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FALL 2013

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Mireya, Age 2

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volume 11 • issue 3

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i n t h i s i ssue

It was the most anticipated birth of the decade! UB&T congratulates William and Catherine on the birth of their little prince. Watch for Royal Memorabilia honoring Prince George Alexander Louis and Royal-inspired boys names in the coming year.

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For other parents still expecting their “little prince or princess”, check our Having a Baby: Prenatal Special Feature on page 6-7. Then after baby is born, you can find extensive resources under Parent Info on our UB&T website. With kids headed back to school, stayat-home moms (and dads) will be looking forward to more peace and quiet on the home front. Working parents can gather useful tips from our article on Nag-Free Mornings on page 14. Then on page 30, find valuable pointers on stretching your back-to-school budget. Ever wondered what happened to Baby Enstein videos? Local experts shed some light on their connection to new research regarding social development of young children on page 4. It’s an insightful read indeed! As always we value your feedback. Send your emails to the editor at editor@urbanbaby.ca Editor

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ed uca t i o n

| by Marilee Peters

Social-Emotional Development: High Tech or High Touch?

Remember Baby Einstein? In the late 1990s, the Baby Einstein company charged into the forefront of the burgeoning parenting marketplace with their line of videos that promised to take our precious, drooly babbling infants and turn them into nuclear physicist prodigies, all while getting Mom a few precious minutes of peace and quiet. Perfect! Infant development that came in a box, kept baby quiet and in one place, and let you get dinner on the table. Not surprisingly, the videos sold like the proverbial hotcakes, ramping up quickly from modest sales of $100,000 in the company’s first year to a fever pitch of growth, reaching $20 million by their fifth year in business. So why didn’t the infant development-in-a-box phenomena continue? Where did Baby Einstein videos miss the mark?

“I can remember telling parents years ago how to teach their babies to go to sleep on their own, how to self-comfort”, he recalls. “Now we know that babies whose cries are responded to quickly and reliably actually cry the least. Those babies develop an emotional security that comes from knowing that someone cares for them”.

By the way, the company is still very much in business, (now a division of Disney) selling books, musical CDs, and various developmental activity toys, but no videos. The answer is astonishingly simple. Turns out children learn best not from a disembodied voice and flashing images on a screen, but from real people. In particular, children learn from the people who love them - their parents and caregivers.

By comforting babies when they’re distressed, and interacting with them, parents establish the understanding in their children that they have a safe base from which to go out and explore the world. Developing a baby’s social-emotional skills is like building the foundation for a house — the stronger the foundation, the higher you can build the walls.”

More and more, research is telling us that in order for children to succeed in school and in life, we need to foster their social and emotional skills from a very early age. David Sheftel is a BC based Certified Canadian Family Life Educator who’s been helping new moms and dads with the challenges of raising young children for nearly 20 years.

Parents are human, of course - and that means fallible. At the end of a long, trying day, comforting a fussy baby over and over again might require more emotional resources than we’ve got. If we don’t respond immediately, every time, will the child’s socialemotional development suffer?

He’s a strong supporter of many of the tenets of attachment parenting, the parenting philosophy that’s come to be most closely associated with social-emotional development. But it wasn’t always the case.

Sheftel suggests that parents keep in mind the advice of Dr. Donald Winnicott, a British pediatrician who first coined the term “the good enough parent”. Parents, he points out, have never been perfect, and they don’t need to be. We only need to be ‘good enough’ — which means we need to try to respond and engage with our babies and children when the look to us for comfort or for play, but we don’t need to beat ourselves up if we sometimes just can’t rise to the occasion. Show babies that they are loved, by comforting them when they are in distress. Talking and singing and playing with them, sends the message that they are valued. Their growing sense of self-esteem, and the bond of trust with their parent empowers young children to start developing new skills and expanding their horizons. The best part about interactions that develop social-emotional skills in babies and toddlers is the cost: 100% free. 4 | www.urbanbaby.ca | fall 2013

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Here are tips for building social-emotional skills in children from birth to twelve months:

• • • •

Notice what your baby likes and dislikes, and try to match your care to his temperament. Share those observations about your baby with other caregivers — and listen to their insights as well. Establish routines, which help your baby to feel safe and in control of their world. Respond to your baby’s cries and other communications, so they feel safe, loved, and valued. Develop your baby’s growing sense of skill and mastery by following their lead in play. •

Marilee is a local freelance writer, editor, and communications strategist. For seven years she was the Communications Director of the BC Council for Families, and as mother of two tweens, she knows the value of fostering qualities of emotional intelligence in children. For more information visit www.mapcommunication.com.

p re n a t a l

| by UB&T and Active Baby

Having a Baby:

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ce l e b r i t y m o m

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

Alyson Schafer Despite a huge smorgasbord of parenting information readily available, the advice can be murky sometimes. Thankfully there are experts who can help shed light on the shadowy parts of being a parent. Alyson Schafer is a Canadian psychotherapist and internationally-acclaimed parenting expert but most importantly, she is a Mom. She knows what it is like to deal with kids, and life including “the great”, “the good” and “the not-so-good”! And because she understands what it is like to be a Mom, she offers finely-tuned techniques to help Moms and Dads be better, more efficient, happier parents. Schafer has become the go-to parenting expert not only because of her resourceful wealth of knowledge, she is very accessible online. She can often be found engaging with parents on Twitter and Facebook and through her own parenting blog!

Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine recently got the chance to talk with Alyson about how her roles as mom and parenting expert are often intertwined. UBT: You are a MOM, how old are your children now? AS: My children are now 18 and 19. Wow. Where does the time go?

