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Bellies to Babies Celebration™ Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Come celebrate parenthood with us at the Bellies to Babies Celebration™. BC’s best and original tradeshow for new and expectant parents. Whether you’re a rookie or becoming a parent for the second or third time, this day is just for you! See everything from stylish baby and children’s clothing; unique, baby gear; skin care; to postnatal classes and green baby products. It’s all at one show — under one roof.

Drop off your old or expired car seats at the tradeshow for recycling and help keep car seats out of the landfill – sponsored by WCS Recycling

Moms-to-be can participate in educational workshops. First-time Dads can take part in our Rookie Dad Contest. Varied support groups will also be on hand to answer questions for new and expectant parents.

Bellies to Babies Celebration™ supports “Breastfeeding is Best” and provides a breastfeeding-friendly environment for all.

Bellies to Babies Celebration™ will feature a wide variety of exhibitors and sponsors, with over $3000 in door prizes. The first 100 moms in attendance receive a complimentary diaper bag filled with samples from Baby Gourmet, Aleva Naturals, and Pampers to name a few. With even a bigger array of prizes, attendees can enter to win the grand prize of a $1500 shopping spree to TJ’s The Kiddies Store.

Sponsored by: Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine, TJ’s The Kiddies Store,, JRFM, Z95.3FM, CTV, Shop ‘n Stroll Fitness, Movies for Mommies

Join us Sunday, October 1st, 11am – 4pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Dr, Vancouver. Donations collected for Vancouver Basics for Babies Program

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Save the Date! SUNDAY,




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4 feature: The $10aDay Child-Care Plan: What it Means for You? 6 ages & stages: Advice from the Pros: Getting Your Child to Sleep 8 celebrity mom: The Social Cynthia Loyst 10 self care: I Didn’t Become a Mother to be Miserable 11 education: How to Choose Books Your Child Will Love 12 parenting: Reduce the Stress: Plan Ahead for the School Year 13 nutrition: Back-to-School: Healthy Breakfast Ideas 14 things we like: Fall Products 16 UrbanGuide: 2017 Car Seat Guide 18 learning: Run, Jump, Climb: Why Risky Play is Good for Children 20 UrbanMarket: Products & Promotions 22 UrbanKid: Create a Homework Station 23 on the town: Fall Family Events 23 spotlight: UrbanMom: Melissa

l et te r f ro m th e It’s finally sunk in. My youngest is starting preschool this fall. Where did the time go? One day they are chattering about ‘Elmo’ and ‘Paw Patrol’ and the next thing they are talking about Geography and Math equations! Good news is we’ve got some excellent, resourceful articles for parents who are prepping for back-to-school. Check page 13 to read about handy ways to prepare a nutritious breakfast in advance. For older children read the article on page 22 for useful tips in setting up a homework station. Looking for stress-free ways to stay organized during the school year? Be sure to read the very informative article on page 12.


Most parents can relate to occasionally having ‘those days’ when they feel overwhelmed. Fortunately for all of you we have two excellent articles to help you navigate through those tougher times. Our Celebrity Mom Cynthia Loyst (co-host on CTV’s The Social) shares her own daunting challenges as a new mom and how it inspired her to create a special blog to help others. Additionally, our article on page 10 is sure to give you an uplift along with some welldeserved laughs – something hard-working parents need occasionally. Whenever you have one of ‘those days’ remember: You got this! As always we value your feedback. Send your emails to the editor at


Check out the UBT UrbanGuide on page 16 & 17 for our

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| by Sharon Gregson

The $10aDay Child-Care Plan: What It Means to You?

Across the province, British Columbians are feeling the effects of a changing economy. In some areas the cost of living has become so high that families are struggling to make ends meet. Many families find child care unaffordable with the median cost of $1,325 a month for licensed child care for children under the age of three in Vancouver. During the recent BC election, the BC New Democratic Party agreed to implement the $10aDay Plan, and the BC Green Party also made child care one of their top election issues. Given the support for immediate and significant action on child care, we are expecting to see a positive change. In 2010, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC partnered with the Early Childhood Educators of BC on a new approach to child care. Rather than just highlighting the child care chaos in the province, they decided to put forward a realistic solution and to campaign for a system that would have sufficient licensed child-care spaces for all who choose to use child-care. The cost for families would be $10 a day per child and childhood educators

would be well-compensated for their important work.

What Does This Mean for Families? • The $10aDay Plan proposes public investment that would bring fees down to $10 a day for a full-time program, and $7 a day for a part-time program. The implementation schedule starts by lowering fees for all licensed infant and toddler spaces.

• Families with annual incomes under $40,000 will pay no fees. • The plan calls for 22,500 new child care spaces over the next three years. Additionally, under a proposed new Early Care

toddler time socialize with other parents

enjoy the park without older children

get your kids active

Fridays and Sundays 10AM - 12PM Saturdays 9AM - 11AM

if you can walk,

you can jump!

778-395-5867 11125 124th St, SURREY WWW.SKYZONE.COM/CA-SURREY




and Learning Act, every BC child under 5 will have the right to participate in a highquality early care and learning program.

• Every child from 6 to 12 years of age would have the right to participate in a highquality before and after-school care program. Research indicates quality early care and learning translates to better outcomes for children. According to economist Robert Fairholm, a principle author of the study, Socio-economic Impact Analysis of the $10 a day Child Care Plan for British Columbia the Plan would enable parents and caregivers to be more productive, therefore boosting the economy. “By having more children in participating in child care, you free up parents to go into the workforce, or to return to school to further their education”. The economic boost offsets the investment for government. He points to the economic growth seen in Quebec after that province introduced a $7 per day daycare plan in the mid-90s. MLA Katrina Chen has been appointed Minister of State for Child Care and she has started meeting with representatives of child care organizations. Advocates will continue to apply positive pressure to ensure the $10aDay Plan is implemented in a way that supports existing services and delivers an affordable child care system that BC families want and need. For more information, visit • Sharon works with the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC as the spokesperson for the successful $10aDay Child Care Plan. She is the Co-Chair of the Vancouver Joint Childcare Council.

