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That is best which lieth nearest; Shape from that thy work of art. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Gaspar Becerra.




Miles Carpenter, a self-taught artist from Waverly, Virginia, can be found sitting by his ice house, selling vegetables and carving wood figures. Naive Art, "Around the Lake."

Uonlenls Alma Mater is approaching a year of celebration, the 1 50th Anniversary. It will be a year of reflecting on the history of the institution as well as looking to the future and planning for the challenges which face higher education. The theme for the year will be " The Educated Mind. " A special part of the opening of the program will be a commemorative issue of the UR Magazine . In order to prepare for this project the June supplement of the magazine will have a limited content. The September issue will present a pictorial and written review. There will be no classnotes in the collector 's issue. We hope you will make plans to be with us during the Sesquicentennial. Jane Stockman Thorpe ' 58 Director of Alumnae Relations L. M. " Lou " Markwith '67 Director of Alumni Affairs 4 Around the Lake 7 To A Fare-Thee-Well Termed a " perfectioni st who dots every ' i' and crosses every 't ,' " C . J . Gray retired as dean of administration on April 30. by Evelyn Terry . 8 Spider's Web 9 Classnotes 11 Westhampton Classnotes 22


Cover photography by Clarke Camp Credits Marsha Polier, pages 4 and 7 ; Eric Dobbs, page 5; Bob Strong , page 5 ; Bob Llewellyn , page 6 ; Barbara Offutt , page 8 . Editor Evelyn Terry Art Directors Ed Paxton , Barbara Offutt Associate Editor Alison Griffin Classnotes Editor Louis M. Markwith , 8 ' 67 Classnotes Editor Jane S. Thorpe, W'58 Contributors Paul Kennedy , Cathy Villanis , W' 80

The UR Magazine , of which this publication is Volume 42, Number 3, Summer Supplement issue, is published quarterly for alumni and friends of the University of Richmond . Second-Class Postage Paid at University of Richmond, Virginia 23173, and at additional mailing offices . USPS 015-420. Š 1979 University of Richmond.

Naive Art•While walking through the woods many of us will kick aside bits of twigs , broken tree limbs and tangled roots. Miles Carpenter collects these discarded scraps of nature to produce hand carvings of animals either real life---pigs, camels, pelicans--or figments of his imagination-three-legged anteaters, "The Thinker." Recently celebrating his ninetieth birthday and his sixty-fifth anniversary in the ice and

Phyllis Kind admires the work of S. L. Jones and The Rev. Howard Finster .

vegetable business, Carpenter, a self-taught sculptor, gave a lecture and a demonstration of his work at this year's Tucker-Boatwright Festival of the Arts at the University of Richmond during April. Others participating in the festival which focused on ' 'The Many Aspects of Contemporary Folk Art '' included Jeffery Camp of the American Folk Art Company in Tappahannock ; Philip Hanson, a Chicago painter who teaches part time at The School of the Art Institute; and Phyllis Kind who handles work for a number of Chicago artists and various selftaught artists in her galleries in New York and Chicago. Carpenter 's handcrafted wood carvings may be as minute as an ant or as tall as an 8foot " Negro Soda Pop Drinker " carrying a carton of Coca-Cola or as long as a 6-foot venomous serpent The ears of the animals may be made from inner tubes , the teeth from toothpicks, the tails from electric wire and the whiskers from an old brush. "I always like to make things look ugly," said Carpenter. '' The uglier my animals are

the more people will look at them .' ' Camp who has traveled widely in the United States seeking " undiscovered" selftaught painters and sculptors said: " Shattering events in their lives have caused many of the artists represented in my gallery to begin creating. They don't call themselves artists. They may even deny being folk artists. '' Many of the artists represented at the festival are considered senior citizens . For example , The Rev. Howard Finster, who is in his sixties , began painting only two years ago . He delivered sermons on the radio for 1 7 years , had his own congregation and was also a roving minister. When his congregation became disenchanted with his idea of creating a paradise, he left the church to begin creating. Now in a small town in Northwest Georgia you can visit Finster and walk through his " paradise ," along a path of ceramic tiles , glass , mirrors and marble. Other self-taught artists featured during the festival include Lee Godies from Chicago who paints mainly images of women ; S. L. Jones from West Virginia , whose hand carvings of people include Abraham Lincoln, June Carter , and Muhammad Ali and his wife ; and Joseph Yoakum from Chicago who " has an amazing sense of rhythmic shapes and energies ," according to Hanson , " in his landscapes of sea and mountains. " Evelyn Terry. Pat on the Back• Knowledge of the subject , enthusiasm for the subject and his ability to relate the subject to real life situations are a few of the reasons William R. Marshall Jr . won the Outstanding Lecturer Award of University College of the University of Richmond . Based on student vote , the award is given annually . Following in the footsteps of his colleague , Julian Savage who won UC's first lecturer award in 1 9 77, Marshall has taught business law in the evening school of the college for the past six years Marshall is a partner in the law firm of Thompson , Savage , Smithers and Marshall in Richmond. Recognizing his contribution to education , a plague was presented to Marshall at the University College Night banquet in February . Afterwards the faculty , client groups and friends of the community who attended the banquet were President Heilman 's guests at a Spider basketball"game. Marshall's name was announced over the public broadcasting system during halftime, saluting him as the winner of the 1979 Outstanding Lecturer Award . ET.


Smithers' Bailiwick•Formerly termed by his students as " the student professor ," J. Westwood Smithers retired in May after 42 years as a member of the faculty of the University of Richmond Law School. Smithers surprises most people when he tells them he received his law degree three years before earning his undergraduate degree at UR. "When I entered law school , only two years of undergraduate study were required ,'' says Smithers. He remarks that he studied as little as possible just to meet the two year requirement. After entering law school , he excelled in his studies and was recommended to graduate with Latin honors. Upon receiving his law degree , Smithers wanted to do graduate research at Harvard University. To do this , he had to have an undergraduate degree . Therefore he taught full time in the law school and was also a full-time student in Richmond College. At Harvard.. Smithers studied under Joseph H. Beale, the unquestioned authority in the area of conflicts of laws, and Roscoe Pound, past dean of Harvard Law School for 20 years . " Pound , was one of the few authentic geniuses that I know of, " says Smithers. To Smithers the course he taught dealing with the conflicts of laws is the "apex of the curriculum." But he says, " Most of my past students remember me for teaching criminal law, a first year course for students to sharpen their minds on .' ' Smithers will not only be remembered by students who attended his classes at UR, but he will also be remembered by students from 29 law schools throughout the United States who have passed the bar with is assistance . Twice a year Smithers teaches the Bar Review course, an intensive 1 2-day review course. To show appreciation for his years of dedication to the profession of law, the forthcoming fall issue of the University of Richmond Law Reviewwill be dedicated to Smithers, according to John Epps, editor and chief. ET.

STOP!•There has been a counseling "load up' in the college student centers across the nation, according to Dr. Debora Phillips, professor of psychiatry at Temple University and sex therapist at Princeton. Dr. Phillips was guest speaker for the Women's Lifestyles Conference on March 21 . Phillips directed her lecture toward "Students in the Seventies ,'' and '' How to Fall Out of Love ,' ' also the title of her new book. "There has been an introspection , or turning inward, of students today," Dr. Phillips said. She contributes this to the lack of external pressures such as the Vietnam War in the 1960's. In her lecture "How to Fall Out of Love," Dr. Phillips laid out a desensitization process to lessen the pain of losing a loved one . This process contains four steps including a shout "stop" and then think of something else technique; making use of the absurd; licking jealousy; and working to build a positive self-image . According to Dr. Phillips there has always been a need for such a revolutionary program. " Until now , falling out of love was an isolated experience and very lonely; there were no parties given for the occasion.'' She stressed that in the past, the suffering of falling out of love was glorified because no one knew how to deal with it, but that through this process, the patient would gain relief rather than just understanding . Dr. Phillips also pointed out that relationships cannot live on love alone . "It is important to be good friends as well as lovers," she said. She added that the lack of friendship in a marriage is the greatest problem couples face. The Lifestyles Committee began in 19 7 5 as a joint effort between the Westhampton College Government and the Dean's Office to address the issues of women in professional careers playing dual roles as housewives and career women. Cathy Villanis .

Dr. Debora Phillips discusses the problems students face today.


Most Valuable•Jeff Nixon, Hillary Tuwei and Ingrid Brustad received All-America awards, and seniors Dave Thomas and Roseann Sheridan received the President's Citation for the highest academic averages as the University of Richmond honored its lettermen and most valuable players at its all-sports banquet. Nixon, a four-year free safety for the Richmond football team, was selected to five AllAmerica squads this season while ranking fifth in the NCAA in interceptions. Tuwei placed second in the NCAA indoor 3-mile this winter,

Hillary Tuwei running like never before.

while Brustad earned honors in the 200-meter butterfly at the AIAW swimming championships. Thomas, who was also named this year's Most Valuable Player in baseball, holds a 3.94 in business administration and enters the Emory University School of Law in September. He has a career batting average of about .340 and recently broke the university's record of 44 for most hits during the regular season. Sheridan, who has a 3.74 in theatre arts, led the archery team to a second place finish in the state championships. Paul Kennedy. Mavromata• The world premiere of Richard Becker's eclectic piano composition, Mavromata--meaning "dark eyed woman" in Greek-took place in April at the Festival of American Music at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C . Claudia Stevens Becker, wife of the composer, gave the recital in the East Garden Court of the Gallery. ''The Bach chorale setting, Aus tiefer Noth ich schrei zu dir, permeates the entire fabric of the work,'' says Becker, instructor of music at UR. For Becker, this was the second straight

year in which his music has been presented at the festival. He was able to complete the arrangement through a grant from the Committee on Faculty Research. Influenced by internationally known composer Robert Sessions, Becker was inspired to write tne music for his wife who has been a champion of Session's music for years. For this reason the 17.5 minute, five-movement piano composition was dedicated to Sessions. Becker, along with Alan Stein, assistant professor of music and director of the University Orchestra at UR, is writing a short choral work for the University Choir for UR's 1 50th anniversary. ET. Greetings•Dr. D. Robert Moxley of Atlanta, Ga., has assumed the office of executive assistant to the president of the University of Richmond, Dr. E. Bruce Heilman, as of May 1 upon the retirement of Dr. C. J. Gray. The appointment of Moxley, was announced at the March 9 meeting of the University's Board of Trustees. Since 1975 he has been assistant to the director of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in Atlanta, and before that served as assistant to the executive vice president of Florida Junior College at Jacksonville, and as director of institutional studies at Old Dominion University in Norfolk. His work has included a variety of teaching and administrative experiences. ''Dr . Moxley has the academic background and the planning, research and editorial skills necessary to fill admirably the demands of this position," says President Heilman. Moxley holds a BA degree in history from Harvard University and MA and PhD degrees in educational administration from the University of Alabama. Alison Griffin .



ToaFare-Thee-Wel by Evelyn Terry

Recognized as the ''Voice of the University of Richmond ' '-and as "Bus " by his friendsDean C. J. Gray has generously ministered to the demands of the university since he first walked onto the campus as a student in February 1930 . "I 've joined a lot of folks in trying to make the university look good by doing the best we can. Nothing is more satisfying than having others look upon the university as a model," said Dean Gray , who retired on May 31 . Hundreds of people throughout Virginia and surrounding states have grown to know the Dean's voice either through his 30 years as UR's public address announcer or through his 1 8 years as moderator of the University of Richmond Radio Scholarship Quiz , a 1 3-weeks series broadcast for 21 years over a network of radio stations in Virginia until 1972. Through the program 27 university scholarships were awarded each year to Virginia's most outstanding high school students. When columnist Guy Friddell introduced Dean Gray as an honoree at the Distinguished Alumni Awards Ceremony in November 1978, Friddell commented: "He has announced pregame and half-time ceremonies and has occasionally done the very commentary at football, basketball, track , baseball, May Day, the Junior Dance. Anything that happens at the university isn't complete without his being there, his voice. He always does it professionally , with the utmost taste and efficiency . . .. " Elaborating on the Dean's influence through the Radio Scholarship Quiz, Friddell said: "I don 't think that any educational program in the history of communications has gone on for so long so successfully . . . . He travelled all over this state--he was our emissary. In a way that perhaps no other activity has done , he introduced the university to the Commonwealth of Virginia . ... And from those excellent programs and the scholarships that were awarded for more than two decades, we gained some wonderful students. He helped change the composition in great degree of this student body and made it for the better, as well as presenting our best foot forward .... " As a student , as a faculty member and as an administrator, Dean Gray has determinedly worked to promote leadership and scholarship. Elected to Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) and Phi Beta Kappa while an undergraduate at UR, Dean Gray has been a spokesman for these organizations through the years. By reason of Dean Gray's extensive local and national service to Phi Beta Kappa and ODK , his classmates, at the 40th reunion of the class of 1 933, established the Clarence J . Gray Achievement Awards for Excellence in Scholarship

and Leadership at the University of Richmond as their belated class gift to the university. Regarded as an administrator because of his key posts as Dean of Students from 1946-68, as Dean of Administrative Services, 1968-73, and as Dean of Administration , 1973-79, Dean Gray said, "I don 't want people to forget that I have been and still am a teacher. My first love is people who are interested in learning, but a parallel love is Spanish. I shall never cease promoting all things Hispanic." Of the many programs Dean Gray helped to establish at the university , he would most like to be remembered for restructuring the Faculty Counselor Program for Freshmen in 1 966 and for creating the Faculty Publication Fund in 1970. The Grays are a UR family. Dean Gray and his wife, Jane (W'32), met while they were participating in a University Players Production . Their two children, Frances Gray Mark, PhD (W' 58), and Kenneth S. Gray, MD (R'66), were chemistry majors and members of Phi Beta Kappa.

