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SCHEDULE W= Women M= Men

R= Rhythmic GG = Group Gymnastics

TR = Trampoline TU = Tumbling

NOTE: Dotes anti events subject to change or cancel/ation.




Reese's Gymnastics Cup


USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) Rhythmic Invitational (R) Rhythmic Challenge (R) Junior Notional Team Training Camp (M) Senior Notional Team Training Camp (M)

Los Vegas, NV Colorado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO Colarado Springs, CO Colorado Springs, CO

Visa American Cup (M/W) Broadcast -Visa Americon Cup 1:00-3:00p EST National Elite Qualifier (W) National Team Training Camp (W) (#1 of 2) Levell 0 State Meets (W) (' see below) American Challenge / American Classic (W) (#2 of 2) Levell 0 State Meets (W) (' see above)

Orlando, FL NBC Sports Orlando, FL Houston, TX Various Sites TBD Various Sites

NCAA National Championships (M) NCAA Regionals (W) Level 9/10 Regional Championships (W) Level 10 Regional Championships (W) NCAA National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W) 2nd Information Meeting, 2003 World Gymnaestrada (GG) American Team Cup (MiW) Pacific Alliance Championships (MiW/R - Sr./Jr.)

Norman, OK Various Sites TBD TBD Tuscaloosa, AL TBD Lisbon, POR TBD Vancouver, B_C CAN

1-2 16 20-24 23 TBD

FIG Congress Broadcost- Reese's Gymnastics Cup 4-6p EST Artistic World Championships (MiW) World Cup Final (TR/TU) Future Stars National Championships (M)

APRIL 4-6 6-7 13-14 18-20 27-2B TBD TBD 30-May 6

MAY 1-5 3-5 3-5 B-15 17-23 2B-June 2

J.O_ National Championships (M) J.O. National Championships, Individual & Group (R) Notional Team Training Camp (W) International Friendship Camp (W) Senior Notional Team Training Camp (M)

Son Diego, CA TBD TBD Houston, TX Houston, TX Colorado Springs, CO

Junior Notional Team Training Camp (M) Level 9 Championships (R) Notional Gym Fest & PAGU Invitational GymFest (GG) Broadcost- Americon Team Cup (M/W) Notional Qualifier (M) U.S. Challenge (W)

Colorado Springs, CO TBD Orlando, FL NBC Sports TBD TBD

Rhythmic Western (R) U.S. Classic / U.s. Challenge (W) Future Stars/Junior Development Team Camp (M) Rhythmic World Championships-Group (R) Rhythmic Eastern (R) JO Notional Championships (TR/TU)

Portland, OR Virginia Beach, VA Colorado Springs, CO New Orleans, LA New Orleans, LA TBD

U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/TR/TU) USA Gymnostics Notional Congress USAG National Gymfest & Team Gymn Nationals (GG) Broadcost- U.s. Gymnastics Championships (W) 8-9p EST 8roadcast- U.s. Gymnastics Championships (W) 7-8p EST FIG World Cup Series (TR/TU) FIG World Cup Series (TR/TU) National Gymnastics Day

Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH Cleveland, OH NBC Sports NBC Sports Edmonton, CAN Greensboro, NC

10. Notional Championships (W)

JUNE 9-16 15-16 21-23 23 30 TBD

Senior National Team Training Camp (M)


AUGUST 7-10 B-l 0 8-10 10 11 16-18 23-25 24 28


Foirfax, VA TBD

APRIL Level 9/1 0 Regionals (W) NCAA Regionals (W) Level 10 Regionals (W) NCAA Notional Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Various Sites Various Sites Various Sites TBD TBD

J.O. National Championships (W) J.O. National Championships (M)

TBD Savannah, GA

FIG World Gymnaestrada (GG) U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/TR/TU)

Lisbon, POR Anaheim, CA

Pan American Gomes (M/W/R) Artistic World Championships (M/W) World University Games National Congress

Santo Domingo,DOM Anaheim, CA Taegu, KOR Anaheim, CA

5-6 12 12-13 24-26 25-27

MAY 2-4 6-11

JULY 20-26 TBD

AUGUST 1-17 16-24 21-31 TBD


Rhythmic World Championships - Individual & Group (R) Maastricht, NED


Trampoline World Championships (TR)

Hannover, GER


Reese's Gymnastics Cup PAGU Jr. Interdub Championships (MiW/R Group Jr/Sr) PAGU Children's Interdub Championships (M/W/R) Four Continents Championships (R)




Colorado Springs, CO USA GUA VEN


FEBRUARY Feb. or Mar. TBD Visa American Cup (MiW)


MARCH Mar. or April TBD American Team Cup (M/W)


APRIL 10 22-24

NCAA Regionals (W) NCAA Notional Championships (W)

Various Sites TBD

U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/R/TR/TU) U.S. Olympic Team Trials (M/W/R/TR) Notional Congress

Nashville, TN Boston, MA Boston, MA

Olympic Gomes (M/W/R/TR)

Athens, GRE

JUNE 2-5 24-27 25-27


Broadcast-U.S. Gymnastics Championships(M)4:30-6p EST NBC Sports

--1-=2---------- ------.,(






Colorado Springs, CO

TBD Visa American Cup (M/W) TBD or Apr. TBD American Team Cup (M/W)

JULY 6-7 12-14 14-21 19-21 TBD TBD

Athens, GRE NBC Sports Budapest, HUN Hannover, GER T8D


MARCH 2 2 3 6-13 16-17 22-24 23-24

Seattle, WA


FEBRUARY 8-9 14-16 16-17 21-28 28-March 5



Oct. or Nov. TBD Reese's Gymnastics Cup JAN UARY 2002

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TBD - -- - -

on official publication of USA Gymnastics PUBLISHER

Robert V. Colarossi EDITOR



FEATURES A Sa lute to the Gymnastics Clubs of America

.. 6

Are You Tracking Your Tactical Marketing ...


Symbols for Judging Boy's Junior Program Exercises

.. 9

The 2002 User Friendly Women's Elite Program .. .

. 13

Guidelines for Using the New Vault Table .. . ... .


CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDEIIT: Bob Coloroci; VICE CHAIR WOMEN:Tom KolI; VICE CHAIR MEN: TIm Doggett; VICE CHAIR RHYIIlMIC: Andrea Schmid, VICE CHAIR TRAMPOUN[ Paul Parillo; SECRETARY: Gory AnderlOn; TREASURER: Bob Wood; fiG mCUTNE COMMITTEE: Joy Ashmore, Ron Froehlich. fiG MEN'S TECHNICAL COMMITTE[ George Be<ksleod; FIG TRAMPOUNE AND TUMBUNG TECHNICAL COMMmE[ Pol HenderlOn; fiG WOMEN'STECHNICAL COMMITTE[ Jm rIO; AT lARGE MEMBERS: Peler Vidmar, SUIOn True; ATHLETE DIREaORS: Chari Knighl·Hunler, John Roelhlisberger, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Karl Heger, USOC ATHlETE DlREaDR: Domini<k MinkucO.

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Ron Froehlich; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Sandy Knopp, Mike Donohue; TREASURER: Bob Wood; PUBLIC SEGOR: Bill Hyhl, Bob Wood; AMATEUR ATHlETIC UNION: Mik. Sianner; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Jerry Jo(quin; COLlm GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Fro",~ Allen; NATIONAL ASSOCI· ATION OF COLllGIATE COACHES-WOMEN: Mike Jocki; NATIONAL ASSOCIA· TlON FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Morilyn Sirawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUDGES: Carol. Ide; NATIONAL COLllGIATE ATHlmC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Doug Von Everen; NATIONAL FED· ERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Suson True; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUOGES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Bulm Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: John Brinkworth; US. ASSO· CIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS ClUBS: Paul Spodaro; U.S. EUTE COACHES ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Fred Turolf; U.S. EUTE COACHES ASSOClA· TION·WOMEN: Oovid Holrumb, Tony Gehman; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: More Yancey; us. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACH· ES ASSOCIATION: Suzie OiTullio; YOUNG MEN'SCHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Cosey Koenig; NATIONAL COllEGIATE ATHlmC ASSOCIATION· WOMEN: Morie Robbins; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP OIREaORS MEN: Mike Burns, Abie Grossleld; RHYTHMIC: Andrea Schmid, Mi(helle LorlOn; WOMEN: Kelli Hill, Kolhy Ostberg; TRAMPOLINE: Shoun Kemplon, Marsha Weiss; ATH· LETE DIREaORS: Vanessa Vander Pluym, choir; Lor~ Fonloine, vice (hair; Joir Lyn(h, secrelory; Oominick Minicu(ci, USOC Alhlele Rep.; Mihoi Bagiu, Brooke Bushnell, Chori Knighl Hunler, Arrondo Borden, Karl Heger, Christie Hoyes, John Roelhlisberger; ASSOCIATE OIREaORS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Katz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale Fober·Hi(kie; U.S. COMPETI· TlVE AEROBICS fEDERATION, Howord S(hworlz; U.S. SPORTS ACROBATICS FEDERATION, Bonnie Davidson. CHANGE OF ADORESS AND SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 ensure uninlerrupled delivery 01 TE(HNIQUE magazine, nolice 01 (honge 01 address should b. mode eighl weeks in advance. For loslesl service, please endose your presenl moiling label. Oired all subscription moil 10 TE(HNIQUE Subscriplions, USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Copilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 4622S. POSTMASTER; Send address (hanges 10 TECHNIQUE c/o USA Gymnastics, 201 S. Capilol Avenue., Suile 300, Indianapolis, IN4622S. TEOfNIQUE(lSSN 074B·5999) (USPS 016B72) is published monthly excepl bimonthly in Sepl/ Od and Nov/De< by USA Gymnoslics, Pan Arrericon Plaza, Suite 300, 201 South Capitol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 (phone: 317·237·5050) or visil online @ www.usa·gYlnast ics · org Periodicol postage paid 01 Indianapolis, IN 46204. Subscriplion prices: U.S.-S25 per yeor, Canado/Mexi(l,...S4B per yeor; all olher loreign counlries-S60 per yeor. II available, ba(k issue single copies 54 plus posIoge!handling. All reasonable (are will be loken, bUI no responsibil· ity (on be assumed lor unsolidled mOleriol; endose relurn poslage. Copyrighl1998 by USA Gymnostics ond TE(HNIQUE All rig his reserved. Prinled by Sport Graphics, Indio no polis, IN.

Unless expressly identified to the controry, 011 artides, statements and .iews printed herein are attributed solely to the author and USA Gymnastics expresses no opinion and assumes no respansibi/ity thereof.


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Women's Nominations ..... .. ........ ..... .... 25

USA Gymnastics Message ....... ...... ...... ... 4

Women's JO Vault Values ... ... ... ... .... .... 26

Ath lete Focus .. .... ... ..... .... .. ..... ..... .. ., ... . 15

Men's Program Update ... ........ ... .......... 42

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Safety Certification Schedule ..... ...... .... .48




USA GYMNASTICSMessage liThe Eagle flies, we are going to the World Championships" was the message to the World Team from USA Gymnastics President, Bob Colarossi, on Friday morning, October 20, 200 1. And SOAR it did! The tragedy of September 11th has caused a resurgence of patriotism within our country. As a co unt ry, we remembe r t he simp le principles upon which our great natio n was fo unded. We understand that "United we stand" is more tha n words, but a fund amenta l philosophy. This simple principal was epitomized by ou r 2001 Wo rld Tea m on both t he men's and wo men's sides, both on and off the competition floor. The spirit of our forefathers was alive within us all as we trave led unsure waters wit h brave hearts to acce pt the challenge befo re us and rep resent our flag! This group was committed to unity and t o a cause bigger t han self, a co ncept larger tha n life "USA." Duty and respo nsibility became our banner. We were proud to be Americans. Because each person went into t he competition subservient to th e "cause," th ere was no sacrifice too great to make, no effort too much to endure. Although inexperienced in inte rn ationa l competitio n, t hi s team was physically fit, mentally to ugh, and emotionally strong. Each member had improved si nce t he U.S. Champions hi ps and we were on a mission to demonstrate America n spi rit! The 2001 Team faced the sa me challenges and concerns that all teams fa ce. But both the athletes and the coaches met t hese tria ls head-on with trust and faith in eac h other and in our process. For the first tim e in th e 16 years I have been with the teams, t he comments made by internationa l judges, admi nistrators, and coaches alike, reflected all of t hese characteristics. The Team's Bronze Medal fi nish , a Bronze Medal on Uneven Bars for Katie Heena n, and all six of the team members co mpeting in at least one Individua l Event Final were major accomplishments and tangible evide nce of the outstanding teamwork, athlete rea diness and coach confidence.

Perfect or not, th e "plan" was supported with 100% effort. Each day's training was focused, efficient, produ cti ve and, most importantly, looked t o t he world li ke a "team effort." The entire Women's Program renews its pledge of devotion to excellence. I want to commend the 2001 World Championships Team Members Tasha Schwikert, Ta bith a Vim, Mohini Bhardwaj, Rachel Ti dd, Ashley Miles, Katie Heenan, Natalie Foley and Dana Filetti and their coaches, Cassie Rice, Steve Ryba cki, Tim Garrison, Michael Harris, Tatia na Perskaia , Tom Forster/ Luminita Marcenko and Jim Walker for their great effort. Head Coac h, Steve Rybacki and Assistant Coach, Cassie Rice were exemplary in carrying out their duties. Thanks also to the support staff, trainer, Debbie Van Horn, judges, Linda Chencinski, Sue Graff and Judy Dobransky for a job well done! Almost a year ago, the Women's Program held a Su mmit meeting to reevaluate our structure and com mitment to the concept of a "national progra m." The world team success is a triqute to all of the National Team coaches who implemented the plan and supported it to its fulfillme nt. The future loo ks extremely bright for USA Gymn astics. Continuation of our united efforts, the talent and discipline of our athletes, the devotio n of our coaches and national coac hing staff and the expertise and experience of Martha Karo lyi will bring furthe r glory and honor to our country, our sport, and ourselves.

God Bless the USA and all of our gymnastics family.

Kathy Kelly

Senior Women's Program Director

Our training plan prepared by Martha Karo lyi, our National Team Coordinator, was rehearsed daily by th e World Team Coaches, and presented to the tea m at Championships. It provided a solid base and a look of unity. Expectations were known and exceeded each day in our preparation . .-.-= 4-

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TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UA RY 2002

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Special Offer For The

USA Gymnastics Family!


cham ionships ~



August 16-24 in conjunction with the USA Gymnastics National Congress

Tickets 50% off retail price. Order your ticket TODAY! Receive priority seating and pricing before August 24th. 2002 national sale date.

1) Mail form with payment to: 2003 World Championships c/o Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim 2695 E. Katella Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 2) Order by fax:


For more information. call: 714-704-2419 Contact Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ City/State/Zip: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Day Phone:_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ Evening Phone: _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _



"Strip" ticket includes the following: · All Qualification Sessions (Men t Women) · Men's Team Finals · Women's Team Finals · Men's Individual All-Around · Women's Individual All-Around · Men's Individual Event Finals · Women's Individual Event Finals 53QLD SECTIO\"-.!-Lower Level

# of "strip" tickets

x $450 = Total $

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x $350 =Total $


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o Check #_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (make payable to Ogden Facility Management) o Visa ~ PREFERS I~ 0 MC 0 AMEX Card# _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ exp date_l_ Print Name on Card _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ Cardholder Signature _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ LAS, YHS

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· All orders will be processed upon receipt. Orders will b e processed on a first come, first serve basis (ticket availability is not guaranteed) · Ticket confirmation will be mailed upon process of order


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A Salute to the Gymnastics Clubs f America

Clubs around the country are

showing support for the USA! ¥ ~~

************• •

Americans all across the country have pulled together in the aftermath of the tragedy that occurred on September 11. As we come together as a nation in these challenging times, it's appropriate to reflect on the incredible support that has taken place in our country and, specifically, in our gymnastics community. Many gymnastics clubs have gone to extraordinary measures to help raise fu nds for the victims and their families involved in the tragedy, as well as to show support for the USA. Clubs held candle vigils and prayer services; donated supplies to those in need; organized cartwheel-a-thons, exhibitions, open houses, bake sales and meets; raised flags and decorated with red, white and blue; organized fund drives and sleepovers; and one club eve n became a makeshift relief center in New York City. Although space did not permit to print all of the events and activities that were received in detail, they are posted on our website at ications/techn ique/2002/1 /proud. html

Thanks to all of the clubs around the country who have helped to make a difference! A few of the outstanding events that were organized are MghUghted below:

k,ids F=il'Sf n Cmcil}l}a.l.' ~PO.I'fs Cel}.1. .




