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Be Creative with the Creator R E S O U R C E S for W O M E N by W O M E N


The Purpose The same Spirit that breathed life into creation is continually creating in our lives today. During seasons of spiritual growth,

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struggles, relationships, and


aging, God is ready to meet us in


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new ways in hopes of a deeper

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relationship with us. We invite you


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and explore resources that will

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help you find new pathways to experience God’s great love. ­—Upper

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Take a Quiz See which resources may be best for your spiritual journey. CIRCLE YES OR NO IN RESPONSE TO THESE QUESTIONS. 1. Do you feel distracted when you pray and wish you had more focus? Yes No 2. Are you currently caring for someone, and do you feel overwhelmed? Yes No 3. Do you need help with discerning God’s calling for your life? Yes No 4. Do you need help with hearing God’s voice? Yes No 5. Does Christian community play a large role in your spiritual life? Yes No 6. Are you struggling with your calling during the later years of life? Yes No 7. Are you looking for ways to spiritually nurture your kids or grandkids? Yes No 8. Is it easy for you to quiet your mind and hear God in silence? Yes No

ANSWER KEY: 1. If you circled Yes, visit pages 4, 5, and 26. 2. If you circled Yes, visit pages 7 and 15. 3. If you circled Yes, visit pages 40, 41, 42, and 43. 4. If you circled Yes, visit pages 8, 9, 22, 23, 26, 27, and 41. 5. If you circled No, visit pages 20, 21, 29, and 39. 6. If you circled Yes, visit pages 7, 14, 15, 32, 33, 34, and 35. 7. If you circled Yes, visit pages 16, 17, 18, and 19. 8. If you circled No, visit pages 4, 22, and 23. | 800.972.0433


P R AY E R PRAYER: Prayer is how we spend time with God. Prayer can be done in silence, in scripture, in reflection, and in many other creative ways. Enrich your prayer life and learn what it means to spend time in God’s presence with our resources.

A Bead and a Prayer A Beginner’s Guide to Protestant Prayer Beads KRISTEN E. VINCENT

Do you ever struggle with prayer? Maybe your mind wanders, you wonder if God even hears your prayers, or you just don’t know what to pray. A Bead and a Prayer introduces Protestant prayer beads as a tool for connecting with God and enriching your prayer life. This 4-week study includes instructions for making your own prayer beads, offers a variety of prayers, and discusses how to use beads to listen to God. Join Vincent for a formative, hands-on way to help you focus while praying. Beads not included. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835812177 eBOOK $7.99 9780835812191

KINDLE $7.99 9780835812184

How do you spend time with God in creative ways? I love to play with color. Though I’m currently obsessed with indigo blue, I am captivated by all colors and their various shades and intensities. I also enjoy experimenting with different color combinations to see what works and what doesn’t. Color always leads me to our Creator God. I consider how every color was created by God and thus reflects God. I imagine the thought God put into deciding the colors of each person, animal, plant, wonder of nature, and even the planets and galaxies. Whether I’m using markers to fill in shapes in a book or crocheting or playing with beads, I welcome God’s invitation to be creative and enjoy the rich hues of creation. —Kristen E. Vincent

4 | 800.972.0433


Another Bead, Another Prayer Devotions to Use with Protestant Prayer Beads KRISTEN E. VINCENT AND MAX O. VINCENT

After countless testimonies and rave reviews of the transforming nature of A Bead and A Prayer, Kristen and Max Vincent bring readers a followup book of devotions: Another Bead, Another Prayer. Centered around using Protestant prayer beads, these 28 additional devotions will offer readers more opportunities to have a heartfelt encounter with God. Other features include a Leader’s Guide, simple instructions for making prayer beads, and tips for writing your own prayers. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835813723

eBOOK $7.99 9780835813747

KINDLE $7.99 9780835813730

Sample Devotion to Use with Prayer Beads Cross: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; Invitatory bead: as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, Resurrection bead: world without end. Amen. 1st cruciform bead: Lord, you set lights in the heavens for the day and the night. Week beads, set 1: Use each bead to express awe for the sun and moon, the planets and stars. 2nd cruciform bead: Lord, you created the earth and filled it with living things. Week beads, set 2: Use each bead to express a sense of wonder for all living things.

3rd cruciform bead: Creator God, you have formed humans out of the dust of the earth. Week beads, set 3: Use each bead to express wonder at the human body as a creation. 4th cruciform bead: You have created me to be in relationship with you. Week beads, set 4: Use each bead to praise God for the different ways you can relate to God in the midst of creation. Resurrection bead: Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; Invitatory bead: as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, Cross: world without end. Amen. | 800.972.0433


P R AY E R THE 28 DAYS OF PRAYER SERIES: Some say it takes 28 days to create or change a habit, and this series follows that very concept. Each book is designed to cover a specific topic and help you develop a daily prayer practice that hopefully continues beyond the 28 days.

Healing from Divorce MARY LOU REDDING

Healing from the pain and loss of divorce comes at a different pace for each person. This book of meditations will help with your journey of healing. Whether you anticipate divorce, are in the midst of the process, or are living life after divorce, each meditation suggests a Bible reading and quotes a Bible verse. Also included with the meditations are a story and a question or exercise for reflection. Sample Reflection: Who is in pain because of this divorce? What do I ask God to do for the people within that circle? PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835813150

eBOOK $5.99 9780835813174

Freedom from Worry PATRICIA WILSON

Are you waking several times a night, obsessing over some situation you can’t control? Patricia Wilson reminds us in Freedom from Worry that God calls us to leave our worrying behind. Twenty-eight days of prayer can help you reduce your anxiety level. Meditate on the devotions and pray the Psalms and other prayers in this practical, easy-to-use book. Sample Excerpt: Mindfulness: Read Psalm 91:9-10 Today will be a day of returning to God. Each time a worry creeps into your thoughts, say to yourself, I’m resting in the shadow of the Almighty. I have nothing to worry about. PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835811897


eBOOK $5.99 9780835811910

KINDLE $5.99 9780835811903 | 800.972.0433

KINDLE $5.99 9780835813167


The Struggles of Caregiving NELL E. NOONAN

Caregiving is a demanding task that takes a huge toll on the person providing care—mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Nell Noonan says it’s critical for caregivers to practice self-care so they can cope with their situation. This book makes a thoughtful gift for any caregiver or staff member of a facility for older adults. Sample Prayer: Source of Life Eternal, Bread for the World, Redeemer of Souls, I hunger for ________________________. As we prepare meals for our care receivers, may we give thanks for your abundant supply to fill our needs. May we provide our loved ones generous servings of patience, compassion, and respect. Amen. PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835810913

