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Publisher Message classified sections, auto directory and of course our new business directory. If you have been following Urban Trendsetters for any amount of time, you know that my passion for publishing Urban Trendsetters is born out of what I believe is my purpose, and that is to not only provide the community with urban news featuring African American in a positive light, but also to offer the small businesses affordable access to the urban community.

money and resources?

In the following months as we look towards the fourth quarter, we will be discussing this and more. This month we launch our new website and we will begin our networking series, 90 Days of Networking in October. We have also gone back to our original editorial calendar of publishing every two weeks. Take a moment to register for our newsletter, check I am always thinking of what we can do at Urban out the website, and send me your ideas. I am alTrendsetters is ensure that as a community we sup- ways looking for ways to improve our publication port our businesses thereby supporting our commu- and services. If you have an interesting story or Sharon S. Gordon nity. It is imperative that we support the Black know a “trendsetters” we need to spotlight, don’t Publisher/CEO Businesses in our community. That success is im- hesitate to let me know. Urban Trendsetters is portant for our survival for jobs, family and then YOUR Newspaper and Source. This is such an exciting edition for me. First, I love giving back to our community. Black Business the beauty of the fall season with the changing of owners hire Black people. If we are to decrease the See You In 2, the colors in nature. In addition all the babies go number of unemployment in our community we back to school, so at least a few hours of the day, have to support our black buying power. Sharon S. Gordon we know where the kids are. Don’t get me wrong, I love the summer but the Fall season always seems In the article, by Ron Busby, President of the U.S. to having a calming effect on me. Summer has Black Chamber on page 11 he utilizes the old Afribeen so busy with all the events, festivals and excan proverb that it Take A Village to Raise A pos and travel that it seems the Fall season allows Child, Mr. Busby has modified his title to It’s Time you the opportunity to just catch up. for the Village to Raise the Village. I agree… This edition of Urban Trendsetters includes a few “Raise it Up!” The black dollar buying power is of our new features that are available both in print expected to reach that of 1.2 trillion in 2013. and online. Features include our new coupons and That’s a lot of dough! What are we doing with our




INTRODUCING THE BEE BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT DIRECTORY Central Ohio Edition What is the BEE Business Directory? The BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Business Directory is a community resource for locating African Americans in business and to communicate additional businesses, resources and services available to build and enhance opportunities in the community. Our first edition of The BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Business Directory will launch in Central Ohio. The BEE Business Directory will be published in print and online. The printed version will be available for distribution January 2014. Our goal is to register over 500 businesses by submission date November 31, 2013. Join Us. Why a Black Business Directory? The purpose of a black business directory is to level the playing field for African Americans in the marketplace and for majority-owned businesses to reach the African American market in a medium primarily targeted to them. Who can advertise in the BEE Business Directory? Advertisers include African Americans in business sales, service and management and other companies and agencies that have an interest in reaching the African American community.


Who will use the BEE Business Directory? The BEE Business Directory will be used by consumers, tourists, purchasing agents, and others looking for goods, services and resources targeted to the African American community. It also serves as a great business-to-business connection. 2 WAYS TO REGISTER ONLINE





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Mayor Michael B. Coleman Presents the 11th Mayor’s Small Business Conference & Expo ways they can do business with the City of Columbus,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “Columbus is a city that means business, and by equipping our small, minority and female business owners with the tools for success, we are encouraging economic vitality and sustainability for years to come.”

thought leaders as they discuss what government and corporations need from their small business partners and how together they can be successful 12 Workshops & Exhibitor Expo

Noting that as of 2013, it is estimated that there are over 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating over $1.3 trillion in revenues and employing Central Ohio Small Business Conference nearly 7.8 million people, Columbus is conShowcases Opportunities for tributing to that growth and is ranked by Entrepreneurs Forbes Magazine as #7 among the Best Cities for Female Founders. So for this year’s MSBC, a new addition to the conference COLUMBUS, —Registration is now open Programming for the two-day conference program features a Thursday luncheon, for the 11th Mayor’s Small Business Confer- highlights the following: Nationally recognized speakers that in- “Lean In to Business and Contracting Sucence & Expo. This year’s summit of small business enterprises will take place Septem- clude Lisa Price, Founder, Carol’s Daugh- cess” that will highlight the trends and opporter and Sarah Fisher, CEO, Sarah Fisher tunities for women-owned and women-led ber 26 – 27, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Cobusinesses. lumbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Hartman Racing and notable Columbus business leaders and CEOs Center. Presented by Mayor Michael B. “The Mayor’s Small Business Conference Coleman, the two-day conference provides Plenary Session highlighting key trends helps to ensure that Columbus is an open and attendees with an opportunity to develop and and new market opportunities for small diverse community in which to do business,” showcase their entrepreneurial skills and said Columbus City Councilmember Eileen business offerings through interactive work- and emerging businesses Y. Paley, Chair of the Public Utilities Comshops, sessions and exposition designed for General Conference Luncheon focuses mittee. “It is another way the City of Columemerging business owners. on “Demand-side Entrepreneurship: Giv- bus is working to provide opportunities to all firms, both big and small, to succeed.” “We are proud to once again host this oppor- ing Businesses What They Want” featuring local, regional and national industry tunity for small businesses to learn about This year’s conference theme is “Go Forward II: New Directions to Small Business Growth and Profitability”. With an estimated attendance of over 500 business leaders and professionals, participation is limited and interested attendees are encouraged to register early.


Additionally, the conference has expanded its reach to aspiring entrepreneurs through the KickStart WIDGETPITCH. This “Shark Tank” style business pitch competition, will offer local startups an opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of potential investors. Some of the confirmed investors include representatives from the Economic and Community Development Institute along with Columbus 2020. On Friday, the conference will also proudly host some of Central Ohio’s thriving businesses in the Expo’s MBE Pavilion. There, business owners will have the opportunity to profile their products and services and meet with the members of the city’s Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) team and learn more about EBO’s plans to increase citywide utilization of certified small, minority and women owned businesses. Registration is $25. To register or learn more about the Mayor’s Small Business Conference, please visit Exhibitor fee is $65. For more information contact Justin McKinney at

STATE Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Taylor Encourage Ohioans to Consider Life Insurance to Protect Family and Loved Ones September is Life Insurance Month

COLUMBUS — Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor and Insurance Director Mary Taylor are reminding Ohioans about the importance of taking steps to financially protect their loved ones if an unfortunate life event were to occur. They have designated September Life Insurance Month in Ohio through a resolution. “Life insurance is intended to help protect our families and those we love,” Taylor said. “Each family should carefully consider the type and amount of life insurance they need based on their unique circumstances.” In the event of a tragedy, life insurance proceeds can replace a deceased person’s income, pay the mortgage and other loans, and help pay college tuition. Life insurance serves as a monetary support system – typically for those designated as beneficiaries – and should be a central piece of a family’s financial planning. Many employers provide life insurance and it can also be purchased through an insurance agent. According to the 2013 Insurance Barometer Study conducted by the LIFE Foundation and LIMRA, a majority of consumers (85 percent) agree that most people need life insurance and 65 percent say they personally need it. However, just 62 percent of consumers

indicate they have life insurance coverage today. There are three basic types of life insurance: term life, whole life and universal life. Term life is generally less expensive than other life insurance products and covers a certain time period or to a specific age. Whole life is lifetime coverage that does not increase with your age. Universal life generally has a premium amount and death benefit that are flexible, meaning they can be changed after your purchase. Important life-insurance life-stage considerations: Young Singles: While buying a policy early in your life will provide lower costs and potentially guarantee your insurability, some believe the need for life insurance at a young age typically without dependents may not be necessary. You should consider your options and make a choice based on your finances, health and other circumstances. Young Families: Having children is often the catalyst for buying life insurance. When securing coverage, consider covering both spouses – even if one stays at home and is not employed. In the event of the stay-at-home parent’s death, the surviving spouse will need to shoulder all the responsibilities of the

