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“Empowering people to empower themselves� Mission Statement: Door to Empowerment is a 501 c-3 community based organization with a human services commission to impact the lives of men, women and children. We provide a vision plan and cultivate a holistic environment that will have an impact on their life. There is a duty to serve. Life Skills Training Employment Research & Training GED Assistance Tax Preparation 1112 East Main Street Columbus, Ohio 43205

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ACT LIKE A LADY & THINK LIKE ONE TOO! where it was a topic of a man’s discussion. Why is that? Why are we expected to be able to be all things to all people at all times? Why is it that we are expected to raise the children (married or single mother) run the household, hold down a full-time position and take care of our man and do it all with a smile. Why? The answer is simple, because we have proven that we can!

Sharon S. Gordon Founder / Publisher I am not sure who first coined this phrase “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man” but surprisingly enough I would place my last bet it was a woman since we have been led to believe that this means being harder or tougher. However comedian turned author and media mogul Steve Harvey created an absolute frenzy around “Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man” through his books, movies and public speaking platform all of which I completely enjoyed by the way, he was referring to how we as women should approach love, commitment and relationships. The advice was great and on point however, how does this serve us in our careers, family and business success.

For centuries we were told that we were the “weaker” sex. Well for some of us this may be true physically depending upon the man and the woman (I have seen some crazy videos on YouTube), but I would be willing to argue to my dying day that this is where the truth of that statement ends. The greatest example of this and you have undoubtedly seen this before, would be if the woman of the house goes on strike and the man has to take on the responsibility of not only his job, as does she, but also the running of the household, complete with 2.2 kids of course…now let’s see who the stronger sex is. Where will he find balance? I am told that if you try this at home it may bring about a new respect for “the weaker sex”. I myself was a single mother so every day was a challenge of balance, strength and purpose, but that, my friend is a different subject. We are just talking women right now.

As women and members of the fabulous female species we have had to overcome challenges and obstacles that based on past history, would bring a man to his knees. Men in general have never had to fight for anything. They made the rules and broke them when it suited them and had a, what they say goes attitude about it, and then bullied us into believing for years that they were right. Then of course those that went against the grain were beaten, raped and casted out of society as though carrying a disease that may infect the other women of the group if they were to get a single whiff of the nonsense spewing out of the infected As a woman who has interviewed both men woman’s mouth. I suppose if you are afraid and women, I am guilty. I have asked of what this group of individuals would do women this question of balance, but I don’t if they were to stand up and start thinking recall ever asking a man nor do I ever recall for themselves and discover that with or hearing a man asked, write a book or speak without you they would not only survive about, or attended a conference or expo and in most cases thrive, you might also I attended a recent event in which Lisa Price, Founder of Carol’s Daughter was a guest speaker and she was talking about a time in which she was on a panel of business owner’s one woman, herself and several men. The question she in particular was asked was “how do you balance home and business?” Her question to me and the current audience was “when was the last time you heard a man being asked this question?” As I thought about it for a moment and replied to the guests at my table, never!

want to keep this group submissive. Well, they were right! When given or should I say when we took the opportunity to be greater if they moved out of the way, we are as super as they knew we would be. The smarter of the “stronger sex” welcomed the change.

these are just a few. Our work is not done and all of our all of our battles have not been won. Organizer, Delegator, Problem Solver, Lover, Healthcare Provider, Fighter and whatever else you need, we are. If you are a woman you may not be “EVERY” woman but I am certain you wear many titles. Most Thank God for the first woman that said, the ones I just listed all fit under the title of “Who do you think you’re talking too”? As mother alone. Whenever, there is a probwell as the women background singer that lem who do we call on first? A woman! came behind her and yelled “yea that’s Why, because we know the job will get right, who do you think you are”? Can done and nobody can do it like she can. I you imagine the world we would live in don’t know about you but I always call my without her? If some proud, no nonsense, mama, sister or sista friend first. Besides I intelligent and fearless by any means neces- don’t know of a man that is here on this sary women had not stepped up to the plate earth without the strength of a woman, just and said enough is enough! Much like J-Lo one more thing that makes us stronger than in the movie Enough, when she became fed men. They call it “Mother Earth” for a reaup and started fighting back against her son. abuser. We love a good “woman power” movie don’t we? Yes Steve Harvey, you may have been on the right track when advising women to Our history is filled with intelligent, beauti- give a man a challenge when it comes to ful, strong and God fearing women who relationships and all of those other insightknew that we have paid our dues and have ful tips you give are great and I completely contributed as much blood, sweat and tears agree with you. But when it comes to matas men and we deserve equal rights and ters of general life and balance women do respect as men. We will have the right to things a little differently on purpose and by vote, to work, to learn, and we will have a design. So when it comes to relationships I seat at the table in business, we will have will let you have that one, however, when it the right to choose what we want or don’t comes to the rest of the thinking process, I want to happen to our bodies. For so many am partial to continuing to “Think Like A years we had no voice. I find it so sad and Woman” too! I see that when given half an unimaginable that a time when we as wom- opportunity we rise to the occasion and en in the United State have fought for our when we see things aren’t right and changes rights here there are still many women inneed to be made, we come together, rise to ternationally who still don’t. This means the occasion and provide solutions. Bewe women as a whole, still have a lot of cause everyone knows.......when mama ain’t work to do. happy, ain’t nobody happy! May the fight continue. We have made many strides as women however we still have some battles to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. We still have the fight of our little girls who are being so hurtful and cruel to one another based on their outer beauty and social stereotypes. We need to change our mindset of what real beauty is and raising the level of our self esteem and self worth. We still have the fight of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking. We still have the fight of Equal Pay for Equal Work. And we still have the fight of The Right to Choose. And



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NEWS Women of the world… today is ours! We are the future of history.

We Make It Happen! Happy International Women’s Day! By Star Jones, Esquire. President of National Association of Professional Women

I believe that the rights of women and girls are the unfinished business of the 21st century.” – Hillary Clinton

an impact through networking, stood up for Throughout history, women have made women against sexual assault and powerful leaps defending our country, became actively involved in fighting for equal rights and demonstrating NAPW Foundation initiatives, our gender is an asset to the world. It took expanding opportunities and adnearly 150 years after the signing of the vancement for women and girls. Declaration of Independence for American women to have the right to vote. We’ve The United Nations is instrumental in elecome a long way; and today, we are strong- vating the cause of gender equality around er than ever before… but there’s still work the world. The 1995 Fourth World Conferto do. Together, we’ll make it happen! ence in Beijing marked a significant turning point for the global gender equality agenda International Women’s Day celebrates the because it created the Beijing Declaration contributions women make in every aspect and the Platform for Action. Adopted by of life – at home, at work, in their commu- 189 countries, the Platform is a key global nities – as mothers, wives, sisters, daughpolicy document on gender equality with ters, educators, students and leaders. We focus on world attention on issues that matcome from different cultures, backgrounds ter most in the lives of women and their and all walks of life, united by a common families. This includes access to education, goal – to strengthen communities, families health care, jobs, credit and the chance to and societies by empowering women to enjoy basic legal and human rights. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Beiachieve equal rights and success. jing Declaration and Platform for Action, and it remains a powerful source of emLast year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Inspiring Change,” was about envi- powerment and inspiration for gender equality… because like Hillary Clinton said sioning a better world for all women and at the Beijing Conference 1995, “Human girls. We challenged the status quo for rights are women’s rights…. And women’s women’s equality and took action by emrights are human rights.” powering each other to succeed. We inspired young girls through mentoring, made

Your Passion Makes it Happen Empower, Educate, Mentor! We’re living in a global gender revolution. Women are finding their voices and using them to inspire change. We are ancestors of the brave, strong and mighty women who fought for the vote. It is our mission to keep fighting for our rights, leading by example and inspiring other women to do the same. There’s so much to learn from each other, and now’s the time to embrace our womanhood and band together as strong professional sisters of this great country. Your Network Makes it Happen Moving forward means helping each other succeed. When women are underrepresented in the workplace, with few opportunities for advancement, it’s easy to inadvertently hinder another woman’s success. According to a 2014 research study by the Workplace Bullying Institute, women target women at work 68% of the time. The more we only try to promote our individual success, the less progress we make as a collective force. The professional women of

NAPW provide a supportive network, with each woman at different stages of her career with a common aspiration to help each other achieve success. #MakeItHappen on Social Media Like, follow, join, tweet, repeat! It’s the age of hashtag activism and social media plays a huge role in connecting women around the world, making a difference, sharing stories, exchanging ideas and inspiring women (and men) to become involved in gender equality initiatives. Join and initiate discussions, sparking involvement and interest, post resources, pictures, videos, articles and get the message of equality out there for the world to see. Here’s to celebrating women, calling for equality and making it happen! Did you “inspire change” on International Women’s Day last year? How will you “make it happen” this year




Get Connected Through Community Events Catch The WAVE!

Rea N. Waldon, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council

Ohio Business Expo

Ohio's Excellence in Disability Inclusion Awards Luncheon WrightChoice, Inc. will celebrate this year's 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by hosting Ohio's Excellence in Disability Inclusion Awards Luncheon presented by Nationwide. As a workforce development organization, WrightChoice, Inc., urges the business community to take a moment to celebrate colleagues or co-workers who are responsible for creating an atmosphere inclusive of people with disabilities.

