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June 2010

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Black Music Month


June 2010

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

Black Music Month

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

June 2010


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Black Music Month

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A Salute to OUR Fathers. If you listen to many father’s out there you hear them say that “mother’s get all the recognition.” I suppose this is true. It is an unfortunate truth that good fathers don’t often get the praise that they deserve. Whenever the star ball player makes the final touchdown or free throw that seals the win of the game, the first person they give a shout out to is, “HI MOM!” I have been blessed to have two fathers in my life; by biological father of whom I have always referred to as “daddy”, as well as my step-father of whom I refer to as “Pops” (Parent on Purpose). I lost my father a few years ago and there are times now that I wish he were here, he was hilarious. To see my grandson today, would bring him unspeakable joy. I wish that we knew what we know now in terms of taking care of ourselves, eating well and living healthy and regular visits to the doctor (my father went after he found out he was ill.) So, I encourage all you daughters and sons to make sure your father has had a doctor’s visit recently or please get him to the African American Male Wellness Walk this upcoming August. The following prayer is for my “POPS”, father’s and the other men who step in and pick up the “charge” to raise our children. I love you because you had a choice and chose to become a part of my life and raise me as your own. You are my parent on purpose, thank you. Father’s Day Prayer Lord, please bless our fathers, these men who mean so much to us, who are greatly responsible for who we are and who we are becoming. Bless them for having the courage to do what’s necessary to keep us out of trouble, for making us do the right thing, for helping us build our character, even when it makes us angry; and bless them for pushing us to do our best, even when they just want to love us. Bless our fathers for being our protectors, for leading us through stormy times to safety, for making us believe that everything will be all right and for making it so. Bless our fathers for quietly making a living to provide for those they love most, for giving us food, clothing, shelter and other necessary and not so necessary material things, for unselfishly investing time and money in us that they could have spent on themselves. Bless our fathers, Lord, for saving some energy for fun, for leading us on adventures to explore the outer reaches of ourselves, for making us laugh, for being our playmates and our friends. Bless them for being our secure foundation, our rock, for holding on tight to us...until it’s time to let us go. Lord, bless these men we look up to, our role models, our heroes, our fathers. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen. By Joanna Fuchs

Sharon S. Gordon

Community News

Black Music Month

PENN NATIONAL APPOINTS THE COLUMBUS NAACP AS THE ADMINSTRATOR FOR DIVERSITY INCLUSION FOR THE NEW HOLLYWOOD CASINO COLUMBUS ENCOURAGES ALL MINORITY AND WOMEN OWNED CONTRACTORS TO- “GET LISTED!” Columbus-May 28, 2010-Penn National Gaming, Inc. (Nasdaq: PENN) announced today that the Columbus NAACP will partner with Penn National to ensure that diversity inclusion is most important in every phase of the new Hollywood Casino Columbus, from construction to employment. As the Administrator for Diversity Inclusion, the Columbus NAACP will begin the process of ensuring that minority and womenowned contractors have an equal opportunity to bid on the construction phase of the casino. The Columbus (OH) NAACP Branch President, Noel Williams states, “Our research reveals that Penn National is committed to Diversity. In areas where Penn has moved into a city such as the case here in Columbus, they have exceeded their diversity goals.  Penn National made a campaign

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The Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB), a Web-based, counselor assisted program, is a free service that can help you or your friends and family apply for public benefits and work supports, such as health care coverage, home energy assistance and food assistance.

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June 2010

promise to provide economic opportunity for the entire community but specifically for the minority community and through community outreach. By partnering with the NAACP the goal of diversity will be met.”  There is no organization better situated than, the NAACP the oldest and strongest civil rights organization in America, to ensure diversity.” The NAACP announces their “Get Listed! Campaign as Phase 1 of the construction process begins. Penn and the NAACP are requesting all minority contractors, vendors and supplier to “Get Listed” by logging on to under tab “Action Alerts” or www.hollywoodcasinocolumbus. com and get registered before September 15th.  We encourage all to register! Eric Schippers, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, of Penn National commented, “we are proud to partner with the Columbus NAACP and members of the minority business community of Columbus and Franklin County in our efforts to provide the economic opportunity we promised in our campaign.  It is important for interested businesses to register with us. We advise all contractors who are not certified MBEs and WBEs to start the process now.” With a planned investment of approximately $400 million, Hollywood Casino Columbus, which is expected to open in the second half of 2012, will include 180,000 square feet of gaming space, 3,000 slot machines, 85 table games, 25 poker tables, a parking garage, a variety of food and beverage offerings and an entertainment lounge. The NAACPGET LISTED! Campaign will provide additional marketing, advertising and community outreach events. For more information on upcoming events and announcements visit our website at or www.

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

Black Music Month

Community News

Governor Announces Infrastructure Grant within Ohio Aerospace Hub in Dayton revitalization partnership that will catalyze the city and region’s world-class health care and biomedical device technology assets to drive sustainable growth for the community. The Cleveland Health and Technology Corridor will focus on promoting entrepreneurship, economic development and commercialization in the bioscience field, focusing on the development of medical devices for cardiovascular, imaging and

Columbus, OH – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today announced a $950,000 Roadwork Development Grant to the City of Dayton for improvements to the Dayton Aerospace and Aviation Hub of Innovation and Opportunity at Tech Town. “The state’s additional investment within the Dayton Aerospace Hub demonstrates our continued commitment to work collaboratively with the region to spur economic development opportunities,” Strickland said. “These infrastructure improvements will play a significant role in new company formation within the Hub, while at the same time support the existing area businesses, Miami Valley Hospital, and Dayton’s vibrant academic community.” The Dayton Aerospace and Aviation Hub is a collaborative effort of the City of Dayton, the University of Dayton, Montgomery County and the Dayton Development Coalition which focuses on the region’s strong history in sensors and advanced materials related to the aerospace

neurostimulation applications. The Cleveland Hub currently includes 75 biomedical companies, 45 high-tech companies and 50,000 healthcare and biomedical employees. To be designated an Ohio Hub, a region must identify core strengths and develop a strategic plan for urban and regional development. An Ohio Hub designation is a commitment from both the state and region to work collaboratively and target economic development efforts toward building upon those identified strengths.

industry. With the support of partners on this project, substantial improvements to Brown Street within the Dayton Aerospace and Aviation Hub will allow for better traffic flow and significantly increase pedestrian traffic, enhance connections within the Hub and create an even more collaborative environment between the academic community and the public-private business sector. The Dayton Aerospace Hub leverages strong regional assets, such as IDCAST, the Ohio Third Frontier Wright Center, EMTEC, an Edison Center, as well as access to risk capital through the Ohio Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Signature Program. Other strong regional assets include the University of Dayton Research Institute, Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Laboratories, the National Composite Center, and Wright State University. Yesterday, Governor Strickland announced the state’s second Hub, the Cleveland Health and Technology Corridor, an urban

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

June 2010


State News

Black Music Month

Governor to Sign House Bills 50, 198 and 238 Columbus, OH – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland will sign House Bill 50, House Bill 198 and House Bill 238 late this evening.

House Bill 50

State Representative John Domenick sponsored HB 50, which requires the Registrar of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to provide a supplemental portion of a vehicle registration to customers, not to include the customer’s address. The legislation will also bring the current law into line with the six pilot certificate grade established under federal law (student, sport, recreational, private, commercial, and airline transport).

House Bill 198

State Representatives Peggy Lehner and Peter Ujvagi sponsored HB 198, which creates a Patient Centered Medical Home Education Pilot Project, and a task force to implement and administer the

project, in an effort to advance medical education in the patient-centered medical home model of care. The bill also provides opportunities for primary care medical and nursing students to take advantage of Choose Ohio First Scholarships. 

House Bill 238

State Representative Sandra Harwood sponsored HB 238, which requires courts in a divorce or legal separation hearing to require that each spouse fully disclose all marital property, separate property, and other assets. The bill also allows courts to treat nondisclosure of assets as a form of financial misconduct for which the court may offer greater compensation to the offended spouse. The bill also calls for the addition of municipal court judicial positions in Putnam and Montgomery Counties.

Treasury Highlights Small Business Stars through GrowNOW program Columbus, Ohio—Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce is reminding Ohioans that this week is National Small Business Week. To highlight small businesses around the State the Treasury will kick-off its GrowNOW star program. The program recognizes Ohio’s small businesses that are thriving with the help of the Treasury’s linked deposit program.   “The lack of access to capital prevents businesses from competing and expanding,” said Treasurer Boyce.  “By providing businesses with the resources to survive they can be competitive in the global market. It will also produce high quality services and products.”


June 2010

The Treasury is committed to make borrowing affordable as small businesses hire additional employees and work through vital growth periods.  GrowNOW allows businesses to take out a loan at a reduced interest rate with an eligible bank.  Using this program the Treasury takes the interest earned on certificates of deposit at financial institutions and uses it to

reduce the loan costs by 3% for small businesses.   “By strategically using our portfolio we can help create and retain jobs around the State.  We are committed to enabling Ohio businesses to thrive and be successful.”    Since taking office a little over a year ago the Boyce administration’s GrowNOW program has provided $195 million to Ohio small businesses, while creating and retaining more than 8,220 jobs. Using all Treasury programs and resources the Boyce administration has helped to create and retain 54,580 jobs in Ohio.

Since taking office a little over a year ago the Boyce administration’s GrowNOW program has provided $195 million to Ohio small businesses, while creating and retaining more than 8,220 jobs.    Boyce participated in a press conference today to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the public-private lending partnership between the State of Ohio and Huntington Bank. Over the last year the partnership has loaned $465 million to over 2,000 Ohio small businesses. 

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

National News

Black Music Month

The White House Blog Seniors Across the Country Join President Obama’s Discussion on Health Reform and Medicare Posted by Stephanie Cutter on June 09, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT Yesterday, seniors across the country participated in President Obama’s tele-town hall meeting on the Affordable Care Act. Tens of thousands of seniors listened or watched the event while others gathered at more than 100 watch parties, some of which were attended by senior Obama Administration officials. • Watch the full event, with direct links to each question. At the event, President Obama knocked down the misinformation campaign opponents of reform have been waging for a year. Here’s what he said: Now, this debate got pretty contentious at times last year. I think you remember.  And just when you were looking for accurate information about what this reform would mean for you, there were a lot of opponents of health care reform generally that sought to deny you that information.  And they ran some pretty nasty rumors in hopes that it would scare folks.  I know that’s hard to imagine in politics -- but that’s what happened. So here’s the truth:  First and foremost, what you need to know is that the guaranteed Medicare benefits that you’ve earned will not change, regardless of whether you receive them through Medicare or Medicare Advantage.  Your guaranteed benefits will not change.  Eligibility won’t change.  Medicare will continue to cover your costs the way it always has.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

He discussed how the Affordable Care Act will help seniors across the country and strengthen Medicare. This new law gives seniors and their families greater savings, better benefits and higher-quality health care. That’s why it ensures accountability throughout the system so that seniors have greater control over the care that they receive. And that’s why it keeps Medicare strong and solvent -– today and tomorrow. And the President also answered questions about Medicare Advantage: …Here’s what we did under the law.  What we said was, you can maintain Medicare Advantage, but we are going to say to the insurance companies that you can’t use this just to pad your profits or to pay higher CEO bonuses.  Eighty-five percent of what you spend has to actually be for health services.  We’re going to review the rates that are applied.  We’re going to set a rate that is fair and appropriate so that Medicare Advantage isn’t costing people who aren’t in Medicare Advantage. President Barack Obama, with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, right, answers a question during a national tele-town hall meeting with senior citizens to discuss the Affordable Care Act at the Holiday Park Multipurpose Senior Center in Wheaton, Maryland, June 8, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) This morning, local papers across the country are reporting on the recent events. Some highlights: Pennsylvania: “Local seniors view live Obama healthcare

broadcast,” York Daily Record  “If Obama’s intention was to reassure seniors, it appeared to have worked for the crowd at the White Rose center. Afterward, in response to a request by the National Council on Aging, they conducted a poll by show-of-hands. “Nineteen of the assembled seniors raised their hands when asked how many feel they will be better off as a result of the new law. None raised their hands when asked how many feel they will be worse off.” New Jersey: “Wyckoff seniors assimilate Obama’s view of health care plan at town hall teleconference,” Suburban News “Following the meeting, which lasted just over an hour, residents of the Christian Health Care Center had mostly favorable things to say Heartland


12:18 PM

Page 1

about the speech… “Lorene Snodderly called the speech ‘very good,’ and said she liked the way [President Obama] answered questions. “‘He hits the concerns older people have,’ she said.” New Mexico: “Health Care Benefits Come For Some Seniors,” KOAT-TV “‘When the Medicare prescription drug benefit was passed a few years ago because of budgetary concerns, Congress created this gap in coverage,’ said Rima Cohen, counselor to the Secretary for Health Policy at the Department of Health and Human Services, who came to New Mexico to help answer questions… “Seniors will be enrolled (Continued on page 36)

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Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

June 2010


Global News

Black Music Month

BP OIL SPILL UPDATE The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill Prepared by the Joint Information Center UPDATED June 7, 2010 7 PM In the Past 24 Hours President Meets with Cabinet Members and Other Top Officials at White House President Obama met with members of his cabinet and other top U.S. government officials involved in the ongoing administration-wide response to the BP oil spill in the Cabinet Room at the White House. Following the meeting, the President again reiterated the federal government’s commitment to ensuring that BP fulfills every claim obligation. “We are going to insist that money flows quickly— in a timely basis—so that you don’t have a shrimp processor or a fisherman who’s going out of business before BP finally makes up its mind as to whether or not it’s going to pay out,” the President said. “That’s going to be one of our top priorities, because we know that no matter how successful we are over the next few weeks in some of the containment efforts, the damages are going to be there.” A transcript is available here. Admiral Allen and Press Secretary Gibbs Provide Operational Update National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs provided a briefing to inform the American public and answer questions on the progress of the administration-wide response to the BP oil spill from the White House press briefing room. A transcript is available here.


