story) : is where the lion's share of your marketing energy : should be spent. In marketing, a GymClub can be : strategically strong and tactically weak and exist, : even handsomely; But a GymClub that is tactically : strong and strategically weak is a business that is, : or soon will be struggling. That reminder given, : this article is about a recent Kids First campaign : that should be interesting to you. This campaign : is the kind I like-effective. And I KNOW it is : effective because I can PROVE it with my trusty: calculator. We procured fifty 12" x 24" magnetic signs for cars & trucks, complete with KF logo and a headline

advertising "20% OFF TUITION" and "FREE, TAKE ONE." Take what, you ask? Well, you know those cute little magnetic business cards so many businesses use? Onto each 12" x 24" sign can be applied up to a half dozen magnetic business cards. These magnetic business cards also advertise and clarify the 20% OFF TUITION offer (for first time. students only) . Also on the business card is a space: for the car owner-let's say, it's you, and let's say : you are a team parent-to write your name with : a Sharpie. Now, every time you go to the grocery :

store or shopping center or Tractor Supply Company (oops, that would be me!) you display an array of 20% OFF TUITION magnetic coupons for passers-by to see, take and redeem for 20% off first term's tuition . Now here's the magic. For each of your 'personalized' coupons that is redeemed, you receive a $20 tuition credit AND a spin of the KF Wheel of Fortune and a chance to win up to an additional $200 in tuition credits (the grand prize) or, more likely, a free car wash or free hair cut or $15 tuition credit, you get the idea (there are 24 slots on our wheel). The KF Wheel of Fortune sits on our counter and makes a lot of wonderful noise every time someone spins. Of course there is a lot more noise if someone lands on the grand prize! Let's say you are not a client, but an employee. If you have children, you get the same deal as above. If no children, you receive COLD CASH at 50% of the automatic $20 tuition credit AN D 50% of the value of the spin. I recently won $47 on three spins for three magnetic coupons removed! Others have done much better. To date, we have gained 33 brand new students and paid out $2022 in prizes. Would you buy an

~ -, Ilf)f)'I' ~ Small Business

4 (~l'~~~~

ad for $2022 if you could gain 33 new students which translates to $4600 of identifiable revenue for the first term? And, certainly, revenue doesn't stop there: we know that 80% of those children will return for the next term (no 20% discount and no reg. fee) which adds another $3400 totaling up to a cool $8k of brand new revenue! By my figures, that is 400% on our marketing money! And we know there will be even more revenue after that! (FYI, KF has 5 Terms yearly, with average entry tuition per Term of $130 and a $35 reg. fee. Also, know that the above calculations do not calculate in approximately $20 per magnetic sign and about $.20 per magnetic coupon) If you are interested in a more complete packet with full explanation and a sample magnetic coupon, please enclose $5 and request the "magnetic sign packet" from Pamela Groskopf, Kids First Sports Center, 7900 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249 .

Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Portner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

.. Iifetime so[utions for your business ... business so[utions for your [ifetime .

... ~~

Hosted in Cincinnati, BOOT CAMP is a life-changing, 4 1/2 day total immersion leadership, marketing and organizational workshop for GymClub Owners.

2005 Dates:

May 12-16,2005 and Nov.17-21,2005

For FREE portfolio of information: 513.489.7575 or

Visit us at --1-=-'-=6---------------ÂŤ


)>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

~~-A.JO,.,I~ : 13


IJlIlj'i ltitiBtlJlllTID ~, ~ ~0IDJ1G]],~ till1IIil I





41st ANNUAL USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL CONGRESS and TRADE SHOW Held in conjunction with 2005 Visa Championships August 10-13, 2005 • Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana· August 10·13, 2005

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All USA Gymnastics Professional and Instructor members. Coaches, judges and instructors of all levels. Recreational and preschool teachers, business managers, administrators, club owners, high school and college coaches.

August 11-13, 2005 Registration opens 7:30 a.m .- Indianapolis Convention Center Sessions 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Trade Show Exhibit Hall Open August 13, 2005


Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - TBD Congress Dance Party 9:00 p.m. at Marriott Hotel

Three days of education with over 130 sessions offered. Lectures given by top recognized individuals in the field. Sessions on coaching, judging, business, preschool, recreational, sports science, athlete wellness, fitness, and cheerleading. The leading experts in the areas of Women's, Men's, Rhythmic, Acrobatics, Trampoline and Tumbling, and Group Gymnastics programs.



Downtown Marriott and Westin Hotel (All the venues and hotels are within walking distance from one another) .

August 14, 2005 Women's Judges exams - site TBD

Congress will be held at the Indianapolis Convention Center and the Visa Championships will be held at Conseco Fieldhouse Aug. 10-13 for men and women, while rhythmic and acrobatic gymnastics will take place at the Indianapolis Convention Center, along with Congress.

Reservations: National Travel Service 888-603-8747 email


$ 129 plus tax double/ double

August 10, 2005 Congress Registration opens 12:30-6:00 p.m. Annual Business Conference, Safety/ Risk Management course, KAT and MELPD courses, Women's Program State/ Regional Chair workshop. Site TBD

Registration form: Watch for the registration form to be included in Technique and on Website beginning March 2005 .

Room rate:


Plan now on attending. Bring your entire family. Bring your entire staff. Hotels, Congress and Visa Championships venues all within walking distance from one another. - - -- There is something for everyone and plenty to do . Education for all levels. 30 sessions for Women's Program, 20 sessions for Men's program, 15 sessions for Developmental Instructor/Coaches (pre-school, recreational, class), 14 sessions for Business Management, 11 sessions for Cheerleading, sessions for Rhythmic, Acrobatic and Trampoline programs, Sports Science sessions and more. Exhibit floor with more than 150 companies and 200 booths filling the hall. Shopping, discounts, networking, Club Owners opening breakfast, plus save on shipping, and more. National Championships for Women, Men, Rhythmic and Acrobatic Gymnastics Programs. Attractions & Landmarks • • • • • • • •

Athenaeum -- home of the American Cabaret Theatre Broad Ripple Village -- Indy's version of Greenwich Village Capital Commons -- an English garden right downtown Central Canal -- USS Indianapolis memorial is here The Children's Museum of Indianapolis --the world's largest Christ Church Cathedral-- the city's oldest church building Hilbert Circle Theatre -- beautifully restored movie palace Conner Prairie -- life as it was in 1830s Indiana


• Conseco Fieldhouse -- home to NBA's Indiana Pacers, the WNBA's Indiana Fever and the AFL:s Indiana Firebirds • Eagle Creek Park -- every outdoor activity you can think of • Eite~org Museum of American Indians and Western Art--O'Keefe, Remington and more • Garfield Park and Conservatory -- 500 tropical plant varieties • President Benjamin Harrison Home -- jewel of the Old Northside • Indiana Historical Society -- "houses artifacts of Indiana heritage" • Indiana Medical History Museum -- "quite simply without peer" • Indiana Statehouse -- center of Indiana government • Indiana State Museum -- showcase for Indiana's natural history • Indiana Theater Building and Indiana Roof Ballroom -- historic gem downtown • Indianapolis City Market -- Old World atmosphere • Indianapolis Motor Speedway -- Hall of Fame, Brickyard Crossing , and the world famous oval track • Indianapolis Museum of Art -- famous 'LOVE' sculpture is here • Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens -- see dolphins perform or hold a giant cockroach • James Whitcomb Riley Home -- the Hoosier Poet's home in Lockerbie Square • Madame Walker Theatre Center -- landmark in Midtown/ Crosstown area • Massachusetts Avenue Arts District -- art, jazz, theatre in historic section • Medal of Honor Memorial -- memorial honoring American heroes • Morris Butler House Museum -- sixteen rooms of Victorian furnishings • NCAA Hall of Champions -- the newest attraction in White River State Park • National Art Museum of Sport -- more than 1,000 works of fine art • Pan American Plaza -- fountains! flags! ice skating! • RCA Dome -- home of the NFL:s Indianapolis Colts • Scottish Rite Cathedral-- magnificent Gothic-Tudor structure • Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument -- tribute to the soldiers who served in the Civil and Spanish American wars • War Memorial Plaza and American Legion Mall -- popular site for festi vals and events • White River State Park -- Home to the Indianapolis Zoo, White Ri ver Gardens, IMAX Theater, National Institute for Fitness and Sport, The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Victory Field, Central Canal, The National Collegiate Athletic Association, NCAA Hall of Champions Attractions abound in Indianapolis! From world-class museums and exciting attractions to Hoosier history and heritage, Indianapolis can inspire, entertain and educate visitors with a diverse array of attractions and landmarks. For details about attra ctions, events or

hotels, visitors can call1-800-958-INDY. TECHNIQ UE • FEB RUARY 2005

) >----------------


2-Time Olympian 2004 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist Paul Hamm

1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Amanda Borden


2-Time Olympian 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Shannon Miller

3-Time Olympian 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Blaine Wilson


.L C


c C

ff~ 3-Time Olympian John Roethlisberger






c o C!

