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Edit or’s L e t t e r It has been two years now since becoming publisher of the UBT magazine. Not only did I get to celebrate the magazine’s 10th anniversary this year, I enjoyed meeting readers and their families; working with our fantastic writing team; and supporting our advertisers; I also found out that my partner and I were expecting. A memorable year indeed! Now that I am looking forward to welcoming a second child, I am viewing the magazine with a renewed focus. I love sharing our articles and inspirational stories from local experts with our readers. Stay tuned for some personal stories about raising a new baby in the coming year.

family travel: Stress-Free Tips for Traveling with Children..................................... 4

For those readers who have welcomed a new baby in 2013, Congratulations! We invite you to be part of our 2nd Annual UB&T magazine Babies of 2013. Share your excitement with family and friends by including your baby announcement in our Spring 2014 edition. Looking for the perfect toy for your little ones? Look for our Special Toy Feature sponsored by The Granville Island Toy Company on pages 5 & 6. Be sure to enter our contest to win one of three $100 gift certificates for The Granville Island Toy Company.

Great Goods: Winter Finds!.............................................................................. 26

Check out our second annual Holiday Pull-Out Guide on pages 15 to 18 and don’t miss our 2013 Hot Product UrbanGuide on pages 28 & 29. Special thanks to all our supporters, advertisers and loyal readers. Wishing you and yours a safe, fun-filled On the cover: and memorable New Year.

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Ada m Joseph Sm Januar y 5, Joe & Ja ne




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to our


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Hima nshu

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(AGES 1 TO 18)

According to Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, every child should see a dentist by age one

• Accepting all Dental Insurance • Board Certified Children’s Dentist • No Referral Required

Marine Dr L l o y d Av e


P e m b e r t o n Av e

W 17 St

www.NorthShorePediatricDentistry.com 1150 Marine Drive, North Vancouver Unit #802

f a m i l y t ra ve l

| by Daniela Ginta

Stress-Free Tips

for Traveling with Children Have you ever been on a plane with a crying baby or toddler and not yours, of course? Have you rolled your eyes at least once? It is okay to admit it, almost everyone has done it at some point, before becoming a parent. Traveling with children, whether on a car, bus, ferry or plane and keeping everyone happy is no easy task but it can be done. One of the first things to remember is that children live in the moment. Long trips, though they may include a nice reward at the end – seeing grandparents or a long beachside holiday – will not appeal to children more than a spoonful of cough syrup. Yes, you can make it work!

If this is your child’s first time traveling by plane, start a few days early and read some books about it. Play with airplanes and explain to your child how the plane takes off and lands and how people have wear seatbelt to be safe.

Build Some Excitement

• Be on time for priority boarding. Walking onto a plane full

For each mode of transportation you take, there are lists to make and things to pack. Share the excitement with your child: plan and pack together! Sure it will take longer, but your child will get a chance to get used to the idea and be happy to help. Opt for a small backpack to fill with toys, books and other things to take along, rather than a pulled kiddie suitcase. Though trendy, they can turn sideways at every bump and you might end up carrying your child; your child’s bag and your own.

For the Car They may not be old enough or verbal enough to ask “Are we there yet?” every two minutes, but long car rides can transform the best-behaved child into a repetitive annoyance. Luckily there’s ways to prevent that, such as pointing at interesting things along the way. Take breaks every two hours or so for fresh air, hugs and a picnic too. What to Pack: • Books on CDs or children’s music. They’ll be repeats, the tunes will stay with you for a while, but it’s worth it. • A portable DVD player can shorten a long car ride considerably. • Reusable stickers, erasable doodle pads or Etch-A-Sketch. Tips for Travelling with Babies: • Try to hit the road as your baby is getting ready for a nap. • Bring an extra change of clothes.

4 | www.urbanbaby.ca | winter 2013

For the Plane

• • • •

of people can be a daunting experience for a young child. Take a bottle of water or milk for your child to use during take-off and landing to prevent ear ache. Otherwise a lollipop, but choose natural ones with added Vitamin C and made without synthetic flavours, colors or high fructose corn syrup. Pack some surprise toys with you. Finger puppets and stackable cups are best, but airplane plastic cups can also work. Colouring books and a doodle pad come in handy on long flights. Book of reusable stickers or travel board games come in handy. Most planes now include an on board entertainment system so be sure to pack a headset for your child.

What to Pack: • At least one change of clothes. Rumors are true: There will be spilling. Or throwing up. Or both. • Extra diapers and wipes. • An ample supply of child’s favourite foods and snacks.

For the Ferry A ferry ride is usually exciting for children. Once you park, hit the decks for a treat and awesome views of the ocean. Play areas are a great way to keep children entertained but have your child wash their hands as soon as they are done playing. Be extra diligent in the fall and winter months when cold and flu bugs are around.

“We don’t cease to play because we grow old, we grow old because we cease to play” G.B Shaw

For the Bus If you don’t travel by bus much, it is guaranteed to be a hit with children when you do. There’s plenty to see out the windows and if the ride is long, it is wise to pack a few books and quiet toys. Every parent traveling with young children will discover new ways to provide entertainment or relief as needed. The most important part is remembering to enjoy the journey, be it by plane, train or automobile.