Three Tips for Finding Quality Child Care Whether you choose a formal child care centre, family daycare or before and after-school care, here are three tips to help you make the all-important decision. Approach your daycare search as you would a job hunt. Be thorough, check references, and start your search early – six months before you’ll need it is best.

1. Ask Friends and Family

Friends and family can help get the word out and first-hand experiences are the best kind

2. Search your Community Child-Care Resource Centre

Many centres offer a child-care referral system that connects parents and child-care providers

3. Search Online

Visit public websites for child-care listings. They offer searchable databases of centres. Also search Facebook for specific child-care groups as many parents post about available child care spaces when their child transitions to school

Child Care Resources Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre • Child Care Resource & Referral • Daycare Bear •

fall 2017 | | 5

a g es & s t a g es

| by Janey Reilly

Advice from the Pros:

Getting Your Child to Sleep Sleep training is a hot-button topic and can sometimes become a point of contention and heated discussion between parents. Everyone has their beliefs and opinions. Regardless of which school-ofthought you subscribe to, everyone can agree that a good night’s sleep is essential. When children sleep soundly, parents can too! We rely on experts for many issues. We see a doctor when we get sick. We call plumbers when a pipe bursts. You wouldn’t read a medical journal to diagnose your illness nor pick up a monkey wrench to tackle a leak. If you’re struggling, why would you try to handle something as important as your child’s sleep all on your own? Luckily, you don’t have to! A sleep-training expert can offer guidance and advice to assist you in addressing the problem and creating lasting change.

• 3-6 months: about 15 hours per day (three one-and-a-half-

What happens when you get caught into a pattern of being up several times a night to feed or coddle your child back to sleep? What is a parent to do?

If your child is falling asleep well on his or her own but inevitably waking up too early from day or night-time sleep, keep an eye out for one or more of the following:

In order for your child to learn to sleep, you need to be willing to teach her the necessary skills. This doesn’t mean letting your child cry endlessly. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s all about supporting your little one and helping her learn to fall asleep on her own. If she wakes at 3am and is okay, she won’t look for you, because she has the skills she needs to soothe herself on her own. Sounds magical, right?

Early Wake Causes: • Daytime sleep-deprivation: Sleep begets sleep. Strong day-

It is important to remember how much sleep your little one really needs for proper development and happiness. Keep in mind that each child is different and the amount of sleep can vary based on age, weight and development:

First Year Sleep Guidelines: • 0-3 months: 16-18 hours per day (up to six naps a day in the early days and four to five around three months)

Kristen Jooste Surrey & Area, BC

Natasha Douglas Port Moody & Area, BC

1.844.WEE.121 Q

Sasha Kern Vancouver, BC

ext 125. 142or130

hour naps and 10-12 hours of sleep a night)

• 6-12 months: about 14 hours per day (two one-and-a-halfhour naps and 10-12 hours of sleep a night)

• 12 months and up: 12-13 hours per day (one two-hour nap and 10-12 hours a night)

• Most children still need one nap a day up until they are about three years old

• •

sleep equals strong night-sleep Going down drowsy: Avoid feeding, bouncing and/or rocking a child until he or she is drowsy or has fallen asleep Being overtired: Keeping your child up later or stretching the length of time between naps will not make him or her sleep better or longer – it’s actually the opposite!

Important Tip: Think of the day as two distinct parts – 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. If your child wakes at 7am then bedtime should be around 7pm. It is a question parents often ask: “When will my child sleep through the night?” Typically, when a baby is about four to five months old, they will start to sleep 10-12 hours straight at night.

Don’t Miss Out!

Book Your Exhibitor Booth Space for Sunday, October 1st, 2017 At about six months of age, babies start to develop a more predictable nap and bedtime pattern. Prior to that milestone, sleep patterns are still developing and they take time! This does not mean that you can’t start shaping strong sleep habits earlier because you definitely can. Stronger daytime sleep combined with an early bedtime (7-8pm) is the winning combination for achieving the best possible night’s sleep for your baby.

Who Should Exhibit: • Beauty & Health Services • Baby & Children’s Stores • Cloth Diapering • Photographers • Doulas, Midwives & Sleep Consultants • Parenting Resources • Pre & Postnatal Services

So when well-wishers check in and ask you how your little one is sleeping you can confidently tell them that you are helping to shape your child’s sleeping habits. Every child is unique and a sleep expert can help guide you to achieve positive changes so your little one sleeps well at night. •

• Maternity & Baby Clothing • Nanny & Childcare Services • Nutritional Products & Services • Eco-Friendly & Organic Products



Janey is an expert Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant and


the Well-Rested Founder and President of WeeSleepTM. For

AUGUST 31, 2017

more information or to schedule a complimentary 15 minutes consultant see advertisement on page 6 or check out

CALL NOW TO BOOK 604.908.8835

The New Mummy Company

Providing you & your baby

Canada’s premier provider of Newborn Night Nannies

o o o o o o

Professional, Qualified & Experienced Nursing & Midwifery background No obligation interview in your home 8 to 12 hours per night One to seven nights per week CPR, Police & Reference checked

Call to hire your Night Nanny today!