Circumcision over 35,000 circumcisions safely performed Local Anesthetic

UBT: Has being a parent helped you in your professional life? AS: Definitely. Having children of your own when you teach and educate others about parenting is a huge credential. UBT: How hard is it to balance your professional and personal life, especially since you are in the public eye as a parenting expert, author and TV guest/personality? AS: It’s actually a bit of a gift being in this profession because I feel I have to “walk the talk” so I need to have work/life balance. I work very hard but I also do a lot of self-care and spend loads of time with my children. The joy of my career is flexibility. I can do things at odd hours and say “yes” or “no” to work as home life demands vary. Early in my career, I read an article that said Dr. Spock’s children didn’t have a good relationship with their father because he was always travelling to speak about parenting. I didn’t want to make that mistake.

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UBT: Do you ever find it hard to keep your private life as a Mom separate from your professional life? For example, I assume there are often times when people want to know about how you parent your children and if you “practice what you preach” (to use a cliché.) AS: When my children were small, I hid them from the public eye. I didn’t want them to feel like “poster children” for my career. One day, my children said “every mom talks about their children but 8 | www.urbanbaby.ca | fall 2013

Read past celebrity parent interviews at


you NEVER do” and I realized I had gone too far in the other direction! Yes, people want to know if I really do what I say, although being the parenting expert means people don’t want to invite you over for dinner because they don’t want me to be there to watch them parent. It’s lonely out here!!! UBT: As a parent, what is the best advice can you give new or nearly new parents? AS: Take a parenting class! Adlerian parent education transforms parenthood. I recommend finding a class when your child is about 18 months old. UBT: Is the advice you offer as a therapist any different than when you are speaking as an experienced mom? Or is it all one in the same a hybrid of the two forming one point of view? AS: Yes. I can’t untangle my life from my training anymore. The Adlerian psychology I am trained in, is not just a modality for counseling and child rearing, it is also a philosophy for living. UBT: What has been the best part of being a parent for you? What has been the most challenging? AS: My children ask me if it’s hard being a mom, and I describe it as “hard joy”. The best parts are enjoying the family culture like simple daily interactions and laughs that make you feel like you are part of a vibrant, caring family. The hardest part was getting divorced and worrying about the strain on my children. Though we have transitioned nicely, the divorce was the toughest thing I’ve experienced in my entire life. UBT: Parents are often guilty of not doing enough to take care of themselves, especially Moms, what do you do just for yourself? What do you like to do for fun? AS: I am an expert at self-care so I wake very early to have the morning to myself. I meditate, journal, and exercise every morning. I am a tri-athlete so it is time-consuming. I take most of the entire summer off so I can enjoy cottage life. I also play guitar and love to cook. I have numerous friends and am very involved in my church. UBT: What is next for you professionally? Any new books or projects in the works? AS: I am working on a book on siblings at the moment. I will also be doing some new half-day workshops and teaching abroad. Of course, The Marilyn Denis Show and CTV News are staples for me and they will continue next season too. UBT: Any final words of wisdom for our readers? AS: Parenting is NOT about perfection. It’s about staying authentic. Don’t let the hysteria knock you off your own course. Experts are helpful, but live your own life! • fall 2013 | www.urbanbaby.ca | 9





i n t h e ci t y

| by Urbanbaby & Toddler

In The City:

Learning Programs

Throughout the province of BC, find informative resources for parents and a vast selection of learning programs for families of young children. These activities and programs have been carefully designed to offer unique and fun learning experiences. Your children will love the creative opportunities to interact, learn and explore. In the process, you may discover that you have a budding artist, entertainer or engineer in your home. Every week can be yet another interesting, creative and interactive adventure!

For Parent and Baby Parent and Infant Drop-in Groups

StrongStart BC

This group setting gives parents an opportunity to connect with; and get support from other parents and health care professionals. Each session includes health and development-related topics presented by a public health nurse or community nutritionist. Topics include breastfeeding, nutrition, safety, dental care and adjusting to parenthood. Cost: Free to Attend Locations: Various Locations More Info: www.vch.ca, www.fraserhealth.ca and www.viha.ca

This program offers school-based early learning services for parents and their young children, ages zero to five, at no cost to families. Children have access to high-quality learning environments and benefit from social interactions. The adults who accompany them learn new ways to support learning; at the program, and at home.Two types of StrongStart BC programs are available: StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres and StrongStart BC Early Learning Outreach Programs. Cost: Free to Attend. Due to limited space, registration may be required Locations: Available at over 50 school districts More Info: www.bced.gov.bc.ca/early_learning/pdfs/ strong_start_contacts.pdf

Parent–Child Mother Goose

For Tots and Older Children

For parents, their babies and young children. Mother Goose introduces adults and children to the pleasure and power of using rhymes, songs, and stories together. Parents gain skills and confidence which can enable them to create positive family patterns during their children’s crucial early years. Children benefit from enjoyable, early learning experiences with language and communication. For ages 0 – 3 years Cost: Free to Attend. Due to limited space, registration may be required Locations: Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Victoria More Info: www.nationalpcmgp.ca

Classes provide an extraordinary atmosphere for children, where they learn, build and play with LEGO® bricks. Programs, designed by engineers and architects, offer exciting themes such as space, construction, and amusement parks. Specific project kits and theme-based models provide the building blocks for the Bricks 4 Kidz approach to educational play. Cost: $50 - $100 per session Locations: Vancouver, Tri-cites, Surrey and Whistler More Info: www.bricks4kidz.com

