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This new Balance Beam (16' 5" long) develops poise, coordinati on, confidence. Steady, stable base. New Quik-Lok height adjustment for maximum safety.

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Quick . . . simple . . . strong .. . safe. Just lift the "Lok-Lever" . . . then depress the "Double-Lok" . . . adj.u st position. Exclusive with Porter.


Offers more gym class "use" hours. Rugged, durable, safe. Contoured black leather body, adjustable wood pommels. Steel base. New double safety Quik-Lok. Meets Olympic specifications.

~~~~ BUCK

New, stable base design grips floor for safer, surer vaulting. Contoured black leather body. New Quick-Lok height adjust- _ ment adjusts every 2 inches ' from 38 to 58 inches.

Flexible steel-core rails. ble base. Safe, simple Quik-Lok height and width adjustment. Easily transported.

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Division of Waco- Porter Corporation

9555 Irving Park Road

Schiller Park, Illinois






TROPHIES especially designed for rhe United States Gymnastr(.s Federation

J. A. MEYERS & &Y:.: Designers & Manufacturers SINCE 1912 of Pins, Medals, Trophies & Awards




Let us help you design Gymnastics awards for YOUR MEMBERSHIP, or YOUR COMPETITIONS.


P-59 GYMNASTIC PANTS. New imported lightweight knit fabric. made from imported yarns with elastici zed weav· ing. Half the price of other imported pants! Zipper on side. and elastic waist· band . Crease sewn in. Special formed ankle cuff with elastic strap in off· white only. State waist and inseam measurement when Ordering. Available in waist sizes 24" 26" 28" 30" 32". 34" and 36". ' , , . Price prepaid ............... . ....... $11.50





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I G M Shopping Centers olso planned for East and West Coast Areas

# 1. UNICYCLE ... ... .............. $35 .00


Projessional curved seat, heovy industrial bearing , 20" wheel , durable enamel finish , instructions .



Soft·but·tough lampwick rna · terial provides protection and relief from sore . bli stered and calloused hands . Com· plete with straps. LH HAND· GRIP. prepaid . per pair. .$1.50


Made . of I " heavy nylon handstraps. Features on aircrafl'-type buckle that adiusts to all sizes.



Bedard - A name long known in the field of g ym nastics. 80S La PORTE MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS 1;:(


# 3. INDOOR SPOTTING RIG (10' ceilingL ...... .......... ... .. $22.50 (15' ceiling) ................ ...... $24.50 (20' ceiling). .... ... .............. $25.50

LEATHER HANDGRIPS Heavy duty two· piece hand· grip with buckle and rivets . OB HANDGRIP. prepa id. per ~air ..............................$1.50

Includes pulleys, ropes. snaps, belt. (send approximate height of ceiling)

# 4. TRAPEZE ..... .... ............. $12.95


Th is is a professional bar and includes eye bolts . steel h ooks, wropped bar, padded ends, 5/ S" cotton rope . Standard length 7 ft.

Finest imported. soft and light type preferred by gym· nastists and athletes every· where. Eight 2·oz. bars to the lb. CM2 CHALK. per lb . plus postage .. .............. $1.50

Strong steel frame. 2 ft . square nylon web bed, spring or exercise cable .


$2.95 tipped .


ru bber

NOTE : With each piece of equipment you get a brochure containing instructions for b eginners . . . and how to core for the equipment.

ALSO: "EXPERT SERVICE IN REPAIRING TRAMPOLINE BEDS" All Equ ipment Pri ces F.O.B. Von Nuys. California


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# 5. LEAPING TRAMPOLINE (with springsL ...... ............. $22.95 <cable) .............................. $29.95



Long·wearing leather sale . Heavy duty canvas toP. 3" ·wlde elastic i nstep strap keeps shoes extra snug. Available In white only. no half sizes . S·6 SHOE. pre· paid . per pair ................... ,$2.40

SEND FOR FREE CATALOG This 48·page buying referen~e _ .• shows you where to fi nd every .:-;hard ·to · locate gymnastic item. -. . Saves you time. Saves you .. money. •

-----------------GYMNASTIC SUPPLY CO., INC.


250 W. Sixth St .• San Pedro . Calif .

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Send P·57 Pants . Si ze _ _ __ . LH Handgri p. 5·6 High Score Shoes . Size _ _ . OB Handgrip . CM2 Chalk . Ibs.

Enclosed is _Check _Money Order. NAME _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ ADDRESS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ CITY _ _ _ _ _ STATE _ _ __ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ______ 1

Specify the BEST

Then INSIST on The Choice For Official Gymnastic Competition

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There's quite a difference in gymnastic apparatus and you'll see this difference if you compare Nissen Medart's new nickel-chrome line with ordinary gymnastic apparatus. Gleaming, maintenance-free nickel-chrome finish , strong oval-shaped steel tubing construction (in place of cast iron) , finger tip adjustment, easy portability, and traditional Nissen Medart performance make this new line your best buy. Nissen Medart gymnastic apparatus conforms to Olympic specifications, too. Can you afford less than the best when it costs no more than ordinary apparatus ?








. .W . . . .§ . JULY - AUGUST, 1963

No . S


No tes From The Edito r ....... ............................ . 5 Chalk Tal k ................. ....... _.. ___ .......... ..... ... 6 Pictures and Peop le ... _.............. __ ..... _.. _._ .... __ ..... 8 USGF Nati o nal Championships ........... ............ . 10 USGF Directo rs Repo rt .. ............... ........... ........ 14 41 st Annua l Turnfest .. ...... ..... .... .... ......... .. ... ... 18 Sokol Invitationa I .. ............ .... .... .......... ... ..... . 22 Beach Gymnastic s ........ _... ............... ... . _..... ..... .. 23 Gym Snaps ..... ........ ............ ..................... ........ 24 Gym nastics in P. E............ _...... .............. .. , .. ....... ::26 Gymnast ic Gimmicks ....................... ... _... ... _...... 30 Helpfu l Hints ............. .. .... ............. .................. 32 Questions and Pointers .... _... ............................ 33 Meet Resu Its ......... ........... ... ... ...... ........ ........ .... 34 Lette rs ....... .. .... ....... . .... .................. ........ .... 3 6







COVER: Upper Right : Birg itta Gu ll berg at USGF Palm Beach Training Camp. Center Right : Top USGF Al l-Around Gy mnast- Art Shurloc k . Center left: W ilmington ' Turners- attend ing Turnf~st in Cleve land; Jan Eachus , Trux Boyce, T om McDade, Ri ck Robson and Kath y Grandell. Lower left: Hal Ho lmes, perennial t umb ling champ. Lower Right: Larry Spigel USG F Nationa l Side H orse Champ. '


FEATURE CON'TRIBUTORS: A. Bruce Freder ic k , Frank Bare, Bud Beyer, Jim Farkas , Art Shurl oc k , Ku rt Baechler, Nils Madsen, Glenn W il son , and Tony Suster,

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... Publi sher


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••••• THE MODERN GYMNAST is published in the U.S .A. by AM ERIC AN Ph ys ical FITNESS Rese arch IN STITUTE, In c., nine issues for $3. 00, SOc the single copy. A ll pictures and manuscripts subm itted become the property af THE MODERN GYMNAST unless a return ,request and sufficien t postage are included , Publi shed mater ial becomes the property of THE MOD ERN GYMNAST. Copyright 1963 by AMERICAN Physical FITNESS Research IN STITUTE Inc. , 4 10 Broadway, Santa Monica , Caiforn ia.

NOTES FROM THE EDITOR THIS EDITION: Pictures, pictures and more pictures seems to be the theme of this edition . . . We have just returned from covering several big gymnastics events around the USA . , . GALVESTON GYM FESTIVAL ... where we were thrilled at the turnout of hundreds of you ngsters and their coaches eager to learn more about gymnastics. R. D. and iVlarion Killg are to be congratulated for inspiring such a wonderful festiva l, 'we hope it will become an annual affair ... TH E UNITED STATES GYMNASTICS FEDERATION NATIONAL CHAM PIONSHIPS in Chicago . . . A Great First USGF National Championships .. . Just imagine with the USGF barely six months old a top ca liber National Championships run smoothly and efficiently in a minimum of time with a maximum of Gymnastic joy and excitement ... our thanks to the ILLINOIS COACHES ASSOCIATION and the MIDWEST GYMNASTIC ASSOCIATION for their part in makin g the first USGF NATIONAL CHAMPIO NSHIPS a success ... Next we attended the 41st ANUAL TURNFEST in Cleveland , Ohio. Wow! the Turners really turn out and go all out for this one . . . there were times T almost thought I was at an American Legion or Shrin er's Convention · . . What a program these Turners have . .. Track and field competition, Volleyball, Tennis, Swimming and Diving, Golf, Cultural programs of photography, music and art . . . plus the Model and Mass Drills along with the Gymnastic competitions, Physical Fitness emphasis and a bea uty contest ... which all carried over into evening dancing and entertainment at the local Turner Halls . . . a great time was had by all .. . yo u have to be physically fit to be a Turner. · .. Attended the AMERICAN SOKOL Gymnastic exhibition in Glenwillow, Ohio and took more pictures .. . YOU WILL FIND THESE EVE ITS and more in this photo filled edition of the M. G. · . . on pages 8 and 9 and yo u will see photos taken of some of the highlights of our 7,000 mile dri ve around Europe in a VW after covering the World Games in Prague last summer. , . We hope YOU enj oy this relaxing photo filled summer edition of the M. G. and plan to be on hand brin ging NEW SUBSCRIBERS with YOU for our next action packed edition which will be out the first of Septembel' . . .DON'T YOU MISS IT! ... There will be several new items and with more photos and special reports . . . GET ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO SUBSCRIBE ... NOW! .. . To this BIG GER and BETTER than ever M. G.. . . And by the way if yo u change yonI' address please let US know. . not just the post office, as they do not forwa rd the M. G., we do. -;.:-


SPECIAL NOTE TO SOTHERN CALIFORNIA GYMNASTS (or any gymnast in the world ) . . . Plan s are being made to hold a Gymnastic competition at the Santa Monica Beach playground August 17th, and 18th , during Santa Monica's Sport Festival Week · .. There will be gymnastic competiti on and awards for All age groups plus fitness contests and special even ts with a final " Elite Class" Invitational meet for the top gymnasts of the area on Sunday afternoon the 18th of August ... contact the Modern Gymnast 410 Broadway, Santa Monica (phone 393-8284) or the Santa Monica recreation p epartment for further details. 5


Weiler , Sakam o to , Shurlock , Vega and Lynn at Pasadena In v itational.

TOP GYMNAST IN THE NATION? Vega ') Sa kamoto ') S hurl ock. W eil er ? Vega wo n 4 fir st place medal s in the N.A .A.U .. Sa kamoto won th e .A.A.U. All· Around titl e. We il er won the 1963 Pan Ameri ca n gam es All· Aro und title. Shur· leek wo n the ht National Gymna sti c F ed· erati on AII ·Aro und Champi onship and th e Pasadena Na ti onal In vit ational. F oll ow in g are th e mee t r es ult s and plac· in gs in L. A. , Phi lad elphi a and Chi cago, 11963. BEN PRICE INVITATIONAL-Feb. 7th Shll rl f)cl.;:, 2, Vega: :3. Saka l11 oto.


1. S hurl ol"l<, 10n.GO; 2. Sa kam oto, 106 .• 0;

". Roc k. P ASADENA NATL. INVtTATIONAL Aprit 5th l. S hurl ol"l< , Jl3 .• 0: 2. Vega, 113. 45 ; ::. Sa kam oto. 113.25: 4. Lynn , 11 2.25; 5' ,Ve il e r ; 6. l3a n ne l". AM ERICAN LEGION INVITATIONAL Apri l 13th 1.

Shurl ()c k , 57.05; 2. Ban n e r , 56 .7 0:


Veg-a, 56.G5: 4. Sa kamoto, 55.50: 5. Beek l1 e l', 55.0; 6. L yn n, 54. !.





Shll rl ock,

55 ,7 0,

Yega not com pe ting. L. A. STATE INVtTATIONAL-May 3·4 1. Shurlo{'k; 2,.Sa kall1 ot,o ; 3. Dllrhanl,

N. A. A. U.-June 1st 2. IY e i,": ~. Y ega;

1. Sakamoto: T(Jnry: 5. (?) 6. 1.


Beckn e r.

NATIONAL FED. MEET (Chicago) June 15th Shurlock: 2. Sewa rd : :1. Miteh elt.

Statistics ve~ but draw y our O\\'n co n cl u sions. 'From h ere it would 'see nl -:\-Ir. Shurl oe k h aB :l. sl ight edp:e .


SW ISS GYMNASTIC FESTIVAL I N LUCER NE WITH OVER 33,000 COMPET· I NG GYMNASTS! 10,000 more th an four ye ars ago in Basle. A success whi ch ge ts it s right dis· positi on if we realize th at Sw itzerland has barely 5 milli on people. 33,000 co mpetin g gymnasts is more than an ybody in Sw itzer· land ever dreamed of and this gives great hope to th e Sw iss Gy mna sti c F ederation for th e future. ~fo s t of the gy mna sts of co urse com· pe ted in the tea m champi onships which consists of running 100 metres, tea m free exercise and ei th er one or two pi eces of apparat us, also as team co mp etition . To be a team winn er at the Sw iss Gym F es· ti val, whi ch takes place only every fourth year, is about th e gr eatest a T urn vere lll can dream of and the tra inin g in volve d for this team competiti on is as tough for the whole team and th e coac h, as is the Sw iss military service. H owever, it still amazes me personally, me, who rea ll y is opposed to any mass·drill, how even I with my most liberal point of view con sid· erin g training anl ge ttin g exc ited abo ut it and alon g with me th e top gy mnasts of our Turnver e in , wh ich is Turn ve rein Berna , which has abo ut the best gy mn asts in Swi tze rland ri ght now. A nd these top gym· nasts do not even revolt or com plain mu ch about that tea m drill , and it is in spirin g to see a Sw iss Champ ion Fritz F euz do in :,; gy mnasti cs beside youn g Beat Lu cy or any other youn gster, and it is obv ious that thi s kind of re lati onship with th e Champions ins pire th e yo un gsters mu ch more than any tough talk of the coach in the regul ar training sess ion s ( th at th ey sh ould train hard er, etc.) Turnver ein Bern a really hit th e nail with its tea m exercises executed wi th watch·like precision on 6 p·bars and h·

bars. Th e last gro up showed exer cises (even with one C·move ) with an in spirin g toget hern ess, that the thousand s of spec· tators really got more t han just a feelin g about th e bea uty of th e 'real gymnasti cs. Turnvereins like Lucerne, Zuri ch, Au sse r· sihl , Basle, Olten, Gren chen, co mpeted with ove r 100 gymnasts in the ir tea m· compe tition and it is amazin g how much each one in these months of trainin g start s aga in to care for a r eg ular trainin g. F inall y they all got to gether and as ab o solutely hi gh point of the wh ole fes tival produ ce d a similar routin e in fr ee exer· cise-ima gine 33,000 gy mnasts doin g with a nice melody the same (of co urse easy ) fr ee exercise routin e: it looks like a white sea of mov in g so und bod ies ! And all gYlllnasts.

Each t ime, a ft er a gy mnastics fe s ti va l, th e Sw iss, the gym nasts say, " this was it, t hi s was the grea tes t, there will never again be such a gy mn asti c f es ti val! Th e you ngs ters don' t like th is kind of hard trainin g!" A nd her e they came again from all over Swi tzerl and and 1 wo uld say 15,000 you ngsters ( up fr om 17 years to 19) toge th er with thei r elder fri end s and proved that those progno st ica ti ons were wrong as th ey always used to be. As for the top gymnastic in d ividu al co mpetition: the Elite had to do th e whole T oki o progra m and a gain it was Fritz F e uz, from Turn ve rein Berna , foll owed by Werne r Michel, al so Turn ve rein Berna , Gottli eb Fassler, Wadenwil and Fritz H e ft , a lso Turnvere in Berna as well as F. Fah, Bask Egger Adliswil and again a noth er Turn verei n Bern a man , Heini Dubach . F euz reached 113.7, and the co mpulsory Toutine are not quite sure and goo d. One thin g I wo uld like; that so me of the US gy mnasts and th eir lea der co uld co me over and see a Sw iss Gy m F estival. I sure think th ey wou ld r eact th e same as I alway s do: let's go gy mna s t~cs!!!