eBOOK $5.99 9780835811286

KINDLE $5.99 9780835810999

Aging Faithfully MISSY BUCHANAN

Aging is part of God’s plan, says author Missy Buchanan—and it’s a gift, not a punishment. When we focus on God, we will discover an abiding joy that comes only with a long life. Aging Faithfully is a great resource for Sunday school classes and small groups. It also makes a great gift for homebound persons. Sample Suggestion: Turn your focus to others. Don’t wait for someone to strike up a conversation. Get acquainted with a neighbor. Call an old friend. Write a letter to a grandchild. No step is too small in God’s scheme of things. Whenever you feel overlooked, reread Isaiah 49:15-16. PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835810630

eBOOK $5.99 9780835811514 | 800.972.0433

KINDLE $5.99 9780835810715



Lord, Teach Us to Pray A Study of Personal Prayer MARGIE BURGER

We are all transformed into the likeness of who or what we spend the most time with. In Lord, Teach Us to Pray, Margie Burger encourages readers to transform into Christlikeness by spending time learning how Jesus prayed. By following Jesus’ example, readers will learn deeper approaches to personal prayer and embrace the promise of intimacy with God. With Burger’s practical applications and tremendous insight, readers will gain the confidence to boldly approach the living God. PAPERBACK $10.00 9780881775709

What creative setting contributes to a prayerful atmosphere for you?

What creative setting helps you meet God in prayer, and why?

I love the beach; I find it relaxing and refreshing. While I know that I can pray anywhere, there is something about the constancy of the waves at the beach that brings me easily into the presence of God. That atmosphere helps me experience intimacy with the Lord. —Margie Burger

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Sample Prayer

Prayers for Life’s Ordinary and Extraordinary Moments

Teach us to love truth, God, the unfolding truth that makes us know who you are, what kind of people you want us to be, and our purpose on this earth. Tether us to truth, O God, and hold us steady when the winds of doubt and confusion blow. Amen.

Compiled and Edited by MARY LOU REDDING Sometimes our prayers flow easily, but at other times, the words just won’t come, no matter how hard we try. This collection of honest and heartfelt prayers for all sorts of occasions gives you words to pray in those times when you can’t find words of your own. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835810890 eBOOK $9.99 9780835811644

Heart Whispers

Benedictine Wisdom for Today ELIZABETH J. CANHAM

Accessible insights from Benedictine spirituality help us explore the need for faithful living in today’s stress-filled world. Listen with “the ear of the heart” and learn from Benedict’s three simple vows: stability, obedience, and conversion. PAPERBACK $11.99 LEADER’S GUIDE $5.99 9780835808927 9780835808934 eBOOK $4.99 9780835812917

KINDLE $4.99 9780835812900 | 800.972.0433

KINDLE $9.99 9780835810975

Sample Excerpt

Prayer is work. We are beloved children of a loving Creator who, through Christ, invites us into ever deepening intimacy, an intimacy we sometimes welcome but often fear. The work of prayer consists of ceasing from chatter and learning to listen, relinquishing our supposed control of the situation, and letting God be God. This is hard work.



Christ Beside Me, Christ Within Me Celtic Blessings

BETH A. RICHARDSON When the Roman Empire expanded into the Celtic Christians’ territory in the 4th century, Celtic Christians acknowledged God’s presence in every aspect of life—from waking to sleeping, from birth to death, from mundane chores to momentous celebrations. In this rich weaving of stories and Celtic prayers, Beth Richardson gently calls us to a life of blessing—a life in which we sense the tender, gracious presence of God in every moment. PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835815239

eBOOK $9.99 9780835815246

KINDLE $9.99 AUDIOBOOK $14.99 9780835815338 9780835817264

How can prayer be creative? Our prayer reflects the creativity of the infinitely inventive God who made us and the whole universe. Prayer can take any number of forms—a dance with the Divine One, a sigh too deep for words, a song springing to our lips or heart. We pray when we walk, write, draw, sing, see, sit, listen, talk. Two of my favorite ways to pray are (1) walking the dog and discovering the world through his eyes and nose; and (2) watching the birds at the bird feeder—my heart singing praise to the Creator who loves us and bids us “do not worry” (see Matthew 6:25-34). When you wonder about your prayer and whether it is creative, think about the people or tasks or life experiences that bring you joy. What better prayers of praise are there than these? —Beth Richardson

10 | 800.972.0433


The Lord’s Prayer Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray MARY LOU REDDING

Do we make prayer harder than it has to be? Mary Lou Redding unveils the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer and how it is a model for all our prayers. Learn how to connect scripture with your daily life and grow closer to God with this practical, encouraging study. Includes Leader’s Guide. PAPERBACK $6.99 9780835810661

eBOOK $4.99 9780835811545

KINDLE $4.99 9780835810753

Right now, take a moment to pause and say the Lord’s Prayer.

Praying in the Messiness of Life 7 Ways to Renew Your Relationship with God LINDA DOUTY

How can you squeeze more time for prayer into an already busy life? Linda Douty suggests fresh ideas for weaving prayer into your life as it is, messiness and all. Perfect for individuals or small groups; 5-week study, 9-week study, or private retreat. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835810418

eBOOK $7.99 9780835811552

KINDLE $7.99 9780835810517

Sample Breath Prayer Inhale: Breathe on me, breath of God; Exhale: Fill me with life anew. Inhale: All shall be well; all shall be well; Exhale: All manner of thing shall be well. (Prayer of Julian of Norwich) | 800.972.0433


N U RT U R E NURTURE RESOURCES: The Creator meets us in unique and creative ways so that we might find hope and healing through Christ. Whether we are nurtured through a caregiver, prayer beads, or through lessons of self-care, the Good Shepherd meets us where we are and tends our soul. Learn more about nurturing yourself and others through our formative resources.

Beads of Healing Prayer, Trauma, and Spiritual Wholeness KRISTEN E. VINCENT

Kristen Vincent, author of A Bead and a Prayer and Another Bead, Another Prayer, offers us a unique prayer bead journey: one that stems from her personal experience of healing from trauma. Vincent gives readers ideas for ways to use prayer beads as a safe way to enter conversations with God, to talk honestly with their Creator, and open themselves to God’s love. In addition to helping survivors of trauma, this book will be a valuable resource for pastors, counselors, and others who provide support for trauma survivors. PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835816359

eBOOK $9.99 9780835816373

KINDLE $9.99 9780835816366

What’s the most creative way someone has nurtured you? Moving is never easy, and clergy families do it a lot. A few months into our newest appointment, a church member held a party to welcome me as the new clergy spouse. She invited everyone to make little balls out of felted wool. As each person finished, the woman took him or her into another room. When everyone had done this, they presented me with a garland made up of the felted balls. Hanging along the garland were handwritten notes that each person had written—blessings to welcome me to the church. This garland is so special and hangs on my prayer wall. Every day as I pray, it reminds me of this community’s hospitality and witness to God’s love. —Kristen E. Vincent

12 | 800.972.0433


A Widow’s Prayer

Finding God’s Grace in the Days Ahead NELL E. NOONAN

Losing a spouse is one of life’s greatest stresses. In this book of 60 meditations, Nell Noonan candidly shares her experiences after her husband’s death. Find peace, wisdom, and hope through Noonan’s heartfelt devotions.

