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E dit or’s L e t t e r

i n t h i s i ssue

Picture This: Several little tots walking in a row with colourful umbrellas and even more colourful rain boots. It’s a captivating image synonymous with Spring showers and Springtime blossoms that makes our beautiful province so distinct. It’s all part of why I love this time of year!

green living: Saving Our Planet From A to Z....................................................... 4 prenatal: Secondhand Baby Showers: An Emerging Green Trend....................... 6 celebrity mom: Lindsay Coulter.......................................................................... 8 celebrity kid: Hannah Alper................................................................................ 9 in the city: Shop and Reuse ............................................................................ 10 parent talk: What was the Funniest Thing Your Child Has Said?.......................11 postpartum: Postpartum Health: Mental Wellness for New Moms..................... 12 special feature: Babies of 2013........................................................................ 16 parenting: Reducing Tantrums & Power Struggles............................................. 18 UrbanMarket: Products & Promotions............................................................. 20 education expert: Connecting with Nature: The Whole Family Benefits.............. 22 ceo mom: Trying Something New: Taking the Leap and Loving It!..................... 24 family finance: Getting Started on Your Family’s Financial Future...................... 25 Great Goods: Spring Products......................................................................... 26 UrbanGuide: 2014 Stroller Guide..................................................................... 28 UrbanKid: Web Smarts: Make it Click and Stick ............................................... 30 on the town: Spring Family Fun......................................................................... 31 spotlight: UrbanMom: Lena.............................................................................. 31

Thankfully, BC residents are well-known to share a passion for Green Living. So in our time-honored tradition, Springtime begins with the UB&T Annual Green edition to help you make environmentally-friendly choices for your family. Mark your calendars and get your whole family involved in celebrating Earth Day on April 22. A short time before going to press, I delivered my second child, a precious baby boy named Ryan. Delivery turned out to be quite the experience for my husband and I. Stay tuned for more details in the Summer issue of UB&T. Our Annual Cover Model Photo Contest is coming up soon. So if you would like to see your child on the cover of Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine, check contest details on pages 14 & 15 and enter your child to be the cover model for Fall 2014. Congratulations to all the new parents who welcomed a new in baby in 2013. See those sweet, adorable little faces in our Babies of 2013 feature on pages 16 & 17. On the cover: Shauyon, 6 months old Shayda, 5 years old


Panorama Park, N. Van

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g ree n l i v i n g

| by Lindsay Coulter

Saving Our Planet From A to Z Saving the Planet is easier than you think. Your family can do simple things every day to become more earth-friendly thus contributing to a smaller footprint. In doing so, we collectively lessen the harmful impact on the environment. Taking care of the Earth is not something to think about occasionally, but rather a practice to put into action throughout the entire year. The following A-to-Z thought-starters can help you and your family learn about simple ways to contribute in protecting our environment long term:

G is for Garden: Build a raised garden bed. They provide good drainage and create a barrier to slugs. Construct the beds on top of your lawn with natural cedar which is rot-and insect-resistant.

A is for Advocacy: Regardless of your age, you can become an environmental advocate and do your part with routine practices around your home and community. Share what you have learned and inspire others.

H is for Honey: Choose organic honey. Organic hives cannot use non-organic honey, sugar, or antibiotics. Look for the EcoCert, USDA organic, or Certified Organic Association of B.C. logos.

B is for Batteries: Children play with toys that don’t need batteries longer than toys that do everything for them. Wooden blocks and puzzles boost critical thinking as well as problemsolving skills. C is for Composting: The process creates organic matter which has been decomposed and recycled as a fertilizer, that is rich in nutrients. It is used in gardens, landscaping and horticulture and easy to start at home. D is for Diapers: “Elimination communication” is a method of toilet training where you use a combination of signals, timing and body language. Fewer diapers mean you save money and stop clogging landfills. E is for Essential Oils: DEET is a suspected neurotoxin and respiratory toxin. Instead, battle skeeters with herbal repellents from essential oils of citronella, eucalyptus, or peppermint. F is for Fundraising: Fundraise for your kid’s hockey team or school. Recycle e-waste for cash! Keep old and obsolete electronics out of landfills by sending them to ThinkRecycle.com.

I is for Injured Wildlife: Don’t try to capture a sick or injured wild animal. Call a wildlife rehabilitation facility so staff can provide proper care to distressed wildlife. J is for Jojoba Oil: Make baby massage oil with one tablespoon each of jojoba, sweet almond and olive oils. Add ingredients to a bottle and shake to blend. Apply with warm hands. K is for Killing Germs: White vinegar is a great disinfectant and deodorizer (and cuts grease). It also helps tackle household bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and other “gram-negative” bacteria, too! L is for Leftovers: Cool your leftovers to room temperature before you store them in the fridge or freezer. You’ll avoid heating up the air inside your fridge. M is for Microwave Popcorn: Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a chemical in non-stick products to be phased out by 2015. This chemical coats microwave popcorn bags, frying pans and even pizza boxes. N is for Nature: Physicians are prescribing Vitamin “N” since being outside moderates the effect of stressful events in children. Children who spend time in nature are more resilient and cope better. O is for Outdoors: When a lesson on the same topic is presented outdoors instead of inside the classroom, children are more attentive. Teachers redirect the class less and children concentrate better. P is for Playground: Is your local playground a concrete jungle gym or a green space? Naturalized playgrounds provide more variety of play opportunities, supporting social interaction and physical development for children. 4 | www.urbanbaby.ca | spring 2014

Q is for Quats: Found in bathroom cleaning products, allpurpose cleaners, and fabric softeners, quats are irritants that can induce an allergic response. R is for Recycling: Recycle expired child car seat with Pacific Mobile Depots. They recycle or reuse the metal, plastic and any other usable parts. Or recycle your child car seat at the twice annual Bellies to Babies Celebration Tradeshow held in Vancouver. S is for Sustainable Shopper’s Guide: Download a copy at DavidSuzuki.org and avoid toxic chemicals like DEA. DEA or Diethanolamine found in some bubble bath. It can irritate the skin and eyes. It can also be toxic to the immune and nervous systems. T is for Toothbrush: PreserveProducts.com turns plastic yogurt containers into toothbrushes. Then send the toothbrush back for recycling, instead of adding to the landfill. U is for Unscented: Even “unscented” products may contain unspecified fragrance ingredients to mask the odor of other chemicals. Read the label carefully and avoid “fragrance” or “parfum”, which can trigger allergies and asthma. V is for Volumes: Monitor the “volume of items” you throw in the trash and “vow” to reduce, recycle and reuse. W is for Water: Nearly 90 percent of plastic water bottles are not recycled. Instead, they take numerous years to decompose. Buy a reusable bottle and fill it with tap water. X is for Xeriscaping: Save water by xeriscaping. You will use up to 50 percent less water and enjoy plants which are adapted to your area. Y is for Yard: When rainfall and snowmelt leave your yard they pick up pollutants like oil and grease from cars, de-icing salts used on sidewalks, and garden pesticides. Stop these contaminants from ending up in our streams, rivers and oceans. Z is for Zzzz’s: Rest easy with pillows made from natural rubber (renewable and biodegradable), kapok (flower seeds), or organic cotton, organic wool, and even buckwheat hulls. • Lindsay, resides in Vancouver with her one-year old son. As David Suzuki’s “Queen of Green”, she answers your questions and offers tips on Living Green. Read her celebrity profile on pages 8-9.

