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photography by: JEFFERY KEESEE


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fashionable interiors




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A FUSION OF fashion and exquisite interior design is the focus of this issue of Urban Lux Magazine. Award winning interior designers along with home décor stores, clothing boutiques and fashion designers opened their doors and offered their talents, giving ULM the opportunity to share with you a glimpse of Atlanta style and design.



Unable to decide on the right cover to grace this issue was a daunting task. We turned to you, our talented ULM readers, to assist us in picking the perfect cover. Your response to vote for your favorite cover was unbelievable! You visited the ULM site daily in record numbers and on the final day of voting, with only a few hours left to vote, there were a multitude of voters all voting at the same time causing the voting system to crash! With 9,000+ combined votes, your number one cover choice is BRIA BRYANT, followed by TYNA Q and separated by just a couple votes is VICTORIA NUNEZ. Congratulations Bria! This was fight to the end and well worth it. Thank you all for your participation. The lush interiors of designer Michael Habachy, the eclectic finds at Redefined Home Boutique, the story of new comer Tyna Q and much more awaits you within. Enjoy!


photo:John Stephens | styling: Brian Short


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on the cover: BRIA BRYANT | photography: THOMAS SPRAVKA aug|sep 2010






Zach Davis is a father; husband, life coach,

Describing her works as livable art, Olivia is a

and author, whose passion to inform and

nationally recognized award-winning interior

help others led him to the pages of ULM to

designer. She is the owner of Liv By Design

give you real relationship advice. Along

Interiors Inc., a full service boutique interior

with his friend Okeeba Jubalo, they form Z &

design firm, and the host of Wealthy Manor

O Publishing, an urban publishing company.

on the Resort and Residence Network.



A native of Nassau, Bahamas, Philece.


R has spent most of her life immersed in

Commentator, Instructor, Style-maker and

a range of artistic forms. She is a painter,

twenty-five year veteran of the Entertainment &

illustrator, graphic designer, a former

Special Events Industry, Warren A. Huntley,

performing artist…an all around creative

a Brooklyn, New York native who grew

soul. This month she serves as Artistic

up in North Carolina knew early on that

Consultant to ULM.

his destiny would be “creating lifestyles!”



A true Renaissance Man & Visionary; Poet,

Writing about beauty, fashion , lifesyle and

Photographer, Fine Artist, Graphic Artist,

entertainment is her passion. Creating

Musician, Song Writer, Entrepreneur &

dynamicPRfor her clients is her job. Armed

Author. Read his raw wisdom in Sugar &

with a sense of style and outer/inner beauty

Salt, the ULM relationship column.

of her own, she brings unique people, places, and things to the pages of ULM.


Single Father, Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer,

for all things Fun, Frugal, and Fabulous

and Auto Enthusiast, William is also Managing

is her thing. From the “HIP” hole in the

partner of Event Seekers International and is

wall eateries to fine dining. From the

enjoying his re-ignited and elevated passion of

wonderful delights of arts and fashion

automobiles thanks to his 17 year

to the best relaxation spots. “I love to

old son, Elijah.

visit new places and really experience what my city is offering me and I plan on taking you along for the ride.”


aug|sep 2010


Exploring the wonderful city of Atlanta

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| shop |



LOCATED IN THE BLOSSOMING West Midtown Design District, Redefined Home Boutique offers fresh and sophisticated home décor sure to dial up the style of any interior. The lofty space is filled with furniture, lighting, accessories and specialty gifts, crafted both locally and around the world, fit for budgets of all sizes. Designed by owner David D’Amboise, the store’s soft grey palette and original exposed brick walls create the perfect scene for the its eclectic mix of classic furnishings. Elegantly fashioned upholstery paired with clean modern accents set the stage while seasonal vignettes featuring collections of one-of-a- kind vintage items, that D’Amboise hand-picks, steal the show. “I just get in the car and drive,” says the owner of his many and sometime spontaneous antiquing excursions. Among his unique finds are a collection of vintage typewriters, an antique apple press, and a wooden rocking horse now turned stylish sculptural accessory. Adding a touch of rustic charm, reclaimed architectural relics artfully dress the walls and tables. Molding from a villa in Italy and corbels from an 1850’s Pennsylvanian oil tycoon’s home, for example, are just a few of the conversation-starting accents customers will find scattered throughout the showroom. Ever-evolving art installations from local artists keep the store true to D’Amboise’s philosophy of employing local vendors. Most of the custom furniture and brilliant lighting offered by the store is handcrafted here in Georgia. Just a few steps over to the “cucina” reveals a delicious display of Italian inspired specialty foods homespun by Atlanta’s own Bella Cucina. Various flavored pestos, jellies, and dessert spreads are some of many local products tucked away on the store‘s shelves.


