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TR =Trampoline TU =Tumbling

R= Rhythmic GG = Group Gymnastics

W= Women ACRO =Sports Aero


NOTE: Dates and events subiect to change or cancellation.


29 30-Sept. 1


APRIL 11-12 12 12-13 17-19

Machuga Cup / World Cup Finals (ACRO) NCAA Regionals (W) level 10 Regionals (W) Collegiate National Championships (M/W)

22-27 24-26

Senior National Team Camp (M) NCAA National Championships (W)


level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Krasnodar, Russia Various Sites Various Sites Texas Woman's Univ. Dallas, TX Colo. Springs, CO Univ. of Nebraska Unwin, NE East-Springfield, MA West-Fullerton, CA

MAY 2-4 2-4 4-10 8-11 13-22 17 16-17 17-18 29-June 1 T8D 31-June 1


19-29 T8D

OCTOBER 3 3-5 10-12 17-19 20-26

Jeff Metzger's I-Day 800t Camp Region VI Congress (W) Region II Congress (W) World Championships (TR/TU) World Age Group Games (TR/TU)

8urlington, MA 8urlington, MA T8D Hannover, GER Hannover, GER

NOVEMBER Colo. Springs, CO Wilmington, DE Houston, TX Savannah, GA Houston, TX T8D San Juan Portland, OR San Antonio, TX Indianapolis, IN St. Paul, MN

Region III Congress (W) Rhythmic Eastern (R) Team Gymn Nationals (GG) Jeff Metzger's I-Day 800t Camp Region IV Congress (W) U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/ACRO) Jeff Metzger's 4 liz Day 800t Camp 8roadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) NBC Sports 1 Hour T8D 8roadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (W) N8C Sports 1 Hour TBD

Overland Park, KS Tampa, Fl las Vegas, NV Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee, WI Cincinnati, OH

World Team Selection Camp (W) Region VIII Congress (W) World Team Selection Camp (M) U.s. Championships & J.O. National Championships (lR/TU) Region VCongress (W) FIG World Gymnaestrada (GG) Pan Am Team Training Camp (W) Freedom Cup (ACRO) J.O. National Team Training Camp (W) Region VII Congress (W)

Houston, TX Heron 8ay, Fl T8D Sacramento, CA Columbus, OH Usbon, POR Houston, TX Jacksonville, Fl Colo. Springs, CO TBD

Pan American Games (M/W/R) National Gymnastics Day Sports Aero National Championships (ACRO) World Team Training Camp (W) 8roadcast- U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M) NBC Sports 1 liz Hour T8D Artistic World Championships (M/W) World University Games (M/W/R) National Congress National Business Conference

Santo Domingo, DOM


Jacksonville, Fl Houston, TX


14-15 20-24 T8D T8D

Fall Executive CommiHee/ 80ard of Directors Meeting TBD Jeff Metzger's 4 1/2 Day Boot Camp Cincinnati, OH PAGU Jr. Interdub Championships (M/W/R Group Jr/Sr) USA PAGU Children's Interdub Championships (M/W/R) GUA






I-Day Boot Camp/8usiness Conference Visa American Cup (M/W) Jeff Metzger's I-Day 800t Camp

16-24 21 -31 21-23 20


MARCH March or April THO American Team Cup (M/W)


APRIL 3 15-17

NCAA Regionals (W) NCAA National Championships (W)

Milwaukee, WI


NCAA National Championships (M)

Milwaukee, WI

23-25 30-May 2

J.O. level 9 East/West Championships (W) J.O. National Championships (W)

Various Sites UCLA los Angeles, CA University of Illinois Champaign/ Urbana T8D Orlando, Fl

J.O. National Championships (M) 75th FIG Congress and General Assembly

San Diego, CA Antalya, TUR

U.s. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/ R/TR/TU) National 8usiness Conference U.S. Olympic Team Trials (M/W/R/TR) National Congress

Nashville, TN 80slon, MA 80ston, MA 80ston, MA

Olympic Games (M/W/ R/TR)

Athens, GRE

AUGUST 1-17 2 3-7 3-9 2

Anaheim, CA Austin, TX Sonto Clara, CA

Rhythmic World Championships· Individual & Group (R) 8udapest, HUN FIG/PAGU Group Gymnastics "Friendship Camp" (GG) Houston, TX

JULY 1-6 9-13 9-18 12-21 17-20 20-26 28-31 30-Aug. 3 31-Aug. 4 T8D

Anaheim, CA


J.O. National Championships (W) J.O. National Championships (R) USA/8elgium Training/Competition (W) J.O. National Championships (M) National Team Training Camp (W) U.S. Championships Qualifier (M) 3rd FIG Council Meeting level 9 Championships (R) U.s. Classic/ Challenge (W) National Gym Fest (GG) Rhythmic Western (R)

JUNE 6-8 7-8 13-15 17 19-22 19-22 19-23 21

8roadcast - Artistic World Championships (M/W) NBC Sports 2:00 - 4:00pm ET 8roadcast- Artistic World Championships (M/W) N8C Sports 2:00 - 4:00pm ET Jeff Metzger's I-Day 800t Camp Region I Congress (W)



JUNE 2-5 24 24-27 25-27


October or Nov. THO I-Day 800t Camp/8usiness Conference


Milwaukee, WI Anaheim, CA Daegu, KOR Anaheim, CA Anaheim, CA

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an official publication of USA Gymnastics PUBLISHER

Robert V. Colarossi EDITOR


Matt Rhoton

FEATURES A Fairer International Scoring Method? ...... . ... . ... .... . .... . . . . .. .. .. . . . 6 An Improved Method For Score Averaging With A Four Judge Panel?


"Functional Training" In Gymnastics and Sports


Beam Skills and Activities For Preschoolers . .. .

. .32

USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMlnEE CHAIR:Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; VICE CHAIR WOMEN: Tom KoIl; VICE CHAIR MEN: Yoichi Tom"a; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Andrea S<hmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLlN~ Paul Parillo; VICE CHAIR SPORTS ACRO: Tonya Case PaHeoon; SECRETARY: Gory Andeoon; TREASURER: BobWood; AG EXEamVE COMMITTE~ Joy Ashmore, Ron Froehlich. FIG MEN'STECHNICAL COMMITTE~ George Beckstead; FIG TRAMPOLINE AND TUMBLING TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: Pol Hendeoon; FIG WOMEN'STECHNICAL COMMITTE~ Jodie Fie; AT LARGE MEMBERS: Sieve Butch", Paul Spadaro; ATHLETE DIREGORS: Larissa Fontaine, John Roelhlisberger, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Karl Heger, USOC ATHLETE DIREGOR: Dominick Minicucd. USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colaros~; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; PUBLIC SEGOR: Bill Hybl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHLETIC UNION: Mike Sianner; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Beny Heppner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATIDN·MEN: Francis Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES-WOMEN: Mike Jocki; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Mari~n Strawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carole Ide; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION-MEN: Doug Von Everen; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Suson True; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUDGES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Todd Vese~; U.s. ASSOCIATION OF INOEPENDENT GYMNASTICS CLUBS: Paul Spadaro; u.s. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION-MEN: Slacy Maloney; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION-WOMEN: David Halcumb, Tony Gehman; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Marc Yancey; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION : Suzie DiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETICASSOCIATION-WOMEN: Marie Robbins; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DIREGORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grassfeld; RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, Michelle Larson; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Kalhy Ostberg; TRAMPOLlN~ Shoun Kemplon, Marsha Weiss; SPORTS ACRO: Bonnie DaVidson, Jay Binder, ATHLETE OIREGORS: Vanessa Vander Pluym, chair; LariSlO Fanlaine, vice choir; Jair Lynch, secrelary; Dominick Minicucci, USOC Athlele Rep.; Mihai Bogiu, Brooke Bushnell, Chari Knighl Hunler, Mohini BhordwaL Karl Heger, Chrislie Hayes, John Roelhlisberger; ASSOCIATE DIREGORS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Katz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale Faber-Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEDERATION, Howard Schwartz. CHANGE OF ADDRESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 ensure uninlerrupled delivery of TECHNIQUE magazine, nalice of change of address should be mode eighl weeks in advance. For faslesl service, please endose your presenl moiling label. Direct all subscriplion moil 10 TECHNIQUE Subscriplions, USA Gymnaslics, 201 S. Copilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. POSTMAffiR; Send address changes 10 TECHNIQUE c/ o USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Copilol Avenue., Suile 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225.

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Unless expressly irlenlilierl 10 Ihe conlrary, all arlicles, slalemenls and views prinlerl herein are allribuled solely 10 Ihe aUlhor and USA Gymnaslics expresses no opinion and assumes no respansibililY Ihereo/.


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USA GYMNASTICS Message Dear Members, "When will synchronized trampoline, tumbling and double-mini be added to the Olympic Program?" This is the most FAQ by trampoline and tumbling athletes and coaches! Synchronized trampoline has been discussed as the next event to be included. Since many of the individual trampolinists also compete in synchro, the financial impact would be less. Many people believe that tumbling should be the next discipline added to the program because of its crowd appeal and the athleticism required. While double-mini is extremely popular in the USA, it lacks the worldwide support needed for Olympic inclusion at this time. Since the 2004 program is complete, no new disciplines could Ann Sims be added to the Olympic Games until 2008. Director of Trampoline &Tumbling One way to get the process moving is to work toward inclusion in the Pan American Games. Pan American sports have the support of the Olympic Committee. That translates into more athlete funding and competitive opportunities. Currently, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and the USA have trampoline and tumbling programs. There must be more countries involved before trampoline and tumbling can be added to the Pan American program. After the Winter Classic in Tampa, USA Gymnastics and the Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) hosted a clinic for 15 coaches from Latin America. They were all so eager to learn! There are many challenges, mainly money and equipment, to expanding the programs in these countries, but their enthusiasm and continueq educational opportunities can make it a reality. The trampoline and tumbling program has resolved to do everything possible to increase the stature of all of our disciplines and this was only the first step. Another FAQ is "What is the exact schedule for Nationals?" In order to run an on-time, efficient competition, the detailed scheduled is not announced until one week following the entry deadline. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, June 19 is the date to check the website! The general schedule is currently on the website. Every effort will be made to adhere to that schedule. The 2003 National Championships will be in Sacramento, California, July 13-21. While Championships is the most important event of the year, it takes on even greater importance this year since it is the last competition where elite athletes can earn points toward making the junior or senior national team and it is the first team trial for the World Age-Group Team. The second annual Regional All-Stars competition will see regional teams try to take the title from Region 4, the 2002 winner. Travel plans for the World Championships and World Age-Group Games in Hannover, Germany in October are nearly complete. The Trampoline & Tumbling Program Office and National Travel Systems are working together to make the trip enjoyable and affordable. Look for information on the website soon. The Junior Olympic Program Committee has begun work on the ru les for 2005-2008. The new compulsories will be introduced at the 2003 Congress in Anaheim, California in August and at the Coach's High Performance Clinic in December. The site will be announced on the website .


TEe H N I QUE路 APRil 2003

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Scori ng Method?

In response to requests by members of the gymnastics technical community and to satisfy our own curiosity, a study was undertaken to determine if there was a way to improve on the current method used to determine the average score with a six-judge paneL. I offer the foLLowing to the entire gymnastics community for consideration.

• •

s you are aware, the method of arriving at the final score for a competition/event in which a six judge panel is used is to eliminate the high and low score and average the middle four scores (Avg Mid 4).


Since 1990 I have analyzed scores from numerous international competitions while working with, and developing, the WTC Judges' Evaluation System. During these studies I have often questioned the validity of the "Avg Mid 4" method. As an example of this questioning, consider the following "set" of six scores: 9.8 -- 9.8 -- 9.8 -- 9.8 -- 9.65 -- 9.6

• •

The average score from this "set", with the present method, would be 9.7625. Actually the final score would be 9.762, but that's a subject of another dissertation. When I study these scores, I think the final score should be 9.8. Four of the six judges, 2/3's of the panel, thought the score was 9.8. So why isn't the score 9.8? To try to answer this question let's start with some basic thoughts on statistics. Statistics teaches us that, in a subjective judgment by a number of equally qualified observers, each of the judgments carries the same weight, has the

.....-=6--- -- - - - - -- --


TEe H N IOU E • AP RIl 2003

ByMi, Fi" " L,,"CmwL,y

same validity. It is for this reason that I think the score in the above example should be 9.8. The fact that they (the judges) may not be equally qualified cannot be established at the moment of judgment; it takes the accumulation of a significant number of "sets" to make that determination . That being the case, why do we arbitrarily throw out the high and low score? On what scientific basis are the high and low scores deemed to be incorrect? The answer to these questions may go back to the days before computer scoring, it represented the easiest method of arriving at a final score, quickly. I submit that the "Avg Mid 4" is arbitrary and is not based on logic or science. Given that our scoring computers can calculate scores instantly, why not consider other methods? Over the years there have been several proposals for different methods to use the six judgments: • It has been proposed that we use the average •

of the middle two scores. The concern with this method is that you lose the expert opinion of two judges. It also, by its nature, generates many more ties (a very real problem). • Using all six scores has also been discussed. The concern with this method is that the judges are human beings and make honest mistakes. To affect the ranking of an athlete because of a mistake is wrong, in my opinion . • The method that averages the Chair's score with the score from the "Avg Mid 4", the socalled "base score" has been used in special circumstances. Given the events of the past Winter Olympic Games, it is appropriate to address the issue of cheating, particularly considering the shortcomings of the current method and the ease with which it can be changed, for the better. No one likes the te rm cheating, so allow )}--- - - - - --

- -- - -- -

me to borrow a term coined by Dr. William Sands, "human engineered scores."

