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May 2010


Women Of Wonder

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Happy Mother’s Day

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May 2010


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Mother’s Day Tribute Featuring Dorothy Height & Norma J. Ross

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Fashion Trends-The History of the Church Hat

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The King Arts Gala


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Happy Mother’s Day To all of the Mother’s out there Happy Mother’s Day to you. I am dedicating this poem to my mother Delois Rhodes Wright. I know that most children feel that their mom is the best, and those that do not, I feel for you because to have a great mother is a true blessing. We don’t have the opportunity to choose our parents, however if I had the chance to choose I would not have changed a thing. I know that I have the perfect mother for me. My mother allowed me to be me and loved me unconditionally. So, mommy this page is dedicated to you. Before I was myself you made me, me With love and patience, discipline and tears, Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free, Allowing me to sail upon my sea, Though well within the headlands of your fears. Before I was myself you made me, me With dreams enough of what I was to be And hopes that would be sculpted by the years, Then bit by bit stepped back to set me free, Relinquishing your powers gradually To let me shape myself among my peers. Before I was myself you made me, me, And being good and wise, you gracefully As dancers when the last sweet cadence nears Bit by bit stepped back to set me free. For love inspires learning naturally: The mind assents to what the heart reveres. And so it was through love you made me, me By slowly stepping back to set me free.

Sharon S. Gordon

Community News

Happy Mother’s Day

Governor Announces University System of Ohio, Procter & Gamble Statewide Collaboration Agreement Columbus, OH--Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut, and Ohio Department of Development Director Lisa PattMcDaniel, joined Procter & Gamble Vice President of Global Business Development Jeff Weedman to announce an agreement between the University System of Ohio’s 14 universities and Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble. This agreement simplifies the legal process that companies and universities use to negotiate research projects, allowing innovative ideas to come to fruition faster. “For the first time, with just one agreement, we are unleashing the collective power of Ohio’s universities to help turn ideas into products, and products into jobs,” Strickland said. “This agreement generates positive impacts for everyone involved--P&G is able to take advantage of Ohio’s most creative research minds, and our universities get to collaborate with P&G on new products. This is exactly the kind of public-private partnership that will build a stronger Ohio, because our universities and businesses both are committed to driving Ohio’s economic growth.” Governor Strickland proposed this agreement in his 2010 State of the State address. The project will increase industry-financed research spending--a key goal of Ohio’s 10-year Strategic Plan for Higher Education, and a clear signal that universities are working with businesses to grow industry in Ohio. The Chancellor’s Office and Attorney General’s Office negotiated the agreement in coordination with


May 2010

Ohio’s public universities and Procter & Gamble. When considering a specific project, the parties will start with this contract framework in place and will only need to negotiate the project’s unique terms, such as scope of work and financial issues. This helps enable faster collaboration, 12-18 months ahead of similarly-positioned universities in other states. “We will continue to do everything possible to streamline the legal process in the service of innovation,” said Attorney General Cordray, whose office facilitated the negotiation between P&G and the universities. “Getting things right matters, but simplicity and speed are just as important, particularly when it means creating jobs and rebuilding our state’s economy. This agreement also reflects a continued commitment our office has made to work closely with Ohio’s public universities and the Chancellor to promote the research investments and technology commercialization that will grow Ohio’s economy.” The agreement will govern terms and conditions that are standard in research projects between industry sponsors like P&G and Ohio’s public universities, such as the treatment of intellectual property and confidential information. The agreement creates opportunities for similar agreements between the University System of Ohio and other companies. “We’re excited to be the first business to collaborate on such an agreement with the University System of Ohio. With P&G’s Connect + Develop program we focus on partnering externally on innovation collaboration around the world. This agreement has the added

benefit of externally partnering close to home,” said Jeff Weedman, vice president, Global Business Development for P&G. “Innovation is our lifeblood and it is both global and competitive. The standard agreement creates a unique new, more efficient business model that works for companies and universities alike. For P&G, we want to reach more consumers, in more parts of the world, more completely. Speed to market is key and so accelerating innovation and collaboration is critical. For Ohio universities, having a smart business model makes them more attractive as partners and more competitive with universities globally. This also helps promote co-ops, internships, and postdoctoral fellowships through new research projects.” This agreement will increase the competitiveness of the University System of Ohio as a source of innovation for P&G and ultimately helps pave the way to open negotiations with other businesses. “As one of the nation’s top 10 research systems, the University System of Ohio is accelerating its commitment to help companies innovate and compete globally,” said Chancellor Fingerhut. “Meeting the needs of industry is a top priority of higher education in Ohio, and we now have a process that gives businesses quicker access to the expertise and resources they need.” The progressive agreement was modeled after a breakthrough structure that the University of Cincinnati and P&G pioneered in 2005. As a result of the UC-P&G agreement, P&G named UC as their “University Partner of the Year” in 2009. All 14 universities within the University System of Ohio will sign

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

the new agreement within the next few weeks. “The University of Cincinnati is proud of our working relationship with business partners such as Procter & Gamble,” said UC President Gregory H. Williams. “We have been fortunate over the past five years of our agreement with P&G to work with them in areas of mutual interest, and we are excited that this relationship will continue. We are also pleased that all of Ohio’s public universities will now enjoy such a relationship. This agreement represents a great step forward in university collaboration with business. Congratulations to the Governor and his state leadership team for getting this done.” This agreement also aligns with the Ohio Third Frontier Program, which is aimed at fostering collaboration between universities and businesses on research projects to strengthen the state’s economy and establish Ohio as a leader in innovation, while creating jobs. “This partnership is critical to the continued growth and success of Ohio’s businesses and research institutions,” said Patt-McDaniel. “This collaboration between the state, the University System of Ohio, and P&G will open more doors of opportunity for Ohio students and ensure that our talented workforce will continue to produce outstanding results.” adult education program sites, the University System of Ohio ensures that all Ohioans have access to a high-quality, affordable higher education within 30 miles of their home. For more information, visit

Community News

Happy Mother’s Day

Please join us for a meet and greet with special guest

Yvette McGee Brown Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Wednesday May 19, 2010 5:30 pm-7:00 pm

OhiO AttOrney GenerAl

richArd cOrdrAy’s

Hosted by: Melony Brunson, Teresa Sherald, Kim Allen-Hairston, Johnel Gore, LeTreese M. Jones, Makia Kambon, Denise E. Scott, and Les Wright

Two Days In May ConferenCe on viCtiM aSSiStanCe

Taylor Mansion 1400 E. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43205

May 24-25, 2010

Colleagues For Yvette $500 Friends of Yvette $250 Supporters of Yvette $25, $50, or $100

Save the Date Columbus, Ohio

Please RSVP by visiting For any questions, please call Teresa at (614) 352-2988 or email her at Follow Yvette and Ted on Facebook or at!

Two Days in May

Paid for by Strickland for Governor, John P. Brody, Treasurer, 65 E. State St, Suite 1800, Columbus, Oh 43215

Join the Ohio Attorney General’s Office May 24 and 25 at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus for this year’s Two Days in May Conference on Victim Assistance. The conference’s theme this year is Collaborating to Provide 21st Century Victim Services. The event will feature workshops covering a wide range of topics, including human trafficking, financial exploitation, elder abuse and more. Registration is $50.00. We will also have staff on hand before and after each day’s sessions to answer your questions about the State Victims Assistance Act (SVAA) and the federal Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant programs. Two Days in May has been approved for: 9.5 CEU hours for social workers, including 3 hours of Ethics Credit for attending workshops 27 and 34. 1 hour CPT reimbursement for law enforcement. 9.75 CLE hours have been approved for attorneys CEU hours for counselors have been applied for, as well as CNE hours for nurses. Approved hours will be posted as soon as they become available. More details at

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Needs help with medical care?…

Programs such as Healthy Start and Healthy Families can often provide free medical assistance

The Ohio Benefit Bank Can Help The Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB), a Web-based, counselor assisted program, is a free service that can help you or your friends and family apply for public benefits and work supports, such as health care coverage, home energy assistance and food assistance.

Needs help with groceries?…

Ohio’s network of foodbanks is ready to help

Call The Ohio Benefit Bank toll-free at 1.800.648.1176 or visit

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May 2010


State News

Happy Mother’s Day

Ohio to Recover $8.85 Million From Illegal Drug Marketing Case AstraZeneca to pay $520 million to settle with states and federal government (COLUMBUS, Ohio) — Attorney General Richard Cordray has announced that pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca will pay $520 million to settle allegations of an illegal marketing campaign that improperly promoted the antipsychotic drug, Seroquel. The Ohio Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit played a lead role in the case and served on the negotiating team for the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units. “AstraZeneca was promoting Seroquel to physicians for unapproved uses,” said Attorney General Cordray. “As a result of its marketing campaign, the Medicaid program in Ohio and other states provided reimbursements to doctors who were prescribing Seroquel for uses that were not medically accepted.” AstraZeneca will pay the states and the federal government a total of $520


May 2010

million in damages and penalties to compensate Medicaid and various federal healthcare programs. The total state and federal recovery for the state of Ohio will be $22.5 million. That amount includes $13.65 million to reimburse the federal share of Medicaid. The remaining $8.85 million will be returned to the state of Ohio. Seroquel is one of a newer generation of antipsychotic medications (called atypical antipsychotics) used to treat certain psychological disorders. From Jan. 1, 2001 through Dec. 31, 2006, AstraZeneca promoted the sale and use of Seroquel for certain uses that the Food and Drug Administration had not approved. The settlement resolves a government investigation into promotional activities undertaken by AstraZeneca that were directed not only to psychiatrists but also to primary care physicians and other health care professionals for unapproved uses in

the treatment of medical conditions such as aggression, Alzheimer’s disease, anger management, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dementia and sleeplessness. In implementing its marketing campaign, AstraZeneca was also alleged to have made illegal payments to physicians, paying their way to travel to resort locations to “advise” AstraZeneca about marketing messages for unapproved uses, to serve as authors of articles written by AstraZeneca and its agents, and to conduct studies for unapproved uses of Seroquel. The settlement resolves claims that, as a result of these promotional activities, AstraZeneca caused physicians to prescribe Seroquel for children, adolescents and dementia patients in long-term care facilities - uses that were not medically accepted indications but were reimbursed by state Medicaid

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

programs. As part of the settlement, AstraZeneca will enter into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the United States Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General, which will closely monitor the company’s future marketing and sales practices. This settlement is based on whistleblower lawsuits filed by private parties under state and federal false claims statutes in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. A National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units team participated in the investigation and conducted the settlement negotiations with AstraZeneca on behalf of the settling states. Joining the team members from the Ohio Attorney General’s office were representatives from California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Texas. The Ohio Attorney General’s office investigates and prosecutes health care providers who defraud the state’s Medicaid program and also enforces Ohio laws protecting mentally or physically disabled or elderly citizens from financial exploitation, neglect and abuse in long-term care facilities. Last year, the office’s Health Care Fraud Section recovered a record $91.4 million, breaking the previous year’s record of $65.2 million. Indictments increased from 164 in 2008 to 228 in 2009, and convictions rose from 187 to 216 last year. Anyone who suspects patient abuse or neglect or Medicaid fraud can contact the Ohio Attorney General’s office at (800) 282-0515 or online at www.