S . I

n C c


3-Time Olympian 3-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Svetlana Boguinskaia

"( ..c o l





~~~ ~~j7@~ @~®o@~~ 1f©[F @ W@@ @~[h)(bmr@ @[1i)cQ] ~@n~ ~o~[fi)~m@1QJ@[fi)@~owmo~M[9JD©Q)M


f l.

GYMNASTICS AWARDED FOR OLYMPIC COVERAGE Gymnastics wi ns the Golden Rings at the IDC awards for best TV sports coverage of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

The Category I, "The Best Sports Coverage by the host broadcasting organization, Athens Olympic Broadcasting (AOB)" was wo n by gymnastics.

This year, arou nd 30 fi lms from vario us countries At the Sportel exhibition in October 2004, it was we re presented to an international jury, chaired an noun ced th at t he TV audience for the 2004 by the IDC Honora ry President for Life, Juan • Games broke all the records. With more than Antonio Samaranch, which met in December 2004 : 300 TV channels in 220 countries and territori es in Lausa nne, Switzerland. broadcasting 35,000 hours of the Games (2,000

hours a day), with 3.9 billion people having access to the images of the Games, a spectacular increase in live coverage, as well as peak audience hours, this was the greatest coverage of the Olympic Games ever!



for Business ~ducalion in 2005

ACADEMIC ALL-AMERICAN RECOGNITION AWARDS Applications for the USA Gymnastics Men's Academic All-America n Recognitio n Program is April 1, 2005. Submit app lications along with a $20 per gymnast processing fee. Appropriate forms are available from State Chairmen, in the Rules and Policies, or from the USA Gymnastics website ( Recognizing and rewarding academic achievement in junior gymnasts is paramount to the success of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program. The Junior Program is designed to provide a training ground for the developme nt of young athletes. While physical development is obviously important, the program must also stress development of values, morals and social skills, which will remain with these future citizens all their lives. Encouraging a high level of academic achievement in our young athletes is as important as encouraging their athletic achievement. Check out the website for more details. •

• Feb 27th, Sunday, I-Day Boot Camp long Island, NY • May 12-16, Thurs-Monday, Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp Cincinnati, OH • July 13, Wednesday, I-Day Boot Camp Houston,TX • July 14, Thursday, I-Day Boot Camp Dallas, TX • August 10, Wednesday, National Business Conference Indianapolis, IN • August 11-13, Thurs-Saturday, National Congress Indianapolis, IN

Ohio State Gymnastics Head Coach Miles Avery and OLympians PauL and Morgan Hamm Appeared on ABC's 20/20

• Sept 14, Wednesday, I-Day Boot Camp Chicago, Il • October 28-30, Friday-Sunday, Foundational Workshops Indianapolis, IN • October 29th, Sunday, Cooking the Books with Sean Dever Indianapolis, IN

By Men's Gymnastics/ OSU Contacts Lean n Parker and OanieUe Warner

Ohio State men's gymnastics head coach Miles Avery and Olympians Morg an and Paul Hamm appeared on ABC's 20/20, Friday Jan. 7, detailing their efforts in assisting two Central Ohio families in overcoming obesity. The title of the program "Obesity Olympics" discussed obesity in America and how families can help one other towards a healthie r lifestyle.

Nov 17-21, Thursday-Monday Jeff Metzger's Boot Camp Cincinnati, OH

• Dec 7th, Wednesday I-Day Boot Camp with Jeff Metzger Phoenix, AZ

Getty Images/Peter Kramer

"I am glad 1 had the opportunity to work with families in the local community and help them jumpstart their lifestyles," Avery said. Ave ry and the Hamms helped the Lechners and the Rankins improve t heir health by changing their diet and im plementing exercise into thei r daily li ves. Morgan and Paul were each assigned to a family and were responsi ble for moti vating each household to better health . Avery wo rked with both families as a personal trainer for seven weeks before the project concluded . •

For the most current information, visit For more information, contact lore~ Galimore at 317-829-5654 or email, (continued on page 34)

.-.=2=O-------------~C TEe HN10 UE • FEB RUARY 2005 ) > - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -


fEBRUARY 2005 )



MEN'S J. O. PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES·RENO, NV SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11,2004 Meeting called to order at 8:45 am by Chair, Gil Elsass


The following announcements were made: 1. Future Stars National Championships and Coaches Workshop- November 18 -21, 2004 in Colorado Springs. Entry and Registration Forms are on the USA Gymnastics web site. 2. Please submit the desired dates for Regional Future Stars Evaluations to Dennis. 3. At the conclusion of the Regional Future Stars Evaluations, please send all results including Olympic Training Center Forms for all athletes and coaches who will be participating in Colorado Springs. • Don't forget to include a digital photograph of the 8-9 year old team members. Identify each athlete with their club name and provide their sweatshirt size. 4. 80 % of the World Championships and Olympic Team athletes are coming out of the Junior National Development Team Programs.

Members Present: Reg 1 - Roger Baldwin Reg 2 - David Klein Reg 3 - Gilbert Elsass Reg 4 - Dan Coon Reg 5 - Bob Witmer Reg 6 - Tom Fontecchio Reg 7 - Rick Tucker Reg 8 - Kevin White Reg 9 - Dean Schott Ath. Rep. - Jay Thornton NGJA Rep. - Jon Culbertson Jr. Rep. MPC - Bill Foster Jr. Rep. MPC - Tun Klempnauer, Proxy Jr. Coaches Rep - Kelly Crumley Men's Program Mgr. - Bo Morris Jr. Nat. Coordinator - Dennis McIntyre Sr. Dir.- Men's Program - Ron Galimore Chairman - Gilbert Elsass

: Jr. Team Calendar: • Ricky Deci Camp- Sept. 19 -26,2004 : • Jr. Pan American Championships in El Salvador, Oct. 12-17, : 2004 • Jr. Nat. & Jr. Elite Team Camp- Oct. 31- Nov 7, 2004 • Jr. Elite Team Camp (tentative) - Feb. 20-27, 2005



Motion to Approve: Kevin White 2nd: Dean Schott Passed

III. 2005 JO Nationals Report- Gil Elsass

Bill did not provide a formal written report to the JOPe, citing that no actions have been taken by the MPC since his last report in San Diego at JO Nationals.

Preparations for the 2005 JO Nationals are on schedule, and : VIII. NGJA REPORT· JON CULBERTSON currently running smoothly. Tim Erwin is willing to accept : Jon announced that his NGJA Junior Olympic Vice President's : Report is available online. Jon is working with several members recommendations from the JOPC and work with them. : of the NGJA to prepare the new judges course and testing IV. USAG Report- Bo Morris : materials . Unfortunately, he has been hindered by the hurricane : season in Florida. Bo presented statistical reports on the following: • athlete numbers from each state and region IX. AGE GROUP COMMITTEE REPORT· GIL ELSASS • sanction reports and income summary for the National Scholarship Foundation Gil reported a fairly uneventful time since the JO Workshops were completed. The AGCC has been reviewing and receiving • hit and missed routine report at JO Nationals from each region at each level for the past four JO Nationals feedback from the coaching and judging community and will use that information to make positive changes to the program. These reports continue to provide important information for the The Junior Olympic exceptions to the FIG Code of Points should regional chairmen. : be completed by the middle of Octobel~ 2004. Please be patient Bo also reported that the updated replacement discs for the 2005-08 : and stay up with the USA Gymnastics website and your email Junior Olympic Program have been mailed out to the over 600 JO : for the release of this document. Program Workshop participants. Update #1 will come out around Dec. 1, 2004. It should include V. USAG NATIONAL OFFICE REPORT· RON GALIMORE the JO Interpretations to the FIG Code of Points. Ron discussed the Men's Program Strategic Plan and stated that the final version is available upon request. The Strategic Plan Update #2 will come out around March 1, 2005. This will be provides direction for the program and is the basis for which all final update to the rules leading up to the 2005 JO Nationals . decisions are made.

X. JR. BOYS' COACHES ASSOCIATION· TIM KLEMPNAUER Ron also provided information about the proposed men's 2005 Budget including proposed events, activities and the percentage of spending each area. He also provided a summary of possible changes to the upcoming FIG Code of Points.


Mike Bums, President of the Elite Coaches Association and Tim Klempnauer, President of the U.S. Men's Gymnastics Coaches Association are working to provide a joint membership with the Elite Coaches Association. The USMGCA members would gain an Associate Members into the Elite Coaches Association.


(Continued on



(Continutd from pagr12)

Registration information is available online. The fee will be $ 15. Tim requested that the Regional Chairman will place a link on their Web Sites to the USA Men's Gymnastics Coaches Association. This is the link to the association website. www.

XI. 2005 FRANK CUMISKEY AWARD Nomination of Kelly Crumley from the San Diego meetings was so moved to be accepted by acclamation. Kelly has been a valuable asset and resource for many years. Motion to approve: Bill Foster 2nd: Jon Culbertson.

The number of All-Around Qualifiers will remain at 36 for Level 9's and 10's.

XV. REPORT FOR THE OLYMPIC GAMES· RON GALIMORE Our host, Region I Chairman Roger Baldwin and JOPC Chairman Gil Elsass presented a champagne toast that was presented to all the men's program committees, coaches, athletes and club owners in honor of the Men's Team ending the 20-year absence from the award podium and for winning the Silver Team Medal at the Olympic Games! Ron provided some interesting stories and some a slideshow of photographs from behind the scenes in Athens.