EaSfel'1} N . Pal'amus afd,ol}al Acade al} POmpf my Eastern Nat ' 01} Plail}s N Plains held I~nal Acaderny of P , ew Jel'sey .benefit those Cartwheel_A_ T ararnus and P In ages f, affected by th ho n on Oct b Ornpton th rorn 5 to 1 e traged 0 er 13 t en perforrn 1 Years old y. Children ra . 0 gYrnnastics h ed Cartwhe I Collected pled nglng the child~ Sc ,ools in Pa~ e s. Cornbin' ges and Cross. en raIsed $58 99~rnus and Pornptlng both ' ,00 for th on Plains


KIds Firstf% S rts Center in ' . $21,270 to help W' the Arnerican CInCInnati, Ohio ' cornrn Ith the Sept Red Cross "L'b ,raIsed wh enced the Kid . ernber 11 " I erty Fund" ereby th s First R d cnsls Kid donations e , COrnpany ~ Cross Relief Fun s F~rst Contrib ' (WIth a I ' . atched all . d Dnve utIOn). Irnlt of $5 IndiVidual ,000 c ornpany



Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Center New York City. New York

Diablo G 9al) Raho.Ytnl)astics 9ch "'01) C /".l' 001 Diablo G • a 'TOl'l)ia

In a matter of hours after the attack on the World Trade Center, Chelsea Piers became a relief center for Ymna st· victims, fire fighters, police, and families . The gym raised $7 535 !cs School of S itself was a 24- hour sleep, shower and change area. Cross Th' In 10 d an Ramon of kid .ey adapted ays for the A ,~alifornia, In one evening, the facility slept over 1,000 police, d .s First in Oh· a Suggestion b mencan Red fire and national guard personnel. The soccer field onatJons. It t 10 to create Y Jeff Metz was used for family counseling, the basketball courts urned Out t b a matching f, ger a every su Und for were used for eating facilities and the sets of "Law ccessful. and Order" were set up for medical and hospital facilities. Many of the gymnastics staff mem'bf~e:rs~s~l~ep~tJ~~!!.-._---------l at the facility for three or four nights in .:.: an effort to help. G mnastics City k


A salute to the following clubs who sent us information on how they showed support for the USA

Manor. New '(or

. . cated in northern Westchester GymnastlCs (,ty, lo l A Thon and raised $7,350 County, held a cartwh~de ~ra-de Center Relief Fund. for the New York Wor

Columbus Gymnastics Academy

North County Gymnastics

Bellows Falls, Vermont

ReynoLdsburg, Ohio

San Diego and Oceanside, California

Kids First Sports Center

Los Angeles School of Gymnastics

Twistars USA

Cincinnati, Ohio

Los Angeles, California

Diamondale, Michigan

Sun Country Sports Center

Twist and Tuck


Gai nesville, Florida

Lincolnton, North Carolina

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Vitaly Scherbo School of Gymnastics

Chelsea Piers Gymnastics Center

Midwest Twisters Gymnastics

New York City, New York


Palmers Gymnastics

All-Star Gymnastics

Bloomingdale, ILlinois

Madison, Wisconsin

Sutton Gymnastics and Fitness Center

Southeastern Gymnastics Centre

Arizona Sunrays

Monroe, North Carolina

Phoenix, Arizona

New York, New York

Fun & Fit Gymnastics Centers

Asphalt Green

Burbank, California

New York City, New York

Clarksville, Indiana

Achievers Gymnastics Center

American Academy of Gymnastics

Denton, Texas

Gymnastics Training Center of Rochester

Bakersfield, California

Tampa Gymnastics and Dance

Rochester, New York

Eastern National Academy

Tampa, Florida

High Sierra Gymnastics

Reno, Nevada

SIGS Gymnastics

Oak Park Gymnastics

Paramus and Pompton Plains, New Jersey

American Gymnastics

World Olympic Gymnastics Academy

Byers Gymnastics Center

Plano, Texas Diablo Gymnastics School

Pottsville Gymnastic Training Center

Rebounders Gymnastics Center

Sa n Ramon, Ca lifornia

Pottsville, Pennsylvania

Timonium, Maryland

Stafford Gymnastics Center

National Academy of Artistic Gymnastics

Gymnastics City

Stafford, Virginia

PLantsville, Connecticut Rosevi Lle, California

Eugene/S pringfieLd, Oregon

Basel's All-Star Gymnastics and Cheer

GC2 Gymnastics

Spri ng, Texas

East Syracuse, New York



.. ..




Le Studio Gymnastics

Las Vegas, Nevada

* * * * * * If


Oak Park, ILlinois Foothills Gymnastics and Dance Center

Easley, South Carolina

Cortlandt Manor, New York •


* **

* ** *

** ** * * * * ** * ~

)}---- - - - - - - ------7--1

ARE YOU TRACKING YOUR TACTICAL MARKETING? By Jeff Metzger, Gym Club Owners' BOOT CAMP In basic terms, strategic marketing addresses the questions 'what; 'who' and 'why': In other words, What is your product? Who is your bread and butter customer? Why does s/he buy? In short, your 'market strategy' is the 'story' of your business. Tactical marketing addresses the questions 'how', 'w hen' and 'where', specifically, how, when and where is your club going to tell its story? Tactical marketing questions might include Is newspaper better than radio? Is yellow pages really worth it? Should you advertise 'with the tide or against it' (referring to our industry's yearly enrollment cycle)? I am certain that over the long haul, Gym clubs win or lose the game of business at the strategic level by developing (or failing to develop) a 'killer' strategy and screaming it publicly and li ving it privately. But, make no mistake, for growth, efficiencies and profit it is also necessary to pay close attention to the tactical level.

we insure more gymnastics SChOOlS than

in the world.




Rated "A Excellenf' by A.M. Best

Call us to find out why. (800) 355-4967


Payment Plans • Instant coverage --1-=-a-----------------1(

Consider this scenario of Club A vs. Club B: both clubs are identical: same demographics; simi lar cities; same marketing strategy; each has 500 students and $250,000 reve nue; each intends to spend 3% per year on marketing; and (at the moment) each is using the same tactical marketing . Now, visualize this di ssimila rity: one year ago, Club A began to diligently record and track ho w each and everyone of its prospects and clients learned about it. And from this data, Club A learned to its great surprise that it had bee n spe nding 80% of its marketing dollars on a marketing tactic that was generating only 20% of its prospects. And so, armed with this information, Club A shifted its marketing dollars to align proportionately to the number of Prospects eac h tactic was generating . In other words, it allowed the results to determine the flow of its marketing dollars. The res ults over time: assuming Club A's new marketing tactics proved to be 50% more effective generating prospects (plausible); and assuming a 30% yearly attrition rate at both clubs, how many years it would take for Club A to double Club B's enrollment? The rule of 72 tells us: in five years, Club A will be twice the size of Club B. Imagine, doubling your competition, at no cost, only the simple discipline of aski ng every ca ller, visitor or registrant how they first learned of your club.

Send your topic requests to : •

TEe H N 10 U E • JA NUARY 2002


by Doug Hills

What are the best steps for judging a compulsory routine? From the text At Floor Exercise the gymnast will begin 1. Run, Roundoff, back handspring 2. Tucked back salto - salto at head height

To the score The old way

8.6 One way to work through the job of judging is to review the text, watch the exercise, take deductions and calculate the score. The judge's records may look like this:

9.3 -.7 +.1 8.6

-+1 /I

I' , I '

This is fine if the judge doesn't need to reconstruct the exercise or if there is a question about missing parts or bonus. The good thing about this method is speed. The downside is a lack of accountability. Athletes and coaches will need to know the details of your evaluation . Even at the end of a rotation this method makes this difficult; after a large meet it just isn't possible.

A better way

As the gymnasts improve and the rules become more complex the task of good judging has become more demanding. This article offers a way to make judging better and more accountable and easier. The cost, for the judge, is the effort it takes to learn a symbol system. Fortunately, simplified symbols already exist. This system was developed by Mike Cook of Portland, Oregon. I have added some refinements of my own .

Start with one symbol

A problem element for nearly all young gymnasts is a press to handstand. If you use just this one symbol the advantages for your judging start immediately. When you reconstruct the exercise you will know the deductions for the press, you know which deductions precede and follow the press; you have a memory jog to help you recall the rest of the exercise.

Refine a little

A single underline, to indicate a momentary hold (1 second), will give you a record of the element and fulfillment of a momentary hold.


If the gymnast holds for a full two seconds, add another l-second mark.

Refine a little more

Another good symbol



Suppose the gymnast takes two steps (a 0.2 general execution deduction at 0.1 per step). He also holds the handstand with a slight pike (a technical execution deduction , 0.1). Write general execution deductions below the symbol and technical (angle) deductions above the symbol. This is very useful information when you review the routine. Good symbols also give you cues that help you focus on what is important in the exercise. Many of the required elements in the Junior Olympic program would be considered extra swings in FIG competition. On Rings, Parallel Bars and High Bar many of these swings must be performed to specific angle requirements. This is a swing forward /

This is a swing forward to horizontal


(COli till li ed 011


TEe H N' 0 U E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2002

) f - - - - - - --


- --

page 10)

- -- --::--.1


Swing variations

Now the parts of an exercise Mushroom portion of Class 6 Pommel Horse

Front swing to horizo ntal to a back swing 45' above horizontal Remember, judging with th ese symbols requires some practice.

On the mushroom

6 -


~'/' circle

- quarter spindle

-F -


66 - Circle,


1/4 spindle, 1/4 spindle, circle, 1/2 circle -

Notice how the symbols are easier to read than the text. What makes a good symbol? How to handle bonus

Symbols must take less time to write than the gymnast takes to perform the element. Simple lines and curves that represent the elements leave time to write deductions and bonus. Symbols should be easy to distinguish from deductions. Each Class 6 and Class 5 exercise has a bonus alternative.


Bonus elements are indicated in square brackets, non-bonus elements in parentheses. The real world

Here is a judged exercise:



[...-~ ~

C __~] T <-..,.)

6(66:;:':;: 6-F6~

The first thing that I I /I tI I S we see is that the gymnast has an extra circle (before the first spindle) . Either this was an enthusiasm circle after struggling slightly with the first two or this gymnast has been practicing the Class 5 routine and got confused. He has general execution deductions (form problems) on 4.6 base the 1/4 spindles. There are body position deductions (probably 5 piking) on the first circle and the first 1/4 spindle. He gets +0.2 -. extra element specified bonus for the circle-flair-circle. The dismount is stuck. -.9 execution There is no bonus yet for the stick but there may if there is also a 2 bonus stick in the pommel horse portion of the exercise. The mushroom _+_.__...;,..,.c:..-....:..-:..-_ _ __ portion of the exercise will receive a 3.4 score. 3.4 score Advice to the gymnast: do the routine correctly (+0.5), clean up the spindles (+0.4), you can raise this part of your exercise to at least 4.3. Floor examples

Rings examples


Remember, a mark to the left - backward, a mark to the right - forward, ha~~~~~ng each mark from the top - 1/2 twist


back handspring

LJ 1 1 1>1 R51

front saito

back saito

front saito '/2

back saito '/2

front 1/1

back 1/1

front 1'/2

back 1'/2

If bonus depends on a spot, note the spot. Look at this portion

of the Class 6 Rings compulsory. The bonus for this exercise depends on performing the muscleup without spot. Note the spot. Also, the requirement for 2 second holds in the support and the hanging-L are made clear with the double underline.




Pommel horse Developmental D Handstand full turn


Rings Developmental D Back uprise to ----' handstand (hold)


TEe H H 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2002


Floor ~ ,-\ Class 7 dismount L.> Ha~dstand, roll forward Jump 1/1




Be a better judge

Gymnasts, coaches and judges are the three essentials that make up the sport of gymnastics. Gymnasts are the basis of it all. Coaches give us directed growth. Judges elevate gymnastics from an exhibition to a sport. What do you bring to this mix? Are you accurate? A good symbol system will help you focus on the judging task. Knowledgeable? A good symbols system will give you another cue for knowing the rules. Are you able to re-create your analysis of every routine? Are you able to defend a controversial score? Are you able to really help gymnasts who need your help? You wi ll be able to do all these things better if you can effectively apply symbols. LISTS OF USEFUL JUDGING SYMBOLS

More floor sampLes


round·off cartwheel

Some gen eric eLements

2·sec. scale

1 -\


2-sec. handstand




2-sec. press





PommeL horse sampLes straddle swings

leg cut forward

leg cut backward

2-sec. split

/ swing forward

simple traverse


forward roll lunge rebound forward roll Endo roll with 1/1 turn to handstand


prone fall

swing backward

/ - \

drop dismount

swing forward to horiz.

swing back to 45"

~ )X/(cJ-o ~:?F undercut



reverse scissor


back loop




spindle spindle (continued on page 31)

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- --





TEe HN 10 UE • JAN UARY 2002


) f - - --



- - - - - -- - --

- ,- ,--


Rings samples

muscle muscle up 2-sec. lift to pike up with spot hanging-L inverted hang hang 1-sec.

lower to support long held hang 2-sec. 2-sec.

back lever 2-sec.

front lever 1-sec.

cross 2-sec.

L-cross 2-sec.

stretch stretched inlocate dislocate

Stutz to 452

front uprise swing to handstand

Parallel bar samples

Moyto upper arm

Cast to upper arm

High bar samples

hop grip



cr- Vl


back hip circle

straddle 'L'

back uprise

cast to support

Moy to support


h /" nG 8 ~



swing forward 1/2 turn


front giant

back giant




X~ Endo

inside Endo




inside Stalder

Doug Hills is the author of the "Gymnastics Study Guide" software series and lives in Portland, Oregon . •


YoUIV(;t:t:N TU( QGT

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You may have heard about the changes taking place in the USA women's elite program. The goal is to make the program more user friendly so that more coaches and gymnasts will give it a try. We have a lot of talented gymnasts out there and our hope is to build the base of elite gymnastics in America. Below are some helpful hints and general information. The first thing you should do is check out pages 109 through 122 in the USA Gymnastics 2002 Rules and Policies. This section will give further clarification to any questions you may have. You will also want to be sure to contact your Regional Elite Chairman, which you can find in the front of your Rules and Policies, and make sure you are included on his/her "elite and TOP" mailing list. By doing this you should get all the Elite and TOP information throughout the season.

1. Eligibility basically anyone interested in working toward excellence and striving to meet the 'new code' is welcome at the elite qualifying meets.

2. "Banking" qualifying scores - this year you can get compulsory and optional scores in any order and in either elite 'season', yet continue to participate in the JO program . The only time you cannot do this is once you have participated in a Challenge or Classic competition. 3. A NationaL Qualifier! Yes, a national qualifier, in addition to regional qualifiers, will be held in conjunction with the American Cup in Orlando, Florida. It is hoped that most of the competitors will have an opportunity to compete on the podium! 4. Lower quaLifying scores? Yes, look at the scores for the National Elite Program, and you will see that they are significantly lower than in other years. Realize, however, that ALL gymnasts in qualifying meets will begin at the 'new code' standard of an 8.8 start value. 5. The vaulting table will be used (you DO NOTE have a choice this year!) for all Elite levels and all age groups. 6. Can I incorporate the Elite Physical Abilities into my current conditioning program with the confidence that these will be the test items for this season? YES, go for it.

7. Compulsories! Help! Panic! Try NOT to panic. All of your efforts right now should be on sound 'basics: upgrading your skills and event requirements to meet the new code. The compulsories will be completed at the November training camp immediately followi ng the World

Championships. Be sure you are on your Regional Chair's mailing list (and email list) so you receive the compulsory information as soon as it is released. Meanwhile, I would recommend that you use the following basics during your warm-ups at each event since the compulsories will most likely be "built" around these skills: VAULT • Yurchenko timers • Tsuk and handspring timers BARS

• Cast handstands • Clear hip, stalder, and/or toe shoot seq uences (2 or 3 in a row) • Good technique on giants • Straight body flyaway BEAM

• Sissones, scales, arabesques, needles, tuck and wolf jumps • Backwalker, back handspring , standing tuck • Front wa lkover or front handspring • Roundoff salto or back handspring to sa lto dismount FLOOR • Split leaps, switch split leaps, cat leap fulls, tour jete, chasses • Tuck jump full, straddle jumps • Cartwheel to several back handspring stepo uts (connected) • Snap down to a series of back handsprings • Front handspring to stretch front layout • Roundoff, back handspring, layout with 1/2 turn

United States Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs, Inc.

presents The Inaugural

College Bound Invitational An Invitational Competition for pre-college female gymnasts held in conjunction with the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches for Women ( NACGC / W ) National Convention Date:

May 16th -19th, 2002

Host Hotel:

Renaissance Oklahoma City Hotel 10 North Broadway, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102

Reservation Number:

405-228-8000, request USAIGC rate

Competition Site:

Myriad Convention Center Ballroom Directly attached to the Host Hotel by a sky bridge

Competition Dates:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Competition Times:

1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m . - 9:00 p.m. each day

Workout Days:

Thursday, Friday & Saturday - open training 8 a.m. until 12 p.m.

Competition Rules:

NCAA Women's Collegiate Rules For NCAA Collegiate Rules go to:

Deadline Date:

April 1st

General Information: All juniors and seniors in high school, as well as recent graduates who have not yet selected a college, are invited. This event is open to all-around as well as individual event performers. For registration information and other details, call the USAIGC at 800-480-0201, fax us at 610-518-0221, or contact us at or

Registration is limited. The Invitational will be closed when we reach 300 athletes per event.

Save money on travel to USAIGC Events through Anthony Travel Discounts of 5 - 15% off published air fares and car rentals are available through our official Travel Partners for the College Bound Invitational and all USAIGC events. Please book your travel plans through Anthony Travel at 1-800-736-6377 or email info@anthonytravel. com

of John and Lisa Heenan and has three brothers. Her future plans include theatre, drama, and/or acting . Her future goal in gymnastics is to make the 2004 Olympic Games team.

Katie Heenan, 16, is from Burke, Virginia and trains at Capital Gymnastics Training Center wit h her coac hes Tatiana Periskaia, Victor Vetrov, Galina Me liakina, and Marina Gerasimova. She's a 10th grade home school student and claims math is her favorite subject. It's no surprise that Uneven Bars is Katie's favorite event. Katie is the 2001 U.S. National Champion on bars and most recently the World Championships Bronze Medalist on bars as well. Competing in only her second international gymnastics event, Katie helped the USA win the team bronze medal. Katie said, "It fe lt rea lly good to win the team bronze medal because no one expected us to medal so it made it even more special." She added, "Winning the medal on bars was the ultimate gift for all of my hard work and everything I've been through." Katie was also a member of the 2001 Sr. Pan American Championships team that earned the gold meda l. At this event she finished seventh all-a round and second on bars. Katie began the sport in 1989 and has been on the Nationa l Team four consecutive years, since 1998. She is t he daug hter

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Jeff Lulla is a member of the USAG Preschool Advisory Board and co·aulhor of the Kinder Accredilalion lor Teachers (KAT) course. He is also a USAG National Safely Instructor, an industry consultant, and is a seminar presenter for th e USAIGC, and USA Gymnastics. He owns two successful gyms in Southern California.