Travelling is all part of sharing life experiences with your children. Preparation can make it fun for your children and less stressful for you and your partner. As for the frowning people, they may have forgotten what it’s like to travel with young ones, or they haven’t had a chance yet. Your priority is to give attention to your children and ensure their comfort. Watching you and your children having a fun time travelling together might even bring a smile and chuckle to those around you because young children are natural entertainers. Happy Travels! •

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on online purchases over $100*

*Valid until January 31st, 2014. 1 coupon per family. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

Daniela Ginta, MSc lives and writes in Kamloops, BC. She never held back from travelling with her two sons and somehow good memories have always prevailed.

I wanted help when choosing a toy – “someone to advise if it is age appropriate or demonstrate the many attributes it held. I get all this at The Granville Island Toy Company. Jackie H, Vancouver Mom

TWO LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU 3298 Main Street, Vancouver


Kids Market, 1496 Cartwright Street, Vancouver


fe a t u re

| by UB&T & The Granville Island Toy Company

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For Ages 3 & Up


Thomas New Friends Caitlin or Connor

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Check out more toys in-store and online www.toycompany.ca winter 2013 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 7

ce l e b r i t y m o m

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

Rosie Pope London-born entrepreneur Rosie Pope is the creative force behind Rosie Pope Maternity, her sophisticated maternity clothing and accessories line, with stores in Santa Monica, California, and New York’s Upper East Side and Tribeca neighbourhoods. In 2010, two years after her first son was born, Pope became a trusted guru for stylish mothers everywhere – including Hollywood’s elite – and expanded her brand with MomPrep, a premier roster of classes for moms and moms-to-be. She also offers maternity concierge services to expecting mothers in New York City. In her quest to bring confidence and knowledge to moms, Pope released her first book, Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy, a step-by-step pregnancy guide that features Rosie’s personal advice coupled information from renowned experts.

Circumcision over 35,000 circumcisions safely performed Local Anesthetic Quick Surgical Technique Caring Team Providing Highly Personalized Care

Today, she is regularly sought after by the media for her advice on style for moms, babies and kids, parenting tips and parenting trends. Rosie currently lives in the suburbs of New York City with her husband, Daron, her two sons, James and Wellington, and her baby daughter Vivienne. Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine recently had the opportunity to interview Rosie about being a mom; running a business and helping her clients prepare for all the joys and other realities of parenthood. UBT: What attracted you to the maternity clothing business and then to counseling parents-to-be? Why do you think so many parents look to you for help? RP: Being prepared is important for the children we are bringing into this world. For me, being part of such an remarkable journey and supporting people along the way is an honor. I wanted to make people’s lives easier; from fashion to education. We are in a generation of parents yearning for education, wisdom, nonjudgmental support and a healthy dose of style. These are all things I provide. UBT: Do you plan to write another book? RP: I’m writing one as we speak! My new one is entitled: Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to the First Year. It is a natural progression in the series.

Clinics in Vancouver and New Westminster with fast and convenient access.

UBT: What are your future plans for your business? Anything unique on your bucket list? RP: I want to keep trying to reach as many people as possible so that means opening new stores and expanding beyond maternity apparel.

8 | www.urbanbaby.ca | winter 2013

UBT: How do you handle being in the public eye, especially when you are out with your family? Do you find moms stopping you to ask for advice when you venture out? RP: I can’t wear my PJs out to the supermarket anymore! I am very lucky because the people that come up are extremely supportive and kind. I love being able to help them if I can. My kids always want to know why Mommy has so many “friends”, which always makes me laugh. UBT: You have worked with so many new moms and dads and parents-to-be, What do you think is the biggest misconception new parents have? RP: That you’ll have some amazing instinct and always know what to do! While you should have great instincts (hopefully), sometimes you need help to figure out the best thing to do, and that is okay! UBT: What has been your biggest joy since becoming a Mother? What has been your biggest challenge? RP: Seeing these little ones grow and blossom into such different, but all equally as lovely, people is a blessing like no other. I see being a mother as an honor. I really do. The challenges come from so many directions and for me, while juggling work with all that happens at home. It can be tricky and frustrating at times. UBT: Speaking of “work-life balance”, it’s what many parents find the most challenging? How do find a comfortable balance between your business and family life? RP: I am not sure how balanced things are at any one time but for me, the key is to truly be in the moment. When I am with my kids, I aim to be 100 percent present, and the same goes for when I’m at work. It is not easy, but I’m working on it. I am often thinking of “touch points”, be it school drop-off; story time; dinner or weekend outings which are so important (so you and your children always know you will have those special moments you can always rely on). I also work very crazy hours, so I can be with my kids more during the morning and early evening. Then I work into the night. UBT: What is something you were surprised by when you became a mother? RP: I still feel like a kid myself! I thought I’d get all serious and grown up overnight but I’m still me! UBT: What is the best advice you can give new or expectant parents? RP: It is the most amazing thing in the world. Take time to get to know your kids and shower them with oodles of love. •