• • •


By Neils B. Madsen The C.S.C. F. super specta cular sh oll' at Maine Town· "hip Hi gh Sch oo l set me thinkin g. In fact, it did shake me up a little . For a while I was a little un ce rtain as to what mi ght be th e response to my efforts of piloting th e OLL E RUP CYM T EAC H E RS thr ough th e countr y on their tour next fall. Because if th eir ex hibitions are to be interpreted as a challenge to the champs. th en 1 will h ave mi ssed my point. r was very proud acce ptin g th e l -.S .C.r. insignia yo u pinned on m y lape l. Recause what yo u peop le arc doing come closer to m y ideas about th e values and neces· " ity of gy mnasti cs than a nythin g I ha ve seen durin g th e :-35 years I have li ved in th e l"nited S tates. The re are diffe rences, but onl y in the approach. While yo u represent the competitive a spect of gy mnasti cs. which throu gh its process o f e li mination tends to co ncen tra te th e attention on a very few, I am moti va ted b y a co ncern for the man) wh o neve r get to know a bout th e sa ti s faction s of ph ys ica l fitn ess, th e vast maj orit y who go thr oug h life mir\us the character buildin g benefits of gymnastics. Cha rac te r buildin g It's a phrase often thr ow n a round th ought. lessly. but let anyone study th e fac ia l exp ressio n of a gy mnast immediately before h e or sh e is going to execute hi s or he r m ost daring stunt. It is a pointed picture of determination. and ob li vious of co ncern for anything but th e immediate objecti ve . Compare it with that of a perso n who never tri ed -- and never ca red beca use nobod), ever succeeded in making him co nscious of th e vi rtues a nd va lu es of ph ysica l edu ca ti on - th en yo u ha ve CH ARACTEH versus th e LA CK of it. Our way of life depend s up on indi vidu a l character, individual ~·esponsj . bilit)'. We need teache rs of the ca libe r of yo ur ll.S.G.F.'s capab le coac hes - to teach C H AHACTE H BlILDl\,C to th e many - ancl gym nasti cs to be their to ol - Menta l therap y for the milli o ns - That's what we m ea n. R\ dem onstratin g I and exp laining) step b y s tep HOW to

attain th e ph ysica l fitness necessarv fo r b e in ~ ab le tu pe rform the stunts. we hope to a ttract th e a tte ntion of th e MAl\'Y who oth e rwise limit themselves to lookin ... onl y. Because that is for sur e. we have yet to eve n sc ra tch th e' surfa ce of th e a thletic pote ntia l or" thi s ~ rea t na tion. Wi shin g yo u mu ch ~ u ccess. For furth er informati on tour co ntact: :\eils B. Madsen. mana ger, The O ller up Cym Teachers' I"ifth Am e rican Tour. ]559 JVlc J...:iniel Hoa d . Lak ~ I:o rest. Illin ois. Phone Cedar 4·2:-\OR. • ITINERARY SEPTEMBER 22-A rri vol ot New York. 26- Kiwanis Club, Penn Yon, N. Y.

OCTOBER 3-Sauthern Connecticut State Col lege. 7 -Hartwick Co llege , Oneonta, N. Y. 8-Williamsvi ll e Central High School, Williamsville, N . Y. lO- Cambra County War Memo r ial, Inc. Johnstown, Po. 19-Andr ews Un ive rsit y, Berrien Sp rin gs, Michigan. 24-George Wil liams College, Chicag o (might be changed ) 25-E l mwood Park High Sch ool , Elmwood Park, Illinois 28-Western Illinois Univer sity, Macomb, Illino is. 30- l ndiana State Teachers College, Terra Haute. Indiana.

NOVEMBER 1-West Park High School, Racine , Wisconsin. 5-Waukegan Township High School, Waukegan, Illi nois. 6 -Lake Fo rest H igh Sch ool, Lake Forest, Ill inois. 6 -Lak e Forest College, Lake Fo rest , Ill inois. 8-Arlington High School, A r lington Heights , Il linois. 9-Barrington H igh School, Barring t on, Illino is. 12-Wisconsin State College, Plattevi l le, Wisconsin. 18-SI. Cloud College, SI. Cloud , Minnesota. 19-Bemidji State College, Bem idj i , Minneso ta . 20-Fargo Central High School, Fargo , North Dakota. 22-Black Hills Teachers College, Spearf ish, South Dakota. 25-Dana College, Blai r Nebr aska. 26- Nebraska State Teache rs College , Wayne, Nebraska.

DECEMBER 10-Fur man University , G reenvi l le, South Carolina. 17-Mary Washington College , Fredericksbu rg , Virginia.

Under negotiations are: Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute , Troy, N. Y. Hamburg Public Schools, Ham b urg , N. Y. Cornell University, Ithaca , N. Y. Unive rsity of Maryland, College Park , Maryland. Milwaukee Turners , Milwaukee, Wis. Detroit Public Sc hools, Detro it , Mich. John N orup Jr. High School, Oak Park , M ich. East Paterson Bd. of Educa ti on, New Jersey. T owson Recreatior. and Parks , T owson , Maryland. University of Rhode Island , Kingston , Rhode I. W inthrop College, Rock Hill , S. Carolina. James Monroe High SchOOl, Frederick sbu rg , Vi rginia . Length o f tour Sepl. 22 ' til Christmas. -Nie l s B. Madsen, Manager .:.;-




Pictures and People PICTURES AND PEOP L E: Starting at upper left page-U .S.A. T eam in Prague: Zintlov a Milada , Dr. Novotny and Eva Tamassy at the Sports Medicine Institute in Prague; Trampoline compet ition in Nurem-

burg, Germany; with frien ds !n Moss,


Editor with Czech artist

Mel Med; Young gymnasts In Prague' enjOying a copy o f the M.G.; Coach A l len Grandberg with you ng gymnasts fr om Sport Center Gym

in Oulu, Finland (Near t he Arctic Circle); Sakcl r i Kaipa inen , 14 yea r old Finnish champ; Ma lmo girls at Wo rl d P. E. Congress, Stockho lm; Anders Lindh , Mr. Eriksson , Gene W h etstone, Steffen Ca r lson , Helmut Ronush and Edito r , Orbro, Sweden; Gy mnastic School and Camp at L illsved, Sweden; D irector of the Nils Buk Schoo l, Oll er up, Denmark w ith Bengt Noren; Balance beam class at Ollerup - and another photo o f Li l lsved Schoo l. ABOVE: St arting at right hand corner-Yamashita doing a full twisting scissors vau lt during Japanese Team exhi bition in Munich, Germany, Aihora do ing a straddle kip mount on P-ba rs; Circus Moscow in He lsinki, Finland (man holding bear in low Hand-to- Hand b alance); Tumb l ing Po le Act; Edito r and V. W. off the road and into the woods ( 100 miles nor th o f A r ctic Circle) Fin land; August on the beach in Fi nland, Finnish training caIT]p in the shadow of He lsinki Olymp ic Sta d ium ; and Mr .. and Mrs. Ted Blake, London, England.


USGF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS l -i\ IT F:D STATES CYMi\ASTTCS FEDEHA TlO i\ i\ATlOi\AL CHAMPTO NSHIPS 8 )' Glenn IVilson On ] une 14 a nd ] 5. 1963. some of the Na tion 's best and most promisin p: yo un g gy'm na sts competed for inclividua l hono rs in th e first PSC .F. \"ationa l Championships. Th e Meet was heJd in the amp le fa cilities of Maine Fa st Hig h Schoo l in Park Hid ge. Illin o is. where Mr. T om Cardn er is th e head gy mnasti cs co ach. On Frida y, a ll classes o f gy mn as ts. both Class A a nd Elite. completed both th eir co mpu lso n - and option a l r outines. The top p:v mnas ts qualifi ed fo r Sa turda y ni ght's final s session. Seve ra l firsts we re accomplish ed in thi s m eet. Roth th e Trampolin e a nd Tumblin g events had co mpul sorv rout in es which is a first for a \ati ona l meet. but eve n mo re impo rtant. it is a ste p towa rds c losin g th e gap betll-ee n th e America n a nd Inte rnati ona l eve nts. LOsin g required ro utin es fo r th ese events sho uld make th e ~om -

petitors m o re a ware of form and sty le. Another first was th e c lasses of competiti on. Roth the men and th e women ha d two c lasses- Class A and E lite. The Class A compe路 titors we re req uired to use the P a n Ameri can compulso r y ro utin es, while th e Elite used the 1964 Ol ympic compu lso r y routines. As you ca n imagine, the fou l' g roups of competitors made Frida y's tw o preliminary sessions co nfusing to a ll. but good advanced plannin g saved th e da y. The ad mini strati on of a nati onal meet is a lways a prob lem , a nd in the pa st, some National finals have end ed ve ry nea r to mid -night. Howeve r, thanks to th e Mid-West Cvmnastics Associati on and th e fllin ois Hi gh Schoo l CYI~na s ti cs Coaches' Associati on, the U.S.e.'F. _\ a ti onal s we re completed with a minimum of problems in a ve ry short pe ri od of time. These associations assumed the tas k o f runnin g the Meet on a ve r y sh ort notice and then proceded to plan and o rganize one o f th e fin est

AT LEFT: Men ' s All-Around winne r s, L. t o R. Seward , Art Shurlock , and Rusty Mitchell.

Glen Gaili s, Tom

BE LOW: Women 's All-Around winne rs, L. to R. Leissa Kr o l, Janis Dunham , Donna Sch"enzer, -Mary Ellen To th , and Bi rg itta Gu l lberg_




na ti ona l cha mpi onshi ps ever he ld. [n t wo ho urs a nd for t y· fi ve minutes, they ma naged to present awa rds, com · plete the Class A men' s fin a ls, the Elite wo men's fin a ls a nd th e Eli te men's fin als. Onl y orga niza ti o n could have clo ne this a nd I hea rtil y a pp la ud the j ob that they d id . As in eve r y meet, the a ll ·a round cha mpi on's did a fin e j ob. Ho weve r. the rea l stor y of th e fir st LT.S.C T. Cha mpi onships, as far as the men we re concerned, was the trampolini sts a nd tumbl e rs. All six finali sts in tumb· lin g exec uted do uble back some rsa ults a nd the tra mpolin e men exh ibited good fo rm. Ha l Ho lmes of P rba na. Illin ois. won the tu m bli llg event and is still the on ly competitor wo rkin g through a full t wistin g back to a d ouble ba ck. He was ha r d pressed, however, by hi gh sch oo l sen io r. Haro ld Shaw. a lso of L· ba na. On the tram po line, Da nn y Millma n of Los Ange les. Ca li fo rnia. ex hibited fi ne form a long with excep ti ~ n a l ' d iffi cult y to take to p h onors. One obser va ti on was th a t our tra mpolinists we re beginin g to be more aware of pike a nd lay -out positi ons. Fo'r the wo men _. lVli ss Do nna Schae nzer of Flin t, Michiga n, was the o utsta ndin g gym nast in the meet. Besides winnin g the a ll-around titl e, Miss Schae nzer also wo n first place in the tumblin g event, so between th e compulso ry a nd op ti ona l r o utines she had q uite a long day of it on Frida y. Th e m ost imp ressive perfo rma nces turned in by girls were on the uneven para ll el ba rs - they we re tremendo us. . In sum ma r y. the fo ll owin g factors contribu ted to a fi ne :\a ti on al Com petiti o n : 1. T op qua lity competi to rs. 2. Ha rd wo rk a nd coope ra ti on by the Mid-Wes t Cymna sti cs Associa ti on a nd the Illin ois High Schoo l Coa ches' Associa ti on. 4 _ Tw o gy mnasiums in orde r to run more event;; durin g th e first day of com petiti on. 5. P lenty of good judges. 116 for Me n a nd 10 for the Wome n o n Fr iday) . 6. Compul so r y routines fo r th e Trampo line a nd Tu mblin g events. ~:.


ABOVE: Watching the U.S .G .F. Co mpetitio n Fronk Hole, Don Boydston , (U SGF Prexy), Groce Ka ywe ll and Mel odie Ga llick. BELOW:


f o ll owing

final competition.

wo rk ing

o fficial s







{Ti\ TTED ST AT ES GYiVINASTI CS FEDERATI Oi\ i\A TI O\TA L CH AM PIO NS HI PS ELITE MEN All - AI' ound- I. Art S hu r lock, 10 •. 6: 2. T o m S e w a rd , 106.3.. 3. R u s t y Mitc h e ll , 104.3: 4. G le n Ga ili s , 83 .75. Sid e Ho rse-I. La rr y Spige l, I S.60: 2. Ste" e Doty, 18.30 : 3 . Fenn e l', 18.00. Lo n g H o r se V a ulting-I. Ar t Shurlock , 1 S.80: 2. T e d i\Iuzyc zk o , 18.45: 3. Rusty Mi tc h e ll , 1 ~ . 40. P a r al le l B a r s-1. T om S e ward , l ~ . j O : 2. Rus t y Mi t c h e ll , 18.55: Art S hur loc k , n .S5. H o riz o nt a l B ar-1. A rt S hurl,ac l{ , ] 8.30: 2. (~ I e n Ga ili s , 17.75; 3. tie- C[t r} '\\" o rthing' t n n a n (1 T a b S e w a rd , 16. 65. Still Rin gs-1. Art S hurl ock, I S.·IO: 2. 1'0111 S e ward. l7. no ; :) . G lenn Ga ili s, n. 60 . Fl oo r E x erc ise-I. Tom Se \\'ard, 1'. S0: 2. r{u s t y Mit c h e ll , 17.30: 3. Don Fr ie nd, 16. 85: Tumbling- I. Hal Holm e" I Sn.5: 2. 1-lal S h aw , lI n.5; 3. Pau l M aye r , 169 .5. Tra mp o li ne-I. Da n n~' Mi ll man, I So.:;: 2. Fre el Sa n d e r s, ] 84.5; 3. G e orge "Fi e ry , 181. 5. CLASS " A " MEN A ll - A r o und -1. Lail l oyne D urh am: 2. .Jo e S a ppi: :~. I A1 1TY I ... ind nu e r. P ara ll e l B a r s-I. Joe ~appi; 2. La:l[o)'n e Durham: :1. D enni s Sm i t h . Fl oor

E xe r cis e -I.

J oe

:\'" ap pi ;



AlH:' I' : :~ .

Lan'\' L ind au e r. . H o riz o nt a l B a r-1. L a :l l oy n e Du rh am: 2. F r e (l D e nnis: :L J o e Xappi. S id e H orse-I. D e nnis :'Ii ll s ; 2. J am e s Arno ld: :1. La:lloyn e Durham. St ill Rin gs-I. Joe ~appi; 2. Lai\Io)'I1t' DU J'hall l; ~. Fre el D e nni s. L o n g H OI'se Va ulting- I. D e nni s il l ills: 2. RO il Aure ; ~. D e nnis Sm ith. Tumbling- 1. J e ff Ste i n; 2. Joe :'\appi; .,. Ric-k B loc'h . Tr'a mpolin e-l. 1)o n Saund e r !':i : ~ r OOl' e ; :1. R i eh (' r i m.


J e lT Y

ELITE WOMEN A ll - Around-I. D Dn n a Sch a e z e r (F lint) .1.77: 2. J an is Dunham (Fli n t) 66 .20; :;. ~ l a , 'Y Ell e n T o th (Flin t) 65.04: 4. L e issa KI'O I ( l"lint) 65. 15; 5. D i"g it ta Gullberg' (Ca l ifo rnia ) 65 .04 . Fl oor E xe r cise-I. Don n a S e h a e n z e r; 2. ~ [nl'Y E ll e n T ot h ; :1. L e issa l{ I'ol H o r se Va ultin g - I. Donna Sc h ae nz el' , 1"1.

76: 2. T\l n r y Ellen T o t h , 17.52: 3. L e i :-:~a Kr o l, 16. 8 6. B a la n ce T ea m - I . L e issa I<rol : 2. Do nn a S(' ha e nz e l' ; 3. Paula Cr ist. Un eve n P a r a ll e l B a r s-l. Do nn a ' Sc ha e n z e r , ]7.6 6 : 2. Judy D unh nl11 , 17.63: :-L Jan i ~ Dunham , 17. -i !1. T,'a mp o line-l. S u e B I'own.