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COLLEGIATE NEWS West Chester University will continue its women 's gymnastics team. There was concern that the program would be dropped. This is a victory for our university and for women's gymnastics as well. Thanks to ali of the people in the gymnastics community who supported this cause through letters, phone calis, and e-mails. It was a tremendous show of support.

NEW MEMBERSHIP SEARCH USA Gymnastics has added a new membership query. This query provides: Member Number, Member Type, Membership Expiration Date, City/State, Discipline Levels, and Safety Certification Expiration Date. NOTE: To execute the query, you must login using your Username and Password.


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USA GYMNASTICS WOMEN'S LEVEL I·IV SKILL DEVELOPMENT CURRICULUM This new course is the first discipline-specific education to be introduced under the Professional Development Certification Program.

COURSE OVERVIEW: • Establishes a solid foundation for coaches on gymnastics fundamentals • Breaks down beginning level skills for Junior Olympic Levels I-IV. • Provides hands-on instruction for Vault, Bars, Beam, Dance, and Tumbling. • Lectures and video training on Coaching 101, Psychology, and Coaching Philosophy.

To attend, you must be a minimum of 16 years old, and either a Professional or Instructor member of USA Gymnastics. For an additional fee, non-members can attend and will be given a complimentary one-year Instructor membership.

HOW DO I REGISTER? Check course listing in Technique magazine, on the USA Gymnastics web site, or check our site for contact information for the nearest National Instructor. Obtain course registrations from a National Instructor or download from the USA Gymnastics web site at




• Skill Evaluator accreditation upon course completion.

Effective January 1, 2002

• Course serves as the main requirement for the Level II Professional Development Certification. • Receive the text Introduction to Gymnastics Coaching Theon}, by USA Gymnastics Director of Research and Development, Dr. William Sands. • Receive the text Level I-IV Curriculum Guide, compiled by the USA Gymnastics Women's Program Development Staff. • Attendance provides an exclusive opportunity to purchase the Level I-IV Skill Development Training Video. • Receive a Level I-IV Skill Development Curriculum Course certificate.

During the course of preparing the budget for 2002, the Finance Committee of USA Gymnastics had as its primary goal maintaining funding for athletes and programs at the same levels as 2001. After the initial review of the budget, the Finance Committee found the organization at a deficit. In order to balance the budget, the following steps were taken:

• All salaries and staffing were frozen at 2001 levels • All non-program discretionary expenses were reduced by 25% • And the sanction fees were adjusted as follows: -Events with up to 72 athletes $50 -Events over 72 athletes $100

WHO .SHOULD BE CERTIFIED? • All teachers, instructors, and coaches for women's artistic gymnastics. • All novice teachers with a desire to teach women's gymnastics. • Club owners with women's artistic gymnastics teams or recreational programs.

HOW DO I BECOME CERTIFIED? Complete the two-day, 12-hour course. Through the use of two texts, a coordinating video, and hands-on drill and spotting instruction, the course is taught by our National Instructors.


Beginning January 1, 2002, fees for all sanctioned events will be increased. Events with 72 or less participants will be $50. Events with over 72 participants will be $100. The new sanction form can be found by logging on to and clicking on Member Services. You may contact Member Services by dialing 1-800-345-4719 •

TEe H N 10 UE • JAN UARY 2002




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TEe H N IQU E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2002

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WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL ELITE COMMITTEE Conference Call October 18th, 2001

NIECC Roe Kreutzer


that two other members of the committee will be coaching at the World Championships that the international level compulsory requirements will not be completed until January at training camp. The National level committee will be asked to proceed with the development of its requirements for completion at the November camp.

Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Tom Forster Kelli Hill (absent) Alternate: Yevegeny Marchenko

III. The committee clarified the section in the R & P that deals with Qualification to the Classics Meets.

National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi Athlete Representative Larissa Fontaine (absent) Sr. Director Women's Program Kathy Kelly

Only those athletes who reached last year's qualifying score (34.5 Seniors and 33.5 Juniors) at the u.s. Classics or U.S. Championships are directly qualified to the 2002 Classic Meets.

GUESTS: World Team Coaches Cassie Rice Michael Harris Tim Garrison Tatiana Perskaia Jim Walker

I.ROLL CALL COMPULSORY PROGRAM II. The World Team Coaches with Martha drafted a compulsory program on two tracks (national and international) at the Pan Am camp last month. This proposal was sent to both the IEC and EC for their input. The committees are not in total agreement as to the direction that is best for our elite development and international preparation. Each of the World Team Coaches expressed their opinion of the twotiered structure they proposed along with their rationale.



ROLL CALL: NIECC Roe Kreutzer Coach Representatives Steve Rybacki Donna Strauss Tom Forster Kelli Hill National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi Athlete Representative Larissa Fontaine Sr. Director Women's Program Kathy Kelly Elite Program Manager Gary Warren Chairman, Kreutzer opened the call at 12:00 1100n

Donna expressed concerns about established international level athletes doing skills that are not presently in their preparation plan and the necessity for doing that. She also expressed the need for more time to consider the options before coming to a decision. Therefore, it was decided that since two members of the committee were not present on the call and

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I. QUALIFICATION TO AMERICAN CLASSICS Recommendation that the Junior and Senior National Team are directly qualified to the 2002 Classic Competitions. Motion Steve Rybacki Second Tom Forster PAS SED (co"/inned on p' ge 25)


TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2002

) } - - - - - - - - - --



Some Guidelines on the Transition from the Old Horse to the New Table Wm A. Sands, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. Director of Research and Development USA Gymnastics Women's Program Jeni R. McNeal, Ph.D., C.S.C.S. Eastern Washington University

INTRODUCTION The new vault table (NT) has been adopted by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and is slowly being adopted by all countries and all levels of gymnastics. The U.S. elite program was the first to work with the NT due to the need to prepare for the Ghent World Championships in late 2001. The rapid implementation of the NT by the FIG has resulted in some necessary adaptations to vau lting and our approach to training of vaUlting. As the NT is adopted by the J.O. program, it will be important for coaches to study the NT and identify possible modifications of training and thi nking with regard to the NT dimensions.

SURFACE CONSIDERATIONS Figure 1. Optimum hand contact area on vault table

The old horse (OH) had a large top surface which was expressed in width rather than length. The OH was functional, approximately 160 cm (63 in) wide by 35 cm long (or deep) (14 in) as the gymnast faced the horse from the runway. However the curved edge surfaces of the OH resulted in a more constrained depth or length of approximately 30 cm (12 in). Female gymnasts seldom used an area of the OH that deviated sideward from the center of the OH by more than a few centimeters. Thus, gymnasts contacted the OH very near the center with hand placement roughly shoulder width at hand contact. The effective surface area for hand contact on the OH was approximately 50 cm (20 in.) by 30 cm (12 in .). The surface area for effective hand contact on the new table (NT) is approximately 50 cm (20 inches) by 50 cm (20 inches) . Thus, the effective area for hand contact has increased from appr?ximately 150? cm2 (240 in2) to 2500 cm2 (400 in2). The lncrease In aval lab le surface area on the NT over the OH is approximately 40% (See Figures 1, 2, and 3). Figure 2. Note the

dimensions and the approximate hand contact area of the old horse.

Obviously, the increase in contact area for the hands makes Yurchenko-style vaults considerably easier. Video tape records of the elite-international athletes showed that hand contact on the NT varied from approximately 30 cm (12 in) to 40 cm (16 in) within the same athlete on successive vaults. The change in the overall dimensions and curve of the surface requires some careful consideration when converting to the NT. Clearly, hand placement variations as large as those observed on the NT would be disastrous on the OH. The physical dimensions of the NT have advanced the ability of gymnasts to perform Yurchenko-style vaults due to a number of factors. • The gymnast can be much more confident about her hand placement on the horse, which has allowed the gymnast to be much more aggressive and explosive in reaching the support phase of Yurchenko-style vaults. • The larger and flatter surface of the NT allows the gymnast to place her hands more unevenly on such vaults as halfons without suffering the consequences found using the OH when one hand was considerably more effective in pushing the OH than the other (e.g., Tsukahara-type vaults). • The consequences of preflight errors are dramatically reduced because the gymnast can effectively manage and correct for some errors during the support phase.

BOARD CONSIDERATIONS The NT dimensions require a modification of board placement measurement from the OH . In an effort to make this translation simple, we measured the NT and OH dimensions in order to produce a uniform means of translating board placements. The OH run and board placement measurements commonly occurred from the measured center of the OH . We measured the NT from the near edge (nearest the vault board). The common area for both NT and OH measurements was the area of hand contact. The OH hand contact area was approximately 7 cm (3 in) closer to the vault board than the measured center of the OH . Thus, board distances could be measured from the hand contact area of the OH rather than the center of the OH . Video tape records provided the hand contact area of the NT. Video records indicated that the most common hand contact area of the NT was 60 cm (24 in) from the far edge (landing/dismount edge) of the NT measuring toward the board edge of the top surface. The measurement was taken from the far edge (landing/dismount edge) due to the la rge and varied curves of various NTs. The hand contact area of the NT served as the reference position for measurement of board positions and translation from OH to NT. After dropping a vertical line from the near edge of the NT we were able to translate board placements. The near edge of the NT sits at a position that would represent approximately 66 cm (26 in) from the center of the OH. For example, if the vault board is placed directly under the near edge of the NT, that distance would translate to a board placement of approximately 66 cm (26 in) from the center of the OH. Table 1 provides a means of translating OH board distances to the NT so that hand contact would occur in the proper position on the surface of the NT. In summary, to determine the board placement for the NT simply subtract 66 cm (26 inches) from the OH board placement (Figure 3).


Table 1. Translation of board distances from old horse to new table. Figure 3. Board measurement for the new vault table

Old Horse (inches) 26

New Table (inches)



1 2 3



31 32


27 28

33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

5 7 8 9

10 11

12 13


14 15 16 17



45 46 47 48 49 50


51 52

25 26

53 54

27 28

55 56 57


41 42


Figure 4. Note the hand placement on the old horse showing the "heel" of the hand "bracing" against the forward edge of the horse body dun'ng front handspn'ng-type vaults. Summary

Figure 5. Vault table hand position for front handspn'ng-type vaults. Note that the hands are placed on a more level surface.


21 22 23 24

29 31 32

HANDSPRING FRONT¡TYPE VAULTS The OH provided a different area for hand placement that facilitated handspring front-type vaults. The design of the near edge of the OH allowed the gymnast to "brace" her hands by placing the "heel" of the hands lower on the forward side of the OH (Figure 4). The hand placement, afforded by the OH, permitted the gymnast to apply more force in a forwarddownward direction during hand support. This forwarddownward application of force facilitated the gymnast's rotation about her hands. The NT design does not permit the same approach to hand support for front handspring-type vaults. The flatter top surface of the NT requires the gymnast to apply a larger downward component of force resulting in a net loss of forward -directed force and reduced rotational momentum about the hands during hand support. The top surface of the NT requires that the gymnast rely more on hand-surface friction to produce the forward-directed force which ultimately assists the gymnast's rotational momentum about her hands (Figure 5) . - - - - - - -- - - - - - - ----{(

Coaches and athletes should proceed cautiously during the transition from the OH to the NT. The elite-international group proceeded slowly and patiently while making the transition from the OH to the NT. Many weeks of vaulting onto mat stacks are advisable while making the transition from the OH to the NT.

TE CH N 10 UE â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 2002

)1---- - - - -- - - - ----=2-=3.......

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TEe H H 10 U E • JAN UARY 2002

)1------- -- --

- - - - - -- -


All nominations for positions must be USA Gymnastics Women's Program Professional Members in good standing for a minimum of two consecutive years immediately prior to the nomination, be at least 21 years old, and meet the prerequisites in Article V of t he Operating Code Sections D, F, G and H fo und on the USA Gymnastics website (www . usa-gymnastics . org).The positions are four (4) year terms 2002-2006.

Women's Nominations for National 1. Committee Chair 2. Positions

Nominations are to be sent to the Women's Program Director, USA Gymnastics office /:It March 15,2002.

Women's Program Senior Director USA Gym nastics Pan Ame rican Plaza 20 I S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 Fax: 317·237·5069



National Jr. Olympic Committee Chair (t he National Jr. Olympic Committee C hair is elect ed by the National Jr. Olympic Committee).

I nominate National Technical Committee Chair (the National Technical Committee Chair is elected by th e National Technical Committee).

I nominate National Elite Technical Committee Chair (the National Elite Technical Committee Chair is elected by th e National Elite Technical Committee).

I nominate The International Elite Committee Chai r (the International Elite Committee Chair is elected by the International Elite Committee).

I nominate

(contin ued from pnge 21)

Recommendation that the 2001 World Championships Team (9 members) are directly qualified to 2002 U.S. Championships. Motion Kelli Hill Second Donna Strauss PASSED

Call adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Recommendation that the top 12 juniors from American Classic and the top 16 juniors from the U.S. Classic who attain the qualifying score of 34.00 AA will be qualified to U.S. Championships. (Senior numbers stay as listed in the R&P) Motion Second PASSED

The IEC has decided to stay with a 35.00 AA, pending the possibility of the FIG raising the start value to 9.0. This should be decided in the near future.

Tom Forster Kelli Hill

CONFERENCE CALL ON NOVEMBER 27, 200 1 - 12:00 PM Recommendation that all current and new elite athletes must score a 34.00AA on the Na tional Compulsories coupled with the Optional qualification score (35.00AA senior, 34.00AA Junior) to qualify to the Classics. Motion Donna Strauss Second Kelli Hill PASSED

II. 2002 TESTING The committee discussed the use of a testing program and how to incorporate it into the qualification system. They will develop complexes and basic skills for the international level by January. While this is a time sensitive issue for training purposes, the IEC wishes to be prudent and take the proper time to make sOlmd decisions on the complexes and basic skills. The following recommendations were made for the utilization of the National Compulsory for international level athletes:

Recommendation that once an athlete earns a 35.00AA optional and a 34.00 AA compulsory in the same season, she is not required to repeat either portion during that same season. Motion Kelli Hill Second Steve Rybacki PASSED

Recommendation that the national team members will incorporate national team complexes and skill basics to be tested at training camps and are not required to do compulsory testing at regional and / or national qualifiers.

Recommendation that the Top 12 Seniors and the Top 12 Juniors from the rank order on day one at Classics will qualify into the Classic Team Cup to be held the next day. The teams will be pre-drawn by the order of the athlete's placement on day one. Six member teams, with five competing and four scores counting. Team Awards will be presented.