winter 2013 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 9





p os t p a r t u m

| by Wendy Helfenbaum

Mommy Brain Demystified My weekly trip to the grocery store with my baby boy in tow began the same as any other, until he dropped his pacifier onto the floor. Bending down to retrieve it, I noticed I was wearing purple, fuzzy slippers instead of shoes. Then there were other incidents confirming a classic case of ‘Mommy Brain’. Many of you know exactly what I’m talking about, right? You wander into a room and can’t remember what you were doing there, or you leave your impossible-tomiss gigantic diaper bag on a restaurant table – again! “Women often underestimate the enormous changes that childbearing bring into their lives,” says Dr. Sylvia Gearing, a clinical psychologist, mother of two and author of WomanSense Rules (Anderson Adams). “We begin to neglect our own self-care: We push ourselves too far, too fast, and often suffer from chronic sleep loss. You’re compromised beyond belief cognitively, and from research we know that a sleepy brain is a vulnerable brain – to depression, anxiety and stress. The more exhausted you are, the less effective your brain is in interpreting the environment correctly.” Dr. Gearing, like me, once wore two different shoes to work shortly after giving birth. She says there is a positive side to ‘Mommy Brain’: Believe it or not, having a baby may actually make you smarter and more efficient. “You’re caring for this child, so you’re always trying to stay two or three steps ahead,” she adds.“You’re operating on so many levels: you’re meeting the child’s physical needs, material needs, and emotional needs. So you come out on the other side of the early years with enhanced self-confidence, and you develop more emotional intelligence: more empathy, more patience, and more understanding.” Motherhood encourages our brains to further develop, and affects five crucial mental skills, notes Dr. Gearing: Moms experience

sharpened perception, increased efficiency, improved resiliency to stress, stronger motivation and a higher degree of emotional intelligence. We become ‘focus machines’. “Mothers have an uncommon ability to multi-task in an effective way, to secure the resources that the child needs. We become more decisive. Although you may feel directionless at times in the early years, you are building towards more wisdom.” In the meantime, when you’re having trouble remembering your own phone number, remember that mothers may need help from family and friends occasionally, and should not be ashamed to ask for it. “This is one of the hardest things for mothers to do, but women need to remember that to be the kind of mother they want to be, they have to have time-outs,” the author explains. “For millions of years, children have grown up with mothers who forgot things. Be as compassionate as you can be with yourself and with your child. Just relax into it and enjoy it.” In the meantime consider stocking up with post-it notes in bulk, whenever scheduling gets hectic. •

Recommended Reads

The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter by Katherine Ellison The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Brizendine Woman-Sense Rules by Dr. Sylvia Gearing Wendy is a writer and television producer who believes she still has

“Mommy Brain” from time to time, six years after giving birth to her son.

Classes Weekday Mornings at

Coquitlam, Coquitlam Centre • Monday 9:30am Maple Ridge, Haney Place Mall • Thursday Burnaby, Lougheed Town Centre • Tuesday Surrey, Guildford Town Centre • Wednesday Abbotsford, Sevenoaks Shopping Centre • Wednesday Langley, Willowbrook Shopping Centre • Tuesday & Friday

For more information and to attend register online or call 604.492.3688


Come On Baby, Let’s Dance? Sarah preferred the merengue, squealing with joy when the rhythmic music started up. Felix definitely liked the salsa best, his smile growing as he gibbered away. In addition to physical and developmental benefits for children, the psychological benefits of dance are tremendous for new moms (and dads too!). The up-beat music combined with social and exercise components of a class, aid tremendously in boosting spirits and helping to overcome any “baby-blues” mothers may be experiencing. New mothers often need to find a reason to get out of the house in order to feel sane at times. Most parents do find time to engage their babies in various programs, but they also need to take care of themselves in order to feel good and be the best possible parent to their child.

Why Dance is Good for You and Your Child:

• Dance is a holistic experience, engaging the

• •

participants’ mind, body, and spirit. Children that are involved in dance at a young age are reported to have an easier time expressing themselves orally. Research shows children who are exposed to dance and music at a young age do better academically in school, have higher self-esteem, have more positive interactions with their peers, and better body image. Dance is an ideal form of physical activity. It includes all 3 areas of general fitness: endurance, strength and flexibility. Dance is an activity that can be done anywhere, anytime, any season. It does not require any special equipment, venues, or training. Just turn on that music and move to the beat!

Come Join Us:

The Salsa Babies dance class consists of a 30 - 45 minute class started and ended with stretching, and advanced through dances that included the Cuban salsa, Dominican bachata and merengue. All levels of dance experience are welcome at Salsa Babies. For walking toddlers Salsa Tot is the perfect fit! This 30-45 minutes class features original tropical songs to which toddlers learn simple actions and dance steps. Salsa Tots combines movement, song and play, all set to lively music that parents can also enjoy. For more information or to register for a class near you check us out online. Looking for the perfect part-time job why not be a Salsa Babies/Tots instructor. Contact us for more information.


winter 2013 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 11

e d uca t i o n

| by Pamela Wallberg

Enjoying Mother Nature’s Classroom Although long-established in the UK and throughout Europe, Forest Kindergartens are slowly making their way into Canada. Outdoor learning (aka Forest Kindergarten, or Nature Learning) has been extensively researched for outcomes in concentration, impulse inhibition and delayed gratification within young children.

to work together. Responsibilities are taken seriously – after all, if the snack wagon isn’t pulled along, there will be no snacks. Instead, it will be left in the wagon, half a kilometre away.

Unexpectedly, outdoor learning is also linked to improved cognitive development – perhaps not a surprise when we stop to consider how mentally draining the onslaught from screens, smart phones, and even the buzz of fluorescent lights can be!

Outside, children quickly learn that if they don’t respect the natural boundaries that Mother Nature offers (for example, puddles that are deeper than a rain boot), outcomes are not up for negotiation. While ever-changing, the outdoors offers the chance for children to understand limits: you simply can’t negotiate with a mud puddle oozing into your rain boot because it was too deep.

