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Living Compassion Loving Like Jesus

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from Upper Room Books SPOKEN INTO BEING

Divine Encounters Through Story Michael E. Williams

“Tell me a story.” Countless parents and grandparents have heard that request from children. But people of all ages are captivated by a good story. Storytelling helps us makes sense of the events of our lives, the world around us, and God. When we tell stories, we speak a world into being—just as God did in the creation accounts in the book of Genesis.

“Everyone is a storyteller,” says author Michael Williams.You don’t have to be a professional storyteller to be able to tell good stories. In this book on storytelling as spiritual exploration, Williams shares stories from his life and offers practical prompts that guide us to tell our own stories. He reminds us that we have been spoken into being as part of a much larger story. Using poetry, personal narrative, and retellings of biblical stories, Williams leads us to a deeper knowledge of the power of narrative. The stories that capture our attention shape us into who we are now and the persons we will become. Not all stories serve us well, however. Stories of fear stop us in our tracks and become roadblocks on the journey, while stories of fantasy, no matter how alluring, are dead-end streets. Spoken into Being points to a path beyond fear and fantasy, a way toward encounters with God, in whom all things are being made new. PAPERBACK $12.99 978-0-8358-1707-3

eBOOK $9.99 978-0-8358-1709-7

KINDLE $9.99 978-0-8358-1708-0

AUDIOBOOK $14.99 978-0-8358-1781-3

PRAISE FOR THIS BOOK This is a book about hearing and telling the stories of scripture and our own lives as a single continuum of faith, and it is written by a master storyteller. Its thoughtful prompts for discussion make it a wonderful resource for use with adults of all ages. —Roberta Bondi, Professor Emerita of Church History, Candler School of Theology


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important ?

Why is storytelling so

Telling stories is a way to connect with other people. Stories can help us share our spiritual journey as we talk about people, places, and events that have shaped us as children of God. Jesus realized the power of stories in teaching spiritual truths, and he frequently told stories to help people understand more about God.

small group?

Can I use this book in a

Yes. Small groups can discuss the author’s personal stories and retellings of Bible stories. The questions (storytelling prompts) at the end of each chapter encourage further conversation.


Spoken Into Being Tell Me a Story Preface Overture: The First Creation Story 1: What Are Stories and What Do They Do? 2: Finding the Sacred in Your Story Interlude: The Second Creation Story 3: The Paradox and the Journey 4: Stories of Fear, Fantasy, and Faith Conclusion




from Upper Room Books FOR SABBATH’S SAKE

Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community J. Dana Trent AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2017 Do you long to rest and spend quality time with friends and family? Are you looking for a stronger connection with God?

In our culture of constant busyness, most of us feel like we’re never caught up. The lines between home and work have blurred as we stay tethered to our mobile devices and computers. Many people use weekends to catch up on errands and chores that don’t get done during the week. God’s commandment to “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” seems like a relic from a simpler time. Many Americans balk at the idea of setting aside a whole day for worship, rest, and time with those who matter most to them.Yet we crave more time to spend on what matters most—unrushed time to rest, reconnect with friends and loved ones, and deepen our relationship with God. An ancient spiritual practice can help restore balance to our lives: the practice of keeping sabbath. But how exactly do we manage to build sabbath time into our busy lives? Dana Trent explores this question in For Sabbath’s Sake. With humor and honesty, Trent reveals her own struggles with setting apart a day devoted to God, rest, and community. This book traces the rich history of sabbath, helps you find ways to overcome barriers to this spiritual practice, and suggests achievable ways to incorporate sabbath into your life. PAPERBACK $12.99 978-0-8358-1719-6

eBOOK $9.99 978-0-8358-1721-9

KINDLE $9.99 978-0-8358-1720-2


PRAISE FOR THIS BOOK J. Dana Trent’s book is a friendly companion for anyone interested in delving into the simple but not easy practice of sabbath. She blends scripture, theology, and personal narrative, with a keen eye toward the challenges of finding a savoring pace in a culture of “crazy busy.” —MaryAnn McKibben Dana, author of Sabbath in the Suburbs: A Family’s Experiment with Holy Time

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Why this


Time is our only nonrenewable resource. Sabbath helps us to “number our days” (Psalm 90:12, NIV). Our culture tells us that slowing down is lazy, useless, and wasteful. We’ve been taught to believe that all the stuff that we make, do, and buy will save us. But Jesus knew better, and he wants us to know better too.


