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Located minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, The Pad on Harvard is a modern, luxury apartment community featuring studio, one and two bedroom floor plans. Advanced amenities include high speed Google Fiber internet and Google NestÂŽ controlled heating and cooling that allows personal comfort settings with energy efficient savings. The Pad on Harvard is convenient to Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and the Georgia International Convention Center. Also within easy reach, the College Park MARTA station is a short 400 foot walk and Downtown Atlanta is accessible in ten minutes by car or train. Complete with a resort style pool, bar area, catering space, and rooftop sky lounge, you'll love calling the Pad on Harvard home.



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Nicole Coleman is superBOLD

10 STYLE Tracy Nicole Clothing


24 COMMUNITY Rod Mullice: Boldly Building A Legacy

29 SMALL BUSINESS MATTERS 5 Ways to Boldly Change Your Life

30 LABOR OF LOVE Jan Buckner Walker


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nicole coleman is superBOLD! Story by Brian Hampton

MOTHER of three, wife, visionary, published orator, and a successful business professional for a Fortune 100 company, Nicole Coleman says "I've been a creator of a lot of things and an executor of few." Nicole goes on to share that following a personal health scare that she had in September of 2016, she ended up making a deliberate decision to live boldly! She says, "The big bold life that I had promised the 6-year old me; 33 years ago, I was going to give her that! In the event that my children may not know me as an adult, I want to make sure that I've left here something for them to know me by." And with such transparency and candidness about her own deficiencies, this amazing woman has already helped so many people to realize their own dreams and maximize their fullest potential! In case you don't know of her yet, it is with great honor that I introduce to you the phenomenal Nicole Coleman of SuperBOLD! SuperBOLD is her brand initiative to connect with people who want to live their best life NOW. Her God-given gift to speak words of affirmation and inspire others, has proven to motivate people to move beyond their complacencies and excuses and into greatness. The inspiration behind SuperBOLD is the bi-product of both her own experiences as well as a revelation she received while watching publicities for the Super Bowl while dealing amidst her health scare. Nicole says that she felt that it was due time to boldly create a platform where trailblazers could be celebrated in "an environment conducive to the power of positive images and collaboration.” And more than just a notion, Nicole Coleman has managed to facilitate from this Vision, the Premier SuperBOLD Women’s Empowerment Brunch which will take place Friday, February 3, Super Bowl Weekend 2017 at the St. Regis Hotel in Houston, Texas. The SuperBOLD Brunch will "pay tribute to some of the country’s most influential women from various fields of industry. These women will be honored for breaking boundaries and changing the status quo within their circles of influence to help encourage, empower and elevate their communities. The event host and visionary is Nicole R. Coleman." Nicole makes it clear during our chat that her ultimate goal is to empower others as well as herself to grow, build, connect and most importantly move forward.


Photography by ELTON ANDERSON

When asked what type of direction she would give to others who want to live boldly, Nicole suggests that the candidate must first make a self-assessment and be very honest with one's own struggles to work at fixing them prior to execution. Also, she says that it is important to be intentional at whatever it is you desire to do by associating with like-minded people and by equipping yourself to take on the task. Her target audience clearly extends beyond just women, but more so, is an engagement of people who are "ready for their next now!" She says that SuperBOLD is all about people who are ready to be touched to touch others. With a strong support team including her peers, industry professionals and the innovation and drive of her husband, Nicole

Photography by ELTON ANDERSON says that she is extremely grateful to see that this project has been so divinely executed within such a very short period of time. Inspired personally by an earnest desire to be more engaged in her own children's nurturing and remembering her dreams as a little girl which still stir within her, Nicole remains passionate about creating avenues to help others boldly pursue their aspirations.

For more information on Nicole Coleman, her brand and the SuperBOLD Women's Empowerment Brunch, please visit:

Not only does she have great insight, but also very practical ways of helping you get there. And more importantly, she is a woman who is highly deserving of recognition where it relates to Living Boldy in 2017, because she's not just talking about it, she is living it out; BOLDLY!


“It’s important for me to show the importance of women uplifting and supporting each other as well as accepting each other for our differences. Each piece is named after an inspiring woman who has impacted the community in some way, and every color has a meaning — it’s not just about what’s on you, it’s about what’s in you.” - Tracy Nicole *All pieces pgs. 11-17 available at


Carrie - Red Keyhole Dress


Caroline - Grey Oversized Angled Top/Dress


Melissa - Cream Flared Skirt & Sheri - Cream Crop Top



Jenny - Olive Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Top Jessica - Drawstring Pants

Chloe -Wine T-Shirt Dress



Marie - Black Shoulderless Dress



Angela Robinson, the actress who plays the role of a woman we all love to hate on the hit show “The Haves and The Have Nots,” considers herself a southern girl who knew early on that her ultimate role in life would be in the arts. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida – a big country town where everyone knows everyone and is proud when you succeed – she remembers the great support she had as a kid, “I had the best childhood I think because I had two of the most amazing parents. They were amazing because they invested so much in me.” Angela's parents made it their mission to expose her at an early age to a world of travel, theater and diverse cultures.