Summing up his service at the University of Richmond, Dean Gray said , "As student, then colleague, associated with three presidents, I am glad that I have lived long enough to serve-in my own mind at least-as a kind of bridge or transition from one administration to another and then to another. I have viewed close up the great strengths of the university 's leaders, Frederic W. Boatwright, George M. Modlin and E. Bruce Heilman. While there have been memorable moments in the past-the present and the future of the university are especially bright and inspiring." He will continue to be available as a special consultant to the president. From quarters in Boatwright Library, the Dean will keep active in university affairs as he gathers data and conducts interviews for the Oral History Project of the university as part of the 1 50th Anniversary celebration.


Compiled by Cathy Villanis Tennis•The $1,000 ,000 Central Fidelity Banks International Women 's Tennis Tournament will be held in the Robins Center, Aug . 1 3-1 9. Series tickets for the tournament are $35-$45 with $100 box seats. Individual tickets are $4-$6 for Monday through Thursday nights and $ 7-$1 0 for Friday through Sunday nights . For information or reservations call 804/285-3333.

Travel•The University of Richmond is sponsoring trips to Rhine River, Aug. 1-9, $549; Greece , Nov. 2 5-Dec . 3, $ 5 3 9. A 1 5 percent tax and service charges will be added to the above prices. For more information contact Louis M. Markwith , director of alumni affairs , University of Richmond , Va. 23173, 804/285-6281 . Travel-Study• Learn the fun way through travel and experience. The University College is offering graduate and undergraduate credit to participants. Courses this summer will include Spanish, Salamanca, Spain, Jul. 2-Aug. 27 ; French, La Ro-

chelle , France, Jun . 24-Aug. 12 ; " Conflict and Cooperation in Western Europe ," Amsterdam , London, Paris and Strasbourg , Jun. 30-Jul. 20. For information and brochures contact University College , 804 / 285-6316 . Ann Frederick and her husband , Phil, will host a tour to the French Riviera and Southern Provence , Jun. 18-Jul. 2 . For further information contact Ann Frederick, 804 / 285-6246 . Go Team!•Season tickets for the University of Richmond home football games will go on sale in late August at the Robins Center . The Spiders will host West Virginia, Sept. 29; Arkansas State, Oct. 6 ; Duke (Tobacco Bowl), Oct. 13; Villanova, Nov.

3. All home games begin at 1 :30 pm. The Spiders will visit VMI, Sept. 1 5 , in Lexington ; Wyoming, Sept. 22 , in Laramie; Cincinnati , Oct. 27, in Cincinnati ; ECU, Nov. 10, in Greenville ; and W&M , Nov. 17, in Williamsburg. NOTE: An old rivalry will be renewed Sept. 8 , 1 :30 pm , as the University of Richmond takes on the University of Virginia in Charlottesville for the first time since 1952. Tickets may be purchased for $8 at the Robins Center ticket office or as part of the season ticket package ($30). Call the Robins Center ticket office for further information , 804 / 285-6363.

Spider Sports• Baseball (23-16}--UR 8 , N.C . State 6; UR 14 , Hampden-Sydney 11; UR 6 , Lockhaven St. 3 ; UR 5, Lockhaven St. 6 ; UR 12 , Coast Guard 2 ; UR 8 , Coast Guard 2; UR 2 , Wilkes 4; UR 7, Maryland 4 ; UR 6 , East Conn. 9 ; UR 2 , Dartmouth 1 0 ; UR 14 , Dartmouth 2; UR 6, W&M2 ; UR 11 , ODU 2; UR 7 , ODU 1; UR 5, Massachusetts 16; UR 5, W&M 2 ; UR 0 , James Madison 5; UR 7, Jame s Madison 4; UR 4 , Catholic 6 ; UR 13, Princeton 6; UR 1, VPI 4 ; UR 5 , VPI 6 ; UR 4 , VMI 3; UR 2, VMI 1; UR 22 , Georgetown 1; UR 15, VCU 4; UR 2, Catholic 5 ; UR 8 , VPI 9 ; UR 6 , VPI 7; UR 11, Siena 4 ; UR 2 , Siena 6; UR 3, UVa. 12; UR 3 , UVA 12; UR 3, St. John's O; UR 3 , Georgetown 4; UR 2 , Georgetown 1; UR 5 , G. Washington 0 ; UR 9 , ODU 0 ; UR 5, ODU 4. Women 's Lacrosse(3-6-2}--UR 1 7, Roanoke 7 ; UR 1 0 , Lynchburg 2 ; UR 1 0 , UVa. 1 O; UR 7, Longwood 7 ; UR 6 , Hollins 15 ; UR 4, Sweetbriar 11; UR 7, W&M 19; UR 6, James Madison 13 ; UR 2 , Mary Washington 11 ; UR 4 , Longwood 8; UR 1 1 , Roanoke 7. Commencernent•Summer Commencement exercises will begin at 7 pm , Aug. 1 7, in the Jenkins Greek Theater. Pastors School• The 50th annual Pastors School will be held at the University of Richmond Jul. 911. Registration will be held Jul. 9 from 1 :30-5 :30 pm in the Gray Court lobby. For further information write Associate Chaplain Linwood T. Horne, University of Richmond, Va. 23173 , or call 804/2856401.


Glee Club and Mandolin and Guitar Club, 1900.

assooes Solon B. Cousins, R' 4 7, of Winnetka, Ill., has been appointed chairman of an 18-member steering committee to coordinate the State of Illinois's participation in the International Year of the Child. Cousins is executive director of United Way of Metropolitan Chicago. Dr. William N. Gee Jr., R'49, of Valdosta, Ga., represented Dr. Heilman at the inauguration of Dr. Hugh Bailey as president of Valdosta State College on May 3. John Goode, R'49, of Richmond, has been elected vice president and assistant general counsel of Lawyers Title Insurance Corp. Claude G . Thomas, R'49, of Milford, N.H., has been appointed president and chief executive officer of the sales division of Massachusetts Financial Services Co. Dr. Bernard Webb B'49, professor of actuarial science and insurance at Georgia State U. has received the distinguished professor award for 1978.

"t'ifts William B. Astrop, R'50, of Atlanta, Ga., represented Dr. Heilman at the inauguration of Dr. Charles W. Merideth as chancellor of the Atlanta University Center, Inc. on April 7. John K. Griffin, R'51, of Richmond, received the 1978 Adrian L. Bendheim Jr. Award given by the Richmond Board of Realtors to the salesman of the year. Judge F. Ward Harkrader Jr., R'53,L'56, of Mineral, Va., has been appointed by Gov. Dalton as judge of the 16th Judicial District. Ronald G. Mann, B'53, of Richmond, has received the 1978 Adrian L. Bendheim Jr . Award given by the Richmond Board of Realtors to the salesman of the year. Wilbur E. Thomas, B'54, of Lawrenceville , Va., is on the Board of Trustees of Southside Virginia Community College, Greenville Memorial Hospital, Emporia; Brunswick County Department of Social Services, Brunswick County Development Corp., and president of Brunswick Insurance Agency, Lawrenceville . John L. Anderson, R'55, of Richmond, received the 1978 Adrian L. Bendheim Jr. Award given by the Richmond Board of Realtors to the salesman of the year. A. Conrad Bareford Jr., B'56 ,L'60, of Richmond , has opened law offices with C. Jeffers Schmidt Jr., L'72, and L. Anderson Hughes Jr., B'75,L '78. Dr . Richard H. Gascoigne, R'56 of Adrian, Mich , represented Dr. Heilman on April 7 at the inauguration of Dr. Donald S. Stanton as president of Adrian College. David I. Harfeld, R'56, of Highland Park, Ill., has been appointed an administrative law judge for the Federal Energy Regulatory Com-

mission in Washington, as of January 3. William B. Floyd, R'57, of Denton, Tx., represented Dr. Heilman at the inauguration of Dr. Harry E. Smith as president of Austin College on April 28. Dr. Kenneth A. Burnette, R'58, of Lancaster, Pa., is director of pastoral care at Lancaster General Hospital. He was appo inted adjunct assistant professor of Pastoral Theology and supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education at Lancaster Theological Seminary. Olen H. Sikes, R'58, of West Point, Va, is director of safety for the Chesapeake Corporation of Virginia. Comdr. John B. Wiggins Jr. R'58, of New Orleans, La , retired from the U.S. Public Health Service January 1, 1979.


Or. L. W. Custalow, R'60, of Newport News, Va., practices medicine, specializing in ear, nose , throat and allergy. Robert G. Sullivan, R'60, has been promoted to president and general manager of A.H. Robins Manufacturing Co., a subsidiary located in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. Dr. Carey E. Stronach, R'61, of Alberta, Canada, is spending the 1978-79 academic year as visiting associate professor in the physics department of the U of Alberta in Edmonton. He is participating in the research program at the Tri-University Meson Facility cyclotron in Vancouver, British Columbia. William E. Davis, B'62, of Midlothian , Va , received the 1978 Adrian L. Bendheim Jr. Award given by the Richmond Board of Realtors to the salesman of the year. Mayo S. Silvey Jr., B'62, of Powhatan, Va., was appointed division vice president of AMF lncorporated 's Union Machinery Division in Richmond. Donald E. Edwards, R'63, of Richmond, has been appointed resident vice president and general manager of the Richmond service office of Insurance Company of North America. Joseph G. Bowden Jr., B'64, of Richmond, has been promoted to senior vice president of the Bank of Virginia. Barry A. Goldin, R'64, of Aiken, S.C., represented Dr. Heilman at the inauguration of Dr. George B. Thomas as president of Voorhees College in Denmark, S.C. H. Carlton Townes, B'64, of Hopewell, Va., was elected assistant vice president of A. H. Robins Company. Dennis P. McEntire, R'65, and Jean Reynolds McEntire, W'66, will be returning to Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay in June, as missionaries to a small Christian church. While living in Virginia, Jean has been directing two choirs at the New Bridge Baptist Church. Robert L. Waldrop, R'65, of Richmond, has been elected chairman of the foil division of

the Alumninum Association. William J. Solari, R'66, of Raleigh, N.C., has been named vice president of sales for Bache Halsey Stuart Shields, Inc., an investment firm . Coleman B. Yeatts Jr., R'66,G'67, of Chatham , Va., was selected as a subject of biographical record in the Who 's Who in the South and Southwest. Russell W. Jordan Ill, L'69, of Richmond, has been elected counsel of Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation in Richmond. Dr. Thomas L. Powers, R'69, is now assistant professor of history at the U. of South Carolina in Sumter, S.C. The Rev. Or. Leonard I. Sweet, R'69, of Genesco, N.Y., has been appointed adjunct associate professor of American church history at Colgate Rochester Divinity SchoolBexley Hall-Crozer Theological Seminary, Rochester, N.Y.