June 2010

Admiral Allen included a slide (pdf ) in his briefing that presents a three-dimensional view of the response and the four different areas of operations: in the subsea area near the well; on the surface above the well; within 50 miles of the coast; and on the shoreline. “We’re no longer dealing with a large, monolithic spill,” Allen said. “We’re dealing with an aggregation of hundreds or thousands of patches of oil that are going a lot of different directions. And we’ve had to adapt and we need to adapt to be able to meet that threat.” BP Continues to Capture Some Oil and Gas Using Containment Device BP continues to capture some oil and burn some gas at the surface using its containment dome technique, which is being executed under the federal government’s direction. After cutting off a portion of the riser, BP placed a containment device over it in order to capture oil at its source. EPA Continues to Monitor Air, Water and Sediment Quality in the Gulf Coast According to the most recent data, the Environmental Protection Agency has found that air quality levels for ozone and particulates are normal on the Gulf coastline for this time of year. Likewise, water and sediment samples along the Gulf Coast did not reveal elevated levels of chemicals usually found in oil. EPA has observed odor-causing pollutants associated with petroleum products in the air along the coastline at low levels. Some of these chemicals may cause short-lived effects like headache, eye, nose and throat irritation, or nausea. People may be able to smell some of these chemicals at

levels well below those that would cause short-term health problems. Anyone experiencing these and other symptoms should call the Medical Support Line at 1-888623-0287 begin_of_the_skype_ highlighting 1-888-623-0287 end_ of_the_skype_highlighting. Fishing Restrictions Decrease by One Percent; 68 Percent Remains Open Today, NOAA opened 430 square miles of previously closed fishing area off the Florida panhandle – the northern boundary now ends at the Florida federal-state water line on the east side of Choctawhatchee Bay. This area was initially closed on June 5 as a precaution because oil

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

was projected to be within the area over the next 48 hours. However, the review of satellite imagery, radar and aerial data indicated that oil had not moved into the area. The closed area now represents 78,264 square miles, which is approximately 32 percent of Gulf of Mexico federal waters—the closed area does not apply to any state waters. This leaves approximately 68 percent of Gulf federal waters available for fishing. Closing fishing in these areas is a precautionary measure to ensure that seafood from the Gulf will remain safe for consumers. (Continued on page 36)

Black Music Month

Green & Trendy

Helping The Environment-One Preschooler At A Time

-Imagine how wide your preschoolers’ eyes would pop if they knew a dripping tap wastes about 55 cups of water each day. Or that it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. Being wasteful harms the environment in so many ways, and those are the kinds of facts most parents are unlikely to have at their fingertips. But for those eager to teach their children about the importance of caring for and preserving the world around them-and experts say it’s never too early to start imparting such values--help has at last arrived. The 24-hour, preschool TV channel Sprout has just begun airing a new series, “dirtgirlworld,” that’s the first ever to introduce children as young as age 2 to what it calls “the joys of outdoor play and sustainable, green living.” The idea being, kids

will naturally find it fun to “go get grubby” along with their own gumboot-wearing eco-heroine (dirtgirl) as she grows awesome tomatoes, calls clouds by their names, and drives a big orange tractor. And, oh, yes, it’s no accident that there’s plenty there to engage and inspire their parents, too. “Engaging children’s shows like ‘dirtgirlworld’ really encourage parents and preschoolers to discover and learn together,” said Gael Levin-Simon, an educational content developer for children’s television. “Young children can learn so much from playing outside and experiencing nature. “And, with their parents as guides,” she added, “it provides an opportunity for the family to share these special moments together while building knowledge and respect for the wonders of the

outdoor world around them.” The music-centric show features a blend of catchy rock songs, live action and animation. As for its wildly assorted cast of characters, in addition to “the Green Thumbs,” a bunch of real kids having fun in real gardens, they include dirtgirl’s best friend, scrapboy, who’s a whiz with junk; grubby, with her grub’s eye view; hayman, a monosyllabic scarecrow; and ken the weevil, a super stunt star. The “dirtgirlworld” series airs daily at 4:50 p.m., EDT, and includes educational preschool curriculum. The Sprout channel is known for its unique TV, on-demand and online programming for kids ages 2 to 5, their parents and caregivers. And since “dirtgirlworld” is intended to provide ideas on how preschoolers can make a difference environmentally, parents can also go online at www.SproutOnline. com for tips like the following: • Reuse already-read newspapers-and have fun doing it--by folding pages into hats. • Since kids love watching things grow, plant trees or flowers together in your backyard or neighborhood. • Turn recycling into a habit by making a game out of separating trash. Children as young as age 2 can have fun learning about protecting the environment.

Advertise Your

Green Business or GREEN Initiative



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1-866-970-4UTS (4887)

June 2010


Young & Trendy

Black Music Month

Teens Have High Hopes For Their Financial Future

-While politicians, economists and the American public ponder how to strengthen the U.S. economy, a majority of U.S. teens say they don’t understand how to effectively balance their spending and saving. That’s one of the key findings of the eleventh annual “Teens and Personal Finance Survey” conducted by Junior Achievement (JA) and The Allstate Foundation. Nearly half of the 1,000 U.S. teens surveyed (45 percent) say they are unsure about how to effectively invest their money, and nearly a quarter of teens (22 percent) said they do not budget their money. Budgeting Is For Adults Among teens who do not manage their money, the survey found that 42 percent aren’t interested in money management, 37 percent don’t know how to manage their finances, and 32 percent think budgeting is for adults so it doesn’t matter how they spend their money. Over Half Of Teens Polled Not Clear On How To Use Credit While many teens predict being as well-off or better off than their parents (86 percent), the survey found that 54 percent of teens say they are unsure about how to effectively use credit, and 74


June 2010

percent think they should get a credit card by age 21. Teens Still Have High Hopes “Teens are admitting that they don’t have knowledge of some of the basic money-management skills around investing, budgeting and using credit. Despite the alarming numbers, teens overwhelmingly have high hopes for future financial stability,” said Jack E. Kosakowski, president of Junior Achievement USA. “The poll shows we need to do a better job of ensuring our youth are financially literate.” “This volatile chapter in the nation’s economy is bringing teens and parents together in agreement about at least one topic: There is a huge need in this country for financial literacy education,” said Vicky Dinges, assistant vice president, public social responsibility at Allstate. Free Tips For Parents Junior Achievement and The Allstate Foundation have partnered to create Junior Achievement, $ave USA, a financial literacy initiative comprised of free moneymanagement exercises for parents and their children to do together-and free classroom lessons for students at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

NAACP Youth & College Division’s “100 Remix” Campaign Launches Logo Competition Current NAACP Youth & College Logo. Have a better idea? Baltimore, MD ( -- The NAACP Youth & College Division is giving those with a knack for art and a desire to be a part of history a chance to put their talent on display. Sponsored by YUM! Brands, the organizations, “100 REMIX” campaign has kicked off a logo competition to create a new logo for the NAACP Youth & College Division. “We are looking for a logo that encompasses our rich 100 year history, but showcases our forward movement”, says Stefanie Brown, National Director, NAACP Youth & College Division. “Our Youth & College Division is made of 12-25 year olds and we want a logo that represents our membership.” The contest is open to anyone who is between the ages of 12-25 years of age. To enter, participants are asked to create a logo integrating the words, ‘NAACP Youth & College Division’ and upload their designs at winning design will be unveiled at the “100 REMIX Town Hall Event” at the 2010 NAACP National Convention, in Kansas City on July 12th, and serve as the official logo of the NAACP Youth & College Division. In addition, the winner will receive Taco Bell for one year, a $500 cash prize, a complimentary membership to the NAACP Youth & College Division and bragging rights. The cut-off date for the contest is July 1, 2010. The Official contest rules are available at

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Black Music Month

How Schools And Families Can Help Kids Be Healthy And Wise

-This year, participating schools around the country can sign up through their Box Tops for Education coordinator to host a Family Fitness Night. Parents, teachers and others will volunteer to oversee six activity stations designed to teach families how fun and simple it can be to stay healthy.

It’s important that kids participate in at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Unfortunately, most kids are not getting enough exercise or eating what they should. Consider these points: • The average child spends five to seven hours a day sitting in front of some kind of screen despite the fact that school-age children should not be inactive for longer than two hours at a time. • Compared to inactive kids, those who get 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day have higher levels of fitness and stronger muscles. They also have less body fat, stronger bones and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. • Less than 25 percent of kids get their daily-recommended servings

of fruits and vegetables. • Nine out of 10 Americans (including kids) do not get enough whole grains in their diet. • Research shows that kids who eat breakfast do better in school, have better nutrient intakes and have healthier body weights than kids who skip breakfast. These are just a few of the reasons the Box Tops for Education program wants to promote exercise and good nutrition at school. That’s where kids spend most of their time, making it a good place to teach them the importance of physical activity and healthy nutrition and that staying fit can be as simple as finding different ways to have fun. Over the past 14 years, school supporters have earned $300 million to support education

through Box Tops for Education. The cash earned through the program helps fill gaps in school budgets, funding essential items such as computers, books, art supplies, playground equipment and uniforms. “By doing simple, everyday activities like grocery shopping, dedicated school supporters are making a significant difference in America’s classrooms,” said Kimmra Hingher, program manager for Box Tops for Education. School supporters can clip Box Tops coupons, valued at 10 cents, from hundreds of General Mills and other products and earn more cash by shopping online at major retailers, where a percentage of qualifying purchases is donated back to their school.

Save the Date August 14, 2010

Learn how to unlock all of your child’s potential at the annual Columbus NAACP sponsored event:

Back to School Stay in School. You’ll receive: • Inspiration from a Renowned Speaker • Informative Workshops • Food • A Family Fun Day Event • School Supplies w/book-bag • A Special Gift

For more information or to RSVP call

614.464.1108 or visit

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June 2010


Family Trends

Black Music Month

A Guy’s How-To Guide To Life —If you have ever wanted to know how to put out a grill fire, avoid shooting a champagne cork, remove a fishhook from your finger, build a shelter in the snow or rid a room of monsters, there’s good news for you. The latest volume in a popular book series offers the lowdown on how to master what it considers to be the essential skills needed by guys to get by in both the modern world and the wilderness. Author David Borgenicht, the creator of The Worst-Case Scenario series of books, has researched hundreds of tactics for dealing with the most dangerous and challenging of situations. The most recent title, “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Man Skills,” details how to deal with the perils previously mentioned and others, such as surviving a stadium riot, treating a shaving wound, flipping an overturned kayak and bonding with a teenager; all skills that any dad would be wise to know. The 500+-page book covers what it describes as the essential aspects of a modern man’s life with chapters on Great Escapes, Sports and Hobbies, Domestic Disasters, Work, and Out and About excursions. According to Borgenicht, the book not only details adventurous feats but also more domestic challenges as well. Said Borgenicht, “As president of my company, I may negotiate contracts and convince partners to do business with me, but trying to apologize when you don’t know what you’ve done wrong? Now that’s something that men need help figuring out.” Published by Chronicle Books, “The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Man Skills” (Piven, Borgenicht and Winters) is available where books are sold and is said to make a timely gift for both dads and grads. To learn more, visit

The latest volume in a popular book series offers the lowdown on how to master what it considers to be the essential skills needed by guys to get by in both the modern world and the wilderness.


June 2010

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Black Music Month


African-American Baptists donate $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity for housing in Haiti This is the largest gift given to Habitat from a faith community for recovery efforts in Haiti ATLANTA (June 10, 2010) - The African-American Baptist Mission Collaboration (AABMC) presented a check for $500,000 to Habitat for Humanity International in Atlanta, Ga., as a part of their commitment to help Haitian s rebuild their lives and communities. This contribution is the largest single donation given to Habitat by a faith community for its Haiti earthquake-recovery efforts. Presidents from Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention; National Baptist Convention, USA; National Baptist Convention of America; National Missionary Baptist

Convention of America; and the Progressive National Baptist Convention were on hand for the presentation. The Baptist communities came together in January of this year and formed the African-American Baptist Mission Collaboration to create an opportunity to more effectively respond to the devastation in Haiti after the earthquake. The partnership with Habitat is one of the first to fulfill that mission. We are inspired to invest in this ministry for housing solutions, because we are following the teachings of Jesus who said that when we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and give shelter to those without shelter that we do this for him. We do this for Jesus, and we do this for those

who suffer in Haiti, said Dr. Stephen John Thurston, President, National Baptist Convention of America. Habitat is currently providing housing solutions for families in Haiti recovering from January’s earthquake, said Mike Carscaddon, Executive Vice President, Habitat for Humanity International. Our overall goal is to serve approximately 50,000 families in Haiti, including approximately 3,000 in the town of Cabaret. This significant gift from the AABMC will be used for our work in Cabaret to help 630 families have shelter from the rain. The African-American Baptist Mission Collaboration represents more than 10 million Christians in the United

States, most of whom are of AfricanAmerican Heritage. For more information on AABMC, contact Dr. David Emmanuel Goatley regarding the group effort at (202)543-3200 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting end_of_the_ skype_highlior Habitat for Humanity International is an ecumenical Christian ministry t hat welcomes to its work all people dedicated to the cause of eliminating poverty housing. Since its founding in 1976, Habitat has built, rehabilitated, repaired or improved more than 350,000 houses worldwide, providing simple, decent and affordable shelter for more than 1.75 million people.

It’s a Summer of Compassion at The Father’s Heart International Church

COLUMBUS, OH.– The Father’s Heart International Church will celebrate its Summer of Compassion by providing the central Ohio community with a

relevant Word of the grace and order of God, bringing your life into divine enablement, empowerment, establishment and environment. The Father’s Heart features vibrant

fellowship, compassionate covenant partnership, dynamic intimate worship, lively children’s ministry and strategic leadership under the pastorate of Patrick J. Brown. The Father’s Heart’s is to be place of authentic worship and community that transforms lives, transforms communities and renews the church. “It’s a life transforming community revealing the heart of God! To show our love for the community, on August 14, 2010 at 12 noon, The Father’s Heart will be sponsoring a Back-To-School JAM for school age youth providing support and free

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supplies to our deserving children as they return to perform with excellence in their schools. We look forward to seeing you there Sundays 10:30 am or Wednesdays for an hour of Word power at 7:00 pm. The church is located on the east side of Columbus on the corner of Old Brice and Refugee Road, 3001 Brice Road. You may call us at 614-856-2682 or email at for more details. Thank you Central Ohio!