Award categories include Allies for Inclusion, Exemplary Manager and Full Circle Branding Award. The Catch the Wave Regional Conference Nominate a person who has lead internal efforts for provides networking, training, and access disability inclusion; a manager who has demonstratto both women business owners in Ken- ed leadership by hiring people with disabilities on tucky, Ohio & West Virginia and their team; or a company that has demonstrated best ORV~WBC corporate members across our practices by including people with disabilities in region. Event Date: April 20-21, 2015 their communications and marketing strategies thus Location: Cincinnati, OH strengthening its corporate brand and overall image Conference Theme: "Preparing for in the community. For more information or sponSuccess" sorship opportunities contact TyKiah Wright, 614-802-2364 or

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aladdin Shrine Center 3850 Stelzer Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43219 Learn about the many resources available to minority-owned, women-owned and small businesses. Don't miss this opportunity to network with purchasing representatives from the State of Ohio and diversity procurement representatives from select private companies. The registration form below is for general event attendance. Please complete the form to register for the day's activities. Agencies will be on-hand to speak to you about procurement opportunities. Matchmaker appointments are currently full; however, a limited number of walk-ins are available. The networking with agency staff will be similar in nature, but without the designated one-on-one appointment time. We look forward to seeing you on March 25! Online registration is encouraged but walk-ins are welcome. To register or learn more about this event or the state’s MBE and EDGE programs, visit the Ohio Department of Administrative Services’ website at or call 614-466-8380.


Strategic Partnership: Leaders of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) sign a memorandum of understanding, before the Charles Stark Draper Awards Dinner at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. (left to right) ASCE Executive Director Thomas W. Smith III; ASCE President Robert D. Stevens; NSBE National Chair Sossena Wood and NSBE Executive Director Karl W. Reid

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SPORTS By Oscar Haywood DOWN HOME NEWS NHL: On the day of the NHL’s trading deadline, Mon., Mar. 2, the Blue Jackets acquired C William Karlsson, LF Rene

SPORTS: South Carolina St. could lose its men’s basketball, women’s softball and women’s soccer programs (the latter two being non-revenue making) under a budget plan presented by embattled president Thomas Elzey (photo), who is on paid administrative leave while state lawmakers tackle the HBCU’s financial crisis. The cost-saving plan also calls for SCSU to add women’s golf and women’s bowling (two sports less costly to run) and possibly leave the MEAC in the hopes of easing the athletic dept.’s $465K budget shortfall it faces in ‘15-‘16. SCSU has been a MEAC member since ‘70, but Elzey’s plan did not say which conference the HBCU might join. The plan came about a month

plications from a stroke at aged 90. He was a MLB executive for the St. Louis Browns, Bourque (photo) and a second round pick K.C. Athletics (‘65-‘71) and Indians (‘87in the ‘15 NHL Draft from the Ducks in coach Mike Krzyzewski said, “I don’t ‘91); president of the National Association exchange for DM James Wisniewski and have any comment about that.” Sulaiof Professional Baseball Leagues, the uma ‘15 third round pick previously acquired mon was dismissed from the team for brella group that governs MiLB (‘72-‘75) from the Red Wings. Karlsson and Bourfailing to “consistently live up to the and president and general manager of the que are both ex-pected to join the Springstandards required to be a member of field Fal-cons, the Blue Jackets’ AHL afour program,” said Krzyzewski in a Orioles (‘75-‘87). … Stuart “Stu” Miller, filiate. The Blue Jackets also acquired DM press release. a P for the Cardinals (‘52-‘54, ‘56), Philies Justin Falk, who will play for the team, (‘56), Giants (‘57-‘62), Orioles (‘63-‘67) and a fifth round pick in the ‘15 NHL NBA: Anthony Mason (Pictured) died and Braves (‘68), died at age 87 from an Draft from the Wild in exchange for DM at age 48 due to heart failure. After undisclosed cause. … USOC: At age 96 Jordan Leopold. playing at Tennessee St., Mason played Maria Cerra died from an undisclosed 13 yrs in the NBA with the N.J. Nets, cause. She was an American fencer who FOR THE RECORD Nuggets, Knicks, Clt. Hornets, Bucks NBA: Mavs’ Monta Ellis (photo) led all competed in the women’s individual foil and Heat. During his NBA career he with 19 pts in its 104-87 loss to the Hawks. event at the ‘48 Summer Olympics. … booked 10.8 ppg and 8.3 rpg, while logThe Mavs made 5-of-31 3-pt FGs, 16.1%. NHL: Dan Held, a C drafted in ‘80 by the Since the NBA first adopted the 3-pt FG in ging 2,963 assists. He was also the NBA Flyers, but played for AHL’s Mariners (‘80 the ‘79-‘80 season, that tied the fifth lowest after a State House budget panel voted to Sixth Man of the Year in ‘95, before lead-‘82) and most of his career in Germany 3-pt percentage in a game for a team that suspend school operations for two yrs ing the NBA in minutes played over the until ‘00, died at age 53 from an undistook at least 30 3-pt FGs. The Mavs hold next two seasons. In ‘97, he earned Allthe lowest such percentage on this list, mak- FRANKLY SPEAKING closed cause. NBA (3rd team) and NBA All-Defensive ing 4-of-31 3-pt FGs (12.9%) earlier this Team (2nd team). He was also selected to season vs. the Knicks. Despite that, the MCB: When asked if he knows of sexual Mavs won that game in OT, led by Dirk assault allegations against Rasheed Sulai- the ‘01 NBA All-Star Game. Mason also Nowitzki’s 30 pts. He also made 1-of-8 3- mon, though no official complaints were played in Turkey, Venezuela, the CBA and pt FGs (12.5%). filed with the Office of Student Conduct or the USBL. … MLB: U.S. Army WWII any law enforcement agency, and if handled veteran Henry “Hank” Peters died of comSulaimon’s dismissal appropriately, Duke HBCU NEWS (

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RELATIONSHIPS 9 Reasons You Should Read This Book And Help Change The Conversation About What Healthy Love Is By Zara D. Green and Alfred Edmond Jr.

Alfred Edmond, Jr and Zara Green, Co-Author are co-principals of A2Z Personal Growth Enterprises, producer of The Grown Zone discussion series, which focuses on key themes popularized via their respective social media platforms, including their @GrownZone Twitter.

The new book, Loving In The Grown Zone: A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Healthy Decisions in the Quest for Loving, Romantic Relationships of Honor, Esteem and Respect (Balboa Press) has been available for a few months now, and even before any formal promotional effort, the response has been all but overwhelming, with incredible social media buzz and great reviews at and other online booksellers. Now that our official promotional campaign has begun, including appearances on television and nationally syndicated radio as well as our Loving In The Grown Zone Book Blog Tour, we are on a mission to make Loving In The Grown Zone a national bestseller. This goal is not just about selling books, but our mission to champion what our society (and especially our children and young people) desperately needs: fewer dysfunctional, broken and destructive relationships and more loving, sustainable relationships of honor, esteem and respect.

However, we cannot succeed in this mission without you. In fact, our primary reason for writing our book, and for launching our personal growth initiative, is to convince as many people as possible to not only support the Grown Zone, but to join our campaign for “More SelfLove, Better Decisions and Healthy Relationships.” You need to read and share our book, Loving In the Grown Zone. Following are just nine of the top reasons why we believe you’ll agree. 1. You want to take a stand for healthy love. Infidelity. Violence. Disrespect. Abuse. Possessiveness. Exploitation. Reckless procreation. These and so many unloving acts are tolerated and committed in the name of love. As a result, love needs both a defense attorney and an image consultant. In fact, no other virtue is more falsely accused. Read and share Loving In The Grown Zone if you want to defend and stand up for the truth about love. 2. You want to prevent unhappy marriages and high divorce rates. How many of us witness weddings and celebrate the rings, the hair, the dress, the music, and the food and drink at the reception—but cannot honestly celebrate the marriage? The fact that half of all marriages end in divorce is not evidence that the institution itself is flawed, but testament to the fact that a marriage is only as resilient as the foundation it is built on. If you want to promote the selfloving choices and healthy relationship standards that prevent unsustainable marriages and make good marriages last, read and share this book. 3. You want to help love to reclaim its true identity. Love may be the ultimate and original victim of identity theft, with sex, money, ego and self-indulgence among its perpetrators, thanks to popular culture (including much of “reality” TV), movies, music, peers and even preachers and parents. We founded Grown Zone and wrote Loving In The Grown Zone to make the case that true love is identified by its capacity to bring honor, esteem and respect to

branding platform. It’s not about getting Instagram reposts or pandering for followers with clever memes. We are not in a social media popularity contest. We are tired of stories that start out with “they fell in love” and end with “he/she cheated on/beat on/abused/killed him/her.” We reject the notion that abuse, disrespect and selfdestructive choices should be tolerated by us as individuals or as a society as acceptable consequences of pursuing and engaging in romantic relationships. If you stand with us, read and share our book. 6. You truly want to believe in good, healthy love, and you want to help others to recognize what it is not. Love’s detractors are bold, loud and vocal. Yet, too many of us who truly believe in healthy love are often silent. Read and share Loving In The Grown Zone as the first step in making your voice heard. If you believe in healthy love, step up, stand up and speak up! people in relationships; it is about joy, peace, compassion, forgiveness, patience, affirmation, restoration and safety. Love is always healthy and promotes personal growth and self-love. If it doesn’t, it may be many things, but it is not love. Read and share our book if you agree.