Sample Prayer

Father God, my life is filled with good and beautiful, difficult, and afflicting experiences. Transform and reorient me to a place of hope and trust in the reality that you are not beyond me but with me in the midst of everyday life. Amen.

PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835815062 ENLARGED PRINT $13.99 9780835815963 eBOOK $9.99 9780835815079 KINDLE $9.99 9780835815352

Loving an Addict Gospel Reflections of Hope and Healing

Sample Prayer

Thank you, Lord Jesus, that in your presence we experience your loving acceptance and your loving challenge to grow. May we be open and transparent with you, bringing to your presence feelings we have buried so that you can mold us into new creations. Amen.


Fear. Anger. Shame. Resentment. Despair. If you love someone with an addiction, you’re probably familiar with these emotions. As the wife of an alcoholic, Alyssa Phillips knows them all too well. In this book of 52 devotions, she shares her journey of coming to peace with loving an addict. PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835813693

eBOOK $9.99 9780835813716 | 800.972.0433

KINDLE $9.99 9780835813709



Voices of Aging

Adult Children and Aging Parents Talk with God MISSY BUCHANAN

Every family struggles with guilt and stress as they work through the best next steps in the aging journey. Buchanan offers a compassionate look at the concerns of two generations—adult children and their parents—as they deal with the fears and frustrations of aging. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835813662

eBOOK $9.99 9780835813686

KINDLE $9.99 9780835813679

Sample Prayer

O God, I confess that I often lose sight of the beauty in each season of life as I fixate on the uncertainties of tomorrow, and I miss the blessings of today. Melt my frosty heart, Lord. When my life feels barren and lifeless, fill me with your presence. Help me step back and look at life in its fullness. Amen.

Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life 7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth

JANE MARIE THIBAULT AND RICHARD L. MORGAN Do you dread growing old? The Last Third of life (age 60 and beyond) can be a meaningful, endurable, and even joyful time. These realistic, Bible-based meditations suggest 7 tasks essential to living the Last Third of life with purpose. PAPERBACK $15.99 9780835811170

eBOOK $9.99 9780835811767

KINDLE $9.99 9780835811224

Sample Reflections

• Take a few moments to bring to awareness needs other than your own. Make a list of these needs and consider ways you might address them. • The  next time you sit at the table with family members or friends, practice restraining your speech and listen to what others are saying.

14 | 800.972.0433

No Act of Love Is Ever Wasted


The Spirituality of Caring for Persons with Dementia JANE MARIE THIBAULT AND RICHARD L. MORGAN

Thibault and Morgan present a realistic and compassionate picture of dementia and encourage us to see caregiving and care receiving as opportunities for mutual spiritual growth. No Act of Love Is Ever Wasted is a great book for anyone who provides care to persons with dementia— family members, friends, professional caregivers, and clergypersons. PAPERBACK $15.99 9780835899956

eBOOK $9.99 9780835818049

KINDLE $9.99 9780835812078

Reflect on a time when you had to care for someone. Was it hard? Was it rewarding? How did you learn from that experience?

Not Alone

Encouragement for Caregivers NELL NOONAN

Millions of children, parents, and spouses care for someone who is disabled or chronically ill. The daily demands of caregiving can leave the caregiver feeling isolated, overwhelmed, sad, and discouraged. Nell Noonan’s authentic devotions will comfort caregivers and let them know they are not alone.

Sample Prayer

HARDCOVER $9.99 9780835899826

O God, when we are sinking in a deep mire, we have hope, comfort, and the blessed assurance you will hear our cries and rescue us. For your steadfast love and unfailing mercy accompany us everywhere we go or get stuck. We give you thanks and praise. Amen. | 800.972.0433



Passing It On

How to Nurture Your Children’s Faith Season by Season KARA LASSEN OLIVER

Give your children the greatest gift of all—passing on your faith. In Passing It On, Kara Lassen Oliver provides a practical guide to help parents, grandparents, and other concerned adults nurture their children’s faith. For four weeks at a time, she offers easy-tofollow suggestions for families during the seasons of Advent, Lent, summer, and back to school. This book features: • Plan for weekly Family Gatherings with age-appropriate activities • Symbols to remind family members of the week’s spiritual emphasis • A suggested daily practice and prayer for each week • A Leader’s Guide for parent groups studying this book together PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835814973

eBOOK $7.99 9780835814980

KINDLE $7.99 9780835815369

What creative ways have you found to nurture those around you? Words, written once, can be touchstones for days, months, and years to come. Words can offer solace in grief, light on a dark day, perspective in the midst of confusion. They can be spoken or written, sung or typed. Naming and offering words can nurture compassion in a child, nurture confidence in a coworker, nurture trust in a marriage, nurture faith in a congregation. Proverbs 16:24 (CEB) says, “Pleasant words are flowing honey, sweet to the taste and healing to the bones.” May you receive the words of Passing It On as nurture for your family, sweet as honey and healing to the bones. —Kara Lassen Oliver

16 | 800.972.0433


Sample Prayer Before Tests

Scrambled Starts

Lord, tests can cause stress, worry, and anxiety. May we remember what we’ve learned and give our fears and anxiety to you. Give us the peace of your calming presence. Sit with us as we complete our test and cheer us on to the end. Amen.

Family Prayers for Morning, Bedtime, and Everything In-Between JENNY YOUNGMAN

Do you long to teach your children to pray? Learn from a mother of four who understands chaotic family schedules and children’s short attention spans. This handy book for all ages includes mealtime blessings, bedtime prayers, morning devotions, scriptures, and prayers for all occasions. PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835814997 eBOOK $7.99 9780835815000

Growing Compassionate K ids Helping Kids See Beyond Their Backyard JAN JOHNSON

PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835809320

Growing Compassionate Kids helps moms and dads and grandparents learn to incorporate social outreach and mission into the often-hectic everyday realities of family life. When children see the living examples of their family, they will grow to be disciples of Christ and learn to consider others above self. Questions for reflection plus personal and family devotions are included in each chapter. | 800.972.0433

KINDLE $7.99 9780835815376

Sample Excerpt

You, O God, have commanded us to welcome strangers, even when it makes us uncomfortable. Give me the courage to venture out beyond my backyard and teach our children to do so as well. Amen.