Bricks 4 Kidz

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NOV 15-17 Hellenic Community Centre

(4500 Arbutus St and W. 30th Ave • Vancouver)

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Vairdy Photography {Family} www.vairdy.com | info@vairdy.com | 778.668.7168

CircusWest Dream big. Push limits. Defy gravity. Come join the circus! CircusWest Vancouver’s non-profit circus school arts society offers programs and workshops for kids, teens, and adults. There is sure to be something to intrigue your child at CircusWest. Learning programs are provided at varied levels. Children and teens can learn unicycle riding; juggling; acrobatics and much more. Cost: $70 for CirKids and $125 for Adult and Teen Locations: Vancouver More Info: www.circuswest.com

4Cats Art Studio Designed with a fun environment, this is a top calibre professional arts studio for artists, ages two to fifteen. Guided by highly-trained curators, 4Cats kids create imaginative pieces inspired by the work of famous artists. Children use professional high-quality art materials including acrylic paint on canvas, silkscreens and pottery wheels. 4Cats curators tell captivating and inspiring stories about the lives of the artists being introduced. 4Cats offers Artist of the Month classes, workshops, camps, birthday parties and more! Cost: $175 and up Locations: Various Locations More Info: www.4cats.com

Homemade Finger-Pudding Paint Let your toddler be creative and explore through their senses without worrying about them tasting the pudding. Make your own fingerpaint at home with vanilla pudding and food colouring. For pictures and the recipe, visit our blog


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1028 W. 67th Ave. Vancouver BC V6P 4A9

604-266-PLAY (7529)


| by Corinne Eisler

Food for Thought:

Picking-Eating 101

Is it normal for most toddlers to go through a “picky eating” phase? The answer is a resounding yes! When we start seeing the world through their eyes, particularly from an emotional and developmental perspective, we soon discover why this eating behaviour is really quite normal! Once we fully understand this phase, our frustrations and anxiety around their eating and mealtimes can shift to empathy and wisdom. If we as parents, can make this important paradigm shift in our thinking, we will become “calm anchors” for our children. So enjoy your own food and ease up on all the pressure about eating. Your role is to provide meals as part of your children’s daily routine, which gives them security. Their role is to eat if they are hungry. The amount is really up to them. Trust their instincts. Their food intakes will vary from day to day. Studies show that their growth is slow and steady at this time. Temperament also enters into the equation. For example, a highspirited, and active toddler may “dive into everything,” including

a wide variety of foods. They are just naturally willing to try just about anything! On the other hand, if your child is quiet, methodical, and perhaps shy by nature, it can play out in your child’s approach to eating. These children are typically more reluctant to try new foods; are more easily distracted and generally take longer to eat the foods they like. It is easy to understand why the shy, passive child will do better in a calm, relaxed and familiar environment. Here are some reasons for understanding why your toddler may be going through the “picky-eating” phase:

Increased Mobility “Wow, I can walk now and explore the world! So many other interesting things to see and do. Eating is so over-rated!”

Possible Food Allergies or Intolerances “That food smell bothers me. I know it doesn’t agree with me. It makes me feel sick!”

Time to Do Things My Way “I am my own person now and I want to do it my way, yet it is sometimes scary. Familiar food makes me feel secure.”

Small Stomachs “I can only eat a little amount in bite-sized pieces!”

Too Much Pressure at Mealtimes “I like to avoid mealtimes now because I am being watched so closely and that makes me feel very nervous! So I am going to my best to avoid eating at the table because everyone gets too upset.”

Different Temperaments “I think I will try that new food, but I feel better about it when it is served with one of my favourite comfort foods. I will need to pick it up a few times and get used to it. After I play with it, I might have the courage to chew and swallow it!” Here are some tips for making your toddler’s mealtime more enjoyable: • Choose small portions. Large portions are overwhelming. 12 | www.urbanbaby.ca | fall 2013

• • • •


You may have heard some stories from family and friends about frustrations around “picky-eating”. The situation need not be as bleak as it sounds. Adopt a positive approach by creating a calm atmosphere whenever meals are served.


Before long your so-called picky-eater may surprise you and even show eagerness to try new foods. From the day you put your toddler in the high chair for the first time, remember that a relaxed 1 TO• 18) and fun mealtime environment can work wonders.(AGES Bon appétit!

According to Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, every child should see who has memberships in the Dietitians of Canada and the College of a dentist by age one Corinne is a Registered Dietitian and a Pediatric Nutrition Expert Dietitians of British Columbia. For more information visit

• Accepting all Dental Insurance • Board Certified Children’s Dentist • No Referral Required Dial-a-Dietician W 17 St


If you have any questions about healthy eating, food, or nutrition, call 8-1-1 toll-free in BC.

Health Canada Food Guide


Healthy Families BC

Marine Dr L l o y d Av e


Offer “crunchy” finger foods. Examples would be crispy waffles, multi-grain toast pieces, breaded chicken strips, breaded and seasoned fish, crunchy cereal, crispy yam fries. Routine makes children feel safe because they know what to expect. Set regular times for meals, snacks, and bedtime. Provide a variety of foods but serve new foods with a favourite food. Let your child decide what to eat and how much. Trust that your child will figure it out. Take the pressure out of mealtime and make it a joyful time for the family! Let your toddler help out. Getting your child involved in meal prep will make them feel capable and important! Seek help from a Registered Dietitian if you suspect food allergies or intolerances. Watch for special indicators such as frequent illness; constant runny nose; eczema; dark circles under eyes; chronic constipation; chronic diarrhea; vomiting or having hives after eating a specific food.