Motion Donna Strauss Second Kelli Hill PASSED

Motion Donna Strauss Second Kelli Hill PASSED

- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { (


)1-- - - -- - -- - - - ----=2:-:5=->11


10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0

10.0 10.0 10.0



Tsuk Tuck 1/1

Tsukahara Tuck





9.5 9.7 9.8 9.9 9.6 9.7 9.9

Tsuk Tuck 1'I,

Tsuk Pike Tsuk layout 'I, on - 'I, off, Fr. Tuck ," on - 'I, off, Fr. Pike Tsuk Tuck 'I, Tsuk Pike 'I, Tsuk layout 'I,


Tsuk Layout 1/1 'I, on - 'I, off, Fr. layout (Phelps)


Tsuk layout 1'I,






3.505 S3.507 S3.509



Tsuk layout 2'1,

Tsuk layout 2/1 'I, on - 'I, off, Fr. layout 'I, (House) 'I, on - ," off, Fr. Tuck 'I, (Shible) 'I, on - 'I, off, Fr. Tuck 1/1 (Shible)


3.404 3.407

3.303 3.304 3.306 3.307 S3.310 S3.311 S3.312

Note for the J.o. Program: All Tsukahara vaults may be performed with a 90 0 to 180 0 LA turn in the first flight


Hsp - Front Tuck 1/1 Hsp - 'I, off, Back Tuck w/ 'I, (Cuervo Tk wi 'I,) Hsp - Front Pike 'I, Hsp - 'I, off, Back pike (Cuervo Pike) Hsp - Front layout Hsp - Fr. layout 'I, or Hsp - 'I, off, Back layout 1/1 on - Front Tuck

9.7 9.9 9.9 9.9 9.8


8.8 8.8 8.8 9.0 8.9 2.301 2.302 2.303 2.304

2.402 2.403 2.404 2.405 2.406 2.407 2.409

Hsp - Double Fr. Tuck Hsp - Fr. Layout 211

Hsp - Fr. Tuck 1'I, Hsp - Fr. layout 1/1 Hsp - Fr. layout 1," 1/1 on - Front pike

2.601 2.607

1/1 on - Fr. layout

2.502 2.507 2.508 2.509

Hsp - Front Tuck Hsp - Front Tuck 'I, Hsp - 'I, off, Bk. Tuck (Cuervo tuck) Hsp - Front Pike


Handspring Handspring - 'I, Yamashita Yami - 'I, 'I, on - 'I, off 9.2 9.4 9.2 9.1 9.3 9.2 9.4

HANDSPRINGS, YAMASHITAS 1.101 S1.102 1.103 1.104 1.105 Hsp - 1/1 Hsp - 1'/, Yami -1 /1 'I, - 1/1 '1,- 1'I, 1/1 on - HIY 1/1 on - 'I, 9.8 9.7 9.8

TSUKAHARA or 'I, on - SALTO FWD OR BWD with or without TURN

1.201 1.202 1.204 1.205 1.206 1.207 S1 .210 Hsp - 2/1 'I, - 211 1/1 - 1/1


1.301 1.305 1.307




Hsp - 2'1,

Yami-2'/, (Kincaid)

1/1 on - 1'I,

1.402 S1.410

S1.505 2.609



9.4 5.201 5.202

RO,FF 'I, on - 1/1 twist RO,FF 'I, on - 1'I, twist


9.2 9.4

10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0 9.8



GROUP V Round - off, Flic - flac with 'I, or 111 turn on - HNDSPG or SALTO FWD OR BWD with or without LA TURN

(Effective August 1, 2001 - July 31, 2005)

GROUP IV Round - off, Flic - flac on -

on on on on on on on on on on

on - B. Tuck 'I, on - B. Pike 'I, on - B. layout 'I,


RO,FF 'I, on - Fr. Tuck 1'I, 10.0 RO,FF 'I, on - ''' off, BkL010.0 RO ,FF 'I, on - Fr. layout 'I, RO,FF 1/1 on - Bk. layout 10.0

RO ,FF 1/1 on - 1/ 1 twist B. Tuck 1/1 9.8 5.307 B. Tuck 1'I, 10.0 B. Pike 9.5 B. layout 9.7 B. layout 1/1 10.0 'I, off, Fr. Tuck 9.8 5.401 RO ,FF 'I, on - Fr. Tuck 'I, 'I, off, Fr. Pike 9.9 5.402 RO,FF 'I, on - 'I"~ Bk Tuck ," off, Fr. LO 10.0 5.403 RO,FF 'I, on - Fr. Pike 1/ 1 twist off 9.1 5.404 RO ,FF 'I, on - Fr. Pike 'I, 1'I, twist off 9.3 5.405 RO,FF ," on - ''', Bk. Pike 5.406 RO,FF 'I, on - Fr. layout 9.6 5.408 RO,FF 1/ 1 on - Bk. Tuck 9.7 5.409 RO,FF 1/1 on - Bk. Pike 9.9 S5.420 RO ,FF 'I, on - 2/1 twist

RO ,FF on - Back Tuck


RO ,FF 'I, on - Fr. Tuck

SALTO FWD OR BWD with or without LA TURN


4.302 4.303 4.304 4.305 4.306 4.307 4.308 4.309 S4.312 S4.313 S4.320 S4.321 S4.322

4.403 4.406


5.501 10.0 5.505 9.7 or 5.509

RO,FF on - B. layout with 2/ 1 twist


RO,FF on - B. Tuck w/ 2/1 twist RO,FF on - B. layout w/ 1'I, twist RO,FF on - 2/1 twist off (Allen)


RO,FF on - B. layout wi 2'/, twist



Bolded numbers indicate a change of number from the vault lists previously printed in the JO chapter of FIG Code of Points & the JO Technical Handbook

"'" «







...:z: ......




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TEe H N' 0 U E • JAN UARY 2002


ElliE PROGRAM COMMITTEE MEETING HOllston, Texas November 14-15, 2001

ROLL CALL: Chairman Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII IPCC NETC

Gary Anderson Derrick Moellenbeck Brad Loan Tom Forster for Mike Harris Greg LaFleur (absent) Mary Lee Tracy Tony Retrosi Jen Bundy Brian Neal for Ray Gnat Roe Kreutzer Audrey Schweyer (excused)


Tom Koll (excused) Jan Greenhawk (excused) Kathy Kelly (non voting)

Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, November 14,2001.

Gary Anderson welcomed all committee members and gave a brief overview of the meeting agenda and schedule for the weekend.

I. NATIONAL TEAM COORDINATOR The Na tional Team Coordinator, Martha Karolyi, addressed the committee concerning the national compulsory program. Her main points of emphasis were to make sure that the compulsory routines remain simple with sequences and skills and not routines. A video of the proposed routines was viewed and each skill was discussed. Gary thanked Martha for her input and expressed the committee's goal of growing the elite base and bridging the gap between the JO program and the International Elites.

II. SENIOR DIVISION NATIONAL LEVEL Recommendation that a Senior Division (16 and over) be allowed at the National Level. Motion Second PASSED

Tony Reh·osi Mary Lee Tracy

Recommendation that there are no automatic qualifers from the Senior Division to National Training Squad (training camp). Motion Second PASSED

Tony Retrosi Mary Lee Tracy

III. QUALIFYING SCORES Recommendation that the qualifying Compulsory Score for all levels is 32.00. Motion Second PASSED

Mary Lee Tracy Jen Bundy

Recommendation that the qualifying Optional Score for the Senior Division is 33.00. Motion Second PASSED

Tony Retrosi Mary Lee Tracy (CO lltillllCd


0 11

page 30)



(continued from page 29)

IV. CLARIFICATION FOR THE RULES AND POLICIES Page 115. 1. A. 3 Change "three weeks" to "two weeks".


Page 112. IV. 1. All elites must participate at the compulsory session unless they have achieved the qualifying score or are automatically qualified to the Classic.

V. NATIONAL COMPULSORY PROGRAM The committee reviewed and made its final decision on the National Compulsory Program, and the Physical Ability Testing. December 1 was the timeline set for completion of the text and video. Recommendation to accept the National Compulsory Program and Physical Ability Tests as ammended. Motion Tony Retrosi Second Tom Forster PASSED

WOMEN'S JR. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE MEETING I. ROLL CALL: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Tom Koll, Chairman.

PRESENT: Region 1 Region 2 Region 3 Region 4 Region S Region 6 Region 7 Region 8 NTCC (Sat.) JO Program Manager

ABSENT: Jan Greenhawk Gary Anderson Kathy Kelly

Tom presented G. Anderson's written report. Gary encouraged the JO Committee members to contact him directly if they have any questions. The new user-friendly National Elite Compulsories and qualifying scores have been established. A video has been completed and will be ready for distribution. The Senior National level was reins tated.

VI. EQUIPMENT CONCERNS A. NEW VAULT APPARATUS Tom reviewed the discussion regarding the new vault table apparatus from the May meeting. At that time, the FIG h ad not approved the apparatus for international Juniors. The committee stated that they wanted to wait until that approval was made before conSidering a decision for the JO program. After that approval was verified, the committee requested that questions regarding the implementation of the vault table be included on the survey for the 2005 compulsory elements, so that they each could cast a vote that reflected the opinion of the majority of coaches in their own region Each RJOCC then reported on the information/ opinions they had received from their regional constituents. The following is a synopsis of their findings:

Dec. 1-2, 2001 Omaha, NE

Neil Resnick Laurie Reid Cheryl Jarrett Don Houlton John Geddert Larry Goldsmith Mike Milchanowski Tim Rand Cheryl Hamilton Connie Maloney

Koll will bring forth the JO Committee' s ideas to the Administrative Committee.


II. OLD BUSINESS Recommendation to accept the minutes of the May 2001 meeting as printed in the July 2001 Technique. Motion: C. Jarrett Second: M. Milchanowski PASSED

III. BOARD OF DIRECTORS REPORT - T. KOLL Tom gave the committee an overview of the November USAG Executive Committee and Board of Directors m eeting. He announced that Paul Spadaro was elected to the Member at Large position. Another discipline, Sports Acrobatics, h as been added to the Board of Directors.

IV. ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE REPORT T. Koll spoke for J. Greenhawk. The Administrative Committee is considering consolidating the R & P to eliminate sections that are repetitive. Also discussed was the possibility of publishing the R & P online and/ or publishing a book once every four years. Another possibility w ould be to m aintain an updated version posted online and give the book to new members. T.

...-1-3-0------- - -- ------J(

Region 8: Split. Arguments against it were somewhat weak, in that the judges would score higher for vaults using the table. This was not confirmed at the Jr. Elite level, at which the winner at Championships used the conventional horse. Region 7: Split, but in favor of the option for using the Table for the 2001-2002 Optional season by a 2 to 1 margin. Some felt it did not benefit the lower level teams and smaller programs. Region 6: 150 replies. Many coaches expressed anger w hen finding out that the table cannot be used at Open Optional Invitationals. Financial concerns and the potential problem of meets already awarded not having access to the vault table were also expressed. Region 5: 83 responses; 33 against, 50 to give option (35 d idn't coach optionals). The issue of fairness was expressed. John thought the review of this issue would come with the May meeting. He expressed concerns regarding implementation state meets would have to have a facility that could accommodate the two horses. Region 4: 50 responses. Many that were in favor of choice did not have upper level kids. 2/3 were against the implementation of the table for this year; 1/3 for choice. O thers expressed concern regarding the timing of the decision in mid-season; should be done in a timely fashion. Region 3: 30 returns. Results were split; C. Jarrett plans to run a report of her surveys in the regional newsletter. RTC Carole Bunge had indicated a favorable response from coaches in the Colorado area. Region 2: 45 returns. L. Reid talked to every Level 10 coach in the region at mini-congress. Majority of Level 10 coaches wanted an option. Region 1: Coaches overwhelmingly in favor of giving an option, but the issue was for which levels this season. L. Goldsmith recommended that USAG produce a video to

assist with the training methods and new techniques necessary for transitioning to the new vault table. Connie will follow up on this pOSSibility. Scott Roth, of AAI, addressed the committee's concerns abou t availability and specifications. He informed the committee that he anticipated the NCAA would require the table for the 2003 season . If the JO Program required it for 2002-2003 season, he was certain that AAI (and other equipment companies) would be able to service the gymnastics clubs. The committee thanked Scott for attending the meeting and showing the free-standing model. . Tom informed the committee that the liability issue was

TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UARY 200 2


addressed at the USAG Executive Committee meeting in November. USA Gymnastics' legal counsel, as well as the Executive Committee, felt that allowing a choice would involve the least amount of risk. After a lengthy discussion, the committee made the following motions: Recommendation that any invitational competitions that offer an "open optional division" (that is, a session not designated by level) may provide the new vault table in addition to the conventional horse. The information regarding equipment provided must be indicated in the Meet Information. Effective immediately Motion: N. Resnick Second: L. Reid PASSED Recommendation that Level 8-10 gymnasts be allowed an option to use the new vault table or the conventional horse at state and above competitions, effective January 1, 2002. Motion: N. Resnick Second: L. Reid DEFEATED Recommendation that Level 10 gymnasts be allowed an option to use the new vault table or the conventional horse at all sanctioned competitions that provide both pieces of apparatus. The meet director of State and above meets must provide both the vault table and conventional horse. All other sanctioned meets must provide the conventional horse and may also provide the vault table; meet information must indicate the equipment to be provided. Effective immediately. Motion: M. Milchanowski Second: C. Jarrett PASSED 5 in favor, 3 opposed (Region 4,5 & 6)

- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 (

Recommendation that Level 9 gymnasts be allowed an option to use the new vault table or the conventional horse at all sanctioned competitions that provide both pieces of apparatus. The meet director of State and above meets must provide both the vault table and conventional horse. All other sanctioned meets must provide the conventional horse and may also provide the vault table; m eet information must indicate the equipment to be provided. Effective immediately. Motion: N. Resnick Second: T. Rand PASSED 5 in favor, 3 opposed (Region 3,4,6) NOTE: The new vault table is NOT APPROVED for use by Level 8 and below athletes for the 2001-2002 season. Clarification regarding 2002 State Championships: If a state has no Level 9 or 10 athletes that require the new vault table, there is no need for the Meet Director to provide one. The State Administrative Commmittee Chair must survey all the clubs in the state that have Level 9 and 10 gymnasts to verify the need for the vault table. The State Administrative Committee Chair must convey this information to the Meet Director in adequate time to insure the availability and space for the vault table if there are gymnasts who require it. Specifications: There will be no specifications for height for specific age divisions. The vault table may be adjusted to any height, provided it remains within the allowances identified by the manufacturer. If a two-piston model of the vault is used, both pistons must be at the same setting. All models of the vault table will be approved: Retro-fit, free-standing and cabled to floor. The committee discussed the timeline for implementation of the vault table for the lower levels. Recommendation that the vault table be recognized as the official, required vault apparatus for Levels 5-10, effective January 1, 2003. (continued on page 31)

TECH H IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ JAN UA RY 2002


(continued from page 31)


Motion: D. Houlton Second: T. Rand PASSED Rationale for date of implementation: to allow clubs to budget for the apparatus, to allow the equipment manufacturers adequate time to supply, and to allow the athletes adequate time to transition.


always want the best for

all my gyms.


Recommendation to allow all compulsory level athletes the option of using up to two manufactured skill cushions (maximum thickness of 8" /20cm), placed separately, on the Floor Exercise area.

Add the above to the 2001-2002 Rules and Policies, page 107, G.2:



Motion: L. Reid Second: C. Jarrett PASSED

'-.. '-..








Cheryl reviewed the minutes from the Technical Committee meeting. Recommendation to accept the Technical Committee's recommendation for the Level 4 Vault: to add a 2.00 deduction for the coach assisting the gymnast after achieving hand support on the mat stack (instead of voiding the vault). Motion: C. Jarrett Second: L. Goldsmith PASSED

The Technical Committee has accepted this recommendation; therefore, the description of the "A" element #52 .104 is "Cast to squat, straddle or pike on the low bar, jump to grasp the high bar." 5ee Technical Committee minutes of November 2001 .

VIII. CURRENT COMPULSORY CONCERNS A. COMPULSORY LEAPS·RUN OR STEP? Clarification for both beam and floor: quick running steps are acceptable into the leaps for all compulsory levels.


That's why I switched ...






I "'-












\ I \/

\ 1

1\ \ \ \ \

/ I /



"- '-..





Recommendation to allow a choice of a bent or straight leg entrance and exit for all Compulsory levels for Beam & Floor acro elements, effective August 1, 2002. Motion: L. Reid Second: L. Goldsmith PASSED


//::'to ProSchool

- --- -





NOTE: If the coach assists the gymnast from the board to the mat stack, the vault is void. The 2.00 deduction applies only to assistance in the support phase. Recommendation to the Technical Committee to review the description of the cast squat on and require it to include a jump to grasp the HB to count as an "A" element. Motion: L. Reid Second: D. Houlton PASSED



Rita Brown, President '\, '\, Brown's Gymnastics "Training Centers



'-.. ProSchool, '-.. simply the best "'"'gym management software-period.

Clarification that it is acceptable to lower the heels in preparation for the straight jump after the back walkover.

IX. OPTIONAL CONCERNS A. LEVEL 8 DIFFICULTY RESTRICTIONS/EXCEPTIONS· Committee discussed that a Back saito tucked on Beam was a


TEe H H 10 U E • JAN UARY 2002


"B" last year, now a "C" so Level S's cannot perfonn it and receive value part credit. Recommendation to the Tec!uucal Committee to reconsider that a back saito tucked (C) be allowed at LevelS's and be awarded "B" Value Part credit. If the Tec!uLical Committee agrees, then tlus would be effective immediately. Motion: L. Goldsmith Second: C. Jarrett PASSED 6 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention

LETTER FROM BOB COLAROSSI Mr. Colarossi presented the committee with some food for thought on ideas for the future of the Jr. Olympic grassroots program. The committee will be discu ssing these more in depth at the May meeting, but are con sidering addi ng more competitive opportunities on a National level for our JO athletes.

Meetil1g adjourned at 10:30 a.m. SUl1day, December 2.

The Technical Committee revisited this issue and subsequently voted in favor of allowing Level 8 gymnasts to pelform the Back salto tucked as an exception for "B" credit, effective immediately. See WTC minutes of November 2001.

Next meeting will be held in Landover, MD following the Jr. Olympic National Championships.

Approved: Bob Cola rossi, USAG Presidel1t

(COl/ til/li ed 0 /1 page 34 )

Reeemmeftaalioft te allow Level 8's te :redorm "C" elemeftts afta to reeeive "B" ereait, te ee eHeetive Atlgtlst 1, 2992. Motion: D. HOtlltOfl eeeofls: M. ~,<fiIEHaflo\t'sl(i 2 in fav01~ 4 opposed, 2 abstentions

B. LEVEL 7 BARS - NUMBER OF ELEMENTS Recommendation to the Tec!uucal Committee regarding the Level 7 Uneven Bar requirement of S elements: If, in addition to the four required elements (kip mount, cast to 60·, circle element to 60·, and saito dismount), an "A" or "B" element is attempted but is incomplete and does not receive Value Part credit, the d eliberate omission deduction of 1.00 will not be applied. Deduct O.SO for not meeting the requirement of S elements, effective immediately. Motion: J. Geddert Second: M. Milchanowski PASSED

The Technical Committee motioned, seconded and passed this same recommendation bye-mail vote on December 10. See WTC minutes of November 2001 .

X. WAIVER OF AA FOR PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED ATHLETES Recommendation to allow athletes who are limited in the number of events in which they can perform due to physical handicap, the ability to petition to qualify to higher level meets by achieving an average score equal to the average of the All Around qualifying score. If the qualification is by number or percentage, such individuals could be added as additional athletes provided they achieve an average score that meets or exceeds the average score achieved by the lowest qualifier. Motion: L. Goldsmith Second: J. Geddert PASSED

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Don't miss the 2002 USA Gymnastics National Congress and U.S. Gymnastics Championships which will include all four disciplines: men, women, rhythmic, and trampoline and tumbling!

XI. TlMELINE FOR COMPULSORY 2005 DEVELOPMENT Connie distributed a timeline for the production of the new compulsory exercises to be implemented in August of 2005. Tom gave the committee the following event assignments, in regards to preparing texts and additional skills/ drills for the different levels.

