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Luan Peszek

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Christa Engle

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USA GYMNASTICS EXECUTIVE COMMlnEE CHAIR: Sandy Knopp; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorolli; VICECHAIRWOMEN: Joan Moore Gnol; VICE CHAIR MEN: TIm OoggeH; VICE CHAIR RHYTHMIC: Wendy Hilliard; VICE CHAIR TRAMPOLINE: Paul Parillo; SECRETARY: Mark Graham; FIG EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Joy Ashmore, Ron Froehlich. FIG WOMEN'S TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: Jockie Re; FIG MEN'S TECHNiCAl COMMmE£: George Beckstead; FIG RHYTHMIC TECHNiCAl COMMITTEE: Andrea Schmid; AT LARGE MEMBERS: Peler Vidmar, Susan True; ATHLETE OIREaORS: Chari Knighl·Hunler, Chris Woller, Vanessa Vander Pluym, Karl Heger; USOC ATHLETE OIREaOR: Michelle Ousserre·Forrell.


2000 • VOLUME 20. # 10

USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR: Sandy Knopp; PRESIDENT: Bob Colorossi; PRESIDENT EMERITUS: Mike Donohue; AMAT1:UR ATHLETIC UNION: Mike Slonner; AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION: Jerry Milan; AMERICAN TURNERS: Belty Hepner; COLLEGE GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION·MEN: Ooug Von Everen; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGIATE COACHES·WOMEN: Gail Davis; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN IN SPORT: Marilyn Slrawbridge; NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS JUOGES: Yvonne Hodge; NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHlETIC ASSOCIATlON·MEN: Roy Johnson; NATIONAL FEDERATION OF STATE HIGH SCHOOL ASSOCIATIONS: Susan True; NATIONAL GYMNASTICS JUOGES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Bulch Zunich; NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: John Brinkworth; U.S. ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT GYMNASTICS (lUBS: Lance Crowley; U.S. ElITE COACHES ASSOCIATION·MEN: Fred TuraH; U.S. ELITE COACHES ASSOCIATION·WOMEN: Gory And",on, Roe Kreul1er; U.S. MEN'S GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: More Yancey; U.S. RHYTHMIC GYMNASTICS COACHES ASSOCIATION: Suzie OiTullio; YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF THE USA: Jeanine MilinDUo; NATIONAL COUEGIATE ATHlETIC ASSOCIATION·WOMEN: Marie Robbins; NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP DlREaORS MEN: Roy Guro, Jim Hall; RHYTHMIC: Tomaro Gerlock, Alia SVirsky; WOMEN: linda Chencinski, David Holcomb; TRAMPOLINE: Marsha Weiss, TIm Schlosser; ATHLETE OIREaORS: Chris Woller, choir; Vanessa Vander Pluym, vice choir and secrelary; Michelle Ousserre·Forrell, USOC Athlele Rep.; Joir Lynch, Mihoi Bogiu, Brooke Bushnell, Chari Knighl Hunler, Amanda Borden, Larissa Fonloine, Karl Heger, Christie Hayes; ASSOCIATE DIREaORS: JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS, Lori Kolz; SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Kale Fober·Hickie; U.S. COMPETITIVE AEROBICS FEOERATlON, Howard Schwartz; US. SPORTS ACROBATICS FEDERATION, Bonnie Oovidson. CHANGE OF AOORESS ANO SUBSCRIPTION INQUIRIES: In order 10 ensure uninlerrupled delivery of TECHNJQUE magazine, nolice of change of address should be mode eighl weeks in advance. For foslesl service, please endose your presenl moiling label. ~irect all sub",iplion moil 10 TECHNIQUE Sub",iplions, USA Gymnoslics, 201 S. Copilol Ave., Sle. 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. POSTMASTER; Send address ,honges 10 TECHNIQUE c/o USA Gymnoslics, S. Copilol Avenue., Suile 300, Indianapolis, IN 46225. TfCHNIQUE(lSSN 074B·59991 (USPS 016B72) is published monlh~excepl bimonlhly in Sepl/ Oct and Nov/O", by USA Gymnaslics, Pan American Plaza, Suile 300, 201 Soulh Copilol Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46225 (phone: 317·237·5050) or visil online @ Periodical posloge poid 01 Indianapolis, IN 46204. Subscriplion prices: U.S.-S25 per year; Conodo/ Mexico-S4B per year; all olher foreign counlries-S60 per year. If available, bock issue single copies S4 plus posloge/hondling. All reasonable core will be loken, bUI no responsibility con be assumed for unsoliciled moleriol; endose relurn pasloge. Copyrighl 199B by USA Gymnoslics and TECHNIQUE All righls reserved. Prinled by Sport Graphics, Indianapolis, IN.

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Kathy Feldmann

We at USA Gymnastics Member Services want to thank all of our members for their patience and understanding as we move through a period of transition and change with our database and online registration programs. Change is never easy and this system overhaul has been a huge undertaking and great challenge for USA Gymnastics.

Vice President of Member Services

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Db[Oy~J' il

ryb~J' wOJ'lu

full of fUll)

Ifl ~ll u51l1 y) J


, )

lJl5 YHilrlOll

Bllll j UJ'YJ1~ ~5JJ)

emu t1l~


OLYMPIC PREPARATION CAMP ~~~ (f Ii~$»(tYlkJ A@MMn~ f~t»fJ))~


by William A. Sands, Ph.D. Director Research and Development California Lutheran University


eading to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia, the USA Gymnastics Women's Program elected to take an aggressive approach to the preparation of our Olympic Team. A National Team Coordinator was hired and an overaLL plan was devised to better prepare our team. The planned preparation of the National Team included monthly training camps beginning December 1999 and concluding in June 2000. These camps were invoked in order to gain more control and apply more centralized direction to the preparation of our athletes. -'-----~----<~


lthough the goals .of the camps \ were many and vaned from camp .. to camp, an emphasis on fitness was appa re nt at all camps. Enhancing athlete fitness was considered of paramount importance due to the apparent inability of some athletes to perform well in the training leading up to earlier international competitions. The National Team Coordinator and the National Staff worked together to devise tests of physical abilities for the various camps. A number of tests were proposed . and implemented while others were rejected or modified following implementation. National Staff members were assigned a particular test and administered the test in accordance with agreed upon criteria. The results of the tests were recorded and placed in a computer database .


Because training occurs over many months and years, longitudinal assessment of training is extremely important so that the training process can be managed and directed more intelligently. Moreover, the specific tests should provide an indication of specific strengths and weaknesses while the tests taken in totality should provide an overall "profile" of the team's and/or athlete's development. Following the initial testing in Tulsa, Oklahoma we found that the athletes were astonishingly deconditioned or lacking in gymnastics-specific fitness. The results of the Tulsa testing required a major rethinking of the tests and the testi ng protocols. Clearly some tests were much too difficult for most of these athletes at that time. Other tests proved





difficult to monitor and assess fairly and consistently. During the conduct of successive camps some new tests were applied while others were abandoned. In addition to modifying or abandoning particular tests, the specific athletes who attended the camps also changed from camp to camp. The intent, of course, was to reduce the number of athletes as the camps progressed so that more individual attention could be applied to those athletes who were more likely to make the final team.

METHODS AND RESULTS A number of physical ability tests were conducted throughout the camps. The tests included the following: (a)


measurement of height and mass, (b) straddle L press to handstand, (c) handstand push ups, (d) casts in a rowan the low bar, (e) leg lifts from a L-hang on the low bar, (f) Bosco 60 second jump test, and (g) a rope climb (4.1 m) for time.

Olympic Preparation Camps Dec - June 2000 0.700.---_ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _----:

n=9 .,0.650


Olympic Preparation Camps Dec - Jun 2000 -




~ 0 .550







oen 53.0





0.400 L--_ __



~ 49.0



::. '"





Camps 47.0 45.0

Figure 3 Dec






Figure 1

The results of the various tests, in the form of group averages and standard deviations, are shown in the following figures. The number of athletes who were present for the tests at all of the camps is also shown. Note that the number of athletes may be different among the tests due to injury and other factors. As a physiologist, I am particularly interested in the results of training on the athletes' bodies. In conjunction with a jumping power test, the mass of each ath lete had to be determined. Figure 1 shows the average mass (kilograms) of the relevant national team members throughout the training camps.

Figure 3 shows the rope climb results. Note that the rope was 4.1 meters high. The athletes began from a piked sitting position and started their climb volitionally. A stop watch was used to determine the time from the initiation of the climb to the final touching of the metal suspension support. One trial was allowed. The February test was abandoned in this analysis due to a decision to conduct two trips up the rope and record only total time. Therefore, the first trip was not recorded and the test could not be compared to previous tests. The "two trip" test was later abandoned. The results of the rope clim b speed showed that the athletes continued to improve throughout the training camps. One trial was allowed. Olympic Preparation Camps Dec - Jun 2000

n=8 .,15.0 <=

Olympic Preparation Camps


Dec - June 2000 16.0 ,---_ _ _ _ _~=--=-:.:.:..:==_=_





!:!S 10.0



~2i 12.0



-a <=




::r '"






-a <=

::r '"















Figure 4



Figure 2 Figure 2 shows the progress of the straddle L press handstand test. The stradd le L press was used to measure the athletes' upper body strength-endurance. Note that the athletes were allowed to perform the straddle L press on parallettes, a low balance beam, or the floor. Continuous repetitions were required. The tester counted the total number of repetitions. One trial was allowed. ------------------{(

Figure 4 shows the results of the cast handstand test. The cast handstands were performed on the low bar of the uneven bars and no stops were allowed between casts. Athletes were allowed one failed cast without penalty if they went past the handstand. The athletes were then required to perform a second trial which counted as their final score. Repetitions were judged by a tester for technical adequacy and only those casts meeting technical criteria were counted.

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0E( 2000

see Camps, page 12 ) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : :=---1 7

National Gymnastics Day


v'; . . • '" •• :


Cele~rating In

• National Gymnastics Day took place August 12 and was, again, a big success. Thanks to aU the coaches and dub owners who took the time to write up their activities and send us photos. Here's a few of the great activities that took place on August 12.


Cardinal Gymnastics Training Center of Fairfax, Virginia celebrated the 2nd Annual National Gymnastics Day by performing a demonstration in Old Town Alexandria. Virginia's mayor issued a Proclamation honoring this day and the gymnasts helped wait on tables at Bilbo Baggins restaurant, donating all tips to Special Olympics.

• West Texas Twisters in Amarillo, Texas celebrated National Gymnastics Day by performing an exhibition held at Westgate Mall. The team is coached by Terri Ortner and Mary Francis Ortner.


TEe H N I QUE • NOV / DEC 20 00

) f - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -

Tumbleweed Gymnastics, Inc., in Ft. Worth, Texas, celebrated National Gymnastics Day by performing with children with special needs at Cook Children's Hospital. The children at the hospital, along with some help from Tumbleweed Gymnasts, navigated their way through an obstacle course, and had a very fun time while building their self-esteem.



', .' 4

. ':




â&#x20AC;˘ IC


5 '

. -~- .



DeVeau's School of Gymnastics in Fishers, Indiana, celebrated National Gymnastics Day by providing private gymnastics lessons in exchange for a donation to the Breast Health Awareness League. All donations were used for breast cancer education and research.

North Shore Academy of Gymnastics in Cedarburg, Wisconsin planned an entire day of activities to celebrate National Gymnastics Day. They held open gym complete with prizes and face painting. The local police department did an Ident-A-Kit program for kids, firefighters brought their big hook and ladder fire truck and let the kids tour the truck, plus the highlight of the day was the Cartwheel-A-Thon that raised $1700 for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer Fund. - - -- - -- - -- - - ------1(

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / DE( 2000

)f - - - - - - -- - - - --







Left is a photo of the proclamation the City of Burbank, CaLif., presented to Fun & Fit Gymnastics recognizing NationaL Gymnastics Day.



KnoxviLLe Gymnastics Training Center in Tennessee performed an exhibition at the Tennessee Smokies BasebaLL Stadium in front of 7,000 fans! The Power TumbLing Team performed on trampoLine and doubLe mini, and the boys and girls team tumbLed aLong the first base Line. It was great fun and exposure for our sport!

UniversaL Gymnastics in Miami, Florida, ceLebrated NationaL Gymnastics Day by putting on an exhibition at the KendalL Town and Country MaLl. ALL aspects of their program were included from preschooL to competitive team! .-1-=I-=o------------------1( r EC H N I QUE

• NOV / 0E( 2000

)>---- - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hanover YMCA Gymnastics Club in Hanover, Pennsylvania performed an exhibition outside of WalMart. They set up a circuit and let kids in the audience come and give it a try, plus they had a few gymnasts on hand from each Level to perform exhibitions.

Gymnastics WorLd of Ft. Myers, Florida tumbled and played in the surf at Ft. Myers Beach to celebrate National Gymnastics Day. Owner and Coach Dan Dickey flipped burgers and kids!

