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do , William Bonsall and Vincent D' Autor io. Gene Wettstone was the team Coach, George Gulack manager. The Women's team consisted of; Laddie Bakanic, An ita Simon is, Marian Barone, Doroth y Dalton, Meta Elste, Clara Schroth , COil' setta Lenz and Helen Schifano. Co·managers were George Miele and J oseph Sa lzman. Finland won the team cham· pionships, Switzerlan d was 2nd, Hungary 3rd, France 4th , Ita ly 5th , Czecho lsova kia womens team won the cham· pionship with Hun gar y 2nd and the USA 3rd. Helen Schi · fano was th e top US woman scorer.

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THE XVth Olympics were held in Helsinki , Finland in 1952. The USA sent an eight man team: Vincent D'A utoria , Robert Stout, Donald Holder , Ed Scrobe, Charlie Simms, \\lilliam Roetzheim, Walter Blattman and Jack Beckner with Tom Ma loney , Coach and Frank Cumisky as manager. HU5s ia entered the Ol ympics for the first time and took the top honor s in team championships, Switzerland 2nd fol· lowed by Finland, German y and Japan . Hun gary and Czech· os lovakia tied for 6th place and the USA team placed 8th. Tchoukar ine of RU5sia was top All-Around champ . Ed Scrobe was the top US team scorer with 31st place AllArou nd . T he USA womens team consisted of Ruth Grulkowski , Clara Lomady, "Meta Elste, Doris Kirkman , Doroth y Dalton, Marian Barone, Ruth Topalian and Marie Hoesly. Ma nage r- Coach was Roberta Bonniewell with Consetta Lenz, as Chaperone. USSR won the team championship followed by Hungary and Czechoslovakia. USA placed 15th. Mrs. Marian Barone wa s the top performer on th e US women's team.


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THE XVI th OLYMPIC Ga mes were held in Melbourne, Australia in 1956. The USA sent a seven man team . Members were: Jack Beckner, Armando Vega, Charlie Simms, Karl Schwenzfeier , Abe Grossfeld , Richa rd Beckner with Gene Wettstone as Mana ger-Coach. USS R won the team Championships with Japan a very close second , Finland 3rd , Czechoslovakia 4th , Germany 5th and the USA 6th . AIl- Aro und Champion was Tchoukarine of USSR . Jack Beckner was the high scorer for the USA. The US A women's team with seven gymnasts; Sandra Reddick, Doris Fuchs, Jo yce Racek, In geborg Fuchs, Judith Howe. Muriel Davis and Jackie Kline. Mrs. Erna Wachtel was the coach. Russia won the team championship followed by Hungary and Homania, Poland , Czech oslo vakia , Japan and the USA. Top woman scorer was Larissa Latvnina.


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THE XVII th OLMPICS held in 1960 at Rome, Italy. USA team members were Larry Banner, Jack Beckner , Abe Gr ossfeld, Ga r O'Quinn, Fred Orlofsky alid Don Tomy. J apan cam e through to outscore Russia and win the Team Champi onship. Ital y was 3rd, Czechoslovakia 4th , and l JSA 5th. Boris Shakhlin of Russia was the All-Around Champion and Larry Banner was the highest scorer of the US team in 21st place. The USA women 's team members were: Doris Fuchs, Muriel Grossfeld , Bett y Maycock, Theresa Montefusco, Sharon Richardson and Gail Sontgerath . Janet Bachna wa s the team coach-;-R-u5sia won- the team- championship and the girls from the US placed 9th. Larissa Latynina was top all-around and Gail Sontgerath was the top scorer for the US A placing 28th.



This brief Olympic histor y was compiled fr om materials loaned us by Dallas Bixler and someda y we will present to yo u a more detailed report. On each of the past Ol ympics. 7

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Modern Gymnast - November 1964  

Modern Gymnast - November 1964