household. Established Families: Remember to periodically review and update your coverage to reflect changes in your financial situation and family composition. One strategy to keep costs down for a growing family may be to take a look at term life insurance, which offers financial protection for a specified time period. Seniors: Now is a good time to re-evaluate your life insurance to determine whether you still need as much coverage when you had a younger family and larger mortgage principle. If you are covered through your job and are planning to retire soon, inquire about converting it to an individual policy. Single Parents: If you and your ex-spouse have life insurance policies, adjust the beneficiaries to reflect the changes you both want after the divorce is final. Review your policy, will and retirement accounts to make sure they all indicate the correct beneficiaries. If your spouse will be paying for child support, consider requiring that he/she purchase a policy covering the term of the payment and be named as the policy owner and beneficiary. Military: Check your policy renewal date and payment terms with your agent to ensure

your coverage will remain in effect during deployment. If necessary, you may be able to renew a policy early or have your premiums paid by automated bank draft. Some insurance companies might also allow you to suspend certain coverage while you are deployed. Raising Grandchildren: It is generally not a good idea to leave a life insurance benefit directly to a minor child. Make sure the policy names a contingent beneficiary or a trustee who will act as a beneficiary on behalf of the child. Otherwise the life insurance benefit may not be accessible to the child until the issue is processed through court. You may want to set up a family trust with your selected trustee in charge. Ohioans with questions about life insurance can call the Department’s consumer hotline at 1-800-686-1526. A life insurance consumer guide and a listing of licensed agents are also available at You can follow the Ohio Department of Insurance on twitter @OHInsurance and on Facebook at OhioDepartmentofInsurance.






Will new Obama policy on marijuana be a boon for black America? by Sharda Sekara

Schedule 1 narcotic and is illegal at the federal level. Now the White House has broken their silence on this issue. Eric Holder publicly announced the U.S. government will not interfere with states deciding to change their marijuana laws. These moves present a monumental shift in the drug war.

A man lights up a marijuana joint at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Marijuana legalization advocates lit up across the country during the annual observance of 4/20, the celebration-cum-mass civil disobedience derived from "420" - insider shorthand for cannabis consumption. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Sentencing reform, if executed effectively, could result in a significant portion of the largely black and Latino men and women with low level drug offenses getting a fairer shake under the law. Likewise, this unprecedented step giving a green light to states that choose to make pot legal will mean fewer people being criminalized for consuming and selling the plant, which is also a real game changer. In 2011, of the 1.5 million drug arrests made, 750,000 were for marijuana. People of color make up the overwhelming majority of those targeted by law enforcement. In every step, from those who are stop and frisked to those convicted and sent to serve time, the drug war certainly picks favorites. According to a recent report from the ACLU, black people are nearly four times as likely to be arrested for a marijuana arrest, even though marijuana consumption is fairly even across races.

Marijuana prohibition is heavily steeped in racism from its very origin. The original anti-marijuana laws were proposed to target black people and Mexicans. Today they are used to justify routine police harassment of young black and Latino men who “fit the profile” and are suspicious merely on the basis of daring to be out in public and existing in their skin. And marijuana arrests, even when they don’t result in serious criminal penalties, establish a permanent record that can exclude people from opportunities for jobs, housing, schooling and student loans. This shift in the position of the Obama administration could mean relief for those facing prison sentences, an end to the hundreds of thousands of marijuana arrests that have happened in Washington and Colorado over the years, and it empowers those of us around the country who have been calling for an end to marijuana prohibition because we are sick of the wasted dollars, ruined lives and racism that this policy has enabled.

Other states now have the opportunity to follow Washington and Colorado but how else will we right the wrongs suffered? I would argue that especially because people of color have been forced to bear the brunt of marijuana prohibition, we should reap benefits from its long-awaited end – and not only And despite the fact that most Americans have used marijua- in terms of not getting arrested but also with economic opna and/or think it should be legal, marijuana consumption can portunity. be selectively seized as a weapon to discredit the character of Many were wondering what position they would take in reyoung black men in the courts, as evidenced during George First, when marijuana becomes legal, there is a huge costgards to the 20 states defying federal law by allowing legal savings. It is estimated that the government spends as much access to marijuana for medical purposes or Washington and Zimmerman’s trial for killing Trayvon Martin. as $20 billion a year on marijuana prohibition. Colorado, who have gone even further by legalizing marijua(Continued on Page 22) na outright even though it is still considered a Earlier this month, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Obama administration’s commitment to reduce harsh mandatory sentencing policies enacted as part of the “war on drugs,” which have resulted in a major community crisis: hundreds of thousands of prisoners, most of whom are black or brown, behind bars for relatively minor charges.

Obama's EEOC Shatters Black Wealth and Health, Report Says A recent report on the seven (7) obstacles facing blacks in the federal government details a toxic workplace culture of discrimination, oppression, and retaliation. The analysis of race and opportunity in federal employment report further discloses how the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's failure to enforce civil rights laws destroys the livelihood and well-being of black federal employees. The Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C) recently issued a comprehensive report addressing seven (7) major obstacles hindering equal opportunities for African Americans in the federal work force. The report, entitled Obstacle 1: The Denial of a Reality, rebuts the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) African American Workgroup report findings issued in March 2013. The C4C report identifies the EEOC as one of the many formidable obstacles facing black federal employees. The group says the upward trend in complaints alleging race (Black/African American), reflects EEOC's failure to enforce civil rights laws and to eradicate discrimination from the workplace. “We found it needful to formally document our concerns because the EEOC-issued African American Workgroup report simply left too much unsaid,” stated C4C's founder Tanya Ward Jordan. “The EEOC reduced the discrimination discourse to "unconscious biases" and totally ignored the reality that some public officials, who establish our nation's public policies and programs, act quite consciously on their biases.” The C4C Publications Chair, Ms. Janel Smith stated, “It was troubling to read how the EEOC, as the nation’s premier anti -discrimination enforcement agency, pushed the feeble unconscious biases theory in the report; yet failed to address the grave impact of intentional race discrimination on the lives and well-being of so many African American federal employees. Many have been wrongfully uprooted from their jobs and left without health care because of race discrimination and / or reprisal."

C4C's Federal Workplace Evaluation and Reports Committee prepared the report, Obstacle 1: The Denial of A Reality, after in-depth research and extensive consultations with civil rights organizations and class agents who have filed race-based employment class action complaints against various federal departments. Dialogue partners in the report included the No FEAR Coalition, the Obstacle 1 Report Cover U.S. Department of Agriculture's Coalition of Minority Employees, the International Association of Whistleblowers, and the Black Females For Justice II at the Social Security Administration. “Offices responsible for enforcing civil rights, like the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights is worse under the Obama administration, than it was under the Clinton or the Bush administration,” added Mr. Lawrence Lucas, President, of the USDA Coalition of Minority Employees. “The EEOC report transfers blame onto the victims of discrimination. The EEOC assertions, that African Americans' perceptions of inequality and lack of education hinder their

career advancement in the federal government, are disingenuous,” said Mr. Michael McCray, Esq., co-founder of the International Association of Whistleblowers. “I have four degrees and two professional licenses. I continue to apply for federal jobs, yet, I am unable to attain employment with the federal government. Non-minorities, even those with only a high school diploma, simply do not confront the inequity many educated and qualified African Americans face daily when seeking federal jobs.” The seven (7) obstacles in the C4C report include: 1) Intentional discrimination; 2) Retaliation; 3) The failure to discipline managers for unlawful discrimination; 4) Free legal counsel to all alleged discriminating officials; 5) Favoritism and nepotism; 6) The Office of Personnel Management's recruitment policies; and 7) The flawed EEOC redress system. Further information about the C4C report is available online. The Coalition For Change, Inc.C4C is a "support group" and a proactive non-profit organization comprised of former and present employees who have been injured or ill-treated due to workplace discrimination and/or reprisal. Twitter name c4c@c4cfed. C4C introduced the "Unleash No FEAR" campaign in 2013 to hold public officials who break civil rights laws accountable.