June 2010



Black Music Month

The Third Annual Convocation of the International Fellowship of Faith Ministries

“Triumph Over the World” July 20th - 25th, 2010

Faith Ministries Church, 2747 Agler Rd. – Columbus, OH 43224

YOU ARE INVITED to be a part of this one of a kind experience. Representatives of the whole world will meet together in Columbus, OH from July 20th - 25th, 2010 praising the Lord and organizing to teach, preach and heal all over the world. BE A PART OF THE EXPERIENCE! • Register to carry the flag of your nation • Get your church or ministry involved • Put an ad in the souvenir journal

• Have your group in the International Recital • Sponsor some aspect of the weekend • Volunteer

EVENT SCHEDULE Tuesday, July 20th - Talk to God about the World

Church Directory St. Luke Baptist Church 1660 E. Main St. Columbus Ohio 43205 Phone #: 614-253-6463 614-253-6463      Pastor: Rev. A.C. Allen

Agape Full Gospel International Church

80 Martin Ave Columbus, OH 43222 Phone #: 614-221-4139 614-221-4139 Email: kingdom.pastor@yahoo. com Pastor: Bishop Ray Powell

6 PM - 7:30 PM - International Prayer Meeting

Thursday, July 22nd – Teach the World 9 AM – 1 PM - Church Growth Principles that Work Anywhere with Dr. Wise 2 PM – 4 PM - Rap Session with Dr. Wise

Friday, July 23rd – Tackle the World 9 AM - International Session 7 PM - Opening Session/ Parade of Nations

Saturday, July 24th – Talk to, Taste and Tour the World 9 AM – 12 PM - Talk to the World – Praise Reports/ Workshops 4 PM – 6 PM - Taste the World Reception 6 PM – 8 PM - Tour the World Praise Recital

Sunday, July 25th – Triumph Over the World 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM - Glorious Worship at Faith Ministries Church Dr. Wise Preaching

Dr. C. Dexter Wise III, Pastor

Faith Ministries Church | 2747 Agler Rd., Columbus, OH 43224 |

For more information please call (614) 416-8500 or visit us at


June 2010

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Second Baptist Church 186 N. 17th St. Columbus, Ohio 43203 Phone #: 614-253-4313 614-253-4313 Email: comments@ Pastor: Rev. Howard T. Washington

New Salem Missionary Baptist Church

2956 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, OH 43224 Phone #: (614) 267-2536 Pastor: Keith A. Troy

Black Music Month

Health & Wellness

JUNE IS NATIONAL MEN’S HEALTH MONTH aware of these numbers. In studies within the past 5 years, it has been shown that compared to non-Hispanic white males, African-American men were2.4 times more June is National Men’s Health Month highlighted by June 14th20th being National Men’s Health Week and The African American Male Wellness Project (AAMWP) is revving into high gear to get out the word that African American men are dying at an alarming rate. The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. And our mission here at The Urban Wellness Initiative is one and the same, that is to stop as many of these needless deaths as we can. The African American Male Wellness Project began in response to a clarion call to save the lives of the men in our communities. Studies have shown that across the board African American men fare much worse when it comes to disparities surrounding issues of health than any other racial, ethnic or gender group. Therefore, each summer we host a major community family health event to kick-off our annual Urban Wellness Initiative. The numbers just don’t add up when it comes to the area of African American men’s health and the community needs to be made

likely to die from prostate cancer 30% more likely to die from heart disease 60% more likely to die from a stroke 2.2 times more likely to die from diabetes 9 times more likely to die from HIV/ AIDS These are not just mere statistics. These are our husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, nephews, cousins, godsons, neighbors and co-workers. They have names, faces, families and histories. They represent our past, our present and our future and they are dying needlessly. The life saving message that we are trying to bring to the forefront is that many of these conditions are preventable. We still face many difficulties that affect our health care destinies and outcomes. African

Americans disproportionately face discrimination when it comes to employment, insurance, health care and equity in treatment, however in spite of these institutional

challenges; there are still many things that we can do improve our own lot. The goal of the African American Male Wellness Project is to affect change in five main areas. Our goal is first- To increase the number of African American men who visit the doctor on a regular basis. Because of atrocities such as the Tuskegee Experiment as recently as 1975, there developed distrust for the medical community in many impoverished areas. When you combine that with the fact that many African Americans are uninsured or underinsured and that there is a severe shortage of doctors who accept many of the government insurance plans, it is no surprise that millions of African Americans have no primary care doctors. Our goal is to help bridge that important gap between patient and provider by becoming a liaison in the community. Secondly- We are bringing awareness to the fact that our diets

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are killing us. Many of the things we eat may bring temporary comfort to our soul, but too much of it is doing permanent damage to our body. Obesity is a key risk factor in all of the major chronic illnesses and African Americans are always near the top of the charts when it comes to obesity. We realize that “soul food” is a part of our heritage but we have to find healthier ways to prepare many of our favorite ethnic dishes. We are blessed to have people on our committee who can help in these areas. They offer many free classes to show our community how to cook healthier today, so we can live happier tomorrow. Exercise is another key area where African-Americans must make a change. I attended a recent Healthy Heart Forum where the speaker was talking about African American women and health and said that 100% of the women interviewed said that they believe that exercise is important, but almost one-third of them said that they did not exercise because they did not want to mess up their hair. And even though most of the women in the room and some men to could relate to the statement, it is sad to know that we place more importance to how we look on the outside than how we look on the inside. The role of the African-American woman is crucial because studies have proven that African American women play a vital role in the health of African American men. The fourth area in which we are seeking to affect change is in the area of “at risk” lifestyle choices, (Continued on page19)

June 2010


Health & Wellness

Black Music Month

Michelle Obama Gathers Chefs to Fight Obesity First lady Michelle Obama speaks during an event with hundreds of chefs from around the country, on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington Friday, June 4, 2010. *Michelle Obama on Friday invited 500 chefs to the White House to serve up a new mentoring initiative in her anti-obesity campaign. The culinary guests – including TV’s Rachel Ray, Tom Colicchio and Cat Cora – gathered in the White House Rose Garden to launch the program in which they’ll adopt local schools and help parents and teachers educate kids about good nutrition. The chefs will also help develop healthy menus that meet tight budgets for use in school kitchens. “Chefs have tremendous power as leaders on this issue because of their deep knowledge of food and nutrition and their ability to deliver these messages in a fun and delicious way,” Obama said. Chef Cat Cora, right, cuts greens with Matthew Louhman, 7, from Hollin Meadows Elementary School in Alexandria, Va.,as they prepare a salad from the harvest from the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn of the White House, June 4, 2010 “We can change the future for our children and for this nation,” Obama said. “We want you all in every school in the nation.” Obama’s program is designed to encourage US schools to improve the quality of school meals, offer more kids more physical activity and education on good nutrition and healthy eating. “You all know the statistics when it comes to the health of our kids, and they’re staggering,” Obama said. “Nearly one third of children in this country are now overweight or obese.” Children from Hollin Meadows Elementary School in Alexandria, Va., show a platter of broccoli harvested from the White House Kitchen Garden Obama said that parents, teachers and food manufacturers must accept their responsibility to help kids be more healthy — and head off ailments


June 2010

later in life like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. “Let me tell you something, my mother didn’t know how to cook broccoli, it was watery and mushy… and we thought you could eat it with a spoon,” Obama said. “I know a lot of parents out there are cooking broccoli like that — it makes it hard to like broccoli if that is how you are cooking it.” Children from Hollin Meadows Elementary School in Alexandria, Va., wash broccoli harvested from the White House Kitchen Garden Michelle Obama’s initiative aims to rally families, communities, schools, urban planners, politicians and the media to solve the scourge of childhood obesity in a generation. She points to the urgency of taking action today, at a time when there are already three times more obese children in the United States than 30 years ago.

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JUNETEENTH Black Music Month

(Continued from page 17) such as smoking and abuse of drugs and alcohol. Studies have shown that tobacco companies have historically targeted minority communities with cigarette ads in both billboards and magazines aimed at minority populations including African Americans more than those aimed at broader audiences. And the American Heart Association stated that “Although African Americans tend to smoke fewer cigarettes per day and begin smoking later in life than whites, their smoking-related disease mortality is significantly higher.” Many people only think

of cancer when they think of cigarettes but smoking can increase your risk of many other illnesses including heart disease, aneurysms, bronchitis, emphysema, and stroke. Though many fail to recognize alcohol as a drug, the abuse of alcohol is said to directly or indirectly cause 20-25% of all serious health issues including cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, hypertension, heart disease and even osteoporosis. The Innovators of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation state that “Alcohol mortality rates are highest for African-American men, even though


alcohol use tends to be more moderate for African Americans than for whites or Hispanics.” And health care costs for those who smoke and drink are often double of those who don’t. Finally, we seek to empower by education. We send monthly mailers with life saving health tips to participants from the annual health Walk. We host conversations with the community, civic, political and religious leaders, along with medical professionals and businesses in our city, state and neighborhoods in order stay informed about relevant topics to those that we serve. We talk directly to participants to let them know the importance of researching and understanding their family history and to emphasize the importance of having open and honest conversations and discussions with their doctors because African American men are often more “at risk”, therefore they may need to be screened sooner than the general population. This year we have also incorporated many non-traditional ways to educate while having fun. The AAMWP hosted 20 minute morning office workout classes during minority health month, a “Get Moving” bowl-a-thon and family movie day for our African American Male Scholarship Fund and on June 17th we will be hosting a Pastors’ and Physicians’ Conversation Breakfast to see how these two important groups can come together along with concerned politicians to help better serve our community in the area of health. In response to First Lady Michelle Obama, we have adopted area schools to help children fight childhood obesity in a preventative effort to keep youth from

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developing this most common risk factor for many chronic illnesses. On August 7th, the week before The Walk, we will be hosting a Hoopin’ For Health Men’s “5 on 5” Basketball Tournament. We have also joined with the Urban Trend Setter Fit Club to bring a couple of cutting edge fitness activities to the city this summer’; look for them soon. We applaud all of the organizations that are now sponsoring walks and health fairs for bringing light to the many alarming statistics that we face. However, though we host an annual Kick-off Walk and Health Fair to bring initial awareness to men’s issues and to offer free screenings; we realize that the solution to this crisis has to be something that is ongoing in order to be effective and to save lives.

Come join us for The Walk Saturday August 14, 2010 at The Neighborhood House, 1000 Atcheson St, Columbus, OH and visit us online at We have some really great things in store this year that will be fun for the entire family. For more information about the free cooking classes or to learn more about how you can connect with a free health life coach, contact Pat Funderberg or Anita Ba at the Central Ohio Diabetes Association 884-4400 ext 20. Everyone is welcome to call; remember prevention is our goal. (Christina Hutchins is the National Coordinator for the African American Male Wellness Project and a Contributing Writer for Urban Trendsetters magazine.)

June 2010


JUNETEENTH Black Music Month

THREE DAYS OF MUSIC, FOOD AND FAMILY FUN! The 20th Annual JuneteenthOhio Festival is the longest-running, fastest growing event in the central Ohio African American community. Juneteenth commemorates President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, an act that began to free African Americans and Black indigenous natives of the northern continent. The last state in the union to receive news of this historic event was Galveston Texas on June 19, 1865. Almost two and a half years later, General Gordon Granger rode into Galveston Texas and read order number three freeing the remaining blacks of the union. This is the date recognized by 35 million African Americans throughout the nation as their Independence Day. “We are grateful and honored to produce the 20th Annual JuneteenthOhio Festival, June 18th – 20th in Columbus Ohio at the beautiful and historical Franklin Park. Activities begin at 12 Noon to 9:00 pm each day”. States Mustafaa Shabazz JuneteenthOhio Chairman. “The main goal this year is to increase awareness of the great contributions African Americans made in our great nation, while improving the quality of activities and attractions for all festival goers. The free three day event will offer free health screenings, a job fair, City Wide talent show, Free your mind book fair, a Chess tournament, Jazz, gospel, and Juneteenthohio Anniversary concert starring “Ray Jay” & Ginuine, old school R&B


June 2010

music, Ohio’s Own the “DEELE” The taste of Columbus is at the Soul food pavilion. This year’s sponsors are: Cardinal Health, Honda, GCAC, City Of Columbus Recreation & Parks, Radio One Of Columbus, Ujamaa Bookstore and Columbus radio Group. Sponsorship and vending opportunities are still available. In addition, business, Individual donors and others are encouraged to contribute as Friends of the festival offering donations between $5 and $999. Donor’s names will be listed in the JuneteenthOhio Program Booklet.” In-kind products and services are still vitally needed,” Shabazz states, Minority and female owned businesses are urged to participate as vendors or sponsors. According to Shabazz nearly 150,000 people attended last year’s JuneteenthOhio festival. The 20th Annual JuneteenthOhio festival has something for everybody! Bring a loved one to the health and book fair, featuring local and national authors, or visit the Soul Food and Children’s Pavilion, register for the City-Wide Talent Show, or just come out and enjoy jazz in the park Friday,Gospel Saturday, and Old School Sunday.

Schedule of Activities June 18th - June 20th Friday, June 18th, 2010

JuneteenthOhio “Jazz” In Franklin Park” 12:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m. Free your mind book fair Recognizing sponsors & community volunteers Children’s Pavilion “Under Ground Rail Road Journey” Health Screenings & Wellness


Cultural Marketplace Soul Food Pavilion Reception: Llaila Afrika Author of the Book “African Holistic Health City-Wide Talent Show Jazz in the park! Freestyle Unique Soul Spirit Seen True Super “G” JuneteenthOhio Gospel

Saturday June 19th 12noon - 9:00pm (Franklin Park) 3 mile Unity walk (9:00 am) City-Wide Drum Call Honoring community elders (is said) Spoken word poetry Chess Tournament Book & Health Fair (Dr. Llaila Africa health and nutritional training) Children’s pavilion (underground rail road journey) Gospel concert Cultural market Soul Food pavilionCasper “The Biblical Sun” Chronicles

T. P Project New Hope Community Mass Choir “Fo Mo Deep” The Late Crew 7:00 pm JuneteenthOhio Anniversary Concert (Starring “Ray Jay” & Ginuwine) (300 West Broad Street) Veterans Memorial Downtown Columbus Ohio Tickets are $25.00 in advance and $35.00 at the door, VIP tickets are available at Ujamaa Bookstore 1511 E. Livingston Avenue Columbus Ohio call (614) 258-4633 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting              (614) 258-4633      end_of_the_skype_ highlighting or go on line to

JuneteenthOhio Father’s Day -Sunday June 20th 12 noon to 9:00 pm

Book & Health Fair (Supreme Understanding speaks to the youth) Children’s pavilion (underground rail road journey) Cultural market place Soul Food pavilion Rated R Father’s Day Tribute (Honda & MFM) Black Foot The DEELE

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JUNETEENTH FESTIVAL FRIDAY JUNE 18, 2010 Dayton Juneteenth Freedom Breakfast North River Coffee House 323 Salem Ave Dayton, OH 45406

Saturday, June 19, 2010 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. W.S. McIntosh Memorial Park

7:30 a.m.-9:30a.m. Tickets $10.00

(formerly Riverview Park) Riverview at Edwin C. Moses Boulevard

Saturday June 19, 2010


Dayton Juneteenth Festival McIntosh Park


Parade Line up at Paul Laurence Dunbar House


Parade Begins

10a.m.12:30 p.m.

Community Revival, Church Choirs, and other performances.

1:30 p.m.

Welcome from Mayor Gary Leitzell

2:00-7p.m .

Performances, Poets & Live Entertainment, Author & Book Pavilion, Food Vendors & Family Fun All Day Long!!!!