Nude rose skirt and top: Sanyae Demure @sanyaedemure Jewelry: @aeteedesigns @thearchshow Shoes: Melis yildiz IX.IV @melisyildizixiv


Storyby by DEBRA Pia ForbesIVORY

Photography by MARK GAMMILL


“For sure my character has taught me that when you really invest and when you really do the work you've trained to do as an actor, people do believe it�

Photography by MARK GAMMILL


Angela remained relatively close to home after graduating high

In the meantime, Angela says that it is less important for her to be

school to attend Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

liked and more important to play the real truth of what people are

(FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida. Although she had a strong desire to

actually facing when they come out to their parents.

major in theater, she faced objection from her mother and father and opted to major in sociology. Grateful for her educational path she recalls, “It’s worked out for me because as an actor I have to know how to create characters, how they are socialized and where they come from. So sociology was a good major for me.” While in college Angela made time for acting by auditioning for every musical and play that she could. She got further validation of her remarkable talent from the head of the theater department who casted her as the lead, Sweet Georgia Brown, in the musical “Bubbling Brown Sugar.” With a budding career, Angela graduated from FAMU and furthered her pursuit of theater by moving to New York to attend acting school. She continued to audition, was hired for the professional theater and within four years she got her first show on Broadway. Her Broadway productions include “The Color Purple” with Fantasia, “Wonderful Town,” “Bells Are Ringing,” and “Play On!” Her Off-Broadway productions include “Radiant Baby,” “Call the Children Home,” and “City Center's ENCORES!” While in Atlanta performing at the Alliance Theater in the musical “Into The Woods,” the casting director for Tyler Perry Studios was in the audience and invited her to audition for a role on the sitcom “Meet The Browns.” The role was for a hospital administrator but she didn’t get the part. A year and a half later they remembered her and called her back. They thought she would be perfect for the role of Veronica Harrington and asked her to put herself on tape. The next day she was on a plane headed back to Atlanta to begin filming.

Photo courtesy The Oprah Winfrey Network: OWN Asked, “What has your character taught you?” Angela responds, “For sure my character has taught me that when you really invest and when you really do the work you've trained to do as an actor, people do believe it.” Married for twenty years with no children, Angela is surprised when people walk up to her to tell her how horrible of a wife and mother she is. She says that’s the best compliment and assures her that she’s doing her job well. With her career seemingly in full swing, I asked Angela, “Have you ever found yourself in the situation of having to start over?” She shared with me that her father has since transitioned and

Playing the role of Veronica Harrington, an anti-gay mother of a

her mother now lives with her and her husband in New York. “My

gay son, comes with its challenges personally for Angela. “I get a

mother has a bit of dementia and my mother will push me and give

lot of hate filled Facebook messages from gay fans that I’m sure

me a hard time about something. I always say the hardest part pf

(Veronica’s actions) brings up stuff that they’ve been through. But

living with a loved one with dementia is that sometimes you don’t

I think they know my heart once I express myself and they know

always have the great patience you would want to have. So maybe

it’s not me. I don’t write it but I am proud to play it because it’s

I mess up and maybe my patience isn’t so great and I don’t respond

important for people to see how they look when they don’t receive

to her the way I should but two hours later my mother would have

their children and push them away based on their sexuality.”

forgotten and so I get a chance to do it over and I get a chance to do it better. Being her caregiver has taught me that you always get

Although she would love for Veronica to do better and embrace

a chance to do it over.”

her son, Angela understands that for some of her closest friends and colleagues, it took twenty years for their families to accept

Angela admits that she is truly living her dream and suggests that

them. “I also want it to be based in reality because I know that

others looking to do the same should continue doing that thing

people don’t change that easily and it will take something strong

that is churning in their belly, never be afraid to start over and be

to cause for Veronica to change her tune.”

sure to link your dream to purpose and to the service of others.



BOLDLY BUILDING A LEGACY Story by Lentheus Chaney Being bold and creating legacy is not something that happens overnight. It takes patience along with will and a passion to help others. The journey began for Rob Mullice around 1974 when one of the first families of color moved on Main Street in Hinesville, Georgia.


