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3rd International Invitational, Mexico City

LATE HIGH SCHOOL RESULTS: 1970 Ohio HS Championships Article by Larry Nellis Re sult s & Routine s by Jim Moore

by Les Sasvary, C oach , Monroe HS

U.S.A. Coach Sosvary and Judge Beckner receive award. Ron Bell (rt.)

International gymnastics once aga in reached Southern Ca lifornia gymnastic fan s. This time a group of boys a nd girls 18 years and und er received a go lden opportunit y to s how their ta lents at the 3rd International Invitational Gy mna stics Meet, sponsored by the Mexican National Youth F ederation , September 5-6 in Mexico C ity. This event was preceded by a long period of prepa ration which included: training sessions for a pproxim atel y 30 selected youngsters from the Southern Ca lifornia area for the whole summer, a prelimina ry tryout at PCC to select the best 12 all-around men from the initi al 30 gy mnasts , a Fina l Tria l at Monroe HS in Sepulveda on Aug. 29, 1970 , to select the tea m, plus one alternate, and a tremendous mone y- rais ing and publicity effort. When time for departure had arrived , we reali zed we had an e xceptional group of young gymnasts gathered together. The tea m consisted of the follow ing : Boys - Tom Beach , South HS ; Ron Be ll , Westchester HS ; Peter Paulson and Hector Neff, Taft HS ; Brad Horowitz , Monroe HS ; Ervin Ru zics , Pa lisades HS , and Rick Rude , Milliken HS (alternate). Girls - Denise Wells , Gale H a rri s , Sandy Gross a nd D agmar Hintnaus , a ll of the Long Beach SCATS. Coac h Sasvary of Monroe HS acted as team leader a nd boys' coach. D a n Speraw of the SCATS was coach for the girls. The group was acco mpa nied by Jack Beckner as an a ppointed FIG judge by the Southern Cal Gymnas tic Judge s Association (John Magginetti , the other appointed judge , could not ma ke the trip for personal reas ons). Upon arrival in Mexico City we received a very cordial welcome by the Mexican authori ties a nd were placed in the "Casa Del Maestro" Hotel. It did not take us too long to find th at the Mexicans were taking thi s competition very seriously. We found th at the y intended to fo llow FIG rules throughout the competition and including Finals even though thi s was a junior meet. They are firm believers in the balanced program of all-around gy mnas tic s fo r both bo ys and girls. The competition took place at the beautiful "Salla de Armas," site of the Ol y mpic Fencing ch a mpionships. The six best tea ms of Mexico were entered a long with Guatemala and Southern Cali fornia. 26

I After a shaky start on th e horizonta l bar, our team recovered and won the team championships. The following are the boys' tea m results: I. USA (So. CaL) 230.55 2. I.P.N. 204. 15 3. U .N.A.M. 184.30 4. V. Democrac ias 177.65 5. Hidalgo 15 6.35 154.35 6. Guatemal a Hector Neff e merged victoriously with the res t of our boys closely behind. 46.05 I. Hector Neff 2. Tom Beac h 45.90 3. Pete r Paulson 45.60 4. Arthuro Uribe 45.40 (Mex.) 45.30 5. Erwin Ru zics 6. Ron Bell 45.05 43 . 10 8. Brad Horowitz We were all quite pleased with the results a nd all of the boys ' adv ance to the Finals on two or more events. Because of a lac k of co mmunica tion (understanding), our four girls were una ble to enter as a team. The SCATS , however, proved themselves by scoring 5.0 pts. higher th an the winning tea m. Oceania "A " won the tea m title with 132. 75. The SCATS with o nl y four girls scored 137.30. The followin g a re the allaround results: I. Dagmar Hintn aus 36.00 2. Sandy G ross 34.85 3. Patricia Ollinger 34.15 (M ex .) 4. Gail Harris 34.10 5. Laura Rivera 33 .90 (Me x.) 6. Denise Wells 32.35 Our girls were the toast of the meet a nd were well applauded by the la rge crowd on hand. All the newspa pers were ge nerou s in their di spl ay actions photos of both boys and girls, but particula rl y the girls. For outstanding performa nce the SCATS were given a specia l aWfl rd . The organization of the entire meet was excellent w ith a cololful inspiring opening a nd closing ceremony. The Finals were quite a victory for our boys a nd girl s w ho wo n most of the medal s a nd a number of very la rge trophies for th e outstanding performances. The Mexico C it y co mpetition was keen and the Mexicans are making great strides on the junior level.

