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Safe Sanctuaries  –  Older Adults The Church Responds to Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Older Adults Joy Thornburg Melton and Richard H. Gentzler, Jr. DR613 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 613 – 3 • $25.00 Joy Thornburg Melton offers valuable, practical advice to help churches safeguard against abuse and exploitation of elders. Learn how your church can recognize and respond to issues of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of your oldest parishioners.

Santuarios Seguros Prevencíon del abuso infantil y juvenil en la iglesia (Spanish Edition) Joy Thornburg Melton Traducido por Janette Marie Chévere y María Colone DR402 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 402 – 3 • $15.00 Esta traducción es una combinación de los libros Safe Sanctuaries y Safe Sanctuaries for Youth. El recurso está diseñado para líderes en congregaciones y comunidades de fe de habla hispana: pastores(as), misioneros(as) laicos(as), personas laicas, maestros(as) de educación cristiana, maestros(as) de la escuela dominical, y directores de ministerios ofrecidos durante la semana.

Safe Sanctuaries in a Virtual World Joy Thornburg Melton DR630 • 978-0-88177-630-0 • $15.00

Available Available JULY JULY 2014 2014

Safe Sanctuaries in a Virtual World addresses the challenges of ministry that have arisen in the face of rapidly changing technology. It covers topics such as copyright in the digital age, the application of law to the life of the church, the basics of ministry in a virtual world, pornography and obscenity, among others.


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SAFE SANCTUARIES Safe Sanctuaries Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth Joy Thornburg Melton DR543 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 543 – 3 • $25.00 DR415 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 415 – 3 • $27.00 (DVD) Safe Sanctuaries offers tools for training church leaders in how to keep the children and youth of our churches safe. This new edition brings together – in one volume – the transformative and foundational material found in the Safe Sanctuaries books for children and youth. The updated volume includes information on Internet predators, as well as a new section on vulnerable adults.

Safe Sanctuaries for Children and Youth, DVD Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church Joy Thornburg Melton DR415 • 978-0-88177-415-3 • $27.00

This resource will help you raise your congregation’s awareness regarding a safe environment for children and youth. The 3 key segments address why and how to develop and implement a policy to reduce the risk of abuse in your church, and provide forms to use in this process. The DVD contains extras, such as an interview with the author and real – life stories from diverse congregations.

Safe Sanctuaries for Ministers Best Practices and Ethical Decisions Joy Thornburg Melton DR560 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 560 – 0 • $15.00 Melton understands the need to educate clergy about basics of ethical practice within their particular leadership role, as well as potential traps like isolation, improper self – care, and lack of accountability. Safe Sanctuaries for Ministers explores 3 areas of special concern to clergy: counseling and potential improprieties in the counseling relationship; finances and potential improprieties related to church finance; and sexuality and the potential for sexual misconduct.

CyberSafety for Families Training Kit • A Safe Sanctuaries Resource Paul O’Briant DR592 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 592 – 1 • $24.00 It’s hard enough to keep up with the latest Internet technology, much less know where our children and youth are going online. This CD contains all you will need to lead a training event for parents and other concerned adults. It includes: planning guide, teaching plans, handouts, and a 30 – minute movie presentation.

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WORSHIP AND PREACHING Sunday Dinner The Lord’s Supper and the Christian Life William H. Willimon #429 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 0429 – 5 • $14.00 To lead us to a deeper understanding of the Lord’s Supper, Willimon relates traditional concepts of the Eucharist and reveals new dimensions of this sacrament so vital to our life in Christ.

Upper Room Worshipbook Music and Liturgies for Spiritual Formation Revised Edition Elise S. Eslinger, editor #9874 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 9874 – 4 • $17.00 With hymns, liturgies, psalm settings, global songs, and prayers, this rich collection is ideal for use at retreats, with choirs, and by individuals who want to enrich their personal devotional practices. Accompaniment & Worship Leader Edition #9860 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 9860 – 7 • $60.00 • 3 – Ring Binder

Patterned by Grace How Liturgy Shapes Us Daniel T. Benedict Jr. #9905 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 9905 – 5 • $16.00 Liturgy. For some, the word evokes the grandeur and mystery of church tradition. For others, it recalls a rigid and obsolete form of worship. Through this resource, readers will come to see liturgy not as a rote worship exercise, but as a means of uniting their hearts and minds with God’s purpose.

Remember Who You Are Baptism, a Model for Christian Life William H. Willimon #399 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 0399 – 1 • $14.00 Remember Who You Are explores the significance of the sacrament of baptism in daily life and provides a model for Christian living. This book is perfect for use by pastors or church leaders when teaching new Christians, confirmation class members, or parents of newly baptized children.

Rock of Ages A Worship and Songbook for Retirement Living Edited by Richard H. Genzler, Jr. and Dean B. McIntyre DR643 • 978-0-88177-643-0 • $10.00 This large – print ecumenical songbook and worship guide is perfect for use in nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals, homes, and other older adult settings. It includes resources for leading worship, as well as the lyrics to more than 95 familiar hymns.


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The Africana Worship Book (Year A) Valerie Bridgeman Davis and Safiyah Fosua, editors DR490 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 490 – 0 • $20.00 A faithful reflection of Africana heritage and biblical faith, this text speaks to African – American communities through worship in their cultural style. Uniting present and future generations with congregational prayers, calls to worship, choral readings, prayers of confession, giving, and creedal statements, the resource includes a companion CD.