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CAMPS, from page 7 Figure 5 shows the leg lifts test. Leg lifts were performed while hanging from the low bar of the unevens . The athlete was required to begin in a "L" position and the feet were not allowed to touch the floor between repetitions. The test required the athlete to perform 20 leg lifts and the time required to perform these leg lifts was recorded . The athletes were allowed one trial and leg form was considered . Time began whe n the athlete began her first leg lift. Olympic Preparation Camps Dec - June 2000 M r-----------~~--------------------__.

more early jumps. Figure 6 shows that the gymnasts results are similar to those seen in typica l periodization with a period of co ncentrated loading fo llowed by a period of relative rest or lighter loads. Figure 6 shows the period of concentrated loading and the resu lting pattern of adaptation shown by the athletes. Because the training camps ended in June, no further data are available. It is assumed that the athlete's physical condition continued the recovery and supercompensation shown by the thick dark line indicating the longitudinal trend of the athlete's average power. The data on these gymnasts shows a rather classical adaptation curve similar to that described by Bompa, Selye, Verkhoshansky, and others. see Camps, page 19

~ ~ 50 ...J


~ 40









.2 4>






Mar Camps




Figure 5 Figure 6 shows the average power results of the Bosco 60 second jump test. The Bosco test was the only test that was performed with t he sa me protocol during every camp. The test involves a switch mat and computer interface that allows the computer to determine the time of flight during each jump and the time on the ground during each jump. The gymnast is required to jump continuously as high and as rapidly as possi ble for 60 seconds while keeping the hands on the hips t o prevent co ntribution of the arms to flight time. The flight times of the test are then used to calculate the average power of t he 60 second performance. Other parameters can also be obtained such as changes in ground time, flight time and gro und time on specific jumps, power for a predetermined time period, and short term power by assessing the first one or Olympic Preparation Camps Dec - June 2000 26.0

n Ci26.0

~ ~



T, i, I

















Figure 6 ---1-=-'-=-2---- - - - - - - - - - - - - f (

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / 0E( 2000

) r - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -


Winning character. Three names have come together to make a difference at Sydney 2000. Bela Karolyi. USA Gymnastics. And AAI American. It's been a winning combination before, and it will be again. Because in gymnastics, as in life, character makes all the difference in the world.

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Floor Exercise Symbols in the 200 I Code:

You Can't Judge Without Them! By John Scheer, Floor Exercise National Apparatus Leader

tucked or piked, but puts them in a different box (i.e. different skill) if they are performed in the stretched position. Significantly, the Rudi has been devalued to a C part.

t is a safe prediction that the title of this article is right on the mark. Starting in 2001, judges will not be able to calculate accurate start scores in floor exercise without using symbols to record routines.


While eliminating bonus repetition is a limiting factor, classifying the above skills as different based solely on body position will greatly expand the opportunities for gymnasts to create tumbling sequences that do not repeat skills which contribute to bonus points. At the same time, this will make it very difficult for judges to determine repetition of skills, unless, of course, judges become skilled in the use of symbols.

Why will it be more important than ever for judges to record routines with symbols? First, the FIG Men's Technical Committee has retained our basic system for calculating bonus points. In floor exercise, judges will continue to (a) combine bounding tumbling skills into higher value parts, and (b) value raise the third and subsequent bounding skills as long as those skills have an independent value of at least "C" However, two subtle, but major, changes in the new Code will make the use of symbols mandatory: 1. Repetition. No skill that contributes to bonus points can be repeated for bonus. In the old Code, one skill could be repeated for bonus. 2. Different Boxes. For many of the tumbling skills which gymnasts typically combine for higher element values and value raising, different body positions (tucked/piked, versus stretched) will now be classified as different skills, or what we call different boxes, for purposes of repetition. Most importantly, in the old Code body position made no difference in the classification of front saltos, back saltos, front saltos with 1/1 twist, and front saltos with 1&1/2 twists (Rudi). These skills were each in their own box and were the same value regardless of body position. The new Code groups each of these four skills into one box if they are performed


For example, a gymnast could perform a front saito with 1/1 twist to a front salto to a Rudi, all in the tucked position, for a D+D sequence. The gymnast could then do exactly the same hlmbling pass with each skill in the stretched position and earn D+D again, with no skills being repeated! Or a gymnast could do a front saIto with 1/1 twist tucked to a front saIto with 1/1 twist stretched to a Rudi for E+D and no repetition. Coaches and gymnasts will likely invent many acceptable variations utilizing the same skills in different positions. Early in the next cycle, I would anticipate that elite gymnasts will work on more C+C connections for E parts, and more C+C+C connections for E+D value. Further, many gymnasts will likely work on front and back saltos in different positions connected to C and D value parts for higher combined element values. I would also anticipate that some gymnasts will work on bounding passes that contain four parts.

TECH N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV /D EC 2000


All of this mandates the use of symbols in recording floor routines. The symbols in the Code of Points can be a little cumbersome (for example, see the Code symbol for the Thomas in chart 2), but with a few modifications they can be short, easy to use, and recognizable even by the international symbol system (for example, see my symbol for the Thomas in chart 2). Furthermore, floor symbols provide the basis for dismount symbols on all events except pommel horse, as well as saito skills on parallel bars. would suggest that judges start by A few easy rules to start:

learning floor exercise symbols for the most frequently seen skills in each of the element groups. Judges may need to formulate their own shorthand for skills that simply take too long to record using the international system. For example, I now simply write "R" for Rudi. For the added importance now of recording body positions, I will simply use the symbol for the stretched position, and if my recording does not include the stretched position symbol, I will know it was tucked or piked . Lastly, some



Back salta:

... .Q




Front salta:




I I I:

Side salta:

~. ~



21 I:



~ E~


videotape practice, or spending some time recording routines in the gym will help immensely. Following are a few basic rules and some common skills seen in floor exercise. I have found the international symbol for twists to be cumbersome. Mike Juszczyk taught me to just write the number of half twists beside the skill, and I have listed that below as an "easier" technique in chart 1. Try it, it works. The reader should understand that Skill ratings are not official until the approved new Code comes out, and some of the skills below require certain performance characteristics. see Symbols, page 16

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TEe H N IOU E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / DE[ 2000


SYMBOLS from page 15



V sit (B)

i+'" 0

Press to Japanese handstand







Front saito to prone (tuck/pike B) Front I & 3/4 saito roll out



..-'"!> --1





Straddle planche (A)



Back saito (B)

Planche (B)



Back saito 1/2 turn (B)

Press handstand (B)

t <10


Back saito III turn (B)

Fedorchenko (D)



Back saito 3/2 turns


Flare III spind le handstand (D)


13~ t

Back saito 2/ 1 turns


Gogoladze (D)


Tt J.

Back saito 5/2 turns (D)



Scale (A or B)


Back saito 3/1 turns (D)


-.JL (,

Double back saito (tucked, C)




Front saito (B)



Fro nt saito 1/2 turn (B) Front saito III turn


Front saito 3/2 turns (Rudi)


Double Front saito (tucked, D)






cr -l)'











--JL~ -..JL...-e

---R.- , -.lL.

~~ ~~


--'L3 --'L 4-


Double back saito III turn (tucked, D)




Double back saito 2/ 1turns (tucked E)





Thomas (tucked or piked, D)


Thomas stretched (E)

"i~ ~-,


,--, T






--I= 1 - = 6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - { (

TECH N I QUE • NOV / 0E( 2000

) } - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --




presents the NEW MElPO Workshops!. GYMN"ASTICS ........................................................ USA GYMNASTICS 1000 MELPD WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (Pre-registration guarantees a MELPD workbook and place at the workshop)


Movement Education and Lesson Plan Development Workshop The Movement Education and Lessen Plan Development Workshop ccnsists of five enlightening hours of preschool teacher education. This workshop is ccntinuing education

of the KAr Program. The overall


emphasis of this workshop is to provide instructors with the necessary knOVv1edge to develop preschool


gymnastics lessen plans, emphasize developmentally appropriate practices, fundamental skill development, SKILL deccnstruction and sample rotation activities. This workshop is designed to help instructors meet the needs of the individual students and enccurage adoption of lifelong physical activity! Please call Pat Warren at 317-237-5050 ext, 337 or email pwarren@ usa-gymnastics,org if yo u are interested in attend ing or hosting a MELPD workshop.

Decem ber December December Dece mber December December December December December Decem ber


Menlo Park, CA


Menlo Park Gymnastics

USA GYMNASTICS 1000 KAT WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (Pre-registration guarantees a KAT workbook and place at the workshop)

A KAT Workshop co nsists of eight enl ightening hours of preschool teacher education . The workshop covers philosophy, understanding the preschool-age ch ild, how to be an effecti ve teacher, safety co nsiderations, class management, lesson plan development, and much more!



Please call Pat Warren at 317-237-5050 ext, 337 or ema il pwarren@ usa if yo u are interested in attending or hosting a KAT workshop.

LOCATION Woodstock, GA November

- --1-

EVENT/CLUB _ _I_ _W _o_rld of Gymnasti_c s_


PHONE 770-516-6898


lumbus Gymnastics Academy, Inc

3 10

Janu ~

J a nuary


Campbell, CA


West Valley Gymnastics School

TECH N IOU E • NOV / DE( 2000


) 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - = - 1=7".

Safety Certification-Sanctions PDP /I KAT Certification Meet Director Certification Skill Evaluator Certification General Gymnastics



If you experienced difficulty with the online services early in August and September, we suggest that you review these pages again because the instructions have changed to be more userfriendly. We truly do apologize for any inconvenience. This giant change has resulted in frustrations for all of us. It is why we have granted a temporary waiver for coaches and athletes to be on the floor at a competition as long as form and payment have been received in this office. This process is being tracked. Remember that it will take four to six weeks for you to receive your card. The cards are run every week in the office and then a mailing house sends them out to our members.

This in-office and online membership/accounting program is being specifically designed for USA Gymnastics. This is no easy task considering all of the factors that go into most of our memberships and procedures. For example, the fact that a person must be eighteen and safety certified to be a professional member must be programmed! This is neither simple nor inexpensive. As we all know, we have a wonderful yet complicated sport. More than 32,000 records have been completed with the online registration. We continue to make changes and revisions to the directions and procedures in order to make the whole process more" user friendly." These changes and updates often require that the program writers out of Chicago make programming changes. We are in direct contact with these individuals every day. We constantly strive to make this new system work for you. As you can certainly understand, this program is not just a matter of flippin0 a switch or putting a new diskette or CD-ROM into the computer. The process is far more complicated and time consuming. This project is contracted to an outside company. Through the continued communication with you, our members, we learn what is working and what is not. Corrections to the new system are being made on a daily basis. Your help and understanding with this huge project is moving us all toward success in its completion.



To find this information online you should go to our site and click on Member Services. You will see listed on top the Membership "How To ... " page. This page will give you a listing of the many online possibilities. For example, how to change your address or club affiliation. How to obtain your club's athlete roster or individual athlete's member number, how to add and renew ath letes online, how to renew your professional membership and more. Please read the instructions as outlined. SAFETY INSTRUCTORS

Safety instructors can access the names of the people signed up for your course online. Go to - Instructor Course Lists EDUCATIONAL UPDATES

The new MELPD (movement education and lesson plan development) pilot courses will be conducted in December of 2000. You will find information in this edition. You do not have to hold any prior certification to attend this course. However, attendance and certification in the KAT (kinder accreditation for teachers) is highly recommended in order to begin building a strong base for preschool and elementary school gymnastics/physical education training. Effective immediately, an individual may purchase the entire PDP (professional development program) Levell program . This will include the Rookies Coaches guide and exam, the Sequential Gymnastics book and exam, and the PDP Levell video and workbook. This will allow any person to begin the coaches certification program on his or her own. This PDP Levell program will remain a Member Club benefit so that the club owner may have the ability to instruct all of his/her staff at his/her convenience. When all parts are completed, the individual sends in all parts, (two exams and workbook verification) with the appropriate fee. A certificate of completion will be mailed to the individual and the course certification credits will be added to the person's record.

NOV / 0EC 2000


th ro ughout th e Olympic Preparation se ries. This decline was largely due to the marked emp hasis in training an d conditioning that focused on stre ngth -endurance vi a increasing the number of repetitions of a particular exercise without regard to the speed of execution.

CAMPS, from page 12 Olympic Preparation Camps Dec - Jun 2000


:ea ~



E C!)


i= E




0 .300




Mar Camps




Figure 7 Figure 7 shows a short-term power result from th e Bosco tests. Short-term power can be inferred from changes in the first jump, the first few jumps, or the Y intercept of a regression line calculated on the flight times of the entire test. As shown in Figure 7, the Y intercept of the flight times indicates that the gymnasts' short term power declined

GYM SUPPORT N eW! Most 3tllHts 311 Stoell!

The longitudinal data from the Olympic Preparation Camp Series has shown a variety of trends. Because athlete participation from camp to ca mp was not certain, some of the tests in volved different numbers of athletes. Injury, illness, and special circumstances also co nst rained athletes in their participation in specific tests. The number of athletes for each longitudinal ana lysis is shown with each figure . The results of these trends showed that the athletes gained and then lost mass while never returning to a body mass less than their initial meas urements. The basic t rends of all the strength-endurance tests indicated improvement throughout the camp series. Short-term power did not show improvement, largely due to the fo cus of training and conditioning on strength -endurance qualities. Future endeavors of this nature should attempt to continue thi s and other data collection in the process of determining optimal parameters for the conduct of athlete preparation up to Olympic Games and World Championships.

TAil AitjAllst q,.tleity trtlHtPOeiHes tlHd tjyHtHtisties prod,.ets HtOHey etiH O,.y!

8ae/i HaHdsptiHIJ OOHtaet Us 7oday!! 7taiHDts! 1·811·211·3836 www.78(iYHt.eoHt 78@78(iyHt.eoHt

USA Gymnastics


2002 Nomination Form and Information Questionnaire he former Helms Hall of Fame and USA Gymnastics have combined efforts into one National Hall of Fame for gymnastics. Individuals may be nominated for the consideration of the selection committee in any of three categories: athlete, coach, or contributor. The person submitting the name of the nominee for consideration should read the accompanying criteria and seek to obtain all pertinent information from the individual or the individual's family to accompany the nomination. Please submit a typed set of information for each person nominated, including the appropriate category for the nominee. Please use the format below for information as requested and include any additional information, articles, and pictures at the end of the requested information.


NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __

NAME------_ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ __

ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __

ADDRESS- - - --

ClTY- - - - - - - - --

CITY-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

- - - - -- - --

STATE - - - - - - - ZlP- --

- - - - - - - - - - -_


STATE-- - - - - - ZIP-- - - - - - -- -

PHONE - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - FAX _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __

PHONE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FAX _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __




G ~mteam. In order to be considered, the follOWing nasts may be nominated as an individual or

eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Aper iod of five years post competition • Has been an Olympic, Pan American, World University Game s or World Championships team member • Has been 0 National Champion recognized by the Natio nol Governing Body (AAU, USGF or USAG) • Has been 0 National Collegiate Champion

Please con tinue the application with the following information: 1. Date of birth 2. If dec eased, date of death and copy of obituary (if po ssible). Also, please list family name(s) and addre ss(es). 3. Gymn ostics club(s) or school(s) where athlete trained. Please include the number of years trained and the coach (es) with whom the athlete trained in each program. 4. Athlete's competitive history in chronological order (with dates and titles). please include the follOWing items · highlight the outstanding competitive accomplishments of individual · 0!loch complete competitive records, if possible · in clude information such as national ch ompionships won, listing specific events and/ or aII·around • lis t international competitive records, listing any ev ents or all-around championships won , lis t any honors awarded to the athlete dditional information about this individual






oaches may be nominated either as individuals or as members of a coaching partnership. In order to be considered, the following eligibility criteria is used as a guideline: • Has fiheen years experience as a coach • Has been consistently successful in t{gtional Collegiate Championships • Has coached one or more athletes who have been members of national teams (international, senior or junior) recognized by the NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) • Has coached National or Collegiate Champions • Has coached an NGB (AAU, USGF or USAG) recognized international team

I criteria n order to be considered, the following eligibility is used as a guideline: • • • •

• •

1. Number of years in coaching

2. Coaching positions held (Le., club(s), collegiate, 3.

4. 5.


organization, or school) and what years coached at these locations Gymnasts and coaches (Le., Olympians, national champions, conference champions, elites, outstanding coaches, etc.) developed by nominee National Team coaching positions held by nominee (please include dotes) Additional information about the nominee's career in coaching (Le., background as on athlete, honors, publications, contributions to the gymnastics field, records, etc.) list of names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might add to the information you listed here on behalf of this nominee

after that date will not be considered.

- - - - - - - - ------i(

2. 3.

4. 5.

Carolyn Bowers, Chairman Hall of Fame Selection Committee 235 Willowood Bowling Green, OH 43402

TEe H H I QUE • NOV / 0 EC 2000

Has a minimum of twenty years of service Has served significantly on national committees Holds national and "brevet" credentials as a judge frequently judging at national and international meets Invented devises that advance the technical performance of gymnastics elements or promoted a safe gymnastics environment Has written or contributed to significant gymnastics books, monograms, and articles Has produced research advancing the sport

Please continue the application with the follOWing information: 1. list significant ways in which this nominee has

Please continue the application with the following information:

aI~ for the Class of 2002 Hall of Fame must be completed aI ~nt by June 1, 2001, to both of the individuals listed Non. ~ceived


contributed to the gymnastics field: • National committees (years and offices held) • Regional and state service (years and offices held) • Books or articles published • Development of significant ideas which have benefited the gymnastics community • Judging service and major assignments (Olympic, World Championships, international &/ or national competitions) • Service to the gymnastics community (volunteer contributions not covered above) Was this nominee a competitor in gymnastics? If so, list background, years and results. Was this nominee a gymnastics coach? If so, list years and achievements. list additional information (i.e., honors received, gymnastics recognition, etc.). list names, addresses and telephone numbers (with area code) of additional persons who might add to the information listed here on behalf of the nominee. Kim Clayton USA Gymnastics 20 I S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225

) } - - --

- - - - - - - - - - - --


embers of the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame Selection Committee are appointed to four-year terms with possible renewal for only two consecutive terms. Mr. John Brinkworth, Chairman of the Awards and Recognition Committee on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors, announces three openings on the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. These terms wi ll run from 2001 through 2005.


The Hall of Fame Selection Committee is responsible for annually reviewing nom inations a nd choosi ng eligible inductees into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Any Lifetime Achievement honor is also selected ond the induction ceremony is planned by the committee. Current members of the Selection Comm ittee include: Carolyn Bowers, Abie Grossfeld, Jay Ashmore, Barbara Ton ry, Dick Aronson, Linda Chencinski and Fred Tu roff. If you would be interested in serving on this committee, please send a letter of interest, including a copy of your resume with your gymnastics background/ career, by MARCH 15,2001,10:

Kim Clayton, USA Gymnastics 20 1 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 31 7-237-5069 fax

ANNOUNCING THE USA GYMNASTICS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Anew National Award hos been proposed to and accepted by the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. It will be known as the USA Gym nastics lifetime Achievement Award. The Hall of Fame Committee wished to recognize individuals who have dedicated a lifetime of service to the sport of gymnostics in a meaningful manner. The intention is to seek out as well as request from the gymnastics community, information about individuals who have made 0 considerable impact upon our sport. This recognition will be presented either during the Ceremony of Honors or with the Hall of Fame Awards at the USA Gymnastics Nationol Congress, whenever possible. Since the individuols selected for this award will be responsible for their own transportation and expenses to the National Congress to receive the award, the oward may be presented at an appropriate function of regional or national prominence which is locoted closer to the home of the selected individual. There will be no minimum or maximum number of recipients ond the award moy not be given every year. Privileges for the recipients will be: • lifetime complimentary membership in USA Gymnastics • recognition in appropriate publications and ceremonies as a recipient of the USA Gymnastics lifetime Achievement Award • presentation of the award • complimentary admission to yearly U.s. Gymnastics Championships and competitions, including the World Team Trials, and the USA Gymnastics National Congress In order to be eligible far this award, the following minimum criteria must be met: 1. Minimum of 25 years dedicated to gymnastics 2. His/ her service must stand out above the normal person who loves gymnastics and has a lifetime of appreciation or ordinary participation 3. This person(s) should have accomplished an involvement at the regional, national, and/ or international levels in one or a combination of the following: coaching, judging, volunteering, and promotion of the sport of gymnastics. It is not necessary to have been a competitor in gymnastics. He/she may have bee n a competitor and have continued to enhance the sport in multiple ways. The Hall of Fame Committee has assumed the philosophy that the Hall of Fame will have an emphasis on the accomplished athlete. Coaches and contributors who are inducted will be limited to the few individuals with outstanding and special accomplishments at the very highest level of contribution or coaching. As we have received nominations and credentials for persons who have given a lifetime of meaningful dedication which has greatly influenced the sport of gymnastics through coaching, judging, volunteering, and promotion of the sport, it was felt that prominent national recognition should be possible through the introduction of the lifetime Achievement Award. Many have contributed to the growth and development which has helped gymnastics in its progress to where we stand today. The Hall of Fame Committee encourages members of the gymnastics community to give careful consideration fo r nominations and to communicate with nominees in order to provide the most complete credentials and information possible. Only completed nominations will be considered. The nominations which are submitted will be thoughtfully considered and possibly maintained in a credential notebook for future consideration. Additional informotion may be requested. Please use the Request for Nomination os your guideline fo r needed informotion. Please submit this informotion in typed form along with all name and address information as requested.

- - -- - - - - - - - - - ------1(

You should include as much information os possible using the following criteria. COACH-list locations ond dotes of where coached, level of athletes coached, names of outstanding athletes and major titles won. list coaching contributions through the establishment of regional or national workshops and clinics; as staff members of national level workshops, through presentations at national meetings; and by writing publications. list membership on major committees, describing the work involved. JUDGE-list the total number of years of judging. Include dates and the number of years ot each judging rating held. list dotes and major judging assignments. Include contributions made at state, regional, national and international levels in teaching, writing and publications, training camps for evaluation of othletes or education, and major committees served, including dates. VOLUNTEER & PROMOTER-list major volunteer efforts, giving dates and number of years of participation. list state, regianal, and national offices held, number of years held, including the type of work accomplished. list ony other promotionol efforts or invented devises thot odvanced the technical performance of gymnastics, contributed to research, advanced the development of apparatus, or promoted a safe gymnastics environment. list research, articles or books published. You may, as the nominator, also provide a brief personal account of why you feel that the person who you are nominating is deserving of national recognition. If the nominee is a past competitor, list major accomplishments of the competitive career giving dates and specific levels of competition, including any titles won. Please send a copy of this nomination to each of the individuals belowNO LATER THAN JUNE I, 200 I. Nominations received after that date will not be considered. Carolyn Bowers, Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee 235 Willowood Bowling Green, OH 43402

KimClayton, USA Gymnastics 201 S. Capitol Ave., Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225



: NAME _______________________________________________ I

: ADDRESS ______________________________________________ I

CITY _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

STATE _ _ _ __ _ ZIP _ __ _ ___

PHONE _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ FAX_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

NAME_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ I

AODRESS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- -


: CITY _________________ STATE _____________ ZIP _ _ _ _ ___ I

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.--,--=---- -- - -- -- - ------1( 124

(Iub Nome - Universal Gymnastics, Inc. 14221 SW 142 SI; Miomi, FL 33196 Phone - 305/ 233-7770 Fox - 305/ 666-8710 (loss- Men's7-1

GEORGIA Evenl Nome - Allonlo (rown Invilolionol Evenl Site· Gwinnett Civic (enler; 6400 Sugorloof Porkwoy; Dululh, GA 30097 510rl Dole - 1/11/2001 (Iub Nome - Gwinnett Gymnoslics (enler 927 Killion Hill Rood; lilburn, GA 30047 Phone - 770/921·5630 Fox - 770/ 921 -5111 Levels - Women's 4-Elile Evenl Nome - (Ioverleoflnvilotionol Evenl Sile - 98 Potterson Rood; Lowrenceville, GA 30044 Siorl Dole· 3/ 10/ 2001 (Iub Nome -Georgio Gymnostlcs Acodemy, Inc. 98 Pollerson Rood; Lawrenceville, GA 30044 Phone - 770/962·5867 Fox - 770/ 963·3443 Levels - Women's 7-10 Evenl Nome - Golden Isles Invitolionol Evenl Sile - Glynn Academy Gymnosium; 1001 Mansfield Sireel; 8runswick, GA 31520 Siort Dole · 2/ 17/ 2001 (Iub Nome - YWCA Golden Isles Rhylhmics 135 (ordinol Rood; Api I02; 8runswick, GA 31525 Phone - 912/262·6014 Fox - 912/ 265·8059 Levels - Rhylhmic 5·9 Evenl Nome - Holiday Kick·Off Evenl Sile - 98 Patterson Rood; Lawrenceville, GA 30044 Siort Dale - 11 / 18/ 2000 dub Nome -Georgia Gymnostlcs Academy, Inc. 98 PaHerson Rood; Lawrenceville, GA30044 Phone - 770/ 962-5867 Fox - 770/ 963-3443 Levels - Women's 4·6 Evenl Nome - Northwind (Iossic Evenl Sile - 7545 Induslriol (ourl; Alphorello, GA 30004 510rl Dole - 1/13/ 2001 Club Nome - Norlhwind Gymnastics (enler, Inc. 7545 Induslriol (ourt; Alpharetta, GA 30004 Phone - 770/475-6103 Fox - 770/ 518-0841 Levels - Women's 7-10 Evenl Nome - Rock-N-Roll Evenl Sile - 124 (edor Lone; Martinez, GA 30907 Siorl Oole - 1/20/ 2001 (Iub Nome - Gymnostics Gold 124 (edor Lone; Martinez, GA 30907 Phone - 706/ 650-21 11 Fox - 706/ 650-2171 Levels -Women's 7-10 Evenl Nome -Wilderness Invitolional Evenl Sile - P.O. Box 397; (holsworlh, GA 30705 Siorl Dole - 2/ 3/ 2001 (Iub Nome - Northwesl Georgia GYM (enler 79 North Pork Drive; (hOlsworth, GA 30705 Phone - 706/ 695-6664 Fox - 706/ 517-0806 Levels -Women's 7-10

ILLINOIS Evenl Nome - Moke-A-Wish Benefil Meel Evenl Sile - 1018 Tri-Slole Parkway; TECH N' 0 UE • NOV / 0 E(


Gurnee, IL 60031 Siort Oole - 12/ 8/ 2000 Club Nome - Ullimole Gymnoslics of Gurnee LL( 1018 Tri-5101e Porkwoy; Gurnee, IL 60031 Phone - 847/856-8573 Fox - 847/ 856·8596 Levels· Women's 4·10

INDIANA Evenl Nome - Circle of Siors Evenl Sile . Indio no (onvenlion (enler Siort Dole - 2/ 2/ 2001 (Iub Nome - DeVeau's School of Gymnoslics, 9032 Technology Dr; Fishers, IN 46038 Phone - 317/ 849·7744 Levels -Women's 4·Elile, (loss - Men's 7-1 Evenl Nome -Spring Fling Evenl Site - 519 Herrimon (ourt; Noblesville, IN 46060-4300 510rt Dole - 3/ 10/ 2001 (Iub Nome· APlus Gymnoslics (enler, Inc. 519 Herriman (ourl; Noblesville, IN 460604300 Phone· 317/773-7266 Fox - 317/773·8966 Levels -Women's 4-10