NEWS Congressional Black Caucus Pressed To Stay Quiet On Syria

Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) WASHINGTON -- As the Obama administration lobbies Congress this week to authorize military strikes on Syria, the chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus has asked caucus members to refrain from discussing the Syria debate in public. Numerous media outlets reported Thursday that Rep. Marcia Fudge (DOhio) sent an email to members of her caucus asking them "to limit public comment" on the Syria debate -- a move that drove one CBC member to complain to Foreign Policy's The Cable that Fudge was trying to quiet the grow-

ing chorus of opposition in Congress to U.S. airstrikes against the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. But Fudge's spokeswoman, Ayofemi Kirby, said the congresswoman simply wanted to make sure members had all the information available before making up their minds. Members of the CBC are scheduled to receive a classified briefing on Syria from White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice this coming Monday. "The chair believes Congress and the American public need more information, and she awaits more briefings between now and early next week before commenting further," Kirby told The Hill. With more than 40 members, the CBC will likely be a crucial voting bloc in putting together the bipartisan coalition of House members that the White House will need to pass the Syria authorization. The full chamber will return next week to debate the measure. Already a number of CBC members have stated their opposition to the use of force in Syria. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) told The Wall Street Journal, "If I had to vote today, I would cast a 'no' vote."


Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) was more adamant, telling Foreign Policy, "I'll be damned if I see anything worth fighting for" in the Syrian civil war conflict, which has dragged on for more than two years. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) sent around a letter last week asking Obama to obtain congressional approval before taking any military action against the Assad regime. The letter garnered 64 signatures from 64 Democrats. On Wednesday, the typically hawkish Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution authorizing the use of force in Syria by a vote of 10-7.


Finger Crossed for RGIII Griffin was simply astonishing in his first year, using his

remarkable speed and fantastic passing touch to bring the Redskins to a stunning playoff berth, before a blown-out ACL in a playoff matchup against the Seahawks brought his year to a shocking end. Griffin is supposedly healthy and recovered coming into the 2013 season, but we can’t shake the feeling of foreboding that comes along with his return. We don’t really like the way him and the veteran Redskins coach Mike Shanahan seem to be at odds (despite the denials) and it’s very hard for us to trust Shanahan after the messy way the last season ended. It seemed like the entire country – except for Shanahan – could see that RGIII wasn’t right when he took that field in D.C. Yet, Shanahan kept running him out there until his leg was shredded. It was ugly.

Robert Griffin III

It can’t be argued that Robert Griffin III’s freshman year was, simply, one of the most exciting rookie years ever. Coming off that superhuman, Heisman-winning year at Baylor, RG III’s first season delivered acres of hope to a longsuffering, passionate fanbase in Washington – and boy, did he ever live up to the hype.


Griffin III didn’t play in the preseason (a wise choice), so we won’t see if the quarterback is really recovered until the Redskins open Sept. 9 against the Eagles. We’ll be holding our breath through the entirety of that game – and all the Washington games to come. We hope that the Redskins’ staff will act with caution and with speed this time; Griffin III is simply too exciting of a player and too charismatic of a figure to be lost to injury once again. Let’s cross our fingers and our toes for his good health.

How Much Will The Next Year Cost Us? Commentary By James Clingmna Chairman of the Economic Development Committee of the Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP With their fingers on the triggers, the Secretary of Defense and others in our government are poised to strike Syria and commit fighting troops to that country, even at a time when the soldiers in Afghanistan are scheduled to leave. Understanding that World War Two and the Viet Nam war, followed of course by the war in Iraq, brought with them huge windfall profits to various corporations, we should brace ourselves for this next foray into a foreign country, especially one that is located in the so-called “Middle East.” Along with the regular accoutrements of war, such as private armies of well-paid mercenaries like Blackwater, there are also the firms that feed the troops, like Kellogg, Brown, and Root, and others that take care of construction and other vital “services” for the government. Remember Halliburton? They are probably licking their chops right now at the prospect of an attack on Syria. Let the good times roll – again. Continued on page 22




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Young and Trendy

COMMENTARY: King Kids are Mocking MLK’s Legacy

JPMorgan Chase to Stop Offering Student Loans

Michael H. Cottman,

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to President Barack Obama commemorate King while calling for jobs, justice and cultural understanding, he was actually suing his sister, Bernice King. Was it Marty’s intention to make a grand statement by suing his sister on the anniversary of his father’s historic speech? The children of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are making a mockery of King’s legacy. Bernice, Dexter and Martin Luther King III may need professional intervention to broker a truce in an embarrassing, long-simmering feud and general public foolishness. Perhaps someone should call Iyanla Vanzant, the popular inspirational advisor, to help the King children sort through a myriad of deep-


rooted and emotional issues that led Martin Luther King III and his brother, Dexter King, to sue their sister, Bernice King, last Wednesday on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, where their father delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. So last week, while Martin Luther King III sat in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial and listened

With every law suit, the King children sink to new lows and the integrity of the once-proud family is called into question. Prominent black folks in Washington, D.C. are whispering privately about the King family meltdown, but few will speak publicly about it because they don’t want to offend the children who some claim were born to advance King’s dream. Continued on Page 22

Senior Trends

By Alex Veiga

LOS ANGELES (AP) — JPMorgan Chase & Co. is exiting the student loan business as more families opt for government-backed loans, which are generally cheaper and have more protections.

memo to colleges, Chase noted it would continue to work with students, cosigners and schools to process loan applications received before that date. It also asked administrators to schedule all final loan disbursements before March 15.

“We just no longer see meaningful growth in this market and have decided to invest our resources in our other business, like auto lending, where we do see The New York bank had some real future potential,” already been scaling back its said Trish Wexler, a JPMorrole in student lending. In gan Chase & Co. spokesthe spring of 2012, it woman, in an interview. stopped making student The bank had 12,500 cusloans to borrowers who tomers with Chase student weren’t already Chase cus- loans last year, a fraction of tomers. Chase made just the 56 million people that it $200 million in student counts as consumers. loans last year, down from “So this really has become a $6.9 billion in 2008. very small part of our portfolio,” Wexler said. The lender said that it won’t accept student loan applica- Wexler noted that many tions after Oct. 12. In a students have been increas-

ingly relying on government -backed education loans, a trend that’s reduced the private market for student loans by 75 percent in the last five years. Private student loans issued by banks tend to have higher, variable interest rates than the loans issued by the U.S. Department of Education. They also do not come with the same guaranteed protections, such as deferment for unemployment or economic hardship. Other major lenders continue to offer education loans, including Discover Financial Services, which saw its private student loans grow 5 percent from a year earlier in the April-June quarter. Sallie Mae, formally named SLM Corp., has seen an increase in demand for student loans as higher education costs continue to rise. JPMorgan shares ended regular trading up 24 cents at $52.11.

House and home

Seniors have a unique advantage to use a reverse mortgage to help provide financial flexibility. other expenses have emerged and need to be Here are five examples of how seniors are Pay off debt—Reverse mortgages provide paid.

putting reverse mortgages to work for them:

The good news is that a growing number of Payment of hospital or medical bills—More

(NAPS)—Each day, 10,000 Americans turn 62, according to U.S. Census reports. Many retire with the expectation that a solid retirement account will make it possible to travel or enjoy their home with friends and family. Unfortunately, too often, retirees find that their savings account or investments don’t look as promising as they once did or that

the funds needed for seniors to pay down debt or eliminate debt completely. This gives

seniors are coming to the conclusion that and more Americans are going into debt many seniors the feeling of financial relief they can put the equity in their home to work because of medical bills. Never before has and flexibility. by getting a reverse mortgage. the cost of medical coverage been so high. Improvement of quality of life—One of the With a reverse mortgage, seniors 62 and oldMany seniors rely on Medicare, but that only benefits of a reverse mortgage is financial er can access the equity in their home to get covers a percentage of the total cost of medifreedom. With a reverse mortgage, the curtax-free funds that can be used for whatever cal expenses. rent mortgage is eliminated and monthly they want. While this kind of mortgage may Home improvements—Seniors are hesitant mortgage payments are not required for as not be for everyone, it can benefit seniors to make home improvements while living on long as the senior lives in the home. retirewho want to improve their financial situaa fixed income. A reverse mortgage can al- ment years, like dining out, traveling to see tions after retirement. Plus, the seniors can low seniors to make home improvements or family, or simply providing the financial continue to live in their home without monthrepairs. cushion that some seniors seek. ly mortgage payments. Continued on page 22 Putting Your Home To Work