The Africana Worship Book (Year B) Valerie Bridgeman Davis and Safiyah Fosua, editors DR514 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 514 – 3 • $20.00 The second volume of the Africana Worship Book series contains new calls to worship, chants, creeds, liturgies, choral readings, and prayers. Giving special attention to young adult worshipers, it offers next – generation liturgies and short dramatic monologues. Includes a CD – ROM with audio demonstrations and reproducible text files.

The Africana Worship Book (Year C) Valerie Bridgeman Davis and Safiyah Fosua, editors DR545 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 545 – 7 • $20.00 The third volume of this much – sought – after series brings together fresh and inviting calls to worship, liturgies, prayers, offertory prayers, doxologies, choral readings, creeds, chants, and benedictions. Includes a CD – ROM that makes it easy to reproduce materials for use in worship.

Companion to the Africana Worship Book Valerie Bridgeman Davis and Safiyah Fosua, editors DR533 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 533 – 4 • $13.00 In the Africana tradition, worship is often described as a time when God “shows up and shows out!” Designed for churches, leaders, professors, and students of Afrocentric theology, the text interlaces worship pieces with reflections from prominent leaders and emerging thinkers in the field.

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WORSHIP AND PREACHING Songs of Grace New Hymns for God and Neighbor Carolyn Winfrey Gillette DR569 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 569 – 3 • $16.00 Songs of Grace includes over 70 new hymn texts to be sung to many well – loved and well – known hymn tunes. Accompanying each new hymn is a devotion or meditation to be used for reflection.

Go Preach! A Primer for Beginning Preachers John P. Gilbert DR384 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 384 – 2 • $14.00 Gilbert presents practical tips for those who are called on to preach occasionally but are not formally trained as pastors. Leader’s Guide DR387 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 387 – 3 • $8.00

A Reference Companion to The United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing Dean B. McIntyre DR577 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 577 – 8 • $25.00 Included are over 90 indexes relating to The United Methodist Hymnal and The Faith We Sing. They range from non – English hymns to contemporary songs to hymns from classical compositions.

Dancing with Words Storytelling as Legacy, Culture, and Faith Ray Buckley DR407 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 407 – 8 • $14.00 For people of faith, storytelling has special meaning. Dancing with Words provides help for all church leaders – clergy and lay – to explore the history and importance of storytelling in faith development and to acquire basic storytelling skills. Leader’s Guide: DR408 • 978-0-88177-408-5 • $8.00

Attendance Registration Pads DR003P • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 606 – 5 • $27.00 Available in sets of 20. Pads (6˝ × 9˝, 50 sheets per pad) for registering the attendance of worshipers. These pads offer a convenient way to track worship attendance. Attendance Registration Pad Cover DR084B • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 607 – 2 • $5.00


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WORSHIP AND PREACHING Cada Celebración: para la iglesia de habla hispana Emilio Müller DRPDF587 • $10.00 • una sola parte consolidada Este recurso disponible sólo en formato PDF, podría describirse como un anuario litúrgico o un manual de sugerencias para incorporarse en el culto de adoración. El recurso puede obtenerse en tres partes separadas o en una sola parte consolidada. Vea a continuación las tres partes separadas.

Cada Celebración: Adviento, Navidad y Epifanía Emilio Müller DRPDF588 • $5.00 Este recurso cumple una variedad de propósitos al ofrecer ayuda en la planificación de la adoración, sugerencias para ayudas visuales, ideas para la liturgia, e información concisa sobre celebraciones litúrgicas relacionadas con las temporadas de Adviento, Navidad y Epifanía.

Cada Celebración: Cuaresma y Temporada de Resurrección Emilio Müller DRPDF589 • $5.00 Este recurso cumple una variedad de propósitos al ofrecer ayuda en la planificación de la adoración, sugerencias para ayudas visuales, ideas para la liturgia, e información concisa sobre celebraciones litúrgicas relacionadas con la Cuaresma y Temporada de Resurrección.

Cada Celebración: Tiempo Ordinario Emilio Müller DRPDF590 • $5.00 Este recurso cumple una variedad de propósitos al ofrecer ayuda en la planificación de la adoración, sugerencias para ayudas visuales, ideas para la liturgia, e información concisa sobre c­elebraciones litúrgicas relacionadas con la temporada del Tiempo Ordinario.

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Extending the Table A Guide for a Ministry of Home Communion Serving Mark W. Stamm DR553 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 553 – 2 • $13.00 The Lord’s Supper is for the whole church, even those who can’t be present because of age or illness. Stamm addresses concerns that arise when the sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated outside church walls. He suggests a model for home communion ministry that takes into account scriptural teachings, historical understandings, and spiritual needs.

By Water and the Spirit Making Connections for Identity and Ministry Gayle Carlton Felton DR201 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 201 – 2 • $10.00

Kindle Kindle

By Water and the Spirit, a 6 – session study guide for use in small groups, contains the official theological statement that describes the United Methodist understanding of baptism. The book serves as a resource for congregational leaders who are helping members make connections between the baptismal covenant and discipleship in daily life.

Come to the Waters Baptism and Our Ministry of Welcoming Seekers and Making Disciples Daniel T. Benedict Jr. DR179 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 179 – 4 • $17.00 Come to the Waters proposes a daring concept: making the gospel accessible to all persons, especially those who have little or no experience with Christianity. Part 1 focuses on welcoming and walking with persons on the journey of conversion. Part 2 provides model services and commentary that you may use in celebrating the stages and transitions of this journey.