1 844 237 4686

with a great night sleep!

ce l e b r i t y m o m

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

The Social Cynthia Loyst Meet the stunningly-beautiful, smart and savvy Cynthia Loyst who, in recent years, expanded her fan base with the creation of an unique and popular blog to help people find more pleasure in life. In fact, she is so passionate about the topic she would love to start a revolution. This talented broadcast journalist is one of four co-hosts on CTV’s The Social. She is a sex and relationship expert. She is also a wife; and mom to four-year old son Jaya. Urbanbaby and Toddler recently had the opportunity to chat with Loyst about her wide sphere of influence throughout her career and how she dealt with (and still dealing with) all the challenges and joys of Motherhood. UBT: Tell us about your son. What is he like? CL: Every parent thinks their kid is the greatest ever and I am no

Early Years Music Program for ages 4wks to 6yrs

different. Jaya is four-years old and likes to play workman and watch vintage Scooby Doo. He likes to eat pancakes all the time and sing Bon Jovi while getting all of the words wrong. It has been fascinating to watch. No one ever told me that after having kids, how incredibly powerful of an experience it is to go back to your own childhood. I knew more about all the horrible things about being a parent — the exhaustion, the irritation, and how frustrating kids can be. I think it is why I delayed having kids for so long. If people had impressed upon me just how amazing it is to watch someone’s brain evolve, I would have been into it [having kids] sooner. UBT: What has been the biggest surprise about Motherhood for you? CL: The biggest surprise was the weepiness. People used to tell me that I was a bit icy and a bit detached from emotions. Parenthood cracked me open in a completely unexpected way. I was once told that the ‘act of parenting’ is like taking your heart and putting it on the outside of your body, which I can totally relate to. It is that amazing and vulnerable feeling — horrible and incredible all at the same time. UBT: What advice would you like to give new moms? CL: Remember labour is just one day, you can get through it. As for breastfeeding, it gets better!

Give your child the best start, from first sounds to mastering an instrument with the VSO School:  Parent & Baby Musical Yoga  Colourstrings Music & Movement Classes  Pathway Transitional Music Lessons  Sounds of the Symphony Class YOUR GIVE A  Exclusive Instrument “Petting Zoos” CHILD ST O O B N  Free VSO Tickets (to selected concerts) BRAI SIC .... private lessons, and much more!




UBT: How do you juggle work with family life? CL: I have had to accept failure. I think this is true for all parents. You can’t expect to be perfect all the time. If you are talking about balancing career, parenting, relationships and home, I feel like one of those areas is going to suffer. I think you have to pick one or two things to focus on and accept that the others are going to suffer a little bit. It is a lopsided juggling act: You are always dropping and picking up balls. It really is a circus!

8 | | fall 2017

Weekday Mornings at


UBT: Why did you decide to start the blog, www. CL: I started it during first season of The Social, when my son, Jaya, was only three months old. I was sleep-deprived, breastfeeding and pumping at work every single day. I felt I was on this treadmill — really overwhelmed. There was a lot of pressure riding on the show and there was a lot of pressure I was putting on myself. It all accumulated and I had a little bit of a snap. I left the show one day and balled my eyes out all the way home. I realized that I had not taken any time for myself to do the things that previously brought me pleasure. I asked my friends and they too couldn’t remember the last time they had done something for themselves. I started to take a deep dive which ultimately led to the launch of the blog which is really resonating with other women who have felt the same way.

Shop ‘n Stroll is a workout that turns your stroller into a portable fitness machine and takes baby along for the ride.

FREE TO ATTEND! Sponsored by your Local Shopping Centre

Coquitlam Centre Willowbrook Shopping Centre Park Royal Shopping Centre Haney Place Mall

UBT: What is in the future for you? CL: I want to start a ‘pleasure revolution’! The biggest thing I am focused on is writing a book. I hope that happens in the next couple of years. Would also like travel to talk to people and do workshops. The idea of meeting up with other likeminded people to talk about pleasure would definitely be a highlight of my life. •

Oakridge Centre


se l f ca re

| by Andrea ArEsse

I Didn’t Become a Mother to be Miserable Today I watched the trailer for Bad Moms 2 and it looks totally hilarious. I loved the first one so why wouldn’t the second one be great? One line in particular stood out in my mind: “Moms don’t enjoy, they give joy. That’s how being a mom works.” The reality is, we are made to feel like bad moms for this, that and everything. Your house is not Pinterest-perfect. You look more like wild animal instead of glamorous Miss Piggy. Your children fight you tooth and nail over dinner, bath and bedtime, but despite all, that they’re actually happy!

lukewarm coffee. It’s forgoing sleep so your child can wake up on their birthday to a world of confetti. It’s missing the winning goal because you are on the sidelines cutting one orange wedge after another. At some point the straw will break the camel’s back, and I for one am tired!

After having a child, life as I knew it was replaced with a selfless love. That being said, I am still entitled to joy, moments, memories, and happiness. I became a mother to truly know unconditional love, to raise a child who knows what it is to feel cherished and have parents that are present.

I’m tired of missing out on things, or being miserable in an attempt to become Supermom. So I stopped chasing the delusion and focused on my realities. I gave up trying to be someone I’m not. Most importantly, I learned to accept that my best is enough.

I didn’t become a mother to be miserable. I didn’t become a mother to sit on the sidelines while my children lived their childhood. I didn’t become a mother so that my children could be off making memories while I worry about décor or an Instagram-perfect meal. I’m chasing our dreams, not the illusive ‘perfect-mom’ award. Motherhood is full of hardships. Your days are spent thinking about your child, wanting the best for them and doing whatever you can to make their dreams come true. We feel inadequate for not having that picture-perfect life but a picture is just a ‘snapshot’. And with social media we need to remember that it’s often a false one. I love my child and I will do absolutely anything for her. I am there for her, and raising her to not only feel joy — but to see it too!