aug|sep 2010


| shop |

| shop |

REDEFINED HOME BOUTIQUE While most of the products are locally-produced, a few imported items make their way to the showroom floor. Handcrafted finds from Indonesia and afar blend seamlessly with the local custom pieces. Back in the cucina, silver plated napkin holders adorned with Swarovski Crystals, handmade in Paris, add a touch of glamour to the display. Completing the display are gold embellished handmade pottery and recycled stemware from Haiti that contrast beautifully with its rustic surroundings. D’Amboise was very conscience of the environment when realizing his vision for the boutique. Remaining eco-friendly was very important to him. Earth conscience decisions are reflected in both the interiors and the products he offers. For example, low VOC paints coat the boutique’s interior walls and are also used to create the various finishes for the made-to-order furniture. Adding to the eco-friendliness of the custom furniture, reclaimed wood serves as the structure for some of its frames. New life is given to repurposed machine parts now cleverly used as bases for side tables. Even an antique church pew is unrecognizable when dressed with beautiful custom pillows and throws. Redefined Home Boutique is also the home of Boticario de Havana by Archipelago, an aromatic all natural line of bath and body products that range from soy candles to naturally scented bath salts, lotions, and soaps. With their one-of-a-kind finds, locally crafted furniture, and environmentally-friendly philosophy, Redefined Home Boutique is doing just what its name promises. It is redefining spaces with pieces that make the difference, both in style and in substance. “I want to put a spin on design and do something innovative for Atlanta,” says D’Amboise. He is accomplishing just that with his eye for all things unique and his distinctive style.

photography by: JEFFERY KEESEE

aug|sep 2010






SPYKER C8 AILERON WHEN THINKING OF interior design, one may think of home interior, hotel interior or maybe the design of an office or cocktail lounge. Rarely do people think automobiles. Auto enthusiast like me and most certainly the design studio staff of Holland auto maker Spyker think a little differently about interior design. Spyker is one of only a few luxury auto manufacturers that create auto interiors that captivate with such exquisite detail and comfort features that it’s easy to forget that it’s really just a machine made to transport you from one place to another. Inside the Spyker C8 Aileron you’ll find loads of aluminum and titanium wrapped in luxurious leather and Q-Citura, a quilted hand stitched fabric. The jet fighter air conditioner vents are reminisce of a WWI aircraft with switches and dials that give you a slight hint of what it’s like to go through the 3-5 step procedure of starting your own aircraft. One of its most daring and unique features is an exposed linkage of the gear shift that flows well with the design theme of carefully machined metals. To top it off, the steering wheel is covered in exquisite Hulshof leather. Delivering 400 Horsepower and 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds from its V8 engine, this ultimate piece of work has been further defined by the famous design house Louis Vuitton who has partnered with Spyker to give buyers the $30,000 option of a 4-Piece set of Luggage nicely tucked away in the trunk of your new vehicle. Each buyer of the Spyker C8 Aileron gets an even more exclusive experience by being paired with their car from the start of its serial number assignment. After choosing from an almost endless array of color options, you will be able to follow the building of the car with spy cams to watch the step-by-step process of your individually designed chariot being created day and night. A world exclusive!