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COMMUNION AND BAPTISM That We May Perfectly Love Thee Preparing Our Hearts for Holy Communion Robert Benson #1093 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 1093 – 7 • $14.00 Take a fresh look at the Lord’s Supper through the eyes of a fellow worshiper. Benson uncovers the history and meaning of Holy Communion for people in the pews. Be inspired as you learn about the sacred meal that binds us with each other and with Christians throughout history. Includes a small – group guide and a model for a personal retreat.

Living into the Mystery A United Methodist Guide for Celebrating Holy Communion DRPDF9 • $9.00 This PDF details the practices and the principles behind the sacrament of the Eucharist, which will enrich this celebration for worshipers and worship leaders. The authors also dissect the ritual and analyze the ancient worship structure of Holy Communion. Includes a group study guide.

This Holy Mystery

Kindle Kindle

A United Methodist Understanding of Holy Communion Gayle Carlton Felton DR457 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 457 – 3 • $14.00 This Holy Mystery explains the sacrament of Holy Communion and its importance in worship and each person’s ongoing faith journey. This 7 – session study for small groups or congregations is the official comprehensive statement of the practice and theology of the Lord’s Supper for United Methodists.

Conflict and Communion Reconciliation and Restorative Justice at Christ’s Table DR478 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 478 – 8 • $10.00 In Conflict and Communion, church leaders offer wisdom and experience in examining the sacrament of Holy Communion and how it can transform your conflicts.

Baptism Understanding God’s Gift Edward Phillips and Sara Webb Phillips DR636 • 978-0-88177-636-2 • $4.00 What is the meaning of baptism? Why do United Methodists baptize babies? The Phillipses explain the biblical and theological meanings of the sacrament through the words and movements of the Baptismal Covenant of the United Methodist Church. This book is written for parents and guardians preparing to present their children for baptism, and for those who seek a deeper knowledge of this sacrament.

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GODFILMS DIGITAL DIARY Exploration, not explanation, that’s GodFilms. Each open – ended short film invites individuals, small groups, and congregations to search, discuss, and discover biblical application together. Rather than experts explaining issues, GodFilms are often mysterious and thought – provoking, pushing us to unwrap Jesus’ teaching in a new way. For more information about award – winning GodFilms, visit

Digital Diary • Laura Includes DVD and 32 – page full – color printed discussion guide. GF584 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 584 – 6

SPECIAL SPECIAL PRICE PRICE $4.99 $4.99 Reg. Reg. $14.99 $14.99

Where is God on your priority list? How many is too many balls in the air? “I can’t possibly do one more thing.” Sound familiar? Is there such a thing as God – balance? This touching film will help small groups discuss issues of priorities and our commitment to work and church.

Digital Diary • Robby Includes DVD and 32 – page full – color printed discussion guide. GF583 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 583 – 9

SPECIAL SPECIAL PRICE PRICE $4.99 $4.99 Reg. Reg. $14.99 $14.99

What is happening on the outside in the world around us is not always what is happening on the inside with our relationship with God. Robby is a coming – of – age story, and yet a story for us all, in which Robby learns to accept his family and gain strength from his relationship with God.

Digital Diary • Christine Includes DVD and 32 – page full – color printed visual discussion guide. GF591 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 591 – 4

SPECIAL SPECIAL PRICE PRICE $4.99 $4.99 Reg. Reg. $14.99 $14.99

Can we trust God to heal our broken relationships? In a mysterious and sometimes dark dream, Christine struggles to understand her past while trying to save her marriage. This short film will touch your heart and spark your small group to tackle the difficult subjects of trust, forgiveness, and grace.


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“Fundraising is, first and foremost, a ministry.”  – Henri J. M. Nouwen

A Spirituality of Fundraising Henri J. M. Nouwen #1044 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 1044 – 9 • $12.00 Fundraising is the opposite of begging – it’s inviting others to join in your ministry and vision, says Nouwen. Drawing on scripture, he urges Christian leaders to embrace fundraising as a ministry. A must – read for leaders in churches, nonprofits, ministries, and businesses.

Afire with God Becoming Spirited Stewards Betsy Schwarzentraub DR520 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 520 – 4 • $15.00

Leader’s Leader’s Guide Guide Available Available p. p. 29 29

It’s challenging to make stewardship appealing to a congregation. Afire with God examines how being a good steward goes beyond our financial commitment to become the way we live out the gospel, including stewardship of the earth.

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STEWARDSHIP Extraordinary Money! Understanding the Church Capital Campaign Michael P. Reeves DR379 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 379 – 8 • $10.00 Reeves helps you examine the issues involved in developing and carrying out a capital fund – raising campaign. An excellent tool to help your church determine whether a capital campaign suits your setting, Extraordinary Money! also offers guidance for selecting an appropriate program.

Faith & Money Understanding Annual Giving in Church Michael P. Reeves and Jennifer Tyler DR410 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 410 – 8 • $10.00 Grounded in the gospel, Faith & Money identifies the struggles of fund development in local congregations, develops a consistent theological foundation for fund development, and guides congregations in building expectations and attitudes about how to fund ministry.

Let the Children Give Time, Talents, Love, and Money Delia Halverson DR501 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 501 – 3 • $9.00 Packed with creative, educational activities for children of all ages, this book helps you teach stewardship in ways that incorporate a variety of learning styles. Ideal for Sunday school and vacation Bible school lessons, this book includes a model for a church or family retreat on stewardship.