P e m b e r t o n Av e


Health Link

www.NorthShorePediatricDentistry.com 1150www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthyeating Marine Drive, North Vancouver Unit #802



(AGES 1 TO 18)

According to Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, every child should see a dentist by age one

• Accepting all Dental Insurance • Board Certified Children’s Dentist • No Referral Required

Marine Dr L l o y d Av e


P e m b e r t o n Av e

W 17 St

www.NorthShorePediatricDentistry.com 1150 Marine Drive, North Vancouver Unit #802

p a re n t i n g

| by Julie Romanowski

Nag-Free Mornings:

Tips for Parents on the Go The rising sun is so predictable that everyone on Earth knows what to expect, that is of course everyone except young children who don’t naturally understand “crunch time”. Good news for parents on the go. Getting the children out the door doesn’t have to involve endless nagging, pleading and yelling. You can avoid these struggles when it’s time to go to preschool, daycare and work. With some planning, you can have a successfully synchronized routine in your home so getting out the door with children is a breeze. Solid routines work well for everyone involved because the whole family will know what to expect. This builds a more positive atmosphere in the home. You can create smooth running predictability for those critical crunch times and take the nagging out of morning rituals.

Develop a Routine The whole point of a routine is to stick to it so that it becomes so repetitive and tasks become so ingrained, they become ‘predictable’. Changing things around too much from day to day and not being prepared sends mixed messages and confusing expectations to your child. This can cause frustration and anxiety for children.

Organize Your Child’s Environment Set your child up for success! The environment should allow your child the ability to accomplish things all on their own such as eating and getting dressed. Keep breakfast and clothing items stored in kid-friendly and easy-to-reach locations. This will give them a boost in their independence and a few extra minutes of free time for you. Watch the nagging slowly disappear. For the baby and younger children plan the night before. Have the diaper bag organized and packed for your day. Have a few extra

outfits ready just in case a little mess happens as you’re walking out the door.

Create Some Visuals Most children and adults benefit from seeing visuals rather than listening to lengthy explanations. Nagging rarely gets positive responses. That’s why road signs are so effective. The message is clear and it sinks in fast. Don’t hesitate to put up some visuals such as signs and symbols to help your child stay on task and be successful throughout their routine.

Words of Encouragement A little encouragement and a pat on the back for routine tasks such as dressing and eating can go a long way to make children feel reassured. Try to use positive words, phrases and body language like a ‘thumbs up’ sign to keep your child motivated and positive. The goal is to make them feel good about keeping up with the routine which promotes a strong self-worth.

Children Need More Time You would be surprised how much time is actually needed for a child to get themselves ready in the morning. It’s likely that it’s double what you think it might be when you include the extras like random questions, distractions, boo-boo’s and interruptions. Determine a realistic time frame then and add a few extra minutes for the unexpected. Children don’t typically move as quickly as their busy parents.

Practice Makes it Easier Get used to the new routine a few weeks before school actually starts. Prepare and practice so that it is not such a big adjustment when the actual time comes. Since we tend to stray from established routines in the summer months, we need to allow for a gradual shift back into the school year. To increase your success for smooth-running predictability in your home children have to feel capable, confident and secure. Essentially you are encouraging positive habits in your children that will take them into adulthood. • Julie is a mom, parenting expert, Early Childhood Consultant and owner of Miss Behaviour: parenting coach and consulting services. For more information visit www.missbehaviour.ca

14 | www.urbanbaby.ca | fall 2013

Learning About:

Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) occurs in one out of 88 children. ASD is a neuro-developmental disorder that affects the way an individual interacts and understands the world.

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An individual with ASD has difficulty in the areas of communication/social skills, and also displays restrictive or rigid behaviours consistently. The amount of children diagnosed with ASD has increased dramatically (by over 500%) in the past 25 years. One out of 54 boys will be diagnosed with the disorder this year. The research is very clear that children who have Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) benefit greatly from treatment that starts as early as possible. With early treatment being so critical, the same importance is on children getting diagnosed as early as possible. The earlier the better as time is truly of the essence. It is possible to diagnose ASD in children as young as 18 months of age. Being aware of the red flags for condition can significantly help you access services quickly and get your child the needed. Red flags for ASD can be identified in children at 12 months of age. The most common red flags that can indicate reasons for concern are: • Does not pay attention to name when called • Does not use gestures when trying to get needs met (showing, waving, pointing) • Displays a lack of eye contact • No back and forth play in games such as peek-a-boo or patty cake • Does not share enjoyment/interests/objects with others • Frequent repetitive movements (examples include hand flapping or objects lining up cars over and over) • Loss of speech or babbling, or social skills at any age

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If you notice any of the above red flags in a child, it is important to make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your concerns. A family doctor can suggest, and make referrals and have further assessments done. These assessments may be necessary to help better understand your child’s development status and specific needs. It is important to continually monitor your child’s development with medical guidance. For more information on red flags for Autism Spectrum Disorders visit www.firstsigns.org. For additional support, information or discussion about possible next steps call Monarch House at 604-205-9204.

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family fun

| by Keri Zingle

Craft Time:

Releasing Your Child’s Creativity Just like home reading, experts agree that doing crafts at home is an important part of early childhood development. Research shows that bringing out the crafty side has lifelong benefits for children. Craft time at home fosters an assortment of learning through simple open-ended activities. So how can a parent get their child fully engaged in a project and having fun in the process?