I still make sure my child’s needs are met, but I am also becoming more aware of my own. I prioritize what’s important and have given up the picture of perfection in order to actually be in the picture. My house is a little messier for it and activities, more spontaneous. Our holidays may not look ‘magazine-ready’, but my child knows joy. I also make sure to carve out a little more me-time. Sometimes it’s as simple as having a glass of wine in the tub — do not disturb! Sometimes I will treat myself to a manicure. Occasionally, I’ll even steal an afternoon with a girlfriend at our local amusement park because sometimes you’ve just got to scream! As a mom, choose what works for you. Find your balance and your joy, forget anyone who criticizes you for it. Being a great mom isn’t about cookie-cutter dreams, it’s about being there for your child and for yourself. Joy radiates from within, so enjoy your (mom) life! •

Despite that desire to give children the world, we forget that a happy childhood starts with a happy mom.

Andrea lives in Port Moody and is the mom to a 11-month old daughter. Her days are filled walking on sunshine and singing in the

I saw a meme the other day that read, “There’s a reason Mama Bear’s porridge was cold”. I couldn’t help but laugh at how accurate that statement was. If it’s not cold porridge, it’s

10 | | fall 2017

rain with her little love, while her nights have been filled working on her first novel about surviving mom life.

re a d i n g

| by Toronto Public Library

How to choose books your child will love It’s not surprising that children will love to read if they love what they’re reading. Here are suggestions for how to choose books your child will love:

• Follow your child’s developing interests. Share picture books, information books, and true stories with your child.

• Ask your public librarian to help you find books on the subject your child is interested in. It’s a chance for you and your child to learn together.

• Let your child choose her own books and stories to read, to borrow from the library, or to buy.

• Books with cut-outs, lift-the-flaps, pop-ups, or anything that moves are favorites. Kids love them! Look for touch-and-feel features, scratch-and-sniff elements, and sounds.

• For babies, board books are sturdier and more durable. They tend to be small and easy for small hands to handle. Cloth books, as well as those with a mirror, can also be good choices for babies.

Beautiful Hands

by Kathryn Otoshi A book that shows that children can make a difference in their worlds, with the help of their little hands.

It’s Not Easy Being Number Three

by Drew Dernavich Number 3 is tired of his job and sets out to find more rewarding work, perhaps as a sculpture. A wonderful book about shapes and the importance of numbers.

Eyes, Nose, Fingers and Toes: A First Book of All About You

by Judy Hindley A book that includes fun rhyming to learn the name of all the parts of the body.

Big or Little?

by Kathy Stinson A book that examines the benefits of being big and the frustrations of being small, including the in-between stage when you can read a little but still get lost in the grocery store.

Let’s Get Ready for Reading © 2017 by Toronto Public Library; published by Annick Press Ltd. Reproduced by permission

Get on top of it before Fully insured and your child does. registered with Secure your furniture. One Stop BC.

Hire VBP to professionally install any safety products you need to make your home a safe place for your child.

p a re n t i n g

| by Julie Romanowski

Reduce the Stress: Plan Ahead for the School Year

Sometimes when things have to be done quickly, the learning lessons and skill-building can easily get lost in the shuffle. So, the first step in getting organized is keeping things positive and focusing on what tasks need to be completed. Depending on your child’s age, figure out how to get him or her involved in the process. After all, preparing for the school year is all about ‘them’. Getting them involved will lessen your stress and time-commitment. It also shows children that planning and being prepared are important life lessons. Four Stress-free Strategies to Get Organized for the School Year:

1. Try to avoid planning too much during the school transition period which is approximately mid-August to mid-Sept. Keep things light and plan for chunks of time where nothing is happening to avoid any time-crunches.

2. Have a family meeting mid-August to discuss

the plan as well as all the upcoming changes, routines and expectations. This is a great proactive measure that can really help spark the momentum.

3. Brainstorm with the entire family and get everyone’s input no matter how big or small they may be.

• Then create mini ‘check-lists’ from that master list for everyone involved. Discuss, decide or delegate. Children can take care of tasks that involve their belongings and preparing a list for snacks and lunches. Mom and Dad can cover such tasks as grocery shopping, clothes shopping or childcare.

• Have an interactive family calendar that highlights and shows the dates/times of expected events or due dates for tasks specifically for the school transition process. Give your children advance warning about when you will need their snack and lunch lists. Explain to your children that you need the lists by Wednesday so you can do the back to school shopping on Thursday. Let your children know that if you haven’t received their list by that set time, you will decide what to buy.

• Schedule separate time sections throughout the week that say ‘empty’. This is that extra ‘wiggle room’ that’s on reserve especially when things pop-up that are unexpected and/or when things have to get re-scheduled for whatever reason. If there is nothing pressing to do, then that extra time can be for free-play. For most people, it’s usually easier to have too much time and find things to do rather than to run out of time and try to find more of that!

4. Delegate jobs, tasks and to-do lists early. Giving everyone enough processing time to understand and accomplish these tasks. You may have to ask some ‘special helpers’ to assist the family at this time. This can clarify expectations and may decrease overall anxiety. It’s important to plan for activities, playdates, homework and family time. It is equally important to plan ways to ‘avoid chaos’. This is done by planning ahead as well as planning for extra time and wiggle room for ‘just-in-case’. Here are some additional steps to prepare for the upcoming school year:

These strategies were designed to help parents prepare for the school year and get the children helping out. Getting children involved encourages them to take responsibility for themselves. It also provides an opportunity for your family to work as a team and learn about healthy leadership, problem-solving solutions and positive communication. • Julie is a mom, an Early Childhood Consultant and owner of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach and consulting services’, the children’s behaviour and discipline specialists! Learn more through her e-newsletter, tips and blog at

• Create a master list with everything that needs to be organized, discussed and/or done. Write everything down and then prioritize.