S lnith ;

Tumbling -I. Donna S c h :1 e nz e r;


2. J u ely


CLA S S " A " W OMEN All - Around- l . Coll ee n :'Ii ul"ih ill : 2. Sa il ,· )Job l e; 3. Ca r o l yn "I--l ac l.: er; -I. Donna Cox': 5. Annette Abra l n~ . Fre e E xe rci se-I. Sa ll y -',a b le ; 2, Co ll ee n ~ r uh'ihill: :3. DOllna C ox. B a la nc e B ea m - I. Sa ll y :\T o bi e ; 2. Co ll e e ll :\ r uh'ihill: :{. CH I-o Jn1 Hack e r. Un eve n P ara ll e l B a r s - I. (,o ll ee n ~ruh' i­ hill: 2_ Caro l y n I l a c ].: e l-; 3 _ D o n na Cox. S i d e H orse Va ult i n g- l. Ca l 'oly n Hac].::er:

2. Sall y :'\oh le, ~. C o ll ee n .\lul"ihil\' Tumblin g-I. Vicki Bo llin g e r: 2. Coll ee n ~'I uh'ih i ll: :1. Donna C ox. T,'a mp o Jin e1. J a ni ce l\l c (;aug-ey: 2_ ~ I agg- i e

l --1 o u se :


.Jud y Aitk e n.

AT R IGHT : Do nna Schoenzer - USG F AIIA ro un d Ch amp caught in a th row t o a d islocate catc h in her uneven ba r r ou t in e.


Scenes fr o m t he Ga !ves ton Gy mnastics Festival

UNITED STATES GYMNASTICS FEDERATION GALVESTON GY MNASTICS FESTIVAL The Ca lveston Gy mna stics Festival .. . May 31, June 1-2, 196:1 was co nducted in sunny , warm and beautiful surroundings on Ga lveston Island , Texas. Approximatel), 270 yo un gsters ( most/ y under the age of 15) registered and took part in the three da y cli n ic. An East vs_ West meet was held and highlig hted the ac ti vi ties_ The yo ungsers in a ttendan ce ga ined a grea t deal fr om the teachin g of the many fin e in structors who made the t rip. This 14

represents the firs t time the Ga lveston a rea ever witnessed a "y mnastics meet and the fi rst time man y of these yo~n gsters eve r saw so me o f the g reat gy mnastic feats perf o rm ed fo r them duri ng this festi val. T o a ll th e local Ca lves ton peo ple wh o rece ived us so well . . . to all the coaches wh o tra veled great distan ces to he lp teach the children ... to ever)' one co nnected with the clinic in any wa y a nd especiall y the eq uipment companies for their ge ne rous suppl y of equipment . .. a since re tha nk yo u fr om th e U.S.C .F. f:-



I f


The FIR ST (A nnua l I C.S .C. F. l\ATJO NA L CH AMPIO NS HIP meet ... was held in Pa rk Rid ge, Illinois, at 1A Il\E EAST HICH SC HOOL on June 14-15, 1963 . Nearl y one hundred gym nas ts took pa rt in the two-divisional meet for men a nd women and the two da y competiti ons were excellent. Compulsor y r outines were performed on Frida y aftern oo n with optionals on Friday evenin g. The to p s ix pe rfo rmers in th e Elite Division qualified for the final s a nd the top four pe rf ormers in the Class A Division a lso qualified . The sco res o f the compulso r y routines we re a dded to the first optiona l performance and then the fin a l optional perf o rma nce on SatUl:da y ni ght was a dd ed in makin g it the hi gh score of three ro utines to determin e the indi vidu a l event win ners. The next iss ue of the Mode rn Cymnast will ca rry a complete set of sco res and places with a pi cture report. T his was the first l\ati ona l meet ever held in this co untr y which had required (compulsory I r outines in each division for tram poline a nd tumbling. The routin es we re bea utiful a nd the performances were of the highest qualit y. Thi s wa s without d oubt th e fin est exhibition of Tumblin o ' and Trampo line this co untry has ever seen. Let's t~ lk a bout on e of the thin gs the l -.S.C.F. stands fo r in competitions ... selection of jud ges. In the women's competiti ons the jud ges arrived one da y earl y and unde r the guid ance of H erb Vogel a nd the Olympic Compulso r y films, which he also prepared , they spent roughl y f rom 10 :00 a .m. until 10 :00 p.m. stud ying the routin es so th a t th ey would be q ualified to jud ge the ro utines . Wh o were these jud ges? READ THIS LI ST I Women Jud ges a t the ( :.s.C. F. l\ationa l Mee t : Park, Rid ge, Illinois. Jud y H owe- Former U.S.A . Olympic Team Member. J ackie Klein ( iphues- Former l'.s .A. Olympi c T eam Mem ber . My ra P e rkins D oug las- Fo rmer L路.S.A. Na tional Gymnastics Ch ampi on . Meta Elste i\e wman- Fo rme r l 路.S.A. Ol ympic Team Membe r. Fra nces Den nis- ()utstandin g l". S. Cymnast. Jud y Klause r Lucas- t -. S . T eam Member. Inez Caon- Seco nd Place Juni or l\a ti ona ls. Hoots Culbertso n- l\ati onal Trampoline Champion. Alyce Se ubert Voge l- Outstand in g l .S . Cymnast. H~th Ann fn skip- Outsta nding U.s. Gv mn ast. Wo men



Sessio n

The men's events we re jud ged hy som e 2() me n j uri t!es whu ga th ered th e eve nin g be fo re tl1(': compet iti o ns h ( ~i!a n a nd studied compul so ry ruutin es at len;!th. So me of tht ~ na mes o f these jud t!cs will rill g a bcll with th ose o f ) ()u who have been around th e spo rt fo r a few yea r芦. Pa ul I: ina . IWI Hoetzheim . Ir v Iledard . J ohn Cress. Ca y Hu ghes ,' D on Vu n Ebe rs, 'DOli Dressle r: Di ck Fuer c; h: Sand y Ho rn , Sid Drain , Vic Lesch, T om Walth ouse, J on Culbertson, Bill lia lli ste r, Ro b Ba llin gc r, Dr. Hube rt Dunn , Bill Buck, Di ck Zube r, F' recl Orl o fsky, C1 e nn Wilso n, and to J oe Ci a ll om ba rd o fo r leadin ;! it alL This wa s an excellent turn out fo r offi c ia ls . . . su me of th e best qualifi ed judges we have in th e cu untr y we re utilized in this F I HST l 'SC I: \AT IO\ AL \ 'IF.ET. Th e L". S.G .F, was proud to have had th em present and we look forwa rd to hav in t! them a ll j oin us in Ilrepa rin i! a ll Offic ia l Hatin g system .-, , whi ch wi ll qua lify i!)' mnas ti c o ff ic ials for jud ges a t va ri ous levels, and a ff o rd th em a n opportunity to be tested and remain qualifi ed a nd up-to- date. In the best inte rest of the spo rt a nd the a thl etes th emselves, ' , thi s has been needed fo r yea rs, l 'SC F vote o f tha nks to eve ryo ne conn ected wiih th e meet . . . we received so man )' commen ts rela ti ve to the spirit of fri e ndlin ess a nd go'od will whi ch surr ound ed the tw o da y a ffair. It was a pl easure to participa te. watch o r supp ort a meet of thi s type. T o Ma in e [ast H .S, a nd its Coach T om Lardn e r. a la n!! with V ic Lesch and Bob Bohl a since re c on g ra tu'l at i o n~ fo r th eir e fforts, Many hours wen t into the preparati o ns whi ch preceded this meet. .::-


A HI STORY MAK II\ C I:: VEl\T IS TAKll\L PLACE In CHT l\ 0\"\/ ! Th e PALM BEACH TRA IN Il\C session. un de r the a uspi ces of th e L S.C,F. and through th~ wonde rful co urtesy of M R, FR Ai\K J. H ALE I see May-June M,C , I o f PALM BEACH , FLOIUDA . , . a t the m oment YO ll are reading thi s letter we ha ve assembled in Palm Beach fo r a training session fr om three to six weeks in length. th e fo ll owing gy mnasts, ' , wo rkin g to improve th eir pe rf orman ces and chan ces for internati onal competiti on , , , and receiving BALLET TRA [N I NC from MI SS 10A\A of th e ACADEMY ROY ALE (Ba llet Theatre I ELRC ITTA CULLBERG- age 21 , of Stockholm, Sweden, Fgrmerly a Swedish national champion , now residing iil Santa Monica, California. DALE McCLEMENTS, age 18, of Seattle, Washington. One of the U .S .A.'s lead ing gy mnasts, member of the 1963 Pan-American team and the 1962 World's Championship Team. DO NNA U.S.G.F. Men Judges Briefing Session








On oppos ite page and above, snaps of U.S.G.F . Champ ion Gymnasts at Palm Beach t r ain ing camp w ith Dr. Boydston and Coach H erb Vogel looking on .

SCHAENZER, age 18, of F lint, Michi gan. All-Around champion in the Elite Division in the U. S. Gymnastics Federation National Champi onships, 1963. DORIS FUCHS, age 24, of Seattle, Washington. Member of the U. S. Olympic Gymnastics team 1956, 1960. JA lICE DUNHAM, age 17, of Flint Michigan. PAULA CRISTE, age 16, of Sacramento, California. JUDY DU_ IHAM , age 15, of Flint, Michigan. MARY TOTH, age 17, of Flint Michi <Yan. RUSTY MITCHELL, of Southern Illinois '( Unive~sity), age 21. One of the nation's leading tumblers as well as 2nd ranking all-around gymnast in the 1963 U.S.G.F. National Meet. GLEN GAILIS, Sophomore at the Univ.ersity of Iowa , age 19, One of the Big Ten's leading gymnasts and one of the most promising yp ung all-around performers in the U.S .A. ED ISABELLE, age 19, of P enn State University. The 1963 National Y.M.C.A. All-Around champion and a leading contender for the Olympic team of 1964. LAMOYNF D RHAM, of Pasadena City College, California, age 18. Placed all-around performer in the "Class A" competitions of the U.S.G.F. National Meet, 1963. JOE NAPPI , age 21, formerl y of Pasadena City College, now Southern Illinois. Place all-around performer in the 1963 USGF National Championship and also 1963 National Junior all-around champion of the U.S.A. All of this through the courtesy of MR. HALE ," .. and from this office's viewpoint it is ' wonderful to see and meet someone so interested in AMERICA I ATHLETES . that he gives th e time, effort and monies to help these youngsters improve their performances. Hats off to MR. HALE fOJ helping us to aid the athletes . another FIRST TIME EVER EVENT ... let's hope we can keep this type of program going every -::.


The Southern California Gymnastics Association spearheaded our long-range plans for District Competitions leading up to National Competiti ons and conducted the REGIO r XI (temporary regional break-down ) USGF CHAMPIO ISHIP , on June 1, 1963 at Montebello High School. Compulsory routines were required and this meet helped select 11 girls and four boys for travel to the USGF NATIONAL MEET in Illinois. GORDIE MADDOX, BRUD CLEAVELAND and the others who make up the S.C.G.A. deserve a real round of applause for leadin g th e way in this new program.

THE U.S.G .F. IS GROWING . . . I think the expression is by leaps and bounds. Our formal, actual membership as of this writing is as follows: National Federation lational Assoc. of State H.S. Ath. of High School Associations. Gymnastics Coaches. ( IFSHSAA) (NAHSG C) National Junior College Athletic Association ( IJCAA )

National Collegiate Athletic Association. (NCAA ) Women's National Gymnastics Association. (W. I.G.A .)

National Assoc. of College Gymnastic Coaches. ( JACGC )

Associate Members : Gym-Master Company, Porter Ath . Equip. Company, Nissen-Medart Corp. , American Ath. Equip. Company. All of the above are dues-paying, formal members of the USG F and have representation on the Governing Council thereof. Our thanks to the followin g universities for their support of the U.S.G.F. and its program . . . add to the list of those mentioned in earlier lewsletters : LONG ISLAND U IIVERSITY, STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, CORTLA D, I.Y.; SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA U 11VERSITY, BALL STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. +:-



This Fall the U.S.G.F. will print the first copy of U.S.G. F. RULES and REGULATIONS . The newsletter will report to you when this booklet is off the presses and availabl e. Committees are beginning to work at this moment on the various interpretations of rules and eligibility regulations for the federation. Rules governing eligibility will be somewhat more realistic and encouraging than we have been exposed to in the past. And we guarantee that rules once made ... will be adhered to. Before these rules are printed they will be subject to approval from national organizations who are formal member". .::.



Having be91 the first organization to require compulsory routines for Trampoline and Tumbling in our national meet .. . the Rules Committee has set about 17

to refin e th e tempurary rul es gove rnin g th ese events used in Park Rid ge . . . and th ey will be in cluded in our bas ic rul es book. If yo ur organ ization d esires co pies o f th e temporary rules. includin g " R" and "c" tri ck cla ss ifi ca tion and rul es . , eli 0)) the l 'SC F Offi ce a lin e and request a copy . if-


THE l\ATIOl\AL W N IOR COLLEGE ATHLET IC ASSOC I ATI 0)\ . . . fvlr. Ge rald A llard. Presid ent . . . write~ t.hat th e NJCAA ha s voted ullanim~usl y to j oin th e l .S.L .1,. We we lcome th e Junior Colle b<Yes to our or<Yani· . b zatlOn and are pleased bey ond word s to h1lVe them join In makin g the l ' SCF what ' we all want it to b e. THE :\ATI01\AL HI GH SC HOOL GYMNASTICS COA CHES ASSOCIA TI01\ .. . still being form ed but with replies received from som e 12 sta tes at this time ... ha s- fo rm a ll y app li ed for m ember ship in th e U.S.G. F. a nd is welcomed to th e or ganization. For informa tion relative to this group's plans and m ember ship, write to lVIr. Andy K osti ck. ]:)31:) Houston Ave .. Chicago 3:-\ . Illin o is. . ' . L

Along this line o f thou ght we ha ve received word that th e OHEGO:\ HI G H SC HOOL COACHES ASSOCIAT [O:\ h as been fo rm ed and has sch edul ed several m eets to be he ld thi s summer in OREGO l\ . More informati on o n thi s g roup and th eir prog ram as it is r ece ived. ~;:.



The sta te of ;\ EVADA has co mpleted th e oTo undw ork fo r it s sta te l -SC F orga nization . Those inte r~ted in thi s pr og ram sh ould co ntact MH. HOD HILL , 15 15 Prospect. S park s. :\evada. .,.:.


The l -.S. C.I-': is wo rking towa rd s a regional break-d own o f th e L S.A .. b y area s. La nd th e c hai ~ o f competition s wo uld be rough ly as foll ows : STAT E champi onships for athl etes residin g lIithin state boundaries I in som e areas t wo distinct a reas would b e a ll owed in th e sa me state I . I ~ r o m thi s co mpetiti on th e to p several al l-around performe rs lIould go on to DI STin CT COlVlPETITTO l\S. and fr o m th e re to th e :\ATlOi\AL CHAlVIPI01\SHIP . eac h J) ISTH ICT would ha ve a color cod e . . . th a t is C()LD. RUT , HI·: D. Tl -HQlOI SE, etc. lVarm up ja ckets and shirt s and / o r leotard s, but a ll wea rin g th e l -SC r CH I·S r . Th e C HEST wo rn on the jackets would h ave th e ST ATL fr om whence th ey cam e embr oid ered above it. so th e spectato rs a nd pa;·ti cipants alike co uld tell that th e C OLD jackets (fo r insta nce 1 were from s uch-ands uch a 0 ISTH ICT and lookin g on th e jacket itself one wou ld see th e l -SCF C HEST with th e ST ATE above it. Athletes would th en lin e up for pre·competition activiti es accord in g to th eir DI STRI CT S and we would ha ve colo rful but eq uall y mea nin gful presentati on to th e publi c. More on thi s in the nea r futur e. +:.


The various I-SC F Committees are still bein g form ed . write if yo u are intel ested in workin g on oJl,e . I{ ElVIEMBEH . .. th e actua l formation of technica l rules a nd reg ulations will be don e b y committees, 1\OT 11\01VIO L ALS. so get in th ere and work if yo u are inte rested! ..:.



Th e Ari zo na Open Gy mn asti cs Meet was h eld ill Tucso n, Arizona on lVIay 18, 196:-1. On e hundred and two entries entered the two-division m eet for bo ys and girls. This wa s th e fir st o f what will becom e an annua l " Ar izona Op en" seri es and marked a fir st . .. the fir st open m eet I gym na sti cs) eve r held in th e cit y of Tu cso n. To Glen Harcus and Palo Verde Hi gh School. ' .. co ng ratulations for giving gy mnasti cs a real boost in .th e Southwest. 18

FRANK BARE AND DR. ECKLUND , American Turner National Sec.