Celebrating the Offering Melvin Amerson and James Amerson DR526 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 526 – 6 • $7.00 In many congregations, the offering happens without much forethought and may even be considered an interruption to the spiritual flow of worship. But it is actually an important, biblical part of the service. This book suggests simple, effective ways to incorporate the offering into worship services and revitalize your congregation’s spirit of generosity.


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Weaving a Just Future for Children An Advocacy Guide Diane C. Olson and Laura Dean F. Friedrich DR547 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 547 – 1 • $15.00 This book challenges people of faith to flex their “courage muscles” and become involved in the increasingly urgent work of child advocacy. The authors use the image of weaving to bring together biblical and theological imperatives for caring action; practical tools and resources for ministry; and specific, productive ways that individuals and churches can make a difference for children.

Start Here

Leader’s Leader’s Guide Guide

Available Teaching & Learning with Adults Available p. p. 29 29 Barbara Bruce DR303 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 303 – 3 • $11.00

Based on research about adults’ faith development and learning process, Start Here helps teachers of Sunday school classes and other small groups create learning environments where adults can grow in faith. Topics include planning lessons, dealing with disagreements in class, methods to engage a variety of learning styles, and more.

Each One a Minister

Kindle Kindle

Using God’s Gifts for Ministry William J. Carter DR375 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 375 – 0 • $14.00 Discover the meaning of church, ministry, and gifts, from the early church to the present, through this 6 – session study of Ephesians. As a follow – up to the Bible study, you will look at ways in which God’s gifts are practiced and bear fruit in the church’s ministry.

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EDUCATION AND DISCIPLESHIP Forty – Sixty A Study for Midlife Adults Who Want to Make a Difference Richard H. Gentzler Jr. and Craig Kennet Miller DR325 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 325 – 5 • $8.00 In this 10 – week Bible – based study, you will discover 10 significant midlife issues faced by people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Some of the topics are relationships, aging parents, children, spirituality, and losses. Leader’s Guide included.

Charting a Course of Discipleship A Workbook on Christian Discipleship Teresa Gilbert, Patty Johansen, and Jay Regennitter Revised by Delia Halverson DR608 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 608 – 9 • $20.00 This workbook explores a step – by – step discipleship formation process that will help individuals understand the mission of the church, assess where they are in forming disciples, dream about what might be possible, and either build or improve the way they help persons come to the Christian faith and grow as disciples.

Retreats for Renewal 5 Models for Intergenerational Weekends Nancy Ferguson DR515 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 515 – 0 • $10.00 Retreats for Renewal presents five models for retreats and an overview about planning. Everything for a two –  or three – day event is provided, including song suggestions, biblical background, resources for welcome, crafts and nature activities, sample worship services, and small – group session details.

The Retreat Leader’s Manual A Complete Guide to Organizing Meaningful Christian Retreats Nancy Ferguson and Kevin T. Witt DR428 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 428 – 3 • $10.00 Very few resources develop the practical aspects of retreat planning. This book offers a practical guidebook that addresses such topics as how to plan a budget, the right questions to ask about a potential retreat site, and ideas for making Bible study and worship memorable for persons of all ages.

Not Just a One – Night Stand Ministry with the Homeless John Flowers and Karen Vannoy DR557 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 557 – 0 • $14.00 Flowers and Vannoy explore the major differences between ministry for versus ministries with persons who happen to be homeless.


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EDUCATION AND DISCIPLESHIP The Children’s Minister Rita B. Hays DR527 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 527 – 3 • $8.00 Drawing on more than 2 decades of experience, the author offers a combination of warmhearted encouragement and specific suggestions for ministering to children – from helping them cope with illness, divorce, or the loss of a pet to celebrating birthdays and other special occasions.

Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century

Leader’s Leader’s Guide Guide Available Available p. p. 29 29

An Inquiry Approach Richard H. Gentzler Jr. DR540 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 540 – 2 • $13.00 In this practical resource Gentzler offers leaders a structured approach to creating a strong ministry by, with, and for older adults. Along with programming tools, he also addresses difficult topics of aging including chronic conditions, depression, and death.

Accountable Discipleship Living in God’s Household Steven W. Manskar DR339 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 339 – 2 • $15.00

Leader’s Leader’s Guide Guide Available Available p. p. 29 29

Accountable Discipleship describes pastoral leadership as the ministry of caring for the household of God. A foundational piece for any group or individual involved in accountable discipleship ministries, this resource explores a systematic approach for undertaking and accepting the challenge of personal discipleship for life.

Gen2Gen Sharing Jesus Across the Generations Editors: Richard H. Gentzler, Jr., Melanie Gordon, Craig Kennet Miller, Abby Parker DR629 • 978-0-88177-629-4• $18.00 Written by a team of writers across the United Methodist Church, this book is a treasure trove of insights and wisdom on how individual Christians and local congregations can share faith in Jesus Christ. Based on the latest research, this is a valuable resource for developing vital ministries to people of all ages.

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EDUCATION AND DISCIPLESHIP Opening Ourselves to Grace Basic Christian Practices DVD & CD – ROM Produced by Mark V. Purushotham DR508 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 508 – 2 • $26.00 Opening Ourselves to Grace explores the basic practices of Christian faith and life from a Wesleyan tradition. This resource contains both a DVD and a CD – ROM with video content and written resources. Includes a video presentation on Wesley’s understanding of spiritual practice, Bible study, and other helpful resources.