Happy Mother’s Day

Trendsetters Speak

Between The Lines: Who’s Who In Black Los Angeles Who Really Wants To Know And What Is This Really About? By Anthony Asadullah Samad Guess who discovered Who’s Who In Black Los Angeles after two years? Before you ask, I really wanted to feature a Los Angeles Times editor in Who’s Who in Black Los Angeles. Really. The problem is, there is not a single African American among those who make coverage decisions for the paper. In hindsight, it probably was a mistake not to include the one black man on the paper’s full-time metro reporting staff. That brother deserves a special award for what I imagine he goes through every day. Well, maybe next year. Now the Times wants know “Who’s who” in the black community. I can’t say for certain the dearth of African Americans –or all people of color for that matter—on the Times staff is to blame for its recent shoddy coverage of a venture I manage. But whatever the reason, over the last month, there has been some significant misreportings about the sponsorship support of Los Angeles County in the 2009 (second) edition of Who’s Who In Black Los Angeles (WWBLA). WWBLA is a client of mine. I was hired to manage the editorial content and build sponsorship support in the nation’s second largest city with the nation’s fifth largest black population. I don’t usually mix my clients’ business with my editorial commentary. I try to keep them separate, but the issue is too egregious to ignore. The sponsorship was purchased out of Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ district discretionary fund for constituency support and community enhancement. The sponsorship was to promote the plan for re-opening King Hospital and advertise county services. The biographies to “spotlight” county executives was a bonus ALL receive for buying certain levels of advertisement. It wasn’t asked for. Some sponsors take it. Some sponsors don’t. The Supervisor chose to highlight the hardworking, unsung heroes of County government. The story started when the L.A. Times wrote a story on the discretionary of all the County Supervisors. The story somehow focused on Ridley-Thomas, who spent the least amount of the Supervisors called into question, and the Times misreported that Ridley-Thomas “paid $25,000” to put himself in WWBLA. Even after the facts were presented, the misreporting continued. Last week, the misreporting took a huge leap when Times columnist,

Steve Lopez, jumped in the fray and thumped DWP for buying ads in the book. Lopez’s column was full of inaccuracies and he only built on the misreporting of the Times earlier stories. You could tell from Lopez’s commentary that there was an underlining slant here. So what’s really up? The gross misrepresentation of Mr. Lopez’s commentary is the perpetuation that Supervisor Ridley-Thomas paid to get in the book. NOBODY paid to get in the book. If fact, I’ll pay Mr. Lopez $1,000 if he can find ONE PERSON who paid to get in the book. It’s free to get in the book. Not all submissions are accepted and there is no obligation to buy the book if selected. The real disappointment of the Lopez commentary is he tried to attack the integrity of the book on a simple(minded) premise that Will Smith or Lamar Odom wasn’t in the book. There are a million blacks in Los Angeles. Everybody can’t be in the book, nor does everybody want to be in the book, as one of his “interviewees” suggested. However, for your information, Mr. Lopez, Lamar Odom was in the first book. And we hope Will Smith will be in the third book, a tribute to black Hollywood. However, does that mean the other 800 persons in the first two editions don’t deserve recognition? Or that the book is not legitimate because one or two persons aren’t in the book? That is nonsense. WWBLA is about accomplishment of African Americans in all fields and on all levels, not just the celebrity or notoriety levels for people who keep their face in the news (despite what the Columbus rep said-that is NOT a process for selection). The company, Who’s Who Publishing, has been around for 20 years and is in 26 cities, with a database of 170,000 of the most affluent and influential African Americans in this nation. Not a “fly by night” company. Mr. Lopez suggested that his principal interviewee, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, certainly should’ve been in the book because “he’s everywhere.” Well, as a social critic writing this weekly column for the past 20 years, I try not to criticize my colleagues but Hutchinson put himself in the line of fire on this one. Hutchinson was solicited and did submit for the first edition. It came after deadline. We couldn’t get it in the book. If Mr. Lopez wants to see Mr. Hutchinson’s bio, call me. I’ll show it to you. As for Lopez’s assertion that Mr. Hutchinson saw the book as a “hustle,” well many consider Mr. Hutchinson’s advocacy “a hustle,” which is why he’s “everywhere.” Mr. Hutchinson is known for chasing the media with the fervor of an ambulance chasing attorney. Many believe Mr. Hutchinson “hustles” expert commentary opportunities under the premise of being a “Ph.D.” when, in fact, he does not have one. His “mail-order degree” is from a defunct, non-accredited degree mill, not real university. So, I’m not sure Hutchinson legitimizes Lopez’s story. Everybody else Lopez purportedly interviewed told him they didn’t pay to get in the book. Hutchinson suggested, according to Lopez, that he “wasn’t going to pay or find a sponsor.” He wasn’t asked to do either, a total misrepresentation. But Lopez needed SOMEBODY to validate this misreported story and he found in Hutchinson, a very sad commentary in and of itself. Both L.A. County and DWP have public (Continued on page 16 )

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

May 2010


Green & Trendy

Happy Mother’s Day

Smart Steps To Grow Greener At Work

—Like many people, you probably recycle aluminum cans, “newspaper,” plastics and glass at home, but how green are you at the office? Becoming greener won’t happen overnight, but here are some tips for making the transition. “Start by making small

changes to your everyday purchases and practices,” explains Yalmaz Siddiqui, Director of Environmental Strategy for Office Depot. “For example, buy green by seeking products with just a small amount of recycled content, or be green by turning off your light each time you leave your office or cube.” To help people along this path, Office Depot has created a new Web site at www.officedepotgrow featuring thousands of eco-preferable office products and solutions. Customers can also submit their own ideas on this Web site on how their business is growing greener. For each green

idea submitted, the company will plant a tree on the customer’s behalf, with the goal of planting 4,000 trees by the end of May. Other activities include: • Green Offers for Your Business: Special coupons and offers on products with environmentally preferable attributes are available for download at www. • Featured Green Products: More than 6,500 eco-preferable office products are highlighted at the site, including those that can help save resources, fuel and energy and help reduce harsh chemicals, such as compact fluorescent lightbulbs, rechargeable batteries and energyefficient printers and laptops.

Interns Mean Business

—In a hard economy, businesses have found ways to improve returns on the money they spend—whether it’s an investment in new technologies, spending on employee talent or even hiring interns. In fact, many firms now see internships as an important part of employee development—and today’s top interns do plenty more than answer phones and file papers.

Indeed, groups such as Inroads —which has paired more than 120,000 top students of color with internships at leading companies—prepare their candidates to be ready for work on “day one.” Its interns are trained in the vital “soft skills” of business, such as work readiness and communication, and the group provides ongoing academic support and career training once its interns are placed. The efforts could save companies time and money otherwise spent on recruiting and employee development. In fact, many of the students have remained to become managers at their firms. For more information, visit Some of today’s top interns are pretrained and contribute to business on “day one.”


May 2010

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

Additional details on greener products are at www.officedepot. com/buygreen. • Trade-In, Trade-Up Event: The 400 Ton Challenge is a new promotion that can help customers get money back for their old electronics, ink and toner. Plus, in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Office Depot is aiming to collect 400 tons of products in a month to prevent e-waste from ending up in landfills. Customers can continue to recycle as many as 20 of their old ink and toner cartridges and get money back in Worklife Rewards. Details are at • Green Facebook Page: To highlight its “Grow Greener” message, green ideas and pledges and a new green initiative as part of the company’s NASCAR sponsorship, the chain is expanding its Facebook page at www. facebook. com/OfficeDepot. There, you can also see the company’s own associates tell how they integrate environmental efficiencies and initiatives into their work. Office Depot has long been recognized as an environmental leader in the office products industry. It has won the Office Products Industry Environmental Reseller of the Year Award for 3 years running. It has also made the industry’s deepest commitment to green buildings, with a LEED Gold Certified Prototype Store, a Global Headquarters Building pursuing LEED for Existing Buildings, and a commitment to pursuing LEED for Commercial Interiors for every new store built in 2010.

Happy Mother’s Day

Teens Today Value Making A Difference More Than Money

—Two good things about America’s youth and America’s economy were discovered by a recent poll conducted by Junior Achievement and ING. The first is that despite tough times, 90 percent of teens are confident they’ll get their ideal job. The second is that 84 percent said they’d forgo getting that perfect job for the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Nevertheless, about a third of teens responding to the Junior Achievement-ING Kids and Careers Poll are more worried now about their future job prospects compared to a year ago. Of those teens who said they were more worried now about their job prospects, 64 percent said they were anxious about the economy, and over half cited the unemployment rate as the most troubling issue. “Teens’ optimism and energy are inspiring,” said Jack E. Kosakowski, president of Junior Achievement USA. “Teens want to channel this energy and invest in their futures. Junior Achievement programs help kids reach their goals by providing positive career role models and the tools to be successful in the workplace, such as leadership and

teamwork skills.” Rhonda Mims, president of the ING Foundation, added, “From an employer’s perspective, programs such as JA Job Shadow are key to a well-prepared workforce; they provide a multifaceted approach to teaching career skills. Job Shadowing gives students the tools to build a successful career, such as critical thinking and leadership skills. It also provides important positive role models in the classroom, volunteers who deliver the curriculum and the mentors whom the students shadow in the workplace.” When asked what their schools could do to better prepare them for the workplace, teens said: • A better understanding of the relevance of what they learn at school to the real world (87 percent); • Real-world experiences, such as job shadowing (85 percent); • More programs preparing them to be successful in the workplace (83 percent); • Career counseling (79 percent). Junior Achievement, the world’s largest organization dedicated to educating young people about work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy, provides inschool and after-school programs for students. More information about Job Shadow is available at job_shadow.shtml.

Education Trends

The Home Depot® Reveals the 2010 “Retool Your School” Campus Improvement Grant Finalists for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Schools from 16 States and the District of Columbia Vie for $150,000 in Grants from The Home Depot Campus Improvement Program – Sixty-two Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) from across the country have been announced as finalists in The Home Depot 2010 “Retool Your School” campus improvement grant program. The HBCU finalists are competing for $150,000 in on-campus improvement grants and are counting on their communities and the public to help them win. From April 5 to May 15, supporters can visit com/retoolyourschool to vote for their favorite HBCU and help make a difference on the campuses. “We know as well as anyone that the smallest change can have the biggest impact on the lives of others,” said Frank Bifulco, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, The Home Depot. “This program does more than just enhance the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. It also offers our communities the opportunity to show their support for these culturally rich institutions.” The HBCU finalists hail from the great states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, DC and West Virginia. Some of the potential ( Continued On page 24) (

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

May 2010


Family Trends

Happy Mother’s Day

Ain’t You a Woman?!? Al-Lateef Farmer

UTS Outstanding Father Celebration At UTS we know that there are great fathers in our community who do not get the recognition they deserve. If you know of an Outstanding Father, submit his photo and a 500 words or less story on why he should be highlighted in the UTS Father’s Day Edition.

Submit contact information, photo and nomination letter to:

All submissions due by June 15, 2010 Top 5 Outstanding Father’s will be highlighted in our June 2010 edition.


