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WHO COLLECTS TAXES AND WHO PAY IT? All tax matters in the United States are handled by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). They have everything on the site and documents, and forms and explanations. It’s another matter that there are so many subtleties in tax filing (an ordinary layman rarely encounters them, but it’s not just a site: there is a special profession “tax consultant” who understands all the points and subtleties of thousands and thousands of rules and special cases .

WHO PAYS TAXES? Each resident of the United States is obliged to answer for himself: once a year to file a tax return on their own and pay taxes.

Moreover, it is important whether you are in the United States more than 180 days a year (you are a tax resident). If you live in Russia most of the year, and you just go to America on a business trip for a couple of months a year, you only file taxes in Russia. After all, if your country with the USA has an agreement on avoidance of double taxation (as with Russia), then even if you earned something while in the USA, you do not pay taxes in the states. Unfortunately, if you are a citizen of, for example, Uganda, you will be required to pay taxes both in the USA (for income received in the USA) and at home (for all your annual income).

HOW IS A TAX RETURN FILED? It is served at the beginning of each year: starting from January 1 and the deadline is April 15 . You just need to select a tax form (there are several of them, depending on your situation), count a little on the calculator, fill out this form, attach some documents, if necessary, and send it to the IRS.

The very first thing for US Citizens Living Abroad Expat Taxes in the USA are that everyone pays taxes himself.

Myth # 1 - You pay your taxes yourself. It’s important to say right away that any salary offer from the USA is a pre-tax salary. You know that, but still. Largely because of this system this myth appeared. The statement about self-payment of taxes is true only by 50%. In fact, the system from the outside looks. When applying for a job, you fill out a form where you indicate your SSN, information about family status, children, and based on this information, the federal and other taxes are calculated for which you will pay taxes during the year.

Myth # 2 - It’s difficult to file a tax return. Not really. If you simply work as an employee in one state, receive a salary, then you will file your tax return without any problems. There are services in which, answering simple questions, you fill out all the information, calculate your deductions and send an electronic declaration in electronic form to the IRS. Yes, the first time the process will take you about 2 hours, because you will re-read and double-check everything a thousand times (or you won’t). Next year, the system will automatically pull up all your data from the old declaration and filling out will take about 20 minutes.

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