Designing an Older Adult Ministry Richard H. Gentzler Jr. DR269 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 269 – 2 • $14.00 Are you doing everything you can to mobilize and involve the older adults in your church? This updated edition of Gentzler’s best – selling ministry guide offers valuable insights on the specific needs and issues of later life and includes helpful ideas for expanding your ministries to today’s active older adults.

Vital Signs A Pathway to Congregational Wholeness Dan R. Dick DR495 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 495 – 5 • $10.00 Dan Dick identifies and explains 4 church types: decaying congregations, dystrophic congregations, retrogressive congregations, and vital congregations. He provides examples of churches in each category, along with tools to move congregations toward vitality.

New Beginnings DVD The Gifts of Aging Richard H. Gentzler Jr. DR482 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 482 – 5 • $10.00 New Beginnings provides a glimpse into a variety of church ministries being enjoyed by older adults – ministries led by older adults to reach out to others. Filmed throughout the United States, the award – winning video includes short stories of older adults and the role their faith plays in the churches and communities where they live.

Keeping in Touch:

Coming Coming in in 2014 2014

Christian Formation and Teaching Carol F. Krau 978-0-88177-688-1


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Does Your Church Have a Prayer? In Mission Toward the Promised Land Marc Brown, Kathy Merry, and John Briggs Participant’s Workbook DR567 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 567 – 9 • $9.00 Leader’s Guide DR566 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 566 – 2 • $16.00 Congregations seeking revitalization can take heart. Jesus has already prayed for their unity so that they may share his love with the world! Does Your Church Have a Prayer? presents a model of Christian transformation to guide a congregation through a journey of spiritual renewal in fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17.

Fear Not Learning from Your Cancer Judy Gattis Smith DR538 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 538 – 9 • $10.00 Speaking with wisdom gained from her personal experience with cancer, Smith guides cancer survivors on a healing journey. Deepen your understanding of the challenges cancer brings and discover how to bring about personal wholeness. 6 weeks – Leader’s Guide included

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CHRISTIAN LIVING In Love Again and Making It Work Successful Remarriage Dick Dunn DR534 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 534 – 1 • $9.00 Drawing on personal experiences and many years of ministry, Dunn deals with the complications that often arise in second marriages. Topics include mourning past relationships, planning a wedding, combining two homes, negotiating finances and prenuptials, and dealing with children and stepchildren.

Lay Pastoral Care Giving Tim M. Farabaugh DR554 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 554 – 9 • $18.00 How do you learn to care for others in the community, whether it’s your community of faith or the extended community? Some people seem to have natural gifts, but most of us can learn to improve our caring skills. Lay Pastoral Care Giving offers insights to help church leaders reach out with God’s love and care to others.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray A Study of Personal Prayer Margie Burger DR570 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 570 – 9 • $10.00 Discover a mentor as you learn and practice the basics of prayer. Burger writes, “As believers, we are all becoming people of prayer. None of us has reached perfection, but we should all know where we are headed. What is our goal as Christians? Simply put – to become daily more and more like Christ.”

What Kind of Man Is Joseph, and What Kind of Man Are You? Eugene Blair DR561 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 561 – 7 • $7.50 Explore the story of Joseph, the unknown member of Jesus’ family, through the Gospel of Matthew. Using Joseph as a model, Blair guides readers in developing Christian discipleship in five areas: commitment, awareness, discipline, righteousness, and family. 5 weeks – Leader’s Guide included


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Transforming Power

Kindle Kindle

Stories from Transformational Leaders for Encouragement and Inspiration Hugh Ballou, Editor DR531 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 531 – 0 • $10.00 Discover inspiration and transformation through the struggles of leaders in a variety of settings, including a children’s ministry, a prison, and a Hollywood movie. This collection brings together over 25 stories from true leaders who experienced transformations of themselves or their institutions and persevered through difficult times of change.

The Mindful Manager The God Factor at Work Patricia Wilson FA505 • 978 – 1 – 935205 – 05 – 0 • $18.95 As a leader in the workplace, you need a deep understanding of your organization and workforce. Discover how to add the God factor to your management style, and see the blessings grow in your workplace!

Talk That Matters 30 Days to Better Relationships Susan Lee Lind and Ben Campbell Johnson FA503 • 978 – 1 – 935205 – 03 – 6 • $7.98 No two people are alike, and the way we communicate with one another can be challenging. Talk That Matters provides 30 basic principles that will improve your relationships and make meaningful talk possible.

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LEADERSHIP leadership lab for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade youth

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Leadership Lab for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Youth Hank Hillard and Chris Wilterdink DR631 • 978-0-88177-631-7 • $39.00 • Flash Drive Leadership is a learned skill, a gift from God that can be used to transform the world. Helping 6th through 8th graders discover and practice leadership techniques is an important step to growing effective leaders from within your ministry. Leadership Lab for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Youth provides four complete sessions that: ✰✰ Identify leadership skills in participants ✰✰ Showcase the importance of teamwork and group dynamics ✰✰ Prepare leaders for communication and conflict ✰✰ Create reflective moments for youth to listen for God’s call to lead in a variety of ways These four sessions are jam-packed with activities, games, and discussions for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade youth, and provide adult leaders with lesson outlines, handouts, and visuals to create a meaningful experience. The flash drive has additional storage space for personal files.