7. You want better for your children than what you experienced in relationships. Many of us have never personally witnessed a healthy relationship in our own families and communities, much less been taught about how to go about securing one for ourselves. If you are divorced, a witness or victim (actually, they’re one and the 4. You are tired of dating and pursuing relationships by trial and error. Without same) of partner violence or are currently in a commitment to personal growth and self- an unhappy marriage, you know what it love, and reliable guidelines for healthy means to fear that your sons and daughters relationship choices, people are left to gam- are doomed to the same fate. Read Loving ble with their bodies, finances, emotional In The Grown Zone so you’ll know that you health and physical safety, treating the can break the cycle; share it to make sure search for love like the lottery—with simi- that you do. larly horrible odds. One in a million may find healthy sustainable love this way; the 8. You are tired of relying on others to rest will get the booby prizes, including love you and you are ready to commit to fatherless sons, daddyless daughters, costly self-love. If you are tired of chasing love divorces, serial infidelity, financial abuse, and ready to attract it, the key is learning to domestic violence and other commonly faithfully and unconditionally give it to accepted features of unhealthy relationyourself. Read and share our book to learn ships. Read and share this book if you want to become what you desire—a healthy perto change this paradigm for yourself and son who loves with honor, esteem and reothers. spect—and to attract those ready, willing and able to bring you the same. 5. This is not a book-sales campaign. It’s a mission. We want to make this perfectly clear: The Grown Zone is not just a cute Continued on Page 13



YOUNG & TRENDY Black Youth Leading the Way in This Modern Day Movement by Jeffrey L. Boney Courtesey of

Imagine being a young teenager and deciding to participate in a serious march that you hoped would shed light on the injustices facing Black people in this country, as well as change the unjust laws that were in place allowing those injustices to be perpetuated without consequence. That is what our current generation – the Joshua Generation – is up against and that is what many that have come before them have had to endure. This year marks the 50th anniversary of an event that was televised around the world called “Bloody Sunday” and that event became one of the major catalysts behind the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that strengthen the voting rights for Black people in this country. Inspired by Martin Luther King Jr., a young Black man by the name of John Lewis joined the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. Lewis was a Freedom Rider, spoke at 1963’s March on Washington and led the demonstration now known as “Bloody Sunday.” “Bloody Sunday” refers to the March 7, 1965, civil rights march in Alabama that was scheduled to go from Selma to the capitol in Montgomery to protest the shooting death of 26-year old Black activist Jimmy

Lee Jackson, who was shot in the stomach on February 18, 1965, by Alabama State Trooper James Fowler while the troopers were breaking up a peaceful protest in Marion, Perry County. Lewis worked with other Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) activists to assemble and lead over 600 marchers across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on the way to Montgomery. Lewis and the marchers were violently assaulted and driven back by numerous law enforcement officials after they crossed the bridge. Lewis, who still bears the visible scar on his forehead from the blow he received from an Alabama State Troopers’ nightstick, along with the other unarmed marchers, were beaten and gassed during the attack, while media outlets were on hand to cover the event live. The footage of the vicious and heinous attacks deeply shook the country and put necessary pressure on then-President Lyndon B. Johnson to advocate for the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Lewis became one of the thirteen original Freedom Riders and was the youngest of the “Big Six” civil rights leaders and the chairman of the SNCC from 1963 to 1966, some of the most tumultuous years of the civil rights movement. During his tenure, the SNCC opened Freedom Schools, launched the Mississippi Freedom Summer and organized the voter registration efforts that led to the pivotal Selma to Montgomery marches. As the chairmen of SNCC, Lewis wrote a speech in reaction to the Civil Rights Bill of 1963, where he denounced the bill because it didn’t protect African Americans against police brutality; nor did the bill provide African Americans the right to vote. In that year, Lewis helped plan the historic March on Washington in August 1963, the occasion of Dr. King’s celebrated

“I Have a Dream” speech and at 23 was the Justice No Peace” chants, by incorporating “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter” youngest speaker that day. messaging. It is that same spirit – that flows from Lewis, the last living person who addressed the All across the country, protesters took to 1963 March on Washington – that has streets of many of the busiest intersections seemingly found its way inside the hearts in their respective cities in order to get their and minds of a new generation of modern message out and stand in solidarity with the day Civil Rights leaders in this country who families of Brown and Garner. In addition are fighting to shed light on critical issues to the street-side protests, many youth deimpacting the Black community – from monstrators held massive demonstrations police brutality to economic disenfranchise- inside of many of the major shopping malls ment to political and legal disparity. across the country. All across the country, we are seeing a number of young activists that have taken up the mantle, without fear or favor, to speak up and speak out about these issues and are not backing down.

Many grassroots activist groups, such as the Houston Justice Coalition, held forums and town hall meetings aimed at local criminal justice reform and developing plans towards the next steps needed to deal with the political, law enforcement and judicial sysProtesters have been gathering in various tems, in the wake of the grand jury decicities to demand accountability in the legal sions involving Jordan Baker, Brown, Garsystem following the grand jury decisions ner and countless others. concerning Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; Eric Garner in Staten Island, New Black youth have been desperate for leaderYork; and Jordan Baker in Houston, Texas. ship ever since integration and the lack of mentorship and abandonment has forced The majority of demonstrations we have Black youth to find their own way to deal seen have been youth-led movements that with the injustices they are witnessing and has gotten the attention of mainstream up against – without even considering those America and has breathed life into a gener- who should be leading the way. ation of young people who had not been as politically engaged in matters concerning This response to social and community issues is nothing new. Hip-hop was formed injustice as they once had been. because Black youth needed an outlet to Young people who are students, community talk about what they were experiencing and activists and members of grassroots organi- going through. zations have made it a point to not stop demonstrating and to keep up the pressure Gangs were formed because Black youth on key entities in order to have their mes- wanted to know what a family looked and sage heard. They have implemented ex- felt like, so many joined gangs to create a tremely unique activities and messaging in family-like atmosphere and belong to a order to keep their message fresh and to family that they felt truly understood them capture the attention of America. and related to them. Young people have staged something they have labeled “a die in” – which is the act of laying on the ground to represent the hours that Brown lie dead in the street in Ferguson. Protesters have added to the traditional “No

Black youth are no longer seeking to be marginalized. Black youth are seeking respect and justice and will do what they need to do to be safe, have stability and survive.



THE JOURNEY Consortium Of Faith-Based Leaders Raised Over $100.000 During Black History Month for UNICEF’S Efforts to Help Stop Ebola in West Africa bined membership of 11 million, including Church Of God In Christ, Inc., Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. and Abyssinian Baptist Church in the City of New York. The event included a number of check presentations along with a surprise donation from the UAW-Ford. A number of county and city officials were also present to welcome the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to Detroit where the I AM U.S. Fund for UNICEF la. At $43 each, the kits contain soap, chlo- #STOPPINGEBOLA campaign was honclosed out their firstrine, gloves, and buckets, among other ored with a proclamation from the city. Key ever Black History much-needed hygiene items, and will be officials from the U.S. Fund for UNICEF Month campaign, I AM provided in households and schools at risk first met with members of the Faith-Based #STOPPINGEBOLA, of the disease. Leadership Consortium in December 2014 which raised over $100,000. The funds will to outline a pathway for an ongoing partnersupport the purchase of over 2,350 hygiene The Consortium of Faith Leaders represent- ship to assist children and families in kits that will be distributed in Liberia by ed some of the largest African American Africa. UNICEF to help control the spread of Ebo- organizations in the country with a comFrom left to right: Bishop Welton Lawrence, Michigan - Canadian Jurisdiction, Church Of God In Christ;Dr. Monica G. Williams-Davis, Managing Director, Community Partnership, U.S. Fund for UNICEF; Bishop P.A. Brooks, First Assistant Presiding Bishop, Church Of God In Christ, Inc.;Caryl M. Stern, President and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF; and Edward G. Lloyd, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

On February 27, 2015 at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, noted faith-based leaders from the area and key officials from the






Don’t Miss These Government Deadlines deadlines.htm. Enter your legal residence and the school year for which you are applying for student aid. Then click View Deadlines. Generally, the earlier you apply, the better. 3. Health Care. February 15 is the deadline for open enrollment. After that, you can only get coverage if you qualify for a special enrollment period; a 60-day period following a qualifying life event, such as a change in family status (for example, birth of a child or marriage) or loss of other health coverage. Job-based plans must provide a special enrollment period of 30 days. (NAPSI)—When it comes to the federal government, getting what you need and meeting your obligations, some dates and times can be particularly important. Here’s a look at a few you should know.

result in fines and prison sentences of up to You can learn more at five years. Many find the easiest and fastest way to register is to register online at In addition, Selective Service 4. Medicare. The Initial EnrollmentthPeriod 1. Selective Service Enrollment. Every “mail-back” registration forms are available begins three months before your 65 birth month and ends three months after your man is required by law to register with the at any U.S. post office, and some high 65th birth month, for a total of seven months Selective Service System within 30 days of schools have a staff member or teacher his 18th birthday. By registering on time, he appointed as a Selective Service Registrar. (including your birth month). If you miss this deadline, you may have to pay penalstays eligible for federal student loans and ties on your monthly premiums. More ingrants, many state and municipal jobs, fed- 2. Pell Grants and student aid: Federal formation is at eral job training Workforce Investment Act Student Aid provides grants, loans and programs, and U.S. citizenship for immiwork-study funds to students attending colKeep these facts and dates in mind to get grants. He can even submit his information lege or career school. Virtually all men your due from the government programs early, at 17; then, at 18, he will automatimust register with Selective Service to be your taxes support. cally be registered. eligible. To get the money for which you qualify, you have to meet federal and state Failure to register will delay men from be- deadlines and your colleges may also have coming citizens until age 31 and can also a deadline. Go to The Grown Zone, Continued from Page 10

the demand for just sex.

always, to love—and love—in the Grown Zone!