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c a p t u r i ng you r s t or y Bellies



Fa m i l i e s

p re n a t a l

| by Julie Landry Laviolette

Secondhand Baby Showers: An Emerging Green Trend

When Julie Barrow learned she was expecting her second child, her friends decided to throw her a baby shower. Already mom to a toddler, she didn’t want friends shelling out for baby necessities she already had. Julie suggested a secondhand shower so her mom friends could give items their own babies had outgrown. “I didn’t want anyone to spend money when they had gently-used items at home,” she added. “So I got the message out that I was definitely open to a second-hand baby shower.”

“Be sure to ask before you start planning because you do not want to insult family and friends. Also you want the mom-to-be to use the items and not just give them away.” comments Kimberly Hayes, who was a guest at Julie’s baby shower.

The emerging trend is popular with green-thinking moms who feel joyful giving their precious baby items to other families. Moms who give second-hand items like the idea of extending the life of gently-used goods, while moms on the receiving end; are grateful to save money on big-ticket necessities.

Julie pointed out that her friends used email and word-of-mouth to invite others in keeping with the Green Theme. “We went paperless.”

There are several things to consider when planning a secondhand baby shower for a friend or relative.

Make Sure the New Mom is Receptive

“I know some people who have hang-ups about using secondhand things for their baby, but I’m not one of them,” cites Julie. “Open up some dialogue with the mom-to-be, to see how she feels. While you’re at it, make sure the dad-to-be and grandparents are on board too”.

Make the Invite Green

Decorate Simply

Hang fishing line on the walls and suspend baby outfits on tiny hangers or clothes pins. Julie liked the approach. “The best part was looking through all the adorable little outfits and taking them with me”.

Share Cooking Duties

Have each guest bring an appetizer or homemade dessert to share. Instead of favours, split up the leftovers so every guest can take home a plate of goodies.

Green Baby Care 101 These simple recipes will help you avoid chemicals, like fragrance, petroleum and parabens. Each recipe makes a great “Green” baby gift and takes less than 10 minutes to make.

Avoid disposable wipes! Shelf life: 1 month. 1/4 cup liquid castile soap (try unscented or lavender) 1/4 cup oil (like calendula oil, sweet almond oil, or apricot kernel oil) 2 cups water Mix ingredients in a glass jar. Apply with reusable cloths or 100 per cent PCW recycled paper towel by soaking them in the solution.


Always do a test patch for any homemade recipes, and discontinue use if you notice any irritation.

6 | www.urbanbaby.ca | spring 2014

If you’d rather not use an animal product, try castor oil or coconut oil. Shelf life: approximately 4 months. 1 tsp lanolin 1 tbsp calendula oil 2 tbsp olive oil 1/2 – 1 tbsp grated beeswax Melt oils and beeswax together in a double boiler. Pour into an airtight container and let cool. You can also combine the ingredients in a glass jar and microwave to melt everything together. Recipes provided by “Queen of Green” www.queenofgreen.ca

Think About the Mom’s Biggest Needs

“Those showers are really great for moms who are having second babies of the opposite sex,” Kimberly adds. “Babies go through clothes so quickly, and sometimes you have outfits that have never been worn”. As a mom of three-year odd Connor and 20-months old Rebecca, she was happy to give outfits to her friend, who is expecting a girl in May. Julie appreciated receiving gender-neutral gifts like a swing, toys and a high chair mat.

Be Selective

Clothing, toys and accessories like strollers and high chairs are ideal for showers. Even a high-priced item like an electric breast pump can be a lifesaver, with the new mom only having to buy new attachments. Some safety experts don’t recommend used car seats. You may also want to check before passing on unusual furnishings or bedding that may not mesh with the new mom’s decorating style.

Don’t Forget the Best Gift of All

“Each gift came with advice from the person giving it” Julie adds. “I would open a gift and they would tell me how they used it”.

It’s OK to Re-Gift

Memory books, picture frames and other gifts that new moms get in bulk are perfect to re-gift to another new mom.

Don’t Feel Cheap

“I got about three times as many gifts as I would have at a regular shower, “ cited Julie. “Imagine my delight pulling out 15 to 20 outfits out of a gift bag.”

Enjoy Passing the Torch

“It brought such joy to my heart to see another child wearing clothes that my son had worn,” Kimberly added enthusiastically. “When I first had Conner, friends gave us bags of clothes. My partner and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, so we wanted to offer that same supportive feeling to other moms.” • Julie, is a mom of two who grew up reading. She enjoys

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sharing the joys of reading and writing with her children and encourages them to read anything they can get their hands on, starting with cereal boxes at the breakfast table.

Check out more resources on


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Clinics in Vancouver and New Westminster with fast and convenient access.

ce l e b r i t y m o m

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

Celebrity Mom Lindsay Coulter

When Lindsay Coulter was nine years old, she said “One day David Suzuki and I will be like this” and crossed her fingers. She didn’t really know what David Suzuki did for a living, she just knew he liked animals and was passionate about saving the planet - just like her! It took a little bit of time and a lot of hard work but in 2006, with her Zoology degree in hand, she joined the David Suzuki Foundation. It wasn’t long before she became known as David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, blogging about “Living Green.” Lindsay is still very passionate about nature and saving the planet. She walks the talk, even planning an environmentally-friendly wedding for her and her husband-to-be. Now as a Mom to her young son, she is just the person UBT wanted to talk to about Living Green and how parents can teach children to love nature and live more in synch with the environment.





UBT: So many people strive to live more GREEN but feel like they are only one person and their impact on the planet is insignificant. What advice do you have for those people? LC: Small steps not only inform, but also empower Canadians to live “green” guilt-free and without feeling overwhelmed. People often think, “I am one person, what can I do? I say look at it this way, “ I am one person - look what I CAN do!” Here is my four-step approach for getting unstuck: Step 1: What are you already doing? Start from a happy place. Do you recycle alot? I challenge you to recycle less. I know that sounds absurd but in my view, heaping piles of recycling isn’t the way to a smaller footprint. Step 2: Where’s your biggest impact? Do significant amounts of laundry? There is no such thing as an energy-efficient dryer. Get a dry rack. Step 3: Small steps matter. You can make your own laundry soap. Recipes and resources are available at queenofgreen.ca Step 4: Pay it forward. Learn something new about making our planet better? Then teach someone else. Start with relatives and neighbours. UBT: Teaching children about respecting the earth and nature is so important but it often gets lost in our world of technology and gadgets. How can parents help their children learn to respect the earth? LC: Open the door. We’re raising a generation of indoor kids. In her survey, Dr. Rhonda Clements found that children spend less time playing outdoors than their parents did when they were young—even in rural areas. They go outside less often and for shorter periods of time. And you don’t have to plan a huge adventure to a provincial or national park, either. Nature can be a local green space — a

8 | www.urbanbaby.ca | spring 2014

treed boulevard, community garden, or creek running through your neighbourhood. Walk to school or put up a tree swing! I get outside with my son at least once a day, even if it’s for only 20-30 minutes on a busy work day.

LC: Children don’t need to look far. They can start with their school yards and lead initiatives to plant trees and shrubs to reduce energy costs by 30 percent while beautifying their surroundings.

UBT: What can children do to help push the Green movement forward?