The Leadership Lab A Leadership Development Resource for Senior High Youth Hank Hilliard DR597 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 597 – 6 • $39.00 • CD Effective leadership doesn’t just happen. If you’re looking for a resource to help develop your young people’s leadership skills, The Leadership Lab, a tested and proven resource, is just what you need. Through hands – on activities, lively discussions, and team building exercises, young people will learn how to become leaders who can change their church and their world. The CD includes 7 modules in PDF format: ✰✰“How to Use This Resource” (2 pages) ✰✰ Facilitator’s Guide (96 pages) ✰✰ Participant’s Book (48 pages) ✰✰ Handouts (8 pages) ✰✰ A melodrama (2 pages) ✰✰ 2 PowerPoint presentations Sorry, this item is not eligible for special promotional or bulk order discounts.


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LEADERSHIP Job Descriptions and Leadership Training in the United Methodist Church 2013 – 2016 Betsey Heavner DR598 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 598 – 3 • $20.00 A key to congregational vitality is laity who understand that leadership is an expression of discipleship. Laity and clergy lead in partnership to forge new styles and forms of ministry. The first portion of this book offers a basic, contemporary framework for developing church leadership skills in laity. The second portion includes one – page job descriptions for congregational leadership positions (such as outreach committee, children’s coordinator, and trustee). These job descriptions may be photocopied for training purposes.

Being the Presence of Christ A Vision for Transformation Daniel Vestal #9965 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 9965 – 9 • $14.00 Christian discipleship means practicing the presence of Christ in your daily life. Learn how to embody Jesus’ example of community, justice, and sacrifice. 7 entry points – Includes Reflection Questions

Living Your Heart’s Desire God’s Call and Your Vocation Gregory S. Clapper #9805 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 9805 – 8 • $14.00 If you’re struggling to express your faith through your work or seeking guidance for what you’re meant to do, Clapper offers help. He clarifies what it means to have a calling from God and how to live that out, rather than giving you some formula for arriving at the “job you were created for.” 6 weeks – Leader’s Guide included

The Spirit and Art of Conflict Transformation Creating a Culture of JustPeace Thomas Porter #1026 • 978 – 0 – 8358 – 1026 – 5 • $25.00 Transforming conflict into a positive rather than a negative force is a spiritual pursuit and needs to be grounded in biblical principles: love of God, neighbor, and self. This book is a resource for leaders, ministers, mediators, facilitators, and conflict transformation consultants who want to approach their work in this way.

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LEADERSHIP Lay Servant Ministries, Basic Course

Kindle Kindle

Sandy Zeigler Jackson and Brian Jackson Leader’s Guide • DR627 • 978-0-88177-627-0 • $11.00 Participant’s Book DR626 • 978-0-88177-626-3 • $11.00 Lay Servant Ministries: Basic Course provides an introduction to other texts in the Learning and Leading series for lay servants and for the role of Lay Servant Ministries in The United Methodist Church. This basic course offers a foundation for understanding history, rationale, requirements, and guidelines for those who respond to this call from God.

Dirty Word

Kindle Kindle

The Vulgar, Offensive Language of the Kingdom of God Jim Walker DR539 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 539 – 6 • $12.00 Dirty Word is an honest and sometimes raw story of church mission and ministry with people who are often turned off by the traditional church. In the rough neighborhoods of the South Side of Pittsburgh, through his Hot Metal Bridge Community, pastor Jim Walker found people who wanted to live in a new way – passionate, committed, and totally devoted to God.

Pentecost Journey A Planning Guide for Non – Hispanic/ Latino Congregations (DVD) Marigene Chamberlain and Melanie Lee Carey DR593 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 593 – 8 • $25.00 This resource is intended to help congregations, districts, and conferences fulfill Christ’s mandate to make disciples with a particular focus on helping local churches understand issues related to developing ministry with Hispanics/Latinos. The guiding principle is the vision of Pentecost in which the uniqueness of the Hispanic/ Latino cultures is affirmed as ministry is developed.


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Class Leaders: Recovering a Tradition A Leader’s Guide Steven W. Manskar DR649 • 978-0-88177-649-2 • $8.00 Class Leaders: Recovering a Tradition is a Leader’s Guide for a course that explores the origins of the office of class leader in the Wesleyan Methodist tradition. It examines the need for recovering the lay pastoral ministry of the class leader for the 21st-century church.

Praying with John Wesley David A. deSilva DR317 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 317 – 0 • $8.00 Based on the model for daily prayer Wesley developed in 1733, this book focuses on 6 Christian virtues including daily scripture reading, personal reflection, and prayer. DeSilva has updated and interpreted Wesley’s prayers for 21st – century Christians who are seeking to grow as disciples, taking the reader through a full week of morning and evening devotions.

Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition John Wesley’s Sermons for Today Douglas M. Strong, Sarah B. Dorrance, Robert McDonald – Walker, Ingrid Y. Wang, and Kevin M. Watson DR519 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 519 – 8 • $15.00 Reclaiming the Wesleyan Tradition explains Wesleyan theology in an easy – to – understand way, covering such topics as sin, grace, justification, sanctification, and ethical living. This 13 – week study includes a Leader’s Guide.

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WESLEYAN A Blueprint for Discipleship

Kindle Kindle

Wesley’s General Rules as a Guide for Christian Living Kevin M. Watson DR556 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 556 – 3 • $15.00 Kevin Watson offers a concrete and practical approach to Christian discipleship that is distinctly Wesleyan. His approach builds on the foundation of the General Rules. Learn how John Wesley’s method of discipleship is both simple and profound, and can help you or your small group develop faith.