May 2010

Shoutout to bell hooks! *I’m disappointed in Black women! Yeah, I said it! Now before you stop reading, hear me out. I’m not disappointed because of the “Nightline” special or the subsequent responses around the ‘net. I actually applaud the response, because most blogs, essays, articles, I’ve read dealt with the exploitive nature this topic is taking on. What I am upset with is the response, or lack thereof, to the expanding empire of exploitative Reality TV shows. Each week there’s an announcement of a new show that continues to push the envelope of tackiness towards the abyss and with each premiere I see legions of fans flock to some of the most disturbing images of Black women since BET’s “Uncut” was taken off the air. But I know what you’re saying, “That’s not me on that TV.” That’s where you’re wrong, that is you showing your ass every week on VH1 or BET, because there’s people around the country that have limited interactions with Black women, so all they have to go on is what they see on TV. Much like I’m forced to wear the stereotype of a potential criminal, the angry Black guy, a shiftless, non-committal baby father or if I’m

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

thought to be just plain ol’ ignant thanks to the Mayweathers on HBO’s “24/7”, you’re fighting media representations that showcase you in a less than flattering light. Dr. Dorothy Height helped to prove that Black women could fight a war for equality on two fronts, but her work was all in vain if a blind eye is turned to the irresponsible use of the Black female image. For every Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey or Claire Huxtable, there’s a Nene Leakes, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, Royce Reed, a houseful of chicks vying for Flavor Flav, Real, Chance or Ray J, plus Frankie and Neffie! And if you haven’t noticed, these characters are hatched weekly. Less than a week after “Basketball Wives” premiered on VH1, it was announced that “Football Wives” was being developed to air later this year and just a few days ago plans for a new show named “Diary of a Hip Hop Girlfriend” was revealed. Notice the trend; we’ve gone from wives to girlfriends, what’s next, “Drug Dealer’s Baby Mamas”? In thousands of households last night there was someone watching the behavior of the basketball wives that saw the Nightline special and (Continued on pg 31)

Happy Mother’s Day

Jazze Pha Helps to Launch Weight Loss Contest *Music producer Jazze Pha is joining forces with a national weight-loss campaign in hopes of shedding 100 pounds while also encouraging hip hop fans to lose weight and get healthy – all for a cash prize. Jazze is teaming with Entertaincorp and Kenya Crooks aka “The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Expert” to create the First Annual Jazze Pha Take It Off $1000 Weight Loss Challenge. The contestant who loses the most weight within the challenge’s four month time period will win $1000 cash. Jazze hopes he can lose his planned 100 pounds in the allotted time, which starts on May 24. “A lot of people depend on me. I want to live to see my children become adults,” Jazze Pha said in a statement. “I now understand that my weight loss isn’t so much about me as much as it is about the many people that I may inspire to live a healthier lifestyle through this movement to cure obesity.” The top three runner ups will receive a spa day with a makeover at Texturz salon in Duluth, a photo shoot with Drexina Nelson and a free month of group training with Kenya Crooks. For more details visit

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Weight On It By Tanisha Coleman

So, you have recently hopped on the scale and now you think you’ve failed. Your weight has gone up instead of down and you don’t want anyone around. No need to stress and be overly depressed – just keep at it. Let’s face it: everything is not peachy and great …when you’re having trouble losing weight. Strange diets and magical pills may not help your weight loss goals become fulfilled. But, if you weight on it, eating properly and exercising will! Making small changes everyday will eventually help you to shed the pounds. You may just have to weight on it …your ideal size will eventually come around! One thing that you can do right now is to eat foods that help you to lose weight. According to, several foods, drinks, and spices rev up your metabolism to increase calorie burning. They include cinnamon, green tea, yogurt, coffee, chili peppers, chicken, and fish. Eating these foods may increase your chances of burning calories and losing weight. Remember, making small changes everyday will eventually help you to shed the pounds. You may just have to weight on it … your ideal size will eventually come around! After hard work and dedication, you’ll have cause for celebration!

–GET READY FOR SUMMER It’s okay, you can finally admit it. It’s been two months since you’ve seen the inside of the gym. Getting sick, family crisis, overtime at work and school papers that needed to get finished all kept you for exercising. Now, the question is: how do you start again?

Once you have an exercise habit, it becomes automatic. You just go to the gym, there is no force involved. Once you have an exercise habit, it becomes automatic. You just go to the gym, there is no force involved. But after a month, two months or possibly a year off, it can be hard to get started again. Here are some tips to climb back on that treadmill after you’ve fallen off.

1. Don’t Break the Habit – The easiest way to keep things going is simply not to stop. Avoid long breaks in exercising or rebuilding the habit will take some effort. This may be advice a little too late for some people. But if you have an exercise habit going, don’t drop it at the first sign of trouble. 2. Reward Showing Up – Woody Allen once said that, “Half of life is showing up.” I’d argue that 90% of making a habit is just making the effort to get there. You can worry about your weight, amount of laps you run or the amount you can bench press later. 3. Commit for Thirty Days – Make a commitment to go every day (even just for 20 minutes) for one month. This will solidify the exercise habit. By making a commitment you also take pressure off yourself in the first weeks back of deciding whether to go. 4. Make it Fun – If you don’t enjoy yourself at the gym, it is going to be hard to keep it a habit. There are thousands of ways you can move your body and exercise, so don’t give up if you’ve decided lifting weights or doing crunches isn’t for you. Many large fitness centers will offer a range of programs that can suit your tastes. 5. Schedule During Quiet Hours – Don’t put exercise time in a place where it will easily be pushed aside by something more important. Right after work or first thing in the morning are often good places to put it. Lunch-hour workouts might be too easy to skip if work demands start mounting. 6. Get a Buddy – Grab a friend to join you. Having a social aspect to exercising can boost your commitment to the exercise habit. 7. X Your Calendar – One person I know has the habit of drawing a red “X” through any day on the calendar he goes to the gym. The benefit of this is it quickly shows how long it has been since you’ve gone to the gym. Keeping a steady amount of X’s on your calendar is an easy way to motivate yourself. 8. Enjoyment Before Effort - After you finish any work out, ask yourself what parts you enjoyed and what parts you did not. As a rule, the enjoyable aspects of your workout will get done and the rest will be avoided. By focusing on how you can make workouts more enjoyable, you can make sure to keep going to the gym. 9. Create a Ritual - Your work routine should become so ingrained that it becomes a ritual. This means that the time of day, place or cue automatically starts you towards grabbing your bag and heading out. If your workout times are completely random, it will be harder to benefit from the momentum of a ritual. 10. Stress Relief - What do you do when your stressed? Chances are it isn’t running. But exercise can be a great way to relieve stress, ( Continued on page 24)

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73 Year Old Body Builder

A t 73, Ernestine Shepherd is in better shape than most people de-

cades her junior. Up at 3 a.m. every morning, she spends her days running, lifting weights and working out other senior citizens at the Union Memorial United Methodist Church in Baltimore. She also works as a certified personal trainer at her gym. In less than 20 years, Shepherd has morphed from a “prissy” woman who

never exercised to the Guinness 80 miles per week and bench pressBook of World Records’ oldest fees 150 pounds. Bicep curls are done m a l e bodybuilder. “I feel better than I did at 40,” she said. “I feel “I am very, very happy.” now that I am a very strong, positive and confident woman,” she said. “Years ago I concerned myself about what people said concerning me. But when you get 70-something and you don’t have that many years in front of you, you don’t concern yourself with that.”Mrs. Shepherd has a carefully formulated diet — 1,700 calories a day, mostly comprised of boiled egg whites, chicken, vegetables and a liqwith 15- and 20-pound dumbbells. uid egg white drink — and packing in Twenty years ago, Shepherd was the workouts needed to maintain her working as a secretary in the Baltistunning physique. She runs about


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more school system after 30 years with AT&T. Exercising was not part of the picture. “I was too prissy to exercise,” she said. “I just didn’t want to have my hair messed up. Didn’t want my fingernails broken.” Then, at 56, Shepherd found herself in a dressing room with her sister trying on swimsuits for a pool party. “When we looked at each other we both laughed because we didn’t look too good in those suits,” Shepherd said. Married for 53 years and grandmother to a 13-year-old, Shepherd said she is exactly where she wants to be. Well, almost. She’s been looking for an excuse to meet Michelle Obama and even offered to train her. “I’ve been trying to get to that lady. And I can’t get to her,” she said. “It’s so difficult.”

Health & Wellness Berwick Alternative School’s Kidfit Walk-A-Thon Is Eliminating Obesity One Step at a Time Happy Mother’s Day

Project and a colorful table by school nurse, Nancy Papineau, filled with interesting fun-filled information and websites about healthy eating.

Approximately 100 students clad in their After School All-Stars T-shirts, along with parents, teachers, supporters and a couple of fourlegged friends braved the weather this past weekend for the first annual Berwick Kidfit Walk-A-Thon. Sparky the Fire Dog waved the students on their way as the Berwick After School All-Stars started their three-kilometer journey. Among those walking were Berwick principal, Walter Jefferies; Walk Coordinators, Shala Phillips and Susan Norris; Derrik Pannell, Program Director for the After School All-Stars; and National Chairperson of the African American Male Wellness Project, Christina Hutchins. “I am truly excited about adopting Berwick as one of our special youth initiatives.” said Hutchins as the raindrops began to fall. “We have always included a fun-filled children’s health area at our annual Walk Kick-Off, but our follow-up efforts have always been geared

towards those 18 and over. However, this year in response to the call from First Lady Michelle Obama, we decided to adopt several area schools in a preventative measure to stop childhood obesity which is a major risk indicator for most chronic diseases. Derrik Pannell and First Family Entertainment were a wonderful addition to last year’s 5th annual African American Male Wellness Walk; so when Shala Phillips and Lt. David Sawyer of the Columbus Fire Department contacted us to covey what the members of the parent association had in mind, we immediately committed to share our resources to help ensure the success of their program. Mr. Pannell already has a fantastic after school program in place. The After School All-Stars understand that middle school-aged youth who are unsupervised are three times more likely to smoke, drink or abuse drugs. Young people who are involved in sports are not only healthier, but also fare better in

Music filled the school’s new cafetorium as Columbus’ own “Lady Extreme”- Nicole Carter, served as Mistress of Ceremonies sharing the stage with several of Columbus’ young talent. And though she was out on the campaign trail, long time Berwick resident, Columbus City Councilwoman Charleta Tavares sent her well wishes and a commendation from the city congratulating the students on being involved with such a life changing and worthwhile cause.

other areas including leadership, sense of community and academic success. We were happy to offer to assist throughout the year with ongoing fitness trainers, dance instructors and health coaches whose programs will be geared exclusively towards young people.” The inflatable obstacle course had to be cancelled because of the weather; however, students still had plenty to do. In addition to Sparky, the Fire Dog, there was the fire safety house and various vendor tables, including Teddy the Trooper from the Ohio Department of Safety, Molina Healthcare, the African-American Male Wellness

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“We really love it here at Berwick” said Phillips. “Principal Jefferies is very supportive of both the students and the parents. We are doing some great things here, which explains why we have a waiting list of over 200 students applying to come. We have some of the best students in the world and we want to help keep them happy and healthy. I have learned a lot from this year’s walk and I am looking forward to next year.” “When I woke up this morning and saw the weather, I was a little concerned.” said Hutchins. But once I saw the energy these students have and their excitement as they passed under that blue and white finish line arch, I knew it was well worth the investment. They all deserve the gold medals and certificates they are receiving for completing the walk because they are truly “After School All-Stars.”

