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AN OPEN LETTER FROM THE DIRECTORS OF THE WESTERN GYMNASTICS CLINIC Dear Coach and Gymnast: We wou ld like to thank all of you who h elped make the 2nd Annual Western Gymnas tics Clinic such a tremendous success through your attendance and h and wlork. Also, another word of thanks to a ll fo the equipment companies. Since the c lose of the clinic we h ave received many letters of congratulation a long with some excell ent suggestions to make next · years c linic even better. We a ppreciate these letters and h ave a lready begun work on next years program, taking into consideration yo ur s uggestion s . The following are some of the changes which we have planned: 1. There w ill be no charges other than the \"egistration fee, all meets, programs, id entifi cation badge to be pinned on, etc. will be inc lud ed in that fee. 2. Classes w ill be longer so that more material can be covered. 3. Additional classes for the coach and teacher. 4. Demonstrations of the olympic routines for men and \VOlnel1.

5: More extensive judging classes for men and women w ith testing and certification by the United States Gymnastics Federation. These are on ly a f ew of the many improvements that w ill be made in next years program. Thank you again for your wonderful support. We are looking forward to seeing you all again next year . Gymnastically, SAM BAILIE Clinic Director I I-

v is it their M ili tary Academy at Baguio in Northern Luzon. It's patterned in almost every respect aHer our own West Point, except for their Dept. of Phys ical Education. Although they have a ll the equipm ent and fac ilities, they lack a sport towards which their Corps of Cadets can aspire. With their s ma.!1 sta.ture I feel gymnastics is the answer, Their gym is modestly equipped with one orlzontal bar, two parallel bars, one set of rings, one trampoline, a nd t\VO side horses, and 1110st important of a ll , one Dept. head who is most erithusiastic for a gymnastic progra m, . but is handicapped by a lcak of direction. I promised him I would attempt to get him some wri tings on the following subject:s 1. • The organization and· con duct ' of a gymnastic program. 2. Beginning, intermediate, & advanced apparatus exercises for men, to include spotting techniques. 3. An y other writ ings wh ich may be of ass is ta,nce . May I enlist yom' aid? Per · ha,ps you could publish a s h ort "help wanted" paragraph in your NOTES column asking anyone \"ho might have some thing a long these lin es to please send them to: Commanda,nt Philippine M ilitary -Academy, (Attn: Dept. o f P. E.) Baguio, Philippine Island s . It doesn' t matter what concli · tion the items are in , n or ho\v outdated and behind the times the materia.! may be, I'm sure it will be appreciated . ED. Past M. G.'s are part .of the answer. Perhaps someone will send other materials.


STRETCH SOCKS Made from 100 % Nylon. Guaranteed to be the finest in the country. Worn in place of gymnastic shoes and highly recommended for ringmen, rope climbers. side horse, etc. White only. Fits all sizes . from 6-1 I. $2.00 pair ppel.



MORE TUBE TUMBLING Dear Glerm: I just received notice that it is time to renew my subscrip16 MM tion to M. G . The Motlern GymGYMNASTIC FILMS nast is so informative tha t I MEN & WOMEN wou ldn't want to be with out it. CHAMPIONSHIPS I'm constantly going ' over bac k issues for assistan ce in tea c hWrite for FREE brochure ing some particular phase of a VAN DIXON FILMS trick. Box 611, Santa Monica, Calif. Perha ps you would be interested in knowing that I have received requests for additional information on Tube TUmbling,":================~ from a lmost every state and ·' from several foreign countries. A GOOD ONE PIECE This response resu lted from that LEATHER HAND GUARD article I wrote for . M. G. two years ago. The M. G. really gets around!

Tube Tumbling is beginning' to take hold throughout the nation. There are several universities and man y s c hool dis tricts and recrea tion departments that have added it to their regular cllrriculul11. The tubes have been so helpful in making our physical edueation program more successful that I would be happy to assist anyone interested in T u be Tumbling. Thank you for your interest in this matter. Very truly yours, Lynn Pitcher P. S. If you would be intereste d in an article or series of articles on Tube Tumbling', complete with accompanying photographs and illustrations, I wou ld be happy to supply them for puhlication




OTHER PRODUCTS ALL LEATHER SHOES.......................... $4.00 pro ppd. Soft white leather with elastic stra ps across top.

ONE PC. HANDGRIPS (IetterJ... ....... $1.75 pro ppel. Made entirely from one pc. of white leather. Small. Medium and Large

Gy nl-

I have also written a booklet call ed TUBE T UMD LI?-<G, in which your readers may also be interested. ED. Thanks Lynn, I'm su re our readers would be interested in more articles on HTube Tumb· ling.'.' n a~t.

HELP WANTED Dear Glen n: I h ave just returned from a short tour in the Philippin es where I had an opportunity to

This is the imported gymnastic · canvas shoe worn by the World and Olympic ChampiQns. Top edge is bound with canvas for that ·weor·ever strong construction . Double duty elastic straps across the top provides for that perfect fit and appearance. Sale mode of long"weoring white rubber. Shoe approved for women . Order same size ' as your street shoe or draw outline of foot on paper for correct size. In white only. Sizes: Kids, 12-5; Adults, 6- 12. Only $2 .50 pair, postpoic HANDGRIP mode of pliant but very stron~ Japanese leather . Perfectly designed to give sofet) and protection to those hands . Identical handgrip worn by Melbourne and Rome horizontal bar Gold Medal winner. Sizes: Small, Medium and Large . Only $1.40 pair, postpaid

"FOR USE ON ANY FINGER" Used exclusively by the gymna"ties tecull of Un i vel'!:)ity of .Ca.liforn ia, Berkeley, and at the North Cali · fornia Gymnastic Camp C lini c. $1.65 pro ppd . - $18.00 doz . ppd Sizes Sma ll , Average, or Large. Pat. Pend. Ord er from Louis Perschke 616 Richmond St. EI Cerrit.o, Calif .


... ............ .. ....... ........ .............. $2.00

pro ppd.

Extra strong and pliant. Worn by International champions.

GYMNASTIC PANTSNylon (white) pants .................... $12.95 pro ppel. Wool (cream) pants .................. $16.50 pro ppel.




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Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963  

Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963