There are only three possible combinations of rejected scores; this system selects which of the three fit the statistical model for each "set":

The "set" example used above, 9.8 - 9.8 - 9.8 - 9.8 - 9.65 - 9.6, can be arrived at by a panel of judges for one of several reasons. One, it could be their actual subjective scores for that particular exercise. Two, it could be that the judges with the 9.65 / 9.60 were working together to give that gymnast a lower score than she'd earned, i.e. "human engineered scores." What you may find is another "set" of scores where these same judges were the two high scores on some pre-selected, athlete. Again, while very few like to talk about it, two judges working together to "hit" one gymnast and "bump up" another gymnast is the most common method of "human engineered scores."

1. The high and low scores (same as the current method)- OR 2. The two high scores - OR 3. The two low scores.

The actual calculation method is a bit more complex. The software must look up or down the sorted order based on the direction of the third score selected, in order to determine which score to use in the fourth position. â&#x20AC;˘ If the third score is in the high direction: the system first

looks in the low direction to determine if there is a score that is equal to or less than the next score in the high direction.

There have been proposals that increased the number of judges on a panel. That is not acceptable due to many considerations, not the least of which is the cost of the travel and housing for the judges.

â&#x20AC;˘ If the third score selected is in the low direction: then the

system looks to the high side to determine if that score is equal to or less than the next score in the low direction.

Given all of the above, I offer the following scoring averaging method for consideration. The method/system is called the "Most Significant Method" (MSM) . This averaging method was written into the WTC Judges' Evaluation System in early 1999, and has been used to analyze the results for a significant number of international competitions.

Again, the system will select which of the three options, listed above, fits each particular case. Why is this system better than the current method? First, it has a scientific/mathematical base and more precisely reflects the statistically correct opinion of the judging panel. Using the above example, the final score would be 9.8. The other major advantage is that "human engineered scores" become a much more difficult task. It now requires three judges working together to affect a score. I submit that this is extremely difficult, for several reasons: (continued on page 10)

Using the six judges scores, the method starts the calculation by sorting them into descending order. The average of the middle two scores is calculated. It then uses these two scores (the middle two) plus the next two scores closest to this average. It then averages these four scores, to arrive at the final score. Thus, the two scores farthest from the average of the middle two scores are eliminated.




APR Il 2003


) f - - - - - - - - - - - -- - -


by Luan Peszek

Annia Hatch is a little different than most of her U.S. National Teammates. First, she is a little older. Annia is 24 years old and married to her coach, Alan Hatch . Second, she is from Cuba. In fact, Annia won the first ever medal for Cuba - a bronze medal on vault at the 1996 World Championships. She is also a seven-time national champion in Cuba . Annia is a dual citizen of the United States and Cuba . She moved to the U.S. in 1997, and became an American citizen in December 2001. In February 2003, Hatch received her international release allowing her to compete for the U.S. She made her debut at the 2003 Visa American Cup where she won both vault and floor and finished fourth all-around. "I was very excited to compete and do well in the Visa American Cup," said Annia. "I enjoyed every minute of it. It was amazing to win two events, especially competing

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(continued from page 7) • There are very few judges who "human engineer scores." • By some remote chance, if three judges "human engineer scores" on the same event, the coordination required to affect the final score would be difficult.

An Improved Method for


It is hoped that once the judges, coaches and national


officials understand the difficulty of "human engineering scores" using this system, the judges will simply submit their honest judgment. We will then be rid of a problem that has plagued us for years.

gymnastics technical community and to satisfy

I submit that this method -

our own curiosity, a study was undertaken to

In response to requests by members of the

determine if there was a way to improve on the

• Has a sound scientific/mathematical basis • It is easy to implement, no changes are required to the structure of existing judging panels • Costs very little to do, no more than an hour or two of software programming • Will make scoring much fairer to our athletes, and • May prevent the type of publicity that has hit figure skating recently.

Analyses of international competitions show significant differences in results. While analysis is interesting, there is no "gold standard" on which to base the absolute correct score/rank for a given routine. For this reason, the scientific and logical merits of this system must be the deciding factor as to whether or not it is better than the current method. I submit that it is, in fact, a significant improvement. Anyone who would like to discuss additional details of this method, please contact Lance Crowley via email at Note: The above method is now referred to as MSM6. A similar method for 4 judge panels MSM4, has been submitted to FIG, USAG and the USECA for publication.

current method used to determine the average score with a four-judge panel. It was thought that the same general principles discussed on page 6, 7, and 10 for an improved system for six judge panels could be applied to four judge panels. The proposed change to the six judge panel score averaging method is referred to as the "Most Significant Method" (MSM).


purpose of this discussion that system will be renamed MSM6 and this newly proposed four judge panel system, MSM4. It must be clearly understood that there is no system/method

that will ever allow a four-judge panel to be as effective as a six-judge panel, regardless of the score averaging technique used. That said, this study indicates that significant improvements can be made to the four-judge standard method. (STD-4). In addition to the standard method (STO-4) of averaging the middle two scores, these alternatives were considered:

• • • •

Average all 4 scores Average the closest 3 scores (using the MSM method) Preferred MSM4-1 (explained below) Non-preferred MSM4-2

The WTC Judges' Analysis was amended to generate results for each of the above score averaging scenarios. The statistical analysis was done in Excel. Well over 3000 panel judgments were used from 3 World Championships and 2 Olympic Games. However, the primary studies were done using the C-I scores from all four events from the 2001 World Championships. The middle four "sorted" scores were used to calculate results for the STD-4 and four proposed methods. The following statistics were tabulated: .....- ' . . . . , - 0 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - «

TECH H IOU E • AP RIl 2003

)f - - - - - - - - - - --


• Correlation coefficients against the MSM6 scores. • Summary statistics (average, standard deviation, maximum, minimum, etc.). • The number of times scores were unchanged, higher, or lower. • Number of tied scores.

EXPLANATION OF THE PREFERRED MSM4·1 METHOD The calculation process starts by sorting the four scores into descending order. To make this explanation easier to understand, these scores are labeled: H = the highest of the four, HM = the high middle of the four, LM = the low middle of the four and L = the lowest of the four.

CONCLUSION As pointed out in the previous paper, there is no "gold standard" for a correct score. Gymnastics is subjectively judged, thus is subject to all the nuances associated with that fact. Since the MSM6 has been shown to generate the best possible results for a six-judge panel, the MSM4 study used results from MSM6 as the basis for the analysis and comparison.

.PREFERRED MSM4·1 VS. NON.PREFERRED MSM4·2 Of the four possible methods studied, the two MSM4 methods are the best and very similar in overall effectiveness. However, the final decision to use the MSM4-1 method was based on a significantly reduced number of ties and a correlation The first two scores used to calculate the final average score coefficient that was only slightly lower than the MSM4-2. are the two middle scores, HM and LM. The third score There is no significant difference between the average score of selected, is the one closest to average of the HM and LM. If the MSM4-2 method and the STO-4 method, thus there would the Hand L are equidistant from the middle average, the final be no significant changes to the average score of a score is simply the average of the two middle scores (the STDcompetition expected. 4 method). If the H score is selected, that score is averaged with the LM score, and then that average is averaged with the The major benefits derived from the preferred MSM4 method, HM score. If the L score is selected, then it is averaged with over the STD-4 method are: the HM score, this result is then averaged with the LM score. • Significantly reduced number of ties, thus the method is more discerning. Check this with Excel! Consider the following judge's scores and averages (STD-4) Using as an example the UB from the 01 WC - 151 from a recent International competition that used four-judge jUdgments, the STD-4 method generated 60 ties, panels: nearly 40% of all the scores. The MSM4-1 method AVG J1 J2 J3 J4 generated 30 ties, nearly a twofold reduction. 9.35 9.35 =9.35 Gymnast #1 • High correlation to MSM6 with final rank placement of ~ 9.4 =9.35 Gymnast #2 the competitors • Reduced possibility of "human engineered scores" since the methodology makes it more difficult to guess Using the preferred MSM4 method, the Final Scores would be: which will be the counting scores. Gymnast #1





• Sorted into descending order: 9.6 9.35 9.35


• Average of middle two scores = 9.35 • 9.6 - 9.35 = 0.25 and 9.35 - 9.0 = 0.35, thus the 9.6 is closest to the average of the middle two scores and will be used in the calculation, the 9.0 will be dropped. • (9.6 + 9.35) / 2 = 9.475 • (9.475 + 9.35) / 2 = 9.4125, the Final Score Gymnast #2





• Sorted into descending order: 9.5 9.4 9.3 8-:& • Average of the middle two scores = 9.35 • 9.5 - 9.35 = 0.15 and 9.35 - 8.8 = 0.55, thus the 9.5 is closest to the average of the middle two scores and will be used in the calculation, the 8.8 will be dropped.

We offer this method to the gymnastics community for their consideration; we believe it is a major improvement over the current method. Anyone who would like to discuss additional details of this method, please contact Lance Crowley via email at


Paper em ailed to FIG President Bruno Grandi, the FIG Executive Committee, and the FIG Women's and Men's Technical Committees on July 6 and 7, 2002, titled, 'fl Fairer International Scoring Method?" An edited version was published in the November issue of International Gymnast magazine, titled "The Best Average" (page 34).

• (9.5 + 9.3) / 2 = 9.4 • (9.4 + 9.4) / 2 = 9.4, the Final Score The above formula is: ((H + LM) / 2 +HM) /2. If the H score is discarded, the formula is: ((L + HM) / 2 +LM) / 2. ------------------------------~(r~r~E~cHHNHIUO~U~E~.~APijR"ll~2~O~03~~)~----------------------------'~'1

On the role of


in Gymnastics and Sports

Wm A. Sands, Ph.D., CS.CS. Senior Sport Physiologist Lake Placid Olympic Training Center Chair - U.S. Elite Coaches Association Jeni R. McNeal, Ph.D., CS.CS. Assistant Professor, Eastern Washington University Terri Urbanek, B.S. Sport Physiology - Lake Placid Olympic Training Center USA GyMNASllCS PHoTOGAAPHY <0 STM I..ANGE


n January 22, 2003, Dr. Mel Siff made the following statement on his listserv "Supertraining." Dr. Siff is both a friend and an extraordinary scientist of human performance. His book Supertraining (18) should be required reading for all coaches. Here is what Dr. Siff wrote:

"Similarly, "functional training" with specific supplementary drills enhances skills with those drills and not necessarily those of the sport itself. We ought not to forget that so-called "functional training" happens to be rather mythical in nature and that sport specific training does not rely primarily on the use of exercises which [sic] appear to be very similar to one's sporting movements. Instead, "functional training" ("sport specific training") needs to enhance the motor qualities (such as maximum strength, speed-strength and speed-endurance) and rely far more on special sports skill training to integrate those qualities into each relevant sport. " "Functional Training" has become

somewhat of a "garbage-can" term that commonly finds its way into the everyday language of personal trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and strength coaches (1;2;6) . The basic idea is that exercises should mimic sport activities as closely as possible in order to enhance or transfer to sport performance. While I am oversimplifying "functional training" here, I would like to discuss more fully the idea of specificity because the two concepts are related. The statement by Siff was made in the context of using mirrors and other devices and methods as simultaneous feedback for the development of sport skills, much in the way that dancers have used mirrors for decades. The studies being discussed in this context showed mixed results, but a number of studies showed that at least with novice learners, the use of such simultaneous feedback was detrimental to learning and that using drills that too closely mimicked the sport skill actually resulted in reduced performance later on (8;14;15;20) . This kind of problem is well known in motor learning and control circles and is