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(Continued from page 9 )affairs/public information budgets to promote their services and educate the public. They place millions of dollars with ad placement agencies to strategically place agency service ads in newspapers, magazines, billboards and buses. Yet, those agencies rarely place paid ads in African American owned publications. They say the same thing corporations, contractors and other public entities say, that they can’t find “qualified” blacks or black businesses or media outlets to spend dollars with. Well, WWBLA has taken that argument away. DWP engaged in a multi-million dollar ad campaign on water conservation last year. You mean to say the black community wasn’t supposed to get any of these ad dollars? DWP bought three (3) full page color ads at $5,000 each; one on water conversation, one on economic development programs and one on supplier diversity opportunities. The agency spotlight of DWP executives was a throw-in for the multiple ad buy. THIS WAS BUSINESS. LA County and DWP advertised in a publication that sells ads and reaches an affluent population ($75,000 median income, 60% homeowners). The amount of money spent out of each of their budgets was less than one-tenth of a penny. If you gave a homeless person a penny on the street, they’d throw it back at you, or assault you. Mr. Lopez should know something about that. He does not have to scour the bowels of Skid Row to find exceptional talents in our community. And Lopez must look further than his movie DVD player, the Lakers game or


May 2010

the local bus bench to find “everyday” role models doing great things. But he wants to dismiss what WWBLA really means to our community in that regard because The Times is trying to find a story where there is none. We can always count on the L.A. Times to write stories that assault the dignity, and insult the intelligence, of the black community. This really wasn’t enough money to even write about. Lastly, the L.A. Times and Mr. Lopez could find out how wasteful DWP, known as the City’s “slush fund agency,” really is–if the story was about waste. WWBLA is not even in the top 1,000 of DWP’s most frivolous expenditures. You could also be heroes as government “watchdogs,” if you weren’t so disingenuous. I’d give $1,000 to know what the real motives are. Or maybe I’ll insult your intelligence like you try to insult ours, and give you just a penny. That’s all your opinion is really worth here. WWBLA will continue to lift the many doing good work in our community. And Mr. Steve Lopez and the Los Angeles Times can continue to ridicule legitimate black business practices and the affirmation of African American people known and unknown. Anthony Asadullah Samad, Ph.D., is a national columnist, managing director of the Urban Issues Forum ( and author of the upcoming book, REAL EYEZ: Race, Reality and Politics in 21 Century Popular Culture. He can be reached at

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Book Review: “Be U” By Mary Mary By Lynia White

Mary Mary is an R&B, urban gospel group that is known for inspirational music. The two fleshly sisters, Erica and Tina Campbell, grew up in Inglewood, California where they began singing in a local church choir. That was only the beginning. Their talent led them to become three-time Grammy award winners. Several of their hits can be heard on the radio across the country. Some of their popular hits are “Get Up” and “God in Me.” In addition to singing, Mary Mary has launched a new phase of their career - writing. This talented duo has carried on their inspirational message in a new book - Be U. The new book, just released in April 2010, conveys this inspirational message: •

Be Honest.

Be Beautiful.

Be Intentional.

• Be Strong. Be You! The goal of this book is to motivate young women to be the “U” that God created you to be. What a powerful, inspirational message! In a world where people are constantly trying to be someone they aren’t, this message is right on time. Women especially need to be proud of who they are. It’s okay to be you. You are wonderful. This book helps women to see themselves as God sees them - beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes. True beauty lies within. True beauty comes from our heart; not what we look like on the outside. Each individual is unique. Natural beauty and uniqueness are emphasized throughout this book. Mary Mary encourages their readers to celebrate the joy of being a woman. I really appreciate the message that Mary Mary is spreading. I think that everyone who reads this book will walk away feeling inspired and uplifted. Lynia White is a columnist, book reviewer and the founder of The Quality Corner Bookstore. This book and others can be found online for 10% off at For more book reviews by Lynia, visit her blog at

The Journey

The Black Church: Alive and Well

-- A new Judson Press book celebrating the vitality, gifts, and strength of the black church stands in sharp contrast to the death knell sounded by Dr. Eddie Glaude, Jr. in his recent Huffington Post essay titled “The Black Church is Dead.” In What We Love about the Black Church: Can We Get a Witness?, William H. Crouch and Joel C. Gregory identify twelve aspects of the black church that highlight its impact and contributions. What makes this resource particularly unique and compelling is that Crouch and Gregory are white pastors and academics who have discovered the benefits of being in the black church without being of it. In response to Glaude’s so- called obituary, Crouch, president of Georgetown College, reflected on a recent experience which speaks to the health of the black church: “Recently a newspaper editor visited our campus to examine our diversity program. When he did his exit interview with me, he said he knew that what made our program so rich is the fact that our African American students are coming from within the black church, where they are being encouraged, prayed for, funded and guided by their pastors. We have more than an 80% retention rate with these black church members. I am stunned by Dr. Glaude’s pronouncement and invite him to visit our campus and see the outgrowth from the black church!” Gregory, professor of preaching at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of Baylor University, confessed to being mystified by Glaude’s conclusion: “As a white minister who has spoken hundreds of times in black church and conference settings from coast to coast for a dozen years, I see the polar opposite. I do not know any other institution that demonstrates the inherent vitality of the black church. There is no more vital, resilient and energetic institution in America.” More than two dozen leaders of the African American church contributed to What We Love about the Black Church, including: * Sheila M. Bailey * Bryan L. Carter * Cynthia L. Hale * Donald Hilliard Jr. * Major Lewis Jemison * A. Louis Patterson Jr. * Melvin V. Wade Sr. * Ralph Douglas West Sr. * J. Alfred Smith Sr. (foreword) * Rhoda McKinney-Jones (afterword) Their contributions and endorsements recognize the book’s passion for and testimony to both the past and future of the black church, and celebrate its potential to bridge the racial divide and cultural chasm that have segregated the Body of Christ in this country. What We Love about the Black Church will be available in early May 2010 and can be ordered by calling 800-458-3766 or visiting

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A Mother’s Day Tribute

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Dorothy Height, Civil Rights Activist, Dies At 98 By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Dorothy Irene Height, a pioneering voice of the civil rights movement whose activism stretched from the New Deal to the election of President Barack Obama, died Tuesday. She was 98. Height, who marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. and led the National Council of Negro Women for 40 years, was known for her determination and grace — as well as her wry humor. She remained active and outspoken well into her 90s and often received rousing ovations at events around Washington, where she was easily recognizable in the bright, colorful hats she almost always wore. Height died at Howard University Hospital, where she had been in serious condition for weeks. In a statement, Obama called her “the godmother of the civil rights movement” and a hero to Americans. “Dr. Height devoted her life to those struggling for equality ... and served as the only woman at the highest level of the civil rights movement — witnessing every march and milestone along the way,” Obama said. Vice President Joe Biden said Height was one of the first people to visit him when he first took his seat in the Senate in 1973. “She remained a friend and would never hesitate to tell me or anybody else when she thought we weren’t fighting hard enough,” he said. Height’s was the second death of a major civil rights figure in less than a week. Benjamin L. Hooks, the former longtime head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, died Thursday in Memphis at 85. Former Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, a close friend who has spoken for Height’s family and called Height her mentor, said funeral arrangements were pending. Height received two of the nation’s highest honors: the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1994 and the Congressional Gold Medal in 2004. In awarding the congressional medal, then-President George W. Bush noted that Height had met with every U.S. president since Eisenhower, and “she’s told every president what she thinks since Dwight David


May 2010

Eisenhower.” In a statement Tuesday, Bush hailed “her grace and her determination. Our nation will never forget Dr. Heights efforts to make America a more compassionate, welcoming and just society.” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, in a joint statement, said, “Our nation is poorer for her loss but infinitely richer for the life she led, the progress she achieved and the people she touched.” Height was born in Richmond, Va., before women could vote and when blacks had few rights. Her family moved to the Pittsburgh area when she was 4. Distinguishing herself in the classroom, she was accepted to Barnard College but then turned away because the school already had reached its quota of two black women. She went on to earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees from New York University. As a teenager, Height marched in New York’s Times Square shouting, “Stop the lynching.” After earning her degrees, she became a leader of the Harlem YWCA and the United Christian Youth Movement of North America, where she pushed to prevent lynching, desegregate the armed forces and reform the criminal justice system. She traveled to Holland and England as a U.S. delegate to youth and church conferences, and in 1938 was one of 10 young people chosen by Eleanor Roosevelt to spend a weekend at the first lady’s Hyde Park, N.Y., home preparing for a World Youth Conference at Vassar College. One of Height’s sayings was, “If the time is not ripe, we have to ripen the time.” She liked to quote 19th century abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who said the three effective ways to fight for justice are to “agitate, agitate, agitate.” In the 1950s and 1960s, she was the leading woman helping King and other activists orchestrate the civil rights movement, often reminding the men heading not to underestimate their female counterparts. Height was on the platform at the Lincoln Memorial, sitting only a few feet from King, when he gave his famous “I have a dream” speech at the March on Washington in 1963. “He spoke longer than he was supposed to speak,” Height recalled in a 1997 Associated Press interview. But after he was done, it was clear King’s speech would echo for generations, she said, “because it gripped everybody.” She lamented that the feeling of unity created by the 1963 march had faded, that the civil rights movement of the 1990s was on the defensive and many black families still were not economically secure. “We have come a long way, but too many people are not better off,” she said. “This is my life’s work. It is not a job.” When Obama won the presidential election in November 2008, Height told Washington TV station WTTG that she was overwhelmed with emotion. “People ask me, did I ever dream it would happen, and I said, `If you didn’t have the dream, you couldn’t have worked on it,” she said. Height dedicated most of her adult life to the (Continued on page 24 )( (

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A Mother’s Day Tribute

A Journey of Community Service

Norma J. Ross’

(June 14, 1934 – April 23, 2010)