aug|sep 2010



SCIC Atlanta - 855 Peachtree Street NE - Suite 6 Atlanta, GA 30308 - 404 975 4320 Parma_italy

all dressed up . . .

sold exclusively at ken barber clothing | AtlantA | 404-817-8086






NOTHING MAKES MY HEART race like a beautifully designed well appointed interior. The person partly responsible for my palpitations these days is none other than celebrated interior designer, Michael Habachy. His creative genius fuels the designs behind Atlanta’s most stylish lounges, boutiques, restaurants, spas, and residences. From the dazzling glamour of Aurum Lounge to the calming Zen ambiance of Buddha Restaurant, Michael Habachy’s multi-dimensional spaces provide a sensory experience for the eyes to feast and the heart to behold. An Atlanta native, Habachy’s first design experience was that of a child watching his father, an engineer, design and construct the family’s home. A young innovator himself, Habachy began to imitate his father by designing and building his own homes with Lego parts. As time went on, his affinity for constructing Lego homes gradually developed into a passion for designing and building furniture. He went on to study furniture design, and later interior design, at Georgia Tech and AIU. Although in school for interior design, it was not Habachy’s initial instinct to become an interior designer. However, he began to recognize the collaborative relationship between designing furniture and interiors. “I started by creating individual custom furnishings, and then I realized I could just incorporate those pieces in to full on custom interiors”, says Habachy. He used his skills as a custom furniture craftsman to help cultivate his distinctive design aesthetic and thus Habachy Designs, Inc. was born. Armed with his new found direction and his his keen eye for customization, Habachy embarked on his first project-developing the posh interiors for one of Atlanta’s most trendy nightclubs, Eleven50. His experience with crafting custom furniture would become one of the driving forces behind his one-ofa-kind spaces. “I custom design everything”, he says as he describes the essence of his signature interiors. Customization, however, is not the sole ingredient that formulates Habachy’s well-defined style. Exceptional artwork and accents that he procures from countless resourcescomplement his bespoke interiors. In his swanky Atlanta condo, custom-designed furniture is accented with interesting finds from antique stores, retail chains, and the internet alike. Take his bedroom for instance, flanking a specially-made bed are two golden statuesque designer lamps he purchased on EBay.


aug|sep 2010


Directly across the room, a gold-leaf wall hanging from Z Gallerie floats above a found refurbished white lacquered dresser that received a personal facelift from the designer. Giving antiques a new sense of purpose is yet another dimension of his signature style. “I love to give new life to vintage finds”, he says. He artistically infuses his personal style into classical pieces by using unexpected finishes, like lacquer, to turn up the panache on otherwise drab and long forgotten relics. While his aptitude for customization and knack for redefining the old are key players in Habachy’s distinguishing style, a closer look into his multi-dimensional spaces reveals yet another attributing factor- a cultural point of view.





“Someone told me once to invest in your shoes. You can wear a pair of jeans from Target and a great pair of shoes will set the look off,” says the designer of applying the same rules of fashion to creating spaces. “It’s all about mixing and matching and investing your money where it really counts.” Habachy’s imaginative spaces vividly illustrate the story of his design aesthetic- unique, culturally infused, dramatic, and fashion forward. Though each design is exceptionally different, they all embody the same core principles that furnish them with unparalleled style. “Design should be a way of living,” he says. “Surround yourself with form and function that enhances your life!”