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APR II 2003

called "negative transfer" (4;5;7;13;17;21;22). A common example of negative transfer is what happens in the near simultaneous instruction of both water skiing and snow skiing, or in badminton and tennis. Practicing one skill actually impedes the learning of a subsequent skill because the techniques are too si milar, resulting in interference of learning. We commonly see this in gymnastics, particularly when instructing in cartwheels and round-offs, twisting somersaults, and whipbacks. We know that these skills can be more or less interfered with by some prior learning and instruction. What we commonly refer to as "bad habits" or "lousy technique" is simply what we observe after a gymnast has been instructed previously in some skill or drill that later interferes with the new target skill or drill. The concept of sport specificity is one of the most powerful, profound, and far reaching concepts in all of athlete training (9-12;16;19) . Sadly, specificity is also one of the most misunderstood concepts. According to the tenets of specificity, the best way to train for a

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perfect similarity and thus risk negative interference and a paradoxical decline in performance. So what is the answer? Gymnasts, in fact all skilled athletes, should concentrate their training on increasing the strength, power, flexibility, and stamina for their sport and then allow the sport-specific skill training to direct their enhanced "motor qualities" toward the actual sport skills. This places the burden of increasing performance squarely on increasing motor qualities such as strength, power, and so forth.

sport is simply to do the sport itself. Obviously, there is no more specific performance of a sport skill than the skill itself. However, we know that this idea does not result in optimal or maximal performance. Often the athlete is simply too weak, stiff, or lacks the stamina to perform the skill techniques adequately, and by "trying" to perform the finished skill without the requisite strength, power, flexibility, etc. , the athlete develops bad habits that plague the athlete for the rest of his/her performances of that skill. Moreover, in events such as running we know that a miler should not simply go out and run a mile everyday at racepace. The athlete's performance on subsequent race-pace miles will deteriorate rapidly after the first attempt and further performance enhancement declines rapidly. This is why such methods as "interval training" evolved (3). Coaches found that by performing shorter distances at similar and faster times allowed the athlete to perform more total work and the greater total work was responsible for improved performances. Marathon runners are good examples of athletes who use non-specific training. How successful would a marathoner be if he/she ran 26.2 miles in every training session? By analogy in gymnastics, in order to follow the specificity principle to its logical conclusion, we should simply have gymnasts begin by performing their competitive routine. Obviously, this simply doesn't work. Gymnastics requires carefuL thorough, and consistent training in all the subtle nuances of performance technique in order to achieve superior performance. The principle of progression intrudes on the principle of specificity. A balance between progression and specificity must be achieved. So where does this leave us? Should we train specifically? The answer is yes, up to a point. The muscles, movements, and physiological demands between the exercise or drill and the target skill should be quite similar. However, the movements should not be too similar because, short of actually doing the skill itself, we will always fall short of

In closing, where does specificity really come into play? The answer lies in testing sport performance. In order to really understand sport performance from a testing standpoint the tests should be as utterly sport specific as possible. This often requires very clever adaptations of existing testing methods in order to properly reflect the subtle nuances of performance. General tests of athlete performance (e.g., vertical jumps, push ups, sit ups, etc.) provide general indications of fitness, but do not correlate well with highlevel performance. In conclusion, train similarly but test specifically. Postscript: Before someone uses the statement above to criticize TOPs, keep in mind that the TOPs testing mostly determines the "trainability" of the gymnast by selecting those who can accomplish the highest levels of fitness in the tested movements. The selection of TOPs tests cannot be completely sport specific since many of these young gymnasts cannot yet perform truly sport specific tests/skills - otherwise these athletes would already be competing at a high level and future prediction of ability via TOPs testing would be unnecessary. REFERENCE LIST 1. Arna Risberg, M. and Ekeland, A. Assessment of functional tests after anterior cruciate ligament surgery. The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy 19(4),212-217.94. 2. Bandy, W. D., Rusche, K. R., and Tekulve, F. Y. Reliability and limb symmetry for five unilateral functional tests of the lower extremities. Isokinetics and Exercise Science 4(3), 108-111. 94. 3. Fox, E. L. and D. K. Mathews. Interval training. Philadelphia, PA, W. B. Saunders. 1974. 4. French, K. E., Rink, J. E., and Werner, P. H. Effects of contextual interference on retention of three volleyba ll skills. Perceptual and Motor Skills 71,179-186 . 90. 5. Green Hall, K., Domingues, D. A., and Cavazos, R. Contextual interference effects with skilled baseball players. Perceptual and Motor Skills 78, 835-841. 94. 6. Greenberger, H. B. and Paterno, M. V. Relationship of knee extensor strength and hopping test performance in the assessment of lower extremity function. The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy 22(5), 202-206. 95. 7. Magill, R. A. and Hall, K. G. A review of the contextual interference effect in motor skill acquisition . Human Movement Science 9, 241-289. 90. 8. McClements, J. D. and Sanderson, l. K. What do athletes learn when they learn a motor skill? New Studies in Athletics 13(1), 31-40. 98. 9. Moffroid, M. and Whipple, R. H. Specificity of speed of exercise. Physical Therapy 50, 1693-1699. 70. 10. Morrissey, M. c., Harman , E. A., and Johnson, M. J. Resistance training modes: specificity and effecti veness. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 27(5), 648-660. 95. 1l.Sale, D. Specificity of training. Canadian Journal of Sport Sciences 17(1), 71. 92. 12. Sale, D. and MacDougall, D. Specificity in strength training: A review for the coach and ath lete. Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sciences 6(2), 87-92. 81. 13.Schmidt, R. A. Moto r co ntrol and learning. Champaign, IL, Human Kinetics. 1982. 14. Schmidt, R. A. and G. Wulf. Continuous concurrent feedback degrades skill learning: implications for training and simulation. Human Factors 39 : 509-525, 1997. 15. Sewall, l. P., T. G. Reeve, and R. A. Day. Effect of concurre nt feedback on acquisition of a weightlifting skill. Perceptual and Motor Skills 67: 715-718, 1988. 16. Sharkey, B. J. Specificity of testing. In Grana, W. A., J. A. Lombardo, B. J. Sharkey, and J. A. Stone, eds. Advances in sports medicine and fitness. Chicago, IL Year Book Medical Publishers. 1988, 23-44. 17.Shea, J. B. and Morgan , R. l. Contextual interference effects on the acquisition, retention, and transfer of a motor skill. Journal of Experi mental Psychology 5(2), 179-187. 79. 18. Siff, M. C. Supertraining. Denver, CO, Supertraining Institute. 2000. 19. Vom Hofe, A. The problem of skill specificity in complex athletic tasks: a revisitation. International Journal of Sport Psychology 26, 249-261. 95 . 20 . Wolpert, D. M., Ghahramani , l., and Jordan, M. I. An internal model for sensorimotor integration. Science 269, 1880-1882 . 95. 21. Wright, D. l. The role of intertask and intratask processing in acquisition and retention of motor skills. Journal of Motor Behavi or 23(2), 139-145. 91. 22 . Wulf, G. and Lee, T. D. Contextual interference in movements of the same dass: Differential effects on program and parameter learning. Journal of Motor Behavior 25(4), 254-263. 93.

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ASTRONAUT DAVID BROWN MEMORIAL ENDOWMENT The Astronaut David Brown Memorial Endowment has been established to ensure that there will always be an opportunity for true scholar-athletes to utilize the medium of gymnastics for personal growth with emphasis on excellence and learning how to be a good teammate for a lifetime. This endowment will be used to defer expenses required to conduct a competitive intercollegiate men's gymnastics program at Dave Brown's alma mater, the College of William and Mary. Ultimately the endowment will seek to provide scholarship money to carry on the astronaut's legacy and to provide an endowed men's gymnastics coaching position at William and Mary in memory of Dave Brown. This coaching position will encourage student-athletes to follow their dreams, and when following those dreams to pursue them with complete honesty, dignity, and integrity. The coaching position will serve to invest in people for a lifetime. Contributions should be made to the David Brown Memorial Endowment and mailed to Cliff Gauthier, William and Mary Athletics, PO Box 399, Williamsburg, VA 23187-0399.


BOYS ON THE BEACH Check out YM magazine's coverage of "YMBOYS FLY GUYS" in the March 2003 issue on page 89-91. The magazine photographed boys at the beach swinging on rings at the Santa Monica Pier.

CARLY COVERAGE Check out the two-page photo of Carly Patterson on the beam in the March 10 edition of Sports Illustrated page. 6-7.

SIEGFRIED FISCHER October 30, 1927-March 12, 2003 The death of Siegfried Fischer has saddened the entire international gymnastics community. The FIG has lost a dear friend and one of the most active members over the past 20 years. Siegfried was a member of the Brazilian Team from 1955-1965. He then became President of the Brazilian Federation . His competence and dedication led him to assume the highest responsibilities within the Brazilian Confederation of Sports, of which he became the President. The Brazilian Olympic Committee also approached him, and he remained a valuable member of this organization for many years. Siegfried became associated with the FIG in 1980, when he was elected Member of the Executive Committee. In 1988, the General Assembly elected him Vice President, a position that he held through



National Gymnastics Day is scheduled for August 2, 2003. This year's theme for National Gymnastics Day is "Skills for a Lifetime." The purpose of National Gymnastics Day is to increase excitement for the sport of gymnastics and to communicate the sense of selfesteem and healthy benefits that gymnastics fosters. National Gymnastics Day 2003 should be a great activity to kick off your fall enrollment.

All those who have had the pleasure to cross paths with Siegfried will never forget his radiant face and the bright look of his eyes. He will be remembered as an engaging figure, fully devoted to sport and to people of goodwill. The FIG and USA Gymnastics express deepest sympathy to his wife, family, and friends.

Included in the next issue of Technique will be a sample press release and proclamation for you to use within your community.

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1. Log onto a website which will give you the CPI (consumer price index) for the last 12 months. Here is one of many cpi.nrO. htm 2. Next, say this out loud three times-A PRICE CHANGE EQUAL TO THE CPI IS NOT AN INCREASE, IT IS MERELY AN ADJUSTMENT. Also, a price increase LESS than the CPI is effectively LOWERING your price. After reviewing the data, you will see that the urban CPI for food is +2.6%; energy is +14.1 %; medical is +4.6%; good and services is +3.2%. Other categories were less but you have to assess what is most re leva nt to your busi ness. 3. Polish your detective credential and find out what your competitors are charging. If you have no direct competition, learn what other HEALTHY clubs having similar demographi cs are charging. If you don't have this kind of data or know where to get it, GET TO USA GYMNASTICS CDNGRESS BUSINESS SESSION THIS SUMMER and get to know those folks who can su pply such data! There is no substitute for seeki ng out where the action is and doing it on a regular basis! 4. Have handy your business' financial statements for the last three years.

~---S I ()()'I' (~l III) ~Sm all Business

Now. decisions: If your profit goal was met and enrollment was strong but not screaming and you have been diligent about 'testing' your price ceiling over the last few years, then you may consider a CPI adjustment and nothing more. If your Company has a waiting list and students banging down the doors and profit was weak (hmmm), then you probably need a significant increase of perhaps 10-20%, maybe more. Most clubs will fall somewhere between the two extremes. I can think of very few reasons to raise less than the CPI. Remember, if you fail to adjust to the CPI this year, you will have to double up next year just to catch up (try failing to adjust three years in a row and see how easy it is to catch up)!

And what about a competitor who features low prices? Run a great program and be the price leader because it is your competitor who is making the mistake. The only types of busi nesses which can thrive long-term using a LOW PRICE selli ng proposition are COMMODITY-BASED businesses in whi ch the commodity can be shipped in the back door as fast as it can be sold out the front. Gymnastics is a VALUE-ADDED business, as far from a commodity-based as a business can be! My strong advice is to seek to be the PRICE LEADER with one important caution: run a bang up business. Only ONCE in 15 years of consulting have I heard of a GymClub pricing itself out of the market and if I remember correctly, the owner was making strategic mistakes in management and leadership as well as in marketing. In all those years, except for that one owner, EVERY other owner I have come in contact with has told me s/he could have raised them HIGHER (it is ironic that most owners seem to lose courage by the time next year's decisions rolls around!). Good luck. Make it a great spri ng .

Jeff Metzger USA Gymnastics Business Development Partner President, GymClub Owners Boot Camp President, Kids First Sports Center

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GYMNASTICS National Congress



Wednesday, August 20, 2003 • Add On's • Business Conference

Anaheim Marriott 700 West Convention Way Anaheim, CA 92802 (direcriy across the street from the convenfion center)

Thursday, August 21Saturday, August 23, 2003 • Congress Sessions • Exhibit Hall • Dance Party

Anaheim, California ' August 21-23

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"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"

Anaheim Convention Center 800 West Katella Avenue Anaheim, CA 92802

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* Packages available on afirst'come, first·serve basis. Please reserve by March 31, 2003.