THE: 4 1ST Al\ j' WA L NATIONA L TUHNFEST . . . of th e Ame rica n Turners . . . lVas held in Cleveland. Ohio from the 18-23 rd of June. Hosted by th e WEST S IDE n -H1\EHS o f Cleveland it was well organized . . . we ll represented and a trul y wonderful affair. At the o penin g banquet, which r was fortunate enough to attend , there we re 697 people present. It was d etermined that th er e are approximately 16,000 turners in the United S ta tes . . . ann th e work and spirit of cooperation I witnessed in Cleveland indica tes th ere will b e man y m o re Nation a l Turnfests to come. My thanks to Joe Skoda . . . Charles Ca lh oun . . . Dr. Ecklund . all of th e Ame ri can Turners for th eir hospita lity. To ]\1r. Bob \ieal of Badio S tation WEHE in Cleveland, m y thanks for his inter est and supp ort of th e s port of gy mnastics. At the 41 st Nati ona l Turnfest Banquet-L. to R.-Joe Skoda Frank Bare, Cle veland Ma yor Mr . Lochre, Guest Speaker ; Spor ts An~ouncer Bob Neal, Chas. Calh oun and Carl Anderson.

i f

I. I.

t I.

Danny Ostrander f rom Sprin gfield

Mar ie Wa l the r , 1963 Turner Nati onal Champion


f r

Lo tt e H orschke (72) o f Chicago; Ida Ba rr ow, Toledo and Mildred T onkowia k of Milwaukee , compe tit ors in the ove r

M.G. W ri te r Jim Fa r kas wi th Tur ner Fest ival Queen

60 ag e group. Steven Cohen o f Roxboro Turners, Ph i ladelph ia Jack

Hu ltz


Bea v er Foils

... .,..... ..· • .. • • •







-: . .. .. ..·• '.. ,\It•• .. • • •.. • ... I,. '":






.,j: .:.. .'~




.,.. '...'

' f





ABOVE: Top Row-Winner s in the boys and g ir ls competiti on.


ABOVE: T op Sokol Gymnasts in Sunday afternoon exhibitionEd Gombos and Rudy Bachna show scale model of proposed Oh io Sokol Gym Camp.

AMERICAN SOKOL ORGANIZATION 1963 INVITATIONAL INTER- DISTRICT TEAM GYMNASTIC COMPETITIONS AND SLET June 22 and 23, 1963 Cleveland, Ohio REPORT BY THE PRES IDENT Tony Suster 600 pa rticipants attended the Slet representing fou r major districts: Slovak G. U. Sokol Districts, Canadian Soko l, ASO Dist ri cts, and N. E. Dist r ict. Edwin J. Jirousek and Agnes Hantl ran the competi-

tions while Mike Martanovic was Slet Cha irman.

Senior men and women.


Jr. Boys and Girls

:.,. . .



Beach Gymnastics "Santa Monica, W here Else! " ABOVE: Four " L " crosses on the rings by the younger set (under 20), Bob Steinberg , Bob Diamond , Rich Field and Bill Wolf. AT RIGHT: Three front lev ers on one pa ir of rings by the older set (over 40). Tap, Janos Prohasna; Middle, "Babe" Westerlund ; hanging on the bottam yours trul y. BELOW: Robert Diamond , up and coming young gymnast from Southern California h olding an M.G. approved planche (s traight , no arch) on the low parallels.






Coac h Car o l T ibbles and h er Dr uid H ill s Girl s Gy mn astic T eam fr om Atlanta , Geo rgia - L. t o R.: STAND ING- Car ol T ibb les, Peg Se lla r s, Ter ry de Jarnette, Eileen H itchc oc k , Mary Thi g pen, Gladys Denn y, Pegg y Wagner , Cor r y M cPhe rson , Caro le Karr , Lyn Angier , Susan L on g. BOTT OM ROW : L. to R. -Marsha L inkwald , Barbara Bl ack , Mary H a r t. A T LEF T: Ru t h An n Inskip perf or ming on the unev en ba rs du ri n g a Chicago T ur ner Exhib it ion b et ween games ot t he Ch icago Cubs Stad ium.

ABOVE AND UPPER RIGHT: Glenn Wison coaching and posing with Jr. Gymnasts at Marion Kings Summer Gym Camp, Texas City, Te xas. AT RIGHT AND BELOW: Coaches Tom Sm ith and Clayton Collier with yo ungsters from thei r 4 wee k summer camp clinic at Sooner School, Oklahoma City. The advanced girls are an the Beam.

tppn~tu Ue

P4U«d E~


from film s. Th ese mater ial s co ns ist of drawin gs which are copied when th e film is s to pped a t a des ire d fram e . M os t proj ec· tor s can be s topped for "still s" pr ojec tio n. The diagram s a cco mpanyin g thi s artie It, we r e draw/Il fi'o m film s of the World Cam es in' Pragu e las t year. Present e d is the co mpl e te rout in e of P e rvusc hina ( US · S R I who is p e rfo rming h er Free " E x" routin e. Eve ry maj o r e le me nt o f thi s rou· tin e has bee n pr~<;e r ve d with co m hinill~

and motivat e is well kn ow n. Lookin g over tl](> r~<;e a rc h lit erature for th e las t ;;'veral yea rs. on e will find many fi lm proj ec ts. Th ese includ e th e pr odu c tion o f fi lm s f,'r phy s ica l e du cation activit y are a s s u c h a, gy mna s ti cs : ev al u a tin g th e ahil it y o f. co n· tro l groups to learn through film s. and projec ts dea lin g w ith s pec ial uses o f film s . Le t us co nce rn oursel ves h e re with a " pt'c ial use whi c h is th e d e vel opm e nt IIf teac hini! mat e rial s which a r e initiall y tak e n


~lIrnin g. Illo ve rn ent s

t"xp lain ed


th r

"paces be tween fi g ures. Th e numbe rs in c ircles a tt ached to li n es s pannin g po rtion " of the ro utin e se rve two p llr po se~ . 1. To g i ve th e rea d e r a c lu e to th,· flo o r patt e rn used. tTh e e xact patt e rn wa"


- - --



----------QDr-----------__ .::::.,~



At'QIA~ ~l, 'f

WA L.K.OViR,"r~-:J (

SI<., f' ST£j:>




S;:CO"-ll> AEKII'\L wALKov ER 'STANb .


diffic'ult to dete rmin e from thi s particular film du e to prob lem s of de pt h per ce ption. ! 2. T o deve lo p a ve ry elementary ro utin e for g irl s based on thi s Olympi c ty pe rOll· tin e o f P e rvuschina as a mea ns of dev elop· in g a bas ic s tart for the beginn pr who j~ read y for co mb inin g m ove ment s and to show her how thi s ro utin e ca n ultimat e ly develop int o one of F.I.C. calibre. P er vuschin a 's ro utin e contain s a ll "I' th e el ement s to make it worth y of a score of ten if don e pe rfec t ly. In th e World Ga mes she sc ored in th e high nin es. H er ro utin e contain s the fo ll ow in g elemen ts whi ch ca n be deve loped progress ive ly : 1. Ball e t mo ve ment s - Turn s, attitudes. runnin g, poses . etc. t G ra ce Ka ywe ll' s exce ll ent a rti cles will pro ve va lu a bl e in d,,· ve lop in g thi s as pec t o f th e routin e.! 2. Th e s plit. Co nstan t em phas is shoul d be pla ced Iln thi s posit ion . The beg inn er shoul d learn s plit s of a ll kind s a nd atte mpt not to favo r a stretch onl y to on,' s id e. P er vuschin a mak es th e most of her abil it y to d" the s plit 't> Ill ay be see n in th e drawin gs . W hen mu scl e groups have bee n stre tc hed properl y t(l a ll "w gOlld " plit s. th e d oo r is open fo r such stunt s as : a. Wa lk overs b. ' \ (' rial n trtwh ee ls a nd so mersault s . c. Illu sions d. impressive leaps


oth er

int e r t-'~t in g

c() lllbinin ~

1l1Ove ment s . I f s tre n gth is deve lo ped w ith flexib ilit y, the gy mn as t will he able til att a in Ih t' exp los ive p UWf' r n ece~s ar y 10 tak ,' fu ll adva nt al!l' of her a bilit y to do

th e s plit. Th e writ e r has o bse rved too oft en th e boy or girl who has t re lll t'ndou,; f!,"xihilit v but lilli e , trength. W hen thi s is tru e, the nov ice is no t r~a d y to a ll em pt ad va nced wo rk s in ce th ere will be dang"r of a se ri o us fa ll du e til co ll ap s in g o r a fa ilure of th e mu sc les to supp ort we ig ht. :l. Tumblin g M ove ment s - Th e follow· ing bas ic tumblin g move ment s a rt' fo und in P e rvusc hin a's ro ut in e : a. Sk i p ste ps b. Round- offs c. !:lack ha nds prin gs w ith variati ons d . Cartw heels e . Fo rwa rd roll va ri a t io ns f. C hes t ro ll g. Ilack some),s . The foll ow in g ro utin e is for th e nov icl' . When it is n;as tered . th e gy mna st ' m a y Jlr()t.T re'S lu a mo re adva nced variat ioll . P a r7s ; f th e rou tin e may bt' ch anged pe r· iocl icall y b ut spec ial car e sho uld be tak en to see th at th e ori gin al routin e is do ne with goo d form be for e a new movement is in ser ted. We recogni ze that we do no t in clude any suggested mu sic. Thi s is a n important as pec t of th e exe rcise. F or the mome nt , howeve r, . tt e mpl to se lect SUIll f' Illu s ic whi ch has a vary ing te mpo and ca n be adapt ed to th e rout in e with variat io ns he re a nd th ere to co rres pund with it as nearl y a s possibl e. In th e nex t M.C. thi s column will be devo ted in pa rt to a tt'c hn iq ue which h as bee n used ex pe ri · me nt a ll y wi th good res ult s a nd d ea L- w ith th e pr~ bl e m o~f the beg innin g in s tructor with ve ry lilli e mu s ica l ba ckgro und whll may h a ve diffi c ult y adap tin g muveme n: " to music.

Whil e workin g wi th thi s routin e, r e fer to numb er s on th e diag ram wh ich co rres pond to th ose fo und below . L F ull piroue tte to holl ow back jump; stretch hig h to 2. Run , skip step, round-off , ba ck roll to mod ified split to 3. S tand. I From the s plit s positi on io sta nd ing beco mes a move ment probl em or move ment t ask of the stud ent. Hundreds of var iat ions a re poss ibl e. In obser vin g th e many ways the yo un g gy mnast stand s, th e tea cher may make s ugges ti ons a bou t fo rm a nd exec ution. In thi s way there is a ve ry ea rl y introdu ction of th e crea ti ve as pect of gy mnas tics. Th e stu de nt may mak e use of s peciill ab iliti es and feel as thou g h she has mad e a de finit e con tribu · ti on. Lat e r as the move me nt vocab ul a ry of t he gymn ast increases. there will he an expa nsion of th e numbe r bf creat ive o ppo rtunities. ) Run back wa rd to sland - mo ment a r y stand (Poss ibly thi s sta nd can be u p on th e toes w ith arm s stretchecl ove rh ea d . ! to 4. Run , skip ste p, front h and s prin g; lo r forwa rd roll variati on if hand s prin g i, not ma s tere d) . a .. few more runni n g s t e p~ to a mo men tary hand stan d rollill!! for wa rd tn a stand to ' 5 . Backwa rd ro ll. one- half turn for ward ro ll ( Ea ch ti me used , the fon~ ard roll or othe r ba sic st unt sho ul d h ave a va ri a·


liun jpte


poss iblel.

s i a nd.

r un



9. Cbl'st I "II 10 s tand .

10. No \\

6. Run in a n ew direc t iu n and s ta !!: I.. ap. lurn

s lep. 10

lu I' \'ar iat ion of a c1ws l

1',,11 J

10 --

one- h alf

t u rn.


one- h alf


7. Ca rl whl>e l. on e- h alf o r onl'-quarl e r lurn 10 8. S trai g hl leg hack rull In sta nd -ca lc I Le t Il l.v iee , .. lee l "ca ll'I tu -



th e:

J a~1

ag ilit y cOllli,ill;:-

I ion of I II(' g\' IlInaq. I I s hould 1)(' h e l' Illo"t difficult Olll: 'but one in whi c h s he ",hi bit " !!I,pd cont rol "t' tha t her fin is h or di,,;llollllt i:-: not a pOUl" a ttempt a t work \\'hi c h i" ,olnl'\dla t Iw \on<l he r ah ilil v. Th ~ fluor pall('rn [or' P e r vu;;c h iIl 3', ;'"uli ll(, call bl' u"c d ill Ih e Illuriified Olll' 1'1'I'''''Il IP'' abovl'. No lice Ih at Ilwl'e is CU Il-

"icie rabl e variation in direc tio n and th 'll ('irc ular runnin g is fre qu e ntl y fou n d. T h e I'l' i:-: no rea ~O I1 why the novice c anno t per-

.s imilar pattern. Cood film s "ften are ,pen once' a nd

form lIsing a

th en are forgolten. W e have present ed h er.. onl y one o f Illany ways these ex ""l len t teachin g de vices Illay be used. Please le t us know a bout ot h er ways yo u an' us ing: film s in yo ur gym n asti c p rogram .

MO'>\E"\TARY ";()~ D





GYMNASTIC CLASSIC S ta rtin g wi th this issue. we will a t· te mpl. frolll tim e to tilll e. so me boo k rt·· vie ws of the g Ylllnast ic class ics . Th ese shoul d be of s pecia l int erest t" Co ll c~(' ph ys ica l educat ion majo rs who a re study· in g the foundati ons of phys ical edu ca ti on in thi s co unt ry. Th e fir st in thi s se ri es ;s th e 100 yea r o ld work of Dio Le w is. \I.D. r\mo n ~ o th e r thin gs . he is cr ed it ed with havin g ha d a major r o le in t1", de·e mph a, is I) f hea vy appa rat us in the sc hou l pi'll' g ram of ph ys ica l edu cation. On ly in rece nt yea rs ha s the re bee n an indi ca ti on that phy s ica l edu ca tors ha ve a r enewed int e res t in hea vy apparatus based un in c rease d :;ales by the major manufa cturers of gy m· n asti c fa cti ons. the German s, th e Swedes lesso n fur us. In L ew is's day three gVIll ' nas ti c fa cti ons .the German s. th e S wedes and th e Da nes a ll were argu in g th a t their par ti c ul a r ,ys te m was th e superior one . Actu a ll y none of these was eve r ad o pted and th e sc hoo ls wer e le [t wi th th e p ro · g ra m of Lewis and th e a thl eti c team pro· gra m of England . We hope to see n o mod· ern parall e l to thi s hi sto r ical [act but let us be weary o[ bi ck erin g and confu s io n a nd a lwa ys adopt th e best th at each I! ro up has to offe r.

THE NEW GYMNASTICS by Dio Le wis, M.D. Boston: Ti cknor an d Fie lds I Publi she rs J • 1863 Dedi ca ted to " T he g irl s and boys of A mer i· ca, w hose welfare h as bee n the s tu dy of hi s life. th e A uth or 111 0st a ff ec ti on · a te ly d e di ~a t es thi s wo rk ." R ega rd less ' o[ how we mi ght refl ec t upon the work of Dio L ewis or conde mn him fur ha vin g co ntributed to th e rapid di suse of appa ratu s in th e s hcool phy sical education prog ram , non e wi ll deny th at h e was trul y a crea ti ve and s in ce re work er. So me of hi >' id eas still prevai l. Let's tak e a look a t ,o me of hi s views. First of all he advocated mu sic with ex · e rcises of all types a nd fail ed to see the va lu e of fix ed appara tu s s in ce it app ea r ~d th a t long lin es of parti cip ant s wo ul d stand idl y by wa itin g fo r a turn . He was not '" mu ch a nti·ap pa ratu s as he was ap pa ll ed' at th e wa s te of ti me, ac ti ve tim e, it see med ttl pro mote. Th en too. one co ul d hard ly ca rrv th e c umbersome parall el bars home to th e li vi ng roo m for addi ti onal practi ce so 've will o b erve th at ex ercise devi ces he d id reco mm end were all mob il e and could be used by " parl o r gymnasts. " As a physician h e was int erested in a healt hy environm ent in wh ich to condu ct hi s gy mnasti c exercises. Of pa rti cul ar no te are the fo ll owin g health r eco mm endation s : 1. Th e gym n asium should be well venti· la ted with the tempera ture ra ngin g from 65 . 68 de" rees 2. The "'u se ~f wax to sea l cracks in th e gy mn as ium fl oor so th a t dust wo uld not accumul a te in crack s and late r "so il " t he pa rti c ipan ts and th e ir clot hin g. 3 . It was ,o mewhat amu sin g to th e I't'· viewe r to no le th e in s tru cti ons ~fo r clea nin g bean ba gs. The bags we re to be ri pped open a nd th e bea n s or pe bbl es removed . Th en the ti cking was to be washed , tht' bean s r e placed an d fina ll y th e bag re·se wn . 4. R eco mm end ed by Dr. Lewi s were blow g un acti viti es to in c rease th e powe r of the lun gs. H e a lso reco mm end ed an at· tra cti ve wall s pirom ete r whi ch wou ld re· ~e mbl e a fin e look in g clock. Thi , d evi cl' wo uld th en be r ea dil y ava il ab le fo r fa mili ", to tes t and improve th e ir lun g powe r.