Help your children


grow in their faith every day, all year long

For Kids Who Love God Let Pockets be the foundation for your child’s faith journey. Kids learn to develop a daily time with God through fun activities, stories, poems, games, daily scripture readings, recipes, and contributions from other children.

Order a one-year (11 issue) subscription for $21.95.

devozine helps teens begin to build a lifelong practice of spending time with God. Start helping the teens in your life draw on their relationship with God to help them make the right choices. In this bimonthly lifestyle magazine, teen writers frankly discuss challenging faith issues.

Order a one-year (6 issue) subscription for $21.00.

Call 800.972.0433 mention order code: 78EG01

H O LY S PA C E S HOLY SPACES RESOURCES: A Holy Space is wherever you find communion with God. Whether you feel God’s presence amid community, in the quiet, or on a yoga mat, God meets us in creative ways so that we might grow in Christlikeness. Find out how you can create Holy Spaces in your life with our resources.

For Sabbath’s Sake

Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community J. DANA TRENT

Do you long to rest and spend quality time with friends and family? Are you looking for a stronger connection with God? There’s an ancient spiritual practice that can help you find balance: keeping sabbath. With humor and honesty, Dana Trent reveals her own struggles with keeping sabbath, traces the rich history of sabbath, and helps you find ways to set apart time for what matters most. For sabbath’s sake—for your sanity’s sake—you need this book.

PAPERBACK $12.99 9780835817196

eBOOK $9.99 9780835817219

KINDLE $9.99 AUDIOBOOK $14.99 9780835817202 9780835817813

When have you heard from God in a creative way? Last year, my mother died unexpectedly after a brief illness. I felt heavy with the abruptness of her absence. For 36 years, we had been inseparable. Shortly after her death, I pleaded with my husband, “I wish she would call me just one more time!” He responded, “What would you need to hear from her?” I spewed off every bit of encouragement I imagined she would offer: she’d say that I would be okay—and that she had prepared me, and that I was a strong woman, even if she weren’t physically here to remind me of that. As soon as I said it, I felt the presence of God. The Holy Spirit was still connecting us—me, Mom, and God—in ways that are too deep for words. After that night, I began keeping a grief journal where I would write Mom notes and listen for God’s voice. Turns out she had been there all along—I just needed to recognize her through the comfort of our triune God. —J. Dana Trent

20 | 800.972.0433


Room at My Table

Preparing Heart & Home for Christian Hospitality EVELYN BENCE

In this delightful collection of 52 devotions, Evelyn Bence reflects on gatherings at her table and discusses planning a gathering, choosing recipes, and thinking about how to make guests feel at ease. Come along, she gracefully urges—make room at your table for others to share a meal or even a cup of coffee and dessert. PAPERBACK $12.99 9780835813594

eBOOK $9.99 9780835813617

KINDLE $9.99 9780835813600

How have you experienced God’s presence in community?

The Soulmaking Room DEE DEE RISHER

In this powerful and wise book, Risher weaves stories from her life with the biblical story of the prophet Elisha and a woman who built a holy room for him. She encourages us to find our own holy room in which we share community with others and with God, shaping our souls into their unique dimensions. PAPERBACK $16.99 9780835815253

eBOOK $9.99 9780835815260

KINDLE $9.99 9780835815345

What experiences in your life have shaped you to become your most authentic self? | 800.972.0433



Holy Listening with Breath, Body, and the Spirit WHITNEY R. SIMPSON

Looking for a new way to listen to God? Try listening with your whole self—body, breath, and spirit. Each reading in this 40-day book of meditations includes scripture, yoga postures, a breath prayer, aromatherapy, and reflection questions. PAPERBACK $12.99 9780835816311 eBOOK $9.99 9780835816335

KINDLE $9.99 9780835816328

Where is the most creative space you’ve ever encountered God? The practice of yoga has invited me into many intimate and creative spaces with God. And, since I’ve practiced for over a decade, I’ve encountered God on my mat in numerous places. While some moments have felt majestic and set apart as truly holy (balancing in tree pose after hiking the Grand Canyon with my family comes to mind), others may seem less than special. Yet those ordinary moments are indeed special. When we slow down enough to connect with our Creator, who is as close as our breath, God meets us no matter the situation. Practicing yoga in a hotel room chair, in a hallway of my own home, or on a majestic hike invites me into encountering God in both the ordinary and the extraordinary moments of life. —Whitney R. Simpson

22 | 800.972.0433


Quiet Spaces

Prayer Interludes for Women PATRICIA WILSON

You can have an intimate relationship with God in spite of your busy, hectic life. Wilson shows how even a few stray minutes can become a blessed opportunity for a focused encounter with God. For more information and a new interactive way to explore your spiritual journey, we invite you to visit PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835809696

eBOOK $9.99 9780835815628

KINDLE $9.99 9780835815611

Sample Meditation for Calming Yourself

“Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, nor will you let your faithful one see decay.” —Psalm 16:9-10, NIV

In the Sanctuary of Women A Companion for Reflection & Prayer JAN L. RICHARDSON

This daily devotional book for women offers 6 months of readings on women whose lives teach us about God: Eve, Brigid of Kildare, the desert mothers, Hildegard of Bingen, Harriet Powers, and the bride in the Song of Solomon. You’ll be inspired by Richardson’s beautiful stories, prayers, and poetry. For individual or group study.

PAPERBACK $21.99 9780835810302

eBOOK $9.99 9780835811491

KINDLE $9.99 9780835812511

Sample Blessing

That you will go into the heart of God and find the heart of the world. That you will go into the world and find the heart of God. | 800.972.0433



Safe Sanctuaries Resources

Safe Sanctuaries is the only resource of its kind that offers the tools necessary to train church leaders on how to keep the children, youth, adults, elders, clergy, and staff of your church safe. Attorney and former pastor Joy Thornburg Melton offers valuable, practical advice to help churches safeguard against abuse and exploitation. Discover how your church can recognize and respond to these issues.