9. Making Loving In The Grown Zone a national bestseller will strike a tremendous blow on behalf of those who believe in truly healthy, lasting, life-affirming love. It’s true: Sex sells, which is why some many of us have been brainwashed—not only by books (with the 50 Shades trilogy a notable example), but movies, music, television, and advertising—to believe that love is about sex and objectification. Putting books like Loving In The Grown Zone on bestseller lists will show that the need for healthy love is greater and deeper than

We hope that at least one of the above reasons is enough to inspire you to not only read and share our book, but to join our Grown Zone mission of helping people to choose “More Self-Love, Better Decisions and Healthy Relationships.” (We invite you to share your own reasons in the comment section for this post.) We are eternally grateful to those who share our commitment to helping people achieve success without the mess, and to always make the next decision better! We invite everyone, as

If you look forward to celebrating Excerpted from Loving In The Grown Zone: A No-Nonsense Guide to Making Healthy Decisions in the Quest for Loving, Romantic Relationships of Honor, Esteem and Respect by Zara D. Green and Alfred A. Edmond Jr. (Balboa Press). Learn more about the book at

JOIN THE UTS NATION TEXT 95577 UTSNOW *Newsletter *Event Updates **FREE STUFF!!!





Career Town Network Announces 5th Annual Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards, Career Fair By Brenda D. Spencer

Businesses that include Career Town Networks, Spencer 4Higher Media, Whitehouse Media Group, T Communications, Black Central Creative and Urban Trendsetters Media. The monies generated for the Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards go towards hosting the event and “Stay In Ohio” with partial proceeds benefiting the Ohio Conference NAACP and other diverse non profit organizations!

Columbus, Ohio – Career Town Networks announced that they will host the 5th Annual Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards Luncheon, Career Fair and Workshops on September 23 & 24, 2015 at the Aladdin Shrine Event & Conference Center, 3850 Stelzer Road in Columbus, Ohio. Over the past 4 years, The Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards has worked in partnership with The Ohio Conference NAACP representing over 70 Chapters Statewide to bring ALL Diverse communities together to celebrate our accomplishments and dedication to diversity. The Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards is proud to be the First and Only Awards program in Ohio that recognizes the diverse efforts of individuals and corporations. versity Leadership, Development, Supplier, Workforce and Community Outreach. This Created by Ohio publishing legend, Amos year the awards will also include a DiversiH. Lynch, Sr., and his nephew Orville ty Small Business Award. Lynch who also created the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast in Columbus, "The Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards Ohio, the Ohio Champions of Diversity is truly an inclusive event that represents all Awards are designed to highlight and recpersons including African American, Hisognize the contributions of individuals and panic, Asian, Somali, LGBT, Disabled, corporations with 500 or more employees, Veterans, Emerging and general market who demonstrate outstanding efforts in Di- communities," said Orville Lynch, Founder,

Career Town Networks. "The Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards program is a unique one of a kind Annual 2 Day event that includes an Awards Luncheon and an on line and in person Career Fair, Student Career Day, Panel Discussions and Workshops." continued Lynch. The Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards Luncheon is put together and run by All Ohio Small Minority owned and operated

In order to continue to recognize, celebrate and honor Ohio’s leaders and corporations we invite All Ohio communities and businesses to join us for the 5th Annual Ohio Champions of Diversity Awards Luncheon, Career Fair & Business Expo on September 23-24, 2015, being held for the last time in the Beautiful Aladdin Shrine Event & Conference Center before they close their doors for good! For more information, tickets, vendor or sponsorships contact Sharon S. Gordon of Urban Trendsetters Media at 888-885-5552 or email Watch the Champions of Diversity Promotional Video Online HERE.

SBA Promotes Innovation and Technology with National Road Tour outreach initiative targeting advanced technology communities, including womenowned and minority-owned small businesses in states that have underutilized funding opportunities through these programs. Today, the agency is launching information on the tour through and will also launch a blog that will be active up through the end of the tour in late August.

and space,” said Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet.

“The President’s 2015 budget embodies the Administration’s ongoing commitment to investments in job creation and economic WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Small Busigrowth, specifically through targeted inness Administration (SBA) will launch an vestments in science, technology and inno18 state road tour, joined by 11 fellow fedvation. Through this tour, we will educate eral agencies in the SBA’s Small Business more small business innovators on how to Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small “The SBA oversees America’s largest seed Uncle Sam encourages domestic small busi- take advantage of these programs, so that Business Technology Transfer (STTR) pro- fund for small businesses in the STEM nesses to engage in high-growth priorities their entrepreneurial spirit and our investgrams. fields. The SBIR and the STTR programs— and build a strong national economy. SBIR ment drives the next new big technological allocates $2.5 billion a year to small innorecipients have created breakthroughs in breakthrough.,” said Contreras-Sweet. The SBIR Road Tour “Seeding America’s vators. By reserving a specific percentage nanotechnology, robotics, mobile commuFuture Innovations,” is a nationally focused of federal R&D funds for smaller firms, nications, genetic therapies, clean energy Continued on Page 17




National Society of Black Engineers & American Society of Civil Engineers Join Forces to Develop and Retain Next-Gen African-American Engineers “NSBE recognizes that it cannot fulfill its mission without strategic partnerships with the U.S. engineering community,” said NSBE National Chairperson Sossena Wood. “This MOU with our first strategic partner, the American Society of Civil Engineers, is another major step toward supporting our members, building our organizations, growing the number of underrepresented engineers and accomplishing much for the U.S. engineering profession.”

Washington, DC — The National Society of Black Engineers, the largest studentgoverned engineering organization in the country, and the American Society of Civil Engineers announced their renewed strategic partnership in a ceremony on Feb. 24 at the National Academy of Sciences’ Great

Hall in Washington, D.C. The organizations’ leaders signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) committing to combine their resources and expertise to increase the retention, representation and development of African-American civil engineers in the U.S. workforce.

sented 5.5 percent of the country’s engineering workforce and 5.4 percent of the civil engineering workforce. The statistics also showed that African-Americans represented only 3.4 percent of college students who earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and 3.3 percent of those earning a master’s degree in the same discipline.

Under the terms of the MOU, NSBE and ASCE will offer reciprocal memberships, co-sponsor frequent professional development, continuing education, mentoring and “As leading engineering professional so- leadership development programming, and cieties, ASCE and NSBE are uniquely promote and support student and local and strategically positioned to address the chapter collaborations. The organizations U.S. engineering workforce and innovawill also engage in large-scale efforts aimed tion challenges our nation faces,” said at promoting awareness and interest in engiASCE President Robert D. Stevens, neering careers, such as an upcoming Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE. “This MOU repre- IMAX film and educational project, – sents the collaborative actions ASCE and DreamBig! ( NSBE are undertaking to attract, develop and retain current and future black civil engineers.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2013, African-Americans repre-

March 23rd with stops in Louisville, Kenbeen over 150,000 awards totaling about tucky, Nashville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Geor- $40 billion that have helped this nation’s SBIR and STTR programs bring together gia, and Columbia, South Carolina. The innovators de-risk technology and keep the several federal agencies to promote innova- next stops in the tour during the week of nation competitive. The SBIR/STTR protion and research around many different April 27th are Long Beach, Mississippi, grams have provided seed funding to comareas of priority. For example, current Ruston, Louisiana, Oklahoma City, Oklaho- panies including Qualcomm, iRobot, Syawards support the Administration’s comma, Wichita, Kansas and Columbia, Mismantec and Genzyme. mitment to Alzheimer’s disease and other souri. Additional tours will hit the north neuroscience priorities and Brain Research central and northwest regions. Small techFor more information about SBIR/STTR through Advancing Innovative Neurotech- nology firms, innovators, scientists or reprograms, please visit nologies (BRAIN) Initiative. searchers seeking more information on the SBIR RoadPartnership: Tour, including a listing all Strategic Leaders of theofNational Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Each SBIR Road Tour stop will be hosted states to be visited, to: American Society should of Civil go Engineers (ASCE) sign a memorandum of understanding, before the by a local organization committed to Charles Stark Draper Awards Dinner at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. (left to right) ASCE Executive Director Thomas W. Smith III; ASCE President Robert D. Steporting technology-based entrepreneurship, vens; NSBE National Chair Sossena proWood and NSBE Executive Director Karl W. Reid and will provide attendees with a face-toThe highly competitive SBIR/STTR face opportunity to talk directly to federal grams provide the needed impetus for many agency program managers and decision advanced technology firms to move from RESOURCE SPOTLIGHT: BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates) is a nonmakers. ideation to commercialization and support profit organization of professionals working in or having interest in the Computer this nation’s innovation driven economy. Science and Information Technology Fields. The first series will take place the week of Since the programs’ inception, there have SBIR/STTR—Continued from Page 16



Successful Sista’s To Seek For Business and Personal Success business, be successful in business, create jobs, and give back to our communities.

By Sharon S. Gordon Black women represent one of the wealthiest and most influential demographics on the planet. We are extremely goal-oriented and career-driven, and we are very entrepreneurial. We are more likely to start a

During Women’s History Month we wanted to celebrate Black women who have decided to develop their careers by producing Many women today are using the internet online businesses, conferences and expos as as a way to stay connected through social well as women only membership sites that media, network with professionals and start empower and motivate other women by a new business. helping them succeed in life, family and business.