5 . Dr. Lew is was one of th e earl iest kn o wn ad voca tes of a new type of sc hool seating. He des ig ned a desk w hi ch wo uld force the child int o a better pos ture while reading. H e even desig ned a boo k hold,, !, wh ich -co u ld be use d O l~ reg ul a r desks. Th p ho lder was of s uch desig;, th a t the hoo k wo ul d sta nd u p on end. Those stud ent s of heal th ed uca tio n, who ha ve engaged in a comprehens ive hi sto ri cal sur vey of their f ie ld. w'ill rpa U'l.p th a t Lew i-. was an ea rl y advocat e and lead er in the move ment w hi ch la te r led to a more hea lth y schoo l en vironm ent. So ihat hi s classes co uld lin e up in th e gy m to be read y imm ediat ely to engage in exe rc ise, he pa int ed footpr in ts on the floor. To do thi s with ease. he made a templa te of a pa ir of fo otprint s . T hu s print s wer e rap idly mad e on the floo r.

GYMNASTIC CONTRIBUTIONS Alt houg h we doubt th at o ur r eader s w ill look up on th e work of Dr. Lewi s as a gy m· na st ic co ntributi on , hi s writin gs had a de· cided affec t on ce rt a in as pects of gy mna s· ti cs as we kn ow it today . H e did ' not wholl y di sc redit heavy apparatu s but mere· Iy s ugges ted that th ere ex isted more con · ve nient me thods to practi ce hi s con cep t of ph ysical education. In hi s day we ha\ e the fe eli ng that he ma y have bee n co m· pl e tely justifi ed. H is s uccess sh ould teach us tha t if gy mnasti cs is to ex is t at a popu· lar leve l as we know it. th e n it beco mes the burd en o f ph ys ica l edu ca to rs o r advoca te, nf gy mn as ti cs to prove its wor th to a ll chil dren and yo uth and no t s impl y tn a few g ifted indi vidu a ls. Thi s though t '" driven ho me by Le wis as he sa ys. "On e ma n strik es a bl ow equal to five hundred po un d s; a noth er li ft s eleve n hundred po und s ; an other bend s hi s ba ck so th a t hi s head rt'sts again st hi s h eels: anoth er wa lks a ro pe across a g reat cata· ra ct ; ano th er run s eleven mi les in Un tO hour; anoth er turn s s ixt y so merse ts w itho'lt restin g . W e are g rea tl y deli g ht ed wi th aJl th ese - pa y our mon ey to see th em per· fo rm ; but as ne ither one of th ese cou ld du what eith er of th e oth er does, so . we a ll know that s uch feat s. even if they we re at a ll des irabl e, a re nut poss ibl e w ith one in a thousa nd. Th e qu esti on is not wh at sh all be do ne for thest' fe w r xtraordinary per· sons. Each has in s tin cti vely so ug ht and found hi s natural s pec ialty. But the q Up.s· ti on is, w ha t s ha ll be done for th e milli ons of wome n. ch il dren and men. who are dy ing for I~h ysica l tra inin g? r-Iy at tempt to an swer thi s mom entous qu es ti on will be found in thi s work." Th e on ly apparatus wh ich was reco nl · mend ed by Dr. L ewis was th e PANGY~I· NASTIKO N of Schre ber of German y. The latter was direc tor of th e \Iedi cal Gymnas. ti c In stituti on at Le ips ic. In t ra n sl a tin ~ Sc hre ber 's wo rk he showe d how thi s ap· pa rat us mi ght be used in num ero us ways to re pla ce cOlllmon ly used gy mn a sli c ap· paratu s. Sjn ce th e appa ra tu s consisted u[ bas icaJly a se t o f rin gs with various at· tach ment s, it did not viol a te his crit erion of Jightness - and portabilit y a nd conven· ien ce of use. W e eve n fin d a reco mmenda· tion for its ri gging in th e parlo r. Jts va rio us uses are shown in th e acco mpanying: dia· gram.

- Bean bags have already bee n mentioned. It should be noted, however that Le wi " use d th e m for var io us exer c ises whi ch we re ver y s imilar to those don e wi th dumb bell s. E lement ary games ar e s uggested a long wi th thirt y or more exe rcises . Th e primary use a t th e elementa ry leve l was

for throw in g and catchin g. W er e th e bag: to drop. it wo uld not roll far and thu .save tim e.

A mong so me of the creative inn ova t ion, (If th e author we find: 1. Wood el1 r ings used fo r pullin g II r tu g·o·war type act iviti es with a partn er. 2. Wand s to a void " s tiffness in th e should ers." \I odifica ti on s were : a . H oi· lowed wa nds load ed with lead to add we ig ht for ce rl ai n exp rc ise". b. H o ll owed wand s loade d with bu ck s hot so that a rh ythmic so und would emin at e from th e wand as th e shot ro lled hack a nd forth . 3. Spec ia l hoop targets a nd sp ec ial ae ri a l platform s as beanbag targe ts. 4. S ubstitu ted li ght d um b hcll , for hea\ y iron ones . 5. Cl ub ( Indian cl ub ) e xe rc ises an ' desc ri bed . 6. A n arm Jlull w hi ch was s imil ar til so me of th e iso me tri c dev ices in use todav'· I See diagram [o r desc ri pt ion J • . 7. Th e Gymnas ti c C row n. Thi s wa s a weig hted crow n whi ch was to be wo rn abo ut th e house . " T he crown is so pa dd ,' d w ithin , it r ests pleasa ntl y on th e head. and ye t so arran ged th at it re quires sk ill to balan ce it." 8. T he sho uld er pusher. This dev ice was usuall y placed on th e sh oul de rs of two men who would then pu sh agains t ;t in a n att e mpt to fo rce on e anothe r back . As a suppl ement to his book. Le wi, tran slat ed fr om the German. Tir e DUlllh Bell Instructor for Parlor GYlllnasts . Thi :; was th e origina l . work of Prof. \ 1aur ice K loss. Direc tor of th e R oyal S axon Nor· mal Gy mn asti c In stitut e in Dresd en. So me of these long for go tt en d evice, may be of practi cal use in gymnasti c pru· g ram s of today. It is s impl y a matte r of us in g ou r c rea ti ve tal ent to make spec ifi c app li cation s. This. in the wr it er's opinion is t he rea l message of Lew is. Fo r all . h is wild id eas. we mu st still envv hi !' ac ti ve mind. .

J;1& ,.I.,t u ! ~?r. n' u~ .~o . n t . l~ .. t"r .... u l :1.<I& ..... j to .·'S I~ 1I


E . F . "Bud" Beyer

CORRECTION III/ portant Correction all. page 31, Gy mlIastic Gimmick, May - JLLne I SSLLe of the 1-I0DERN GYMNAST . .. Somehow, the No.5 pictLLre on page 31, Gy mnastic Gimmicks, becam e reversed ill the printing process. I jacetioLLsly rejer to th e jact that the right hand shoLLld be in th e small oj th e back. What I m eant to do was call attention to th e fac t that OLLr young men have their hands improperly placed on th e yOLLng ladies the y are spot· ting. With the pictLLres as th ey are sllOwn on page 31, th e admonition should refer to the left hand 0/ the spotters.

As we point ed out in th e !vIal" Jun e iss ue of th e "Mod ern Gymnast," yo u ha ve th e probl em of teaching fundam ental skill s and of g ivin g basic streng th to large num· ber s of yo un gst ers before you get to th e intermediate and advanced wo rk in gy mnas ti cs. Thi s us ua ll y in volves th e probl em of tea chin g large number s o f yo un gs te rs at one tim e. Thi s is the tim e when you just beg in a group and you may not ha w (' nough stud ent lead ership to brea k up into var ious s ma ll squad s on th e different pie ces of e quipment.

VAULTING TECHNIQUES FOR LARGE NUMBERS ON THE BALANCE BEAM In illu stra ti on number 1, we show three yo un g boys s pottin g two girl s and a boy in a s impl e flank vau lt. Pl ea se note that we are kee pin g six peopl e bu sy in a fin e lea rnin g s itu a ti on . In a lar ge class, we wo uld have th e three peopl e who are now do in g th e flank va ult land, turn a round . a nd spot th e next three perform ers co min g ove r th e balan ce beam for th eir fl a nk va ult. Th ese a re beg inn ers so th e re arl' so me errors. T he lef t hand s hou ld be up hi gh in th e a ir, th e head and ches t s hould be hi gh , a nd the body sh ould be in a fuJi t'xten ded a rch as th e legs a re just c learing th e balance bea m. I f we were to use a n urdin ary s id e horse for this va ult , we co uld IInl y wo rk one s potter and one performer a t a tim e. By us in g the ba lan ce bea m, we ca n keep s ix yo un gs ter s busy in any moment.

Pl ease n ute too that we are usin g dou· hi ed mat s as a take·off boa rd and landing on s in gle ma ts for a controll ed bend ed kn ees landin g. The spott ers will be tau ght to gra sp the pe rform ers' arm in the bicep a rea ve ry firmly an d hold the performer a ll th e way to a sa fe stand for proper spo tting follow· through.

In illustra tion number 2, we h ave two g irl s and a boy spo ttin g three boys. T here is no reason on ea rth why girl s cannot learn to spot j ust as well as boys. It does nut ha rm th em to develop the strength necessary a nd actuall y, it is mor e· a matte r of coo rdina ti on a nd skill. 1£ the . spott er is ta ught to stand close to th e performer, he or she will find th a t the leverage ob· tain ed with s uch close spottin g mak es fa r ea ier. Aga in , we ca n pick out fl aws in th ese s toop va ult s. The elbows should be :; t ra ight , the hea d high , and th e knees s tra ight , feet toge th er, and toes pointed. Again , the prope r s potting is to hold th e arm well above th e elbow, very firmly, and follow the perform er all the way through to a safe s ta nd . In illu stra ti on number 3, we see three pe rform ers doin g a straddle vault a t the sa me tim e with three spotters. You wi ll note that ther e is no interference with one a noth e r despite the fact that th er e are three p eo pl e doing the vault and three peop le doing the spotting six young· ste rs bein g k ept bu sy in a s ituati on where we ordinarily in vol ve on ly two . In th e s traddle va ult, we should stand very Glose to the appara tus - a lm ost touchin g it .a nd g rasp both arm s above th e elbo,;' stand· in g directly in front of ' th e p erformer. Ri ght a t this point as shown in the photo· . graph , the spotters would back up fast



BUD BEYER SUMMER & FALL CLiNC SCHEDULE .JuLY 23- 0:00 'l. Ill. to 4:00 p.m. - Gu,· tanl s Ado lphu s Coll ege, St. Pete r , lVIinn eso ta.

J ULY 20 -AUGUS T 2-0 :00 a.m. to 4:0(1 p.111.-Stnte ~ e \\-



C oll ege ,

O neonta


AUGUS T 5, 6, 7-A II Day, S lo",t!, So kol Ca nl p, Boonton,


Je rsey .

SEPTEMBER 2S-Bowling Green Unh·e r · sity- Bowlin g" G r ee n, Oh io.

OC T OBER 10-Ea u Claire Sta t e Coll ege, E au

C la ire,

vVi scon sin.

OC TO BER 14-3: 30 - 6:00 p.m.; 7: 30 _ 10:00 p,m .-Roswel l F am il y YM CA, Ros we ll , :\lew :lfexi co. OC T OBER 17-9 :30 a .m. to 12 noon-St.

3· h oldin g on to the performer s arm s just above the elbow tightly and brin gin g the perform er safely to a landin g on the ma t be fore r eleasing the arms. The young man to the far l eft of the picture is doin g the best j ob of spotting. H e is in close and you can see he actually has a firm gras p of th e g irl 's arm. In illustration number 4, we see four spotters and two p erformer s doing a modi· fi ed skill on the balance beam. This is n ot mean t to show excellen ce of p erformance with these beginning s tudents. But it ca n be seen that yo u can work two and three people at the same time on the balance beam , providing you or ganize the trick s very care full y. NI o\'ements th at can be done three at a time, include such things a s hand stand s, hand stand quarter turn off to the side of the bea m, a j ump step, pi rouettes, sca les and other balan ce movements. It is no t unusual to be able to work Ihree gi rls on the bea m and s upply two s potters for each girl thus k ee pin g nine yo ungsters occupi ed with excellen t lea rnin g techni ques. Actua ll y, we cann ot do

IVla ry's High Sc hoo l , B isllulrc){ , X Ol'th D a ]{ot<l.

enough teachin g of s po ttin g techniques . I t is the only way we are go in g to get new leacher s in the fi eld that can teac h safelv. If th e teach er stand s back far enou gh , he or s he ca n obser ve criti call y and acquire Ih e a bilit y to make excellent criticism of each youngster. This need not be a sloppy teachin g situation. It sh ould be mentioned that it is necessary to have a full len gth Olympic bea m issen o f soli d co ns truction , such as th e beam s how n in th ese pictures, if yo u are to work eIficiently with several yo un gste rs at on e tim e. In like fa shion , th e alert teacher will immediately see that we mus t have the full W O lympic h ori zo ntal bar if we are to work several yo un gsters at one ti ln e with two


or three s potter s. Thus, we see by in vestin g in heavy duty f.i. g . s pecifi ca tion equipm enl we can do a better j ob with both large numbe rs of beginn ers a nd con cen trat ed s mall cla sses of advan ced perform er s. (The p erformers in these pi ctures are agai n th e pion eer gy mnasti c group in Cedar R apid s, taught by NIl'. Dal e Anderso n. l •

OC T OBER 21-12:37·1 :17 p.m. ; 1:21 p.m. to 2:01 p.m.-Cha rl es P. Stein me tz H il?h Sch ool, 3030 N ort h Mobi le Av e., ChI cago 34, IIIin o i ~ . OC T OBER 23 (Te ntat iv e )-Ho ffman Pub . li c Sc hools , Hoffman , Minn esota , OC T OBI;:R 24- Ce ntra l Minn eso ta As'oc· ., St. ClOUd , Minn esota . OCTOBER 31-Kansas State A"o. Can ., Dodg e City , 1';:a nsas. :\lOVEilfBER 2-9 :00 a. m. to 12 noo n : 2:30 to 5 :30 p.m.-Univ. of Maine, Oro no, Main e. XOVEil1BER 14 & 15- 9:00 a .Ill, to 1~ n on n ; 1: 00 p.m. to 3 :0 p.l11. -Se\'e rlla P?- rk High l\1a r y ln n cl.

Schoo l ,

Seve rn a

P;tl' k ,


15 & 16-State Uni \" . Col· lege, B rockport , X e \\" Y ork.

NOVElIIBEH I S & 19-Winthrop Co ll ege, R ock :rIll I, SOllth Carolin a . :\lOVEMBER 23-Unh'ersit>· of ;\li sso llri, C oitlll1b ia , l\Ii sso uri.

DECEMBER 6 & 7- il1a rs ha ll Un h·t' r, it\· T-lunti ng to n,

\ V es t V irg ini a .

. ,


Helpful hints 0/ Physical The Milwaukee Turners , Wisconsin

by "Jim" Farkas, InstTlLctor Education,


ESTHETIC SENSE Wh en a boy grows out of hi s gymna sti c baby shoes he soon ha s to realize th at thin gs have different va lu es as he ge ts bett e r . While it was perfectly acce ptab le to co mbin e exercise ele ment s in a care less nov ice way a s a beginner , in an advan ced ca tegory the requirements for exe rcise co mbinati ons will de mand more reason. esth eti c sense, mechanical perfecti on , e ffi路 cient continuit y, e tc. . Th e reason , for my mentionin g thi s, is the fr equ e nt observation that e ven top gy mnasts start a BACKWARD G IANT swing Ion H.Bar) imm ediat ely aft er a KI P. Thi s is a conven ient way to s liFt a back",. g iant in practice, but in a co mp etition exerci se it is a FAULT. Th e kip is fini shed with th e energeti c ba ckw. and upward swinging of th e lel!' .