KENTUCKY Evenl Nome · Lelicio Smilh Memorial Invilolionol Evenl 5ile . 1320 8elmor Or.; Louisville, KY 40213 510rl Dole - 12/ 1/ 2000 (Iub Nome - Flip (ity Gymnoslics Acad., Inc. 1320 8elmor Dr.; Louisville, KY 40213 Phone - 502/ 458·7240 Levels -Women's 3-10

MARYLAND Evenl Name - Block-Eyed Susan Invilalionol Evenl Sile - 7 AWesl Aylesbury Rood; Timonium, MD 21093 Slart Dole - 11 / 18/2000 (Iub Nome - Rebounders Gymnoslic (enler 7AWest A~esbury Road; Timonium, MD 21093 Phone· 410/ 252·3374 Fox - 410/252·6753 Levels -Women's 5·6

MICHIGAN Evenl Nome - 22nd Annual (hrislmos Classic Evenl Sile - 5870 Norlh Hix Rood; Wesllond, MI48185 51arl Dole - 12/ 8/ 2000 Club Nome - Michigan Academy of Gymnoslics 5870 Norlh Hix Rood; Wesllond, MI48185 Phone - 734/721-4001 Fox - 734/721 -6445 Levels - Women's 5-10 Evenl Nome - Exlreme Gymnastics (hollenge Evenl Sile - 35075 Farlan (ourl; (lin Ion Township, MI 4B035 Slart Dole - 2/ 2/ 2001 Club Nome· Exlreme Gymnoslics U.S.A. Inc. 35075 Farlan (ourl; (Iinlon Township, tAl 48035 Phone - 801 / 791 -9097 Fox - 801 / 791 -9164 Levels -Women's 5-Elile Evenl Nome - Holiday Jom Evenl Sile - 1601 Galbraith; Suile 301 ; Grand Rapids, MI 49546 Siort Dole - 12/ 9/ 2000 Club Nome -Archer's NOlionol Academy 1601 Golbrailh; Suile 301 ; Grand Rapids,

MI 49546 Phone - 616/ 975-2992 Fox · 616/ 455·6845 Levels - Women's 5-Elile Evenl Nome -Molar Cily 80ys lnvilolionol Evenl Sile - 5870 Norlh Hix Rood; Wesllond, MI48185 Siorl Dole· 2/ 3/ 2001 (Iub Nome - Michigan Acodemy of Gymnoslics 5870 Norlh Hix Rood; Wesllond, MI48185 Phone· 734/72 1-400 I Fox - 734/721 ·6445 (loss - Men's 6·1

MINNESOTA Evenl Nome - Norlhern Ughls (Iossic Evenl Sile . 900 I I23rd Avenue North; (homplin, MN 55316 510rt Dole · 3/ 2/ 2001 (Iub Nome -Twin (ity Twislers 9001 123rdAvenue North; Chomplin, MN 55316 Phone - 763/ 421 -3046 Fox - 763/ 421 -1448 Levels -Women's 7-Elile Evenl Nome - Peppermini Twisl Evenl 5ile . Mocolesler (allege; 1600 Grond Ave; 51 Paul, MN 551 05 510rl Oole - 12/ 1/ 2000 (Iub Nome· Twin City Twislers 900 I I23rd Avenue Norlh; (homplin, MN 55316 Phone - 763/421·3046 Fax - 763/ 421 -1448 Levels -Women's 5·Elile

MISSOURI Evenl Nome - All American Spring Inv Evenl Site· 10449 Midwesl lnduslriol; SI. Louis, MO 63132 Slarl Dole· 3/2/2001 (Iub Nome - All American Gymnoslics 10449 Midwesl lnduslriol; SI. Louis, MO 631 32 Phone - 314/426·2496 Fax - 314/ 426-1898 Levels -Women's 5·10

MISSISSIPPI Evenl Nome - Indiana YMCA Siole Evenl Sile - III Fairfield Drive; Hattiesburg, M5 39402 Siorl Dole - 5/ 19/ 2001 (Iub Nome - KIPS (enler for Filness & GYM III Fairfield Drive; Holliesburg, MS 39402 Phone - 601 / 264·0394 Fax - 601 / 268·9521 Levels -Women's 5-10 Evenl Nome - Kips Heorlbeol lnvilolionol Evenl Site - III Fairfield Drive; Hattiesburg, MS 39402 Siorl Dole - 11/17/ 2000 (Iub Nome - KI PS(enler for Filness & GYM III Fairfield Drive; HoHiesburg, MS 39402 Phone - 601 / 264-0394 Fox· 601 / 268-9521 (loss - Men's ?-Elile, Levels -Women's 2Elile

NORTH CAROLINA Evenl Nome - (oribbeon Holiday Invile Evenl Sile - 5400 Allonlic Springs Road; Raleigh, N( 27616 Siort Dole - 3/24/2001 (Iub Nome - North Raleigh Gymnoslics 5400 Atlontic Springs Rood; Raleigh, N( 27616 Phone - 919/ 790-9400 Fox - 919/ 791 -9519 Levels -Women's 4

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INVITATIONAL LISTING NORTH CAROLINA (continued) Event Nome· Foothills New Years Invi Event Site· 920 29th Ave NE; Hickory, NC 28601 Start Dote · 2/ 3/ 2001 Club Nome · Foothills Gymnastics 920 29th Ave NE; Hickory, NC 28601 Phone · 828/328·3794 Fox · 828/ 328·3828 levels· Women's Prep Optional, 7·10 Event Nome · Reach for the Stars Event Site · 3370 SChurch Street; Burlington, NC 27215 Start Dote · 3/3/2001 Club Nome · Kidsport Gymnastic Academy 3370 S Church Street; Burlington, NC 27215 Phone · 336/ 538·0073 Fox · 336/ 586·0755 levels · Women's 7·10 Event Nome· Winter Invil Event Site· 10420 Southern loop Blvd.; Pineville, NC 28134 Start Dote · 1/20/2001 Club Nome · Clemmer School of Gymnastics and Donee 10420 Southern loop Blvd.; Pineville, NC 28134 Phone· 704/ 583·9998 Fox · 704/ 553·7026 levels· Women's Prep Optional, 7-10

NEW HAMPSHIRE Event Nome · Winter Carnival Event Site · 112 Crowley Falls Rood; Brentwood, NH 03833 Start Dote· 1/12/2001 Club Nome · GYM At Brentwood Commons 112 Crowley Falls Rood; Brentwood, NH 03833 Phone · 603/642·7200 Fox· 603/642·9211 levels · Women's 4·10, Closs · Men's 7·10

NEW JERSEY Event Nome · The 4th Annual Star Struck Invitotionl Event5i1e . 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Start Dote · 1/6/ 2001 Club Nome · Star Bound Gymnastics Academy 1274 Highway 77; Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Phone · 856/ 453·7996 Fox· 856/ 453-7559 levels· Women's 4·10 Event Nome· The Scarlet Cup 2001 Event5ite · 2248 Route 9 South; Howell, NJ 07731 Start Dote · 2/23/2001 Club Nome · Wilton Academy of Gymnastics 224B Route 9 South; Howell, NJ 07731 Phone · 732/462·2079 Fox· 732/ 462·3B77 levels· Women's 5·10

NEW MEXICO Event Nome · American Dream Invitational Event Site · 44B7 Irving Blvd NW, #110; Albuquerque, NM 87114 Start Dote · 1/26/2001 Club Nome · Dono's Westside Gymnastics, In 4487 Irving Blvd NW, #110; Albuquerque, NM 87114 Phone · 505/898·7334 Fox · 505·898·7334 levels· Women's 4·6

NEW YORK Event Nome · Adirondack Classic Event5i1e . 600 Upper Glen Street; Glens Falls, NY 12801 Start Dote · 2/ 17/2001 Club Nome · Glens Falls Family YMCA 600 Upper Glen Street; Glens Falls, NY 12801 Phone · 518/ 793·3B78 Fox· 518/ 793·38B7 Closs· Men's 7·3

Town R; Rochester, NY 14623 Start Dote · 4/ 7/ 2001 Club Nome · Penev's Gymnastics 1776 East Avenue Rochester; Rochester, NY 14610 Phone· 716/ 271·3517 fox · 716/ 271·7485 levels · Women's 4·10

OHIO Event Nome · Spring Fling 2001 Event Site· 810 Slocum Rd; lancaster, OH 43130 Start Dote · 3/ 10/ 2001 Club Nome · Hocking Volley GYM Center 810 Slocum Rd; lancaster, OH 43130 Phone· 740/ 653-3547 Closs · Men's 7·1 Event Nome · Winter Cup 2000 Event Site· 810 Slocum Rd; lancaster, OH 43130 Start Dote · 12/ 9/ 2000 Club Nome · Hocking Volley GYM Center 810 Slocum Rd; lancaster, OH 43130 Phone · 740/653·3547 Closs · Men's 7·1

PENNSYLVANIA Event Nome · 4th Annual lebanon Classic Event Site· lebanon YMCA; 201 NSeventh Street; lebanon, PA 17046 Start Dote · 12/ 15/ 2000 Club Nome · lebanon YMCA Gymnastics lebanon YMCA; 201 NSeventh Street; lebanon, PA 17046 Phone· 717/ 273-2691 Fox · 717/ 273·6752 levels · Women's 4·10 Event Nome· Christmas Invitational Event Site· P.O. Box 631 ; Pottsville, PA17901 Start Dote · 12/ 16/2000 Club Nome · Pottsville Gymnastic Training Center P.O. Box 631 ; Pottsville, PA 17901 Phone · 570/ 628-4966 Fox · 570/ 544·4773 levels· Women's 4·10 Event Nome · Friendship Classic Event Sile · P.O. Box 631; PoHsville, PA 17901 Start Dote · 3/ 23/ 2001 Club Nome· Pottsville Gymnastic Training Center P.O. Box 631; Pottsville, PA 17901 Phone· 570/628·4966 Fox · 570/544·4773 levels· Women's 4·Elite Event Nome · Mardi Gras Invitational Event Site · 274 E. Filth Street; Bloomsburg, PA 17B15 Start Dote· 2/17/2001 Club Nome· Columbia Academy 274 E. Filth Street; Bloomsburg, PA 17815 Phone · 570/ 387·0359 Fox· 570/ 387·0195 levels · Women's 4·8 Event Nome· Thanksgiving Invilotionol Event Sile . 40 Ferry Rood; Hanover Tws; Wilkes·Borre, PA 18702 Start Dote· 11 / 19/2000 Club Nome · Northeast Gymnastics Acodemy R.R. #2 Box 107; Horveys lake, PA 18618·9620 Phone · 570/826·7090 levels· Women's 4· 5 Event Nome · Tournament of chompions Event Site · Jeworts Gymnastics; 246B Wildwood Rd; Wildwood, PA 15091 Start Dote · 2/2/2001 Club Nome · Pittsburgh Northstors III Ookhoven Drive; Wexford, PA 15090 Phone · 412/487·5999 Fox · 412/487·7333 levels· Women's 4·10

Event Nome · lilac Invilotionol Event Site · ESl Sports Centre; 2700 Brighton·Henrietto

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TEC H N 10 U E • NOV /D EC 2000

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III always want


the best for

Event Nome· AII·American Girls Invitational Event Site· 10612 Kingston Pike; Knoxville, TN 37922 Sto~ Dote· 1/ 20/ 2001 Club Nome · Academy of Gymnastics 10612 Kingston Pike; Knoxville, TN 37922 Phone· 865/ 531 ·1 701 Fax·423/ 690-4487 levels· Women's 4·10

all my gyms.

TEXAS Event Nome· 80nnon's Beach 810st Event Site· 4721 Strock Rood; Houston, TX 77069 Sto~ Dote· 3/ 9/ 2001 Club Nome· 80nnon's Gymnostix, Inc. 4721 Strock Rood; Houston, TX77069 Phone· 281 /444·4755 Fox· 281/586·8292 levels· Women's 4·10

VIRGINIA Event Nome· 11th Annual New Year Opener Event Site· 10810 Paulbrook Drive; Midlothian, VA 23112 Start Dote· 1/ 14/ 2001 Club Nome· Virginia International Gymnastics School 10810 Paul brook Drive; Midlothian, VA 23112 Phone · 804/276·7039 Fox· 804/ 739·0192 levels· Women's 4·10

That's why I switched ... /'

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Rita Brown, President Brown's Gymnastics "'"'Training Centers "'-


ProSchool, "'-. simply the best gym management software-period.