XII. NOMINATION OF THE 2006 JO NATIONALS BID We are fortunate to receive three fine bids. All local organizing committees have presented excellent bids for the 2006 JO National Championships. • Phoenix, Arizona • Daytona Beach, Florida • Battle Creek, Michigan

XIII. VOTING FOR THE BID OF THE 2006 JO NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS The JOPC voted to nominate the bid from Battle Creek, Michigan to USA Gymnastics pending approval for the 2006 JO National Championships.

XVI. MOTION TO ADJOURN Motion: Roger Baldwin 2nd: Kelly Crumley PASSED! Adjourned at 5:50 PM Respectfully submitted by Tom Fontecci1io, lOPC Secretary Approved by: Ron Galimore, Senior Director, USAG Men's Program Approved by: Bob Cola rossi, USA Gymnastics President


MEETING RETURNED TO ORDER AFTER LUNCH AT 1:30 PM REGIONAL COACHES EDUCATION· DENNIS MCINTYRE An opportunity for each region to identify a promising young coach and send him to the National Future Stars Championships for an educational opportunity is available. Interested regions must contact Dennis McIntyre by early June to reserve bed space at the OTe. The region will be responsible for travel expenses. Food and lodging would be provided.

XIV. DISCUSSION OF JO NATIONALS FORMAT· BILL FOSTER Bill Foster and the Format Committee of: Roger Baldwin, Dan Coon, Tim Klempnauer, Keith Pettit and Kevin White have been working since May on proposals for the format of future JO Nationals.

Conference call began at 8:05am PDT by Chair Yoichi Tomita

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead, FIG Rep . (absent) Kurt Golder, Sr. Coaches Rep. Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. (absent) Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep. John Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep.

II. FIG CONGRESS REPORT Proposal # 1- to increase the number of training sessions from 3 to 4 during Training Day to alleviate the overcrowding on the competition equipment. Passed 13-0

Ron Galimore, Sr. Director for the Men's Program, gave a brief report on the recent FIG Congress and discussed some of the challenges that the men's program will face in the future.

Proposal # 2- to implement a quota or allotment system to determine the number of athletes who will qualify to the 2005 JO Nationals. This would ensure the number of athletes to the meet director and will allow coaches and athletes to know where they need to finish at their regional championships in order to qualify for Nationals. Defeated 10-3, the JOPC will determine the JO Nationals Qualifying Score by February 15, 2005.

Ron Galimore reviewed details regarding coach and athlete compensation for the TJ Maxx Tour. Yoichi Tomita and John Roethlisberger will contact Bob Colarossi to discuss any potential shares that have not been directed to men's program coaches or athletes.


Motion: To award OlympiC Coach Kevin Mazeika a special stipend for his services to the USA Men's Team before and during the 2004 Olympic Games. The funds for the stipend will come from the Elite Program Grant line item in the men's budget. Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

Proposal # 3- Club Team Concept Club Team competition would be competed in 2 divisions: Level 10 and Level 9. With the highest 3 scores on each event, there no limit on the number of gymnasts on the team within the Division will constitute the Club Team Score. Banners will be awarded to the top 3 teams in each division, and the top 10 teams will receive a placement certificate. The Club Team Awards Ceremony will be held at the end of the All-Around Finals for Level 10 and 9. Passed 13-0

This project is being finalized and will be sent to coaches in the near future.

Proposal # 4- Increase the number All-Around Qualifiers from 36 to 42. Defeated 13-0

Ron Galimore reviewed the history of judges' stipends for this competition. A recommendation that the judges be paid $200



(Continur d on pagr 26)

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(Con tinued from page 24)

for the 2004 Trials will be made. This is the same amount that they were paid for the 2000 Trials.

VI. SR. NATIONAL TEAM SIZE There were no recommendations to change the size of the Men's Sr. National Team.


International Assignments - There is a good chance that Paul Hamm will be invited to compete in the World Cup Finals in Great Britain. Ron Galimore will inform us if he is invited. There is also a chance that Morgan Hamm could attend.

2005 NCAA Championships - Army plans to host this event in conjunction with the JO Regional competition. They would also like to have a podium available for the event. Doug Van Everen is asking for assistance from the Men's Program Committee with either the cost of renting the podium or the support staff needed for setting up and maintaining the podium during the competition.

Motion: To give a special circumstance grant of $1,000 to assist Army with expenses in the event they do decide to use a podium for the 2005 NCAA Championships. Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Kurt Golder PASSED: Unanimously •

Elite Program Grants - Clay Strother, who is presently unranked and unfunded on the Sr. National Team, has applied for a Program Grant. A decision was made to allow other programs of junior and senior national team members an opportunity to apply before his request is reviewed by the Program Grant Committee.

VIII. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at 9:15am PDT Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously Respectfully submitted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary. Approved by: Ron Gaiimore, Senior Director, USAG Men's Program Approved by: Bob Coiarossi, USAG President

MEN'S PROGRAM COMMITTEE CONFERENCE CALL MINUTES NOVEMBER 10, 2004 Conference call began at 7:05am Pacific by Chair Yoichi Tomita

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead, FIG Rep. (absent) Kurt Golder, Sr. Coaches Rep. Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep. John Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep. The MPC wants to extend its highest appreciation to George Beckstead for his service as an FIG Men' s Technical Committee member for the past 8 years.

II. SELECTION COMMITTEE REPORT· OLYMPIC TEAM The Olympic Team Selection Report should be approved this week and then distributed to all of the coaches of Olympic Trials CContinuedonJ)aQe18}

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athletes and members of the MPC. Ron Brant's Olympic Report and the first draft of the men's Strategic Plan for 2005 - 2008 will also be included in that mailing.

III. MEN'S PROGRAM BUDGET Ron Galimore, USAG Sr. Director for the Men's Program, reviewed the budget for 2005 and requested input from the Men's Program Committee.

IV. 2005 WINTER CUP CHAllENGE A discussion took place whether or not to use USA Gymnastics Special Bonus at the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge and, if so, on which events. Motion: To accept the Special Bonus for the 2005 Winter Cup Challenge Stick Bonus will be available: FX- for Natural D stuck dismount = +0.1, for Natural E stuck dismount = +0.2 SR, PB, HB for D stuck dismount = +0.1, for E stuck dismount =+0.2 Vault bonus: +0.1 for 9.9 FIG value vault and +0.2 for 10.0 FIG value vault: Any gymnast that performs a 9.9 or 10.0 FIG value vault may perform a second vault. The highest vault score will be used in determining the all-around score.

There was lengthy discussion related to the stipends paid to coaches of the 2004 Olympic Team members who participate on the TJ Maxx Tour. The MPC was sensitive to the fact that Miles Avery was not receiving coach's funds that would have been associa ted with three of his athletes who elected not to partici pa te in the Post Olympic Tour. The committee also realized that they had m ade special compensations in 2003 for Stacy Maloney who was in the same situation as Miles and that, according to the contract, they had the ability to determine the allocation of coaches funds associated with the Tour. Even though the Tour was more than half way over, the committee felt strongly that they should be given the ability to determine the full amount that was allocated. The offer of 1 share plus a percentage of the overall net profit was offered by the President and accepted.

VI. NEW BUSINESS a. USA GymnasticS has scheduled a meeting during the first week of December to discuss events taking place in the next quadrennium. b. Program grant applications should be sent to Ron Galimore as soon as possible. They w ill be reviewed by a grant committee. c. Steve Butcher, PAGU MTC President announced that the next Sr. Pan American Championships will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from October 23-27, 2005. It will serve as the qualifying competition to the 2007 Pan American Games and also provide World Cup qualifying points.

VII. ADJOURNMENT Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

Motion: To Adjourn at 8:00am Pacific Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously

V. TOUR COACHES COMPENSATION Miles Avery was excused from participating in discussions about this agenda item.

Respectfully subm itted by Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary. Approved by: Ron Galimore, Senior Director, USAG Men's Program Approved by: Bob Colarossi, USAG President


(Co ntinued on pagl.' 30)

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mor.1e reps

ess stress

(Continued from pagtZ8)

MEN'S PROGRAM COMMITTEE CONFERENCE CALL MINUTES DECEMBER 3, 2004 Conference call began at 1l:07am PDT by Chair Yoichi Tomita

I. ROLL CALL Members Present: Yoichi Tomita, MPC Chair & Vice Chair for Men Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. (joined call for 30 minutes) George Beckstead, FIG Rep. (absent) Kurt Golder, Sr. Coaches Rep. Miles Avery, Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster, Jr. Coaches Rep. Jay Thornton, Athlete Rep. John Roethlisberger, Athlete Rep. (joined call at 11:13)

