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The New Student Orientation Primer

A Hero’s Welcome to the


June 19, 2013

us Camp p Ma de Insi

MESSAGE “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings at a single bound—look, up there in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!” This is an excerpt from the comic strip done by Jerry Siegel for Superman. Being a hero is not difficult though. You don’t need to be faster than a speeding bullet nor more powerful than a locomotive. You don’t even have to leap high buildings at a single bound. More importantly, we do not need to look up there in the sky and wonder if you are a bird or a plane. It may be an understatement but correct me if I’m wrong – we are all heroes in our own rights. Through Augustinian education, we provide you qualities to become a hero. The Office of the Director for Student Affairs and Welfare welcomes you all to the First University in Western Visayas – the University of San Agustin. We will make sure that your stay in the University will be enjoyable not just in academics but also in co-curricular activities. This Pang-abiabi ( a New Student Orientation) is a program designed to make you feel more at home. Aside from this activity, there are enjoyable events organized by the USA Student Council. The USA Performing Arts will also add color to your monochromatic expectations by entertaining you with plays, concerts, among others. Furthermore, high quality publications are also coming your way produced by the USA Publications. If you need something, do not hesitate to visit us in our office. We will be happy to serve you and become a part of your transformation as heroes. Have a nice stay at USA! Ms. fely h. caturas director FOR student affairs and welfare

MESSAGE Stepping into college is far more than what you expect. It is a jungle out there, an urban jungle actually, where there are helpless people, villains, and heroes. We, being the students of the University of San Agustin, are trained to become modern day heroes. Augustinian values are instilled in our hearts. These will be our weapons on our long journey. In our stay in the University, we are expected to learn new things, new lessons. These lessons will make us stronger. If we are lucky enough and if we diligently train in our secret hideout – the University of San Agustin – we will eventually become “heroes”. In behalf of the USA Publications, welcome to the University of San Agustin – where heroes are made. The USA Publications’ role in your stay in the University is simple – to be your informers or briefers. We produce publications that will surely be a guide to your growth as a person and, ultimately, as a hero. The Augustinian Mirror is the official student magazine of the University. It will be a collection of human interest stories that will surely inspire you in becoming a true-blooded Augustinian. The Augustinian is the official student newspaper of the University. It will be your source of news updates, views, opinions, and sports stories. Irong-irong, is more of the creative side being the collection of literary works of students and alumni. We in the USA Publications are also proud to be one of the country’s most active campus publications online. We can be seen on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. We also have a website where you can see digital copies of our publications. We hope that through our publications, we will be able to give you all the information you need as well as the inspiration. Fly high fellow Augustinians. We are on top of the world! ray adrian c. macalalag editor-in-chief, usa publications

Deans and Administrators OSA Rev. Fr. Frederick Comendador, ent university presd

Dr. Isidoro Cruz

dean, college of arts and sciences

Dr. Alex Facinabao

Rev. Fr. Harold Rentoria, OSA s,

vp for academic affair music acting dean, conservatory of

Rev. Fr. Roy Aspera, OSA

dean, college of education

vp for admin. and finance

Engr. Reynaldo Asuncion

Rev. Fr. Donato Ellezar, OSA

dean, college of eng’g. and architecture

Dr. Lucio Encio

dean, college of Mgmt. and accountancy

vp for augustinian formation and mission

Rev. Fr. Ian Ragodon, OSA


Rev. Fr. Jessie Tabobo, OSA

Mrs. Sofia Cosette Monteblanco ng

human resource dept. director

Mrs. Lerma Paris

tion theological studies and forma director

Atty. Juana Judita Nafarrete

alumni philantropic, external, and relations director

dean, college of nursi

dean, college of Phar. and Med. Tech.

dean, college of law

Dr. Ruby Catalan

dean, graduate school

Rev. Fr. Czar Emannuel Alvarez, OSA Rev. Fr. Williener Jack Luna, OSA Rev. Fr. Basilio Sugata-on, OSA

principal, basic education dept.


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composition by

ray adrian c. macalalag

Campus Schematic the university of san agustin is a big place. you will never get lost if you have this map. it is specially designed for students to get to important places.