For Sabbath's Sake 1: Q-Tips and Botox 2: Sabbath Roots 3: Sabbath, Culture, and Economy of Frenzy 4: A Different Calling 5: Sabbath as Rest

sabbath ?

How can you incorporate

This book includes practical advice and ideas for building sabbath into your daily life.

6: Sabbath as Worship 7: Sabbath as Community 8: My Sabbath Journey (What I’ve Learned So Far) 9: Crafting Your Sabbath Plan Appendix: Sabbath Resources

ALSO BY THIS AUTHOR SAFFRON CROSS The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk J. Dana Trent Saffron Cross is the intriguing memoir of the relationship between Dana, a Baptist minister, and Fred, a devout Hindu and former monk. The two meet on eHarmony and begin a sometimes daunting but ultimately inspiring journey of interfaith relationship and marriage. Written with humor and honesty, their story gives a glimpse into the challenges and benefits of bringing together two vastly different spiritual paths into one household. PAPERBACK eBOOK

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from Upper Room Books LIVING COMPASSION

Loving Like Jesus Andrew Dreitcer

AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2017 How do we become more compassionate toward others, especially our enemies? And since Jesus told us to love our neighbors as ourselves, how do we show compassion for ourselves? In the face of hurtful public dialogue and worldwide conflict, many Christians want to practice and experience genuine compassion. After all, centuries of Christian teachings have insisted that compassion is at the heart of the Christian life.

“Love your enemies,” Jesus said in Luke 6:35-36. “Do good to them. Be compassionate, just as God is compassionate.” Join Andrew Dreitcer, codirector of the Center for Engaged Compassion, in exploring how certain Christian spiritual practices are compassion practices. Discover how ancient as well as contemporary practices can shape your life, helping you become more compassionate in today’s world. Dreitcer introduces you to the Compassion Practice, a compassion formation process that has been developed in the last decade. Each chapter includes a “Review and Practice” section to help you apply what you learned. Uncover and learn how to express your innate compassion, and find out how to turn your desire for compassion into a life centered in genuine, lasting compassion. PAPERBACK $14.99 978-0-8358-1723-3


eBOOK $9.99 978-0-8358-1725-7

KINDLE $9.99 978-0-8358-1724-0 • 800.972.0433


What makes this book


Longing for Compassion

This book teaches you how to cultivate compassion through Christian-based practices. It includes examples and stories to illustrate the process. It is written to the Christian audience and focuses on the way Jesus practiced compassion and how we can mirror his actions.

There are two other compassion books. What are the differences in the other

compassion books?

1: Living Compassion 2: Compassion Practices for Grounding in the Presence 3: Compassion Practices for Yourself 4: Compassion Practices for Others 5: A Compassion Practice for Our Time

Practicing Compassion by Frank Rogers was the first book that taught “how to” and not “why we should” practice compassion. It was written for an interfaith audience. Compassion in Practice by Frank Rogers expands on the foundation of Practicing Compassion with a focus on how Jesus practiced compassion. It is written for the general Christian audience.

OTHER RELATED TITLES COMPASSION IN PRACTICE Frank Rogers Jesus taught a way of personal and social transformation through the practice of radical compassion. Rogers describes not just what Christian compassion looks like but how to live out compassion in a world ravaged by violence, fear, and reactivity. He expands on his book Practicing Compassion to teach us how to love as Jesus loved. PAPERBACK $14.99 978-0-8358-1566-6

eBOOK $9.99 978-0-8358-1568-0

KINDLE $9.99 978-0-8358-1567-3

PRACTICING COMPASSION Frank Rogers Compassion is more than a sympathetic feeling—it’s the bond of human connection. Major world religions lift up compassion, but few teach exactly how to practice it. Through rich and moving stories of people from various faiths, Rogers offers us ways to incorporate compassion into our daily lives. PAPERBACK $14.99 978-1-935205-25-8

eBOOK $9.99 978-1-935205-27-2

KINDLE $9.99 978-1-935205-26-5 • 800.972.0433


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valuable? R


Up ex

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• Encourage spiritual growth at every age level— children, youth, and adults.