Ava, age 4, has been attending an outdoor-based daycare for over a year. For up to 7 hours a day, Ava joins her classmates in the garden or forest. Like any other classroom, she engages in math; writing and drawing; playing house and participates in a group for stories and songs. “I need teamwork!” Ava yells as loud as she can, standing on top of the ten-foot Muddy Mountain. “I feel scared!” For her classmates at her Forest Kindergarten, the mountain is a treasured spot to climb up and run down. “Ava, I hear you feel scared! How can I help? Who do you need teamwork from?”, one of the educators calls back to Ava. “Ummm, Daniel! Daniel, I am scared I will slip. Hold my hand!” Ava has learned that while teachers can be a resource for her, so are her peers.. Daniel stares up the mountain at Ava and thinks “Okay!” he carefully climbs up, and, once reaching the top, grabs her hand. “Come on.” Hand in hand, they run down the mountain. When working for extended periods of time outside, children learn more about interdependence in an authentic, organic way. Climbing under a log or pulling the snack wagon requires children

Educators use the environment as a way to promote reasoning and communication. On one particular morning, the children focused on a tree that was blocking a trail. How did it fall? They respond with suggestions: gravity. squirrels, wind, an ax, or maybe even a dragon! The preschoolers set out to measure the fallen tree. Then they write a letter to the city official informing them that a very large tree was blocking a hiking path; and that a chainsaw was needed, or perhaps a large truck. Public schools have been slow to offer outdoor programs in Canada, but Sooke School District on Vancouver Island has recently launched an outdoor-based kindergarten, and the Victoria School District is piloting similar programs in two James Bay schools. In the Greater Vancouver Area, North Vancouver has launched an outdoor classroom and Maple Ridge has opened an Environmental school. • Pamela is a mother of a very muddy two-year old and frequently digs

worms out of her daughter’s coat pockets. She is also the coordinator at Alderwood House School www.alderwoodhouse.com.



Pa r ent Tal k

We asked our readers to answer the following question with regards to spending time with their children…

As a Parent, How Do You Find Time for Yourself? Here is how you answered the question:

… My husband works from home so when I need a break, he takes a ‘baby break’. I have a list prepared so that I can quickly choose a fun activity for my free half hour. Everyone benefits! ~ Andie M, Vancouver

Congrats to our winner of the $100 UBT gift certificate to spend with a Winter advertiser. … I think that finding time for yourself involves having a discussion with your spouse about what you want to do and then making sure you schedule the time. I take card-making classes which is my hobby. That gives me some “ me time” each month. ~ Kathleen B, Burnaby, BC

… As a mom, I find time for myself by going to bed at 9:30pm and waking up at 5:45am everyday. I have time to go for a run, check emails or catch up on some reading before everyone wakes. ~ Angel O, Richmond … I don’t have any time for myself without my baby pulling at my legs, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. ~ Jacilyn M, Vancouver … I like to run three times per week and try to go out after the kids go to bed, but what I’d really like is to relax at home alone when I get the chance. ~ Lisa W, Langley … I have time for myself when my boys have their naps during the day. I also get time when the kids are in bed at 8pm or when Daddy spends time with them. ~ Mary E, Surrey … As a mom of four, when I get some personal time I focus on only the most important things. The kids get ‘daddy-time’ and I come back refreshed! My spouse and I also plan date nights and the grandparents get bonding time. It’s win-win for everyone! ~ Sharon T, Coquitlam

Next Parent Talk Question Complete the following sentence with regards to parenthood.

Kids Say The Darnest Things! What Was The Funniest Thing Your Child Has Said?

Email your 30-50 words, first name and city to info@urbanbaby.ca and be entered to win a $100 UBT gift certificate to spend with a future advertiser. Contest closes January 15th, 2014

winter 2013 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 13

From happy sheep to happy kids Pure New Zealand merino clothing and sleepwear for newborn to 6 yrs. Designed and made in Canada. weewoollies.com Now available at Hip Baby.

p a re n t i n g

| by Julie Romanowski

Raising Respo nsible Children: Everyone Benefits!

Instead of struggling to get your child to do the chores, encourage them to ‘contribute’ to the family instead. Teach them to be accountable by following up and following through. Building your child’s self-care skills at an early age helps to foster a healthy self-esteem. Getting your child to help around the house can be a chore in itself. Instead of barking orders at them all day long, a more effective approach would be to ask them how they choose to contribute.

• Hold a family meeting to explain the new approach and

expectations for the family’s participation in maintaining the household.

• Make a written list of chores for each family member suitable to their ability.

• Have them choose which ones they are going to do each day

or complete in a week and check them off once they are done.

• Explain that each person is going to be held accountable and that the family is relying on them.

To emphasize the responsibility lesson even further, you could even alternate who is going to be the ‘supervisor’ for the week (the person who follows up and checks to see that everyone has done their share). This process helps build self-confidence in your child. Asking your children to help out around the house builds a strong self-esteem. Children of all ages can help ‘contribute’ as long as the tasks are age-appropriate and they feel successful when completing them as part of their daily routine. Continued on page 19.


adorefashions.com | 604.620.8212 2814 Granville Street, Vancouver (South Granville @ W.12th Ave)

Gaby's Baby Corner

Small Steps Towards Happiness

Postpartum Newborn Care & Family Support

www.gabysbabycorner.com 604.757.4964

Your child’s photo may be chosen to appear on the cover of Westcoast Families Magazine

Illuminations at Heritage Christmas

Photos by donation to Langley CDC ($15 per child; $25 per family)

Free gate admission! November 23, 2013-January 3, 2014 Thanks to our partners:


Insight Optometry & Occupational Therapy • Knowledge First Financial Bricks 4 Kidz • Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy Inc.