Small Business & Women Empowerment Coaches

Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux SWAG Strategy Solutions

Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux, also known as the SWAG Strategist & Leverage Your Brand Coach, is Founder and CEO of SWAG Strategy Solutions. SWAG is an acronym for Strategic Women Achieve Growth. SSS offers business coaching, professional speaking, training and development to women entrepreneurs – both current and aspiring entrepreneurs, along with sales professionals.

Deborah Owens The Wealth Coach Dr. Venus Opal Reese Defy Impossible Business Coach The goal of Dr. Venus Opal Reese is to teach purpose-driven high-achieving entrepreneurial Black Women how to identify, monetize, and leverage their worth by transforming mindsets, creating inspiring and

Rosetta Thurman Happy Black Woman

Developing a product, producing a website, marketing the website and monetizing your talent is only the beginning to succeeding online. Research the women, events and organizations represented and maybe you will discover your passion, create a new avenue for wealth and become a Successful Sista yourself!

Powerful Events Mothyna James-Brightful Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation Conference

Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc. (HWHN) is a community based organization, that promotes holistic wellness for women and families through education, physical and mental health, economic and self empowerment.

Rosetta’s speeches and workshops are inspiring, interactive and informative, designed to help participants take immediate action.

Sharvette Mitchell Talk Radio & Media Coach The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show, features various guests that include, celebrities, artists, authors, small business owners, public speakers, consultants, media personality and other influential people! Our goal: to motivate, excite and influence.

Deborah Owens is hailed as thought leader and advocate for remedying the wealth disparities of women and minorities. She is the author of three books most recently critically acclaimed, A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security, published by Simon and Schuster.

Gina McCualey Blogging While Brown Conference Blogging While Brown is more than a conference, it is a community - an incubator of creativity, collaboration and sustainability for emerging leaders in digital media and social change.



Successful Sista’s To Seek for Business and Personal Success

Lucinda Cross Activate Conference

Doreen Rainey Get Radical Conference

The Art of Activation is a life changer and will give you key tactics and strategies to run in hot pursuit towards your personal, professional and global purpose. Founder of the popular Activate! Conference. Held annually, Activate! presents a series of informative events with the purpose of “activating” the power inside of women.

A dynamic, seasoned and no-nonsense personal and business coach, she is the Founder of the RADICAL Success Institute and Vice President, Operations, Transformation Division in the Steve Harvey World Group. Focused on showing people how to take their goals and make them a reality, she’s built her career around teaching and training individuals, entrepreneurs and executives on systems and methods to accelerate success.

National Organization

National Council of Negro Women Ms. Ingrid Saunders Jones , Chair

Camika Smith The BOSS Network Jessica Ann Mitchell Blogger Week Blogger Week™ 2015 is a multicultural festival of bloggers, journalists and social media mavens hosted by Black Bloggers Connect.

As a collective, The BOSS Network supports women in their journey to become independent and successful in their endeavors utilizing networking. Working towards one simple goal, BOSS® is “Bringing Out Successful Sisters” to build relationships and networks to structure a foundation where women feel supported in their holistic lives.

Online Entrepreneur Success Ms. Ingrid Saunders Jones is the Senior Vice President of Global Community Connections for The Coca-Cola Company and Chair, The Coca-Cola Foundation (Atlanta, GA). As the leader of Coca-Cola’s philanthropy efforts, the company has contributed more than $460 million to support sustainable community initiatives, including the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Catalyst, the Critical Difference for Women program at Ohio State University, the International Costal Clean-up, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the National Council of Negro Women and the World Wildlife Fund, to name a few. The Foundation also funds The Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship Program for first generation college students. Ms. Jones also serves on the boards of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation and The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.

Extraordinary educator and political leader Mary McLeod Bethune (1875-1955) founded NCNW in 1935 and envisioned it to be an "organization of organizations" that would represent the national and international concerns of Black women. It would also give Black women the opportunity to realize their goals for social justice and human rights through united, constructive action. Today, the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. (NCNW) is a council of 39 affiliated national African American women's organizations and over 240 sections - connecting nearly 4 million women worldwide!

LaShanda Henry has been developing websites for over 10 years. She owns over 15 web properties and is most passionate about two things: creating positive websites for people of color and helping women entrepreneurs learn how to build successful businesses online. Ms. Henry graduated Columbia University and received her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2002. “My life’s mission is to motivate. inform. inspire. connect. With my mother in mind, I do what I do for parents looking to better their children’s lives and for women striving to live their dreams. I love to share information and build communities online. It’s what I do and who I am.”

LaShanda Henry Founder of Black Business Women Online

Some of LaShanda’s most popular websites include: • Multiple Shades of You Online (an African American Web Portal) • BBWO – Social Network for Women Entrepreneurs • SistaSense Money and Marketing blog




Leading the Way – Women Leaders Matter! By Star Jones, Esquire. President of National Association of Professional Women ship roles further reinforce the positive impact women have in today’s business world. Add to this the fact that, according to new research from Expert Market, the number of women-owned businesses has nearly doubled in the last 20 years, it’s easy to see how women leaders are leading the way. Here are more reasons why women leaders matter:

Star Jones, Esq. When it comes to successfully running a business and managing employees, women clearly lead the way – Women Leaders Matter! A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that most Americans see women as stronger than or equal to men when it comes to key leadership traits. From being honest and treating employees fairly to mentoring staff, women executives and managers come out ahead. That’s great news because recognition of the many attributes women bring to leader-

more significant roles in business, it helps create an awareness of the value professional women bring to a company. Whenever we read about the successes of a top CEO such as Yahoo Inc.’s Marissa Meyer or cheer on a woman who has left another crack in the proverbial glass ceiling, we feel empowered and impassioned to continually strive for our own professional goals.

Encourage Workplace Diversity As part of a diverse group, women business Shake It Up! owners, managers and executives are aware Let’s face it, women leaders shake things up! Men have inhabited corner offices and of the many roadblocks they may encounter board rooms – not to mention seats in Con- on the way to success. For those reasons, gress – far too long. Having more women in women leaders are in the perfect position to pave the way for others by fostering diverleadership roles in business, as well as a stronger presence in local and national poli- sity in their companies. And, although a recent study found that women bosses are tics, helps maintain the balance and keeps often penalized for hiring and promoting the playing fields even. other women and minorities, we must continue to move forward. “Continue to recruit Create Awareness diverse talent to meet diversity quotas and As women executives take on more and build an environment of color, creativity

and culture,” says Star Jones, President. “Make workplace diversity and inclusion a corporate priority.” Inspire the Next Generation Perhaps the most important reason why women leaders matter more than ever is the excitement they ignite in the next generation of young women. Having role models NAPW defines success as "owning your own power." As the largest, mostrecognized networking organization of professional women in the country, spanning virtually every industry and profession, the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is a powerfully vibrant networking community with over 600,000 members and nearly 300 Local Chapters. NAPW members have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and lifestyles with one common bond - their ability to succeed. See more at:

Be Where Important People Are Darnell Smith is the Founder/CEO of Business in the Black a online media and marketing company based in Dallas, Texas. http://

 You do this, of course, through networking. If you want to network with important people you have to know where they are and get yourself there… Here are a few ways to do that:

Power network within traditional channels. Go to your company’s events, when you get priceless face time with higher-ups. In addition, build your network upon the classic infrastructures of family, friends, your college alumni

group, and professional associations. Join a networking group. Find one whose members span every industry; that will give you a broad understanding of other businesses and exposure to new clients. Connect with everyone. That means networking up, down, and sideways. Don’t think that to make the CEO chair by age forty-five, you should only interact with managers, VPs, and trustees. Get to know the folks in the mailroom and the coffee shop, janitors, the newsstand operator, security officers– you never know who might offer a golden nugget of information that becomes your jackpot. Find ‘em! Research where your dream team members work out, get coffee, and eat lunch. I am not advocating that you become a stalker, as that would

Joining a networking group and attending annual business networking conferences are a great way to connect with likeminded business professionals. them slowly, you can ultimately introduce yourself as a business owner and propose that they consider joining your innovative venture. Bottom Line: Trust that the law of attracdefeat your purpose… if you become a tion will deliver the right people to you with friendly face in your potential dream the best chemistry, fit, and timing. And you team member’s kickboxing class, and will magically click with your team to live then ease into chit-chat and get to know your dream!