• Inspire conversations across the entire congregation. • Offer Sermon Starters so pastors can build sermon series.

• Connect worship services with Sunday school or small groups.

• Provide a compelling focus and enthusiasm for your congregation.

• Create opportunities for community outreach.


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from Upper Room Books


Exploring Your Life’s Purpose in the Journeys of Paul Rob Fuquay AVAILABLE AUGUST 2017 As Christians, we hunger to know and live out God’s purposes for our lives. But how do we know for certain that our choices are moving us in the right direction? Which Way, Lord? is a 6-session churchwide or small-group study that will help you understand God’s desire for your life by unpacking your experiences alongside those of the apostle Paul. Through many detours, adversity, and time spent thinking about his life, Paul completely reoriented his understanding of faith and God’s purpose for his life. God placed Paul in a community that shared God’s love with him, and Paul underwent several years of training in preparation for his ministry. Discover how to discern and follow God’s leading, explore ways God can use you and your life experience, respond to God’s signals, endure hardships and doubts, and persevere with hope and faith. Rediscover the truths that you are wonderfully made, created for purpose, and equipped to live a life of signifi cance. Join others in this exciting study that will help you fi nd your purpose.


PAPERBACK $9.99 978-0-8358-1702-8

ENLARGED PRINT $9.99 978-0-8358-1703-5

DVD $39.99 978-0-8358-1706-6

eBOOK $9.99 978-0-8358-1705-9

KINDLE $9.99 978-0-8358-1704-2

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What is included in the


THE BOOK INCLUDES: g Exploration of biblical stories about the life and missionary journeys of Paul g Learning to discern and follow God's will g Servant Spotlights—stories from Christians who discerned and lived out God’s purpose for them g Reflection questions


Which Way Lord? Introduction: Locating Your Starting Point 1: Preparing for Purpose 2: Taking Stock 3: Facing Adversity 4: Dealing with Detours 5: Relying on God

THE DVD FEATURES: g 6 sessions filmed in Turkey, Israel, and Greece. Fuquay explains the significance of various locations in Paul’s missionary journeys, enlightening viewers with tidbits about the history and culture of Paul’s time. g Age-level guides for children, youth, and adults

6: Developing Tenacity




Take a closer look at the “I Am” sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John in this easyto-use 7-week churchwide study. Find an answer to the most essential question in the Christian faith: “Who do you say that I am?”

A 7-week study that uses the flags from auto racing as a way to discuss different aspects of our life of faith. This series helps you understand God’s signals through the fast-paced world of auto racing.









eBOOK $7.99


eBOOK $7.99


KINDLE $7.99


KINDLE $7.99


DVD $39.99


DVD $39.99


For samples and more details on these studies, visit or • 800.972.0433



from Upper Room Books THE UPPER ROOM DISCIPLINES 2018

A Book of Daily Devotions AVAILABLE AUGUST 2017 Are you looking for simple, easy-to-follow devotions? Find inspiration for your walk with Christ with the insightful daily reflections in Disciplines. Faithful users appreciate this best-selling devotional guide as an insightful, grounding, and must-read resource for spending daily time with God. Fifty-three writers from diverse Christian backgrounds invite you to immerse yourself in scripture and apply its truths to your daily life.

Each daily reading offers g  a selected Bible reading drawn from the Revised Common Lectionary g  a thoughtful reflection on the scripture passage g  a prayer or suggestion for reflection In addition to a weekly overview of scriptures and questions for small-group or individual reflection, Disciplines contains an appendix of the lectionary readings for 2018 as well as morning, midday, and evening prayers. Writers for 2018 include Junius Dotson (Foreword), Mary Lou Redding, Willie James Jennings, Amy Oden, Jan Richardson, Hannah and Andy Dreitcer, Anne Broyles, Safiyah Fosua, Jim Melchiorre, Max O.Vincent, Pam Hawkins, and Marshall Jenkins. PAPERBACK $14.99


978-0-8358-1625-0 978-0-8358-1627-4 978-0-8358-1626-7


for more information on Disciplines, visit


What else does this book

More than just another devotional book, The Upper Room Disciplines includes resources to help boost your spiritual formation. It offers an outline to use in small groups, as well as weekly questions for reflection; morning, midday, and evening prayers; and an appendix of the lectionary readings for 2018.

important ?