12 | | fall 2017

Have a Question for Julie? Submit your questions at



| by Kristen Yarker


Healthy Breakfast Ideas Children who eat breakfast are more alert for learning at daycare, preschool, or school. Studies show healthy breakfast helps to meet their daily nutritional needs. What makes a good breakfast? I recommend combining these healthy ingredients: • Whole Grains • Protein-rich Foods • Vegetables and Fruit • Healthy Fat • Dairy or Milk-alternatives Don’t let the hectic mornings get in the way of breakfast. Overnight oats can be prepared the night before saving you time on those busy mornings.

Overnight Oats Feel free to change up the ingredients and try other fruits instead of raspberries. And hemp hearts work well as a substitute for the chia seeds. Substitute the yogurt and milk with a half a cup of a plant-based milk alternative such as almond milk. Ingredients:

• ¼ cup rolled oats • ¼ cup yogurt • ¼ cup milk • 1 tbsp chia seeds • ½ cup (or more) frozen raspberries Directions: 1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl or travel container.

2. Mix well. 3. Refrigerate overnight.

Quick Early Morning Breakfast Idea. Get in the habit of making smoothies in advance. You can even combine all the ingredients into the blender the night before and store it in the fridge. Protein powders are not for children as they are too high in vitamins and minerals or include ingredients that are not suitable for children. Instead, use real-food sources of protein such as hemp hearts, nut butters, yogurt, soft tofu, or pre-cooked lentils. •

Blues and Greens Smoothie Children are not typically enthused about the taste of leafy greens so be creative with your blender. You can also use leftovers such as quinoa at breakfast. Remember to blend for longer to make it smooth. Ingredients:

• ¼ cup pre-cooked quinoa • ½ cup blueberries • ¼ cup frozen spinach • ¼ cup chopped avocado • 1 tbsp hemp hearts • 1 cup milk or

Mums, Tums, Babies & Toddlers Show

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plant-based milk alternative

May not appear exactly as shown

Directions: 1. Combine all ingredients in the blender.

2. Blend until smooth.

Grand Prize

Kristen, MSc, RD is a child-feeding expert who helps parents support their picky eaters to try new foods on their own. Since 2008, she has been working with families to provide good nutrition for their kids today and instill a love of food that lasts a lifetime.


2 1 Tickets Use Code: MTB241 fall 2017 | | 13

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things we like! 1.




4. 6.

Fall Finds

From new shoes and school supplies to the latest gadgets these products will help you get organized for the busy fall season.

1. BabyDam Bath Divider

Invented by a Mom. Quickly and easily section off a smaller space in the bathtub, creating a safer, more comfortable bath for your baby. Always keep your child within arm’s reach while in the bathtub.

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2. Baby Gourmet Shakers

A delicious, rich chocolate nutritional beverage blended with organic whole milk, a touch of pumpkin plus 25 vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a snack or meal-time. For ages 1-3 years.

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14 | | fall 2017

3. Dabbawalla Lunch Bag

5. First & Last Day of School

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4. LittleLife Toddler Daysack

6. Tiny Footprint Dinner Set

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2-in-1 Reusable Sign

Five-piece dinner set includes a large square plate, bowl, cup, spoon, and fork. Made of biodegradable material that is dishwasher-safe. Available in whale, owl and elephant prints.

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7. Marbotic Interactive Wooden Blocks

Wooden letters interact with tablets and educational app to help your child learn to read and write. For ages 3-6 years.

In-Store: Indigo, Various Locations Online:

8. Incognito Belt Positioning Seat

Created by Safety 1st this easy-to-use, portable belt positioning seat helps to raise children up to the correct seating position. For ages 9-11 years.

In-Store: Babies ‘R’ Us, Various Locations Online:

9. People Footwear

Head back-to-school in style with shoes created by a Vancouver company. These light-weight and comfortable shoes are perfect for running on the playground, riding a trike or walking with Grandma.

In-Store: Dandelion Kids, Vancouver & Port Moody

Momease Baby Boutique, Victoria


fall 2017 | | 15

10% OFF


TWO LOCATIONS: 1206 Commercial Drive,

Vancouver, BC •

1–101 Morrissey Road,

Port Moody, BC *Discount excludes Native and Toms shoes, bikes and special orders. Discount cannot be combined with other promotions.



2017 Car Seat Guide 1. Evenflo • Sonus

3. Diono • Monterey

Evenflo Sonus keeps your growing infant safe and comfortable. Good for families that love to travel as this car seat when purchased in Canada is also certified for use in the United States.

The Monterey Booster is a full-featured, expandable high-back booster seat designed to fit growing children.

Type: Convertible Price: $119.99 Child Weight: Rear-facing 5-40 lbs; Forward-facing 22-50 lbs Child Safety: 5-point safety harness Specialty: Rollover-tested to simulate roof-to-ground contact, an impact responsible for the majority of injuries in a rollover event Available at: Babies ‘R’ Us Features: •

Air Flow Ventilation System built-in ventilation system that provides a comfortable seat for your child through all seasons Buckle pockets protect from hot buckle burns and eliminate digging under child for lost buckles

2. UPPAbaby • MESA The Uppababy Mesa combines safety and simplicity and provides baby a first-class ticket to ride in safe comfort and style. Type: Infant Price: $464.99 Child Weight: 4-35 lbs Child Safety: Unique non-thread 5-point safety harness Specialty: SMARTSecure System provides a visual indicators for a simple and accurate installation Available at: Active Baby Features: •