“I knew that when I left home, anywhere I lived would have to be within walking distance of a grocery store and other basics for daily living. My childhood shaped my sense of community and urban development.”

Main Street was home to most of the staple establishments one might expect of Small Town, USA: a hardware store, a grocery, a post office, and a funeral home. Rod became part of that American fabric when his father, newly returned from the Army, became the towns’ funeral home operating partner.

College life began at Morehouse College for Rod. He then transferred to Savannah State University for what was to only be a temporary stay but says, “I had a great professor who a lot into me around how do we use the power that we have to improve the quality of our community. He taught very passionately about public works and how that was a vehicle to empower people in our community.”

Rod never thought about going into the funeral home business, but did see himself as a person who would be in the business world creating something and helping the community develop. “I was able ride my bike when I was nine years old and go get a loaf of bread and I was able to ride my bike and get a milkshake at the Hinesville drug store for sixty cents. Being in a walkable community is something that is very fond to me.”

Straight out of college he was offered a project management job with a construction company. “I got a big thrill doing that for a couple of years, but I wanted to be involved at a higher level.” So, for the next several years he gained experience in related fields, first supplying industrial supplies to contractors, next providing commercial insurance for general contractors, and then moving on to city development.

He credits that period of his life with informing his thinking as an adult.

He found himself thinking about how intertwined infrastructure and real estate inevitably are.

“In Atlanta we had already made a major investment in infrastructure. And a huge investment in transit. I thought: I understand all of the moving parts, why don’t I go make a living on real estate?” Rod also recognized that to be a leader he needed to fine-tune his hard and soft skills. In 2014 he started a year-long program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design Advance Management Development Program in Real Estate. Being successful in an industry where only 1.3% of your colleagues are African American men (according to a recent report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), can have its challenges, but Rod’s philosophy of sticking to it has helped him through. Rod completed his Harvard graduate program and walked away with a business plan and design for his brainchild, The Pad on Harvard. The Pad on Harvard is a mixed-use, transit-oriented multifamily project with 109 well designed apartment units. Located at 1777 Harvard Ave., it is the first multifamily community to break ground in College Park in the past 40 years. Rod explains, “This is an over looked area with issues that are not relevant to the new generation so I saw this as an opportunity to leverage what’s happening in the new mindset by using the inherent assets that the community has such as the MARTA station which is 400 feet away, the nation’s busiest airport and 100,000+ jobs that are within 5 to 10 minutes from the property.” His passion is Transit Oriented Development which emphasis having a positive impact on the environment. Rod's business model focused on people having social connections and caters to people making 35k to 85k per year. He is fascinated by planes in flight, so you will find upscale aeronautical design details throughout the entire property. "I want to have good design and attract people who historically have not had good design in their community." Asked, "How are you living life boldly?" Rod replies, "I am living life boldly by insuring that we deliver and we take care of our community. Even when others say we shouldn’t, we need to say, no we will do it this way because I know what is possible. Living balding is staying focused on a big vision to transform our community.” Rod insisit that it is most important to surround yourself with winners and find three quality relationships that consist of a mentor to mentee relationship, a peer to peer relationship and a mentee to mentor relationship. In essence, find someone you can learn from, someone you can learn with and someone you can teach. To learn more about The Pad on Harvard, please visit


"A book of soulful affirmations inspired by daily living and hard knocks surviving."





ost people have not been trained to think and work for themselves. From the day, we were born we were told what to

Story by Marc E. Parham

• FOCUS AREA 4: YOUR CONTRIBUTION What are you giving back? No deposit no withdrawal. You must

do when to do it even how to do it regardless of our age or our status

help others. You don’t have to make it a major deal to start but

in life. Even more important we allowed ourselves to be guided by

you must do something on a regular basis. It can be helping a

others. It is not our fault.

person or an organization. You will find it truly rewarding.

To fit in, we had to fit in but to make a real change in your life you must boldly go where you have never been before. This article will give you five focus areas and the massive action steps necessary to make the changes to boldly go and be who you really want to be.

• FOCUS AREA 1: YOUR HEALTH How is your physical, spiritual, and mental health? You really need

MASSIVE ACTION STEP: Make a contribution to the world.

• FOCUS AREA 5: YOUR LIFE VISION What is your vision for your life? You must have a vision for your life. What do you want, who do you want to be, what do you want to be doing? Instead of making this a long-term plan, make one for the next three months. Make the plan and make it happen. It is only three months. You can stick with it I promise you.

to check this out. Get a physical. Find out what is really going on.