A Perfect Love Understanding John Wesley’s “A Plain Account of Christian Perfection” Steven W. Manskar, Diana L. Hynson, and Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki DR426 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 426 – 9 • $14.00 Christian perfection is the doctrine that distinguishes Methodism from other Christian denominations. John Wesley’s text, presented in updated language, will give you a better understanding of this important doctrine. Leader’s Guide included.

A Year with John Wesley and Our Methodist Values Michael J. Coyner, Henry H. Knight III, Sarah Heaner Lancaster, Randy L. Maddox, and F. Douglas Powe Jr.; Introduction by Karen A. Greenwaldt DR550 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 550 – 1 • $2.50 This engaging, provocative study explores the discipleship practices of “the Methodist way.” Brief reflections on Wesleyan themes are followed by short essays that connect Wesleyan principles to today’s world.

Being a Christian in the Wesleyan Tradition Belonging | Believing | Living | Growing John O. Gooch DR559 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 559 – 4 • $12.00

Kindle Kindle

What does it mean to be an “involved” church member? Gooch outlines 4 categories that will help you think differently about the way you participate in church: how you belong, what you believe, how you live, and the possibilities for your growth in faith.


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WESLEYAN The United Methodist Way Branson L. Thurston DR215 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 215 – 9 • $22.00 for set of 10 An overview of the history, beliefs, organization, and mission of The United Methodist Church. Great for membership training classes and as a gift for new and prospective members.

John Wesley for the 21st Century

Kindle Kindle

John O. Gooch DR445 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 445 – 0 • $15.00 Gooch connects modern – day readers with the 18th – century world of John Wesley. This book compares contemporary issues to topics Wesley addressed, such as health care, poverty, slavery, and the need for growth through small – group ministries.

Living Our Beliefs The United Methodist Way Kenneth L. Carder DR571 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 571 – 6 • $13.00

Kindle Kindle Leader’s Leader’s Guide Guide Available Available p. p. 29 29

Explore a basic explanation of the beliefs and practices of The United Methodist Church as defined in Part II of The Book of Discipline. Uncover a deeper understanding and experience of Christian faith as you embrace the United Methodist way.

Mainline or Methodist?

Kindle Kindle

Rediscovering Our Evangelistic Mission Scott Kisker DR541 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 541 – 9 • $13.00 In his passionate and confessional book, Scott Kisker calls for Methodists to reclaim the rich roots of salvation, disciple making, and witness. Discover a vision of renewal that embodies the distinctive Wesleyan tradition of the apostolic and universal Christian faith.

7 Myths of the United Methodist Church Craig Kennet Miller DR529 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 529 – 7 • $9.00 Miller looks at attitudes and assumptions that keep the church from fulfilling its call to build discipleship – making faith communities. He challenges leaders to create environments of grace for people disconnected from the local church.

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Witness Learning to Share Your Christian Faith Ron Crandall DR493 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 493 – 1 • $12.00 Witness is a 25 – week small – group study that integrates biblical and theological reflection, the practice of spiritual disciplines within a community of faith, and witnessing in the name of Jesus. The experience helps participants identify their gifts for ministry and prepares them for sharing those gifts and faith with others.

Deepening Your Effectiveness

Kindle Kindle

Restructuring the Local Church for Life Transformation Dan Glover and Claudia Lavy DR475 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 475 – 7 • $18.00 Churches are supposed to make disciples, but sometimes they fail to equip believers. Glover and Lavy explore 6 stages of spiritual development, identifying primary questions and barriers, as well as relationships and ministries, that can help individuals at each stage of the spiritual journey move toward Christian maturity.

Boga mar adentro La renovación congregacional para un discipulado de transfomación Dan Glover y Claudia Lavy Traducido por Julio R. Vargas Vidal DR579 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 579 – 2 • $16.00 This book is a translation of Deepening Your Effectiveness.


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EVANGELISM Faith – Sharing Dynamic Christian Witnessing by Invitation H. Eddie Fox and George E. Morris DR158 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 158 – 9 • $15.00 Learn how to be competent and confident in witnessing for Christ with the help of two world – renowned preachers, teachers, and evangelists. A great tool for pastors and other leaders responsible for evangelism training; use this book with The Faith – Sharing Congregation.

The Faith – Sharing Congregation Developing a Strategy for the Congregation as Evangelist Roger K. Swanson and Shirley F. Clement DR153 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 153 – 4 • $9.00 Learn about hospitality, personal relationship, and storytelling as foundations for faith – sharing. Help your congregation discover positive approaches to evangelism through this well – tested resource.

The Most Important Space in the Church The Nursery Rita B. Hays DR568 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 568 – 6 • $10.00 A spiritually rooted ministry with infants through two – year – olds is the starting point of a church’s strong faith formation for all ages. Find out how your entire congregation can benefit from focusing on its littlest ones.

Transforming Evangelism The Wesleyan Way of Sharing Faith Henry H. Knight III and F. Douglas Powe Jr. DR485 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 485 – 6 • $14.00

Kindle Kindle Leader’s Leader’s Guide Guide Available Available p. p. 29 29

Traditional views of evangelism often push the limits of personal comfort, so the task of reaching out to unchurched persons is left up to clergy. Knight and Powe show how this misunderstanding is contrary to John Wesley’s view of evangelism, which he understood as a complete circle. Evangelism need not be feared but seen as a way for one friend in Christ to welcome another friend in Christ to the faith.