Norma Jean Ross was born June 14, 1934 in Richmond, Indiana to the late John M. Henderson and Evelyn (Smith) Henderson. Norma quietly departed this earthly life and began her eternal life on Friday, April 23, 2010 in Dayton, Ohio. She lived by the scripture that says, “To whom much is given, much is required”, demonstrated by her life-long efforts to improve the lives of others. When given choices, Norma Ross chose to use her heart and mind to the fullest – to think, listen, learn and love – for the betterment of mankind. She was a genteel woman who turned life’s adversities into stepping stones to reach heights of grandeur. Norma was united in marriage with Robert Paul Ross, Sr. of Richmond, Indiana on September 4, 1954. They welcomed, Robert Jr. and Jenell to this union. Norma continuously served others knowing that service is a circle, when the circle is complete, she, too, has been served. In the 1980s, Norma started the Saturday Academy at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. The Saturday Academy was a test preparation course that assisted students in preparing for the SAT. This initiative was completed in conjunction with the Jack and Jill of America’s Foundation. Norma’s involvement in community service includes, but was not limited to: The African American Advisory Council at Earlham College, The Dayton Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, a Trustee and Multi-Cultural Liaison for the Opera Guild of Dayton, an Advisor for the membership committee of the Dayton Philharmonic Women’s Volunteer Association, a trustee on the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra Board, a life member of the National Council of Negro Women, NAACP, The Dayton Urban League, and SCLC. She was a member of the Dayton Chapter of Sophisticates and Les Amis Couple Club. She was a foundation board member for Central State University and served as a member of the Wright Dunbar Board of Trustees. Norma was co-founder and trustee for the Action Youth Outreach program, an outgrowth of The Tiger Woods “Start Something Action Project”. For the past eleven years, The Bob Ross Dealerships have sponsored their annual high school boys “Bob Ross Baseball Classic”, located at 5th/3rd Field, home of the Minor League Baseball team The Dayton Dragons. This is a Dayton Area All-Star high school event

represented by over 50 high schools for seniors to raise awareness and provide exposure for area talent to obtain college and professional offers. Several college scholarships have been awarded to deserving students over the years. Mrs. Ross received numerous awards and recognitions for her business savvy and community involvement. In 1997 upon the untimely death of her husband, Robert P. Ross, Sr., Norma assumed command of the Bob Ross Dealerships. In this second career she played an integral role in growing the business with her daughter, Jenell, and son, Robert, who are the Dealer Principal and Fixed-Operations Manager, respectively. The dealership has been one of the “Top 100 Companies” in Dayton, Ohio from 1999 to present. In 2000 the Bob Ross Organization was featured in the Black Enterprise Magazine as “Auto Dealership of the Year”. Also, WROU-FM, awarded Norma “The Black Achiever Award for Community Service”. In 2001, Norma received “The Music Friend of the Year Award” from the Dayton Opera Guild. And the dealership won “The Jack Smith Leadership Award” and “The Community Service Award” from General Motors. This award is given to the Top 100 General Motors Dealers that have excelled in both retail sales and customer satisfaction. In 2002 the dealership won the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year Award,” for the retail/distribution category of all southern Ohio and Kentucky and received the “Outstanding Community Service Award” from the Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated. Norma was honored as one of Dayton’s Ten Top Women from the Dayton Daily News, and Norma was chosen as one of three Presbyterian Women who received the Women of Faith Award in the United States. This award was presented to women whose businesses exemplified Christianity in the workplace and community. She also received the Humanitarian Award from the National Conference of Community and Justice. Additionally, Norma received the Earlham College Outstanding Alumni Award. In 2003 Earlham College named and dedicated an office in the African and African American Studies department in the Landrum Bolling Center Building. The United States Department of Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) presented her the “National Minority Female Entrepreneur of the Year” Award for both Ohio and the Ten-State Region of Chicago. Norma was the recipient of the Mary Bethune Award in the State of Ohio from the National Council of Negro Women. In 2005, Norma received the Tom Joyner “Hardest Working Minority Businesses Award” at the Wilberforce University President’s Premiere Extravaganza and The Dayton Urban League recognized Norma as their 2005 “Star in the Field of Community Service”. She was the recipient of the Action Youth Outreach Council Award. In 2006 the Bob Ross Dealerships received the “Dedicated to Dayton Community Award” from Unified Health Solutions. Norma was the recipient of the local NAACP Youth Councils Community Service Award. ( Continued on page 24 )

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Home & Style Trends

Happy Mother’s Day

Solar Roofing Provides A Ray Of Light For Homeowners’ Energy Bills —According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 92 percent of the American public agrees that it is important for the nation to develop and use solar energy. Yet, while many homeowners like the idea of greening their homes, few want to sacrifice good curb appeal. Fortunately, with new advancements in solar roofing, homeowners no longer need to choose between an eco-friendly roof and a beautiful home. With the right products, a roof with solar technology can add value to a home and not just by being green. Because the roof makes up 50 percent of a home’s exterior, when homeowners look for a roofing product, curb appeal is often at the top of the list. However, homeowners also have to consider


May 2010

durability, impact resistance and maintenance requirements— making it challenging to keep energy-efficient roofing a priority. While eco-friendly trends are increasing, building manufacturers have improved the sustainability of their products while maintaining aesthetics—so homeowners can have it all. Solar products now come in different “shades of green,” all designed to reduce your home’s impact on the environment at varying degrees using evolving technologies such as solar-reflective roofing and photovoltaics. Good news for homeowners is that there are incentives for choosing a product that helps power up a home and reduces the impact on the environment. By installing

an Energy Star–rated roofing product, homeowners can earn up to a $1,500 credit on their income taxes. A prime example of solarreflective asphalt roofing that keeps your roof cool by deflecting the sun’s rays is Landmark Solaris from CertainTeed—a company recently named an Energy Star Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. By lowering surface temperatures up to 20 percent, you can give your air conditioner a rest during warm weather. To get this level of

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performance, homeowners used to be limited to white shingles— which may not match the color palette on the exterior of the home. You can now get deep, rich, dark hues that are more classic and natural than traditional solar shingles. A shining example of advancements in photovoltaics is EnerGen solar roofing panels. Designed with curb appeal in mind, the system blends in and lies flush to traditional asphalt shingles, generating power for your home using clean, renewable energy.

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Trendy Pallet

Greek Lemon-Dill Grilled Chicken Salad

6 Tbsp water 1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil, extra-virgin 2 1/4 tsp lemon zest 4 1/2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 tsp minced garlic 1 tsp table salt, or to taste 3/4 tsp black pepper, freshly ground 1 pound(s) uncooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, four 4-oz pieces 2 spray(s) cooking spray 4 cup(s) romaine lettuce, thickly shredded 1 cup(s) canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained 1/2 cup(s) roasted red peppers, packed in water, diced 1 cup(s) English cucumber, sliced 10 medium olive(s), Kalamata, sliced 1/4 cup(s) crumbled feta cheese 4 1/2 Tbsp dill, fresh, chopped 1/2 medium lemon(s), cut into wedges for garnish Instructions • In a small bowl, combine water, oil, lemon zest and juice, garlic, salt and pepper; remove 1/4 cup of dressing and place in a large zip-close plastic bag (or glass bowl). • Add chicken to bag (or bowl) and turn to coat; seal bag (or cover bowl) and refrigerate at least 1 hour or up to 8 hours. Cover and refrigerate remaining lemon mixture for dressing. • When ready to cook, off heat, coat grill or grill pan with cooking spray; preheat grill or grill pan over medium-high heat. Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade. • Grill chicken, turning as needed, until cooked through, about 10 to 15 minutes. • Place lettuce on a serving platter; arrange vegetables, chickpeas, chicken, olives and cheese on top. Stir dill into reserved dressing; drizzle over salad. Yields about 1 1/2 cups salad, 1 chicken breast and 1 tablespoon each olives and feta per serving.

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May 2010


Fashion trends

Happy Mother’s Day

The History of Church Hats in the Black Church Aretha Franklin stole the show on Inauguration Day 2009 with a bowtied example of African-American church hat culture. Below we will examine this accessory and where it came from. Who knew that a Bible commandment could come in so many colors? When the Apostle Paul declared that women must cover their heads during worship (1 Corinthians 11:15), African-American women took his decree, attached feathers and bows to it, and turned it into something beautiful. In the early 20th century, Sunday church services provided AfricanAmerican women who worked as domestic servants or in other subservient roles the only real chance to break away from their drab dreary workday uniforms. They favored bright colors and textured fabric- the bolder the better, really – and topped their outfits off with a flamboyant hat, or “crown”. Elaborate outfits also served as a way to honor God. Women showed respect and reverence by dressing up for church. In earlier times, slaves might wash their one set of clothes; field workers might decorate a straw hat with a ribbon or flowers to look more formal. And a new hat, when she could afford it, made the wearer look and feel completely different.


May 2010

Hats also served as status symbols. “Once you got up on your feet and started working, you bought some hats,” said boutique owner Audrey Easter, in Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry’s book, Crowns. Many women match their hats with

their pocketbooks and gloves. Easter and Mother’s Day are the two biggest hat days in Black churches; many women purchase a new hat just for the occasion. Prices range from around $100 to over $1,000 for accustommade design. Most women have more than one hat and it’s not uncommon for the most devout crown-wearers to own more than 50. In 1958, the dress code at the predominantly black Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, North Carolina, required all young women to wear hats, gloves and heels to church and whenever they left campus. The college’s president bent the rules only once: when the students protested a Woolworth’s store because their lunch counter wouldn’t serve Blacks. “It took a civil rights movement to get those hats off our heads,” remembered Ollie McDowell.

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On August 28, 1963, over 200,000 people participated in the March on Washington. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have A Dream” speech, a startling young Bob Dylan sang folk songs, and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson performed a rendition of “How I Got Over” in an elaborate flowered hat. The 1970s and subsequent decades brought new hair trends such as the Afro, braids and the hair weave. Not all styles fit nicely under hats, however. In recent decades church hats have been largely a habit of the older generation - women “of a certain age.” In 2002, Regina Taylor’s offBroadway production Crowns – based on Cunningham and Marberry’s book by the same name – followed the lives of six Southern African-American women through the hats they wore to church. The play discussed hat etiquette (no hat borrowing), style (you shouldn’t look lost in it), and attitude (you have to have one in order to wear a hat well). Protocol for Hat Wearing: Don’t wear a hat wider than your shoulders. Don’t wear a hat that is darker than your shoes. If your hat has feathers, make sure they are never bent or broken. Sequins don’t look good in the daytime. Easter hats should be white, cream or pastel - even it it’s still cold outside. For a look that is both elaborate and demure, try a chapel veil.

Happy Mother’s Day

Beauty Trends

Morning Routines Made Easy —Morning can be tough, but now you don’t have to struggle with

your youngsters to get them ready for the day if you follow a few helpful hints: Do all your prep work at night: 1. Decide on breakfast foods, such as cold cereal, and have everything set out. Your little one can pop out of bed and head for the kitchen without your help. 2. Set out clothes, shoes and accessories for the next morning. That can save time on last-minute “debates” about what to wear. 3. Use shampoos, conditioners and styling products that nourish and soften your child’s hair to make it more manageable and easier to style during the morning rush. • If your little one fusses

over hair combing because it pulls and hurts, try a detangling spray formulated with proteins and vitamins. The added conditioning will make brushing easier. Also make sure to use the right brushes: a plastic, wide-bristled one to detangle and a fine-bristled one for smoothing hair into a ponytail or taming flyaways along the hairline. Another great way to tame flyaways is Just for Me! Hair Milk Smoothing Edges Crème. It’s gentle and takes the hassle out of taming your little one’s messy tresses. Even if you’re creating braids, twists or ponytails, the morning routine doesn’t have to be stressful. Shampoo and condition

at night with Just for Me! Hair Milk Shampoo and Conditioner. With nutrients such as vitamins C and E and calcium, children’s hair is moisturized and softer, making hairstyling in the morning a cinch. All of the products in the Just for Me! Hair Milk line are specially formulated with milk and honey, as well as essential nourishment for stronger-feeling hair that is tangle free and looks silky and shiny. There’s also a straightening mist and styling crème available at food, drug and mass market retailers. Learn More You can find more information, tips and styling ideas online at www. or by calling (800) 527-5879.

Finding Shopportunities On Seasonal Designer Trends —Fashionistas are revamping their wardrobes and stocking up on the season’s must-have designer trends—and many are discovering they can do so without those designer price tags. With budgets still tight, savvy shoppers are continuing to discover that off-price retailers like Marshalls offer fashionable, current-season merchandise at tremendous savings. Here are a few of the top trends: Get Neutral: Banish those dark winter tones and embrace the softer side of spring with a neutral color palette. Try shoes, handbags, tops and even dresses in pinks, corals, tans and blush hues. Pretty and Polished: Delicate details including lace, eyelets and ruffles are part of this feminine look. Flowing blouses and lightweight tops paired with pencil or tulip

skirts make for a great office look. Draped or cascading cardigans are the perfect light layer over a strapless sundress. Wear a printed kimono with designer denim for a weekend look. Show off your girly side with a tissue-weight tee and a pair of paper bag–style waist shorts.