Changes In Technology Can Present Opportunity For Small And Midsize Businesses (NAPSI)—Thanks to new technology, it’s an exciting time for small and midsize businesses. That’s because many are finding that increased access to new technology— such as cloud and mobile solutions—can provide access to services that were never within their reach before, helping them grow and be more productive.

ance with regulatory demands and access to the most modern applications. These benefits can help small and midsize businesses This means that security patches and upmove faster, dates will no longer By embracing more modern, up-to-date reduce costs be available after this period, resulting technologies, small and midsize business- and, ultimately, be in a less stable and es are able to innovate in a way that al- more producless secure technolows them to outpace the competition. tive. logical infrastructure They are also finding that using old or out- if no action is taken. dated technology can hinder a company’s However, the good news is that a variety of • Backup: Today’s businesses generate ability to do business in a number of easy-to-integrate options are available for more data than ever before. The cloud ofways—from security risks and compliance those ready to upgrade, including Microsoft fers reliable and economical backup for issues to not being able to implement even Azure, the company’s cloud platform. data for businesses of any size, and it even modest changes or updates in software, all Cloud solutions such as Azure are designed automatically replicates data to help guard of which can significantly hamper a compa- to provide small and midsize businesses against unexpected hardware failures. ny’s ability to be successful and competiwith the ability to scale up or down to take advantage of opportunities or cut costs, all • Disaster recovery: Backup is a great sotive. based on their needs. lution to protect your business from data deletion and corruption—but it isn’t the A Shift In Technology only important factor when it comes to data. Numerous Benefits Disaster recovery with Azure means your The beginning of one era in technology often means the end or phasing out of anMany small and midsize businesses report company’s data and applications will be other. For example, to accommodate the that moving to a cloud platform like Azure replicated in the cloud and accessible at any time should anything happen to your physishift toward modern technology used by a provides a range of benefits—including growing number of small and midsize busi- increased backup capacity, enhanced disas- cal location. nesses, Microsoft will end support for Win- ter recovery capabilities, consistent complidows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015.

• Compliance: With data security comes legal and regulatory requirements. With cloud platforms like Azure, your security software will be continually updated, making it easy for your business to ensure it remains compliant with unique industry requirements. • Modern applications: The cloud provides the infrastructure, platform and custom-made solutions in one place, rather than having to cobble solutions together piece by piece. This helps make it possible for small or mid-size companies to spend less time troubleshooting IT issues and more time on activities that will drive the business forward. Now is the time to plan your transition— and Microsoft is here to help. For more information, please visit products/windows-server-2003. To find a Microsoft partner in your area to assist in your cloud transition, visit

WBC OHIO Announcement DreamBuilder The Women's Business Center is now offering an online interactive Business Plan DreamBuilder is a unique, multi-leveled business skills training program created to help women build their dream of starting or growing their own business. The 12 courses teach the basics of starting and growing a business, including topics such:  Rewards and Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur  Developing Your Business Idea  Who is Your Customer  Who is Your Competitor  Marketing Strategy  The significance of Branding,  Pricing and so much more. "Empowering women entrepreneurs with the resources Upon completion you will have an editaand tools to create strong, sustainable business." ble business plan. Through our online tool you will become a part of the WBC DreamBuilder community. You can communicate with other participants through discussion boards and messaging options. In addition you will find various sample business forms and useful templates for your business Register at: Contact us for further information: (614) 732-0981





Five Quick Ways To Upgrade Your Home For Resale so you get top dollar. Even if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon, these strategies can maximize your home’s value and increase its marketability:

lawn watered and weeded.

ings in the space.

• Removing eyesores inside. Some minor adjustments can help buyers recognize what’s great about your home. Swap outdated fixtures, remove wallpaper and give everything a deep clean. Replacements don’t have to be top of the line; they just need to eliminate hang-ups for potential buyers.

• Focusing on energy efficiency. The right energy-smart upgrades can assure buyers they’re seeing an efficient home where utility bills can be minimized. Adding insulation to the attic and walls can make a dramatic improvement in many homes. Consider the windows as well. Adding a heatrejecting window film such as 3M Sun Control Window Film can reduce cooling • Sprucing up the exterior. If you • Improving the kitchen—to a point. You costs and typically does not change the winthink you’ll have a probably won’t recoup the cost of a full dows’ appearance. Since the window film few years before kitchen renovation but smaller projects such can reject up to 99 percent of UV rays, it you move, work on as upgrading appliances and painting or can protect the investment you made in your landscaping your hardwood floors, rugs, window treatrefinishing cabinets can modernize the now to give plants ments, furniture and artwork. space. How a few quick touch-ups can create added value to your time to mature. home. Look for easy-care Learn More • Refreshing rooms with neutral paint. (NAPSI)—Whether you’re considering perennials such as hostas, which multiply cashing in on your equity, downsizing, trad- on their own. If you have less time, you can This is a time-honored tip for a reason. While seeing your favorite bold hues on the For further facts, visit ing up, moving for a change of scenery or still achieve a quick makeover by power walls makes you happy, potential buyers homeimprovement. relocating for better prospects, a few smart washing paths and siding, painting or upmay not agree. A fresh coat of neutral paint investments and improvements can help grading your front door and keeping the can help them envision their own belongyour home stand out from the competition

HOME & STYLE TRENDS Spring Cleaning 101: Find Extra Funds and Freedom By Decluttering Your Garage 1. For many, the garage is the primary entry and exit point to the home but it can also serve as a terrific storage space for emergency supplies. Check to make sure your home emergency kit is up to code—replace batteries in flashlights and replenish your canned food and medical supplies. You may not need them every day of the year, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, ensure that you have backup power sources available in the event of an outage—a (NAPSI)—There could be good news for home generator and backup battery for your many households: The garage can be so garage door opener are proven solutions much more than a storage room where you that will help maintain accessibility and hide your kid’s soccer cleats, lawn mower functionality for your family, no matter the and old yearbooks. With these five tips, you circumstance. can make it as organized, functional and aesthetically pleasing as any room in your 2. While reorganizing, take some time to house. check your garage door. Test the alignment by disconnecting the door from the opener;

once it’s disconnected, you should be able to lift the door easily with one hand. If the door is stuck or difficult to lift, you should call an authorized dealer for an inspection. Also, be mindful—if your garage door opener was installed prior to 1993, it’s probably time to have it replaced, as it may not be equipped with the latest safety features, such as photo eyes. 3. When cleaning the garage, homeowners tend to think of horizontal space—clearing out boxes on the floor, moving gardening equipment and power tools over to the side—but freeing up vertical space can be just as important. Instead of piling containers on the floor, think about installing wall shelves to maximize space. If you want to clear up additional overhead for a larger car, a hanger for bikes or other large pieces of sporting equipment, consider replacing your overhead garage door opener .

4. You’ve organized and upgraded your garage, but you’re not done yet—you need to be sure your garage is a safe place for friends, family and pets. Store flammable propane tanks outdoors and invest in a 5- or 10-pound fire extinguisher in case of emergencies. Lock up any other dangerous chemicals. 5. A good cleaning ultimately helps increase convenience and peace of mind, and that premise can extend beyond organizational tips. Creating a clean, functional space will provide the peace of mind you want and deserve. You can turn your home into an organized retreat and your garage into a functional space-saving area you can enjoy year after year.




Essential Tips For Year-Round Grilling round—and 35 percent grill when the temperature drops below freezing,” said Kim Lefko, Executive Vice President AMERICAS, Weber-Stephen Products LLC. “Our annual Weber GrillWatch Survey reveals the top reason people brave the cold is because they feel everything tastes better grilled. They also tell us it’s because they see grilling as an adventure, it’s ‘me time’ and it’s ‘football season.’” (NAPSI)—So many people are grilling outdoors year-round—even when temperatures dip below freezing—that Weber Grills, the company that launched the grilling revolution more than 60 years ago, has released its top tips for hearty grillers who simply won’t give up the distinctive flavors that only an outdoor grill can deliver. “More than half of grill owners grill year-

• Even when it’s cold outside, never grill in an enclosed space that can trap deadly carbon monoxide, such as inside a garage or under an overhang.

at the grill. • Position gas grills so the wind is perpendicular to the gas flow and not blowing the flame down the burner tubes.

• If you’re lookin’, you ain’t cookin’. Resist the urge to lift the lid. Repeatedly opening • Keep your grill covered to protect it from the grill will let precious heat escape, ultithe elements. mately increasing your grilling time. • Snow gloves are not barbecue gloves. • Use a thermometer to measure the internal Make sure you have on heat-resistant temperature of foods for delicious results gloves when operating your grill. every time.

Whether grilling for one or two, or to add some flair to your next party, be sure to For additional cold weather grilling tips, bundle up on your way to the grill and arm • Have backup fuel—charcoal and proyourself with these essential tips from We- pane—on hand in the winter as the grill will visit how-to-grill-in-the-winter. ber. typically require more fuel than during the warmer months. • Plan on adding five to 10 minutes to the normal time it takes to preheat your grill in • Grill what you know. Cold weather is the the warmer months. time to stick with the tried-and-true recipes you know by heart to maximize efficiency


888-885-5552 /




Hey, Man, It’s Time We Have A Heart-to-Heart by Bruce Johnson, heart attack survivor and news reporteranchor

ears. It began as a normal Thursday covering news as a street reporter in the toughest part of our nation’s capital. When the severe pain in my chest began, I tore open the top buttons of my dress shirt and loosened my tie to no avail. After a few failed attempts to shake off the pain, I was rushed by ambulance to the local hospital.

heart attack die before they get to the hospi- fore starting inpatient cardiac rehab. Within 2 weeks, I was walking and ready to go tal. home. I continued my supervised cardiac rehab as an outpatient for another 6 weeks. My cardiologist was concerned. I was young to be having a heart attack and was Determined to learn why I had my heart outwardly in good health. attack and what I could do to prevent anothTwo years before my heart attack, with a lot er one, I relied on what I did best: research of help, I had quit smoking and eliminated and investigation. I asked my family about all alcoholic drinks. However, my job as a our history of cardiovascular disease. I read reporter for a top news station was inherent- articles and listened intently when the nurses and doctors explained about my blood ly stressful. I often grabbed fast food as I tried to balance professional responsibilities pressure, pulse, weight and medications. I worked with a nutritionist who told me that with family time. It had all caught up with if I ate mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, me. broiled fish and chicken and lower-fat foods, I could occasionally enjoy spare ribs Later that night, my chest pain came back at family get-togethers. and I was flown to another hospital where

As I was rolled into the emergency room, my shirt was cut off, an IV needle was stuck in my arm, and monitoring leads were stuck to my chest. I was given medication to dissolve any blood clots and restart blood flow to my heart. An electrocardioan emergency angioplasty was performed to (NAPSM)—“Forty-two-year-old black gram showed that I had had a type of heart widen the obstructed artery. I had always been athletic before my heart male, probable heart attack.” To this day, attack called “the widow maker”: An artery attack but I knew I needed an activity that the paramedics’ words as they rushed me to was abruptly and completely blocked. Fifty I was in intensive care for several days bea Washington, D.C., hospital ring in my Continued on Page 23 percent of patients who have this type of Bruce at work & play after surviving heart attack


Heart—Continued From Page 22

defined me.

gave me control of my heart speed. I started by running on a treadmill and then moved my runs outside. I listened to my body but wasn’t afraid to push myself.