“I draw inspiration from life and travel” “I draw inspiration from life and travel”, he says of influences on his design style. He was able to physically merge his love for travel and design when he was asked to create an ultimate bachelor pad for a client in Buenos Aires-which happens to be is favorite project. He incorporated local antiques and the mood of film noir to create a space unlike any other. In addition to Buenos Aries, Habachy’s favorite places to visit are Central America and nations in Asia including Thailand and India. His love for traveling to the east is no more evident than in the designer’s home where many of the artifacts, like various Thai sitting Buddhas, acquired on his trips abroad are highlighted throughout the space. Not only does Habachy showcase eastern accents in his home, he also integrates eastern ideology into his design philosophy. He borrows from the region the virtues of harmony and simplicity which manifest in his each of his well-edited spaces. Along with inspirations from abroad, Habachy looks to the runway for fresh ideas. “Interior design and fashion go hand in hand,” he says. His design philosophy is partly rooted in the idea that creating spaces is much like piecing together a wardrobe. “Great interior design, like fashion, looks best when layeredjust like the best fashion is in winter,” he explains. The layering of contrasting elements-soft and hard, dark and light, vintage and modern- serves as the catalyst that transforms his spaces into dramatic interiors best described as couture masterpieces. Habachy believes that achieving high-drama doesn’t always require emptying the bank account. Like assembling an outfit, the key to forging well dressed interiors is to spend resourcefully and creatively on statement pieces that make an impact.

In such a short period of time, Habachy has managed to realize some of the most daringly beautiful spaces to grace Atlanta and countries abroad. The Middle East is next on his radar. He plans to venture into the extravagant world of hotel design in Dubai. With his enriched cultural influences and his flair for the exotic, this designer will have no trouble producing spaces worthy of the regions palate for luxury. My heart races with breathless anticipation to see what this designer will imagine next. photography by: THOMAS SPRAVKA

aug|sep 2010






| IN A WORLD where musicians like Shakira, Daddy Yankee and Carlos Santana have moved from being known only as Latin artists; to now being recognized as bona fide, crossover mainstays, a brand new ingénue is quickly emerging. Tyna Q (or Cristina Quinones), is a remarkable, young Mexican/Puerto Rican songstress. Her newly-minted blend of pop, rock, soul and dance has made her the frontrunner to usher in a new generation of music fans, that are hungry for an artist with the star quality that made J-Lo and the late Selena Quintanilla so popular worldwide.

The new face of a global takeover . . .

The Global music movement is far more than a trend. Tyna’s presence reflects the atmosphere and attitude of the Modern America, where minorities and people of mixed heritage are present everywhere from the White House to the Opera House. The youth are most certainly accustomed and intrigued by the diversity that is regularly being portrayed on networks such as Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Tyna’s magnetism, partnered with an enviable beauty and girl next door charm, all hint at success for years to come. Growing up in a multi-cultural family has proven to be instrumental in allowing her to musically express her roots in Hispanic and American culture. Tyna has been influenced by and compared to the likes of Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, and the late, great Selena Quintanilla. With over 600 performances under her belt in the last 4 years, including several televised performances, Tyna Q is a seasoned performer who knows how put on a riveting show. At the age of 12, Tyna landed her first live performance for Tavis Smiley’s BET event. And from then on she has been highly sought after performing on (the Hispanic Television Station) Telemundo, Good Day Atlanta (Fox 5), and the Teen Choice Awards. Tyna is also featured in “We Are the World” (The Next Generation) alongside Lil’ Mama and other young stars. You may have witnessed the young talent singing the National Anthem for the Atlanta Falcons, or in one of many magazines, or heard her gaining even more fans and adding to her 15,000 plus fan base with radio station interviews throughout the country.

photography by: THOMAS SPRAVKA

Even with all her success it is only the beginning for young Tyna Q. Tyna Q has been also honored by the Georgia Music Hall of Fame/Friends of Georgia Music Festival, Inc and awarded the distinguished Horizon Award. She will perform in the televised 32nd Annual Georgia Music Hall of Fame Awards show on September 11th, 2010 at the Cobb Energy Performings Arts Centre.


aug|sep 2010




WHEN I THINK of community service organizations, one of the most recognizable organizations in that area of work is Habitat for Humanity. This is an organization that does not view world poverty or reaching out to the disadvantaged as just opportunities to step in front of the media to speak about all the good they do. Habitat for Humanity literally and physically puts their money and their muscle into the mission of helping the disadvantaged, one home at a time.