Learning that takes place in outdoor spaces is equally important to what is learned in the classroom. •

Celebrity Kid Hannah Alper

Ten-year old Hannah Alper is a power house. She is an environmental warrior; taking her passion for nature and the environment to the blogging world. The Toronto girl started writing when she was nine, sharing her growing knowledge and concern for the environment with the world. For the past year, Hannah has been on tour with Free the Children and We Day. She has been speaking to children all cross Canada, sharing, motivating and inspiring others to make the world a better place. It is a journey her parents have shared with her. Hannah’s mom, Candace Wiseman Alper, has been along for the ride. UBT got a chance to talk with the mother-daughter pair about Living Green; inspiring others and working to be the change they want to see in the world. UBT: What got you interested in the environment and living a GREEN life? HA: When I first started by blog, I didn’t know what I wanted it to be about, I just knew that I wanted a blog. My parents encouraged me to choose something that I was passionate about. I have always loved animals. I started to make the connection between animals and the environment. I began to realize how the damage we are doing to the environment is having such a big impact on the animals and that it is our doing that has many species at risk of extinction. I decided that I was going to blog about the environment and encourage people to be more eco-friendly in their homes, schools and communities. UBT: Children often think they don’t have the power to change anything. How do you think others your age can help make the world a better place? HA: Even small voices can make a big difference. Every little effort helps whether it is picking up litter, or inspiring kids at school to make changes in their community.

UBT: You have had a very busy year, working with Free the Children and We Day. How did you get involved and how much fun was it to talk to kids across Canada? HA: I found out about Free the Children and We Day when my mom and I were looking online for eco-friendly cleaning supplies. We found out that Marc Kielburger, co-founder of Free the Children, made eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Through the links I learned about Craig, Marc, and Free the Children. They were saying what I was beginning to realize – that we are never too young to make a difference.

Speaking at We Day across Canada was totally awesome! I think my favorite part at every We Day is when I felt the powerful energy the students brought to the stadium. Hannah’s Mom, Candace Wiseman Alper, joined Hannah on the We Day tour. UBT: So Candice, tell us about starting that new chapter in your life. You too are now working with Free the Children. CWA: As Project Manager for the We Create Change Tour, I am going across Canada on a bus tour to meet young Canadians who are making changes in their communities. We are going to visit more than 100 schools across Canada starting in St. Johns and ending in Victoria. UBT: What was your best moment? CWA: Being on stage at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto on Hannah’s first We Day was really intense. It was the most exciting and proud moment of my life! UBT: How much of your life change was inspired by what Hannah is doing? CWA: It has been a life-changer getting to know the organization in addition to the people, energy, inspiration and motivation behind it all. The more time I spend with the people involved, I want to do more and contribute more.

i n t h e ci t y

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

In the City: Shop and Reuse Consignment stores provide families with easy and innovative ways to reuse gently-used clothing, toys and books thus reducing the amount of items in our landfill, which is all part of Living Green.

Wee Ones’ Reruns

612 Kingsway, Vancouver Known for quality new and used children’s items at affordable prices, this store sells clothing, from newborn to size 10, as well as books and toys.

Boomers & Echoes Kids & Maternity

626 - 2601 Westside Drive, North Van This retailer specializes in both new and consignment items including maternity fashions and children’s clothing (from baby up to size 6). They also carry gently used toys and books.

Once Upon a Child

104 - 20121 Willowbrook Dr, Langley 2043 Abbotsford Way, Abbotsford This store is part of a unique national recycling retail chain specializing in merchandise for infants up to pre-teen. Store provides a convenient way for parents to buy and sell gently-used children’s clothing and books as well as baby equipment and furniture.

Toy Traders

19888 Langley Bypass, Langley Through an unique concept, this store enables parents to trade in new and used items for an in-store credit, which they can use to purchase new or used products. Trade-in items are safety-checked and then thoroughly cleaned. Store offers a 30-day warranty with receipt.

Just Between Friends Sale

Vancouver JBF Sales events, held seasonally, differ from typical swap meets. Instead of working the table to sell your goods, they do it for you. Each parent, as a consignor, drops off sale items that have been priced and tagged in advance. At each sales event, unsold items are also donated to local organizations helping women, children and families in need.

Red Rover Kids Consignment

1722 Lillian Road, Victoria This store specializes in high-quality, “pre-loved” children’s clothing and shoes; wooden and educational toys; books; puzzles; DVDs; cloth diapers; innovative green products and local “Mama Made” goodies.

Join us at the SRPING/SUMMER children’s and maternity consignment sale.

APRIL 25 -27 Croatian Cultural Centre (3250 Commercial Drive • Vancouver)

Fri, 4pm-9pm Exclusive PreSale! Sat, 9am-8pm • Sun, 9am-5pm Half-price sale!

• Shop unbelievable deals on all you need for warm weather fun! • Sell your items as a consignor and earn up to 70%! • Save 50-90% OFF RETAIL PRICES! Brand names at a fraction of the cost! NOW ACCEPTING CONSIGNORS & VOLUNTEERS! Details and sign-up online! shop. sell. save. smart! ™



Pa r ent Tal k We asked our readers to answer the following question…

What was the Funniest Thing Your Child Has Said? Here is how you answered the question: ... One weekend morning my two-year old son was in his grandma’s closet trying on her high heels. He came out wearing a particularly shiny pair. Grandma remarked, “Oh, now don’t you look pretty!” My son replied, “I KNOW with a big smile on his face!” ~ Lisa G, Vancouver ... My husband told our four-year old son “Be quiet until I say otherwise.” After some lapse of time, my son asks, “Daddy, how many more words till you say ‘otherwise’?” ~ Harpha S, Surrey

Congrats to our winner of the $100 UBT gift certificate to spend with a Spring advertiser. ... One weekday morning I was rushing my three-year old son to get ready for preschool. I asked him, “How about you finish your breakfast?” He looked directly at me and replied, “How about I don’t listen?” ~ Ann N, Coquitlam

... My three-year old daughter said “I don’t like fruit because apples are too hard…bananas are too soft...plums are too wet, and oranges have those beads inside that I have to spit out.” ~ Paul A, Richmond ... My three-year old son told me proudly: “I pooped outside when grandma was here and wiped my butt with grass.” ~ Julie F, Victoria ... After dropping one of his toys out the window, my four-year old son told my husband, “You don’t have to yell at me, Dad. I’ve already shamed myself.” ~ Leliana C, Delta ... I was sitting at the table with my two-year old grandson while he was eating his lunch. He asked for more fish and after he got it, he picked up the fillet saying “It’s Nemo!”. ~ Janet S, New Westminster ... My four-year old daughter, after noticing a pregnant mom, looked up at me and asked, “Mommy if that is a baby in the front, what is that in the back?” ~ Sharilyn P, Maple Ridge

Next Parent Talk Question Answer the following question...

What is the Best Part about Summer with the Family?

