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REPORT FROM GERMANY By Dr. losef Gohler Almost One and a Half Million Turners in West Germany The Yearbook of the German Gymnastik Association ("Deutscher Turner-Bund"), edited by Wilhelm LimpertVerlag, Frankfurt/Main, brings to lightsome very interesting details concerning the life of the 7,699 West Ger路 man Gymnastic Clubs. The most interesting: There are at least 1,453,271 Turners of all ages, who train their body for health or competition. 740,000 (about half) are less than 19 years of age. Three clubs have over 3,000 members, 16 more than 2,000 and 122 have over a 1,000 members. But only 10,000 are modern artistic ' gymnasts, training for competition: and mastership. Of international caliber are the following Turners: Philipp Fuerst, Guenter Lyhs, Guenter Jakoby, Helmut Baum, Willi Jaschek, Juergen Bischof, Klaus Zschunke, Kurt Friedrich, Karl Michel, Klaus Schafer, Laszle Scakacsi, Werner Becker, Gerhard Kern, Herwig Matthes, Karl Banzhaf, and Kai-l Schwoebel. The greatest talent is Juergen Bischof, who in 1963 can reach the top masters, Fuerst and Lyhs. Rapid progress is also being made by J aschek, Matthes, Baum and Zschunke. TURNFEST YEAR 1963 is a "Turn fest-Year" for the German Turners. At Essen the Pittsburgh of Germany, 40,000 gymnasts will meet in 31 competitions and another 40,000 friends of gymnastics will visit the "Turn fest". The best gymnasts will have an Olympic match using the compulsories exercises of Tokyo. This match is open for the members of all Gymnastic-Associations invited by the Deutscher Turner Bund to this the greaest demonstration of gymnastics in the Free World. RUSIAN TOP TEN The ten best gymnasts of the USSR, who will form the elite for 1963 are according to an official publication these men : Titov, Schaklin, Kerdemelidn, Lisitzke, Makurin, Zapenko, Arkajev, Leontiev, Miligule and Gronov. It is remarkable that there is no mention of Stolbov, Stojda or Azaryan. We will therefore conclude that these top gymnasts will not train in 1963 for Tokyo in 1964. It may be interesting to know who are the best women gymnasts in the USSR. Here they are: Latynina, MUflitova, Astachova, Ljukina, Pervuchina, Manina, Ivanova, Trachelova, Filatkina and Ninoschvila. No man is younger than 23 (Leontiev and Arkajev) and no women younger than 21 (Pervuchina and Trachelowa). It is a long road to mastership in gymnastics. 16

THE WORLD'S BEST GYMNASTS OF 1962 The 1962 World-Championships at Prague was not the only matc~ where the masters of gymnastics could prove their quality. Therefore the list of Prague alone is not the real test. If we regard all the other meetings and matches of international character, including the Championships of the different countries, perhaps this will better determine the real placings of the masters of the gymnastic world for 1962: 1. ENDO-Japan; 2.-6. CERAR-Yugoslavia, ONO-Japan, MITSUKURI-Japan, TSURUMIJapan, and TITOV-Russia. 7.-11. AIHARA-Japan, YAMASHITA-Japan, SCHAKLIN-Russia, KEREMELIDA -Russia, and MENICHELLI-Italy. 12.-16. LISITZKIRussia, STOLBOV-Russia, ZAKENKO-Russia MAKURIN-Russia, and HAYATA-Japan. 17.-23. ABE:-Japan, KATO-Japan, NAGASAWA-Japan, LEONTIEV-Russia, ARKAJEV-Russia, MILIGULO-Russia, and G. CARMINUCCI-Italy. 24.-35. KAPSASOF-Bulgaria, YU LIE-FENG-China, STASTNY-Czchoslovakia AIZAWA KENMOTO, . MATSUMOTO, TAKIZAWA,' TAKADA: NAKAYAMA, J. WATANABE, all Japan, STOJDA-Russia, GROMOV -Russia and DON TONRY, USA. In the next group of 20 gymnasts, there are BOB LYNN and ARMANDO VEGA from the USA, five more Japanese, three from Czechoslovakia, two from China, BENKERSwitzerland, PRODANOF - Bulgaria, VICARDI - Italy, FOERSTER-East Germany, FUERST-West Germany KESTOLA-Finland and the old-master AZARYAN fro~ Russia. Cerar

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Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963  

Modern Gymnast - January/February 1963