AUGUST 19.25, 2003 6 NIGHTS/7 DAYS

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cham ionshi

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$500.00 All Session Strip Ticket, Gold Level (Includes podium troining, 011 Quolifying sessions ond finols ... lower levell $250.00 Championship Package, Silver Level (All finol sessions ... upper levell $175.00 Championship Package, Bronze Level (All finol sessions ... upper levell or call 1-888-603-8747 or 806-794-3135



t\TS TEe H N IOU E •

APR il 2003

To register for the 2003 USA Gymnastics National Congress please add $230.00 per member and $350.00 per nan-member.



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$500.00 All Session Strip Ticket, Gold Level (Includes podium troining, 011 Quolifying sessions ond finols .. .lower levell $250.00 Championship Package, Silver Level (All finol sessions ... upper levell $175.00 Championship Package, Bronze Level (All finol sessions .. .upper levell NOTE: DISCOUNTED TICKETS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO PURCHASE TRAVEL PACKAGES.

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Congress - Aug. 21-23, 2003


After July 20, 2003 you must register on-site.


Complete one form per person- Photocopy for additional registrations. Become an Instrudor Member to receive the member discount. Simply check "Please sign me up" and include an extra S47.00 (S65.00 Foreign Instrudor Member) in your total amount enclosed. Your confirmation will be sent by email. Please provide a valid email address.


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Minimum age for Congress registration is 16.

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NO REFUNDS OR TICKET EXCHANGES ON TICKET PACKAGES All registration cancellations must be in wri ~ing . Submit request in wri ting to USA Gymnastics. Anention: Cathy Allen

an·site registration) Videotaping: Videataping of Congress sessions is permitted FOR PERSONAL USE ON LY unless the session presenters announce that his/ her/their session may not be videataped . Language: The official language of Congress is Engl ish. USA Gymnastics will make no special provisions for translation of sessions into other languages.

Congress attendees with special needs must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 20 Early Bird deadline. We suggest that thi s info rmation be included with the cong ress reg istration form .

Before July 20th - Registration fee less $30 service fee per person canceling. After July 20th - 50% of registration fee per person canceling.

SUBSTITUTION POLICY To transfer registration to another person, the new Congress attendee must also have a Professional or Instructor membership. Before August 1 - $30 per substitution ON-SITE - $50 per substitution Submit request in writing to USA Gymnastics, Anention: Cathy Allen



d » 1 ;= B( ru ; g.





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NOTE: Due to limited space and materials, admission to Congress add-ons is not guaranteed unless pre·registered. Due to time (onstraints, several (ourses may overlap. Please be aware of this when s(heduling add-ons.




Use this form to register for the 2002 Congress tests, examinations, certifications, etc. One form per person. Photocopy for additional add-on registrations. NOTE: Your Pro or Instructor Address (listed in the USA Gymnastics member database) will be used for all correspondence. Name ...

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o Wed. August 20, 1·4:30 p.m.



Cost: $70

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Minimum age for Safety Certification is 16

Wed. August 20, 8: 15·12:30 p.m. o For recerts. MUST be currenlly safety certified AND a pro-member. N/A o For those not already safety certified. $50 Wed. August 20, 12:45·5 p.m. o For recerts. MUST be currently safety certified AND a pro-member. N/A o For those not already safety certified. $50

o $0 $50

$0 $50

N/A 0 $1000 N/A 0 $1000



Language: The Official language of Congress is English. USA Gymnastics will make no special provisions for translation of sessions into other languages. Congress Attendees with special needs must notify USA Gymnastics in writing in this regard prior to the July 20 pre-registration deadline. We suggest that this information be included with the Congress Pre-registration Form. Videotaping: Videotaping of Congress sessions is permitted FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY unless the Session Presenters announce that his/her session may not be videotaped.

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o Wed. August 20, 9 a.m.' S p.m.

$100 $100 $150 0 NOTE: Pre-registration guarantees a KAT Workbook. Enrollment is limited. Minimum age is 16.


MOVEMENT EDUCATION AND LESSON PLAN DEVELOPMENT (MELPD) o Wed. August 20, 12:4Sp.m.·S:30p.m. $75 $75 $1250

NOTE: Pre-registration guarantees a MELPD Workbook. Enrollment is limited. Minimum age is 16.





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~TS USA Gymnastics Congress Pan Ameri(an Plaza 201 South Capitol, Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 4622S FAX: 317-237-S069 ATTENTION: Member Services

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APRil 2003

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Conference Call FebruanJ 6, 2003

The committee gave recommendation for the elements used for the video clinic:


Originality, execution, stuck dismounts, tumbling, amplitude on vault and, Full-on vaults.

IECC Coach Representatives

National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative Sr. Director Women's Program Vice Chair for Women

Roe Kreutzer Kelli Hill Yevgeny Marchenko Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Martha Karolyi Larissa Fontaine Kathy Kelly Tom Koll

Chairman, Kreutzer opened the call at 12:00 noon EST.

Conference Call February 23, 2003

ROLL CALL: IECC Coach Representatives

I. FIG POSITION The committee discussed their recommendation for the FIG candidate. The criteria for nomination to the FIG/WTC is that the individual must hold a Brevet for two cycles or hold a FIG Coaching Brevet. The committee instructed Kathy to solicit interest from the Brevet I group, World and Olympic named coaches, and World and Olympic Individual Medalists still involved in the sport. Resumes should be submitted to Sr. Director Women's Program by March 1. Interviews of the selected persons will be conducted at the American Classic. Those coaches and athletes who are interested who do not hold a Brevet for two cycles must attend and obtain a FIG Coaching Brevet at a FIG Level III Coaches Certification Course.

II. SCORING PROCEDURES The committee tabled the issue and will discuss it at the February camp.

III. ATHLETE SUPPORT FUNDS The funds generated by the national qualifying events will be sent to USA Gymnastics earmarked to the Women's Program. The committee instructed Kathy to send a letter to all athletes who were unable to re-rank at the 2002 Championships due to injuries. These athletes who previously received funding due to their rank are eligible to submit a letter requesting funds for training. It is expected that the athlete is currently training at the elite level. If the athlete has not attended a national training camp this year, she must submit a video tape of a current elite competition (2003). The funds will be distributed quarterly. The first quarter submissions must be received by February 15.

IV. EQUIPMENT Kathy updated the committee regarding the negotiations for the equipment at camp. The committee instructed Kathy to purchase a stratum floor for the new training center. ~1-2-4---------------{(


TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘

National Team Coordinator Athlete Representative Sr. Director Women's Program

Roe Kreutzer Kelli Hill Yevgeny Marchenko Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Tatiana Perskaia (Alt) Martha Karolyi Larissa Fontaine (excused absence) Kathy Kelly

I. ATHLETE SUPPORT Three requests for funding have been submitted. One of the athletes has not yet competed and therefore is not eligible. The committee has approved funding for Kristal Uzelac and Katie Heenan. After the total budget becomes available, the actual amount will be determined. Kathy was instructed to let the athletes and their parents know of the outcome. Recommendation to approve funding for Kristal Uzelac and Katie Heenan. Motion: Steve Rybacki Second: Yevgeny Marchenko PASSED

II. 2003 TRAINING PLAN Martha requested a change in the training plan because of an invitation to attend a meet in Greece that conflicts with scheduled training camp. Martha also announced that the Team Meet in Anaheim has been added and the World of Stars cancelled. Two world cup events are in conflict with the Classics and the Team Meet. The Greece competition is a world cup event. Recommendation to amend the training plan as requested. Motion: Kelli Hill Second: Donna Strauss PASSED

APRIL 2003

)} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

III. TRAINING CENTER Kathy gave the committee an update of the progress of the training center and equipment purchase. The committee discussed fundraising ideas and instructed Kathy to implement them.

IV. MEDICAL ISSUES The doctor from the Woodland Clinic and the Director of the Baylor Medical Center visited the camp. They are very interested in working with us to diagnose team injuries and service the athletes while at camp.

V. QUALIFICATION TO U.S. CHAMPIONSHIPS The committee discussed the inclusions of the new meets to the training plan. The close proximity of the March meets (American Cup, Pacific Challenge, Greece World Cup) is demanding. Therefore the following recommendation was made. Recommendation that any athlete assigned to two of the three March meets be directly qualified to U.S. Championships. Motion: Kelli Hill Second: Steve Rybacki PASSED


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - {(

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ APR Il 2003

)}---- -- - - -- - - - - - -2=-=--sl


5) Page 20, section XII B: correct "unequal distribution of right and left hand work ... 0.10" to "0.20" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous

January 30-31, 2003 Lake Placid, New York


6) Page 24, General: add "absence of contact with apparatus at the beginning of exercise- 0.30" and" absence of relationships between gymnasts- 0.20" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous Clarification: all equipment must be in contact with a gymnast or gymnasts at the beginning of the routine. However, not every gymnast must be in contact with equipment. One gymnast may be in contact with all equipment.

Nadine Davies Tyana Marlowe Ellen Nyemcsik Elena Savenkova, Chair AlIa Svirsky Perryne Thompson Simona Zakheim Andrea Schmid - Vice Chair of RG Suzie DiTullio, Guest - JOPC Chair


1) Page la, seetieR VI, H! eHiHlge "eRe ef lRefe Beay seglReRts HteeHeetly Hela altHRg e)(efeise 9.39" te "9.';9" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Simona Zakheim MOTION: Failed "This is a global deduction taken at the end of the exercise for each "body segment" incorrectly held during a large portion of the routine. Example: not pointed toes, bent knees, lifted shoulders, bent arms, etc ... ) 2) Page 11, section V deduction: "Small change in Identified Skills 0.10" change to" 0.05" Motions: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: Unanimous Correction to be made in all relevant charts, including those on pages 39 & 54. 3) Page 13, Section C, 3, b: Ball: Add ''''involuntary incomplete roll over the body with bounce 0.10" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous 4) Page 15, Balances, Level 7 & 8: "foot head high" change to "foot above head" and add "arched double stag" to title of third box table. Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous


7) Page 25, Body Movement Faults, General: Correct 2nd sentence from "loss of balance ... without traveling" to "loss of balance ... with traveling" and under Jumps/Leaps, correct "lack of height 0.30 majority" to " ... 0.20 majority" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous 8) Page 54, "Back Walkover + Split" add under "No credit": "Bridge with kick over" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous

Page 57, "Back Body wave" add under "Full credit": "Continuous movement from arch to contraction, beginning with movement through knees, hips, chest then head' Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous


10) Page 64, "Arabesque Balance + Arched Stag Sissone": delete the word "Arched" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous

11) Page 62, "360 Pivot..." delete the words "bent knee" in line 3. Add" Straight support knee" instead (see Clarifications for 2002 season). Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous Make relevant correction on table, page 68. 12) Page 67, Section VIII, Level 7 Ball: add" Active Bounce" to

r EC H N' QUE â&#x20AC;˘ APR Il 2003


"Side Leap (With Bounce)" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous 13) Page 88, Section I, 2 change to :" ... there must be a minimum of 2 movements showing relationships ... " Motion: Alla Svirsky Second: Perrync Thompson MOTION PASSED: unanimous 14) Page 68, "Back Arch with split" , add to "Full Credit:"show a fixed position." Motion: Tyana Marlowe Second: Ellen Nyemcsik MOTION PASSED: unanimous 15) Reminders: A. For level 7&S: a difficulty combined with a non-difficulty or acrobatic movement is considered as a single difficulty. Simply disregard the non-difficulty element for the purposes of technical value. Example: large throw of equipment during B difficulty leap, forward roll, catch. B difficulty receives credit. B.

Level 7 Hoop Routine still includes a front attitude balance with a large roll, not a front arabesque. (This is irrelevant of FIG)


Dress deductions are neutral deductions and should not be made by individual judges.

III. JO PROGRAM CHANGES FOR 2004 SEASON 1. Proposal for judging breakdown system for Advance Group (Apparatus) Apparatus Maximum score - 15.00 points. Technical Value 5.00 Max. 5.00 Max Artistic Value 5.00 Max Execution Technical Value Breakdown 3 Exchanges (1 Large & 2 Small) (0.50 each) 1.50 max. (stay the same) 4 Body Difficulties ("B" or "C" Value) (0.50 each) 2.00 max. (add 1 difficulty of flexibility) 2 Compulsory Apparatus Skills (0.50 each) 1.00 max. (increase in value) Additional Large Exchange 0.50 max. (stay the same) Artistic Value Breakdown: Basic Choreography (unity, static, R/L handling, 3.00 max. Variety: choice of body difficulties, apparatus, handling) Formation (6- 0.30 each missing), Relationships (2-0.20 each missing) Musicality 1.00 max. (increase in value) 0.50 max. (increase in value) Exceptional Amplitude Throughout 0.50 max. (the same as lev.S) Expression Formations (4 - 0.20 each one missing) Execution (execution faults, synchronization) 5.00 max. (the same as lev.S) * Make relevant correction in the JO Handbook for 2004 season. Change Judging forms in the Rules & Polices as well for 2004 season.