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What Every Leader Needs to Know Series These items are available as PDF downloads only. Available at:

What Every Leader Needs to Know about Leading Meetings DRPDF433 • $3.00 This revised PDF offers insight into spiritual leadership and the practices of Christian community.

What Every Leader Needs to Know about Leading in Prayer DRPDF437 • $3.00 This revised PDF offers biblical and contemporary examples of prayer and leadership.

What Every Leader Needs to Know about Mission and Vision DRPDF434 • $3.00 This revised PDF helps lay and clergy leaders identify a strong mission and vision for their congregation.

What Every Leader Needs to Know about Spiritual Leadership DRPDF435 • $3.00 This revised PDF helps lay and clergy leaders in their spiritual life and in their effectiveness as congregational leaders.

The Congregational Toolbox for Prison Ministry Betsey Heavner & Other Contributors DRPDF8 • $8.00 The Congregational Tool Box for Prison Ministry offers practical guidance in setting up a ministry that can nurture hope, healing, and transformation. The contributors give an overview of criminal justice issues to help prepare you to the harsh realities. You’ll find ideas, lists, some background material, and applicable ideas for starting and increasing your congregation’s ministry in prisons.


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DIGITAL RESOURCES MethodX Spiritual Types Test Discussion Guide Helen R. Neinast PDFX1 • $5.00 Think of it as a Myers-Briggs personality inventory for spirituality. A small-group study based on the Spiritual Types Test, this PDF helps identify spiritual types – sage, lover, mystic, or prophet – and what they mean to our faith lives.

Becoming Accountable Disciples Leader’s Guide to Accountable Discipleship Steven W. Manskar DRPDF440 • $8.00

Living Our United Methodist Beliefs Leader’s Guide to Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way by Kenneth L. Carder George Hovaness Donigan DRPDF605 • $8.00

In Ministry with Boomers and Beyond Leader’s Guide to Aging and Ministry in the 21st Century Richard H. Gentzler, Jr DRPDF595 • $8.00

Lead in Stewardship Leader’s Guide to Afire with God by Betsy Schwarzentraub DRPDF12 • $8.00

Lead in Evangelism Leader’s Guide to Transforming Evangelism by Henry H. Knight III and F. Douglas Powe, Jr DRPDF11 • $8.00

Teach Adults Leader’s Guide to Start Here by Barbara Bruce Diana L. Hynson DRPDF10 • $8.00

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ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Innovative Leadership Project Guidebook 2.0 Craig Kennet Miller 978 – 1 – 47820 – 375 – 9 • $18.00

Avabilable Avabilable only only at at

Working with an ILP team at your church, you will pray, learn, and focus on developing a strategic plan for your congregation. In the course of seven months you will explore your values, learn how to use the VAP-IT goal-setting tool, develop your discipleship system, and engage in futurecasting as you use the Innovative Leadership Church Assessment.

Creating a Culture for Innovation Craig Kennet Miller #978 – 1 – 47936 – 421 – 3 • $7.50

Avabilable Avabilable only only at at

Creating a Culture for Innovation is a three-hour seminar designed to introduce church leaders in local congregations to the concepts around innovation and to teach them how to use the VAP-IT, a strategic planning tool. This resource supplements the Innovative Leadership Project, a seven-month process for developing effective church teams. Register for the Church Leadership Project at

How Great a Flame Contemporary Lessons from the Wesleyan Revival James Logan DR642 • 978-0-88177-642-3 • $10.00

Coming Coming in in 2014

Logan connects John Wesley’s passion to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ within the current realities –  a time when people seek spirituality and yet dismiss the church as irrelevant. Through stories from the Wesleyan movement, Logan challenges our understanding of evangelism and urges us to reclaim our heritage. Includes reflection questions.


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king at our of apprenticeship esus’ disciples?

ospels of Mark and Matthew, ractices for Growing Christians ose and mission of the church: eal a broken creation. Hawkins not only in Jesus’ call to his Abraham, Sarah, and Moses.

Hawkins is assistant chair of the


roups and pastors, Christian sible for discipleship formation. ticipants to reflect on their own ctive ways. Pastors, Christian esponsible for discipleship n invaluable resource.

Apprenticed to Jesus

Apprenticed to Jesus

eship look like? better disciples?

Apprenticed to Jesus Discipleship Practices for Growing Christians

of Business School of Technology at iversity. His teaching responsibilities he Organizational and Professional gram include leadership studies, ations, leadership coaching, and He has served congregations in nd Massachusetts. Together with he is co-pastor of First Presbyterian ton, Illinois.

Thomas R. Hawkins

Coming Coming in in MAY MAY 2014 2014

Discipleship Practices for Growing Christians Thomas R. Hawkins DR628 • 978 – 0 – 88177 – 628 – 7 • $16.00

Apprenticed to Jesus connects discipleship with the purpose and mission of the church: our participation in God’s plan to heal a broken creation. Hawkins locates the origins of discipleship not only in Jesus’ call to his disciples but also in God’s call to Abraham, Sarah, and Moses. This book is excellent for small groups and pastors, Christian educators, and church leaders responsible for discipleship formation.

A Mission Journey A Handbook for Volunteers DR669 • 978-0-88177-669-0 • $17.00 This handbook encourages short-term mission volunteers to reflect on the reasons why they engage in mission and how they plan and prepare to be more intentional. It helps volunteers shape the stories of their mission experiences in a way that enhances their personal and spiritual journeys.

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