Email your 30-50 words, first name and city to info@urbanbaby.ca and be entered to win a $100 UBT gift certificate to spend with a future advertiser. Contest closes Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

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p os t p a r t u m

| by Cara Hykawy

Postpartum Health:

Mental Wellness for New Moms Having a child is, as any parent can attest to, a huge adjustment. Whether it’s your first or fourth, adding a new child to your family can result in a significant range of emotional reaction. From joy and elation; to worry and sadness; the emotions of a new parent can run the gamut. Postpartum Depression (PPD) is a reality for many new mothers, and it’s often under diagnosed, or not considered to be serious. This is a problem as it is one of the most common complications resulting from childbirth. It is estimated to affect approximately 2 in 10 women who give birth. In September 2013, The Globe and Mail published an article on “Doing More for Moms Struggling with Postpartum Depression.” Postpartum Depression is sometimes confused with the Baby Blues (which are a less serious and shorter form of Postpartum Depression). Baby Blues are generally characterized by mood swings; anxiety, and sadness which lasts from only a few days to a few weeks. On the other hand, Postpartum Depression is much more debilitating. It can begin any time between delivery and six months after childbirth, and can last from a few months to a year. Symptoms include: • Despondency • Tearfulness, sadness, severe mood swings • Irritability, anger, and anxiety • Feelings of shame, guilt, or inadequacy • Fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, numbness, hyperventilation • Difficulty bonding with your baby • Social isolation • Thoughts of harming yourself or your baby The cause of Postpartum Depression is not well known. Some hypothesized causes include:

• A dramatic drop in estrogen and progesterone after childbirth • Drop in hormones produced by thyroid gland after childbirth which can cause tiredness and depression

• Sleep deprivation and overwhelmed feelings • Anxiety about ability to care for a newborn • Feeling a struggle with sense of identity or personal appearance

• Feeling as though you’ve lost control over your life Although the condition can affect any woman who has given birth, there are some factors that put certain women at a higher risk of developing it. Those who had depression prior to becoming pregnant or Postpartum Depression with a previous pregnancy, are at a greater risk. Treatment is usually very effective. This is why it is important to watch for signs and to take action to get help right away. The condition can be treated the following ways: • Get Counselling: A trained professional can help you learn to understand your feelings and solve problems. Through counselling you obtain an unbiased person to talk to. • Avoid Isolating Yourself: Talk to your partner, your friends, and your family. Join a local mom and baby group. Find a support group for Postpartum Depression. • Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Physical activity, healthy foods, and the avoidance of smoking and alcohol are important for mental well-being. • Work with Your Doctor: Antidepressants may provide shortterm help for easing symptoms of depression. Talk to your doctor to determine if antidepressants are needed.



Classes Weekday Mornings at

Coquitlam, Coquitlam Centre • Monday 9:30am Maple Ridge, Haney Place Mall • Thursday Burnaby, Lougheed Town Centre • Tuesday Surrey, Guildford Town Centre • Wednesday Abbotsford, Sevenoaks Shopping Centre • Wednesday Langley, Willowbrook Shopping Centre • Tuesday & Friday

For more information and to attend register online or call 604.492.3688


Support Services in BC • The Women’s Reproductive Mental Health

Program via BC Mental Health & Substance Use Ser vices: www.bcmhsus.ca

• Pacific Post Par tum Suppor t Society: www.postpartum.org

• Perinatal Mood Disorder Awareness Ltd: www.ppda.ca

• Anxiety BC: www.perinatal.anxietybc.com • Here to Help: www.heretohelp.bc.ca • BC Council of Families: www.bccf.ca Getting help for Postpartum Depression is essential so that you can develop a strong bond with your new baby, and relieve the many debilitating symptoms that accompany the condition. • Cara, works in the Communications Department at the at the BC Council for Families, where she enthusiastically advocates for families and family-serving professionals.

Check out more resources on


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RULES 1. Open to residents of British Columbia. 2. Contest open to children between the ages of 0-5 by contest entry deadline. 3. One (1) colour photo per child will be accepted. 4. Photos will not be returned. No monetary compensation provided for use of winning child’s photo. 5. Prizes must be accepted as awarded. 6. Completed entry form, colour photo and payment must be received by Friday, May 16th, 2014, midnight.




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Phoenix Jaymes Goodwin

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Maria & Andrew Goodwin

Deanne Andow & Shaun Spenard

Mordecai Alexandre Schmitt

Alexander Wei

April 22, 2013

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Andrew Michael Newton

Briella Paige Wintraub

Rielle Yatco


Alexander Davis Nugent Amaral

August 8, 2013

Natalie & Paul Newton

February 8, 2013 Rica & Ron Yatco

Sapphira Frances Coote April 22, 2013

April 25, 2013

February 9, 2013

February 9, 2013

May 17, 2013

Jessica & Jason Callaghan

May 11, 2013

Sarah Topping & Forest Schmitt

Jenny Guan & Bob Wei

Sadie Lucille Pearl Crawford

Ayden Neal Singh Gill

Amira Marise Magtang Heikkila

Monika & Ramandeep Gill

Melissa & Alvi Heikkila

August 23, 2013

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Alana Carroll & Andrew Wintraub

Brittany & Tyler Crawford

October 8, 2013

October 10, 2013


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John Ja mes Finnegan McCue

Amelia Mary Genia Sheehan

Allison & Jeremie Larouche

Felicia Slogoski & Mark Mullan

Laura Oomen & Shane McCue

Betty & Michael Sheehan

Olivia Violet Sale

Kai Remtulla

March 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

March 5, 2013

March 6, 2013

Paolo Javier Oca mpo June 29, 2013

Chava & Corey Sale

June 9, 2013

Jessica & Yasin Remtulla

Maloy Navarro-Ocampo & Spencer Ocampo

Paisley Hazel Copak

Sa muel Charlie Margolis

Paris Leilani Beauregard

October 11, 2013

Vanessa & Jason Copak

November 1, 2013

Sabine & Jon Margolis

November 2, 2013

Angel & Kyle Beauregard

Leonardo Smirnov April 4, 2013

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Jetta Poon

Jacob John Disher

Fifi Greenspan

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p a re n t i n g

| by Julie Romanowski

Reducing Tantrums & Power Struggles: Give Them a Voice and a Choice! Giving children choices throughout the day can make things easier for parents as it increases cooperation and prevents children from saying ‘NO’ all the time! Many parents get caught somewhere in the middle of either doing everything for their children because it’s faster or barking orders at them all day long because they are so frustrated. This can leave parents wide open for children to have a potential power struggle with them; terrible tantrum or a massive meltdown. We’ve got the solution with our exclusive

Miss Behaviour’s Parenting Secret; give your child choices within the desired outcome.

Easing Up Expectations

Avoid asking too many questions that require a “yes” or “no” answer. These are limiting and can really get you into a bind if you’re not paying attention. For example, if you ask if your child if they are ready for bed or not, you may find yourself instantly stuck in a power-struggle trying to get them off to sleep. Instead, offer choices within the expectation of going to bed: “It’s time for bed now. After you get your pajamas on, do you want me to tell you a story or do you want to read a book instead?” Children love the opportunity to choose what they prefer as it allows them to start feeling more in control of their lives. Just ensure the choices given are appropriate and within the boundaries and guidelines already set. Having those boundaries is where children thrive the most. It is ultimately what makes them feel safe and secure.

When parents allow their children to make some of their own choices, it can instantly reduce power struggles and defiance. Children will feel that they have some say in their lives. It also fulfills their natural desire for independence and as a result they, stop seeking out power in negative ways. With tasks completed and expectations met, parents gain extra free time and a liberated nag-free feeling.