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Event Nome · Red Hea~ Rumble Event Site· 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Sta~ Dote · 2/ 17/2001 Club Nome· Stafford Gymnastics Center 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Phone · 540/373·8192 Fox· 540/374·1559 levels· Women's 4·10 Event Nome · Shamrock Challenge Event Site· 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Sto~ Dote· 3/17/2001 Club Nome · Stafford Gymnastics Center 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Phone · 540/373·8192 Fox· 540/ 374·1559 levels· Women's 4·10

WASHINGTON Event Nome· All Sport Invitational Event Site· 2643 Mottmon Court SW; Olympia, WA 98512 Sto~ Dote· 1/27/2001 Club Nome· Gymnastics Elite Tumwater 2643 MoMmon Court SW; Olympia, WA 98512 Phone· 360/ 956·1319 Fox· 360/956·1319 levels· Women's 4·10

Technique Statement of Ownership, Managen,ent and Circulation


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Event Nome · 20th Anniversary Celebration Event Site· 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Sto~ Dote· 1/ 13/2001 Club Nome · Stafford Gymnastics Center 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Phone· 540/ 373·8192 Fox · 540/ 374·1559 levels· Women's 4·10

Event Nome · Holiday Clossic Event Site · 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Sto~ Dote· 12/ 9/ 2000 Club Nome· Stofford Gymnastics Center 500 Nelms Circle; Falmouth, VA 22406 Phone · 540/ 373·8192 Fox · 540/374·1559 levels · Women's 4·10

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2. At Level 3 (jor the short term) allow a minimum six (6) glJmnasts instead of eight (8). Discussion: This would have the potential of seeing this level competed at many competitions. Is it necessary that we compete this level right away and make changes to the rules? How would six gyrrmasts perfor.m the floor exercise routine?

Call began at 1:00 p.m. ET

I. ROLL CALL David Moskovitz, Leader Dean Capelotti, Member Lori Laznovsky, Member Steve Whitlock, USA Gyrrmastics GG Director

The panel agreed that six gyrrmasts could compete, but would be subject to the stated rules performing with fewer than the required number of gyrrmasts.

II. PREVIOUS CALL MINUTES The panel agreed to accept t.l-le budget dishibuted by \,\~-t.itlock, keeping in mind that the numbers are only projections and may change budget expenditures.

IV. WG TRAVEL Laznovsky will investigate companies who will be able to bid on the travel portion for the event.

The panel agreed that it would create a "Sanctioning Procedures" document for the 12th We. The first "due date" for submitting sanction forms will be November 15, 2000. GGAP will make official responses to those applicants at Orlando event in December.

Respectfully su bm itted,

Whitlock received official invitation to the first infor.mation meeting for 12th We. The panel agreed that Whitlock and Moskovitz attend as USA delegation.


David Moskovitz, Leader

September 20, 2000 Call began at 12:00 p.m. CT

It was agreed that the Camp budget section represents the basic financial for.mat for all GG camps. Laznovsky, GG camps coordinator, will work with the for.mat and customize for each specific event. It was agreed that the

registration fee for the 2001 National GF Camp; TG Champ'S be $99 or less.

III. TEAMGYMN Proposal from Capelotti: I would like to discuss the rule changes that came out of Region 1. If we make changes, dubs have time to plan. The first competitions will most likely be in November. The changes proposed are:

I. ROLL CALL David Moskovitz, Leader Dean Capelotti, Member Lori Laznovsky, Member Steve Whitlock, USA Gyrrmastics GG Director


1. In a jump routine, a group can use a lower level skill with a 0.2 deduction for the pass.

Whitlock announced he has reached an agreement for hotel accommodations with Homewood Suites. This will provide excellent accommodations and rates for participants.

Discussion: What does the current rules state about such a situation?


This is a hole in the rules. While it is not addressed, the principle about

Moskovitz reviewed the changes and discussion from the previous meeting.

"difficulty" is addressed when applied to a specific athlete performing "Difficutly not corresponding to the athlete, each time (L)" [large deduction]' 0.2 deduction is too small for such a significant breech of the rules. It should be more like 1.0 point per pass. But, this is still only a small factor in the overall jump score (i.e., 1/ 6 of the total score).

The following changes and modification are to be made to the current regulations: 1.

Jump. Squads performing any tumbling pass / vault / mini trampoline jump which does not confor.m to their stated competition level will receive a 1.0 point deduction per pass / vault / jump. This deduction is to be taken at the completion of the individual pass/vault / jump.


Jump. When an individual gyrrmast or gymnasts performs a pass/vault/jump which does not confor.m to the recognized pass/vault/jump being by the squad, deduct 0.5 points, each time. . see General Gymnastics, continued on page 28

The panel agreed that this should be addressed by the TeamGyrnn Working Group. The recommendation is that such a violation of the difficulty rules be penalized heavily because the rules are dear in terms of required difficulty ranges for each level. If the squad is not prepared to perfor.m at the level, then they should not be entered at that level.


TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV /0 EC 2000

)r---- - - - -- ---------:;;;2:-;;;7:-11

Portable Gymnastic Pits


w. WORLD GYMNAESTRADA SANCTION PROCEDURES Whitlock will draft a preliminary document. The panel made tlle following observations for inclusion in tl1e document: 1.

It is recommended that groups seeking Sanction participate in a


It is recommended tl1at groups seeking Sanction submit a videotape of

National or Classic GymFest.


their perfotmance. Several possibilities exist for creating a video tape which include, but are not limited toa) a full presentation of the perfonnance; b) part of tl1e group performing part(s) of tl1e performance; c) selected gymnasts performing sections of tl1e performance; d) group leader or clloreographer describing tl1e intended perfotmance witl1 sample from selected gymnasts. Groups seeking Sanction must indicate tl10se part(s) of tl1e WG program for which they intend to participate and develop performances.

Whitlock began a discussion on the overall philosophy of assigning groups to performance slots. What are we to do wi th the Large Group Bf A opportunities? Whitlock was instructed to contact UCA to find out tlleir intent to participate in tl1e WG, especially the Large Group categories.

v. NEXT CONFERENCE CALL It was agreed tl1at tlle next call will take place on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 at 9:00 a.m. CT. Prior to tlle call, panel members are to distribute tl1eir own concepts for tl1e division of Group Perfotmance at tl1e We. These will be tlle primary source for discussion on the next call.

The call concluded at 1:05 p.m. CT

Practice Balance Beams

Respectfully submitted, David Moskovitz, Leader

Competition Landing Mats

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For information o~ becoming an Industry Member, contact Kathy Feldmann at USA GymnastIcs Member Serv ices 1-800-345-4719, ext. 325.

Board of Directors

CALL fOR NOMINATIONS NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP REPRESENTATIVES TO THE USA GYMNASTICS BOARD OF DIRECTORS Upon the recommendation of the nominating committee of the Board of Directors, the National Membership Director electio ns were postponed until the final outcome of the Bylaws proposal was decided , We are now ready to go forward with the elections using the fo llowing timeline: Call for nom inations se nt to all professional members

four disciplines (Men, Women , Rhythmic and Trampoline & Tumbling) be elected to serve on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. ~




Any individual nominating or being nominated must be a USA Gymnastics professional member in good standing for a minimum of five years.

October 30-November 1, 2000 -

Regional board meeti ng/co nference call to determine up to a maxi mum of two ca ndidates per region . November 3-5, 2000 - Selected ca ndidate's information and resume are faxed to respective national program co mmittees

Program com mittee's conference call to select a maxi mum of six candidates from those submitted

November 9, 2000 - Respective program committees submit final candidates for ballots to the National Office November






distribution of ballots to all Professional members December 1, 2000 - Deadline for postmark for qualified ballots December 8, 2000 - Ballots will be tabulated to determine Membershi'p Representatives

Purpose USA Gymnastics Bylaws requires that two representatives from each of the

Must be interested, enthusiastic and willing to commit the time and work required to be an active contributing Director of the Corporation. Must be actively involved


1. A nomin ation form will be se nt to all professional members the week of October 16, 2000 . 2. Nominatio ns can be made by any USA Gymnastics Professional Member who has been a member for a minimum of five years. 3. You r Regional Chai rm an must receive nomination applications no later than October 27, 2000.

program (men's, women's, rhythmic and Trampoline & Tumbling).

4. The Regional Board will review all nominees and present no more than two ca ndi dates per regio n to the Senior Program Director by November 8, 2000.

Cannot be a USA Gymnastics employee or an officer of USA Gymnastics or an officer or director of any organization which appoints individuals to serve as directors of USA Gymnastics.

5. The Prog ram Committee wi ll se lect no more than six candidates to be placed on the National ballot.


respective USA Gymnastics Competitive

November 6-8, 2000 -

Procedures will be followed by all four disciplines (Men, Women, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Tumbling)


\omena Tor NOmlnaliOn

October 13-27, 2000 -

Nomination and Election Procedures

Duties and Responsibilities •

6. The National Ballot will be sent to all professional members and must be returned to the National Office, Member Services Department, postmarked no later than December 1, 2000 .

Attend all USA Gymnastics Board of . Directors meetings. Failure to attend more than two meetings can be 7. The te rm of office wi ll be four years. grounds for removal and permanent . 8. A maxi mum of two te rm s (eight sl:lbstitution by the alternate. yea rs) is permitted . • Must be an active member of the The elected Membership Directors term constituent program (Men's, Women's, will begin Janua ry 1, 2001. Rhythmic and Trampoline ~ nd Tumbling). Your Regional Chair's name and address .. ' • Support the activities of th e is listed in the Rules & Policies Book. Yo u may also find this information on our gymnastics community to improve web site www.usa the national program .

- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - {(

TECH H IOU E • NOV / 0E( 2000

) f - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - c :-='=--1 3


Motion - J. Umenhofer Second - 1. Gleason PASSED -4 - 0


Recommendation to the Technical Committee:

Joy Umenhofer called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m., CDT.

Jr. DMT - add 2.0 deduction for not meeting pass requirements

Members present: Joy Umenhofer Larry Gleason Pat Henderson Jon Beck

Chair Double-Mini Trampoline Tumbling

Others present: Ann Sims

Sr. Program Director

Absent: Jennifer Sans

Athlete Representative

IV. JR. TUMBLING Add to second pass: A back somersault with a full twist is not required if the competitor does a full twisting double somersault as the last skill.

II. FINALS For the 2000-2001 season, Elite competitions will not use New Life Finals.

Motion - 1. Gleason Second - P. Henderson PASSED -4 - 0

V. SR. TUMBLING Add to second pass: Women only: If a competitor is performing a double twisting double somersault as the last skill, then no other twisting element is required.


• FREE ENGRAVING • GIFT BOXES! • BATTERY INCLUDED 1-24_$13.95 25 - 49_$ 12.95 50& UP_$11.95

--1-=-3-=-2----------------{( r EC H N I QUE

• NOV / 0E( 2000


Motion - J. Beck Second - L. Gleason PASSED - 4-0

Tim Schlosser welcomed committee members and gave the agenda.


VI. SENIOR NATIONAL TEAM TRAINING CAMPS After an evaluation of the Senior Na tional Team Training Camps conducted in 2000 and a review of the 2001 competition schedule, the committee made the fo llowing recommendati ons: a.

Camp for the Senior Na tional Trampoline Team in January.


Camp for the en ti re Senior Na tional Team in late September / early October.

VII. JUNIOR NATIONAL TEAM For 2001, the Junior Na tional Team will be selected using the same procedure (with the exception of the number of athletes selected) as the Senior National Team. The team will be selected based on results from the Na tional Championship, with the top 4 athletes from each diSCipline and gender named to the team automatically. The selection committee (Program Chairman, Na tional Coaching Coordinator, Program Director) may add 2 wild cards for each discipline and gender if necessary Motion - P. Henderson Second - J. Beck PASSED -4 - 0


Sims presented the organizational chart. The new structure allows representation from all regions and all disciplines. Discussion was held as to what each level would be responsible for.

Motion - Jill Milroy Accept the organizational chart as presented. Second - Patti Conner PASSED 5-0

III. ELECTIONS Discussion was held concerning the time frame for the nominating committee. Motion - Patti Conner

T. Schlosser wi ll select a nominating committee of three members by Septerrtbcr 15, 2000. The potential slate of officers should be submitted no later than October 1, 2000 Possible nominees must be contacted and the official slate, with bios and resumes, must be in the Program Office no later than October 15, 2000. Ballots will be mailed no later than November 1, 2000, and the deadline for voting will be November 20, 2000.


Second - Jill Milroy PASSED 5-0

Age-eligibility to compete as a Senior Elite athlete: a.

For 2001, competitors must be 13 years old on December 31, 2001 .


After 2001, competitors must be 14 years old on December 31 of the current year.

Motion - P. Henderson Second - J. Beck PASSED -4 - 0

IV. COMMITTEES Each committee must develop a list of responsibilities for their committee. This must be turned in to the Program Office no later than October 1, 2000.

V. MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORS Discussion was held concerning the upcoming election of Membership Directors to the USAG Board of Directors.

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Joy Umenhofel; Chair, USA Gymnastics' Trampoline & Tumbling Elite Program Committee. ....., ..... ...... ..... .... ... ... ............ ..... ........ .... ..... ..... ..... .... .. ...... .......... ........... .. ... ....... .....


Motion - P. Conner The two Membership Directors on the USAG Board of Directors must be Professional Members in good standing. For information, see page 31. Second - J. Umenhofer

September 6, 2000


I. ROLL CALL Tim Schlosser called the meeting to order at 9:00 p.m. CDT Members present: Joy Umenh ofer Patti Conner Karl H eger Tim Schlosser Jill Milroy

Jennifer Sans - Technical Committee Dave Kennedy - J.O. Committee Ka rl Heger - Elite Committee.

Elite Program Committee Chair Technical Committee Chair Athlete Rep Program Committee Chair J.O. Program Committee Chair

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 CDT

Others present: Paul Parilla Vice Chai r (voice, no vote) Ann Sims T & T Program Director (voice, no vote) Judy Wills Cline Na tional Coaching Coordinator (voice, no vote)

- - - - - -- - - - - - - --


K. Heger reported that the athletes had voted on new athlete representatives for each committee.


Submitted by Patti Conner, secretary, USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling Program Committee. NOV / DEC 2000

)}---- -- - - - - -- ----=3:-::3=---1



Additional Senior National Camps will be added. The number will increase from three to six and we will be taking them on the road to different areas to build excitement.