2. Proposal: judging breakdown system for Advance group (Floor Routine) Maximum Score - 15.00 points Technical Value 5.00 max. 5.00 max. Artistic Value 5.00 max. Execution Technical Value Breakdown S Body Difficulties (0.50 each) 4.00max (2 pivots, 2 balances, 2 leaps, 2 flexibility, minimum "B" difficulty) 2 Additional "C" difficulties (0.50each)1.00 max. Artistic Value Breakdown

See apparatus breakdown

5.00 max. Execution Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Ellen Nyemcsik MOTION PASSED: unanimous * Make relevant correction in the JO Handbook for 2004 season. Change Judging forms in the Rules & Polices as well for 2004 season. 3. Proposal: Level 8 Floor Exercise Judging Breakdown Maximum score- 15.00 points (the same way as with present levelS apparatus breakdown) Technical Value 5.00 max. 5.00 max. Artistic Value 5.00 max. Execution Technical Value Breakdown S Body Difficulties (6 isolated + 2 combinations) 3.60 max 1 element from each body group (pivot, leap, balance, flexibility) ( 0.20 each missing one) O.SO max 1 additional leap, pivot, balance, flexibility (0.20 each) 0.60 max 3 Different Acrobatic Skill (0.20 each) Artistic Value Breakdown Basic Choreography (unity, variety, dynamics, choice of body 3.00 max difficulty, floor pattern, connections) 1.50 max Musicality 0.20 max Expression 0.30 max Exceptional Amplitude 5.00 max Execution Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Perryne Thompson MOTION PASSED: unanimous * Make relevant correction in the JO Handbook for 2004 season. Change Judging forms in the Rules & Polices as well for 2004 season. 4. Proposal: Write Level 8 TV forms: "10 difficulties can be written on the form, with a maximum of 2 combinations. All other difficulties must be isolated. Eight highest value difficulties credited will count toward the TV score. Basic symbols for different body difficulties group should be used in the form. Forms will be published in the Rules & Policies for 2004 season." Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Simona Zakheim MOTION PASSED: unanimous IV. Rules and Policies 1) Proposal: Section 18, V, G, 3 Delete: "the repeat exam may not be

(continued on page 28) - -- - - - - - - - - - -----ÂŤ

TEe H H 10 UE â&#x20AC;˘

APRil 2003

) f - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - -=7,....


(continued from page 28) given less than four weeks from the first testing." (Goal is to allow judges to retest immediately to promote greater number of new judges.) Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Simona Zakheim MOTION PASSED: unanimous 2) Proposal: Section 18, V, C " ... judge a minimum of one meet each year.. " add "and attend one two hour training course each year which must be recorded in Judges Record Log" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Alla Svirsky MOTION PASSED: unanimous 3) Proposal: Section 18, VI, A add" All information must be recorded in Judges Record Log" Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Ellen Nyemcsik MOTION PASSED: unanimous 4) Proposal: Judges Record Log Procedure: Submit Logs to Regional TC Chair by December 1 of each year in order to maintain rating. (Move in Section 18: V, I to VI, A and eliminate V,I ) Regional TC Chair will forward copy of all submitted Logs to Evaluation SubCommittee Chair. Original judges' logs will be returned to the judges at large. Motion: Nadine Davies Second: Ellen Nyemcsik MOTION PASSED: unanimous 5) Proposal: Section 18,XIV A2 change to:" Examinee will be notified of the results of the 5-7 test by the RRTC." Motion: Ellen Nyemcsik Second: Elena Savenkova MOTION PASSED: unanimous 6) Proposal: Section 10, IX, D2 change to: " Level 7 - two judges per panel with one judge acting as head judge for all sanctioned meets. Contact RRTC for any exceptions." Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Ellen Nyemcsik MOTION PASSED: unanimous 7) PrB~Bsa1. !tlerease Bf ~er tHem fBr jtl:ages By ~5 fBr aiRRer.

Motion: Ellen Nyemcsik Second: Simona Zakheim MOTION FAILED: 2- "yes", 5-"no" 8) Proposal: After successfully passing herlhis practical judging, Provisional level judge should get paid as a fully certified judge ( not waiting until the updating judges list would be official posted). Motion: Ellen Nyemcsik Second: Elena Savenkova MOTION PASSED: unanimous 9) Proposal: Section 18, V, F change to: " .... by taking and passing an Open book tests for levels 6-8." Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Perryne Thompson MOTION PASSED: unanimous 10) Proposal: Section 18 , VI, A add :"All National and Brevet judges be required to complete a minimum of 2 separate

participation sessions per year in any gym with the consent and approval of the coach from that gym. This must be recorded in the Judges Record Log." Motion: Elena Savenkova Second: Alla Svirsky MOTION PASSED: unanimous

IV. SUB COMMITTEE REPORTS Education: accepted Recommendation: Set up all courses and seminars with dates by August 15th. Evaluation: accepted Recommendation: Judges log procedures as spelled out above Junior Olympic: accepted Motion: Request that Helena Greathouse help proof read the JO Handbook. Her vast knowledge in the sport and ability to spot inconsistencies is quite valuable and should be utilized as much as possible. Motion: Simona Zakheim Second: Nadine Davies MOTION PASSED: unanimous FIG: no report. Report reschedule for next RTC meeting. Recommendations to JOPC: 1. Define dress code violations regarding skirts and excessive appearance of nudity. 2. Please, provide RTC with videotapes of level 5-6 competitions in each Region to help make practical videotape for judges / coaches.

V. NRJP PROPOSALS Four proposals were received from NRJP: 1. Video Training for Level 9/10 Judges Discussion: All agree that this is a good idea. The videotape from LA Lights 2003 will be used in creating this tape. Routines of international athletes Anna Bessonova and Natalia Godunko will be used. TV and AV forms will be included. Alla Svirsky will be responsible for creating the tape and forms for submission to USAG for reproduction by USAG Congress 2003. Motion: Simona Zakheim on behalf of NRJP Second: Andrea Schmidt MOTION PASSED: unanimous

2. Live training for Level 9/10 judges at USAG Congress. Discussion: A course by Andrea Schmid and a National level judge's course are given at Congress. Both courses include video training and examples. No other course will be necessary. All judges invited to these sessions. 3. U.s. Revision of Level 9/10 Artistic Value Judging Forms Discussion: Since FIG has designed and uses these forms, USA will comply and follow the same forms and procedure. 4. Judges Meal Break During Competitions Discussion: Proposal has been submitted in the past and is again voted down. Consideration must be given first to the meet organizers and athletes. AdjOllrlllllellt called - Elella Savellkova Secolld: Perry"e Tholllpson adjollrlled at 5:05 p.lII. Minlltes Sllblllitted by: Silllolla Zakheilll, Febntary 7,2003


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What should we do?

SPORTS ACROBATICS TECHNICAL UPDATE QUESTION & ANSWER Q-I: Should the 0.5 deduction for coaching from the sidelines be taken per occurrence or just once for the whole routine?

A-4: Our rule 9.1.1 states the FIG international measurement of 12 meters by 12 meters. That is the same FIG measurement that women's gymnastics uses. If the lines are permanent, continue to use the floor as is and state the difference in the invitations to competitions. If you are taping a floor, use 12 meters by 12 meters.

A-I: The deduction is taken each time, but the offender should be warned. We really don't want to punish the athletes. We just want the coaching to stop.

Q-5: Rule 6.2.8 states that meet results must be sent to the RACC and the National Office. Do we still send them to Jola Jones as we did last year?

Q-2: We have a girl who wants to be in a women's pair for one club and a mixed pair for another club. May she?

A-5: In order for the Program Committee, chaired by Jola Jones, to act on petitions, the meet results still need to be sent to Jola.

A-2: Athletes may compete for more than one club. They must designate which club they want their scores to be counted for team score.

Q-6: I can't find the deduction for line violation in Specifications.

Q-3: Where can I find meet director qualifications and test?

A-6: Use 15.1.6 listing Arbiter deductions. It is the same as always -0.1 each time. We will add it to the text of 15.1.6 next

A-3: The meet director certification exam is under revision and is not required this competition year. We will use it next year. Meet directors must be USAG Professional Members and thus safety certified.

Q-7: Is the FIG Code of Points for Sports Acrobatics changing soon. Should I buy one now or wait?

Q-4: Rule 9.1.1 states that the floor mat must be measured to 39' 4" by 39'4". Our floor is measured to 40 feet by 40 feet.

A-7: The FIG Code of Points is not changing until 2005 if then. If you are interested in international competition, please buy a

...-::--=:-----------------1( - 130



AP RIL 2003


Code. International meets, including our Freedom Cup, will use these rules. There are a few differences between our national rules and the international ones. Q-8: I understand that the three high is not allowed for junior elites internationally. Does that mean in the US too? What about Level 10 athletes? A-8: The use of the 3-high has changed back and forth internationally for years. At present internationally, juniors (12-18) are not allowed to use it and a few other skills expected to have harmful effects. We have no such restriction for any level in the US. Where international rules are used, including our Freedom Cup next July, the restrictions will be in effect. Q-9: May you do a ? pirouette out of the tuck shoot to handstand required for Level 7 Women's Pair? A-9: The tuck shoot to handstand is complete when the vertical position with control is reached. You may come out of it forward, backward, or with a pirouette if you wish. Be sure to show the handstand in control before the next action. Q-IO: If a split leap is indicated as a required individual skill, may you do a stag split leap instead? A-IO: The split leap gets a bent leg deduction if stagged. A straight leg leap is harder for most people, but that is what is required. Q-ll: We are thinking of using music that has voice doing "La, la, la .. ." Is that all right? A-ll: Voice may be used as an instrument but there must not be any discernible words. Music with "Go! Go!" but nothing else had to be refused recently. Q-12: Our Level 7 trio bases want to do split leap and then


valdez and at the same time the top would do valdez first and the split leap. Is that OK? A-12: The rows of individual elements are not to be mixed. Please keep rows 9 and 13 intact.

ELEMENT EVALUATION GENERAL RULES- 2003 C-1- Start positions for tempo for pair and group (single base)- forearm hold=wrap=hold in horizontal between base's legs. INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS 2003 1-1 Switch leg leap with 1/4 turn to side position= V4 20031-2 Aerial cartwheel to split with 180* turn as start split to end facing direction of start = V3 PAIRS BALANCE 2003 B-1 From high handstand, 360* twist to front support (healy)- a) to bent arms of base= V3, b) to straight arms of base =V5 PAIRS TEMPO 2003 T-1 Top in wrap on base back salto to floor- use same values as forearm hold (p. 66A, p. 67A) TRIO BALANCE 2003 B-1- Page 85 C, middle figure with base supporting leg of middle = V4 2003 B-2- Base in lunge, middle stands on front thigh in front needle- a) base supports middle, middle supports her own leg (V8), b) middle frees her leg (V14), c) base goes free while middle holds her leg (V22), d) base and middle are both free (V28). These values are for the US and are not FIG rated. You may enter them on your 2002 Element Supplement (See acro).

r EC H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ AP RIl 2003

) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -4i"'11I


BEAM SkillS &

ACTIf,ITle.S .uoO' t:\L?S FOR ' EsCr~ ,-\-f\ . BY PATTI KOMARA



?R the



event to teach preschoolers. As long as you keep them on the low beams, they feel comfortable enough to try all the various walks and most of the skills listed below. Beam is easy

because the event lends

itself to

the use of props, music, and various

games. SKILLS The skills below are listed in a progression beginning with the most basic. All children mature at their own pace mentally, socially, and physically. Children also develop differently in the elements of fitness: strength, endurance, and flexibi lity.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL A (PARENT AND TOT) Walks Forward Releve Sideways Bear (on all fours) L-kicks Backward Step-stag On-incline beam Lunge pose, V-sit Straight jump dismount Front support mount Tuck jump dismount Birdie Perch (deep plie wi hands on beam) Front scale Chasse side Straddle mount on low beam Releve turn



Knee scale (L&R) Walk on med-high beam- no falls Plie walk Back step stag Chasse front Small running steps Straddle jump dismount Straight jump 1/2turn dismount Squat turn Develope walk Front support mount on medium beam Step hops Sidewinder in push-up (see photo) Crab push-ups Cross over walks Jump, switch feet Side kicks Cartwheels low beam Front sca le (5 sec.) Bounce ball while walking on low beam

Lu nge step stag Low tuck jump Squat mount Pike jump dismount Tuck jump 1/2 turn dismount Straddle support Leg cut-hip uprise on high beam Kneescale dismount Chasse (Medium beam, no falls) Straddle mount on medium beam Handstand with spot English handstand with spot Long running steps


TEe HN IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ APRil 2003

) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

Difficulty Level A is for Parent and Tot classes as well as a place for all preschoolers to start. Basically speaking, Level B is appropriate for three and four years olds and Level Cis for five and six year olds. Any child can progress to Level C after completing the first two levels. I believe that keeping individual check-off skill lists in preschool classes isn't appropriate. This takes too much time out of class. Most preschool classes are 45 minutes in length. This is just the right amount of time for a fast-paced, funfilled, perpetual moving class. There's no time to use individual skill sheets. What is recommended, however, is a "class check-off list." At the conclusion of the class or day, the instructor should date when the skill was taught. Coaches who instruct a large number of classes weekly can't be expected to remember from week to week what skills were mastered in each class.