Infant insert with wedge recommended for preemies and smaller newborns 4-8 lbs

Adjustable headrest is reinforced with EPS foam, providing superior sideimpact protection

Soft, breathable and moisture-wicking material carrier fabrics keeps baby cool and comfortable

16 | | fall 2017


Type: Booster Price: $169.99 Child Weight: 40-120 lbs Booster: Converts from high back booster to backless booster Child Safety: Extra-deep side walls are reinforced with aluminum and lined with EPS foam for superior side impact protection


Specialty: Easy to use dial adjusts the width of the seat to 20 inches wide Available at: TJ’s The Kiddie Store, Lussobaby & Babies ‘R’ Us Features: •

UAS system for secure installation

Ergonomically contoured seat prevents submarining and extra padding adds comfort

11 position headrest, adjusts up to 6.5” with one hand

Two recline positions for comfort and to fit all vehicle seat types


4. Diono • Radian RXT Diono Radian RXT designed with your child’s security and safety as top priority. Type: All-in-one Convertible Price: $399.99 Child Weight: Rear-facing 5-45 lbs; forward facing from 22-65 lbs


Booster: Coverts to booster 50-120 lbs Child Safety: Safestop energy absorbing 5-point safety harness Specialty: Full steel alloy frame and aluminum reinforced sides Available at: TJ’s The Kiddie Store, Lussobaby & Babies ‘R’ Us Features: •

Unique SuperLATCH system that makes installation easy

Features memory foam padding for superior comfort

Fits three across in most mid-size vehicles


Car Seat 101: Ultimate Car Seat Contest!

We’re Giving Away all the Car Seats Featured

ENTER TO WIN AT 5. Maxi-Cosi • Mico Max 30 The Mico Max 30 provides superior safety for your baby featuring maximum comfort, safety, and style. Type: Infant Price: $359.99 Child Weight: Rear-facing from 4-30 lbs up to 32’ in height Child Safety: Air Protect Side Impact Protection, Anti-rebound bar on base Specialty: Premium self-wicking fabric that is machine wash/dryer safe Available at: Babies ‘R’ Us & Lussobaby Features: •

Reversible Cozi-Dozi insert to provide head and neck support smaller infants

Ergonomic handle for comfortable carrying even with canopy extended

Extra-large canopy with flip-out visor

Seat pads remove easily to wash without rethreading harness

6. Clek • Fllo Created and manufactured in Canada. This compact car seat is equipped with safety from every angle. Type: Convertible Price: $449.99 Child Weight: 614-40 lbs rear-facing, 22-65 lbs forward-facing Child Safety: 5-point safety harness Specialty: Energy Absorbing Crumple Technology (EACT) transfers forces away from the child in a collision Available at: Active Baby, Canadian Tire, WestCoast Kids Features: •

Narrow width fit providing space to fit 3-across easily in most vehicles

Adjustable headrest with deep side wings and Energy-absorbing EPP foam-lined

Know the Type You Need Infant Car Seats:

Infant Car Seats are designed for babies from birth to 20 lbs. They help support your baby’s head and make it easier for them to breathe, while keeping them in the safest rear-facing position at all times. These smaller infant car seats are compatible with a variety of strollers.

Convertible Car Seats:

Convertible car seats are practical and allow the same seat to be used for rearfacing and forward-facing stages. Babies 5 to 45 lbs are seated in rear-facing position and adjusted to forward-facing position when they reach 22 to 65 lbs, depending on the car seat make and model.

British Columbia Car Seat Guidelines: Birth to 1 year and 20 lbs

Infant Car Seat,

Rear-facing position *Over 1 year and over 20 lbs

Infant Car Seat,

Forward-facing position

Under 9 years old and over 40 lbs

Booster Seat,

Forward-facing position

9 years+ and at least 4’9 ft tall

Seat belt,

Booster Car Seats:

Booster car seats are designed for forward-facing position for children 40 lbs and at least nine years old (depending on child’s weight and height). If your current car seat does not convert, you’ll need a Booster car seat. All Booster seats are forward-facing position, as either high-back or lowback. High-back Boosters provide extra support and protection for your child’s upper body. Low-back Boosters, also known as backless booster seats, are the last stage of a car seat for a child who does not yet meet the height and weight requirements for using a seatbelt alone. Backless booster seats provide extra height for your child, along with arm rest support.

Why Rear-Facing?

Rear-facing car seats support and protect the child’s head and spine in the event of a car accident. This is the safest position and it is recommended to keep your child rear-facing as long as possible, until they reach the maximum weight and height. A rear-facing position must never be used in a front passenger seat that has an active air bag. Death or serious injuries can occur if the air bag inflates.

back seat of car is the safest *A child may remain rear-facing until they outgrow the rear-facing weight and height limits of your car seat make and model. Check car seat manual for requirements and restrictions.

For Use in Canada:

Car seats purchased in other countries are not legal for use in Canada. All car seats made for use in Canada have a National Safety Label. Non-Canadian certified car seats are not covered by insurance companies in the event of a car accident.

Car Seats and Booster Seats: How Long are They Safe?

All car seats sold in Canada have an expiry or useful life date indicated in the car seat manual. Parents should not use an expired car seat and should discard it rather than donating to a charity or giving to a friend. Average useful life of a car seat is between 6-8 years.

Recycle Your Expired Car Seat Keep your car seat out of the landfill and bring to the Bellies to Babies Celebration Tradeshow on Sunday, October 1st, 2017. Monetary donations will be accepted towards the program.