Laverne A. Boschen Jr., B'70, of Richmond, received the 1978 Adrian L. Bendheim Jr. Award given by the Richmond Board of Realtors to the salesman of the year. George B. Douglas 111, R' 70, of Richmond, is president of George B. Douglas Public Relations, Inc., and will handle the overall management and public relations for the Virginia Cable Television Assoc. He will also serve as executive secretary of the association. Michael T. Goode, L'70, of Portsmouth, Va., writes that there is an Over-30 Basketball Team comprised of former schoolmates of the law school, G. Michael Price, L'70; Walton G. Bondurant Jr. L'7 0; Hunter W. Sims Jr., L'70; Morton V. Whitlow, B'69, L'72; and former All-Southern Conference UR Harvey Roberts, B'67. They are called The Barristers and their record is 12-14 for 1978-79. Michael E. Keck, B'72, G' 76, of Alexandria, Va , has been elected a vice president of Central National Bank. C. Jeffers Schmidt Jr., L'72, of Richmond, has opened law offices with A. Conrad Bareford and L. Anderson Hughes Jr. George C. Dunn, R'73, of Richmond, is now assistant branch manager at First & Merchants National Bank, Highland Park Branch. Ewell Stuart Feather, R'73, is now working in a mens store in Spartanburg, S. C. Dr . John W. Brown Ill, R'73 , of Niantic , Ct., received his DDS degree in 1976 from VCU and is presently with the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Ct. Joseph L. Lam, B'73, of Richmond, is a State Farm Insurance Agent and, with his partner, has purchased an office building at 1007 E. Nine Mile Road, Highland Springs. Robert C. Lee, R'73, of Fredericksburg, Va., has been appointed executive vice president


of Lee-Curtis Insurance Service, Inc. He is serving as president of the Fredericksburg Jaycees, and chairman of Fredericksburg Cablevision Commission. He was also appointed to the United Way Board for the Rappahannock Area. Thomas H. Littlejohn, R'73, of Maitland, Fl., is employed by Showalter Flying Service in Orlando, Fla. as a charter pilot and flight instructor. William Nelherwood Jr., R'73, of Richmond, has been promoted to assistant manager of credit for A. H. Robins Company. Jeffrey C. Sherman, R'73, of Highland Springs, Va., is married with two children and working as a juvenile probation officer, 13th District Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Alvin M . Stenzel, R'73, of Richmond, was appointed assistant controller and assistant secretary of Home Beneficial Corp. in December 1978. The Rev. David F. White Jr., R'73, of Richmond, is pastor of Weatherford Memorial Baptist Church. Rev. Terry Lynn Green, R'74, of Marshall, Va., is pastor of Hume & Orlean Baptist Churches in Hume and Orlean, Va. Dr. George Hughes Jr., R'74, of Norfolk, Va., has completed his internship at Cincinnati General Hospital and will_continue training as a resident in internal medicine at East Carolina U. and Pitt City Hospital. M. Collier Irvin, R'74, of Fairfax, Va., has been named assistant vice president of First Virginia Banks, Inc. , in Falls Church. John E. Patterson Ill, R'74, of Blackstone, Va., graduated from MCV School of Dentistry in May 1978 and is in private practice in Crewe, Va. The Pattersons have two sons, aged 3 years and 7 months. Richard J. Alkins, B'75, of Richmond, has been promoted to assistant vice president, personnel employee benefit officer, of Wheat, First Securities, Inc. David E. Bosher, B'75, of Sandston, Va., has been promoted to supervisor of budget for A. H. Robins Co. Sharon Keyser, B'75, of Richmond, recently opened Keyser's Seafood, Inc. along Laburnum Avenue. John H. Mclees Jr., L'75, of Fairfax, Va., is associated with the firm of Chess, Dorrette & Roeder. He has been a guest lecturer on criminal law at George Mason U. Thomas R. Scanniello, R'75, of Richmond, has been promoted to manager of salary administration for A. H. Robins Co. David Snidow, B'75, of Midlothian, Va., is currently head tennis professional at Brandermill Country Club. He and his wife, Mary ,l::imes Snidow, are expecting their first child. Martie H. Torza, G'75, of Richmond, is a re-

source teacher at St. Catherine's School and spoke on "Early Identification of and Intervention in Reading Problems" at the 1979 National Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference in Washington, D. C., March 1-3. Kathryn Gillie Allen, B'76, of Arlington, Va., has accepted a new position with GAO's International Division, European Branch in Frankfurt, Germany. She will be leaving in late summer for two to four years. John E. Atkinson, R'76, of Villanova, Pa., will start graduate school at the U. of Kentucky in June in the department of pharmacology. He will pursue a MS in toxicology. Kenneth W. Fitchett, B'76, and Allie Hutter Fitchett, B'77, of Williamsburg, Va., were married August 27, 1977 . Ken will complete his MBA in May from W&M . Allie is working at United Virginia Bank. F. William Kirby Jr. L'76, of Richmond, has become a partner in the firm of Mccaul, Grigsby and Pearsall. Stephen N. Lawrence, R'76, of Mechanicsville, Va., has been elected senior vice president of Central National Bank. Craig B. Lewis, B'76, of Bowling Green, Va., has opened his own business, Lewis Furniture of Bowling Green. Edwin B. Nash Jr., 8'76, of Blackstone, Va., is working as an independent insurance agent. Robert A. Prehn Jr. R'76 , of Baton Rouge, La., has completed his masters degree in psychology at Louisiana State U. and is currently working on his PhD in psychology and MS in experimental statistics at LSU. Glenn W. Russell, R'76 , of Aylett, Va., is presently teaching reading and language arts at Essex Intermediate School in Tappahannock. George M. Thomas Jr., B'76, of Hampton, Va., has been employed with The Life Insurance Co. of Virginia, Hampton Roads Agency. He is enrolled as a student in the Industry Training Program-LUTC Part 1. The course moderator is Marlin W . Noffsinger, R'57. Jonah J. Bowles 111,U'77 , Mechanicsville, Va., joined the commodities department of Wheat, First Securities in January. George B. Bridgforth Ill, R'77, of Richmond, has joined The Hartford Insurance Group's regional office as a life and health sales representative. Richard Claybrook, L'77, of Richmond, has been admitted to the Virginia State Bar and is serving as a staff assistant to Gov. John N. Dalton. Henry N. Butler, R'77, of Roanoke, Va., a graduate student at VPI is one of five persons to be selected for a John M. Olin Fellowship worth about $32,000 for three years' study at

the Law and Economics Center of the U. of Miami. Robert L. Flax, L'77, of Richmond, has recently opened a law office. Rayford L. Harris , Jr., R'77, of Richmond, is presently employed by Richmond Public Schools, Henderson Middle School. He is also assistant baseball coach at John Marshall High School. Hartwell Harrison, L'77, of Richmond, a former assistant attorney general, has accepted a position in the trust division of United Virginia Bank. Donald Renie Martin, B'77, of Dover, Del., is with the Kansas City Royals at their spring training site in Fort Myers, Fla. Elaine G. Smiley, 8'77, of Richmond, has been elected ready reserve officer of NB Bank of Richmond . Susan Huntley Donavan!, G'78, of Richmond, has accepted the position of alumni director at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland , Va. L. Anderson Hughes Jr., L'78, of Richmond, has opened law offices with A. Conrad Bareford and L. Anderson Hughes Jr. LI. Daniel S. Keenan, R'78, of Miami, Fla., has been commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the Marine Corps upon graduation from Officer Candidate School. Ens. Richard A. Young, R'78, of Richmond, received his commission from the Navy after graduation from Officer Candidate School.

Deaths 1911 / Wilmer L. O'Flaherty (R, L'15) of Richmond , January 25, 1979. O'Flaherty was a Richmond lawyer for 64 years. He was a member of the Richmond Electoral Board from 1925 to 1970, serving most of the time as secretary. He served on the university's board of trustees from 1933 to 1964. 1926 / Dr. Rudolph Cabell Thomason (R) of Richmond , January 31, 1979. Dr. Thomason was a retired opthalmologist and professor at MCV. He helped found the Richmond Eye Hospital in the early 1 950s. Dr. Kennon C. Walden (R) of Flagler Beach, Fl., March 1979. He received his medical degree from MCV. 1 931 / George B. Cummings (R) of Milwaukee, Wis., November 25, 1978. 1935/Carl S. Pates (R) of Fredericksburg, Va., June 21, 1978. 1939/M. Henson Wood Jr . (R) of Annandale , Va., April 23, 1978. 1942/Robert S. Black (B) of Richmond, February 3, 1979. 1949/Charles B. Moss (L) of Norfolk, Va, September 1 9 7 8. 1971 /William T. McMillan Jr. (L) of Richmond, April 27, 1976.


George Washington Club, 1909.

Farewell '19

Dear Alumni , There are many expressions of appreciation I would like to make as I leave the University of Richmond , but they seem inadequate. My nearly five years of service to you and Alma Mater have been exciting and per sonally rewarding . I wish simply to say a heartfelt ' 'thank you " for your support, dedication and for being a friend. As I go to Memphis State University, I take with me a deep sens e of pride in knowing my friends will continue to move the University of Richmond forward. Louis M. Markwith



Elizabeth Ellyson Wiley 51 Old Mill Road Richmond, Va. 23 226

The five eighteeners at Westminster-Canterbury are all entering into life there with enjoyment. Elizabeth Brockenborough and Deborah McCarthy are members of the folk dancing class. Swimming also is popular with them . Mary Denmead Ruffin comes in from gardens with arms full of flowers. Martha Chappell is busy helping others and running the Echo Shop. Estelle Kemper Butler is living in her old home. She continues her writing and book review clubs. Betsy Camp Smith's husband was not well enough to winter in Florida this year so they spent the winter at home in Franklin. Dorothy Gary Markey has been interviewed several times by Mrs. V. Hills who is writing her doctorate thesis on ' 'Radical Women Novelists.'' Dorothy has spent much time giving reports and reading John Masefield at public schools , churches etc. Louise Wiley Willis's daughter Betty has a Post Doctoral Scholarship at Johns Hopkins. Her doctorate is from Princeton. Elizabeth Ellyson Wiley and son, Tom, must leave their campus home since Hundley has died. She will move just across the road to her sister 's house.

Lillian Robertson Carter P. 0. Box 928 Harrisonburg , Va. 22801 Elizabeth (Tommy) Tompkins is still prac-

ticing law in Richmond although she does not see well after cataract operations. Hester Tichenor Warfield has been in and out of the hospital for the past year but is now with her sister-in-law in Naples, Fla. Virginia Jones Snead is in Holly Manor in Farmville, Va . but returns to her home in Fork Union sometimes . Elizabeth McLean Mathewson and Don have lived in Rosemont Presbyterian Manor several years. They have one granddaughter in New Hampshire College. Their son lives in Berwyn, Pa. Mildred Lewis McDanel is living in Lakewood Manor , Richmond. Audrey Colonna Twyford is back on Eastern Shore and is living in the Farmington Retirement Home. Mary Morris Roberts was visiting in our home at Wakefield, Va. last year but had a bad fall the day she returned home at Eastville , Eastern Shore. Catherine Nottingham Richardson is living in her home, Montrose, at Onancock, Va. Esther Sanford Jett spends much of her time going on tours with her daughter in Suffolk , Va. Edith Garland Sydnor is living in the Hermitage . Adelaid Walton Cowherd flew to Wheeling, Ohio to visit her daughter who has triplet daughters. Elizabeth Gaines has not left the UR campus, but she is now alone and too ill to get about much . Anna Decker is living in Charlottesville but not able to travel. Virginia Gay has been an invalid since late 1 9 7 7 , but she remains in her own home. I am very well and went to New York City on March 31 to visit my only grandson who is doing his residency at St. Vincents Hospital for practice in psychiatry. My only single granddaughter who graduated as a math major at Westhampton last year is working in Richmond. I have three married granddaughters and two great granddaughters.