II. USA GYMNASTICS SPECIAL BONUS - VAULT The committee discussed Special Bonus recommendations for Vault that were provided by Ron Brant and Steve Butcher. Motion: Gymnasts competing for an all-around score: Any gymnast performing a 9.9 or 10.0 FIG valued vault on his first attempt may perform a second vault to attempt to improve his vaulting score. The higher of the two scores will be added to his all-around final score. Gymnasts competing to qualify to the Event Finals: A gymnast must perform two vaults from different categories to be eligible to qualify to the event finals. • The combined average of the two vaults will determine the qualifiers. • If either of the two vaults has a 9.9 or 10.0 FIG value, the gymnast may perform a second vault to attempt to improve his score on the 9.9 or 10.0 valued vault. However, the gymnast is limited to a maximum of three vaults and may only repeat one of the two vaults performed. Example: a gymnast decides to repeat his first 9.9 or 10.0 vault then he may not repeat his second vault regardless if it has a 9.9 or 10.0 start value. A fourth vault will not be allowed. • Prior to repeating a vault, the gymnast or coach must clearly designate to the judge that a vault being performed is an

ALTERNATE vault that may replace the vault he just performed. • A gymnast may not perform two 9.9 and / or 10.0 vaults and then decide to repeat the first of the two vaults performed. A gymnast may only repeat one vault and it must immediately follow the first attempt. • The highest score of the vaults performed will be counted toward his final all-around score. This is a modification to the FIG rule that states that the first vault score will count toward the all-around score. • The combined average of the best score of the two different vault categories will detel'mine the qualifiers to the event finals for vaulting. • A gymnast will only be allowed to perform two vaults from different categories in the Event Finals competition and no repeating of vaults will be allowed regardless of start value.

Motion: Yoichi 2nd: Bill Passed: Unanimously

III. TOUR FUNDS - COACHES ALLOCATIONS For this discussion, Miles Avery, Ron Brant, Bo Morris and Dennis Mcintyre were dismissed from the call. Part of the original allocation for coaches that was held back pending a successful financial outcome for the tour was released to the Men's Program Committee for their allocation. After a lengthy discussion, the Men's Program Committee recognized the contributions of Kevin Mazeika, Ron Brant and Miles Avery. The motion for the final allocation of funds which was provided by Yoichi and 2nd by Kurt Golder, had 3 votes in favor, 2 oppose and passed.

IV. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn at 1l:33am EST Motion: Yoichi Tomita 2nd: Steve Butcher PASSED: Unanimously Respectfully submitted by Ron Galimore for Steve Butcher, MPC Secretary. Approved by: Ron Galimore, Senior Director, USAG Men's Program Approved by: Bob Colarossi, USAG President

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Minutes - Huntsville, Texas January 9&10, 2005

The committee discussed the judging issues and made the following recommendations.

Committee Chairman Coaches Representatives

Athlete Representative National Team Coordinator Sr. Dir. Women's Program Elite Program Manager

Steve Rybacki Al Fong Kelli Hill Yevgeny Marchenko Donna Strauss Larissa Fontaine (phone report) Martha Karolyi Kathy Kelly Gary Warren

I. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SELECTION PROCEDURES The committee discussed the proposal drafted in the fall and made final amendments were made to the document. Recommendation to accept the 2005 World Championships Selection Procedures as amended. Motion Hill Second Marchenko PASSED

II. CALENDAR Some minor changes were made to the calendar based upon the information that we received. Recommendation to accept the calendar as amended. Motion Strauss Second Fong PASSED

Recommendation that effective immediately, New Element Evaluations will be sent to Steve Rybacki, Chairman of the lEe. Steve will work with the Apparatus Leader on the appropriate event. Motion Fong Second Marchenko PASSED Recommendation that four Apparatus Leaders be identified to serve as a 3rd judge at the elite competitions and assume other duties as outlined. Motion Strauss Second Hill PASSED

IV. QUALIFICATION METHODS TO THE 2005 USA CHAMPIONSHIPS The committee discussed other methods for athletes to qualify to the 2005 USA Championships this year with only one Classic Meet and made the final recommendation. Recommendation that the following methods will be used to qualify to the 2005 USA Championships: • The Olympic Training Squad (9) are directly qualified. • Top 14 All Around Athletes from the Junior and Senior Division at the US Classics • Any athlete who achieved her appropriate qualifying score while on assignment at an international competition from Aug 2004 to Aug 2005. • Any athlete who achieves their qualifying score at any (continued on p. 42)

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Please make sure to check the USA Gymnastics website and Men's Program page for Junior Olympic Program updates that are published during the season. Go to A nine page document was published in January 2005.

NationaL Gymnastics Day 2005 Mark your calendars and make your plans for National Gymnastics Day 2005 on August 6, 2005. This date is the Saturday prior to the start of Visa Championships and USA Gymnastics National Congress. That means two consecutive weekends of GYMNASTICS in the news. Start planning early!

Kirsti "Kitty" Virkhaus, 71, passed away of cancer on Dec. 17, 2004. She was the voice of women's gymnastics in the Northeastern U.S. in its early development. She organized and conducted the first clinics for gymnasts, coaches and judges in the northeast, started the first women's competitive high school program, started the gymnastics team at Springfield College and was the first President of the Women's National Gymnastics Judges Association. Kitty held numerous gymnastics positions, was USGF Women's Foreign Relations Committee Chair and directed over 100 gymnastics clinics. She hosted two international judging workshops and the USSR National Team. As an FIG judge she judged National meets since 1960. She has authored 17 articles, three books and a DGWS judges training film. She was also instrumental in the formation of the Women's National Gymnastics Judges Association and served as that organizations first President. Kitty was New England floor champion as a competitor in 1955 and initiated Girls High School State Meets in Mass. She coached high school teams and at the U. of Mass (where she founded that program). Kitty will be sadly missed and our thoughts go out to her family.

Thanks to Jerry Wright for the information provided

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A FEW REMINDERS: Sanction Procedures and PoLicies: • Apply for your domestic sanction a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event • If a certificate of insurance is needed, you must request this from K & Kinsurance a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. The certificate is sent from the insurance company not USA Gymnastics. • The sanction approval forms, blank certificate of insurance and the accident report form are sent from the USA Gymnastics office through the postal system. • The envelope is marked on the outside stating Important - Sanction Enclosed • Multiple sanction approval forms may be included in the same envelope if you requested multiple sanctions at the same time. • Please keep this in a safe place prior to the respective event. • Beginning August 2005, there will be a $ 5.00 administrative fee for the re-faxing and/ or re-mailing of sanction forms .

• When the sa nction is a late request, the forms will be faxed. • The meet director requesting the sanction approval must be a professio na l mem ber. • Every competition site must attain separate sanction approval. • Only one discipline may be listed on a sanction request form. • A non-sa nctioned event may not be co nducted concurrently with a USA Gymnastics event. • Training days must be included in the dates of the sanction, if applicable. • It is the responsibility of the meet director to check all numbers of the participants. Athletes, coaches and judges must hold current USA Gymnastics member numbe rs. Coaches and judges must have Professional memberships . • Junior Professional memberships must be held for any coach or judge who is 16 or 17 years old. Safety certification is a requirement of the Junior Professional. • Instructor members are not allowed on the floor as a coach or judge. • The sanction report form is to be signed by the judges. They print their name and record their professional number. Numbers will be checked in the national office. • Coaches are to use the sign-in form and print name and record member number. • The signed sanction report form along with the coach's sign-in list or a listing of the coaches with their numbers is sent to the national office within 48 hours of the end of the competition. • Policies and time lines are different for Foreign Sanction requests. Please review the Rules & Polices Book for complete details. • Additional sanction procedures are listed online in the Rules & Policies for each discipline. The sanctioning rules and requirements are consistent throughout all programs and disci pli nes.

CI-lt;t;RLt;ADING ~ducational Materials DVD's Tumble Tips 1 and 2 Ilem


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Round off, back handspring and back tucks are just some of the examples on this DVD. A tumbling video series for cheerleaders and coaches that contains: Prerequisites, progressions, drills, spotting techniques, common mistakes and solutions, conditioning and flexibility. Instruction by Roberto Pumpido 1968 Olympian