Practicing New Skills Children of varied ages can try out new skills that they may have been hesitant to attempt otherwise – such as cutting, holding a pencil, folding, or grasping and placing small pieces. Over time your child learns portion control, and if they’re doing crafts with a sibling, parent, or friend – he or she will also learn about communicating and sharing.

Figuring Out Things When parents give their children craft materials and a general craft theme or concept rather than a concrete plan for a finished product, children learn to assess what is available to them and come up with their own ideas to match the theme of the day. This approach encourages children to develop basic plans and take small risks within their projects. Through experimenting with their craft supplies, children learn to overcome challenges and create their own successes.

Making Choices Some children struggle to know where to start without direction from an adult, but learning to take charge of what they do is an important lifelong skill. By establishing regular craft time, parents can nudge their child to a specific activity. Yet by keeping the crafting activity open-ended, your child will become more comfortable making choices.

Parents can do their own work while still being available for conversation, or they can join in on the crafting fun and work on their own craft project. Such parallel play is a great platform to exchange ideas and show each other cool discoveries or crafting techniques.

Observe the Creative Genius If your child brings home artwork from preschool or a class, you see the end result of their hard work. When it comes to learning, children are all about the process and generally aren’t as concerned about the end product. So by doing crafts at home, you can watch your child’s approach to overcoming challenges and coming up with ideas which is even more precious than looking at the finished project. Watching a child’s creative process is a treat in itself. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to watch a budding artist at work? Beyond the obvious creative outlet, crafts are a great way for children to develop a solid foundation for lifelong learning. Establishing a regular craft time at home is an inexpensive and entertaining way to open the doors of discovery. Most parents and caregivers would agree that one of the biggest bonuses to crafting at home is how the process helps them really connect with their children through play. • Keri is a mother of two and owner of Craft Caravan, which sends monthly craft supplies to children in the mail. Craft Caravan makes

If you find your child appears to be overwhelmed by too many decisions, you can offer a few suggestions, limit supplies, or let him or her choose between two or three different craft materials. Eventually your child will become more at ease coming up with the “what” and then deciding “how”.

Bountiful Bonding Benefits If a parent or caregiver is nearby while the child is creating a craft, the child will feel an automatic connection to that person through that physical presence. Adults can enhance this bond with their child by asking questions, giving enthusiastic responses and acknowledging effort.

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Pa r ent Tal k

Growing Growing young young minds minds around around the the world. world.

We asked our readers to complete the following sentence with regards to spending time with their children…

Becoming a Parent has Taught Me... Here is how you completed the sentence …What really matters in this lifetime. Work and all the other trivial things we go thru each day can wait, but when it comes to my kids, they are my number one priority. ~ Christina, K. Vancouver

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…To take care of my own health, because the healthier I am the longer I have with my kids. ~ Courtney I, North Vancouver …That my husband and I should be very grateful to have our first child. So many of our friends had trouble conceiving. Hearing their stories of struggles trying to conceive makes us realize how truly blessed we are. ~ Sue R, Port Moody …After the first year, I learned that I don’t have to get everything done today, because as long as he feels loved, in the eyes of my son, I AM supermom! ~ Carolyn S, Langley



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As a Mom, how do you find time for yourself?

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re l a t i o n s h i ps

| by Cara Hykawy

When C Comes After D: Co-parenting After Divorce

For many children in North America, changes in family dynamics can be unsettling. Not having Mommy and Daddy in the same household, whether suddenly or gradually, can be rather troubling to a child ongoing unless of course both parents are willing to make a commitment to work together in harmony. Yes, it is possible! There are ways that families entering this difficult time of transition, can ease the pains of separation. Co-parenting is one of the best ways to maintain a sense of stability and family for your children. The marital relationship may be ending, but it is important to remember that an honourable parental relationship between the spouses can continue indefinitely. A common misconception is that the co-parenting relationship only lasts until the children are out on their own, but it doesn’t end there. There will be graduations, weddings, grandchildren, and many other family events to take part in. Therefore, a crucial part of co-parenting post-divorce is protecting your children from conflict. When engaging in a parenting relationship with your former spouse, it should become less personal, and more business-like. To shift your relationship to a more business-like arrangement, you can establish qualities such as: • Courtesy, manners, and politeness • No personal or emotional interactions • Meetings with specific discussion topics • No assumptions about who is doing what, or what anyone is thinking • Clear contracts and agreements in writing In order to create a successful co-parenting relationship, there are a few things that must be taken into consideration. Parents must recognize that children need both parents in their life; they must make a conscious effort to put the issues and needs of their children first in their communications with the other parent; and a ‘parenting plan’ should be drafted up to reflect agreed upon goals.

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Parenting plans are a useful tool used to encourage more parental involvement and ensure that conflicts are kept to a minimum. These are child-focused agreements that work as a blueprint for living arrangements and schedules for the children. They can include items such as: co-parenting responsibilities, approaches to discipline, communication tactics, conflict resolution, and financial arrangements (BC Council for Families 2012). Promoting parental co-operation and involvement through a parenting plan is important because divorce can sometimes result in diminished parenting or Parental Alienation Syndrome if working together isn’t made a priority. Diminished parenting is a term used to describe compromised parenting that can follow a divorce, generally within the first year of the separation. Children can experience emotional distress if they feel that one of their parents has pulled away from them. Additionally, Parental Alienation Syndrome is a child’s persistent rejection of one parent. This estrangement can be emotionally detrimental to children, so focusing on a way for both parents to play an equal role in a child’s life is imperative. Divorce results in the restructuring of family relationships, but the good news is that both you and your children can come out of it unscathed. The BC Council for Families understands this and as such, has worked hard over the past couple of years to develop training and resources to assist professionals who work with divorcing families, and the families experiencing divorce themselves. We have been working to offer The Kids: The Heart of Co-Parenting training, information and pamphlets in our online bookstore plus free tip sheets on divorce-related topics to BC

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communities. Some topics covered in our extensive co-parenting tip sheet collection include: • Telling the children • Figuring out your child’s reaction to divorce • Creating a successful co-parenting relationship • Making sure to not engage in conflict in front of the children • Developing a parenting plan • Frequently asked questions about divorce • Building, blending, and bridging a stepfamily

for the good of the children, it is possible to maintain a sense of stability and togetherness.