Jeffries Heinrich

1600 Westbrook Ave. #747 Richmond, Va. 23227 Ruth McEwen does some volunteer work for

her church and the Cancer Society. She is happy to have as a next door neighbor former Dean of Students, Clara Keith, whom she met in Edinburgh on her last trip abroad. Anna Lee Willis Eppright and her husband flew to Texas in the fall. Her brother, Harry, has been hospitalized in Fredericksburg for months. Kitty Vaughan Willis has had both wrists operated on . Martha Walden wrote: Jeffries, Jeffries! When will you learn I never do anything newsworthy? I never wore a wedding dress with precious lace and pearls-so there 's no talk of little boys and girls grown up to call me "Mom" or "Great". There is a garden where roses grow but they never enter a garden show. There are some little poems and children's stories never meant to print-and yes, some crafts never meant to show and last of all I at last paint' An Artist! Of all things that I ain't' Westhampton drew a big blank when

'21.Martha wrude". Leonora Dorsey Kilby Box 192-2 Baptist Village Culpepper, Va. 22701 Our May Thompson Evans has given a tui-

tion scholarship to the university, as a memorial to the late Judge Evans. Theresa Pollak was asked by Trinity Episcopal High School in Bon Air to be the first to show in their new art gallery, and she exhibited approximately 1 5 of her drawings and paintings during the month of April. She was selected as one of 22 Richmond artists to be included in the invitational show to be presented in June by the Federated Arts Council of Richmond, on the occasion of their 30th Birthday Celebration. Since Gladys Lumsden McCutcheon's daughter lives in Virginia Beach, Gladys visited the family while attending the annual Virginia WMU Conference. Ruth Hoover Lide introduced me to the 450 Group, a motor patrol which rides for such functions as the Apple Blossom Festival. Her son is a member, and Ruth accompanies him and his wife on some of their trips. Virginia Lane spent the winter months at her nephew's home in Falls Church and has reported plans for a permanent move from Mississippi to Virginia. Elizabeth Elsea and her sister will live year round at Berryville. Catherine Little Dupuy is regent of her DAR chapter. Early April found Jack and me enjoying a trip to South Carolina , first to Coker College for the 50th reunion of the class that gradu-


WC Classical Studies Association, 1922. ated at the end of my first year on the faculty there, and then to Conway to visit a friend.


Irene Summers Stoneman Varina-on-the-James Richmond, Va. 23231 Mary Fugate has been named "Dean Emeritus" of Averett College. Mary served as instructor, Dean of Women, acting president and Dean of the College over a total of 40 years (1924-1969). She is presently a mem ber of the board of the Virginia Foundation of the Humanities and Public Policy and is Educational Foundations Program chairman for the Virginia Division. Celia Levinson Myer and her husband took a tour of Greece and Turkey with the Garden Clubs of Virginia. Jeanette Henna enjoyed a trip to Charleston and Birmingham. Jeanette is treasurer of the special Westhampton Funds. She tells me that through February only 1 2 from our class had contributed to the Alumnae Fund for the year. Eva Timberlake West had a nice restful few days at the Williamsburg Lodge the first of the year . She finds life at Imperial Plaza very pleasant. Ruth Wallerstein Thalhimer is happy to have a graduate student who coaches the Westhampton girls track team live in her home. Elizabeth Hoover (" Rat") is enjoying volunteer work at the information desk in one of the Orlando hospitals. She also helps in the Thrift Shop at her church. Leslie Sessoms Booker, her daughter, and daughters-in-law had a family reunion80th birthday dinner party for "Book" with 127 relatives attending. Now the Bookers are having guests from England. Daughter Constance's husband is going to attend the War College tor two years. Muriel Sanders and her sister Gladys are at the Windsor on Grove Avenue, neither in good health. My oldest granddaughter, who is with Marriott Hotels as program development specialist with food and technical training, has been appointed to the Alumni Board of Directors at VPI. My oldest grandson who finished high school this year is an Eagle Scout. One granddaughter is with a law firm, and another with Holiday Inn in Richmond. My daughter 's two children are in college. The youngest granddaughter will also be in college next year and the one grandson. The four younger grandsons are still in public school.


Dorothy Sadler Corprew 7100 Horsepen Road Richmond, Va. 23226 Members of '23 attending the Homecoming reception and dinner were: Hannah Coker with her sister , Virginia Kent Loving with her daughter-in-law, Ruth Powell Tyree, Ethney Selden Headlee, Gladys Nuckols Wood, and I. Hannah received one of the Distinguished Service Awards from the university. Last fall Camilla Wimbish Lacy's husband, Evan , was recognized for his many years of devoted service to his church as teacher, deacon and clerk. Ellen Douglas Oliver has moved to Lakewood Manor, but continues her work in the library. Elmira Ruffin Bowen improves in health since her illness of last summer. Gladys Nuckols Wood 's granddaughter , a Westhampton freshman, represents the third generation of the family there. Ruth Powell Tyree and John are planning a summer at their home on the river. Their grandson, Carey Woodward, will attend the Governor 's School this summer. Ethney's grandson, Earl Patterson, returned from a three year stint in Army Medics near Stuttgart, Germany. He is enrolled in a community college , with plans to enter a university later. Janie Wood is living in Westminster-Canterbury, and Evelyn Sanford Wamsley moved there this winter. She fell on ice and injured her hip, but is now able to go out. Teeny Cooper Tennent spent Christmas with her daughter. Some of Ethney's cousins visited her at home on Jekyll Island. Glenna Loving Norvell, after a stay in the hospital, has been recuperating in a nursing home . Mildred Pulliam Stone 's eye condition is stable. She has visited her son, and is glad that one granddaughter has enrolled at UVa.


Margaret Fugate Carlton 1503 Wilmington Ave. Richmond, Va. 23227 We owe special thanks to Louise Wilkinson Morton, who serves as president of '24, and to Agnes Jones, who is our fund chairman. Louise spent some time in the spring in New York with her daughter Jeanne. Eva Sanders writes, ''I am back from South Caro-

lina where I spoke tour times and visited with friends. I am thankful to be able to continue teaching a weekly Bible class here and a Sunday School class at West-Hampton Baptist church in Hampton. I speak frequently in neighboring churches .'' Inez DeJarnette Hite and Oscar enjoyed Florida during our cold winter. Virginia Gregory and her sister Allie are busy with the care of two older sisters. Ruth Lazenby McCulloch is planning a wedding breakfast for fifty , which she is giving when her granddaughter , Brucie McCulloch , will be married. Mabel Allen and friends braved the snow and the farmer's tractors in February to attend a special exhibit and lecture on China at the Smithsonian. Mabel's summer plans include a trip to Alaska. Elizabeth Lake Patterson and her husband have been living in a retirement home in Wake Forest, N.C. for seven years . Their son lives in Raleigh; a daughter in North Wilksboro, N.C. ; one in Ellicott City, Md. and one in West Point, N.Y. Ibbie and Pat have three married grandchildren, five in college, the rest in high school, and they have two great grandchildren' Each year on Founder's Day, Wake Forest University awards " The Medallion of Merit" to an outstanding alumnus and this year Pat was the recipient , for his 50 years service as registrar at Wake Forest. After leaving Westhampton Clara Black received a BS degree in Speech from Northwestern. She began her teaching career in 1 924 and for many years she served the city of Roanoke as teacher and director of Speech and Drama at Jefferson High School. In 1929 she was instrumental in establishing The School for Crippled Children, the first such school in the world. In 1933 Clara began her more than 30 years association with Children's Theater. Other honors include serving as president of the Junior Woman's Club, Director of the Little Theater Group, twice she was President of the Business and Professional Woman 's Club , was named Woman of the Year by two different organizations in Roanoke. She is listed in Who 's Who Among American Women and Who's Who Among Southern Women and was named outstanding woman in club work in America .

Elma H. Ashton 1020 N. Quincy St., Apt. 812 Arlington, Va. 22201 Cathryn Henna agreed to take on the job of class agent tor fund raising.


Elsie Nolan Friedman and her husband, Joe, now retired, are living in Chevy Chase, Md. Their daughter, Linda, is working for ACTION. Mickey (Idaline) McVeigh Ratcliffe and her husband , " Rat," are enjoying the peace and quiet of their home in Virginia. Estelle Myers Thornhill spent the winter months in Florida . Susie Blair has had a little physical difficulty . Bean (Elizabeth) Abernathy was in Northern Virginia with her niece for the Christmas season. Last fall Billie (Alpha) Gordon Atwill and her daughter and son-in-law had a lovely auto trip in New England. Last fall, Page Price, '27, and I saw Greece for the first time. We flew to Athens, viewed the Acropolis from every angle, sailed the Aegean Sea, visited Crete and Rhodes, and returned home on a Norwegian ship, The Royal Viking. On March 21 , Cathryn Henna and I were among those present at a reception honoring Miss Pauline Turnbull on the occasion of the unveiling of her lovely portrait. The portrait will hang in Keller Hall.


May Rudd Harris Box 84 Tappahannock , Va. 22560 lone Stuessy Wright's Historical Dictionary of Argentina, upon which she and a colleague have been working for seven years was published in November. She is now organizing her files for her new book : Pan Am 's Pioneering in the Pacific, 1930 to Pearl Harbor. lone is retired from the U. of Miami, but as professor emerita she has full use of the library and keeps up with all of her colleagues. She is a member of the board of trustees of the Historical Association of Southern Florida.


Frances Anderson Stallard 302 Virginia Ave. Richmond, Va. 23226 Virginia Pleasant Robertson reports no personal replies to her letter to each of you for the Alumnae Fund. The Alton Williams Scholarship Fund continues to grow. Alton is Professor Emeritus of the Speech and Drama Department of UR, and husband, as you know, of Mildred Anderson Williams. Tom Rudd was down for the unveiling of Miss Pauline Turnbull's portrait.





Thelma Bryant Hutton 4 104 Bromley Lane Richmond , Va. 23221 Priscilla Kirkpatrick Millea (Pat) enjoyed a trip to Bermuda. After recovering from a gall bladder operation, Virginia Saunders Thomas went to the beach where she fell and broke her hip. Lucy Wright Pitts and George have moved from the Wright family home in Doswell to Henrico County. Virginia (Billie) Prince Shinnick and Bill have just had a trip down the Mississippi on the " Delta Queen." They visited their daughter " Fluff" in Houston and Bill's brother in Florida. Cornelia Ferguson Underwood and Wilson, on their way to Florida, spent a night in Richmond with Billie and Bill Shinnick. Estelle Crenshaw Leadbetter and Newman had a trip to Bermuda. Grace Watkins Lampson came to Richmond for her cousin Etta Johnson's funeral and spent a night with Margie Canada O'Riordan. Margaret Oliver Saunders' most recent trip was to Japan. Alice Richardson Connell took a trip with her son, Dick , and his family to the West Coast.

Margaret C. Leake 408 N. Meadow St. Richmond, Va. 23220 On November 1 , Frances Kerr Barnett will receive her 35th year pin as a volunteer for Red Cross service to military families.


Gertrude 8. Dyson 14 Malvern Ave. Richmond , Va. 23221 Mollie has a new grandson, Olyn Ditto Long, born in February. Margaret Baptist Lears lost her husband in August. She with son, Lee, is continuing their furniture and decorating business in Annapolis. Geoghegan was in town for the funeral of beloved "A unt Kate", Mrs. Harry Easterly. Mrs. Whitehead is making her home with Etta since the death of her husband.

Gladys Smith Tatum 336 Lexington Road Richmond, Va. 23226 Sue Cook McClure Jones made a generous donation to the Alumnae Fund to establish a scholarship in memory of her mother. Lola Williams Pierce's daughter, Cheryl, married Roy Wilson Craddock Jr. She is a faculty member at UR and is responsible for the costuming for the university's plays. Mary Mills Freeman has moved from her James River home, and she and Mallory have purchased a house several miles away. Our sympathy to Connie Vaden Moore and Betty Davis Nester, whose husbands died during the winter, and to Marjorie Puryear Carwile in the loss of her father. Connie Vaden Moore's son, John Rupel, and his wife made her a grandmother. Rhea Talley Stewart visited Afghanistan. Beverly Bates is semi-retired. She devotes part of her time to therapy at nursing homes. She also takes art and creative writing classes. Margaret Taylor Gallaway vacationed in Charleston and Hilton Head, S.C. Tess Carter Hawkins and her husband have retired, and are enjoying the opportunity to travel. Mary Anne Guy Franklin and a friend made a medieval pilgrimage across Spain, using Michenor's Iberia as their guidebook, and then went to France and onto England.

Virginia Kirk Lennox Box 107E R.D. 4 Chestertown, Md. 21620 Marjorie Pugh Tabb's son, Randy, is associated with the law firm of Taylor, Hazen, Bryant and Kauffman in Roanoke . Daughter Louise lives in Richmond . Martha Cosby Rucker is enjoying retirement in Clarksville, Va. after many years of teaching in south-central Virginia schools. She is an avid gardener, very active in church and community affairs, and boasts a 4-yearold granddaughter. Sarah Poole Batkins received her MST from Randolph Macon Woman 's College in 1972 and at last report was still teaching mathematics at St. Catherine's School. Margaret Bowers Gill and Wilfred were snowbound while visiting Paul and me in Chestertown in February. Virginia Burfoot Hill has retired as a nu-


WC sophomores presented its State Door Canteen and gave proceeds for War Bonds, 1943.

tritionist in Tennessee and is looking forward to living again near Richmond. Boo Owens Page has retired from her position as administrative chief medical consultant of the Virginia Disability Determination Service . She has received the Director's citation from the National Bureau of Disability Insurance-only the sixth such citation given since the program began in 1955. Sympathy is extended to Kay Conner Davidson, Kitty Ellis Fox and Alice Bartz on the deaths of their mothers, and to Rae Norford Hess on the death of her father.


