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Upton House School lunch Monday Main course

Main course 2



Turkey and red lentil lasagne topped with golden mozzarella

“Make it mine Wednesday”

Chicken and sweet potato curry

Contains gluten, milk

Butter bean and cauliflower dhal

Vegetable lasagne with a creamy cheese sauce Contains gluten, milk


Honey glazed gammon Pizza wedge then add YOUR toppings! Pepperoni, BBQ chicken Roast pepper

Friday “Sustainable Friday” Salmon and white fishcake

Vegetable cream cheese en croute

Falafel cakes with minted yoghurt

Contains gluten, egg

Contains fish, milk

Jacket potato with BBQ beans and sausage

Olives and roasted pepper pasta with pesto

Contains gluten, milk

Jacket Or Pasta Bar

Pasta veggie carbonara creamy mushroom and sauce served with penne

Stuffed jacket potato with vegetable curry

Bolognaise spaghetti Contains gluten

Contains gluten, milk

On the Side


Cardamom rice mint yogurt and naan sticks

Sautéed green vegetables and garlic bread

Contains milk, gluten

Contains gluten

Apple crumble cake Contains gluten


Contains gluten

Fresh cut fruit and yoghurt

Braised savoy cabbage and sweetcorn

Roast potatoes, parsnips and savoy cabbage

Cookies and cream Fresh cut fruit, yoghurt & fruit jelly

Contains gluten, milk

Fresh cut fruit and yoghurt

Fresh cut fruit, yoghurt and fruit jelly

Roasted broccoli and crushed carrots Chocolate chip sponge with chocolate custard Contains milk, gluten

Fresh cut fruit and yoghurt

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Lunch Menu W/c 11/11/19  

Lunch Menu W/c 11/11/19