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U S G F Junior Olympic Program TO:



Regional USG F Junior Oly mpic Chai rmen , RC' s, RTD's

FROM: Audrey Schweyer, Chairman USGF Junior Olympic Program (Women's E>iv'. ) 1850 S. W. 17th St reet Allentown, PA 18103 RE:



1975 USGF Junior Olympic Program

The USG F Jun ior Olympi cs wi ll provi de outsta nding opport unities, at the regiona l and nationa l level, for the development and recogni ti on of talented and promisin g young gymnasts - o ur future Ol y mpians. I.

Eligibility A.

Class I (Advanced Compul sory ) Jr. and Sr. Divi si ons 12- 14 and 15+.


Th e USG F Cl ass I State meet w ill serve as th e f irst ph ase of th e Junior Ol ym pi cs. 1.


Qualify ing Procedures fo r Reg ional Jr. Olympic Competitors A.



Entry into t he USGF Junio r Olymp ics program must be in it iat ed at t he Class I state meet.


The fi rst , second , third, and fou rth pl ace AA (compulsory and opti on al) w inners in each age group divi sion of th e st ate meet w ill be allowed to advance into t he Regional Junior Olympic Championship Meet .


Thi s w ill create a regional championshi p w it h eight gymn ast s re present ing each st ate .


In the event that a gymnast is un abl e to compete in the Regional meet due t o illness or in jury, t he gymnast wi th the next high est AA score (e x: fifth place) fro m the 'state meet wi ll be given the opport un ity to enter the Region al Championships.


A gym nast w ho has qualified for the Regiona l meet w ill com pete in t hat championship in the age group divi sion det ermin ed by her age in th e st ate meet .

Regional USGF Junio r Olymp ic Ch ampionships A.

Regional meet m ay be he ld any tim e following the Class I Jr. and Sr. Nationals.


It will be the r.esponsibilit y of t he Regi onal Junior Olympic chairman to organize the reg ional competi t ion. 1.

T he SC wil l ar ran ge to send th e nam es of the states entr ies into the Region al Junior Olympic meet to her Junior Olym pic cha irman im medi ately fo llowing the state meet.


Th e Ju nio r Olympic chai rm an for each regi on wil l forward al l pert in ent informa t ion concerning th e regional ch ampionsh ip to th e coach es of qualif ied gymn asts. If possible, this information should be availabl e for distribution at t he state meet.


Entry fees are in orde r since th e m eet must be financially self-sufficient.


A ppropriate awards wi ll be provid ed for t he AA winners by the USGF.


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USGF News - February 1975  

USGF News - February 1975