Why are daily devotions

Many Christians identify daily time spent with God as their most valuable spiritual habit. Spending daily time helps you build a faithful relationship with God. The short yet thoughtful meditations will help reinforce your daily practice.


The Upper Room Disciplines 2018 g Foreword

g Small-group discussion outline g 53 weeks of daily devotions from Sunday to Saturday g Each week begins with a scripture overview g Scriptures are from the Revised Common Lectionary g A Guide to Daily Prayer


Linda Douty Uses the seasons of the year to illustrate natural trends in our spiritual lives. Written in a conversational style that brings together the everyday and the holy, this book is appealing for anyone who wants a devotional book that is applicable to everyday life. PAPERBACK $14.99 eBOOK


978-0-8358-1351-8 978-0-8358-1353-2


Rueben P. Job, Norman Shawchuck, & John S. Mogabgab A prayer and devotional book that includes thematically arranged material for each week of the Christian year, as well as themes and an outline for monthly personal retreats. Each week features scripture selections plus readings for reflection. This makes a reliable companion for anyone seeking to develop or deepen a life of prayer. PAPERBACK $14.99







978-0-8358-1227-6 • 800.972.0433


Something for everyone

I like how Pockets stories illustrate Christian values in a new way every month.” —Gracie

devozine helps teens begin to build a lifelong practice of spending time with God. Start helping the teens in your life today. Order a one-year (6-issue) subscription for $18.00.

I have been reading The Upper Room daily devotional guide for many years. It has been a source of inspiration and spiritual growth for me.”


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Let Pockets be the foundation for your child’s faith journey. Order a one-year (11-issue) subscription for $21.25.

This has honestly been the toughest year of my life, but God has held me and has connected with me often through devozine.” —Sofia

Start each day with a devotion from The Upper Room daily devotional guide. Order a one-year (6-issue) subscription to The Upper Room or Large Print edition for $10.00.

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from Upper Room Books PAUSES FOR ADVENT

Words of Wonder Trevor Hudson

AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2017 Sometimes we need to pause and put life on hold for a few moments. The act of pausing can create space for God in our overcrowded lives. In this beautifully minimalistic book, Trevor Hudson focuses on one biblical “word of wonder� for each day of Advent. His brief meditations will help you gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of Advent.

Hudson leads you to explore 4 significant characters in the Christmas drama, encouraging you to discover how to open your heart and life more generously to God. His simple, yet not simplistic, approach will help you prepare your heart and mind for Christmas. Hudson also offers guidance on how to use this book and incorporate pauses into your daily routine. Each word comes with a daily practice, but the practices do not demand much extra time and may involve actions you are already doing. PAPERBACK $8.99 978-0-8358-1710-3

eBOOK $4.99 978-0-8358-1712-7

KINDLE $4.99 978-0-8358-1711-0

looking for more?

We have more options for you or your small group. Finding a study can be overwhelming. Let us help. We have gathered resources and categorized them by topic and level of study from beginners to those who are well versed in scripture. Use these paths to find the best options for you.Visit


for more information on Advent studies, visit


Why a


contents Pauses for Advent

One-word strategies are used more than we realize. In teaching, learning, writing, counseling, and marketing, one-word strategies are used to simplify tasks and messages. Why? One word is easy to remember and goes right to the heart of the matter. In most cases, a single word can define an overall direction. A few years ago during Lent, Trevor Hudson began a simple project using one word. This concept became popular and so widely used that he decided to write a book. Pauses for Advent is his second book using this concept. Because of the book’s simplicity, people are more likely to do the readings and suggested practices daily. Consider passing this book on to friends or to a new Christian to help introduce them to the daily practices of devotion, meditation, and reflection.

g Introduction

g How to use this book g 4 weeks of daily words of wonder and daily practices

OTHER TITLES BY THIS AUTHOR PAUSES FOR LENT 40 Words for 40 Days Trevor Hudson Trevor Hudson invites you to focus on one word for each day of Lent. Each meditation includes a scripture, Hudson’s unique and applicable insights, and a closing prayer that gives you a thought to take into your day.

