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This sequence shows spotting forward on takeoff of double back somersau lt . Most important picture, however, is frame number feur which clearly shows Dan spotting forward between somersaults.

happy about our narrow victory that they started turning out some fantastic stunts for the folks gathered around the trampoline. Here are some of the things they saw and didn't believe: 1. Aft~r a couple of tries Dale Hardt managed to pull around a quadruple twisting cody! 2. Both Frank Schmitz and Dale did a forward triffus with the 1fz twist in the second somersault. (What do you call ita front-barany-back, a barany out back, a front·baran y in, or a barany within triffus? ) 3. Frank did a full in-double back out triffus (back with full-back-back) and then one I still don't believe; 4. A back in-double full out fliffus (backback with double). He waits until he completes his first somersault until he starts the twist. 5. And here is one for the record. Dale performed five full in-full out fliffuses (back with full-back with full) followed by a Rudolph out (front-front with 1V2 twist) all in swing.

CANADIAN TRAMPOLINE NEWS By Larry Martin A number of important changes involv-

ing the sport of trampolining have recently taken place in Canada. It is the purpose of this newsletter to make all interested persons aware of the present circumstances affecting the future of Canadian Trampolining.

TR AMPOLINE COMPETITION 1. The National Gymnastic Committee of the AAU of Canada will be responsible for the official governance of the sport of tram po lining in Canada. 2. Trampoline -shall be a "Special Event" at the following gymnastic meets: (a) North American Championships in Montreal on F eb. 12, 1966. (b) Western Canadian Championships -Sask. Branch, Spring, 1966. (c) Eastern Canadian Championships -Q uebec, June, 1966. (d) Canadian Gymn.a stics Championships and World Games TrialsMan itoba, July 8·9, 1966. International Invitational (e) CNE Meet- Aug. 19·20, 1966. (f) Pan American Trials-Montreal, May, 1967. (To be open only to eli gible Senior Men and Women Gymnasts ) . (g) Pan American Games-Winnipeg, July 24·28, 1967. (h ) Canadian Championships and North Amercian Trials.-CNE-August 18-19. 1967.

3. The AAU of Canada will be applying for membership in the International Federation of Trampolining so that Canada will be eligible to compete in the World Trampoline Championships. 4. The next World Trampoline Championships will take place at the Uni· versity of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, Louisiana on April 29th and 30th, 1966. Meet Director is Jeff Hen nessey. This is to be the 3rd World Trampoline Championships, but will also include World Championship competition s in Tumbling and Synchronized Trampolining. Since trampoline is definitely to be an event at the next Canadian Championships, and we are also likely to have r epresenta· tion at the 3rd World Championships, I think it is appropriate to find out which are actively interested in Canadians trampoline competition. To this en d, it is hop ed that you will take a minute to drop a short note to the C. T.A. to let me know what trampolinists are active in your area and who is likely to be entering future trampoline events. In this way, I will also know who to keep informed of all trampoline news and forth coming competi tions. Write to: Larry Martin , President, Canadian Trampoline Association, 397 Millcraft Crescent, Apt. 7, OTTAWA 7, On tario CANADA. '


Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - March 1966  

Modern Gymnast - March 1966