Black Music Month

Presidential Proclamation- AfricanAmerican Music Appreciation Month United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2010 as African-American Music Appreciation Month. I call upon public officials, educators, and the people of the United States to observe this month with appropriate activities and programs that raise awareness and foster appreciation of AfricanAmerican music. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-eighth day of May, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fourth. BARACK OBAMA

hopes and hardships of a people who have struggled, persevered and overcome. Through centuries of injustice, music comforted slaves, fueled a cultural renaissance, and sustained a movement for equality. Today, from the shores of Africa and the islands of the Caribbean to the jazz clubs of New Orleans and the music halls of Detroit, AfricanAmerican music reflects the rich sounds of many experiences, cultures, and locales. African-American musicians have created and expanded a variety of musical genres, synthesizing diverse artistic traditions into a distinctive soundscape. The soulful strains of gospel, the harmonic and

Music can tell a story, assuage our sorrows, provide blessing and redemption, and express a soul’s sublime and powerful beauty. It inspires us daily, giving voice to the human spirit. For many, including the African-American community, music unites individuals through a shared heritage. During African-American Music Appreciation Month, we celebrate the extraordinary legacy of AfricanAmerican singers, composers, and musicians, as well as their indelible contributions to our Nation and our world. Throughout our history, AfricanAmerican music has conveyed the


June 2010

improvisational innovations of jazz, the simple truth of the blues, the rhythms of rock and roll, and the urban themes of hip-hop all blend into a refrain of song and narrative that traces our Nation’s history. These quintessentially American styles of music have helped provide a common soundtrack for people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and have joined Americans together not just on the dance floor, but

also in our churches, in our public spaces, and in our homes. This month, we honor the talent and genius of African-American artists who have defined, shaped, and enriched our country through music, and we recommit to sharing their splendid gifts with our children and grandchildren. NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the

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Black Music Month


Producer, entrepreneur, television personality. Born on September 27, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois. Don Cornelius is an American television icon, having created Soul Train, a music show made for African Americans by African Americans, which spent more than 30 years on the air. A natural salesman, he started out in the insurance business in the 1950s. Cornelius went to a broadcasting school in 1966, looking to break into the field. To realize his dream, he worked a substitute DJ, filling in for other on-air personalities, and in the news department of WVON radio in Chicago. Switching to television, Cornelius became a sports anchor and the host of A Black’s View of the News on WCIU in 1968. He got to know the station owners and pitched them his idea for a music television program. Using $400 of his own money, Cornelius created a pilot for Soul Train, which was named after a promotional event he put together in 1969. Inspired by American Bandstand, the show featured teenagers dancing to the latest soul and R&B music as well as a performance by a musical guest. “Almost all of what I learned about mounting and hosting a dance show I learned from Dick Clark,” Cornelius later told Advertising Age. Premiering on August 17, 1970, Soul Train quickly became popular. It aired on Saturday mornings, attracting a lot of children and teenagers off from school. An early supporter, businessman George Johnson of the Johnson Products Company, helped Cornelius make Soul Train a nationally television program. It was syndicated in 1971, but it was initially difficult getting stations sign up for the show. In addition to Chicago, stations in Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Francisco were among the first to air Soul Train. With his deep voice and distinguished good looks, Cornelius was the ideal host. Over the years, he presented many famous performers to his television audience, including Gladys Knight, Smokey Robinson, Lou Rawls, and Aretha Franklin among others. The show was not always wedded to its soul and R&B focus. Rock acts, such as David Bowie, Robert Palmer, and Duran Duran, also made appearances on the show from time to time as did jazz and reggae stars.     In 1987, Cornelius started the Soul Train Music Awards. Dione Warwick and Luther Vandross served as hosts of the first ceremony, which honored Stevie Wonder with the Heritage Award for outstanding career achievements. Whitney Houston, LL Cool J, and Run DMC were among the night’s performers. Over the years, other music stars have appeared on the show, including Michael Jackson, Patti LaBelle, Usher, and Ciara, and more awards were also added later. When American Bandstand went off the air in 1989, Soul Train was still going strong. But Cornelius continuously looked for ways to freshen up the show. In 1993, he gave up his duties as host and brought in guest hosts. “I had come to believe . . . that the era of the well-spoken, well-dressed Dick Clark, Don Cornelius type in a suit and a tie was over. . . . I am just convinced that people want to see people on TV who are more like themselves,” he explained to The New York Times. 

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June 2010


Black Music Month Lena Horne, Singer, Actress and Civil Rights Activist, Dies At 92 HORNE WAS AWARDED NAACP’S SPINGARN MEDAL FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN ACHIEVEMENT IN 1983, NAACP IMAGE AWARD IN 1999

WASHINGTON DC – The NAACP is saddened by the loss of singer, actress and civil rights activist Lena Horne. Horne died on May 9 at the age of 92. “We mourn the passing of Lena Horne, an outstanding, groundbreaking entertainer and a staunch civil rights activist who stood on the side of justice and equality,” said NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous.

“Lena Horne won the hearts of millions of Americans of all backgrounds as a glamorous and graceful actress and singer. She courageously broke many color barriers and fought valiantly to bring down the institutionalized racism that plagues our society and prevents all Americans from an equal opportunity to pursue the American dream.” An accomplished singer and actress, Horne became the first black performer to sign a long-term contract with a major Hollywood studio, signing with MGM in 1943, but became disenchanted with Hollywood by the mid-1950s. She increased her focus on her singing career, solidifying herself as a premiere nightclub performer and starring in several musicals. Horne later returned to acting, appearing on several television shows such as Kraft Music Hall, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Dean Martin Show and The Bell Telephone Hour. She later co-starred with prominent actors Harry Belafonte

RIP Ollie Woodson Former Temptations lead singer Ali Woodson passed away over the weekend. News reports say that the cause of death was cancer. No arrangements have been announced.

In Pittsburgh, PA, back in the early 1990’s my wife and I attended the Norman Connors show, at the University of Pittsburgh African American Alumini students reunion. We had arrived at the show early, in fact early enough to watch Norman Connors & his group setting up. As we were watching them set up, my wife nudged me and said; “who is that guy standing over there, he looks awfully familiar.” I said “he sure does, I guess I better go over and ask him.” I walked over and started talking with the brotha and discovered that he was Ollie “Ali” Woodson. Of course I had known of him as the one time lead singer of the Temptations (“Treat Her


June 2010

and Tony Bennett in Harry and Lena and Tony and Lena, and starred in the classic African American musical The Wiz. The singer also performed on dozens of albums featuring the likes of Belafonte, Sammy Davis, Jr., Joe Williams, and Gábor Szabó, and received an NAACP Image Award in 1999 for Outstanding Jazz Artist. In addition to her legacy as an entertainer, Horne was also known for her advocacy and contributions to social justice. At an early age, Horne displayed a passion for civil rights, and she first became a member of the NAACP as a student at Atlanta’s Washington High School. Later, while singing for troops during World War II, she refused to perform “for segregated audiences or for groups in which German POWs were seated in front of African American servicemen.” She was in attendance at an NAACP rally with Field Secretary Medgar Evers in Jackson, Mississippi on the weekend before Evers was assassinated, and spoke and performed at the March on Washington on behalf of

the NAACP, SNCC and the National Council of Negro Women. “Lena Horne’s spirit and willingness to stand for what is just transcended her accomplishments in the arts, and we are extremely grateful for her commitment to civil rights and the mission of the NAACP,” said NAACP Chairman Roslyn M. Brock. “Her long-standing relationship with the NAACP dates back to high school, while her service to the Association as a member and public advocate was invaluable. Lena Horne was an excellent example of someone who used her platform as an entertainer to advocate for equal rights for African Americans and give a voice to the voiceless, and she will be missed” added Brock. Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal opportunity in the public and private sectors.

Like a Lady”)and found it surprising to see him at this show. Ali said to me; “I’m with Norman now, that Temps thang is over.” We talked for a few more moments and then excused myself. Of course that night he did a great job of singing Jazz with Norman Connors. That was my first encounter with Ali Woodson, but it was far from my last. I have met Ali Woodson a dozen or more times over the years. However I didn’t get to know him very well at all. One memorable time was at the Paradise Theater in the Bronx during the mid 2,000’s where her rocked the house of 4,000, with of all things a “track show,” doing songs from the Temptations catalog. It was probably the best track show I had ever seen in my life, Ali turned the show out. The last time I met Ali Woodson was at James Brown’s “wake” at the Apollo in Harlem. Beyond that I don’t know much more about Ollie “Ali” Woodson, then you do. Thank goodness you don’t have to depend on me to give you the scoop on Ollie “Ali” Woodson. (Continued on page 40)

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Black Music Month

Easy Home Canning Ideas

-Home canning is growing fast in popularity--and for very good reasons. It’s a practical and enjoyable way to preserve garden produce at its finest. Whether growing in your own garden or purchasing from a farmer’s market, any vegetable and fruit can be canned and its goodness and flavor saved and enjoyed throughout the year. What’s more, home canning is wholesome. You know what’s in each jar. It’s also a home craft families have enjoyed for generations and the results are something everyone can appreciate. To help, Mrs. Wages, America’s premier provider of all-natural canning mixes and pickling and fruit preservation products, makes it easy to create and preserve great food with your own special homemade taste so you can create your own fresh food traditions. For example, tomatoes are easy to preserve and there are a variety of delicious Mrs. Wages salsa, pasta sauce, ketchup and chili mixes that only require fresh tomatoes, seasoning mixes and either vinegar or sugar. Try this simple salsa recipe that features onion, garlic, green bell and chili pepper flavors. You just add your tomatoes and the vinegar.

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Shrimp Recipe

This shellfish specialty of the Carolina Low Country, sometimes called “breakfast shrimp,” tastes great for lunch or dinner. Start with frozen bell pepper and onion, as well as prepeeled and deveined shrimp, to minimize prep time. Yield: 6 servings (serving size: 2/3 cup shrimp mixture, 2/3 cup grits, 2 tablespoons cheese, and 2 teaspoons green onions) Ingredients • 3 tablespoons  fresh lemon juice • 1/2  teaspoon  hot sauce (such as Tabasco) • 1 1/2  pounds  peeled and deveined large shrimp • 2  bacon slices, chopped • 1  cup  frozen chopped onion • 1/4  cup  frozen chopped green bell pepper • 1 1/2  teaspoons  bottled minced garlic • 1  cup  fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth • 1/2  cup  chopped green onions, divided • 5  cups  water • 1 1/2  cups  uncooked quick-cooking grits • 1  tablespoon  butter • 1  teaspoon  salt • 3/4  cup  (3 ounces) shredded sharp cheddar cheese


Combine first 3 ingredients; set aside. Cook bacon in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat until crisp. Add onion, bell pepper, and garlic to drippings in pan; cook 5 minutes or until tender, stirring occasionally. Stir in shrimp mixture, broth, and 1/4 cup green onions; cook 5 minutes or until shrimp are done, stirring frequently. Bring water to a boil in a medium saucepan; gradually add grits, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to low; simmer, covered, for 5 minutes or until thick, stirring occasionally. Stir in butter and salt. Serve shrimp mixture over grits; sprinkle with cheese and remaining green onions.

Easy Homemade Salsa

Approximately 6 lbs. fresh tomatoes 1 pouch Mrs. Wages Salsa Mix ½ cup distilled white vinegar Wash tomatoes. Scald 3 minutes in boiling water. Dip into cold water. Cut out cores. Remove skins. Chop tomatoes coarsely. If fresh tomatoes are not available, use home-canned or commercially canned tomatoes. Drain liquid off. You will need 5 pints of tomatoes chopped into coarse pieces. Measure 5 pints of chopped tomatoes into a 5-quart saucepan. Add Salsa Mix and ½ cup vinegar. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Stir occasionally. Salsa is ready to serve, can or freeze.

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June 2010


Fashion Trends

Busy and


Nine Simple Beauty Tricks to Take You from Worn Out to WOW For most women, manicures and new clothes get lost in the shuffle of work deadlines, laundry, and soccer practice. But New York-based image consultant Marla Tomazin says that doesn’t have to be the case. Read on for nine easy ways to make yourself look and feel better and why she says taking care of yourself is more important than ever. New York, NY (June 2010)—It’s no secret that today’s woman is busier than ever. She is a full-time wife, mother, and employee. She is a CEO by day and supermom by night who spends her waking hours taking care of board meetings, science projects, and date night. She takes care of everyone and everything, but often neglects to take care of the most important person of all: herself. A recent study by investigated the actual hours that women work each week, and the results were astounding. It estimated that the average stayat-home mom worked 98.9 hours per week, and that mothers who worked outside the home logged 60.5 hours of work at home in addition to the 40-plus hours they put in at the office. In total? Most women are working 100 hours of a 168-hour week. And it’s those jampacked schedules that most women use as an excuse for why they have let taking care of themselves fall to the bottom of their to-do lists. But image consultant Marla Tomazin says that is a big mistake, and there are some simple tips that any woman can do to make herself look and feel like a million bucks.


June 2010

Black Music Month

“Most women don’t realize how big of an impact their overall image plays into the way they feel,” explains Tomazin, who has been an image consultant for 20 years after earlier experience in the fashion industry. “And it doesn’t take a day at the salon or hours of prep work at home to achieve that feeling either. With a few simple tricks, most women can look just as polished and put together as someone who has spent all morning getting ready—and it can be done in very little time and with even the smallest of budgets.” Read on for nine simple beauty tricks that Tomazin says will make you look and feel great in no time: Drink lots of water. You’ve heard it before, but it bears mentioning again (and again!). Upping your intake of the almighty H2O is a simple, fast, and cost-effective way for you to give yourself a little lift.