978-0-8358-1504-8 978-0-8358-1505-5 978-0-8358-1529-1

BEYOND LONELINESS The Gift of God’s Friendship Trevor Hudson Loneliness touches everyone—rich or poor, young or old. Have you ever considered that God actually longs to be friends with you? Trevor Hudson suggests that friendship with God is the only remedy for the ache of loneliness. Discover how to get to know and deepen your friendship with God. PAPERBACK








978-0-8358-1531-4 • 800.972.0433



from Upper Room Books IN DAYS TO COME

From Advent to Epiphany George Hovaness Donigian AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2017 Don't put away your nativity scenes and other Christmas decorations on December 26; celebrate all the days to come. Many people end their celebration of Christmas on December 25, but George Donigian encourages us to linger in the season of Christmas so we can fully appreciate the wonder and awe of the Incarnation. He offers meditations that begin with Advent and continue through Epiphany (January 6).

Like the surprises of an Advent calendar, the meditations touch on many subjects. Some topics include “A Counting Song,” “An Editor,” “Prudence,” “Saint Nicholas,” and “A Nativity Set.” In Days to Come offers devotional meditations based on a merger of several Christmas traditions: Advent calendars, ancient Advent prayers known as the “O Antiphons,” the traditional celebration of Christmas on December 25, and the Armenian Orthodox observance of Christmas on January 6, when the nativity and baptism of Christ are celebrated. The meditations—4 per week—count down from the first week of Advent to Epiphany. While each reading stands alone, the meditations are rooted in a weekly theme. Donigian’s writing style is conversational, and given his diverse interests, the conversation ranges widely. PAPERBACK $12.99

eBOOK $9.99

KINDLE $9.99




PRAISE FOR THIS BOOK George Donigian has provided 24 provocative meditations that take us not only from Advent through Christmas, but all the way though Epiphany—a refreshing appreciation for the power of that often neglected season of our liturgical calendar. His writing shows a groundedness that reflects his one-time job as a garbage collector, yet his eloquence also reflects his long career in publishing and editing. Drawing on resources from his Orthodox background, yet also happily engaging pop music and art, he moves effortlessly between these cultural artifacts and the Bible's narrative. —Dr. Greg Clapper, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, The University of Indianapolis


for more information on Advent studies, visit




Advent calendars do more than mark the passage of time; they allow us to be surprised by symbols and signs of God’s love and God’s many different gifts. Each meditation in this study is numbered like an Advent calendar, but in reverse order. The meditations reflect on biblical passages but are not limited to scripture alone; they also incorporate information about seasonal music, art, and writers and composers.



As a reader, you know your history and how you came to faith, how you participate in the life of a church, and how you practice spiritual disciplines. In Days to Come includes stories of heritage, tradition, and transformation. This study connects two Christmas traditions. By embracing the two traditions, we can intentionally slow down the pace during Advent and Epiphany and begin to see how God makes us partners in the divine vision of love eternal.


"0 antiphons"?

Each week begins with an antiphon, a verse that is sometimes sung or chanted as a prelude or conclusion to some part of the worship service. The antiphons in this book start with the word “O” and mention a name of Christ. These are the O Antiphons used: Week 1: O Emmanuel Week 2: O Wisdom Week 3: O Root of Jesse Week 4: O Key of David Christmas Week: O Dayspring Epiphany Week: O King of the Gentiles

OTHER RELATED TITLES PREPARE THE WAY Pamela C. Hawkins During Advent, we often get sidetracked. We allow Advent to slip away before we have prepared our hearts to welcome the Christ child into our lives once again. This 4-week study offers guided prayer, scripture readings, and reflections. PAPERBACK $12.99


eBOOK $9.99


KINDLE $9.99


WHY THIS JUBILEE? James C. Howell Music is a powerful and unforgettable way to celebrate the joy of Advent and Christmas. In these 24 reflections on well-known carols and Christmas songs, James Howell ponders the meaning of certain phrases from these songs and relates them to our daily lives. PAPERBACK $12.99


eBOOK $9.99


KINDLE $9.99

978-0-8358-1527-7 • 800.972.0433




A Simply Centered Advent Sharon Seyfarth Garner AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2017