Utilitarian Chic: Get casual with cargo shorts and capris. Emerge from hibernation with a denim sundress or shirtdress layered with an adorned tank and bright accessories. Embrace the romper, a one-piece in shorts, or capris that are comfortable and versatile. Add a flouncy floral blouse to give the romper a feminine touch. Pair any of these looks with beaded sandals, ankle booties with a bit of cowboy flair or a cross-body messengerstyle bag. Keep it Classic: Mix the new trends with classic pieces like pencil skirts and tiered blouses. Rocker Chic for Day and Night: Slim-fit leggings in denim, a fabric of choice this spring, coupled with a grommet- studded bomber jacket will make a statement at any daytime outing. For a night on the town, slip on a bandage dress and

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a handbag with chain accents in a muted metallic. In the Swim: The one-piece is back with updates you won’t be able to resist. Look for animal prints with one shoulder strap and hardware detail for an edgy style. Sundresses do double duty as beach coverups for that new, colorful tankini. Shopping off-price at Marshalls and snagging trendy buys for up to 60 percent off allows shoppers to get a few designer additions for less. For more information, visit www. This season’s top trends offer neutral colors, delicate details, slim leggings and designer clothes for less.

May 2010



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( Continued from page 19 ) In 2008 The Dayton YWCA awarded Norma the “Women of Influence” based upon her contributions and commitment to her community. Norma was recognized by the National Association of Minority Dealers and named the “2008 NAMAD Woman of the Year”. In 2009 Norma received the “Bravo Award” for service rendered from the Opera Guild of Dayton. The Bob Ross Organization consists of three franchises:

Buick, GMC and Mercedes-Benz. In 2007 Norma received the “25 Year Award” as a GMC Dealer. In 2009 a “30 Year Award” as a Mercedes-Benz Dealer and Bob Ross Buick also celebrated 35 years as a Buick Dealer. She is the only African American female owner of a Mercedes-Benz franchise in the world and the only African American woman owner of a Buick and GMC franchise in Ohio. In the State of Ohio, Bob Ross Buick franchise was ranked #1 for eight consecutive years and currently

ranks #2 in Buick sales. Currently, Bob Ross Buick is among the Top 50 largest Buick Dealers in the country. Mrs. Ross has distinguished herself by exemplary service and commitment to the Dayton community. Her ceaseless love of people and generosity resulted in raising the standard of living of those less fortunate, and her efforts and character reflect great credit upon her life, her family, her business. In Norma’s spare time, she enjoyed swimming, tennis,

( Continued from page 18) National Council of Negro Women, where she first worked under her mentor, Mary McLeod Bethune, who founded the group. Height took over in 1957 and led it until 1997, fighting for women’s

rights on issues such as equal pay and education. She developed programs such as “pig banks” to help poor rural families raise their own livestock, and “Wednesdays in Mississippi,” in which black and white women from the north

traveled to Mississippi to meet with their Southern counterparts in an effort to ease racial tensions and bridge differences. To celebrate Height’s 90th birthday in March 2002, friends and supporters raised $5 million

to enable her organization to pay off the mortgage on its Washington headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a few blocks from the White House. Herman said Height “believed very strongly that we as black women deserved to be on this corridor of power.”

( Continued from page 11) improvement projects entered by the HBCU finalists include upgrading a student greenhouse, creating an alumni remembrance butterfly garden and adding a baseball field. Each of the improvement projects entered will enhance campus life for current students and future generations.

Black Colleges and Universities submitted applications on the “Retool Your School” Website by the March 15 entry deadline. One $50,000 grant recipient and 10 $10,000 grant recipients will be selected by votes submitted by the public and an advisory board of community influencers. The “Retool Your School” winning schools will be announced in June. Fifty-nine percent of the nation’s HBCUs applied to the “Retool Your

School” grant program.

designated for the on-campus improvement grants. Consumers can purchase the specialty gift cards online at retoolyourschool. An e-gift card, which will deliver a digital e-card instantly to the e-mail of the recipient’s customer’s choosing and traditional plastic gift cards can also be ordered and mailed for free. Instant e-gift card denominations start at $10 and traditional gift card denominations

To apply for the “Retool Your School” grants, Historically

As part of this unique program, The Home Depot also created three new commemorative HBCU “Retool Your School” gift cards to showcase inspirational moments experienced on HBCU campuses as well as how-to projects, from painting to landscaping. For each gift card sold, a donation equal to five percent of the face value, up to $150,000, is being

dancing and was an avid roller skater. As a sports fan, Norma was known to attend the Super Bowl and NCAA Final Four tournament year after year. The family is establishing “The Norma J. Ross Youth Foundation” to benefit deserving youth in the community. Contributions to the Norma J. Ross Youth Foundation may be sent to 85 Loop Road Centerville, OH 45459, in honor of Mrs. Norma J. Ross.

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releasing endorphin which will improve your mood. The next time you feel stressed or tired, try doing an exercise you enjoy. When stress relief is linked to exercise, it is easy to regain the habit even after a leave of absence.

Measure Fitness - Weight isn’t always the best number to track. Increase in muscle can offset decreases in fat so the scale doesn’t change even if your body is. But fitness improvements are a great way to stay motivated. Recording simple numbers such as the number of push-ups, sit-ups or speed you can run can help you see that the exercise is making you stronger and faster. Habits First, Equipment Later – Fancy equipment doesn’t create a habit for exercise. Despite this, some people still believe that buying a thousand dollar machine will make up for their inactivity. It won’t. Start building the exercise habit first, only afterwards should you worry about having a personal gym. Isolate Your Weakness - If falling off the exercise wagon is a common occurrence for you, find out why. Do you not enjoy exercising? Is it a lack of time? Is it feeling self-conscious at the gym? Is it a lack of fitness know-how? As soon as you can isolate your weakness, you can make steps to improve the situation.


May 2010

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Trendy Travel Why Not Give The Gift Of A Getaway?

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Meetings, conferences and special events beyond your expectations are within your reach. Meet success in our 16 spacious conference rooms! You have a job to do - important decisions, strategic plans, and partnerships to forge. We are sure to have everything you need to make your meeting or conference a memorable and inspirational event.

Experience Culinary Creations by Executive Chef Formerly of the Christopher Inn

Blending beautiful surroundings, superb accommodations, enhanced facilities and outstanding modern cuisine, you’ll find the Concourse Hotel & Conference a partner in your planning. Our friendly and professional staff will go the extra mile to ensure the success of any function or event.

Rediscover The Concourse, The Best Kept Secret In Town

Featuring 

12,000 sq. ft. of meeting room space 4,000 sq. ft. Ballroom

147 Sleeping Rooms

Full Service Athletic Club w/ Sauna

Full Service Restaurant & Lounge

Complimentary Airport Shuttle

Free High Speed Wireless Internet Access

Indoor & Outdoor Pool w/ Spa

—Finding the perfect gift to show appreciation for moms, dads and grads doesn’t have to be challenging. Just consider this: What better way to say “I Love You,” “Thanks” or “Congratulations” than with a fun-filled getaway? A recent TripAdvisor survey found that Americans expect to travel more this year than they did last, with 41 percent planning to spend more on leisure travel. For Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation you can give loved ones the gift of travel. Check out these simple ideas to create a great gift through a unique and memorable travel experience. Stay Close to Home For Some Fatherly Fun For Father’s Day, a getaway to his hometown or a nearby city can turn into a thoughtful gift idea. Think about some custommade activities for Dad within a one-day drive. How about a fun overnight adventure to his favorite microbrewery, a game at his favorite sports stadium, even an active adventure getaway to the mountains, desert or golf course? Just think of a gift that emphasizes quality time, while ensuring he has the chance to appreciate some of his favorite things. Make Sure Mom Doesn’t Lift a Finger Today’s busy moms may enjoy time away from the everyday, so think about an indulgent getaway that takes care of the essentials and gives Mom a day off. To help, Doubletree Hotels’ Bed + Breakfast Package includes contemporary, upscale accommodations along with a breakfast buffet of hot and

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cold entrées for up to two adults and two children. You might make your gift a mother and daughter girls’ getaway—a terrific way to show your appreciation with a special chance to relax and reconnect. Grad Getaway Gifts Made Easier If your graduate is thinking about traveling after receiving that hardearned diploma, finding a travel gift to match can truly become fun. How about a travel backpack that includes a travel journal for documenting the day-to-day experiences? Surf the Internet to identify a variety of locations offering history and interesting facts. Create a list of things to do and see in each. By doing your research ahead of time, you can take advantage of such offerings as Doubletree Hotels’ Advance Purchase rate, which lets travelers save up to 20 percent a night. Capture the Memories To help loved ones cherish the vacation forever, make a point to capture the activities with a still or video camera. Many digital cameras have video options, so you might not need to carry both. You can extend the fun by helping to create a scrapbook or slide show to keep the memories fresh. To make a reservation, visit www., contact a travel professional or call (800) 222-TREE.

May 2010


Sports Trends

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Future Hoop Stars Invade Columbus for The 2010 McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Games By Adonis

Columbus played host for the first time for the 33rd Annual McDonalds All American Highs School Basketball Games and PowerAde Jam Fest. Held March 31, 2010 at Value City Arena on the campus of The Ohio State University the 5 day event for the players was capped off by an East

vs. West Basketball game for both the boys and girls teams. The PowerAde Jam Fest is a skills competition featuring a Slam Dunk contest, Drills and 3 point shooting contest that aired live on ESPN. Hosted before a nearly sold out crowd, Stars included Columbus Northland High School and National High School Player of the Year, Jared Sullinger, College Division 1 recently signed Harrison

Barnes, Keith Appling, Brandon Knight, Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones, Fab Melo, Ray McCallum, Deshaun Thomas, Tobias Harris and future girl stars Meighan Simmons, Chelsea Gray, Maggie Lucas, Jennifer O’Neill and Bria Hartley. -moreThe Slam Dunk contest was won by Harrison Barnes who has committed to play at the University of North Carolina. The boy’s basketball game was won by the East team 59 to 51 with Jared Sullinger of Columbus winning the MVP. The McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Games are about more than what happens on the court. Each year a portion of the proceeds from the Games benefit

“GUITON SHINES IN OSU SPRING GAME” BY: ADONIS With over 65,000 in attendance on Saturday, April 24, 2010 at OSU Stadium, OSU fans were treated to new faces that have the potential to be in the line up this coming fall. Kenny Guiton, red shirt freshman 6’2” 190 pounds led the gray team over the scarlet team 17 to 14. Guiton had 2 touch down passes both to Senior Wide Receiver 6’1” 181 pounds Taurian Washington 28 yards and 45 yards. True freshman Drew Basial added 3 points with a 47 yard field goal. Starting Junior Quarter Back Terrelle Pryor 6’6” 233 pounds had one 12 yard touch down pass to Senior Wide R eceiver Dan Sanzenbacher. Junior Running Back Bo DeLande 5’11” 195 pounds added the other score with a 4 yard Touch Down run. Players Dan Herron, Carlos Hyde and Brydon Saine added a decent rushing game for the gray, Back up QB Joe Bauserman tried to lead the scarlet to a win with some excellent plays in running but time ran out. The OSU season begins September 2, 2010 hosting Marshall University and following that with the University of Miami invading the “Shoe” on September 11, 2010.