Many well know celebrities have worked with Habitat for Humanity and have done a lot to raise the awareness of the organization and the work it does in communities around the nation and around the world. However; there is one local celebrity that works with Habitat for Humanity that you may or may not have heard of, Tony Chan. Born in Hong Kong, Tony’s family moved to Atlanta when he was six. The Georgia Tech Graduate went to high school at South Cobb High and has always been interested and involved in community service. As the Senior Director of International Programs at Habitat International, Tony’s job is to focus on the work that Habitat for Humanity does outside of North America. He supports the operations for Habitats’ initiative in 85 countries and 4 geographic offices.

“There is no money that can account for that”

Initially working as a consultant in the private sector, I asked Tony why he made the decision to shift his career to working in the sometimes less lucrative nonprofit sector. “I reflected and thought about my requirements verses the nice to haves and if I could get by with just the requirements and still be able to make a difference in the world and our community, why not? . . . There is no money that can account for that,” he stated confidently.

As I wondered how one person can get so much done, I asked Tony his secret, “the busier that I am the more productive that I become and impacting people keeps me motivated,” he states.

Truly a force as a community service activist, Tony has his hand and his heart in several service organizations. He chairs the board of directors for the Dallas Austin Foundation whose objective is to provide children a curriculum of music that keeps them involved in school.

Tony wants us stay prayerful for the people of Haiti, where Habitat for Humanity is doing much work. “Although there has been great progress made in Haiti, there is still a lot to be done,” he says as he encourages to get educated on the issues, get involved and donate. Bravo Tony!

Tony is involved with Progressive Redevelopment Inc, PRI. PRI provides sustainable affordable multi-family housing and specializes in assisting those in the rental market.

Speaking with Tony has inspired me to find additional ways to help my community. He suggests giving in any way that you can and to try to find alternative ways of giving back. Anything . that you can do, big or small, to impact someone’s life is the key.

He sits on the advisory board for Giving 101, an online service that allows gift givers to make donations to community service organizations in the name of the person that they are giving the gift to, and If that was not enough, Tony is also a member of Leadership Atlanta. Celebrating more than 40 years of developing leaders, Leadership Atlanta is the oldest sustained community leadership program in the nation. aug|sep 2010


Fashionable Interiors | PHOTOGRAPHY BY thomas spravka |

“I am a great admirer of artist’s and their process. Be it a fashion or interior designer, a painter, sculpture or chef. My desire is to capture the essence of artist’s endeavors and represented those efforts with images that honor the spirit of their journey.” - Thomas Spravka

THE FASHION | designer jewelery by WORTHMORE JEWELERS - jacket by THEORY - hat by RAG & BONE - shirt by ZARA - jeans THE INTERIOR | THE HABACHY LIVINGROOM - Sofa and Coffee Table: custom designed by MICHAEL HABACHY: Buddha & Lotus

styling: LENTHEUS CHANEY | hair & makeup: LONDYN JEWELZ’ by BILL TORNADE Lamp: vintage - Pair of Asian Style Chairs: Vintage from the 40’s.

THE FASHION | designer jewelery by WORTHMORE JEWELERS - custom cocktail dress by designer ASHLEYANNE HENSLEY THE INTERIOR | ONYX ROOM designed by MICHAEL HABACHY for DESIGN WITHIN REACH. Wall: Book matched Honey Onyx f r o m

styling: LENTHEUS CHANEY | hair & makeup: HAUTE BEHAVIOR t h e CYNTHIA chocolate truffle croc-print leather bag by MEL BOTERI - shoes by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. M I A M I INTERNATIONAL - Pair of Retro-styled orange chairs by JOSEPH D’URSO - WARREN PLANTER side table.

