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Gym Master actually guarantees the strongest trampoline

• New super action oil-tempered steel suspension springs!

frame made-with 16 crucial points of support to the frame

• New superior finish on frame for smart long-lasting appearance!

that ends bending and buckling forever!

Remember! Gym Master was the FIRST to design, test and

PLUS-THESE EXCLUSIVE FEATURES • New safety design non-breakable plated metal hanger bars for spring attachment to bed! • New IYs" thick white rubber floor protectors-absolutely cannot mar floors!

prove the popular 7' x 14' bed size Trampoline-the size now used for all national and NCAA official competition! No wonder more schools, more coaches, more performers (and more elephants) prefer GYM MASTER, the nation's quality-line of gymnastic apparatus.

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Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - October 1966  

Modern Gymnast - October 1966