SAFETY NOTES A few safety comments about the beam are important to keep in mind. • Don't put a child on a beam higher than his/her waist. Children in preschool can learn all the skills they need on low beams. If you're forced to use high beams, build mats up to them so the students can easily "see" over the beam when they mount. • Teach the children how to fall! If they feel like they are about to fall, teach them to jump off safely. This lessens their fear to get on the beam initially. • Teach the student to "feel" the center of the beam through their body. • Don't have the tots dismount any further than they can jump up from a two foot take-off. Please watch their joints and hold their waist, not their hands, while they walk on the beam. • Have students dismount onto a 4" landing mat, not an 8" skill cushion . There's too much give to the landing when they're asked to jump into a skill cushion .

SPOnlNG If you keep the tots on the low beam

and teach using progressions, there's very little need for spotting. If you must put them on the high beam, spot them on their walks by holding their waist, not their hand. Even a slight loss of balance could pull and tug at their arms too much and possibly injure their elbows or shoulders.

Contact Tiffin for all of your mat needs. Whether you need a single mat for home use, or enough mats to set up an entire gym - quality mats at affordable prices. Visit us on the web -

Remind them to look at the end of the beam when doing their walks, not down at the beam in front of their feet. Give the children various arm positions while they're doing their walks. Don't have them just do the arms out at the sides (airplane arms); put some pizzazz and style into the arms. Have the arms overhead, on shoulders, on the waist, on the tops of the thighs, bow and arrow, V-shape, hug yourself, and various ballet arm positions. (continued on page 40) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I(

TEe H H IOU E • APRil 2003

)f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - =-3-=--1 3

USA GYMNASTICS 100) KAT AND MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE A KAT works hop consists of seven productive hours of preschool teacher education. The workshop covers philosophy, understanding the preschoolage child, safety considerations, class management, and much more! A Movement Education and Lesson Plan Development Workshop (MELPD) consists of five enlightening hours of preschool teacher education. This workshop is continuing education of the KAT Program. The overall emphasis of this works hop is to provide instructo rs with the necessary knowledge to develop preschool gymnastics lesson plans, emphasize developmentally appropriate practices, fundamental skill development, and much more. This MONTH

June June June August

workshop is designed to help instructors meet the needs of the individual students and encourage adoption of lifelong physical activity. Attendance at KAT certification course is highly recommended, but not required to attend a MELPD course. If there has never been a KAT or MELPD works hop in your area, 2003 is a great time to host a works hop. Any club can host a works hop and it's free. The only things you'll need are an empty room and a TV & VCR. If your workshop has 12 paid participants, your club will receive one free registration. Member Clubs receive two free registrations.




Billerica, MA Peoria, IL North Andover, MA Hemin ton, NJ

3,4 4 10 16,17 7 8 19 8,9


Flemin ton, NJ San Marcos, CA Milwaukee, WI Louisville, KY

Complimentary registrations are non transferable and will only be valid at the works hop you are hosting. The workshop must maintain the minimum attendance of 12 for complimentary registrations. For more information on the KAT & MELPD courses call 1-800345-4719 or visit




978-667-1604 309-369-1756 978-683-8493 908-806-6437 502-254-1010 908-806-6437 760-744-8390 952-431-6445 502-254-1010

"Need help managing and collecting tuition? Try PPS~ my tuition billing companyl" The PPS Flex-PayM System ,------.., Most gym owners already have more than they can handle on their "to do" list everyday. That is why delegating responsibility becomes a must for any good leader. However, the delegation of responsibility is only as good as the people to whom you delegate. The decision to delegate all of my gym's tuition and billing management to Professional Payment Systems The decision to delegate was one of the best decisions I aI/ of my gym's tuition have ever made for my and billing management business. PPS is a proven to Professional Payment expert in this field and has Systems was one of the bent over backwards to best decisions I have ever accommodate any and all made for my business. requests from me, my staff, and my customers. I have enough hats to juggle being a Mom,

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~1~3~4----------------------------~(~__T_E_C_H_H_'O~U_E__ ._A_ PR_I_l_20_0_3~)~-------------------------------

USA GYMNASTICS 1003 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CERTIFICATION PROGRAM The Women's Level I-IV Skill Development Curriculum Course has been introduced as the first in a series of discipline specific courses under the Professional Development Certification program. The goal of the Women's Level I-IV Skill Development Curriculum is to establish a solid foundation for coaches on gymnastics fundamentals. The focus is to break down the beginning level skills for Junior Olympic Levels I-IV. Solid basics are vital to the physical longevity and to the skill proficiency and progression for the gymnasts. It's much easier to "learn it right" at the beginning rather than trying to "clean it up" later. DAY 1


4/12/03 12:30-7:30pm 5/17/03 1pm-9:30pm 8/2/03 12pm-8pm 8/9/ 03 1pm-9:30pm

4/13/03 9am-2pm 5/18/03 9am-4pm 8/3/03 10:30am-2:30pm 8/10/03 9am-4pm


The program will cover the following topics: • Bars • Vault • Beam • Tumbling • Psychology

• Dance • Coaching 101 • Coaching Philosophy

CompLetion of the two-day, 12-hour course will certify you as a Skill Evaluator. The course is taught through the use of two complimentary texts; Introduction to Gymnastics Coaching Theory and the Level IIV Curriculum Guide; coordinating videos, and hands-on drill and spotting instruction .


This is a great course for all women's artistic gymnastics coaches from novice to club owner. To set up a course, contact the course instructor nearest you. For a complete list of instructors or to view more information regarding the course, visit our web site at



Pete LaChance


Tina Salameh

New York

Pete LaChance


Tina SaLameh

- - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - I (

845-534-9793; 17 Picket District; New Milford 502-253-1234; 13100 Magisterial Dr.; Louisville 845-534-9793; 1 Strawberry Lane; New Windsor 502-253-1234; 13100 MagisteriaL Dr.; LouisviLLe

TEe HN 10 U E •

APRIL 2003

HOST CLUB Top Flight Sports

Kentucky Gymnastics Academv Gym Kids Gymnastics Kentucky Gymnastics Academ y

)}-- -- - - - - - - - - - - - 3 = s - - 1

Safetv Certification. Sanctions PDP & KAT Certification Meet Director Certificatlo Skill Evaluator Certificatlo Athlete WeUness 1 -800 - 345 - 4719


L '



A nahe im. Ca li forn ia ' August 21-23

cham ionshi


"Gymnastics Excellence Through Education"

Don't miss these events of the decade! Make your pLans now to attend. The scheduLe is designed so that you wiLL be abLe to attend Congress during the day and the WorLd Championships in the evening. Make sure to review the scheduLe that is in the February 2003 Technique, pages 22 and 46. Look aLso on the website www.uso· for the most current information. •

Look for NationaL Congress onLine registration beginning in April.

• Wednesday, August 20 is the add-on day at Congress. Safety certification is offered two times, morning and afternoon. KAT - preschooL certification and the movement education Lesson pLan course (MELPD) is aLso offered. AACCA CheerLeading Safety Certification is offered. PLease note for the cheer certification you must be USA Gymnastics safety certified as a prerequisite. See page 21. •

Register onLine for the Safety, KAT and MELPD courses. Registrations may also be faxed or maiLed to the nationaL office.

Congress hoteL headquarters is the Anaheim Marriott Hotel. It's Located directLy across from the Convention Center and a few miles from the WorLd Championships competition at the Arrowhead Pond.

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES: • USA Gymnastics is researching numerous companies who are invoLved with onLine e-Learning education. The seLection process wiLL be compLeted soon . The first course pLanned for the debut of the USA Gymnastics University wiLL be the Risk Management-Safety Certification course. This course shouLd be avaiLabLe onLine by JuLy or August. Watch future updates for exact time and information of the onLine debut. •

PLans are in the works for adding many courses to the onLin e education program over the next few years.

• Certification programs are being reviewed by the various program committees. More information wiLL be avaiLabLe over the next fe w months. • Reminder: You may re-certify for your safety certification 12 months prio r to your expiration date. PLease do not wait untiL the Last minute.

Ii it,!\'J! ;:.]! I:I.,H I·. iI/M:l !I:tCJ ~ it.X?j1o!MI •

PLease Look to t he USA Gymnastics website for the most up-to-date information .

Contact NationaL TraveL Systems for your hoteL and other traveL needs. NTS also has WorLd Championships tickets at the best possibLe price.

• CaLL Member Services 1-800-345-4719 for Membership info rmation, registration and processing updates. Sanctions are done through Membe r Services. Order your boo ks and videos onLine or through the 1-800-345-4719 .

PLan to attend the HaLL of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon. This wiLL be heLd on Saturday, August 23 at the Convention Center. Tickets are $30 per person.

• TrampoLine phone number in Texas office is 805-6378670. Senior Program Director Ann Sims and Program Man ager Kathy Tyler can be reached at the Texas number.

The Exhibit HaLL Trade Show wiLL take pLace in HaLL E of the Convention Center. You wiLL be so pLeased with the number of companies on site. Take advantage of their speciaL prices, saLes, promotions and giveaways.

An activity center is pLanned for the Exhibit HaLl. We wiLL host a NationaL Congress Gymfest as weLL as have speciaL Lecture/demonstrations.


TEe H N10 U E •

Best way to contact Ann or Kathy is through email. osims@uso-gymnostics,org 0 r • Want to begin a trampoLine or tumbLing program in your gym? Go to and Look into the T& T Ment or prog ram. They want to heLp you get sta rted.

APRi l 200 3







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(Athlete Focus continued from page 8) against the World Champion on vault (Elena Zamolodchikova)." When asked if it feels different to compete for the U.S. versus Cuba, Annia said, "Yes, it is different. I feel like I want to do gymnastics now because I enjoy it and I love the sport. When I was younger competing for Cuba, I felt pressure to compete and win. Martha (Karolyi) tells us to go out there and enjoy it."


Annia and her husband own Stars Academy in West Haven, Conn. The couple is in the process of opening a new facility that is larger than their current gym and hope to open in midApril in their same town of West Haven. When asked what it's like to be coached by your husband, Annia said, "It's great. Alan is such a good coach and very patient. We have a good relationship both inside and outside of the gym so I'm enjoying it now more than when I was younger." Annia, who trains eight hours per day Monday through Saturday, says that she and Alan focus on keeping her healthy. "When I'm feeling sore on a particular day, then we take it easy and do conditioning or work on parts. It's great to be able to focus on just gymnastics and not have to worry about school. I've also cut back on coaching so that I can concentrate on training." Annia finished fourth all-around at the Championships and won the 2002 U.S. Classic.


2003 Women's 8ne Podium Meet $40.00 This great video was shot from behind the judges for a unique perspective, great fo any judges wanting to test up a level. This video shows wide range af skill level. Excellent quality. 2 video set.


CALL 1-800-345-4719

Annia says her goal is to compete for the U.S. team at the 2003 World Championships and 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.


TEe HN 10 U E •

APRil 2003

) r - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -=O-.. 3

(continued from page 33) Teach the children the proper ballet terms for the walks, and what they mean in French . • Chasse-to chase • Plie-to bend • Develope-to bring up and extend You should always give more challenging walks and combinations to those preschoolers who need them. For instance a side combination for three yea rs olds might be chasse, chasse, step together. A four year old might do chasse, step over, chasse. A five-year-old could do chasse, step together, step over. Always challenge the kids who are ready for more.

If you're looking for more beams, there are many varieties on the market. I like the three-layered red, white, and blue ZINKIN Beam . Use cloth jump ropes laid on the floor to be used as their own beam. Taped lines work well, too. There are two beams you can find in equipment catalogs you might want to get. The Edu-Beams (it has shapes, numbers, and colors on it) and Beam-Links (this beam comes in sections with a Velcro top which are great for mobile programs).

Vary the way you place the floor beams. Zigzag them, put them in a triangle or rectangle, or build inclines, planks, ladders, stairs, or other beams up to it. Always have the student mount and dismount-even if it's a step-on mount and a straight-jump dismount (Ta-da!) at the end. Use visual cues such as footsteps, hand prints, small foam letters and bean bags to "tell" them where to put their hands or feet. Place two floor beams next to each other. Have the child's hands on one and feet on the other. Move laterally down the beams. (Call this spider walks.) Use descriptive language and catchy names often, but always teach the proper gymnastics name too.

