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On Pommel Horse as a great surprise to me no one did a great execise (they looked excellent in practice). Mike had bad luck, sat on the horse and finished 3rd behind two South African gymnasts who tied for 1st place with 8.60. Markku Karttunen hurt his shoulder on this event and was not a contender any longer. On Rings Mike Carter was outstanding and even with severe judging he scored 9.15 for 1st place. Next to him Alwyn Gerber S.A. with 8.45 Karttunen with 8.4. The Chinese were yet to place a gymnasts in the top 3. Their routines were very difficult but could not execute them well. The ladies competition was in good hands with Carol Anne Letheren of Canada being the head judge. She has conducted the comeptition smoothly and efficiently with the minimum amount of conferences. South African girls looked very impressive particuarly Theron, Serfontain and De Jong. I was concerned that Diane will have problems, but after she finished her uneven routine receiving a 9.50 my worries were gone. Theron won Vaulting with a nice Tsukahara piked, and Dunbar took first place on Uneven Bars with her usual great performance. The second night the people filled the Exhibition Hall completely. I estimated the crowd 5000. Mike was limping all day due to an ankle injury he suffered during warm up on Floor Exercise the previous day. When I found out that he was hurt, advised him to simplify his vault to a full twisting handspring which he did and finished 3rd with 8.80. On Parallel Bars and High Bar he had no problems with 9.15 and 9.45 respectively to capture the all around crown and the Sanlam Cup. Diane did exactly just that capturing the ladies all around championship. Her floor exercise routine was so captivating that the crowd demanded that she would repeat it one more time. I had tears in my eyes during the ceremonies. It was so good to see the Americans being celebrated for change. I was very proud to be an American and even more proud of both Mike and Diane. After the competition we were all invited to a great banquet held at the Burgerspark Hotel where we exchanged

gifts, speeches and had a fabulous time.

Sanlam Cup: Results Men

NAME Carter Gerber K. Stander Wilson F. Stander Levin Lin Dien Yu Wang Min Yen C. Jen Cheng K. Sin Yuan T. Tzen Fu Karttunen Caille








(USA) S.A. S.A. G.B. S.A. S.A. China China

8.90 8.80 8.10 8.60 7.25 8.00 8.50 7.25

8.20 8.60 8.25 7.05 8.60 7.60 5.00 5.20

9.15 8.45 7.05 7.95 7.65 7.00 7.50 5.80

8.80 7.25 9.00 8.90 7.45 6.30 8.00 7.75

9.15 9.30 7.45 7.05 9.00 7.85 7.50 8.35

9.45 9.40 8.30 9.00 7.50 9.05 6.30 7.50

53.65 51.80 49.05 48.55 47.45 45.20 52.80 41 .90

China China China Finn. Finn.

6.55 7.05 7.15 8.40 0.75

4.75 3.90 4.60 6.20

7.60 7.40 5.80 8.40

6.45 6.80 7.75

8.40 7.05 6.40

7.70 8.00 6.30 9.30

41.45 40.20 38.00 32.30 0.75

1--""'~''" -¡¡ .~

truly become emotional when I said good-bye to all the good gymnastic friends and particularly Olle and Hennie who were such fantastic hosts. The next morning we were on the plane flying back to good old USA.



Profile for USA Gymnastics

USGF News - March 1976  

USGF News - March 1976