August 7-1 0 • Cleveland, Ohio

Beam /Floor Dance: Tom Koll, Laurie Reid, Cheryl Jarrett, Tim Rand, Larry Goldsmith


Vault/Bars/Tumbling, ConditiOning, Flexibility/Drills: John Geddert, Neil Resnick, Mike Milchanowski, Don Houlton, Larry Goldsmith, Tom Koll


US. Gymnastics

The committee reviewed the responses from the surveys in regards to the elements. The elements for Level 1-6 Balance Beam and Floor Exercise were finalized so the choreographers could begin work on the new routines.


CHAMPIONSHIPS Cleveland. Ohio ' August 7-10. 2002



GYMNASTICS National Congress

Itn 9

Cleveland. Ohio ' August 7-10. 2002

-CJ'1'>'l'50Cs Excellence Thtoug, EdJaJlion"

) ) - - - - - - -- -- -- ----::3:-:3=--1

(coll till ued from page 33)

Motion: M. Elfenbein Second: C. Bunge PASSED

WOMEN'S TECHNICAL COMMITTEE MINUTES November 17-19, 2001 Indianapolis, IN Meeting was called to order by Chairman Chen)l Hamilton at 2:00 p.m.

I.ROLL CALL: Region I Region II Region III Region IV Region V Region VI Region VII Region VIII Nat'! Elite Tech Chair Nat' l JO Comm. Chair Absent: Admin. Comm. Chair Nat'! Elite Comm Chair SDWP NAWGJ NFCAA

Sue Graff Linda Mulvihill Carole Bunge Linda Thorberg Char Christensen Pat Panichas (Sat. & Sun.) Myra Elfenbein Marian Dykes Audrey Schweyer Tom Koll (Sun. PM & Mon.)

Note: The deduction of "up to 1.00" for bent arms could also be applied.

V. JR. OLYMPIC OPTIONAL EXERCISE CONCERNS The committee would like to remind the coaches and judges that all Optional rules for the Jr. Olympic program are published in the 20012005 edition of the Jr. Olympic Technical handbook, the minutes of the JO and Technical Committees and the 2001-2005 J.O. Element Supplement.

Jan Greenhawk Gary Anderson Kathy Kelly Carole Ide Sandy Thielz

II. RULES & POLICIES ADDITION Under 1. Contracting Officials, page 87, add G. Meet hosts of Invitational competitions or any meets not under the organizational jurisdiction of the State Administrative Committee may use the state approved contractor or may contract the officials directly using a USA Gymnastics contract. The Meet Director may also request specific judges when they submit a "Request for Judges" form to the State approved contractor.

III. APPAREL Clarification: Leotards with "spaghetti straps" are considered incorrect attire. According to the 2001 FIG Code of Points, the shoulder strap width must be a minimum of 2 cm.

IV. JR. OLYMPIC COMPULSORY CONCERNS A. If, on the dismount, the gymnast fails to land on the feet first, a "failure to complete a major element" deduction of "up to the value of the element" is taken, plus 0.50 for the fall. This is different from the principle used for optional exercises (any salto that does not land on the feet first receives no Value Part credit plus the fall.) B. Level 4 Vault 1. Page 73 and 151 in new Compulsory book, #C.7. Change the wording to read: Failure to show an inverted vertical position from hands to hips. 2. Recommendation to the Jr. Olympic Committee to consider not voiding a vault in which the gymnast achieves hand support on the mat stack, but is unable to continue over to her back without the assistance of the coach. An appropriate deduction (proposed 2.00) would be finalized by the Technical Committee, in consideration of the JO Committee's recommendation. Motion: M. Dykes Second: M. Elfenbein PASSED

Note: This recommendation was taken to the TO Committee and was accepted, as follows: to add a 2.00 deduction for the coach assisting the gt)mnast after achieving hand support on the mat stack (instead of voiding the vault). If the athlete is short of vertical and returns to the board, it is considered a wrong vault and that vault is voided. 3. Recommendation to delete the Level 4 Vault General deduction of 2.00 for performing a Headspring (see page 74 & 151 in the JO Compulsory Book, 2001 edition.) Effective January 1, 2002 ~1-3-4-----------------1(

4.Recommendation to add a deduction of 2.00 in the support phase for "Head contacting mat." Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: L. Mulvihill Second: M. Elfenbein PASSED

A.FLOOR EXERCISE 1. Recommendation to add to the Technical Handbook: page 142, add to IV. Specific Compositional Deductions A. One-sided use of elements: Add #4: Overuse of - forward/sideward or - backward saltos Up to 0.10 Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: L. Mulvihill Second: M. Elfenbein PASSED 2.Recommendation to add to the Technical Handbook: page 142, add to IV. Specific Compositional Deductions A. One-sided use of elements: Add #5: Lack of balance between acrobatic and dance elements Up to 0.10 Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: L. Mulvihill Second: P. Panichas PASSED 3. Clarification regarding the Special Requirements for Acro Series: One long acro series with multiple saltos (in one directional line or going across the diagonal and back again without stopping) counts as ONE acro series and will fulfill the Special Requirement of an acro series with two (2) or more saltos. 4.Clarification regarding the 360° turn with free leg above horizontal (#2.202 -B value): Change the wording in the JO Technical Handbook on page 136, g. Replace the first sentence with the following: The free leg may be bent or extended, but the entire leg must be above horizontal. Once the free leg above horizontal position is established, it must be maintained throughout the turn in order to receive Value Part credit, as listed . B. UNEVEN BARS I.The committee discussed the deductions for insufficient amplitude of body at turn completion found on page 86 of the JO Technical Handbook. There were concerns that these deductions were too severe, espeCially for the elements that included a full turn on one arm (Healy technique). Many coaches have expressed that to expect the turn to be finished within 10° of handstand was unrealistic for the J.O. athletes. Recommendation to add a second set of deductions for "Insufficient Amplitude of Body at Tum completion for Handstand pirouettes and Elements with hop grip changes with turns" (found on page 86 of the JO Technical Handbook) as follows: For all elements that include a 1/1 (360°) tum completed on one arm after vertical in the descent phase (Healy technique) For any element with 1'/2 (540°) tum or more (using any tum technique) 0-30° 31° - 45°

TEe H H 10 U f • JAN UARY 2002

No deduction 0.05 - 0.10 0.15 - 0.20

) 1 - - - -- -- - - - -- - - - -

Effective January 1, 2002

7. Clarification: on page 80, of the JO Technical Handbook, change 1. To read: If the hop is completed in the descending phase (past vertical), it will retain the value of the root skill and will not fulfill the Special Requirement of a flight element.

Motion: M. Dykes Second: P. Panichas PASSED

Note: The deductions for Insufficient Amplitude of Body at turn completion presently found on page 86 of the fO Technical Handbook apply to ALL 180° turns (regardless of technique and grip) and also elements with 360° in handstand that are NOT performed on one arm (Healy technique.) Change the deduction for> 30° from a flat 0.20 to 0.15 - 0.20. 2. Recommendation that, for Level 7-10, a cast that is within 11°44° of vertical will receive" An value part credit. Clarification: All existing amplitude of cast deductions will be applied (see page 73 & 84 of Technical Handbook). Make the following changes in the JO Technical Handbook, page 73, H. 1. b. and 84: E.3. 1st bullet to read: "An Value Part credit awarded. Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: L. Thorberg Second: A. Schweyer PASSED

Note: At Level 7, if all casts in the exercise are at 60° or above, no amplitude deductions would be applied for the casts that are not used to fulfill the cast requirement, since the expectation at this level is 60° (not vertical). 3. Modification of new FIG ruling on the evaluation of the amplitude of "B" circling elements: All "B" circle skills to clear support (examples- clear hip circle, pike sale circle, stalder circle) will receive "B" Value Part credit, regardless of the angle achieved, provided the hips do not touch the bar at the completion of the circle. The following deductions would apply: Body 45° above horizontal No deduction Up to 0.20 Body below 45°

Note: Since the "B" stalder does not require an open hip angle at the completion, consider the line from the shoulders to the hips when evaluating the amplitude of the body. The clear hip circle and pike sale circle angle is determined, as usual, by a line from the shoulders through the lowest body part. 4. Recommendation to change the following element listed in the FIG Code of Points under #6.201 from a "B" to a "Cn for the Jr. Olympic program: Kip-up on HB, passing through clear straddle support-swing/press to handstand, also with liz turn (180°) in handstand phase (Chow). Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: P. Panichas Second: S. Graff PASSED 5. Recommendation to apply the following new FIG procedure for timing of falls on Uneven Bars to the Jr. Olympic program, effective January 1, 2002: The 30-second fall period stops when the gymnast touches the bar to remount in preparation to resume her routine. A reasonable short period of time is allowed to resume swing. Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: P. Panichas Second: C. Christensen PASSED 6. Clarification: The FIG has recently redefined the requirements of the glide, stoop through, back kip to catch HB to receive "B" credit - any contact with the legs on the LB makes it an "A"; it must be totally in a clear support prior to release to receive a "B". However, the Jr. Olympic program will maintain the description of this element as found on page 75 of the J.O. Technical Handbook. (Award B value with deduction for a brush or hit with legs on bar) This also applies to a glide, straddled back kip.

8. Clarification regarding Uneven bars deduction for an arch in handstand position: Apply the general deduction for "Insufficient exactness of tuck, pike or stretched position" of "up to 0.20". 9. Clarification on number of elements: a Glide kip (# 1.101), cast squat on (#S2.104) and back sale circle to stand on LB, with grip change to hang on HB (#7.103) are considered as only two (2) elements. As requested by the J.O. Committee, in order for the "cast squat on" to be considered an "A" element, it must be followed by a jump to grasp the high bar. 10. Clarification regarding extra swings: a. If a gymnast catches the high bar in a dead hang and takes extra swings (pump swings) to regain momentum, deduct 0.30 for each extra swing. However, if extra swings are taken, followed by the athlete jumping down, take only the deduction of 0.50 for the fall. b. After a fall, the gymnast is allowed to jump (or be lifted) to the HB and then take a maximum two "pump" swings to initiate momentum to resume the exercise. If more than two swings are taken, the 0.30 deduction for extra swing would be applied.

C. BEAM 1. Clarification regarding the 360° turn with free leg above horizontal (#3.303 -C value): Change the wording in the JO Technical Handbook on page 111, i. Replace the first sentence with the following: The free leg may be bent or extended, but the entire leg must be above horizontal. Once the free leg above horizontal position is established, it must be maintained throughout the turn in order to receive Value Part credit, as listed. 2. Clarifications regarding the Special Requirement of a Hold Element: a. Make the following changes on page 114 of JO Technical Handbook: Under C. Hold element 1. All elements from Group 5 are eligible, with the exception of #5.102 (Needle scale) and #5.104 (Free lying position with large leg amplitude at end or side of beam). 2. Includes any element from Groups 1, 5 or 7 that shows a handstand position for two seconds, such as flic-flac with 1/ 4 turn to side handstand held two seconds. b. "L" supports and straddle "L" supports are not Value Part elements and are not eligible to fulfill the "Hold" Special Requirement. c. Element # 5.204 Clear pike "V" support (2 sec.): This element must be performed with the hand support on the outside of the legs. Various leg positions with the hips lifted forward-upward (see illustration for element #5.204) will be acceptable. If held two seconds, will fulfill the Hold Special Requirement. d. Any Scale element listed in the FIG Code of Points that does not have a deSignated angle requirement in the description must show a leg position above horizontal and must be held two seconds to be recognized as a Value Part and be eligible for the Hold Special Requirement. Amplitude deductions may also be applied. e. Modification of the new FIG ruling regarding falls on Hold elements: For the Jr. Olympic program, if a fall occurs after the successful completion of a Hold element (held for two seconds), the Special Requirement and Value Part WILL be awarded. (Example, Press to handstand mount, holds for two seconds, then falls off. Award B value part credit and SpeCial Requirement for Hold.) Note: this differs from Elite/FIG.

~_ _ _ _ _-..,..-,,-,~.,,----:--,--,-~

- - - --

- - - - - - --




(COli til/lied 011



(colltillued froll1page 35 )

3. Clarification of the Special Requirement of a Leap, jump or hop with 180° split: The 180° position must have the forward leg extended. If the forward leg finishes in a stag position, it will not fulfill the Special Requirement. If the rear leg is in a stag position, it will fulfill the SR. 4. Clarification regarding the compositional deduction of missing a forward / sideward and backward acro element: A flic-flac with 1/ 4 or 3/ 4 turn to handstand is considered a backward element. A tictoc (walkover for ward, backward) will be considered a forward OR backward element. 5. Recommendation (effective January 1, 2002) to adopt the new FIG clarification regarding the compositional deduction of 0.10 for lacking a forward/sideward and backward acro element from Groups 7 or 8: If the mount (Group 1) and/or dismount (Group 9) is the only forward/sideward element(s) or the only backward element(s), the deduction is 0.05. Effective January 1, 2002

Motion: P. Panichas Second: L. Thorberg PASSED 5. Clarifica tion by FIG regard ing the vault safety collar mat: For Round-off entry vaults performed at the Elite and J.O. level, the safety collar mat is required and must be placed in the proper direction or the vault is invalid -"0". The safety collar is designed to protect between the board and the vault apparahls, as well as at the sides of the board. In the J.o. Program, the safety collar mat may be used in either direction for vaults from Groups 1, 2 and 3 (Handspring and Tsukahara entry).


Motion: P. Panichas Second: M. Dykes PASSED D. BEAM & FLOOR DANCE: Clarification on Switch-leg leap or switch-leg leap with 1/ 4 turn (switch-side) leap: If the first leg is in stag position (knee bent a minimum of 90°) and never extends prior to the leg switch, the leap is recognized as another element, i.e., on Beam and Floor a stag-switch leg leap would be an A, a switch-side leap with a stag of the first leg would be a "B" on Floor (like a side leap) and a "C" on Beam (side straddle jump). A stag means that the 1st leg finishes in a stag position, with no extension of the first swing leg. A bending and extending (develope teclmique) is acceptable, with no deduction. E. VAULT 1. Recommendation to add an "up to 0.30" deduction under second flight for "late completion of the twist" for Group 1 vaults and Group 4 or 5 vaults without saltos. (Add this deduction to the JO Technical Handbook, page 58 under F.3. add k.) Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: M. Elfenbein Second: C. Bunge PASSED Note: The deduction of "up to 0.3" for incomplete twist MAY also be applicable, in addition to the deduction for late completion of twist. 2. Level 8 Vault Clarification: If the gymnast announces a 1/ 2 on - 1/ 2 or 1/ 1 off or a Tsukah ara tuck or pike and performs only a 1/ 2 on - repulsion off, that particular vault will be scored a "0" due to the fact that no such vault is listed. However, the gymnast does NOT receive a "0" for the event. If a Level 8 gymnast performs a vault that is not listed on the Level 8 vault chart but is listed on the Level 9/10 chart, then her final score for the event would be "0" due to performing a restricted vault. This clarification will be added to the J.O. Technical Handbook at the bottom of page 57, E. 5. 3. Recommendation to add the following deduction to the first flight phase: Legs crossed "up to 0.10" (Add to JO Technical handbook, page 58, 1. Add f) Effective January 1, 2002 Motion: M. Elfenbein Second: A. Schweyer PASSED

4. Recommendation to add the new FIG Vault to the JO 9/10 Vault Chart, valued at 10.0: #5.410: Round-off, flic-flac with 1/1 turn on - '/2 off, front saito tucked

Recommendation to add the following deduction under landing faults for Bars, Beam and Floor, page 46 of JO Technical Handbook, under 2. Medium Faults, add letter "q": Incorrect body posture Up to 0.20 Motion: C. Christensen Second: L. Mulvihill PASSED

VII. JR. OLYMPIC ELEMENT SUPPLEMENT The committee revised and approved the JO Element Supplement to include skills that are no longer in the FIG Code of Points, skills that have a different value for JO than FIG, and those skills that have been performed at JO Nationals. The JO Element Supplement will be posted on the USAG web site and also published in Technique .. The fo llowing h-vo skills were performed at the 2001 J. O. Nationals and were added to the J.O. Element Supplement: Vault: #S3.507 ' /2 on - '/2 off, Front saIto stretched with ' /2 turn (House) 10.0, Bars: #S4.507 Swing down between the bars, swing fo rward and saito backward stretched with ' / 2 turn - Stretched Gienger (Hubbard & Martinjak)



Pat reported that the NAWGJ Symposium was conducted on July 1215 in Newport Beach, California. WTC members Cheryl Hamilton and Audrey Schweyer were honored with lifetime NAWGJ membership awards. Congratulations! The 2002 National Judges' Cup will be held in St. Louis, MO on January 4-6. The National NAWGJ newsletter can now be accessed on their website (www.nawgj .org). NAWGJ administered 83 of the 112 JCI exam sessions last year. She reviewed the changes in the Judges' Compensation Package for the 2001-2002 season. Pat posed the question of what penalty, if any, can be taken if the Meet Director does not provide for the requ ired break time for the judges. Connie replied that this would be an example of violation of sanction and should be reported on the Sanction report form to the National USAG office and also reported to the State or Regional Administrative Committee Chair to be reviewed.

IX. JR. OLYMPIC COMMITTEE REPORT - TOM KOLL Tom requested that the Technical Committee members convey any concerns they might have regarding the use of the new vaulting apparatus with their Regional JO Committee Chair prior to the JO Committee meeting December 1st. Tom also updated the committee regarding the timelines for the 2005 compulsory development.