Did you know that coloring can be a form of prayer? Slow down, simplify, and add a splash of color to your Advent with this prayer journal coloring book. The spiritual practices of coloring mandalas (circular designs), lighting candles, and praying can help you focus on God and experience hope, love, joy, and peace throughout the Advent season. Based on the candles of the Advent wreath, this coloring book for adults weaves together the popular practice of coloring with 4 simple methods of contemplative prayer. But this is more than just a coloring book—it is also a visual prayer journal. Each chapter includes a brief story, an explanation of the weekly theme and related prayer method, a simple candle-lighting liturgy, 7 mandalas, and a closing prayer of illumination. Let the Advent candles light the way and calm your spirit. Color and pray. And you will experience the most meaningful gift of all—a peace that passes all understanding as you journey in prayer toward the manger. PAPERBACK $9.99


PRAISE FOR THIS BOOK Mandalas, Candles, and Prayer is a lovely guide to a contemplative Advent practice. The author’s weaving together of the four traditional themes of Advent with four prayer practices helps make the themes new again. Her guidelines for contemplative coloring are gently permissive, bringing a freedom and depth to the recently popular practice that make it especially meaningful. I was entranced by this delightful work. —Sue Magrath, spiritual director and author of Healing the Ravaged Soul


for more information on Advent studies, visit


What is


Contemplative coloring blends coloring and prayer. It offers a practical way to set aside distractions, rest, and spend time with God. It provides a chance to look inward so we may discern how to share Christ’s love with a hurting world. There is no right or wrong way to pray with mandalas, which are circular designs. Whatever we create in an attitude of prayer can become a divinely inspired piece of sacred art.

Can this book be used in a


This prayer journal can be used by individuals or small groups. Invite others to join in a class or a retreat to create a meaningful new focus on the Advent season. These prayer mandalas have been used in diverse settings, including prison ministries, hospitals (by patients as well as those who provide spiritual care), nursing homes, intergenerational events, women’s groups, clergy renewal retreats, spiritual direction meetings, campus ministries, homes, international prayer exchanges, and prayer card ministries.


Mandalas, Candles, and Prayer g Introduction: A Simply Centered Advent g Three Basic Principles for Praying with Mandalas g Ten Tips for Contemplative Coloring g How to Use This Book g Week 1: Centered in Hope g Tips for Getting Started with the Ignatian Examen g Candle-Lighting Liturgy g Questions for Contemplation and Conversation g Hope Mandalas for Contemplative Coloring g Week 2: Centered in Love g Tips for Getting Started with Intercessory Prayer g Candle-Lighting Liturgy g Questions for Contemplation and Conversation g Love Mandalas for Contemplative Coloring g Week 3: Centered in Joy g Tips for Getting Started with Lectio Divina g Candle-Lighting Liturgy g Questions for Contemplation and Conversation g Joy Mandalas for Contemplative Coloring g Week 4: Centered in Peace g Tips for Getting Started with Centering Prayer g Candle-Lighting Liturgy g Questions for Contemplation and Conversation g Peace Mandalas for Contemplative Coloring g Christmas Day: Centered in Christ g Candle-Lighting Liturgy g Questions for Contemplation and Conversation g Mandala for Contemplative Coloring

ALSO BY THIS AUTHOR PRAYING WITH MANDALAS A Colorful, Contemplative Practice Sharon Seyfarth Garner This is more than a coloring book. It is also a prayer journal that includes 10 pages of 4 blank mandala designs (40 total) to use with 4 methods of prayer: lectio divina (meditative reading of scripture), intercessory prayer, Centering Prayer, and the Examen. Each chapter explains the method of prayer to be used while coloring the mandala. PAPERBACK $9.99


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Online learning. Anytime. Anywhere.

Upper Room eLearning offers online courses featuring many Upper Room books. These mobile-friendly courses are self-paced and available anytime. Each course is enhanced with video and/or audio recordings and a place to interact with others. CEUs available.

Ap for an or the ev aw lev for

Fo res to or op We

These courses are ideal for anyone with limited free time. Private classrooms are available for congregations or small groups seeking a communal online experience.