College Bound


Tom Joyner Presents How to Prepare for College The Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc. and Amber Books Publishing Presents "How to" Guide That Helps Parents and National ( Tom Joyner, the nationally syndicated media personality and philanthropist, has released a new book to help students prepare for college.

word by Joyner and is published by Joyner's Foundation and Amber books. The book will be available to Individuals, High Schools, Libraries, Non-Profits, Organizations, Businesses and your local The book, Tom Joyner PreCommunity Bookstore. sents How To Prepare for Order now through College is filled with easy to and read, easy to understand les- Chain sons that can help make the stores (Barnes and Noble, path to college a little easier. Borders, Walmart, Sams, "What I like about this book is etc.), can make special orders that it shows you the steps through Independent Publishyou need to take to get into ers Group until September college and it applies to eve- 2009, when the title will be ryone. Everything from raising officially released (published) a college-bound student to life nationwide. after college is covered. Whether you’re a child in ele- The book features useful mentary school or an adult in advise on several subjects, the work force considering including: enrolling in a college or university, this book has some A step-by-step guide thing you can use." for elementary school and beyond Written by Thomas LaVeist * Historically Black Coland Wil LaVeist, the title Tom leges and University Joyner Presents How To Pre(HBCU) v. non-HBCU: pare For College has a foreWhich is right for me


* The Admission Process * Paying for tuition * The Financial aid process * Financial aid myths

lion listeners each week. His website has more than 1.5 million registered users and features news with special reports by award-winning journalists and exclusive political coverage as well as interactive elements with on demand audio.

The Tom Joyner Foundation® provides financial assistance to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Since 1998, The Tom Joyner Foundation has raised more than $55 Million Dollars to help stu* Staying in college * Preparing for life after dents attending Historically Black Colleges and Universicollege ties stay in school. The Tom Joyner Foundation also hosts  * Giving Back an annual cruise named the * A list of HBCU's Fantastic Voyage which rais* Useful websites/ organizations for schol- es money for the HBCUs. arships/grants As Tom Joyner, Jr., the Foundation's President/CEO, statTom Joyner's morning show ed, "The Tom Joyner Foundais heard in more than 115 tion only does one thing...It markets by nearly eight mil-

responded to the needs of the Kids, and Offers Step-By-Step Advice growing helps students continue their market of self-publishers and education at Black Colleges. placed the Quality Press diviAll too often a student will get sion under the direction of into college, and then enYvonne Rose, who is also an counter financial difficulties Associate Publisher for Amthat will force them to drop ber Books and Director of out. The Foundation provides Quality Press. money directly to the Histori- Yvonne Rose stated, "We are cally Black Colleges and Uni- delighted with the opportunity versities (HBCUs) for the pur- and pleased that the Tom pose of helping these stuJoyner Foundation, Inc. has dents stay in college." selected Quality Press, AmTony Rose, Publisher/CEO, ber Books and Independent of Phoenix, AZ based Amber Publishers Group to handle Communications Group, Inc. the production, manufactur(ACGI) and the Executive ing, publishing and distribuDirector of The African Ameri- tion of their new literary vencan Pavilion at BookExpo ture Tom Joyner Presents America began Quality Press How To Prepare For College." in 2000 in order to accommo- Help a Student Stay in date authors who wished to School: self-publish their books. Am- Mail Checks or Money Orders ber Books Publishing, the to the corporation's first imprint, was Tom Joyner Foundation, founded in 1998 and has be- 13760 Noel Road, Suite 750, come established as the naDallas, TX 75250 tion’s largest AfricanTo learn more about the Tom American publisher of selfJoyner Foundation visit: http:// help and career-guide book titles written by and for Afriq=tjfoundation can Americans. Mr. Rose

Call Us Today 614-526-8871 8




Church News

Speaking in tongues down among Pentecostals faith healing. Occasionally, parishioners were “slain in the Spirit,” falling to the floor following an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

tongues in their teachings.

The emotional and spiritual connection of speaking in tongues, the visceral experience, is what appeals to those in need during a time Pentecostals believe speaking in tongues may of economic and social instability, and is arbe an unlearned human language— as the guably the heart of the Pentecostal moveBible claims happened on the Day of Pentement, he said. cost — or it may be the language of angels. Studies show that words spoken when deliv- After the service, Farone placed his right ering messages in tongues lack the compohand on his forehead and began to speak nents and patterns of a true language. again. This time, the words were impossible to understand, streaming out in a long, ramAt his service in a small chapel in the West bling string of sound. He had just spoken in Valley Christian Center, Walters steps aside tongues, he said later. after reading scripture and introduces a guest: Nick Farone, a pastor who runs a Christian “This is our power,” he added, acknowledgcenter in Louisiana. ing he was unsure of what he had just said. “We shouldn’t be ashamed.” A member of the Pentecostal Church Of God The success of smaller congregations in Latin — a denomination with about 500,000 mem- America and Africa is linked to their openbers — Farone uses his time on stage to ness to the supernatural experience, Farone preach returning to the basics of the faith. said. in hardship. “You can’t preach wealth Parishioners in the pews nod their heads in in these places,” he said. “Smaller churches agreement, swaying back and forth. have bigger hearts.” “Praise Jesus,” a woman says, her eyes closed and head bowed. Farone said many Pentecostal pastors are failing to stress the importance of messages in Continued on Page 23

Worshipers speaking in tongue LOS ANGELES (AP) — At Three Crosses Church, Pastor Ken Walters urges his parishioners to join him in song and scripture. The charismatic 58-year-old extends his arms skyward and belts out melodies praising God. While the small Assemblies of God congregation goes through all the traditional trappings of a Pentecostal service, there is one notable absence: speaking in tongues, a defining trait of the faith. The 40-member church is among many nationwide that are reducing or cutting out speaking in tongues as they become more popular and move to the mainstream. It’s a shift that has unsettled some more traditional Pentecostals who say the practice is at the heart of a movement that evolved out of an interracial revival and remains a spontaneous way for the poor and dispossessed to have a direct line to God. They question the wisdom of placing less emphasis on a tenet that has defined Pentecostalism for more than a century. “It’s different now,” Walters said. “People don’t like to stand out if they don’t have to.” As the religion becomes more widely accepted, Walters said, there has been a tendency for large Pentecostal churches to downplay the differences between Pentecostalism and other well-known Christian denominations. The Assemblies of God, one of the nation’s largest Pentecostal denominations with 3 million members, has 66 million members worldwide. Assemblies officials worried about the decline in messages in tongues — or spirit baptism — at a general council meet-

ing this month. The practice decreased by about 3 percent to fewer than 82,000, the lowest total since 1995, according to statistics released by the Assemblies of God. “This is a long-developing phenomenon,” said Harvey Cox, an expert in Pentecostalism and professor of religion at the Harvard Divinity School. “They don’t want what appears to be objectionable to stick out or be viewed with suspicion.” Meanwhile, newer strands of Pentecostalism — often with roots in other countries like Nigeria and El Salvador — continue to emphasize the practice in church as well as in personal prayer, Cox said. While all Pentecostals accept speaking in tongues as a “gift of the Holy Spirit,” these smaller, niche congregations aren’t afraid to embrace the practice and don’t care whether it scares some away, he said. Pentecostalism represents one of the fastestgrowing segments of global Christianity. At least a quarter of the world’s 2 billion Christians are members of the Pentecostal faith or related charismatic movements, according to the Pew Research Center. For the first decade, the movement was mainly comprised of poor white and AfricanAmerican worshippers. Influenced by the spiritual renewal of the Azusa Street Revival — a Pentecostal revival meeting that took place in Los Angeles in 1906 — the Assemblies grew with interracial services that included speaking in tongues, prophecy and




Diversity Internship Programs Can Support Diversity For example, one such program is described as the nation’s top provider of professional leadership training and corporate internships for underserved students in the U.S., Canada and Mexico and has been described as a leader in promoting diversity and inclusion for corporate America for more than 40 years.

