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WESTERN CLINIC ST AFF So me of Ihe o u t ~ t a n din g coaches who will be present and instru cti ng 路at the I V An nu al Weslern Gymna sti cs Clin ic are : Charli e P ond- Un iversily of llli no is; Karl Schwenzfe ier- Air F orce Academy, H al Frey - U ni ver~ i t y of California , Geo rge Ba uer -- Uni ve rE il y of Wiscdm in , J erry ToddPasad ena Ci ty College, Dick H olzaepfelUn iversi ty of Iowa, Don Rob inson- Aurora H il!h SchooJ- DPllver, Ril l'S Po rterfield.\ [ aryva le H igh School--P hoen ix, Gordon -'1addnx- Los Angelps State Co ll ege, Bud -'[a rquetle-Los Angeles, California. SO'UTHERN




T here will be t h ree classifica ti ons f o r each meet; " A", "B", & "C". (A) Co llege & Post High Schoo l. (B) High Schoo l Va rsity. (C) J u ni o r Hig h and under; (H igh Sch ool sophomores w ith no

va r sity exper ience m ay enter t h is div ision),


Gab ri el


A rea:

MEET SCHEDULE Octob e r 17 - Go n esha H ig h Sch ool October 31 _No rt h view Hi gh School No v emb e r 14- A rroyo H igh Sch oo l De c e mber 5 -Charter Oaks H igh Schoo l January 9 - Ba ldw in Park Hi gh Schoo l San Fe rnando Va ll e y A rea: Octobe r 24- Reseda H ig h Schoo l No vemb e r 7-Reseda High Schoo l No v ember 21 -Resead High Schoo l December 12- Reseda H igh Schoo l * January 9-Reseda Hig h Schoo l Har bo r & Long Beach Area: Octob e r 31 -Westministe r H igh Schoo l November 7-:--Westminist e r High Schoo l November 21 -Corona Del Mar High Sch oo l De cembe r 12- Corona Del Mar H ig h School -I<

January 9-Wes t ministe r High Sc h oo l

(A ll o f the above meets start at 12:00 noon; registr a tion at 11 :00 A.M. ) *Div is ion qualifying ",eets (top five on each

event qualify fo r t he Southern Californ ia T rop h y Meet.) Southern

Califor n ia

Gymn ast ic

Assoc iation

Officers and Co mm ittee : President, Ken Bartlett , Long Beach State Coll ege; Secretary, Je~s Robinson, 4207 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank , 849-6039. Son Ga b riel Volley A rea Director: Verne Ev ans , Ganesha High School; Son Fer nand o Vo ll ey Area Di re ctor : Don Schul t z , Reseda H igh School; Harbor & Lo ng Beach A rea Director: George Bec kstead , Westministe r High Schoo l. (Western Area Director" and Meet sched ule t o be announced at


late r date. )

Armand o Ga r c ia


1964 Olymp ic team mana ger To m Mol o ne y and coa ch Jo h n Muir pose fo r an informa l

snap fo r the MG du ri ng workouts at The Los Angeles Athletic Clu b which was the training headquarters f or the Olympic teams while in Los Ange les pri o r t o t he

To kyo departu re.

SANTA MONICA GYM FEST MEET RESULTS INViTATIONAL CHAMPIONSH IPS-labor Da y Se pt . 7 t h, 1964 All-Around: 1. Henr y Magdaleno; 2. Enrique Ga rcia; 3. Armando Ga r cia; 4 . Dann y Gar c ia . Flo o r Exe rcise : 1. H. Magdaleno; 2. A. Garcia;

3. Rich Pasqual ; 4. G. Garcia; 5. AI Lu ber. Side Ho rse: I. Magdaleno; 2. A. Garcia; 3. Bob- Smith; 4. E. Garcia; 5. D. Garcia. Parall e l Bars : I. E. Garcia; 2. A. Garcia & Bob Hyde; 4.

D. Garc ia;


John Magginettie.

H o riz o ntal

~ ar: I. E. Garcia; 2. D. Garcia; 3. H. Magda leno; 4 . B. Hyd e ; 5. A. Ga rcia . Rings : I. Steve Zahm ; 2. H. Magdaleno; 3. J. Magginettie;

4 . E. Garcia; S. A. Garcia.



Sept .

5t h,

Floor Ex e rcise : 1. Don Dimit; 2. AI Luber; 3 . Dennis Sherman. Sid e Horse : J. Magginettie; 2. Rossman ; 3 . Lu ber. Parall e l Bars : 1. Maggi rettie; 2. Lu ber; 3. Gunter. Ho rizontal Bar : 1. Mortara; 2. Smith & Lub e r . Rings : I. Maq-

Enrique Ger.c io

2. Hennehan; 3. Gunt~r. Ali - Aro und : J ohn Magginettie; 2. AI Lu ber; 3. Dennie Sher-

qinettie; rYlQ "" ,



Tramp olin e:

MEET-Sunda y,


McFarland ;

Se pt . 2.

T om

6 t h, Mc-

Fa rl and; 3. Jerry Smith. Swinging Rings Dis mounts: Steve Lerner; 2. Denn is Sherman; 3. Jock Schwart z . Mi ni -Tromp Dis m o unts : Russ Pierce; 2 . Jerry S:nith; 3. AI Roginsky. Girl s Ex hibiti o n on th e Balan ce Be am a nd Fl oor Exe rcise; Ellen and Dorthy Perschke , D io na Z o rick , Candy Solomo n and Dian Jo hn so 路... Judges for the Invitationa l Competition : Cha rl ie Sims, Dave Heiser , Frank Endo, Gordie




Rosenst ock.

J erry



sp :J tter and Ba r bara Bach scor er. Assisting for the o ther co mpetitions were : Perschke , Steve Johnson , Russ Pier ce , Lo u Jess Rob inson and Frank Bore.

Danny ' Garc ia

Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - November 1964  

Modern Gymnast - November 1964