toward the hand 路stand. R eason ca lls" to use thi s swing co ntinu ously towa rd FORWARD G IANT swin gs I not backw.). T o start a ba ckw. g iant aft er a kip is actua ll y rp ga rd ed a s an l NTER lV[EDIATE SWI N G. for th e back w. s win g in g of th e legs, after th e kip , was not utilized. '\,[ any vault s, pirouett es, etc. end in a modest pendular s wing, from whi ch a kip is the r easonabl e way towa rd co ntinuit y. S in ce aft er va ult s and pirou ettes . etc., a regras p on th e bar is done with " uppe r g rip", so mewhere befor e th e end of th e kip motion th e hand s mu s t be chan ged to " unde r grip " a s a pre paration to a forw. gia nt swin g.

Thi s can be d one in seve ral different ways. at different part s of th e kip motion. Th e chan ge of hand s, illu s trat ed he re. i"

one of th e poss ibiliti es. On e which is rarely seen today, but whi ch is one of the mos t va lu able man euvers in thi s res pec t. PROCED URES Dri ve th e legs hi gh at th e forw. swinl! I precedin g th e kip 1 Fi g. }路2-3-4, to tak e th e gravitati ona l pull off the hand s. Th en with a j erk of both arms short en the s hould e r-bar dis tance and releas in g th e Hupper-g ri p" regra s p with "und e r-g rip " Fi g. 5-6. By th e tim e th e regras p is mad e, th e kip moti on has to be started- whi ch is th en follow ed throu gh into a forw. g iant s wing. (Fig. 7-8-9-101. Cantio//. . Have a spotter followin g yo u through 3-4-5-6 posit ions until yo u can d o it s urely.



gested these 2 strength exercises. How ever, YOIl can practice th e corre ct one-arm hand· stand position along with th ese strength e.'t ercises .. In order to chan ge the distribution irom 2 arm s to one arm. shift ove r to the ~ight arm ( or leit) but do not let yo ur right shoulder shift to the right also. K ee p it m ore or le ss in the same position . The ac· tion in volves tilting your body sideward un your right sholllder joint bllt IlOt mo ving the pivot arm . Tran sier the weight but keep y our iin gers oi the left hand on th e .Iloor to h elp cOlltrol the balance. Do thi s action several tim es not ai/owing y our left hand (finge rs) to leave the grolind. Tr y to get II se d to having m os t of YO lir Iveight on th e right hand . No w w hen you do lift the Ie it hand ofi the grolLnd do it very slowly taking it only an. inch or two abo ve the floor . Try to hold this position fo r 3 or more seconds. Theil eve ntually lift your halld a ioot or a ioot alld a half off th e g round . .When )'ou· do lift it this hig h liit it slowly or you w ill o/.fset y our balan ce to the right . If you do .Ieel yo u.rse lf shifting oil balan ce to the rig ht immcdiately belld y our rig ht elbow very slig htly, and if soon en olLgh this will compen sate ior th e oii·balance and set you solid ag~in. Ii YO I;' ieel yollrself .lalling off balance to the left shift YO llr right shollider joillt slightly to the leit. Th ese rules are applicable to both the ail e aTlII halldstalld with legs togeth~ r or straddled. In th e straddle halldstalld , ke ep your lell leg in a dir ect line with YO llr rif.Jht arm.

Sin ce rely, Art Shurlo ck

Art Shurl oc k

"QUESTIONS AND POINTERS" :'\ rt S hurl ock. M. G. " Ques ti on s and Pointers" Dear !VIr. Shurlock . . . I would like to know how or what kind of . exercise is ben e ficial for learnin g to perform on th e "Sid e Horse." Yours trul y, Rafae l Gonzalez, Jr. New York Uear Rafael, I pre sume you m ean strength exercise by YO llr qllestion. Th e best single exercise lor side-horse work is probably dips on the parallel bars. For side horse work YOli need good support strength ( the trice ps and pectoralis muscles give th is to yo u) , and th ey are developed by dips on the parallels or by bench presses w ith weights. It would be advisable to build your abdominal also. Wh en YO Il do learn YO lir dOlible leg circle s try to bnild them III' so that YO Il can do th em swinging fre ely . This is accumplish ed by keeping your body well stretched alit as YOIL pass under the left ann ( if you do them clo ckwise) and in th e front of the h orse, as your body passes IInder each hand pli sh off of that hand quickly and power/lilly and regrasp the pumm el quickly. A. S. Sincerely, Art S hllrlock

.\h . Art S hurl ock M ode rn Gy mna st San ta Moni ca , Ca lifornia WI" ha ve trul y enjoyed you r article in the Modem Gymnast. Man y uf th e floor exercise moves that we have seen in the .vlode rn Gymnast and in vario us meet s have proved to be too diffi cult for us to perform. W e wou ld be plea se d if you cou ld g ive us so me poin ters on the fo ll owing move :

One- a rmed hand stand - How do YU Il ch ange the di stribution of you r weight fr om both arm s to one arm , and how can yo u keep your balan ce once you are on one arm? S in ce rely yours, T om Potter a nd !\'1ike Zeman Barrington , Illinois Uear Tom and Mike First of all I would like to say that a good solid handstand is necessary . From h ere I wOllld suggest that you spend tim e doing many handstand push ups building up to about ]0 - ]5 without to uching the waIL. If y ou have so m e strong hand squeeze g rips spe nd time developing your wrist powe r. In order to do a solid one-arm han dstand it is necessary to have strong arm s and wrists, and that is why I have sng-

Dear M r. F arA-li s, R egarding th e iorw,ud somersault w ith. straddle to regra sp (iVI. C . JUar - April). I se t out aile da y la3t SIUlim er to learn th is very movem ellt on the horizontal bar. I had a good spotter (M arshall Claus I and a good horizolltal bar I L. A . High S chool I . First, I put on th~ overh ead saie ty belt. Secondly, I attempted a few hig h piked Jront high -a-ways. Thirdly, I stated to M arshall what I was going to attempt, a fo rw ard somersault with straddle to regrasp." (A little snicker from standers by). FOlirth· Iy, I mounted th e bar alld attempted th e m ove. I ielt a good lift above the bar, and the close prox imity to it lI ecessary to re o g ra sp it . Th eil the the fatal moment, I straddled my legs , and ill doing so rcliol ved around the ropes four or iive times be/ore I was stopped by Harshtiil and th e floor. The results we re that I rece i ve d th e IIIOSt symm etrical rope burn s )'ou wOllld e~' ­ pect to see on a pair oi thighs. I was 1I0t tv be discourage d. I mOl/llted th e bar ag ain and procee ded to do exactl), the sam e thill g . I /illally was convill ced 't hat I could 1I0t a void th e ropes ii I straddled n/\" legs. lack Beckll er sugg~sted I trr it with tucked legs . I , then , tried it ;uith tu r ked legs and this proved m ore successfill. On the fir st trr I hit th e bar with n/\ iingertips, and on th e 2nd try I hit th'e bar with m y for earm s . B oth 0/ these mo ves requ ire very accurat e timin g and it is advisable that th ey be closely spo tted i/ anyone has th e urge to try th em. Art S hurlock S anta Moni ca




Murie l Grossfeld

Photos by John Crosby A rmando Vega.




By Bob Gallagher Phi ladelphia-Mrs , Muri e l Gros s f e l<l Artnando Y ega and ;\'1:11( o t o Sa l<aIlHHo. aH:' t hree nam e:;; th e wOI'leI \\"ill be r ea ding"IJoul, ('OI11e the 1964 OlympiC", Th e thr e e ca ptured top pr iz es i n the 1~6 :-: .2\:ational AALi G~{Jnnastic::; Champi(Jn:--:hip s f <H' sen i o r 11H:'n and \\"om e n OYer lh e .\I e rnorial Day \\" ee k e nd at I .int·n\l!

1-1 igh ~rr s,

,,('ho o l, h e r e, G r'()ssfeld , of :\ e \\' J-l;l\' e n, Con n"

who fail ed

to hnpr e~!:i the judge:-< in th l!

l'ec:e nt l'all-Am e ri can ga m e!"' in Brazil, l'<lpt ur ed th e a ll-around titl e with a sco r e of

7;j. ~5

and th e n outclassed h e)' compe-

t i tors t o t ak e thr ee indh"icluill l'han1piolls hips. l-lulldre d:-: atte nd e d th e pl' e i ill l inary se!:' sio n s, ,,-hi le a c rowd o f 3500 \\"as o n h a nd to \,"a tth .:\11's. G l'os:-.:fe ld win t h e fl o o}' ex e rcis e \\"ith a 1!J.-175 Sh e captur ed th e llnt~ \' e n p;trall el ba r s with 19 .050 and t lh ' iJa lance healn with lU.0"j5. ,: 'vfakolll Sakamoto, a 16-y ea l'- old 1..0:-: Ang el es hig'h :-:ch oo l bu~r captur ed th~' all-around tit l e with a score of A ;)-1 gyn1na:-:tic R iant , SalUll11oto

m e n's 111.UO,

e xp e ('t~ t .: , b e for t.~ t h e

h ecOI11 e a

naturaliz e d c itiz e n l-1 i:-:

O l ympic trial s n e xt y e ar.

score of I!L"j50 a l so ga\'e him a first in th e Ilfll'izontal ba L

...\l1oth e r Lo s Angeles a thl e t e A r malldo \' eg'a, accounted for four inclh'ic1ual titl es, H e :-:t.'orecl 19.::WO in fr ee e x e rci se : 19.325, paralhA I bar:-:: l fl.250 s t ill l'ing'~ and 1~L:1' :J . long horse '·Hult. ,:\11':-:. C l '()~:-:feld \"a s fo ll owed clo sely ill al l-around Hcth'ity by ..:\ '- ari e ',"<tIth e r of I, ,, "t S lal e ( :\'111 C lub anrl Dal e l\IcC le Illent, u f Seattle Y ~r C A. E a(' h \\'as dearllo c l.:: ed at "j 5 .65. ~akam ()to \\" a :-: pu:-;h e cl f o r a ll- arou nd h()n"r~ by l:l'eg'o r ' Neiss, L', S, Ai r Force, 110. ::' 0: .-\rm::lndo Y ega, 110.25, ancl n Oll T Ollry, :\ e w Y." rk A. C .. 109.4;; .


WOM E N'S CHAM PI'()NS H I P S Fl oor E xerc ise-Muri e l Gro ssfi e ld , 19.47 5: vValther, 19.1 50 ; Dale lI1 cC le m e nb , I U.025. B a la n ce B eam-l\Iuriel Gro s~ f e lcl , 1!1. 075 : :'IIari e ",V"lther, 19 . 025; A\'I;; 'ri e b e l', Au s t i n, T e xa s, I S.i5 , Un even P ara llel s~[ul'i e l G r o~,felcl, 19.05(); ti e b e tw ee n ~[ari e \Yalth e r and Da le l\Ic C le menb, 1 ~ , .. !I iiO . H orse Vau lt-A\"i s Ti eb el' and B e y e rl\" A\'e ryt, Austin, T e x as, ti ed fOl' first with 19.4 00 : ::. Da le M cC le m e nts , 19. 250 . T um b lin g-I. Judy '''ili s, Bato n Rouge, La., 1~1.2 5 0; 2, Be\'el'l~' A\'eryt, 18.250 ; :~. l\farg ~1 ('(H l n S, San Diego, C a li f. , 15.900, MEN ' S CHAMP IO NSH IP S Fl ool" Exercise-Armando Vega, 19.30(1: .J;.t III i1 e A s hm o r e, Dalla s, T e xH~ , 19.17S,; ~r a koto Sakamot o, 18 .875, P ara li el Bars .-\1'1n<1ncl o Y ega , ]D ,325 : l\'lak o t o Sakamoto, l!l.0 50 : tie f O l' thi rd b e tween John Be<:l.::n er , Lo:-; Ang'el es and Rus:-:e ll R o d.::, B u ffal o, l S,51;). Rings- Armando Veg'a, 19.37;'; ).fakato Sakamoto , l S,9 25: Jan1il e A s hmore, mor e, 1 ~ . S7 5. Long H orSe-Al'111anclo \r e g-a , 19.375; Jay 'Ve rn e r , U. S. Arm~v. 'Vest Point , 1!J. 125 : Sg-t. vVilhe l m ' ''e ile r. Ca n ad ian Army, 19 ,1 00. S ide H orse-I. Grego r Weiss, Ri c h fie ld , N. J ., 19,225; 2. Donald T onry , l S.!l ::'O : :{. LaITY Bann e r , I.ot-; Ang e le s, 1 ~ .675. Horizonta l B ar- l. ~rak o t o Snk::ul1oto, 19,750; 2, J o hn Becl.::l1 e 1' , 19.000; 3. Greg'or ' Veis:-;, 18.925. Tr am· pol ine- 1. \Vayn e :"fi l l el', UniY e rs.ity of S;:") uth e rn Louisiann , I S,900; 2. Frnnl.:: Schmi tz , L·ni\' e of So uth e rn Louis iHn a, 18.6 00 : 3, Jim Young, Unive r ~ity of So . La ., 16. S5 0. Tumb ling-I. Phil Voaz , Buffalo, 19,30 ; 2, Jim DaYicl, , ;Vas hin g·ton A. C., IS.60: 3. Lou Datiii o , Ph ilad e lphia , ;\lld Jay ,~r el'ne l' , 16.65 Ath le t es who C'o lnpetecl here were p l en~e d with the faciliti es at Lin colll I-Ti g'h <-Ind praised Bill Coco and J oe Gas p erac- , ('o-direc t :-> r s of th e 111 ee t and pres i~[ari e

d e nt and yic e presid ent, r especth'el y o r th e :"Jiddl e AtlantiC' GYlnnastic Dir pcto r ~ .-\~~n. , ~pOll~o r !-' o f the eye nt.


THE M, G. BOOK SHELF OLYMPIC GYMNASTIC SERIES by G. C. Kun z le 1. Vo lume I FREE STAND ING ( FREE X) 96 pp . 2 5 line illust rat ions 13 pp. p hotog rap hs.. . ... $2.95 2. Vo lu m e II HORIZONTAL BAR 2 72 pp ., 74 pp. photographs ............... $5 .9 5 3. Vo lume III THE POMMEL HORSE (S ide H or se) 184 pp. , 26 pp. photographs ,

ma ny

lin e

illus tratio ns .......... .......... .. $4 .95

4. THE BODERN GIRL GYMNAST on the Uneven Parallel Bars by Walter J. Lenert , 56 pp . depicting 67 stunts rang ing fr om

funda mental wo rk to s t unts o f Champio nsh ip calib re ....... ........... ..... ... $3.00 5 .. EXERCISE AND FITNESS

Colloquium o n Exercise and Fitness

Mikio and

Makata Sakamoto

LOS ANGELES ALL - CITY CH A MPIONSHIPS - JUNE 7TH , 1963 ~ome 400 e nthu~ i asts fi ll ed t h e ne\\' KYlnlla~iull1 at Valley State Co ll eg'c f or th e 3St h ann u al All - C ity gymna~til" c hampi o Jl :jh i p s . :\l akoto Sai{anloto was

th e o ut:j l and ing p e l'fol'ln e r winnin g (Ollt' fir s t p laces, floor exerc i ~e J long h orse, pamll el s and high ba r. Ma l, a to , with the a i r! of h i s o ld er brother ~lil'Lo also cap tur e d th e l ea m tI'ophy fo r L os Ange l e~ Hi gh. Ot h e r outstanding pel'fo n naJl ces of the c omp e tit i o n \\'er e : Jo~ h Robi so n (:"o r lh Holl ywood) on t h e ring~, A l ba o f Wil so n o n the s id e ho r se. Da n ny l\I i l mnll o f lVla r sh a ll in t h e ttllnbli n g e y ent (:jecond l o ng h o r se) and lVlagdaien o of Vilil~,o n w h o d i d a beaut i f ul floor ex e l'c i:-: e !' O Ut i ne fol' a. cl ose se<.:.o nd . EVENT RESULTS HOPE CLglB Pacheco (Gmnt) , 3. :): J o hnso n, (Fremon t ), 3.4: t i e for third among Lincll ('V est.), ~lclntyr e (,raft ), Mc Co nn ell (Fremont), and H e rm se n , (LA), ~.6 . LO:"(~ J-I OI~SE ~Iakoto Sa kamot o (LA), 37 .4: Millman (~hll'shall), 36.6: :" ns h (Ham.), 36 .3; ti e f o r f o urth between T ee l e I' (Pol y) and Lop ez (G ard . ), 36.0. FREE EXERCISE - Mako to Sakamo to (LA), 19.4; ~Iagcla l e n o ( ' Vils o n), 19.2 ; Garcia (Line . ) , I S.1: tie f o r f o urth betwee n 'V an B a ril ( \ iVil so n) and l\Ic I(inn ey (LA), 16.9. SIDE HORSE A l ba (W il so n) 17. 8; Mik i o Sak nmoto (LA), 17. 4; T h o r (Re seda), 17.3; M ecli na (Venice), 16.6. PARALLEL BARS Makoto Sal,amoto (LA), 19. 2; H ernan cl ez ("W il so n) , I S.S; ~ I agclalen.o ("W il so n) , I S.2: Mik i o Snkamoto (LA), 17.9; U rdi ales (Garfielcl) ,

17.4. HI:'\"GS Robin~on (:" 1-1 ), 19.1: ?lI ildo Snkamoto (LA), IS.6; l\lo rgan (Uni), IS.5: Makoto ~akamoto (LA), IS.:3; ~h,... e r (Ve n i ce). I S.2 .