Jane Carroll Slusser 223 Sunset Ave. Pensacola, Florida 32507 Louise Thompson Chewning attended the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Mich. in June. She had a nice visit with Kitty Broyles Kerr in Grosse Pointe. Kitty returned to Richmond with Louise for a fourth of July houseparty on the York River. In November , Louise visited her son, Tommy, in Seattle, Wash. Best wishes to Helen Roper Quinlan Howell who has married Thomas Howell. Tom grew up in Ginter Park in Richmond and also went to the UR. They now live part of the year in Myrtle Beach, S.C . and the rest of the year in Punta Gorda , Fla. Kitty Broyles Kerr continues teaching her 5th graders . She spent Christmas in Atlanta , Ga. with her daughter 's family. Betty Allison Briel's son Jack had a successful complete hip replacement this fall. Betty's daughter and son-in-law were with the Briels for New Year's. We extend belated sympathy to Rhoda Cornish Sparrow who lost her husband several years ago. Ruth Stephenson Edwards and her husband John are now retired and were able to have a nice visit with Ruth's sister Bernice and her family in England. Marion Miller Peyronnet is in her twentieth year of teaching and teaches first grade at Skipwith Elementary School. Her older daughter , Carolyn Timberlake, now lives in Blacksburg, Va. with her husband and three children . Carolyn is in the master's program at VPI. Marion 's younger daughter, Mary Stuart Williams, is married to a naval lieutenant and is stationed in Denver, Colo. Tom and I returned to Clarksville, Mo. the first weekend in October for a reunion. We extend our sympathy to Jean Hudson Miller who lost her brother, John B. Hudson Jr .


Anne P. Walker 181 3 Woodbine Rd. Richmond, Va. 23235 Mildred Lewis Masengill's daughter, Mary Wallis married Stephen Keller. Like her mother , she has been teaching school in Henrico County. For Mildred Gafford Davis, keeping up with her duties as head of the county Welfare Department has been good therapy since her husband, Ralph's death last year. Helen Gray, who lives with her sister in Windsor Farms in Richmond, retired about ten years ago from her position with the telephone company. She keeps active in the Presbyterian church there. Her pride and joy at present is a new diesel Mercedes-Benz.


Lois Lyle Mercer 4900 Park Ave. Richmond, Va. 23226 There has been heartfelt response to the purchasing and planting of a tree (which has been accomplished) on the campus in memory of the following classmates: Dorothy Alston Adams, Margaret Tomlinson Boyles, Sarah Elliott Bowen, Rebecca Clarke Branch, Edith Stumpf Covert , Patricia Metz Kelly, Bernice Smith Murdick, Marion Conrey Smith, Lucille Woodson, Elizabeth Davis Woolridge . Sally Moore Barnes Link is a guidance counselor in New Orleans and plans to retire next year. Elsie Bradshaw Kintner and Burton visited Peru and Ecuador and in October enjoyed a Greek Island cruise. Elsie received the Community Service Award at the Women 's Honors Luncheon in Elkhart. She continues to write musicals and perform. There are now four grandchildren. Scotty Campbell Jacobs is teaching homebound students in the Henrico County school system. Elizabeth Mitchell Driscoll and Bob visited their son Graham and his wife in San Antonio. Graham has a residency there in ear , nose and throat. Two happy events for the Mercers: the arrival in July of our first grandchild, Matthew Clark (born to our daughter, Kathi and Keith Clark) and in December the marriage of our son , Tom, to Susan White, a graduate of W&M.


Lucy W. Baird 1600 Monument Ave. Richmond, Va. 23220 Sympathy to Hilda Batten Starkey in the death of her husband, and to Florence Parker Quinn, whose husband died . Jane Reid Davenport recently gave a tour at the Virginia Museum for Randolph-Macon Art docents. Pauline Cortopassi and Lucy Baird had March vacations in Bermuda and Florida. Myra Anne Gregory was remarried June, 1978, to Robert Arthur Hitch ; they are living in Milford, N.J., and in Chester , Va. Kitty Lyle is enjoying her grand-nephew,


Marion Yancey Petroff 84 19 Crown Place Waynewood Alexandria, Va. 22308 Kay Leviston Krug's husband, Robert , will retire this September from George Mason. Her daughter , Robin, is in Tequesta, Fla. as an agricultural consultant. "Connie" Powell Luttrell and her husband spent time last summer in Spain. Anne Boehling Bowles' husband has just recently retired . Jo Fennell Pacheco's daughter is doing graduate work in England. Her husband Armando has retired. Louise Morrisey Moyer has three seniors in her family this year. Two of her children will graduate from U. of Maryland and a third one is finishing high school. Martha Beam DeVos' visited with son Pete and his wife and new granddaughter in Alexandria. Anna Marie Rue Stringfellow's Patty was married last August to Mitch Garbee from Lynchburg. Patty is teaching reading in the Lynchburg city school system. "Lib" Henry Belcher and Ray's son, Jim, is sports editor of the Petersburg Daily Progress. Frances Wiley Harris has three children who live in Rumson, N.J.-a son, Richard, who is married; daughter Betty who teaches school; and a daughter Beverley who graduates this year from college. Patsy Garrett Kokinacis is frequently seen in television commercials. Our deepest sympathy to Virginia Lee


Ball Glover in the loss of her husband, LeRoy, and to Margaret Forrer Wren in the loss of her husband, "Woody." Our sympathy to Mayme O'Flaherty Stone in the passing of her father. Sympathy to "Bitsy" Epes Hardy whose brother died in May. I, too, was grieved in the loss of my brother, Franklin, this past September.


Lelia Gardner .Hathaway 9409 Treetop Lane Richmond, Va. 23229 This spring Louise Cardozo Long participated in a conference for Volunteer Committees of Art Museums from Canada and the U.S. held in Atlanta. She was elected president of the Virginia Museum Council. Sons Bob and Doug live in Richmond with their wives. Chris is a junior at Hampden-Sydney College. Helen Herrink Fix was re-elected to a third term in the Ohio General Assembly. Mary Elder Pauli had a delightful sixweek trip to Greece last fall to visit daughter, Marylou, and her husband. She and Marylou took a ten-day tour of Bulgaria and Romania. Harriet Lewis Goodman is still teaching in nursery school-her 11th year. Her younger son is a law stu_dentat UVa. The older son, a resident at MCV, will soon move to Nashville with his wife and son. Harriet's daughter and her family live in Williamsburg. Maxine Williams Rogers spent two weeks in March playing the grandmother to Carol's son, Benjamin Alan Leopold. Virginia Delp Ogg had surgery the first of the year for four ruptured cervical discs. She retired from teaching two years ago. Georgie Simpson as a "part-time" employee does full-time work with H&R Block. She manages some of the branch offices and also teaches tax courses. Extremely active in her church she serves on several committees, is treasurer of the Women's Society and president of the adult Sunday school class. Georgie also is treasurer of the Kensington, Md. branch of AAUW. Mary Jean Shelby Proctor has had rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years. She had a "wonderfully exciting" job with the N.C. State Personnel Dept. for 1 8 years before retiring. Shirley Huxter Corson and Blake take an active part in the organization of the Newport News Anglican Church. Daughter, Miriam, is with the Academy Theatre in Atlanta and toured with the State theatre last year. Frances Beazley Bell is taking conversa-

tional Spanish and a course in Natural History and hopes to go to Spain in the fall. Barbara Krug Evans and Evan have two grandchildren. Alisha Evans, was born last summer. Jean is a computer science major at N.C. State and will graduate in May. David is a tenth grader at Episcopal School in Lychburg and Robert is an Ensigr:i on the USS America. Rose Koltukian Wallace and Jim moved to Sarasota, Fla. in '77 when Jim retired. I had a delightful weekend with Anne Byrd and Donald in February at their home in Coats, N.C. and at Southern Pines for the Beaux Arts Ball. Don is a doctor in Coats. Anne Byrd has had three active years campaigning for a seat in the State Legislature. She is a full-time professor at Campbell College, Buie's Creek, N.C. and in the summer of '78 opened a Career Counseling Service with an office in Raleigh. Daughter, Linda, will be joining Don in family practice in Coats. Linda finished UNC medical school in '76.


Molly Warner Stephenson 1645 Palmetto St. Clearwater, Fla. 33515 Ellen Mercer Clark Maxwell and Keith are enjoying retirement, especially with summer conventions in Spain. Millie Cox Goode and Skee have visited many National Parks on summer trips. Doris Hedgepeth Neal and Kay Hanley Wery have our best wishes as they nurse their husbands, after suffering strokes. Gloria Tyler Robertson's daughter, Robin, graduated from T. C. Williams Law School in May. Gene Shepard Keever's daughter, Susie, is in Law School at UVa.


Jen Lea Guthrie Yancey Box 432 Culpeper, Va. 22701 Lillian Belk Youell is regent of a DAR chapter. Lollie Blanton Applewhite is continuing as editor at Letterman Army Institute of Research, and freelancing as the associate editor of a sports medicine journal and remaining in San Francisco. Nancy Grey will be visiting a friend in Germany in June then off to Switzerland and Italy. Son, Linton Ill, in the Army Corps of Engineers is in San Francisco designing buildings for national parks.

Betty Clement Adair and Eddie are brand new grandparents of Graham Edward Ensign (Robin, W'75). Scott and I with a group of my Latin students enjoyed our biennial tour of ltaly---extended this year to include Athens and the Greek Isles.


Cornelia Reid Rowlett 8831 Tuckerman Lane Potomac, Md. 20854 Patricia Husbands Berton is active in the medical auxiliary of the University Hospital at Omaha, Neb. Son, Mark, is deputy county attorney there. Pat continues to teach an adult Bible class and is a circle Bible leader. Marion Lawton Kinzey was installed as president of the Ginter Park Woman's Club at the annual business meeting in May in Richmond.


Susie Guard Woody Rt. 4 Box 45 Bassett, Va. 24055 Betty O'Brien Yeats and Joe went to the west coast last summer. Son, Will, accompanied them. Visited with B. 0. 's brother in Albuquerque and army friends in Arizona and Missouri. Betsy Slate Riley and Frank are grandparents. Son Carson married Deanie Wiley, and their son, Charles Andrew, was born November 1 0. Son Robert is a computer programmer analyst for Best Products at their home office in Ashland. Betsy left the classroom at the end of September and is working in the State Farm Insurance office. She has taken and passed the state exam for an insurance license. Frank's church is getting ready to expand. Martha Edwards Allen and Bobby became grandparents last May. Daughter, Patricia, and husband, Gary, have a son. Anne Higgins Borger and Dan are faithful UR football fans, and Higgie is active in her local WC alumnae chapter. Shirley Davis Sanford and family are stationed in Sierra Vista, Ariz. Mimi Daffron Horigan went to the fall WC homecoming dinner along with seven others from our class. Beth Decker Kimball and Bob spent a week in Ireland. Bob went fox hunting, and they came home via the Concorde. Ollie Menefee Stirling, who lives in


Johnson City, Tenn., represented UR at the inauguration of the new president of Tusculum College. In October C. L. and I flew to the Hawai-

'-'81 2-day ,acatioo.

Lois McClanahan Garrett 536 Cedarbrooke Lane Richmond, Va. 23229 Jean Brumsey Biscoe was promoted to head of the certification unit of the Virginia Department of Corrections. Monty Elliott Ownby's daughter, Margaret (W '7 8) is a graduate student in special education at UVa. In January, Gerry and Peggy Stone Cunningham were off to another golf tournament' This time it was to Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic, where Gerry played in the Middle Atlantic Pro-Am. Jane Belk Moncure received the Virginia Association for Early Childhood Education Award for outstanding service to young children in Virginia Beach, March 23, at the 23rd annual conference in Arlington. Jane was a founder and first president of the association and is also the author of many books.