Purchasing t he Right Toys for t he Holidays: Choose Expandability!

It’s easy to build your child’s toy collection through expandability. It all starts by selecting toys that can be easily added on, from the original. Examples include: rooms of furniture for the dollhouse; small construction sets that can be made into bigger construction sets; vehicles to go with the action figures; track to go with wooden trains and buggies for dolls. Here’s how you can expand your child’s toy collection while stretching your budget at the same time:

You don’t have to invest a lot of money up front to gauge a child’s interest

Even if you’ve done your homework and observed your child in play, there’s still a chance they might not like whatever toy you choose. By starting with a small set, you can test the waters to see if the child finds the toy appealing.

Add-ons make great gifts from family and friends

If you know the toy is a hit, having other family members buy addons means your child can get a more expansive version without breaking the bank. In the process, you make shopping much easier for Grandma and Grandpa.

Add-ons make the original toy “new” again

The best thing about expandable toys is that it doesn’t take much to make the whole toy new again. Adding a new room of furniture to a dollhouse gives your child a renewed interest in playing with it. The same holds true for wooden trains. By adding a new building or different pieces of track, the train set becomes a brand new toy. New Playmobil components are sure to bring the old Playmobil out of the toy box more frequently.

select an expandable toy. With the non-expandable toy, the following year you will need to spend another $30 to replace that item with another “big” item. By choosing an expandable toy, a $15 add-on in year two actually gives your child significantly more toy value. Imagine how fast the savings add up even more when you account for the $30 that Grandma and Grandpa spent on addons that first year. Now your $15 investment the second year translates to $75 worth of toys with renewed appeal! Observe your children in play for ideas then look for expandable toys. Your child will be delighted with a treasured toy collection and you will be delighted with the savings. • Joanna and her husband own The Granville Island Toy Company in Vancouver and are members of Neighbourhood Toy Stores of Canada.

Here is how expandability translates to budgeting. Let’s say you have $30 to spend on a “big” item. You could spend that on a stand-alone toy that is not expandable. Alternatively you could

Happy Holidays from Us! WIN 1 OF 3 $100 GIFT CERTIFICATES TO THE GRANVILLE ISLAND TOY COMPANY Enter to win at www.urbanbaby.ca (Contest closes December 15th, 2013)



10:30am – 1:00pm Coast Capital Savings Christmas Square Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia & Howe) • Family entertainment stage • Gingerbread decorating • Face painting and much more…

1:00pm Rogers Santa Claus Parade

3:00pm – 5:00pm Photos with Santa

Downtown Vancouver

Robson Square Ice Rink

• Fabulous floats • Dance & community groups • Marching bands

• Free skating (skate rentals $4) • Live Music • Sleighful of family fun

For more information, visit: www.rogerssantaclausparade.com Melville St

Burrard d Stn

Thu urlow St S Thurlow

e St Bute

Jervis St

Cardero Stt

t er S end WP

Alberni St

Vancouver ve City Centree Stn

Robson St

$1 can make a difference!

Nelson St

Vancouver Art Gallery

Granville St

Coast Capital Savings Christmas Square

Hornby St

Barclay St

Burrard St

Smithe St

Watch for the large Thrifty Foods shopping cart float and the Food Bank truck to make your monetary and food donations along the parade route! Look for volunteers brightly displayed at key locations throughout the parade. Collections will be made at Christmas Square and at the beginning of the parade along the route.

Robson Square Ice Rink

The 2013 Rogers Santa Claus Parade generously thanks the following Sponsors:

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Holiday Books for Every Age That’s Not My Santa by Fiona Watt

Specially designed to help develop sensory and language awareness in babies and toddlers. Ages 0-2 years

The Quiet Christmas Book

Santa Claus North Pole H0H 0H0 Canada

Email to Santa

Checking it twice, you can

Santa is Coming to Vancouver

now reach Santa by email.

by Steve Smallman

Santa’s packed up all the presents and is headed your way. With the help of a certain red-nosed reindeer, Santa flies over many Vancouver buildings and landmarks. Ages 4 -7 years

The Night Before Christmas

www.the-north-pole.com/ santamail.shtml

Video from Santa Portable North Pole will

amaze your little one with a free

by Barbara Reid

Rediscover this holiday favourite through the clever, touching, and surprising illustrations. Ages 3 – 8 years

personalized video from Santa. www.portablenorthpole.com/home

the Town Winter Family Fun on Page 31


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Writing to Santa so Santa can reply.

The holidays are filled with joyful noise. Soft colored pencil illustrations of bunnies, bears, and more paint a magical holiday picture. Ages 1–3 years

s n o i s i V

Santa Include a return address

by Deborah Underwood

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All Things

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Vairdy Photography {Family} www.vairdy.com | info@vairdy.com | 778.668.7168

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Here are three ways you can teach your child responsibility:

Create an Action Plan

Have a family meeting and discuss the importance of everyone’s contribution for a smooth-running household. Explain your busy day and what has to be done around the house and who is affected. Discuss ‘sharing the work load’ and ‘contributing’. Create a climate of accountability by keeping track and opening up the communication.