May 2010

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Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) and its network of local Chapters. RMHC of Central Ohio will be the beneficiary of this year’s event. In addition, every athlete who participates in the McDonald’s All American High School Basketball Games will visit the host city’s local RMHC Chapter to experience firsthand how the Games impact the local community. Ohio State recruit Deshaun Thomas, left, goes up for a shot while being guarded by Fab Melo of the West team. Photo by Chris Russell Jared Sullinger, right, was selected as the East team MVP and scored a game-high 22 points. Photo by Chris Russell

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Handle Your Business A Big Opportunity For Small Contractors

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Microloans Help Keep Small Businesses Out Of The Credit Crunch

—There is good news for small businesses looking for contracting opportunities. The Small Business Administration (SBA) is working to make sure

small businesses get their fair share of contracting opportunities resulting from the 2009 Recovery Act. The Recovery Act, The SBA And Contractors The Recovery Act of 2009 requires all the federal agencies to provide opportunities for small businesses to compete for contracts. To make sure that small businesses are aware of existing opportunities and how to take advantage of them, the SBA is working with its district offices to provide information and guidance. Readiness Required For example, while the Recovery Act is a federal program, the projects funded by the act will, in many cases, be administered at the state or local level, with the funds provided directly to state and local governments. To be competitive, contractors must be “contract ready.” This means they must be registered and certified to do business with the state and local entities awarding the contracts and familiar with their procedures. Access To Information All federal government contracting opportunities over $25,000 will be posted on the Web site FedBizOpps ( Subcontractors can also learn about opportunities directly from prime contractors. These can be identified through the SBA Subcontracting Network at Targeted Assistance Small businesses can also contact the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization in any participating agency procuring services. These offices are designed to assist small businesses with obtaining contracts from agencies and prime contractors. The SBA And The Act The SBA has long had a commitment to helping small businesses compete in the market place. Its work with the Recovery Act of 2009 is a logical extension of that work. To learn more, visit


May 2010

—A newly expanded program could help millions of Americans start their own small business or improve the one they have. The initiative provides “microloans” of under $500 and up to $35,000 to startup, newly established or growing small businesses. Such companies are the No. 1 employer in the U.S., having generated 70 percent of new jobs annually over the past decade, and it is believed that bolstering their access to credit could be key to improving the economy as a whole. Indeed, the Microloan Program, offered through the Small Business Administration (SBA), is a significant component of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Expanding the program is meant to provide extra funding for SBA-backed microlenders across the country, providing enough for $50 million in new loans. Improving Access While the Microloan Program is open to all entrepreneurs, the initiative especially supports underserved markets, including borrowers with little or no credit history, lowincome borrowers, and women and minority entrepreneurs. In the past, these groups have had difficulty qualifying for conventional loans or other larger, SBA-guaranteed loans. To maximize chances for their business success, all borrowers must participate in training, classroom or one-to-one counseling

and other forms of technical assistance. How To Apply The first step for those considering a microloan is to develop a business plan or update the one they have. You can find a number of online resources to help at www. They include an assessment tool to help determine if you are ready to start a small business, a tutorial on developing a business plan, and training courses on “How to Prepare a Loan Package.” Next, visit the site to find an approved microlender in your area. The maximum term allowed on a microloan is six years. However, terms vary according to the size of the loan, the planned use of funds, the requirement of the lender and the needs of the smallbusiness owner. Additionally, lenders typically require some type of collateral and the personal guarantee of the business owner to repay the loan. Interest rates on the loans vary but typically fall between 8 and 9 percent. Rates are negotiated between the borrower and microlender. About The Recovery Act The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides the SBA with program tools that offer new economic incentives to small businesses and lenders alike, all aimed at growing the economy through job creation, re-starting lending and investing in small business. In addition to expanding access to microloans, the act temporarily eliminated certain loan fees and offers deferred loan payments of up to $35,000 through its America’s Recovery Capital (ARC) loan program, among other initiatives. For more tips and information, visit

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Handle Your Business

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May 2010


Arts & Entertainment

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Black Single Mother Dispels America’s Opinion of The Broken Home! Bookcover and author - April Gabrielle San Diego, CA ( -- With the recent release of her new book The Myth of the Broken Home, author April Gabrielle dispels America’s opinion of the broken home! It is a guidebook for single parents, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Single parents will enjoy the candid, positive and experiential instruction as it influences them toward reaching their goals of successful parenting without buying into the stereotypes of single parenthood. The Myth of the Broken Home will provide answers to those who are raising children against all odds, those involved in the daily grind of life refusing to forsake their children. Many single parents are raising children without the physical, financial or emotional support and The Myth of the Broken Home will help them build confidence and inner strength as they encounter the various stages of development.

“The behaviors of our children reflect our quality of parenting. Don’t allow your children to be labeled as products of a broken home,” Gabrielle says. The Myth of the Broken Home is the answer to Bill Cosby’s frustration expressed while addressing the audience at the NAACP’s Gala to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education in Washington D.C. in 2004 with concerns about single parents in the black community. This book is the solution to responsible parenting, not only in the black community but also in all communities around America. Although there are many obstacles that African-Americans face, and ever so compellingly as single parents, those obstacles are not excuses not to

parent our children. This book makes available the answers from someone who has lived the experiences and rose above the obstacles. Enjoy the following topics and much, much more: • Dating & the Single Parent - No You Can’t Bring em Home • Cherishing your Children • Whuppin’s & Spankin’s • Teens & Tweens • How a Single Woman Raises a Gentleman • Teaching Cultural Sensitivity • Stop Depending on the Schools to Educate Your Child • Is it Really Over with the Ex • Child Support - Don’t Take it Personal • Budgeting • Dreams Deferred • Out of the Violence • Celebrating You! • Instilling Pride & Self Esteem The author, April Gabrielle, is a San Diego native and a proud single mother of two - a son, 21, a Cellular Molecular Biology major, and a 13-year-old daughter who is an exceptional student as well. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Human Behavior and completed coursework in Master of Education. April received training as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), has counseled single parents and teens, including those residing in juvenile residential detention facilities. The Myth of the Broken Home is published by Put it on Paper Publishing, located in Chula Vista, California. For additional information, visit www. or

Common Previews Upcoming CD ‘The Believer’

*Common is reuniting with producer Kanye West for his upcoming album, tentatively titled “The Believer.” While promoting his new film “Just Wright” opposite Queen Latifah, the rapper described the project as “soulful hip hop.” “It’s ‘good’ music,” he told Billboard. “The themes are street music and elevation, things that I feel like I always embody when I rap. But here there’s new situations, new solutions.” In addition to West, the album will also feature production from No I.D., both of which have produced tracks on his previous albums “Be” and “Finding Forever,” “I’m striving to get it out in the fall,” he said, adding that fans can expect a single by late summer or early fall. In the meantime, Common and Latifah recorded a song for the “Just Wright” soundtrack entitled “The Next Time,” produced by Karriem Riggins, that will be featured over its closing credits.


May 2010

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Art &Entertainment


Cincinnati, OH — Procter & Gamble (P&G) today announced its successful My Black Is Beautiful television series will return to BET Networks for a second season beginning May 2, 2010. Airing on Sundays at 1:00 P.M.*, the show is an extension of P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful campaign to celebrate Black beauty and uplift the images of African-American women. My Black Is Beautiful is an energetic, interactive and informative series that celebrates the unique and dynamic qualities of the African-American woman. Hosted by actress Tasha Smith, singer Leela James, actress/ comedian Kim Coles and television

personality Alesha Renee, this sixepisode, half-hour show will present a national forum for Black women to talk about their most important beauty, health and quality-of-life issues. It also will provide advice and tips on fitness, health and wellness as well as fashion and pop culture trends. “P&G is proud to bring ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ back to BET Networks for a second Season,” said Kisha Mitchell Williams, P&G Multicultural Brand Manager. “My Black Is Beautiful is bigger, bolder and packed with more information designed to inspire Black women and promote healthy self images. In our second season on BET, we tackle topics that enhance, enlighten and entertain women.” The inaugural episode of this season’s My Black Is Beautiful will pay homage to fashion and style icons as well as honor the 30th anniversary of the Black Barbie. Later in the season, the My Black Is Beautiful show teams with to help a new mother

trace her roots to Africa and provides a makeover based on her ancestry results; Project Runway finalist Kara Saun helps an aspiring designer realize her fashion dream; fitness expert Jeanette Jenkins demonstrates five easy exercises viewers can do at home or when traveling; and Cookie Johnson showcases her CJ by Cookie Johnson Jeans line. “We are once again happy to partner with Procter & Gamble to bring the My Black Is Beautiful movement and program to women through programming on BET Networks,” said Alvin Bowles, Senior Vice President of Brand Solutions, BET Networks. “This season, our audiences can look forward to a phenomenal lineup of My Black Is Beautiful experts, celebrities and style icons who speak candidly and straight from the heart on a variety of issues that concern women of color.” Segments of the six shows were taped on location during My Black Is Beautiful Live stops in Atlanta, GA; Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

During the 2010 My Black Is Beautiful campaign, attendees were treated to makeovers, seminars, panel discussions and contests that provided the opportunity to express “Why My Black Is Beautiful.” The My Black Is Beautiful campaign, created by a group of African-American women at P&G in 2006, aims to ignite and support a sustained national conversation by, for and about black women. The integrated, multi-brand initiative is supported by Crest ProHealth™, Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural, Cover Girl Queen Collection, OlayDefinity, Always and Tampax and Beautiful Collection. The My Black Is Beautiful TV series is executive produced by Douglass Ross, Kathleen French, Kim Swann and BET Networks. All times ET/PT. For up-to-the-minute information, footage and photos on the My Black Is Beautiful TV series, visit

(Continued from page 12) thought to themselves, “I see why Black women can’t get married.” It is painfully obvious watching the show that money doesn’t buy class and those dollars don’t amount to common sense. That is, unless you’re Shaunie O’Neal aka the Puppet Master, executive producer behind the show who’s conveniently absent as the rest of the cast plunges from the surreal to the ridiculous. Seriously, Evelyn and Jennifer couldn’t be happy that Gloria and her fiancé (Matt Barnes of the Orlando Magic) are happy and building a great family, instead they have to project their experiences on her relationship. We saw the warning signs a few years ago when Karrine Steffans’

tell-all book and subsequent promotional tour landed her on numerous bestsellers’ lists and Oprah’s couch, but we ignored it and deemed it as an isolated incident. Then came New York and her multiple shots at love (and stardom), Keyshia Cole introduced us to her dysfunctional family, Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise moved to Atlanta, Fantasia got real and the beat went on and on and on and now Teairra Mari is singing about her “Sponsor” while loose lips sink the sailboats of the Black family structure in the background. Even the guy you’ve entrusted to project on-screen images of you (Tyler Perry), shoots the most onedimensional, stereotypical views of Black women, but you continue to

laugh and he chuckles all the way to the bank. It seems like Essence magazine would be the perfect vehicle to approach this problem, but they seem preoccupied with the ‘Single Black Woman’ problem and provide a platform for this new wave of entertainment and we all know Oprah’s just too busy to worry herself (or show) with what Black women actually go through daily. Ok maybe I’m taking this too serious, maybe it isn’t my fight, and maybe years of double standards within our community has rewritten the definition of a Black woman and I haven’t updated my copy of Webster’s. That’s all hypothetical, but what is

for sure, is there’s a large population of women watching this madness week after week as Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” has been rewritten by Nicki Minaj, Teairra Mari and the folks at Viacom. About the writer Between rhetoric and reality is where you’ll find The World According to Teef. Plainfield, NJ native Al-Lateef Farmer is a selfstyled social documentarian that tackles everything from politics to pop culture, Reality TV to relationships with a brand of social commentary rooted in independent thought that is unfiltered, uncensored, unforgiving, but never unreal!