I-l I (;H BAI~ ~ j ak()to Sak a moto ( L A) , 19.2 ; tie for >'econcl b etwee n T h ur (Hesecla) , alHl D ePue (Grant), I S.1: tie fo r fourth b e tw een :\1illlllHll CVlnl'sh.) , a 11(l

AIJI~~~}~~1~1)~67~ ~lilllllan (~I;lI">,h.),

18.6: (Cle\路.), I S.0 : tie for t hird be tween D e Pu e (Grant) and l\l agd;deno ('Vilson) . 17.6: ti e for fifth bet\\"een Dol >,on ( R eseda>. ancl H onosk,' (:I[onroe), 17. 3. F 1:,\"A I . SCOj{E~ Los Ang'el es :3 7'/2, 'V il so n 22 , CI'ant 11 , ~ l nrshall 10 % R e se"cla 6, Fre mont ;:'lh. ')Jorth H o llywood 5, C le\"elanc1 4, UniYersity 3, Linco l n 3, l-Ianl i1t,o n ~L Y e n ic e 2, P o l yt ec hn i c ] V2, T aft 1 1/2 . Garde n a ] %. 1.V estch este r I 1h, Ga rfi e l d I, ~ [ on r oe V2. "'u n derli

WESTERN REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Mont e b e ll o Hi g h Sc h oo l M a y 31 a nd Jun e 1 ELITE MEN AL L -ARO U :,\"D 1. Art Shurlocl" 1 0S . 1 ~; 2. Ol'wyn SamJ)::ion: :J. B o b Dia mOIl(1. I n th e indiYidu a l e yents, Art Slnll'loc k too k firsts in Fl'ee Exel'cise, J-l i g-h I ~nl' .

Panlll e l



Ring路~ .


Spi ege l w o n Side H orse, O rwyn Sanlpson too k fi r st in the L o ng' I-I ol'!-:.e eYen t , whi l e

Da n l\ Till lllnn and Fre d ' ''ash burn took t h e T I'alllpoli n e and T umbli n g' Ey e nts I' f'~pe('ti

\路e l y.

CLASS " A " MEN A LL -AHO U :,\"D- 1. .Joe :"appi . 10:].65: '~T a ll y 'Vill i alll~. fi l 路~t p l nce~ i n Fr ee Ex e r -

2. T... n ) I oyne Durh ;'-l m: :3.

J oe :'\npp i tool;;: c ise and Tllll1bl i n g' : l .. nl\ I o yn e Dur h nnl placed f i rst ill High Bal' and Para ll el Ba r >' , Fred Sieburn \\' on the S i d e HoI''''' e,'e n t , n e nni s ) Ji ll s the L o ng' T-f orse ey ent , I~it-h;tnl Blinrler the R i ng'!', and Dan ) 1(- F;tl"i:tIHl thl-" 'l'nl 1l1polin e .

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hand balances, Pirouettes and


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Rober t Diamond and Joe Nappi during U SGF Regiona l Ch ampionships

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CLINIC Ileal' 1 11'. S u n d by : [ h aye h ea r d ma n y p eopl e tal " i ng abou t t h e c l i n i c w hi c h i s h e l d i n Sa r asota F l o ri d a d ur ing th e C h r istnl as vacati on' a n d I wa s won d e rin g i f yo u . cou l d se nd

m e .so m e infol'lllatio n abo ll t t h e c lin ic .

I anl \" e ry i n t er ested in gymnastics and I wnu l,l app r ec iate i t i f y ou c·o uld ~e nd m e t hi s infol'lnat i on . I \\· 0 1''' o u t l·egulal' l y at th e Schenectad \. Y~I C A and the Sc henectad~· Turn er s, a n ;l I hn \'e co mp e t ed in Inan y 1l1 ee t!--: in which I h n \·e plac ed w e ll. ' I'han), YO li fo r ~ro u r t i m e . ('ol'dial l y ~' o ll r ~, I :a r barH B l ese r ::OG I{ c ynold s St.

Scotia 2. :\ e \\" J."o r k ED.-W e h a ve not rece iv e d this info rm ation a s y e t a t o ur office , how e v e r I a m s ur e if yo u a ddr essed a po s t c a rd t o H N a _ ti o n a I Gymn a sti c s Clinic " S a r as ot a, Florida a tt e nt io n sec r et a ry y o u w ou ld b e se nt th e info rm a tion . We w ill p ri nt t h e d a t es a nd d et a il s in a l a ter editi o n of th e M. G . wh e n w e receive th e m.

OPINION PLEASE Dea r G l e nn: T hn ve two poin t~ T wou l d 1ik e t o S(lC you ohtain t h e op in io n of YOlll' r en df.' I' S o n . 0 11e is concer n i n g t h e T h e othe r i s co n cer ni n g :l. p r o posed d e fin i ti o n of the t r fllll p o l ine eve nt p l u s a di-


y is ion of so me tra rnpo lin e ele m e nts into r atinp::-: of h igh el' (li f f c ul t y (B 1110v e8 ) "n,l sup erin r d i fficu l ty (C m o y es ). '1'h 0

e n (' losf'd minl eog- r ap h sheet* w ill e xpl nin



sO lll e r sa u lts,

s h ou l d

con s i s t

stunt s

t h at


twi st in g'

conta in


twisting and p l a i n. s0 l11esa ulting ( s u c h as a d o ub l e fro nt W i th a one - hal f twi s t) , nt l eas t one landIng o t h er t h a n o n the f ee t ( su c h a s " co d y or a f orward 1')0,

~{~\;l~~~) e~~~~~e rs~el~I,~r:.e n

p la in

s ing le




OF HIGHER DIFFl CU LTY: tw i s t i ng back Ph some r sau l t

d o u b Te tw is tin g fo r ward IV! Hando l p h (2'h twist i ng f o r war d :-;omel'sa ul t f o r wa r d 1 % to fu ll twist o r r ud o l ph (J'h tw i s t i ng f o r wa r d so m esa ul t) forward 2% so rnersa u lt Vz i n fliffi s (ba r an i i n to back S0111 e l' sa u l t ) 'h out fl i ffis (do u b l e front som esa ult with 'h tw i st o n second so m er sau lt ) d o ub l e bac " doub l e twi s ting sOlner sau l t d o ub l e cody from bac k % so m er sau l t I·udo l ph to immed i ate r u dolph' 1% front w i t h 'h twi s t to c ody ELEMENTS OF SUPEHIOH DIFF I CU LTY: • F ull i n fliffi s (full tw i st in g bac k som el·!-:Hu l t to back s0 l11er sau l t tuck ) F ull o u t fl iff i s ( full tw i sti ng som e rsa u lt on the second som er sa ul t) Fu ll i n baran i out fli ff i s (f r o nt so m ersault with fu ll twi st to fa r an i ) Doub l e f r ont so m ersa ult w i t h 1'h twi st o n :::;eco nel f ro n t Btu·an i in full out fl i ff i s (baran i o n fi r st flip and full o n secon d) Trip l e twi s t '1'ri fi s (tripel fro n t w i th barani out) Trip l e back s01n er sa u l t Doubl e co dy from ba c k 1% Rudol ph from front 2 % so m e r sa u l t 21,6 t,,"isting b ack Ilh sDln e r sa ult Back\\"ard half i n h a l f o ut fliff i s (ba c k With '12 to front w i th liz twi st) D o ubl e ba c k somersau l t l ayout F r o n t 2% (pi"e) to rudo l ph



'i\ [ ust co n ta i n at s u p e l·i o r d i ff i cu l ty h i g h er d i fficulty.


l east 2 e l enl e nts a n cl 6 e l em ents

flf of

Xo. 2. As f a I· point No . 1 I o ffe r the f o ll owinrr fOJ' ('rit;('isnl, W i1at . i s . th e p ossi b i lity of setting up a plan 111 the U nited States Gy m n astics F ed eration that \\"o uld in 01ud e the foll OW ing : Prese n t planning has th e co untry clh" i d ed into 11 l'eg i ons, with i n each 1'e"gion i s appl'ox i rnatel y 3- 5 s lates, ,,"ith i n t !l ese s ta~ es a r e. tlllln eroU S lo ca l o l'g'a nizatlons. , V l th t h i s in m i nd i s it f eas ib l e t'1 st i Du late t h a t th e p oli cy w ill b e to h a\" e t h e o r gan i zation a ll t h e loca l l e v el l'e!Jrese n t ill g" t h e, USC1~ co n d u c t i t s q u al ifY in g' l oca l . sen l Ol' or o p en nl ee t, A s a I·es u lt o f th i S m ee t and wit h t h e financ i al pm: eeds t h erefmm t h e top 6 A ll- Arou n d (thIS co ul d b e th e top 1-2-3- 4- 5 -01' 6 de Dend ing upon t h e sc op e d es ired 01' p o:;;sib l e) p l lls · all of th e event 1st place w i n~l e l'~ (exc lud i ng t h ose a l r eady c oYe l'erl 111 the 6 top a ll- a r o und) \\"o uld h ave t h e ir exp ens es paid to th e state m eet by t h e th e l oca l o l'ga n i zati on, At th e state m eet th e sam e proce1:lure co u ld take place w i th the top 6 a llaroun d p lu s a ll event 'w inners havinot h ei r expenses paid to t h e r egi o na l c ham~ pi o n shi ps by the s tate o r ganiza tion . Fro m t h e r eg i ona l s th e w i nners woul d h ave t h ei r ,vay paid t o th e National c h a nlpio n sh i ps. I f u rthe r feel t h at officia l s sho uld b e se l ected on t h e sam e type of ba s i s an d g· i ven· finan c i a l s upport. lVIa l<ing it more o f an h o n or to jud ge 01' pati c ip a te i n the natio n a l s rath e l' th a n a nl at t e r of who ca n afford to pay their own ,vay . Of cou r se sever a l o th er prob l ems would have to b e w ork e d a u t su c h as : ,v il l g-y nlnas ts o r sh o uld g'Y llln asts ,vh o do n ot qualify for a team at o n e l evel b e allowed to co mp e t e nt the n ext l eve l. I n other \\"ol'(l s if a gym n ast d oes not ct,uqalify fol' hi s r egiona l teanl i s it all nght f Ol' him t o p ay hi s o\\" n exp en ses and cO lnpete in t h e ':\fationa l C halnpion:-; hip :::; , I say yes! ! ! ! , A, l so-wha t. i f a gymnas t d oesn 't ctu a li I Y In one r egIOn and cO lllp ete s and quu li fi ~s in an o t h er r egi o n-wi ll h e b e per Illitt ed to r eprese nt t h e r egi o n in w hi ch h e .ClUqa li fied-ag'ain I say ye s !! " F lI1 n ll y, sh ou l d a gy mna s t r ece ive a id f l'o ln 1110re than one local - sta t e-or re g ion a l o l'gan i zati o n ju st b eca u se h e ,von ~:O!~!r ~nt in rn OI'e than one-here I sa y T hi s i:-; but a few b i ts a nd pi eces o f the pro b l e m that exi sts n ow and o ne tha t p eoiJl e should b egi n t o find a n s w ers f o r. Hopefull y yours, J e l'yl L . " ' ri g ht , L os An ge l es, Ca lif. ED. The USGF offi ce rs a nd c o mmittees h a ve b een c o nsider i ng a s imil a r plan and h o pe to h av e it in working form by ' 64. Howeve r, w e as y ou would like to hear from m o r e peopl e in all areas to en a ble us to we igh a ll pro s a nd co ns . so that our fin a l draft w ill be the best and most work a b l e f o r a ll "

WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? D enr G l e nn, YV e h ere i n Ne w Eng'l and are I'ead i ng\n th a great d ea l o f int er es t a b o ut th e ~ pl'ead o f g'Yl11naRtic~ a ll o v e r th e Un i t erl Stat es. Espec ia ll y abo ut t h e spread and acce ptan ce o f wom en' s g'y rnn a:::; ti cs . !Jut w e ha\" e o ne big qu e:-; ti o n: '¥h el'e are th e w Oln e !1 ? EY el'Y n e w wOlnen 's gY lnnas ti cs organlza t i on see nl S t o b e h ead ed by l11en '~lo nl e n '~ ,t ea nls see nl to b e coach ed by m e n , chnics a nd co nl p e tition s run bv m e n , and i n tlla n y p l a ces " ro m e n's conlPe'titi o n s are s t ill jud ged by m e n. A r e n ·t th er e a n y c apabl e women i n t h i s countr y, o r a r e nl en so r el u c tant to l e t go of t h e :.;trings? , V e a ll r ecognize t h e fac t that d uring th e rec e n t "dar k ag·e~ of gym n astics·" nl e n w er e t h e o n es who k ept thix activit\" a li ve fO l' both se x es , a n d w e [l.l'e tha n kftl l for it. But tim es ha \"e chan g'ed a nd wonl e n ha v e cO llie 011 t h e ir OWIl i ll o t h e r area~. ,~rh y t h en, are th e n e,v wonlen's "oro-an i zation s sti ll run by men? I s n ' t it tit~e to g,rnonl so nl e wDln e n f o r r esp o n sibl e p ositIOn s, not for th e sa" e o f n a m e only but f o r act ual r unnin g of things and an' eve n \"ote? ~ra.\ - 1 b l 'i n g o ut an actua l w o rking' exanlp l e, For th e p as t 5 yea rs wonlen 's g'Ylnn as ti c!-: i n l\,l nsRachusett~ ha s b een o rgan i z ed, g'u i cl ed and d i r ecte d entire ly hy \Yom e n, FI'O Ill el em entary sc h o:.> } age to ('alleges (where we s t i ll l a c k qua l ifi ed t ea c h e r s in suff i c i ent n llnlb er s ) it i s

taught, o r ganiz ed , judged and co a c h ed hy wOlllcn teac h er s wh o gain and fUi'th e l ' t h eil" o \\'n h:n o\\" l ed ge by attend i ng fr e qu e nt c lini cs duri ng the w i nte r. Th ese clinic.:s arc also run and o rg'a niz ed by \\'Olll e n , alld in nlost par t tau g ht by \\'Olllen, All c linic s a nd co mp e tition x are run und e l· th e sp o n sor sh i p o f M assach u se tt s O ! \" i s i o n of Gir l s and ' '''om ens Spo r ts, a n d Wi th th e fu ll c o- o p er ati on o f Mas,a chusetts Seco n dary Sch ool Princ i p a ls As soc iation. Abou t 30 hig h sch ool s an d G L"o ll eg'e~ in t h e s tate a l rea d y h ave 0 1' a l' e in t~le pl' :,c ess o f orga ni z ing g irl s g'y nl nCl ~t l c t ea nl ~ . f n 111 a ny sch oo l s t h ey h av e fu ll Yal "s i t~· s tatu s, in oth ers t h ey fun c ti{J 1I as ext ra c u lT i L' u l a r c lu bs or i ntr aIllural all- star s, Th er e is an act i ve dua l Ill ef' t ~easo n be tw een the sc h opl s, c ulln ina tecl by th r ee top high schoo l m eets. Easten> State M eet, , Vestern State M ee t , and Eas t \· s. W es t All Star Meet for th e In ed a l winn er s fronl both regiona l In ee t s , ~1I t h ese m eets a l'e run, or gan i zed and Jud ged by women teac h ers , and d o t h e l'l3 for e h a \·e the fu ll s u pport of DGWS and sc hool ad nlini st l'nti ons. F o r g' il'l s be l uw hi g h sch ool age th er e a r e I5- a n d-und er nl ee t s run at th e dif fer e nt sect i o n s of t h e state, c ultn inati n gi n I5-and-unde r c h amp i on shi}j s i n IVlul' c h. Th el:5e m eets w er e run co-eel, but had to b e separated d u e to th e la r ge numbe r o f p a r t ir-ipants" And, o f co urse, there i s the bi gge~ t m eet o f the year th e New E n g l and s. which ha s g-ro \\"n so big- now t h a t w e are' t hink i ng- in te rnl S of conlpul sor y exerc i ses . O ur big·ges t goa l f o r the n ext f ew y ears wi ll b e to get dual conl p etiti o n sta rt ed betw ee n coll ege teams, shooting for a ';Yom en's Easte rn Inte r coll eg iate nl ee t ill th e neal' futur e . A g'a in o r ganized run judged a nd poss ibl y coac h ed by ,~ro nl e l~ \\"ith int e r es t ed 111 e n coac h es in an ad\' i soI'Y ca p aci t y, During o ur 5 year s o f experinlent i ng w i th th e s t r u c tu r e o f wOll1en 's gyn1l1<.Ls t i c ol'ganizationr-; w e ha\' e l earn ed t h e f o l l o w i n g th i ng's : I. \"'omen P . E. t eac h e r s a r e cap ab l e, and very i nte r ested, i n te achin g', l earni ng about a nd wor k i ng fo r goo d wonle n '~ gY llln fls ti cs, if it i s presented to t h em i n th e r i g h t atmosph er e. 2. FOI' the b est r es ultl:) in :::;p l' ead i ng' good gy mn astics , get th e se h·oo l s b e h ind y o u a nd sta rt i nter - sch ool co nlpe t it i on 0 1' p l aydays . 3. Sc h ool aclnlinistrators are 111uc h more f ,wo rabl e to th e id ea if it i s bro u ght from th e botto m up (from ij1tere sted students wh o ha\" e l ea rn ed it i n" P . E . da sses, n o t at an .outs i d e c l u b and i f they can see t h a t it i s org'u nized a n d run by w o m e n w i th th e b es t interes t o f thei r girls i n Inind, 4. Start sl o w w i t h utili zi ng w h at you h a ve. T oo l11an y ove ranx i o u s coach es h ave d on e 1110re h a r m than good t o t h e c au se by throw i ng a ll t h e o ld appar a tu s overb oa rd, r equ e's ti n g' ex p ens i ve new eqq ll ip In ent and t el.ling to t h eir g irls t h at gynlnas ti cs CO!1 s i sted on l y of olympic a ll-

Ma r iann Dav is - High School A ll -A round Champ from Welles ly, Mass .