In addition to print resources, the Council has several informative, free media resources including podcasts, and videos with experts in the field of family life education – specifically divorce. These resources and others can enhance your journey to successful co-parenting.

Cara is a Masters of Counseling Psychology candidate who works

You may have separated from your partner, but the fact is; your parenting relationship is not only of utmost importance, it’s for life! So for those times you may struggle to get the co-parenting process to work smoothly, remember the long term rewards are priceless. You can make a difference in keeping your child’s happiness paramount. •

in the Communications Department at the BC Council for Families, where she enthusiastically advocates for families and family-serving professionals. References

Although divorce can be an obstacle, it doesn’t have to damage your family relationships. With a bit of planning and ample cooperation, parenting your children in partnership with your former spouse is completely doable. By eliminating the emotional aspect of your relationship, and seeing it as a business arrangement

BC Council for Families. (2012). Kids: The Heart of Co-Parenting, An Introductory Guide to Issues of Separation and Divorce for Family Professionals. Vancouver, BC. BC Council for Families. Gold, L. (2009). The Healthy Divorce. Naperville, Ill. Sphinx Publishing. Hoffman, J. (2002). Full-time Dad Part-time Kids. Third Printing.





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ed uca t i o n ex p e r t

| by Natacha V. Beim

My child seems to be more distracted and careless lately. How can I be Q:“more patient and help her learn from her mistakes?” Stacey, Delta

Keeping a Positive Mindset When Life gets Messy


Reassure them as often as you can that that making mistakes means learning something new. This instills a source of pride in your child. Imagine knowing you can be trusted to find an adequate solution to a problem that you created.

An excited three-year-old grabs a bottle of milk from the table and joyfully shakes it until its contents spill all over the kitchen floor. The child’s mother rushes towards the pool of white liquid spreading across the tiles, looks up at her child and grins. “What happens now?” she asks enthusiastically. They explore the consequences together. No scolding or words of disapproval are muttered. Sound unlikely? In most North American households this scenario would play out very differently. That’s because too often parents are quick to scorn their children for making mistakes. In reality, however, there are many advantages in teaching your children to learn from those incidents.

According to a new study from Michigan State University, people who think they can learn from their mistakes have a different brain reaction to errors, than those who don’t. The study also indicates that people who think they can learn from their mistakes bounce back faster after making one. Furthermore, their brains are more alert to the fact they’ve made a mistake. Subsequently they are quicker to correct it. This positive pattern can be developed in early childhood. Children who expect to make mistakes are much more willing to try new things; take on difficult tasks and generally more open to learning.

Develop the Mind. Nourish the Body. Inspire the Soul. We inspire, teach, entertain, encourage and nurture. Our reward, and yours, is a child who’s engaged and focused – a child who’s ready to face the future with pride and confidence. Take the first step with Brightpath. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

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Parents who are bothered about making errors often pass this mindset on to their children. You can break the cycle. As a parent, you can reassure your children that mistakes are normal and even grown-ups make them. What matters is how we can correct them.

Adopting a New Approach The first step is to acknowledge when your child has made a mistake and explore the outcome. Ask what they learned from the experience, and how they think they can improve the next time around. Consistency is key. When you are the one making a mistake, make sure you react the same way. For example, if you break a glass you can say, “I made the mistake of leaving it too close to the edge of the table. Next time, I’ll be careful to leave it in the center instead so it won’t fall when I move my arms.” If it is your child who breaks a glass, respond calmly. Instead of saying “I told you so”, ask questions like, “how did your glass fall?” or “what can you do next time so you don’t make that same mistake?” This allows your child to determine where he or she went wrong and think of a solution for next time.

Teaching Responsibility The second step is to teach your child about taking responsibility for one’s mistakes. Many parents come to the rescue with their own fix. In doing so, they rob their children of the opportunity to shoulder responsibility. Going back to the spilled-milk scenario, once your child has determined why the milk spilled and how he or she can prevent the same incident, ask how he or she plans to fix the problem. For children two and up, consider letting them clean the mess without assistance (but supervised, of course).

Instilling Confidence Figuring out how to fix blunders provides an opportunity for your child to gain confidence knowing mistakes can be prevented and corrected. Bear in mind each time your child is encouraged to learn from mistakes and find creative solutions, he or she is continually developing essential problem-solving skills. • Natacha is a writer, speaker, teacher, and the founder of CEFA Early Learning and Junior Kindergarten Schools (www.cefa.ca). You can reach her at www.natachabeim.com.

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CE O m o m

| by Christina Stewart

Returning to Work:

You Can Do It!