Dennis McIntyre handed in his Applications will be taken and reviewed .

Friday, August 18, 2000 Meeting called to order by Chairman, Gil Elsass at 6:04 p.m.



resigna tion.



Reg 1 - Tim Klempnauer Reg 2 - David Klein Reg 3 - Gilbert Elsass Reg 4 - Dan Coon Reg 5 - George Krenk (Proxy) Reg 6 - Tom Fontecchio Reg 7 - Jeff Barlow Reg 8 - Bob Kohut Reg 9 - Dean Schott Ath. Rep. - Mihai Bagiu- absent NGJA Rep. - Jon Culbertson Jr. Rep. MPC - Greg Corsiglia Jr. Rep. MPC - Marc Yancey Jr. Coaches Rep. - Kelly Crumley. Men's Program Mgr. - Dennis Mcintyre Men's Program Dir. - Ron Galimore Chairman - Gilbert Elsass

Gil Elsass: A.

Wednesday - Training Thursday - Elite 1 & 2 meet Friday - Class 3 meet Sahlrday - All-Around finals Sund ay - Individual Event Finals Motion - M. Yancey Second - D. Coon PASSED continued on page 35

NOTICE TO MEMBERSHIP The following Membership Statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of USA Gymna stics: Membership in USA Gymnastics is a privilege granted by USA Gymnastics. That privilege can be withdrawn by USA Gymnastics at any time where a member's conduct is determined to be inconsiste nt with the best interest of the sport of gymnastics and of the athletes we are servicing . The following former professional members have been terminated or have a lifetime ban with USA Gym nastics and/ or will not be allowed to renew their membership:

II. APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES Motion to accept. Motion - M. Yancey Second - G. Corsiglia PASSED

III. 2002 J.O. NATIONAL BID Steve Butcher and Tim Klempnauer - A bid for the 2002 J.O. Nationals was submitted by San Diego, Mission Valley, YMCA. May 1-5, 2002 Motion to accept. Motion - M. Yancey Second - G. Krenk PASSED



Steve Butcher will replace Greg Corsiglia as the

Motion that the Basic Schedule for the 2001 J.O. Nationals will be:

rO. Rep. to the MPC.


Charles Theodore Bates MN Vince Brown SC Larry~utch _ _ _ ME WA Matthew H. Erichsen William Alexander Etheridg~_____TIL Rick Feuerstein CA MD Jose~ Fou~a~ Roy Lar'!y....§allagher PA Robert Allen Garner ~)_ TN Ricardo "Chico" Goddard NY MI Paul Hag,!!! Robert Dean Head KY----Frank Hohman, Jr. PA Milos Hroch CA Steven L.lnfante CT Dana Koppendrayer FL

John S. Moore WV William Munsing~ ____11!L William M. Permen~~ _ _ FL_ John H. Row DE Steve Shirley - - -MO UT Blake Steven Starr Mark Swift FL CA Freddie Eugene TafQy~!' Jon l!!iver Kenneth Thomas VA Brent Trottier WA Joel Velasquez OR David Paul Waage OR Steve~les TX Lyf Christian Wildenberg MN

Ron Galimore: A.

Winter Cup will be in Las Vegas, Nev. Feb. 9-10, 2001


Congress 2001 will be in Philadelphia, Pa. in conjunction with the U.S. Gymnastics Championships Aug. 8-11, 2001 .

... 1-=-3-=4-------------~(

BRITISH COLUMBIA GYMNASTICS ASSOCIATION SUSPENSIONS USA Gymnastics has been notified that the British Columbia Gymnastics Assodation has permanently suspended membership in the BCGA for the following individuals; John Henderson, Kamloops, BC Canada Donald Ray Mathey, Langley, BC Canada Wayne Andrews, Courtenay, BC Canada

TEe H N IOU E • NOV IDE C 2000



B. Motion that the format for the 2001 J.O. ational meet for Class 3's will be wann-up all events and then compete all events. Motion - M. Yancey Second - D. Schott PASSED- 8 fo r" 4 against e. Motion that the format for the 2001 J.O. National meet for Elite 1 & 2' s be warm-up all events and then compete all events. Motion - K. Crumley Second - D. Schott FAILED - 0 for 12 against D. Motion that the format for the 2001 J.o. National meet for Elite l's & 2's will utilize a Capitol Cup Format, with three sessions on Thursday. Motion - T. Klempnauer Second - M. Yancey PASSED E. Motion that the third session of the Elite 1 & 2 meet on Thursday be limited to Regional team members only, with the ability of the national office in conjunction with the Meet Director to add individual qualifiers if necessary. Mo tion - M. Yancey Second - D. Klein PASSED


Mo tion that the format for the Class 3 competition on Saturday will be: top 36 all-around gymnasts will warm-up all events and then compete all events. They will have a one touch warm-up on each event. For the Elite Class 1's and II's, the top 48 all-around gymnasts will utilize a Capitol Cup forma t. Motion - D. Schott Second - D. Klein PASSED

G. Motion that all Class 3 sessions w ill be judged by a 4 judge panel. Motion - D. Schott Second - M. Yancey PASSED H. Motion that the judges' honorari um will be raised to $450 starting with th e 2001 J.O. Na tionals. Motion - D. Klein Second - D. Schott PASSED



Nomination of Ma rc Yancey Accep ted by acclama tion


REPORT A. Dan Coon would like to include the following members to his Committee: Mike Burns, Tim Klempnauer, Marc Yancey, Dennis McIntyre, Carol Hammar and Bill Foster. B. Carol Hammar would like to know the approximate numbers that will qualify to 2001 J.O. Na tionals. McIntyre said that he will assist her with this information.

IX. NGJA REPORT Jon Culbertson

A. Culbertson presented a proposal to h ave a J.O. Technical Director for each J.o. Region.


A. 2001-2004 Rules Upda te #1 will be posted on the USA Gymnastics web site. B. Future Stars will be Nov. 16 thru 19,2000 at the OTC and the Air Force Acad. Training w ill be Nov. 16. Competition will be Nov. 17 at Air Force Acad. Workshop will be Nov. 18 at Air Force Acad and will continue Nov. 19 at OTe.

XI. NEW BUSINESS A. Elsass is trying to do two meetings of JOPC at J.o. Nationals. B. All gymnasts and coaches that go to J.o. Nationals are allowed to purchase J.o. national warmup apparel through their Regional Chairman. e. Discussion of two votes Chairman of the JOPe.



Motion to table the discussion. Motion - B. Kohut Second - D. Schott PASSED D. All Na tional Foundation Scholarship monies should be sent with the Sanction Report Form to the national office. Make sure that you staple it to the form.

XII. MEETING ADJOURNED AT 9:15 p.m. Respectfully Submitted, Tom Fontecchio, JOPC Secretary Approved: Ron Galimore, Men's Program Director Approved: Bob Colarossi, USAG President

- - - - - - - -- - - - -----..,(

TEe H N 10 U E â&#x20AC;˘ NOV / DEC 2000

) } - - - - - - - -- - - - - --3-s--1


RULES UPDATE # 1 FOR THE 2001·2004 MEN'S AGE GROUP COMPETITION PROGRAM Submitted by Jeff Robinson, Chairman of the Age Group Competition Committee Rules Update #1 contains all rule modifications and clarifications for the 2001-2004 Men's Age Group Competition Program. These changes and clarifications will be in effect immediately. Special Note: As of this date the 2004 FIG Code of Points has not been fi nalized. When the new FIG Code of Points is released, all optional levels within the junior program will be reviewed for any necessary changes or modifications. Please watch for a ru les u pdate #2.

3. Page 21 : Class IV Required Skills • PH #3 should read: Two consecutive front loop circles (flaired or legs together). 4. Page 22: Class III Required Skills • FX #1 should read: Tumbling sequence containing a whipback and ending with a second backward initiated somersa ulting skill. (the end ing skill does not have to be immediate.) • SR #3 should read: One inlocate or dislocate, minimum performance height of shoulders at top of rings, or lock arm shoot (forward or backward) to handstand. 5. Page 23: Developmental D Skills • SR #5 should read: Swing or kip to any cross held two seconds. • SR #7 Delete parentheses "straight arms throughout" and add: Straight arm swing throughout required . Execution deductions of up to 0.2 in handstand allowed for credit.

CHANGES 1. Page 15: Compulsory Bonus #5, a Add the statement: The Specified Bonus award of 0.2 will not be awarded for skills performed with a single large deduction. Skills performed in a very poor or unrecognizable manner will be evaluated for execution only and cannot be considered an added part. 2. Page 17: #2, Special Bonus, b The first sentence in #2, b on page 17 should be changed to read: General Performance Award of 0.1 awarded back from executi on for an exercise with cumulative execution deductions of 0.5 or less.

• PB #4 sh ould read: Peach basket 75° to 90° (handstand) without interruption of upward movement performed anywhere on the bars.

6. Page 41: Class V Floor Exercise The floor pattern indicators in the illustration are not consistent with the pictured performance. The floor pattern indicator following part #8 should indicate corner B and the floor pattern indicator following part #10 should indicate corner D.

Balance 2000 Simplifying the Art of Business ...

Track Accounts, Students, Classes and Attendance Accounts Receivable , Payment Reports , In come Reports Supports 10 Locations or Sessions, Auto Backup and Restore Student Skills, Class Wait List, Account / Student Mail Codes Coach Database with Reports Custom Tuition , Family Discount Option Over 125 different Reports Network Version Available

Akada Software, Inc.

Free Demo 800-286-3471


r EC H N IOU E • NOV / DEC 2000

) f - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --

7. Page 46, 68, 82, 106, 122 Delete: III Bonus, A.1 : Each C pa rt in the exercise will receive 0.1 in bonus. No te: This bonu s only app lies to Class III and IV. 8. Compulsory video-tape • It should be noted th at the title preceding th e Class V Parallel Bar Special Bonus ro u tine is incorrect and actu all y read s Class V Pommel I lorse Special 13onus. • Both of the videotape Class V H orizo ntal Bar routin e p erform ances (w ith and w itho u t specified bonu s) are demonstrated w ith part #9, the back giant, omitted. The judge's eva luation for both exe rcises is also incorrect in that neither evaluation includes the appropriate dedu ction for the missing part. The final sco res for the ro utines shown should be: Without SpeCified Bon us 7.6, With Specified Bonus 8.1 Note: Individuals who receive videotap es ordered from USAG Member Services will recei ve a "13 Ve rsion" which h as the parallel bar title and judges evaluation for both horizo ntal bar routines al ready corrected.

partia lly completed should receive credit and the appropriate FIG deduction for performance deficiencies. The intent of the rule is to give the benefit of the doubt to the ath lete an d not to penalize the ath lete by 1.0 for attempting but simply not completing a routine part. If the judge can recognize that the part was attempted by the athl ete, credit for th at part should be given along with the approp riate FIG execution deductions. 2. Only the skills listed in the SpeCial Requirements for Class III and IV may be performed for credit. Var iati ons of the listed skill(s) wi ll not receive SpeCial Requirement credit unless the description notes "minimum 13 va lu e" . Example #1: Class III or IV hori zontal bar - a stoop stalder circle through handstand is not the same as a stald er circle and would not receive Special Requirement cred it. Example #2: Class III parallel bars - either the juni or program "13" val ue or a C va lue stutz would fulfill the requirement.


3. In Class III and IV, to receive Required Skill credit, the athlete must perform the skill in such a manner that it wou ld receive recognition according to FIG judging guidelines. Required skills are evaluated for execution and non-recognition according to FIG, thi s includes all height and angle requirements.

1. Unless s pecifically n oted, FIG jud gi n g rul es apply to all compulsory routines. The most notab le exception in the junior program is the 50% completion rule that states that a skill that is

Official update 8/18/00 pel' Denn is McIntyre/USAG. Approved JOI1 Culbertsoll/NGJA

- - - --

- - -- - - - - - - - j (



2000·2004 11 FUTURE STARS 11 PROGRAM UPDATE # 1 Submitted by the JUl1ior National Coaching Staff This document will serve as the clarifications / changes document for the 2000 Junior Developmental Team Program and the Future Stars Nationals. The Future Stars program description can be found in the Junior National Team Program text. The Junior National Team program is included as part of the 2001-2004 Age Group Competition Program Manual.






Hip pike and loose leg form

Note: Kehr out, Kehr In has been eliminated from the Routine

5. 6. 8.

0.2 0.1 0.2


1.0 0.4 0.2

1. NATIONAL TEAM PROGRAM VIDEOTAPE: The routine evaluations, which appear follow ing the Future Stars routine performance on the videotape, have been updated for the following routines.



Hips piked and low Low 0.1 knee bend 0.1 pike Missing one back loop 0.2 loose legs on each loop Leg form

Final Score: 7.4


10· 11: POMMEL HORSE #1 Part Execution

1. 2. 3. 4. 8. 9.

0.2 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.1 1.0 0.1



2. 3. 4.

0.2 0.2 0.2 0.9




Leg form Knee bend Knee bend & slight pike Toes not pointed Slight pike Missi ng one back loop Leg form Good body extension in circles

Final Score: 8.0



Lack of extension in dip swing Low in straddle L & position Planche not horizontal Manna held at 90· - 0.5 + 0.4 FIG for being 45· from 135" Hesitation and position in press


1. 2.


0.1 0.1 +0.1

4. 5. 6. 9.