Powerful Purpose

Children want to feel the same validation that most adults do. They want reassurance that their opinion matters and that they are worth listening to. When a child is part of the decision-making, they feel more empowered with increased self-esteem and better listening skills.

18 | www.urbanbaby.ca | spring 2014

Find a balance that works well for you, your child and your lifestyle. You don’t have to give choices all day long with every detail so that daily tasks take hours to complete but just try to share some of the control. Children of varying ages enjoy being “in charge” of their lives. Talk about boosting their confidence!

“We don’t cease to play because we grow old, we grow old because we cease to play” G.B Shaw

Miss Behaviour’s Parenting Checklist: Do: • Practice giving choices every day • • •

(practice makes perfect) Make it an easy choice (one you know your child can answer) Give two to three options for one choice (“which shirt do you want red, green or blue?”) Be consistent by offering choices on a regular basis

Don’t: • Offer something you have no control over (like weather, other people or time)

• Give too many options all at once making your child feel overwhelmed

• Give options that you cannot fulfill •

(make sure you can deliver) Ask “yes or no” questions - give choices instead •

Julie, is a Mom, an Early Childhood Consultant and owner of ‘Miss Behaviour: parenting coach and consulting services’. Learn more through tips and blogs at www.missbehaviour.ca

Children and Mistakes Quite often, when our children make a mistake, we ask, “Why did you do that?” More often than not, the response is something like, “I don’t know.” Sometimes we continue to ask, hoping that our children will astound us with their introspection and deep insight into the mysteries of behaviour – or we just get a shoulder shrug. Believe it or not, the “I don’t know” is quite often the truth – they really cannot tell you why they did what they did or why they might have done it. To help them (and to restore your own sanity) try asking them questions like, “How did you feel when you did it?” or “What were you thinking when you did it?” (in a calm, neutral tone). These questions move away from the act and tie into the feelings and emotions around the act. While they may not be able to tell you why, they may be able to tell you that they were sad or angry.

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Kids Market, 1496 Cartwright Street, Vancouver




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UrbanMarket | products & promotions bi r thday par ties

childcare & education

Kinder Café Kinder Café is a playground, toy store and

Tiddlycove Montessori School

and the amusement and socialization of

potential at their own pace. Four hour

café dedicated to the comfort of parents

young children. Our enclosed playground allows your child to enjoy some freedom, while you enjoy a well-deserved organic

latte and socialize with friends. A bouncy castle; slides and playhouses; a bubble machine and more are all awaiting your next playdate or birthday party! #112-2020 Oxford Connector Port Coquitlam

Call: 604.554.0150

Online: www.kindercafe.ca

Encourages young children to reach their

604.925.2028 4773 Piccadilly South West Vancouver

classes now offered! Register now for

September 2014! Call us or email for more info and to book your preschool tour. Online: tiddlycovemontessori.com

Exceptional Infant & Toddler Day care KinderHeart Montessori offers an

exceptional infant & toddler daycare

program. Our natural environment will

Salsa Tots Birthday Party Want to Spice Up Your Little One’s

Birthday? We take great joy in sharing our lively Latin rhythms that are sure to get all

your guests movin’ and groovin’ no matter

what their age! All specifically-priced party packages are for a one-hour duration.

Choose from our Dancin’ Party, Groovin’

allow your child to reach their full potential. The infant & toddler room incorporates: movement which is critical to brain

development. We provide steps, ramps and bars to promote growth. Call: 604.465.8585

Email: KinderHeart@telus.net Online: www.kinderheart.ca

Party or Partyin’ Party. Add to any party package “Salsa Tots Loot Bags” which

include a maraca; rice cracker treat; Salsa

North Shore Community Resources

Call: 604.492.3688

information for British Columbia parents.

Tots coloring sheet; crayons and a toy.

Quality child care referral list and

Online: runnersandbootiesfitness.ca

The child care resource and referral

program is a free service. Find your local office at www.childcareresource.ca

children’s products Twinklebelle Designs Wow any new parent with fabulous

classes & programs Craft Caravan

handmade baby gifts from local designer

Crafts at home are an important part of

blankets all ethically produced.

forgotten when you’re busy. We make it

Twinklebelle. Practical hats, booties,

Call: 778.232.7031 Online: twinklebelle.net

DreamyWallDecals on Etsy DreamyWallDecals are made from ecofriendly PVC-free polyester. They are

perfect to decorate the baby nursery or child’s room. Purchase online at DreamyWallDecals on Etsy

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early childhood development, but get

easy and fun with our Kids Craft Club!

Get new crafts every month, just like a magazine subscription.

Each package inspires open-ended

learning thought craft materials, project suggestions, and Fun Facts to share.

A club membership makes a great gift! Online: www.craftcaravan.com


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financial planning

Bumbini Cloth Diapers

Angela Fennelow, BBA, CFP

We carry the best in modern cloth diapers!

A growing family brings many joys and

Bumbini is full of the softest cloths,

beautiful colours and fun designs. For

those new to cloth diapers we offer free workshops. Online: www.bumbini.ca

many questions. As a Sun Life Financial Angela Fennelow, BBA, CFP

604-380-4019 angela.fennelow@sunlife.com

Nuggles!™ Cloth Diapers and smart products designed by a

insurance may be the last thing you want

amazing! We produce quality, functional

Your family should be first! Buying life

Canadian mom who cares. Ethically

to think about, but securing your family’s

communit y events

financial future should be the first. Protect your loved ones with affordable life

insurance and guidance from Judy Laban.

Judy Laban,

Financial Advisor

Bellies to Babies Celebration


Online: www.sunlife.ca/angela.fennelow

The Cooperators, Judy Laban

Call:1.877.795.6458 Online: nuggles.ca


financial strategy that will meet your needs.

Cloth diapers so simple, they truly are

made. Simple. Modern. Green.

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advisor, I’ll work with you to create a

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Your family deserves to be protected. www.cooperators.ca

The premium mom-to-be event of the year! B2B is a one-of-a-kind event,

offering a unique opportunity for new and

The Cooperators provides

Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life

Insurance, Investments, Group Insurance, Farm Insurance, Travel Insurance. Call: 604.874.4476

Email: judy_laban@cooperators.ca

nut ritional consulting

expectant parents to explore and shop

for trendy fashions, décor and so much

Eisler for Kids

sponsors, plus $2000 in door prizes.

mind. Need help feeding your baby or

more! Features a variety of exhibitors and

Feeding with confidence and peace of

First 100 moms in attendance receive

child? Contact registered Dietitian and

a complimentary diaper bag.

Pediatric Nutritional Expert Corinne for

Win a $1000 shopping spree.

help with eczema and food allergies,

Register: belliestobabiescelebration.com

gi f ts, keepsakes, toys Songs With My Name Songs With My Name features all the top characters that kids love to sing & dance along with. Hear Elmo, Mickey, Ariel,

The Wiggles, Bob and Larry along with

their friends sing all your favourite songs.

Hear your child’s name in the CD 60 to 80

problems with diarrhea or constipation, picky eating and food refusal and other

Nutrition help for your child

nutritional concerns. Corrine will assess

your child’s nutrient requirements, and will give you the tools you need to help foster good nutrition.