Tumble Tips 2 cost $19.95

Tuck kick out, the X out, whip back, twists, Arabians and more are included on this DVD. A tumbling video series for cheerleaders and coaches that contains: Prerequisites, progressions, drills, spotting techniques, common mistakes and solutions, conditioning and flexibility. Instruction by Roberto Pumpido 1968 Olympian

VI-IS Video

Ilem #4002 CI-U~~RL~ADING CLiPART Create your own unique flyers, newsletters, ads, webpages and more with these royalty free clipart images. This CD contains 50 original cheerleading, clipart images. All images are royalty free and can be used over and over again! Only $29.95. Compatible with MAC or PC.

Item #4003 USA Gymnastics Cheer tumbling and jump video "Drills for Skills" USA Gymnastics has now produced its first ever educational cheerleading video to help those of you who are looking to improve or learn new cheerleading drills and skills. This forty-five minute video includes demonstrations and explanations of the most popular tumbling skills and jumps seen in the cheerleading community. . Drills and Skills" can be purchased through USA Gymnastics for the great price of $15.00.



TO ORDER LOG ON TO OR CALL 1-800-345-4719


Update will be deducted with 0.10 points. b. Dismount requirements will remain unchanged.

FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE GYMNASTIQUE To all: - FIG Affiliated Federations - FIG Authorities - Continental Unions - Swiss Timing

By consequence, Chapter 4, "The Evaluation of Competition Exercises", Art. 11, "General Rules", point 2 will have the following content: A-Jury Difficulty - 2.80 points Special Requirements - 0.60 points Bonus Points - 1.60 points Total- 5.00 points

Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Code of Points 2005 Following the decision of the 2004 General Assembly in Antalya, the FIG Executive Committee and the Directives given by our President Bruno Grandi, the MTC, WTC and the Executive Commission have taken the following decision in Birmingham concerning the Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Code of Points 2005:

: : : : : :

Women No changes. The old Code 2001-2004 will be valid for 2005, with the exception of adding the new elements published after the Olympic Games and the correction of the following three vaults: #5.408 devaluated from 9.5 to 9.3 #5.409 devaluated from 9.7 to 9.5 #5.509 devalu ated from 9.8 to 9.6

: : : :

B-Jury Exercise presentation (technique and position) - 5.00 points

Both Men and Women: The TC Members will no longer be part of the Apparatus Jury. They will sit on the Superior Jury. Inquiries (Protests) will be introduced for the A-Score as per the pending discussions in the EC and subject to ratification by the Council 2005. A video system for an instant review by the difficulty judges (2 A-Judges) and the Su perior Jury will be introduced. The Superior Jury will control the judge's work during and after the competition.

Kind regards, The old Code 2001-2005 will be valid for 2005, with the following : Federation Internationale de Gymnastique adjustments: : Norbert Bueche, Secretary General a. Special Requirements, except dismount requirements will : count 0.10 points instead of 0.20 points, in other words - each ~ missing Special Requirement (except dismount requirements) :

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--.-,..3"""C- - - - -- - -- - - - - - - { ( TECHNIQ UE • FEB RUARY 2005 ) > - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - S

(co nt i nued from p. 11)

Submitted nominations from all disciplines of USA Gymnastics are considered including Men's and Women's Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatic Gymnastics, and Trampoline and Tumbling. USA Gymnastics is very proud of its Hall of Fame recipients and is working to develop a special link on its web site to honor them.

USA GYMNASTICS HALL OF FAME (Original Classes of Honorees)

MEN (1959) Bass, Raymond "Ben" - Olympic Gold Medalist (Rope Climb) 1932 Cumiskey, Frank - Three time Olympian and gymnastics chronicler Gulack, George - Olympic Gold medalist (Rings) 1932 Haubold, Frank - Three time Olympian, 1928, 32, 36, Nat'l AA Champion 1931-32 Heineman, Gustav H. - Prominent Turner Coach in Philadelphia Hoffer, Daniel - Coach of first NCAA team champions, 1938 Jochim, Alfred - Four time Olympian winning a silver medal in vault; thirty-five national titles including seven AA titles Judd, Leslie J. - Springfield college coach who trained many early collegiate coaches Kriz, Frank - Three times Olympian; Olympic Gold medalist 1924 Mang, Louis - Legendary coach at the US Naval Academy Meyer, Frederick - Two time Olympian and Nat'l AA Champion 1935 Moore, Roy E. - First honoree of USA Gymnastics, a Vice President of FIG Piper, Ralph - Long time coach, University of Minnesota Pitt, Arthur - Olympian 1936; fifteen national titles including three AA titles Price, Ben - Father of Gymnastics in Southern California Price, Hartley D'Oyley - Won a total of 6 NCAA Team championships, Only coach to win NCAA titles at two Universities. Wheeler, George - 1936 Olympian dominating gymnastics winning 25 national titles in 5 years including five AA titles 1937-41 Wolfe, Rowland- Olympic Gold Medalist Tumbling 1932 Younger, Maximillan - Legendary coach at Temple University Zwarg, Leopold F. - Coach Philadelphia Turngemeinde frequently cited historian

WOMEN (1974) Lienert, Walter - Coach Athenaeum Turners, First book on Uneven Bars Lomady, Clara Schroth - Two time Olympian, 1948,52 (Bronze Medal, 1948), Record thirty-nine National Titles Neumann Elste, Meta - 1948 Olympian (Team Bronze medal) Schifano Sjursen, Helen - 1948 Olympian (Team Bronze medal), placed 2nd in vault in the Olympic Games, but no medals were awarded in individual events, Writer/ Contributor Schiget, Henry - Turner Key recipient who coached both men and women Vogel, Herbert ('Herb") - "Father" of women's collegiate gymnastics Wachtel, Erna - 1956 Olympic Coach , First honoree of the women's HOF

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crovvd. Last year

over 100 gyms in thirty-three states,

switched from their meet scoring program

to ProScore meet management software.

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ProScore: simply the best meet management system in existence-period.

About the Author: A. B. Frederick is a gymnastics historian with many articles and books on the subject to his credit. He coordinated the transfer of responsibility from the original Hall of Fame for gymnastics to USA Gymnastics, the present and logical sponsor of the program. His current work includes a third edition of Roots of American Gymnastics due to be published next year and another volume Who's Who and Was Who in American Gymnastics. Edited by the Hall of Fame committee

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) >----- - - ---------=3-=9:--.1

Member Club Invitational Listing Technique magazine will regularly list Member Club invitationals by state inorder to help coaches schedule their teams in competitions. When you apply and pay for a sanction with USA Gymnastics, your invitational will automaticolly be included in the listing. Remember, only USA Gymnastics Member Clubs are eligible for the invitational listing.

ARIZONA Desert Devil Clossic 1927 N. Gilbert Rd Ste 107; Mesa, AZ 2/ 1B/2005 Desert Devils IMesal Phone · 4BO/ 844·9600 levels - W4·Elite Shamrock Invitational 2802 WCactus Road; Phoenix, AZ 3/ 1B/2005 Flames Gymnastics Amdemy Phone · 602/ 942·7662 levels - W4·Elite Southwest Junior Cup Altadena Middle School; 14620 SDesert Foothills Pkwy; Phoenix, AZ 2/ 26/ 2005 Southwest Gym Training Center, Phone · 4BO/ 730·8911 levels - M4·10 Winter Sun Invitational EI Zaribah Shrine Auditorium; 522 N40th St; Phoenix, AZ 3/4/2005 Phoenix Gymnastics Amdemy Phone· 623/ 582·5293 levels - W4·Elite

Fallbrook, CA 2/ 26/ 2005 Fallbrook Gymnostic Club Phone · 76o/ 72B·85B2 levels· W4·6 Fallbrook Teom Challenge 342 Industrial Way, Suite 103; Fallbrook, CA 4/ 16/ 2005 Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone · 760/ 72B·85B2 levels· W4·6 Flips Ahot 1740 les ie St; San Mateo, CA 4/ 24/ 2005 Peninsulo Gymnastics Phone· 650/ 571 ·7555 levels· W4·6 Friendship Challenge 1828 North Keystone; Burbank, CA 3/ 4/ 2005 Golden Stote Gymnastics Phone · 818/ 558·1177 levels· W4·Elite


Golden 8ear Invitational 25 Sports In; Berkeley, CA 4/ 30/ 2005 Golden Bear Gym. Amdemy Phone· 510/ 642·0792 levels· W4·6

2005 All Olympians Invitational UCLA · John Wooden Ctr.; 405 Hilgard SI.; LA, CA 2/ 18/2005 All Olympians Phone · 310/ 301·8066 levels - W4·Elite, prepopl.

Golden Bear Invitotional 25 Sports In; Berkeley, CA 5/ 1/2005 Golden Bear Gym Amdemy Phone· 510/ 642·0792 levels· W4·6

2005 Novoto Classic 950 Seventh 51.; Novato, CA 3/12/ 2005 Novato Gymnastics Phone· (415) 209·9595 levels - W2·10

GymFest on the Queen Mary 342 Industrial Way, Suite 103; Fallbrook, CA 7/ 30/ 2005 Fallbrook Gymnastic Club Phone· 760/ 728·8582 levels - GA

Bay Areo Classic Hayward State Univ.; 25800 Carlos Bee Blvd; Hayward, CA 3/ 5/ 2005 Michael Anthony's Schl. of Gym Phone· 925/ 671·0262 levels - M4·Elite, W4·Elite California Classic 28780 Single OakDr.; Temecula, CA 2/ 25/ 2005 Southern California Elite Gym Phone· 951/699·4499 levels - W7 ·Elite Circus Days Invitational 1441 CFranquette Ave; Concord, CA 3/ 5/ 2005 Golden Gate Gymnastics Phone· 925/ 674·9683 levels· W4·8 Dreams of Gold 05 7735 Haskell Ave.; Van Nuys, CA 4/9/ 2005 Gymnastics Olympica USA Phone· 818/ 785·1537 levels · W4·7 Fallbrook Spring Classic 342 Industrial Way, Ste 103;


Its a Small World 1001 Shannon Ct Unit A; livermore, CA 2/ 19/ 2005 Gymfinity Phone· 925/ 456·01 10 levels· W4·6 Mardi Gras Invitational 415 Mississippi 5t; Vallejo, CA 3/ 12/ 2005 North Bay Athletic Association Phone· 707/ 643·9622 levels · W4·1 0 MEGA Invite MC High School; 675 Sir Francis Drake Blvd; Kentfield, CA 94925 2/ 26/ 2005 Marin Elite Gym. Amd. Phone · 415/ 257·6342 levels· W4·1 0, T5·10 Pacific Classic 22982 Avenida Empresa; Rancho Santa Morgari, CA 3/ 12/ 2005 California Elite Sports Center Phone · 949/ 589·1512 levels · W7·10