Swapping your sodas and cutting your coffee habit have great health benefits—like reducing your intake of caffeine and sugar (and perhaps the number on the scale!). It also has the added benefit of giving your skin that dewy, fresh-faced glow—without the use of expensive makeup! Tomazin says that water can also add to your stamina for days when you are tired. (Who couldn’t use some extra energy?) So trade in your coffee cup for a water bottle and drink up! Put your best face forward. It’s no secret that you feel your best when you look great. But when you are pressed for time (and money!), your morning makeup routine is one of the first things most women neglect. However, Tomazin says that putting your best face forward with a few key makeup tricks is a great way to take your makeover to the next level—and it doesn’t have

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to cost you a lot of time or money to get the results you want! For starters, if you are still wearing the same makeup foundation you first tried ten years ago, it’s time to make a change. Your skin has changed over the past few years, and so your foundation needs have changed, too. Focus your attention on your eyes: an eyelash curler gives your eyes drama without a lot of extra work, a good under-eye concealer will make you look younger and more alert, and an anti-puff eye roller will soon become your secret weapon. Tomazin also suggests using a bronzer powder year-round: it gives your face an instant lift and gives you a healthy glow, even in the dreary winter months. Keep your haircut and color current. If you’ve ever had a bad hair day (and who hasn’t?), then you know that having a ‘do that is more of a “don’t” not only looks bad, it can make you feel bad too. Think of a time that you left the salon with a new style and updated color and think back to how great you felt in that moment: your confidence was boosted, you carried yourself with pride, and you actually had a little pep in your step for once. Tomazin says that keeping your haircut and color current is a worthwhile investment you should make for yourself. If you are sporting the same hairstyle as your high school senior picture or honeymoon photos, then it’s time for a change! Don’t let life get in the way of getting your hair trimmed and your color touched up.  And if you want to extend the life of your salon-infused sassiness, Tomazin suggests using a dry (Continued on page 40)

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Beauty Trends

Seven Tips for Maintaining Black Beauty According to an old saying, “Good black don’t crack”–but it can sag, wrinkle, or dry out a little bit. Don’t panic, though. Preserving and enhancing your natural beauty as an AfricanAmerican woman can be simple, with these seven mostessential beauty tips… Beautify yourself from the inside out by drinking lots of water, getting regular exercise, and finding lower-fat options for your favorite recipes. Yes, good old-fashioned soul-food like Madear used to make is delicious. But with silent killers like diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension rampant in the black community, maintaining a healthy weight is more than just a matter of

appearance–even when “thick” is in. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher to prevent skin cancer, as well as wrinkles. The extra melanin in black skin provides some extra protection from the sun’s rays, but

use sunscreen, too. Hydrate hair with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners–NOT the formula for “Normal” hair. These formulas are usually based on “regular” Caucasian hair, which tends to be oilier than black tresses.

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Also pour moisture into your locks with cholesterol deep conditioning every one to two weeks. Today’s black hairstyles include many options that don’t involve overloading your mane with too many scalp greases, gels, or sprays, which can actually cause breakage and dryness. Try these! Protect your black hairstyle at night with a satin sleeping cap or pillowcase, and avoid too-tight braids, ponytails, or other black hairstyles that can pull hair out at the root. Always wear wig caps underneath your wigs, and experiment with a variety of black hairstyles to try and reduce the (Continued on page 28)

June 2010


Beauty & Fashion Directory

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June 2010

Black Music Month

amount of heat on your hair. Think wet sets, wraps, or even braids or twists. Keep skin smooth by gliding on lotion immediately after the shower. This locks in moisture, and cocoa butter lotion can also prevent, but not erase, stretch marks. Similarly, keep lips kissable every time you brush your teeth by brushing your lips, too, removing dead skin, and then applying petroleum jelly or lip balm. Avoid

products containing mineral oil, though, as this substance tends to seal out moisture more than it keeps it in. Maintain a dazzling smile by avoiding or minimizing your intake of coffee, tea, soda, and other toothstaining foods and beverages. If you can’t go without, try sipping your favorite drinks through a straw. Wear the minimum amount of makeup possible. Opt for spotconcealers instead of whole-face foundation, and highlight your best feature–eyes, lips, OR cheeks, not all three–with makeup colors that match and complement your skin tone. Mauves, purples, and deep pinks can be universally flattering,

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while bronzes, bright reds, and golds perhaps look best on lighter skin tones. But remember, true beauty encompasses beautiful black hairstyles, as well as a sparkling personality, smooth, self-confident manner, and steady, helpful hands. So don’t forget to take time to help others and help yourself, through meditation, physical exercise, or just a few hours of music, poetry, or dancing, since whatever makes your heart happy will make the rest of you beautiful, too.

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Trendy Travel

Ohio Tourism Launches Mobile Platform for Visitors offers easy travel planning with quick, simple tools for mobile phone users The Ohio Tourism Division today launched the mobile version of, a website designed for travelers utilizing mobile devices to locate Ohio tourism information including lodging facilities, restaurants, attractions, events and shopping. According to a new report released by the Coda Research Consultancy, the number of mobile Internet users with handsets in the U.S. will rise to 158 million in 2015, and smartphone owners will increase to 194 million in the same year. The mobile version of positions Ohio tourism to provide easy Ohio travel planning options

for this growing market segment. “Smartphone and mobile device technology is increasingly impacting the way we travel,” said State Tourism Director Amir Eylon. “Smartphone users already are utilizing electronic boarding passes with major airlines; GPS maps and directions; electronic booking for rental cars; trip itinerary organizer applications and more. It was imperative for us to create a mobile site to keep Ohio tourism experiences at the fingertips of this growing group of mobile-equipped travelers.”’s mobile website is designed for mobile device users

who are already in Ohio looking for travel experiences. The site is formatted to fit smaller mobile screens and omits graphics that may not translate well to mobile devices. Additionally, the website content is streamlined to provide just the information travelers on-the-go are seeking including: • What To Do (attractions) • Where To Eat (dining) • Where to Shop (shopping/outlet malls) • Where to Stay (lodging) • Events Calendar (events occurring in the next 60 days) • Cities and Counties (area Convention and Visitors Bureaus)

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The website can be found by entering into a mobile phone web browser or from a computer at m.discoverohio. mobi. In addition, the Ohio Tourism Division’s mobile marketing efforts provided interested members of Ohio’s tourism entities the opportunity to create their own mobile website at a range of discounted price points. For additional information about Ohio’s outstanding tourism opportunities, we invite you to explore, follow us on Twitter @DiscoverOhio or find us on Facebook at www.facebook. com/discoverohio.

June 2010


Auto Trends

Black Music Month

Five Tire Safety Tips For Avoiding Blowouts -To keep your car on the road to safety and savings, you need to stay on top of vehicle maintenance. Overlooking something as simple as your tire’s air pressure can cause problems. Underinflated tires are the leading cause of tire blowouts, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association. Each year, there are over 650 fatalities due to car accidents with underinflated tires. That’s why at least once a month and before every long trip, you should look at all your tires, including the spare, and check the inflation pressure. Here are five tips to keep your tires in shape for road trips: 1. Don’t Wait to Inflate--Low tire pressure decreases fuel economy. The specific inflation pressure number can be found on the vehicle placard located on the driver’s side doorpost, glove box door, fuel door or in the owner’s manual. For accurate pressure, check tires when cool and don’t forget the spare. 2. Lighten Your Load--Overloading decreases fuel economy due to increased wind drag and cargo weight. Handling, control and braking are also negatively affected. 3. Rotate Before Rollin’--Regular rotation helps achieve uniform tire wear and improve road performance. Tires rotated every 6,000−8,000 miles have longer life and help maximize your tire investment. It makes sense to get a tire inspection when you rotate. 4. Get It Straight--Proper tire alignment provides safe, predictable vehicle control, as well as a ride that is smooth, comfortable and free of pulling or vibration. Proper alignment helps tires wear evenly and last longer. 5. Bald Isn’t Beautiful--Lack of tread affects the tire’s ability to grip the road. Make sure tires don’t have uneven wear, high or low areas or unusually smooth areas that can increase the risk of road accidents. “Don’t put off seeing your tire professional. Tire pressure affects many aspects of your car, including steering, braking and gas mileage,” said Mark Ballard of Discount Tire Company, the world’s largest tire and wheel retailer. “If your vehicle is properly serviced and your tire pressure is at the appropriate level before hitting the road, it will help you head off potential tire problems.”


June 2010

Get Your Car Set For Travel Season

-To keep your car on the road longer, now is the time to spring for vehicle maintenance. “Preventative maintenance is the key to maintaining optimum performance for your vehicle,” said Pietro Gorlier, president and CEO of Mopar, Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. According to the Car Care Council, 80 percent of vehicles inspected experienced at least one part or system failure. What To Do Mopar recommends six ways to stay out of such statistics. • Check Tires. Air pressure should be checked on all tires, including the spare. Inspect tread and sidewall areas for uneven or irregular wear. Replace any tires that are worn or damaged. • Check Fluid Levels. Engine oil should be changed regularly. All vehicle fluids and lubricants should be checked and changed at recommended intervals. A good fuel filter traps contaminants before they reach the engine. For diesel engines, a 7-micron diesel fuel filter from Mopar can keep water from contaminating injector pumps and fuel injectors. • Check Engine Belts and Hoses. Prevent a breakdown or serious engine damage by replacing belts and hoses at recommended intervals. They should meet stringent quality standards and offer precise fit, optimal service life and original-equipment performance. • Change Air Filter. Engines need to breathe. Restrict the supply of air and they won’t work as well as they should-something that’s usually reflected in higher fuel consumption. A new air filter will allow clean, unrestricted air flow into the engine and help ensure proper performance and longer life. • Check Battery. Whether it’s the first start-up in the morning or having the reserve power to run the air conditioning and other accessories, the battery is a critical source. Have batteries tested and replaced if necessary. • Check Wiper Blades. For optimal visibility and quiet operation, get all-season wiper blades built for the long haul with a strong, all-metal superstructure for durable, reliable performance. Mopar even has an innovative wear indicator that turns from black to green to yellow as the blades wear.

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Black Music Month

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

June 2010


Home & Style

Black Music Month

Creating A Backyard Safe Haven According to reports by the U.S. Census Bureau, 75 percent of new homebuyers want a rear patio and 82 percent are looking for a home with a deck or porch. Additionally, 60 percent of new homebuyers remodel within the first six months of purchase, adding decks, yard enhancements and fences that create a comfortable, relaxing outdoor sanctuary. The trend is clear--the outdoors is what’s in. While curb appeal is often top of mind when designing outdoor living spaces, creating a safe environment may be even more important. The following tips can help keep you and your family safe while enjoying the outdoors: • Choose the right height. A fence can help prevent children from getting outside the area and

running into hazardous traffic, as well as keep out potentially dangerous intruders, such as stray dogs. Fences that are at least four feet high may be your best bet. • Discourage climbers. Horizontal fence boards on post- and rail-style fences provide handholds and footholds, making it easier for a child to climb over or through the fence. If this is a concern at your

home, opt for a fence with vertical boards, which are much more difficult to climb. • Partition the pool. Pools should be fenced in with gates that are selfclosing and self-latching to keep children out of harm’s way. Fences that are at least five feet tall typically meet that need. • Consider the climate. Look for fence products that are designed

to withstand 75-mile-per-hour winds. If your yard gets a lot of sun, select decking products with heatreflective technology that keep surfaces cool to the touch. • Go the splinter-free route. Vinyl fence products, such as Bufftech from CertainTeed, will not rot or peel, which eliminates pesky splinters. • Stick with slip-resistant materials. Help prevent slips and falls by selecting decking materials, such as EverNew, that are slip resistant. • Contact a pro. Maximize the overall safety and performance of your fence, railing and decking by working with a professional contractor to ensure that outdoor living products are installed properly.

Home Ownership Without the $8,000 Tax Credit Abby Moore

-Although the $8000 Tax Credit Incentive has ended, potential homebuyers who missed the contract deadline should not be discouraged. There are many other programs available to help homebuyers; the key is knowing


June 2010

where and when to look. With help from a trusted real estate professional and a little research, homebuyers can find various local government DPA (down payment assistance) programs still available. Neighborhood, county and state housing programs provide low interest rates or funds to help make homeownership easy and more affordable. Many programs are aimed at first-time homebuyers, while other programs are based on income or geographic criteria. The assistance programs work in conjunction with and in addition to your mortgage loan and may help you qualify. Here are tips to help house hunters find and compare assistance programs as they look to buy a home:

• Consult a trusted real estate professional. Many agents are well versed in all types of programs, including applying for government assistance through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). • Do your homework. Look for online tools that can help you maneuver easily through the overwhelming amount of information out there. Visit www. to for tips on getting started with the buying process. • Enroll is a certified Homebuyer’s Education class. For a complete list of approved agencies and CDCs (Community Development Coalitions) visit or call your city’s Department of Development office.

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• Be persistent. Funding availability changes often and without notice. Stay in touch and up to date with local agencies and their programs. Then be prepared to move quickly when affordable housing funds become available. • Consult a trusted mortgage loan officer. The mortgage professionals within your local banks and credit unions are able to identify programs based up your eligibility. More importantly, they are available to educate you regarding the lending process. Homebuyer assistance programs have been around for years. These programs can be the incentive a homebuyer needs to make a decision on where or when to (Continued on page 35)

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Handle Your Business

“Now What Do I Do. An Entepreneur’s Guide To Getting To The Next Step With Social Media” By Lynia White Author Tiffany Odutoye is a Virtual Assistant who specializes in social media networking. She is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Virtual Partner, LLC and the Founder of Talk Social Networking. She has shared her expertise in her book, “Now What Do I Do. An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting to the Next Step with Social Media.” Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The list goes on. We’ve all heard the buzz about “social media.” All the talk leads many to wonder, “How can I benefit from social media?” As an entrepreneur, I wondered the same. I was especially interested in how social media

could help me grow my business. Odutoye does a great job explaining how to do just that. In order to really benefit from social media, you have to do more than just sign up for an account. This is a fact that most people realize. But what do you do next? Odutoye outlines the crucial next steps. First, this book helps entrepreneurs to set goals they would like to achieve through social media. Next, it’s time to choose which social networking site would work best for them so that they can maximize their time. It also helps business owners to connect with their target audience. I found this book to be extremely helpful. It is concise, easy to read,

and very informative. I especially appreciated the FAQs and the Appendix. Odutoye discusses some very common questions about social media such as, “What is social media?” This section provides a review of the topics discussed in the book. The Appendix contains very valuable tools that can be used for social media marketing. I would recommend that every business owner read this book. After I read it, I realized how important social media marketing is in business. Everyone should be using social media effectively and this book will certainly help to accomplish that goal.

Is Your Product Too Dependent On Wal-Mart?

Dante’ Lee There are some common misconceptions amongst entrepreneurs and inventors about getting their products into WalMart, Target, and other department stores.

Many believe that if they come up with a unique idea and find a manufacturer to mass produce, the rest is super simple. But really, that’s where it starts to get complicated. Getting your product into a department store is very difficult, as you’ll have to first manage to get a sales rep to successfully pitch your product to them. Good honest sales reps are hard to come by, and can be quite expensive. INext, you’ll have to undergo a process where the department store inspects your product for quality, safety, and government compliance. This can take months, and they may come back and tell you to make changes to your product using different materials. Then if they do decide to have your product sold in their stores,

they’ll place an order with you - but because they’re buying in bulk, they’re going to want a huge discount that will leave you with a very low profit margin. Plus, they won’t pay you upfront, and you may have to wait several months to get your first payment from them. This may be a serious problem if you don’t have enough cash flow in the beginning to fulfill the order. But here’s where it really gets complicated. If your product doesn’t sell well, many of them like Wal-Mart will ship the products back to you at your expense! Can you imagine ordering 20,000 units at their request, and then they send 17,000 of them right back to you because of poor sales? Dealing with department stores can be extremely challenging and risky.