Featured eCourses

• Take the Flag with Rob Fuquay • The Cycle of Grace: Living in Sacred Balance with Trevor Hudson • God Unbound: Wisdom from Galatians for the Anxious Church with Elaine Heath • In Days to Come, 2017 Advent eCourse with George Hovaness Donigian

W he



What is a

PATH of STUDY? A path can be described as a trail formed by the feet of people or animals. It is also a way of life, conduct, or thought. Not everyone recognizes their path, where to go, or sometimes even where to begin. We use path as a word to guide you in the different levels of Bible study or spiritual formation by topic. For those who do not have the resources or the time to research how to get started in a study, what to study, or how to go deeper, we offer you options through our paths of study. We define the levels as:

Knowing Christ— for those who desire to have a relationship with Jesus.

Growing in Christ— for those who already have a relationship with Jesus and want to build on it.

Serving Christ— for those seeking ways to serve God and neighbor.

Sharing Christ— meeting people where they are and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

We offer these paths to help you grow spiritually. For details, visit


from Upper Room Books EASTER EARTHQUAKE

How Resurrection Shakes Our World James A. Harnish AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2017 Have you ever been in an earthquake? Earthquakes shake our most basic assumptions: that the ground will remain steady beneath our feet, that the world’s current existence is the way it will always be. But when the ground shakes beneath our feet, it rattles the bedrock assumptions on which we build our lives.

The Gospel of Matthew reports that on the first Easter morning, and earthquake rocked the earth, ripped open the tomb, and scared the Roman guards at the tomb, who “shook with fear and became like dead men” (Matthew 28:4). This is the second earthquake reported by Matthew. The first one took place on Good Friday, when the noonday sky turned black and Jesus died. “The earth-shaking promise of Easter is that God has not forsaken any of us,” Harnish writes. “The risen Christ will meet us along the confused, chaotic, fearful paths of our lives and speak the same words the women hear at the tomb: ‘Do not be afraid.’ ” In Easter Earthquake, James Harnish invites us to place the Resurrection at the center of our Lenten journey. This 6-week study looks at how Christ’s resurrection shakes some of our most basic assumptions about ourselves and God. Harnish reverses the usual focus of Lenten studies by starting at the empty tomb and seeing the entire journey in light of the Resurrection. Join him in this energizing study that will inspire you to live as a more faithful disciple of Jesus Christ. PAPERBACK $13.99 978-0-8358-1716-5

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PRAISE FOR THIS BOOK Jim Harnish invites the devotional reader or the circle of study to share a warm and in some conversation about the nature of the journey through Lent to Easter. Easter Earthquake is a gift from a pastor’s heart to all who seek to explore more fully the season the ancients called the springtime of the soul. —Rev. Paul L. Escamilla, Senior Pastor, St. John’s UMC, Austin, Texas

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empty tomb?

Many who will use this resource have done Lenten studies that focus primarily on the Cross. Starting at the empty tomb and seeing the entire journey through Lent in light of the Resurrection may give them a different perspective on the Passion and bring fresh energy into their lives as followers of Christ. For those experiencing the Lent-to-Easter journey for the first time, this study will connect them with scripture in a way that leads them to a more personal, practical, and powerful life of discipleship.




This study is created for individual and group study starting on Ash Wednesday and continuing through Easter. Each week contains 5 readings, a prayer focus, suggestions for small-group interaction, and a hymn. The book also includes a guide for daily meditation and prayer, and an outline for small-group gatherings.


Easter Earthquake g There Was a Great Earthquake g The Invitation g Ash Wednesday: Beginning Where Our Stories End g 1st Week in Lent: Shaking the Powers g 2nd Week in Lent: Surprising Hope g 3rd Week in Lent: Beyond Belief g 4th Week in Lent: Healing Scars g 5th Week in Lent: New Life in the Graveyard g Holy Week: Descending into Glory g Easter: After the Earthquake g A Guide for Daily Meditation and Prayer g A Guide for Small-Group Gatherings

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PAPERBACK $13.99 978-0-8358-1716-5

James A. Harnish

eBOOK $9.99 978-0-8358-1718-9

KINDLE $9.99 978-0-8358-1717-2

On the first Easter morning, an earthquake rocked the earth, ripped open the tomb, and scared the Roman guards, who “shook with fear and became like dead men” (Matthew 28:4). James Harnish explores the meaning of the Easter Earthquake. This earthquake shakes up our assumptions about God and about our own lives. Join Harnish in this exciting and practical Lenten study that invites you into a God-soaked world energized by the presence of the risen Christ.


How Resurrection Shakes Our World



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