THE FASHION | designer jewelery by WORTHMORE JEWELERS - Buffoely Brief by DONNIE WELLZ - shirt by PENGUIN THE INTERIOR | WOODY BEDROOM Designed by MICHAEL HABACHY For DESIGN WITHIN REACH. Wall: R e c l a i m e d w o o d b y

styling: BRIAN SHORT - s w e a t e r , hat and trouser by GAP Cornerstone S a l v a g e - A r t : “ S o v e r e i g n T r e e ” b y TODD MURPHY - bed by REVE - cube lamp side tables by TOTO

THE FASHION | designer jewelery by WORTHMORE JEWELERS - wardrobe provided by GAP - Lauren clutch with black patent THE INTERIOR | DIVA ROOM designed by MICHAEL HABACHY for DESIGN WITHIN REACH. Art: Custom graphic wallpaper mural

styling: ERICH MILLER & LENTHEUS CHANEY | hair & makeup: AKIIKI HILL leather accented croc-print and silver hardware by MEL BOTERI designed by AMY RADER - turquoise egg chair by JACOBSEN - GLOBO di LUCE Pendent copper light - SAARINEN Side Table

THE FASHION | designer jewelery by WORTHMORE JEWELERS platinum gown by designer LENTHEUS CHANEY THE INTERIOR | “SCIC” System 30 Navigly presents a brand new way of thinking the kitchen. New visions of elegance for pure design which concedes only to the extreme simplicity of precious materials, exclusive finishes and original combinations. A monolithic kitchen with functional blocks and technologically advanced solutions, where linear design disguises the riches of luxury incorporated with the utmost functionality.

styling: LENTHEUS CHANEY hair & makeup: LONDYN JEWELZ’


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ope ration fall fashion


JUST WHEN YOU’VE accomplished that perfect sun kissed glow, reached the height of your ultimate bikini body and adapted to life laying by the pool, you are shocked at the mere fact that autumn has crept up from behind and kicked you in the rear. For many of us it happens every year. You’re so busy enjoying the summer that when autumn comes around you become a total wreck! The worse part of it all is that the latest season of Christian Loubs’ are out and they exceed the balance of your bank account. What’s a gal to do? Luckily most metropolitan cities are equipped to handle a woman on a mission: Conquering Fall Fashion. From its swanky boutiques to its thrifty consignments, Atlanta is filled with an array of possibilities to cover every income bracket. This is the perfect place to be fun, frugal and fabulous. All you need is a little imagination! MISSION 1: USE WHAT YOU HAVE Start off by reaching into the closet and choosing items that can follow you into the fall and winter months. Such items may include; cute summer dresses, long tanks, button ups, cotton shorts, and everything black. Mix and match your favorite colorful summer blouse with darker bottoms to utilize what you already have.


aug|sep 2010

MISSION 2: BE UNIQUE AND FABULOUS Always keep in mind that when shopping at chain stores, there are at least 10 other people walking around the city wearing the same thing as you. Imagine being at a party, shaking those hips on the dance floor, feeling like a one of a kind beauty and then you turn your head to see someone else across the room wearing the same dress that you have on. Yes, you would like to think that you have worn it better than her but the reality is that you will never know. To lower those chances of having that happen, you can shop at a boutique and get clothes that are not typically in mass production. Also boutiques have a tendency of providing clothes from local designers, which is always a good thing. If you’re not familiar with many boutiques in the Atlanta area you may want to try out The Chic Boutique Tour, where you can have the opportunity to shop at several different boutiques such as, Plush Boutique and Demure. On the tour you can ride on a party bus while having cocktails, noshes and fun times with your friends. When frequenting these new places try searching for clothes that replicate military attire. We began seeing this look last fall and it has made its way back again this year. You can purchase a nice militant jacket and pair it with jeans or one of your favorite dresses.

operation fall fashion


| focus |

MISSION 3: HAVE FUN BEING FRUGAL Do not break the bank in effort to be fashionable. Do you love boutique styles but your wallet demands you to be a bit more frugal with your spending? Well, no worries because Atlanta is full of places that can provide gently used clothes to add to your wardrobe. Consignment shops like Freestyle Boutique and Rag-O-Roma are idea stores to find items that were trendy in the past but have made their way back “in” again. Leather pieces such as long pants and jackets were ripping the runway in New York, Paris and Milan’s Fall 2010-11 Fashion Weeks. This year Versace brought vibrant colorful leathers to her collection. Take some tips from Versace and do not be afraid to have fun with your outfits while transitioning into the fall. Mimicking her vibrant style would be a great way to set you apart from the norm. You can have fun with your finds and rip your own runway down the streets of Atlanta.