The S ixth A nnu a l Ohio Hi gh School State Gymnastics C ha mpi o nships we re move d thi s yea r from Co lumbus, Ohio to D ay ton , Ohio. Th e mee t wa s moved for two reaso ns - to reli eve Ohio State U ni ve rsit y from spon sorin g three w inter sport championships all in the sa me wee k, and to bring it to the part of the sta te w here th e mos t interest in gymnastics is located . The University of D ay ton gracious ly hosted th e meet with spectacular results . We ll over 3,000 pay ing spectators watched the proceedings. Co- meet directors Don Moorefield and Bi ll Pa rish were la rgely responsible for the mee t's success. The se mi -finals consisted of th e top tea m a nd the top s ix individuals in each eve nt from each of the four regions of the state . This was det ermined by regiona l meets a wee k earlier. A lso fro m the semi-fina l meet , the a ll a ro und champion was determined. Executing tre mendou s style a nd technique , Mike Grimes emerged a repeat champion in the a ll-aro und . Wa tch for him in the college ra nks during the nex t four years. Dave Eby, of YM CA a nd AA U fa me , was a close second. Amazing as he was to watch , he is only a freshman. The finals co nsisted of the top two tea ms a nd the top six individuals in each event from the se mi -fin a ls. Rivalry was at a high point when Mi a mi sburg High School , Mi a mi sburg, Ohio , a mI Fairmont East High School , Kettering, Ohio battled for the team troph y. Beca use of the courageo us efforts of their injured a nd to p gy mn as t, Jay Butler, and good bala nce a nd de pth fro m the re st of the tea m, Mi a mi sburg emerged as this year's Ohio High School State GyrilOas tic C ha mp s. Most of this s uccess mu st be credited to a trul y incredible coach , Ken Bostl e man, who received the Ohio High School Gy mn as tic Coaches A wa rd for 1970. Hi gh school admini strators and athleti c directors hunting gymnastic coaches should note th at three years ago , when Coach Bostlema n took the job as gy mnastic coach at Mia mi sburg, hi s knowledge of the sp0l1 consisted of one se mester of elementary gymnastics a t Ball Sta te , whe re he received his teachin g degree. I n these three yea rs , he has increased hi s knowledge of gy mnas tics through reading the F . I.G . Judging Rul es, watching movies , a nd go ing to college meets , a nd has created a gy mnas tic co mmunit y with elementa ry school gy mnas tic progra ms and a state high school championship tea m. 1970 Ohio State HS Cha mpionships, Team -Mia misburg HS -(Mia misburg, 0), 146.9 . Coach, Ken Bostleman. Runner-up , Fairmont East HS (Kettering, 0) 1 42.5, Coach Tom Sexton. AA, M ike Grime s (Euclid HS), Runner·up - Davi d Eby (Wayne HS). lH: Tom Spargur (Fairmont, East), Mike Grim es & Welton Fields (Princeto n). TU: Tom Shultz (Miamisbu r g), Ron Runyeon (Miam isburg). HB: Mike Grimes, Jim Young (Princeton). FX: Mi ke Grimes. David Eby. PB: Mike Gri mes, David Eby. SH : Greg Korns (Fairmont West), Jay Butler (Miamisbu rg). TR : Tom Sparbur, Todd Lecklider (Fairmont West). R: Bill Colton (Fairmont East), Bob Hensing (Fa ir· mont East). Winning Routines : FX (Grimes) - Russian front sammy, round·off bock hand· sp ring back full twist, st ep put front scale back hand· sp ring, front sca le f r on t handspring , front fli p front head· spring, forward r oll, back handspring back fli p V2 tw ist Swedish f all, side splits press handstand , pirouette lower (continued on page 30)

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Modern Gymnast - October 1970