A growing number of companies believe they can benefit from efforts to increase the diversity of their management team. One way corporations can recruit with an eye toward more diversity is by partnering with intern programs designed to aid

average two to three years longer than those hired via other internal or partner programs. In DiversityInc.’s 2013 list of the “Top 50 Companies for Diversity,” eight of the top 10 companies are Inroads partners. To learn more, visit www.

Called Inroads, it has trained and coached over 150,000 students and professionals and served more than 2,000 corporate partners. Plus, a Procter & Gamble retention study showed that its graduates remain on

5 Tips To Recruit Top Talent

NAPSI)—Here’s a smart way for entrepreneurs to be successful—and save time and money: Learn from the mistakes of others.

That’s the word from Burton Goldfield, president and CEO of TriNet, which manages HR to help entrepreneurs focus on their business. He asked entrepreneurs: “If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?” Here are the top five mistakes and tips to fix them.

1. Failure to hire the best talent or the right fit. It’s better to have a good team that excels together than one superstar who makes everyone suffer.

2. Expecting employees to act like owners rather than leaders. Nurture employees and pay them for the value of their leadership.

4. Failure to train employees. Make sure the skills they’re honing or advancing are in line with the company’s goals and needs. 5. Not to manage performance. People need to know where they stand. What can be measured will get done.

3. Promoting based on senLearn More iority. Rather than promoting people beyond their capabilities, offer a parallel track for For more expert tips about hiring and managing emadvancement. ployees, visit

THE UTS MARKETPLACE Get Your Free Business Listing on Urban Trendsetters NEW Website WWW.URBANTRENDSETTERS.COM Over 400 Categories to choose from.




Small Business Report


It’s Time for A Village Raise The Village All of our activity at the USBC is focused on the growth and development of Black-owned businesses... not because we've been bitten by the "wealth creation" bug, but because we sincerely believe that strengthening Black businesses is the one, sure-fire cure for what ails our communities across America. Study after study has shown that first job opportunities are more likely available in locally owned businesses. These same studies demonstrate that this early introduction to business and the world of work are fundamental to the development of a sound work ethic and a better understanding of capitalism Ron Busby, President U.S. Black Chamber and the economy. Most important - today - is our contention that vibrant, healthy, growing Before our focus on the 50th anniversary of Black businesses can cure Black unemploythe historic March on Washington fades into ment! historical reference, it makes sense to assess As huge and appealing as that future possibilhow far we've really come since 1963. Acity is, we realize it won't happen overnight. cording to the U.S. Census, there were then We are absolutely certain it won't happen about 18.9 million Black Americans; today until and unless there is a dramatic shift in America's Black population is about 39 mil- public contracting opportunities, from the lion. At that time there were roughly 1.2 mil- local level right up to federal spending. Why lion Black-owned businesses, today there are public contracting? Because our tax dollars about 2 million. Black folks spend about a should not be siphoned off without an opporTRILLION dollars of hard earned money tunity for Black businesses to earn a return each year, so it's pretty clear we've come a on their taxpayer investment! long, long way. Bloomberg News recently reported that FedBut as speaker after speaker - including Pres- eral spending with Black and Hispanic busiident Obama - reminded us during the comnesses has shrunk dramatically since 2010 memoration on August 28, we've got a no secret to the thousands of businesses who mighty long way to go! have seen contracting opportunities evaporate

with the implementation of sequestrationmandated cuts. But, as always, we are committed to working toward solutions. To that end, we've undertaken a few key organizational and programmatic steps, two that you've heard of from me before, and one that we'll use this moment in history to announce. Several months ago, the USBC was given the opportunity to participate in the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Chicago. From that opportunity we have forged relationships that will allow us to solidify our standing as the best repository of data by, for and about African American businesses. By the first of next year, we will report to you the steps taken to assemble data that creates a more complete picture of who and where Black-owned businesses are. Our pact with the developers of the Around The Way mobile app is a key first step in this part of our strategy. More recently, we announced that former Deputy Administrator of the SBA, Marie Johns, has joined the USBC team. We've already begun to reap benefits from her "formal" association with our organization, and we fully expect that her addition will result in improved access to resources of all kinds - fiscal and technological, particularly along with her knack for policy development that results in positive shifts in contracting opportunities.

I am thrilled to announce that we have found a talented "brewmaster" to synthesize all these new data and newly engaged resources, a University of Chicago-trained (via Howard University!) Economist, William Cunningham. Many of you met Bill during our recent School of Chamber Management and heard his innovative strategies for raising capital for Black businesses. His keen eye for trend analysis, coupled with his passionate commitment to the growth and development of Black enterprises give us an invaluable piece of the puzzle as we craft a roadmap to the kind of America envisioned by those who gathered on the Washington Mall 50 years ago. It is time... We know the challenges we've met and overcome in the ongoing fight for civil rights. We know that achieving economic parity will require levels of strength and commitment that have been scarcely evident between 1963 and 2013. The USBC is committed to doing our part to supply solutions that are based in the development of sound strategies designed to deliver positive results. It's time for the village to raise the village… More Information on the U.S. Black Chamber

URBAN TRENDSETTERS…...GRIND REPORT Spotlight on Abby Moore of Ask Abby Realty In Mississippi, during the antebellum pilgrimage home tours, Abby begin selling her mother’s, Essie Mae, homemade goodies and treats. At the ripe age of eight, this sparked Abby’s entrepreneurial spirit.

vices, LLC, the AskAbby!! to the strong community and Team and AskAbby!! Univer- industry partnerships she has sity. built.

Proudly, she supports the real estate market of Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Whole heartedly, Abby believes the key to recovery for During her senior year in col- the depress market begins lege, while enrolled at Central with instilling PRIDE back State University, Abby into the community and the opened the doors of Black families it supports. Pearl Art & Book Gallery in Salem Mall (Dayton, Ohio). Abby is an active member of the Columbus Board of RealIn 2003, Abby attained her tors and Columbus Chapter of state of Ohio real estate liRealist (NERAB). In addition cense. As a result, she found- to her wonderful clients, she ed AskAbby!! Realty Sercontributes her achievements

versity. Originally from Natchez, Mississippi; she currently resides in Westerville, Ohio. Her office is located east of downtown Columbus, in Old Towne East. When asked, Abby volunteers her time and services to neighborhood based businesses and organizations.

While empowering residents with the tools, resources and knowledge needed to make cogent real estate choices, Abby’s short term goals include developing AskAbby!! University to the next level of Contact Abby for your Real excellence. Estate Needs Phone: Office/ 614-444-2229 Abby is an entrepreneurial, business coach, public speak- er, community servant, educator, sister, aunt, daughter and friend. She attended Central State University, Hondros College and Wilberforce Uni-

Abby Moore,, CEO Abby Moore Realty




San Antonio 7 Layer Dip Ingredients





Grilled Mini Caprese Pizza Ingredients One package refrigerated pizza dough (or you can make your own) 2 tomatoes, thinly sliced- drizzle slices generously with olive oil, salt and pepper Mozzarella cheese- cut into bite size pieces basil salt, pepper olive oil.

1 pkg. (12 oz.) H-E-B Fresher Lasting® guacamole kit 1 can (14½ oz.) Hill Country Fare jalapeño refried beans 1½ c. H-E-B sour cream, regular, light, or fat free 1 c. H-E-B shredded cheddar cheese, regular, reduced fat, or fat free 2 c. shredded iceberg lettuce (about ½ head) 2 c. chopped tomatoes 6 green onions, chopped with tops 1 bag (16 oz.) H-E-B white corn tortilla chips Instructions Prepare guacamole according to package directions and set aside. Spread beans on the bottom of a 2quart glass baking dish and top with layers of guacamole, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Serve with corn chips

Directions: Preheat grill to medium heat. Then, roll out the pizza dough on a flat surface. Using a small bowl or wide mouthed glass, cut the dough into small circles to make the mini pizzas. Roll leftover dough pieces together, flatten and repeat Pizza is not just for ovens anymore. The grill is a great cutting into small circular cutouts. place to do pizza because you get nice grate marks on Brush both sides of the dough with olive oil. Make sure the dough that adds a nice touch as the grill actually your grill has been sprayed with non stick spray. Grill the cooks the pizza dough. dough until grate marks appear, about 5 minutes. Flip the dough, then, with recently grilled side up, add tomato slices, These mini pizzas are easier to do because it is easier to a piece of basil, and the mozzarella. flip multiple pizza dough disks than it is to do one gigan- Grill for 5 minutes or until cheese has melted. This recipe tic piece of dough and also allows you to avoid “hot can easily be adapted for meat lovers with the addition of spots” on the grill that might burn the dough. This recipe is great tailgating as it requires minimal in- cappicola or pepperoni. gredients and everything can be prepped the night before.