Peter Vidmar Men's Gymnastics lnvitationol Brentwood School; 1DO So. Barrington Place; LA, CA 3/ 3/ 2005 Broadway Gym. School, Inc Phone · 310/ 450·0012 levels - M4·Elite Sweetheart Invitational 1875 Feather River Blvd.; Oroville, CA 2/ 19/ 2005 Oroville GYM Sports Mad Phone· 530/ 533·1043 levels· W4·6

COLORADO CO National Monument Invitational 609 25 Road; Grand Junction, CO 2/ 26/ 2005 Grand Junction Gym/Kidz Plex Phone · 970/ 245·3610 levels · W7·10 Colorado Classic 419 Eost Stuart; Fort Collins, CO 2/ 19/ 2005 Mountain Gymnastics Phone· 970/ 482·311 B levels - W7·10 Colorado Invitational 4626 North Park Dr; Colorado Springs, CO 3/ 12/ 2005 ARTS PORTS· Colorado Springers Phone· 719/ 531 ·5867 levels · T4·10

Coconut Creek, Fl 2/ 17/ 2005 Amerimn Twisters Gymnastics Phone· 954/ 725·9199 levels - W4·Elite Easter Bunny Invite 730 St. Johns Bluff Rd. N.; Jacksonville, Fl 4/ 2/ 2005 All Americon Gymnastics, Inc Phone · 904/641 ·9966 levels · W4·6 Gasparilla Classic 1421 4 N. Nebraska Ave.; Tampa, Fl33613 2/ 25/ 2005 lightning City Gymnastics Phone · 813/ 558·0035 levels - W2·Elite, prepopt., M4·Elite

GEORGIA April in Paris 130 Andrew Dr; Stockbridge, GA 4/ 16/ 2005 Paris Schl. of Performing Arts Phone · 770/ 474·6184 levels · W4·8 Cham~ions Cup 38 Hi IStreet; Suite 100; Roswell, GA 2/ 26/ 2005 Roswell Gymnastics Phone · 770/ 641·39B7 levels· W7·10

Mardi Gras Invitational Kennesaw Mt HS; 189B Kennesaw Due West Rd; Kennesaw, GA 2/ 19/ 2005 GymnastiCSAcad. of Atlanta Phone · 770/ 975·8337 levels - W7 ·Elite

Colorado Open One Olympic Plaza; Colo. Springs, CO 2/ 18/2005 USOTC Gymnastics Phone · 719/ 578·4609 levels - M4·Elite

Spring Breakout 2601 Shallowlord Rd; Marietta, GA 3/ 5/ 2005 Georgia AII·Stars Gymnastics Phone · 770/ 516·2654 levels· W2·10

Mid·Winter Invitational 4626 North Park Dr; Colorado Springs, CO 2/ 19/ 2005 ARTS PORTS· Colorado Springers Phone · 719/ 531 ·5867 levels · T4·10

Ku u ~o Classic Blais ell Ctr; 777 Ward Ave; Honolulu, HI 2/ 19/ 2005 Rainbow Gymnastics Amdemy Phone · B08/ 4B8·7030 levels - W4·1 0




Team Challenge 2005 13 Francis Clarke Cirde; Bethel, CT 2/ 19/ 2005 Gymnastics Revolution Phone· 203/ 798·B651 levels - W4·10

Cupid's Twist Invitational 720 N. 17th SI. Ste 17; St Charles, Il 2/ 25/ 2005 SI. Charles Gymnastics Club Phone · 630/ 5B4·5544 levels· W5·1O


Midwest Open University of Il at Chicago; 901 WRoosevelt Rd; Chicago, Il 2/ 18/2005 Aerial Gymnastics Club Phone · 630/ 495·0150 levels - W4·Elite, M4·Elite

7th Annual Universal Gymnastics Invitational Coconut Grove Convention Cente; 2700 S. Bayshore Drive; Miami·dade, Fl 2/ 25/ 2005 Universal Gymnastics, Inc Phone· 305/ 233·7770 levels - W2·Elite, prepopt, Ml ·Elite American Twister Invito ito no I and National Elite Qua lifer 6805 lyons Technology Cirde;


INDIANA 1st Annual Hoosier Gym Invitational 5036 SCounty Rd. 600 E; Plainfield, IN 3/ 12/ 2005 Hoosier Gym Training Center


Phone· 317/ 839·9919 levels · W6·9 Flower Power Invite 1254 Horse Prairie Ave; Valparaiso, IN 4/ 30/ 2005 Horizon Gymnastics Center Phone · 219/ 477·6542 levels · W5·8 Indy Classic Men's Invitational 9850 Mayflower Park Dr; Carmel, IN 3/ 5/ 2005 Indy School of Gymnastics Phone · 317/ 872-594B levels - M4·Elite InterActivity 2005 3795 South US 421; Zionsville, IN 2/ 26/ 2005 Interactive Amdemy of Gym Phone · 317/ 733·3386 levels- M4·Elite USAG Desi~nated loml 105 E. Par Rd.; Washington, IN 2/ 19/ 2005 Tumbling Express, Inc Phone · 812/ 254·7673 levels· W2·9

2/ 18/2005 Champion Gymnostics 2531 Blankenbaker Parkway; louisville, KY Phone · 502/ B09·13B6 levels - W3·Elite,M4 Elite Flippin' Into Spring Invitotional Mason County HS Fieldhouse; 1320 US 68; Maysville, KY 4/ 2/ 2005 Sheri's Dance Arts & Gym Centr Phone · 606/ 759·5056 levels· Tl ·l0

LOUISIANA NewOrleans Jazz Invitationol 4925 GJefferson Hwy; Jefferson, LA 2/ 25/ 2005 Empire Gymnostics Phone · 504/ 738·0039 levels · W2·10, prepopl., M4·10

MARYLAND 28th Nations Capital Cup PG Sports & learning Cmplx; 8001 Sheriff Rd; landover, MD 3/ 4/ 2005 MarVaTeens, Inc Phone · 301/468·91Bl levels - W3·Elite

USAG Trampoline & Tumbling Meet 105 E.Pork Rd.; Washington, IN 4/ 9/ 2005 Tumbling Express, Inc Phone· 812/ 254·7673 levels - Tl ·Elite

Catch the Wave with Twisters Gymnastics Stephen Demtuar Middle School; Berlin, MD 4/ 2/ 2005 Two Sisters Twisters Phone·410/208·1 851 levels - GA


Columbia Challenge North Gym Uof MD ; College Park; College Park, MD 2/ 19/ 2005 Top Flight Gymnastics Center Phone· 410/ 992-1600 levels· W4·1 0

Great West Gymfest Coeur d Alene Resort; 102 5 2nd St; Coeur D'alene, ID 2/ 25/ 2005 Funtastics Phone · 208/772·9443 levels - W4·Elite, M4·Elite lights Out Invitational Polk County Convention Ctr; 501 Grand Ave; Des Moines, IA 3/1 2/ 2005 Triad Gymnastics Phone · 515/ 963·0215 levels - W4·10 Pot of Gold 1530 East Commercial Ave.; Ste 105; Meridian, ID 3/ 11/2005 Meridian Amdemy of Gymnastics Phone · 208/ 884·1166 levels - W4·10, M4·10 Swingtime Invitational 2005 5420 West State St; Boise, ID 3/ 18/2005 Gem State Gymnastics Academy Phone · 208/ 853·3220 levels· W4·1 0

KANSAS Diamond Invitational 7270 West 161st SI.; Overland Park, KS 2/ 25/ 2005 Diamond Gym & Dame Amdemy Phone · 913/ 851 ·7500 levels - W4·10

KENTUCKY Champions Derby Classic Kentucky Inti Convention Or; 221 Fourth St; louisville, KY

Fairland Classic 2005 13950 Old Gunpowder Rd; laurel, MD 3/ 11/2005 Fairland Gymnastics Phone· 301/953-0030 levels· Tl·Elite

MASSACHUSETTS lillie Bigger Invitational BMicro Drive; Woburn, MA 2/ 24/ 2005 Gymnastics And More Phone· 781/938·3669 levels - W4·10, prepopl. MASS NAWGJ BMiuo Drive; Woburn, MA 4/1/ 2005 Gymnastics And More Phone · 781/938·3669 levels - W4·1 0, prepopt. Starlight Invitational 108 Clematis Avenue #10; Waltham, MA 3/ 4/ 2005 Massachusells Gym Center Phone· 781/893·2009 levels· W4·10 nm Daggett Notional Invitational 103 Gold Street; Agowam, MA 2/ 19/ 2005 nm Daggett Gold Medal Gym Phone · 413/ 7B6·4686 levels - M4·Elite

Member Club Invitational Listing MICHIGAN Gym Jester Invitotionol 2709 Pine Street; Soginow, MI 2/ 26/ 2005 Gym-Jester ~mnostics, Inc Phone - 989 574-7401 levels -W2-6 level 4 Hot Shot Invitotionol 9525 Highlond Rd; Howell, MI 4/ 30/ 2005 Hortlond Gymnostics Academy Phone - 810/ 746-2170 levels -W4 lumbertown Invitotionol 1180 Devin Or; Muskegon, MI 3/ 5/ 2005 Cossell Gymnastics Phone - 231/798-8418 levels -W2-9 Morch Modness 2723 Kersten 0; Kolomozoo, MI 3/ 5/ 2005 Grenter Kolomozoo World 01 Gym. Phone -269/381 -5749 levels - M4-1 0 Spring Fling Stote Prep 2723 Kersten 0; Kolomozoo, MI 4/ 2/ 2005 Greoter Kolomozoo World 01 Gym. Phone - 269/ 381-5749 levels -W5-8 Totolly Rod 12 2723 Kergen Court; Kolomozoo, MI 2/ 25/ 2005 Greater Kolomazoo World 01 Gym. Phone - 269/381 -5749 levels - W5-1 0 US Airborne Born To Fly Invite Ford Fieldhouse; 143 Bostwick; Grond Rapids, MI 3/ 4/ 2005 ANA Sports U.s. Airborne Phone - 616/ 975-2992 levels - W2-10, M4-10 Wolverine Clossic So line High School; 1300 Com pus Pkwy; So line, MI 3/ 5/ 2005 G~m Americo Pone -734/971 -1667 levels -W4-1 0, prepopt.

MINNESOTA Jom Hops Spring Jomboree Frdley Senior HS; 6000 WMoore loke Or; Fridley, MN 4/ 9/ 2005 Jom Hops Gymnastics Phone -763/ 413-0647 levels -W4-9 Midwest Ultimote Chollenge Irondole HS; 2425 long loke Rd; New 8righton, MN 3/11/2005 Midwest Gymnastics Center Phone - 651/482-9616 levels -W4-1 0 Mini-Hops Modness Invitotionol 131 Cheshire In; Ste 100; Minnetonka, MN 2/ 26/ 2005 Minnetonka-Hopkins Gymnostics Phone - 952/ 933-2452 levels - M4-1 0 Northern lights Clossic Chomplin Pork HS; 6025 109th Ave N; Chomplin, MN 3/4/2005 Twin City Twisters

Phone -763/ 421-3046 levels - W5-10 Rising Stors Invitotionol North St Poul HS; 2416 E11th Ave; St. Poul, MN 3/ 19/ 2005 Rising Stors Gymnostics Acad Phone - 651/730-4376 levels - W4-1 0 Shomrock Shoke Invitotion 5555 Pioneer Creek Or.; Mople Ploin, MN 2/ 26/ 2005 North Shore Gymnostics Phone - 763-479-3189 levels -W4-8 Stote Tune Up Rev It Up 255 7th Ave NW Ste A; Forest loke, MN 3/12/ 2005 Forest loke Flyowoys Gymnostics Or Phone - 651/464-8648 levels - M4-6

MISSOURI All Americon Sprin Inv 10449 Midwest In ustriol; St. louis, MO 3/ 4/ 2005 All Americon Gymnostics Phone - 314/ 426-2496 levels - W5-1 0


GymQuorters Gymnostics Invitational 92 Hubble Drive; St. Chorles, MO 2/18/2005 GymQuorters Gymnostics Center Phone - 636/498-6854 levels - W4-Elite St louis Chollen~e Cup 2675 Metro Blv .; St. louis, MO 2/ 18/ 2005 Teom Centrol Phone - 314/ 291-5436 levels - M4-1 0

NEVADA Coctus Cooler Invitotionol UNlV McDermott SGym.; 45055 Morylond Pkwy; los Vegos, NV 2/18/2005 Desert Gymcots Gymnostics Phone - 702/798-3547 levels - W4-Elite Gold Medollnvitotionol UNlV McDermott Complex; 4505 Morylond Pkwy; los Vegos, NV 3/ 18/2005 los Vegos Flyers Gym Ctr. Phone - 702/ 877-2266 levels - W4-Elite Hilton Invitotionol 2500 Eost 2nd St; Reno, NV 2/ 25/ 2005 Gtnostics Nevodo Pone - 775/ 355-7755 levels - M4-1 0, W4-10 los Vegos Flyers Invitotional 1122 Visto Drive; los Vegos, NV 2/ 26/ 2005 las Vegos Flyers Gym. Center Phone - 702/ 877-2266 levels - M4-Elite SpringIest 120 Woodlond Ave.,Ste. B; Reno, NV 3/ 5/ 2005 High Sierro ~mnostics Phone -775 747-7748 levels - W4-10

Storz &Stripes Invitational 895 EPotriot Blvd #103; Reno, NV 2/ 18/2005 Storz Gymnostics Phone - 775/ 853-9494 levels - M4-1 0, T3-Elite, W4-Elite

NEW JERSEY It's Hip to be Me 1274 Highwoy 77; 8ridgeton, NJ 4/3/ 2005 Stor Bound 7,mnostics Acodemy Phone - 856 453-7996 levels -W4 Rebound Scarlet Cup Rutgers Univ livingston Rec 0; Rd 3; Piscotowoy, NJ 2/ 25/ 2005 Rebound Gymnostics, Inc Phone - 732/ 566-3223 levels - W4-Elite

Phone - 919/ 790-9400 levels -W4-1 0, prepopt.