X. ELITE PROGRAM COMMITTEE REPORT Audrey Schweyer and Kathy Kelly reported that the revised National Elite Compulsory exercises are in the process of being finalized within the next week. (co ntinued 0 11 page 39)

- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - . , (





August 10, 2001; Philadelphia, Pa. Called to Order by Chairman, Gil Elsass at 6 p.m.





Members: Hiroshi Fujimoto (proxy) David Klein Gilbert Elsass Dan Coon Bob Witmer Tom Fontecchio Jeff Barlow Kevin White Dean Schott Mihai Bagiu (absent) Jon Culbertson Bill Foster Steve Butcher Kelly Crumley Bo Morris Dennis McIntyre Ron Galirnore Gilbert Elsass

Reg. 1 Reg. 2 Reg. 3 Reg. 4 Reg. 5 Reg. 6 Reg. 7 Reg. 8 Reg. 9 Athlete Rep. NGJARep. Jr. Rep. MPC Jr. Rep. MPC Jr. Coaches Rep. Men's Program Mgr. Jr. Nat'! Coordinator Men's Program Director Chairman

Foreign Athletes are not allowed to be on a State, Regional or National Teams.

Bo MorrisA. Academic All-American Award deadline has been moved up to April 1st. B.

There is a revision and update of the Basic Skills Program. It has a manual and videotape.


Discussion of 2004 J.O. Nationals - There is interest from group in Central Florida, some questions about ceiling height requirements.

VIII. LONG RANGE JR. TEAM PROGRAM REPORT Dennis McIntyre A. Team Grant Program - helps programs with special Needs.


Discussion of the Yurchenko Vault in the Jr. Program. Motion to allow the Yurchenko Vault for the Elite l's and 2's in competition starting January 1, 2002 and implement McIntyre's proposal into the Jr. Program. Motion: Dean Schott Second: Kelly Crumley PASSED: 8 For; 5 Opposed

II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Motion: Bob Witmer Second: Kelly Crumley PASSED


Motion: Bill Foster Second: Dean Schott PASSED

Dan Coon and Carol Hammer both submitted written reports.


Vault Table should be allowed at Compulsory levels at all meets. Motion that States and Regions will have the Option to use the Vault Table at their State and Regional Championships.


Steve Butcher is trying to get sponsorship.


Foreign Athlete Sanction information in R & P has to have its language cleaned up so that it is easy to understand. Duplicate awards will be given to Foreign Athletes so that the USA Athlete will not be omitted!

McIntyre will have the Future Stars information on the web within 10 days. The date for the Workshop and Competition will be November 16th-18th, 2001.



Jon Culbertson is trying to get a J.0. Technical Director in each J.0. Region.

Jeff Robinson A. There is an update in the works and all changes will be in bold print.



Steve ButcherA. MPC recommends the use of Yurchenko Vault in the J.0. Program.



Nomination of Dean Schott.

MPC deals with the total number of athletes allowed into USA Championship Qualifier.

VII. USA GYMNASTICS NATIONAL REPORT Ron Galirnore A. Dealt with the National Scholarship Foundation fees from the Men's Sanctioned Meets. B.

The JOPC Rules and Policies are online.


Judging questions should go to the JOTD's.



Format will be the same as 2001.


J.O. Nationals Qualifying scores: Motion for Elite l's qualifying score is 42.5 points.

TEe H N IOU f • JAN UARY 2002


Motion: Kelly Crumley Second: Bill Foster PASSED

Motion: Dan Coon Second: David Klein DEFEATED: 1 For 12 Opposed

Motion for Elite 2's qualifying score is 40.5 points.

Motion to recommend to the MPC that the J.D. Nationals Elite 1 Champion be automatically qualified to the USA Championships in the Senior Division.

Motion: Bill Foster Second: David Klein PASSED Motion for Class 3's qualifying score be 45.5 points. Motion: Kelly Crumley Second: Jon Culbertson PASSED: 11 For, 2 Opposed

Motion: Bill Foster Second: Jeff Barlow PASSED Kevin WhiteDiscussion on expanding Class 3 AA Finals from 36 gymnasts to 48 gymnasts. Dennis McIntyre explained why 36 gymnasts are in AA Finals.

XII. DISCUSSION OF REGION 3'S OPEN OPTIONAL JR. ELITE SCORING RULES Gil ElsassRegion 3 is working on it. Motion to Adopt Open Optional Competition Rules Proposal by any State that would like to try that System.

Motion to have the Class 3 AA Total Score achieved by combining both the Prelim Meet score and the Final AA score at J.O. Nationals. We will have an e-mail vote by September 30, 200l. Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Dan Coon PASSED Motion to adjourn.

Motion: Bill Foster Second: Dean Schott PASSED: 1 Abstain

Motion: Dean Schott Second: Hiroshi Fujimoto PASSED

XIII.NEW BUSINESS Dan CoonA. Discussion of the One Vote per Club Rule. Motion to have One Vote per Pro Member for State Chairman.

The meeting adjourned at 10:02 p.m. Submitted by Tom Fontecchio, JOPC Secretary Approved: Ron Galimore, Senior Director, Men's Program Approved: Bob Colarossi, USAG President •

(WomelJ 's milllllescoll t illued fro m page 37)

XI. BASE SCORE VIDEOS The committee began work on the evaluation of Level 8, 9 and 10 exercises to be used for Base Score videos for the upcoming 2002 season. These videos will be distributed to the Regional and State USAG Chairmen as well as the Regional and State NAWGJ Directors when completed.

Attention Women's Judges and Meet Directors: Please note that per the Judge's Compensation Package, mileage will be reimbursed at the current IRS rate. The IRS has just announced that the mileage rate will be 36 cents per mile, effective January I, 2002.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM Monday, Nov. 19. Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 7-9, 2002 in Las Vegas, NV

ADDENDUM TO THE MINUTES: The following motions were made via e-mail vote on December 10, 2001 in response to the recommendations from the Jr. Olympic Committee meeting held December 1-2, 2001: 1. Recommendation to allow Level 8 gymnasts to receive "B" credit for the performance of the "C" Beam element # 8.303 Saito backward tucked. Motion: 1. Mulvihill Second: P. Panichas PASSED

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2. Recommendation to accept the JO Committee's recommendation regarding the Level 7 Uneven Bar requirement of 8 elements: If, in addition to the four required elements (kip mount, cast to 60°, circle element to 60° and salto dismount), an "A" or "B" element is attempted but is incomplete and does not receive Value Part credit, the deliberate omission deduction of 1.00 will not be applied. Deduct 0.80 for not meeting the requirement of 8 elements. Effective immediately. Motion: C. Bunge Second: M. Elfenbein PASSED

(888) 603-8747

Approved by Bob Colarossi, USAG President, December 2001 • ----------------«

TfC HN IOU E • ]A NUARY 2002



"111£ ( }'}'


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#2402 #2403 #2404 #2405 #2406 #2407 #2408 #2409 #2411

Trampoline Code of Points Boo klet .... ...... ... .......... ... ... .. .... .$10.00 Power Tumbling Code of Points Booklet .... ... .......... ......... .... $10.00 Double Mini .. Trampoline Code of Points Booklet .................. $10.00 Tram poline & Tumbling Jr. Olympic Program Video .............. $20.00 Teaching Somersaults Video ............... ... ... .................. .... .. .$20.00 Basic Trampoline - The Beginning Steps Video .. ........... .......$20.00 The X.. Factor - Twisting for Trampoline Video ...................... $20.00 Front & Back Rotation - The Beginning Steps of Flipping Video ...... .... ... ....... ... ..... ............ .... .... ...... ...... .. $20.00 Roundoff, Power Hurd le & Mountain Climber Video ..... .. .. ..... $20.00


1999 COMPETITION VIDEOS "'The following videos are available to USA Gymnastics members only.

*#2274 *#2275 #2277

1999 John Han cock National Championships .. ..... ... ... ... ... ... $20.00 1999 World Team Trials ....... ......... ........ ... ....... ... ... ... ......... $20.00 1999 World Championships (3 tapes) ..... ........................... $45.00

All USA Gymnastics videos are designed to be used for educational purposes by gymnastics coaches and judges. All videos were produced with commercial equipment by amateur videographers unless otherwise seated. Our Olympic technical videos are presented from one camera angle and show the entire exercise without cuts. close.. ups or other effects and enhancements. Except for women's floor exercise, the videos do not have sound. The Atlanea Technical videos are available for purchase to USA Gymnastics members only.


2000 Visa American Cup Series-RCA/Aussie/Visa Finals ............ $15.00

- - - - - -- -- - - -- - - - - j (

r EC H N IOU E • JAN UARY 2002


) 1 - - - - - - - -- ---------:;4;-;;';-w1



September 17, 2001; Meeting called to order at 8:10 a.m. Pacific btJ Chair, Yoichi Tomita.



Members Present: Yoichi Tomita MPC Chair & Sr. Coaches Rep. Tim Daggett Vice-Chair for Men (absent) Steve Butcher MPC Secretary & Jr. Coaches Rep. George Beckstead FIG Rep. Kurt Golder Sr. Coaches Rep. Bill Foster Jr. Coaches Rep. Mihai Bagui Athlete Rep. John Roethlisberger Athlete Rep. Butch Zunich NGJA Rep. (voice, no vote) Ron Brant Men's Sr. Nat'l Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) Dennis McIntyre Men's Jr. Nat'! Team Coordinator (voice, no vote) Ron Galimore Senior Director, Men's Program (voice, no vote) Invited: Kevin Mazeika

2001 World Championship Coach (voice, no vote)

Yoichi Tomita complimented the MPC on their team selection work at the U.S. Championships. Ron Galimore reviewed the draw procedure used at the past World University Games.

II. ASSISTANT COACHES FOR THE NEXT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Kevin Mazeika recommended Vitaly Marinitch and Miles Avery as the two assistant coaches. Motion: To accept Vitaly Marinitch and Miles Avery as the 2001 World Championships assistant coaches. Motion: John Roethlisberger Second: Kurt Golder Discussion PASSED-Unanimous

• World Championship selection procedures will need to be placed in the May issue of Technique magazine. The 2003 Pan American Games selection procedures will need to be placed in the November issue of Technique magazine. The publication deadline for these events to appear in Technique is two months prior to distribution of the magazine. He also reminded us that there are several steps in the process of approval after the MPC finalizes their recommendation. Ron Galimore will gather the USA selection procedures from the 1996 Individual World Championships, as well as the team parameters for the 2002 World Championships. These past selection procedures will be distributed to the MPC members so that they can give more qualified input in determining the selection procedures for 2002. Event Sites & Dates (all very close in timing): 2003 U.S. Championships, Location TBD, August 18-23 2003 Pan American Games, Dominican Republic, July 18- August 3 2003 Artistic World Championships, Anaheim, CA, August 16- 24 2003 World University Games, Korea, August 21-31



There was lengthy discussion regarding these issues. Motion: The qualification procedures for the 2002 Winter Cup Challenge remain the same (participants at the 2001 U.S. Championships, the top 15 Class I & top 15 Class II gymnasts from the J.D. Nationals; all others must petition by video. The format will be changed to: The first day, All-Around Finals held using two sessions. The second day will be the individual event finals with the top six gymnasts on each apparatus from either of the two sessions of the all-around finals. Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Kurt Golder Discussion PASSED-Unanimous The MPC will soon discuss the issue of seeding the two all-around final sessions.

Ron Galimore will formally contact the approved individuals.


III. OTHER WORLD TEAM BUSINESS Clarification : Paul Hamm is officially on the 2001 World Championships Team. He can only be removed if his injury prevents him from being prepared to help the team score.

In reference to Paul Hamm, a clarification: he is on the 2001 World Championships Team and will receive the #6 position for funding. Paul Hamm may only be removed from the World Championships Team due to injury, but would still remain in the #6 position for funding.

Presently Todd Thornton will travel to the competition as the first alternate.

Motion: Add Morgan Hamm to the #14 position for funding.

It is also recommended that the three alternates consider going to the assessment trial being held for Paul Hamm as preparation for the World Championships. There will be three of our country's best judges available for input and this would be a good training experience.

Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Kurt Golder Discussion PASSED-Unanimous

Mihai Bagiu left call at 8:30 a.l11.

There are also emergency funds and program grants available to Morgan Hamm.

IV. 2002 INDIVIDUAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND 2003 PAN AMERICAN GAMES SELECTION PROCEDURES Ron Galimore explained the timeline necessary to publish the selection procedures for these events six months in advance. He has also sent the MPC members a timeline sheet to review the process. The 2002 --.-=4-=2,-----------------1(

VII. 2002 MEN'S QUALIFIER TO THE U.S. CHAMPIONSHIPS Motion: To conduct the competition at the USOTC in Colorado Springs on June 29th.

r EC H N IOU E • JAN UARY 2002

)}--- - - -- - - - - - - - - - -

Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Kurt Golder Discussion PASSED- Unanimous

VIII.NEW BUSINESS At the 2001 Pan American Chan1pionships in Cancun, Mexico the U.S. will not have gymnast Raj Bhavsar and Head Coach Miles Avery present. The date of this event was postponed two weeks because of the difficulty traveling due to the tragic events of September 11. It was felt by Raj & his coach that participation at the Senior Pan American Championships would compromise Raj Bhavsar's preparation for the World Championships. nus is why he and his coach must respectfully decline the assignment. Motion: Assign Kris Zimmerman to the 2001 Pan American Championships and Sanjuan Jones as the alternate. Also, assign Mark Williams as the head coach and Kurt Golder as the assistant to the competition. Motion: John Roethlisberger Second: Bill Foster Discussion PASSED-Unanimous

PrDgram Malerials The following materials have been updated for 2002 and will soon be available:


IX. ADJOURNMENT Motion: To Adjourn Motion: Steve Butcher Second: Yoichi Tomita PASSED-Unanimous

Conference call concluded at 10:15 a.m. Pacific. Respectfully submitted by: Steve Butcher, MPC SecretanJ



2001 FIG Code of Points ........................................ $50.00


2001-2005 Women's JO Compulsory Book ................ $35.00


2001-2005 Women's JO Compulsory Music CD ............ $15.00


2002 TOPS Manual ................................................ $15.00


2002 TOPS Video .................................................. $15.00


Elite Testing Book & Video .................................... $15.00


2001 JO Technical Handbook ................................ $25.00


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Book .............................. $35.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Video ............................ $19.95


2001-2004 National Team Program Video ................ $19.95


Physical Preparation for Young and Beginning Boys Video .................. .... .......... $25.00


Boy's Basic Skills Achievement Program (BSAP) * ...... $35.00 *Includes booklet, wall chart & video


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Book .............................. $30.00


2001-2004 Technical Book ...................................... $15.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory Video ............................ $25.00


2001-2004 JO Compulsory CD ................................ $15.00


2001-2004 FIG Code of Points ................................ $50.00


2001-2004 JO Program Guide .................................. $30.00

1-800-345-4719 o


TEe HN 10 U E • JAN UARY 2002


11 1111 11:1iI i.:l111 :.111 111'111'11111.-1111 • '[~ 1

ALABAMA Invitational Event Event Site· 6100 8rewbaker 8Ivd.; Montgomery, Al 36116 2/ 16/2002 Club · United Gymstms and Cheer, llC Phone · 334/ 2B4·2244 levels - W7·10



3/ 3/2002 Club· GymStms Gym., Inc. Phone· 209/ 957-19 19 levels- W7-10

Phone · 818/785·1537 levels - W4·6


Fallbrook Spling Classic Event Site· 342 Industrial Way, Fallbrook, CA 92028 2/9/2002 Club· Fallbrook Gym. Club Phone· 760/ 728·8582 levels - W4·6

Special Olympic Benefit Event Site· 5912 S. 28th; Fort Smith, AR 72908 3/ 1/ 2002 Club· Flame Gym. Acad. Phone· 501/646·1616 levels- W4·10

Fallbrook Team Challenge Event Site· 342 Industrial Way, Fallblook, CA 9202B 5/ 18/ 2002 Club· Fallbrook Gym, Club Phone· 760/728·B582 levels - W4·6

2001 Coyote Classic Event Site· ASU; Tempe, AI 85281 2/ 15/ 2002 Club - Ariz. Sunrays Phone· 602/ 992·5790 Classes - M7·Elite

Glider Invitational Event Site· Mt Soc College; Walnut, CA 91724 2/16/2002 Club· Chmter Oak Gym.·Gliders Phone· 626/966·8775 levels - W7-Elite

2002 Maldi Gras Invite Event Site· Chandler High Gym; AI 85224 2/ 16/2002 Club - Ariz, Dynamics Gym. Phone · 480/633-8414 levels - W4·Elite Arizona Sunrays Sweetheart Inv'L Event Site· Phoenix Civic Plaza; AZ 85004 2/8/ 2002 Club - Ariz. Sunrays Phone· 602/ 992-5790 levels - W4·Elite Flairs Invitational Event Site· Williams Community School; Mesa, AZ 85212 2/ 2/ 2002 Club - Ariz. Flairs Phone· 602/ 926·1480 Classes - M7-1 Sun Devil Classic Event Site· ASU; Tempe, AZ 85287 3/1/ 2002 Club· Barclay's Gym Time Phone· 480/820·3774 levels - M7·1

CALIFORNIA Byers Gymnastics Invitational Event Site· CSU Sacramento; 6000 J St; CA 95823 3/9/2002 Club· Byers Gym. Ctr. Phone · 916/423·3040 levels - W5·10 Clovis Clossic Event Site· 885 Gettysburg; Clovis, CA 93612 2/2/2002 Club· Clovis Acad. of Gym. Phone· 559/327·3900 levels - W7·9 Cupid's Cup Invitational Event Site· 1740 leslie St; Son Moteo, CA 94402 2/3/2002 Club · Peninsula Gym. Phone· 650/ 571-7555 levels - W7·10 Dreams of Gold Event Site· 7735 Haskell Ave.; Von Nuys, CA 91406 5/5/2002 Club- Gym. Olympica USA