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I’ve heard tons of horror stories. Even worse, you’re one of thousands of vendors they do business with - so don’t expect any special attention or sympathy. Instead of being so dependent on department stores, my suggestion is to deal with smaller local retailers. Even better, invest your time and energy into your very own online store. Sell your own products, and store your own inventory. Even selling on eBay is a better option. Not only will you keep more of the profits, but you’ll also save yourself from a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration.

June 2010


Manage Your Money

Black Music Month

Sandra W. Moody, MBA, LUTCF, CLTC Finding the right kind of insurance at the right price isn’t always easy. It may seem like a daunting task, but having the proper insurance coverages is essential to your business’ continued success. Given all the things that could go wrong, putting a little effort to protect what you’ve built, may not seem like a chore at all. Depending on your industry, certain forms of insurance are requirements. It most states, business owners with employees need workers compensation insurance. You may also need to purchase property insurance as a part of a lease, mortgage or agreement with suppliers. Whether they are required or not, there are five basic types of Sandra W. Moody, MBA, LUTCF, CLTC coverage every business owner is the principal of Dehan Enterprises should consider; property, Insurance & Financial Services, LLC liability, business interruption, -UTS Financial Editor life and disability and workers compensation. physical location, specifically the The first three are typically building, furniture, equipment and included in a business owners inventory standard package policy, often of your business. In this area, it’s called a BOP, a business owners important to be insured for the policy. Many are tailored to the replacement cost value of your needs of different industries, thus property, not what its worth at not all provide the same type the time of loss. General liability of coverage. If you are a home insurance is the most common based entrepreneur, don’t assume coverage for retail, service, your business is covered by your manufacturing and home based homeowners or renters policy. entrepreneurs. It protects your Most often, it is not. Special riders business from accidents and or endorsements can be added to unintentional injuries to others by your residence policy to provide protection for your business. Today, covering damages to property and person. It also assists you financially many insurance companies have developed products especially and legally by paying legal costs if you’re hit with a lawsuit. to accommodate the needs of Business interruption covers lost home based businesses. income if your business cannot Property insurance covers your


June 2010

operate for an extended period due to an insurable loss. It can also help pay for expenses above normal operational costs incurred during this time, such as relocation or rebuilding. These policies vary widely, thus its important to fully evaluate the coverages. Aside from basic business coverage, other insurance programs to consider would include life and disability policies. These policies are sold separately from standard business policies and protect the family’s income in the case of the death or disability of the business owner. Additionally, life insurance policies can provide cash to fund a buysell agreement and eliminate any outstanding debt of the company. As an employee benefit, employers generally offer life insurance coverage equivalent to one or two times an employee’s annual salary. Generally, disability insurance costs one-half of one percent of payroll, while life insurance premiums run about five cents per thousand. Practically all states require businesses to purchase workers’ compensation insurance after reaching a certain level of payroll or as the company hires employees. The core of the coverage includes paying medical bills and lost wages

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for employees injured on the job and employers liability , which protects the business owner should he/she be sued by the injured family due to the injury or death of an employee. Even if the company offers medical and disability plans, many disability plans exclude benefits for work related injuries or will coordinate these benefits with workers’ compensation. When evaluating all the business’ risk management needs, many business owners feel “insurance poor”. To best avoid this feeling, look for comprehensive policies where multiple coverages can be provided in one contract. Watch for duplicate or overlapping coverages and benefits. Work with one or two insurance professionals who can best coordinate your coverages and fully understand the needs and objectives of your business. Consider carrying higher deductibles. Explore the likelihood and potential severity of losses and determine deductible based on these factors. Position all policies for maximum tax benefit. As a business, many policy premiums may be deductible business expenses, thus lowering net cost. And remember, insurance is a financial and legal shield which protects your assets, wealth and income from possible financial ruin. Sandra W Moody, MBA, LUTCF, CLTC is the Principal of Dehan Enterprises Insurance & Financial Services, LLC and an Adjunct Professor of Insurance & Finance at Franklin University. She may be reached by calling 614 238-3520 or HYPERLINK “mailto:smoody@dehaninsurance. com” smoody@dehaninsurance. com.

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Tech Trends

Ohio Tourism Launches Mobile Platform for Visitors offers easy travel planning with quick, simple tools for mobile phone users

The Ohio Tourism Division today launched the mobile version of, a website designed for travelers utilizing mobile devices to locate Ohio tourism information including lodging facilities, restaurants, attractions, events and shopping. According to a new report released by the Coda Research Consultancy, the number of mobile Internet users with handsets in the U.S. will rise to 158 million in 2015, and smartphone owners will increase

to 194 million in the same year. The mobile version of positions Ohio tourism to provide easy Ohio travel planning options for this growing market segment. “Smartphone and mobile device technology is increasingly impacting the way we travel,” said State Tourism Director Amir Eylon. “Smartphone users already are utilizing electronic boarding passes with major airlines; GPS maps and directions; electronic booking for rental cars; trip itinerary organizer applications and more. It was imperative for us to create a mobile site to keep Ohio tourism experiences at the fingertips of this growing group of mobile-equipped

travelers.”’s mobile website is designed for mobile device users who are already in Ohio looking for travel experiences. The site is formatted to fit smaller mobile screens and omits graphics that may not translate well to mobile devices. Additionally, the website content is streamlined to provide just the information travelers on-the-go are seeking including: • What To Do (attractions) • Where To Eat (dining) • Where to Shop (shopping/outlet malls) • Where to Stay (lodging) • Events Calendar (events occurring in the next 60 days) • Cities and Counties (area

Convention and Visitors Bureaus) The website can be found by entering into a mobile phone web browser or from a computer at m.discoverohio. mobi. In addition, the Ohio Tourism Division’s mobile marketing efforts provided interested members of Ohio’s tourism entities the opportunity to create their own mobile website at a range of discounted price points. For additional information about Ohio’s outstanding tourism opportunities, we invite you to explore, follow us on Twitter @DiscoverOhio or find us on Facebook at www.facebook. com/discoverohio.

(Continued on page 32) buy a home. With persistence and a little hard work the “American Dream” of home ownership is attainable for everyone. When applying for down payment assistant funds, remember each program is unique and are based upon various requirements. For example, one program may give money toward a down payment while another might grant funds toward closing costs and/or prepaid expenses. Most programs are based upon contingences for the buyer, the seller, the lender and the

property. Each program stated its particulars for determining how much is available or how funds are dispensed. Again, programs are constantly changing. Learn More Information of Getting Started For more tips and tools on the home buying process visit www. Alternatively, you can contact Abby Moore at 614-4442229 or “AskAbby!! Empowering Pride in the Community Through Home Ownership”

Let Us Put Your Business In The Streets

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June 2010



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( Continued from page 9) automatically and receive a check when they reach the $2,800 spending cap, so seniors won’t won’t have to provide their social security number, Medicare number, or any money.” North Carolina: “President talks with seniors about health care,” WWAY-TV “Today President Obama held a town hall meeting with senior citizens via telecast. Some folks in Southport came to the Brunswick Center to watch. “The meeting focused on the

affordable care act. One of the first efforts to ease the cost of Medicare on senior citizens is a $250 rebate check for those who fall into the prescription drug coverage gap called ‘the donut hole.’ Sally Turner was glad to finally have some answers. “‘I think it answers a lot of questions about the Medicare bill, the new Medicare bill,’ she said. ‘And it helps kinda clear up the air a little bit about what’s happening to Medicare, what’s happening to Social Security, what’s going to

happen to our children as far as Social Security and Medicare, and I was glad to hear the answer was positive.’” Connecticut: “New London seniors meet with president, virtually,” New London Day “Senior centers around the nation, including one in our backyard, participated in a tele-town hall meeting on the Affordable Care Act with President Barack Obama this afternoon… “The president discussed what the Patient Protection and Affordable

Care Act meant to seniors to ensure that they have accurate information about the new law, which passed in March. The health care legislation gives seniors better benefits, they will see a cost savings and higher quality health care, Obama said. Preventative care services like colorectal cancer screenings, mammograms and annual wellness visits will be available free to seniors.”

(Continued from page 10) Administration Continues to Oversee BP’s Claims Process The administration will continue to hold the responsible parties accountable for repairing the damage, and repaying Americans who’ve suffered a financial loss as a result of the BP oil spill. BP reports that 38,052 claims have been opened, from which more than $48.6 million have been disbursed. No claims have been denied to date. There are 514 claims adjusters on the ground. To file a claim, visit claims or call BP’s helpline at 1-800-440-0858 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting 1-800-440-0858 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Those who have already pursued the BP claims process and are not satisfied with BP’s resolution can call the Coast Guard at (800) 280-7118 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (800) 280-7118 end_of_the_skype_

highlighting. SBA Economic Injury Assistance Loans Approved for Louisiana SBA has approved 43 economic injury assistance loans to date, totaling $1,8 million for small businesses in Louisiana impacted by the BP oil spill. Additionally, the agency has granted deferments on 301 existing SBA disaster loans in the Gulf Coast region, totaling $1,253,800 per month in payments. For information on assistance loans for affected businesses, visit the SBA’s Web site at services/disasterassistance, call (800) 659-2955 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting (800) 659-2955 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (800-877-8339 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting 800-877-8339 end_of_the_skype_highlighting for the hearing impaired), or email Successful Controlled Burn Favorable weather conditions

allowed responders to conduct a successful controlled burn operation. As part of a coordinated response that combines tactics deployed above water, below water, offshore, and close to coastal areas, controlled burns efficiently remove oil from the open water in an effort to protect shoreline and wildlife. By the Numbers to Date: • The administration has authorized 17,500 National Guard troops from Gulf Coast states to participate in the response to the BP oil spill. • More than 22,000 personnel are currently responding to protect the shoreline and wildlife and cleanup vital coastlines. • More than 3,100 vessels are responding on site, including skimmers, tugs, barges, and recovery vessels to assist in containment and cleanup efforts— in addition to dozens of aircraft, remotely operated vehicles, and multiple mobile offshore drilling

units. • Approximately 2.19 million feet of containment boom and 2.46 million feet of sorbent boom have been deployed to contain the spill—and approximately 702,000 feet of containment boom and 2.5 million feet of sorbent boom are available. • Approximately 15.5 million gallons of an oil-water mix have been recovered. • Approximately 1.09 million gallons of total dispersant have been deployed—779,000 on the surface and 317,000 subsea. More than 469,000 gallons are available. • More than 125 controlled burns have been conducted, efficiently removing a total of more than 3.2 million gallons of oil from the open water in an effort to protect shoreline and wildlife. • 17 staging areas are in place and ready to protect sensitive shorelines.


June 2010


Black Music Month

You want Success? Listen to Me, Dang it!

Rob Coats Quick quiz: Would you rather A) read the lyrics to “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince or B) HEAR the classic at your first summer cookout? What was that? You chose B? You’d rather rock to the beat than read a ketchupsmudged printout of the lyrics? I thought so. And because I know what you like, I went to work, and I mean HARD WORK and just recently finished a 3-disk Audio set for my book Connect & Grow Rich. I know you’re dying to know what made me do this, right? True story, I was telling someone about the impact my book was having with people. My listener was all into it, I KNEW I had a sale. I offered to sell him a book and this person looked me up and down like I just farted and said “Man, I don’t have time to read! What’s wrong with you? I’m too busy.” Being quick witted like I’m playing The Dozens I said “If I had an audio version, would you buy it?” He said “Yes! I’m in my car traveling to different cities almost every week.” It was a no-brainer! Information intake is changing. People still want information, but

they want it in different formats. For instance, I have a friend who learned how to change his garbage disposal by watching an eight minute video by a plumber off YouTube. Some people still learn by reading and taking notes, some by hands on, but the most effective way for most people is by hearing or seeing. Another great thing about audio is that you can hear how passionate I am about connecting you with your success. Sometimes words on a page just can’t give you that emotion and that feeling. Imagine trying to feel Michael Jackson’s emotion on the song “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” or “Bad” by reading the lyrics. It can’t be done. There’s a difference between hearing Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech and reading it. Through the audio version, I’m able to connect to you the listener so much so that when the book is done playing I’ll be waiting by my iPhone for a call from you. This article isn’t meant to pitch you on a new product. I’m not trying to get your money. My BIG objective is to strip you of a reason NOT to Connect & Grow Rich! For as many books that have been sold, many haven’t because reading isn’t always the best way for many to absorb information. If I can’t get you to turn off ESPN Radio for a few hours to help you live the life of your dreams then I guess being a master connector is not in your future. But you’re not like that at all,

no, not you. My friend Rance Rob has a saying “With action comes faith.” You won’t know what you are able to accomplish without taking action and you’ll never believe in yourself until you “DO” something. Let’s be real, too many people suffer from “The Secret-itis.” You know, where you “think” and something is supposed to happen. I know more talented and uber-smart connection impoverished people still THINKING while my less talented friends are connection rich (and some also financially well off ) because they think and act. You can read or hear “Connect & Grow Rich” a million times and be able to recite it word for word but it will profit you nothing until you DO something. You actually have to engage with other people, add value to their

Book Review

The reviews are in! Connect and Grow Rich is changing lives. “Wow. I simply loved this book. This book is a must read for those who want to navigate the slippery slope of succeeding in

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

lives, stay in touch. You can’t just read my book, or listen to my audio set, and become rich.  You will only succeed when you put these principles into action. To succeed, you must DO. So that’s my message for today.  Learn all you can, but don’t stop there.  Apply what you learn.  Have you reached out and connected to me yet?  You can find me on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn. What about all those other people who you think can help you?  Have you reached out?  What steps have you taken TODAY to move you closer to your dreams? Do not go to bed tonight until you’ve done something to connect with another person.  Taking action, actually “Doing” something, is the only way to true success.

business and life in tough times. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Rob Coats for giving us this important gem.” George Fraser, Author of Click, Ten Truths For Building Extraordinary Relationships, Founder of “Rob Coats is the Real Deal! His passion, enthusiasm, and positive attitude infect everyone he comes in contact with. Connect and Grow Rich gives you straightforward advice, practical insights, and all of the tools to connect with others and achieve your financials goals.” Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking, founder of

June 2010


Handle Your Business

Black Music Month

GET YOUR BUSINESS OFF TO A GREAT START WITH THE UTS SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCE DIRECTORY COUNSELING, TRAINING, NETWORKING ENTREPRENEURSHIP & SMALL BUSINESS DIVISION (ESB), OHIO DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT 77 South High St. 28th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 614-466-2711 The Entrepreneurship and Small Business Division of the Ohio Department of Development provides assistance to business owners and entrepreneurs to encourage both the creation and expansion of small businesses throughout the state. For more information, visit Entrepreneurship SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (SBDC) OF OHIO, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & SMALL BUSINESS DIVISION 77 South High St. 28th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 614-466-2711 The Small Business Development Centers of Ohio (SBDC) Program was established in 1985 in partnership with the Ohio Department of Development and the U.S. Small Business Administration. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR TRAINING / INTERNSHIPS WORKFORCE AND TALENT DIVISION (W&TD), OHIO DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT 77 South High St. 28th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 614-466-4155 The Workforce and Talent Division is committed


June 2010

to supporting Ohio’s most valuable asset: our workers. The Division connects Ohio’s economic development and workforce development resources at the state, regional, and local levels. For more information, visit

For more information, visit

PROCUREMENT TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTERS, MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE DIVISION (MBED) 77 South High St. 26th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 800-848-1300 or 614-466-1637 A broad range of procurement technical assistance services is provided through a network of centers located throughout the state. For more information, visit PTAC.htm

77 S. High Street, 26th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215 800-848-1300 or 614-644-8019

MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE DIVISION (MBED), OHIO DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT 77 South High St. 26th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 614-466-5700 The Minority Business Enterprise Division assists in the creation, growth, and development of minority business enterprises throughout the state. The Division’s loan and bond programs, which provide access to capital and bonding for firms that may not qualify for traditional lending or bonding, and management, technical, and procurement assistance services are available at eight regional Minority Contractors Business Assistance Centers around the state.