Virginia Sims 1211 W. 45th St. Richmond, Va. 23225 Lorraine Feinberg Kaplan and Paul's daughter, Marcia, graduated from Mount Holyoke College in June. Their son, Mark, is a freshman at UR. Their American Field Service son, Facel, and his parents stayed with them during January and February. Lorraine is teaching 5th grade Open Class in Teaneck, N. J. Ludie Hickerson Wiley and Doug had their oldest daughter, Martha, and her husband, Karl, with them for Christmas. Their second daughter, Katherine, is with the Peace Corp in Thailand. Douglas Jr. is a freshman at Northeastern in Boston. David is a junior in high school. Charlotte Westervelt Bispham and Brud's daughter, Julia, was married in M,irch. Marjorie Parsons Owen has a sixmonth-old grandson and Helen Lampathakis Kostyal has a year-old grandson. Barbara Lee Jones Jones is parish secretary for her church. She helps two days a week with registering voters. She is in her third year as Co-Regional Supervisor of Virginia of the U.S Pony Clubs. Her youngest

daughter, Beverly, is at home. Her middle daughter is a sophomore planning mc.rriage and a biology major. Her oldest daughter is managing a nearby horse farm. Nancy Chapin Phillips and husband, Alex, have returned from a brief Florida visit. She has three children in college and one married. Greg is at the U. of Nevada in Reno. Karen is at the U. of Arkansas. Eric is a freshman at the U. of Tulsa. Tracy is a junior in high school. Nancy keeps busy with ceramics and playing duplicate bridge. Peggy Wells Meador is a full-time physical therapist at her county hospital. Her daughter, Robin, is at WC. Son, Ray, is a junior at a South Carolina college. Libby Givens Pierce, president of Lee District, Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs, presided over the District meeting March 15 at the Hyatt House. Several WC girls attended the wedding of Libby's son, Walter, and Patricia Taylor, Feb. 17. Walter has gone with his father's business at Commonweafth Heating and Air-Conditioning. Patricia is personnel manager for Sears and Roebuck. Libby's daughter, Elizabeth Ann, graduated from Furman U. Sympathy is extended to Dee Haskins Brawley in the death of her husband, Bolling, Jan. 24 and to Betty Sims Loving in the death of her husband, Robert, Feb. 25. Frannie Chandler Long's mother, Helen Chandler, died in September. Libby Givens Pierce's son, Walter, was married Feb. 17th to Patricia Taylor in the First Baptist Church chapel in Richmond. Libby and Bucky were married in this same place! Her son, John, is a C.P.A. working for the accounting firm of Ernst and Ernst in Winston-Salem, N.C. Her daughter, Elizabeth, is


Anne Marie Hardin Bailey 3350 Maplewood Drive Xenia, Ohio 45385 Eleanor Wright Weston was married to Manning Woodward in August, 1978, and they are living in Louisa. Eleanor Susan is a sophomore at UVa., Rosemary attends St. Catherine's School and William is a sixth grader. Mary Booth Brown Davis and Crawley vacationed in Hawaii in October. Son, John D., graduated from Duke in May as did Sarah Ann, daughter of Ann Rogers Crittenden. Libba Eanes Baskerville's daughter and Doris Goodwin Bridgeforth's two sons were all married last fall. Rosie Varn Ruggles and John are realtors in Houston and flew to Hawaii in the fall.

Their daughter is a student at SMU. Suzanne Holt Bagley is taking a math course as well as teaching. Jeanette Aderhold Brown's daughter Connie was married in the chapel at UVa. in November. Mary DeVilbiss Barton teaches fifth grade in Louisville, Ky. Husband, Clarence, is chaplain at a state mental hospital and adjunct professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. One daughter is married, another is a nurse, third a junior at Peabody and son is a senior in high school. Anne Jackson Morledge and Alan sailed the Mississippi on the Delta Queen. Alan is an architect with Colonial Williamsburg, and Anne acts as a guide at Bruton Parish Church and for W&M's historical church tours. Clarke is a high school sophomore. Paula Abernethy Kelton teaches kindergarten in Davidson, N. C. Elizabeth is a senior at Wake Forest and Mary a sophomore at Southwestern in Memphis. Son, David, was married in July. Mary Ann Hubbard Dickenson and Boyd took all six children to the Cayman lslands last spring. Mary Ann is working in a gift and interior decorating shop in Roanoke, and Boyd is a partner in an architectural-engineering firm. Ernestine Allport Sasser has moved to Montpelier, Va., where she wrote a novel of suspense while recuperating from surgery. She is now working on a mini-history. Her two older daughters work in Richmond; son, Matt, is a senior in high school and Mary an eighth grader. Rita Bross is serving on the Board of Education in Deal, N. J. I had a post card from Lea Hunter Schwanhaussen from


Betty Lear Miller 102 Cumberland Ave. Hampton, Va. 23669 Betty Andrews Rhudy's husband, Bill, is recovering nicely from open heart surgery. Son, Billy, graduated last spring from Syracuse U. and is now in the master's degree program there in Academic Administration; daughter, Jane, is a junior at Syracuse in nursing. Betty Jane Williams Potter's daughter, Jane, made the Dean's list at WC her freshman year. Daughter, Becky, has been accepted at VPI & SU for the fall where she plans to study fashion merchandising. This year she was elected Homecoming Queen at First Colonial High School; son, Deane, is a fifth grader and vice president of the SCA. Betty Montgomery Marsh is a guidance


Twenty-fifth reunion for the Class of '30_ counselor at Providence Junior High in Chesterfield County, Va. Shirley Mason Guy and Larry returned from Florida where they visited with their daughter and son-in-law who were with the Los Angeles Dodgers for spring training Mike is a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times. Jeanne Plunkett Beckett is living in Richmond where Charles is employed with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Anne Stuart Hartz Garnett 3848 Brook Rd. Richmond , Va. 23227 Edith Borjes Greer is substitute teaching at a center for retarded children in Woodbridge, Va. Daughter, Cindy, is a high school junior . David is a freshman and stays busy with two paper routes. Edith enjoyed the "first ever" Borjes family reunion in Richmond. Edna Wagstaff Warncke is on the staff at Ball State U. She has had some fun traveling to warmer spots with a flying travel club . Ann Carol Yeaman Malcolm is a mother-in-law. Daughter, Ann Ross, a junior art major at Bucknell, became Mrs. Treman Oscar Bidelspach. Both of Ann Carol's younger children, Johnny and Becky, became members of the National Junior Honor Society. Ann Carol is thrilled over the publication of her "Guide to Health Education Projects" which was distributed by the Pennsylvania Association of Hospital Auxiliaries. She has been teaching around the state speaking on health education and stress, while husband Nick chairs the planning commission. Charlotte Hart Simpson's husband, Bill, started the "Richmond Literature and History Quarterly" in June, 1978. Doris Huffman Moore and Bill's daughter, Laura, 19, is a freshman at Meredith College in Raleigh, N. C., and son, Hudson, is almost 16. Doris and her mother took a fabulous trip to England. Doris teaches English to Vietnamese in Adult Education. My daughter, Anne, enjoyed her freshman year at James Madison U.


Mary Garland Cox Johnston 221 Ross Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 Phyllis Lewis Neal Phyllis has served as president and Nancy Archbell as vice presi-

dent of the Musicians' Club for two years. Margaret Foster traveled to Mexico over the Christmas holidays to participate in a folk dance festival there. Rosie Allen Barker's husband, John, has written a book on historiology which is due to be published. Carol Dickerson Kauffman writes that daughter, Peg, is enjoying Penn State, and son, Tom, a junior in high school, is a good tennis player and a yellow belt in Karate. lidetta Rice Matthen and husband, Paul, are living in Terra Haute, Ind. where he is a voice professor at Indiana U. Lidetta is busy teaching organ, serving as minister of music at a local church, and taking care of Katherine, age 3, and Kristen, age 1. Happy Endings is Margaret Logan Ball's recently published account of the 2 ,000 mile bicycle trip which she and her 1 7 year old daughter took from Paris to London.


Becky Branch Faulconer 8 Hampshire Place Lexington, Ky. 40502 Becky had a difficult time in March traveling frequently between Lexington and Richmond. Her father was in Retreat Hospital with a broken hip and her mother was there also recqvering from a fall. I am doing the column in her place. Kathryn Ford. Carol Brie Griffiths has a full pediatric practice in Stockton, Calif. where her husband is a plastic surgeon. Nancy Goodwyn Hill is teaching third grade full time in Chesterfield County. Her son , Jim, will be entering W&M in the fall. Last spring Jim took a vacation to four cities in Europe, and in the summer attended the Governor's School for the Gifted. Her other son, Bruce, was a participant in the Detroit U.S. Youth Games. We send our sympathy to Nancy on the death of her father last July. Patti Winship Kesler's oldest daughter Debbie got married in March. Patti lives in Charlottesville, has her master's degree from UVa., and is teaching in Orange County. Jean Hudgins Frederick and Arnold will be visiting Ireland in May. Jean has been president of the Windsor Farms Garden Club this year. Sue Hudson Parsons and Connie Preddy Tillotson received their master degrees last summer at UR and headed off for two weeks of fun in England, Scotland and Ireland. Sue is teaching in Chesterfield County and Connie in Henrico County. Peggy Ware flew to the Riviera for

Thanksgiving. Peggy took a course at UNC in March for a week. This will qualify her to attend an Industrial Development Institute at the U. of Oklahoma for a week in August-three years in succession. Mary Jean Simpson Garrett and Harry went to Calloway Gardens, Ga. this spring. Mary Jean travels to the Tennis Center in Lynchburg every Wednesday morning Beth Smith Steele's oldest son Scott enters W&M this fall. Scott is number one on his high school tennis team in Altavista. Libby Jarrett Burger and Wilbur have a condominium at Wintergreen. Kay Ownby is teaching high school in Colonial Heights. She toured out West for seven weeks last summer. My daughter, Anne, visited France and England during her Easter vacation this year. She will be a senior at St. Gertrude 's High School in the fall. Anne Clarke Bass brought her daughter , who is a high school junior, to look at UR. Carolyn Smith Yarbrough had her daughter in town doing the same thing. Elinor Delong Belk's daughter is a freshman this year at WC.

Peggy Dulin Crews 6385 SW 110 St. Miami, Fla. 33156 Ellen Matlick Klein has been campaigning for election to the local Board of Education. B. J. Stamps Bryant and family enjoyed a trip to Australia camping up the coast from Sydney to Brisbane. Their daughter began college after the Christmas holidays. Margaret Rutherford Compton and family took trips to Florida, California and The Greenbriar this past year. Mary Lee Fountain Ward and Don were invited to a dinner party honoring actress Patricia Neal. My family and I enjoyed a ski trip in March to Winter Park, Colo. Both boys were named to All-Star baseball teams this spring.


Sue Ludington Jones 144 Southampton Drive Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 I report that my inner ear problem is improving and that we will spend some time in Myrtle Beach and at the Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly this summer.


The sweet joys of dating lettermen, 1965.


Daphne Shepard Mason 201 First Ave. Farmville , Va. 23901 Martha Hinkle Fleer and Jack and their three children are enjoying their new home . Martha continues to work at Salem College. She and Jack will represent Wake Forest in Europe. Ginny Needham Whitfield and family are back in Virginia. Jim is stationed at Virginia Beach. Ginny is working in banking. Paula is completing her junior year in high school while Jimmy is in college in Washington. Suzanne Foster Thomas is chairman of the board of governors of St. Agnes School in Alexandria. Bill has worked again this year at the Virginia General Assembly as a lobbyist. Suzanne DuPuy Black, Don, Mathew, and Edward have been settled in Blacksburg, Va. since last year. Don is rector at Christ Episcopal Church. Betty Marlow Atkinson is counseling cancer patients and teaching yoga. Stuart and Betty have sons, David and John. Martha Wallace Michael has been elected to the governing board of the William Byrd Community Center. She and G. W. have two children, ages 9 and 12. Betty Pritchett White and Ray are in Chapel Hill, N.C. where Ray is dean of the Dental School. Betty has completed graduate course work and is working as a CPA. Minna Wilson Hall and Bill are in Oklahoma City where Bill is practicing medicine. Pat Cluverius Goodman and Tim have moved to Westham Parkway. Pat worked temporarily at UR this fall. Their sons, Reid and Andy , are 11 and 7. Pat is also serving on the WC National Board. Barbara Spires Causey and Bob have moved into a new house in Terre Haute, Ind. Martha Carol Rogers continues to teach at Virginia Beach. Gwynn Barefoot Raper taught two seminars this past semester in humanities at Virginia Union U. Since January she has been employed full time at Trinity Episcopal High School, teaching American history. Jarrell is director of outpatient cardiology at MCV. Porter will graduate from St. Christophers in June.