After years of being a stay-at-home mom (or dad), you’ve decided to return to work. Your decision may be motivated by a number of factors. Though job searching at any stage of life can seem overwhelming, you can emerge victorious! With a little careful planning and some steadfast perseverance, you can land that perfect position. As you begin contemplate a return to the job market, assess what you’ve done in the past – paid or unpaid – together with what you might be doing now. Grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the activities, jobs, volunteer gigs and anything else you’ve ever done. Don’t exclude anything at this point; you are simply brainstorming and building the foundation for your next step.

Identify Your Skills Now add another column to the list. Record all the skills you used in each role. Here’s where you need to think outside the box as you look for patterns. Pay attention to those skills that resonate with you as they are linked to your interests and ideal work. This is the crucial part. Leaving your kids behind every

day while you go off to work is a whole lot easier when your new job is compelling and of great interest to you.

Polish Your Resume Once you have lists of your paid and unpaid experience, skills and interests you are ready to start on your resume. Resist the urge to grab an old resume and update it. You’re better off to start fresh with a more current version. You are most likely quite a different person now than you were when you wrote that old resume. After your draft version is complete, you can take a glance at your old version and see if you’ve missed anything important.

Acknowledge the Gap Leaving a hole in the timeline of your resume will just leave the hiring manager wondering what you’ve been up to. Rather than have them wonder if you just weren’t employable for that time period, list what you were up to openly. If applicable you could include a section under “Raising My Children” along with a period of time. Consider your time away from the world of paid work as an important time observing life from new perspectives; gaining new insights and making new acquaintances. Consider the positive benefits from your time away from the marketplace and put that in your resume within a concise explanation.

Spread the Word There is absolutely no shame in looking for work – we’ve all done it. Over the years many of us will be doing it again for different reasons and at different stages. Remember there shouldn’t be any negative stigmas associated with job seeking. Feel confident in telling everyone you know about your search; not only that you are looking for work but exactly what you are looking for. The person you are speaking with just might be networked into the right contacts you need. I once landed an interview in finance by telling a construction worker on the West Coast Express what I was looking for. Turns out his sister was in a senior position at a major bank – precisely the kind of contact I needed at the time.

Stay Current; Stay Confident If you even remotely think you might head back to work one day, stay current. Doing so can go a long way in helping you get a foot back in the door. Commit to keeping up with changes in your field. Knowing about changes in legislation, norms and ethics will help you fit in faster. Stay up-to-date with all of the changes by tapping in to professional associations, LinkedIn groups and other industry-related online avenues. Keeping plugged in to these sources and in touch with former colleagues can create massive inroads when it’s time to pound the pavement in search of work.

Seek Government Resources The Government of Canada has a robust service to help you with your job search. Check out www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/lifeevents/job to find tools for searching listings; creating a resume; choosing a career and assessing your skills.

Stay Positive Recruiters do not hire negative candidates; they just don’t. For those times you might find your job search more challenging, remember to keep focusing on your goals. Before you know it, you can be working again and not just in any job. Imagine a role that offers great job satisfaction. In the process you will have gained tremendous self-confidence after a successful job search. Well done! • Christina is the Principal Advisor for Black Swan HR Consulting Group, www.blackswanHR.com. As a mom of an older child and two toddlers, she knows how hard it can be to make a transition back to the world of work.

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Peekaboo Beans

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Top Five Fall Fashion Trends: From Runway to Playdate and School Days


Splash of the Seasons Color For the hands-on mom who values comfortable and ease of wear

Flattering and Fun For coffee time then after school pick-ups


Fall Color is Emerald Green A true beauty over a cardigan

Striking Patterns The mompreneur on the go




Thousand-word pictures from Bopomo

Touch Textures Athletic but chic mama


3 Pippa Necklace 1 Women’s Jersey

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4 Slim Print Pants Joe Fresh $39.00

2 Women’s Olya Color Blocked High-Low Top,

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| by Chelene Knight

Today’s Lesson: Save Money on Back to School

Back to school can be exciting for children yet for budget-stretched parents; not so exciting. Keeping up with the latest and greatest school trends can seem as costly as keeping up with the Kardashians. Here’s the good news: You can keep your child happy and save money too, with these cost-cutting tips.

Take Inventory Go through your children’s clothes to find out what fits and what doesn’t. You will be surprised how often you will find new and unworn clothing crammed in dresser drawers, the car trunk or in the back of closets. Clothes for birthdays and Christmas tend to get forgotten about. Do a thorough scan of your child’s room for such items and check how they fit. Making a list of what you will need to buy will keep you from stocking up on unnecessary items.

children’s’ clothing stores. Check summer sales for bargainpriced shirts, pants, hoodies and jackets in fall colours.

Sign Up for Community Activities

How many times have you received a gift card and tucked it away only to be forgotten about? Use them for back to school shopping. You can even go as far as to host a Gift Card Swap with your friends and family. For example, maybe you have four Starbucks cards that you can swap for a department store gift card. The possibilities are endless!

We all know the benefits of enrolling kids in extra activities but the added cost can be tough on the family budget especially if you have several children. Stay-at-home mom and writer Nikki Hillman says, “I enroll the kids in as many local, city-run programs as possible. They are inexpensive and fun. I’ve also signed them up for programs that run for six weeks to see how they enjoy the activity. I feel fortunate that my city offers such children’s activities as drawing, painting and even badminton.”

Host a Clothing Exchange

Have Fun and Treat Yourself Too

Invite friends and family over and set up organized piles of neat, laundered, and gently- worn clothing that your child no longer fits. Everyone can bring similar items arranged by size and type. Then let the swap begin! This is a great strategy for pre-schoolers because they aren’t as worried about trends like older children in elementary school.