STATIONS Creating different stations or challenges at the beam area is easy with the use of props. A "station" is an area where students can go and work by themselves on a task that is basically self-explanatory. Successful preschool classes are based on children learning through instruction and selfdiscovery. Have a station where the children exercise. They can place their hands on the beam in a crab position and do tricep pushups. The children can place their hands on the beam and stretch out to a push-up position with their feet on the floor and move laterally down the beam (sidewinder push-up). If it's an older boys' class, have them put their feet on the beam,



Fun & Fit Gymnastics Program • SET Achievable goals for Students • BUIW Enrollment Retention • MEASURE Teacher Efficiency • RECORD Student Accomplishments

New Licensees InCIIUOt!:1 • North West Elite Gymnastics and Cheer Center Walla Walla, WA

• Tri·City Gymnastics Prescott, AZ

MAKE ALL I(IDS FEEL LlI(E WINNERS! Instructor Training Videos - 30+ skills per level explained step by Curriculum Cards - Track skills taught as required in USAG Safety manual. Star Posters - Kids take home - Helps them experience success. NEW! QUANTITY DISCOUNTS & NO MINIMUM PURCHASE! Licensed to Gym Clubs Nationally Since 1991

For Details, FREE VIDEO, Information and Samples, call (800) .-1-=4-=O--------------~(

TECH N10 UE • APRil 2003


) l - - - - - - - - - - -- - --


stretch out in a pushup position with their hands on the floor and do decline push-ups. Have stations where the students can work on hand -eye coordination activities like throwing balls to other children while they're each on a floor beam. Have them roll a ball, football or exercise wheel down the beam. Put photo cards or pictures on the beams to step over that goes with a special theme for that day. Have a cone on each side of the beam with a rope in the cones to create a barrier to step over, etc. Have plastic bowling pins next to the beams to knock over for plie walks and to develop foot-eye coordination . A station utilizing the concept of crossing the mid -line of the body can be created by putting cones alongside the low beam. Put foam balls on the top of the cones. The task is to pickup the balls, cross their arms, balance, and put the balls on the other cones. Put the beam over the pit to create a crocodile pit and then use bubbles to help the kids jump off into the pit. Have a station where the students put their hands on the beam and their feet on the floor and they work on handstands, handstand snapdowns, and cartwheels. Use a beam or oversplitting for the older children as a waiting station. Use the plank, ladder, and floor beams to connect the high beams in patterns. Have the low beams in a square and . children all spread out two to a beam . The teacher in the middle can review poses, positions, and various walks. In Parent and Tot classes, Mom can hold the child's feet and place a hand under the child's tummy to do wheelbarrow down the beam . You can put a trapezoid piece across a floor beam and use it as a surfing station .

HOOPS 1. Place them lengthwise tucked snugly under the medium beam. The students can use this as an "in and out" station. 2. Place them snugly under the medium beam facing the end of the beam and create a tunnel to get back in line. 3.Slide a hoop under the floor beam and let the student hold the hoop (steering wheel) and drive down the beam. Children can just hold the hoops in their hands and drive their car, also. 4. Use the hoop as a jump rope. 5. Roll it alongside the beam while doing various walks and motor skills. 6. Place the hoop overhead and "flutter" or overhead and twist for helicopter. 7. Hold the hoop with both hands and move like a figure 8 while walking down the beam. JUMP ROPES (CLOTH PIECES OR CLOTHESLINE) 1. Hold the rope at various heights (overhead, shoulder height, low) and do leaps, poses, walks, turns, and motor skills. 2. Use as a jump rope. 3. Make figures in the air while walking down the beam . 4. Put the rope around the child's waist. Cross the rope and have a teacher on each side and pulL creating a turn. (spider web) 5. Place the rope on the floor and use as a beam. RHYTHMIC RIBBONS AND SCARVES (ALTERNATIVE: CREPE PAPER STREAMERS) Keep the ribbons short so that they don't become tangled. Have the children move down the beam doing various poses, walks, turns, and motor skills while they make flowing arm movements with the ribbon in their right hand, then left hand. LUMMI STICKS, FOAM SHAPES, BEAN BAGS This is a great "child-directed" lesson. Give each child a piece of equipment. Ask them to participate by suggesting out loud some ideas about what they can do with these pieces of equipment while they move down the beam. Call on each child to encourage participation. BALLS AND BALLOONS These activities are limited to the floor beams only. On the high beam, the child tends to "walk" right off the beam following their ball or balloon- Oops! 1. Bounce them on the side while moving down beam.

OTHER ACTIVITIES Using props such as jump ropes, balls, scarves, lummi sticks, hoops, and ribbons can make the class easy for the coach and fun for the student. Children frequently feel more confident on the beam if they have something to hold. Here are some props and ideas for their use:

2. Hold at various levels while doing movements on the beam. 3. Throw, roll, or bounce a ball to partner while standing on another floor beam. 4. Roll the ball down the beam . 5. Do rhythmic movements with the ball in hand while moving down the beam .

(continued on page 42) - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - (

TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘ APRil 2003

)}-- - - - -- - - - - -----:4--:1--..

(continued from page 41)

GAMES All children love to play games. Here are a few for beam: 1. Hokey-Pokey- Bring a tape player over to the beam area with the music playing . Arrange the floor beams so that all children face the same way (towards the instructor) . Have the instructor lead and do the song while the kids are on the beam. This works balance, directionality, turning, and movement to music. 2.Simon-Says- As a way to review poses, positions, turns

and walks, play this familiar game while all the children are on the floor beams. No losers, though; the "losers" just go to another beam. 3. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes- This familiar song can

be sung while the kids walk down the beam. They can say, "head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes, knees and toes, head, shoulders, knees and toes" while they're touching the correct body parts and walking down the beam. At the end of the song and the end of the beam they can say "all turn around." Then they're ready to go down the beam again. 4.Macarena - Spread the kids out and have them do this

popular dance. Have a wedge of cheese mat (incline) at the end of the beam . When they finish the dance, all

dismount down the cheese wedge and then you have Macarena and Cheese! (Thanks, Steve Greeley for that joke!) 5. Vegetable Soup - Lay small foam cut outs of vegetables

on the beam. As you move down the beam with various walks, pick up the vegetables to the end of the beam and then you have vegetable soup! Balance beam for preschoolers can be fun for them and a treat for the instructors with just a little preparation and planning in the lesson plans. Use these ideas- good luck!

PAnl KOMAI'S BIO Patti Komai has owned and operated Patti's All-American Gymnastics in Dyer, Ind., since 1969 where she offers gymnastics, dance, and swimming. Patti began speaking at national seminars in 1981 on preschool and schoolage gymnastics and the business of owning a gymnastics school. In 1986 Patti began putting her speeches on videotape and has since produced more than 60 instructional videotapes for instructors and owners. Presently she has written and sells yearly lesson plans for preschool, school-age gymnastics, and preschool lesson plans that can be used for a preschool dance program within your gym. Patti has written over 50 articles on the gymnastics business. In 1995 Patti was selected by USA Gymnastics to be a member of the committee that created the KAT preschool gymnastics certification program and so-authored the KAT workbook. Her products can be found at or call (219) 865-2274 for a recent catalog.

Some dayS all your routines are flawless. Other days...YoU need insurance. When a student tries a flic-flac and ends up with a flip-flop, you want an insurance program that helps you land on your feet. With the perfect balance of specialized coverage options, superior claims handling, and innovative risk management services, Markel can vault you back into the championships in no time. Now, let's try that piked saito backward off.




.-1--=4--=2- -- - - - - -- ------芦


APRil 2003

)} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1) Mail form with payment to:

Wisconsin Center District Box Office c/o 2003 U.S. Gymnastics Championships 400 West Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53203

2) Fax form with paymenl 10:

414-908-6011 Attn: Wisconsin Center District Box Office

3) Visit partidating gymnastics dub

For a complete listing visit (414) 276-.4545 or visit

Contact Name: _______________________________ Addre~: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____

City/State/Zip: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Day Phone: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Evening: _______________________ Email:

All-Session" strip tickets include the following: • All Men and Women Artistic Events at u.s. Cellular Arena (6 events) . • All Rhythmic and Sports Acrobatics at Midwest Airlines Center (4 events)_


Platinum Seating (limited avail ..

!;!~~\t:8 dlin@


strip tickets purchased $ _ __ Total Due $ _ _

Gold Seating _

For more information, visit usa·

# of "All-Session" strips x$105 = $ __ Add $2.00 shipping and handling x # of strip tickets purchased $ _ _ Total Due $ _ _ Prices include facility fees - No refunds or exchanges

PAYMENT INFORMATION CJ Check # _______ (make payable to Wisconsin Center District)

o Visa

0 MasterCard Card # _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Exp. Date _ _ __

Name on Card _______________________ Cardholder Signature_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ • TIckets will be mailed out no later than 4 weeks prior to the event. • All orders will be processed upon receipt. Orders will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis (ticket availability is not guaranteed)


TEe H H 10 UE •

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# 1501 - FIG Sports Acrobatics Code of Points ............ ....$50.00 # 1502 - USAG Sports Acrobatics Specifications .............. $35.00 # 1503 - FIG Sports Acrobatics TabLe of DifficuLties .... ...... $50.00 #2500 - Sports Acrobatics Ten Basic Skills Video .............. $15.00 #2501 - 17th Senior WorLd Sports Acrobatics Championships Video (2 Tapes) ....... ........... .................................... .. $25.00

Replace those clumsy flip displays and runners! Automatically builds a database while you use it.

Contact us at: Auburn Electronics Group Post Office Box 395 Rancho Cordova CA 95741·'0395 (916) 852-2900 Fox: (916) 852-2920 email:

1-800-345-4719 - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - ((

TEe H N I 0 UE •

APRil 2003

) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --=-=5--. 4

", , I




A EKcltl 9



Is Co I 9 So


• New Products • New Designs a- y a I


• ~Ii '[ICH • fO! :-SdH:l • Wi:.idleU • fJ0:':'IUur I i::WdllctU!e • uuy till;' • :::'l;;:lt U lctl • lUI b(;(11;;: • VYdlltl;;:i.,

~::::-_+-':'~~R~~?C~ ' ", Ie • wanted • pos tlon available • buy this • sell that • for sale • wanted • positlG 1

POSITION AVAILABLE ALL POSITIONS NEEDED. General Manager, Team and Ree. Coaches. New program in the western suburbs of Chicago. Call (630)482·3738. Contact Rob Brown. JOIN THE FASTEST GROWING TEAM IN MASSACHUSETTS. MassachuseNs Gymnastics Center has exciting career opportunities available. MGC operates four "state of the ort" gymnastics facilities in the Greoter 80ston area with programs ranging from Tumble-tot to National Level J.O. girk and boys teams. We are looking for "The Best" instructors and coaches in the industry. We offer a competitive compensation package and fantastic growth potential. We have immediate full and part-time openings for the following positions: USAG girls coach, USAG boys coach, Cheerleading coaches, Recreational Program Director, Pre-school and Class Instructors. Interested candidates should forward their resumes to: Mike Colarossi, MGC, PO Box B56, Stow, MA 01775. Phone: 978-562-5292. Fax: 978-562-5541 . GYMNASTICS DIRECTOR AND lNSTRUaORS: Premiere summer camp for girls located in Western Massachusetts seeks coaches and athletes to serve as Director and Instructor(s) for a comprehensive gymnastics program for campers ages 7-15. Beginner through advanced classes. "State of the Art" facility includes spring floor, beams, tumble track, uneven bars, and vault. Comprehensive salary, room, board, and travel allowance. Program runs June 19-August 16, 2003. Contact Camp Danbee 800-392-3752 or check us out at and apply online. You can e-mail a resume or contact us with questions at INSTRuaORS/ COACHES. Paragon Gymnastics of Norwood (Bergen County), NJ is looking for Instructors and Coaches, PIT-FIT Weekdays/weekends/evenings. Requirements: Positive aNitude, responsible, reliable, love of children. Positions available for pre-school through intermediate level instruction. Competnive Team Coach Levels 5-10. Company sponsored certifications (Safety, CPR, Rrst Air) Full benefits/ paid vacation & sick doys, company matched retirement plan. Will train. Salary commensurate with experience. NEW facility, state-of-the-art, approx. 11 ,000 sq. h. Located in the NY/ NJ Metropolitan area, easily accessible from all major highways. Contact Dot: 201 767-6921 or fax resume to 201 -767-6693 or 49 Walnut Street, Suite 4, Norwood, NJ 07648. COACH/INSTRuaOR. Outstanding New Hampshire gymnastics school is looking for a compulsory coach/instructor. Gymnastics Village offers state of the art equipment, 3+ loose foam pits and a Resipit. Benefits include medical ond dental insurance, paid sick days and paid vacations. We are central~ located near the ocean, mountains and Boston. Salary is negotiable bosed on previous experience. Send resume to: Judy Shenk, Gymnastics Village, 13 Caldwell Orive, Amherst, NH 03031 or call 603-889-8092 or Email at BOYS TEAM COACH. Immediate opening Boy's Team Cooch Class 7 thru 5. We are a new Boy's program in new 12,000 sq. h. facility located in southern NH. One