Does your congregation have Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines in place? When were these last updated, and when did leaders, teachers, and staff last attend training? If a policy does not exist, make every effort to implement the following steps as swiftly as possible. For help, visit: https:// getting-started-safesanctuaries


This updated volume includes information on Internet predators, as well as a new section on vulnerable adults. PAPERBACK $25.00 9780881775433 Practical guidance is provided for developing and implementing a substantive, holistic action plan of abuse prevention: • recruiting, screening, and working with volunteers • training models for all who work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults • suggestions for congregational response to unthinkable allegations of abuse • order of worship celebrating the adoption of “Safe Sanctuaries” policies

24 | 800.972.0433


Virtual World

JOY THORNBURG MELTON AND MICHELLE FOSTER Addresses the challenges of ministry in the face of technology and the way we work, use, and interact with it. PAPERBACK $15.00 9780881776300

eBOOK $9.99 9780881776485

KINDLE $9.99 9780881776478


JOY THORNBURG MELTON Informs clergy and those who work with clergy about the basics of ethical practice within their leadership role. Explores three areas of special concern to clergy: counseling, finances, and sexuality. PAPERBACK $15.00 9780881775600

Older Adults

JOY THORNBURG MELTON Learn how your church can recognize and respond to issues of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of your oldest parishioners. Real care from congregations includes knowledge, advocacy, and appropriate action. PAPERBACK $25.00 9780881776133 | 800.972.0433


I N S P I R AT I O N INSPIRATION RESOURCES: God inspires us through our unique gifts and experiences so we can grow our love for God and for others. Whether you find inspiration through coloring, through motherhood, or through writing, we invite you to experience God’s inspiration in creative ways.

Praying with Mandalas A Colorful, Contemplative Practice SHARON SEYFARTH GARNER

This coloring book for adults invites you to “be with God on purpose” and create your own visual prayer journal to hear God’s holy whispers. It blends the relaxing practice of coloring with these ancient spiritual practices: lectio divina, intercessory prayer, centering prayer, and the Examen. Includes 40 mandala designs. Excellent for personal devotions, small groups, or retreats. PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835816342

While you color this mandala, pray for someone you dislike.

How does contemplative coloring inspire you to pray? I am an easily distracted pray-er. For years I longed to embrace a regular prayer practice; however, when I did finally sit down to pray, my mind would race off in a million directions—kind of like the dog from the movie Up who was completely distracted when anyone would mention the word squirrel! Praying with mandalas has become the fresh new way to pray I had been longing for—a way to get out of my distracted “squirrel” brain and focus on spending time with God on purpose. I am inspired by and grateful for this creative way to pray that invites me into a deeper relationship with God. —Sharon Seyfarth Garner

26 | 800.972.0433

Creativity and Divine Surprise


Finding the Place of Your Resurrection KARLA KINCANNON Do you think of yourself as creative? God made all of us with the ability, perhaps even the need, to create. Kincannon helps you discover your untapped creativity and explore it as part of your spiritual journey. PAPERBACK $8.99 9780835898126

eBOOK $4.99 KINDLE $4.99 9780835812597 9780835812580

Sample Excerpt: Creativity and prayer allow us to see the truth

about ourselves. Whether painting or praying, I learn about myself and areas of my life that need God’s healing. Painting offers guidance and helps to heal the hurts of the past, in much the same way prayer does. Through an unending process of self-discovery, creativity, and prayer move us into wholeness. They afford an encounter with self-knowledge and lead to the joyful truth of our existence.

Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera

A Spiritual Journey in Photography VALERIE K. ISENHOWER

Have you ever thought of photography as a spiritual journey? Photography provides a way to still the heart and soul so you can hear God’s voice and sense God’s presence. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or you take pictures with your smartphone, you will enjoy this creative way to connect with God.

eBOOK $9.99 9780835811781

KINDLE $9.99 9780835811064

Sample Excerpt: Ideas for Focusing Your Photography

• Photograph images that remind you of listening. • Photograph an image that reminds you of silence. • Ask God how you are to photograph your relationship with God today. | 800.972.0433



This Is My Body

Embracing the Messiness of Faith and Motherhood HANNAH SHANKS

On the day she discovered she was pregnant, Hannah Shanks received Communion. She heard Jesus’ familiar words, “This is my body, broken; This is my blood poured out,” in a new way and felt closer to God. This Is My Body reflects on Communion, a central act of the Christian faith, and proclaims that God can be seen through the eyes, bodies, and experiences of women. “Women and mothers are not left out of the story,” Shanks writes. “Our selves, our bodies, and our experiences have always testified to the glory of God—not as a special story relevant only to women who bear children but to everyone.” PAPERBACK $13.99 9781935205289 eBOOK $9.99 9781935205302

KINDLE $9.99 9781935205296

How have you experienced God through creative outlets?

I believe that wonder, rightly cherished, will always bring us to God. I believe that “I don’t know” is a gateway more than it’s a stop sign. And I’ve learned that God shows up when I show up. Not because God is my personal assistant, but because God is Presence—so when I manage to be present, God is there. When I make room to bring my whole self to an activity, I almost always find that it turns into a connection with God. The work, or the questions, or the wonder becomes a prayer in motion. Creative outlets—those things that lead us to both work and wonder—pull me out of myself and into something greater. When I write, I make room on the page for God to speak into my experiences. There, in the white space between words, I can see the Holy that I seem to miss when I’m rushing from one task to the next. —Hannah Shanks

28 | 800.972.0433


Reluctant Pilgrim

A Moody, Somewhat Self-Indulgent Introvert’s Search for Spiritual Community ENUMA OKORO

Reluctant Pilgrim is the spiritual memoir of a God-hungry woman trying to navigate her mixed desires, convictions, and disappointments. PAPERBACK $14.99 9781935205104

eBOOK $9.99 KINDLE $9.99 9781935205159 9781935205128

Sample Excerpt

I never realized until now how no one ever offers up to God their prayers of anger. The prayers of the people never include space for those of us who want to honestly and openly acknowledge that life can be unbearably painful.

Saffron Cross

The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk J. DANA TRENT

Saffron Cross is the intriguing memoir of Dana, a Baptist minister, and Fred, a devout Hindu and former monk. The two meet on eHarmony and begin a sometimes daunting but ultimately inspiring journey of interfaith relationship and marriage. PAPERBACK $9.99 9781935205166

eBOOK $7.99 9781935205180

KINDLE $7.99 9781935205173

Sample Excerpt

Soulmates are the partners and friends who show us who we really are. They hold mirrors to our hearts, reflecting what makes us real and lovable, while also shedding light on the bruised and calloused spots that need work. They encourage us to live into our most precious calling: becoming the spiritual creatures we are meant to be. | 800.972.0433



One Day I W rote Back Interacting with Scripture Through Creative Writing JANE HERRING

Do you struggle to relate to the Bible? Jane Herring wrestled with the contradictions, puzzling stories, and difficult sayings in scripture—until she discovered the power of interacting with them through creative writing. Herring guides you to “talk back” to scripture passages you don’t understand. Ask questions, explore your life, plead, praise, and ponder. She provides simple, practical tools for beginning and experienced writers. A perfect resource for individuals, small groups, and those on retreats. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835813754 eBOOK $9.99 9780835813778