0.1 0.1 0.1 1.0 0.1



Leg form Leg form Excellent extension in circles Lack of leg separation Lack of leg separation Leg split Missing one back loop Legs form - crossing at feet Good extension in circles


1. 2. 3. 4.

0.1 0.2 0.3 0.6

5. 6.

0.2 0. 1


--I-::-3-::-8- - - - - - - --


Too piked Too Iow an straddle L Held too high & pike Manna held at 125" - 0.5 + 0.1 for held at 10· from 135" Press up too fast Bent arms in lower down

Final Score: 8.5

2. POMMEL HORSE: In an attempt to make the number of circles required in both the 10-11 year old division and the 12 yea r old division pommel horse routines as clear as possible, the Special Perfor mance Criteria have been rewritten for both routines. The new routine pages, as they now appear, are included with this update. Questions regarding this update or the program should be ad dressed to the Men's Program Manager at USA Gymnas tics.

Final Score: 8.3

- - ----«



Final Score: 8.3

10 • 11: POMMEL HORSE #2 Part Execution


NOV / DEC 2000

) } - - - --





On Pommel Horse set any height with no pommels:

On Pommel Horse set at 32" ± I" minimum:

Note: A tapeline will be placed across the horse at 16 inches from the end of the horse. This tapeline will indicate when the gymnast has finished his 3/3 longitudinal travel. This routine is written for clockwise circle performance - the exercise may be reversed.

Note: This routine is written for clockwise circle performance - the exercise may be reversed.


Special Performance Criteria

1. Facing the end of the The 3/3 travel is completed when the hands come together after crossing the horse, J'ump to, forward longitu inal travel 3/3 of tape li ne at end of the horse. (two hand the horse in six circles or placements once the gymnast crosses less, the tape line) Note: The deduction for omitting the 3/3 travel is 2.0. 2. Circle with 90' turn to the The 1/4 spindle must begin after left (1 /4 spindle) to 1 1/2 completing the six or less circles in # 1. circle in side support, (third hand placement past the tape line.) The 1/4 spindle finishes in rear support. The 1-1/2 side support circle finishes in front support. 3. Circle with 90' turn to the The 1/4 spindle fin ishes in rear sup port. left (1 /4 spindle) to loop circle, 4. Flaired loop circle, 5. Flaired loop circle, 6. Partial or full loop circle 1/4 turn finishes in rear support with 1/4 turn to, 7. Side support circle,

Side circle finishes in rear support

8. Circle with 1/4 turn to,

1/4 turn finishes in rear support

9. 2 or 3 Backloops

Reverse loop beg ins in rear support. Must return to rear support 2 to 3 additional times. (4 or 6 hand placements)

10. 1/2 backloop to stand (5 or 7 hand placement total to complete faci ng out longitudinally #9 and #10)


Special Performance Criteria

1. From stand In the middle with hands on the pommels, jump to Czechkehre (moore) finishing in rear support 2. Two and 1/2 ci rcles, 3. Simple Swiss (Cut left leg forward whi le moving the left hand to the right pommel. Then move the right hand back to the left pommel finishing in a stride support facing the opposite direction .) 4. Cut left leg forward, cut right leg back, cut left leg back, cut right leg forward 5. Scissor left, 6. Scissor right, 7. Cut left leg forward to 2 and 1/2 circles, 8. Move left hand to right pommel (1 /2 Stockli B) to 1/3 longitudinal travel to end of horse fini shing In rear support, 9. Two or three loops facing out,

Finishing in rear support

Finishes in front support Finishing in a stride support facing the opposite direction

Circle finish in front support Finishing in rear support. (2 hand placements on the leather)

Reverse loop begins in rear support. Must return to rear support 2 to 3 additional times. (4 to 6 hand placements in addition to the 2 hand placements in #8) 10. 1/2 back loop to stand (5 or 7 hand placement total to complete facing out longitud inally. #9 and #10)

Curriculum Poster Reward System • Proven Effective in Building Enrollment Retention • Provides a SAFE and Progressive Teaching System • Sets ACHIEVABLE Goals • Mo/ivo/es Poren/s ond Students RECOGNIZING OUR UCENSEES ... • Keeps Records o/lVhen Skills are Possed • Va!twble for Measllring Teacher Efficiency

Jeff Lulla is a member of the USAG Preschool Advisory Board and co-author 01 the Kinder Accreditalion for Teachers (KAT) course. He is also a USAG National Safety Instructor, an industry consultant, and is a seminar presenter lor the USAIGC, and USA Gymnastics. He owns two successful gyms in Southern California.

HOW IT WORKS ... Upon enroll ment every student receives a Poster TO TAKE HOME. The whole famil y can monitor the student's progress and share in the excitement as stars are awarded for sk ill s learned. Inc ludes training videos, cUITicu lu m cards, award certificates and more.


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lann to order men:handise an pages

39, 41, and above.

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Paul Turley started gymnastics at age 68 at Wyoming School of Gymnastics in Laramie, Wyoming. He's now 74 years old and an outstanding gymnast. His favorite event is trampoline where he can do all the basic drops and a front sa ito by himself. He also enjoys parallel bars, f loor, low ring s and uneven bars. Paul especially likes using the mini-tramp and doing front saltos into the pit. Paul is a World War 2 veteran, where he served in the Navy. He first retired as an electrician then received a degree in computer science and retired f rom the University of Wyoming as a computer technician . He's been married for 50 years to Leona and they have three children. He's had two heart surgeries but doesn't let anything slow him down! As a boy Paul was active in scouts and civil air patrol as well as junior ski patrol. A few years ago he decided to try someth ing new and challenging and ha s been a gymnast ever since!

• Pau l Turl ey (l eft) w ith Rale igh Wi lson, owner of Wyoming School of Gymnastics.

--"-"Paul is an inspiration to all of the gymnasts at Wyoming School of Gymnast ics. He's amazing!"

--,,-said Raleigh Wilson.


A full copy of the Errata for the 1997-2005 Women's Jr. Olympic Compulsory Book is now available online at under the women's program icon. For more information contact Junior Olympic Women's Program Manager Connie Maloney at 317-237-5050 ext.228.

II. A. 6. Change to read: "If the gymnast performs a vault different than the vault announced (or flashed), each judge evaluates from the Start Value of the vault performed. No deduction is taken for performing the wrong vault."

1997·2001 WOMEN'S JR. OLYMPIC TECHNICAL HANDBOOK FOR COACHES AND JUDGES • ERRATA Please make the following corrections/additions to the 2nd editionSept. 1999 and the revised December 1999 version: Page


III. A. Change to read: "Stop immediately and request permission from the Chief Judge to repeat her routine, or to continue from the point of interruption. In questionable cases, this request should be made to the Jury of Appeals. Once permission is given, the gymnast would perform again (either from the point of interruption or the entire exercise) after a reasonable amount of rest time. No score would be given for the partial routine.


C. #1. Change to read: "There is no deduction for performing a vault that is different than the vault announced or flashed.



B.12. Change to: "Confirms when a gymnast may repeat an exercise (or portion of the exercise) due to technical failure and determines when the repetition (or continuation) will occur. These decisions must be made prior to the score being flashed."


#14 Add to first sentence: "Takes the deduction from the average score for the following infractions (The deduction must be indicated to the coach either verbally or by visual means):


G. 1. Change to read: Is required at Jr. Olympic Nationals (Level 10), Level 9 East/West Championships and at Level 8, 9 and 10 State and Regional meets.

#2. Delete 2nd sentence referring to 0.2 deduction for wrong vault. # 3. Under the example: Prior to 1st sentence, add: "For Level 9 and 10". Delete last sentence and add: There is no deduction for performing the wrong vault.

G.2. Delete G.3. Change to read: "Is allowed at pre-sectional and sectional meets. G.4. Change to read: "Is allowed at local meets and Optional invitationals, at the discretion of the Meet Director. This information must be included in the pre-meet information and on the judges' contract." G.S. (actually 2nd 4): Delete 28

II. A. 1. Add the following list of allowable vaults for Level 7: 1.101 Handspring 1.102 Handspring 1/2 Yamashita 1.104 1.105 Yamashita 1/2 1.106 1/2 0n- 1/2 0ff 1.202 Handspring 1/ 1 1.205 Yamashita 1/ 1 1.206 1/2 On -1 /1 Off 1/ 1 On - Handspring or Yamashita off 1.207 The following vaults may also be perfOlmed at Level 7 or PREP Optional competitions, but will have the following values: SO.l Squat Vault 7.0 SO.2 Stoop Vault 7.5 SO.3 Straddle Vault 7.5


Top of page: #5 Change to read: "At Level 8, Group 1 (Handsprings) and Group 3 (Tsukahara) vaults below are permitted. Delete paragraph under bullet and change to read: The vaults allowed at Level 8 are: 1.101 Handspring Handspring 1/2 1.102 1.104 Yamashita Yamashita 1/2 1.105 1/2 On - 1/2 Off 1.106 1.202 Handspring 1/1 1.205 Yamashita 1/1 1/2 On - 1 / 1 Off 1.206 1.207 1/1 On - HSP / Yamashita Off 1 / 1 On - 1/2 Off S1.21O Handspring 11 /2 1.302 1/2 On - 11/2 Off 1.306 3.201 Tsukahara Tuck 3.303 Tsukahara Pike Tsukahara Tuck w / 1/2 S3.31O

9.0 9.0 9.0 9.2 9.1 9.4 9.4 9.3 9.4 9.6 9.6 9.5 9.8 10.0 10.0

If either of the two vaults performed are not listed on the Level 8 chart, the gymnast would receive a final score of zero (void) for that event.

see Errata, page 44 --------------------1(

r EC H N' 0 U E

• NOV /0 EC 2000

) } - - - - - - - - - -- -- ----:4=-=3=--1


Examples for Level 9:

from page 43

Back Uprise to Handstand (award C value part) + Back Stalder to handstand (C) receives +O.lD.



F. 2. Level 9: Change c. to rea d : "It may serve as a part of a Special Connection for bonus, since it is recognized as a "C" elemen t; however, the two "C" elements must be diffe rent if they do no t have a LA turn or fli gh t.

Front Giant (C) + Front Giant (C) does NOT receive 0.10 bonus since the elements are the same and do not have turn or fli ght.

II. A. Change to read: At least 2 bar changes (a t Level 9 and 10) are required. Add: Only one bar change is required at Level S.

Exa mple for Level lD: L-grip front giant (0) + L-grip front giant (0 ) receives +0.20. There is no requirement for turn or fli ght with D / E elemen ts, or for the 0 or E elements to be different.

II.A. 5. Add to end of sentence: "(for Levels 9 and 10)" 73

D. Change to read: "At Level 9, if a " 0 " or "E" element is performed as part of a Special COIU1ection, it receives only "C" Value Part; therefore, in order to receive the 0.10 bonus, the elements must be d ifferent if they do not have LA turn or flight. Delete example.

C. 1st bullet. Change to read: "Level 9 is required to have

only one fl ight element of at least "B" value." Add another bullet: Level S is required to have EITHER one flight element of B value OR one element with a LA turn of l S0° or more with at least a "B" value. Sl

II. A. Bullets referring to C elements must have either fli ght phase or LA turn of at least l S0°, add the fo llowing:

g. Add a 2nd description for Wolf Jump: There is no specific angle of closure requ ired. The criteria for va lue part co nsideration are th at the ex tended leg must be at horizontal or above, and the knees shou ld be toge ther.

Exception: At Level 9, the two "C" elements are not required to have LA turn or fli ght. If neither of the "C" elements have a LA tu rn or fli ght, they MUST be different elements in order to receive the 0.10 bonus fo r Special Connection.

Wolf jumps must take off from two fee t, but may land on either one foot or two fee t.

C. Add to beginning of sentence: At Level 10, ....

Add bullet: At Level 9, C / O / E elements are not required to have LA turn or flight to be eligible for SC bonus .. .


Appendix III

Delete Vaul t chart and use new chart fo r Level 9/ lD and add vault chart for Level 7 and S. These new charts are listed on the USAG website under Women' s Progra m, 2000 Postings and have been published in the August 2000 Technique, page 33.

WOMEN'S JR. OLYMPIC LEVEL 8 - 10 JUDGES' TRAINING VIDEO/SCRIPT REVISIONS September, 2000 If you have purchased any of the Optional Judges' Training videos prior to September 18, 2000, please update your scripts with the following corrections made by the Women's Technical Committee at their June 2000 meeting.