Teach Expectations

Find out what chores your child would be best at. Break down the individual tasks so that they are achievable. If the task is too complex, children may give up before they start because they might feel discouraged or incompetent. Or they may just feel ‘overwhelmed’. Demonstrate several times what needs to be done and where the tools are to complete the tasks fully so your child knows what is necessary to be successful. So for example if your child is asked to set the table, show them “where the cutlery and plates are” in addition to “how they should appear on the table”. Give a helping hand when needed and be encouraging.

Follow Through

Your word is only as good as your actions so ‘following through’ what you’ve put in place, is the glue that holds it all together. This is where the magic happens because it builds trust with your child which is critical for their development. Children will naturally test you to see if you mean what you say, so safeguard yourself by including chores in the daily routine right before a more desirable activity like screen time. Let your children know that taking care of their surroundings is just as important as taking care of themselves. Adding ‘chores’ to the daily routine can help children to learn necessary skills in being independent and responsible.

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Teaching your children responsibility habits at a young age shows them that you care for their well-being. Be a good rolemodel by embracing these concepts yourself. Children will take this to heart if they have learned from their parents what ‘putting your heart into it’ really means. • Julie is a mom, an Early Childhood Consultant and owner of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach and consulting services. Learn more through tips and blogs at www.missbehaviour.ca

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ed uca t i o n ex p e r t


| by Natacha V. Beim

“My one-year old is having a tough time with the idea of sharing. Can you suggest ways I can be encouraging, without upsetting her?” Katie, Victoria

Teaching Your Child To Share


Instead of “forcing” your child to share indiscriminately, it can be helpful to look at each situation from your child’s point of view, first and foremost. Teaching your child about the habit of sharing takes practice and patience.

We all would love to see our child share without prompting or reminding. When we start seeing things from our child’s vantage point, we soon understand why expecting our child to share on demand, seems unfair and unrealistic. Think about it: Most of us have no problem sharing our meal and clothes, with people we know; or even with people we don’t know. But would you lend your wedding ring to a stranger you just met randomly at the park? How about the key to your home? Yet we expect our children to do just that: share everything, including their most prized possessions; with anyone who asks for them. It can be helpful to remember that in order to share, young children first have to form the “concept of ownership”, which doesn’t happen until sometime after their first birthday. Initially

they can’t recognize the difference between what belongs to them, and what belongs to others. After they reach that understanding, they still have to learn the difference between sharing and giving. This will make sharing much easier because your child will realize that—when they share a toy with someone—it doesn’t mean that they will never see it again. For parents who are unsure about how to proceed, there are many effective ways to teach children about sharing.

Model by Example

Share everything you can with your child, saying the words as you do it, “I like to share (my cup) with you”. This helps your child understand what sharing means.

Develop the Mind. Nourish the Body. Inspire the Soul. We inspire, teach, entertain, encourage and nurture. Our reward, and yours, is a child who’s engaged and focused – a child who’s ready to face the future with pride and confidence. Take the first step with Brightpath. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

Find out more at www.BrightPathKids.com

www.BrightPathKids.com Serving 5 locations in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam North and Maple Ridge. 888-808-2252

ASK: Natacha

Do you have an educational question for Natacha?

Email her at asknatacha@urbanbaby.ca

Share Simple Things

Start by asking your child to share food: Young children love to feed their parents, and they willingly take part in this activity!

Share Both Ways

When sharing your things with your child, ask for them back. Simply say, “I shared it with you and now I would like it back”.

Keep it Simple

Only use the word “share”: Not borrow, lend, return, or any of the other many words associated with the act of sharing and returning. This way, you reinforce the concept clearly, which helps your child learn it quickly and easily.

Start Sharing with Small Items

Begin with short sharing episodes. Ask your children to share their toys; play with them; then give them back within less than one minute. Gradually over the next few weeks, extend the retention time while staying under five minutes. Through this approach they realize that when you say “share”, it always means that you will return it to them.

Reinforce Your Child’s Efforts

Simply say “thank you for sharing with me, it makes me happy!” Don’t say “nice boy” or “nice girl”, which implies that they are not nice if they are unwilling to share at a particular time. Instead of children sharing because they are afraid of being a bad person, they should do so as a result of finding pleasure in making you happy. Remember to focus on teaching “the value”, rather than just obtaining a desired result. Once your child is comfortable with the concept of sharing, you can practice sharing in social settings with other children; at the park and in playgroups.

Create Positive Sharing Experiences:

• Bring plenty of toys so your child can share and not have to wait for a turn to play.

• Leave all of your child’s favorite possessions at home, to avoid forcing your child to share them.

• Play alongside your child, to demonstrate how it’s done and

to reinforce and encourage your child: “Thank you for sharing your pail with me”; “Your new friend is very happy that you are sharing with him! He likes to play with you!” – this also helps your child understand that sharing is a good way to make friends.

winter 2013 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 23

• If your child feels overwhelmed, calmly and discretely leave

the playgroup, without reprimanding your child. Talk about the experience: “It’s hard sometimes to share our toys with people we don’t know, isn’t it?” If he is playing with a toy and another child wants it, don’t force your child to share. Instead, support your child and model the correct behavior: “Sam is playing with his toy right now, but he can share it with you later” or “He brought other toys that you can play with”. •

Natacha is a writer, speaker, teacher, and the founder of CEFA Early Learning and Junior Kindergarten Schools (www.cefa.ca). You can reach her at www.natachabeim.com

CE O m o m

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine

Meet Five Inspiring Moms! Striving to achieve work-life balance can be challenging for moms. So how does one achieve career and personal goals while still keeping family life a high priority? Read about some inspiring moms in the Greater Vancouver Area who are living in the moment and making specific life choices so they can spend quality time with their growing families.