01. lopez Hall

USA Gymnasium, Conservatory of Music, USA Band, USA Rotc Unit


02. USA Multi-purpose Covered Court Basketball and Volleyball Courts

03. Mendel Hall

College of Nursing, Biology Labs, Chemistry Labs, Physics Labs, Computer Labs, CADD Labs, Drawing Rooms, Fine Arts Department, Pharmacy Labs

04. Blanco Hall

College of Engineering and Architecture, Speech Labs, USA Conference Room

05. Alumni Building

USA Student Center, USA Publications, USAEU Office, USACPA Office, Alumni Office

06. Gamboa Hall


Guidance Services Center, Statistical Analysis Center, Center for Educational and Institutional Research, Chairmen’s Office

07. Aguirre Hall

College of Management and Accountancy

08. lana Hall

College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology

09. rada Hall

Graduate School, College College of Law

ege of Education,

of Arts and Sciences, Coll

n Building

10. fray luis De leo

ool Library, Law Library

duate Sch Periodicals Section, Gra

11. Mentrida Hall

pus Ministry, Theology

Cam USA Chapel, USA Library,

, AVR 1

tion Office, USA Internet Sec

12. Dolse Garcia Hall Culinary Arts Labs, Tilipunan Community Service Cen Cafeteria, Nutrition/HRM/ l Media Center, Student


USA ructiona ting Press, Stockroom, Inst AVR 3 USA Bookstore, USA Prin Review Center, AVR 2 and PMT , ncil Cou ent Stud ce, Services and Welfare Offi


, Accounting Section, eral Services Office, MIS Philantropic Office, Gen Accreditation Office s, tion lica Administrative Offices, Pub and h ity Center for Researc Accounts Section, Univers

13. Herrera Hall

14. Urdaneta Hall

Lab, and Dental Clinics, Clinical USA Auditorium, Medical Section, Office of the s ord Rec ter, Cen iew Nursing Rev Museum ater, USA Archives and Registar, USA Little The

15. Mercado Hall


Engineering Laboratorie

15 13


College Lifeline A Handy Guide for Freshmen By JOYCE GEM M. CAÑETE

White and maroon-and-green checkered suit of armor ironed thrice to dissolve even the smallest creases. Cuban shoes polished to imitate the darkness of abyss. A backpack equipped with binders and lucky pens. A well-prepared hero indeed. But are the gears and firepower of your experiences and so-called stored knowledge enough assurance of survival from the nemeses lurking around the campus? Free yourself from the fears and anxiety that awaits you. Behold, I’m giving you simple life-saving tips to survive the ever-dramatic college life! Terror teachers Fear of cold stares, fear of flaring nostrils, or fear of hard exams and failing grades, you name it- these guys might give you one or all. But remember, fears only exist to students who are lazy and cowardly, and teachers will only be a form of horror if you don’t do your job as a good student. #JustDon’tGiveAReason when you’re late; make it a habit that you #Don’tWannaMissAThing on lessons and quizzes; #ScreamAndShout if you have clarifications and avoid #Pricetag (everybody look to the left, everybody look to the right) during exams- these are just mediocre protocols a student must consider. A true hero never settles for less. Train and be greater everyday! Squishy and Hectic Schedule We all have that “Ermehgerd. 7am class?!” reaction upon receiving our RFs but tell you what, the sooner you acquaint yourself with Time Management,

the more effective student you will be! An organizer will keep and help you plan school events. Ditch the impractical activities, and learn to prioritize things. Never let “Procrastination” be your middle name and delay your bright career. Make sure you balance stress with fun. Temptations and Vices Nightlife, illegal drugs, online games and truancy. These are just the tip of the iceberg that can sink your boat of dreams. You may think they are harmless but they are actually big red buttons of self-destruction. Set your mind on your goals and don’t aim for a 3.0 when you can make a 2.9. Find and stick with friends who are of good influence and can build you. Lastly, direct your attention to healthy recreations that can improve your skills and know-how. Backstabbers and Phony Friends Every person is a social being and since college is a bigger jungle, more mean/bitchy apes are expected to ruin your day. Instead of stooping down to their level, maintain a positive mindset and keep moving forward! Peer pressure may drag you down, but you can always say no. College life is about taking risks and meeting new people. Make and follow the path towards success but never be afraid to take some turns along the way.




this primer was Produced by the USA Publications and the USA Student Council for the new students of the university of san agustin special thanks to the office of the director for student affairs and welfare, office of the university president and the co-curricular office


editor cover artist staff writer adviser

Ray Adrian C. Macalalag Anne Catherine D. Malazarte Joyce Gem M. Ca単ete Marites P. Cornel

“let knowledge be used as a kind of scaffolding to help build the edifice of love and understanding, which shall endure forever even after knowledge itself shall be destroyed.� St. Augustine, epist. 55, 21, 39

Pang-abiabi 2013 Primer  

The Welcome Publication of the New Students of the University of San Agustin