EVENT Vault Vault Vault Vault Vault Vault Vault Vault Vault Voult Vault floor

EXERCISE# REVISION Change Value to 9.40 and Score Range to 8.30 - 8.50 1 Change Value to 9.00 and Score Range to 7.10 - 7.40 Change Value to 10.0 and Score Range to 8.65 - 8.85 Change Value to 9.80 and Score Range ta 8.10 - 8.50 Chonge Value to 9.40 and Score Ronge to 7.10 - 730 Change Value to 9.10 and Score Range to 7.00 -7.25 Chonge Value to 9.10 and Score Range to 7.30 - 750 Change Value to 9.30 ond Score Range to 7.55 - 7.85 Change Value to 9.40 and Score Range to 6.90 -7.20 10 Change Value to 9.40 and Score Ronge to 7.70 - 8.10 Change Value to 9.30 and Score Range to 7.00 - 7.40 11 Bottam row of symbols (Round·off, Straddle jump, Tuck jump 1/1) - delete connection sign underneath. Add to SR deductions: -0.20for no mixed or gym series. Chonge Stmt Value (SV) to 9.60 Change score range to: 6.6 - 7.0

LEVEL EVENT 9 Voult Vault Vault Vault Bms Bms 10 Vault 10 10 10 10 10

Vault Voult Vault Vault Voult

EXERCISE # REVISION Change Value to 9.30 and Score Range to 7.45 - 7.60 5 Change Value to 9.20 and Score Range to 8.10 - 8.30 Change Value to 9.20 and Score Ronge to 7.20 - 7.40 9 Change Value to 9.20 and Score Range to 6.60 - 7.00 10 Last symbol on 2nd line (Toe-on, front tuck dismnt): Add "C" 7 fihh symbol on 1st line (Straddle back to HS): Add "C" 12 Chonge Value of Cuervo to 9.90 . (Score range remains the same,) Delete: ".20 WRONG VAULT 7.40 - 7.60" Change Value to 9.80 ond Score Range to 8.80 - 9.00 Change Value to 9.80 ond Score Range to 8.00 - 8.30 7 Change Value to 10.0 and Score Range to 9.60 - 9.65 11 Change Value to 10.0 and Score Range to 9.20 - 9.35 12 Change Value to 9.90 ond Score Range to 8.80 - 9.00 13

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COACHES NEEDED. Eastern National Academy is looking for coaches in Pompton Plains and Paramus, NJ. We are looking for directors for Preschool and General program, Team coaches qualified in all levels of development. ENA is in a perfect location for any lifestyle, we are located centrally between the Metropoliton New York area and the Pennsylvania Poconno Mountains. First Air/Safety Certification a plus or must be obtained within 6 months of employment. Salary is commensurate upon quolifications and experience. Contact Rich at 973·835· 1665, fax resume to 973-835-6225, or email us at ENA@ENAGYM.cOM. Eastern Notional Acodemy, 210 West Parkway, Unit #8, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444. HTIP:!/WWW.ENAGYM.cOM POSITIONS AVAILABLE IN THE CHICAGO AREA. Itasca Pork District and Gymnastics Center is currently seeking experienced instructors in dance and gymnastics. Multiple positions available for individuals with great people skills, experience in teaching ballet, top, jazz, and hip-hop. Gymnastics applicants should be capable of coaching levels 4-10. Join us in working in a great environment. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resume to Itasca Pork District c/o Kris Eisenmann at 350 E. Irving Pork Road, Itasca, Il 60143. Fox to 630-773-4524. Contact Kris at 630-773-2257.

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~~r~~<::::.·:::::::::::·::::::ri ig

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~t!t~.: · : ·: : : ·:· : : :·: ~g. :~ NOTE: 1/ the 1ath '0//, on a weekend or holiday, the precerling work day i, con,idered the deadline•

TEe H N 10 UE • NOV / 0 EC 2000

SUBMIT Mail your ad and payment to: USA Gymnastics, Pan American Plaza 201 S. Capitol Ave., Ste. 300 Indianapolis, IN 46225 or fox fo 317-237-5069. IF YOU FAX, PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER, EXPtRAnON DATE AND SIGNATURE. Please design.le if your .d should .ppe.r in Technique mogazine or USA Gymnastic> mogozine. ADS SUBMITTED WITHOUT PAYMENT WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. USA Gymnostics reserves the right fo vory formal. Technique is received br more thon 13,000 USA Gymnastiu professiona members plus thousonds of viewers will be exposed to your ad online. Advertise your employment opportunity, prodod, service, or competition here for great results. Questions? Can Luon Peszek ot 317·237·5050 ext. 246.



R= Rhythmic GG = General Gymnastics

TR = Trampoline TU =Tumbling

NOTE: Dates anr! events subject to change or cancellation.





NOVEMBER 9-10 16-18 16-1 9 22-27 28-Dec. 3

Pontiac International Teom Championships (M/W) Future Stars Notional Championships (M) Coaches Workshop (M) PAGU Jr. Championships (M/W) PAGU Children's Interdub Championships (M/W)

Syracuse, NY Colo. Springs, CO Colo. Springs, CO Curitiba, BRA Monterrey, MEX

DECEMBER 6-10 6-10 8-10 13-20 15-17 16

Third Open of Paris (TR!TU) Notionol TOPs Training Camp (W) USA Gymnostics Executive Committee/Boord Meetings FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (M) Classic Gym Fest end Instructor School (GG) Trampoline & Tumbling World Cup Finals (TR!TU)




Paris, FRA Tulsa, OK Indianapolis, IN Prague, CZE Orlando, FL Dessau, GER


JANUARY 4-7 13-19 23-27 25-30

Continental Judges Course (M) FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (W) Continental Judges Course (R) FIG Intercontinental Judges Course (TR!TU)

Tampa, FL Arnhem, NED Son Francisco, CA Bratislava, SVK

FEBRUARY 2 2-4 6-10 9-10 10 II-IS 24

American Cup Qualifier I (M/W) Winter Classic (Sr. Invitational) & First World Age-Group Team Trials (TR!TU) FIG Continental Brevet Course (W) USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) American Cup Qualifier 11 (M/W) USA Gymnastics Continental Brevet Course (W) Visa American Cup (M/W)

Indianapolis, IN Los Vegas, NV TBD Indianapolis, IN Orlando, FL

Rhythmic Invitational (R) Rhythmic Challenge (R) Pontiac International Team Championships (M/W) First dote for Level 9/1 0 State Meets (W)

Colo. Springs, CO Colo. Springs, CO TBD Various Sites

Long Island, NY Primm, NV

MARCH 1-3 2 -3 24-25 31 - Apr. I

JUNE 1-3 6-9 9-16 16-17 22-24 TBD TBD TBD

J.O. Notional Championships, Individual & Group (R) Jr. & Sr. Elite Notional Championships (TR!TU) Levels 5-10 J.O. Notional Championships (TR!TU) Level 9 Championships (R) Notional GymFest & PAGU Invitational Gym Fest (GG) Elite Regionals (W) Notional Gym Fest (GG) tentative American Sokol Notional Slet (GG)

Indianapolis, IN Son Antonio, TX Son Antonio, TX TSD Orlando, FL TSD Nashville, TN Detroit, MI

Rhythmic Eastern/Western I (R) U.S. Classic/ Notional Gymnastics Festival (W) Rhythmic Eastern/Western 11 (R) World Championships (TR!TU) U.S. Challenge (W) Elite Regionals (International Only) (W)


Congress Fest (GG) World Age-Group Gomes (TR!TU) U.S. Gymnastics Championships (M/W/ R) USAGymnastics Notional Congress World Gomes (R!TR!TU) World University Gomes Goodwill Gomes (M/W/R!TR)

TSD Odense, DEN Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia, PA Akita, JPN Beijing, CHN Brisbane, AUS

RhythmiC World Championships -Individuals (R) Artistic World Championships (M/W) TOPs Notional Testing -West (W) TOPs Notional Testing - East (W) Reese's Gymnastics Cup (M/W) Sr. Notional Team Training Camp (TR!TU)


JULY 7-8 20-22 21-22 26-28 TSD TSD

AUGUST TBD 1-4 8-11 9-11 16-26 22-Sept. I 29-Sept. 9

OCTOBER 20-29 28- Nov. 4 TBD TBD TBD TBD


Future Stars Notional Championships (M) Jr. Notional Team Training Camp (TR!TU)


Classic Gym Fest & Instructor School (GG) TOPs Notional Training Camp (W)




5-8 6-8

TBD TBD 28 - Mar. 2

7-8 12-14 19-21 21 -22 28-29 TBD TSD

NCAA Notional Championships (M) First World Championships Team Trials & 2nd World Age-Group Team Trials (TR!TU) NCAA Regionals (W) Lost dote for Level 9/10 State Meets (W) USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships (M/W) NCAA Notional Championships (W) Level 9/10 Regional Championships (W) Lost dote for Level 9 Regional Championships (W) NCAA Regionals (M) USA Gymnastics Notional Invitational Tournament (W)

Columbus, OH Greensboro, NC Various Sites Various Sites Davis, CA Athens, GA TBD TBD TSD TSD

MAY 3-6 4-6 12-13 19-20




Orlando, FL TBD


USA Gymnastics Winter Cup Challenge (M) American Classic& Challenge (W) Visa American Cup (M/W)

TBD TBD Orlando, FL

Level 10 State Meets (W) (' see below) (#1of 2) Level 10 State Meets (W) (' see above) (#2 of 2) Pontiac International Teom Championships (M/W Srs/ Jrs) Rhythmic Challenge (R)

Various Sites


NCAA Regionals (W) Level 9/ 10 Regional Championships (W) Level 10 Regional Championships (W) NCAA National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Various Sites TBD TBD Tuscaloosa, AL TBD

MARCH 16-17 23-24 22-23 TBD

Various Sites

APRIL J.O. Notional Championships (M) 2nd World Championships Team Trials & 3rd World Age-Group Team Trials (TR!TU) Level.IO J.O. National Championships (W) Level 9 East/West Championships (W)

Minneapolis, MN Wichita, KS Eugene, OR TBD

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6 6-7 13-14 18-20 27-28

NOV I DEC 2000


330-225-5999; Instructor: Bobbi MontanariFahrnbach 614-777-9430


25 Waltham, MA; 1-5 p.m.; use gb11252000me; Mass Gym Center; 108 Clematis Ave; Local contact: Tom Fontecchio 781 -241-4160; Instructor: Gerry Bellemare 207 -493-3134

Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard TIme) is the last day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received alter that time or on site will be charged an additional $25.

25 East Stroudsburg, PA; 1-5:30 p.m.; use pfl1252000pa; International Gymn Camp; Local contact: Bruno Klaus 570-629-0244; Instructor: Phil Fronk 856-786-3977

Minimum age for Safety Certification is J6 years. JBis minimum age for Professional Membership.


11 Omaha, NE; 1-5 p.m.; use de 11112000ne; use de 11112000ne; Omega School of Gymnastiacs; Local contoct: Mike Stanner 402-339-2924; Instructor: Dave Contreras 402-895-2721

Lancaster, TX; 6-10 p.m.; use ie 12012000tx; Trevino's Gymnastics; Local contact: Rich Trevino 972-223-0167; Instructor: Jan Eyman 254-694-2065

12 Mukilteo, WA; 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.; use kdl1222000wa; Gymagine Gymnastics; Instructor: Kelly Donyes 425-513-8505

2 Palmdale, CA; 1:30-5:30 p.m.; use ng 12022000ca; Antelape Valey (AV) Twisters; Local contact: Eric Iversen 661-273-4961; Instr: Nicki Geigert 760-943-6986

12 Festerville, PA 9 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.; use pfll122000pa; Macey's Gymn; 1331 O'Reilly Dr; Local contoct: Laurie Dugan 215-364-8113; Instructor: Phil Fronk 856-786-3977

2 Spokane, WA; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; use it 12022000wa; Spokane Elite Gymn, 5808 BEast Sharp; Local contact: Instructor: Jim TIghe 208-853-3220

17 Hinckey, OH; 4-8 p.m.; use bflll720000h; Nartheast Ohio Elite; Local contact: Joanne Fovnaro

3 Oceanside, CA; 1:30-5:30 p.m.; use ng '12032000ca; North County Gymnastics Gyminny Kids; Local contoct: Teri Tawne 858-451-0204; Instructor: Nicki Geigert 760-943-6986 3 Lake Forest, IL; 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.; use ep 12032000il; North Shore Gymnastics; Local contact: Lana - Linda 847-367-6555; Instructor: Edgar Pulido 830-784-9867 27 Southington, CT; 6:30-10:30 p.m.; use Ie 12272000ct; American Gymnastics; Instr: Liz Cornish 860-276-0578

JANUARY 2001 7 Denver, CO; 1-5:30 p.m. use bsOl012001co; Gymnastics Plus in Denver; Local contoct: Tim Fry 303-512-0799; Instr: Betsy Sprague 303-341-4778

MARCH 2001 24 East Greenwich, RI; use mf03242001 ri; Aim High Gymnastics; Local contact: Amy Nelson 401-886-7827; Instructor: Mike Franco 401-789-8096

SAFETY CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED FOR PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIp· PRE-REGISTRATION FORM (Minimum age for Safety Certification is J6 years) COST: Failure to complete all information will delay processing. Name:

Soc. Sec. #



Birth Date



Address: ______________________________________________

Pro-Member with Current Safety Certification wishing to recertify .......................................................... no charge Pro-Member with Expired or New Safety Certification ............ S 50.00 Instructor Member ................................................................ S 50.00 Non-Member or Associate Member ........................................ S 100.00 * You must have your USA Gymnastics number or date applied for on the registration form in order to qualify for the discount.

City: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ State:_ _ _ _ _ _ Zip: _ _ _ _ __ Telephone: (H) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (WI Course Code:

Monday, (by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Stondard Time) is the lost day registrations will be accepted for courses being conducted the following weekend. Registrations received after that time or on site will be charged an additional $25.

Course CityiState: _______________________ Date: Professional or Instructor #: Form of Payment:



Current Safety Exp. Date:

0 MasterCard 0 Discover 0 American Express

Please make checks payable, in ful" to USA Gymnastics Safety Certification Mail registration form and payment to:

Payment Amount: Nome on Card: :

! Number: ,

! Exp. Date: ___

• All materials (including the Safety Handbook) for 4th Cycle courses are provided at the course and are part of the course fee. • Certification is valid for four years.

/ _ _ Signature:

USA Gymnastics Member Services Pan American Plaza, Suite 300 201 S.Capitol Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 or Fax to 317-692-5212



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