The Minority Contractors Business Assistance Centers provide outreach for the Minority Business Enterprise Division into the minority business community. The eight (8) MCBAP offices assist minority entrepreneurs with loan and bond packaging services, management, technical, financial and contract procurement assistance. For more information, visit

1ST STOP BUSINESS CONNECTION, SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTERS OF OHIO 77 South High St. 28th Floor Columbus, OH 43215 614-466-4232 or 800-248-4040 The 1st Stop Business Connection is a web-based program sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development’s Small Business Development Centers and the U.S. Small Business Administration that facilitates access to basic start-up information and various government forms. The 1st Stop Business Connection offers entrepreneurs free, comprehensive, and customized business start-up kits that include

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licensing and permit information for more than 270 different business types. Kits are available via direct download, email and U.S. mail. For more information, visit OHIO DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION 77 South High St. Columbus, OH 43215 1-888-405-4039 The primary function of the Ohio Department of Taxation is the collection and administration of 21 state taxes, three (3) local taxes, and the oversight of real property tax. The department also distributes revenue to local governments, libraries and school districts. Its mission is to provide quality service to Ohio taxpayers by helping them comply with their tax responsibilities and by fairly applying the tax law. For more information, visit SECRETARY OF STATE 180 East Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215 1-877-767-3453 The Secretary of State Business Services Division receives and approves articles of incorporation for Ohio corporations and grants licenses to out-of-state corporations seeking to do business in Ohio. Limited partnerships and limited liability companies also file with the Secretary of State’s office. For more information, visit www.sos.

Black Music Month

Arnold Sports Film Festival to Debut in March 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Arnold Sports Festival and Ideas United today announced that the first Arnold Sports Film Festival will be held March 4-6, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio, in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Festival. The Arnold Sports Film Festival (ASFF) will be committed to the discovery, nurture and presentation of the best short-form international filmmaking focused on personal athletic endeavor. The ASFF will complement and extend the largest multi-sport event in the world, which was founded in 1989 by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ASFF will build on the Arnold Sports Festival’s decades-long commitment to highlighting achievement in individual sport and athletic competition. Produced in partnership with Ideas United – the creators of Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world’s largest student film festival – the ASFF will seek films and filmmakers who explore the journey, perseverance, and triumphs of individuals who participate in athletic expression and competition. “We couldn’t be more excited to combine the power of film with the passion of athletics for this oneof-a-kind showcase,” said David Roemer, CEO of Ideas United and

Co-founder of Campus MovieFest. “We feel honored and privileged to partner with the Arnold Sports Festival while leveraging our experience of providing filmmakers with unforgettable opportunities.” Filmmakers of all ages will be invited to submit films less than 15 minutes in length to the ASFF in a variety of categories including narrative, documentary, animated, and broadcast films. The films should explore the lives, efforts, inspirations, and hopes of people striving for achievement in individual athletic pursuits ranging from bodybuilding to boxing, gymnastics to judo, table tennis to weightlifting, grappling to skateboarding. “Arnold and I welcome this opportunity to join in partnership with the long-established and highly successful Campus MovieFest team,” said Jim Lorimer, co-promoter of the Arnold Sports Festival. “The CMF program focus has been on affording students throughout the nation the chance to compete as film producers and directors. This goal fits perfectly with our youth-oriented Arnold Sports Festival program. Short film submissions will also be encouraged from film production artists of all ages throughout the nation and the world. “The film focus will be on the athletic endeavors and motivations of the individual athlete. Why does the athlete do it and what does it mean in his or her life? The stories will be of great human interest and the ASFF winner will be invited to spend a day on a Hollywood movie set with Arnold in addition to other prizes.”

Sport Trends

Put Down The Guns And Pick Up The Gloves -A Message of Hope From the City of Cleveland, OH Cleveland, Ohio (June 07, 2010) – Put Down the Guns and Pick Up the Gloves is a campaign that originated October 1st, 2007. The campaigns original members included; football legend Jim Brown, Professional Boxer Ron Johnson of the American Dream Presents, Dr. CJ Matthews of Mount Sinai Ministries, and is endorsed by Mayor Frank Jackson.   Mayor Frank Jackson, Jim Brown, Ron Johnson, and Dr. CJ Matthews created this campaign to encourage kids to put down guns and pick up boxing gloves.  To encourage children to replace using the violence on the streets and use that energy in the boxing ring.  With so many inner cities giving up on the youths in their communities, this was the first time that an emphasis on ending gang violence in major cities has ever gained total cooperation of city officials, clergy and sports celebrities.   Since 2007, Mayor Frank Jackson and Ron Johnson have made a vow to continue to uphold the legacy of the campaign, recently partnering with the Lavish Marketing Group and Dream Business Group to help increase the awareness of the campaign.  July 31st, 2010 together they will be hosting an event Put Down the Guns and Pick Up the Gloves at the Nautica Pavilion located at 2014 Sycamore Street Cleveland, OH 44113 (216) 622-6557.  Put Down the Guns and Pick Up the Gloves is dedicated to help stopping senseless violence among our youth.  The goal of this event is to lead by example, to show that boxing can be an exciting outlet to release anger.  This event is a 6-bout fight card, headlined by WBC USNBC Light Heavyweight Champion Ronald Johnson, who will be facing TBA in a 10 round fight.  The Co feature will be Vice President of American Dream presents Aaron Williams.  Johnson says that he plans on making this a special event by mooning it a Grammy style-boxing event, red carpet entrances with a well-known host to meet and greet.  The fight will be televised and broadcast on  Tickets will be on sale by June 10th . “This is going to be exciting, its never been done like this, NBA Players, NFL Players, politicians, and self made billionaires will all be in attendance” Ron Johnson

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June 2010



Black Music Month

(Continued from page 24) Thank goodness that we have our friend Marcia Parks to do that for us. Marcia Parks is the Executive Producer and CEO of the Ocean

(Continued from page 34) shampoo, or putting Velcro rollers in your hair before you shower to help your blowout last well past your appointment. Shine your shoes. If you’ve been paying little attention to the shoes you wear, then you’ve been doing yourself a great disservice! Shoes are the finishing piece to any outfit—they can take you from looking perfectly polished to haphazardly harried. Pay attention to the shoes you wear—are they good quality? Do they go with the outfit that you are wearing and the message you want to project? And most importantly, are they in good shape? Nothing takes an outfit from fab to drab faster than a pair of old, scuffed shoes that have lost their shape and have long since gone out of style. So ditch the pairs that aren’t in tip-top shape, and take good care of that classic pair of black pumps that look great with everything!  It’s all about the underwear. For a lot of busy women, the garments that go under their clothes are mere afterthoughts. After all, no one is going to see them during the day, so what does it matter if your underwear is a little ratty and your bra has seen better days? How big of a deal can it be? Tomazin says that having the right undergarments can actually make a huge impact on how your clothes fit and how you feel about yourself. Having a bra that fits properly gives you the support you need and will allow you to wear certain necklines


June 2010

Wave Music group (http://www. and Marcia has been working with Ollie “Ali” Woodson on some new

projects. As a result Marcia is in a far better position to give you the “up close & personal” obituary on Ollie “Ali” Woodson, that he deserves, than I can. Please read it below, and

and fabrics that otherwise may look bad. Smoothing garments like Spanx can make you look thinner and make clothes fit better. While no one else will actually be able to tell that you are wearing nice, pretty underwear—you will know! It will give your confidence a boost and make you feel more put-together overall. And Tomazin’s best-kept underwear secret? Thongs! They eliminate the risk of a visible pantyline—a major fashion no-no. It’s an often overlooked detail that can make a big difference when done right. Never let your nails and lips go naked. A simple way for taking your look to the next level is making sure that you have all of the finishing touches in place. Whether you are suiting up for a business meeting, dressing up for a night on the town, or throwing on some jeans to run errands on the weekend, make sure that you take the time to throw on some lip gloss—even if it is just a pale pink or nude shade that will give your lips a little shine. The same goes for your nails. While busy women don’t typically have the time to schedule manicure and pedicure appointments, it’s still important to keep your nails in good shape. Tomazin says that in addition to keeping nails trimmed and filed, a little polish on nails will go a long way—even if it’s just a clear coat.  Perfect your posture. While we may take every opportunity to remind our children to sit up straight and that hunching their shoulders is

bad for their backs, we often don’t heed our own advice. The way that you carry yourself affects your entire attitude; it makes you feel strong and poised—and the people around you are sure to take notice. Tomazin says that this is something that she has her clients work on all the time. She explains that it is not just about throwing your shoulders back in an uncomfortable way when someone says to stand up straight. Instead it is much more organic, starting with focusing on your core, starting the breath there, following it up through the chest, and finally lifting the sternum and spreading the collar bones. Doing so gives you the benefit of the oxygen and opening your body to accept the world around you as you walk down the street. Your outlook (and that pesky aching back!) will be transformed.  Never, ever go to bed with your makeup on! At the end of a long, stressful day, there is nothing more alluring than falling into bed and into a blissful night of slumber. No matter how tempted you may be to forsake your nightly facial cleansing ritual for a few extra Zs, take a few extra minutes to wash away the day’s makeup before climbing into bed. Sleeping with your makeup on increases the risk of clogging pores and future breakouts—and taking that time to wash away the day and cleanse your skin will help you to unwind and relax. Your face is the only one you are going to get, so take the time to take care of it each

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

ya just might find that you will learn quite a bit about Ollie “Ali” Woodson.

night. It’s a simple habit that can make a big difference in the overall health of your skin! Find a good technique for calming yourself. As every busy woman knows, no matter how much physical rest you get, it’s rare that your brain ever takes a break. And that mental stress can begin to take a serious physical toll if you don’t make a concerted effort to keep it contained. Tomazin suggests taking five minutes out of every day to quiet your mind. Find a quiet place, whether it’s the bathroom, an empty closet, or your bedroom or office, and spend those minutes focusing on your breathing and feeling centered. It’s a fast and simple way to unwind, refocus, and re-energize amidst your busiest of days.  “The secret to simple beauty tricks is to make them a habit,” concludes Tomazin. “For the busy woman, her routine is her lifeline. It keeps her centered, it makes her efficient, and it gives her a way to get things done. Don’t let the things you do for yourself fall out of that routine. It’s the little things that count— and once you make them a part of your everyday life, you’ll feel like a brand-new woman. And you just may have to pencil date night into your calendar a little more often as a result.”

Arts & Entertainment

Black Music Month Dr. Dre Voted Greatest Producer of All Time

by Readers - Online Contest Yields Almost 190K Votes -

Don Cheadle Named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) — Actor Don Cheadle has become a spokesman for the United Nations environment program. He was appointed Saturday in Rwanda’s capital as a U.N. Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador and vowed to fight climate change and promote environment conservation.

– Dr. Dre already a few Grammys UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner announced the appointment, and now he has saying that Cheadle would help raise green awareness among millions of another award on people around the globe. his mantle – VIBE. Cheadle also named a baby gorilla Zoya, a name chosen by internet users com’s Greatest as part of a UNEP awareness program. Producer of All In 2004, Cheadle starred in the film Hotel Rwanda which told the world Time. Sponsored about the Rwandan genocide in 1994 that claimed the lives of more by AT&T, the online than 500,000 people, mostly Tutsis and moderate Hutus. The Rwandan contest ran from government, however, was critical of the film. April 15th through May 31st and gathered 189,425 votes in six rounds of voting in four categories: Homegrown Sound, Soul Sample, Mass Appeal and Boom Bap. The former It's the 5-Star Life... Upgrade your life from inside out with the top five ways to achieve the best f yourself, your friends & family, your love, your work and your home. Join Andria each week as we dis NWA producer/rapper went up against DJ Premier in the final round, a different topic each Tuesday @ 4pm-5pm! garnering 62% of votes to take the title. The 5-Star Life broadcasts live, every Tuesday at 4:00 PM! Just grab your laptop, computer or webph “The Greatest Producer of All Time was another way to give and click through to readers a platform to tell us what they are thinking,” said Director of Sales & Associate Publisher Asten Morgan Jr. “We will partner with AT&T again later We want your input, call us at 1.877.932.9766 or E-Mail us at this year to offer readers the chance to vote on another compelling topic.”  ps...If ya miss the show... you can certainly download the podcast... :-D   The number one seed in the Homegrown Sound division, Dre had an easy Also catch me this week on location @ (3/29Lobby Lounge 9-11p & 4/1 Lobby Lounge 10-12m) trek to the finals, trumping Atlanta producer DJ Toomp in the first round,   fellow West Coaster DJ Quik in the second and De La Soul’s Prince Paul in the third. The veteran also edged out Bomb Squad in the Elite 8 round to go up against Kanye West in the final four, where a 68% advantage earned him a spot in the finals.  Dre also edged out included Boom Bap winner DJ Premier, Soul Sample’s Kanye West and Mass Appeal’s The Neptunes. Internet’s top hip-hop authorities predicted it ( content/bloggers-circle-whos-hottest-producer-all-time) but nobody was more surprised about the win than Dre himself.  “I just found out I got voted VIBE’s best producer of all time. That s**t is incredible,” Dre told VIBE. “I’m a humble person and I would’ve never expected that, seriously. I just go in the studio. I try to do my thing to the best of my ability.”  About Vibe Lifestyle Network VIBE Lifestyle Network is the parent company of VIBE Magazine and VIBE. COM and is the premier destination for the hip-hop generation. VIBE Lifestyle Network is a vertical content and advertising network which represents over 25 websites reaching over 19 million unique users per month. The new and VIBE Lifestyle Network are the premier destinations for urban music, entertainment, culture and lifestyle for the aspirational 18-34 year old.