Back to school shopping and planning for the year ahead doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming. With some planning, backto-school preparations can be a breeze. Year after year you will get better and better at it as you began to spot extra savings opportunities and plan ahead.

Put Those Unused Gift Cards to Use

Busy professional working mom Monique Gonzalez says, “My two girls are close in age, so when one outgrows clothing, the younger one inherits them but I let her choose! I neatly organize outgrown clothing mimicking a clothing store and let her “go shopping”. It’s fun for her and less costly for me!”

Stock Up On Basics For the older kids expect an emphasis on staying trendy and fashionable. Rest assured that you can accomplish this goal without stretching the budget. Buy certain basics in complementary colours and textures which are affordably priced at certain specialty and department stores. Watch for sales at 30 | www.urbanbaby.ca | fall 2013

With the stash of cash you save, consider meeting up with another mom for coffee or lunch and treat yourself before the school schedule kicks into high gear. Alternatively you and your partner may want to plan a relaxing night out before the hectic school year begins. And when the two of you spot bargains on trendy school items in your child’s current size and one size up, it is truly a reason to celebrate! • Chelene single parent and freelance writer, poet and part-time student in The Writer’s Studio Program at SFU. Chelene and her 11-year old daughter Desiraye are always looking for new fun ways to save money together.

o n t h e t ow n


Fall Family Fun!

August 2013

October 2013

November 2013

Aug 14–Sept 2 The Fair at the PNE Pacific National Exhibition Kiddy rides, live entertainment, food and musical guests.

Nov 15-17, 10am-5pm Just Between Friends Sale Hellenic Community Centre, Van Consignment sale featuring clothes, toys and baby items. Admission: $5 per adult

Aug 15 – Sept 2 Dinotown Live Cloverdale Fairgrounds One-of-a-kind experience featuring dancing dinosaurs.

Oct 6, 11am–4pm Bellies to Babies Celebration Croatian Cultural Centre, Van A one-of-a-kind event, for trendy baby fashions, décor and more. Community resources and support services on hand. Admission by donation to Basics for Babies. Over $3000 in door prizes. Register: 604-908-8835




September 2013 Sept 1–Sept 18 Summer Night Market` Shopping, food vendors, and buskers. Free admission summernightmarket.com

Sept 25, 10 – 6pm Raise a Reader Day Support this local charity by purchasing a copy of the Vancouver Sun newspaper. All funds support literacy in the community. abclifeliteracy.ca

Sept 28-30, 11am–5:00pm Word on the Street Festival Library Square at CBC Plaza, Van Storytelling, family literacy tent, bookmaking for kids, scavenger hunt.

Oct 11–Nov 2, 11am – 6pm Stanley Park Ghost Train Stanley Park Miniature Train Activities for the kids. vancouver.ca/parks/events

Oct 11-31, 10am–4:45pm Children’s Halloween Fair & Train Bear Creek Park Train, Surrey Train ride through Halloween display, crafts, games and pumpkins.

Nov 27, 1pm–7pm

Lower Mainland Toy & Product Fair Coast Hotel & Convention Centre, Langley +50 exhibitors, unique, innovative gifts, photo contest and on site babysitting. langleycdc.com

Ongoing Events


Oct 19-20, 11am –4pm UBC Apple Festival UBC Botanical Gardens, Van Apple tasting, entertainment, children’s area, crafts, face painting, games and storytelling. Admission: $4 per adult, kids under 12 free

Salsa Babies & Salsa Tots Every Wednesday 11:00am & 11:30am Dance Class for Mom & Baby/ Toddler. Sponsored by Brentwood Town Centre. Free to Attend Registration required

botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/ apple-festival


Find more community events at


Movies For Mommies Weekly Shows of New Releases. Grab bags and special guests. Stroller friendly, diaper change area. moviesformommies.com

PUMPKIN PATCHES Opens September 1st

Opens October 6th

Open October 6th

Applebarn Pumpkin Farm

Petey Pumpkin Patch

Laity Pumpkin Patch

333 Gladwin Rd, Abby

9423 Gibson Rd, Chilliwack

21145 128 St. Maple Ridge






Opens October 6th Open September 30th Pumpkin Patch, Aldor Arces,

Pumpkin Patch at Richmond Farms 12900 Steveston Hwy, Rmd

24990 – 84th Ave, Langley





Please check websites to confirm details



Shop n’ Stroll Fitness Various Weekdays Mom & Baby Fitness Class Sponsored by your local Shopping Centre. Free to Attend Registration required shopnstroll.ca




• Port Coquitlam, BC

Logan, 4 years old

1. What is the best part about being a mom? Being a Mom has given my life more meaning and taught me to love and care for someone more than I could have ever imagined. 2. What is your favourite activity to do with your child? We both love going for bike rides together. We usually go to the Poco Trail or just around our neighbourhood. 3. What is your favourite television show? I enjoy watching, Being Erica. It has a compelling overall message about making everyday choices and creating a happier life. 4. What was the last book you’ve read? Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More by Gordon Neufeld. 5. What is one product or service you can’t live without? My son loves to be outside everyday - rain or shine. As a parent on the West Coast, you need to be well prepared. I purchased the kids MEC rain jacket and waterproof splash pants. Both have saved me tons of laundry, and kept him dry and warm so we could spend more time outside. 6. How do you find some “Mommy Time”? My husband takes my son one evening a week. That gives me time to get work done; go to the gym or relax and watch a movie. It is a great break during the week and I feel more refreshed when they come home.

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