around. Any long' estab lis hed institution w o uld ,:esist such sudden c h a nges. W ith a ll this emphas is of good organi zation and starting s lowly from th e bottom, yo u a r e probably as king: how g'oo d is your end r esult? Let me just mention that a former Mass. High School gymnas t was on the last Pan-Am team , an d for t h e Olympic tryouts we h ope to produce some more top -l evel girls who have r isen from th e bott;)m up t hro u g h the sc hool sys t e m s, and coach ed by P . E. teachers w h o work h a r d to k eep one step a h ead of the ir stud ents. S incer e ly , K itty Kjeldsen M.D.G.VI'.S . Gymnastic C hairma n ED.-There were a ll-wom en Judges at the U.S . GF . N at ion a ls in Chi cago and we look forward to the' day wherr there will be an all - woman Judges and offici a ls associat ion conn ected with the U .S.G . F .



Jim Nel son of White Bear La ke - 1963 Minnesota State High School Champion on the parall e l bars .

GYMNASTICS IN MINNESOTA Dear Glenn, We hav e had gymnastics in Minnesota High School for many years, however, due to our compulso ry routines th e level of compe tition h as not k ept pace with som e of the oth e r more progress ive states, s u ch as Californ ia, Illinoi s. etc. Recently the gymnas tics coaches formed th e ir ow n gr.oup w ith t h e main in tent of modernizin g t his s port in o ur own s t a te. We fee l that som e grea t strid es h ave b een taken in thi s direc tion , and p erh a p s with tim e we s h a ll b e on a par with other a r eas. Th e officers a t present are: Mr. L loyd Olson. Presiden t , Mr. William Murray , V ice President, an d Mr. John Godeke, Secretar y . This p ast March we h e ld our a nnu a l State High Sch ool Gymnastics Meet before a ver y nice c rowd at Alexander Ramsey High Sch ool. Minneapolis who h a d been the defending c h a mpi on for the past 4 years was upset b y t h e host sch ool in a very , yell ru n 111ee t. . T{li s n ew c h a Jnpi o n, a long with severa l oth er fac tors see m to be causing so m e rapid growth of gymnas ti cs in M innesota. I am s ure that I speak for all of our c路;)ach es when I say that yo u r magazine h as h elped treniendous ly. Yours trul y, B ill Murray Gym n astic Coach ' Vhite Bear L a k e, Minnesota

. . .

L. D. S. GYM CLUB . E nc losed you w ill f ind two pictures we took at our recent fund rais ing dinn e r a nd exhibition. One of our senior group und er my d irec tioon a nd the oth er of the junior group un del' the directi on of my wife Peggy. . To the best of my knowle dge, th e L .D . S. Girls Gym n astic Club is the only one of its kind in the state of Nevada. At present we h ave a membership of 45 g i r ls. Of th ese 22 are in th e junior g r oup r a n g ing from ages 7 to 12. 23 are in th e

L.D. S. Gym Club

s'enior g r oup r anging in age from 13 on up. W e put on e xhibitLons a r ound Northern Nevad a for the purpose of futhe ring the sport of gymnastics. We have also t hi s year competed in two meets in North ern California. vVe plan to compete in many m ore me e t s this co ming year. At the present tim e we are preparing to h oW a meet of our own o n the 13th of Jul y of thi s year . Again, to the best of my knowled ge, th is is the fir st of its kind in the s t a t e. In this c lub we strive to p r o mote many 路 t hings o th e r t h an just Gym n astics. To belong, t h e g irl s h ave to k eep h igh moral stand ard s, th ey are taught that the body is something to take car e ,of a nd b e p r o ud of. We put great mea,,ing into t h e tho ught of being a team a nd to be fri end ly with a ll, th e girls come in c ontact w ith. Many of th e g irl s a r e n ot of the L.D.S . faith, but they have found t his no pro blem , for we are not organiz ed to argue r eligion, bu t to build sou nd youth a n d a sou n d gymnastic fo undation in the s tate of Nevada. W'e place great pride in the f la g of our co untry an d patriotism in a ll of our exhibitions. vVe love the sport of gymnastics a nd stri ve for the best form poss ib le, to better s h ow off th e b ea uty of the sport, In this w~' , we f eel that the spor t w ill g r ow very quickly in this state a nd in this n ation, a nd with this g r owth we w ill

n o t only be getting e xcellent gymnas t s but a lso excelle n t c itizen s. . , Th at is briefly w h at my w ife and I are doLng. Our group we feel is very s u ccess ful a nd we ,,:r e very proud o f t h e g irls . We are lookIng forward to gett in g our u n eyens as soon as poss ibl e and th e ,o th er eq lllpm e nt we so dearly n eed . S incerely, Rodn ey C. H ill Spar k s, Nevad a .P.S. Th e two little girls in the one pIcture a re not of t h e age so requ i red to e nter the c lu b . These two li ttle b londe s are m y daughters w h o are really bu ildi ng a love f or the sport. T h ey clo qu ite well for theIr a ges of 3 a nd 4.







M.G. BILLBOARD BALANCE BEAMS: 16 ft. long, so lid and stu rdy, adjustable 30" to 47", $ 140.00. Contact Ami Leso, Box 410 A, Morgan Hili , Californ ia. HEALTH EQUIPMENT : Used Health equipment at 75 % discount. Reducing apparatus, Sun tanning lamps, steam cabinets and therapy equipmen t . Enough equipment t o furni sh complete health club. Wr ite for free list t o: Jo heph 's Hea lth Club. 1238 7th St., Santa Monica, Calif. TRAMPOLINE PERFORMERS: We have a trampoline cable that is 'entirely different. A cable that is str onger because it is made of heavy neoprene rubber tubing. A cable that has m ore bounce for it has tremendous resi li ence. Wil l wear longer because it retains a ll it's tens'ion. Safer because it is st ronger . Easy to, install on any trampoline. All of this at the comparable cost of $ 1.25 per cable or $110.00 per set of 100. Be one of the first to have a Patented" Ju-do Rubber Tube Type Tramp oline Cable." Ju-Do Mfg. Ca., P. O. Box 311, San Gabriel, Calif. SKILL : The Journal of Athletic Technolog y Weightlifting, Circus, Handbalancing .Instruction, Ka rate, Figure <;ourse, Boxing, Wrestlit;1g, Body-Building and many ot her features . Publ ished by Ken Woodward School of Physical Culture , 61 Tal bot Road, Blackpool , Lancashire, Eng land . 4 issues for $ 1.50, 8 issues for $3.00. In U.S.A. order from Sportshelf, P. O. Box, New Rochelle, New York. SPECIAL : Trampoline springs at 'wholesale price. Box of 96 for $21.96, inc<uding ta x, F.O.B. Offer limite dto current stock supply so Order Now! Bickmore Aoobotic Co. , care of M. G. BI LLBOARD , Box 611, Santa Monica, California. M~N'S GYMNASTIC PANTS: Made from finest double stretch nylon in white or Navy . Price $12 .95 . These are made t o measure so

be sure to include accurate measurements

as f allows: Waist, Hips, Thigh, Ankl~, inside and Outside leg length. Please ' send money order or chec"- with o rder to: THE GYMNAST, Glenwood, The Park, Sidcup, Kent , England. THE GYMNAST: The Official Magazine of th e Amateur Gymnastic Assoc iation of Great Britain. Fill ed with News, Resu lts, Photos and Instruction of gymnastics in Great Britain and the Conti nent. Published quarterl y . Send $1.00 for a year's subsc ripti on to: J. P. PRESSTIDGE, Glenwood, The Park , Sidcup, Kent, Great Britain. Order single copies from: M. G. BILLBOARD, Box 611, Santa Monica, Calif. "GYMASTICS JACKETS" Western Gymnastics Clinic Pac ke t s I 00% nylon, M. G: Billboard Special":"$6.95. Small & med ium sizes only. Write: Sam Bailie, Gymnastics Coach Univ. of Arizona, Tuchon, Arizona .

Frank Endo




Mat Cover, 22'x22' vinylgood condition ...................... . Parallel Bftr Ralls, 10' new, slightly warped ........................ .. Pa.rallel Bar Ralls, 11' -6" steel core, demonstrators .................. .. Official Climbing Ropes, l S' manila No. 282, slightly used .... Twisting Belt No. 415, demon strator ....... ................... .. .... .. Horizontal Ba r , Combined No 180 w/floor plates (reg.' $150) .... Official Parallels No. 151 with 11' -6" ralls ...... R<nllh e l' Board (Official size) .. TramjJoli"ne, Official-"':Flashfold w/web bed, cab les, and roller ~tnndsj

65.00 19.95 40.00 14.00 75.00 90.00 These are the best all-around gy mnastic canvas shoes a vailab le toda y. Worn by U.S. and International Champions. T op edges are bound with canvas for that wea r-ever strong construct ion. Elastic strops across the top provides for th at pertect snug fit and appearance. Men 's sales are mode of long-wearing whi t e rubber. Woman 's sa les are of soft white leather. Order same size os your street shoes or draw outline of f oot o n paper f or correct size. In white only.

delnon~tni.t or

(Reg. $510) ... .. ............. ......... .. ...... ..... Trnmpoline Beds, 6'x12'x1~" SAMPLES, never u~ ed, (Reg. $165) .. ....... .. ......... . Trampoline Safety Pads ........ .. Tmmpoline Pit Frames, 9'x15'

395.00 100.00 15.00

Like New ............. _.... ......... . 39.00 Trampoline Spotting Rig .. " 50.00 Gymnastic Pants No. P-56 (cotton) Slightly ~oiled (reg. $5 . 80) State in~eam length .................. .. .. 3.00 Gymnastic Pants N:o. P-57 (knit) Slightly soiled (reg. $9.50) State inseam length .................. .. 5.00 All He'rns F .O.B. San Pedro! C'allf. ftnd su bject t o' prior Sft e. Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Items

Sizes-Boys: 1-5; Men: 6- 13 .... $2 ,50 pro Sizes-Gi rl s: 2-5; Women: 6-10 $2.15 pr


ILLUSTRATED WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS This book has the m ost complete coverage of gymnast ics ever published on the balanc ing beam, uneven parallel ba rs and side horse vau lting. This is a fully illustrated step - by - step sequence book consisting of 224 pages of Japanese Nationals and Olympic Champions thr oughout the world . A ll events start from the simplest to the most difficult tricks performed in the Olympic Games. Also included are complete routines. A lthough written in Japanese, portions of this book including every trick are in English. Wr itten by the World 's f ormer Champion Mr. T akemoto .

HANDGUARDS: Made from lampwick. Sizes: Large, Medium and Small. $1.25 per pair. Order from : Palmsavers, 740 Sunset St., Iowa City, Iowa . HANDSTAND PEDESTALS: Handstand Pedetals, great for practicing all types of bal ancing, and for Improving your Ring .work . Just $35.00 a set. Order from: John Gibson , 2810 Manchester, Tucson, Arizona .

M.G. BILLBOARD M. G. BILLBOARD : Do you have something . to sell? New or Used. Place an ad in the M. G. BILLBOARD for quick results, Just $2.00 a line (Mi nimum Ad $6 .00). M. G. BILLBOARD, Box 611, Santa Monica.

Priced at

"FOR USE ON ANY FINGER" Used exclusively by the gymnastks' team of University of .Ca.lifornia, ller.kel ey. and at the North Ca lifornia Gymnastic Camp Clinic. $1.65 pro ppd. $18.00 doz . ppd Sizes Small, Average, or Lnrge. Pat. Pend.

Al s o R eg1.tlation S id e Horse bod ies , $150 .00 (w";th Ii gh t weigh t ce n tel' base), $250.00 Balance B ea m s ............ $250.00 "P" Bars. ..... .. .... $350.00 (all with c h J'Ol11ed ba se) O"der from LOUIS Perschke 616 Richmond St. EI Cerrito , Calif.



$4,50 ppd.



expires August 31

Your School's Physical Fitness Program Begins With The All New


The "JR. ALL-AMERICAN" Gymnastics Equipment is BEST for Your Elementary and Junior High Program -- Here's Why! IT'S SAFER - Each piece designed specifically for this age group. IT'S STRONGER Built entirely of Lifetime Steel. IT'S DURABLE Can be used outdoors. Attractive Aqua Blue capaloid coating protects each piece of equipment. IT'S PORTABLE - Two students can move any piece easily . . . slips through any standard door. IT'S ECONOMICAL to buy and mairtain . Order functional, health-building All-American gym equipment now!

"Jr. All-American Gymnastics Equipment has proven itself in my program. I have found it to be of the finest construction and highly recommend it." EARLE W. DUGGAN Physical Education Instructor Wallace Elementary School Des Moines , Iowa

Write for our 1963 School Catalog

American Athletic Equipment Co. JEFFERSON, IOWA -

U. S. A.

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PARAL LEL BARS New fun ctional desig n with low, fl at base to in su re absolute safety . .. prevents any shake or sway . . . bars cannot t ip. Meets al l Olympic- NCAA-A A U spec ifi cations. Hardwood lam inated ba rs give greater res ili en cy. Ro ll er truck inc luded as sta nd ard eq ui pme nt. Lifet ime ru bbe r base prevents marring of gym f loor. Exc lu sive w ith Gy m Master . .. "Su re-Set Sa f ety Lock" a dju stme nt ... changes width or height to exact pos iti on desired easily, quickly; bars wi ll not slip during pos itioni ng.

PORTABLE HORIZONTAL BAR AND -STILL RINGS A comp lete ly portable Horizontal Bar and Still Ring unit. Use anywh ere- i n the gym or outdoors. NO I NS TA L LA T I ON, NO MOOR INGS, NO FLOOR PLATES, NO TIE-DOWNS OR WEIG HTS . Comp lete ly sta bl e, when in use will not sway or move. Meets all Ol ympi c-AA U- NCAA specif ications. Fu ll y asse mbled, entire unit can be eas ily moved on permanently attac hed, non-marring rubber whee ls. Laminated hardwood still rin gs are offic ial size , comp lete with adjustab le nylon straps, stee l cab les and bearin g swive ls.

WRITE FOR CATALOG AN D COMPL E TE DETAI L S T ODAY ABOUT GYM MASTER GYMNASTIC APPARATUS incl u~ ing une ven Parallel Bars, S ide Hor se . B uck, Hor izo ntal Bars, Balance Beam, acce s so ries and t he world 's mo st com pl ete lin e of T ra mp olines

Not too light - Weight just right

GYM MASTEB@CO. exciu.;ve sales for pror/ucls of





Profile for USA Gymnastics

Modern Gymnast - July/August 1963  

Modern Gymnast - July/August 1963