Call: 604.317.9838

Online: www.eislerforkids.com

programs for mom & baby

times. Your kids will just love them! Helps

Shop n’ Stroll

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stroller into a portable fitness machine and

them learn while having FUN! Use coupon

Shop n’ Stroll is a workout that turns your

Call: 604.676.0182

takes baby along for the ride. Sponsored

Online: www.songswithmyname.com

by local Shopping Centres - Free to Attend. Online: www.shopnstroll.ca

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ed uca t i o n ex p e r t

| by Natacha V. Beim

Connecting with Nature: The Whole Family Benefits

Over the years, we teach our children to be efficient like us, but with this great time-saving lifestyle, we are robbing ourselves and our children the amazing experience of being present, discovering the world around us. Why is it so challenging to get from point A to point B with a young child? The answer is simple: for your child, everything is point B. They are in no rush to get anywhere, because where they are at this moment is exactly where they feel they should be. As adults, we have forgotten to live in the moment, and to truly take in the world around us. For efficiency’s sake, we are planning dinner on the way to the grocery store; texting work during story time; reviewing our e-mail while our child is breastfeeding. Your child, however, seems to be in no rush to get there. She wants to look at the flowers from your neighbour’s garden for the fifteenth time this week or pick a slug up and ask numerous questions.

She dawdles in every puddle on the way - not just to splash around in it - but mostly to figure out why the sky is inside that puddle and also above. You explain hurriedly that what she sees in the puddle is called a reflection, and gently tug her along to carry on with your fast-paced day. Sound familiar? Mother Nature provides the perfect environment for children to feel happy. Being surrounded by trees, plants, water, flowers, birds, and fresh, clean air reduces stress; inspires creativity; heightens peace of mind, and helps improve performance in the classroom. For children, jumping in a puddle is a learning experience. They enjoy figuring out why their boots are suddenly filled with water





Metrotown 604.431.8850

Langley 604.539.9898



(much to your chagrin). It is no wonder children are continually intrigued with the outdoors. You might catch your little one trying to catch a bird before it flies away. Or you might spot that peculiar look on your child’s face while putting his or her hands in the mud and sensing how delightfully “squishy and cool” it is. It is amazing how a worm can offer hours of delight. Watching a leaf fall from a tree in a marvelous dance can be mesmerizing enough to send your child twirling with delight. It is essential for your children’s heath (and yours), that they spend time outdoors, surrounded by nature at least fifteen minutes every day. It does not have to be an elaborate outing. In fact, the simpler, the better!

Go for a Walk for the Fun of It!

Make it a habit to go for a walk as a family every day for at least fifteen minutes. Don’t think of going to the park or to the store. Instead, just focus on enjoying the walk. Younger children will find plenty of entertainment along the way. Take the time to listen to them, and ask them open-ended questions such as “I wonder where the rain comes from” or “I wonder where ladybugs sleep”. With older children, you could take a little notebook along to write down all the questions you came up with then research the answers once you get home. Flowers are also incredible to watch and nurture. If you pick a flower outside, show your child how the flower keeps drinking water by adding a few drops of food coloring to the water, and watching as the flower turns that color!

Go for a Family Bike Ride

It is a great way to spend time as a family while giving you some alone time too. Since it is not always easy to carry a conversation while riding a bike, family members get some time to enjoy silence as well. Having a quiet mind is just as important as having an active one. In fact, research shows that quieting our mind (thinking about nothing) enhances our ability to think and problem-solve. Bike rides are especially great when children are going through a difficult time, and need a connection to both nature and family.

Explore Your Neighbourhood

We are very fortunate to live in a province where nature is all around us. We can go for hikes; walk along the ocean and enjoy captivating nature right in our backyards. If possible, choose a place to live where you are surrounded by nature.

spring 2014 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 23

If you prefer the city lifestyle, find the areas in your neighbourhood where your child can have the opportunity to climb trees; have a picnic; build a fort and observe animals in their natural habitat.

Plant a Garden or a Tree

You can plant a small edible garden at your home, or even a fruit tree, and teach your children how to care for it. Children enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables. The benefits of spending time in nature each day are life-long, not only for your child, but also for you. Research shows that spending time in nature decreases depression, anxiety and fatigue, and increases the ability to focus; creative thinking and clarity of mind. Get your children accustom to stopping to “smell the roses”. Next time you are going somewhere, leave a few minutes earlier so you can enjoy the journey. Your child will be delighted and you will soon be looking forward to that peaceful break. • Natacha, is an early years and parenting expert, a writer, a speaker, a teacher, and the founder of the renowned CEFA Early Learning Schools (www.cefa.ca).

CE O m o m

| by Victoria Urbanbaby O’ Dea & Toddler Magazine

Trying Something New:

Taking the Leap and Loving It! I was never more ready for the New Year. I was so done with Christmas. The children were up to their usual shenanigans. Daughter Holly had taken all of our homemade cinnamon and applesauce ornaments off the tree to redecorate the bathroom. Then there was son Logan who left half-eaten candy canes all over the house. It was when I found the sticky residue on the carpet, tree, table and couch I was eager to clean up after Christmas and move on to a fresh, exciting new year. I pondered. “What about a year devoted to me? Well maybe not the entire year. At least until May”. With the children becoming more independent, was it possible that could I start focusing about myself again? I wanted to get back into shape, find some time to relax and get out without my entourage so I decided to take up yoga again. Before becoming a mom, I had done yoga ten years ago in a rather lacklustre setting. After three children, five years of breastfeeding and ten years of not sleeping through the night, I felt I deserved a classy, authentic

yoga experience. I signed up with our local yoga studio and found it liberating to wear yoga clothes knowing I was actually going to a yoga class. After three classes, I felt like I was starting to get it. Soon I didn’t spend the entire class comparing myself to the other participants. I could implement some of the postures without watching the instructor’s every move and I had even begun to breathe right. There I was starting to really relax in my cute yoga pants. I was in my own “Zen zone” with no kids blowing out the candles and hitting each other with yoga blocks. Heaven! I was feeling confident about my progress – that was until the Shavasana pose. With my first try at it, I was thinking “I’ve got this one!”. Much to my surprise, my lithe and beautiful teacher knelt beside me and asked if I was new to yoga. Seriously? It couldn’t it be all that bad, or could it? I nodded. “Let me help you,” she offered. “Um, okay” I replied. She began to shake out my limbs and gently arranged each appendage at a 45-degree angle from my body so I looked like a human starfish. I thanked her with a smile and a Namaste. I listened as she walked away, hoping I wouldn’t be the only one needing help. “Nope, just me.” It was then I realized that despite the extra help I needed, and the messed up breathing and posing attempts, yoga was still my best option at developing a new skill and taking time for me. It was time to do an assessment on whether I was meeting my goals. The clothes were cute. The hours were great and the location – very convenient, just what a mom needs! Best of all, the children were at home with Daddy playing his famous game of Let Me Tie You To A Chair and Throw Bean Bags At You Until You Break Loose. Relaxing on my heavenly yoga mat, I mused: “I can definitely do this - at least until May”. • Victoria, is a stay-at-home of three and lives in North Vancouver. Her family stories have been featured in The Globe in Mail. She tries to spend her free time reading, sewing and practicing yoga. 24 | www.urbanbaby.ca | spring 2014

fCE am Oi lm yo f im n a|nbyce Urbanbaby | by Angela & Toddler Fennelow Magazine

Getting Started on Your Family’s Financial Future Starting your financial plan doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. It’s just a matter of taking the right steps to turn ideas into actions. Right now is an exciting time when you’re beginning to create the life you want to live. You’re starting a family and have been building your career. And of course, you’re already thinking about your dreams for the future. Wherever your life path takes you, living well means being financially prepared. By starting to plan now, your family can be ready for what’s around every corner. Step 1. Write down your most important financial goals and set a timeframe for when

you’d like to reach them (e.g. this year, in 5-years, in 15-years, etc.).