KINDLE $9.99 9780835813761

How does God inspire you through creativity? When I was young, I created instinctively. Dogs could have wings. Poems could be one word. Writing did not need letters: I joyfully made loops on a page and declared, “I am writing!” God inspired me through creativity by making me in God’s own image: creative. Later, there were years I felt cut off from this spiritual joy. When I realized making “real art” did not make my heart sing, I began the journey back to that child of God who simply created. Now, when I need to grieve or pray or want to give thanks, I turn to the page and write a psalm of lament or thanks. Dogs talk. A prayer can be a single word, decorated in spirals and flowers. Some lines are filled with loops in places of letters. God not only inspires me through creativity but also helps me heal and grow through creativity. Thanks be to God! —Jane Herring

30 | 800.972.0433


Finding Your Voice in the Psalms An Invitation to Honest Prayer ELIZABETH J. CANHAM

Discover the beauty and power of the Psalms and learn how to pray about every situation in your life. As you explore 7 themes in the Psalms, Canham guides you to write your own psalms that express your feelings to God. Appropriate for individuals or groups; includes group guide and worship suggestions. PAPERBACK $12.00 9780835811958

eBOOK $9.99 KINDLE $9.99 9780835811972 9780835811965

Write your own psalm to the Lord: | 800.972.0433



Spirit Boosters

for the Journey of Aging 366 Devotions

MISSY BUCHANAN This reusable inspirational calendar encourages older adults to keep a positive frame of mind. It features brief daily devotions and Bible verses, enlarged-print text, a gift presentation page, and space to add personal celebrations. Easy to display and makes a great gift. CALENDAR $12.99 9780835816687

How can the act of nurturing be a creative experience? I recently saw a news story about an older man who gives fresh-cut flowers to a different resident of his retirement community each week. For years he had brought flowers to his beloved wife each Friday, but after she died he wanted to honor her memory in a creative way. He didn’t know that it would bring him such joy too. I have met many older adults who nurture others by using their own creativity. One group of older men combined their miniature train collections and handcrafted scenery to create a magnificent Christmas display for children in the community. I met older women who recycle old greeting cards to create all-new designs that they sell at their senior community to provide funding for residents with depleted finances. Our Creator God knows that whenever we use our creative gifts to nurture others, we will discover a renewed sense of purpose and joy. —Missy Buchanan

32 | 800.972.0433

Living with Purpose in a Worn-Out Body


Spiritual Encouragement for Older Adults MISSY BUCHANAN

“How did you know what I was thinking?” one reader asked Missy Buchanan after reading this book. Buchanan, a daily caregiver for her parents in their later years, knows the challenges that frail elderly people face. She shows readers how to live with purpose despite physical or mental decline. Enlarged print. PAPERBACK $11.99 9780835899420

eBOOK $9.99 KINDLE $9.99 9780835812030 9780835812054

Sample Excerpt

Lord, give me an extra measure of grace when I feel that I’m too old to be useful. Help me take my limitations in stride as I search for opportunities to serve you. My purpose has not withered away with another birthday. It is rooted in eternity.

Sample Prayer

It’s true that I’m a little down today, but I refuse to stay there. I will wrap my arms of faith around the One who will pull me up to see the brighter side of life, where laughter reigns over sadness; where kindness overcomes depression. Today I will be a cheergiver for someone else. Together we will bask in the brighter side of life.

Talking with God in Old Age Meditations and Psalms MISSY BUCHANAN

Buchanan sensitively addresses the worries, fears, pain, and frustrations of older adults. Her meditations and selected psalms extend hope, encouraging older persons to talk candidly with God. Seniors grappling with aging will readily identify with these reflections and find reassurance of God’s presence. Enlarged print. PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835810166

eBOOK $7.99 9780835811606 | 800.972.0433

KINDLE $7.99 9780835812528



10 Gospel Promises for Later Life JANE MARIE THIBAULT

Is there any good news in the Good News for older adults? As they face decline and losses in later life, many adults undergo a spiritual crisis. Examining the Gospels in a spirit of prayer, Jane Thibault addresses the questions of older adults and affirms Jesus’ promise of abundant life for all. Enlarged print. PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835898010 eBOOK $9.99 9780835816427

KINDLE $9.99 9780835816410

What does being creative with the Creator mean to you? Immediately after honoring his Creator-Father in the prayer he taught us, Jesus implored, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I interpret these words to mean that God invites us to co-create with God a “good” earth—one that reflects heaven, filled with love, goodness, and beauty. I accept these 14 words as my assignment for each day, regardless of whether I feel like it—until I take my last breath. I believe these words not only authorize me to act for the benefit of the earth and its inhabitants, but they also endow me with all kinds of ideas and energy that will enable me to respond creatively to the needs and opportunities of the day. I believe that no thought, word, or act of love is ever insignificant, wasted, or lost in the co-creation of God’s realm on earth. —Jane Marie Thibault, PhD

34 | 800.972.0433

Don’t W rite My Obituary Just Yet


Inspiring Faith Stories for Older Adults MISSY BUCHANAN

Thirty heartwarming stories of people from ages 70 to 100 show how strong faith can help us overcome trials and sorrows and live with hope. A scripture and prayer accompany each story. This book makes a wonderful gift for any older adult who needs to know that their life still matters to God and others. PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835810463

eBOOK $7.99 KINDLE $7.99 9780835812047 9780835810562

Sample Prayer

Loving Creator, Sometimes it seems my body can barely sustain life. Then I remember that you know exactly how I feel. When weariness settles over me, I will make music. When my enthusiasm for living begins to fade, I will sing your praises. From the chair in my room I will worship you. Amen.

My Story, My Song

Mother-Daughter Reflections on Life and Faith

LUCIMARIAN ROBERTS AND ROBIN ROBERTS WITH MISSY BUCHANAN Lucimarian Roberts, her daughter Robin Roberts, coanchor of Good Morning America, and author Missy Buchanan teamed up to write a memoir of Lucimarian’s remarkable life. Readers will gain insights on what it was like to be an African American during segregation, the civil rights movement, and beyond. My Story, My Song is an intimate meditation to treasure, to read in the quiet, to let seep in, and to share with others to help them along their journey. PAPERBACK $3.99 eBOOK $3.99 KINDLE $3.99 9780835811071 9780835811279 9780835811088

Sample Prayer

The light of God surrounds me; The love of God enfolds me; The power of God protects me;

The presence of God watches over me; Wherever I am, God is! | 800.972.0433


R E N E WA L RENEWAL RESOURCES: Just as the trees bud with new life in the spring, God breathes new life and gifts into us. Renewal can come in many forms. We can be renewed, through the sacraments, through spiritual disciplines, through trials and pain and through much more. Through what creative way is God seeking to renew your life?