MISSION 4: THINK BLACK Fortunately, black is back this fall although it never really left. This upcoming season, dressing in black from head to toe will definitely assist in giving you that runway look you’ve been striving for. Not only will wearing all black keep you fashionably on the right path but it will also assist in slimming down your silhouette will moving into the holiday season. If you are opposed to dressing in all black, try using one signature piece like an all black jacket with texture that you can use over and over again. This will keep you trendy and classic at the same time. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED In this battle we have fought for the cause of Fall Fashion and Frugality. Always remember while moving into each season, fashion is an expression of who you are. You may see trends that are in for the moment but if you add your own spin to them they can be trends that remain for a lifetime. model: GIA JAI | hair & makeup: MARY NEGRON photography: JASMIN MOORE

aug|sep 2010




| focus |


I LOVE ENTERTAINING! I have all of my adult life. Being one of those fortunate enough to make a successful living out of a life-long passion definitely has its multiple rewards. Recently I decided a gathering of close friends was long overdue. Killing two birds, possibly three, with that one preverbal stone, I deemed it a group “thank you” of sorts to those special few that are not only dear friends, but endearing and supportive clients as well. While daunting to some, entertaining can be as simple and relaxing as pouring a nice glass of Pinot and curling up on the couch with an old friend or hanging out on the patio, catching up with the couple next door. It needn’t be challenging, fussy or pretentious. Whether a dinner party for eight, cocktails for twenty-five or a back yard BBQ for four, the simple rules of engagement are as easy as one, two three. First, keep it simple. Seasonally, that transition of summer to fall is ideal for casual entertaining, especially when you can take it outside. No fussy or expensive flower arrangements needed. All that’s necessary is the miracle of nature and maybe a candle or two. Poolside, a wooded deck, in-town patio or a sprawling lawn, the sights and sounds of the outdoors are immediate conversation starters...another must for effortless entertaining. Secondly, ensure that you have a unique mix of guests. In my case, I grouped corporate vice presidents with PR experts and wedding planners with luxury automobile specialists. Some acquainted by the same social circles while others united by the love of a light yet crisp Riesling! For this particular occasion, while I wanted my friends to feel special rather than over powered by floral decor, loud music and complicated buffets, I wanted each of them to be the center of attention, individually. Thirdly, good food is always a key element no matter the purpose or occasion. Prepping, sometimes cooking ahead of time and assembling right before guests arrive is a great time saver from the most casual to even the most formal of gatherings. Certain dishes like pasta, I personally love to create while guests gather around in the kitchen chatting, often times assisting or even picking up tips from the “chef!”

Prior to my guests arriving, I take a few moments to reflect. I envision the intimate yet casual flow of the evening in anticipation. Tamera nibbling on Balsamic Poached Summer Strawberries with her flute of Veuve Clicquot with Marsha who is devouring curls of aged Boerenkaas Gouda with cranberry chutney on sourdough. Deana and Nicole are laughing uncontrollably over in the corner with new found friend Mia and of course Champagne flutes all around! As the sun began to set, the vision in my head paralleled reality. I took mental snapshots of the very special evening unfolding right before me. Chilled champagne, a couple of artfully presented Anti Pasto Platters, soft music in the background and a phenomenal group of enchanting and engaging friends who help to make the evening perfect.

Effortless...and Entertaining! Cheers!

aug|sep 2010


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sugar and salt RAW,REAL, RELATIONSHIP ADVICE FROM ZACH & OKEEBA My girlfriends are always giving me hard time about my man. When I first met him it seemed like we would just “date”, but it grew into something else. I haven’t been spending enough time with my “girls” and they are always talking about him controlling me and not letting me out. The truth is...i enjoy his company more than listening to my nagging girlfriends complain about not having a man. I love my girls...but I WANT MY MAN! How do I balance this out? - Spelman QT

ZACH: Honestly, it sounds like you and/or your ex-girls are holding on to the past and that is what your new lady is feeling as well. Now you may think it is innocent, but there is a reason you keep “checking in” with women from the past and the same goes for your ex-girls. They are your back up plans more times than not. You may not want to admit it but that is why you keep “meeting for drinks”. What would you think if she was meeting her ex-dude’s for drinks?