Phone -724/ 752-4133 levels -W4-7

Rookie Stote Chollenge 5400 Atlontic Springs Rd; Roleigh, NC 4/ 23/ 2005 North Roleigh Gymnostics Phone - 919/ 790-9400 levels -W4-1 0, prepopt.

Friendshi~ Clossic Mortz Ho I; 16th &lourel Blvd_; Pottsville, PA 4/1/2005 Pottsville Gymnostic Troining Phone - 570/ 628-4966 levels -W4-Elite

WNC Chompionships 26-AGlendole Ave; Asheville, NC 3/ 13/ 2005 Weyneth Elite Gymnostics Acad Phone - 828/ 252-8746 levels - W3-10, prepopt.

Fun in the Sun Invitotionol 4382-A Gibsonio Rd; Gibsonio, PA 3/ 4/ 2005 Northlond Gym &Cheerleoding Phone -724/ 444-3010 levels -W5-8


Funny Bunny Inv 500 N.George Street; Honover, PA 4/ 30/ 2005 Honover Areo Fomily YMCA Phone - 717/ 632-0195 levels -W5-6

2005 810ine Wilson Ohio Clossic 717 East 17th Street, Columbus, OH 2/ 18/2005 Ohio Gymnostics Institute, Inc Phone - 330/ 793-5200 levels - M4-Elite

NEW MEXICO Flippin' in the Desert 5101 lovington Hwy; Hobbs, NM 2/ 25/2005 Artesia Gymnostics Phone - 505/ 748-3903 levels - Tl-Elite

2005 Buckeye Clossic Celeste Center/ OH Foirgrounds; 717E. 17th Avenue; Columbus, OH 2/ 17/ 2005 Buckeye Gymnostics Phone - 614-895-1611 levels - W4-Elite

Sondia Cup 2832 Girord Blvd. N.E.; Albuquerque, NM 2/ 26/ 2005 Sondia Acrobotic Gym. Acad. Phone - 505/884-6949 levels -W7-10

2005 Winter Clossic 1462 Hormony Drive; locol School; Tipp City, OH 2/ 25/ 2005 Gem City Gymnostics Phone - 937/667-4961 levels -W4-1 0

NEW YORK long Island Clossic longwood Athletics; 100 Longwood Rd; Middle Island, NY 3/ 4/ 2005 long Islond Gym Nest Phone - 631/924-9422 levels - W2-Elite, prepopt.

Queen City Invitotionol 7900 E. Kemper Rd.; Gncinnati, OH 3/ 19/ 2005 Queen City Gymnostics/ Kids First Phone - 513/ 489-7575 levels - Tl-Elite

lucky Stors Invitotionol Jomestown Community College; 525 Fnkoner Street, Jomestown, NY 3/ 18/2005 Stroup's Gymnostics Phone - 716/665-8081 levels -W4-10

Sunrise Gymlest Acodemy P.O. 80x 69; Sylvonia, OH 3/ 12/ 2005 Sunrise Gymnostics Academy Phone -419/ 841-2902 levels - W4-1 0

Niogoro Cup Invitotional 3305 Niagoro Foils 8lvd; North Tonowondo, NY 3/ 11/2005 Niogoro/ Gleoson's Gymnostics Phone -716/694-6557 levels - W4-Elite

4th Annuol Dreomcotcher Clossic Midwest City High School; 7217 SE 15th St; Midwest City, OK 2/ 19/ 2005 Mot Trotters Gymnostics Phone - 405/722-0808 levels - W4-Elite

Penevs Clossic Gordon Fieldhouse; Jefferson Rd; Henrietto, NY 2/19/2005 Eastside Gymnastics-Penev's Phone - 585/248-3750 levels - W4-1 0




Emerold Teom Chollenr 869 Shelly; Springliel , OR 3/ 12/ 2005 Notionol Acodemy 01 Artistic Gymnostics Phone - 541/744-2002 levels - W4-Elite

John Poncott Invitotionol The School at Church Form; 1001 Elincoln Hwy; Exton, PA 3/ 5/ 2005 John Poncott Gymnostic Center Phone - 610/ 647-9847 levels - W4-1 0 Nittony Spring Invitotionol Penn Stote University; Rec HolI; University Pork, PA 3/ 20/ 2005 Nittony Gymnostics Academy Phone - 814/ 238-8995 levels -W4-6 Ricchets WinterIest 362 S. Worminster Rood; Hotboro, PA 2/ 19/ 2005 Ricochets Gymnostics Club Phone - 215/ 328-0900 levels -W4-8, prepopt. Snowmon Inv 500 N.George Street, Honover, PA 2/ 19/ 2005 Honover Area Fomily YMCA Phone - 717/ 632-0195 levels -W5-6 Temple Boys' Invitotionol McGonigle Holll 06; P.O. Box 2840; Philodelphio, PA 2/ 25/ 2005 Temple University Men and 80ys Phone - 215/ 204-7452 levels - M4-10

SOUTH CAROLINA 2005 Chorleston Cup North Chorleston Convention Cn; 5001 Colisium Or.; North Chorleston, SC 3/ 4/ 2005 Chorleston Gymnostics Phone - 843/720-3895 levels - W4-Elite

Jungle Jom 210 Talbert Pointe Blvd; Mooresville, NC 2/ 25/ 2005 The Gym Company llC Phone -704/ 663-7510 levels -W4-6

Shorn rock Invitotionol 1414 SE 18Th Ave #100; Hillsboro, OR 2/ 26/ 2005 G~m-Nest ltd. Pone - 503/ 640-6378 levels - W4-10

Shining Stors Holidoy Invitotionol 570 Southport Rood; Roebuck, SC 2/ 19/ 2005 Sportonburg Gymnostics Troining Center Phone - 803/ 574-0509 levels - W2-5, prepopt.

NRG Invite 5400 Atlontic Springs Rood; Roleigh, NC 2/26/2005 North Roleigh Gymnostics



Best 0 the West 310 First Street; Ellwood City, PA 2/ 26/ 2005 Gold Medol Gymnostics Acodemy

Rushmore Invitotionol Stevens H.s.; 1200 44th St; Ropid City, SO 2/ 25/2005

Just Jymnostics Phone - 605/ 341 -5914 levels - W4-1 0

TENNESSEE Gotlinburg Clossic Gotlinbur Convention Center; Airport R; Gotlinburg, TN 2/ 25/ 2005 Weyneth Elite Gymnostics Acad Phone - 828/252-8746 levels -Tl-l0, M4-10, W2-10, prepopt.


TEXAS Houston North Presidents Doy Invitotionol lone Stor Convention Center; 9055 Airport Rood; Conroe, TX 2/ 18/2005 Houston North Gym &Tumbling Phone - 281-894-8400 levels- M4-Elite River Wolk Clossic Henry BGonzoles Conv Or; 200 Eost Morket St; Son Antonio, TX 2/ 25/ 2005 8rown's Gymnostics Centrol Phone - 407/ 869-8744 levels - W2-10 The Kurt Thomas Invitotionol Or Pepper Stor Or.; 2601 Ave. 01 the Stars; Frisco, TX 2/ 18/2005 Kurt Thomos Gymnostics Phone - 214/ 387-4707 levels -W7 -Elite

UTAH 2005 Block Diomond Winter Clossic 6400 N. Business Pork loop; Basin Recreation Field House; Park City, UT 3/ 4/ 2005 Block Diamond Gym. &Sports Cen. Phone - 435/ 615-1800 levels - W2-Elite 810ck Diomond Winter Clossic 6400 N. Business Pork loop; 80sin Recreotion Field House; Pork City, UT 3/4/2005 81ack Diomond Gym. &Sports Center Phone - 435/ 615-1800 levels - W2-Elite Rodeo Round-Up 9683 South Sondy Porkwoy; Sondy, UT 5/ 14/ 2005 Olympus School 01 Gymnostics Phone - 801/566-3295 levels -W4-6

VIRGINIA April Adventure Invite 14088 KSullylield Circle; Chontilly, VA 4/ 2/ 2005 Chontilly Acodemy Phone - 703/ 378-4966 levels - W4-10 Clossics Tune Up Meet 2327 Seminole lone; Chorlottesville, VA 4/ 2/ 2005 Classics Gymnostics Center Phone -434/ 978-4720 leve~ -W4-7 Flower Power Invite 14088 KSullylield Circle; (continued on p. 42)


â&#x20AC;˘ FEBRUARY 2005 )


(continued from p. 41)

Chantilly, VA 4/30/2005 Chantilly Academy Phone· 703/ 378·4966 levels - W4·1 0 leprechaun leap 7000 College Dr; Portsmouth, VA 3/6/2005 All Star Gymnaslics Phone· 757/ 488·6857 levels· W4·6 Merry March Invite 14088 KSullyfield Circle; Chanlilly, VA 3/19/2005 Chantilly Academy Phone · 703/ 378-4966 levels - W4·1 0 Mother May I Invitational 709 Middle Ground Blvd.; Sle 117b; Nwprt Nws Cty, VA 4/24/2005 World Class Gymnastics llC Phone· 757/ 873-6440 levels· W4·5 Presidents Day Invite 14023 Noblewood Plaza Drive; Woodbridge, VA 2/ 19/ 2005 Youth Sports Virginia Training Phone· 703·590·8400 levels - M4·10 Shamrock Invitalional 912 AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA 3/ 19/ 2005 Ocean Tumblers Gymnastics Phone· 757/ 547·0169 levels· W4·8

Spit and Polish Extrovoganzo 10615 Rhoads Dr.; Fredericksburg, VA 5/8/2005 Paragon Gymnastics of VA Phone· 540/ 548·4966 levels· W2·4 Spring Fling 912 AProfessional Place; Chesapeake, VA 5/7/2005 Ocean Tumblers Gymnaslics Phone· 757/ 547-0169 levels· W4-7 Teddy 8ear's Picnic 390 Sailers Creek Road; Hampton, VA 2/ 19/ 2005 Gymnaslics, Inc. Phone· 757/ 723·4966 levels· W3·1 0 World Class Gym Cup 709 Middle Ground Blvd.; Ste 117b; Nwprt Nws CIy, VA 2/ 20/ 2005 World Class ~mnastics llC Phone· 757 873·6440 levels - M4·8

WASHINGTON Bunny·Hop Invitational 6822 S. 190th; Kent, WA 3/4/2005 Metropolitan Gymnastics, Inc. Phone· 206/ 575·4138 levels· W4·1 0, M4-7 Cascadian Team Challange 23101 56th Avenue West; Mountlake Terrace, WA 2/ 18/2005

Cascade Elite Gymnaslics Phone·425/ 672·6887 levels· W4·1 0 Dawg Pound Invite 8ank of America Arena; University of Washington; Sea "Ie, WA 4/ 10/2005 Cascade Elite Gymnastics Phone· 425/ 672·6887 levels· W4·7 Gymnastics Unlimited Invilational 30611 161h Avenue South; Federal Way, WA 4/ 9/ 2005 Gymnastics Unlimited, Inc. Phone· 253/ 815·0998 levels· W4·6 Mystery Classic 30611 16th Ave. S.; Federal Way, WA 3/ 4/ 2005 Gymnaslics Unlimited, Inc. Phone · 253/ 815·0998 levels· W4·10 Spring Fest 3939 12th Ave SE Bldg 4; lacey, WA 3/ 12/ 2005 Block Hills Gymnastics Phone· 360/ 413-9855 levels - W4·1 0 Spring Fling Invitational 19460 144th Ave. NE; Woodinville, WA 4/ 9/2005 Northshore ~mnastics Center Phone· 425 402·6602 levels · W4·7

Teddy Bear Classic 1217 13th Street SE; Puyollup, WA 4/ 16/ 2005 Puget Sound Gymnastics Phone · 253/ 845·0910 levels· W4·6


WEST VIRGINIA GForce Boys Invitalional 226 Vista del Rio Drive; Morgantown, WV 2/ 19/ 2005 West Virginia Gym. Training Cen Phone · 304/292·5559 levels - M4·1 0


Remember, you must be a USA Gymnastics Member Club to have your invitational listed in the magazine. To be a Member Club, call Loree Galimore at 1.800.345.4719

The most up-to-date list of Member Club Invitationals can be found at Click on the Events button on the left. Then scroll down to Invitationals

(conti nu ed from p. 32)

verification camp from Aug 2004 to Aug 2005 while performing full sets on competition equipment. Motion Marchenko Second Strauss PASSED

V. CAMP ETIQUETTE The committee asked that camp rules be written and distributed to all coaches at the summit and at each training camp in an orientation meeting.


"-"'''''_" "' .. IJ . .

I"'~i"''''';:,!!=l<r.lbf'''''',,, c>tt>,Idopt , :""JI'-<r""') J<."""c-.n:<I ;I~7t.~-c.r.=) ~'. ' II (:~l'O""""~) n.-... :!~\'''''u.)



19'UUS~lO<I·.~ ,~ ....


MJory~.... RcUon (1IioJ.tct.,.,,~ Q.""';

""""' _ _ l\I'i.'I\ario\

,_U5........ . . . . . . ...

~ '_ (;'» ' W<f""

The committee will present the agenda item s to the body of national team coaches at the January training camp. Committee assignments were made.


~ T ""'"



. '"'!'~Tho .. """9.".".,.,........ l! x .rao~


VII. FINANCIAL ISSUES Kathy presented the b alance sh eet to the committee for the IEC controlled funding. Th e committee instructed Kathy w hat to do regarding the current equipment issues at the ranch and regarding new equipment that w ill be necessary for the new gym addition. In order for the Olympic Team Members to retain their funding, it will be necessary for them to attend the February training camp. No criteria are necessary for the readiness. The committee w ill review the standings after February to make d ecisions on the funding issues .