Judith Carpenter Rabenold 14 Ravenwood Rd. Darien, Conn. 06820 Sylvia Brown Pond and Dick visited Albu-

querque, N.M. this past winter, and i7 the spring they traveled to Rome with Sylvia's sister and husband. Judy Acree Hansen and Deck have been busy with projects on the house they moved into last year. Carter is in second grade and Kendal in kindergarten Diane Light Ritter and her family were in Richmond for several days visiting Diane's mother. The Riflers made several other vacation trips last year-Puerto Rico, New York City, and Chicago. Diane and John have both been busy at church as committee chairmen and Sunday school teachers. Chris is now in fourth grade and Lisa in nursery school. Julie Perkinson Crews and another Westhampton graduate hosted a luncheon in August for new and returning students and Gloucester alumnae. Betty Morris Blankenship and Doug spent two weeks last summer living with a German family. The German family will visit the Blankenships this year. They spent a weekend in Berlin which was a highlight of the trip. Karen, 16, Scott, 12, and Mike, 8, are busy with sports. Scott jogged 300 miles at his school during the year. Betty is PTA president at the boys' school. Libby Wampler Jarrett is the president of the music division of the Fine Arts Center and directing a youth chorale consisting of 40 children. Harry Jr., 1 5, is an honor-roll student at C.C. Glass High School and plays the trombone in the marching band. Lori, 13, has a horse, takes ballet and plays the piano. Amy, 9, plays the violin and basketball. Harry is busy with his medical practice. This summer the Jarretts are planning a three-week


Frances Pitchford Griggs 2211 Dartford Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 Beth Stafford Nolan is in her second year as PTA treasurer and sings in her church choir. Ginny is in the second grade. Diane, 13 months, has limited Beth's activities some. However, she found time for trips to San Jose, Cal. and Florida. Nancy Wickers Lasher enjoyed a crosscountry trip to California. Gail Lush Powell lives in New Zealand. She and Warrick have two children, Monica, 3, and Benjamin, 2. Sally Clark Crooker flew to Richmond last summer to attend the State Republican Convention. Since then, she has been keeping busy with Jay, 7, Cheryl, 3, and the piano students who are studying with her. Since September, 1978, Nancy Delano

Moore has been working part time as a peer counselor at the Women's Resource Center at UR. Jackie Inge is a fourth-grade teacher in Chesterfield County. In her spare time she enjoys tennis and traveling-Europe and Mexico, her most recent trips. Pauline Fones is science department chairman at Maggie Walker High School in Richmond and is working on a doctorate in education at UVa. Pauline also sings with the Richmond choral society and travels-last summer to Switzerland. Dee Harwood Perkins is working as a contract supervisor for NASA. Last summer, her son, 13, was selected by Johns Hopkins U. to participate in a program for gifted children. In February, I attended the facultyalumnae luncheon given by the National Board of the Alumnae Association.


Cynthia Shelhorse 421 6 Kingcrest Parkway Richmond, Va. 23221 Nancy Curtis Wood and Ken have adopted a son, Douglas Carey. Susan Gunn Quisenberry is in charge of all data processing in her office. Brenda Williams is working with OSHA for the Department of Labor in Richmond . Fran Dix Mann said that Jim was WC's Santa again this year. Anne Grant Williams is active in church affairs as a former president of the women 's group, and as president of the Methodist Children's Home Auxiliary. Vicki Batts Higgins and Edward are living in New York, where Vicki is in the business section of the public library. Florenz Stith plans to travel to Canada. Jane Buck Garner and family are now in Bon Air. Susan Darden Schneider and Larry are in a new house , and Larry has received a promotion with the FBI. Cheryl Kerr Stevens and Ted have moved to California . Sandra Horner Thompson and Bob are back in North Carolina . Noel Swinter Priesler and Bob expect to be moving back to the East Coast. Pat Hardesty Cox is about to complete her master's degree in the area of teaching children with learning disabilities, and Jane Lasley Quinn is working on her master's at VCU in elementary education with concentration in library science/media. I participated in a middle school evaluation in February and was able to visit new Orleans again in early spring.



Judy Bailey Davis 10433 Medina Rd. Richmond, Va. 23235 Pat Rainwater Whitfield and family have moved to Henrico where daughter, Ann, attends Grove Baptist Christian School, and Pat serves as a full-time volunteer teacher. Volunteerism has led to part-time employment for Kathleen Anderson Wagner, who has moved back to Winston-Salem, N.C., where Nick is with Western Electric. She recently took a course in American art history at Salem College, where daughter Lisa , a first grader, takes a co urse in "K indermusik ". Vicky Miller Edwards is president of the Baptist women of WMU at Huguenot Road Baptist Church and a volunteer at Bon Air School for Gir ls. She still enjoys writing songs and playing the guitar, and her talents come in handy in her volunteer work as well as for entertaining Bobby, 7, and Stephen, 3. Cheryl Whitney Humphries has taken a new job with Rubbermaid Corp. Sharon Cardwell recently remarried and is Mrs. Jim Fisher. She is living and working in Fairfax. Carol Copley Axford and Les are building a new home near Stone Mountain, Ga. Dan has bought the Richmond Sign Co., and Jackie Lassiter Wilkins continues to work part time at their gift shop, The Staircase, on E. Main St.


Susan Lee Harris 2525 Heath Place Reston, Va. 22091 Linda Powers Massaro and Chuck spent a winter vacation in the Virgin Islands . Jean Switzer Kimmerle is living in Houston, Tex. with her husband, Horst. She graduated from the U. of New Hampshire. Jean recently purchased a gift shop which she manages. Pam Buss Inman, Chuck and son, Charlie, have sett led in Miami , Fla. Chuck is an assistant professor with the department of accounting at the U. of Miami. Suzanne Owen Flippo lives in Doswell with husband , Nelson, and children, Carter, 1 2, and Beth, 8. She is a lobbyist at the General Assembly as Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs Legislation chairman. Wanda Watts Billingsley is a homemaker, and her husband, John, is a bridge

design engineer. Paula Smith Beard is a part-time medical receptionist, and her husband, Dick, is an accountant. Their son, Richard is 3. Sally Fe Ivey Angus and Bill have two sons, Will, 9, and Jason, 3. Bill is a dentist, and Sally is a retired teacher. Jane Bohannon Atkinson is a librarian and has a son, Michael, 3. Gay Mason Allen is director of Clarke County Department of Social Services, and her husband , Dandridge, is a dentist. They have a son, William, 1. Dale Patrick Brown is vice president of public relations for the Martin Agency in Richmond. Her husband, Bill, is senior vice president for W.M . Brown & Son, printers. Virginia Griffin Bryce and Billy live in Richmond where he is a physician. Their children are Will , 7, Sammy, 6, and Christie,

3. Virginia Compton Burrowbridge and Bill are the parents of Sarah, 3, and Ryan, 6 months. She was formerly a school psychologist, and he is a mathematician . Elizabeth Turner Caldwell and Gordon live in Richmond where he is an engineer with Dupont. Their children are Elliott , 3, and Erin, 2. Ann Spivey Carr and Lew live in New Jersey where he is a sales representative. Their daughter is Susannah Virginia, 1. Deborah Angel Dixon is a homemaker, and her husband, Charles, is director of Member Services. They have a son, Craig, 2. Susie Stevick Palmer has been involved with the W.C. Alumnae Association and the Richmond Club. Her husband , Tommy, is an estimator, and their children are David, 8, and Carrie, 3. Bonnie Bowman Nelson lives in Richmond where her husband, Bob, is an assistant professor at UR. They have a child, Erin. Robbie Ann Shreve Musick is an adjunct faculty member in the English department at J. Sargent Reynolds Community College. Her husband , Bob, is an attorney, and their children are Elizabeth , 4 and Bert, 2. Karla Brownmiller Morrell is a student in nursing and mother of Jason , 6. Her husband, Lance, is a CPA Lynn Werth Montgomery and Bob live in Charlotte, N.C., where he is network supervisor with Southern Bell. They have two children, Daniel, 5 and Sara, 3 . Janet Overstreet Godfrey and Wayne live in Petersburg where he is a plant manager. They have a son, Bryan , 5. Paul, Meredith, 4 ½, Joanna, 9 months , and I enjoyed having Pau-hwa Chang, a graduate student attending U. of Ga . from Taiwan. She spent her Christmas holiday with us through a program at our church called Christmas International House .


Marilyn Flynn Link Rt. 1, Box 71 Newport, N.C. 28570 Linda Graham Butler is a full-time mother and homemaker. She has two daughters, Amy Susan and Ginny. Emily Adams Rock and Larry have moved to their new home in the county. Bill and Katherine Shapiro Wooten have a daughter, Lisa Erin. Katherine is a full-time mother while Bill continues in his job at the Naval Surface Weapon Center. Susie Johnston Sellner and John are on their way to Houston, Tex. During 1977 an Iranian exchange student lived with them. Bill, Jennifer and I continue here in North Carolina. Bill and I recently attended a Morehead Jaycees banquet where I received the award for Outstanding Young Educator.


Linda Tomasek Wallace 8124 Sawmill Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 Frederica Vaughan Coates directs creative activities for special education students in the Charleston, S.C. County Schools and is area coordinator for the Very Special Arts Festival . Frederica is coordinator of Charleston's Rehabilitation Puppet Program entitled ''The Rainbow Row Puppeters" which in April was aired nationally from the Kennedy Center for the National Very Special Arts Program under the direction of Jean Kennedy Smith, national chairperson, Very Special Arts Festivals.


Emily W. Zehmer 413 Constitution Ave. NE Washington, D.C. 20002 Anne Allport spent last summer roughing it in Maine. Ann Hodges is a systems engineer for IBM in Madison, Wis. ; Bet Harrell Neale and Mark are living in West Point, Va., where Mark is a dentist and Bet has a new baby girl, Cheryl Warren; Linda Noell Harris and Bob have a new house in Brandermill in Richmond; Mary Lee Watson Brazell and Jim are living in Gonzales, Tex., where Jim is with Purina; Paula Hammett Gibbs and Tommy have a new house in Winchester , Va.; and Cheryl


Carlson Booker finished law school at T. C. Williams in May. Janet Thornton Rust and Steve have a baby boy, Michael Joseph . Meg Gilman reports that the Catherine Bell Scholarship Fund will award two $600 scholarships this fall. Susan Moore Sevier has a new baby, Joanna. Susan and her husband Jerry live in Visalia, Calif. I had a great time last September on an archaeological tour of Crete and Mainland Greece.


Gwen Fletcher Duncan 1405 Dinwiddie Ave. Richmond, Va. 23229 Joanie Freeze is in Columbus. She has a little girl 2 years old. Blair Hall Rochester manages The Picket Fence on Main Street in downtown Richmond. Her husband is a realtor in Richmond. Judy Samuelson Shapleigh was promoted at U.S. News & World Report Her husband, Jim, is with the Army . They live in Falls Church . Barbara Crews Haugh is now teaching in South Boston. Mary Alice Curtin Cahir and Michael bought a house in Arlington in late October. Sarah Tarkington Thomas hosted a class of '72 get-together for Richmond residents on November 1, 1978. Sharon Tulloh is back in Richmond. She had been working for the Hyatt House at various locations around the country. In September of '78, she bought into Hard Times restaurant with two others .


Spring Crafts Kirby 7519 Dander Rd. Richmond, Va. 23229 Betsy Davis Bushkar completed her accounting courses at VCU in December and is now working for A. M. Pullen and Company in Richmond. Carol Reeder Throckmorton and Dave will be stationed in Hawaii for another year. Cheryl Jenkins is the editor of the employee magazine at the Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation . Sharon Henderson is in Alexandria where she has been practicing law, mainly family law, for three years. Marcia Weinberg is an assistant buyer

for the main Woodward and Lothror., Department Store in Washington Polly Winfrey Griffin and Keith are in Wingate, N.C. Polly is the registrar and assistant to the dean at Wingate College, and Keith is an associate professor there. Temple Adair Glenn and Barry are moving to Lexington , Ky in June to work with the Sayre School. Temple will be teaching swimming while Barry will be in charge of the lower school. Martha Poston Turner is taking care of her new daughter , Susan Grace . Sam and I are looking forward to taking some trips with Lee this summer. Sam is an assistant vice president with an engineering firm in Richmond.