Grilling Expert Reveals Top Five Tools For Tailgating Like A Pro Tailgaters are a serious crowd, particularly when it comes to their portable gas grill with electronic ignition for the ultimate in conven- 3.Chimney Starter: Simple and inexpensive, this metal cylinder with traditions, their team and—above all—their food.

ience; or the new Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill that features a a handle on the side is still the best tool for lighting charcoal. Fill the

For many, a key to preparing memorable food—whether it’s for

chimney starter with charcoal and set on the grill grates with lit

friends and family in the back- yard or for a crowd at the stadium—

lighter cubes underneath. In approximately 15 minutes, the charcoal

is having the right tools, starting with the right grill.

will be hot, ashed over and ready to use. Try the Weber Rapidfire

In fact, according to the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, grill

Chimney Starter in either the standard or the new compact size.

owners who tailgate say the top must-have item for a proper tailgate


party is a grill (82 percent), followed by food (80 percent) and a

essential when grilling. After the grill is hot, make sure to give the

cooler (80 percent).

grates a good cleaning before putting on your food. Finding The Right Tools


Grill Brush: A sturdy grill brush with stainless steel bristles is

Timer: With so much going on in the parking lot, it’s easy to

“Today’s tailgate parties have really evolved,” says Kevin Kolman,

get distracted. Just set the timer and you’ll be reminded to check the

Grill Master for Weber-Stephen Products LLC, manufacturer of

coals or flip the meat. Weber’s Pocket Thermometer fits, well…in

outdoor gas, charcoal and electric grills and grilling accessories. compact design but has the grilling capacity of Weber’s stand-up your pocket, so hands are free to enjoy your favorite pregame bever“There is a sense of pride and one-upmanship that seems to prevail classic charcoal kettle. Both are available with collapsible grill age. For more tailgating tips from Kevin Kolman, visit among tailgaters—and armed with the right tools and a grilling stands (sold separately). game plan, anyone can come out looking like a pro.”

2.Tongs: Kolman says it’s best to have at least two sets of tongs—

His top five tools for tailgating include:

one for raw food and one for cooked food. He suggests looking for

com/blog. To learn more about Weber grills and accessories, visit

1.Portable Grill and Grill Stand: Many tailgaters place their grill on tongs that are spring loaded, long and strong, like Weber’s Stainless the ground, or worse, on a stool or a chair. “Forget hunching over or Steel Chef’s Tongs that measure 12½ inches and have a locking knocking over an unstable grill,” says Kolman. “Invest in a sturdy mechanism to keep tongs closed when not in use. grill stand and a quality grill.” Kevin recommends a Weber Q 220








Health and Wellness

Medicine and Safety

Since its founding four years ago, it has There they will find over 475 public and pri- facturers of America, “and the PPA is standhelped over 5.5 million qualifying patients vate patient assistance programs that provide ing by to provide that help.” find assistance with free or deeply discounted qualified patients with access to more than For more information on the Partnership, call medicines.

2,500 brand-name and generic medicines for toll-free (888) 4PPA-NOW or visit the

Called the Partnership for Prescription Assis- free or nearly free.

PPA Web site at

tance (PPA), it provides information on more Additionally, because not every patient may than 475 public and private patient assistance qualify for help with free or nearly free mediprograms that are helping patients get the cine, the PPA also connects patients to a help they need. It’s estimated that nearly 200 range of discount programs that may provide There’s hopeful news

for those who are of these programs are directly sponsored by them deep price discounts on the medicines

struggling financially and concerned about pharmaceutical research and biotechnology they’re prescribed. The program also procovering the cost of their medicines. There is companies.

vides information on more than 10,000 free

an organization that’s committed to helping All patients, their families or health care and health care clinics and health care providers. financially challenged and uninsured patients social services professionals seeking to help “Americans who’ve been hit hard by the ecofind assistance programs that provide free or patients need do is call the PPA’s toll free nomic crisis need to know that help is out discounted medicines.

number (1-888-4PPA- NOW) or visit its easy there,” says Billy Tauzin, president and CEO -to-use Web site (

of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manu-

Your Full Digital Marketing Suite








SPOTLIGHT began to notice the lack of progress and the damage her clients’ hair received between visits. Her 22 years of experience prompted her to research hair issues and develop hair products to accommodate her clients needs during the salon process, as well as at home.


BEAUTY AND FASHION TRENDS as a guide, a choice of 12 easy to use at home maintenance products designed to assist with growing out the relaxer, and the promise that her plan will return their hair to its strong, thick, long, healthy, natural state. Synergi Salon’s mission is to show women how to appreciate the head of natural hair they have. For the past 3 years, Karen has made it her mission to educate women on the true beauty of their own hair by facilitating educational hair care workshops.

Synergi is Columbus’ premier hair salon featuring 1 hour wash and style services. Known for proKaren Gary, Owner Synergi Salon and ducing natural hair Products that looks relaxed, Through the GetItStrait! Synergi Salon specializes in color and workshops and her Synergi hair care Synergi Salon was opened in June of cuts and uses Karen’s own patented line which is starting to receive na2006 in Whitehall, Ohio by Columtional attention, Karen is giving the bus’ own Master Stylist Karen “KG” Synergi GetItStrait! System. truth back to women by showing them Gary. Karen has always been a gifted 85% of Karen’s client base is natural, that their hair is beautiful without all stylist, displaying excellence in cutbut you would never know by looking the chemical damage and overting and styling hair; but when clients at them since most clients wear their processing. wanted to grow their hair long, she hair bone straight. She offers new clicame up short. She wanted to give clients what they were asking for, but ents a plan and a promise: A one year The Synergi Salon GetItStrait! workrelaxer free journey with her expertise shops are free, fact filled sessions

where Karen gives tips to help women achieve healthier, longer, stronger, natural hair. Karen also works with cancer survivors, to assist them with restoring their hair health after chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Karen is an experienced salon owner who trained and mentored more than 100 stylists at her former salon, Uzuri Street. Uzuri Street became a nationally recognized salon for its commitment to customer service and the promotion of healthy hair. In her spare time, Karen enjoys working out and spending time with her son. Synergi Salon 3443 E. Broad St. Columbus, Ohio 43213

D’ Andrea’s Specializing in Healthy Hair Care Hair Additions Eyebrow Waxing Natural Hair Care

614-992-7004 24 Hour Cancellation Notice after 24 Hrs. $15. cancellation fee will be required.






HE’S BACK…..‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ premieres with guests to include Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and Nas Arsenio Hall to premiere ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’ on September 9 th, The lines are more blurred now,” said Arsenio Hall about the line-up for the come-back of “The Arsenio Hall Show,” his new late-night syndicated talk show, which he is executive producer. “Jay Z and Eminem…would have been more my line-up. It will be a night of surprises… really fun, party (atmosphere). I can’t return with no big surprises! When you come back…you have to have surprises.” Arsenio Halls’ Eye Productions produces the show in association with Arsenio Hall Communications LTD and Octagon Entertainment Productions, and it is distributed by CBS Television. He shares executive duties with John Ferriter and Neal Kendall. The Cleveland native says his show will be about comedy, music and celebrity guests.

“The entire first week is booked,” Hall informed me. “The surprises… I’m keeping under -wraps.” What I can tell you is that Chris Tucker, Mark Harmon, Ice Cube, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, George Lopez and Angela Bassett will be guests on his couch. Musical guests include Nas, Earth, Wind & Fire

and Emblem3. Also Kendrick Lamar, Nick Cannon, Dr. Phil and Country music’s The Band Perry will be guests. Arsenio Hall is also an actor whose credits include The Real Ghost Busters, “Celebrity Apprentice,” Coming to America and “The Proud Family” movie.