Angela Fennelow www.sunlife.ca

After a year on maternity leave with her twin boys, Aiden and Archer, Angela began working from her home office as a Sun Life Financial Advisor. She enjoys staying fit participating at Shop ‘n’ Stroll at the local malls; running and walking the dog. Angela has worked for Sun Life for over a decade and chose to be an advisor upon her return to work because the flexibility enabled her to spend extra time with her family. She particularly enjoys helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Kelly Krol


Kelly is a stay-at-home mom to two children, Gabrielle and Sebastian and recently celebrated her fifth wedding anniversary. She is the creator of the Facebook page, Raincity Parent where she shares contests, articles, and community events; with parents and caregivers of young children. Kelly and her family love being tourists in their own city sometimes taking the Skytrain downtown for a “travelling adventure”. She put her entrepreneurship plans on hold for now because she believes “children grow so quickly so you don’t want to miss a single moment”.

Susan Jackes


Susan is the CEO of her home and a mom to Riley and Liam. After having worked as a Paralegal for some of the largest law firms in Vancouver, she returned to school to take a small business and entrepreneurship program along with marketing management and social media. She currently works for as an Independent Associate for Legal Shield, providing access to full-service, toprated law firms. In her spare time, Susan and her family are busy transforming their two-car garage into an elaborate train layout complete with buildings, track, moving trains and sound system.

It’s never too late... or too early to get started. Talk to me today about Money for Life – Sun Life Financial’s customized approach to your financial and retirement planning.1

Angela Fennelow BBA CFP


604-380-4019 angela.fennelow@sunlife.com www.sunlife.ca/angela.fennelow 1 Only advisors who hold CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CH.F.C (Chartered Financial Consultant), F.Pl. (Financial Planner in Quebec), or equivalent designations are certified as financial planners. Mutual funds offered by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies. © Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, 2013.

Life’s brighter under the sun

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www.urbanbaby.ca Loreen Dall


Loreen, owner and designer of the Mai Tai Dress for Dallicious Designs, has two sons, Mikah and Oxford. She has been following her dream of becoming a successful mom entrepreneur. Being self-employed has enabled her to express her creativity and be more available for her eldest son’s additional educational needs. According to Loreen, finding the balance between her family life and business life is not easy. She is grateful for the support of her husband and family which has made it possible for her to take her business to the next level.

Patt Leger


Patt, is the owner of Geek in your Pocket and mom to Cassiopé and Orion. She is a business catalyst who knows website design extensively including site architecture, visual design and maintenance. Beyond designer, teacher, arts advocate, entrepreneur and adventurer; Patt is a beloved wife and mother. Her favorite family activity is camping in the woods of British Columbia, as her children love exploring untouched forests, sleeping in a tent and learning the value of the protecting the environment.

Meet Our Writing Contest Winner Victoria O’Dea

Victoria, is a Deep Cove stay-at-home mom to Lily, Holly, and Logan. She describes her role as “the most rewarding, fulfilling and exhausting adventure of her life”. Before she was a mom, Victoria taught elementary school and spent her free time hiking; reading; doing yoga; sewing and traveling. She renewed her interest in writing after taking an online writing course and has been published in the Momoir Project and The Globe and Mail. Victoria homeschools her children as she and her husband travel in their boat to varied destinations.

Look for Victoria’s first feature article in Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine Spring 2014 magazine.

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| by Chelene Knight

Over night Sleepovers: Is Your Child Ready?

Sleepovers signal a milestone event in your child’s life. As parents how do we know when it is the right time to start? Although the “ideal age” would depend on maturity, how do we ensure a positive first experience? Being prepared is an absolute must. Maintaining your cool when things don’t go as planned is another essential.

Initiating the Warm-Up

Before arranging a sleepover at a friend’s house, first have them try staying overnight at a relative’s house. Make sure it is someone your child has a good relationship with so there is a comfort level in speaking openly, should the need arise. Ensure your child has spent time in their home before and knows the terrain. You don’t want an unfamiliar place being the reason your child calls you in the middle of the night. All the more reason to make the first sleepover as comfortable and familiar as possible.

Being Prepared

You and your child should pack an overnight bag together. Be sure to put in a few familiar items (such as a teddy bear or special blanket). Being reminded of home helps a child feel more at ease during the night. Have a chat beforehand and be sure to let them know they can call you before bed to say goodnight. Remind them when you will be picking them up the following day. These days, allergies are a big adjustment to daily life for some children. Teaching your allergy-prone child how to recognize troublesome foods is all part of “sleepover preparedness”. Make sure the host family knows of your child’s food allergy. Let them know how to deal with a bad reaction and to reach you quickly if assistance is needed. As a busy, working mom and mother of two I have made sure that my child knows which problematic foods to avoid. Fortunately, my child has an allergy; not intolerance. She has been trained to ask if the foods being offered contain any peanuts, cashews, or pistachios.

Making It Fun

If you are hosting the sleepover, plan fun activities. Involve the children and ask them what they want to do. Have all the guests bring a sleeping bag, flashlights and a fun game. When it’s time to wind the night down, have everyone get into their PJ’s and sleeping bags. Pop in a movie to watch and dim the lights. This is a great way to get everyone to sleep on time.