Step 2. Make a monthly budget, including a regular amount to add to your savings and Step Step Step Step

investments – and stick to it! 3. Look for ways to consolidate debts, reduce debt payments or pay-off debts more quickly so that you have more money to put towards your financial goals. 4. Prepare for the unexpected; if you’re ready for it, it will be easier to deal with. 5. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice! An financial advisor can help you better understand your needs and the solutions available to you. 6. Create a realistic plan to meet your goals – and make it happen!

Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind:

• A well-rounded financial plan should include savings and investments, along with insurance protection solutions.

• The sooner you get started, the sooner your savings and investments will start working for you.

• An RRSP is a smart way to start saving for retirement, but you can also use it to help • •

make the down payment on your first home. Your mortgage is one of the biggest financial obligations you’ll have – and there are many different ways you can get protection, if you’re unable to meet your payments. As your family grows, the group benefits offered by your employer might not provide the amount and type of coverage you need.

Financial planning isn’t just for the wealthy. In fact, the best way to get more out of your money is by having a solid financial plan in place. •

Check out our Series of Financial Planning Articles including Tips on Creating a Will and The Importance of Life Insurance


Angela, resides in Maple Ridge and is the mother of one-year old twin boys. As Sun Life Financial Advisor, she enjoys helping parents make informed decisions to help build their savings and protect their family finances from unexpected events. spring 2014 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 25


Substance Breastfeeding Cream Naturepedic Organic Cotton Baby & Toddler Mattress The organic cotton lightweight mattress provides strength and durability weighting only 10-12 lbs. Layers of organic cotton batting create the perfect balance of firmness and comfort for your baby and toddler.


Boomers & Echoes, North Vancouver Abby Sprouts, Victoria

ONLINE: www.boomersandechoes.com

Boon Glo Nightlight This multi-colored, interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated “Glo Balls� that are non-electric, so they will not harm little hands, while being extremely durable from drops or throws. Nightlight fades to dark after 30 minutes, helping your child fall asleep.


Lussobaby, Vancouver & North Vancouver Along Comes a Baby, Bellingham

ONLINE: www. booninc.com

26 | www.urbanbaby.ca | spring 2014

Angelcare Bath Tub Support Bathing babies on your own can be a challenge, but with the new bath tub, bath time is comfy, safe and fun! Made of durable plastic that keeps it shape and the anti-slip base designed to keep the bath tub in place. Also features a water-level indicator and a handy hook for easy storage.


Active Baby, North Vancouver

Lanolin-free, this soft soothing balm provides comfort on cracked and sore nipples, due to breastfeeding. Made of calendula, marshmallow root, plantain and witch hazel leaf this multipurpose cream can also be used on chapped lips, noses and cheeks (safe for baby, if ingested).


Ella+Elliot, Vancouver Good Gracious, Victoria

ONLINE: www.mattercompany.com

ONLINE: www.activebaby.ca

Peg Perego Folding High Chair Baby Shusher A revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient, doctor-tested technique based on the Happiest Baby on the Block book. Device helps soothe your fussy baby or toddler with loud, rhythmic shushing noises. Parents can set preferences with a 15 or 30 minute time limit.


Lussobaby, Vancouver & North Vancouver

ONLINE: www.snugglebugz.ca

A new innovative booster seat designed for families on the go or those living in small spaces. An alternative to the typical highchair offers easy storage with its own carrying bag. Unit comes with three-point safety harness (to secure the child) and a five-position height adjustment. Suitable for children from nine months to three-years old.


Active Baby, North Vancouver

ONLINE: www.activebaby.ca

Whale and Elephant Mighty Push Toy Slide, glide and roll! This solid push and play toy will move gracefully across any hard surface. The toy, made from sustainably harvested bamboo, is accented with brightly coloured wheels using non-toxic, water-based paints and sealed-finish.

IN-STORE: Hip Baby, Vancouver & Victoria ONLINE: www.hipbaby.com

Easy Peasy Patches Children grow out of their clothes fast, but they can also ruin an outfit while eating a messy meal, or running around outdoors. Lengthen the life of their clothes and save your money with these clothes patches. Won’t tear, fray or peel off easily. Machine washable.

ONLINE: www.easypeasypatches.com



Kamik Rain Boots Rainy days won’t slow your little one down with these rain boots from Kamik. Stomps rain boots keep their feet nice and dry. Made in Canada with special recyclable rubber which is PVC free and up to 50% lighter than natural rubber. Available in children sizes 11M-6M


Room for 2 Maternity, Vancouver Boomers & Echoes, North Vancouver Arba-Kid-Abra, Victoria

ONLINE: www.kamik.com



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Advertiser Profile: Five years ago, Active Baby, a North Vancouver baby store was born under tremendous efforts of local parents’ team. The store was built around the concept of creating and supporting a green and active community, specialized in quality outdoor baby gear and nursery essentials catered for local active parents. Since opening, the store has not only continuously introduced new products that are practical and environmentally safe, but also took pride in offering free parenting seminars, stroller tune-ups and product related information sessions. Over the years, Active Baby developed numerous loyal customers through long-term relationships with a personal touch. Nurtured from an active community and giving back to the community is what makes Active Baby unique. In December 2013, Active Baby relocated to a new location - an entirely newly renovated space in central Lonsdale, North Vancouver. The new store is bright, contemporary and comfortable. Having attracted much attention from both walking and driving traffic on this main street of North Vancouver, the store is filled with faith and confidence to serve customers with a brand new look and consistent commitment to deliver outstanding customer service. The same month the relocation took place, Active Baby launched its newly upgrade website www.activebaby.ca. The original website was launched five years ago. Active Baby makes it easier for busy parents to browse and shop with a large selection of strollers, car seats, child carriers, children’s outdoor clothing and nursery products. Products are available online as soon as new stock hits the store. Plus, delivery has always been fast, and in many cases; for free. Active Baby has become the destination baby store not only on the North Shore, but also across Canada. Hot Brands Available at Active Baby Bugaboo, Uppababy, Chariot, the North Face, Columbia, Deuter, Baby jogger, Clek, Phil & Teds, Diono, Mountain Buggy, Sorel, bloom, College Wood, Maclaren, Little Life, Peg Perego, Skip Hop, Seally, Giro, Dutailier, Kidco, Maxi-cosi, Hatley, aden+anais, Beba Bean, Stonz, Iplay, Hape, Haba, Oxo tot, Beco, Ergo Baby. The store has continuously brought in popular brands and trendy products. To serve new parents better, the company offers a special “Buy A Stroller/Crib and Pay In A Year” program, to make payment easier when it comes to big-ticket items. The new location of Active Baby welcomes new moms and new babies every day with excitement. The five-year milestone marked an exciting new era for the store. The one thing that has never changed is the company’s goal from the beginning: To be your favourite community baby store and continuously serve you better!