Arsenio Hall


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Tyler Perry Cast in Ben Affleck Film ‘Gone Tyler Perry will take on an acting gig in 20th Century Fox and director David Fincher’s “Gone Girl,” an adaptation of the Gillian Flynn novel that will star Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike and shoot this fall. Perry will play Tanner Bolt, the attorney who reps Affleck’s character after his wife disappears, and Neil Patrick Harris is near a deal to play Desi Collins, the wife’s former boyfriend. At the same time, Fincher has set Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit and Carrie Coon to round out the cast. Fincher saw Tyler Perry playing the title role in “Alex Cross” and courted him for the lawyer role, according to Perry, who is busy generating his shows for the OWN network, will next be seen onscreen in “A Made Christmas,” another in his line of Madea films. Dickens and Fugit will play detectives who investigate the mystery in Gone Girl, while Coon will play Affleck’s character’s twin sister.

“It’s a lot less BS,” Arsenio said about being executive producer on the show this time around.

“The business has changed a lot; it’s a lot more business. Hollywood really didn’t… and now they are. I’m paying people out of my pocket.” Hall said, “if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense,” “Salaries for actors have changed,” he added. “The fats been trimmed.” On premiere night, Monday, September 9, 2013 the star guest will be Christ Tucker; September 10th guests is Ice Cube, Lisa Kudrow (“Scandel”) and rapper Mac Miller; September 11th guests include Magic Johnson, George Lopez and Nas; September 12th Mark Harmon (“NCIS”), Penn & Teller and Earth, Wind & Fire, and on September 13th guests include Angela Bassett and Simon Cowell’s group Emblem3.

Viola Davis in Essence: Finding Hubby Was a Prayer Answered In the October issue of Essence, cover girl Viola Davis says she prayed for a certain type of man to come into her life – and just like that, he appeared. “I asked for a husband who was emotionally available, someone who was older, someone who maybe had a family before,” she says. “I like older men. Someone from the South. Someone who loves God more than he loves himself.” Next thing you know… “I met my husband three and a half weeks later, an ex-football player from Austin, Texas,” says Davis, 48. “On one our first dates, he took me to church.” Davis and actor Julius Tennon were married in 2003. They adopted a daughter, Genesis, in 2011. Davis has spoken before about how her husband has encouraged her not to wear her wigs outside her professional life – and says now that taking off the wig is a powerful act. “I had to defend myself as an artist, but I found myself defending myself as a dark-skinned black woman in front of people who did not know my life,” she says. “I took my wig off because I no longer wanted to apologize for who I am.”





Event: Columbus Gospel Festival Description: This family event showcases some of the finest local, regional and national artists in many genres, the importance of education and the benefits of health/wellness to our community. This multi-faceted outdoor event has a festive atmosphere and includes live music and arts, a wellness fair, children's Edu-Fun fest and more. Dates: September 7, 2013 Location: Genoa Park Hours: Saturday 11 a.m.-8:30 p.m. Admission: Free Address: 303 W. Broad St. Columbus, 43215 614-401-6178


Event: DeRay Davis Description: DeRay Davis is an American stand-up comedian and actor. DeRay began his by career in the comedy clubs. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, He won the Comedy Central Laugh Riots Competition and was a standout on the Cedric the Entertainer Tour.

Portrait of Jason (Shirley Clark, 1967) Description: The painstakingly restored Portrait of Jason might be this year's most essential re-release. The great independent filmmaking pioneer Shirley Clarke went to New York City's historic "Hotel Chelsea to film the self-described gay hustler Jason Holliday as he unraveled stories, sang, donned costumes, and reminisced about good times and bad behavior. The resulting film is a mesmerizing portrait of a remarkable, charming, and tortured man and a potent reminder of the lives of gay black men in the midst of the civil rights movement and before the Stonewall uprising. (105 mins., 35mm).

Dates: September 6-8, 2013 Location: Funny Bone Comedy Club Hours: Friday 7:45 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Saturday 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Admission: $25 Address: 145 Easton Town Ctr. Columbus, 43219 614-471-5653


Event: The Rennie Harris Hip-Hop Dance Description: The Rennie Harris Hip-Hop Dance Company - RHAW performs various styles of street dance, including popping and locking, house and hip-hop social.’ Dates: September 6, 2013 Location: Chappelear Drama Center Hours: Friday 8-10 p.m. Address: 45 Rowland Ave. Delaware, 43015 740-203-6908


Event: High Impact Presentation Skills for Women Description: Learn to understand the core components of a best-in-class presentation; prepare your thoughts, materials and strategies; adjust on the fly by knowing your audience; by ensuring that you get the outcomes you planned for; how presenting as a woman is different; identify landmines to watch for & how to prepare for them. Dates: September 18, 2013 Location: The Fawcett Center Hours: Wednesday 7:30-9 a.m. Address: 2400 Olentangy River Rd. Columbus, 43210 866-614-9353

Dates: September 5-6, 2013 Location: Wexner Center for the Arts Hours: Thursday-Friday 7-9 p.m. Admission: $6-$8 Address: 1871 N. High St. Columbus, 43210

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DAYTON’S URBAN VISION Television Station / Audio and Visual Production




TRAVEL TRENDS Your physical luggage may limit what you can haul but digital luggage knows no limits. Drive, where it’s all en-

On The Go Long flight or

crypted and safe. When

drive? Save as favorite”

you’re at the ticketing

movies, music or videos

counter, pull them up in-

you want to watch on the

stantly on your phone or

plane and they’ll be availa-


ble off-line.

Save Everything

Share the Fun as it Hap-

If you lose a device on the


road or even over the side

With Send To Friend links,

of a boat, that doesn’t mean friends and family can you have to lose stored

enjoy your pictures and

The next time you take a

Find Everything


videos as you take them—

trip, remember to take your

You can have instant ac-

Bitcasa automatically

no costly international data

digital luggage—a secure

cess to everything you have backs up all photos and

fees if you’re traveling

place for essential travel

stored without ever having

videos as you take them.

abroad and no need to

documents such as travel

to worry about capacity.

They’re accessible from

download anything because

any device you own or by

everything can be streamed

itineraries, work documents Just click and drag those and any of your favorite

plane tickets, hotel confir-

using your password at

in full HD using a simple

music, movies or videos.

mations, immunization

Web link. Learn More

records or car rental agree-

Stay Entertained

Further facts are at

ments into your Infinite


AUTO TRENDS Get Your Car Cold Weather Ready (NAPS)—Whether drivers will appear, and if the

own battery, this is usually together can create prob-

are trading out their ice

tread is worn to the same

best left to the profession-

lems. Pay attention when

scrapers for an open sun-

height as the bar, it’s time


braking. Does your vehi-

roof or putting the cover

to replace the tire. Make

Regularly monitor tire

cle stop evenly or does it

on the convertible after

sure to check for wear at

pressure. Underinflated

seem to pull to one side?

another summer driving

several spots on each tire,

tires reduce fuel mileage

This can indicate a mal-

season, experts advise that as wear may not always be and optimal handling, and

function if it occurs on a

seasonal car prep should

even. If new tires are

can suffer unnoticeable

variety of road surfaces

go beyond the basic wash

needed, be sure to follow

damage that compromises

and should be checked

and wax.

your vehicle manufactur-

car performance and safe-

immediately. What about

With that in mind, consid-

er’s recommendation for

ty. Check tire pressure

noise? While an occasion-

er these car care tips for

size and type of tires, as

often; don’t just “set it and al noise is not uncommon,

keeping your vehicle

the wrong tire can hurt

forget it.”

unusually loud or constant

looking and running in tip

vehicle handling.

Pay attention to brake

noises when applying the

-top shape.

Verify battery strength.

operation. Properly func-

brakes should be checked

Check tire tread depth.

Don’t assume all is well

tioning brakes are essen-

by a professional.