I know I was spared. My story could have turned out differently and I am grateful for this gift of life. But do you know what? This could be you. Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America.

I saw my doctors regularly to make sure my heart was functioning at its best. My health care team was stunned by my recovery, often calling me a miracle, which felt great. But not as good as knowing I was living healthy, tracking and controlling my blood pressure and taking care of myself. Despite my progress, I needed to prove to myself that I was healthy. Since running had be come my passion, I entered the Marine Corps Marathon. With clearance from my doctor, on October 22, 2000— eight years after my heart attack—I ran 26.2 miles. When I crossed the finish line, I knew my heart attack hadn’t defeated or

If you learn anything from my story, I hope it’s that YOU have to take care of yourself and your heart. No one else can do it for you. During American Heart Month, and all through the year, make your heart a priority. Know your blood pressure and keep it in control. Don’t smoke. Eat less fatty, salty, and greasy food and more fruits and vegetables. Make an appointment with your doctor. Free resources and information are available from Million Hearts at Take it from me: taking action today could save your life tomorrow.






Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair Company, Inspiring Beauty offers an unprecedented multisensory experience to visitors who have never attended an Ebony Fashion Fair, as well as reconnects those who experienced it first-hand.

TOUR SCHEDULE Museum of Design Atlanta, GA October 18, 2014 – January 4, 2015 Milwaukee Art Museum, WI February 5, 2015 – May 3, 2015 Minnesota History Center, St. Paul, MN May 22, 2015 – August 16, 2015 Charles H. Wright Museum of African American HIstory, Detroit, MI September 18, 2015 – January 3, 2016 ing ensemble of a shirred jumpsuit and ruffle coat, Karl Lagerfeld for Chloé beaded gown, Vivienne Westwood animal print

Eunice Johnson at work, 1970. Photo courtesy of Johnson Publishing Compa-

Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, NY January 30, 2016 – April 24, 2016

The first-ever exhibition on the Ebony Fashion Fair, Inspiring Beauty explores the 50-year history of the charity fashion spectacle that redefined the concepts of beauty, style, and empowerment for African Americans by examining the history of the show and its director and producer, Eunice W. Johnson. Inspiring Beauty showcases nearly 100 objects including ensembles and accessories displayed on fully stylized mannequins to recreate the runway experience, as well as archival photographs, video and Johnson’s personal effects to tell the full story of these unparalleled events. At the center of this dynamic show are the stunning gowns, feathered coats, and statement designs seen in the 40 garments selected from a collection of thousands Johnson amassed in five decades. Works by designers including Stephen Burrows, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Bob Mackie, Missoni, Jean Patou and Sarli, illustrate themes of vision, innovation, and power as exemplified by Johnson’s entrepreneurial spirit, flair for fashion, and philanthropic goals as co-founder

Eunice Johnson with designer Yves Saint Laurent, 1972. Photo courtesy of Johnson Publishing Company, LLC of Johnson Publishing Company, publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines. Exhibition highlights include garments from fashion greats such as Valentino, Pierre Cardin and Alexander McQueen for Givenchy before they reached worldrenowned status. An Yves Saint Laurent ‘Picasso’ cocktail dress, Nina Ricci even-

Bellevue Arts Museum, WA evening gown and Emanuel Ungaro two piece bridal gown are examples of the spec- May 20, 2016 – August 12, 2016 tacular trends of fashion and attitude of style. The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum, WashDeveloped by the Chicago History Museum ington, DC February 10, 2017 – June 4, 2017 in cooperation with Johnson Publishing



BEAUTY & FASHION TRENDS Try This DIY Beauty Recipe – the 3-in-1 Makeup Remover, Toner & Night Oil! If you’re like me, you’ve got a random col-

named licensed pharmacist and expert healthcare professional Fifi M. Maacaron, By Patrice Grell Yursik, and features more than 100 easy to follow Founder recipes for skin and body. IMO it’s pretlection of carrier and essential oils somety light on hair recipes, but it offers helpful where in your beauty arsenal. If you’re like and simple recipes for bellas who want to me, said random collection of essential and make their own toner or serum or even percarrier oils is mostly just sitting there colfumes from essential oils. With permission lecting dust and taking up space on your from the publisher, I got access to a few shelves. Many of us aspire to be gung-ho exclusive recipes – you gotta get the book DIY mixtresses in our down time, but life for the rest! I specifically requested the doesn’t always have that in store for us. In breakdown for the “3-in-1 Lazy Blend” – fact sometimes, we buy products we don’t you KNOW I love a good multi-use prodneed and make aspirational plans that we’re uct! A DIY multi-use product? SOLD. going to learn how to use them. That Here’s the breakdown, courtesy of The doesn’t always happen. I’m here to help Countryman Press. you sift through the clutter. First things first – let me introduce you to a 3-in-1 Lazy Blend – Makeup Removrecipe book you should check out – Natural er, Toner & Night Oil Beauty Alchemy: Make Your Own Organic What could be better than a makeup removCleansers, Creams, Shampoos, Serums, Balms and More. It’s written by fabulously er that is also a toner and an anti-aging

night oil all in one bottle? This formula softens the skin and nourishes it. While the composition of jojoba oil is very close to that of the skin’s own lipids and it doesn’t clog pores, wheat germ oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that prevent aging. Chamomile tea and rose water are extremely skin friendly and help, alongside glycerin, balance moisture levels. Keep this oilwater mix handy, especially when you have little time and energy left at the end of the day.

INGREDIENTS 2 ounces (60 ml) rose water 1 tablespoon almond oil 1 tablespoon jojoba oil 1 tablespoon wheat germ 1 ounce (30 ml) chamomile tea (at room temperature) 1 teaspoon glycerin

5 drops vitamin E oil Note: You can substitute witch hazel for rose water in case of oily skin. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Mix the above ingredients, adding one at a time. Shake well, and then transfer to a spray bottle. 2. Shake vigorously to disperse oil droplets before spraying onto a cotton disc or ball. Wipe the face and neck, repeating if necessary to remove makeup completely. 3. You do not need to rinse or follow with a toner or night oil, because this formula does it all. 4. Store the bottle in a cool place away from sunlight and heat.


pretty faces is my specialty"

Special Events Free-Lance Make-Up Parties


Natural Straight Deep Wave Curly Wave Loose Wave FREE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY CALL TODAY

Sara King Professional Makeup Artist 614-900-1033 /

Available at D’Andrea’s Hair Studio D’Andrea Brown, Master Designer 2151 E. Dublin Granville Road/ Suite F Columbus, OH 43229 / P 614-636-2298




JAMIE FOXX TO HOST IHEARTRADIO MUSIC AWARDS LIVE ON NBC Sunday, March 29 (8-11 P.M. ET/PT) Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Jason Aldean, Jamie Foxx, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, Nate Ruess, Alesso and Florida Georgia Line


along with appearances from Taylor Swift and more. This year’s iHeartRadio Music Awards will also feature unNEW YORK, N.Y. and UNIVERSAL expected collaborations from some of CITY, Calif. – The biggest names in en- the top names in music. tertainment will bring the music of the iHeartRadio app to life on Sunday, “This is the night we celebrate the bigMarch 29 for the second edition of the gest songs and artists we played for iHeartRadio Music Awards hosted by fans on our iHeartRadio stations across Oscar and Grammy award winning actor America and on the iHeartRadio app and musician Jamie Foxx. The event over the past year, along with a look at will air live on NBC from 8-11 p.m. ET/ what's coming in 2015,” said John PT from the historic Shrine Auditorium in Sykes, President of Entertainment EnLos Angeles and will be broadcast sim- terprises for iHeartMedia, Inc. “And who ultaneously on iHeartMedia stations na- better to host than both a Grammy wintionwide and across the iHeartRadio ning musician and Oscar winning performer Jamie Foxx? This is going to be digital music platform. an amazing star packed Sunday night of The three hour telecast will truly reflect music on NBC." America’s favorite music and will showcase the year’s most popular artists and “I’m so excited that Jamie Foxx is taking songs determined by the iHeartRadio the reins at this year’s iHeart Chart and fan voting through iHeartRa- awards. He is the perfect choice to lead dio stations nationwide. The evening this extraordinary night of music and will include performances by Rihanna, celebrity artists!" said Paul Telegdy, Iggy Azalea, Sam Smith, Madonna, Ja- President, Alternative and Late Night son Aldean, Jamie Foxx, Meghan Trai- Programming, NBC Entertainment. nor, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Snoop Dogg, Nate "2014 was such an incredible year for so Ruess, Alesso and Florida Georgia Line many artists across different genres, so Jamie Foxx

Snoop Dogg

"The iHeartRadio Music Awards is the night in music where the industry’s top artists get to shine, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, and celebrate their own achievements as well as those of their peers,” said Ian Stewart, President of Done + Dusted Inc.