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May 2010


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Juneteenth Ohio Columbus & Dayton Celebrations: Two Great Cities Celebrate One Great Event What is Juneteenth? Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is an American holiday honoring African American heritage and celebrated by people of all ethnic and racial background. It commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in the U.S. State of Texas in 1865. Celebrated on June 19, the term is a portmanteau of June and nineteenth, and is recognized as a state holiday in 35 states of the United States. The holiday originated in Galveston, Texas; for more than a century, the state of Texas was the primary home of Juneteenth celebrations, and since 1980, Juneteenth has been an official state holiday in Texas. It is considered a “partial staffing holiday”, meaning that state offices do not close, but some employees will be using a floating holiday to take the day off. Its informal observance has spread to some other states, with a few celebrations even taking place in other countries. As of March 2010, 35 states and the District of Columbia have recognized Juneteenth as either a state holiday or state holiday observance; these are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, , Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, , North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.


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An important side note to be made about Juneteenth should be that the holiday’s name is derived from the little known fact that people did not know they were free when implemented on June 19, 1862. It took a while for word to spread that people were free because the slave owners did not necessarily tell anyone and so because not all people knew they were free on this date, is the purpose for this name Juneteenth. The significance of the name can be traced back to the word of mouth announcement of people’s freedom and so is the reason for the generalized date, due to historically not being always on the 19th of June as to a particular person’s freedom. (information retrieved from The civil war ended in April of 1865. The news that the war had ended and the ending of chattel slavery of African Americans traveled slowly across the United States. African Americans in Texas got the word on various dates throughout the state between June 12th and 20th. Because most heard the word during one of the days between June 13th and June 19th, the term “Freedom Days” was coined. Due to the history, this event can be celebrated as, “Juneteenth Freedom Days” throughout the month of June. This is a time to remember and honor our ancestors who lost their lives to the brutality of slavery. The Dayton Community will unite together to reflect and remember the Nubian kings and queens that paved the way for all people to be free! Juneteenth is a national holiday in 31 states.

This summer, why not center your vacation or family reunion on this meaningful cultural celebration? Ohio offers two Juneteenth Celebrations for you to choose from. JUNETEENTH DAYTON Dayton, Ohio will celebrate, Juneteenth kicking off with a Dayton Juneteenth Freedom Breakfast on Friday June 18, 2010 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. and the Dayton Juneteenth Festival on Saturday June 19, 2010 from 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at W.S. McIntosh Memorial Park (formerly Riverview Park). The parade will begin at 10:00 a.m. in front of Paul Laurence Dunbar House and conclude at McIntosh Park. Community Revival is from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. The festival begins at 1:30 p.m. with a warm welcome from our Dayton Mayor Gary Liezel. The day will be filled with history readings, Poetry in the Park, Performances by Dayton’s Best Solo Artists and the featured entertainment for the day will be “The Christopher Entertainment Group”. Dr. Robert Walker, Director of the Wesley Community Center has been the driving force to keep this celebration alive with little or no funding. Dayton will celebrate the Juneteenth Celebration for the 10th year. For the past ten years, this event has been celebrated on a small level at The Wesley Community Center. The Wesley Center, Dayton community and several organizations will join forces to make this a collaborative celebration that includes everyone. The Wesley Center and community

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sponsors have eagerly stepped up to the plate to support this event. Organizers have planned an action packed weekend to celebrate this historical event. Juneteenth celebrates the ending of slavery on June 19, 1865. Our goal is to inform, educate and celebrate the community about the history and significance of Juneteenth. Ms. Tammy L. Cooper, Planning Chair and Mrs. Angela Byrdsong, Planning Co-Chair and Wesley Center Staff are planning this event for the second year! The dynamic duo are working around the clock to prepare for this event. The Executive Juneteenth Planning Committee members include, Dr. Robert C. Walker, Brian Dunson, Dwight Johnson, Tonnetta Wright, Jasmine Robinson, Pamela Wilson, Sherrie Portis, Craig Thornhill, and Dr. James E. Dobbins. Many have collaborated in this event including but not limited to: Mayor Gary Leitzell, v x The City of Dayton, Cindy August with the Dayton Neighborhood Assistance Officers, The Dayton Police, North River Coffee House, SCLC, Marlon Shackelford, The Street Soldiers, CIRGV, The NAACP, Ross Motor Cars, Dr. James Dobbins, Wright State University, and Wright Dunbar, Inc. Our media sponsors include WRCX TV-40, Dayton Weekly News, WDAO Radio and Urban Trendsetters News Magazine & T.V. (Continued on page 35 )

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Arts & Entertainment

The King Arts Complex has a Global Reflections passport for you! PNC proudly presents the King Arts Complex 23rd Anniversary Gala “Global Reflections”, Saturday, May 15th 8:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. at the King Arts Complex 867 Mt. Vernon Avenue. Global Reflections is the premiere event of the 2010 season! The King Arts Complex will take you on a journey to various destinations around the world including North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean celebrating our rich and diverse threads while reflecting our soulful connections and commonalities! Join us on this journey as we “party with a purpose” to support our ongoing educational and performance activities. Great music, spirited dancing, multiple venues, worldly cuisines, and specialty drinks that will make Global Reflections infuse you with the magic of soul from far off places. “Global Reflections” will feature live entertainment from national R & B recording artist Shirley Murdock, along with “Live Sounds” of: The Andrew Waters Trio, T. Michael Branner Conceptet, L.G. Scott, Sabrina Tutstone, DJ Rich Nice of the “Usual Suspects Crew”, DJ Lane Love, Funkdefy, and NexLevel. We are extremely excited to have many of Columbus’ best caterers & restaurants join our efforts to provide a diverse array of food stations. This year’s list includes All Around Columbus Catering, Aramark,, Creole Kitchen, Dream Lounge Cafe, Taste & See, Big E’s Southern Q, Linden Café, Capitol Club, Black Olive, Black Orchid and Mrs. B’s Just Wonderful just to name a few.

the opportunity to interface with our corporate supporters, board members and patrons in a relaxed party atmosphere. It’s a great way to build relationships and showcase all the complex has to offer”, stated Sheryle Powell, Interim Executive Director. “We hope to see you all at the Soul of the City Saturday, May 15th.” For the past two decades, The King Arts Complex has served as a jewel in the Central Ohio Arts Community, located just minutes from downtown in one of the oldest, African American communities in Columbus, OH. The King Lincoln District remains true in its mission of enriching and improving the quality of life in our community by offering performing, cultural and educational programs that focus on the rich heritage and contributions of African Americans to America and the world, while building bridges of understanding and harmony among all people. Tickets to this fundraising event begin at $50 per person or $85 per couple for KAC Members. Non members will be $65 per person, $100 per couple. In addition, VIP tickets are available for an additional $25 to the existing ticket price and include a VIP private reception which begins at 7 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom. All attendees will partake of cuisine stations, signature beverages, and a cash bar will be provided. For more information, call The King Arts Complex at 614-645-KING (5464) or visit

Widely known and respected for its commitment to the arts, the King Arts Complex will host a Gala silent auction ranging from art works by nationally acclaimed artists and fine jewelers to items from far-off places. “We really enjoy

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Calendar of Events

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Wright Dunbar Inc. Celebrating Its 10th Year Anniversary presents....




to the

5:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Food Vendors, Spirits, Entertainment, Information & Much More!!!


GRILLIN' & CHILLIN' TENT .........featuring......... Master G! with Line Dancing and ZUMBA!

.............Visit ................. The NATIONAL PARK and view the film "Walkin' The Nickle" A Cultural History of West Fifth Street


May 14th, 2010

Located in the 1100 block of West Third Street between Williams & Broadway Streets

THE FRU-I-TION BAND and JAZZ PATROL ..................................... URBAN BALLROOM DANCING


FRIDAY JUNE 18, 2010 Dayton Juneteenth Freedom Breakfast North River Coffee House 323 Salem Ave Dayton, OH 45406

COMMUNITY Art Gallery Over 20 Regional Artists vying for Top Awards

The Celebration Room

Wright Dunbar Inc's. 10th Year Anniversary and View the West Side Story Exhibit

Plaza Stage featuring.....Audio Show Band DT'S TOTAL PACKAGE & MORE!

WINE BAR & KAROKE featuring....Wine Tasting with Tiffany and KJ'S Jerry & John

For Information and Schedule Call 937-443-0249

W.S. McIntosh Memorial Park

7:30 a.m.-9:30a.m. Tickets $10.00

(formerly Riverview Park) Riverview at Edwin C. Moses Boulevard

Saturday June 19, 2010


Dayton Juneteenth Festival McIntosh Park

Welcome Center

Wright Dunbar Information & Volunteer Sign-in Census Table

Saturday, June 19, 2010 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Parade Line up at Paul Laurence Dunbar House


Parade Begins

10a.m.12:30 p.m.

Community Revival, Church Choirs, and other performances.

1:30 p.m. 2:00-7p.m .


Welcome from Mayor Gary Leitzell Performances, Poets & Live Entertainment, Author & Book Pavilion, Food Vendors & Family Fun All Day Long!!!!

or visit

................................................................................... GOLD SPONSOR


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(Continued from page 32) To learn more about Juneteenth, please visit or Please contact the Wesley Community Center for additional information, sponsorship or vendor application or to volunteer: (937) 263-3556 ext. 22 or send an email to JUNETEENTH OHIO-COLUMBUS Ohio also is home to one of America’s largest Juneteenth celebrations in Columbus, which drew more than 150,000 people in 2009, including families, couples and friends. This year, the Columbus JuneteenthOhio festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary. “We are grateful and honored to produce the 20th Annual JuneteenthOhio Festival, June 18 – 20 in Columbus, Ohio at the beautiful and historic Franklin Park, says Mustafaa Shabazz, the JuneteenthOhio Chairman. “The


main goal this year is to increase awareness of the great contributions that African Americans have made to our nation.” The three-day event will feature great music including jazz, Gospel, R&B and the JuneteenthOhio Anniversary Concert starring Ray J & Ginuine. Visitors can sample great food at the Soul Food Pavilion. The event also includes a citywide talent show, free health screenings and a job fair. Sponsors for the Columbus Juneteenth Ohio include, Ujamaa Book Store, Honda of America, AEP, Cardinal Health, Columbus Arts Council, Columbus Parks and Recreation, Smooth Jazz and Radio One Columbus. For more information, and to plan your trip to JuneteenthOhio, visit or www. to learn about other great cultural attractions in the area.

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