ZACH: You need to be real with them and tell them how much you enjoy your man and how happy you are. Any REAL friend only wants to see you happy. If they are not happy for you, then they are not REAL friends. Thus, you need to leave them alone, because their jealousy could bring strife into your relationship and kill what ever grew between you and your new man.

OKEEBA: It sounds like you are being shady and want your cake, batter & bowl. If you are focused on building your future then do so. You can’t drag your past into your now or future. Close the door and be clear about your motives. It’s not a problem to have friends from your past, but they should just be that…”friends from your past”. Be honest with your woman and don’t play games. You are sounding like a fool with all of this, “I don’t know why my lady is tripping. I’m only going on ‘DATES’ with women that I slept with.” You are being shady…don’t be surprised if she leaves you to build a “future” with your friends from your “past”.


“I’ve been dating a woman for almost a year. Things have been going well, but she has been giving me a hard time about my relationships with my ex-girlfriends. I’m still cool with them. My new lady is tripping and I don’t see what the big deal is. I still meet a few of my ex-girls for drinks or dinner without my new lady knowing because I don’t want for us to fight. What do you think? “- 5 Series Philly



OKEEBA: You need new friends. If they were really about you being happy then they would help you with that or move aside. Misery loves company…be careful about who makes up your inner-circle because they will become your cage. Tell them how you feel, real friends want to see us happy. Let those Bad News Bears go!

“I think my husband is cheating on me. There has been a number of signs that don’t look on the up & up. He has a work cell phone and a personal cell phone. He will leave the work phone out, but guard the personal cell phone with his life. He even takes it in the bathroom with him when he showers. His homeboys are known to sleep around on their wives/mates with women on the side. He talks about them and I wonder if he is telling me his own story to ease the pain that is in her heart. I love him, but he is looking like a liar & cheat.” - Sprint 843 ZACH: Usually where there is smoke there is fire, and from your question it seems as if you have a four alarm blaze going on. He is definitely hiding something if he is keeping his phone at his side at all times. If he hasn’t told you, asking probably is not going to make him come clean and if you have to start digging you usually get dirt. So you can ask him to give you the phone and if he hesitates, it may be time to have a more serious conversation or launch your own investigation. Know that if you are wrong it could push him to do something so be cautious. OKEEBA: Okeeba- Yeah sounds like he isn’t up to any good. You should ask him about what is going on and do not take “NOTHING” as an answer. If he is man enough to mess around then he needs to be man enough to admit it. I can’t stand a liar & a cheat. Stand up and say what it is…if you aren’t happy then say so. Look at the signs and let him know that you do not feel secure about your marriage. Point them out to him and have him explain his actions. Be prepared to leave if you have to. Submit your questions to

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| URBAN LUX MAGAZINE released VINTAGE APPEAL “The Mens Issue” at Ken Barber Clothing. Partial proceeds benefited The Fatherless Generation.

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| ACCESS GRANTED “Timeless - Glamourous - Tailored” - JULY 13, 2010 |


The VIP Room Design Studio hosted ACCESS GRANTED at ADAC Atlanta in the DONGHIA Showroom. Next seminar August 10th.


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| SOBE MENS SHOW - JULY 16, 2010 |


| The SOBE Men’s Show, featuring designers FRANK DANDY, UNDERGEAR and UNICO, made a splash on South Beach at the MAXINE Lounge.


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A FUSION OF fashion and exquisite interior design is the focus of this issue of Urban Lux Magazine. Award winning interior designers along...


A FUSION OF fashion and exquisite interior design is the focus of this issue of Urban Lux Magazine. Award winning interior designers along...