Mary Ann Liggan 504 Tuckahoe Blvd. Richmond, Va. 23226 Nancy Wilkin chaperoned the Allegheny High School band to Clearwater, Fla. in early March, as the honor band for the Fun 'n Sun Festival. Nancy is also the sophomore class sponsor and secretary of the board of Uniserv, a liaison committee between local and state educational organizations. She played the telephone repair person in " Barefoot in the Park" and was on the technical crew for the comedy " Blythe Spirit" at the community college Anne Draine rides , shows, and takes care of the horses at Chestnut Lawn in Remington, Va. Anne enjoys exchanging customs with the other employees from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Anne was on the cover of Horseplay; a national magazine, and she and her horse were featured in an article in Classic, also a national magazine. Diane Macllroy Moncure was chairman of the Young Grads telethon. Diane spends 30 -35 hours per week tutoring 26 students. I danced at the Carillon in Richmond for Heritage Day and was reappointed costume mistress for my exhibition folk dance group. Esther Hopkins Barnes teaches part time. Her son, Brad, is 1 year old. Bev Harper Folds and Walter have bought a home in Sarasota, Fla. Susan Lindler Stephenson and Ned have settled in Tappahannock, Va. Kam Maclain Hatcher and Don have returned from Germany to Birmingham, Ala., where Don is a field representative with Dairymen, Inc., a milk-marketing cooperative. Grace Robinson Den attends UVa.'s Law School and works on campus. Tina Marston has bought a house in Providence, R.I. Terry Almarode bought a home in Rich-

mond near Azalea Ave. Janet Ferrell bought a house on Grove Ave. in Richmond near the Virginia Museum. Sarah Hopkins Finley and Don have bought a house on Grove Ave. in Richmond's Fan District. Sandy Sperry is a member of the International Folk Dance Club in Richmond. In August I was elected a big sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Richmond, Inc. and was matched with my little sister in December. I have also been chosen for the female lead in my folk dance company's next performance.

Melissa Calisch 1005 Finchley Pl. Richmond , Va. 23 225 Suzanne Heffner Moncure is a certified insurance underwriter for commmercial insurance and lives in Stafford County , Va. with husband, Tom. Linda McKeel Dunn is commercial loan officer at United Virginia Bank in the metropolitan division in Richmond's main office.


Cathy Magee 957 Finchley Place Richmond, Va. 23225 Ann Hankins Bailey and Jim are living in Bluefield, West Va. She is teaching fourth grade and taking graduate courses toward her MA. Susie Ann Black moved to Virginia Beach and completed her certification requirements in elementary art at ODU in October. She is currently substitute teaching in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools. Kathy Boepple completed her MA in library science at Peabody Teachers' College. She is living in Richmond and working at the Dumbarton Library. Ginny Boswinkle is studying German and being tutored in French to prepare for her new position in Colmar, France, as a designer in a branch of advertising for Liebherr-America, the German-based heavy equipment manufacturing firm. She will leave in April and plans to be there for two or three years. Myra Binns Bridgforth and her husband, Turner, are living in Annandale. Myra is working for Harrison Associates, a management/public relations firm in Arlington. Jody Bishop Brooks and her husband,


We're on our way to victory.

David, are living in Richmond. Jody has been a fifth grade teacher for three years and is presently teaching at Robious Elementary School. David is a loan officer for First Virginia Bank in Richmond. Le Raye Bunn has been attending graduate school atthe U. of Louisville for her MA in art therapy. She had a fascinating summer with the children at Kosair Crippled Children's Hospital. Donna Wirshup Colver joined her new husband, Steve, in Jacksonville, Fla. Steve was transferred to Florida in June by the United States Fidelity and Guaranty Insurance Company. Donna is working with Barnett Bank of Jacksonville. Sidne Stockman Campbell and Steve have moved from Nashville, Tenn. and are now living in Charlotte, N.C. Andi Eichberg Dameron is successful in her career with Xerox. Stan is in his last semester of Dental School at MCV. Andi took a course with him last semester! They spent a week of vacation during the Christmas holidays, skiing in the Poconos. Debra Julian Deardorff and her husband, Kent, moved into a house last summer. Debra is attending Westhampton as a fulltime student in elementary education. Helen Ellsworth moved to Anniston, Ala. in May, after completing a two-year internship with the Federal Government. She is employed by the Public Affairs Office at Fort McClellan as a public information specialist. She is also a member of the National Federation of Press Women . Becky Liggan Guisch received her MS in occupational therapy in August from MCV, where she is employed by the department of psychiatry. Her husband, John, is a physical therapist in Rehabilitation Medicine at MCV. Bruce Higginbotham has moved from Richmond and is now working in the admissions and alumnae offices at Stuart Hall, her high school alma mater in Staunton. Cynthia Foutch Holt and her husband, Jack, are living in their new house in Chesterfield County. Cynthia is teaching kindergarten at J. B. Watkins Elementary School and working on her MA in guidance and counseling at VCU. Jack is employed by Reynolds Metals. Ruthie Hurley is teaching a federally funded remedial program for kindergarten and first grade at Crestview Elementary School. She is also working on her MA in early childhood education at VCU. Cindy Littleton Horner and her husband, Michael, have moved into a house. Paula Dillard Klim and Jerry are living in Philadelphia, where Paula is employed by Aetna Insurance Company. They took a Florida vacation in November. Pam Marston is working hard in her first

year of Medical School at MCV. Pam Merritt is still teaching third grade in Stafford County and will complete her MA in July. Cindy Peake began working in September as an instructor of physical education at Goucher College in Towson, Md. Julia Shannon is a travel agent at Covington Travel in downtown Richmond. Last spring she spent two weeks vacationing in Hawaii. She visited Phoenix, Ariz. on business and will travel to Bermuda in April. Marsha Garnett Sharpe and her husband, Chuck, bought a home in Rockville. Marsha is teaching math at Liberty Junior High School in Hanover County. Chuck (SBA'75) is sales coordinator for James River Equipment Company in Richmond. Roberta Madrin Stuck's husband, Danny, R'75, graduated from T. C. Williams Law School in August. Marcia Andrews Swenck has a new position as manager of the "Old Mill" office of Heritage Savings and Loan on Parham Road . Jeannie Van Divender is working on her graduate degree in chemistry. She has traveled to several chemical conferences. One took place in Philadelphia enabling her to visit Paula and Jerry Klim. Her family took a cruise to the Virgin Islands last summer to celebrate her parents 25th wedding anniversary. Ann Thompson Willaman and her husband, Bob, are living in Providence, R.I. Ann is the coordinator of Corporate Procedures for Textron, Inc. Peggy Irons Woods and her husband, Bob, have moved to Palo Alto, Calif. where he is a graduate student in civil engineering at Stanford U. She is a programmer/analyst in underwriting research at the Allstate Re-

'~ dseg Cect,c

Margaret Ownby 123 Ivy Drive, Apt. 8 Charlottesville, Va. 22901 Lynne Deane is in medical school at MCV. Amanda De Busk is at Harvard Law School. Pam Harrell works for the admissions office of National Business College in Martinsville. Laurie Heishman works for Stuart Ford Inc. in the public relations department. She lives with Pat Pope who works in Thalhimer's. Robin Holderness is working for the Women's Bank in Richmond. Linda Holmes Stenzel writes for The

Richmond News Leader. Ann Holt teaches English at Patrick Henry High School in Ashland. Lee Anne McDonald is a second year med student at MCV and is living with Pam Vick in Oakhurst Manor Apartments. Deb Moore is doing graduate study at Purdue U. Cathy Powell Brennan is teaching in Henrico County. Margaret Stender lives in Virginia Beach and is coaching at Norfolk Academy. Frances Taylor is in a graduate program in history at Stanford U. Jane Zeilinski lives in New Jersey where she is in graduate school at Glassboro State College in school public relations . Martha White, Suzy Keever, and I are at UVa. Martha and Suzy are in law school, and I am working on my MA in special education. Peggy Natal graduated from the Navy Officer's Candidate School.

Deaths RFI-WCR/Clara Becker Epps of Richmond, Va., February 28, 1979. Mrs. Epps, president of the Richmond Female Institute-Woman's College of Richmond since 1932, was in the class of 1 9 O2. She was also the first president of the Thomas Jefferson Woman's Club, a 50-year member and former president of the Every Monday Club and a former president of the Virginia Home. 1927 / Thelma B. Keene of Richmond, Va., February 7, 1979. Miss Keene taught at Highland Springs, Westhampton and John Marshall high schools. She became assistant principal of John Marshall in 1 9 51 and in 1966 she became coordinator of summer programs in secondary education for Richmond public schools. She was a past president of the Business and Professional Women's Club and the Baptist Federation of Business Women. 1929/Katherine Street Lewis of Callao, Va., February 2, 1978. Kathryn Reinhart Schuler of Lakeland, Fla., December 22, 1978. 1930/Pauline Swink Smith of Richmond, Va., March 29, 1979.

Births 1965/Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hall (Pam Adams), a son, Russell Bryant, September 19, 1977. Mr. and Mrs. James Stivison (Diana Ryan), a daughter, Suzannah, June 19, 1978. 1969/Mr. and Mrs. A Robert Lowry (Nancy Jo Srb), a daughter, Nancy Elizabeth, September 24, 1978. 1973/Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Childress (Wendy Schomo), a daughter, Jennifer Lee, January 5, 1979.


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I.TR IOOlh Anniversary "erDatts

tellers Memories The "Around The Lake" note about street signs going up reminded me of 33 years ago when Louis D. Rubin Jr., '46, and I were taking a walk across the campus towards Westhampton when a fire engine drove up and the driver yelled, "Where is Thomas Hall?" Despairing of following directions, we were invited to climb aboard and to direct to what turned out to be a very small fire. The house mother fussed that we were too close to the engine, and we said, "Ma'am we were onit a minute ago." But she didn't believe it. Jacqueline Wolf, W'46 Teaneck, N.J. P.S. A very nice issue indeed.

Disturbed It's my belief that the university's alumni (to whom the magazine is directed) would have been better served had you decided to include all of the classnotes, perhaps at the expense of the Betty Heilman feature. As an employee of a daily newspaper, I fully realize the headaches caused by space limitations. However, there's also something called editorial judgement, and I believe you failed to use it. Brooks Hatch, R'76 Bismarck, N.D. We must try to please all publics and not just a particular public. Although alumni/ae constitute the majority who receive the school's magazine, other constituents include associates of the university, parents, faculty and staff. When deciding the contents of a magazine, we attempt to select a well-balanced variety of topics to meet the interests of all readers and to give them an insight into the university. All classnotes which were overruns from the spring issue of the magazine are presented in this issue. Ed.

Wednesday September 5, 1979

Opening Convocation Speaker: Dr. Steven Muller President, Johns Hopkins University Time: 7 pm

Sunday September 16, 1979

1 50th Anniversary Worship Service Speaker: Dr. Stuart Grizzard, Retired Former Pastor, National Baptist Memorial Church, Washington, DC Time: 11 am

Thursday September 27, 1979

Newcomen Society of North America Dinner Hyatt House Speaker: Dr. E. Bruce Heilman Time: 6:30 pm

Saturday-Sunday September 29 and 30, 1979

1 50th Anniversary Homecoming

Thursday-Friday October 4 and 5, 1979

Special Trustee Dinner-October Time: 6:30 pm Trustee Meeting-October 5


Tuesday October 9, 1979

1 50th Baptist General Association Dinner Time: 6:30 pm University Commons Building

Saturday October 13, 1979

The Victorians Institute

Sunday October 14, 1979

Art Around the Lake 12:30-6 pm Richmond area artists and live music

Friday-Saturday October 26 and 27, 1979

1 50th Anniversary Law Weekend

Monday-Friday October 29 to November 2

Authors Week at University of Richmond Bookstore

Friday-Sunday November 2, 3, and 4, 1979

Special Family Weekend

Friday-Sunday February 1, 2, and 3, 1980

1 50th Anniversary Lifestyles Symposium

Tuesday-Wednesday February 5 and 6, 1 980

La Salle Quartet February 5--Jewish Community Center February 6--Camp Theater Time: 8 :15 pm

Saturday March 1, 1 980

1 50th Anniversary Alumni-Student Ball Hyatt House