SCEGA'S Calif. Classic Event Site· US Int'l. Univ.; Son Diego, CA92131 2/22/2002 Club· Southern Calif. Elite Gym. Acad. Phone· 909/ 699·4499 levels - W7·Elite

Golden Bear Invitational Event Site· 25 SPOltS lone; 8erkeley, CA 94720 2/17/ 2002 Club· Golden Bear Gym. Acad. Phone· 510/ 642·0792 levels - W4·6 Golden Bear Invitational Event Site· 25 Sports lane; Berkeley, CA 94720 3/9/2002 Club Name· Golden Bear Gym. Acad. Phone· 510/642·0792 levels - W4·6 Golden Bear Invitational Event Site· 25 Sports lane; Berkeley, CA 94720 4/20/2002 Club· Golden Bear Gym. Acad. Phone· 510/ 642·0792 levels - W4·6 Golden State Friendship Challenge Event Site· Burbank Airport Hilton Conv Ct; Burbank, CA 91505 2/ 15/2002 Club· Golden State Gym. Phone· 818/558·1177 levels - W7-Elite Hall of Fame Classic Event Site· Col State Fullerton; CA 92B31 3/8/2002 Club · SCATS Phone· 714/895·2909 levels - W4·Elite Out of this World Invite Event Site· 434 Pay ran Sf.; Petaluma, CA 94952 2/3/ 2002 Club· Redwood Empire Gym. Phone· 707/ 763·5010 levels - W5·9 Peter Vidmar Men's Gym. Inv'l. Event Site· Brentwood School; LA, CA 90049 2/ 21/2002 Club· Broadwoy Gym. School, Inc. Phone · 310/450·0012 Classes - M6·Elite Reach for the Stars Optionall nv. Event Site· 1740 W. Hammer In; Stockton, CA 95209


Tidal Wove Inv'l. Event Site· 1740 leslie St; San Mateo, CA 94402 2/17/ 2002 Club· Peninsula Gym. Phone· 650/571-7555 Classes - M6-4

COLORADO CO Notional Monument Inv'l. Event Site· 609 25 Rood; Grand Junction, CO 81505 2/22/2002 Club· Grand Junction GYM/Kidz Plex Phone· 970/245·3610 levels - W7-10 Magnificent 7 Meet Event Site· 3870 Mallow Rood; Colo. Springs, CO 80907 2/24/2002 Club· National Gym. Village Phone·719/598·6863 levels- W7 Paige Smith Winterfest Classic Event Site - Univ. of Denver; CO 80208 2/15/2002 Club· Colorado Gym. Institute Phone· 303/363·7272 levels - W7·Elite

CONNECTICUT St Patty's Day Cup Event Site · 1180 Sherman Ave.; Hamden, IT 06514 3/ 22/2002 Club· New Era Gym. Phone· 203/281·1826 levels - W4·Elite

FLORIDA 2002 Florida West Coast Invite Event Site· The long Center; Clearwater, Fl 33765 2/22/2002 Club · Apollo School of Gym. Phone·727/447·2108 Classes/levels - M7·Elite; W2·Elite Fourth Annual Universal Gym. Invite Event Site· Miami·Dade Community College; Fl 33176 2/2/2002 Club· Universal Gym., Inc. Phone· 305/ 233·7770 levels/Classes - W5·10; M7-1 Magical Classic Event Site· Orange Cty Conv. Ctr; Orlando, Fl32B19 2/14/2002 Club· Brown's Gym. Centrol Phone· 407/869·8744 levels - W4·10 Princess Classic Event Site · 285 Adalia Ter.; Port Chmloffe, Fl33953 2/22/2002 Club· Horizon Gym. Acad. Phone · 941/627·5342 levels - W2·10 TECHNIQUE • JANUARY 2002

GEORGIA Dawg Days Classic Event Site· 1720 Epps Bridge Rd.; Athens, GA 30606 2/ 14/2002 Club· Classic City Gym. Acad Phone· 706/ 549·0160 levels - W7-EUTE Golden Isles Inv'l. Event Site· YWCA of Brunswick; Blunswick, GA 31525 2/9/2002 Club· YWCA Golden Isles Rhythmics Phone· 912/262·6014 levels - R5·10, GROUP Mardi Gras Inv'l. Event Site· Pace Acad.; Atlanta, GA 30327 2/16/2002 Club - Gym. Acad. of Atlanta Phone· 770/975·8337 levels - W7-10 Spring Fling 2002 Event Site· P.O. Box 1390; Cmtersville, GA 30120 2/22/ 2002 Club· Cmtelsville Twisters Phone·770/387·5629 levels - W4·10F

IDAHO Idaho Gym. Challenge Event Site· Boise State Univ.; Boise, ID 83725 2/ 23/ 2002 Club· Wings Ctr. Phone· 208/ 376·3641 Classes/ levels - MHUTE; W5·ElITE Swing Time Event Site· 5420 W. State Sf.; Boise, 10 83703 3/8/2002 Club Gem State Gym. Acad. Phone· 208/ 853·3220 levels/ Classes - M7·1 ; W4·10

ILLINOIS Bravo Classic Event Site· 30 W315 Calumet Ave.; Warrenville, Il60555 3/1/2002 Club· Midwest Acad. of Gym. Phone· 630/393·6693 levels - W4·EUTE IGI Chicago Style Event Site· Navy Pier; Chicago, Il 60611 2/B/2002 Club Illinois Gym. Insf., Inc. Phone· 630/ 325·3333 levels - W4·EUTE St Volentine's Doy Classic Event Site· Vernon Hills HS; Vernon Hills, ll 2/1/2002 Club Nome - Gym. Spot Phone· B47/ 949·7768 levels/ Classes - W4·10, M7·1 Sweetheart Classic· Men Event Site· 425 EMcfetridge Dr; Chicago, Il60605 2/ 17/ 2002 Club· Chicago Pork Dist Phone· 312/ 747-6695 Classes/levels - M7·3, W4·10

INDIANA lOth Annual Indy Classic Men's Inv'l. Event Site· 9850 Mayflower Pork


Dlive; Cmmel, IN46032 3/ 2/2002 Club· Indy School of Gym. Phone· 317/B72·5948 levels - M7-l Circle of Stars Event Site· Indiana Conv. Ctr; Indpls., IN 46225 2/8/2002 Club Name· DeVeau's School of Gym. Phone· 317/849·7744 levels/Classes - WH UTE; Tl·Elite; M 7-Elite; R5·9 Mardi Gras Madness Event Site· lena Dunn Elementary; Washington, IN47501 3/2/2002 Club Tumbling Express, Inc. Phone· 812/254·7673 levels - Tl·EUTE

LOUSIANA Jambalaya Inv'l. 2002 Event Site· Lamar·Dixon Expo Center; Gonzales, LA 70737 2/22/2002 Club· Athletes In Motion Phone· 225/673·4966 levels - W2·ElITE Pelican State Inv'l. Event Site· 1973 Sixth Sf.; Mandevilie, LA 70471 3/2/2002 Club· North Shore Gym. Phone· 985/624·8310 Classes - M7·1

MASSACHUSETTS Inv'l. Event Event Site· 8 Micro Dr.; Woburn, MA 01801 2/21/2002 Club· Gym. & More Phone· 781 /938·3669 levels - WPREPOPT, 4·10 Columbia Challenge Event Site · Univ of Maryland; College Pork, MD20742 2/23/2002 Club · Top Flight Gym. Ctr. Phone · 41 0/992·1600 levels - W4·10 East Coast Classic Event Site· Prince George's Sports Complex; landover, MD20785 2/1/2002 Club Nome· Fairland Gym. Phone·301 / 953·0030 levels - W4·ElITE Frederick Classic Event Site· 4604 Wedgewood Blvd; Frederick, MD21703 3/22/2002 Club Nome· Frederick Gym. Club Phone· 301/ 695·0205 levels - W5·ElITE Notion's Capitol Cup Event Site· Prince George's Sports; landover, MD20785 3/1/2002 Club· MmVaTeens, Inc. Phone·301/468·91 81 levels - W4·EUTE

MAINE Sweetheart Inv'l. Event Site · Biddeford HS; Biddeiord, ME 04005 2/9/2002

MEMBER CLUB INVITATIONAL LISTING Club - Dudziak's School 01 Gym. Phone - 207/ 286-3685 levels - W4-10

MICHIGAN 2002 Classic Cup Event Site - 1813 Northlield Dr.; Rochester Hills, MI 48309 2/8/2002 Club - Gym. Training Ctr. Roch. Phone - 248/852-7950 levels- W7-10 level 7 and 8 Inv'l. Event Site - 1111 E. Wackerly Rd.; Midland, MI48642 3/ 23/2002 Club - Midland Gym. Training Ctr. Phone - 989/ 832-3045 levels - W7-8 Salute to Michigan Event Site - Beechwoods Arena; Southlield, MI 48034 3/1/2002 Club - Olympia Gym. Acad. Phone - 810/ 247-1333 levels - W-10

MINNESOTA 2002 Rising Stars Inv'l. Event Site - 7045 Sixth St N; Oakdale, MN 55128 3/9/2002 Club - Rising Stars Gym. Acad. Phone - 651/730-4376 levels - W5-10 Northern lights Classic Event Site - Univ 01 MN; Minneapolis, MN 55455 2/15/ 2002 Club Name -Twin City Twisters Phone -763/421-3046 levels - W7-ELITE

MISSOUIlI All American Spring Invite Event Site - 10449 Midwest Ind.; Sf. louis, MO 63132 3/1/2002 Club -All American Gym. Phone - 314/426-2496 levels - W5-10 Dragon Invitational Event Site - 1001 West Jellerson; Blue Springs, MO 64015 2/15/2002 Club - Great American Gymn. Express Phone - 816/229-7775 levels - W4-Elite Gym Quarters Event Site - 92 Hubble Dr.; Sf. Charles, MO 63304 2/15/2002 Club - Gym Quarters Gym. Ctr. Phone - 636/498-6854 levels - WHliTE Pony Express Gym. Challenge Event Site - St Joseph Civic Arena; St Joseph, MO 64505 2/22/ 2002 Club -Arising Stars Gym. Center Phone - 816/ 232-7502 Levels - W4-10 St louis Challenge Cup Event Site - Univ. 01 Missouri; St louis, MO 63121 2/1/2002 Club -Team Central Phone - 314/ 291-5436 Classes/levels - M6-ElITE; W5-ElITE

NEVADA Cactus Cooler Invitational Event Site - Cimarron Memorial HS; las Vegas, NV 89128 3/ 2/ 2002 Club - Desert Gymcats Gym. Phone - 702/ 341 -5852 levels - W4-ElITE Go lor It Classic Event Site - UN lV-McDermott Center; las Vegas, NV 89154 2/ 1/2002 Club Name - Go For It USA Phone - 702/658-9003 levels/ Classes - W4-ElITE; M7-ELITE Hilton Inv'l. Event Site - Reno Hilton Hotel; Reno, NV 89595 3/1/2002 Club Name - Gym. Nevada Phone - 702/3 55-7755 levels - W4-ELITE SpringIest Event Site - 120 Woodland Ave., Reno, NV 89523 2/ 23/ 2002 Club High Sierra Gym. Phone - 775/ 747-7748 levels- W4-10 Vegas Cup Event Site - UNlV; Henderson, NV 2/ 8/ 2002 Club - Gymcats Gym. Phone - 702/ 566-1 414 levels - W4-Elite

5/4/2002 Club Name - Clemmer School 01 Gym. & Dance Phone - 704/ 583-9998 levels - W5-8 Gymcarolina Classic Event Site - 9321 leesville Road; Raleigh, NC 27613 2/23/2002 Club - Gymcarolina Gym. Acad. Phone - 919/ 848-7988 levels - W4-10 Salem Inv'!. Event Site - 4870 Country Clud Rd.; Winston Salem, NC 27104 2/ 23/ 2002 Club - Salem Gym. Center, ltd. Phone - 336/ 765-4668 levels - WPREPOPT, 7-ElITE Snowflake Inv'l. Event Site - 330 McArthur Rd.; Fayetteville, NC 28311 2/2/2002 Club - NorthStar Family Fitness/Count Phone - 910/ 488-9380 levels - WPREPOPT, 4-ElITE Snowflake Invitational Event Site - 8617 Monroe Rd.; Charlotte, NC 28212 2/ 16/ 2002 Club - Weyandt Gym. Phone - 704/ 568-1277 levels - WPREPOPT, 3-10 WinterIest Inv'l. Event Site - 804 McBrayer Homstead Rd.; Shelby, NC 28152 3/2/2002 Club -Starlite Gym. Phone - 704/ 434-7282 levels- W4-10

Vegas Vacation 2002 Event Site - UNlV; las Vegas, NV 2/ 23/ 2002 Club Acad. 01 Gym. &Dance Phone - 702/795-3332 levels - W4-Elite

NORTH DAKOTA Cupid Inv'!. Event Site - 1602 32nd Ave S; Grand Forks, NO 58201 2/ 9/ 2002 Club - Red River Valley Gym. Club Phone - 701/746-2797 levels- W5-10

NEW JERSEY Inv'!. Event Event Site - 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ 08302 3/ 2/ 2002 Club - Star Bound Gym. Acod. Phone - 856/ 453-7996 levels- W4-10

Cupid Inv'!. Event Site - 1602 32nd Ave S; Grand Forks, NO 58201 2/ 9/ 2002 Club - Red River Valley Gym. Club Phone -701/746-2797 levels/Classes - W5-10; M7-1

NEW YORK Heartland Classic Event Site - 250T Executive Drive; Edgewood, NY 11717 3/ 2/ 2002 Club New Image Gym. Acad. Phone - 631/242-8181 levels- W4-10

OHIO Arnold Gym. Challenge Event Site - Columbus Convention Ctr; Columbus, OH 2/ 22/ 2002 Club Gahonna Cyclone Gym. Phone - 614/ 863-4616 levels - W4-ElITE

lucky Stars Invitational Event Site -Jamestown Community College; Jamestown, NY 14701 3/ 15/ 2002 Club -Stroup's Gym. Phone - 716/665-8081 levels- W4-10

Blue Chip Inv'l. Event Site - Fairlield HS; Fairfield, OH 45014 3/1/2002 Club - Cincinnati Gym. Phone - 513/ 860-3082 levels - W7-Elite

New York Stote Coaches Classic Event Site - 6796 Northern 8lvd; E Syracuse, NY 13057 3/ 2/ 2002 Club - Gym Connection 2 Phone - 315/ 437-4677 levels - W4-10

NORTH CAROLINA Clemmer May Mobility Meet Event Site - 10420 Southern loop Blvd.; Pineville, NC 28134


Buckeye Classic Event Site - Ohio Expo Center; Columbus, OH 43211 2/14/2002 Club Name - Buckeye Gymnastics Phone - 614/ 895-1611 levels - W4-ElITE TECHNIQUE路 JANUARY 2002

Invitational Event Event Site - 1850 Manor Hill Rd.; Findlay, OH 45840 3/ 23/2002 Club Gold Medal Gym. Phone - 419/425-4653 levels - W7-8

Dalmation Classic Event Site - 513 Dickerson Rd.; North Wales, PA 19454 2/2/ 2002 Club -Spirit Gym. Training Ctr. Phone - 215/ 699-2900 levels - W4-9

Sunrise Boys Gymlest Event Site - P.O. Box 69; Sylvania, OH 43560 2/ 10/ 2002 Club Sunrise Gym. Acad. Phone - 419/ 841 -2902 Classes - M7-1

Dutch Classic Event Site - Conrad Weiser MS; Robesonia, PA 19551 2/ 9/ 2002 Club - Berks Gym. Acad. Phone - 610/ 372-8454 levels - W4-10

OKLAHOMA Bart Conner Invite Event Site - 3206 Bart Conner Dr.; Norman, OK 73070 2/ 1/ 2002 Club - Bart Conner Gym. Acad. Phone - 405/447-7500 Classes - M7-1 Nadia Comaneci Invite Event Site - 3206 Bart Conner Dr.; Norman, OK 73070 2/ 8/ 2002 Club - Bart Conner Gym. Acad. Phone - 405/447-7500 levels - W4-ELITE

OREGON 2002 American Elite Classic Event Site - Reynolds Middle School; Gresham, OR 97080 2/ 22/ 2002 Club American Elite Gym. Phone - 503/ 667-8872 levels -W4-ElITE Cooed Mac Open 2002 Event Site - P.O. Box 390; Portland, OR 97207 2/ 15/2002 Club - Multnomah Athletic Club Phone - 503/223-62S1 ext 242 Classes -M7 -ElITE Shamrock Invite Event Site - 1414 SE 18Th Ave.; Hillsboro, OR 97123 3/9/ 2002 Club - Gym-Nest ltd. Phone - 503/ 640-6378 levels - W4-10

PENNSYLVANIA Event Name -8th Annual Hug and Kiss Meet Event Site - Route 743; Hershey, PA 17033 2/ 9/ 2002 Club - Gym. Ctr. 01 Hershey Phone - 717/ 534-1881 levels - W4-9 Chinese New Year Invite Event Site - 1801 Bullens In.; Woodlyn, PA 19094 2/ 16/ 2002 Club - Delco Training Ctr. Phone - 610/ 876-5005 levels - W4-10 Coca-Cola 2002 Brian Babcock Memoriallnv'l. Event Site - 401 Martin luther King Dr.; Allentown, PA 18102 2/ 1/ 2002 Club - Parkettes National Gym. Ctr. Phone - 610/ 433-0011 Classes - M7-ELITE