Start doing something every day that gets you in touch with your

Create three month life plan.

spiritual side. Go dark. Turn of everything and have a conversation with yourself and yes, it is ok to answer. How else will you know who

Need Help?

you are.

Visit and select one of the many self-

MASSIVE ACTION STEP Get your health checked out and go dark daily.

• FOCUS AREA 2: YOUR MONEY Where are you at right now and what are your plans. Find out exactly what are your debts, bills, assets and develop a plan to take control. So many of us are just living day to day. Develop a financial plan for the next three months. MASSIVE ACTION STEP: Make a three month budget and stick to it.


paced online coaching programs that touch on the areas in this article. You may do them alone or sign up to work with a coach that will help you stay focused. Be on the lookout for my next book in the Yes I Can Series entitled “To Boldly Go.” This workbook will help you develop your plan to start a business that will change your life. Marc E. Parham is a small business expert, professional speaker, radio host and author. His mission is to educate and coach people to start taking more control of their lives by learning how to start their own small business.

Do you have the right relationships around you? Are those around you contributing to your success or taking your energy? I call them energy vampires. People who make no deposits only withdrawals. You know who they are. They must go. I mean it! They are taking time and energy that you can never get back. Sometimes we can make additions by making subtractions. MASSIVE ACTION STEP Evaluate and purge your relationships.





a labor lawyer and her labor of love Story by Pia Forbes


an Buckner Walker, the creator and author of Kids Across Parents Down (KAPD) crossword puzzles, knew early on that her life’s work would revolve around words.

“It’s an excellent program. I can’t say enough about how the university speaks from a position of excellence and legacy.” There, she became a shrewd copy editor – a skill that serves her well at KAPD. Cryptically, Jan says, “There’s not one inch of daylight between headlines and clues.” During her first year at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, Jan was told that her journalistic style of writing was all wrong for the law. Still, she found the pursuit largely interesting and surprised everyone – herself included – by being selected for law review. Following graduation, she worked in labor law for several major corporations in Chicago. By all accounts, she was living the dream, but for her, something was missing. She explains, “I was feeling creative without a lot of opportunities to exercise that muscle.” That changed in 1998, as she crisscrossed the country on business. She began to writing children’s books and developing the concept for KAPD. With little knowledge of the process, Jan found an online community of puzzle makers, read books and got to work. When she had 30 good ones, she called another Howard alum who referred her to the editor of the KidsPost (at the Washington Post). Three weeks later, KAPD was a weekly feature in the style section.

An elementary school student in Maryland, Jan – daughter of a retired schoolteacher mom and a father who taught school before working for the National Institutes of Health – recalls, “I wasn’t into school; it felt rote, but I understood the need to perform well.” So she excelled, earning As and, as she recalls, a few dreaded Bs. An assignment to compile a list of 10 synonyms and 10 homonyms became the catalyst for a career. Jan recalls, “My list grew to 250. I scribbled words down on scraps of paper and kept them in my pocket. That’s pretty much how I create puzzles now. I’m constantly working on a list of words, and I harvest those lists.” A high school career aptitude test said she would be a poet, affirming what she already suspected, but when she found out the pay, the plan came to a screeching halt. “Poverty,” she shares, “wasn’t a part of my plan.” By eight grade, the idea of going to law school had crystallized. Thinking one day she would be a lawyer for a major metropolitan newspaper, she chose Howard University’s undergraduate journalism program. Speaking of her alma mater, she offers,


By September 2003, KAPD had attracted the attention of major syndicates, and by year end, KAPD was the number one family puzzle in syndication. Since then, KAPD has been featured by McDonald’s and published two books (available on Amazon). Asked, “Why puzzles?” Jan responds, “I think it sprung from a long ago need to learn differently and more creatively. They’re an ideal pastime for parents and kids to get them talking and thinking differently.” Among Jan’s goals for KAPD is creating an opportunity for parents and kids to create memories. She says, “I want to give parents and kids a high-five moment. Whenever a child and parent are elbow-to-elbow, they can share and create.” As the brand expands, she hopes KAPD will go digital, finding more ways to drive home important values. For now, Jan is working hard at building the KAPD brand and is grateful for the ability to do work she enjoys. “It feels very divine,” she says, smiling. “I’m not strategic enough to come up with such an intricate plan.”

By Jan Buckner Walker

The Original Crossword Puzzle for Kids and Their Favorite Adults

The across clues are for kids and the down clues are for grown-ups!