To check tread depth, look with the car battery just

tial to vehicle safety. Disc

Learn More

inside the grooves on the

brakes on modern vehicles

For further facts and tips, visit an authorized Porsche dealer or

tire. At every six to 10 inches, a raised wear bar

because your vehicle starts. While some drivers may be able to check their

are exposed to road salt, dirt and moisture, which





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Marijuana Continued From Page 5 It begs the question of what to do with the money once that is all over. New York City’s Comptroller John Liu released a study this year calculating the financial impact of taxing and regulating marijuana. In addition to saving roughly $31 million annually by reducing arrests, there could be as much as $400 million gained by the city in tax revenue. Liu suggests investing money on public services and city universities. Brilliant idea. Let’s stop harassing young men and

women of color and instead make it easier for cause of job discrimination and few forms of them to get a quality education. employment (delete “were”) available for them in the legal market? Like the former alcohol bootleggers who transitioned into The second idea might be unconventional legitimacy, why can’t the guy trying to help thinking but hey it happened after alcohol his family get by selling a little bit of weed prohibition. People are going to be making money off of this new market – after all, ma- now become an entrepreneur in the new inrijuana represents a big business opportunity dustry? The Obama administration’s new posture — why not create jobs for the people who around the drug war is a big deal. It is excitwere already pushed into the trade being to know that real changes in our country’s

unfair and cruel system of drug law enforcement are on the horizon. But once the foot of the state is officially off our backs, perhaps we can think about using this as a moment to not only survive but to thrive under the new post-prohibition system. Sharda Sekaran is the Communications Director of the Drug Policy Alliance (

threats by Iran and other groups in the Middle East. In retaliation for a U.S. strike of Syria, there is a very good possibility that Iran will get a couple of its groups, like Hamas and Hezbollah, to start lobbing rockets at Israel, as well as their constant threat of blocking the Strait of Hormuz. Now we have a full blown war and a catastrophe on our hands, which will most assuredly result in outlandish and in some cases unreachable gas prices, at least for those of us who need it most.

incarceration of Black men, health disparities, the growing wealth gap for Black people, the high unemployment rate for Blacks, especially our youth, and the desperate and dangerous condition of our infrastructure, namely, our bridges.

How Much? Continued from Page 6 What about the everyday guy and gal in this country? Will we once again feel the pain of our young people dying while defending another country? And will we ultimately pay for this war, as we did for that unnecessary war in Iraq, with our low stagnant wages? While I don’t know the answer to the first question, surely the answer to the second question is probably “Yes”

In light of the fact that we pay for wars, and even threats in the Middle East, via gasoline prices, we will likely feel the impact of this one in our wallets as prices rise and all the excuses begin to leak out. We will be told it’s the speculators, world market prices, supply and demand, and price gouging. We will hear all of the same reasons that now have us thanking the industry for $3.50/gallon gasoline. They teased us with their up and down prices and then lulled us to sleep; we woke up feeling comfortable with $3.00+ prices. Now we think it’s a bargain if we find gas for $3.15 and we rush to get it, depending on what state we live in.

Our nation-building efforts should begin with this nation. As Dr. Ron Daniels has called for a “Domestic Marshall Plan” to rebuild America’s dark ghettos, after attending the commemorative March on Washington, he also It has already started, but get ready for more wrote, “After the countless billions of dollars pain at the pump. Get ready for price gouging Look, I am not an oil analyst, a politician, or a soothsayer, but I can look back at the past squandered in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghaniand everything else that goes with strife in and learn from it, based upon what has alstan since 1963, the gauntlet should have the Middle East. Some speculators and “oil ready taken place. I truly hope and pray that I been thrown down for America to make a watchers” say prices will not rise because am wrong about this impending war in Syria. The oil barons, U.S. or foreign, have us by huge deposit on the “promissory note” King Syria produces such a relatively small We have had enough – too much – war, but the throats and they will soon be choking the referenced in his speech a half century ago. amount of the world’s oil. That fact along dollars out of our pockets again if this war How can the U.S. justify “nation-building” in with the U.S. having increased its production as I remember Dr. Martin Luther King’s words regarding America and our penchant jumps off as anticipated. I deeply sympathize Iraq and Afghanistan and refuse to do and having moved away from total dependenwith the people of Syria, but right now, as in “community-building” on behalf of her longcy on foreign oil (Can you say, North Dako- for war, especially the part about our being the case of Egypt, we don’t know who our suffering sons and daughters of Africa in ta?) lessens the likelihood of high oil prices if the world’s greatest purveyor of war, I kind of doubt that this latest one will be avoided. friends are and who our foes are in their civil America.” Syria is attacked. Thus, we will have to pay the bill for it, the war. We cannot continue to be the policemen way we did for Iraq and Afghanistan; and we of the world; we must take care of the numerPeel back this onion a bit more and you will are still paying for both. ous problems we have in this country, mass find lurking just beneath the surface counter-



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Dr. King’s Estate Continued from page 6 The Estate of Martin Luther King Jr. Inc. is run by Martin Luther King III and Dexter King, while their sister, Bernice, heads The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. In the lawsuit, the brothers charge the center has been careless in its handling of King memorabilia, leaving historic documents and items at risk of fire, water, theft, mildew and mold. Attempts to solve the problem by working with Bernice King have failed, the lawsuit says, and there has been a “total breakdown in communication and transparency.” The King estate sent a 30-day notice in August to the center, notifying it that the licensing agreement for King memorabilia was

being terminated. The letter said the center could avoid that by placing Bernice King on administrative leave and taking Andrew Young and Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece, from the board. The brothers also allege King’s recordings, sermons, images, letters, speeches and copyrights are at risk of being damaged or stolen. King’s niece, Alveda, is also being accused of trying to impede an audit of Dr. MLK’s possessions that was being examined by the estate. What kind of legacy are the King children leaving for the next generation of black youth? What message is the King family sending to black families? That there is no

reconciliation among family members? That black families can’t sit down and work out their differences? That black families can only resolve their differences by taking each other to court? I don’t know who is right or wrong, but clearly the King family’s issues date back years. In 2009, Bernice King and Martin Luther King III sued their brother Dexter. They accused him of excluding them from decisions, withholding documents and refusing to hold a shareholder meeting for five years. They also claimed he had used the estate “for his own benefit” and that the assets may have been “misapplied or wasted”. So four years ago, the feud was driven by

Bernice King and Martin Luther King III who ganged up on Dexter, and today Martin Luther King III and Dexter have closed ranks and are suing their sister, Bernice. It’s a sorry situation for the King family who so many have looked to for inspiration and family values. But not anymore. King would be disappointed – and perhaps heartbroken – to know that his three children are embroiled in a public scandal over his estate. Is it all about the money? Or power? Or control? Why can’t they all just get along? “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive,” King once said. It’s too bad his children weren’t listening.

Seniors and Mortgage Continued from page 7

they have always wanted but may have not had the funds to do.

remaining money is kept by the former homeowner. The money received from a reverse mortgage is tax free and it doesn’t affect SoSeniors receive relief by not having to make a An Attractive Option cial Security benefits. Reverse mortgages are increasingly becoming “Reverse mortgages give senior homeowners monthly mortgage payment, as well as gain an attractive option for seniors who want a financial flexibility to be able to do more in financial flexibility so they can comfortably their retirement years, like dining out, travel- comfortable retirement. The consumer no retire and remain in their own homes,” said longer makes a monthly mortgage payment ing to see family, or simply providing the Richard Mandell, CEO of One Reverse Mortbut remains responsible for all applicable financial cushion that some seniors seek. gage. “There is no greater satisfaction than Travel—Funds from a reverse mortgage give property taxes and homeowners insurance. helping seniors do what they thought was When the home is sold, the proceeds go toseniors a chance to take the dream vacation impossible with a loan program that is inward paying off the reverse mortgage and any sured by the federal government and has

helped thousands of seniors live a better retirement.” To learn more, visit Seniors have a unique advantage to use a reverse mortgage to help provide financial flexibility.

Adrian Tigmo has been attending service at tongues have declined because people outside does so quietly and to himself — not aloud Three Crosses for more than 20 years. The 64 the faith have been critical of the practice. for the congregation to hear. -year-old said he believes messages in While he prays in tongues during worship, he For him, the resurgence of speaking in

tongues in church depends on people leading by example. He said, “People can’t just give up.”

Pentecostal Church Continued From Page 9

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