• . -1-= 4-=2---------------{(


)>-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




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POSITION AVAILABLE TEAM COACH WANTED: Northeast Gymnastics, a 15,000 square foot fully air·conditianed facility, is looking for a full time competitive girls team coach knowledgeable for Levels 4 thru 10. Beam and floor dance/ choreography a plus! Pay is commensurate with experience. Please call (570)B29·3636. Ask for Lisa. Send resume with references to: Northeast Gymnostics, 40 Ferry Road, Honover Township, Pa. 18706. MANAGER/GYMNASTICS INSTRUaORS. Great career opportunities in our NYC and Westchester location. Full time and part time positions available. Weekdays and/ or weekends, If you love kids, love gymnastics, and love to teach in a fun, safe, positive ond caring environment, give us a call, Positions available for baby, toddler, preschool, after school program, and birthday parties, Excellent salary, Only highly motivated, enthusiastic team players that want to make a positive difference with kids need apply, Call Jodi's Gym at 914·244·8811, fax resume to 914-244-8833, or e-mail INSTRuaORS/COACHES. Poragon Gymnastics of Norwood (8ergen County), NJ is looking for Instructors ond Cooches, P/T·F/T Weekdays/ weekends/evenings, Requirements: PositiveaHitude, responsible, relioble, love of children, Positions available for pre·school through intermediate level instruction. Competitive Team Coach Levels 5·10, Company sponsored certifications (Safety, CPR, First Aid) Full benefits/ paid vacation & sick days, company matched retirement plan, Will train, Salary commensurate with experience, NEW facility, state·of·the·art, approx, 11 ,000 sq, ft, Located in the NY/ NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible from all maior highways, Contact Dot: 201·767· 6921 or fax resume to 201·767·6693 or e·mail: dot@paragongym,com, 49 Walnut Street, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648, HEAD COACH/GYM DIREOOR POSITION OPEN, Western Stars Gymnastics in Williston, North Dakota is currently seeking a Head Coach/Gym Director in our fully equipped 12,000 square foot facility with 200 plus students, Applicant must be a highly motivated, responsible person, Responsibilities will be hiring and training of coaching staff, scheduling of closses and must be able to coach preschool to Level 10 students, Salary depending an experience, Position available starting in April, 2005. Send resume to Western Stars Gymnastics, Box 53, Williston, NO 58801. Call for more information (701 )572-6113 !talk to Misty or Pat),

Gymnastics Program Director . For recreational camp located in Woodward, PA, Manage gymnastics coaching staff and 200·300 gymnasts, Evaluate athletes for placement in appropriate learning environments. Schedule and organize all class and clinic activities, Hire, train, and evaluate staff members, Develop and present artistic instructional clinics to staff and visiting coaches, 40 hours per week, Required Bachelor_s degree in Physical Education or equivalent & 2 years experience in the above·described position or 2 years experience as a gymnastics coach or equivalent. Send resumes to: Mike Lorenzen, Woodward Gymnastics Camp, P.O, Box 93, 134 Sports Camp Or" Woodward, PA 16882,

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HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD 1-100 words = $100 SUBMIT 101 -200 words =$200 : Mail your ad and payment to: Your ad in Technique will automatically be placed online ~ USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza for 30 days 01 no additional marge,The address is: ' 201 S. Capitol Ave" Ste, 300 : Indianapolis, IN 46225 Your 30 days will begin on the next regular posting dole, : or fox to 317·237·5069, IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT DEADLINES CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE AND ISSUE DEADLINE FOR AD SIGNATURE. AND PAYMENT Please deSignate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics magazine, January """ """",Oec. 10 Jan. 10 , ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE February,_,. PUBLISHED, USA Gymna~i(S reserves the right to March """""." ".",.".""""Feb. 10 ~ vary formal. Technique is received by more Ihan 16,000 USA Gymnastics professional members jluS thousands of viewers will be expose 10 Sept/Oct. "", .. "".",.""""Aug. 10 ~ your ad online. Advertise your employment Nov./Oec. "".,.""",."."".Ocf. 10 , opportunity, product, service, or comp'etition NOTE: 11 the 10th falls on a weekend or ' here for great reSUlts. Questions? Call Luan holiday, the preceding work doy is considered : Peszek 01 317-829-5646. RATES



the deadline.



) r - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - --


USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capital Avenue, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225


PAID Indianapolis. IN Permit No. 7867




The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. *Time and date subiect to change. See lor updates.


22 Coldwater, KS 67029; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Veternan's Building Directions: Candice Wilkinson 620-582-2899 Course code: RW04222005KS Instructor: Robin Weidmaier 816-232-7502

Course code: MT06112005NV Instructor: Michael Taylor 650·330-2274


25 liHle River INorlh Myrtle Beach), SC 29566; 6:00 p.m. 10 10:00 p.m. Gymnastics and More, 4613 lightkeepers Way, Unit 10·1 ' newloeotion please eoll for directions Directions: louie liguouri 843-390·5867 Course code: KB02252005SC Instructor: Kimberly Boyd 803-348-2693 26 Sacramento, CA 95818; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Planet Gymnastics, 3202 Riverside Blvd Directions: AnneHe Rivero 916-447·4966 Course code: MT02262005CA Instructor: Michael Tay)or 650·330-2274

louisville, KY; 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. MorrioH louisville Downtown Hotel ' in conjunction with JO Notional Compulsory Workshop Course code: BM06022005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430 louisville, KY; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. MarrioN louisville Downtown Hotel ' in conjunction with JO Notional Compulsory Workshop Course code: BM06042005KY Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614·777-9430

25 Hilliard, OH 43026; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts, Inc. Directions: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430 Course code: BM062520050H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430

SEPTEMBER 4 Hilliard, OH 43026; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts, Inc. Directions: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430 Course code: BM090420050H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari 614-777-9430

Reno, NV; 6:00 p.m. to10:00 p.m. Reno Hotel Hilton ' in conjunction with JO Nationol Compulsory Workshop Course code: MT06092005NV Instructor: Michael Taylor 650-330-2274


Corlsbad, CA 92009; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. : Magdaleno Ecke YMCA Gynmastiscs, 6100 Avenida Endnes : Directions: Quin Shannon 760·804-8170 'walk-ins : welcome, see website: ymca for directions : 11 Reno, NV; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Course code: NG04022005cA : Reno Hotel Hilton Instructor: Nicki Geiger! 760-943-6986 : ' in conjunction with JO Notional Compulsory Workshop

SAFETY CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIp· PRE-REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age lor Salety Certilication is '6 years} COST: Nome: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _Male or Female: Professional or Instructor #: _ _ _ _ _ _ Current Safety Exp. Dote: Soc.Sec. # _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Bir!hDate:_ _ _ _ _ _ __ Address:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City:_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State: _ _ _ _ _ Zip: Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

(W) _ _ _ __

_ __

Course Code: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Course City/State: _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dote: _ _ _ _ _ __ Form of Payment:


0 MasterCard

o Discover

0 American Express

Pro-Member with Current Safety Certificotion wishing to r~certi~ at live course .............,'.: ....:................ no charge Pro-Member With Expired or New Safety Certlflcotlon ............ $ 65.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 65.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 115.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for

on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics two (2) weeks prior to the course dote'. late registrations, incomplete registrations, or registrations without proper payment will not be processed. late registrations are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrations will be charged a $25 on-site/late fee. All materials, including the course book, are provided at the course and are port of the course fee. Certificotion is valid for four (4) yeors. Safety Cer!ificotion is non-refundable and connot be transferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be transferred to another course within six (6) months with prior wrinen notificotion. late fee will apply if notificotion is received after course deadline.

Payment Amount: _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

*Us~ Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

Nome on Cord: _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ __

Mail registration form and payment to: VISA' USA Gymnastics Member Services Cy~~,~~"cs Pan American Piaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212

Number: _ _ _ __ Exp. Date: ___





Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine – February 2005  

Technique Magazine – February 2005