30 | www.urbanbaby.ca | winter 2013

Adapting When Things Go Wrong

Don’t rush it. “A sleepover is optional,” says Jennifer Raymond Bhatt, a registered child psychologist. “It should be something your child really wants to do. If your child decides that he or she wants to go home, that’s OK. Be sure to be positive when you go to pick your child up. Be patient. Sleepovers simply may not be your child’s thing. Alternatively he or she may just need some more practice first. Talk to your child about wanting to go home and make some suggestions for the next attempt. For example if your child tells you that he or she really missed you, talk over the possibilities of connecting via Skype, a webcam or some other type of technology. Sleepovers can create some unique memories for your child. Just be sure to keep it a relaxed process. Prepare for the unexpected and listen to your child for important cues. Remember that sleepovers should be fun and exciting! Do your best to make it a “fun adventure”. • Chelene is a Vancouver based Freelance Writer, Poet and a graduate of the Writer’s Studio Program 2013 at SFU. Chelene and her 11-year old daughter Desiraye always find ways to incorporate creativity and having fun into their busy lives.

o n t h e t ow n


Winter Family Fun!

November 2013 Nov 16, 10am - 4pm: ReInventingM’s mSummit Westin Bayshore 1601 Bayshore Drive, Van Variety of vendors, workshops and guest speakers, prizes and hourly draws reinventingm.com Nov 20 - Jan 6: Vancouver Festival of Trees Four Season Hotel, Van Live entertainment, holiday treats and children’s activities BC Children’s Hospital bcchf.ca Nov 23 - 24, 10am - 3pm: Festival of Trees Family Days Vancouver Island Conference Centre, Victoria Live entertainment, holiday treats and children’s activities viu.ca/festival/ Nov 23 - Jan 3: Heritage Christmas Burnaby Village Museum, 6501 Deer Lake Ave, Bby An old-fashioned holiday with entertainment. burnabyvillagemuseum.ca Nov 23 - Dec 24: The Peak of Christmas Grouse Mountain N.Van. Sleigh rides, choirs, iceskating, Santa’s reindeer and Christmas movies grousemountain.com/events/ the-peak-of-christmas-2013 Nov 27, 1pm - 7pm: Lower Mainland Toy & Product Fair Coast Hotel & Convention Centre, 20393 Fraser Hwy, Langley +50 exhibitors, unique, innovative gifts, photo contest and on-site babysitting langleycdc.com

Nov 30 - Jan 2: Bright Nights Stanley Park, Van. Train ride through twinkling forest, animated displays, hot chocolate. Admission applies vancouver.ca

Dec 7, 4pm - 8pm: Christmas in the Park & Santa Claus Parade Memorial Peace Park Hot chocolate, Santa, arts & crafts, music and community carolers. mapleridge.ca

Nov 30 - Jan 4: Canyon Lights Capilano Suspension Bridge 3735 Capilano Rd. N.Van. Sparkling lights through the park, gingerbread cookie decorating, music. Admission charged capbridge.com

Dec 7, 12pm - 8pm: Christmas Parade of Lights Downtown N.West Music, floats, toys, lights tourismnewwestminster.com

December 2013 Dec 1, 10am - 1pm: Rogers Santa Claus Parade Van. Downtown W Georgia St and Howe St Dazzling floats, Santa, treats & music rogerssantaclausparade.com Dec 1 - 23: Carol Ships Parade of Lights Vancouver Harbour More than 50 decorated boats and 100,000 lights carolships.org Dec 1 – 31: Christmas at Canada Place Woodward’s windows, mini train, outodoor covered skating rink, Santa’s workshop and much more christmas.canadaplace.ca Dec 7, 6pm - 8pm: Magic of Christmas Parade Fraser Hwy from 203 to 207 St, Langley Country Christmas, tree lighting ceremony, entertainment & family activities downtownlangley.com

Dec 11 - Jan 4, 4:30pm - 9pm: Festival of Lights Van Dusen Botanical Garden, 5251 Oak St Van. Highlights include Santa’s livingroom, dancing, lights and choirs vancouver.ca

Ongoing Events Shop n’ Stroll Fitness Various Weekdays Mom & Baby Fitness Class Sponsored by your local Shopping Centre. Free to Attend Registration required


Salsa Babies & Salsa Tots Every Wednesday 11:00am & 11:30am Dance Class for Mom & Baby/ Toddler. Sponsored by Brentwood Town Centre. Free to Attend Registration required runnersandbootiesfitness.com

Movies For Mommies Weekly Shows of New Releases. Grab bags and special guests. Stroller friendly, diaper change area. moviesformommies.com

Contact event organizers with info provided to confirm details.

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Joanna • Port Coquitlam, BC Logan, 3 years Tanner, 1 year

1. What is the best part about being a mom? At the end of the day of craziness I love it that I’m always needed for snuggles, hugs and good night kisses. 2. What is your favourite activity to do with your child? We love singing songs. My older son starts singing with me and the younger one dances along. 3. What is your favourite television show? Our favourite television show is The Big Bang Theory. 4. What was the last book you’ve read? I managed to read 50 Shades of Grey before Tanner was born. 5. What is one product or service you can’t live without? I love my Beautiful Day Shimmer Body Mist from Bath & Body Works. 6. How do you find some “Mommy Time”? I ask my husband nicely to watch the children so I can go for pedicure or into my home office to work.

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