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people watching. I'm really nervous," she said. "I'm getting better and competitions have helped me develop my confidence, which has helped me in all aspects oflife." Rhythmic gymnastics has been gaining popularity every year. It is getting much more publicity in this country than it ever has, but is still years behind the Europeans. "I believe I have the chance to be-

in rope, ribbon and ball) next to Lori Fung (Canadian Olympic gold medalist and five-time Four Continents gold medalist). Along with the Canadian flag, was raised the flag of the United States. I have always dreamed about that and it affected me then and still does. Now, if I should die tomorrow, I know at least part of my dream has been realized, and I would go happy."

come one of the best rhythmic gymnasts in the world. I am at that stage in my training where I am improving continuously. But, if I were around in 50 years, I believe I would have a better chance to win an Olympic gold medal." Every athlete has a dream, and Simpson is no different. "During the Four Continents, I was standing on the awards stand (third place finish


First victory. Diane Simpson stands alone after her first major victory at the 1986 Olympic Festival in Houston. (USGF photo Š 1986 by Dave Black)

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USA Gymnastics - January/February 1987  

USA Gymnastics - January/February 1987