See page 2 for more tradeshow information fall 2017 | | 17


| by Melissa Collins

Run, Jump, Climb:

Why Risky Play is Good for Children If you saw your son or daughter climb to the highest branch of a tree, would you shout out to “be careful” or “get down”? Or would you silently observe from a distance, only to jump in if your child needed you? It is not surprising that our natural instincts compel us to direct our children “out of harm’s way”. It is one of the strongest instincts that evolution has equipped us with, but new research suggests that the overwhelming desire to protect our children from all risk is not entirely helpful. The solution? We need to step back from the idea of “bubble-wrapping” our children and “helicopter-parenting” and reintroduce some risky play.

What is Risky Play? It is important to note that risky play does not mean allowing your child to participate in activities that could bring risk of serious injury or harm to your child or others.

It is about giving your child opportunities to experience that exhilarated feeling one gets from climbing to a new height in a tree or on a playground. It is also about swinging off a rope into a lake. Children get the thrill and excitement of pushing their limits and the reward of achievement. This can also include learning to use certain tools and experiencing riskier environments like building a fire or swimming in deep water.

Risky Play and Emotion Regulation Through investigation into risky play, we have discovered a theory regarding emotion-regulation techniques. This theory states that by engaging in risky play, young children learn how to regulate their emotions more effectively – specifically fear and anger.

REGISTERNOW NOW FOR FOR THE THE 2017-18 2016-17 REGISTER PRESCHOOL YEAR Winner: 2014 BC Child Care Award of Excellence for outstanding quality and service.

The City of Surrey’s licensed preschool programs provide children ages 3–5 with high quality, tailored learning and social experiences that set the foundation for future success in school and life.

Spaces fill quickly. Secure your spot.

According to the emotion-regulation theory, play is the way that young mammals learn to control their fear and anger so they can encounter real-life dangers, and interact effectively with others, without succumbing to negative emotions.

How Can You Allow Your Child to Engage in Risky Play?

Keep Quiet: The term “be careful” has little or no meaning to those kids. A scraped knee will heal and the life lesson will remain. Don’t Intervene: If you see your child playing rough and tumble with another friend and things get heated, if you act like the referee who always intervenes when a dispute arises, your child will never learn to deal with these conflicts on his or her own. Relish in the Reward: Nothing compares to the sense of accomplishment that a child feels when he or she overcomes a challenge or risk. Help them celebrate that reward! You may have noticed an influx of natural outdoor play spaces replacing traditional playgrounds. These fantastic play areas allow for a thriving imagination, as rocks become telephones and sticks become snakes or bridges. Natural play spaces allow children to be more active, encourage imaginative play, fine motor skills and of course, risky play. Giving your kids the freedom to take risks, and even maybe scrape a knee or two along the way, is not easy but the long-term rewards will be worth it. Over recent years, substantial research is being devoted to why risk is essential. For instance, we know that risky play has a vital role in teaching children how to regulate emotions like fear and anger. Since facing risk is part of life, it is important to allow children to engage in it from an early age so that they are prepared to face life’s challenges later. • Melissa is a coffee-guzzling, wine-loving, lipgloss addicted mom of two little girls. When she’s not working in Community Recreation Services and cleaning up play dough, she’s happily writing about the haphazard and often hilarious realities of parenting.

fall 2017 | | 19

Do you want a solid and proven foundation for your child’s physical, intellectual and emotional development? Register today for North Star Montessori’s infant & toddler classes. Infancy to Grade 7 | Call today:

604 980 1205

1325 East Keith Road, North Vancouver BC (Southern annex of the North Shore Winter Club) O R T H S TA R M O N T E S S O R I . C A

Step Back: This means you don’t become a helicopterparent. If your children are climbing, running and playing in a way that is risky but still safe, leave them be. They will soon learn that sliding down that wooden post will give the natural consequence of splinters in their hands, and they will likely stop.


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Tiddlycove Montessori School Children are encouraged to explore their

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passions and interests in a loving, patient and nurturing environment. Now Offering

Our quality wear is for families that live in the city and play in the mountains. TWO LIFESTYLES, ONE LIFE. Shop online or at your local boutique.

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Arts Umbrella Give your little ones a creative head-start on kindergarten. Arts Umbrella’s Half-day Art Immersion lets preschoolers discover art in its many forms, and help them develop essential skills such as focus, confidence, and creativity. Our year-long morning program immerses kids in the arts Monday to Friday, while our individual half-day program lets you pick classes that fit your schedule.

Check out our complete list of advertisers at

20 | | fall 2017



UrbanMarket | products & promotions community events

FALL 2017 •

OCT. 1

meal planning

Bellies to Babies Celebration

Recipes to the Rescue

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

What if you could cook more at home?

The premium mom-to-be event of the

Free course on how to menu plan for the

ST year! B2B is a one-of-a-kind event, offering a unique opportunity for new and expectant parents to explore and shop

home cook. Eat fresh, get organized, cook healthy. Join us! Online:

for trendy fashions, décor and so much more! Features a variety of exhibitors and sponsors, plus $3000 in door prizes. First 100 moms in attendance receive a complimentary diaper bag. Win a $1500 shopping spree from TJ’S The Kiddies Store. Register:

nutrition consulting Eisler for Kids Nutrition Help for Your Child? Contact Registered Dietitian and Pediatric Nutrition Expert, Corinne Eisler. Call: 604.770.0101 Online:

Vancouver Baby & Family Fair Saturday, October 28 10am-5pm

prenatal education

Sunday, October 29th 10am-4pm

Belly to Baby

Vancouver Convention Centre

Comprehensive “Prenatal In a Day”

Shopping, entertainment, kids activities,

classes taught by an experienced

car seat clinic, prizes and more!

Obstetrical RN.

Bring the kids to Meet & Greet with

Group, Private & Refresher courses.

Paw Patrol Marshall and Chase.

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A growing family brings many joys and

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many questions. As a Sun Life Financial

MONAT haircare products are clinically

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financial strategy that will meet your needs.