The Upper Room Disciplines 2019 A Book of Daily Devotions

Reading and reflecting on scripture is a spiritual practice that provides daily inspiration and spiritual nourishment for those who seek God. In this best-selling devotional guide, readers encounter a diverse community of thoughtful Christian writers and theologians who guide them toward a deeper relationship with God. Each reading in The Upper Room Disciplines includes a selected scripture passage, a meditation on the scripture, and a prayer or suggestion for reflection. Disciplines offers 7 days of engagement with the upcoming Sunday’s lectionary texts. Each week of devotions is written by one author and focuses on one theme to provide extended depth into how the ancient stories of the Bible apply to our lives today. Writers for 2019 include Tony Campolo, Daniel Benedict, James Harnish, Michael Williams, Sharon Seyfarth Garner, PAPERBACK $14.99 Todd Outcalt, James Howell, Melissa 9780835817424 Tidwell, Larry Peacock, and Steve Harper. Available for purchase September 2018. eBOOK $9.99 9780835817455

ENLARGED PRINT $17.99 9780835817431 KINDLE $9.99 9780835817448

What spiritual disciplines have brought you closer to God?

36 | 800.972.0433


Rhythms of Growth 365 Meditations to Nurture the Soul LINDA DOUTY

Join Linda Douty in a yearlong exploration of spiritual living. As each season of the soul unfolds, she helps you stay alert to God’s invitations. Winter calls us to reflect and regroup in the stillness. Spring beckons us to tend the seeds of growth God plants deep within us. Summer says, “Bear fruit and share it with the world!” Autumn invites us to let go with the leaves. Tend your soul with the daily meditations in this downto-earth devotional book. PAPERBACK $14.99 9780835813518 eBOOK $9.99 9780835813532

KINDLE $9.99 9780835813525

Based on Linda Douty’s descriptions of spiritual seasons, which spiritual season are you in right now—winter, spring, summer, or autumn? | 800.972.0433



God Unbound

Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church ELAINE A. HEATH

Just as Paul led the Galatians through a radical cultural change to expand their view of God, themselves, and the church’s mission, Christians are challenged to do the same today. Elaine Heath urges the church to boldly follow the Holy Spirit’s leadership beyond buildings and programs to join what Jesus is doing in the world. PAPERBACK $9.99 9780835815833 eBOOK $7.99 9780835815857

KINDLE $7.99 9780835815840

What are some creative ways to find spiritual renewal? 1. Learn a new art form such as watercolor, bread baking, knitting, or dance. All art is inherently spiritual and takes us out of ourselves. 2. Spend time in nature—ideally, at least an hour per day. Japan has a custom called “forest bathing” in which persons spend time in solitude in the forest in order to breathe in the life and beauty of the trees. If you don’t live near a forest or beach, even a city park or a green space in your apartment complex can help. 3. Read novels. They help us to get out of ourselves and into new stories, which opens our


imagination. Some of my favorites include the Tolkien trilogy, Harry Potter, and the work of Barbara Kingsolver. 4. Learn new ways of embodied prayer that are not focused on words. 5. Spend a week at a Trappist monastery and take part in the daily rhythms of prayer, solitude, and rest. 6. Find a spiritual director who can companion you through times of fatigue and help you become aware of God’s presence in your daily life. —Elaine A. Heath Dean, Duke Divinity School | 800.972.0433


Sample Excerpt

This Holy Mystery A United Methodist Understanding of Holy Communion

We receive spiritual nourishment through Holy Communion. The Christian life is a journey, one that is challenging and arduous. To continue living faithfully and growing in holiness requires constant sustenance.


This Holy Mystery is the United Methodist Church’s official statement on the practice of the Lord’s Supper (approved by 2004 General Conference). The book is an all-in-one resource for participants and leaders. Contains 7 sessions with commentary on the history, practice, and principles of Holy Communion in United Methodist congregations. PAPERBACK $14.00 9780881774573

eBOOK $9.99 KINDLE $9.99 9780881776751 9780881776744

By Water and the Spirit

Making Connections for Identity and Ministry GAYLE CARLTON FELTON

By Water and the Spirit, a 6-session study guide for use in small groups, contains the official theological statement that describes the United Methodist understanding of baptism. The book serves as a resource for congregational leaders who are helping members make connections between the baptismal covenant and discipleship in daily life. PAPERBACK $10.00 9780881772012

eBOOK $9.99 KINDLE $9.99 9780881776584 9780881776591 | 800.972.0433

Sample Excerpt

It is through the sacrament of baptism that we are given our identity as people for whom Jesus Christ lived, died, and was resurrected. In baptism we are initiated into the Christian church; we are incorporated into the community of God’s people, the body of Christ. By baptism we are commissioned into ministry; we are called to continue the work of Christ for the redemption of the world.



The Power of a Focused Heart 8 Life Lessons from the Beatitudes MARY LOU REDDING

The world flies at us continually with too many distractions and choices. Sometimes you have to say no to some things so you can say yes to God, Redding says in her in-depth study of the Beatitudes. She gives valuable help for making decisions based on your spiritual gifts.

8 Sessions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

The Blessings of Poverty The Gifts in Our Grieving Power Under God’s Control Satisfied with Being Unsatisfied Grace That Acts To Will One Thing Seeing the World Needy and Whole Action and Reaction

PAPERBACK $14.99 9780835898188 eBOOK $9.99 9780835817592

KINDLE $9.99 9780835817585

What distractions are shifting your focus away from God’s calling on your life and personal ministry?

40 | 800.972.0433


Living into the Answers

A Workbook for Personal Spiritual Discernment VALERIE K. ISENHOWER AND JUDITH A. TODD

We don’t have to make decisions all on our own. Learn how to put God at the center of your decision making. Isenhower and Todd give you practical activities, reflection questions, and other tools to help you follow God’s leading and discern God’s purposes for you.

Sample Excerpt

As we begin to live a life of discernment, we may find our priorities are changing; our core values are shifting in intensity and moving closer to God’s values. Changes do happen, and we are called to reflect upon where we need to let go of once-cherished values and beliefs.

PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835899444

Entering into the Psalms Meeting God in Scripture ANNE CRUMPLER

Entering the Psalms models the movement from reading scripture to personal prayer, using provocative entry-point questions to deepen the participant’s engagement with scripture. Readers will explore various types of psalms in this 6-week study.