Ld' posi. on aval able • buy this • se!1 that • tor sale • wanted • position availab Ie • buy this' or sale • wanted • position available • buy this' for sale • wantec: ~. fo SA e • wantea • position available • buy this • tor sale • wanted • positic

hour from Boston, ocean and mountains. A great opportunity awaits you! Call today. lim Madore, New England Gymnastics Training Center, Hudson, NH (603)880-8482, fax (603)880-1800, email: Website: RECRUITING HEAO COACH. Palatine Gymnastics Club (Palatine Park Oistrict) located in NW suburban Chicago seeks a Girls' Gymnastics Head Coach Levels 7 &8. Season begins June 9, 2003. Part-time, Monday thru Thursday 6 p.m.-9 p.m. & Saturday Noon-3 p.m. Salary commensurate with experience. Contact PhylliS Schrammel at 847-705-5123 x 245 or Resumes can be faxed to 847-991-2127. Open until filled. EOE. Women's Compulsory and Optional coach need in the West Texas area. Well-estoblished gym in Midland, Texas looking for a highly motivated coach for women's program levels 4-8. Approximate~ 15 hours per week working with the team. Possible recreational class openings. $10.30 to $20.60 per hour. Must pass bockground check. Please refer to the Midland College web page at Click on "About Midland College," then "Employment Opportun~ies." Or wr~e Midland College Human Resources, 3600 North Garfield, Midland, TX 79705. Midland College is an equal opportunity employer. TEAM COACH NEEOED. Off the Wall Gymnostics seeks college educated profeSSionals with recent experience and current credentials, for full time, full spectrum coaching positions. Located 45 minutes from 80ston, mountains and the seacoast, you'll enjoy working in our beautifully equipped 12,000 s.f. facility with other professionals who have a strong work ethic and a pos~ive aMude. Position offers health benefits and paid vacation time. Salary is commensurate with experience. Please send resumes to: Paul Neale, Off the Woll Gymnastics, 191 Plaistow Rd., Plaistow, NH 03865 or Fax: 603-382-5449. Phone: 603-382-0505.

FOR SALE Score Master - NO MORE Inputting Gymnast Roster dota!! Score Master, the most wide~ used sahwore, just got even beNer! Meet Directors can now download roster information from the USAG website. Features include: creote rotations, assign #'s, the most comprehensive reporting and results can go direct~ to your website. Supports: womens/ mens, individuaV team, artistic/ rhythmic/ trampoline, compulsory/ optional. - FREE demo & user listing. Contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421 , CharioNe, NC, 28231, 704-523-1812. CLASS CONTROL for Windows. Class Management ond Accounts Receivable sohware. Version 5 with more features, more options, more power, more flexibility, and the some low price. Provides the class management functionality and complex recurring charge and discount structures that accounting programs can't touch; the automation, savings in time and effort, accuracy, and availability of information that spreadsheets can't come close to; and the power, flexibility, ease of use, protection, control, and support that other programs don't offer. Only $500 ($250 per additional workstation!, includes free troining ond

technical support. Serving Gymnastics since 1990. Vaughn Sohware Services, 800-821-8516 E-Mail: AMEX/MC/VISA/OISCOVER GYM SOFTWARE ClassManager Sohware for Windows or Mae. Program records all vitol customer information, student registrations, class schedules, class rosters, instructor data and assignments waiting lists, birthday parties, ete. Maintains all tuition accounts, membership fees, pro shop sales, statements. Automatically transfers financial data into QuickBooks. Performs onebuNon transfers of students from class to class. Availoble for single or multi-gym operation over the internet. Now ollows for on-line registration by customers with a web browser. Download free demo, manual & information from our web site at: Atlantic Associates, 365 Boston Post Rood, Suite #222, Sudbury, MA 01776. (978)443-0560. GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Get with the progrom! It's beNer than ever, with a terrific assortment of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales potential. Plus, it's easier than ever to order, sell and return your RISK FREE garments. We offer customized packages for your pro shop, meets and summer camp. You only pay for what you've sold and may return the rest, there is absolutely NO RISK! If you haven't tried us lately, it's time you started earning extra profits with our RISK FREE merchandise. Call 1-800-345-4087 for more information on how you can get started today! Email:

THE FUN STARTS HERE! Three outstanding books to make your summer camp progrom the best! Schoolage Gymnastics (amp by Susan Wozniak, Preschool Gymnastics Camp by Karen Goclon, and Creative Dance for Gymnostics Camp and dass by Grace Helfrich. Includes eight weeks of themed beginner lesson plans and fun complementary activities for each age group. Choose one or all three for a complete camp. Activities reflect combined 50 years experience of authors. Each program book $45 or $120 for all three. Send check to author(s) name, or to Susan Wozniak for all three to 5400 Ming Or., Orlando, FL32812.

UN8ElIEVABlE OPPORTUNllY FOR THE RIGHT PERSON! Own a profitable gymnastics school with an outstanding 20 year history. The school is in beautiful Colorado and the owner wishes to retire and take care of some health problems. This is a "turn key" operation that includes a tumblebus, birthday parties, established summer camp and much more. Price ~ negoHable for the right person. Call and talk only to Marta at Rt Kids (303)338-911 8.

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Would you like to expand your leotard sales? This is a good time of the year to introduce a new assortment of leotards. Rebecca's Mom popular leotard consignment program is Ihe solution. Our consignment selection features our newest styles and fabrics, including the Frames Hologram style. Rebecca's Mom specializes in workout leotards and team warm-up leotards fealuring Holograms, Foils, Glitter, Rhinestones and Nail Heads and our rainbow of sah Velvet fabrics. We alsa include a sensational selection of nylon ~cra designs featuring Hawaiian prints. Our leotards are designed with your Team Gymnosts in mind and are available in all sizes, 5/ 6 through adult lorge. We are current~ accepting new applications from dub Pro Shops, Parent Booster Groups, Retail Stores and Summer Camps. Pleose call our toll free telephone number, 1-888-289-2536 or fax Rebecca's Mom at 1-818-980-0119 for credit applicotion, terms, and prices. We alsa supp~ State and Regional Meet Packages as well as leotards for special events, so please call TOOAY.




HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD J.I 00 words = $100 101-200 words = $200 Your ad in Technique will automaHcally be placed online for 30 days 01 no additional charge. The address ~: www.usa-gymnastics_org/dassifieds/ Your 30 days will begin on the next regular posting dale. RATES




January .... .. .... ..... ..... Dec_ 10 February ........ ... ...... .. .Jan. 10 March ............ _...... .. .. .Feb_ 10 ~ri l .. ....................... .Mar_ 10

Ju~~ "::::::::::::::::::::::::~;y \~

July .. ...... .................. June 10 August .. ..... .. ...... ...... July 10 Sept/Oct. ..... ............. Au9_ 10 Nov./Dec .. .... .............Ocf_ 10 NOTE: " the 'Oth falls on a weekend or holiday, the preceding work day is considered the deadline.


Mail your ad and payment to: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indionapolis, IN 46225 or fax to 317-237-5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE AND SIGNATURE_ Please designate if your ad should appear in Technique magazine or USA Gymnastics mogozine. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE PUBLISHED. USAGymnastics reserves the right to vory format. Technique is received by more than 13,000 USA Gymnastics professional members plus thousands of viewers wilt be exposed to your ad online_ Advertise your employment opportunity, product, serVICe, or comp'etition here for great reSUlts. Questions? Calt Lvan Peszek at 317-237-5050 ext. 246_




1001 SAF"ETV CERTIF ICATION S,( HEDULE The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website Please see the website for the most current schedule. *Time and dote subiect to change. See usa·gymnastics.arg for updates.

MAY 17 Columbia, SC 29210; 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Allstar Gymnastics, 40460 Fernandina Rd Directions: ScoM 803-561 -9682 Course code: K805172003SC Instructor: Kimberly 80yd 803/ 749-2484 18 West Chester, OH 45069; 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Lofts at Wetherington Directions: Steve Schoenbaechler 513-755-7162 Course code: SS051820030H Instructor: Steven Schoenbaechler, Phone: 513/ 755-7162 25 Denver, CO 80222; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Gym-Plus, 6180 EWarren Directions: TIm Frye 303-512-0799 Course code: RW05252003CO Instructor: Raleigh Wilson, Phone: 307/ 745-8302 30 Kickland, WA; 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Northwest Aerials Directions: PaMi Gable ar Suzie Reese 425-823-2665 Course code: KD05302003WA Instructor: Kelly Donyes, Phone: 425/ 513-8700

JUNE 14 Stroudsburg, PA 18360; 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Internotional Gymnastics Camp, 9020 8artonsville Woods Rd Directions: 8runo Klaus 570-629-0244 Course code: PF06142003PA Instructor: Phil Fronk, Phone: 856/ 786-3977

21 Woodward, PA 16882; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr Directions: Steve Hass 814-349-5633 ' Lunch available, course time includes meal break Course code: SH06212003PA Instructor: Stephen Hass, 814/349-5633

15 Tucker, GA; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tucker Recreation Center Directions: Chris Calvert 404-687-9911 Course code: CC06152003GA Instructor: Christine Colvert, 404/ 687 -9911

29 West Chester, OH 45069; 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Lofts at Wetherington Directions: Steve Schoenbaechler 513-755-7162 Course code: SS062920030H Instructor: StevenSchoenbaechler, Phone: 513/ 755-7162

19 Milwaukee, WI; 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. HyaM Regency Directions: Jim Melcorek 262-549-3344 Course code: J006192003WI Instructor: Jason Orkowski, Phone: 608/ 848-3547


20 Bend, OR 97701 ; 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Acrovision Gymnastics, 63255 Jamison St Directions: Rich Gustafson 541 -388-5555 Course code: DA062020030R Instructor: Debro Anderson, Phone: 541/496-3692 21 Hilliard, OH 43026; 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Universal Gymnasts Directions: 80bbi Montonari-Fahrnbach, 614-777-9430 Course code: BF062120030H Instructor: Bobbi Montanari-Fahrnbach, Phone: 614/ 777-9430

Cable, WI 54821 ; 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Lake Owen Gymnastics Camp Directions: Ron Lenz 715-798-3785 Course code: J007052003WI Instructor: Jason Orkowski, 608/ 848-3547 12 Woodward, PA 16882; 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Woodward Camp, 134 Sports Camp Dr Directions: Steve Hass 814-349-5633 ' Lunch available, course time includes meal break Course code: SH07122003PA Instructor: Stephen Hass, 81 4/349-5633 13 Corol Springs, FL; 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. MarrioM Heron Bay Resort Directions: Toni Rand, 954-972-4947 Course code: MK071 32003FL Instructor: Marci Kaplan, Phone: 305/ 466-0620



(Minimum age for Safety Certification is 16 years}

Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification

Name: Professional or Instructor #: _ __ ____ Current Safety Exp. Date: _ _ __ _ __ Soc. Sec. # _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ ___ Birth Date _ _ _ _ __ __ Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State:_ _ _ ___ Zip: _ __ __ _ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (W) Course Code: Course City/State: _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ Form of Payment:



o VISA o MasterCard o Discover o American Express

Payment Amount: _ _ __ _ __ _ ______________ Name on Card: ________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ Number: _____ _ Exp. Date: ___ / _ _

Signature: _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ __

Pra~~~~~:~ ;~he~!~r~d··~·; ·N~~··s~i~iy·c~·rtiii;~ii~~·: :::::::::: c~~~6~

SO Instructor Member ................................................................ $ 50.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ $ 100.00 , You must have your USAGymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

All registrations must be received at USA Gymnastics lwo(2) weeks prior to the course date' . Late registrations, incomplete registrotions, or registrotions without proper payment will not be processed. Late registrotions are not guaranteed a book or admission to the course. On-site and late registrotions will be charged a $25 on-site!late fee. All materials, including the course book, are prOVided at the course and are part of the course fee. Certification is valid for four( 4) years. Safety Certification is non-refundable and cannot be tronsferred to another individual. Safety Certification registration, however, may be tronsferred to another course within six(6) months with prior written notification. Late fee will apply if notification is received after course deadline. 'Usa Gymnastics reserves the right to alter course deadline

Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212



Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine – April 2003  

Technique Magazine – April 2003