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I specialize in:

30-day “empty the bottle” policy.

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-Financial Planning

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fall 2017 | | 21


| by Patricia Chan

Head of the Class: Creating a Homework Station

With back-to-school fast approaching, ensure your child can concentrate on homework by providing access to a functional and comfortable workspace. Having a dedicated area helps your child focus, diminishes unnecessary interruptions and fosters good homework habits early in the school year.

Location is the Key The amount of space to devote to a homework station depends on the amount of space available in your home. Instead of using the family dinner table, look for suitable alternatives and do your best to create a space just for homework and studying. Consider fitting in a small desk to a hallway wall and adding some display shelves. Allow your child to add their personal artwork or items to make it their own. An area away from the TV, music, phones and other household activities is most ideal.

Stock Up on Supplies Maximize time spent on homework by having all the needed supplies and reference tools convenient and easy-to-find. We all know children can be forgetful, so it’s a good idea to have a duplicate of supplies so they don’t have to be transported to and from school continually. Keep pencils, pens and markers in labeled bins so they are readily accessible.

Command Station Use a wall-mounted bulletin board, whiteboard or calendar in the homework station to record tasks, assignments and events so they are highly visible. Make it easy for your child to record activities, projects and assignments and manage dates, deadlines and events. If your child is involved in any sporting activities, use a separate calendar to record practices and games to avoid any scheduling conflicts. •

As a busy mom of 4, I loved being there for my children however, my choice to be at home limited my career options. I looked into several home based companies (party plan & MLM) but I wanted something more traditional. Today, I work with a manufacturing company and head up a marketing team. Most of us are moms and all of us work from home… around our family’s schedules! If the idea of earning additional income, while having fun with other moms, intrigues you…we should talk!

Roni McMillan

22 | | fall 2017



UrbanMom o n t h e t ow n


Fall Family Events

August 2017 1st • Dinotown Tour • 10am-4pm •

Cultus Lake: One-of-a-kind dinosaur experience ziplines, paddle boats, mini golf, giant maze.

1st • Illumination Night Market • 7pm-12am • Richmond: Food and merchandise booths, events, performing shows and featured kid’s play zone. 19th • The Fair at the PNE • 10am-9pm •

Vancouver: Kiddy rides, live entertainment, food and musical guests.

September 2017 1st-2nd • Richmond World Festival • 11am-10pm •

Minoru Park, Richmond: Main stage multicultural acts, food truck festival, activities for all ages.

6th • Labour Day Fair • 11am-4:30pm •

Burnaby Lake Museum: Old-fashioned fun games, entertainment, market vendors.

14th-21st • Raise a Reader Day • 10am-6pm •

Vancouver: Support this charity by purchasing a copy of the Vancouver Sun newspaper.

October 2017 1st • Bellies to Babies Celebration • 11am-4pm •

Croatian Cultural Centre, Van: A one-of-a-kind event for trendy baby fashions, décor and more community resources and support services on hand.

13th-31st • Stanley Park Ghost Train • 11am-5pm •

Stanley Park Miniature Train, Van: Activities for the kids, train rides and spooky characters.

27th-30th • Haunted Village • 6pm-9pm •

Burnaby Village Museum: Halloween entertainment, trick-or-treating, carousel rides, ghoulish snacks.

Ongoing Events Various Weekdays • Shop ‘n Stroll Fitness • 9:30am • Mom & Baby fitness class sponsored by your local shopping centre. Free to attend. Registration required. Every Wednesday • Groovin Babies • 11am • Parent and toddler dance and music class sponsored by Brentwood Town Centre. Free to attend. Registration required. Every Mon. 11am & Fri. 10am • Zumba for Mom & Baby • Dance class for mom & baby/toddler sponsored by Lougheed Town Centre. Free to attend. Alternating Wednesdays • Movies For Mommies • 11:30am • Dunbar Theatre, Van: Grab bags and special guests. Stroller friendly and diaper change area.

Pumpkin Patches

Opens Aug 18th • Taves Family Farm • 333 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford: Pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting farm, hayrides. Opens Sept 16th • Aldor Arces Pumpkin Patch • 24990 – 84th Ave, Langley: Pumpkin festival, petting zoo, pig races and hayrides.

Melissa • Langley Lily, 6 years old Alexandra, 4 years old

1. What is the best part about being a Mom? The unconditional love and the excitement in their eyes on what the day has in store for them. 2. What is your favourite activity to do with your daughters? We love to cook and bake together. 3. What is your favourite television show? Nothing beats good old Friends. 4. What is the last book you’ve read? Century Trilogy by Ken Follett it’s a historical novel that follows a bunch of families during WWI and WWII. 5. What is one product or service you can’t live without? Love my cup of coffee! 6. How do you find some “Mommy Time”? I love it when my husband takes the kids out for a few hours so I can de-clutter and clean my house. Once my house is clean, my mind feels clear. 7. Any advice for balancing work and being a mom? Honestly, the one thing that helps me balance my work and home life is fitting in some daily exercise. Whether it’s walking my dog or going to the gym, it makes the busy schedules much more bearable.

Opens Oct 1st • Pete’s Pumpkin Patch • 9423 Gibson Rd, Chilliwack: Pumpkin patch, maze, family fun zone, concession. Opens Oct 1st • Laity Pumpkin Patch • 21145 128 St, Maple Ridge: Pumpkin patch, corn maze, farm animals, fairy tale trails. Opens Oct 1st • Richmond Country Farms • 12900 Steveston Hwy, Richmond: Pumpkin patch, costumed entertainers, hayrides.

Contact event organizers with info provided to confirm details.

fall 2017 | | 23

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