Kids Across

1. King of the Kitchen: He's the top cook at a restaurant who makes delicious dinners 4. The place people go to have fun in the sun and relax on the sand 7. A ___ is also known as a "hotcake" (even if it has gotten cold) 9. Not feeling well?: It's what you probably have if your forehead is hot 10. It rises from a cup of hot cocoa 11. Now, THAT's a hot toy: Invented more than 50 years ago, the Easy-Bake ____ has made millions of kids into bakers 14. It's what people use to get rid of wrinkles 15. The lush, tropical place where gorillas feel at home 16. It's the first thing a frozen pizza does in the oven (before it begins baking) 19. They're the parts of a coalwalker's body that feel the heat 20. Hot spot in the house: It's what people sometimes

gather around to share warm family memories (or just to get warm) 22. Time to tumble: After your jeans have been freshly cleaned and spent about 40 minutes inside this, they are warm and ready to wear 23. This tiny bug might be seen hanging around while people are roasting marshmallows: a fire ___

Parents Down

2. It's what makes the Olympic torch spectacular 3. Zap that app!: I'm the only one that should be telling teens whether they're "hot or not". What am I? 5. Like molten lava, later 6. Think salsa: Description of food that can be hot and cold at the same time 8. Dragon's fiery facial feature 9. Other than Hawaii, which of the United States is closest to the equator? 12. How many ice cubes can you

hold in your hand for an hour? 13. True saying heard on a sweltering summer day: "It's hot enough to fry an ____ on the sidewalk!" 15. Call him Mr. Coffee: '50s MLB star-turned-'70s coffee machine pitchman, Dimaggio's apt first name may have helped him convince millions that the new drip technology could make a better cup of ___ 17. Maple tree's welcome offering on a scorching hot day 18. Kleptothermy is not a crime, but a phenomenon which occurs when animals borrow, share or ____ body heat by huddling with others within or outside their own species (It may explain why your pooch snuggles up with you) 19. Hot, often longstanding, conflict between clans 20. Arctic wolf's weatherproofing 21. Technically untrue (but nevertheless wise) old adage: "A watched ___ never boils"

Turn Up the Heat

This Week’s Solution

KAPD ebooks now available on


© 2015 KAPD, LLC

Barack Obama:

The First African-American President, The Second Time Around A chance to reflect on the life and journey of his historic presidency

Across 1. 3.

President Obama's birthplace The POTUS (President of the United States) needs one to exercise the veto 8. Country Obama is in charge of (abbr.) 9. Top gun: As president, Obama is also ________-in-chief 10. Barack's bold book: "The ___ of Hope" 11. Luxury motorcade vehicles 14. After his 2008 nod, the victorious First Couple famously shared a fist __ 16. American sweetheart: The eldest Obama girl, born on the Fourth of July 17. Obama's first bio "___ from my Father" 19. Slogan of the First Lady's active campaign to combat obesity: "Let's ____" 20. Popular prez: Obama became a social media phenomenon, gaining over 25 million of these 21. What Barack was when he wowed the country with his address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention 22. Michelle Obama jokingly that Will Smith's ____ might make him the right choice to play her husband onscreen 23. The First Lady's previous last name 25. Fluid that flows from a 3 Across 27. A pending law (or previous president who enthusiastically supported Obama in the 2012 race) 28. Soldier's gesture to the POTUS


1. What the Obama family calls the White House 2. Secretary of Education Duncan, 4. The actual name of the youngest Obama daughter, better known as Sasha 5. Rest and relaxation: What the president plays on his iPod 6. It's the "L" in "FLOTUS" 7. How 'bout them Dems?: Like Carter and Clinton before him, Pres. Obama is received a ______ award for Best Spoken Word 9. Like the weather in the fall (or the

© 2013 Jan Buckner Walker

24. Shape of Obama's office way the prez looks in his shades) 26. Charm and chuckles: The 12. Top chopper: Obama's helicopter White House Correspondents' is called _____ One Dinner is a black ____ affair 13. Crooner-in-chief: This time last year, 27. The First Pooch, whose name Obama wooed the nation with his comprises the POTUS' initials soulful rendition of Al Green's "Let's _____ Together" 14. Swish!: It's Barack's sport of choice 15. Elite institution at which Obama earned his legal wings 18. Race and reconciliation: Last name of the professor invited to Obama's "beer summit" on the White House Lawn (or the barriers around its perimeter) 20. Obama's unifying quote: "We are an American family and we rise or fall together, as one nation and as one people"





“The Haves and The Have Nots” star, Angela Robinson, shares about family, career and what it’s like to play the role of villainous Veronica...


“The Haves and The Have Nots” star, Angela Robinson, shares about family, career and what it’s like to play the role of villainous Veronica...