Friendship Classic Event Site - DOH lenytl Sch-Martz Hall; Pottsville, PA 17901 3/21/2002 Club - Pottsville Gym. Training Ctr. Phone - 570/ 628路4966 levels - W4-ElITE Invitational Meet Event Site - 401 MlK Dr.; Allentown, PA 18102 3/ 2/ 2002 Club - Parkettes National GymCtr. Phone - 610/433-0011 levels - W8-10 John Pancott Inv'l. Event Site - Church Farm Sch; Paoli, PA 19301 2/ 9/ 2002 Club -John PancoN Gym. Ctr. Phone - 610/647-9847 Classes - M7-1 John PancoN Invitational Event Site - Church Farm Sch; Paoli, PA 19301 3/ 9/ 2002 Club -John Poncott Gym. Ctr. Phone - 610/ 647-9847 levels - W4-10 lake Effect Storm Spring Invitational Event Site - 6813 West Ridge Rd.; Fairview, PA 16415 3/ 2/ 2002 Club - lake Ellect Gym. School, Inc. Phone - 814/474-1835 levels - W4-9 Mardi Gras Inv'!. Event Site - 274 E. Fihh Sf.; Bloomsburg, PA 17815 3/ 3/ 2002 Club - Columbia Acad. Phone - 570/ 3B7 -0539 levels - W4-8 PA State Challenge Event Site - 3360 Industrial Rd.; Harrisburg, PA 17112 2/ 23/ 2002 Club - Central PA Acod. 01 Gym. Phone - 717/231 -3962 Classes - M7-1 Ricochets WinterIest 2002 Event Site - 362 S. Warminster Rd.; Hatboro, PA 19040 2/1 5/ 2002 Club - Ricochets Gym. Club Phone - 215/ 328-0900 levels - W4-ELITE Tournament 01 Champions Event Site - 111 Oakhaven Dr.; Wexlord, PA 15090 2/1/2002 Club - Pittsburgh Northstars Phone - 412/ 487-5999 levels - W4-10




Oceon State Classic Event Site - RI College; Providence, RI 02908 3/ 2/ 2002 Club - Ocean State School-lincoln. Phone - 401/231-6636 levels -W4-1 0

Rushmore Invite Event Site - Stevens High School; Rapid City, SO 57702 2/ 22/2002 Club -Just Jymnastics Phone - 605/ 341 -5914 levels - W4-10



8each Break 2002 Event Site - NMB Rec Ctr.; North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 2/22/ 2002 Club - Gymnastics & More Phone - 843/ 249-5867 levels - W4-ElITE

10th Annuol Wimbleton Men's Classic Event Site - 6161 Shelby Oaks Dr.; Memphis, TN 38134 2/23/2002 Club -Wimbleton Gym. Phone - 901 /388-4720 Classes - M7-1

Cinema Invitationol Event Site - 1193 N. lake Dr.; lexington, SC 29072 2/ 2/ 2002 Club - Columbia Gym. Acad. of lexington Phone - 803/951 -2090 levels - WPREPOPT, W4-10

Gatlinburg Gym. Classic Event Site - Gatlinburg Conv. Ctr.; Gatlinburg, TN 2/ 8/2002 Club -Weyneth Elite Gym. Acad. Phone - 828/ 252-B746 Classes/levels - M7-1; W4-1 0


leprechaun leap Event Site - 106 Beacon Hill Court; Easley, SC 29640 3/ 9/ 2002 Club - Easley Gym. Training Ctr. Phone - 864/269-2007 levels - WPREPOPT, W2-10

26th Annual Spinner Invite Event Site - 5000 Fairview Dr.; Austin, TX 7B731 2/23/2002 Club - Crenshaw Athletic Club, Inc. Phone - 512/453-5551 Classes-M 7-1

Southern Star Spectacular Event Site - 570 Southport Rd.; Roebuck, SC 29376 2/16/2002 Club - Spartanburg Gym. Training Ctr. Phone - B03/574-0509 levels - WPREPOPT, W4-6

Friendship Inv'l. Event Site - 99B3 West Univ.; McKinney, TX 75071 2/2/2002 Club - North Star Gym. Phone - 972/562-2777 Classes - M7-EliTE

Heart of Texas Invite Event Site - 13900 North IH-35; Austin, TX 78728 2/ 15/ 2002 Club - Capital Gym. Super Center Phone - 512/ 251-9105 levels - W5-ElITE

VIRGINIA Clossics Crozy Meet Event Site - 2327 Seminole In.; Charlottesville, VA 22901 2/ 10/ 2002 Club - Classics Gym. Ctr. Phone - 434/ 978-4720 levels- W4-10 Excalibur Cup Event Site - 5816 Arrowhead Dr.; Virginia Beach, VA 23462 3/ 9/ 2002 Club - Excalibur Gym. Phone - 757/499-8258 levels - W4-10 Judges Cup Event Site - 912 AProf. Place; Chesapeake, VA 23322 2/ 22/2002 Club - Ocean Tumblers Gym. Phone -757/ 547-0169 levels - WPREPOPT, W4-ELITE King Arthur's Challenge Event Site - 5816 Arrowhead Dr.; Va. Beach, VA 23462 2/16/ 2002 Club Excalibur Gym. Phone - 757/499-8258 levels - W4-ElITE Shamrock Invitational Event Site - 912 AProf. Place;

Chesapeake, VA 23322 3/17/2002 Club - Ocean Tumblers Gym. Phone - 757/547-0169 levels - WPREPOPT, W4-ELITE

3/1/2002 Club - Northshore Gym_Ctr. Phone -425/402-6602 levels - W4-10 Pacific Northwest Open Inv'l. Event Site - 1217 13th SI. SE; Puyallup, WA 98374 2/1/2002 Club - Puget Sound Gym. Phone - 253/845-0910 levels - W4-EliTE

Spring Fling Event Site - 912 AProf. Place; Chesapeake, VA 23322 4/13/2002 Club - Ocean Tumblers Gym. Phone - 757/547-0169 levels - WPREPOPT, W4-ElITE

The Teddy Bear Classic Event Site - 1217 13th SI. SE; Puyollup, WA 98374 3/30/ 2002 Club - Puget Sound Gym. Phone - 253/ 845-0910 levels - W4-6

WASHINGTON Cascadian Team Challenge Event Site - 23101 56th Ave. w.; Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 2/ 2/ 2002 Club - Cascade Elite Gym. Phone - 425/672-6887 levels - W4-6

WISCONSIN Saito Nationallnv'l. Event Site - State Fair Park; West Allis, WI 53214 2/22/2002 Club -Saito Gym. Phone - 262/ 782-3430 Classes - M7-1

Cascadian Team Challenge Event Site - 23101 56th Ave. W.; Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 2/9/2002 Club - Cascade Elite Gym. Phone -425/ 672-6887 levels - W7-ElITE Mardi Gras Event Site - 1221 29th SI. NW; Auburn, WA 98001 3/30/2002 Club -Auburn Gymnastics Center, Inc. Phone - 253/ 876-9991 levels - W4-7

Scamps Boys Invite Event Site - 5711 77th SI.; Kenosha, WI 53142 2/ 9/ 2002 Club - Scamps Gym. Phone - 262/694-0805 Classes - M6-1

Northshore Inv'l. Event Site - Inglemoor HS; Bothell, WA 98028



TROPHY Choose the BEST at Factory Direct Pricing



* CALL FOR FREE SAMPLE * CALL FOR FREE 48 PAGE CATALOG --1-=4-=6,----------------«

TEe H N 10 U f • JANUARY 2002


POSITION AVAILABLE Looking for people with the right stuff. Needed, qualified, certfied, professional leaders who con have fun and get results. Meet the owners that respect and appreciate their stoff. We are searching for great charocter, motivation, enthusiasm and diversity. Pre· school, recreaHonal. boys ond girls teams (all levels), tramp & tumbling, cheerleading, choreography, dance, self defense. We are future oriented and also strategicol~ use our Bouncehouse Rental and Sales Co. to enhance all programs. Call Joe 413·596·0089. Email resume to JOESAI6@AOLCOM Near Springfield and the Basketball Hall of Fame. 2148 Boston Rood, Wilbraham, Massachuesens 01095 PO Box 27. FAX 413-525·0351. HIRING HEAD COACH, INSTRUCTORS. Lakeside Moine summer compo Uve with, core for, teach girls age 7-16. Complete gym. Beginning students through advanced. Consistent, doily instruction. Gymnastics shows. Program's compulsory, optional skills promote development, measurable advancement, interest. Knowledge of USAG fundamental, optional skills; practical knowledge of compulsory levels; ability to spot, demonstrate; desire to teach children. Ability to put children's need before your own essential. College sophomores and non·smokers only. App~ today at to work June 15 through August 22. 20 Cedar Street, Taunton, Massachusel1s 02780. 50B/B22-5117; Fox, 50B/822-0447. WORLD CUP GYMNASTICS is looking for highly qualified preschool/recreational instructors and boys/girls team coaches. Strong spoffing skills and good coaching qualifications a must. Applicants should be professional and energetic. This position is best suited for a person wishing to pursue a long term career in coaming. Salaried posttions available FIT, PIT wtth benefits. World Cup Gymnastics, 170 Hunts lane, Chappaqua, NY 10514, phone: 91 4-238·3568; fox: 914-238-3568; e-mail: USA Gymnastics Coach for Girls Team. Start up program. Levell and up. Call (908)782·6981. Moil resume to: Shields Gymnastics School, 8 Bartles Corner Rood, Flemington, NJ 08822. COACHES/INSTRUCTORS/MANAGER. Fairfax Gymnastics Academy has FIT - PIT posiHons for coreer minded, dedicoted prafessionals. We seek experienced Girls and 80ys Compulsory Coaches who especially enjoy working with ages 5·11. We need

Recreational Instructors for a full range of classes including: boys, girls, tumbling, cheer, preschool and mom and tot. If any of this sounds like you, or you've got the qualificotions to manage a facility wtth all the above and more, coli, fox or send your resume to: Fairlax Gymnastics Acodemy, 3729 Picken Rd.,Fairlax, VA 22031, 703·323-8050. COACHES/PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Head Over Heels Gymnastics of Central NJ is looking for coaches for its Boys and Girls Competitive Team Programs. Aposition is also available for a Girls Program Director. Requirements: Team player, positive aHitude, strong leadership skills, and a love of children. Full and port· time positions available. Contact Gail Boyce @ (732)671·232B or e·mail or fox resume to (732)577-1056.

TO BUY Gymnastics coaching couple interested in purchasing gymnastics facility in Moine. Please coli 207 -B83-6613 if interested.

FOR SALE CLASS CONTROL FOR WINDOWS: all the closs management and accounts receivable features needed to run a school, a reasonable price, nelworkable, and FREE SUPPORT! Don't spend another year or another month wasting resources running things by hand or on a system that's difficult to use and doesn't give you what you need. doss Control has point and click ease, a flexible setup, and a wide variety of reports. Only $500 ($250 per additional workstation), includes free training and personal technical support. Serving Gymnastics since 1990. Call Vaughn Soltware Services at 800·821-B516 for information and a free demo. EMoil: AMEX/MC/VISA Score Moster - NO MORE Inpuffing Gymnast Raster data!! Score Moster, the mostwide~ used soltware, just got even bener! Meet Directors con now download roster information from the USAG website. Features include: create rotations, assign #'s, the most comprehensive reporting and results can go directly to your website. Supports: womens/mens, individual/team, artistic/rhythmic/trampoline, compulsory/ optional. www.score· - FREE demo & user listing. Contact: Mark Mahoney, POB 31421 , Charlone, NC, 28231, 704-523-1812.

GYM FOR SALE. 9000 sq.h. state·of-the-art facility wtth a healthy and very profitable program. Current enrollment is 300 and growing. The gym is 10 years old and has no competttion. We have preschool through teams. The gym is located in Illinois. Owners are being transferred so we will sell quickly. 120k, please coli 760.492.7000, this gym has a profit margin over 50%! It will not lost long. GK RISK FREE PROGRAM: Get with the program! It's bener than ever, with a terrific assortment of NEW styles and fabrics and incomparable sales potential. Plus, it's easier than ever to order, sell and return your RISK FREE garments. We offer customized packages for your pro shop, meets and summer camp. You only pay for what you've sold and may return the rest, there is absolutely NO RISK! If you haven't tried us lately, it's time you started earning extra profits wtth our RISK FREE merchandise. Call 1·800·345-4087 for more information on how you con get started today! Email:

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perpetually flounder.Our club, Queen City Gymnastics, has grown for 26 years straight, starting with zero enrollment in 1975 and growing to 4BOO and $3.5M this year. There are many fine seminars and congresses with miscellaneous ideas, but only BOOT CAMP immerses you in on integrated, 9-Step Strategy proven to grow businesses and balance lives. Guaranteed to be the best investment you ever make. • June B-17, 2002. For a FREE portfoliO contact JEFF MmGER: (51 3) 489-7575 or

CONSIGNMENT LEOTARDS ON CONSIGNMENT: Rebecca's Mom Leotards' popular consignment program, featuring velvet leotards with holograms, foils, gliner and prints, also nylon Iycra, is currently available to qualifying Gymnastic Clubs Owners, Parents Booster groups, Retail Stores, and Summer Camps. We ore accepting applicotions for new accounts now for our State Championship Meet packages. Get prepared for Christmas Holiday Sales, by joining our Christmas Boutique Program, your gymnasts and parents will love our leotards. Please coli our toll free line at 1·888· 2B9-2536 for details, forms, and prices, or email your nome and phone number to

HOW TO PLACE A CLASSIFIED AD 1-100 words = $100 101-200 words $200 Your ad in Temnique will automatically be placed online



for 30 doys at no addmonal marge. The address is:

Your 30 doys will begin on the next regular posHng date. DEADLINES ISSUE


~~~~::::::::::::::::::::::::E: :g ApriI ................................ Mar. 10

~ .. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~

~~t~cL::··: ·:: :::::::·:::.:: : ~rl~

Nov./Dec ... .. ......... ........... Oct. 10 NOTE: 1/ tire 1Dlh (alts on • weekend or holiday, Ih. prec.ding won d.y is considered tb. d••dli•••


Mail your ad and payment to: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox to 317-237-5069. tF YOU FAX, PLEASE tNClUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPIRATION DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please designate il yaur ad should appear in Technique magazine ar USA Gymnastia magazine. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT Will NOT BE PUBUSHED. USA

Gymnastics reserves the right to vary lannol. Technique is re,eived br more thon 13,000 USA Gymnosti,s professiona members plus thousands of viewers will be exposed to your ad onUne. Advertise your employment opportunity, produII, servi,e, or ,ompetition here for great results. Questions? Call Luan Peszek at 311-829-5646.

1001 SAF ETY CERTIFICATION SCHEDULE FEBRUARY 22 North Myrtle Beach, SC; 6:00-10:00 p_m.

The Safety Schedule is updated weekly on our website

North Myrtle Beach Gymnastics and More; 523 Hwy 17 N Directions: Tammy liguori B43-249-5867 Course code: - KB02222002SC Instructor Kimberly Boyd Phone 803/ 749-2484



Mukilteo, WA; 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. GYMagine Gymnastics; Directions: Kelly Don yes 425-5138700; 425-513-5474 Course code: - KD02242002WA Instructor Kelly Don yes Phone 425/ 513-8700

I For safety certification courses listed

by state,

day registrations will be aICepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received alter that time or on site will be charged an additional $25.

M;n;mum age for Safety Cer/if;lal;on;s 16 years. 18;s minimum age for PrQfess;onal Membersh;p.

APRil 5 3:30-7:30 p.m. Mukilteo, WA;

visit the Member Services section

GYMagine Gymnastics; Directions: Kelly Don yes 425-5138700,425-513-5474 Course code: - KD04052002WA Instructor Kelly Don yes Phone 425/513-8700


10 Watertown, IT; 6:00-10:00 p.m.


USA Gymnastics; Directions: liz Cornish 860-620-0510 Course code: - lC04102002G Instructor Elizabeth Cornish Phone 860/620-0510

SAFETY CERTIFICATIO N IS REQUIRED FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIp· PRE-REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age for Safety Certification is J6 years) COST: Name:) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Soc. Sec. # - - - - - - - - - - - - Birth Dote - - - - - - - - - Address: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State:_ _ _ _ _ _ Iip: _ _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (W) Course Code: Course City/State: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dote: Professional or Instructor #: Form of Payment:

Current Safety Exp. Date: _ _ _ _ _ __

0 VISA 0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express

Payment Amount: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Name on Cord: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Number: _ _ _ __

Pro-Member with Current Safely Certification

Pro~~~~~:~ ;~he~!~r~d"~'; 'N~~"s~i~~'c~'rtiii;~ii~~':::::::::::: c~~~6~

SO Instrudor Member .................... _.................. _...... _.... _............ S 50.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ S 100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount. Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received after that time or on site will be chorged an additionol $25.

• All materials (including the Safety Handbook) for 4th Cycle courses are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. • Certification is valid for four years.

Please make checks payable, in ful" to USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Mail registration form and payment to: USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 USA. 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 GYMNASTICS

PAEFERS ~ ______________________________ _

._~~~~~::_-__-_-__-_-__ ~_-___-_-___ ~i~~~~~~-__-_-__- ___-__-_-__-_-__-_-__-_-__-_-__-___-_-__-_-__- _-__-_-______o.!_!~~_~'!.~_I~-_~~~:~~!3

J t

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Technique Magazine - January 2002  

Technique Magazine - January 2002