Sample Exercise LEADER’S GUIDE $9.99 9780835899758 PARTICIPANT’S WORKBOOK $8.99 9780835899734

Read Psalm 42. Read again Psalm 42:1-2, 11-12. Journal your responses to these questions: 1. Describe a time in your life when your soul was “cast down” and “disquieted.” 2. What gave you hope? 3. Write a prayer expressing your faith in God, who is your hope and help in times of trouble. | 800.972.0433



Companions in Christ A Small-Group Experience in Spiritual Formation Participant’s Book in 1 Volume

RUEBEN P. JOB, MARJORIE J. THOMPSON, E. GLENN HINSON, ADELE J. GONZALEZ, GERRIT SCOTT DAWSON, AND WENDY M. WRIGHT This 28-week spiritual journey will draw you into daily time with God through individual reading and reflection and will gather you weekly with others in your faith community for a deeper exploration of the gifts that God is giving you for living out your personal ministry. PARTICIPANT’S BOOK $19.99 LEADER’S GUIDE $19.99

9780835898430 9780835898409


Embracing the Journey invites you to a 5-week life-changing spiritual journey toward wholeness and holiness, individually and in community, through the grace of God. PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835898300

Deepening Our Prayer ADELE J. GONZALEZ


Exploring Spiritual Guidance WENDY M. WRIGHT

Deepening Our Prayer encourages you to experience new, fresh ways to come to the Lord in prayer during this 6-week series. Learn what it means to be in the presence of God.

Exploring Spiritual Guidance is a 5-week series that discusses ways to grow as a Christian community and gain skills in learning how small groups in the church become settings for spiritual guidance.

PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835898324

PAPERBACK $7.99 9780835898348 | 800.972.0433

Understanding Spiritual Gifts


Meeting God in Scripture MARY LOU REDDING

Are you searching for the kind of life and mission to which God is calling you? Let this 7-week study be your guide as you or your small group discover the place where your deep desires and the world’s deep need intersect.

LEADER’S GUIDE $9.99 9780835810142

eBOOK $7.99 KINDLE $7.99 9780835816144 9780835816137

ARTICIPANT’S WORKBOOK $8.99 P 9780835810159

eBOOK $6.99 KINDLE $6.99 9780835816168 9780835816151

Sample Excerpt

If you were asked to come up with one word or phrase to describe yourself, what would it be? How do you think God wants you to use your gift? Are you meant to help others, to teach, to lead, to entertain, to inspire? What do you truly love to do?

Exploring the Way

An Introduction to the Spiritual Journey MARJORIE J. THOMPSON

Do you wonder what the spiritual journey is about or wish you better understood spiritual formation? Exploring the Way is a 6-week study that introduces you to basic spiritual practices like prayer, scripture, study, listening, journaling, and much more. PARTICIPANT’S BOOK $11.99 LEADER’S GUIDE $14.99 9780835898065 9780835898072

Sample Excerpt

If we think of prayer as mere discipline, we miss the vivid sense of an ongoing journey of companionship with our Best Friend, of guidance from our Wisest Counselor, of communion with our Loving Creator. | 800.972.0433



K indred Souls

Connecting Through Spiritual Friendship STEPHANIE FORD

We all need kindred spirits to encourage and challenge us on our spiritual journey. Ford explains how spiritual friendship differs from other kinds of friendship and gives practical help for finding and nurturing spiritual friendships. Meet spiritual companions from Christian history and learn how the most profound friendship of all—friendship with God—can transform your life. PAPERBACK $13.99 9780835899031 eBOOK $9.99 9780835817479

KINDLE $9.99 9780835817462

What are some creative ways you have found spiritual renewal? My spiritual practice is grounded in morning rituals of drinking coffee, prayerful reading, and journaling. Simply being—holding the coffee cup, watching the light grow in the room, feeling the warmth of my dog, Anna, nestled beside me—renews me for the day ahead. But I get restless—and I have learned to trust, rather than chastise myself for the dis-ease. Listening to my restlessness, I find clues. I might be led to read theology for a time. Innovative theology, like that of Elizabeth Johnson, stokes the fire of my most natural way of praying: praying with images. Another source of spiritual riches I turn to is poetry: I am called to see something with another’s eyes. The wonder that verse evokes calls me into God’s presence. Lately, my restlessness is leading me to pray with my body . . . and I am listening. —Stephanie A. Ford

44 | 800.972.0433


Talk that Matters 30 Days to Better Relationships

SUSAN LEE LIND AND BEN CAMPBELL JOHNSON Build better relationships in just 30 days. Susan Lee Lind and Ben Campbell Johnson break down 30 principles that help you learn the art of clear, effective communication. Included are basic principles that make meaningful talk possible, insights that make communication more effective, ways to recognize differences in people, and information on how to work through larger issues that call for clear speech.

Sample Reflection

Today remember a time when you were face-to-face with a person who was in enormous pain. What did you say or do? What do you think you might say or do now?

PAPERBACK $3.99 9781935205036

Forgiving Your Family A Journey to Healing


The gospel calls us to love others, but often we struggle to do this in our closest relationships. Therapist Kathleen Fischer offers real-life stories and practical strategies to help you move toward forgiveness. Learn how to draw on your faith and rest in God’s peace as you work toward healing in your relationships. PAPERBACK $13.99 eBOOK $9.99 KINDLE $9.99 9780835898027 9780835812368 9780835812337

Sample Excerpt

Sometimes an apology comes in a form other than words. A sister bakes cookies and brings them by your house. A husband mows the lawn and takes out the garbage. These legitimate ways of saying, “I’m sorry” may be the only kind of apology some people can manage. We need not wait for the actual words “I’m sorry.” | 800.972.0433


Intercessory prayer is not something that “just happens.” That’s why the mission of The Upper Room Living Prayer Center is to help individuals, small groups, and local congregations grow in their understanding and experience of prayer. Want to pray for others? Visit the Living Prayer Center website to learn more about becoming a prayer volunteer and sharing the gift of prayer with others.


Call our toll-free prayer line at 800.251.2468 (available 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.) to have one of our experienced prayer volunteers pray for you over the phone. Or submit your prayer requests on our website. HTTP://PRAYER-CENTER.UPPERROOM.ORG

How to Order 4 CONVENIENT WAYS TO ORDER PHONE: 800.972.0433 Customer Service representatives are ready to help you with your order. Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Central Time; Saturday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Central Time; closed Sunday ONLINE: FAX: 386.447.2321 BY MAIL: The Upper Room Customer Service

PO BOX 433110, Palm Coast, FL 32143-9836

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ORDER TODAY! 800.972.0433

Woman Overboard


How Passion Saved My Life

PO Box 340004 Nashville, TN 37203-0004


Discover through Woman Overboard how to find your passion, live out your particular calling, and make sense of a broken world. It’s time to jump overboard—to take the risks you’ve always wanted to take.


PAPERBACK $6.99 9781935205067 eBOOK $4.99 9781935205241 KINDLE $4.99 9781935205234

AUDIOBOOK $14.99 9780835817356

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage


Nashville, TN Permit No. 2703

Women of God: Be Creative with the Creator