Monday - Friday 9:30am - 5:30pm Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm Sunday & Holidays 11:00am - 5:00pm

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| by Chelene Knight

Web Smarts: Make it Click and Stick Our children are growing up in a world incredibly different from the world we grew up in, especially when it comes to technology and social media. Our children were born into a hightech world where nearly everything is computerized. We all know the basics of Facebook and Twitter, but as parents of these tech-savvy children, what do we really know about what our children are viewing on the Internet and how can we monitor it?

separate computers or devices. Most households have at least one or more devices that can be used for the Web so try creating an “Internet Zone” where only one room or area of the house is designated.

Most children around the age of 9-12 start to want a little privacy and although you may think you can monitor what they are doing, technology can make this difficult. My daughter and I have daily conversations with both of us contributing to the dialogue. When you share your own experiences and appear approachable, children won’t feel the need to hide things from you.

This is a great way monitor activities without having the child feel that you are intervening or constantly checking up on them. Internet usage is best monitored in the home so parents are the ones that need to take responsibility. If your child has a cell phone, make sure it is used for calls and texts only (most cell phone service providers will have a way to block the Internet).

Talk to your child about what is appropriate online and what isn’t. They want to be able to be in constant communication with friends and voice their unique opinions. Social media is one of the easiest way to go about it.

Be sure to talk about appropriate and inappropriate content to view online. Explain the seriousness of bullying and online predators. Emphasize your points with specific examples. Educating your child is easier if done in “chunks” - on a random basis - so as not to not overwhelm him or her. Instead of coming across as a parent who is constantly lecturing, learn how to encourage two-way conversation.

There is nothing wrong with children using social media but just be sure to educate them. Do not hide the truth about the Internet dangers and rely totally on parental blocks because rest assured, children will get curious. Talk daily and allow them to express themselves at every opportunity and listen attentively throughout the day.

Supervise Internet Use At Home

Set limits for computer time and get involved. Parental involvement is key. Ask them to show you how to navigate Facebook; to add you as a friend; or ask them how to play one of the games on the site. Try to “surf the net” together, in the same room but on

Pros of Social Media

• Development of computer skills • Provides freedom of expression • Introverted children can build confidence and •

communication techniques Children can develop “virtual empathy” which can evolve into “world empathy”

Cons of Social Media

• Opens up vulnerability for online bullying • Lack of physical activity • Increased risk for viewing inappropriate content • Social isolation - if child become addicted to the Internet or online gaming


Mon-Wed & Sat, 9:30am - 5:30pm Thurs & Fri, 9:30am - 9:00pm Sun & Holidays, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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Mother’s Day Gift Show:

Just like anything else in life, there needs to be a balance when it comes to your child accessing the Web. By keeping the lines of communication open and providing continuous education, parents can smooth out any bumps along the way. • Chelene, is a Vancouver freelance writer and poet. Chelene and her 11-year old daughter maintain an open dialogue about the Web and social media.

May 5-11, 2014

224th & Lougheed • 604-467-1554 • haneyplacemall.com

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Spring Family Fun!

March 2014 Mar 1, 10am: 2014 Vancouver Diversity Health Fair Croatian Cultural Centre, Van Cooking demos, children’s activities multicultural entertainment amssa.org Mar 15-16, 11am-4pm: Exotic Reptile Show Richmond Nature Park, Rmd Drop-in to see snakes, lizards and geckos richmond.ca/parks Mar 16, 11am: St. Patrick Day Parade Howe & Davie St, Van Celtic music groups, Scottish and Irish dancers celticfestvancouver.com/ parade Mar 17-28, 12pm-4pm: Spring Break Scavenger Hunt Puppets Burnaby Village Museum, Bby Theatre art, scavenger hunt, crafts, live performances burnabyvillagemuseum.ca

April 2014 Apr 1, 11am-3pm: Royal City Farmers Markets River Market at Westminster Quay, N. West Family-friendly indoor market fresh local produce, handmade crafts music and children’s activities rcfm.ca



June 2014

Apr 19, 11am-3pm: Earth Day Parade Grandview Park, Van Live music, family tent, student art competition, activities, and special guest speakers earthdayparade.ca

Jun 1, 9am: 29 th Annual ChildRun Queen Elizabeth Park, Van 5k or 1k run to help fight childhood cancer childrun.com

May 2014

Ongoing Events

May 4, 11am-4pm: Bellies to Babies Celebration Croatian Cultural Centre, Van A one-of-a-kind event, for trendy baby fashions, décor and more. Admission by donation to Basics for Babies Over $3000 in door prizes Register to attend

Zumba for Mom & Baby Every Friday, 10:00am Dance Class for Mom & Baby/ Toddler. Sponsored by Lougheed Town Centre Free to Attend Registration required


May 10, 2pm: Mother’s Day High Tea Coquitlam Heritage Society, Coq Celebrating Mom! Bring your mothers, daughters, wives, grandmas, and aunts to this popular event coquitlamheritage.ca May 22-24, 10am: International Children’s Festival Surrey Arts Centre & Bear Creek Park, Sry Family-friendly festival with performances, and hands-on art activities surreychildrensfestival.ca

Apr 1-Apr 20, 10am-5pm: Stanley Park Easter Train Stanley Park, Van Ride on the miniature train, egg hunts, crafts and meet the Easter Bunny and Easter Chick Tickets required vancouver.ca

Find more family-friendly Easter events on our blog



Shop n’ Stroll Fitness Various Weekdays Mom & Baby Fitness Class Sponsored by your local Shopping Centre Free to Attend Registration required


Salsa Babies & Salsa Tots Every Tuesday 11:00am & 11:30am Dance Class for Mom & Baby/ Toddler. Sponsored by Tsawwassen Town Centre Free to Attend Registration required runnersandbootiesfitness.com

Movies For Mommies Weekly Shows of New Releases. Grab bags and special guests. Stroller friendly, diaper change area. moviesformommies.com

Apr 19, 1pm-4pm: Easter Animal Fair Surrey Museum, Sry crafts, games, and an Easter egg hunt By donation surrey.ca

Apr 19, 10am: Great A-Mazing Egg Hunt VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Van Easter egg hunt, Easter Bunny decorating eggs, and crafts Tickets required vandusengarden.org

Apr 20, 11am-2pm: Easter In Queen’s Park Rainbow Playground, N. West Photos with Mr. & Mrs. Bunny, petting farm, crafts, face painting Free admission newwestcity.ca

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Lena • Victoria, BC Jamie, 3 years old

1. What is the best part about being a mom? I love that I’m able to enjoy my daughter’s activities without people judging me...It’s great to feel like a kid again! 2. What is your favourite activity to do with your child? We love singing our favourite songs; doing crafts; painting our nails; and watching movies. 3. What is your favourite television show? Definitely Modern Family. It’s so hilarious, but heartfelt. 4. What is one product or service you can’t live without? The Internet. It helps me connect with family and friends. 5. Do you work? If so, where and what do you do? I was working full-time as Pharmacy Assistant and feeling torn not being able to spend quality time with my daughter. So I started a home-based business Jamie Lemi Co. selling handmade diaper cakes. (www.jamielemi.com) 6. Any advice for balancing work and being a mom? Working and raising children at the same time is very challenging. For me, I found it difficult to find a balance between earning an income, building a career and spending time with my child. As a mom, you need to make a career decision that feels right for you and do something that you are passionate about.

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