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A most successful tour of th e West Coast by t he continually amazing men's team from Japan. Harold Frey did his usual great job as host and had a standing room only crowd for the USA-JAPAN match. On the East Coast, the men's and women's teams from the Federal Republic of Germany met the national men's and women's teams from the USA at Penn. State University, and Ed Czekaj and Gene Wettstone were, as is the norm at P.S.U. the perfect hosts. Good competition . . . great crowd, and the USA won both matches, and took the men's event in the final event of the evening by .25. From Pennsylvania the teams traveled to New Haven and there Muriel Grossfeld's staff and 'friends did a magnificent job as hosts and drews more than 5,000 people on a Tuesda y nite for the match which the USA girls won and the local men's team dropped. All-in-all the two tours were very successful and most enjoyable . The FIG is seeking bids for international events for the period encompassing the next 3-5 years. The USA will bid on the 1978 World's Champ ionshi ps. Brazil has a bid in for the first (FIG ) Official World Cup (which started here in the USA in 1969) and we support Brazil's candidacy completely. The more international events of great stature we can conduct in this hemisphere the better for the sport of gymnastics in all parts of the world . The FIG Executive Committee meets about the time you wi ll be receiving this edition of the USGF NEWS. It will be the first such meeting following Varna and will prove interesting. Our next issue will inform you of decisions taken at that meeting. This year will see a pre-O lympic event in late July in Montreal, and then in October a fu ll-size rehearsal for those teams in our part of the world in the Pan-American Games. The PAN-AM GAMES will be in middle-late October in Mexico City and we need to send our finest to that event for many obvious reasons. The USGF PRESS has been hard at work and we now have almost all our publications revised and in printed form ready for mailing. The inside back cover will list them for you, and th e information they contai n is timely, worthwhile and vital to our national program. We hope you all utilize them and see that others in local programs are aware of their availability. Mrs. Jackie Fie and Wayn e Young, along with Janette Anderson are in South Africa at the moment for the South African Cup. Our next foreign trip is to USSR for the Moscow News and Riga meet. Then in July the Gymnaestrada is to be held in_Berlin. An..0_theLbusy year for gymnastics and let us hope one that will mean a higher level of performance for Americans. For the U.S. Gymnastics Federation: Frank L. Bare, Exec. Director



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USGF News - February 1975  

USGF News - February 1975