Jennifer Hudson

Category finalists for the iHeartRadio Music Awards were announced on February 4, with 2014 iHeartRadio Innovator Award winner Pharrell Williams making a special appearance on NBC’s TODAY show to reveal this year’s Artist of the Year nominees. Social voting through iHeartRadio stations nationwide for the Best Lyrics, Best Fan Army and Renegade categories will run through Friday, March 20. Category finalists (by alphabetical order) are:

it's great to see them get the recognition they deserve," said Tom Poleman, President of National Programming Platforms for iHeartMedia. "Whether they're new to the scene or industry veterans, each artist's journey is exciting to follow, from their first radio spin to their first iHeartRadio Music Award nomination." Continued on Page 27



ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT IHeart - Continued From Page 25

Artist of the Year:  Ariana Grande  Iggy Azalea  Luke Bryan  Sam Smith  Taylor Swift Song of the Year:

 Iggy Azalea  Meghan Trainor  Sam Smith Country Song of the Year:    

"Bartender" - Lady Antebellum "Burnin' It Down" - Jason Aldean "Dirt" - Florida Georgia Line "Give Me Back My Hometown" Eric Church  "Play It Again" - Luke Bryan Hip Hop/R&B Song of the Year:

 

"Come With Me Now" - KONGOS "Do I Wanna Know?" - Arctic Monkeys  "Fever" - The Black Keys  "Something From Nothing" - Foo Fighters  "Take Me to Church" - Hozier Best Lyrics:

 "All of Me" - John Legend  "Blank Space" - Taylor Swift  "All About That Bass" - Meghan  "Counting Stars" - OneRepublic Trainor  "Habits (Stay High)" - Tove Lo  "All of Me" - John Legend  "Don't Tell 'Em" - Jeremih featuring  "Stay With Me" - Sam Smith  "Happy" - Pharrell Williams YG  "Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran  "Shake It Off" - Taylor Swift  "Drunk in Love" - Beyoncé featuring Best Fan Army: Jay Z  "Stay With Me" - Sam Smith Best Collaboration:  "Flawless" - Beyoncé  5SOSFAM - 5 Seconds of Summer  "Loyal" - Chris Brown featuring Lil  Arianators - Ariana Grande  "Bang Bang" - Jessie J + Ariana Wayne and Tyga  Bey Hive - Beyoncé Grande + Nicki Minaj  "New Flame" - Chris Brown featur-  Team Breezy - Chris Brown  "Dark Horse" - Katy Perry featuring ing Usher and Rick Ross  Sheerios - Ed Sheeran Juicy J Dance Song of the Year:  Church Choir - Eric Church  "Fancy" - Iggy Azalea featuring  Directioners - One Direction Charli XCX  "Animals" - Martin Garrix  Selenators - Selena Gomez  "Problem" - Ariana Grande featuring  "Blame" - Calvin Harris featuring  Mendes Army - Shawn Mendes Iggy Azalea John Newman  Swifties - Taylor Swift  "Talk Dirty" - Jason Derulo featuring  "La La La" - Naughty Boy featuring Renegade Award presented by the 2 Chainz Sam Smith All New 2015 Jeep Renegade: Best New Artist:  "Summer" - Calvin Harris  "Waves" - Mr. Probz  Brantley Gilbert  Bastille Alternative Rock Song of the Year:  Charli XCX  Cole Swindell  Hozier

 

Iggy Azalea Meghan Trainor

This year the iHeartRadio Music Awards is partnering with the Jeep brand to present the first-ever “Renegade Award”. The “Renegade Award” celebrates emerging standout artists who have broken boundaries while staying true to themselves. These artists defy convention to create new musical lanes that are distinctly their own. They are authentic and passionate, with the talent to stretch the limits and do something extraordinary. The iHeartRadio Music Awards will be executive produced by John Sykes, Tom Poleman and Liz Kelly of iHeartMedia, along with Ian Stewart and Hamish Hamilton of Done and Dusted Inc., who will also produce the show for NBC Studios. Hamilton will also direct. Proud partners of this year’s events include the All New 2015 Jeep Renegade and Taco Bell®. For breaking news and exclusive iHeartRadio Music Awards content visit or follow the social buzz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google +.

EVENTS The Urban Trendsetters List of 2015 Media Sponsorship is GROWING NATIONALLY & FAST!!!! Events Include but NOT limited to: Who’s Who Publishing Book Unveiling Receptions for Atlanta, GA other city announcements soon. The African American Male Wellness Walk Atlanta, Detroit, Washington, DC, Niagara Falls 2015 Champions of Diversity and Career town Network Career Fair-Columbus, OH and Atlanta, GA The African American Film Festival-New York City FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ADVERTISING, SPONSORSHIP OR VENDOR OPPORTUNITIES LOG ONTO WWW.URBANTRENDSETTERS.COM /EVENTS CALL : Mykayla Bryant or Sharon S. Gordon at 888-885-5552





Elevate Your Next Road Trip By Seeking Out Added Value (NAPSI)—For those looking to take an upscale road trip, but who want to get the most for their money, there are several tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning a getaway.

road trip up a notch from the moment you pull out of your driveway, a special edition Crafted Line of vehicles from Lexus comes equipped with a beautiful two-piece set of tailor-made Tumi luggage. The Lexus Crafted Line features an Ultra White exterior with Obsidian door handles, side mirrors and grille. Eye-catching seats, contrast stitching, headrests and door panels are either two-tone Black/Scarlet or Black/ Cabernet. Models include IS 250 F SPORT, LS 460 F SPORT and GS 350 F SPORT in RWD and AWD; RX 350 AWD F SPORT; and ES 350. A Meguiar’s New Car Care Kit is also included as another extra bonus for Crafted Line owners.

Search for Package Deals-Regardless of when you travel, try to look for a hotel ofTime Your Trip-If your dates are flexible, fering a package deal to capitalize on your try traveling to your selected destination travel investment. Many upscale hotels ofduring its off-season. Hotels often drop fer credit toward their on-site restaurants, their rates to attract business when crowds bars or spas when you book in advance thin out, and you can score a great deal online. Hotels in areas such as Napa Valley while avoiding a tourist rush. Try a mounor other wine country destinations may tain destination before ski season is in full partner with nearby wineries to offer its swing, or a famous site, such as the Grand guests exclusive deals on tastings and tours. Canyon, on a weekday during the school For example, The Allison Inn & Spa in OrThe limited edition Tumi duffel bag set was egon’s Willamette Valley offers Lexus year. specifically designed to match the vehicles owners the chance to sample three distincTake Advantage of Luxury Partnerships- for grille-to-trunk coordination. Lexus own- tive local wines and receive a complimenLuxury brands often partner to provide their ers can find additional pieces of this origi- tary bottle of their favorite. The resort also nal luggage set and other exclusive offers at has an on-site fleet of Lexus vehicles availcustomers with added value. To take your

able for guests to drive, eliminating the need for a rental car. Take the Scenic Route-The great thing about road trips is that you can skip the crowded, expensive attractions and enjoy the view from the comfort of your car seat. And all passengers will be happy to spend more time taking in free, scenic sites along the way. Take advantage of natural wonders and roadside attractions—such as New York’s scenic Finger Lakes region or kitschy Route 66 sites—whenever possible. With these tips and tricks, and a little advance planning, you’ll save time and money while elevating your road trip. Find out more at





When The Check Engine Light Is On, Don’t Ignore It less, vehicle checkups during car care events throughout the country reveal that the check engine light is on in nearly one out of 10 vehicles.

Don’t take this lightly: One of the most vital signals of an improperly functioning vehicle is the check engine light and, when illuminated, it alerts the driver to a variety of existing potential problems. Neverthe-

“When the check engine light comes on, it means that a vehicle system such as the ignition, fuel injection or emission control is not operating properly, even if the vehicle appears to be running normally,” explained Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council, the source for the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign promoting regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair.

Some common malfunctions that can cause the check engine light to illuminate include a faulty “A glowing check engine light doesn’t mean you have to immediately pull the car Don’t be in the dark to the side of the road, but it does mean you about your engine’s problem when the check should get the car checked out as soon as possible. Ignoring the warning light could result in costly repairs. At the very least, the oxygen sensor, mass air- light could alert you to an engine problem flow sensor, or spark that is negatively impacting fuel economy,” plugs and wires. If the light flashes, the he added. condition is more critical and must be checked immediately to prevent severe When scheduling service, make sure the damage, which may include catalytic conautomotive shop that examines your vehicle verter damage. has professional technicians who are trained

and certified in OBDII diagnosis and repair. The technician will connect your vehicle’s computer system to a diagnostic scan tool, which will indicate why the light was activated. At the same time, the technician can analyze idle speed, throttle response, engine temperature, fuel system pressure, manifold vacuum, exhaust emission levels and many other key indicators. Once the problem is fixed, the car’s computer is reset to initiate its release process. The technician should then be able to tell you what needs to be done and discuss potential warranty coverage and further testing, if necessary. For a free “Car Care Guide” or for further information, visit



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March 2015 Women's History Month  
March 2015 Women's History Month  

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