The 5-Star Life ...only at ...

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June 2010

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The Book Suite Re-Opens in The King-Lincoln District

Tracy’s Top Five

Columbus, Ohio- June 4, 2010- The King-Lincoln District welcomes back the re-opening of The Book Suite on Monday, June 7, 2010. After a few months of reorganizing and upgrades, The Mason Group Inc will officially re-open The Book Suite store on Monday, June 7, 2010. The Book Suite offers a great selection of greeting cards, news publications and urban books and will also serve as a small meeting place for book-clubs, community activities, neighborhood groups and book-signings. Their book selection offers a wide variety of reading on biographies, politics, and religion to urban street fiction. “We are honored and excited about being a part of the historic KingLincoln District and look forward to being a part of bringing this community back to life ”, states owner James Mason. The Book Suite is located at 887 East Long Street, Columbus, Ohio 43203 (in the King-Lincoln District on the corner of East Long Street & 17th next to Urban Spirit). Hours of Operation are: Monday 11:00am-5:00pm, Tuesday-Friday 11:00am-7:00pm and Saturdays 11:00am-5:00pm. Closed on Sundays. They will celebrate their re-opening with a reception on Thursday, June 17, 2010 from 5:00pm-7:00pm at the store. This event is open to the public and complimentary hor d’ oeuvres and refreshments will be served along with live jazz compliments of Urban Spirit!

Trifle Life to Lavish Part II - by Joy Deja King (A King Production $15.00) Natural Born Killaz – by:Terry Wroten (Black Dawn Books $14.95 Section 8 – by Kwan (St. Martin’s Griffin $14.99) Karma Part II – by Sabrina Eubanks (Triple Crown Publications $15.00) Wifey 4 Life Part Five – by Kiki Swanson (Melodrama Publishing $10.00)

Reception The Book Suite (887 E. Long Street) Thursday, June 17, 2010 5:00pm-7:00pm Please RSVP to attend the Reception and Official Re-Opening by email at: HYPERLINK “” ttaylor@ or call (614) 252-4552. For additional information contact Tracy Taylor at (614) 348-4119.


June 2010

Picks for June 2010 FICTION:


Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man by Steve Harvey (Amistad $23.99) Ragged Schools “The Untold Truth” – by Steve Perry (Renegade Books $15.00) War Of the Bloods In my Veins – by Dashaun “Jiwe” Morris (Simon & Schuster $15.00) The Audacity of Hope – by President Barack Obama (Vintage $7.99 paperback) Papa Joe-177 Days on The Run, The Brittany Hills Conspiracy – by Nigel Jackson & Fred Darling (Who Done It Publishing $15.00)

Coming Soon

Welfare Wifeys by Kwan - September 2010 Hell To The No, I’m Doing Me- by T. Taylor – Oct 2010 Bitch A New Beginning - by Joy Deja King - 2011

Tracy’s Book Review Trife Life To Lavish Part II by Joy Deja King WOW and Kudos! What more can I say about Trife Life to Lavish Part II. This is the hot summer read for 2010. It takes a great writer to bring together eight lead characters from ten different books and bring everything to a close. For all of you true book lovers you will not be disappointed with Trife Life To Lavish Part II. All of the un-answered question about our favorite characters (Precious, Supreme, and Genesis & Nichelle) is answered and a new generation of street hustlers is born. Trife Life to Lavish Part II is in stores now and available on-line at HYPERLINK “” www. and

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DVD’s & CD’s

Smithsonian Networks & Infinity Entertainment Group Proudly Present

White House Revealed

From 1st Pets to Presidential Scandals … a Unique Insider’s Tour Narrated by Martin Sheen, Inaugurates on DVD July 20th — There’s no place like home … especially if you’re the president. Visit where few guests go in White House Revealed, available on DVD July 20 from Infinity Entertainment Group. It’s the world’s most powerful residence, where making decisions affecting millions of Americans is routine business. But the White House is also home—a warm and welcoming refuge for the president and his family. Come along as Smithsonian Networks takes you on an insider’s tour – where most visitors can’t go – to meet the people who make the world’s most famous house a home. Loyal White House residence staff – maids, assistants, ushers, valets, butlers, chefs, plumbers, engineers, florists and others who have worked under multiple presidents over the years – share their unique and personal views on everything from first pets to first family birthday parties, preparations for inauguration, behind-the-scenes views of world-altering events … even presidential scandals. With a wealth of still photos, oral histories, video footage and exclusive interviews, White House Revealed recounts decades of fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories, giving audiences of all ages the tour of a lifetime. Narrated by Martin Sheen, features an interview with 41st President George H.W. Bush. White House Revealed is presented in letterbox with an aspect ratio of

4 x 3 and 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Special features include subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired. About Smithsonian Networks Smithsonian Networks (SNI SI Networks L.L.C.) is a joint venture between Showtime Networks Inc.

and the Smithsonian Institution. It was formed to create new channels to showcase scientific, cultural and historical programming based largely upon the assets of the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum complex. Smithsonian Channel features

Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle

original documentaries, shortsubject explorations and innovative and groundbreaking programs highlighting America’s historical, cultural and scientific heritage. Visit Smithsonian Networks on the Internet at HYPERLINK “http://www.” www. About Infinity Entertainment Group Infinity Entertainment Group, headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., is a multi-service home entertainment retail distributor specializing in independent films, television programming, special-interest, documentaries, anime and music. Clients include Smithsonian Networks, iN DEMAND Networks, Falcon Picture Group, Bandai Entertainment, Roxbury Entertainment, SJ2 Entertainment and Retromedia. Hit titles include the iconic Route 66 television series, now available on DVD for the first time, and Spike Jones: The Legend. The company was launched in 2006 and is a division of Infinity Resources, Inc., a privately-held, multi-channel marketing and service enterprise with general offices based in suburban Chicago, Ill. White House Revealed Infinity Entertainment Group Genre: Documentary Rated: TV-G Format: DVD Only Running Time: Approx. 51 Minutes Suggested Retail Price: $14.98 Pre-Order Date: June 15, 2010 Street Date: July 20, 2010

June 2010


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Upcoming Events June 9 - The Brick and Mortar

of Construction Series will host a discuss of Section 3 businesses as classified by HUD. Find out if you are a Section 3 business and the contracting opportunities that may be available. 6 to 7:30 pm COST:  FREE

June 10 - Business Basics. Learn the basic elements of what is needed to start a business in the State of Ohio.  Topics of discussion include:  legal business structures, tax issues, recordkeeping, and marketing.  6 to 8 pm  Cost: FREE* June 16 - Why you need a capability statement.  What is capability statement and why do you need one to promote your product or service?  Participants in this class will prepare a capability statement for usage at trade fairs and networking events.  You may bring a laptop.  6 to 8 pm.  COST:  $10 June 25 - How to Market Your Certification.  Interested in selling to the government?  Not sure where to get started?  Wondering how to find out what the government is buying and how to get your products & services in front of them?  Join us to learn the basics of government contracting.  We’ll talk about how to get registered, where to find opportunities and what you need to do to market your capabilities to all levels of government.  Presented by the Procurement Technical Assistance Center.  11:30 am to 1:30 pm COST:  $10 To register for COMBA workshops, please visit workshops/ 


June 2010

Blueprint Reading Course Required for 2010 TSCM The Central Ohio Minority Business Association and Turner Construction are teaming up to present a four hour basic blueprint reading course. The course will be held on two Thursdays July 29 and August 5 from 6 to 8 pm at 1393 E. Broad Street. The Basic Blueprint Reading Course will provide students with instruction that enables them to understand the types of blueprints, shop drawings and schematics used in the construction field. Learning the basics of how a set of blueprints are drawn by designers, trainees discover how to interpret the different types of presentation techniques used and representative symbols found on construction drawings. The course is a requirement for contractors to participate in the 2010 Turner School of Construction Management. The TSCM will begin held in late August 2010. The 10-week class will provide realworld experiences as it introduces participants to managing a construction project.  Contractors who have previous blueprint reading skills may test out of the course by contacting Averi Frost at 614-252-8005 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting              614252-8005      end_of_the_skype_ highlighting. To register visit www.comba. com/workshops/. The registration deadline is Friday, July 15. The Central Ohio Minority Business Association operates the Columbus MCBAP and the Central Ohio Women’s Business Center. 

Business2Business Network EXPO 03:00 -08:00 p.m.

Topic: Accelerate your business at the premier business show and networking event in the Columbus region. A collaborative community effort of the Columbus Chamber and its partners, the Business2Business Network EXPO will help you achieve a competitive edge. You’ll meet your next customers in a proven setting that puts you face-to-face with thousands of business owners and decision makers.  With hundreds of exhibitors, there will be a wide range of products and services.


Greater Columbus Convention Center Battelle Grand 400 North High Street Columbus, Ohio 43215


Jason Bainum 614-225-6949 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting              614225-6949      end_of_the_skype_ highlighting.   ***  

COMBA - The Brick and Mortar of Construction Series 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM Topic: The Brick and Mortar of Construction Series will host a discussion of Section 3 businesses as classified by HUD.  Find out if you are a Section 3 business and the contracting opportunities that may

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be available. 6 to 7:30 pm Register at workshops/

COST: FREE  Location:

1393 E. Broad Street Columbus, Ohio 43205


Ronda Barber 614-252-8005 begin_of_the_ skype_highlighting              614252-8005      end_of_the_skype_ highlighting

Black Music Month

Career Corner

Governor, Adjutant General Announce 140 Jobs for Ohio National Guard through Homeland Response Force Columbus, OH – Ohio Governor Ted Strickland today announced that the Ohio National Guard has been authorized to field a Homeland Response Force (HRF) by the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Guard Bureau. To meet the readiness requirement of the HRF, more than 140 new full-time jobs will be added to the Ohio National Guard’s force. Ohio and Washington are the first two states to field this national capability. “This authorization underscores the incredibly high level of skill and preparedness demonstrated by our Ohio guardsmen and women, and reinforces the confidence that I

and our federal leaders have in our Ohio National Guard, especially Adjutant General Gregory L. Wayt,” Strickland said. “I’m proud that Ohio has been chosen with such a critically important designation, and I know that our Guard will fulfill their duty with dedication and professionalism.” The HRF will consist of

approximately 570 Soldiers and Airmen, trained and equipped to identify, respond to and mitigate the effects of a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or high-yield explosive (CBRNE) event. Organic to the HRF are security, search and extraction, decontamination, medical triage and a command and control element. HRF’s are designed to respond rapidly to various contingencies within Federal

Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) regions or support adjacent FEMA regions within six to 12 hours of receiving an activation order from the Governor and the Adjutant General. “The addition of this HRF is nationally significant and greatly improves our ability to defend the homeland,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory L. Wayt, Ohio adjutant general. “Our existing decontamination, medical and search and extraction elements are nationally certified and have demonstrated their abilities to save lives.” The National Guard Bureau will ultimately field 10 HRFs -- one in each FEMA Region.

Tips On Avoiding Employment Scams

-If you’re looking for a job, you may see ads for firms that promise results. Unfortunately, some firms may misrepresent their services,

promote outdated or fictitious job offerings, or charge high fees in advance for services that may not lead to a job. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, says scammers advertise jobs exactly where legitimate employers do--on popular Web sites, in the classifieds and even on TV. The ads sound promising, whether it’s for hourly work or an executivelevel job. But ads placed by scammers come with a twist: You have to pay--and then, there’s no job. Many con artists are good at what

they do. They can sound very convincing, especially when your defenses are down. They may say they have a job waiting for you… or they might guarantee to place you in a job. But you can’t believe the promises--even when you want to. Legitimate companies won’t guarantee you a job. The FTC urges job seekers to be aware of the red flags that may signal a job scam: • If an employer or employmentservice firm wants you to pay-even if it says it’s for certification, training materials or for its expenses placing you with a company--don’t do business with it. Legitimate employers and firms don’t ask you to pay for the promise of a job. • Some listing services and “consultants” write their ads or

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phone scripts to sound like they have jobs waiting for you. The truth is, they’re only selling information about looking for a job--information that’s generally available for free. If you’ve been the victim of a job scam and paid someone for a job that didn’t exist, the FTC wants to hear about it. Complain to the FTC at or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357). Watch a new video, “How to File a Complaint,” at to learn more. Letting the FTC know about your experience can help put an employment scam out of business. For more information and to watch an educational video, visit

June 2010


Classifieds MOVE IN BY


BEAUTIFUL 2 bedroom garden with bonus room. Bonus room perfect for small attachment bedroom, office, studio, or sitting room! Minutes from downtown and walking distance to Franklin Park. Located in Olde Towne East. Nestled


June 2010

Black Music Month in the center of owner occupied parcels. Original & meticulously maintained hardwood throughout and POCKET DOORS! New appliances and fresh neutral paint. Near dining and city bike paths. Lovely exterior brick duplex 2-story. Basement & with loads of storage. This upstairs unit boasts a breezy balcony, privacy fence, and attractive exterior landscaping. On street and rear parking with sizeable back yard. Rent (795./mo). NO PETS. Loads of natural light and masterful touches. Interested parties please contact Great place for the serious student, aspiring artist, young professional, or cyclist. Time


Looking for something MORE? Urban Trendsetters Media is looking for sharp, talented, professional individuals to join our expansion team in sales and marketing, freelance writers, photographers, distribution and street team, photography, telemarketing, circulation and more. If you are interested in joining the fastest growing media company in Ohio give us a call today at 866-970-4887 or send your resume’ to apply@ Urban Trendsetters-More than a magazine, it’s a lifestyle.


Urban Trendsetters | More Than A Magazine. It’s A Lifestyle



Join the UTS Beach Body Team.

Looking for a way to earn extra money and love health, wealth and fitness? The UTS Beach Body Team may be the opportunity you are looking for. Launch your business for as little as $35.00 TODAY! For more information log onto sharonsgordon

Make a Difference in Your Own Health | Community Day 2010 At University Hospital East, we’ve been making a difference in people’s lives for more than 10 years, but the path to good health begins with you. Let us help you get started! University Hospital East Community Day Saturday, June 19 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 1492 E. Broad St. Community Day provides you and your family access to free blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, lung function, body mass, breast and prostate screenings. Students can get free sports physicals. More than 30 community organizations will be on hand to share information on diabetes treatments, epilepsy, good nutrition, and detecting and preventing cancer. Kids can participate a variety of fun activities. Though screenings are free, registration is required. Registration ends at 1:30 p.m. A successful community relies on the health of its people. This year, give yourself the gift of good health.

For more information call (614) 293-5123 or visit

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June 2010 Celebrating Black Music Month and Father's Day

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